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So I’m getting into the avengers, and here are my thoughts:

-Stephen Strange is gay

-Captain Marvel is a queen

-Tony Stark…. Daddy….

-America’s ass

-Loki is Hot

-T’challa is best boy and he knows it

- Pepper is an absolute Q U E E N

- Peter Parker is baby

- Ironstange is cannon

- Bucky wants dick

-Banner is also kinda baby

-my dad thinks Thor is gay

-Thanos has ocd

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Pairing: T’Challa x reader

Chapter: One-shot

Summary: You have been dating the crowned prince, T’Challa, for quite some time now. But after his father’s passing, he must become more serious about who will be the future queen on Wakanda. Many doubt the reader’s abilities, even Queen Mother.


Originally posted by sahind

It’s no secret that the majority of Wakanda, including Queen Mother, does not approve of your growing relationship with T’Challa. No one has been out right rude to you in fear of what T’Challa would do to them, but their desire for Nakia to be the one in your place was loud enough.

“It’s not too late my son.” Queen Mother’s voice sneaks out of the throne room. You stand still on the other side of the door curious. “Nakia hasn’t rushed off on another mission yet, and I’m sure she would love to be more than friends.”

             All your life you have always been compared to others. The girl down the street has clearer skin, that one running the field has a better laugh, better personality, bright watt smile, more intelligent. With T’Challa you never left like you had to be anything more, that you were not less than others just because you weren’t the same.

             With the whole country watching that is a challenge. They have to accept you, if they do not then how can the people respect you by the kings side? Will they lay their allegiance to T’Challa with you in the picture? You feel your bottom jaw turn into concrete as it tries to keep a quivering lip still.

“Mother, you forget that I am with (Y/N).” T’Challa interjects, hoping to regain some of his mother’s memory.

“T’Challa, we both know that Nakia is the country’s favorite. They want to see her standing by your side-” His mother pleads but T’Challa places a hand up urging his mother to stop.

“(Y/N) would make a great queen. She is headstrong, kind and considerate, she is imaginative, loves Wakanda with her heart and soul. She can make the hard decisions. But most importantly,” he takes a step closer to his mother. “I love her and want her to stand next to me forever, the people will grow to love her as I have too.”

“She’s not worthy of you T’Challa.” You can hear him heading towards the door. Your heart races with the fear of being caught. You place your hand over your mouth and nose hoping he can’t hear your uneven breath.

“That is where you are wrong mother,” you don’t get to hear the rest because T’Challa slightly opens the door. Instead of becoming face-to-face with the soon-to-be King of Wakanda and current Queen Mother you bolt towards your room, but that doesn’t stop T’Challa from noticing your frame turn the corner at the last moment.

             You rush down the halls realizing it won’t take you to your chambers but hope they will lead you out of the palace. There is no point in staying where you’re not welcome, even though you know T’Challa would want you to. You know that T’Challa loves you and you always gotten along with Shuri, but hearing what his mother thinks of you brought out the worst thoughts of yourself that you’ve struggled with for years..

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) please, for Bast sake slow down!” T’Challa chases after you. Knowing that he will catch up you stop but keep your back facing him. “How much did you hear?”

“Oh you know the people, including your mother, wanting you with Nakia. That I’m not good enough for you… The truth.” Tears stream down your cheeks but your voice stands firm and unwavering.

“Who’s truth? If you heard all that my mother said then you surly heard me.” Coming to face you, T’Challa takes your hands in his. “(Y/N) you are the kindest, most generous soul I have ever had the privilege to know. You bring out the best in me, challenge me. (Y/N) you are who I want.”

“But T’Challa the people-”

“I choose you, (Y/N).” His chocolate eyes burn into yours begging for you believe what he does. “Marry me.”


             T’Challa interweaves his fingers with yours, and presses them against his chest. Looking into your eyes, T’Challa pierces your soul with his own. You take a deep breath as you feel the air around you thin. Since the moment you laid eyes on the prince – now king – he has always taken your breath away, caused your heartbeat to quicken, and physically drawn you to his being.

“(Y/N),” his voice is low, but soft. “I know you are terrified of what may happen if you say yes, but I am terrified of what may happen if you say no. There is no version of this life that I can conjure in my mind that doesn’t involved you. You’re my compass, my rock, my love. There is no one else I want by my side, ruling our country with me, one day being the mother to my future children. Please, (Y/N). Marry me.”

             Leaning your forehead against his, you never break eye contact. You search them for any signs of doubt in what he just said, but you find them singing the truth. Closing your eyes you try to regain control of your thoughts, your breathing, and your heartbeat. Calming down, you begin to notice how fast T’Challa is breathing, how fast his heart is beating against your hands. A small smile fights it’s way onto your lips as you lean in to place a quick kiss on T’Challa’s lips.

“Yes, I will marry you.”

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So about 4 years ago, very few people were aware of Black Panther, and even fewer were fans. Then when he showed up in Captain America: Civil War, and then in his own solo film, everyone loved this humble king, who was a part time superhero.

This novel starts with T’Challa retaking the throne, after his sister, Shuri, who was queen for an interim period dies. However, dissent is rife within the fictional nation of Wakanda, and our titular hero finds himself unable to quench the metaphorical fires that engulf his nation. The threats also seem to be coming from multiple locations, including the Dora Milaje, who no longer serve the King, and from a mystical shaman, who has the backing of Zeke Stane, the son of Obidiah Stane. 

