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prokopetz · 2 months ago
Concept: tabletop RPG where your character’s stat block is a string of randomly generated symbols with no associated numerical ratings, and how many dice you get to roll depends on how many of those symbols you can bullshit a reason for being relevant to the challenge at hand. Like, you need to stop a dragon from eating a village and your stats are
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Good luck!
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penguinkinggames · 9 months ago
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Gaming with Godot is a compendium of fifty tabletop RPG supplements – playbooks, scenarios, rules modules, and other miscellanea – by 48 different authors, with a catch: none of the games the material is written for actually exist. Entries run the gamut from transdimensional diners, to polyamorous starships, to a character class which can only be taken by a character who has killed God, each one offering a tiny glimpse of what tabletop roleplaying might look like in a world very slightly askew of our own.
Gaming with Godot can be downloaded for free via itch.io:
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mask-of-ire · 25 days ago
25 Dwarven City Adventure Seeds
By Robb at Readytorole.com
The dwarves have found a new ore in their latest tunnel, and slowly the miners who have been exposed are entering into comas.
The orcs who frequently try unsuccessfully to raid the city have stopped coming recently, but now goblins trying to make peace have taken their place.
An elvish diplomat has earned the dwarf king’s ear. The nobles are happy, but the rest of the dwarves are frustrated with the changes being made.
The Runeslab, an ancient magic-infused piece of earth that powers the dwarves’ magic, has gone inert causing all of their magic to fail.
When called on by the council for guidance, the spirits of the ancestors have been quiet. Additionally, weird noises have been heard around the city’s burial grounds.
A single dwarf from outside the city has apparently dug his way into the city, and now claims to be the queen’s estranged son.
The guard captain can beat any dwarf in a feat of strength, and doesn’t look a day over 100. The weird thing is, digging into city records show she’s held her rank for longer than any living dwarf has been alive.
One by one, dwarves wake up to see another house covered in giant fungi. The fungi only seem to spring up when the dwarves are sleeping.
In an attempt to get more trade, the dwarves have rerouted a river through a tunnel into their city. Trade is now booming, but the people who lived downstream are struggling to survive without their source of water.
At the end of a tunnel just dug by the dwarves they found a large chamber that is an exact replica of their city- except there’s not a soul to be found there. Construction as recent as last week in the real city is present in the replica.
Large cracks have started to show in the statues of prominent ancestors of a certain era, and no one is sure why.
Someone is painting large X’s on the doors of about 5 houses each day. At night, the inhabitants of one of the houses go missing and are replaced with piles of rocks, and the rest of the X’s vanish from the doors.
The dwarves have been training hippogryphs to serve as mounts, but occasionally a hippogryph will return from its flight without its rider, with several gem-like growths protruding from it’s body.
It’s a dwarven festival, but the ale appears to be missing! Weren’t the indigenous gnomes grumbling about a dumb, dwarf holiday?
A dwarf wizard has come out of a long solitary study with an uncanny control over spiders of all sizes. Many are put off by the horse-sized spider he now rides as a mount.
The daily, minute-long rumbling throughout the city would signal that it was halfway through the day consistently for the past 50 years, but last week it suddenly stopped completely.
A young dwarf child kept warning people to stay out of the tunnels but she can’t explain why. The next day, the tunnel flooded with lava, and no one down there made it out alive.
Earth elementals sprung up all over the city about a week ago. So far they’ve only stood in place where the rose, but today one started walking around aimlessly.
A would-be bard wants to escape the life of mining decided for him by his parents, but has no way to get to the bardic college. Furthermore, if he just leaves he will be seen as a disgrace, and so wants to fake his own death.
When the halflings lost their homes in the war, the dwarves happily took them in as refugees. Now, they can’t wait to get rid of the little nuisances.
The dwarf high cleric has recently lost communication with their patron deity. Rather than admit something is wrong, they’ve started decreeing their own agenda, saying it comes from their god.
A group of dwarf travelers have recently returned from a trip to a faraway land, bringing exotic fruit and wares with them. Everything seems fine, except the iris of their eyes are lime green and they can’t stop obsessing over the fruit they brought back.
Having recently opened their doors to outsiders, dwarves are torn between sticking to their traditional values, or adopting some of the ways of others who have visited and challenged their way of life.
Members of one of the noble dwarven houses have started to lose their ability to see in the dark, keeping lit torches and fires roaring at all times.
It’s revealed the gargantuan stalactite that sits above the city is actually a dormant monster, finally stirring awake. No one knows its intent, if it speaks, or how it will act.
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waywardmasquerade · 2 months ago
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Pride Dragon pins!
These are from the original sample run of Pride Dragon pins. They're available now for 20% off.
Rainbow, Ace, Bi, Trans, and Lesbian.
They even have in game stats! ^_^
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ibd-5e · a year ago
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For when you just really want to hurt someone and you don't care who it is or where they are. 🤷‍♂️🖕
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bovel · 2 years ago
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A druidic warlock for sure!  When I sewed more of my LARPing gear I was a wizard and I had some cleric in me when my burnout was at it’s worst. What class(es) are you?!
EDIT: @greebers reminded me that I’ve got some strong Bard-tendecies when doing ESO dungeons over voicechat. @godlingmajora @katyspirit
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zhjake · a month ago
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Interplanetary Shipping-Northstar (IPS-N) moves things across space.  These things can range from humanitarian aid to support a world in crisis, to the same weapons that created the crisis in the first place, and everything in between. It's all business, baby!
