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kinschi · a day ago
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Bruno: "I'm sorry Pepa, it was a vision!! Please don't hurt me!!"
Pepa: "YOU kicked me!!!"
Bruno: "Ah but alas, I cannot change the future"
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wysteriawords · 23 hours ago
people who hate isabela madrigal are the root of my anger and hatred. like idc if you dislike her i just wish u could take a moment to understand her character and at least try to sympathise 😵‍💫
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callme-bluejay · a day ago
Might make this a regular thing,, because Tik Tok Encanto fans are killing me!!
so, I'm gonna say this slowly-
Pepa is not abusive!
Pepa is not manipulative!
Pepa has spent the majority of her life needing to keep her emotions in check for the sake of those around her. This woman was not allowed to feel her feelings in public because of her gift. Think about it: This woman has to be happy ALL. THE. TIME. If she doesn't, people around her feel the effects of her non-positive emotions.
Imagine only being able to express yourself until you hit age five. Imagine having to learn how to manage your big emotions at such a young age. Imagine the pressure she was under at age FIVE!
And I know that if I can relate to Pepa, than there are others who do as well. Personally, I relate to Pepa because I was the oldest and I was constantly told to set an example and not show my emotions for the sake of others.
Then, as if her own personal struggle wasn't enough, she lost her brother. She lost one of the people she had spent her entire life with. She lost one of her best friends, and she couldn't grieve him, because her emotions affect everyone around her. So what did she do? She locked her emotions away behind a wall of anger and denial. She did it to protect those around her, as well as herself.
I truly believe that Pepa is one of the strongest characters in Encanto and I love her.
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iniquitycynthian · 2 days ago
I just watched Encanto for the 7 th time today in the last two days and I am absolutely obsessed with it. (Contains spoilers)
First things first is that I *Hate* Abuela. Like I understand that shes been through a lot: she saw her husband die, she lost her home and she was a single mother to three kids, and the whole village basically depended on her. Out of nowhere she was given a miracle which was a second chance for her so she was absolutely paranoid about losing it, which was the reason why she was emotionally abusive to the rest of the family. She forced them to BECOME their gifts to keep the miracle going. But my statement still stands: Just because you have gone through something does not mean you can put others through something bad. I still hate Abuela and I will not change my mind.
As much as Abuela is the main abuser, I think the parents also play a part in what the children go through: Julietta's gift is to heal people with a meal so therefore this makes her the "fixer" of the family which basically means that whenever there is an issue in the family, she believes that it's *her* responsibility to take care of it and solve it and she feels as if she has "failed" if she can't solve something. Also healing is a very laborious task, we can see this kind of mentality in Julietta's kids; they both have very powerful and useful gifts which they have to use to help the village to the point where they overdo it and if they don't, they feel like they have failed. This is very well represented in the song "Surface Pressure" were Luisa basically outright says ' I am pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service' also we see this with Isabella, she had been forced to be the perfect child and make perfect flowers and help the village, even as much as marrying someone for the family. Which we can see in the song " Wha else can I do" later after the song ends she is genuinely happy but we can quickly see that happiness fade away when Abuela comes in and says "Isabella is out of control" . And if we talk about Mirabel, she was just straight up boycotted from her family for not having a gift. The only person shown to care about her were her parents but even then we can see that she felt like she had to do things she couldn't just sondhe could feel part of her family and be seen. This is how I feel that Julietta has till some extent unknowingly passed down her trauma to her kids.
Now if we talk about Pepa, she has been emotionally gaslit throughout the entire movie. As supportive as Felix is as a husband, nobody really validates her feelings. She is basically told to not feel her feelings and never really asked why she was feeling what she was. Whenever she was n a bad mood, she was told by Abuela that she had a cloud and she had to think about clear skies and have the cloud go away. This caused her to extra vigilant of her feeling and emotions to the point that she was paranoid about having feelings. Now, Dolores has a sensory gift: hearing. She can basically hear anything and everything that is going on in the entire Encanto. Having this gift means she is extremely sensitive to noises and has to be very vigilant because she has to know everything that is going on also because everybody expects her to know what's going on. This could be a very big headache-especially for her since loud noises. Her room is probably her sanctuary for when the world gets too loud. Camilo's gift is shapeshifting Camilo is a teen who doesn't know who they are yet, still growing in life and trying different personas. He is the "Entertainer" of the family. He makes people laugh and smile. That mentality could always come from seeing his mom distressed and wanting to make her smile and make her happy so that she can make genuine clear skies instead of faking it or pushing her feelings away. Seeing his mother go through something like that could always cause him to become someone who wants others to be happy and make them happy. And he feels obligated to do so. If we talk about Antonio, he had the weight of the world on his shoulders since he was born! After Mirabel didn't get her gift, all the hopes were riding on Antonio. He as a five year old had to worry about wether the family miracle would die with him... The entire family, the miracle, the family's reputation and the entire village's expectations; he had to shoulder them all. The stress and anxiety of not being "good enough" or "what if I fail" made him second guess himself. The only person who knew about this and actually cared was Mirabel.
