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T - The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

H - Hero of War by Rise Against

E - Eros and Apollo by Studio Killers

R - Rock of Ages by Def Leppard

A - Another Angel Down by Avantasia

C - Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

R - Rasputin by Boney M

E - Electric Eye by Judas Priest ((I made the executive decision to take the bundled Hellion version so deal with it))

S - Starboy (Stranger Things C418 Remix) by The Weeknd

T - Thunderstruck by AC/DC

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Attesting that being transgender is anything other than a neurological condition is absurd.

Do you honestly believe that there are no differences between male and female brains? Really? The rates of almost every single mental illness differ between the sexes. Do you really think that if you talked to 500 anonymous men and 500 anonymous women, you could not possibly determine anyone’s gender? That says more about you than it does about anyone else.

Transgender people are neither circus freaks nor completely normal folk. Completely normal people do not desire to change their sex. Arguing that point is bizarre, and convinces few. Transgender people have the brains of the opposite sex, and therefore their internal body maps expect a different anatomy. Think of the distress a phantom limb causes, and amplify it. This is their experience. And how is it not a negative one?

If you self-identify as transgender, and experience it as purely positive - very well, it’s not as if I can stop you. But do not assume that everyone feels as you do, or that gender is merely a “social construct”. Is it a social construct that women almost always tend to live longer than men? Sex is biological, gender identity neurological. This is incredibly simple, and I will never understand the global debate over a microscopic fraction of the population.

Anyone and everyone is welcomed to comment, whether you’re a radical feminist or a far right-winger, or literally anything else. I don’t censor opinions, and wanton censorship helps no one. Or read it and move on. Whichever, whatever. This is Tumblr, and it does not really matter.

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if u’ve always ended up being emotional support for people and ur long history of ignoring/repressing your own emotions in favor of someone else’s/achieving a goal has given u problems with expressing any kind of weakness or vulnerability to people despite the fact you know now you’re sadly not emotionally invincible but everyone else sure thinks u are clap ur hands

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I do think he will, not because he needs a new image, but just because I dislike Izuku’s costume with a fierce passion, especially the gloves.

Actually, the reason 27 why I love Black Whip so much might be because they destroy those gloves.

But the mouth protector is a cool. Let’s keep that, or a helmet.

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Rereading ToG is so amusing because constantly after HoF, Aelin is put down and judged for her life as an assassin by nearly everyone, yet most of their allies in the war came from her contacts she made as Celaena.

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Eponine (Samantha Barks) 2012 Les Mis Film (¼)

Her disguise barricade costume
Her cravat is the same as her shawl from her “on my own” costume
She also wears the same belt in this barricade costume as the “on my own” one

The link below is to a flickr account page by “peddler_creates” with better photos of this costume probably taken at one of the costume showcases (the link should lead to the correct page you may need to scroll a bit to find the exact photos):

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