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dailyadventureprompts · 2 months ago
You’ve noted your distaste for the alignment system before, and I was wondering what you thought about using Magic the Gathering color identity in place of it. I’ve started using that in my own game and it feels much better
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Inspiration Station: Magic the Gathering
TLDR: I really like the color alignment system as it can communicate a lot about a character's moral outlook and general vibe a lot clearer than regular alignment can. I like it so much infract that my drafts blog uses MTG color combinations as a sorting system so I can find things that go together easier. That said, its an extra level of game knowledge for new players to understand/have to do be taught. Alignment is supposed to give new players an idea how their character might act, and it's a lot easler for someone who's never roleplayed before to wrap their minds around acts that are "lawful" or "good" than for them to try to guide their character in a particularly "Blue" direction.
While I'm going to go on a bit of a ramble about this, I'm going to start with an explination of what "Color Identity" is for all the members of my audience that haven't lost years of their lives and chunks of their disposable income to a particular trading card game.
In Magic the Gathering (MtG from hereon out), there are five "elements" of magic that encompas the bredth of existance, all with their own emotional and thematic cores and endless interpretations of what they and their combinations represent.
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Anything from creatures to magic to places to civilizations can be found in some combination of these one to five colors, which in turn have relationships with eachother ( harmonizing with their neighbors while conflicting and complimenting with the ones across from them). This makes it a great shorthand from a design perspective, as it links together ideology, iconography, and gameplay into a palate that you can use to paint your characters and settings. There are quite a few "Using the color-pie in d&d" videos on youtube which I encourage you to check out, as they can do a much better job explaining the basics than I could do here.
Advice on how you can use this framework in your own games below the cut:
1: MTG colors as character alignment
Tumblr media
If you take a step back and consider the colors not as basic pokemon elements ( wood, water, fire, life, death) but as embodiments of different outlooks and philosophies, the color pie system suddenly becomes a radically efficient tool for summarizing how a character or culture carries out its beliefs, with the understanding that individuals within that culture will mix in new elements or lean away from others depending on their personal predilections. A character who relies on luck and wits (Blue-Red) may be tempted towards story beats that indulge either of their color synergies, but chafe against systems that would deny a part of themselves ( Such as the rule of a Black-White Authoritarian noble or the simplicity of Green-White peasant life).
2: MTG colors as writing tools
The fun in understanding how characters in your story fit into the color wheel isn't only in assigning them a static position, its in testing to see how they evolve and grow when exposed to external stimuli. Will the Blue/Black spymaster veer towards duty to their state (white) or personal power (red), will the righteous Red/White paladin give up their honor for vengeance ( becoming only red) or achieve some level of enlightenment ( white) after suffering through a crisis of faith.
Through the colorpie, and understanding your characters, you can make narrative arcs easy, or at least pencil some interesting questions as you develop the rest of the story.
3: MTG colors as setting design
The different colors have historically been tied to different types of terrain, and while I tend not to do a 1:1 conversion for all of my settings, its very easy to see how thematic throughlines can be made between setting and environment ( yes, necromancers probably would hang out in places full of shadows and rot, but those that embody Black's aspects of ambition and manipulation probably live in settlements infused with some form of social or infestructure decay, or perhaps a dark history concealed just beneath the surface)
To that end, I like to think of small to medium settlements as possessing a dual color identity made up partially of their land and culture, while larger settlements and nations tend to be two or three colors as they are a composite of diverse groups and interests. By looking at these combinations, finding contrasts between them and synergies with outside elements, you can easily begin to set up political and social dynamics: A White/Red/Green kingdom may have contrasting demographics between a warrior nobility ( WR), a traditionalist peasantry ( WG), and nomads who live on the frontier (RG). The kingdom could be threatened by an invading lich (UB) or by an alliance of nomads and peasants who resent the warrior nobility for their conquest generations ago (BRG)
4: MTG colors as game design
Bo yourself a favor and every time you're struggling to make a dungeon, try to figure out what color identity it has. Instantly you've given yourself a massive dose of inspiration for monsters, traps, hazards, and iconography for you to mine simply by visiting the gatherer and scrolling through the visual spoiler. Generally you can do this by thinking about where it was built and by who, with further richness added by thinking about what sort of creatures from the locality have crept in during the meantime and how their color identities harmonize and contrast with the dungeons own.
