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Starlight 4

Summary: Amani is an orphaned heiress who’s spent most of her life raising her younger sister. T’Challa is a widowed King and Father. Neither of them is expecting much from their night at the Lotus. But the coming months have many milestones in store for these young adults. Will becoming a family be one of them?

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“Sis, you are killing my dating life,” Madiyson whined as she and Amani cleaned the glasses at the bar. “I’m killing your dating life? It has to exist for me to kill it.” Amani murmured.

“Haha.” Madiyson threw her rag at the other waitress. “Look, you go to all these fancy parties, with rich eligible men, and you never invite me. Girl, you’re holding me back from my husband.”

“Trust me, you don’t want to go to those parties. All the men are old and boring, and they all want something from you.” Amani sighed and began hanging the wine glasses on the rack. “Yeah, some good lovin’.” Madiyson shimmied her way around the bar laughing.

“Oh my god.”

“So you’ve never met any young attractive guy at these parties?”



“Well, He’s the exception to the rule.” Amani sassed.

“See, I’m just asking for one chance. One party.”

“Fine fine,” Amani placed the last glass on the shelf. “Amare won’t be home for another month so you can go to the next party.”

“She’s not coming home for spring break?” Madiyson frowned.

“Nope, engineering conference with her school. In France.” Amani pouted.

“Yeah, I’d choose France over you too.” Madiyson teased.

“Shut up,” Amani pushed her. “This isn’t how you get the invite to this gala.”

“Now, you know I’m just messing with you girlie.” Madiyson hugged her friend.

“I know, but sometimes it just feels like she doesn’t need me anymore.”

“That’s a good thing! You’re not her mother, and you’re young. One day you’ll have kids and get to go through it all again. Except they’ll be infants this time and you won’t be in college.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Amani smiled.

“Aren’t I always? Now, tell me all about this exception to the rule guy.”

“What do you want to know?” It’d been three months since Amani had heard from T’Challa. Not even a text or letter. “Tell me anything,” Madiyson shrugged. “Well, he was attending our yearly investor gallery. He saved me from a boring conversation and we sat out on the balcony and talked all night.”

“That’s it.”

“That’s it.” Amani turned back to putting the dishes away. “There’s something you’re not telling me,” Madiyson accused.

“No, I told you everything that happened,” she fought to hold back a smile. “At the party at least,” Amani added. “Okay, so what happened after the party?” Madiyson prodded. “Well, before the party-”

“Before the party!” Madiyson exclaimed moving closer to her friend as a couple of guests looked over at the outburst. “Yes, before the party. You remember that table I handled for you when I got into work?”

“The one with the father? He’s the dude from the party?!”

“Yeah, his name is T’Challa.” Amani blushed. “Did he recognize you?” Madiyson bubbled, pulling Amani to sit in the break room with her. “Yes, and his daughter asked that I hang out with him the next day.”

“So y’all spent the day together?”

“And they both stayed the night.” Amani blushed. “Sis-” Madiyson started. “Then me and his daughter made breakfast and we went to the park.Then he asked me on a date, and they spent the night again.”

Madiyson stared open mouthed, “This was all a few months ago and you didn’t tell us?”

“Tell us what?” Sakura interjected as she walked into the breakroom from finishing her last table. “That she has a boyfriend who spent the night.” Madiyson smirked.

“He’s not my boyfriend, and his daughter was there too.” Sakura raised an eyebrow at Amani’s rebuttal. “Besides, there’s nothing to tell, I haven’t heard from him since they left.”

Sakura frowned, “They left?”

“They went back home, out of the country.” Amani explained. “That’s good news, he may just not know how to get intouch with you from his home country.” Madiyson offered. “I guess, but he still could have sent a letter or something.”

“Just give him a chance to explain himself,” Sakura encouraged. “Yeah, I just wish I knew something,” Amani sighed. “If you never hear from him again that’s his loss sis,” Madiyson hugged Amani.

After hustling through the rest of her shift, Amani finished cleaning her tables, hugged Madiyson and Sakura goodbye, and headed to pick up some dinner from her favorite burger joint. She hopped in line and placed her order. She had just pulled out her phone to pass time when a familiar voice invaded her senses. “Is that the heiress I see?” The king chuckled.

“Your majesty,” Amani bowed smiling in return, “You’re back stateside.”

“Yep, Ada and I got in earlier this morning.” The king smiled. “Cool,” Amani smiled back before turning back to the pick up counter. “I also had a special someone that I promised to take out on a date.”

