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Dor the Salty Ask list. Number 20 please. Thank you! Oh, and Marvel if you can think of anything.

20. Purist ship in the fandom?

Oh, shit. Uh… I’m not much into shipping with regards to Marvel, because there is so much going on that I often find the romantic subplots boring and forced and distracting from the main plot, plus me and shipping culture have been at odds for a while, but if I had to pick one…


Originally posted by pantherclawz

T'Challa and Nakia

These two just fit so well together, worked great together and neither had to give up any part of themselves for that to work. Plus, the whole fact of this badass warrior king freezing up “like an antelope in headlights” is great. Greatest warrior in all of Wakanda and he gets all tongue tied around her.

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TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES-  Engagement, heartache, feeling ashamed of a relationship, mentions of pregnancy.

T’Challa Udaku has always prided himself in being a man of his word. He stands tall and holds fast to the things that he says. When he makes a promise, a commitment to someone, he sees it through. Though his baba had a sordid past, he did instill a lot of values in T’Challa that he holds to until this day.

    He is a gentleman.

    He values hard work.

    He is more concerned about good character and/or intelligence .

    These are qualities that Nakia possess, in addition to her good looks. Those are just the cherry on top of an already wonderful dessert. Nakia was his first love. So when the opportunity to be with her again presented itself, everyone thought that he would surely jump on the opportunity to be with her once more.

    But things change, and life hasa way of working things out so that what you thought you wanted, you don’t?

    So, why then, is he there with this ring the size of a mountain on Nakia’s finger?

    It’s a long story.

    ‘’T’Challa, think about the good of the tribe. Of Wakanda.’’

    ‘’Mother,’’ T’Challa had sighed, putting his pen down and running a hand down his face, ‘’I understand. I do. But Nakia and I… that is no longer a feasible option for me.’’

    ‘’And why not?’’

    ‘’Because I have moved on, mother. I have found myself with someone else. And she needs me to commit to her.’’

    ‘’T’Challa, listen to me. You know how the elders feel about you marrying someone of royal blood. This is the way it has always been done!’’

    ‘’Mother, I understand this. But you and I both know that I have never been one, as long as I have been king, to things the way that others want me to, simply because it’s the way it has always been. Just because something works does not mean that it can not be improved,’’ he had tasted before turning back to looking over the legal documents that currently took up much of the space on his desk.

    ‘’Do not use your younger sister’s words against me, children.’’

    ‘’Also, need to remind you that you and baba were not exactly cut from the same royal cloth? Where you not a student in one of his university classes?’’

    It’s a story that his baba used to tell him all the time when he was younger. He memorized each and every detail of the paragraphs that flowed from his baby’s lips- how she looked so elegant sitting underneath the tree in the courtyard, small bursts of sunlight breaking through the branches and the leaves of the tree and hitting her skin just os as she studied for their Wakandan Literature class. 

    ‘’And, in the midst of all of his, did your baba happen to mention how he and I were treated because of it?’’

    It’s something that did not come up until he was much older but it did come up. T’Challa was told of all of the tormenting that his mother and baba endured just  because they did not come for the same social status. ‘’How could a king marry her? Why not Efua, of the Mining Tribe?’’, some had questioned, referring to T'Chaka’s ex-girlfriend. But T’Chaka, just like his son, was stubborn and had a way of doing things in his own way. He rarely relaxed on tradition.

    His son, however the first to open up the border to Wakanda, decided to take a different approach. Recently, he began carrying out missions to help other countries with developing new technology. 

    T’Challa has done a lot of good and made a lot of mistakes,and he calls the collection of the two balance. He knows that he’s not perfect, but he can’t think of a mistake that seems to fill him with regret.

    That is, until, right now. At this engagement celebration. Where he sees you talking to Erik- N’Jadaka- before fleeing the room.

    And, yes, he definitely notices the glare that both Shuri and N’Jadaka fix him with as more people come over to congratulate both him and Nakia.

    You, without a doubt, are T’Challa’s biggest regret. 

