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Civil War Soldiers/Party At My Parents’ House but set in Captain America: Civil War

original link

James Rhodes/War Machine - Beck Bennett

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Jimmy Fallon

Tony Stark/Iron Man - Bobby Moynihan

Clint Barton - Harry Styles

Vision - Alex Moffat

T’Challa/Black Panther - Mikey Day

Sam Wilson/Falcon’s missiles - Cannon firing at the song’s end

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Chapter 5


You fainted, and you weren’t sure how long you were out but when you woke up you were back at the estate and you felt an unbearable pain residing in your chest. You felt like your body was paralyzed as you laid in agony whimpering and creating a pool of tears around your eyes. Your mind raced back over the events that occurred earlier, Erik was involved in some sort of drug scheme and he wasn’t human, or at least his eyes weren’t human. You sure knew how to pick them. You sighed and wallowed in pain, conflicted by the growing feeling of pleasure that amplified as your pain levels increased.

“So, you finally decided to wake up eh?”

You didn’t have to guess who was addressing you and you rolled your eyes at the sarcasm Ku Ku was projecting. “That madman told you to eject those pills from your body, and now you lay in this bed in agony…” Ku Ku sucked his teeth as he walked closer to you and hovered over you, careful not to interfere with your comfort of personal space.  "I told you to stay away… Now look at you.“

You did the best you could to turn your head in his direction to speak, "What did… What the fuck did y'all give me?”

Ku Ku let out a heavy sigh and made his way to the edge of the bed. “The pills were simply vitamins from Wakanda, Erik had planned on tricking those colonizers into believing they were some sort of ecstasy 2.0, obviously shit didn’t go as planned… Those pills aren’t why you’re feeling like this-” Your breathing became ragged and Ku Ku took immediate notice cutting himself off and springing into action as he reached over to feel your pulse. Your heart beat was slowly coming to a halt. “Fuck Lu Lu! You couldn’t wait just a little longer?”

You were unsure what Ku Ku was referring to and your subtle whimpers turned into wailing, “Erik…. Where…”

Ku Ku did the best he could to coddle and comfort you, “Erik will be back soon Lu Lu, I need you to relax for me. Try and take slow breaths. Can you do that for me?”

You did your best to shake your head ‘no’, as you felt yourself beginning to hyperventilate. The more you struggled to breathe, the stronger the pain in your chest grew. You arched your back off of the bed and let out a blood curtailing scream as a sudden wave of pain shot through every nerve in your body. The feeling of pain and screaming went on for 2 minutes before T'Challa stormed into the room to investigate why you were yelling. “WHAT IS GOING ON- Fuck! She’s the one… Isn’t she M'Baku?”

You felt your senses go haywire again but this time instead of becoming stronger they started to deplete, first went your hearing, but not before you heard what T'Challa said. Your heart continued to slow down as your mind tried to find a reasonable explanation for the statement. “…the one” replayed over and over in your brain. Next went your sense of smell, followed by your sense of taste. Your loss of taste hit you the hardest and you refused to believe it was gone. You bit down on your tongue until you felt blood being gushed into your mouth, you realized you could only feel the blood in your mouth and not taste it as Ku Ku cranked opened your jaw and filled your mouth with cotton balls, so you wouldn’t choke to death on your own life juice. Next was your sense of touch and you felt your body start to go numb as you were snatched out of your bed. Lastly your eyesight started to vanish as you zoned in and out of consciousness while Ku Ku carried you to an unknown location. You studied Ku Ku’s features with what little sight you had left while he carried you and you couldn’t help but focus on his eyes and how they resembled a tinted yellow like Erik’s. You blinked your eyes once, twice, three times and then your whole world went dark.

“… I gave y'all one fucking job…”

“Watch your tone…”

“Fuck that!… I left for a few hours…”


“If she’s dead I’m putting all y'all asses in the fucking dirt, I put that on my Daddy!…”

“She’s not dead N'Jadaka…”

“She’s the one…”

“I been knew that, why the fuck do you think I brought her home? Catch up you slow ass niggas…”

Your body rested on what felt like clouds as you regained your senses one by one and listened to the conversation.

“How’d you let this happen Ku? One job… One FUCKING JOB!”

“ENOUGH! You are a man acting like a boy, and if you continue I will treat you like one. She is not dead!”

You shifted on the heavenly bed causing silence to fill the air, your eyesight was still gone but you could feel that all eyes were on you once you moved. “Princess!… Princess…” You felt Erik’s presence weighing over you, his voice sounded broken as if he was on the verge of tears and his body wasn’t radiating its usual power, his aura was cracked and distraught. Your sense of touch was back, and you sighed at the feeling of Erik gripping your hand and rubbing small circles with his thumb, Erik usually did this to calm you down, but it was evident he was using this technique for himself this time. “Can you speak Princess? How you feeling?”

You turned your head in the direction of Erik’s voice, slowly you regained your eyesight and you took in Erik being bare chested with sweatpants that hung dangerously low. Even in a catastrophic moment Erik could still get your flood gates open. “What happened?”

Erik did his best to keep his face emotionless, but his eyes revealed the truth. “Do-do you know what you are Princess?”

You squinted your eyes at his question, “Yeah… I’m a black woman my nigga, do you know what you are?”

Erik’s demeanor relaxed a bit as he chuckled at your remark. “I’m not talking about that ma…” Erik let go of your hand and placed his finger on a spot behind your right ear. “You probably thought this was just a birthmark, huh?” You refused to speak while Erik continued to explain. “Your special ma…” Erik tilted his head so you could see the mark behind his own ear. “You aren’t like the others…” You felt the bed you were laying start to hover forward as you tried to squirm away, you soon realized you were restrained to the bed and tried your best to crank your neck up to look over your body, only to discover the sight of nothing holding you down.

