sersi · 2 days ago
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Everybody wants pretty girls they say Nobody knows pretty girls make graves
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textsfromthetva · 2 days ago
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Loki + tumblr [1/?]
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lotus-eyedindiangoddess · 2 days ago
I'm so tired... And it sucks that I even have to spell it out for people, but sending anon hate to someone for having a different opinion about fiction no less, is depraved and disgusting. And if you're trying to trigger them intentionally after reading what they've gone through, that just adds an extra layer of ableism to it, and makes it even more vile and disgusting.
The fact that I even have to say this is a shame. It should be the barest minimum a human could do, but right now all I see are the worst of the worst in my inbox. I get a few good ones but they're sparse, while the hate keeps piling up and getting worse. I've noticed an influx after the show, hell, even months after and I'm getting so much hate for being so vocal about my dislike for a piece of media. I had to delete and report one ask that was basically just a string of racial slurs. Which brings me to my next point.
I've noticed, and so have my white friends that the hate I'm getting is far worse than anything they've ever gotten for expressing the same opinions. They've apparently got one liner insults but nothing ever to the degree I've gotten. And it occurred to me... I'm openly Indian. My picrew is very much brown skinned, my url is very telling and I can't help but wonder if this arouses internalised racism in some of my askers.
South Asian women in general are seen as very polite, meek and are often expected to be a little more silent and non confrontational. I'm nothing like that. I never will be. And I've also noticed that when it comes to asks I'm asked to shut up a lot. A thing that people of colour are often asked to do as soon as we get too loud. Too vocal about mistreatment and our experiences feel too real, too human. You know, because till then we can be used for tokenism and treated as these exotic but oh so poor and helpless creatures that need to be saved by caring white people. Hell, I talk about colonialism and I've had my points echoed back to me, but twisted and with no understanding of their meaning by a white person thinking they were doing something great talking about something they had no idea about.
The reason I'm getting this level of vitriol is not just because I disagree with them, and not just because I'm vocal about my dislike for something they love... It's because I'm a woman of colour doing so. I'm a woman of colour who's vocal about her experiences, her background, her culture, even her generational trauma. I swear a lot, I curse to a degree most people don't (I love it so I'm certainly not stopping) and I'm definitely not afraid to call shit out. Everyone loves and supports poc for as long as we sit quiet and act like perfect victims for them to show off for their tokenism. But as soon as we act like ourselves, as soon as we show ourselves to be too HUMAN their sole goal, suddenly becomes trying to shut us up and shut us down. And they'll employ any means to do it.
To shorten this, the fandom has exposed it's racism with it's recent behaviour. It's not just in my anons. It's also the notes of our posts. It's in the Loki discord servers. It's fucking everywhere. It's openly so on quite a few blogs, where characters of colour are getting demonised more in comparison to white characters. Poc coded characters also suffer from the same discrimination while characters who are practically Nazis are being hailed. We are being talked down to and talked over. We are being asked to shut up, we are being targeted and harassed.
There's a reason I received a string of racial slurs after I made an anti post. The fandom was mostly white for quite a while. Now that they've seen us in their fandom space, relating to Loki, loving him, caring for him and relating our real life experiences with racism and colonialism with his... They want us out of their white turf. It was poc who even had to START the conversation on Loki's poc coding and fantasy poc background. We're here to stay and we certainly aren't shutting up about it. You can send ad much hate as you want... But I'm not leaving, I'm not shutting up. Die mad about it racist cunts.
You want me to take shit from you because you think you're superior in some way. More right in some way. Hell, I couldn't even cuss out and get angry about a racist and ableist person in the notes of a post without being told to shut up again. To be "nice and civil" if I wanted my "experiences to be validated and heard". Somehow I'm more deserving of the hate. Its not horrible when it's done to me, but it's horribly when it happens to a blonde, white actress. The fandom has exposed it's racism.
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loviiee · a day ago
Antis’ insistence that Loki doesn't know how to tell the difference between having platonic or romantic feelings for someone, so he’s accidentally mixing ‘platonic’ feelings he has for Sylvie, with romantic is so ridiculously funny
Because... In episode 3 when Loki and Sylvie have a conversation about love and what it means to them Loki admits that he’s never had anything real.
And then in episode 4, just before he got pruned, he was about to tell Sylvie he liked her (it’s confirmed by both Eric and Kate) and said “this is new for me.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He was about to tell her how he feels, and he said what he feels for her is something he’s never felt before. He had confirmed he had flings but he never loved anyone romantically until Sylvie
And for those who keep insisting ‘he’s just confused’:
the funny thing is...
Loki had literally no issue with calling Mobius a friend just minutes earlier and yet when he tries to confess his feelings to her, he tells Sylvie that "this is new" for him. So he recognizes platonic love very well lol and knows his feelings for Sylvie aren’t platonic.