    Actually, no. He could never say that. You’d be the last thing that he would regret. He knows that, without you, he’d only fall into patterns of doing what was expected of him in social circles instead of taking a chance just because he really cared for someone, regardless of their status.

    Yet, here he is…

Engaged to another woman…

    A woman that he loves, yes, but someone that he had to hurt in order to make Nakia  happy. 

    And, no. He doresn’t completely regret his decision- He loves Nakia. He does. He always has, and he always will.

    But, had he had the choice, he’d immediately be with you,not hiding your lvoe away and nto caring what others thought of him for choosing osmeone who loves Wakanda jsut as much and who also makes him so happy.   

    And you might be saying to yourself, ‘’He did have a choice. He could have chosen me, but he did not.’’

    But we often think that all of our choices are always our own, when they can nbe effected by numerous other things. The people around us, the places we go, the things we wish to see.

    T’Challa loves you. He truly does love you. In fact, in his mind, it’d be you standing right next to him.

    But T’Challa has not taken into account 3 things:


    A certain someone’s persistence to him marrying within royalty…

    And a certain dark haired beauty that has the… gift of getting people to see the things their way and change their mind.

DISCLAIMER- I own no Marvel Characters or their fictional worlds, countries, cities, planets, galaxies, etc. 

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Gonna do this fast because my dog is actively trying to push my laptop out of the way so he can get in my lap.

Rating: G or PG because I can’t remember if I used swear words or not. It’s really wholesome though, I promise.

Pairings: Okoye x M’Baku, T’Challa x Nakia, and Shuri x OC.

Also, this is almost the end of Strong as Stone! There’s only one chapter left, aside from the epilogues!

Taglist: @the-last-hair-bender, @skysynclair19

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Hailing from Wakanda, the fifth member of the Next Avengers: Prince Azari, son of King T’Challa and his wife Nakia. 

Azari is in many ways a mirror of his father before him. A brave soul, with a strong sense of duty to his people and to the rest of the world. However, that mission is complicated slightly by virtue of a recent phenomenon: genetic mutation. 

Azari was born with a mutation that allowed him far greater control of his own kinetic energy, allowing him to run faster, hit harder and last longer than any Black Panther. Unfortunately, his mutation also made him deathly allergic to the royal flower, meaning that his succession to the throne of Wakanda has been thrown into flux. 

His life has therefore been defined by a desire to prove himself as worthy of the throne and the title of Black Panther. To stay true to his heritage, whilst also reaching out to those in need, around the globe, as a prince and as a mutant.

Azari, therefore, easily finds common ground with his fellow Avengers, people who each have a world of expectations on their shoulders. Due to T’Challa’s role as James Rogers’ godfather, Azari has grown to view James as a brother-in-arms, a cousin in all but blood. His relationship to the rest of the team is similarly warm and jovial. It is around his friends where Azari’s true personality shines, often acting as the big brother of the team, a shining beacon of mischief and emotional support.

After all, while kings work, princes party.

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Sister of Nakia! Reader X unrequited love T’challa

Summary: Reader is Nakia’s little sister and needs to stay away from Wakanda because she loves T’Challa too much.

A/N: And here’s part 2, which ends on a possibility, because why not. Enjoy the read!

Warnings: none.

Word count: approx. 2300




It took you three more years to decide on going back home. After Nakia had left that day, you had contacted your father. Truth was, he was not responsible for anything. You had disappeared on him like a ghost, it was not your proudest decision. He had nagged at you for a while, but he didn’t try to make you comeback, he didn’t ask you to justify your decisions.

You stayed in New York, you even dated Jonah. Poor Jonah. You had liked the man very much, but you didn’t lovehim. You tried. You tried really hard to fall in love with him, to let yourself be loved by him. But it didn’t work out and it felt unfair to him to keep being together. Time wasn’t going to make you fall in love with him. It was just impossible. Because Jonah was a good man, you broke up with him and decided to go back to Wakanda. You weren’t even sure what you would be doing there, you didn’t have a plan.

