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#table skulls

Artist working

Just a regular day around my working table.

As an artist I like nature, animals and skulls. These things can be seen in my art and I want to create more and better works that I have ever done. It takes some time when you got lot of other things to do like gym training, jogging and other works. 

I am interested in many things and I want to do them at a same time but it is really impossible. I must remember to focus on one subject at a time so it will go fine and succeed. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself and put “myself” to work when I can focus on other things…

Also you should not forget your free time when you really just want to lay down, chill and play games. It has been busy summer but I am going to enjoy it even if there is lot of things to do :)

I have bought those skull in the background and used them as references for my art. 

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