Now Bruno, he is the Scapegoat of the family. Anything that went wrong was blamed on him. He was misunderstood and shunned. He was the only one who saw the truth and nobody allowed him to explain himself and but also blamed him for something he couldn't control. He could only see the future and interpret it, he could not say something and make it happen. He was just a very socially awkward person- the mistimed joke about rain about Pepa's nervousness and joy or the unfinished explanation about Dolores's lovelife- just proves that.
All in all, the characters are all amazing (except Abuela) but as a family....just nope.
They do change at the end of movie(as shown) but they still have a long way to go.
The music and song are lit though. (My favourites are surface pressure and we don't talk about Bruno)
Fun fact: Madrigal is actually a sort of music style where a number of different voices sing over each other like the ending of "we don't talk about Bruno"
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amultifandombiromantic · 2 days ago
I love my sister
I can hear her singing the Encanto soundtrack in the shower and it's so cute
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ccssketchbook · 2 days ago
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haystarlight · 2 months ago
Shout out to Tía Pepa who:
1. Is a light skinned white passing latina in an animated movie made by yankees. Not a lot of light skinned white passing latinos in movies like these. The only other one I can think of is Angie Diaz (Marco's mom from Star vs the forces of evil).
2. She's 50 and she has a 5 year old son so the math tells me she got pregnant at 44, which is badass. Getting pregnant at all is badass but like, most women at 44 are going through menopause and shit.
3. Is just really funny and expressive and her design and everything, she's sooooooo cool.
4. Having just the best relationship with her husband. I love watching them dance during We Don't Talk About Bruno. (Also, Félix took her last name, which is just a YES)
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How the Madrigal’s deal with their gifts
(and the problems that come with them)
She often finds herself cooking with no memory of when she started or what she is making. She can tell when someone isn’t eating enough and has these strange instincts of what people’s favourite and least favourite foods are. She can also tell if anyone has an allergies
Pepa was already an emotional child, but when she was younger, she would get really worried about losing control of her powers which would lead to her losing control of her emotions. If the weather isn’t caused by her, she is one of those people who can smell rain in the air, and just know when storms are coming.
He became very superstitious and also had OCD tendencies, such as touching a wall to prevent a new prophecy from happening. But, he could always tell when someone was going to ask someone else out and likes watching the people in the village accept their crushes.
She has to sit in the sun a lot, and is always drinking more water than she needs. She can get plant illnesses which she hates. When she was around eight, she caught the tobacco mosaic virus and everyone was really worried as there is no cure. Luckily, by sitting constantly in the sun and eating lots of her mums cooking, she got better but still has a few faded scars from it. Baby Mirabel thought they were so cool
Dolores gets overwhelmed by sound very easily. She has ear buds that she puts in her ears to block the worst of the sound but they aren’t always enough. She hears everything, so she can’t always look people in the eyes for several days at a time if she hears something. Her whole family have learnt basic sign language for days where she doesn’t want to talk
She loves being hugged. Because she is always seen as the strong one, she loves the feeling of someone else being the stronger person who hugs her instead. She also eats high energy foods all the time as she uses so much strength. Her mum always makes something with protein for her.