‘A Nation Under Our Feet’, for me wasn’t that great a read. I struggled to keep up with the plot, and it seemed like there was too much of a backstory that I wasn’t aware of. Furthermore, even within the novel itself, I didn’t like this version of Black Panther, who had almost no character development, whatsoever.

The artwork was okay, but the covers weren’t too good. The one above was one, of many variants. Overall, I expected so much more, but once again, with the Marvel novels, the ones I want to read disappoint!

Favourite Panel:

Nice to see mentions of the wider Marvel world!


Favourite Character:

Tetu, the Shaman. He seemed like a really intriguing villain, and i’d like to see a bit more of him!


  • Story Arc: 5/10
  • Character Development: 4/10
  • Artwork: 5.5/10
  • Overall: 14.5/30

Level: Advanced

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After Civil War, Steve and Bucky and the other fugitive Avengers face a painful past and an uncertain future, while T'Challa assumes the throne of Wakanda and decides his country’s place in the world and his own place in the Avengers’ world.  Our heroes all face their own reckonings with each other and the rest of the world.

Chapter 46:  The Avengers are reunited at last with Thor and Bruce, and New Asgard is formed with only one unwelcome visit from Loki. But his words to Clint hold a dire warning. Team Cap returns to the U.S. to face (and seek) justice, but their enemies have other plans.

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Doing a fun art project for my wall if you could please reply, inbox, ask, or reblog with your fav and or really good/inspiring monologues from Marvel movies I would love you forever!!

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Your not as popular as your old blog. Yikes

It’s *you’re and imagine seeing writing fanficiton for fun and anonymity as some sort of validation BUT if you wanna go there-

Believe it or not I am still a heavy influence within the Black Panther fandom (Erik, T’Challa, Chadwick, etc). People STILL use my ideas (without credit of course).

Even after 2+ years, love me or hate me, I’m still all and throughout this fandom, love.😘

Respect one of your Founding Muthas.


Originally posted by beyhq

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Could you do one where T'challa gets sick but tries to hide it but shuri nakia okoye forces him to rest?

Another super vague request that I’ve surely written before.  But just to humor you, here’s a tidbit.  


It was a mistake to stuff a handkerchief into his sleeve before settling into his chair for the general assembly.  Traditional dress was expected for all meetings with the tribal leaders, but surely exceptions could be made for…what would one call it?  An accessory?

T’Challa drags the completely sodden cloth under his nose for the umpteenth time.  He can feel the thick liquid running down the back of his throat as it drips down to his upper lip.  Every time he opens his mouth it feels like it’s going to gag him.  He wants nothing more than to finish the meeting early and trudge up the stairs to his bed, but he can’t do it.  Or better stated, he won’t.  

T’Challa’s head throbs as he returns the handkerchief to his pocket, keeping his head and shoulders absolutely still as he listens to one of the elders speak.  He usually has no trouble understanding her speech around her lip disc, but today it sounds muffled and rough around the edges.  T’Challa swallows and feels the fluid thrumming behind his eardrums.  Yet another token of this illness he’ll have to sort out once the assembly finally disperses.  

“Mmm.”  T’Challa nods, not exactly sure to what he’s agreeing.  The tribal elders stare at him, for he probably looks much different from his usual crisp and calculated self.  “Is that all the business we have to discuss today…?”

A few concerned looks pass among the other members of the assembly, but a general murmur of assent rises.  

“I thank you, then,” T’Challa says sincerely.  He waits until the hall empties before rising from his stone seat, no longer bothering to conceal the aches in his back and legs.  He slouches as he pulls his robes close around him and heads toward the door.  

He’s nearly out of the room when suddenly the door opens before him and Shuri, Nakia, and Okoye burst in, lining up against the wall and glancing furtively at each other.  

T’Challa stifles a groan as he throws his shoulders back and plasters a welcoming smile on his face.  “And what may I do for you this day?”

“Stop that shit right now, brother,” Shuri, demands, digging in her pocket with one hand and jabbing a finger at him with the other.  “You are unwell and we know it.”  She glances right and left at the other women.  “Right?”

“Yes,” Okoye says, twisting the butt of her spear on the room’s stone floor.

The idea of being poked with it makes a line of faux pain run up and down T’Challa’s body, and he lets his body droop again.  

“I suppose you have me caught,” he admits.  “Do you have a draught of something–?” he begins to ask his sister.  Shuri opens her mouth to reply, but Nakia holds up a hand and shakes her head.

“Rest,” she says sharply.  “That is what you need first.  Then I’m sure that you’re delivered something to clear up what’s ailing you.” 

Shuri nods emphatically behind her.

“I have more tasks-” T’challa starts.

“How would you like your next task to be dealt by the end of my spear?”  Okoye takes a ready position, stepping forward so her weapon is mere inches from his face.

T’Challa winces.  “I suppose you have calculated this so that I have no choice but to take your offer?”

“Yes,” the three women say together.

“Alright.”  T’Challa hangs his aching head.  “I suppose for the rest of the day I’m in your debt.”

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