“Wakandan restraints Princess, they have an invisible cloaking device because my little cousin is extra as hell.”

You heard Ku Ku’s thunderous laugh in the distance and T'Challa hum in agreement, you rolled your eyes at all three of them. Of course, the one time it would be good for them to disagree and possibly let you go out of spite, they decided to be in complete harmony with each other. “Restraints for what Erik?”

Your bed continued to hover forward until you were outside in an open field, it was now dark outside, and a full moon twinkled in the night sky. “These restraints are to keep US safe from you Princess.”

You tried to drown out your own thoughts with background noise, the sound of Erik’s rapid beating heart, Ku Ku’s occasional heavy sigh, and T’Challa’s agitated gulps. This didn’t last long once you realized that your hearing was now overly hyper sensitive once again, so sensitive that you could hear ants patter their feet against the dirt. All these changes were starting to irritate you. “Erik?…”

Your senses weren’t the only things that grew in sensitivity, you were extremely turned on and beyond confused about it. You were usually a horny person but this feeling of lust that flowed through you was unlike any other, it felt like you were in a permanent state of orgasmic pleasure and you weren’t sure how or why you were feeling this way. “Erik…”

Erik was leaning against a tree as he watched the moonlight radiate off of your golden copper skin. “I know baby.”

“Erik!” You called for his name a little louder than expected, your eyesight shifted again, but this time you weren’t going blind… You could see everything.

Erik let out a low growl as he walked into your vision. Erik no longer looked like Erik; his dreads came down to his lower back, his hooded eyes were a misty yellow, his veins were visible and danced under his keloid skin, and he had grown 2 feet taller, putting him easily at 8ft. “I can hear you squeezing MY pussy and if you keep doing that…” Erik leaned in close so that your faces were inches apart. Erik unhinged his jaw and spread his jaguar like mouth open revealing his pointed gold fangs while he let his animalistic tongue reach out to lick your plump lips. “A nigga just might have to drop something up in that to make it stop, is that what you want Princess?”

Before you could respond you felt your eyes uncontrollably roll to the back of your head as you heard Erik curse under his breath and call Ku Ku and T'Challa to come over near you. You felt the rays of the moonlight swimming through your body and soon you felt stronger, faster, more alert… And hungry.

Your eyes resettled in their original position and you looked over at Erik who was glaring intently at you with a clenched jaw, your mouth watered at the sight of him, you weren’t sure what he was, but this new monster version of him could still clap your cheeks. You shifted your gaze to your left and saw that Ku Ku and T'Challa were no longer like their original selves either. Ku Ku somehow grew to be bigger and stronger, making T'Challa and Erik in their new forms look like children. “Lu Lu, how do you feel?”

“I’m hungry.” You almost jumped out of your skin when you heard your voice, it sounded like you but with more authority coated in a sensual lust.

Erik let out a sigh of relief as his gaze shifted from you to Ku Ku. “You heard my Princess! Bring her some food!” Ku Ku tapped T’Challa’s shoulder signaling for him to follow and leave you alone with Erik.

Once Ku Ku and T'Challa were out of sight Erik released you from your prisoner bed. Bad idea. As soon as Erik released you, you attacked him. You weren’t sure what came over you but the new animal instincts that flowed through your body told you that Erik was food and you were starving. “Shit Princess!” Erik fought you off and threw you into the wilderness, causing you to break through 10 trees before your body slumped down to the ground. You weren’t down for long, you jumped back up and cracked your neck before charging after Erik again. Every hit you threw at Erik he blocked and dodged, only to counter the attack with a defensive hit. “Ight Princess! I’m done playing with your ass!”

Erik roundhouse kicked you somewhere into the distance, all that could be heard was the snapping of branches and a final 'thud’ as you hit the ground again. Erik started to walk away in search for Ku Ku and T'Challa until he heard a devious giggle escape your mouth. “You might be done, but I’m just getting started Daddy.”

You charged at Erik once again but before you could reach him a pair of strong hands lifted you up by your neck. “N'Jadaka, why did you release this girl!?” Ku Ku tightened his grip around your neck every time you attempted to squirm out of his hold.

“She didn’t combust and die from turning into a Werepanther! I thought she was good.”

You completely stopped moving when you heard the term “werepanther”. “Lu Lu might not have died but she is far from good! You know she has to eat for this to be complete!”

Erik sucked his teeth and continued his journey back to the open field, letting Ku Ku carry you by the neck like a rag doll. “Yeah yeah. Just hurry this shit up, all that fighting got my dick hard and my Princess got Roaring Rapids happening in her pussy.”

Ku Ku gaged at Erik’s graphic language while T'Challa stood on the sidelines shaking his head and judging. “M'Baku… N'Jadaka… Get serious.” You continued to struggle for freedom from Ku Ku’s death grip on your neck and you finally stopped once you smelled fresh meat, human meat. T'Challa walked closer to you and Ku Ku and brought a chunk of flesh up to your mouth. “Eat (Y/N).”

You looked over to Erik for guidance, even though you wanted to kill him a second ago he was still your baby. Erik licked his lips while he looked at you and smirked. “The quicker you eat, the quicker I get to eat.”

T'Challa was over today and he was definitely over Erik’s mouth. “N'JADAKA, ENOUGH!”

“I didn’t even do anything!”

T'Challa dropped the meat into your hand and walked towards Erik, nagging him about his vulgar language. You were too mesmerized by the meal that sat in your hand to listen in on their petty argument and you dug into the bloody source of nutrients, not caring about the mess you were making.

Once you completed your meal Ku Ku dropped you down to the ground without warning, he then squatted down to your ear and whispered, “Welcome to the family Lu Lu.”  

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