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Unmute to hear the meows of an old cat, leaves crunching, and my southern accent!

Since everyone is thoroughly enjoying my posts about the new kitten I thought I’d take a moment to show some appreciation for my little old lady - Minni! I took this video last fall and never got around to posting it till now.

She’s 12 years old now and everyone thinks she’s mean because she won’t interact with “strangers,” including my best friend whose tried to make friends with her for years. But as you can see she’s very sweet!

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i know you miss stan lee too but i'm concerned that you reblogging all these posts about "TUMBLR IS SHITTING ON STAN LEES CORPSE GRRRRR" all the time is gonna bum you out. reblogging shit that makes you angry ALL the time is not....healthy

That’s just the same thing I always do, add it to my queue to post later, do other shit in the meantime. 

And it’ll peter out in a couple days and these cretins will find something else to be unreasonably and pointlessly mad about.

Till then I’ll just keep telling them to fuck off. 

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i really do not understand how when someone says that there have been over 300 shootings in 2018, claiming that most of them are suicides/gang violence/didn't take place in a school or venue. suicide by gun and shooting someone to death with a gun in a gang war is just as bad as a mass shooting in a bar somewhere. i feel like we need to put more thorough guidelines on guns, but maybe we need to do more than that, like mental health awareness and law reform and the like, yknow?

Most of all we need proper enforcement of the laws we already fucking HAVE since pretty much every mass shooting in recent memory came about from someone who already legally wasn’t allowed to have guns got them anyway or because some idiot forgot to put them on the “do not sell guns to this person” list. 

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i just wanted to say that i like your blog alot its pretty cool alsoyou'reliketrilllizardbutbetterinliterallyeverywaybye

the cooler popular blogger with a dmc related icon

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