The only person who eats more than Luisa is Camilo. Because they change form a lot, it takes out a lot of energy. They prefer to sleep with a weighted blanket, as it makes it harder for them to change in their sleep. They obviously use they/them when they are themselves, but otherwise don’t really care what pronouns are used
Although she doesn’t have a power, she helps the others with theirs a lot
He sometimes forgets that people can’t understand his animals and tries to hold three way conversations. He has a tendency to eat raw food which makes his mother shriek every time. He often finds it hard to sleep at night as the nocturnal half of the rain forest come out
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carro-carrot · 12 days ago
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My computer is a bit fucky wucky for the moment, but sketching on paper is just as fun
Get a sketch dump
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julietasdroopyeyes · 26 days ago
Don’t think about Pepa learning at a young age that she can’t trust anyone, not even herself, because her lack of control over her emotions. Don’t think about how Alma probably compared her to Julieta, “why can’t you be more like your sister? Calm down Pepa!”. Little Pepa being left out of major events in case she caused a scene embarrassing Alma and her siblings. So, she was left to stay at the casita or sit by herself until the event of the day died down. Don’t think about Pepa being teased or called “crazy” “dramatic” and “attention seeking” anytime a storm cloud popped over her head. But, she was tired or needed coffee. Don’t think about people making a huge ordeal over her mood swings, but never taking a moment to ask her what’s wrong. How no boy ever wanted to speak to her because they were afraid of being zapped by lightning.
Let’s not think about how Pepa has severe anxiety, and is under the impression, that her only acceptable form of expression is happiness. How many days she avoided her family because she felt bad, how many nights spent alone crying. How she asked to be just like her big sister so her mother would be proud. Plastering on a big grin for cameras even if her mind was snapped in half, and her hands shook. She would spend days practicing making rainbows…to show her mamá that she could make something worth showing off. The amount of times Pepa asked Bruno to see if their mamá would be proud of her. Little Pepa yearning for her mothers approval and praise.
Pepa talking to Bruno about how she feels, saddened to hear he has experienced the same thing. As their relationship bond begins to strengthen, her relationship with Julieta strains as they are older. Julieta being the simple, easy, and responsible child that Alma never worried about. Julieta being the one to spend most of her time with their mother, while Bruno and Pepa were pushed to the side. Julieta not knowing what’s happening between her siblings, but she makes them special arepas to help them feel at ease. It’s the only way she knows how to help people because she can’t fix what’s broken on the inside. Pepa’s competitiveness often causing her a lot of trouble. I don’t want to think about Pepa trying to tell Alma about her troubles, her worries, but Alma is only concerned with the appearance of her family. Telling Pepa that she should be grateful she has a gift, that she has a purpose within this town. Even if it’s not exactly what Alma had pictured. Her dark circles after various of getting no sleep, staying up late to talk to her papà. Alma recognizing her own personality within her second child, wanting to tame that, and keep her head literally out of the clouds. Not wanting Pepa to get lost in fantasies, always thinking that life is going to be as sunny as she is. Only to crush her daughter in the moment of it all.
Just think about Pepa finding a wonderful man who embraces each and every emotion. Helping her process them, keeping her dry, and never shying away from her. Knowing that he stands up to Alma when she’s too harsh with Pepa, teaching his children to always express how they feel to them. Showing Pepa she’s worth something that she is valued, sitting under her thundering cloud, catching snowfall because he loves her so much. Thinking about her little family that are so patient, so kind, and always supporting each other. How loving she is to her children always beaming with pride, finally being able to love, and be loved in return unconditionally.
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mal-suk · a month ago
17year old Pepa!
Tumblr media
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anotheronlineartist · 29 days ago
Maybe I'm dumb, but I just realized that Mirabel actually does everything she said she would do during her song "Waiting on a Miracle". The lyrics read:
I would move the mountains
Make new trees and flowers grow
I would heal what's broken
By the end of the movie, one of the mountains in Encanto splits, she helps Isabella grow trees and flowers she wasn't able to before, and heals the broken relationships and mindsets of her family. She has every gift she admires in her family, just different.
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ryn-stabby · 19 days ago
Ok, I can't believe this but one Twitter there are legit people saying Pepa Madrigal is white??
Like how??????????
Is there argument seriously "Yeah everyone else in her family is Columbian and Hispanic, and no she's not adopted, but she's lighter than her triplets, ergo, she's white"
In what universe does that make a lick of sense?
Just cause someone is 'white passing' does not make then white, and insisting otherwise is pretty insulting
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daantjie-fanatics · 17 days ago
I have a headcanon that whenever Pepa got sad as a kid, Bruno would bring her into his room and they’d make sandcastles with moats together until she felt better.
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beepfuckingbeeprichie · 27 days ago
Okay okay here me out. What if, after the events of the move, Louisa and Isabela end up switching dynamics?
Louisa always portrayed herself as hard as stone, tough, a fighter. And while I have no doubt she loves her gift, she feels the (surface) pressure to always be the defender of the family. She sings about protecting her family, fighting Cerberus like Hercules did, and even busting up the iceberg that sank the titanic.