Amani raised an eyebrow, “She must be real special.” T’Challa smiled oblivious to her sarcasm, “You could say that.”

“I wonder if you called her like you didn’t call me,” Amani sassed. “T’Challa’s mouth dropped open slightly. Just as he went to respond one of the worker’s called Amani’s name. She walked away from him to grab her food. The king hurried after her, “Amani, I didn’t realize until we got home that I didn’t know how to reach you from out of the country.”

“And you couldn’t write a letter? Or call someone at the company that I own and ask for it?”Amani deadpanned as she walked towards the door, not stopping until T’Challa gently grabbed her wrist. “Amani, I am sorry. I didn’t think and that is obviously not an excuse, but I would still like to hang out with you.” Amani calmed slightly as she heard the sincerity coating his voice. “Please? Let me make it up to you?”

Amani nodded in response. “Great, are you free friday? At 8:00?”

The heiress smiled, “Yeah, I am.” T’Challa beamed, “I’ll pick you up?”

“Sounds like a date,” Amani winked, “I should let you get back to Ada.” The king glanced at the bag of food in his hands. “Why, don’t you join us for dinner tonight? She’s asked about you.”

“Oh, um..” Amani tried to quiet the leaping of her heart. T’Challa grabbed her hand, “We would both really enjoy your company Amani,” the king’s thumb traced soft circles on her wrist. “I’d love to,” Amani smiled back, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks, grateful that it wasn’t too noticeable on her skin. “Great, I can give you a ride or?”

“Oh, no I drove my own car. If you give me the address, I’m pretty sure I can find my way there.” Amani smiled, pulling out her phone. T’Challa gave her the address and they hurried off to their cars. Amani smiled as she noticed what hotel they were staying at. “St. Regis huh,” Amani chuckled as she pulled off. Along the way she stopped to grab something to drink, and a box of cookies from her favorite bakery, she text T’Challa that she was on her way before beginning the drive to the hotel. Within 25 minutes, She pulled up to the valet counter and handed over her keys. Amani walked into the lobby juggling her food, the cookies and a drink. She walked towards the elevator before realizing she didn’t know where she was going. Amani sighed and gingerly reached for her phone in her pocket. Just as she went to dial the king’s number, his name flashed across her screen. ROOM 1009. She chuckled knowing he’d read her mind.

Amani used the edge of her iphone to call for the elevator and began her ascent to the 10th floor. She hummed lightly to herself and prayed that she had read the room number right. The door dinged open and she walked out into the carpeted hallway. Her sneakers padded along the floor as she read the door numbers, relieved that she had gotten off at the right floor. She made her way down to the ninth and final door. She knocked and smiled to herself when she heard the rapid pattering of feet approach the door. T’Challa laughed, “Well, are you going to let me open the door for Ms. Amani or not princess?”

“Sorry baba,” Ada replied, her bouncing feet still audible through the door. The door handle clicked and Amani was welcomed into their penthouse suite. “I brought cookies!” The older sister grinned. The former prince shook his head as his daughter cheered beside him. T’Challa grabbed the cookie box from her hand and Amani followed them into the kitchen.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take her home with me if she’s too hyper,” Amani jokes slightly. “T’Challa smiled before grabbing her a plate from the cabinet. “Where’s my hug princess Ada,” Amani grinned scooping the little girl in her arms. “Hi, Mani!” the little girl squealed.

“How are you?” Amani asked, placing the little girl back on her feet. “I’m good, I missed you.”

“I missed you too princess,” Amani reached for her own food. “I’ll warm it up for you.” T’Challa offered. “Thanks.” The two adults smiled at each other before Ada pulled Amani into the living room.

T’Challa’s heart melted at the sight in his living room. In just a few seconds Ada had pulled out all of her dolls for Amani to see. Amani sat on the floor in front of the couch greeting the doll princess Tiana. T’Challa cleared his throat, “I hope your royal highnesses do not mind my interruption, but I think that Ms. Okeke would like to eat her dinner.” Amani thanked the king as he handed her a plate with her burger and her drink.

“It’s okay baba, we were just going dress shopping for the ball,” Ada explained “The ball?” The king grinned, bending down to his daughter’s eye level. “Yeah, like the one we went to with Auntie Shuri and umakhulu.” Ada nodded excitedly. “Okay then,” the father sat back into the couch, “have fun.”

Amani took a bite out of her burger as the little girl collected her dolls and ran off. “Her first royal ball huh?”