Likewise, if you're trying to think of abilities/gear to give a player or npc, think about how the different colors play:
White wants to bolster their allies before clashing head on
Blue wants to be tricky until they get in position to outplay their opponent
Black wants to fight dirty until they can really twist the knife
Red wants to go recklessly and blow their opponent away before they can retaliate
Green wants to level the playing field before getting really strong and stomping their foes into the floor
These playstyles ( and their combinations) can guide you in everything from what loot to give your party to the way monsters behave during an encounter: A (GR) barbarian would probably never want to pick up a (u) wizard's staff, but they might be tempted by a (UR) flaming arcane blade that let them expand their usual toolkit by going ethereal. A pack of hungry (BG) ghouls would lurk in the shadows of their crypt until they could ambush their prey, retreating to let their fetid bites weaken the party before sweeping back in with more numbers.
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batsinthewalls · a year ago
A random assortment of story hooks and ideas for random games.
Call of Cthulhu
-It's a well known fact Miskatonic University has tunnels and secret passageways weaving throughout the campus like a spider's web. The staff tolerates the students exploring the well known ones. So long as they keep the mischief to a minimum.
But not all tunnels are mapped. Sometimes, students get a little too adventurous. (This also works well with HPL: Preparatory Academy)
-A holiday to a small England town takes a turn when an unexpected storm rolls in.
Changeling: The Lost 2e
-There's a True Fae living just down the street from the 7-11. Thing is, it thinks it's human. What's a Freehold to do?
-A dragon in the Hedge is kidnapping Changelings
-Dark Eras: Golden of Age of Science Fiction- A small town in Ohio mysteriously vanishes. Five years later, a handful of residents return claiming to have been abducted by aliens. (Also works well with Hunter: The Vigil 2e and Deviant: The Renegades)
Chronicles of Darkness (fit for any CofD book or crossover)
-It's the 1950s, and show business is alive and well in Hollywood. Featuring Changeling studio execs and Demons who will make you a star.
-(heavily inspired by Pathologic and Bloodborne) A madman's designs blasphemies against the God Machine's mechanisms. Poisoning the earth and the blood of mortals in the heart of a town that is slowly ceasing to exist.
But is the Madman's creation a rot in the fabric of reality or the key to controlling the Machine?
-Dark Eras: Wild West- A mine collapse and a company cover up. A man torn apart by wild life ten miles from a a struggling ranch. A Beast wandering the desert leaving sweet dreams to the thirsty. What do these events have in common?
Delta Green
-A remote SETI station has been picking up strange messages. The lone operator mysteriously vanishes. The Program investigates.
-A squad of veterans a few years home from Vietnam may have stumbled on something as wondrous as it is terrible. As these soldiers begin disappearing one by one, Delta Green must race Majestic to find answers.
-An old WWII Friendly finally tells his story at the end of his life, but the tale might not be over just yet.
Demon: The Descent
-Dark Eras: Cold War, Berlin- The radio station Demons have been using to get news on the other side of the wall may be compromised, but when it broadcasts a warning The Machine intends to summon an Archangel, can they be ignored?
-In a broken factory lies a garden.
-What happens when humans make their own Angel? A swift and sudden fall. (also works with Deviant: The Renegades)
Deviant: The Renegades
They work in garages and bathrooms. Brand new Deviants wake in empty houses long after They have cleared out. Who are They and what are they trying to accomplish?
Geist: Sin Eaters 2e
Dark Eras: Cold War- The problem with 'dead men tell no tales' is sometimes the dead man gets up again.
Sometimes ghost stories have higher stakes than simple haunted houses.
They Came From Beneath the Sea
The HOA has become more aggressive about your lawn as of late. It's time to take a stand against them
Werewolf: The Forsaken
When an unusual amount of spirits are fleeing out of the Shadow, the local Protectorate has its hands full managing the influx and trying to figure out what has them all so spooked.
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aboleth-eye · a year ago
Hey friends!  I’ve been in need of a new homebrew project lately--been fighting creative burnout as best I can.  Therefore, I decided to start homebrewing new monsters for D&D 3.5 and sharing them in the following Google Doc!  
It’s still pretty sparse because I’ve never worked on monsters before and am still new.  Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy what I have made!  
AND  I am taking monster requests!!!  If there’s a monster idea YOU would like to see brought to life send it through asks or by joining the Aboleth-Eye Discord here!  
