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#t'challa x reader

Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

“Good Morning, my king”

“No need for the formalities (Y/N). We’ve know each other since we were children”

“It would still be rude to not address you as my king, T’Challa”

Everyday since you guys were kids, you would always address him as my prince or, recently, my king. He didn’t want you to see him as someone bellow him, because of your status, but of equal standing. For that is how you see a person if you love them



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I Match You With T'Challa!

Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner. 💙

  • He would first be attracted to the beautiful soul you possesed and displayed so effortlessly.
  • He at first would also be a little shy when he first spoke to you but you both would gradually become much more comfortable.
  • His warmth would easily make you feel at ease around him, he would never want to see you uncomfortable.
  • He would know of your inexperience with another and would take great care to treat you well as if you would break.
  • He would be very loyal to you, you would be the only one to hold his heart and he would be sure to inform you of it as often as possible.
  • He would notice your lack of confidence and attempt to open your eyes to reveal just how beautiful you truly were.
  • He would praise all the parts of your body that you deemed unworthy or flawed, and help you discover just how admirable you were.
  • Your height would provide him with the perfect opportunity to kiss the top of your head, something you both would enjoy.
  • He would adore your shyness, and would often kiss your nose and lips just to receive your flustered laugh.
  • His preferred sleeping position would your head tucked beneath his chin and his arms wrapped around you.
  • He would be very protective of you.
  • Your awkwardness would never anger him or frustrate him, he would be very understanding and do all in his power to be there for you when he was needed.
  • Many would be quite fond of your relationship, claiming it was rather adorable.
  • He would find your eyes very beautiful and claim it was his favorite feature of yours.
  • He would tell you loved them so much because he could see the gentle, worthy person that you never believed in.
  • He would call you, “My love.”
  • He wouldn’t fancy public displays of a affection, he would much rather show you his love away from prying eyes.
  • Shuri would love you, despite her constant teasing she would tell you that you were exactly what her brother needs.
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picture by Vashti Harrison

@chaneajoyyy and  @shaekingitup  quarantine writing challenge!

 Cold Coffee

TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- guarded heart, Avengers

:Infinity War spoilers, Avengers:Endgame spoilers , mentions of death, emotional, fihgting, years fo denial, anger, strong emotional content, regret.

The coffee maker slowly lets the last drop of dark, bitter coffee fall into your pristine, green cup before you shut off the coffee maker in the student center lounge.

   It’s well after midnight, and ideally , you should have been back in your bed and fast asleep in your bed by now.

   Yet, here you are, straining your eyes under fluorescent light to study for your final the next day.  The only fuel that you’ve ingested since at least 9:30 in the evening has been one energy bar, and countless cups of coffee as you fight your battle against your worst enemy in your college days- Final. Exams.

The jet black words on the off-white page seem to be mocking you, laughing at your attempts to remember which formulas to use for what, your pencil lead and erase slowly whittling away as you write, erase, write again.

   ‘’Okay,’’ you speak more to yourself than the empty commons area, ‘’Let’s see if you got this one correct.’’

   A glance into the answers at the back of the book let you know that… no. You did not get this correct. You miss, miscalculate, misunderstood. Something.

   ‘’I’m going to be here all night,’’ you groan, placing your head in your hands, somehow willing yourself to keep studying when you want to give up.

   ‘’Um… if you are going to be here all night, I hope you don’t mind some company.’’

   You look up from the distress-inducing objects that are your math book and notes to see a young man standing there, laptop and books tucked neatly under his arms.

   He’s someone that you recognize from your Monday and Wednesday, nine a.m. lessons. He’s standing before you dressed in a plain t-shirt, green plaid pajama pants, and… are those bunny slippers.

   ‘’Ignore the slippers. They were the cheapest things at the campus store,’’ he speaks by way of explanation, ‘’Um, anyway. Do you mind if I join you?’’

   ‘’Um… no. No, not at all,’’ you motion to the seat across from you, watching as he pulls the red, plastic chair across the floor to sit down, ‘’At least now, someone is here to wake me up if I fall asleep.’’

   ‘’Not if I fall asleep first,’’ he smirks, a crooked grin illuminated by the lights of the enar empty student center, ‘’I know that we have met in class. Well, we have seen each other in class. But we have not met before. I am T’Challa.’’

   T’Challa- his name is as beautiful, simple yet complex. He speaks with a confidence that could only be birthed from within, not willing to reconstruct it in order to make it make sense to those who don’t care to attempt the three-syllable moniker.

   ‘’T’Challa,’’ you speak, his name somehow leaving a sweet taste on your tongue as you say it, ‘’It is nice to meet you, T’Challa.’’

   ‘’It is nice to meet you, too. I would like to stop calling you, ‘That girl that knows all the answers’. May I have a name?’’

   Much like you, T’Challa lets your name roll on his tongue as he speaks it, enjoying the way it falls out of his mouth, ‘’How beautiful. Well, we have our final exam in just a few hours. I suggest we study.’’

   So the two of you sit there, pouring over your notes and discussing the formulas and how best to remember them.

   ‘’I think that I am going to make a cup of coffee, ‘’T’Challa stands, stretching golden brown arms up to the sky as he stands, the plastic chair yet again scraping against the cold tile floors, ‘’Would you like a cup?’’

   You look to where you’ve somehow finished your entire cup of coffee in the last forty-five minutes, nodding as you do.

   T’Challa obliges by taking your coffee cup, rinsing it in the sink before turning the black coffee maker back on.

   You watch him as he works, keeping an eye on what he does. He pours the cream, scoops the sugar in, and turns off the coffee maker within a matter of five minutes.

   ‘’If anyone questions why the coffee maker is broken,’’ he begins, gliding back over to you with his coffee and yours in his hands, a small grin tugging at the corner of his lips, ‘’I’ll say it had to do with you.’’

   ‘’You’d throw me under the bus,’’ you raise an eyebrow taking the cup from him and thanking him, ‘’Nice.’’

   ‘’This is my first cup of coffee. From the discarded pods, I’d say that this is at least your third.’’

   ‘’Observant, aren’t we,’’ you chuckle a bit, blowing into your coffee to cool it a bit, ‘’Alright. Let’s get back to this.’’

   The two of you spend the rest of the night studying. You take practice tests, review the formulas, go back and forth until you’re on your fifth cup of coffee.  until you look up to see that the clock reads 3 in the morning.