Loki knows what loving a sibling is like. Thor is literally there, a huge part of his life and Loki clearly loves him a lot. He knows what harboring a love for his family is like, he loves his mother, he even loves Odin, I thought ep.1 made that obvious.
He knows platonic love, he bonded with Mobius and clearly cares about him, even called him a friend. The only thing he didn't know, and they spent a good chunk of ep.3 pointing that out, was real romantic type of love, bc he never experienced it before.
Until now, that is.
he tells Sylvie he's never had anything real before. He tries to confess to her and tells her "this is new for me"
-He knows how to love a family member.
-He knows how to love a sibling.
-He knows how to love a friend.
 But his feelings for Sylvie are something he never had before
that alone, with their convo in episode 3, should tell you literally everything 
 Loki knows exactly what he feels for her. And it’s a beautiful romantic type of love.
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smolbendyhorn · 2 days ago
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Sylvie being done with Loki.
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girlcalledwhatsername · 2 days ago
Mobius is the self-insert
I had totally forgotten about this but it's a conversation I had with a friend early in the show. We immediately liked Mobius so much and realised it was because he's literally a fan-insert fantasy of sorts. He knows everything about Loki but Loki knows nothing about him. Like us. He views it all on the screen too with, of course, all footage from the same films we watched, nothing less nothing more, that was bound to be but it adds to the fact that Mobius has the same knowledge and perspective as people who watched the MCU films. He plays it cool about all this vulnerable information he has while also showing Loki a road to acceptance and a kind of support he hasn't had before. Another very common characterisation with self inserts or OCs (no shame there tho, i enjoy those stories too they all serve a different purpose). Mobius was very much the fantasy of Reader Who Knows Things About Loki And Wants To Show Him The Light, and again, I liked him for that reason too. It's so odd to me though people kept insisting that Sylvie is the self insert character because she's female-presenting.
Anyway this is a multishipping zone, i haven't made a Loki post in ages to avoid that exact fandom wank, don't come here to make shipping into activism, i bite.
(p.s, also just realised that the thing about Loki was that every character went through a redemption arc because they were all doing shitty stuff and then thought "what if we didn't do this?")
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lazy-cat-corner · 2 days ago
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Loki (TV 2021), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Loki/Sylvie (Loki TV) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Sylvie (Loki TV)
Additional Tags: Rom com tropes, Domestic Fluff, Fluff with a little bit of angst, But mostly fluff, mild hints at sex
Loki finds out about Sylvie's childhood interest with American Rom-Coms and decides to plan a game around it.
Loki waved his hand and materialized a small booklet. “There’s a museum a few blocks down from here, we’ll start there. Take a look around and enjoy the exhibits for a while. When we meet again, that’s when our game starts.” “And when does it end?” “Huh?” “How do I win?” Sylvie clarified. Loki laughed. When he realized Sylvie wasn’t joking, he thought for a moment. “When we kiss.” “You just made that up.” “I did! And whoever kisses first… loses.” “Really?” “Isn’t how all those movies end?”
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! I’m back with a fic and this time I brought in ALL my favorite rom-com tropes and made it into a fic, lol! And look, Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Let’s pretend I did that on purpose. 😁
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wandaloki · a day ago
E.T. should be a sylki song for these lyrics specifically:
Different DNA
They don’t understand you
You’re from a whole other world
A different dimension
Literally feature it in season 2, because some people need it literally spelt out to them.
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lousysharkbutt · 6 months ago
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the theme of this month's patreon request night was Loki because OF COURSE IT WAS ✨
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snakelaufeyson · 4 months ago
i love how first we thought wanda had messed up the multiverse, then sylvie, then peter and stephen
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textsfromthetva · 23 hours ago
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Iron Man 2 quote finds brand new relevance elsewhere in the MCU (Incorrect Quote [2/?])
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ioannushka · 6 months ago
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And now my heart is filled with warmth after the final..
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starknesskenobi · 6 months ago
Doctor Strange when he finds out what Wanda and Loki have been up to:
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5ummit · 6 months ago
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chiiinken · 6 months ago
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Im sorry miss minutes…
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gottabescientific · 5 months ago
Honestly Loki is basically the only morally complex character marvel has tried to write and he's been through like seven different directors' intentions and rewrites and the most fucking inconsistent characterization fiction has ever seen so kudos to Tom Hiddleston for actually pulling a semi-compelling character out of that mess but also for not going fucking feral on every new director who, thinking theyre god's gift to marvel and cinema, has turned to him and said "I think we're gonna do something a little different with Loki this time"
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zemosimp05 · 6 months ago
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critter-of-habit · 6 months ago
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One last Sylvie art dump before the Loki finale surely breaks me 🙃
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