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speedygal · 5 days ago
During s3, probably, off screen
T'Lyn, at Mariner: T'hy'la.
T'Lyn, at Boimler: T'hy'la.
T'Lyn, to herself: We are t'hy'lara.
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fractal-baby · 21 days ago
how do you pronounce t’hy’la because i cannot read another ff without knowing 😭
I was literally JUST googling this anon.
From here:
With regard to the recent letters about how T’hy’la is pronounced, I think I can provide the definitive answer. Just after the novelization of ST:TMP appeared, Gene Roddenberry was on holiday in Scotland, visiting Janet Quarton, who for many years ran Star Trek clubs in Britain. There had been quite a bit of discussion in K/S circles about this very useful word, so I took the chance to ask him how it was pronounced. He replied “TUH-HIGH-LA,” as best I can render it, the first syllable very short, the second stressed. Since several Scottish fans were present, we have always used that form. I suppose the man who made up the word should have the final say.
So I basically slur the first t' and say high-la. Two and a half syllables.
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hellalogical · 3 months ago
This glance
God, this glance say so many things...
Tumblr media
I'm sure this is the way Spock would look at his T'hy'la
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scriptrix-eclectica · 3 months ago
An interesting fact
So of course we all know the word t'hy'la. But how is it supposed to be pronounced?
Well, in The Vulcan Language Institute PDF (available on the internet), it's spelled t'hai'la. And ai is pronounced "eye." So I believe the hy part is a long i sound, like in night or ride.
Now, I don't know how "canon" that is, so feel free to ignore this altogether. But as someone who is interested in languages, I thought this was worth sharing.
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sweet-bolillito · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
El más amoroso- W.H Auden (traducción)
Parte 1 | Parte 2
English version
Pues con esto concluimos esta pequeña patoaventura, amixes. Ojalá les haya gustado✨ En lo personal disfruté mucho hacer a Jim tener ojos de borrego a medio morir durante todo el comic. Ya le tocaba... Aunque sí me llegué a sentir un poco mal por él, pero hey. Para esO TENemos To a Stranger como secuela!
Tal vez algún día, estos dos se animen a ser nobios xd. Ya lo son, sólo que aún no se han dado cuenta.
Y nada, gracias por pasarse por aquí, siento que poco a poco voy reviviendo y ojalá así sea✨
Tumblr media
:-9c ✨🌌✨
Los tmq, byes
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 4 months ago
THE FURTHER MCFRICKIN IRONY,,,, so I mentioned in the tags of my last post that the t'hy'la bond is something that is, at the very least, theorized to form because of two people fighting alongside one another as "brothers of the sword" right? Right?? Well is it a mcfrickin coincidence that my partner and I met, grew close, and eventually got together because we were both on. The fencing team
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distractedbee · 5 months ago
I'm Aro/Ace but someone calling me T'hy'la or Ashayam- very attractive
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yourea--stubborn--man · 6 months ago
The link to my AO3 is on my blog, but I figured I’d make a nice and neat post with all my Star Trek fics in one place to reblog every once in a while. 
Edit: every time someone reblogged this post, I got 10+ kudos on AO3 compared to the usual 3, and 2-3 comments a day compared to a couple per week. The first time it happened I almost cried. Likes did not have this effect, as they don’t share the post with anyone. Not going to ask you to reblog, but look what a difference it makes.
Please remember that while I love getting prompts, I’m not accepting any at the moment as I have far too many WIPs I’m super invested in and want to focus on.
To avoid seeing this post again, blacklist #essebificmasterpost
✨ Ablutions: Mature, Oneshot, 2.4k words, No Archive Warnings Apply 
Jim wakes up after their first night together and watches Spock get ready for the day. Just a little fic about Jim being hopelessly in love with and in awe of Spock. 
Tags: Mention of sex | Nudity | Morning After | fwp (fluff without plot)
✨ Save the last dance: Mature, Oneshot, 3.9k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
In which there is revealing alien formalwear, slow-dancing and out-of-body sexual experiences.
Tags: Slow Dancing | Possessive!Spock | pining!jim | Mind Meld Sex
✨ One of your Earth emotions: Teen and Up Audiencies, Oneshot, 1.8k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
5 times Spock didn’t know what he felt for Jim +1 time he finally did.
Tags: Strangers to Friends to Lovers | spock doesn't know how to emotion | spock figuring out his feelings | spock's pov | Stream of Consciousness | 5 times + 1 fic | spock has a big fat crush from day 1 | self-hatred/shame
✨ Thank God for telepathy: Teen and Up Audiencies, Oneshot, 2.1k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
Based on this post by boldly-yo on Tumblr: "Anyway, Jim asking to kiss Spock followed by Spock leaning his head in as Jim sticks his hand out is, The Best fanfic trope"
Tags: First Kiss | Love Confessions | Getting Together | Friends to Lovers | just a small sweet thing that somehow became 2k words | Touch Telepathy | Jim Kirk can't say the word sex
✨You are my answer: Explicit, Oneshot, 7.1k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
After the events of The Motion Picture, Spock is ready to fully confront his feelings for Jim.