   ‘’I’d better get back to my dorm and hope that this caffeine wears off enough for me to sleep,’’ you take your glasses off, rubbing at your tired, red eyes before replacing them to get a clear look at T’Challa.

   ‘’I agree,’’ he speaks, picking up his third cup of coffee, ‘’As I continue to drink my coffee.’’

   You laugh despite yourself, the sound filling the room, ‘’I guess we’ll just go back to our dorms and lay down. I’ll see you in class, T’Challa.’’

   ‘’I will see you then, ‘’T’Challa agrees, standing again, ‘’Perhaps… perhaps tomorrow, after three, you would like to join me for a cup of coffee.’’

   You hesitate at this. You have one final at nine in the morning, another at 12, and one more at 6. You really should use that time to study. It’s the end of your freshman year, and you’re hoping that you won’t have to take any of these classes over the summer. You should stay focused, and leave the coffee date for another day, or decide against it all together…

   ‘’It is alright if you do not want to join me,’’ T’Challa quickly amends, rubbing the back of his neck, looking away, ‘’I know how stressful freshman year can be for people. It is fine. You probably are seeing someone any way.’’

   ‘’No, no. I’m single. It’s just that…’’

   You came to college with the goal of focusing on the endline- the endgame. Graduation. You, being number five of your grandmother’s six grandchildren, and the first to graduate from college. It has been drilled into your head for years- books now, boys later.

   You should say no. It is the practical thing, afterall. He’s a sophomore, you’re a freshman. You are still trying to figure things out, taking extra classes over the summer to hopefully graduate a year early and go into the job force as soon as you can.

   It’d be pointless to focus on him… because he has the power to side track you, as you’ve seen in your roommates.

   For all of these reasons and more, your answer to his proposal

   Knowing all of this… you still find yourself meeting this charming, handsome, upperclassman. Over coffee.

   ‘’So, you’re a freshman,’’ T’Challa begins the next day, sitting across from you, ‘’What are you studying?’’

   ‘’I’m a Business major,’’ you reveal, ‘’What about you?’’

   ‘’I am a Communications major,’’ T’Challa informs you as he opens up a packet of sugar, letting the small granules of snow white sugar fall into his coffee before stirring them in, ‘’Where are you from?’

   ‘’Originally, Atlanta, Georgia. My family moved here when I was ten. Where are you from,’’ you question, stirring your cream into your own beverage, nothing the way the coffee and the cream mix together to make your drink sweet.

   ‘’Wakanda,’’ T’Challa declares, ‘’Born and raised until I came here for university.’’

   ‘’Wakanda… wow. I can’t imagine being that far from my parents. I could go home if I wanted- they’re only two hours away. Even that feels like years at times. What made you decide to come here for school?’’

   ‘’A multitude of factors,’’ T’Challa leans back in his chair a bit, ‘’I Have a cousin that grew up in Compton, and I have spent some time here before. He got into NYU the year before I did, so I do have someone here. I also just… let;s just say that my family is very well known in Wakanda. I could not make a single move without anyone bringing up my family and their accomplishments. Here, I can just be… T’Challa. Not ‘ T’Challa Udaku, son of T’Chaka and Ramonda’.’’

   You can sense something leaving him when he speaks these words- whether it’s because he is revealing something that he has never told anyone before, or because he regrets doing do, or because he regrets holding it in that long.    

   ‘’What made you decide to go for Business,’’ T’Challa questions as you replace the lid on your coffee cup, taking a sip and savoring the taste as you do.

   ‘’I want to own my own business. I want to empower young girls, but especially younBlack girls,’’ you give away, running a hand over your cropped hair, ‘’I want them to have the confidence that I did not seem to have growing up.’’

   ‘’I sense that there is a story here,’’ T’Challa guesses, finally picking up his coffee and taking a sip, ‘’I would like to hear it, i you would care to share it.’’

   It’s complex in its simoletey, his response. Just like his invitation to meet him here today, T’Challa’s proposal has a light layer of something else covering it like a opaque film- you can sort of see what it is, but not easily.

   ‘’And why is that?’’

   ‘’I have been watching you,’’ he speaks confidently, ‘’In class. You are quiet, but you are confident. You do not need to shout to be heard. I would love to get to know you better. If you are open to that, of course. No pressure.’’

   There it is again- his effortlessness. He’s so sure of what he wants that he can ask without hesitation. It’s a smoothness, a suaveness that you think he must have been both born with ad had bred into him.

   ‘’What made you notice me,’’ you ask, cupping your cup with both hands, ‘’There are over a hundred people in that lecture hall.’’

   ‘’I know,’’ he begins, staring at the faux-wood countertop of the table that you are settled in, ‘’Like I said before… you are secure, yet you do not feel the need to boast about it. It is something that I like about you. I do apologize if I am coming off strong.’’

    Onyx black eyes stare into yours, something hidden beneath them that you can’t quite determine. There’s honesty mixed with a secret, vulnerability mixed with a strongness that you have not seen in anyone else.

   ‘’And you just zeroed in on me,’’ you run a finger along the edge of your coffee cup’s top, observing the man in front of you.

   You’re pretty good at reading people. You can tell what they are doing, thinking, and if they can be trusted. T’Challa is like a book- he can be read, but you can only go so far before you have to stop, unable to unlock the next chapter until he is ready.

   There is something there though… a story, much like your own. One that you want to read.

   Which is how you find yourself accepting another coffee date with T’Challa the next week, the Thursday before you’re set to go back to your respective homes.

   This is a strange predicament, because you find that you enjoy his company. And, without the threat of a final exam lingering over your head, you see how the clock spins, one hour merging into another, then another, then another.

   Pretty soon, you’ve been talking for four hours, about everything and some things and nothing all at once.

   ‘’So what made you want to cut your hair, ‘’ T’Challa questions after you alert him that the decision had been made, almost on a whim, yet somehow with much consideration, nearly two months ago.

   ‘’I have always wanted to go back to my natural hair,’’ you run a hand over your cropped curls, ‘’In a way, it felt like a new beginning. Starting over. Connecting with my roots.’’

   ‘’How so,’’ T’Challa leans back again, sipping his coffee as the sunlight enters through the window, illuminating his features and bathing him in its warmth.

   He’s beautiful.

   ‘’I just… It was nice. For once,I was not worried about what people thought about my hair, what they thought it should look like. It was invigorating, I guess you would say, to do my thing and have it be done. I have spent so many years just doing what is expected of me, so it was nice to do something for myself.’’

