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blue-stardew · 3 days ago
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A bit of a wip, had the idea of Harvey having to go and rescue the farmer in the mines (again T_T) but this time the farmer got stuck on an infested level, so harvey doesn’t have time to do the whole “gentle kind doctor gives calming first aid” bit this time around. Hopefully I can find my big sketchbook and give y’all a finished piece!
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caffeinatedcoloring · 2 years ago
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It was bound to happen eventually
edit: I now have a side blog for Stardew!!! @blue-stardew
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crayondustt · a year ago
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GODDAMN this scene was so sweet 🥲
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splazartj · 9 months ago
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Character Sheet of Sylvan
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quiet-imps · 2 years ago
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Old sketch of a character
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featherwurm · 2 years ago
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A small group of four elemental gods I’ve had rattling around in the back of my brain since High School.
These four gods were ‘birthed’ with the same primordial forces that made the earth.  They are both products and masters of their elements, and live within both a magic and a scientific framework.  They did not always appear human, instead appearing as the greatest forces of their respective domains and associated creatures until molded into human form with the evolution of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.  None of them are good or evil, but made of personalities and ethos that can be in turn both kind and cruel.
Inferus - The elder brother and god of fire, he is the first blob of great molten rock that made the world and the tiniest spark at the heart of all fire.  His personality is difficult to say the least - as he is solid and patient, he plans for the long term, and yet can have quite the temper when things do not go his way.  He can be impetuous if the mood strikes him, but more often than not he is quiet and busy, about his own errands.  He does not often take time to look outside of his own doing, and can wreak havoc for it.  He also is a god of explosions, heat, rock, plate tectonics, earthquakes, and is frequently worshiped by architects, engineers, and mathematicians.
Aqualine - The elder sister and goddess of water, at first her brother tried to staunch her birth, desperately trying to keep her from coalescing into tangible form.  But she could not be suppressed and as the first water out-gassed from lava, so she came to be.  It would be a long time before she could settle into her form, but where her elder brother is patient, she is equally so.  She, however, wears her heart on her sleeve much more than him in all her moods, and her moods can be tremendous in their fury and their calm.  The eldest siblings do not get along well.  She is also a goddess of current, rain, erosion, flow, change, and depth.  She is frequently worshiped by sailors, naturally, but also merchants of all stripes, as well as craftspeople and artists.
Ariel - The younger sister and goddess of air, when at last fire and water calmed enough for atmosphere could settle, she came to be.  Mercurial and quick, she has worn many shapes and forms throughout time as chemistry has changed her element over and over again.  She can be playful to the point of malice, although her elder brother has a soft spot for her pranks and sprightly nature.  Her elder sister finds her tiresome, but is willing to put up with her, generally.  She is also a goddess of sound (and by extensions music), flight, wind, lightning, and reactions.  She is much beloved by children, but is also a favorite of lovers and romantics, as well as chemists.
Sylvan - The younger brother and god of ‘earth’, although more technically one would look to his designation as ‘life’, Inferius being the god of the earth itself.  He came to be when life first tentatively and tumultuously emerged on this planet.  He is much younger than all of his siblings, and is certain his elder brother has it out for him.  Aqualine is protective of him, but can be overbearing.  Ariel delights in causing him mischief when she can, forever challenging both his patience and his person.  He has quite a gentle disposition, preferring safety, comfort, and life among others, unlike his lofty siblings.  He is a god of all living things, from the base to the tips of the tree of life, in all the strange variety and wonder that entails.  He is seen as an approachable yet weak god, and is loved among those who have come to terms with mortality - the elderly, the sick, and the wise.
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sylvansart · 2 years ago
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Alright, here is some Sylvan before I make edits and color.
Him and his scarred arms.
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fluffaros · 2 years ago
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Guess who got ready for his first date in centuries? I dunno if that's what it is but this is Sylvan so I'm guessing that's what's going on. Otherwise he's much more comfy in his usual clothes and hairstyle.
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fates-space · 3 years ago
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I didn’t even get her on her banner and that makes me sad QwQ Drawing came out pretty nice tho so i’m happy about that!
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blue-stardew · 14 days ago
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When you’re bored at work, you draw Stardew
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mogwaei · 4 months ago
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2.22.2022 on a Wednesday!!! Time to shareeeee~~
(thank u for the tag @johaeryslavellan​ ,my beloved)
I’ve been working on some arts but am skittish about sharing things in sketch phase (idk why) sooo here’s some writing instead for The Guardian  §(* ̄▽ ̄*)§
[...]The leader crossed his arms, hood too deep to pick out any features. The entire group, however, did wear very fine armour of elvhen make beneath traveller’s robes clearly meant to conceal it. The windows of armour she did glimpse was of an origin that escaped her–nothing matched in memory and she’d seen countless styles. 
The only hint she had were the elves whose hoods weren’t deep enough to hide the insectile or sylvan-like golden masks. Either Fen’Harel has a new secret sect or…
“We are not thieves,” growled the leader, and though she did not see his eyes, she felt him pass a scathing glare over them all.
In the span that it took to bat an eyelid, Thenon's bow was in his hand with a crackling pronged arrow notched. The other elves had reacted just as fast--bows and spears at the ready. Knowing Thenon like the back of her hand, Yrja had been on the cusp of casting an Aegis and finally let it snap into existence. Her spear materialised in the other.
Now separated by a singing labradorite barrier, the groups glowered at each other.
“You avoid answering. That accent–unnatural, you were trained for a position of high authority. You still think you hold it. Problem is, we don’t accept your fantasy,” Thenon sneered, still riled up as the leader held his hand out to his men in waiting. “I claimed this place years ago. What do you want with it?”
