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#sympathetic remus

There’s no stopping a lit match (2/4)

Taglist: @plaguedoctorsnake @justanonymous @theeerealpunkin

Once inside, his baby blue eyes sweep across the room as he scans for anything particularly incriminating. The yellow sunflower comforter was properly tucked under the mattress and his clothes were all properly put away. There was a snake terrarium in the corner with a heat lamp matching the one above Janus’s bed, but Patton didn’t dare disturb it from his slumber. The reptilian rapscallion would probably tattle on him if he did, he was sure of it. A shiver down his spine sends Patton back into action as he makes his way over to the bookshelf, maybe Jan was reading something particularly naughty. Patton is thoroughly disappointed, all he can find are books on snakes and psychology. Figures, even if Jan did read such risque books he certainly wouldn’t leave them out in the open. This was a side of secrets and if Patton was going to find anything of note, he had to think like a snake. This train of thought drops Patton off at the desk, specifically the drawers at the bottom with locks.

A rather uncharacteristic smirk settles on his lips as he practically bounds over to the desk and nearly alerts the others to his uncanny position. When one thinks of Patton, he wouldn’t expect him to be the type to pick a lock, but they also wouldn’t peg him as a snooper, now would they? He pulls a bobby pin with a cute chibi frog on the end out from behind his brown locks. It takes him a few seconds to pick the locks, but once he does he has to bite back a squeal. He pulls open the drawer to take a peek inside and is thoroughly disappointed to not find much in there, honestly he hadn’t even tried to test the drawer to see if it was unlocked before picking the lock. All that was in this drawer was crayon children’s drawings, some mainly in green and red while others featured a prominence of purple and black. They were neatly categorized in manilla folders, each folder sporting a different year on it’s cover. Apparently 1996 was a particularly productive year for whomever was drawing all of these. With an eye roll, Patton closes the drawer again and heads over to the other side of the desk. This drawer doesn’t produce anything particularly noteworthy either, just some detailed drawings of sunflowers and snakes. Jan really did have a thing for the color yellow, didn’t he? Patton sighs as he shuts the drawer and gives the top of the desk a quick once over. There’s an image of a younger Jan sitting with a grimy boy in green (who’s almost completely covered in dirt and missing a few front teeth) and a tiny purple bundle. Upon closer examination, Patton realizes that it’s a swaddled baby who happens to be holding tightly onto a stuffed bat with a tiny fist. Even seeing something so heartwarming doesn’t deter Patton, who should be the most likely to sympathize with a maternal figure like Jan (the image is practically the same as his photo with a young Roman and an even younger Logan). As a last ditch effort, Patton moves the bed over and looks under its usual position. At first glance, there’s absolutely nothing underneath. He even vacuums under the bed, there aren’t even any dust bunnies (Patton still wishes those were real besides the ones Roman’s made him in the imagination) living there. But when Patton looks closer, he notices that one of the floorboards is missing its nails and thus is completely loose. He wastes no time at all pulling the board up, and gasps when he sees what’s inside.

(There’s even more in the third part!)

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HC by me (pls credit me if you repost): the time Sirius first realizes that he’s getting physically abused by his family as well as verbally. At first it was just a slap or pinch but then he started going to bed with scars all over his body except his face and bruises that would form later the next day. He goes to James’ one night after a particularly brutal beating that he just couldn’t stand staying there in that house. James opens the door for him and sees him like this and immediately knows what’s happened. He lets him in no questions asked and tells his parents Sirius is gonna spend the night. They know of the black’s way and what they do from James’ description but it’s never been this bad. At least no to their knowledge. Sirius wouldn’t burden them with that. SKIP TO AT SCHOOL

They’re learning about boggarts and it’s his turn. He goes up. Pretending to not know what his fear would be. And when the cabinet opens, he’s faced with his mother. With a belt, in her hand. And Remus steps up immediately to take his place. And it turns into him, as a werewolf. And Sirius shrinks to the back of the class. And realizes that he’s not safe in his own home. He knew that before but now it’s clear. And everyone knows it.

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Intrulogical - Ocean

GENERAL TAGLIST: @quillfics42 @aj-draws @phantomofthesanderssides @phlying-squirrel @sly-is-my-name-loving-is-my-game @because-were-fam-ily @imtryingthisout @a-creepycookie @emo-disaster @littlestr @spooky-scary-virgil @fuyel @mimsidoodles @soupgremlin @aroaceagenderfluid @birdsbookshiddeninrealbirdsskin @quirkalurk @gingers-trashy-stuff @iinyxtello @justaqueercactus @melodiread @mrbubbajones @glassferns @pun-master-logan @gayturtlez @k1ngtok1 @yourneighborhooddisaster @alexxander-the-gay @full-of-roman-angst-trash @selfcarejanus


Logan lived by the ocean, and that was something that he adored.