   T’Challa is looking out of the window now, a familiar look of knowingness mixed with an odd sort of desperation etched into his features, ‘’Believe me, I know how that is. I… My family expects a lot of me. It is my duty to carry on our duty to Wakanda. Somehow, though, I wonder if I had the choice, would I choose something else.’’

   ‘’And what would that be,’’ you question, breaking off a bit of your croissant to eat it.

   T’Challa seems to realize what he’s said, almost as if the worlds startled him by making themselves known, outloud, public for someone else to hear.

   ‘’I think that, that is a conversation for later,’’ T’Challa murmurs, looking to his watch, ‘’We should be getting back to the dorms.’’

   As mucha s you would like to press the subject a bit further, you decide against it. You fear that if you try to turn this page to read deeper into his story, the book will snap shut, and someone will get hurt. So you keep your mouth shut about his story, instead agreeing with him, taking your treat and coffees and riding the shuttle bus with him back to the dorms.

   ‘’I know that I will be going back home for the summer, as will you, However, I do want to keep in touch with you.’’

   ‘’You do,’’ you genuinely question, ‘’How come?’’

   ‘’I love your blindness, ‘’ he chuckles, handing you a slip of paper, ‘’Let me just say, we both have a story. I am interested in getting to know yours, and you seem to be interested in getting to know mine. So why not keep in touch over the summer?’’

   Again, you’re a bit taken aback by the calmness to his approach, how he knows who he is, and is willing to put himself on the line to you, someone who is secure in who they are yet is afraid of who others portray themselves to be.

   Because there is no guarantee that the pretty and fascinating cover matches the words on the pages inside.

   Still, you take his number, something deep inside of you beginning to be sparked at this moment.

   ‘’Sure, T’Challa. We will keep in touch.’’

   And keep in touch you do.

   It is strange, you feel, getting to know someone else’s story while allowing your own self to bread so deeply, so completely, so intimately.

   The summer births new notions- T'Challa is sweet, he is smart, he is kind. He mentions volunteer work as though it is his responsibility and not from the kindest of his heart. He offers to come see you when he gets back to New York in August. He shares stories of his younger sister, Shuri, who is his sunshine, his mother Ramonda, who is his comforter, his baba T’Chaka, who is his inspiration.

   You reveal more of yourself, too, slowly allowing T’Challa to take a look in between the lines, to come face to face with who you really are underneath pretty words and flowery images.

   A summer turns into the fall, and your story now has T’Challa written into it, his name so conveniently fitting on some pages of your life story.    

   His hand fits in yours just the same way as you stroll around campus, taking in the changing leaves and the cold chill of the air, cups of coffee in our hands.

   When winter fades into spring, he reveals the truth that he is a prince and that he must go back to Wakanda at the end of the next school year, and he’d understand if you did not want this with him, because it is a lot, even for him.

   His face in your hands, a kiss reassured him that, yes, you’re ready to see where this goes. Because you’re seeing how this story unfolds, and he’s a part of it now- him, his quiet confidence, and cups of coffee.

   A year later,a s he graduates, you meet his family, a milestone added as he begins to bring up marriage over a cup of coffee the next day as you catch breakfast before his flight back to Wakanda.

A cup of coffee serves as his welcoming gift to you the very next year when you step off of that plane and into his arms, ready to begin your life as queen-in-training.

Coffee motivates you for the next five years, the intense sweetness luring you out of bed and into daily lessons, work, and training to prepare you for the role that you will take as soon as King T’Chaka steps down, and T’Challa steps into the throne.

Coffee, as blacka s the light and as dark as T’Challa’s mood lately, serves as the first conversation starter after the untimely death of King T’Chaka. T’Challa, who has called himself off as of late, smiles a bit, shoulders relaxing a bit as he places the document that he’s been looking at to the side.

‘’Thank you, my love,’’ he whispers, taking a sip for the first time since he officially became the king and the Black Panther, ‘’I am tired.’’

‘’You need to rest, T’Challa,’’ you take his face in your hands, looking into his eyes, ‘’You can not go on this way.’’

‘’There is so much to do, entle. Meetings and festivals, surveillance duties… The job of  a king is never easy.’’

‘’That may be, but you’ll run yourself ragged. Then, you won’t be any good for Wakanda because you’ll be too tired. Please, T’Challa. Drink your coffee, take your break. We can’t worry about the things that we can’t chance… we’ll let our story be written, and we’ll smile again.’’

Those words…

Those very words are what stick inside T’Challa’s head six months later. He watches as you peer into the bottom of your coffee mug before looking up at him, mouth agape as you read the question written in the bottom of said cup, ‘’Will you marry me?’’

Your kiss, your yes, tastes both of coffee beans and happiness, salty with the tears that fall from your eyes as you scream yes.

Your wedding day is no different from any other day that you have spent with T’Challa- you’re watching the day, the beginning of a new chapter, unfold before your very eyes, coffee nestled safely in your hands as your stylist does your hair for your big day.

‘See you at the altar,’’ T’Challa had written in that delightfully handwriting that delightfully spidery handwriting that you’ve come to associate with your soon to be husband.

Coffee, it seems, shows up in every area of your life with T'Challa. In each new story, it makes its appearance. In each chapter, its presence is made known by its significance to a situation. It’s interwoven through your everyday lives, as well as in your special events.

Two years after you’re married, coffee is left on the table as the two of you discuss the arrival of the Avengers, and a place for you and Ramonda to go.

‘’I will not leave you,’’ you place a hand on his arm , ‘’Never.’’

‘’Darling,’’ T’Challa sighs, placing a hand over yours, ‘’I am afraid that is the best way. Then, you will be safe.’’

‘’You do not have to do this, T’Challa. Steve and the others can fight somewhere else, can they not?’’

‘’They need our help. And I am going to help them.’’

For everything that he is, T’Challa keeps his promises. He is a man of his word, and he knows who he is. It is the thing that you both simultaneously love and detest about him, because it means that there is no arguing ith him in his situation,

But he compromises- you can stay in the palace, just please, stay there.

‘’You can have a cup of coffee waiting for me,’’ T’Challa presses a kiss to your forehead and then to your lips before leaving his forehead against yours, staring in your eyes, ‘’I will be back before you know it.’’

