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Remy is my own personal emotional support animal. No matter what, when I lay down on the bed, he comes right over (or from one of the other rooms down the hall) and snuggles with me.

He’s having some dental issues right now (not that you’d know when the scale says 18.2 pounds). Good thoughts are always appreciated.

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Tabby and her sentimentality

- Tabby is a very sentimental person

- she will appreciate any little thing you give her

- she will try to incorporate said gift into her everyday life.

- to her it’s the little things that matter to her that shows that you care

- unfortunately this bitch doesn’t have much personal belongings and gifts that are important to her because her stepdad always took them away from her as punishment and never gave them back or he just threw them away.

- so she got smart and took whatever she deemed important to her to Rosewood Prep and kept said belongings and gifts she received in her locker and kept that bitch locked.

- unfortunately her running away was a spur of the moment type thing so she didn’t pack the rest of her stuff that was still at Rosewood.

- so they’re lost forever now.

- she does have her red plaid coat, a couple of sketches that her best friend gave her, an 8th grade class photo, and a picture of her family.

- her coat was given to her by her first love Heath in the 6th grade. They’ve wanted to be together since but they couldn’t because Rosewood wasn’t exactly a safe place for them. They weren’t mentally or emotionally mature for a real relationship. There was also too much at stake for them family wise.

- at least they both realized that they needed to work on themselves first and had a conversation about it.

-they agreed on waiting until the graduated Rosewood and get out of that awful school before entering a relationship.

- they also agreed along with her bestfriend Autumn that the three of them were going to leave Maplehood Creek once and for all as soon as they all graduated and could start their new lives together.

- Tabby worked on that as soon as she was old enough to get a job.

-over the course of two years she saved up enough money for three bus tickets and a little money left over to live a little while longer for the motel that they all planned to stay at. Until they all found jobs and a place to live.

- obviously that did not happen.

- everyone but Tabby died and didn’t get to fulfill their life plans.

- her red plaid jacket is the only thing she has left of Heath.

- she also has two sketches that her bestfriend Autumn made for her. They were both of Tabby just in different poses.

-Autumn was the artist of the group and she was always excited and proud to show off her latest artwork to Tabby.

- Honestly if Tabby wasn’t a poor bitch she would have bought all of Autumns artwork since Tabby deemed them gallery worthy.

- Those two sketches are all she has left of her. To feel some sort of connection to.

- She also has an 8th grade class photo.

- it was one of the best years for her.

- it was school picture day

- after the rest of the school did their regular pictures of classes and individual students. The photographer left for a few minutes.

- Tabby and co. Had the brilliant idea to fuck around with the camera and take their own picture of just their friend group.

- all of them together

- it was just of Tabby hanging off of Autumn front and center with the rest of her friends were in the background striking dumb and funny poses.

- the photographer came back and lectured them about still being in the room while the rest of the kids are away in class now.

- Tabby and co. Giggled their way out of the room.

- a few weeks later the pictures came back.

- Tabby and her friends got their picture back.

- of course they all got punished for it but the picture was already away in a safe place so it was well worth it.

- last but not least she has a family photo

- it consists of herself, her mother, stepdad, older brother and little brother

- mother looked sweet, tired but timid. Holding her hands behind her back.

- stepdad glared right at the camera with his arms crossed looking annoyed.

- Tabby herself was in a head lock by her older brother Michael, who was also holding a gasoline can like he was about to pour it over her head. She had one leg to the ground and one leg slightly elevated for balance.

- She looked like she was trying to fight her way out.

- she was

- Michael looked down on her with an evil smirk.

- Her little brother Adam was holding onto her slightly elevated leg with a toothy grin and an adventurous gleam in his eyes.

- she also has a school picture of Adam.

- these are the few things that she holds near and dear to her.

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The UnBoxing of Nami 😂😂😂🐾🐾🐾
This little girl is fascinated with boxes. Anything she can climb through, under, and into. If it looks like a box, she’s claiming it for jungle gym territory 😂😂
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