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cuntpuppi · 2 days ago
adding “my” in front of things just makes it better. for example, “stupid cock slut” is ok but “my stupid cock slut” is waaay better. “my dumb little baby” “my dumb dog” and so on.
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bodyworship-punk · a day ago
Part two of the lingerie photoset, part one is here where I reference the post and why I bought these at all
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
:) part one is here https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/bodyworship-punk/692543272562884608?source=share they/them, READ MY PINNED POST
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fagclit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ass and t dick bulge in my new panties... what do u think?
pls check rbs for pic!!! this is a placeholder!!
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lemons--lemons · 2 days ago
Fingering him and jerking his tdick off through the dickhole in his boxers
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prettyboypubby · 2 days ago
I wanna be fucked so badly right now.
I wanna be bred,
and sweaty
with cum dripping down me
I wanna have my body gripped
pinned down,
giving in to anything you want
thats all.
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straypupslut · a day ago
please bend me over and make fun of me for how drippy i am already without being touched 😖 slip your fingers in my puppyhole and comment on how loose i am, such a slutty hole always ready to take your strap 🥺
mlm interaction only
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darlinglittletoy · 2 days ago
puppysub and kittysub playing together? 😳
the puppy is so enthusiastic and the kitty is kind of shy at first. their owner encouraging the kitty to be brave and let the puppy sniff at them, the puppy excitedly burying their face between the kitty’s legs… kitty mewls at the stimulation and puppy just lights up at the positive response
soon enough the two are going at it and their owner is happy to see their subs getting along so well
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just-thinking-nsft · 2 days ago
Partners who touch themselves while they give head >>>>>>
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horny-gay-slut · 2 months ago
masturbating isnt enough anymore i need to be absolutely railed by a sexually frustrated guy who will use me up till my limit
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le444vy · a month ago
Making out with one hand on their neck and the other holding their hair seeing how desperate they get when you stop to look at them, how much they want to kiss you to the point they open their mouth a little for when you’re ready to continue, removing the hand on the neck to touch their lips with your fingers and seeing them sticking their tongue out because they want your fingers in their mouth so bad they can’t resist
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bodyworship-punk · a day ago
And so, the aforementioned clothes I bought, heavily inspired off of this post (my website isn’t working with me so here’s the link: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/morgutio-benvolio/662888832084148224?source=share ) here (and why I bought these in the first place actually)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part two is here https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/bodyworship-punk/692543276107087872?source=share, I also bought this strappy reddish thong I kind of like
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clouded-king · 4 months ago
Shout out to subs:
- that need a lil extra hip support when they’re getting fucked.
- that press their inhaler into their dom’s hand before they swallow them down.
- that have aftercare plans including getting their blood glucose levels checked.
- who live with chronic pain but still beg to be slapped around.
- who wear headphones not for the deprevation but to prevent sensory overstimulation.
- who can’t be penetrated but still are a perfect toy.
Shout out to the subs who have altered care plans, modified scenes and who tell a punk ass dom to fuck off if they don’t wanna pay attention to their needs.
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br33ding-bunny · a month ago
Me having a huge free use kink 🤝 Me getting wet when people are possessive and jealous
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hush-writes-preg · 2 months ago
Look at you, sweetheart, flushed and panting like an animal in heat.  You're so worked up that you're practically humping my thigh, desperately rubbing streaks of wetness along my skin.  
You want to ride cock, don't you?  Want to feel me pumping into your tight body as I make you a sex doll and fuck those silly brains of yours right out of your head?  I can feel how eager you are, how needy, you horny little pervert.  
But I'm in no hurry.  Go ahead and keep rocking against me, whimpering and begging and making a mess.  Maybe if you're good, I'll give you what you want.  Eventually.
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downforcuddles · 3 months ago
hello yes I'm an extremely sensitive sub. yes my eyes will roll back from the lightest of touches on my thighs. yes I will moan into the first kiss you pull me into.
use it. against me.
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monster-toy · a month ago
Being taken care of is literally my biggest kink. Being doted on, cuddled whenever i need, held, and reassured. Being checked on and made sure im okay. Literally just take care of me and i will be jello in your hands
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baphometsgirlcock · 2 months ago
i love being a service top so fucking much. i love giving pleasure, i love it when my bottoms moan and beg and lose themselves to how good it feels, i love getting cute girls off and then getting them off again and again and again. i love worshiping my partners, teasing them, praising them. i love hungry kisses. i love hickeys and bite marks. i love making my darlings writhe.
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