And you know that he is being optimistic- T’Challa’s eyes shine with hope and he wants it to believe it as much as he wants you to believe it. So he says it with such earnestness that you can not help to do what he says as soon as he leaves you, to fight a battle that someone became both of yours.

So you make the coffee. You make it and you sit at the kitchen table, willing yourself to ignore the way your stomach is twisting, turning, and tossing.

You sit there for a while, and the coffee goes untouched. But T’Challa will be back. He has to be back.

He’s coming back.

A day. Two. Three.

And the coffee goes untouched, left cold, because you can’t quite bring yourself to move it, somehow still believing that T’Challa will come back, will keep his promise, will let your story finish writing itself

It’s sad, funny in a horrific way. Years of building a story were put to an end from one snap, and T’Challa is…


He never came back, he never got that cup of coffee like he said.

And you’re screaming at Steve Rogers, five years later, wbcause how dare he and his band of so-called heroes come your way, telling you they need your help? HOw dare they walk into the life you’ve been trying to build, putting your business degree to use opening a center for those affected by Thano’s snap.

How dare they come and try to interrupt your new story when all they did was burn the other one to crisp, leaving nothing but a simple pile of literal ashes of your love. All that is left are your memories, your wedding ring, the fragments of a cup broken against the wall, that once held coffee that was never drunk five years ago, but now holds years of tears, frustration, anger, hurt, each emotion  shining off of each shattered piece, glistening beneath the light of the room.

‘’On behalf of the queen, I will have to ask you to leave,’’ Ayo speaks, standing in front of you.

‘’We understand,’’ the one you recognise as Natasha speaks, pain behind her eyes mirroring your own, ‘’We are so sorry. And we will make this right.’’

You want to scoff, roll your eyes, and ask her how dare she.

But… but there’s something else there. Something you haven’t seen since you last looked at T'Challa’s eyes: hope.

Hope is what made you give T’Challa a chance, what made you accept a coffee date, what led to years of bliss with that man, what led him to fight to keep you and others safe.

   It is the same thing that has you walking into the Avengers’ meeting, all eyes on you.

   ‘’I want to help. I saw something in you that i have not seen in others in a long time: Hope. I’d like to experience that again.’’

   They are all sharing looks with each other, and Natahas is the first one that speaks up, ‘’We are going to bi=ring them back. We’re going to get T’Challa back.’’

For the first time in years, you find yourself believing. There’s a hope there. You’re going to get your husband back, the love of your life returning to your life.

‘’You’re not alone. I am here to help,’’ you respond, a small smile forming, ‘’And I am going to help.’’

‘’If you don’t mind my asking,’’ Tony Stark begins, eyes on you, ‘’What changed your mind?’’

‘’Thanos may have written my story. But if he can do that, I can, too. I’m getting T’Challa back. And the others, too.’’

So this is where you find yourself now- suiting up with one of T’Challa’s old suits, ready to defend and avenge him.

‘’What are you going to do when you see him again,’’ Natasha questions, eyes on you as she suits up herself.

‘’I am going to have coffee with the love of my li

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Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

-              Everything will be okay (y/n).

We’re in Wakanda. Today is my wedding with T’Challa, my boyfriend, future husband and the love of my life.

I’m in a couch hugging Pepper and crying. Today, the most special day of my life, and I don’t have Tony, my Father here with me.

-              Please don’t cry. Today is the big day.

-              Yes, but he’s not here.

Pepper caress my cheeck.

-              He’s with you. Now please don’t cry.

In that moment Morgan come to us.

-              Hey (y/n) look at my dress for your wedding with Uncle T'Challa.

I smile at her.

-              Gosh, you’ll be the prettiest girl in the party honey.

She smiled at me. Many people say that Morgan have a smile similar to mine.

We heard a little noise in the door. It’s Shuri.

-              Now Girl, it’s time to get ready.



T’Challa and I are in Bruges, Belgium for our first vacations as a couple. While we’re holding hands we walk through the quiet and perfect streets.

-              I love this place very much. It’s my ideal place to be.

-              Yes, is very perfect.

T’Challa’ voice came from my left. I look at him and I give him a little smile. Stoping our walking I kiss him.

-              I love you so much T.

-              I love you more (y/n).

We smile.

- I have a surprise for you (y / n).

Oh I love surprises.

- What is it?

-  Is a surprise my love. You have to wait. It’s in a special place here.

After a time, we’re in a fancy restaurant. We’re walking through the tables following a tall girl.

-  Where are we going?

-  Surprise love, surprise.

I roll my eyes and he kiss me.

-  Don’t be impatient. But I have to cover your eyes now.



-              Don’t be afraid love. I’m here to take you.

With my eyes cover, T’Challa lead me to the ‘secret place’.

-              Almost there, just a little bit.

We stopped.

-              And 1, 2, 3…

I blink a couple of times before recover my sight. And I get shocked.

-              Dad, Pepper, everyone… what is this?

-              The surprise love.

I’m seeing a big balcony that shows a beautiful view of Bruges, my favorite place on earth. Everything is with a decoration white.

-              Let’s take dinner. The surprise isn’t over.

While we take dinner I’m talking with Shuri, she’s amazing.

-              So… what you have to say about all this.

-              Sincerely, I don’t have idea why is this. I mean, my birthday is in three weeks.

-              Yeah, we know but… just wait.

Suddenly T’Challa start to speak.

-              So, family can I have you attention? Thank you. First of all I want to thank all of you for coming. Second, this reunion have two important things, the birthday of (y/n), my love can you please come here?

I stood from my place and get close to T’Challa. I took his hand and nod.

-              So, like I was saying, this pretty woman here is the main reason to make all of this. She’s turning 29 in some weeks so, what better than spend this time with all of you, in her favorite place on earth. But, there’s a very important reason. Love.

He turn to me with a huge smile on his face, I smile back.

- You know we we’re dating for some time now. And all I can say is that you are the love of my life. When I was a little boy, I remember that my Dad always told me ’’ You have to find the love, and then you have to make her the happiest person in earth, you have to love her, respect her, being her friend, boyfriend, husband “ and I told him ’’ How can I know that a girl is the right girl ” and he answer me “ You’re going to feel it. You’ll fell that you’re seeing the stars in her eyes, and then nothing will be the same ’’. And, that’s how I feel when I’m with you, since the first day I meet you. Since that day I started to see everything in black and white, but you, You have the most wonderful colors in the world. You are different, unique, so special in your own way. You are strong, intelligent, leadership, you’re wonderful, beautiful. And I love you and…

With tears in my eyes I see him kneeling in front of me.