The ocean was just so vast - seeming infinite when you stood on the beach and stared out at it. It was full of so many wonderful creatures, and so much of it remained unexplored.

There was so much knowledge there, so much left to be discovered.

But that was not the only reason why Logan loved the ocean.

When he finally found an empty patch of beach, he said down on the sand, just out of reach of the waves. The sky was slowly turning a gorgeous display of orange, yellow, pink, and Logan could hardly take his eyes off of the sunset’s reflection in the waves.

It was gorgeous. He was gorgeous, even in his most inhuman form.

Logan waited.

He watched the waves and the beach and the sunset, until the water finally started to shift and swirl strangely. It lifted, making strange shapes in the air, until it formed itself into a more human-like shape.

Then, it solidified into. And after that, the ice turned into a man.

He was dressed in black, green and dark blue robes with tentacle-like patterns across them. His hair was wet and decorated with sea shells.

His face looked oh-so human, though far more gorgeous than any other Logan had ever seen.

His eyes had been closed when he first formed from the waves. When they opened, the first thing he did was grin at Logan. His teeth were sharp, shark-like, but the smile itself was friendly.

“Good evening, Remus,” Logan greeted.

Remus flopped down onto the sand beside him.

“How’s my favourite human?” He asked, still grinning at Logan from where he lay on his back beside him.

“Are you referring to me?”


“Then I am quite well,” Logan answered. “I started reading a new book on oceanography today.”

Remus laughed, and as he did so, waves crashed noisily against the shore.

“Reading about me again? You can just ask me anything you wanna know.”

“Well, you are not always around me. You have a busy life, taking care of all the world’s oceans at once.”

“I am all the world’s oceans at once.”

“Yes, and that makes you quite busy.”

Remus pushed himself up with his hands so he was sitting properly.

“Nah, not too busy for you.”

“Sweet, but a falsehood.”

Remus gave Logan a serious look. “I would do anything for you. I would kill anyone for you. God or mortal.”

“Concerning, though I do appreciate the sentiment.”

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When Virgil announced that he wanted to live in the light side Remus and Janus were kind of upset but accepting, after all they were apart of the most accepting person you’ll ever meet. They all took a plane with a bunch of faceless people from the imagination, Virgil sitting on the outside (better for escape routes) Janus sat at the window (Virge look how pretty the clouds are!!) and Remus sat in the middle (I can hug EVERYONE). They talked the entire time, coming up with ideas to write to each other and FaceTime, and dear god if anyone slightly insulted Virgil’s outfit Remus has a loaded gun. They stayed in contact for a while, but after Accepting Anxiety, what was left of the dark sides never heard from Virgil ever again.

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Prompts: nonny: i just wanna say i LOVE your writing!!! if you’re still taking prompts, is there any way you could do something for (un)wanted? like maybe virgil having a nightmare and coming to janus for comfort? if not, that’s just fine!! 

Crazedcartoonaddict: I keep re-reading (Un)Wanted, it’s so good and is now one of my all-time favorite fics EVER. I was wondering if you would ever be interested in writing the scene where V gets his first Oliver hug, I just reread Remus’s chapter and it popped into my head.

Thank you for the prompts, babes! Oh, it’s been fun to get back into this universe…

Read on Ao3 

Find the first chapter of (Un)Wanted here! And the masterlist!

Pairings: LAMP, DLAMP, DLAMPR, can be platonic or romantic you decide, only janus, remus, and virgil are in this section tho

Warnings: Implied/Referenced torture, child abuse, and self-harm, nothing super explicit. Sympathetic Deceit and Remus. Panic attacks, anxiety attacks.  

Word Count: 4811

V has a nightmare. A horrible, horrible nightmare. So horrible it tugs at the threads of reality until a snake is summoned into the garden.

Set between chapters 3 and 4 of (Un)Wanted.

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Summary: Logan goes for help. It doesn’t go well, but help (?) arrives anyway. Meanwhile, Patton makes a discovery.

Pairings: Platonic/familial LAMP/CALM, Platonic/familial DLAMPR

Content Warnings: There are some pretty hairy descriptions of violence in this chapter–brief, but potentially vivid. Also, Remus is finally involved, so watch out for that.

Word Count: 4,445

Read on AO3: here

People often underestimate how fast bears can run. They’re so bulky, and most of the time are content to lumber along in an unhurried fashion. The best way to stop underestimating them is surely to be chased by one—anyone who experiences that will remember bears as the speedy animals that they actually are for however long the rest of their life might be.