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Sister of Nakia! Reader X unrequited love T’challa

Summary: Reader is Nakia’s little sister and needs to stay away from Wakanda because she loves T’Challa too much.

A/N: This one was written literally out of nowhere, I still hope it’s… alright?

Warnings: I guess I could say angsty-ish? 

Word count: approx. 1500




You loved your sister. Nakia was the person you looked up to. She was beautiful and soft and strong. She was fearless. Being the first born of the River Tribe was such a burden, but your sister handled it with grace.

You didn’t envy that at all though. You didn’t want anything that was Nakia’s. Anything besides the feelings T’Challa harbored for her. And you knew it wasn’t right.

As far as you could remember, he had always been in love with Nakia. And it made sense, who wouldn’tfall head over heels for her? The only problem was that you loved him. Although his relationship with your sister was something you considered logical and unbreakable, you still couldn’t help the twinge of pain in your heart when you saw them together.

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The Groomsmen:


The Queen Mother and elders


Nakia’s bridesmaids


The Ceremony


Baba Yetu


Although “jumping the broom” is an African American tradition that originated with black American slaves (who were not permitted to marry), T’challa and Nakia decide to incorporate this moment into their own ceremony to both honor Wakanda’s connection to the African diaspora and memorialize T’challa’s cousin N'Jadaka .


T’Challa and Nakia dance to his late father’s favorite love song


Got to Be There


You know everyone would be slaying at this wedding!

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So, apparently, Tumblr removed the “dash” function that I used to separate my scenes from each other. Which means I had to develop a completely new system while editing this update. Yay.

*insert OCD rage here*


Last time, we got to see Okoye meet the rest of her biological family! Actual yay!

This time, we get to see the aftermath of the South Korea mission –and get a much needed girls’ night.

Rating: T for language and mild angst.

Pairings: Okoye x M’Baku and T’Challa x Nakia.

Author’s note: We’ve got a maximum of eleven chapters before this story’s done! I can’t believe we’re in the final stretch. After over a year of sticking with this story, it’s hard to wrap my head around.

Taglist: @the-last-hair-bender, @skysynclair19

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Disclaimer- mentions of kissing, not sexual but heated, smooth talking T’Challa , secrets and insecurities, pettiness, mentions of kissing best friend, jealousy, ‘ losing’ people is hard to do.

T’Challa’s finishing up the last of is paper when he gets a call from you. Deciding to take a break, he closes is laptop and accepts the call.

   ‘’Hey, friend!’’

   ‘’Hey,’’ greets back the excitedly, shutting off his desk lamp and standing up to stretch, ‘’How did the date go.’’

   ‘’Phenomenal. He’s taking me to get ice cream now. Just waiting for him to finish pumping gas.’’

   ‘’That’s a good sign! You saw a movie, he took you to dinner and now he’s springing for dessert. I guess he hasn’t hears your puns yet.’’

   ‘’He has not,’’ you agree, laughing, and T’Challa can’t help the way that his grin grows.

   ‘’Well, hey. You’re smart, you’re funny, you are beautiful. Why would he not want to be with you?’’

   His mind quickly shoots back ‘Why would ANY man not want to be with her?’, but T’Challa quickly pushes that out of his mind.

   If the two of you were meant to be you would’ve been, given all of the chances that you’ve had before.

   ‘’He’s on his way back to the car, so I’ve got to go. We’re still on for studying together tomorrow, yeah?’’

   ‘’Wouldn’t miss it for the world,’’ T’Challa explains, ‘’I’ll see you tomorrow.’’

   ‘’Okay, by best friend!’’

   With that, you hang up, and T’Challa looks to the clock.

   Your date was set for six, and it’s already nearing eleven. It must be going pretty well.

   The guy that you’re out with now, you’ve had a crush on for three months. He works with you at the campus bookstore, and T’Challa has never even met him. But when he saw how your eyes would glaze over with fondness at the mention of him, he knew he had to help you.

   Enter this plan of him.

   He’d offered to help you practice your hopless flirting on him, a professional smooth talker.