- I want to spend every single second of my life with you. I promise that I will take care of you, I will be there for every ascending step you’ll give In your life. I’ll be your biggest fan, your boyfriend, you best friend, your husband. So… will you marry me?

End flashback



Originally posted by gajo1987

      - Here we go.

Happy is next to me, he’s the man who besides my Dad, have been next to me since I was a girl. We’re walking through the long and beautiful hall. I’m shaking, nervous and full of happiness.

 And I see him. Full dressed in a grey and elegant suit, with that gorgeous smile in his face. He makes me happy. I smile back at him. I see Nat, Stephen, Pepper, my heart and soul Morgan, Shuri, Ramonda… Suddenly the fact that my dad isn’t here hits me. At that moment I’m in front of T’Challa. He gave me his hand.

-      Thank you, Happy.

-      Please, give her the whole world, King. she deserves everything.

-      I’ll do.


The ceremony goes perfect. Now I’m a Queen.

The party is going great, everyone seems so happy. I’m holding hands with my husband and talking to Pepper. Morgan is hugging me.

-              Now can I told you Uncle T’Challa?

-              Of course Princess, you can.

-              I love you Uncle.

-              Morgan, love I have to go and talk to everyone. Can you please stay here with T’Challa.

-              Yes, sis.

Walking to the scenario, I get the attention of the people.

-              Hey guys. I’m here to say some words. I haven’t planned nothing of this but, I really want to do it.

I see how Morgan is hugging T’Challa, both are laughing.

-              Miss Morgan, husband. You have to pay attention, I’m going to make some questions before this.

I heard a laugh from the people.

-              Well, like I was saying. I want to thank every person here tonight. We appreciate you want to spend this amazing step in our life. More for me, because I’m taking a huge step, now I’m involved with the Royalty. And I don’t have idea how to be as good as my mother in law. I’m only an engineer just like my father.

Pepper smirk at me, giving me confidence.

-              Okay. Thank you all. This have been the most wonderful and perfect night of my life. I just got married to the man I love. I remember, when I was just a kiddo, that my Dad used to told me ‘’ you’re my Queen ’’. Even in my 20’s he had still told me that, but now, this thing is real, and i’m nervous. -everyone laugh- My father prepared me for the life, he gave me love, funny times, and memories. Of course we lived hard times. And he teach me something ‘’ the love of your life will be there for you, doesn’t matter if is it in good of bad times, he’ll be there for you, he’ll be your light ’’. I had some dates with a few guys in my life, and it don’t went good. I thought ‘’Oh,  I’m going to die alone, I’ll have a hundred of dogs ’’ I was just a few moments to stop from believe in love, until I meet that beautiful soul.

I see him.

-          I remember the first moment I meet him. I was like ‘’Hey, you handsome’’. Little I knew he was a Prince. Until I realize that his father was the King of Wakanda. Damn. I felt like a mortal next to him. Until, he start the small talk. And all of this thanks to my friend Steve and Buck. We fought together. I remember it was so stressful, so T'Challa decide to invite me to spend some time here. Away from the troubles we were pass. We started to know each other. I talked to my father many times while I stayed here. ‘’He’s interested in you’’ he said, but I was like ‘’oh, c’mon he’s a Prince and I’m not a Pricess or something’’. And then we had our first kiss, the firs dance, the first date, the first movie together, and then I feel so deeply in love. And now we’re here.

The people claps. And T’Challa is with some tears in his eyes, while Morgan is smiling.

-          Maybe my dad is not physically here, but is right here –I take my hand to my heart- and now with this, I can say my life now is complete.


I’m standing in the lake outside the party waiting for my husband.

-          So here’s my gorgeous Queen.

Oh his voice.

-          Hey pretty boy. How are you?

-          Very good right now.

We smile.

-          That speech was beautiful. Imagine I wasn’t there for the ‘’war’’, We would never have met.

-          I would found the way to meet you, love. You are my everything.

We kiss each other. He take me by my hips, and I take him by the back of his neck, Deeping the kiss.

-          I can’t wait to be in our honeymoon, to be alone with you. That’s all I need.

-          Yes, me too. You have to relax, to enjoy all of this, because you’re the King an you have responsibilities.

-          You’ll have the same, my love. You’re a Queen now.

-          But, I’m neeeeeew. I can wait.

-          No, we have to be together.

-          Buuuuuut…

-          No buts my Queen.

We laugh.

- Damn, I love you very much T.

- I feel the same for you. I can do anything for you. Everuthing, love. -another kiss-  Now, let’s go to dance.

- Ok my King, let’s show them we are the bosses in the dance floor.


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Fanfiction; one-shots, drabble, headcanon, series, imagines.

smut [💦], slight smut [💧], fluff [☁], angst [❄], personal fav [🌻]

If you don’t want to be listed, send me a message and I’ll delete it. Thank you ❤


Peter Parker (Spiderman)

Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Peter Quill (Star-Lord)

T'Challa Udaku (The Black Panther)

Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Thor Odinson (God of Thunder)

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Based off of One Direction’s ‘’Summer Love’’ which has been making me cry since I was 17.Which was 8 years ago lol. 

TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- Summer flings, breaking up., it’s hard to say goodbye. 

Sometimes, the hardest part of a story to process is the ending. Many times, in fact, most of the time, we know just how things will end. We know that the underdog will get the girl, the  losing team will win, and the heroes will walk off into the sunset.

    In this case, it’s not that you haven’t processed this ending. You knew that it was going to end like this. You both did. However, that doesn’t make accepting it any easier.

    So that is how you are now packing your bags, the only ound in the room is the occasional sniffle, and the hum of the air conditioning unit that has given you relief in this summer heat. You’re trying to hold the tears, trying so hard not to cry.

    Though you can’t quite bring yourself to look at him, you know that he is, too.

    ‘’I had the best time with you,’’ he clears his throat, breaking the silence.

    And, along with the silence, your heart.

    ‘’I did, too,’ you say only slightly above a whisper,’’ you admit, closing your suitcase and beginning to fill the other suitcase.

    It was the best time, and now it’s the worst time. But the two of you knew what this was when you began.

    It was your summer vacation, and you happened to be visiting. It was a trip you’d always planned to take right before our senior year of college, and it was the beginning of this summer fling. He’d seen you out one day, struck up a conversation, asked for your number..