The second-best way, though, might just be to ride one at a full gallop over miles of Narnian countryside.

Logan wondered just how fast they were going—he estimated between 35 and 40 kilometers per hour. With visual cues, he could have pinpointed their average speed more precisely, but he was clinging to Stoutpaws’s back with his head down to minimize air resistance and his eyes closed to keep the freezing wind out of them. The bear’s fur was unpleasantly coarse and smelled of a cloying mixture of dirt, honey, and wild animal, but Logan pushed all that to the back of his mind. This was necessary.

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Title: Just a Tiny Thought

Plot: where Remus is borrower sized because he’s almost never used by Thomas, being Intrusive Thoughts and none of the other Sides ever heard of him, not even Roman, the two already being distinct parts from the beginning.

One day, while fetching some Bean material, Remus get spotted by a certain bookworm.

23 notes

Chapter 1(?)

Notes: Yes, the song Remus is gonna sing is Lukewarm by Penelope Scott (it’s rlly good, you should check it out if ur into that kinda stuff :D)

AU: Band/Human 

Ships: Logince (for now?), Unrequited Intrulogical

TW: Blood, water, scratching, sympathetic Remus, u!sides (for now), mention of coke (the drug), swearing, suicidal thoughts, screaming, crying, dirty jokes, mentions of sex

Let me know if I missed any please :D

Word Count: 1519

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Intruality - Cat

GENERAL TAGLIST: @quillfics42 @aj-draws @phantomofthesanderssides @phlying-squirrel @sly-is-my-name-loving-is-my-game @because-were-fam-ily @imtryingthisout @a-creepycookie @emo-disaster @littlestr @spooky-scary-virgil @fuyel @mimsidoodles @soupgremlin @aroaceagenderfluid @birdsbookshiddeninrealbirdsskin @quirkalurk @gingers-trashy-stuff @iinyxtello @justaqueercactus @melodiread @mrbubbajones @glassferns @pun-master-logan @gayturtlez @k1ngtok1 @yourneighborhooddisaster @alexxander-the-gay @full-of-roman-angst-trash @selfcarejanus


Remus’s magic didn’t often come in handy in their day-to-day life. He could bring plants back to life, make dead bugs clean themselves up, but that was about it.

He loved his magic, sure - animating dead things was fun - but there wasn’t much use for it daily.

That was, until he found a dead cat on the side of the road, and an idea came to him.

“Hey, daddy, I’m home!” Remus called out when he arrived home, kicking the door shut behind him.

“I’ve told you to stop calling me that!” Patton called back. “Honey or darling work just fine!”

He exited the kitchen and stepped into the hallway and smiling at his husband. Remus grinned back, but as Patton leant in for a kiss, he heard a strange sound from inside Remus’s bag.

Patton leant back, looking down at the bag.

“Um, sweetheart,” he spoke slowly. “What’s in your bag?” After a moment, he sighed. “It’s not another raccoon, is it? Please tell me it’s not another raccoon.”

“Not a raccoon,” Remus said, continuing to grin. He leant in. “It’s something better.”

“Well, that’s not very specific. There’s a lot of things better than raccoons!”

Remus crouched down, laying his bag on the floor. He gave Patton one last excited grin, before he reached for the zipper and slowly opened the bag.

A small skeletal head popped out, making Patton jump. They stared at each other for a few moments, before the skeleton cat let out a quiet, cute meow.

Patton melted on the spot.

“Oh my gosh!” He exclaimed, crouching down, too. “You got me a cat?”

“Uh-huh! One that won’t kill you.”

Patton carefully stroked the skull of the cat, a little unsure of how properly to pet an animal with no fur, and the cat leant into his touch.

“Normal cats won’t kill me,” Patton corrected, not taking his eyes off of the animal. “They just make me suffer. A lot.”

“Well, this one won’t!”

Patton finally lifted his gaze from the skeleton cat, giving Remus a soft appreciative look.

“I love you,” he said.

Remus grinned again. “I know. Love you, too.”