   ‘’Baby, if you were a-’’

   ‘’Don’t even finish that,’’ he had said at the time, pinching the bridge of his nose, ‘’Please don’t.’’

   ‘’T’Challa, this is useless,’’ you’d groaned, flopping back on his bed, ‘’I’m no good at this.’’

   ‘’We’ll get you there,’’ he shrugged, lying down on his side so that he was staring at you as he propped himself up with one hand.

   You’d look so beautiful to him in that moment, wearing your university’s sweatshirt as the sunlight streamed in through his window and hit you sos magnificently that it looked as if it were bathing its body in its beams.

   ‘’T’Challa, I’ve never kissed anyone. I have never been on a date. I am trying to take this one step at a time, but his guy is so smart and cute and funny. If I wait any longer, some girl is gonna snatch him up.’’

   ‘’And if he doesn’t see how incredible you are, somebody’s gonna catch you up and he will regret it,’’ T’Challa insisted, shrugging once more.

   ‘’I just… I need to be brave, you know? I wanna go for something for once in my life.’’

   ‘’I get what you mean,’’ he nodded, staring at the ceiling, ‘’You want to take that leap of faith.’’

   ‘’Yeah, a leap of faith…’’

   The tone of your voice had caused him to look down to you, and he couldn’t quite place the look on your face.

   ‘’What’s on your mind?’’

   ‘’Can I kiss you?’’

   Your question had initially thrown him off, causing him to blink, stutter and sputer over his answer.


   ‘’I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to kiss you,’’ you had shrugged, staring at his lips, ‘’And it’d be good practice, if you’re up for it.’’

   Truth Be told, he’d thought about kissing you, two. And not like that little peck on the lips in tenth grade. No. A deeper kiss.

   So he’d smirked.

   Rolled over and kept his weight off of you.

   Pressed his lips to yours and lost himself in the  sensation that was his second kiss with his best friend.

   ‘’Wait,’’ you’d sat up, taking off your cardigan and tossing it onto his chair, ‘’I seriously don’t know how to kiss.’’

   ‘’Oh, well. It’s easy. Just,.. Relax, You can trust me. You know that.’’

   The next five minutes had been something out of a rom-com. He’d sat right next to you, slowly moving his lips against yours and letting you get used ot the feeling of having his lips on yours again. One hand found its way to your waist as one prooped hi upm and you found your hands holding yourself up and fiddling with the zipper of his black sweatshirt.

   ‘’Are you okay,’’ he’d ask about every fifteen seconds, prompting you to nod and close the gap.

   Somehow, that one day lead to this day- you’re on a date, and he’s just your friend.

   Your friend that you are probably gonna end up making out with tomorrow, but that’s another thing.

   What he’s focused on is the fact that that day in his room had boosted your confident, and you had ended up asking your co-worker out.

   You’d take a leap of faith

   Now, it’s T’Challa’s turn.

   ‘’She’s sitting right over there. Just go and ask her out, T’Challa,’’ you speak to your best friend before taking a bite of your apple.

   ‘’Okay, the thing is… you do not  understand how much I just can’t do that.’’

   The ‘’she’’ that the two of you are discussing is none other than Nakia, the girl that T’Challa has had a crush on for months now.

   ‘’T’Challa, you encouraged me to take the leap of faith. Now, I’m encouraging you. No, scratch that. I’m making you take a leap of faith,’’ you set your apple on your tray, standing and brushing the crumbs from your sandwich off of yourself.

   ‘’Hey, where are you going? No, no!’’

   But it’s already too late- you’re heading across the quad to talk to Nakia.

   ‘’Hey, Nakia,’’ you beam at your classmate, who looks up from the novel that she is reading.

   ‘’Hi,’’ she smiles at you, ‘’How can I help you?’’

   ‘’I just came over here to see how you’re doing,’’you shrug, tempting to be casual.

   ‘’Does this have anything to do with your friend over there,’’ she nods towards T’Challa, who is trying to play it as if he is calm, cool, and collected.

   ‘’No, I… okay. Yes. It is.’’

