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prejudicedandpride · a day ago
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folklore inspired iPhone wallpapers
Like or reblog if you save, please
more here | requests open (if you like one but want another color just tell me)
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tswift · 8 days ago
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everybody wants you, everybody wonders what it would be like to love you
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swiftilustrator · 9 months ago
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Isn’t evermore a magical record? Somehow in the coldness of tis the damn season I found warmth and comfort in this record. The way Taylor always has the right words and the right notes to put together the feelings some of us thought were lost, or had us confused. That kind of fulfillment you have when you can finally know what your feeling all throughout a song is all thanks to her. I’m beyond amazed and surprised, again. It’s just so amazing how talented she is. I put together my own ideas and made this illustration with some of the visuals of the album and my own interpretation. My favorite song is definitely gold rush, but all of them are so perfect I might find myself changing my mind✨ @taylorswift I just love you so much hope you see this @taylornation
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myttearsricochet · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
i want to say that Leonardo dicaprio sleeps with underage girls and John Mayer abused Taylor (she wrote about it), thanks and credits to @dickinsonswift
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spn-season-16-chronicles · 9 months ago
The great chronicles of season 16
I'm making the chronicles and will be greatful if you tell me what did I forgot. Also there might be one day difference - chronicles were made according to CET timezone.
The 5th of November - destiel is canon and homophobic (according to memes and also kinda in retrospect), we know after tweet mentioning also Putin stepping down and. While vote counting was taking place. Spn trending on tumblr and twitter. As well as Destiel. Over the presidential election.
The 11th of November - Misha stated that Cas loved Dean romantically, and the confession was of a very homosexual nature
The 12 th of November - 15x19 - two mentions of Cas (including Lucifer impersonating him, which implies that Dean reciprocated Cas’ feelings), plot resumed, speculations about parallel to Dean being pulled out from Hell by Cas
Whole week of build-up and speculations
The 19th of November - The Episode That Must Not Be Named airs and is bad, and instead of long episode we got one shorter than rest of season finales and a documentary. Canons were not confirmed on screen (Destiel and Seileen). Subplot not resumed. No reunion with supporting characters, nor with Cas or Jack. People angry. Cast silent
Multiple charity projects as an act of rage against c*w started hours after finale
The 22nd of November - Misha saying that Cas had rainbow wings
Inbetween events anger, sadness, fix-it fics, jackles' silence, and conspiracy theories
Jensen talking about the tapes (date unknown)
The 24th of November - Destiel canon again but in Spanish - causes tumblr servers to shut down
"#They silenced you" twitter campaign
The 25th of November - Indian Netflix edit
The 26 of November - Misha is talking about rogue translator, and makes people angry. Apologises later that day and promises to listen to criticism. Misha remains the only one till date to address criticism at all
The 27th of November - The alleged leaked Italian dub tricks people into thining that there was 2nd dub reciprocation on Dean’s part
The 28th of November - People freaking out because Obama followed stan twitter acc
The 30th November (?) - Italian dub (ofc) fake
Brazilian dub - speculations that Dean said something in ending scene, but those were only added sounds of birds tweeting
People freaking out cause Heller Obama
The 30th of November - Sarah Z SPN video
The 5th of December - Misha announced fundraising for voting rights with cast and Stacey Abrams, and people were wondering what will happen, Destiel gets own ship category in hellsite's 2020 year in review
The 7th of December - info about Misha's nude photo floods hellsite, people making fanarts furiously
The 8th of December - Mini reversed Mishapocalypse - Misha allegedly has secret tumbl acc so everyone in here could be Misha. People frantically asking stans if they are Misha
Misha stirs the pot by tweeting about wild questions, weird acting choices, and cut scenes
The 8th of November (the evening) - meeting very uneventful, people tad bit dissatisfied, but in bloopers Jensen is making joke about bottoming (or so are people thinking) . OH, and they were telling very weird story about Jared giving massage to Sebastian Roche
The 9th of December - Jensen allegedly states that Dean is bi and a bottom, no clear source tho, probably fake. End of Heller Obama
The 10 of December - denial that The Episode That Must Not Be Named even happened, shipping Jenmish as coping mechanism. Misha praised "castiel project" on Trevorproject and people thought that he donated 1000 bucks (but it was a big-hearted fan - we love ya)
The 10th/11th of December - Taylor Swift drops new album and people are looking for Destiel subtext - unconfirmed Heller Swift. And Stacey Abrams liked the ending (good for her)
The 11th of December - possible 3rd canon Destiel, because of script suggesting that something didn't make it to the final cut, but the authenticity is hard to define. Script hinting at romantic feelings at Cas' part including his POV "Still beautiful. Still Dean Winchester"
Authenticity of script confirmed by Adam Williams, of all people, who goes unhinged, for like 10 hours, on twitter after that. And Jared was praising the finale.