Here’s a taste of what’s in the Bestiary:
The Auxolotl -- an underground salamander-aberration whose tails turn metal to gold.
The Bean Sidhe -- the spectral wailing fey/outsiders of Celtic/Irish mythology, remade into a nymph-like creature rather than a template
The Roseamar -- a sentient plant species who viciously patrol forests with thorny whips, all in service to a powerful queen (original credit to @5theditionhomebrewing​‘s 5e homebrew)
Virgavis -- the ominous antlered bird of vengeance
Wishing y’all lots of health and love!  Send in your requests, I await them eagerly!
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tabletopresources · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Image above found on pinterest
How about some more?
1d10 more plot hook ideas inspired by film
Groundhog Day. Escape a strange encounter that seems to keep restarting in slightly varied ways.
E.T. Help an otherworldly life form return to its own world/realm to prevent it from inadvertently causing escalating mass conflicts.
Jumper. Stop a powerful figure who is enacting a plan to control and prevent others from ever using their own gifts again.
Casino Royale. Covertly enter a high stakes contest to end a villainous plot conducted by one of its participants.
Spider-Man 3. Break free from the mind-altering influence of a powerful but consuming magic item and keep it from those who would enable it to achieve its dark purpose.
The Chronicles of Riddick. Stay out of the hands of an enemy looking to capture you long enough to bring down a genocidal tyrant.
The Dark Knight. End the crime spree of an agent of chaos whose elaborate plots risk vilifying the wrong people even if you succeed.
Watchmen/Civil War. Find out why heroes are being targeted and unite them in time before distrust and differences turns to violence between once-allied factions. 
I, Robot. Investigate a crime being blamed on an unlikely but far too convenient suspect before they and their entire faction face mob justice.
Apocalypto. Escape captivity, outrun and outfight an army of cultists long enough to disrupt their apocalyptic sacrificial rituals.
Care to reblog with a list of your own?
Let’s keep the community list going strong! And check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips, and tools for your game!
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dicentstuff · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My third set of the series, “Sunrise Sonata”
more on ig/fb @dicent.dice
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moved-to-queazyy · a year ago
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coffee shop zukka!!!
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asimovsideburns · 3 months ago
12 year old wizard who casts spells with somatic components by fortnite dancing
counterspell is just dabbing on them
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dailydungeondelves · 8 months ago
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Truly inspiring
Now taking preorders on Dungeon Delves: Vol. 1
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renegade-chaos-druid · 2 months ago
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Basic intro concept
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hexedpress · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“100 states of equal population - Updated with corrections and state names by popular request” from /u/dalce63, via /r/imaginarymaps https://ift.tt/3r18Rnj Support these posts by backing me on Patreon: https://ift.tt/335XoqS
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corruptedeclipse · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Available now on Etsy! 
Amazing gift for every Dungeons and Dragons player, the Class Sticker Bundle! This bundle includes one full-size sticker for each D&D class (all around 2.5 to 3 inches) and a FREE miniature sticker sheet! Great for decorating character sheets, scrapbooking and journaling. Reward your players for a job well done, or thank your DM for all their hard work with this colorful bundle!
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patentlyabsurdrpgideas · a year ago
Playing with Titles
GM: “Snakes on a plane, but it's a D&D plane. Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Snakes. Roll Initiative.”
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byzantiummm · a year ago
As someone running a pirate campaign in pathfinder right now, I am absolutely living for these sea shanties becoming more popular. The inspiration!
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aboleth-eye · a year ago
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Arts and Crafts: Neapolitan Dice Box!
Just finished sealing a new dice box I painted!  I got hooked into buying three dice sets because of a tumblr dice aesthetic post, so I figured they deserved a new dice box!  This has been a very good project mind these last few months, working on this off-and-on whenever I needed a break from just being in front of screens while stuck at home.
I got a box from an art supply store and got obsessed with the paint job for a while.  I’ve never been big into painting, and I recognized after a while that if I wanted to get it to the stage of sealing it I needed to get it into a place where I think its “great” (not “perfect”).  Just finished the second coat of spray-on polyurethane (which messed up the colors a bit but I’m just so happy its done)!