The main elf stepped up to the barrier until the light of the Aegis filled the dark cowl, ominously glancing off a similarly gilded mask with horns protruding from the forehead.
“You have no sense of what relics you have gathered here, like rats scrounging for scraps, heedless of what you come upon." He began to step back but stopped, head angling curiously in her direction. “The spear of Il’lin, Champion of Andruil.” The green glass orbs in the eyes of the mask felt like they were suddenly boring into her. “I see you are not only thieves, but seemingly lack any respect for the fallen.”
A sharp laugh slipped out of her. “Someone’s memory is faulty here–was there a time when Il’lin was ever respectable?” 
The elf who’d previously held Aea let out a snort and gestured to the spear. "A posthumous mockery. I like you."
can u tell il’lin was a big bag of mossy dicks
tagging forward to @in-arlathan​ , @anna-the-undertaker​ , @designfailure56​ , @serial-chillr​ , @faerieavalon​ , @fiadhaisteach​ ​ & annnnyone else? DONT BE SHY. TAG ME.
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fantasy-anatomy-analyst · 10 months ago
Drow evolution
previous drow post on basic anatomy. masterpost over here.
And the next post on eusocial hierarchy over here.
Also my Patreon page if you want to see things like extra sketches, get an early look at some of the drow worldbuilding text, etc.
Okay. This is the speculative fantasy evolution post for my drow and their cousin species! Currently referring to them as the sylvan family, which incudes drow, elves, and my vampires (and i am still thinking of maybe renaming the vampires and probably renaming the drow. can't have the dnd company get bothered at me for using drow in my eventual novel lol)
Tumblr media
(image description: a series of small digital paintings on one page, with descriptive text. It shows various creatures that were part of the evolution of the drow, elves, and vampires. I will detail them out below. end description.)
So far my most complex evolution chart lol. full descriptions under the cut:
Alfilopithecus: early tree-dwelling primate ancestor, resembles some modern monkeys. The forest environment it occupied would have been very dark, so it may have relied more on hearing than sight. This is speculated to be what started the genetic trend of large ears further down the evolutionary line.
Sylvapithecus: remains have been found near evidence of early tool use. May have convergently evolved alongside early human ancestors like Australopithecus. Still retained the long and somewhat prehensile tail that makes living in trees a little easier. Ear size is only a speculation, but it is theorized that the ears of the sylvan family tree became larger than actually necessary for better hearing because it became a matter of sexual selection as well.
Sylvus Arachne: diverged from the line while the prehensile tail was still a common trait, and retained the tail into modern times. They are descended from a population that migrated underground, and somehow developed a magical ability to spin natural light into threads. The genetics behind magical abilities are still a mystery.
Sylvus Arborea: essentially just means "tree elf". They developed complex tool use and invented archery separately from humans and orcs, utilizing the bow and arrow as effective ambush hunting tools from tall trees. There is still evidence of tails in Sylvus Arborea, but they were shorter and may have been less prehensile.
Sylvus Sylvan: widely considered to be the "true elves", though there is much debate on whether or not this is even a useful term. Modern elves still retain much of Sylvus Sylvan's genetics and appearance. They were the first to channel natural ambient magic to cast elemental magic. This skill varies between individuals, regarding elemental type, power levels, and channeling method. By this time, tails have been reduced to a vestigial nub.
Sylvus Draculan: the modern vampire. They are the strangest branch on the sylvan family tree. The current theory is that they evolved from a highly isolated population, during or before the divergence of Sylvus Sylvan, when tails were disappearing from the line. They may have developed their strange blood-based diet in a low-nutrition environment. They are ambush hunters who use a burst of sprinting speed to capture their prey, developing digitigrade feet to give them an extra spring in their step. Some vampires may also have used a brood parasite technique of survival, depositing their children in drow colonies for safety and easier feeding while the parents went hunting.
Sylvus Hominid: the most recent divergence from the main line, this is the modern elf. Whether they are a clearly defined new subspecies or not is still up for debate. They come from older elf populations that mingled with humanity and produced mixed species children that were fertile enough to keep reproducing. Humans have since become extinct, but their genetic memory flows in the blood of most modern elves and their more distant dwarven cousins.
and there you have it! Yeah, I toe the line on believable science with the mixed species reproduction, but it does add to the Themes of my story in this particular case. And in the more egregious cases, like letting completely unrelated groups (elves and orcs or gnomes) have kids? well. that's for the Aesthetic. I am allowed to write a little nonsense biology. as a treat.
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askteamshrd · 4 years ago
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((Another crazy doodle of mine while nightschool…Now its Sylvane’s turn! As i said, she likes singing…
Although in rp she feels lonely…But not for long ^^))
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sylvansart · 3 years ago
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Yeah. It's dumb late or early depending on how you look at it. I haven't slept yet, so it's late. I had to doodle this because you *know* Sylvan would just have this baby strapped to his chest at all times.
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angeliites · 4 years ago
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if you’re seeking the spirit of the forest, you may find it/hir
concept sketch ft pun
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fluffaros · 3 years ago
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Rough Sylvan Animation Gif
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corvigay-art · a year ago
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Some Sylvan Sleuth sketches from last night's Mice & Murder stream. I can't believe my middle school furry art phase actually came in handy. Also I never want to draw a hat ever again in my entire life.
Anyway, watch Dimension 20 please, it's so good.
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blue-stardew · 2 years ago
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Sleepy med student is sleepy
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