Tags: Post-Star Trek I: The Motion Picture | First Kiss | First Time | Mind Meld | Bonding | set immediately after TMP | Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot | Jim was depressed in TMP you can't change my mind
✨ Mythos: Teen and Up Audiencies, Oneshot, 1.2k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spock tells Jim an ancient Vulcan legend. Written for the Star Trek Bingo 2020 for the prompt “mythos/magic”.
Tags: Established Relationship | inspired by tumblr post | Canon Jewish Character(s) | Vulcan Culture | Fluff | mention of nudity | Mention of sex
✨In Vino Veritas:  Explicit, Oneshot, 5.7k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
The Enterprise is celebrating the end of its fourth year in space. At the party, Jim is nursing a bottle of Saurian brandy, afraid he’ll never get to confess his feelings to Spock without scaring him away. Written for the Star Trek Bingo 2020 for the "free space" square. I chose the prompt "In vino veritas".
Tags: Bones is trying his best in this one but he isn’t perfect | which I think is canon | Mildly Dubious Consent | I guess | by which I mean Jim is very drunk Spock is sober and Jim gets very handsy | Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism | Drunken Confessions | First Time | no actual sex happens while Jim is drunk btw | he just touches spock... A LOT | Leonard "Bones" McCoy is a Good Friend | Nyota Uhura is a Good Friend | Vulcan Mind Melds | Vulcan Biology | The biology of Vulcans | Smut | Angst with a Happy Ending
✨Close to you: Teen and Up Audiencies, Oneshot, 7.5k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
A sudden snowstorm during an away mission interferes with the Enterprise’s transporters and communications, leaving Jim and Spock stranded alone on an alien planet. A small cave their only shelter and huddling for warmth the only way to avoid hypothermia, they are forced to confront their feelings for one another.
Tags: Pining | Huddling For Warmth | Partial Nudity | First Kiss | Making Out | Vulcan Mind Melds | Touch Telepathy | Mention of sex | Love Confessions | Light Angst
Julian Bashir/Elim Garak:
✨Secrets and Lies: Teen and Up Audiencies, Oneshot, 1.7k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
Ever since he was a child, Elim Garak had loved telling lies. Written for the Star Trek Bingo 2020 for the prompt “Secrets or lies”.
Tags: First Kiss | Character Study | Relationship Study | Not ASIT compliant
✨Detective: Teen and Up Audiencies, Oneshot, 1.7k words, No Archive Warnings Apply
Following the Section 31 attempt to enlist Julian, suspecting that Garak may not be volunteering all the information he can to Starfleet Intelligence and suspecting that the two men may instead be working together and exchanging military secrets to bring down the Federation, the Federation sends a private detective to investigate the matter behind Sisko’s back. Said detective uncovers a secret, but not the one the Federation was hoping for… Written for the Star Trek Bingo 2020 for the prompt “Detective”.
Tags: Mention of sex | one (1) swearword | Crack Treated Seriously | Sort of? - Freeform | POV Outsider | POV Julian Bashir | Team Dad Benjamin Sisko
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lady-chibineko · 6 months ago
Lazos de familia: Capítulo VIII
Para leerlo completo (son más de 12 mil palabras): 
Capítulo VIII
 El cambio entre estar sumergido en el trance curativo y estar consciente, como siempre, fue abrupto. Y debido a la frecuencia con la que sucedía, no se sintió demasiado desorientado. Un momento flotaba en su propia mente, al siguiente analizaba el ambiente en el que se encontraba.
 Luces tenues, olor a antiséptico, el suave sonido de las máquinas de soporte vital, las paredes metálicas que se le hacían tan familiares. Estaba en la enfermería, y por la oscuridad debía de ser el turno delta.
 Frunció el entrecejo.
 Por algún motivo no recordaba exactamente por qué se encontraba allí, lo cual era inusual.
 A su memoria vino la misión, la cual había ido bien hasta que...
 Se levantó de un golpe, sin pensar las posibles consecuencias o hacer un chequeo personal de su propio estado, y el resultado fue un súbito mareo ante su accionar. Pero no le importó.
 Barrió con la mirada las otras biocamas y no respiró tranquilo hasta que no localizó al capitán, el cual estaba en su biocama usual del área médica.
 Spock tomó aire y lo expulsó con lentitud.
 El capitán estaba vivo, y la falta de personal médico alrededor daba a entender que estaba en proceso de recuperación.