    Days that you’d meant to spend solely with your friends here divided between them and him. As you explored the sights and the scenery of this new place, you explored what was meant to be a summer fling with him,

    It is not like you both didn’t know that this was what it is… what it was. When this first began, you told him that you didn’t live here, that you’d probably never see eachother again after all of this. That when fall came, so would the end of this relationship, the end of a breezy summer tryst.

 Now it’s back to the books, away from this boy. You’ll trade midnight bonfire talks for lectures, late night phone sessions for study sessions, the comfort of napping in his arms for a night spent in the dormitory. 

You’re trading hours under clear blue skies for your reality: life without him.

‘’I… I guess I could write, or call-’’

‘’Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t tell me that you’ll write or that you’ll call. I think that’s going to end up with us both getting our hearts broken,’’ you speak.

The initial promise was to your heart, to your studies. You promised you wouldn’t fall in love , that this was meant to be an innocent connection, filled with sweet kisses and memories to follow.

    ‘’Why does it have to end this way,’’ he stands,crossing the room of the small house that you and your friends had rented for the summer, ‘’Can you please look at me? We had it all- we were faithful, we had it all. Don’t tell me you want to throw that away.’’   

    ‘’Can’t throw away what isn’t really anything,’’ you remind him, ‘’This is over. It was fun, but it’s over.’’

    ‘’I don’t believe that,’’ he gently turns you to face him, cradling your face in his hands, ‘’We could keep this going. You know we could.have it all, still. We could make this work.’’

    ‘’You’re living in a fantasy,’’ you laugh slightly, knowing that is one of the reasons you oh so stupidly, quickly, irrevocably fell for this man.

    ‘’I’m being optimistic,’’ he kisses your forehead like he’s done so many times before, the feeling which was once searing now feeling ice cold as your mind screams at you not to let this continue.

    ‘’I have to go. You have to get back to your life, and I mine.’’

    ‘’What would you like me to do? We could find someplace to be together, some place to hide,’’ he smirks, leaning his forehead against yours as you finally open your eyes, staring into his, and you can tell that he’s only half joking.   

    It sounds good. It does sound so, so good. To forget about all of the expectations and just let this summer love go on for just a bit longer, for one more weekend, one more day, one more hour, one more minute.

    ‘’I…,’’ he begins, squeezing his eyes hurt as if to summon his courage, ‘’I love-’’

    But you know that if you give for even a microsecond, it’ll end up doing more damage than good. 

    ‘’Don’t make this any harder than it has to be, because we both know that this can’t go any farther. And I know that I don’t want to change anything.’’

    That’s a lie. It’s a cruel lie, and you can tell that it’s sent shock waves through him as you coldly reject what your heart wants so badly.

    ‘’If that’s what you want,’’ he relents,  slowly pulling away from you as the reality of the situation settles in around you.

    ‘’Don’t look at me that way. We have to say goodbye,’’ you remind him, reaching out to caress his cheek, ‘’We’ve gotta move on. And I don’t want you to promise or write. I hate this as much ss you do. I really do. You were my summer love, and that’s where we have to leave it. I wish that we could rewind, but we can’t.’’

    ‘’Then what would you like me to do,’’ he questions once more, eyes scanning your face for any sign that you won’t say goodbye to him today.

    ‘’I want you to let go, and go live your life.

    It hurts to hurt him. You wish you’d never fallen in love with him only because you both knew that this wouldn’t last, because you didn’t want to be stuck here in this place  with your heart torn in two, because you didn’t want to leave and have him always holding a piece of your heart.

    But you did and you’re here and you’ve got to get going.

    ‘’I’ll do that. I’ll do that,’’ he agrees, ‘’If you do one thing for me. Promise me one thing.’’

    ‘’What’s that,’’ you sigh, already regretting it.

    ‘’Promise me you won’t forget this summer. I am so aware of how cheesy you may think that sounds, but come on. Even if we have to say goodbye, we don’t have to forget.’’

    So you promise. You speak of what has already been on your heart from the moment that you fell in love with him- you won’t forget this place, this summer,these memories, him.

    So three months later, on a crisp November night as you lay your head against your pillow, you remember three things- the summer breeze, the clear blue sky, and the boy that you had it all with.

    Because even if he’s not a part of your future, he will always be your summer love.

    DISCLAIMER- I own no Marvel Characters or One Direction songs.

NOTE- Any time I write about Peter Parker x Reader in a romantic sense, he is ALWAYS eighteen and above.

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Fandom: Marvel
Shipping: T’Challa x Fem!Reader
WC: 489
Warnings: Attempted assault (non descriptive); Angsty fluff

T’Challa used some of his free time, which he rarely had now as king of Wakanda, to pay a visit to the Avengers. In battle he aided them, and he considered them friends.
He was walking past many people through the rain, not minding the bad weather one bit.
Believing it was right to bring something, he brought a simple piece of decoration for the Avengers to remind them of Wakanda. Not that they’d forget either way, but just to have it there, close.

Believing it would be a quicker route, he walked a different way than Shuri had told him. He’d usually trust his sister with these things, but he checked the way there before himself. He was sure of himself.

As he kept walking, he heard someone yelling for help. He immediately stopped walking and listened to make out the voices. Turning right into an alleyway he saw how a man was trying to force himself on a woman. T’Challa didn’t hesitate to jump into action and pull the man away from her, knocking him out with one firm punch to the head. He looked at the woman, visibly shaken. An umbrella lay beside her on the ground and he picked it up. He opened it and offered his arm to her, wanting to make sure she’d get home safe. He may miss his appointment with the Avengers but helping someone was clearly more important right now. 

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Pairing: T’Challa x reader

Chapter: One-shot

Summary: You have been dating the crowned prince, T’Challa, for quite some time now. But after his father’s passing, he must become more serious about who will be the future queen on Wakanda. Many doubt the reader’s abilities, even Queen Mother.


Originally posted by sahind

It’s no secret that the majority of Wakanda, including Queen Mother, does not approve of your growing relationship with T’Challa. No one has been out right rude to you in fear of what T’Challa would do to them, but their desire for Nakia to be the one in your place was loud enough.

“It’s not too late my son.” Queen Mother’s voice sneaks out of the throne room. You stand still on the other side of the door curious. “Nakia hasn’t rushed off on another mission yet, and I’m sure she would love to be more than friends.”