The 12th of December - Destiel going canon (?) for the 4th time because of rogue Heller director of LatAm dub. In his interpretation Dean was bi, and in love with Cas, and the English scene version was too subtle for love this big and obvious. Whole dubbing crew had same standpoint, so they went with it. They denied that any kind of reciprocation was in original script, there was no other audio
The 13th of December - spn trending AGAIN because of LatAm dub actors panel. There was a lot of widely contradicting statements. It looks like there never was reciprocation in any of English sources, but we cannot be sure. There was "I too" in Hispanic script changed by director to more expressive, better fitting to mouth movement version. Whole cast was on board with that version. Worner Brothers either did not check what was on final tapes or did not care, not knowing what kind of chaos would that version unleash. They probably accepted the script with "i too" but for now it is not proven to be true nor false. Talks about interview with director himself
The 14th of December - discovery of new beer from Jensen's brewery, named "Eyes like the sky" with very flowery and fruity description. Wave of conspiracy theories stating that it is dedicated to Misha because of "11 Jenmish" anniversary. Very few reliable sources. Conspiracy, very unprobable
The 15th of December - sheer pain and lil bit of PTSD drags tags from supernatural to trending yet again. Probably triggered by walker trending first. Or other unknown reason. Collective confusion keeps destiel tag on trending for a good part of a day. Fandom officially restored to 2012 state.
The 16th of December - I'm not going to try explaining that... Thing. No, I'm not mad at y'all. Just disappointed. The amount of freakout about BILL CLINTON IN 2020 is astounding. The cause better be forgotten. Jensen had to post a vid to calm you down a little (it mean he did post it, not that he posted it do disstract us, that was a joke). And also you summoned to existence articles about the alleged scandal in mainstream media (Newsweek)
The 17th of December - SPN tags still trending because of the aftermath of Bill Clinton deal and Jensen’s thirst trap. Scripts from season 8 dug up. Stating that Dean and Benny “broke up” either confirming yet again Bi!Dean or blatant queerbaiting and queercoding. Misha publishes tweet related to bees (and uses Cas spelling instead of Cass), starting speculations about secret tumblr account yet again
The 18th of December - Misha addresses Newsweek article on social media. Unknown what does he think about the whole business. Taggs Clinton and Levinsky.
The 25th of December - people analysing purgatory preyer scene from 15x09, claiming that it contains barely audible "I love you" that coincidentally or not gives a new meaning to the whole 09-18 Cas-Dean dynamic (and it even makes more sence that way)
The 31st of December - Mishapocalypse 2.0 has been started and was raging, taking spn to trending for the last time this year
The 3rd of January - Jim Michaels tweets photo from the finale, with caption that provoked people to comment with their critical opinions. Michaels blocks a lot of people that were criticising the finale (not only people that were hateful but also constructive criticism). That ignites a fair amount of drama on both platforms. Michaels likes antiheller tweets from w*ncest and b*bro accunts
The 6th of January - spn trending under US politics because of chaos surrounding Georgia election and insurrection in Washington
The 10th of January - hate speedrun with Greg Hopwood as a target - people in a span of 24 hours since the moment he confirmed that he supports destiel proceeded to spam his posts, demand his resignation (he’s a costume concept designer for the Boys), spam Kripke and other directors, and finished on a death threats sent via sucial media
The 11th of January - Jensen wins best actor in horror series Critics Choice Super Award, He thanks Jared and the whole crew
The 12th of January - Fandom looses it a little bit after Jensen thanks Mish and Dee on instagram
The 13th of January - Supernatural is officially the most streamed horror show of 2020 with over 20 billion streamed minutes. It’s ranked on 7th place overall
The 15th of January - interview with Jared for Variety is published. It consists of a few bad takes but also reveals that Eileen wasn’t Sam’s wife in any of the scripts he got. That triggers discussion about C*W’s misoginy and disabled representation erasure, as well as treatment BIPOC representation in maistream media overall. Leads to reevaluation od Jared’s standpoints and past actions taking place for next few days
Last updated: 19th January 2021
Thanks for the the info on the things that I’ve missed to: @clarasmoon @lostboyfromneverland5 @antifacas and @sinnabonka
And shout-out:
To the people who leaked 15x18 script (unfortunately i don’t know who you are)
To people who’ve put together 8h edit of Destiel scenes - @gaIlaghcr at (go there for links)
To people studying confession scene with math and 3d models (can’t find ya, so can someone put a link below)
To everyone donating to charity out of sheer rage
Sources: tumblr hellsite dot co, twitter, instagram, mainstream media (pink news, newsweek and rest)
I for sure forgot about something, sooo tag me in other posts? Dm me, comment?
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over-a-rainbow · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s always good stuff, and then IMMEDITELY bad news.
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butterflybuchanan · 5 months ago
it’s officially 4:18am and I’m still awake BUT I did make a uquiz so pros and cons
let me tell you which Taylor Swift era you are
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sweettea-and-godsgraces · 5 months ago
Taylor really said You Need to Calm Down and then proceeded to release things non-stop knowing we would not be calm
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stanning-reyna · 3 months ago
Heroes of Olympus characters as Taylor Swift albums
Percy- Reputation
Annabeth- Red
Piper- Speak Now
Leo- Taylor Swift
Jason- 1989
Hazel- Folklore
Frank- Lover
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