   ‘’Please tell Mr. T’Challa Udaku that I am not interested in going out with him,’’ she rolls her eyes before taking a sip of her teeth.


   ‘’I have heard the stories about him. How he leaves a trail of broken hearts everywhere that he goes,’’

   ‘’Nakia,’’ you sigh, sitting across from the woman, ‘’I know how T’Challa comes off. Trust me when I say that all of that is nothing but an act. Yes, he dates a lot of girls. Okay. But he doesn’t really lead them on. They know what they are getting into. ANd he’s crazy about you. T’Challa really, really likes you. He’s my best friend,. But I don’t lie for him. Trust me when I say that he’d treat you right if you only gave him a chance.’’

   Nakia looks from you to where T’Challa is now standing, nervously rubbing his sweaty hands on his blue jeans.

   ‘’Fine. He has got one shot. Tell him that I will meet him at the diner on the corner just off of campus on Saturday at 3. And that he should not be late.’’

   ‘’Got it, Nakia. Thank you!,’’ you gently squeeze her hand before flouncing back to T’Challa.

   ‘’I can not believe that you just did that,’’ T’Challa shakes his head in disbelief, ‘’What did you say to her?’’

   ‘’That you are a genuinely nice guy and that you’d treat her right. So you’re going to be meeting her for lunch this Saturday. At 3. Do not be late, T’Challa.’’

   ‘’Wait… what,’’ e blinks in confusion, ‘’You got me a date?’’

   ‘’I did!,’’ you giggle as soon as he hugs you, and he pulls back with an elated grin on his handsome face.

   ‘’I could kiss you right now!’’

   ‘’Hm, well let’s head to my car and we can do just that.’’

   And kiss you he does- a quick peck but still.

   It’s not like that’s the last time he’ll kiss you.

   The date that T’Challa and Nakia share goes very, very well. Four hours turns into four dates, and pretty soon there have been dating for four beautiful months. You and your new beau, Devon, are just a couple of days shy of that.

   ‘’I think we should double date,’’ you tell T’Challa one day as you’re sitting in your new apartment, playing video games.

   ‘’Oh?,’’ T’Challa questions, just as he loses the game, ‘’Hey!’’

‘’Not my fault that you can’t play video games and run a conversation smoothly at the same time,’’ you say coolly, causing him to roll his eyes.

‘’Anyway, double date?’’

‘’Yes! Devon’s step dad owns that new, fancy restaurant. He’s giving him four free vouchers. So I suggested that you and Nakia tag along, and he said that works for him. Do you think Nakia would like to go?’’

T’Challa looks to you with a smile, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it, ‘’I love that you are always thinking of me.’’

‘’Yes, yes. I am amazing. Tell me who you love,’’ you playfully boast.

‘’You, always,’’ he laughs, standing and stretching, ‘’When is the date?’’

‘’Saturday night. I’ll see you then?’’

‘’I’ll talk it over with Nkaia, but more than likely, yes. See you then, buddy!’’

Nakia is all of the idea, if the way that her white teeth stand out against her ebony skin as she beams is any indication.

‘’I hear that this place is so modern, and they offer foods from different countries. It’ be nice to have some traditional Wakandan dishes without having to wait to go back home, no?’’

‘’That’s what I was thinking. Plus, this gives you a chance to wear that beautiful green dress that I adore so much.’’

‘’Oh,you and your sweet talk,’’ she playfully bats his chest, playing with the string of his sweatshirt, ‘’Hmm, It’ll be nice to see you all dressed up as well.’’

‘’I bet it would,’’ he whispers, kissing her, ‘’Hmm. Is that cherry lip gloss?’’

‘’Your favorite,’’ she grins back, throwing her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss.

Saturday comes, and your boyfriend picks you up, whistling as he sees you dressed to the nines.

‘’Don’t my baby look GOOD!,’’ he emphasizes the final word, drawing a chuckle from you as you do a spin for him.

‘’You really think that I look nice,’’ you question, looking down at your outfit.