 Todo bien entonces.
 Volvió a acostarse y trató de reordenar ideas.
 Recordó las bajas temperaturas, la cueva... Parte de las conversaciones.
 Jim y él por fin estaban en buenos términos, lo cual era un hecho... satisfactorio. Y pensaba volver a integrarse en la vida de su capitán al mismo nivel de amistad de antes de la llegada de los niños; aunque claro estaba, con los cambios necesarios para incluir a los infantes.
 La idea debería de ser suficiente para él, pero por algún motivo no era así. Sentía que algo más faltaba.
 Algo importante.
 Pero no lograba dilucidar que era.
 - ¡Spock! ¡Estás consciente!- la voz del médico en jefe lo desvió del rumbo de sus pensamientos.
 - Doctor McCoy.- saludó con voz firme, pero rasposa. Frunció el entrecejo ante aquella reacción de su cuerpo- ¿Podría informarme cual fue el período de tiempo que pasé en trance?
 Leonard suspiró y comenzó a realizar los escaneos para las pruebas de rutina.
 - Casi 5 días. Estaba comenzando a preocuparme. Por lo general despiertas antes.
 Spock analizó las palabras del galeno.
 - En efecto.- entonces volvió a mirar a Jim- ¿Cuál es la prognosis del capitán?
 El humano gruñó.
 - Síntomas de hipotermia severa entre otras perlas, pero sobrevivirá. Ambos lo van a hacer si estas lecturas son correctas. Ahora, no hagas tonterías y te daré de alta mañana ¿Alguna molestia? ¿Necesitas que te traiga algo?
 Spock negó tras dirigir su mirada hacia el techo.
 Leonard suspiró.
 - Mira, estaré en mi despacho. Volveré a darte otro chequeo antes del inicio del turno alpha, pero en caso necesites algo ya sabes dónde está el comunicador así que no dudes en llamar.
 - Así lo haré, doctor.
 - Sí, de acuerdo.
 McCoy se alejó de Spock, pero no se retiró sin antes realizarle un nuevo escaneo a los signos vitales del capitán. Solo entonces fue a su oficina.
 En cuanto a Spock, éste seguía con aquella sensación de que algo faltaba, solo que no podía recordar que era.
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kirkodiletears · a month ago
What Star Trek desperately needs is a creator, who would STOP messing up Roddenberry's characters of Kirk and Spock and make a series, according to the original author's intention towards those two: including the nature of their relationship as defining each other, being complementary of each other and interdependent upon one another and finally reintroducing the original beautiful and deep concept of "T'hy'la", that was created especially to describe Kirk and Spock's relationship and defined and conditioned all of their interaction on screen: the pure love and beauty in it's core, profound, exclusive and unique, instead of shrinking their potential and locking them into some banality of a "romance" with whoever (except those who where actually MADE for each other by their creator as "two halves of one whole" (c)), trying to twist the characters into something they are not, ignoring nature, individuality, interconnection and interdependence of those two characters, only to demonstrate the producers' ignorance, primitive vision and complete incapability to acknowledge any implied wisdom that's more profound than skin-deep.
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tash-tash · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Just a pair of matching t'hy'la pins :D
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minnuet · 7 months ago
🙋‍♀️ hi
hi !
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mostlystuckony · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I painted my bf a Spock for Valentine's day do u think he'll like it
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spockskock · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It had seemed to Spock that he had no other choice... It was only through Kolinahr that he could once and for all time unburden himself of his human half, which he believed responsible for his pain.
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lejoursobre · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm working on design for printed badges 👀 I'm so happy to have my own badge machine it s making everything way simpler 🎉 hehe
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yel-halansu · 10 months ago
hey, I've got a question thay you may've talked about already? but I wanted to know what was the plural of t'hy'la? because I know for sure I read it somewhere, I think it was smth like t'hy'lara or 'la-ra or 'la'ra or smth like that? maybe it was just this one person who knew enough Vulcan to know how to pluralize words or smth, but like, t'hy'la is singular right? jim is spock's t'hy'la, they are [plural], right??? hope you can help, thanks!
Na’Shaya! So in Vulcan language you form plurals by adding the suffix -lar, so the plural of t’hy’la would be either t’hy’lar or t’hy’lalar. Because this sounds a bit silly, the VLI presented t’hy’lu as a possible, irregular plural form for this specific word. The thing is that Vulcan is... very lax with its plurals. They’re not grammatically necessary for cohesion and they tend to be ommitted if they can be understood from the context (for example, a plural form never follows a number, because it is logical that it’s already plural, if that makes sense). So Jim is Spock’s t’hy’la, but they both can be just t’hy’la too! LLAP! 🖖
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