She doesn’t want any of that! She wants fluffy clouds!! Unicorn donkeys (unidonkeys?)!! f you’ve seen the deleted scene/concept art that features Luisa’s room, it’s made completely of stone and minimalistic. But there’s a secret door in the back to the room she’s REALLY always wanted. It has an AMUSEMENT PARK.
As a sharp contrast, Isabela spent her entire life being pretty and perfect and graceful. Limiting herself to just flowers bc that’s all they’ve ever wanted from her. But when she finally gets to her song and starts pushing her limits, what does she grow? Spikey plants, cacti, strangling vines, even carnivorous plants. And her flower punches Mariano in the face (poor baby. He just has so much love inside :( )
You wanna know another baddy with plants that was underestimated?
Tumblr media
Luisa wouldn’t have to shoulder everything alone, she could have the time for the joy and simple pleasures she dreams about. Isabela could be (and I think would enjoy being) the family’s protector.
Of course, she wouldn’t shoulder the burden alone. She has her family :)
P.S. Luisa would absolutely LOVE boybands
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slashjaypeg · 21 days ago
pepa: oh my god i'm getting married holy shit this has to be perfect everything must be perfect i can't not have this go well
bruno: hey, you're sweating up a storm!
pepa: I'M DOING W H A T
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froggydobegaytho · a month ago
Pepa: you need to enjoy the little things in life
Antonio: ants?
Pepa: …not exactly
Antonio, nodding: baby ants
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Baby gifts
Okay but Pepa always had sniffles from being in the rain for too long. Whether she was sad, feeling emotional, or just wanted to dance in the rain, Pepa’s clothes were normally soaked by the end of the day.
Her whole family would tell her to put on dry clothes before she caught a cold but she would argue back that they were just going to get wet all over again.
So Julieta began carrying around food especially for Pepa to prevent her sneezes from shocking the village. This also lead to Pepa developing a very strong immune system against any cold like symptoms that she passed down to her children. (Camilo would lay in the rain with Mirabel for ages because they both liked it, and though Mirabel would normally become ill afterwards, Camilo would be bouncing around like nothing had happened. Antonio also needed a strong immune system as he spent a lot of time in his room which was damp at the best of times)
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pepasfavorite · 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pepa madrigal > you
besides my shawty @fairytale-writes 😘
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julietasdroopyeyes · 14 days ago
Pepa dating someone who is shy
I decided to do something for my Pepa enthusiasts
@pepa-brainrot thought of you!
Tumblr media
She think it’s adorable how easily you blush at everything, it was one of things that drew her to you when you met
Drags you out to mingle with the family and shows you off to them telling them about how wonderful you are
Holds your hand all the time to let you know that you’re never alone and she’s right there for you
She’s the only one who knows you can dance and sing really well because you’re too nervous to share with anyone else
Being protective of you when her siblings and her mother are wary at how quiet and introverted you are
“Please give them a chance, they’re very gentle! They’re more scared of you than you are of them!”
“Pepa this is your spouse, not a spider”
Following Pepa around like a little duckling because you’re too nervous to be somewhere by yourself
“Come on Amor, I promise everyone is excited to see you” *struggling to drag you inside the casita*
Doesn’t mind spending time inside with you if it means you’re comfortable and able to enjoy the day together
She usually always makes the first move, but is pleasantly surprised whenever you decide to be a bit more bold
Always asking if you’re okay with something before doing it even if it’s something as simple as going out together
She’s very caring and thoughtful! Just wants to see you happy!!
She’s always proud of you when she sees you making an effort to socialize with new people
Comes home one day shocked to see you sitting with her family getting to know them even if it means just politely nodding, it’s the first time you’ve done so without her
She cannot stop kissing you and praising you after that, it really meant a lot to her
You’re not afraid of her thunder or storm clouds in fact she’s learned that you found it soothing whenever you’re especially anxious
Fèlix always making you feel comfortable, and welcome. He’s protective of you and doesn’t let anyone walk over you
She loves the sound of your voice and wishes you would share it with everyone else, but never pressures you to speak
Catches you bonding with Dolores and learning sign language because it’s a form of communication that is comfortable for you both
Antonio surrounding you with kittens or cute fluffy animals because they always help him feel better, and so the two of you bond over that
Camilo being the one person who can get you to laugh no matter what
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