‘’Baby, I would not lie to you. You look so nice. You’re beautiful. Guys are gonna have such a  tough time keeping their eyes off of you,’’ he tells you, pressing a kiss to your forehead, ‘’Are you ready to go?’’


And, with that, you and Devon head off to the restaurant.

You arrive there about fifteen minutes before T’Challa and Nakia,a nd are already seated by the time that the couple joins you.

‘’Nakia, T’Challa,’’ you stand with a smile, greeting the both of them.

Devon was right when he said that guys were going to have a tough time keeping their eyes off you. The valet driver did, the man who was obviously on a date did, and now, your best friend in the whole world does.

   One T’Challa Udaku.

   ‘’You look nice,’’ he tells you.

   ‘’Thanks. I paired the black dress with red lipstick. Just like you said. Kept it simple. Devon adores it,’’ you gush.

   He’s not the only one.

   ‘’Nakia, you look so nice! Green is definitely your color!’’

   ‘’Thank you, You look pretty as well,’’ she compliments you, ‘’And your boyfriend is cute!’’

   ‘’He’s okay,’’ T’Challa stage whispers, his attempt at a joke.

   You laugh.

   Nakia doesn’t.

   ‘’Well, allow me to introduce you all to each other,’’ you beam as your boyfriend stands, ready to shake hands, ‘’Nakia and T’Challa, this is Devon Samuels. Devon, T’Challa is one of my best friends. Well, he is my best friend. Nakia is his girlfriend, and a really good friend as well.’’

   ‘’Hello. It’s nice to meet you all,’’ Devon shakes their hands.

   ‘’It is a pleasure meeting you, Devon,’’ Nakia returns the gesture.

   ‘’Nice to meet you as well,’’ T’Challa speaks, grip as tight as his grin.

   ‘’Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s sit. I am very hungry.’’

   For you and Devon, dinner is a candlelit affair under a rosy haze. He can’t take his eyes off you. He’s always kissing your cheek, holding your hand, sharing his food.

   Nakia, though,is feeling a different vibe. It’s coming off of T’Challa, and it’s directed towards you and Devon, and she’s not looking it.

   ‘’So, how long have you two been together,’’ Devon questions after thanking the waiter for taking his plate.

   ‘’Four months,’’ Nakia answers, looking to T’Challa with a small smile.

   ‘’Four months strong,’’ T’Challa finishes, placing his hand over hers, ‘

She’s the best.’’

   ‘’I have to argue that, T’Challa,’’ Devon jokes, looking to you with a smirk, ‘’The best girl ever is sitting right here.’’

   ‘’Oh you,’’ you sigh with a grin, letting him kiss you.

   ‘’By the way,’’ T’Challa smirks, ‘’Is she still doing that thing when she kisses? Where she laughs into the kiss?’’

   ‘’No,’’ Devon looks confused, ‘’Why?’’

   ‘’Oh. She used to do that all the time with me,’’ T’Challa shrugs casually, nonchalantly taking a sip of his water.

   Nakia and Devon are gaping at him, adn you,well…

   If looks could kill…

   ‘’T’Challa and I used to practice kissing on each other.’’

   ‘’I do hope for your sake that she’s gotten better at breathing through her nose. Remember we used to struggle with hat,’’ T’Cha;;a asks with faux concern, causing your blood to boil.

   ‘’No, but I remember asking you to speak privately. Right now. Let’s go,’’ you pull him up, pulling him over to the nearly empty waiting area.

   ‘’T’Challa, what are you doing?! What kind of stunt was that, that you just pulled?!’’

   ‘’I’m just checking this guy out. Seeing if he’s really here for you,’’ T’Challa explains.

   ‘’Really? Because it sounds to me like you’re trying to start mess, Mr. Udaku,’’ you snap, ‘’Why would you bring up us kissing?’

   ‘’Because Nakia is aware of the situation, and she’s fine with it. She knows we don’t do this anymore. We don’t make out and pretend to go on dates anymore. She doesn’t judge me for it. And I guess that I thought, that… I should see i he’d judge you. Because if he does, then he isn’t worth your time.’’