The king nodded and sighed, “She grew up so fast. She got tired of being left out of ‘all the fun’.” Amani finished chewing before pulling herself up to sit on the couch. “You got any pictures?” The waitress finished her burger while the king scrolled through his phone. He held the phone up to her face once she was done.

“She looks adorable!” Amani squealed. “Her dress is so pretty!” On the phone, Ada was standing next to her father a smile stretching across her face. She and the king were matching in their black and gold. She wore a black halter-neck ball gown. The black silk was covered in delicate gold brocade and embellishments. Her hair was braided around the crown of her head, with a large gold halo tucked into her braids. “She’s so precious!”

“I know, she looks just like her mother,” the king smiled, Amani squeezed his hand. “You look pretty good too,” Amani playfully nudged his shoulder. “Thank you,” the king smiled putting away his phone.

“You want a cookie?” the heiress asked getting up from the soft couch. “Sure,” the king followed her into the kitchen. Amani popped open the box grabbing two chocolate chip cookies before popping the box in the oven.

“Did you work today?” The king bit into the warm cookie. “Yeah, unfortunately,”Amani groaned.

“You don’t like the work?” The king frowned. “I mean, the people are great, it’s just tiring like anything.” Amani explained, finishing off her cookie. “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you work? I am assuming your parent’s set you up well enough to thrive without a job?”

The king watched as Amani grabbed the cardboard box of cookies out of the oven once more. “They did, but I’ve always been independent. I used the money to pay off bills for the foreseeable future. We already owned the house here in Atlanta and I kept our vacation homes in South Carolina,Florida, Savannah, New Orleans, and LA. Used the money to continue paying the staff’s salary and put away money for Amare to go to school and start a life. Then I got a job to pay for youtubing equipment, travel, my car, and clothes.” Amani took all but four cookies out of the box and placed them on one of the white plates from the cabinet.

The king nodded, “You don’t have a passion job you’d like to start? Instead of waitressing at a job you don’t really like.”

“I mean, I’ve thought about starting my own luxury event planning company. You know, weddings, gala’s, balls, birthday parties, sleepovers, any event you can think of really.”

“What’s stopping you?” The king stole another cookie from the plate. “Nothing hypothetically, but I enjoy doing that stuff for fun. I think I’d want to throw my own event first. Kind of build up my own brand and relationship with contractors instead of just popping up out of the blue like that.”

“I think you should go for it. Get a job as an event planner for a company, work your way up or start as an independent contractor.” The king smiled. Amani tapped her fingers on the white marble countertops. “You’ve got this all figured out don’t you?”

“That is what the king does, solve problems.”

“What about you? Aren’t you very busy as a king?”

“I am,” the father replied, finishing off his cookie. “Isn’t it a little hard taking care of Ada and going about kingly duties? Doesn’t she have to have like a tutor and a nanny or something?”

“I only bring her on trips when I know I can take her with me to meetings. Not all of the kingly duties are boring. Like the ball, or charity appearances. That is most of my work this trip and she was on spring break, I believe it is called here.” T’Challa explained. “Oh, she’s in school?”

“Yes, she attends a very prestigious boarding school back in Wakanda.”

Amani looked up “ You send her away for school? Isn’t she just barely 5?”

“It is how things must be, her mother is no longer here to take care of her.”

Amani frowned, I think the nanny is a better option, don’t you think she misses her father while she is at school? A school with all these strangers?”

“She is fine Amani-”

“Have you ever asked her if she is fine, or if she likes it?”

“No, why should I have to. I am her father!”

“Because I was her T’Challa. My parents shipped me off to boarding school as soon as I was old enough to leave. Then they sent Amare right behind me!” I spent less that 5 years of time with my parents face to face before they died. Now they are gone.” Amani confessed, tears brewing in her eyes.

“I- I am sorry. I did not know that,” the king started. “I know you didn’t. I apologize for getting upset with you. I am not her parent, but as someone who grew up in that life, talk to her, come and see her. Make sure there isn’t another way for her to stay home. It would truly be for the best.” Amani sighed.

Silence choked the room, “I think I should go,” Amani stood up from the counter. “It is getting late, we have an extra guest room. You should spend the night here.” T’Challa offered.

“It’s only ten o’clock your majesty, I think I will make it home alright.” Amani teased. “Very well, at least, let me walk you downstairs. I’ll put Ada to sleep and come back out.”

