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So first off I totally adore the colors on you blog, and the desktop ULR look makes me happier than it should. Secondly I was wondering if you could do a head canon for a relationship between T'Challa and Okoye please?

Originally posted by danaigurirasource

A relationship between T’Challa and Okoye would include:

  • Mutual respect and affection being the foundation
  • The love that grows from that becoming deep and strong
  • Playful teasing
  • Okoye being even more protective T’Challa
  • But never really doubting his abilities

Originally posted by joaq-phoenix

  • T’Challa deferring to Okoye in many things
  • Wakandans all supporting the union
  • The whole country being excited for the potential for the royal wedding
  • Being careful to separate work from home life
  • Shuri making fun of them all the time

Originally posted by danaigurirasource

  • No shop talk in bed rule
  • That’s always being broken
  • Soft touches and lingering looks
  • Kissing until they’re both breathless
  • Slow but passionate lovemaking

Originally posted by evepolastrl

  • Vocalizing their feelings regularly
  • And showing their love in actions
  • Romantic pet names
  • Trying to find time to just be together without their responsibilities interfering
  • Trusting each other completely

Originally posted by margaera

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