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Chapter 10



~ Noodle

Ship: Intrulogical

POV: Both

TW: swearing, kissing, sympathetic remus, food??, caps for yelling

Let us know if we missed anything! :D

Word Count: 405

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Notes: *smacks this in your face* H e l l o    t h e r e. I have returned, but this time with a tiktok-inspired fic because my creativity has been failing me recently-

Ships: Intrulogical

Pov: Logan and Remus

TW: Threats of destruction (i think-), mention of a broken leg, word “alcoholic”, gripping someone by the collar, kissing, swearing, mention of dick and body horror, Sympathetic Remus, Dark!Logan

Let me know if I missed any, please! :D

Word Count: 1594

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Patton & Remus - Frog

GENERAL TAGLIST: @quillfics42 @aj-draws @phantomofthesanderssides @phlying-squirrel @sly-is-my-name-loving-is-my-game @because-were-fam-ily @imtryingthisout @a-creepycookie @emo-disaster @littlestr @spooky-scary-virgil @fuyel @mimsidoodles @soupgremlin @aroaceagenderfluid @birdsbookshiddeninrealbirdsskin @quirkalurk @gingers-trashy-stuff @iinyxtello @justaqueercactus @melodiread @mrbubbajones @glassferns @pun-master-logan @gayturtlez @k1ngtok1 @yourneighborhooddisaster @alexxander-the-gay @full-of-roman-angst-trash @selfcarejanus


Remus whistled cheerfully as he walked down the hallway of the mindscape, his morningstar resting against his shoulder. He had no idea what he was going to do today, which was the fun part.

Maybe he would bother Roman, that was always enjoyable. Or maybe he’d bother one of the others: their responses to his antics were always delightful.

He stopped mid-step when he heard a strange sound as he passed Patton’s door: a croak, maybe, or something similar, he couldn’t quite tell. Then, the sound came again, and Remus decided he wanted to find the source.

Instead of knocking and waiting for a response - which would have been boring, of course - Remus kicked the door open.

“Hey, Pat! What’s up?” He called out as he entered the room.

Remus looked around, and at first he could not find Patton. Then, he noticed the small green frog in the centre of the floor, looking up at him.

He croaked at Remus.

Remus took a moment to stare at the little frog - Patton, he realised - before he dropped his morningstar to the ground and crouched down.

“Damn, are you into being a frog now? Is it, like, a fetish or something?”

If frogs could look disapproving, Remus was sure that little frog Patton would be looking at him like that. He croaked again.

“Okay, if it’s not sexual then… why are you a frog?” Remus asked.

Unsurprisingly, given the fact that frogs could not talk, Patton did not respond to that. He just gave a little shrug, which looked odd for a frog to do.

“Hmm… wanna come hang out with me today?”

Patton took a moment, before nodding.

Remus held out a hand and Patton immediately hopped into it. He then raised his hand and let Patton hop onto his shoulder, before he stood up again.

“C'mon! Let’s go wreak havoc!”

Patton gave a disapproving croak.

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The creativitwins are gonna be the biggest Janus simps once he and Roman work out whatever this is. You can’t change my mind

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Prompt: Just binged like ALL your Sanders Sides content and WOW. Could you maybe possibly write Parental moceit to Virgil? I remember laughing so hard at the mention of them in another work, and wow, I did not realize how badly that dynamic was needed. You can totally say no! Happy new year and may 2021 be a more manageable year for you!!

Thanks for the request! 

Read on Ao3

Warnings: none, save for the sympathetci dark bois

Pairings: implied moceit, rest is platonic

Word Count: 3682

Virgil somehow got two dads and no one’s really sure how it happened.

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Summary: Roman confronts the other Sides.

Pairings: Platonic/familial LAMP/CALM, Platonic/familial DLAMPR

Content Warnings: Violence and threats of violence, nightmare imagery

Word Count: 3,194

Read on AO3: here

“Won’t be long now,” said Mr. Beaver as the group rounded a low hill. The sun was just starting to sink, and the resulting shadow made them all the colder. They had been on the move for nearly twenty hours, with only brief and infrequent rest stops, and had long since begun dragging their feet. Their trail made a continuous ragged line through the snow.

“I can’t feel my anything,” Patton moaned.

“Well if nothing else,” said Mrs. Beaver, trudging alongside him and patting his hand, “they’ll at least have decent campfires where we’re going.”

Another twenty-five or so minutes brought them around the base of that hill and the next one, and then the Beavers led the group up the slope of a third and tallest hill. “And here we are,” said Mr. Beaver once they reached the summit. “The hill of the Stone Table.”

The hilltop was a broad space, clear of trees, with a grim gray construction in the very center: the Stone Table itself. It seemed like the whole snowscape of Narnia spread out before them, all the way to the twinkling ocean. It would have been a lovely view if not for the circumstances that had brought them there.

No one greeted them. They thought at first that no one was even there, but Virgil pointed to a hunched figure crouched on the ground some distance away from the table, tending the embers of a small fire by means of an awkwardly long poker held at full arm’s length, as if she were afraid to go too near it. She was very slender, with lightly tanned skin and misty pale green hair that stuck out from her head in bristly locks, falling down to merge with her dress, which was the same color and texture.

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