Amani nodded her consent before taking a seat on the couch. Her phone lit up as T’Challa headed into Ada’s room. She pulled out the device and saw a new message from Madiyson.

Madiyson: Whatever you’re about to say no to, say yes sis!

Madiyson: Just thought you might need to hear that.

Amani: How’d you know I was making a decision?

Madiyson: Ohh so I was right?

Madiyson: What’s going on? Don’t keep me out of the loop!

Amani: I’ll tell you in the morning.

Madiyson: In the morning!

Madiyson: Girl who you gon be with in the morning!

Madiyson: You’re finally letting someone love you down!

Madiyson: Ohh sis! Tell me!

Amani smiled and put away her purse and set off down the hall to where T’Challa had gone. She peeked into a doorway where she found the king, conversing with his daughter. Amani stepped closer to the door and inadvertently pushed it open. Ada’s eyes shot up and a grin took over her face. “Mani! Baba is trying to make me go to bed but I’m not sleepy.” T’Challa looked up in surprise at her figure. “Well princess, if you don’t go to sleep, tomorrow won’t come and then we can’t hangout more.” Amani pouted. “Really?” Ada sighed.

“Really princess. Sleep makes the clock go faster and faster and speeds everything up so that tomorrow can come earlier.”

Ada looked to her father for confirmation. The king nodded his head and she sighed. “Okay. Thank you Mani.”

“No problem princess, just count backwards from the biggest number you can think of.”

“Goodnight Ada Ade,” T’Challa pressed a kiss to his daughter’s forehead. “Good night baba,” the young princess smiled back. As the king led Amani out of the room Ada called out once more, “Good night Mani.”

“Good night princess.”

The king led Amani out of the room gently before shutting the door behind them. “I hope you don’t mind me staying, I-”

“I am glad you decided to stay,”The king reassured her. “Good, I figured I couldn’t really get to know you if one of us is always having to leave,” Amani chuckled, “even after an awkward conversation… I want to apologize again for what I said, I had no right to criticize how you choose to raise your daughter.”

“Please, do not apologize. I am glad you said what you said. People are normally too afraid to criticize any personal decisions I make. I am glad you stood up for what you thought was in her best interest and I will definitely be giving the matter more consideration.” The king promised.

“Oh, good.”

“Well, the night is still young. Would you like to watch a movie or something?” The king offered, clearing his throat and moving closer to the heiress. “Umm sure, I should probably run home and grab some clothes for tomorrow. I’m just a few minutes away.”

“Okay. I will set up a movie and order some more cookies or something,” the king replied.

“Cool,” Amani jogged down the hall and to the couch, “I’ll be right back,” she smiled before heading out the door.

Taglist: @almostpurelysmut @blackbypurpose @nyneebee @hutchj @tchoking @sisterwifeudaku @wikiwakanda @royallyprincesslilly @90sinspiredgirl @strictlyashley @afraiddreamingandloving @thedelightfulone @autumn242 @purple-apricots @kumkaniudaku @queertrex @kaciidubs @halfrican-heat @skysynclair19 @dramaqueenamby @gorjiss @leahnicole1219 @kreolemami @mzbritt @yoyolovesbucky @derangedcupcake @builtalongthewayside @ilcb7 @chaneajoyyy @lalapalooza718 @ororowrites @leahnicole1219 @dopegalkk @sarcastic-sunshines @sarahboseman @shesakillerkween @waitingonafriend @faatassbitch @lady-love-and-glitter-roses @cxnismajcr

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No one asked for this but

Avengers/spiderman HCs that the fanfiction side of the fandom have collectively agreed on.

(Based on the fanfic I’ve read)

  • Clint likes to hide in the vents
  • Natasha is quiet and brooding, but protective of her family
  • The group is one big family dysfunctional family
  • PPPS (peter parker protection sqad)
  • Shuri and peter are vine gods
  • Thor loves poptarts
  • Nat and peter are mama and baby spider
  • Pietro is alive like Coulson. (I have JUST decided.)
  • Peter is friends with most of the interns at SI
  • Wade(deadpool) keeps breaking into the tower
  • Tony throws him out the window
  • Loki is a good guy now

Edit;; I was getting some shit for the “Sam’s and asshole” comment so I’ve removed it. I can assure all of you my intentions were not bad. I love sam as a character and it was a statement based on the childish arguments I constantly find in fanfiction between sam and bucky. I apologise if anyone was offended by the statement and if you want to talk about it further feel free to message me directly.