             All your life you have always been compared to others. The girl down the street has clearer skin, that one running the field has a better laugh, better personality, bright watt smile, more intelligent. With T’Challa you never left like you had to be anything more, that you were not less than others just because you weren’t the same.

             With the whole country watching that is a challenge. They have to accept you, if they do not then how can the people respect you by the kings side? Will they lay their allegiance to T’Challa with you in the picture? You feel your bottom jaw turn into concrete as it tries to keep a quivering lip still.

“Mother, you forget that I am with (Y/N).” T’Challa interjects, hoping to regain some of his mother’s memory.

“T’Challa, we both know that Nakia is the country’s favorite. They want to see her standing by your side-” His mother pleads but T’Challa places a hand up urging his mother to stop.

“(Y/N) would make a great queen. She is headstrong, kind and considerate, she is imaginative, loves Wakanda with her heart and soul. She can make the hard decisions. But most importantly,” he takes a step closer to his mother. “I love her and want her to stand next to me forever, the people will grow to love her as I have too.”

“She’s not worthy of you T’Challa.” You can hear him heading towards the door. Your heart races with the fear of being caught. You place your hand over your mouth and nose hoping he can’t hear your uneven breath.

“That is where you are wrong mother,” you don’t get to hear the rest because T’Challa slightly opens the door. Instead of becoming face-to-face with the soon-to-be King of Wakanda and current Queen Mother you bolt towards your room, but that doesn’t stop T’Challa from noticing your frame turn the corner at the last moment.

             You rush down the halls realizing it won’t take you to your chambers but hope they will lead you out of the palace. There is no point in staying where you’re not welcome, even though you know T’Challa would want you to. You know that T’Challa loves you and you always gotten along with Shuri, but hearing what his mother thinks of you brought out the worst thoughts of yourself that you’ve struggled with for years..

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) please, for Bast sake slow down!” T’Challa chases after you. Knowing that he will catch up you stop but keep your back facing him. “How much did you hear?”

“Oh you know the people, including your mother, wanting you with Nakia. That I’m not good enough for you… The truth.” Tears stream down your cheeks but your voice stands firm and unwavering.

“Who’s truth? If you heard all that my mother said then you surly heard me.” Coming to face you, T’Challa takes your hands in his. “(Y/N) you are the kindest, most generous soul I have ever had the privilege to know. You bring out the best in me, challenge me. (Y/N) you are who I want.”

“But T’Challa the people-”

“I choose you, (Y/N).” His chocolate eyes burn into yours begging for you believe what he does. “Marry me.”


             T’Challa interweaves his fingers with yours, and presses them against his chest. Looking into your eyes, T’Challa pierces your soul with his own. You take a deep breath as you feel the air around you thin. Since the moment you laid eyes on the prince – now king – he has always taken your breath away, caused your heartbeat to quicken, and physically drawn you to his being.

“(Y/N),” his voice is low, but soft. “I know you are terrified of what may happen if you say yes, but I am terrified of what may happen if you say no. There is no version of this life that I can conjure in my mind that doesn’t involved you. You’re my compass, my rock, my love. There is no one else I want by my side, ruling our country with me, one day being the mother to my future children. Please, (Y/N). Marry me.”

             Leaning your forehead against his, you never break eye contact. You search them for any signs of doubt in what he just said, but you find them singing the truth. Closing your eyes you try to regain control of your thoughts, your breathing, and your heartbeat. Calming down, you begin to notice how fast T’Challa is breathing, how fast his heart is beating against your hands. A small smile fights it’s way onto your lips as you lean in to place a quick kiss on T’Challa’s lips.

“Yes, I will marry you.”

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T’Challa x Reader

Sam Wilson x M’Baku

Summary- You and Sam Wilson have been best friends since boot camp. You were right by his side during the FALCON program, you supported each other when Riley died and the two of you even left the military at the same time. Sam decides to go back to school to be a social worker and you become a test pilot for a private company. During one of these tests you find a dying alien who says that you are destined to be the next Green Lantern. You leave earth to train, and years later when you return you fight side by side with Sam on the Avengers until the Civil War happens.

Part One

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T’Challa x Reader

Sam Wilson x M’Baku

Summary- You and Sam Wilson have been best friends since boot camp. You were right by his side during the FALCON program, you supported each other when Riley died and the two of you even left the military at the same time. Sam decides to go back to school to be a social worker and you become a test pilot for a private company. During one of these tests you find a dying alien who says that you are destined to be the next Green Lantern. You leave earth to train, and years later when you return you fight side by side with Sam on the Avengers until the Civil War happens.

Message- I forgot that I wrote this like 7 months ago! IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED SEND AN ASK!!

Word Count- 643

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Characters: King T’Challa x Reader.
Prompt: The song “July” by Noah Cyrus ft. Leon Bridges – just the emotions it woke in me. Prompt is from a challenge by @wkemeup <3
Sadness, depression (not labelled), angst, pining, giving up, heartbreak, fluff, comfort, self-deprecation, love, drinking (not excessive), low self-esteem, negative feelings of all sorts. Lots of emotional stuff.
might have gotten just a lot more emotional/sad than I anticipated when I started. But I think…perhaps a lot of people can recognize some doubts they themselves have had, and in that case: don’t give up; don’t stress; find yourself first.


Originally posted by marvelheroes


The ache sits deep inside you, simmering mostly but bubbling over when you least expect it and splashing onto your hands or running down your cheeks. Unseen. Invisible to everyone but those that know you best.

Perhaps it is your own fault – at least that is what people keep telling you – for falling for someone so far out of your league that walking to the moon would be more realistic.

Yeah, sure…some people would already call your life a dream because your family is close with the royal family of Wakanda and you have everything you could ever want: the best education, dream job with amazing diplomatic travels, everything money can buy. You even have a handful of friends (like Ayo) despite the sporadic options to see each other.

So why so miserable?

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TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- Heartache and shock, reconnecting after years

‘’Baba, we have to go or we will be late!’

As long as T’Challa has known his five-and-half-year-old daughter, Aniyah, she has been headstrong. She takes after her mother, Nakia, in so many ways. She is determined, confident, and in love with the slightest opportunity to have an adventure.

‘’I am coming, intomba. Come back here and get my hand.’’

Ever since she was learning how to walk, she has been moving to music. Whether it was the traditional Wakandan music that Nakia would play as they went about their Saturday chores, the Gospel music that Rhodey would play when he babysat, or the classical music that could be heard from the apartment below them that they rented out from Mrs. Rosencraft, a music teacher. Aniyah simply loves music.