And now I’ve got a tasty aesthetic dice box that no one else has!  I’m so glad I spent my off-time doing this little project for myself!  -- Aboleth-Eye
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tabletopresources · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Source: a list of famous urban legends to help make game plots
Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips, and tools for your game!
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reserve-inspiration · 2 months ago
How is November already half way over? Anyway, reminder there is no stream today due to our holiday hiatus, we hope you enjoy your Monday as well as the rest of the week, before you know it January will appear and we will be back on schedule! Take care, love you all!!!💜💚
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dungeonaspects · 4 months ago
Aasimar War Cleric inspiration
Really glad you're enjoying these, means a lot to me :)
In reply your message on the Firbolg Rune Knight since the reply function doesn't allow things this big:
In terms of Aasimar War Cleric you (as always) have tons of options, it can be overwhelming and super hard to focus on something. It's all about making someone you'll enjoy playing.
Here's some ideas that came to mind when I spent some time thinking, if anyone else has any suggestions/requests for help let me know, I enjoy challenges and inspiration can come from anywhere.
For backstory:
You can be a "blessed child" of a barbarian tribe, a follower of Tempus. Growing up you were elevated above your peers and given glorious purpose in leading the war songs and carrying the banner (look up Wulfgar from the Drizzt series). Now you travel the world seeking glory along with looking for fellow tribes and followers, wishing to unite the church of Tempus into a magnificent army of divine proportion.
Another you can be a reincarnated soul of Ysgard, you were born with aasimon heritage and vague memories of clashing might on endless battlefields to revive and drink the night away. You feel out of place on the material plane, but driven to achieve your heaven a second time, to return to the endless battle. You cannot die in a meaningless way, people must sing songs of your passing, great evils must be vanquished, your end honourable. You are not inclined to die, but have no fear of it, glory and honour in death!
You could be an aasimar child tormented by evil, everywhere you go, with your parent, the orphanage, the temple of Sune, demons and devils worm their way to you. Your divine blood attracts those of the lower planes, and anywhere you live they found you. You spent many years on the run, hiding from the creatures until you were exhausted and starving. When the priesthood found you, you were hanging by the ankles from a tree being bled, a demon whispering terrible things in your ear. Once the cleric stepped out into the copse the demon stood no chance and was obliterated with impunity. You were taken into the temple and taught the ways of the war cleric, placing faith in your new god to cleanse the sickness of the lower planes.
For flavour that encounter could leave you scarred, a single patch of corruption on your unblemished skin, perhaps the corruption spreads and you must seek a way to cleanse it?
As for your role play do what feels good, be a terror in battle as well as a singing boisterous drinker in downtime.
A calm tactician focussed on the next move in the endless battle of wits.
A dour soul that is a hard nut to crack but once you gain their loyalty is steadfast in any situation.
Or maybe a deus vult master of divine judgement.
Do what you feel fits in and talk to your fellow players, if you got a bunch of lone wolves being the happy go lucky warrior of god will jolt them to have fun and open up.
Also talk to your DM if they're homebrewing you may be able to find some significant events or places for you along with people. A cleric from the temple of Sune you know, a half brother hidden away from the world, a secret you must keep or people will think differently of you. Something you can use to let your character grow.
Also as a side note, in my worlds I believe that aasimar refers to any "planetouched" being born that is visually pleasing with typically pretty and angelic features. Canonically aasimar are part angel (specifically angel not just celestial as they are aasimon) but the common people don't care for classification and use the term loosely. Maybe think on your heritage, you could be fae but look pretty so people are misled, or even be a tiefling that was lucky and gained human skin tone, sweeping pearlescent horns, gold eyes, and a charm about you that draws others to you.
Sorry it's a bit long but I hope it's helpful, as always feel free to tweak and shift what you want, these are just prompts really :)
Please let me know what you come up with, I love hearing about other people's characters.
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venusdeservedbetter · 12 months ago
Taking asks about my idea for a TCG: Dimension Clash!
Reference points:
Part one
Part two
Side post
Ask me anything!
(Tagging @wiley-e-coyote and @ineedspellcheck, they were the most interested).
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dailydungeondelves · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been looking at sprucing up some of my old comics as a project recently. This one seemed an obvious candidate :)
An ode to whoever is precious enough (besties, frenemies, what have you) that you would offer up this rare and valuable resource this Valentine’s weekend ❤️
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fluorescent-blackk · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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