   Your gaze softens as you see the sincerity in your best friend’s eyes.

   ‘’That was a dumb way to do it. You need to apologize. To all three of us.’’

   ‘’Alright,’’ T’Challa nods, ‘’I will.’’

   ‘’And you owe me brownies and ice cream for a month.’’

   ‘’I expect nothing less,’’ T’Challa announces before following you back to the dining area.

   Devon and Nkaia are having what looks to be a serious conversation, but immediately hush their voices as you too approach.

   ‘’Devon and Nakia, I would like to apologize. I truly apologize for my actions, and I am sorry if I hurt you.’’

   Devon looks to you, and nods his head, non verbally accepting the man’s forgiveness as Nkaia does the same.

   ‘’Great. Now that this little bit of petty awkwardness is over. I’d like to get going. Maybe we could get some ice cream,’’ you suggest.

   ‘’Actually, I have work tomorrow. I’d better head early,’’ Nakia stands, stretching a bit.

   ‘’And I’d better get her home. We should get going. We’ll do this again, yes,’’ T’Challa looks to you and Devon.

   ‘’Definitely, man. It was so nice meeting the two of you. Well, babe, I’ve already given them the voucher. Should we get going?’’

   ‘’Whenever you are ready,’’ you look at him with such adoration.

   And T’Challa’s stomach all of a sudden hurts as he says his goodbyes and ushers Nakia to the car.

T’Challa can not quite place the feeling that he has towards you and Devon Is it uneasiness?


   That feeling is from Nakia pacing back i forth as he sits on her couch, watching her every movement.

   ‘’T’Challa… I think that we should see other people.’’

   His eyes widen and he’s on his feet, ‘’What? No!’’

   ‘’T’Challa, this just isn’t going to work out. Not after that stunt that you pulled in that restaurant,’’ she points at him.

   ‘’I will fix it! I won’t say anything else about it,’’ T’Challa promises, and Nakia is shaking her head.

   ‘’I am not mad at you, T’Challa. I think we both know that I’m like a… you know what? I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about you. You’re not ready to date,’’ she shrugs, ‘’You’re not ready for a serious relationship. But we cat.’’

   ‘’I can be ready. I promise, Nakia.’’

   ‘’T’Challa, this is hurting me. It really is. Because… I think that I love you. I am in love with you, and you are not ready for that.’’

   ‘’No, no, I love you, too,’’ T’Challa cradles her face in his hands,’’I do.’’

   ‘’You love me. But you’re not in love with me. And I know what’s going on with you, but… you need to see it. And admit it. And accept it. And because I love you, I want you to do just that.’’

   She kisses him then, and T’Challa knows that he is feeling… but more importantly, he knows that he is not feeling something that he believes he should.    


   ‘’I want to be with you, though,’’ he says, and she places a hand on his cheek, accompanied by a warm smile.

   ‘’And if we are meant to be, we will. Whatever is meant to be for you, T’Challa, will be. Remember that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think that you should get going.’’

   ‘’Okay,’’ T’Challa sighs, shocked when she pulls him into a hug.

   ‘’I love you, T’Challa. You’ll have your happiness.’’

   She sends him on his way then, not closing the door until he drives off.

   The whole way to his apartment, T’Challa struggles to know what she means.

   What is he feeling? Why does Nakia know when he doesn’t even know?

   T’Challa doesn’t get answer until later that night, when homework has been done and he’s scrolling through social media.

   He sees a picture of you and Devon at the ice cream place, dressed to the nines and smiling at each other as if you are the only two in the ice cream parlor. It’s an obvious selfie, but the emotions are real.

   T’Challa turns his phone  off and tries to get some sleep,but it does not come quickly or easily.

   He tosses and turns for two hours, because he is acutely aware of what he is feeling right now.


   And he knows who, why, when and what.

   But he also knows he doesn’t need to express this, in fear of losing you.

   Because he knows that losing you, and losing your friendship?


   That’d hurt more than anything else.

Disclaimer- I don’t own any Marvel characters or their  countries, planets, cities., or worlds.

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