‘’We’re almost there, baba!’’

T’Challa is broken out of his thoughts and taken back to the present by his daughter pulling on his hand and leading him in the direction of the dance school.

For her fifth birthday, Ramonda and T’Chaka promised their granddaughter that they would enroll her in a dance class by her sixth birthday. So, last week, the two of them marched their granddaughter down to the dance studio and enrolled her in the intro to ballet class. 

Now, as of a week later, T’Challa is taking her to her first ever professional dance class. 

‘’Now, remember, Aniyah- this is a privilege. And that means-’’

‘’That means that if I am rude or mean then I won’t be allowed to do it anymore,’’ she nods as if to punctuate her statement, looking so much like her mother.

T’Challa and Nakia had Aniyah right after Nakia had finished law school. They’d been married for a year and a half when she was born, moving their timeline a bit as they hadn’t anticipated having a child so soon into their marriage, but they couldn’t be more grateful for Aniyah if they tried.  

‘’Good. You remembered our talk from last weekend. I trust that you will listen to your dance teacher and respect everything that she has to say.’’

‘’Yes, baba,’’ Aniya agrees, holding her baby’s hand tight as he guides her across the street, careful of the traffic as they do so.

The pair make their way across the street and into the dance studio, Aniya practically bouncing the whole way there.

‘’Thank you so much, Ms. Danielson,’’ a woman is saying, but T’Challa can only see the back of her, ‘’Don’t worry- Katy is in her modern dance class, Leslie is in her African dance class, and Tyson is on tap. You are more than welcome to wait here in our waiting room for their classes to end. Thank you! Oh, Mr. Donaldson, I just got your check this morning, Stella and Adele are all good to start their class. If you’ll excuse me.’’

With That, the woman turns and when she sees T’Challa, both of their eyes widen.

Standing before him is Carol Jacobson- sister of T’Challa Udaku’s first love.

‘’T’Challa,’’ Carol swallows thickly, ‘’I… I haven’t seen you in a while.’’

‘’You could say that again,’’ he nods, placing a hand on the back of Aniyah’s hair, ‘’This is my daughter, Aniya. I’m here to bring her first dance class.’’

Carol’s eyes widened even more- something that T’Challa did not think was possible.

‘’Y-you’re bringing her here? For dance class? At this school?’’

‘’I’m ready to get started!.’’ Aniyah interrupts the flow of the adults’ conversation, bringing the adults’ attention back to her.

‘’Why don’t you go into the dance room, sweetheart? I’m just gonna finish talking to your daddy and then we’ll get started real soon!’’

‘’Okay! Bye, baba! I’ll see you later!,’’ Aniyah announces before rushing off to join the other five, six, and seven year olds in the dance studio.’’

‘’T’Challa, I know that everything that happened was years ago, but… this is my sister’s dance studio.’’

‘’Carol, your tap dancers are ready for you in room 116. Tabitha is warming up the modern dancers. Now I’m gonna go and… T’Challa?’’

T’Challa turns, heart pounding in his chest, to face you. 

Why is his heart beating so fast?

Because standing in front of T’Challa is you. His first love

The woman who ripped his heart apart.

But, to better understand this story, we’re going to have to go all the way back to the beginning. 

Disclaimer-  I don’t own any rights to Marvel characters. Countries, fictional places, etc.

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Pairing: T’Challa x Black Reader

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My love,

I don’t think I have the words to voice my fear. I am even afraid to write it in fear Bast may hear and bring them to life. This is supposed to be a more joyous moment. How do I deal with this all without feeling like this? Akina is pregnant, she is six months gone now, and the nervousness in the pit of my stomach has only grown with every passing day. We didn’t expect this to happen, it was a complete surprise, Akina says it is a miracle considering her medical history. It really was, the chances were so slim. I felt their heartbeat before she told me, I rested my head on her stomach, and I felt it, just as I had with Nobomi. Except this time I made myself believe it wasn’t what I thought it was, and I kept thinking so until her happy tearful face was staring right at me with the largest smile I have ever seen on her face. So I smiled back, and as happy as I was to know a child came from our love, the fear of losing her the way I lost you has been haunting me. She was scared at first too, she didn’t want us to tell anyone, but at soon as she made it to the second trimester and her morning sickness had passed, she couldn’t wait to tell her family. 

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Pairing: T’Challa x Black Reader

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My Love, 

I can’t believe I am about to write this but… I’m getting married this week. I never thought I would be doing this again, though, I had considered renewing our vows when we would have made it to the twenty-five-year mark.

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Prompt: Two sisters fall for men that are absolute enemies. The love they have could tear all of them apart, or it could bring them together.

Word Count:2821

Warnings: Language, taking sides, arguing,mentions of casualties from past fights,Civil war major  plot points,
songs for this part: The afterglow, Look what you made me do- Taylor Swift, Falling Apart-Papa Roach
Note: This is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written (including my novels). It’s a collaboration with the amazing @mrs-dragneel-stark-solo​​. It started as a funny “What if…?” and it evolved and got huge. This took two years to write. We are both proud and happy and we hope you enjoy it. It follows from Thor 1 to Endgame in the MCU. Some of the timelines may be off in order to fit certain people, and some characters may show up earlier or in different ways than they have in the movie. But for the most part, it follows the MCU. It also has a bit of crossover with some other Marvel characters throughout the story.

Masterlist for Unforeseen Chasm



Once all of you returned home, Hank and Charles escorted you and Shannon to the med bay. They took a sample of Shannon’s blood and tissue and determined that after one session, she should be healed. They suggested you give her one more treatment and after that, they would anesthetize you and Shannon and remove your triggering, and remove her Red Room protocol. 

Of course, you agreed eagerly and after two days you were released from the mansion. You had seen Remy once and he apologized for his actions and asked if you could stay friends. Without hesitation, you said you’d like nothing more. 

Shannon returned to Stark tower with her husband, and you returned to your apartment with Loki. 

Life went on… normally for a while. Loki continued his work with Stephen. In fact, most days, you met him at work when he was getting off and the three of you had tea. It was nice to have Stephen back in your life again. You worked where you could find it, whether it was with Jane, or Shannon, or even Bruce. Shannon and Tony had  a blissfully happy marriage, running Stark Industries and helping to manage the Avengers.

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