Insta; tony.stark.was.attacked

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Okay, I have thoughts on the Black Panther news…

First of all, Shuri will get a larger role, no surprise there. But apparently there is going to also be a new Black Panther, and he will be male, so not Shuri.

Why not Shuri?! This upsets me. Is it not handed down from family to family? So because she’s a woman she can’t be Black Panther? I don’t care if it’s M’Baku. I love M’Baku, but let M’Baku be M’Baku. He’s amazing. He’s a great king. I love him as the jovial vegetarian bad ass king. But let Shuri be QUEEN and Black Panther!

Also, what to do with T’Challa.

No word yet (apparently) on this, but I saw someone say, “Let him be seen to die in the beginning of the film.” No, and NO! First of all, that’s traumatic for the people involved in making the film as well as for the audience. An entire world is grieving this amazing actor and his special presence and love he put into this character. I would rather T’Challa have passed before the film begins, and we see the characters in mourning but learning how to go on with their lives as they move on, just as we all are, just as we all do after grief. 

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Shuri is my favorite character in MCU after Steve, so I couldn’t help but have a lot of feelings about this :P

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Summary: T’Challa finally comes back to Wakanda from an important trip.

Word Count: 723

Warnings: None! Just pure fluff. Um, cringey writing if you count that?

(This can be found on my Wattpad, @allyjoe755)

“Mommy!” Your little girl exclaims, running into your arms with a smile spread across her face. “Did you see? Did you see?”

You laugh as you cuddle your daughter. “Yes, I did see!”

“Me and General Okoye throwed the spear!”

You smile at her excitement. In the very back of your mind, you think that maybe you should be concerned that your five-year-old is learning how to throw a spear, but you know she is in good hands. “I know,” you tell your daughter. “You did such a good job, Alika.”

Alika’s smile widens, and then goes down for a moment. “Mommy, when is Daddy coming home?”

You look into your daughter’s deep, brown eyes, full of life. “Soon, baby. Hopefully today.”

“Today?” Alika lights up.

You nod. “Maybe today.”

“How about, definitely today?” A voice calls from behind you. You smile.

“Daddy!” Alika runs past you and into your husband’s arms. You watch as he picks her up and spins her around.

“How are you, my little princess?”

“So good, Daddy!” She tells him. “Me and General Okoye throwed the spear, Daddy, did you know that?”

Your husband laughs. “I do now. Did you do well, Alika?”

Alika nods. “I did SO good, Daddy!”

“I’m proud of you, Alika,” he says as he sets her back down onto her feet. “Do you think you can get General Okoye to help you again?”

Your daughter smiles as she runs back over to Okoye, and you can hear your husband chuckles as he comes to join you on the grass. He sits beside you and gives you a quick kiss.

“How are you doing, y/n?” He asks.

“Better now that you’re back,” you reply. “How was your trip, T'Challa?”

T'Challa sighs. “Long, but necessary.” He doesn’t say anything more on the subject, but you don’t expect him to. Instead, he changes it. “Have the children been behaving?”

You smile. “Yes, although Alika has been missing you like crazy. Ekon is with W'Kabi, something about some time together as men.”

Your husband raises an eyebrow. “As men? My son is not even four yet, he is hardly a man.”

You lean into your husband. “I know, but who was I to deny them quality time together? Besides, Ekon loves spending time with W'Kabi.”

“That is true.” T'Challa motions over to the baby carrier sitting in the grass beside you. “And how is little Jendayi doing?” He lifts the blanket up from carrier to see her sleeping peacefully, wearing a plain white onesie.

“She is as hungry as ever,” you say. “And curious, too. Her eyes are always bouncing from one thing to the next, trying to keep up with everyone.”

T'Challa smiles. “Just like Shuri was. We will need to keep an eye on this one, she might become a scientist,” he tells you. “Who knows, maybe even find the cure for cancer.”

“Unless your sister finds it first.”

Your husband nods. “That is a fair point.” He stretches and lays down on his back, eyes closed.

“Daddy!” Another exclamation is heard, this one by a little boy running your way. He runs up and pounces on T'Challa. “You’re back!”

T'Challa embraces your son and gives him a kiss on the forehead. “I am back! How was your day with Uncle W'Kabi?”

Ekon’s eyes brighten up. “Uncle Kibi took me to see the border, Daddy. It was so cool!” Your son giggles as he leaves his father’s lap, running over to find his sister.

T'Challa looks up at W'Kabi. “You took him to the border? He is three years old, W'Kabi.”

