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#t.s. 1989

Guys. Theory time.. I think Taylor has begun recording 1989 ….why you say ? her Twitter post which is extremely sad btw …she says that she’ll just keep on the lyric in shake it off “but I keep on cruising”

2.1989 is one of her most selling Albums and also there are some mega hits on that album which have a lot of streams so in order to stop scooter from profiting off of the major part of music…. She is making a strong business move

Am I right or am I right? @taylornation

Alsoooo Taylor please come back to Tumblr👉👈🥺🥺🥺🥺

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i will try to use the excuse “i’m on my period and i’m emotional” to hide the fact that i’m crying like a baby (coming home from a bar) after watching the video of tay’s performance at amas 2019 as if it was the first time

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I have no words for how beautifully Taylor handled this situation. She’s such a wonderful woman and person that deserves all our admiration. I also have no words for what Scooter Brawn is. He has such a lack of respect and self esteem that he is willing to stoop down low YET AGAIN and go behind Taylor’s back just because he is a coward. He’s afraid that she won’t say yes to what he has to say, and that she’ll say something bad about him. He claims he’s a business man, yet he has never once shown us that he can do successful business the legal and right way. Taylor has so much respect for others that she DOESNT EVEN INSULT HIM in her post at all, after all he’s done to her and her life’s work!! Can we just appreciate what a mature, smart, confident, beautiful, and strong businesswoman and human being that Taylor has become. Bring it on Scooter, she can take anything🤍🤍🤍 Can’t wait to hear @taylorswift’s re-recorded albums and the SURPRISES she has promised us!!! Love her soooo much!!!

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