W'Kabi shakes his head. “No, Your Majesty, I took him to see the White Rhinoceroses. From there I pointed out the border to him. He was in no danger.”

T'Challa sighs. “Good.” He lays back down on the grass and closes his eyes. W'Kabi nods at you and walks off to join Okoye and your two oldest children. You look down at your husband, peaceful in his environment.

“T'Challa,” you whisper.


“When will the people know you are back home from your trip?”

T'Challa opens his eyes and looks up at you. “They will know by this evening. For now, my love, let us enjoy this time together.”

You take in a deep breath, and join your husband in lying in the grass.

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hey! so if you don’t know me my name is mish. it’s great to meet you!

i used to write a lot back in 2016-2018. my old blog got deleted (for no valid reason to my knowledge) and i had tried multiple times to get my blog back but to no avail.

it demotivated me a lot. all of my fics that i worked hard to produce were gone. granted, i should’ve backed them up, but, i was really sad and stopped writing for a while.

but, if you’ll have me back, i’d love to start writing and producing content again. listed is the people who i currently will write for, this can change in the future as i may find some interests in new shows, but as for now this is who i’ll take requests for (requests are OPEN):


  • corpse husband (i’m most excited to write about him tbh)


  • steve rogers
  • bucky barnes
  • tony stark
  • thor odinson
  • loki laufeyson
  • t’challa
  • bruce banner

thank you for reading this? even if you don’t interact with my account at all, it has been a pleasure.

see you guys soon,

- mish (softlybloom prev. spencerdamnreid)

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Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther as Aegon Targaryen (fancast Pre - ASOIAF)

Deuxième challenge d’Indi ( @torahana ) ! o/ Il s’agit de faire un fancast d’un personnage d’une série scifi/historique/fantastique que j’aime beaucoup avec un POC. J’ai du coup choisi comme personnage Aegon Targaryen, le Conquérant de l’univers de A Song of Ice and Fire (ou Game of Thrones). Dans l’univers, Aegon Targaryen a fondé, en compagnie de ses soeurs-épouses Rhaenys et Visenya Targaryen, la dynastie qui a régné pendant trois siècles sur Westeros. S’il n’est pas représenté dans la série de HBO car mort depuis bien longtemps au moment des évènements du Trône de Fer, il n’en demeure pas moins une figure quasi mythique dont l’ombre ne cesse de planer sur Westeros.

Je reconnais que ce n’est pas une idée originale que d’associer Chadwick Boseman à Aegon Targaryen dans les fancast. J’ai déjà pu le croiser à plusieurs reprises sur tumblr en je reconnais particulièrement l’apprécier. En fait, Aegon le Conquérant est représenté très fréquemment en homme avec une carrure imposante toute en muscles et en virilité bodybuildée ou presque. Or, à mon sens, quand on parvient à conquérir un continent alors qu’on a un dragon comme Balérion, on n’est pas obligé d’être tout en muscles : il faut aussi de la stratégie pour pouvoir parvenir à ses fins. Du coup, je trouve que Chadwick Boseman dans Black Panther incarnait parfaitement cette alliance entre être un très bon combattant mais aussi être un stratège.

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In my fanfic, you will notice T’Challa referring to or calling Eren “Little Lion’. He gave him that nickname because when Eren was a little baby, Carla dressed him up in a cute lion-themed costume for Halloween.  T’Challa found this adorable and gave him that name. It caught on and soon everyone began to call the kid that. 

That name becomes ironic as Eren gets older because he actually grows into a fearless lion xD. The boy is a very brave and badass soul that does not fear shit possibly because of his dark past life which was filled with hell. 

Picture little Eren and T’Challa training together one day and Eren trying to scare T’Challa with a little roar and T’Challa just laughing because of how cute the boy is. Also Eren can be mischievous at times and pranks T’Challa with Shuri at times leading to T’Challa chasing after the kid.

The both of them would talk about kingship; Eren is the more experienced one as Demacia’s former King in his past life (still is technically) so he would understand T’Challa’s concerns. 

Also T’Challa, Shuri and Okoye will tease Eren mercilessly after finding out about his relationship with Ahri much to the boy’s embarrassment xD.

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Demacians: DEMACIA!!


T'Challa: Why did you call them that?

Eren: Those idiots are unfortunately my children

Garen: Dad stop being tough on us!!

Eren: *shoots a death glare that terrifies everyone*

T'Challa: Easy Little Lion

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