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vexwerewolf · 5 months ago
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the-uncanny-dag · 2 months ago
DnD 40 years ago: underground hobby labeled as Satan worship by the evangelicals
DnD now: on a never-before-seen high in popularity thanks in no small part to a man who looks like Jesus, is named Matthew & voices a character called Levi
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flamingflamingoz · 9 months ago
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An early peak at one of the new designs for the upcoming collection. Coming to the new kickstarter soon.  Sign up at www.wildearthdice.com for future updates
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prokopetz · 2 months ago
More inadvisable ways to introduce a new player character mid-dungeon, bait and switch edition:
A new character with almost but not quite identical stats and appearance comes hurrying up to the party, insisting that you’re the real [name], and the [name] everyone knew was an imposter; when informed that they died just before you arrived, cryptically remark that this isn’t the first time they’ve pulled that trick  
A character who nobody recognises speaks up from the party’s midst, acting like they expect to be familiar to the party; if questioned, claim that you’re the deceased character’s personal assistant, and that you’ve been here the entire time, then digress into a rant about how nobody every notices the help  
Following the next encounter, the party discovers a large, ornate treasure chest, which proves to contain nothing but your character, bound and gagged; once released, any complaint regarding the lack of gold and jewels should naturally be met with dramatic indignation at the implication that you’re not treasure enough  
The target the party has been sent to slay unexpectedly greets them warmly, explaining there’s been an awful misunderstanding: you’re not the true master of the dungeon, you’ve just been mistaken for the prophesied Lord of Evil, and you’d very much like to make your exit before the monsters figure it out  
[Spellcaster only] Your original character is revealed upon death to be a fraud with no magical powers, who had merely been impersonating a member of their ostensible character class; any spell effects you seemed to produce in fact originated from a heretofore-unsuspected accomplice: your horse
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penguinkinggames · a year ago
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Help Silvaire, City of Discovery complete her journey to the Convocation of Hermits and unlock new content for Cerebos: The Crystal City – check out the following link for details:
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mask-of-ire · 22 days ago
25 Desert Travel Adventure Seeds
by Robb at readytorole.com
You’ve heard whispers throughout the small town you’re taking refuge in of “jumping mirages” out in the desert that take on the form of your deepest fears and chase after you.
A series of large shadows have been seen moving slowly across the desert, yet there hasn’t been a single cloud in the sky.
People say that the rolling sands, a patch of desert where the sands move like waves of water and pull people under, guards a long lost treasure or kingdom.
A business-minded bugbear has found and developed a lush oasis, including trees and other flora that are thriving against all odds. He charges a good sum to travelers to indulge in the luxury of the oasis, included overnight lodging and provisions.
A keen-eyed villager has noticed that the same merchant has come into town looking for mercenaries to escort him across the desert for the third time in 2 weeks. The only problem is his destination is over a month away, and while he looks fine he doesn’t have his other hired hands with him.
Rumors about a buried “City of Gold” have resurfaced ever since a large gilded scorpion has been seen patrolling a patch of land a few miles south of town. No one has dared to get too close considering the scorpion stands a good 10 feet tall.
An awful and dissonant chorus of sounds can be heard throughout the desert at night. Those who have ventured towards the source claim they see a parade of skeletons with old, battered, and ancient instruments marching aimlessly.
A project to construct “roads” from the large towns to the central city has been halted following the disappearance of the vizier after he came into contact with a relic uncovered during construction.
A strange rock formation sticks out of the sands, offering shelter for those caught in a sandstorm. Upon closer inspection, large claw marks cover the outside of the “entrance” of the rock formation.
A falcon swoops down at something in the distance multiple times before returning high in the sky. As it passes over the group, it drops an amulet with an inscription in an ancient language.
Flaming geysers have started erupting along a well traveled part of the desert, and lizards of all types and sizes have been seen migrating to the area.
A dwarven smith has brought his trade to the desert and has been able to create high quality glass products like no one has ever seen! The other glass makers are growing jealous and have been losing almost all of their business.
A famous explorer has been going around telling everyone about the treasure he’s found in some uncovered ruins, flaunting gold and riches! Anyone who pays attention can see that all of the coins were minted recently, but still it’s unknown how he came into this wealth.
Bodies of travelers have been found ripped to shreds across the desert, with little clues as to what attacked them. Nearby are usually decent sized divots that are unusual for the area, that lead to complex tunnel systems.
Scorpionfolk, creatures built like a centaur except with scorpion instead of horse bodies, have been raiding villages and travelers, taking prisoners with them. Only yesterday a handful of those taken returned, and seem to have no memory of the incident at all.
A “farmer” in the desert has said that a lifetime of work has finally come to fruition, advertising riding lizards as big as a horse and less likely to die in the heat. The lizards appear to be overgrown iguanas by all accounts.
Excavators have uncovered a strange looking orb that burns the flesh of all who touch it. However, one young child appears to be able to handle it without any adverse effects.
Children from a small desert town have started to go missing, and just earlier today they found a sandstone golem that looked just like one of the children.
Storms have started rolling across the desert bringing an unprecedented amount of rain. While many saw this as a good thing at first, buildings have started to sink into the ground and the storms are only getting stronger.
A humanoid figure lies face down in the sand a few hundred feet away from the group. Upon closer inspection, they appear to have died from drowning or asphyxiation.
A cloaked rider on a horse rides off in the distance. A few moments later, a herd of winged snakes can be seen chasing after them.
In an old tent set up in the middle of a desert town, an old man offers to tell the fortunes of any who pass. In truth he is cursed to die each day and is performing a ritual to pass off his death to those who visit so he may continue to live.
A large, dragon-sized creature has been seen flying about in the distance. Anyone who reports it to the guard have gone missing and the leader of the town has not acknowledged any of the claims.
After entering a town that was supposed to offer respite on the way to their destination, those who stop here notice that it appears to be empty. The only clues are crude carvings of snakes into almost every surface, and the occasional small snake moving about.
After a particularly hot string of days, people in the desert notice that the sun actually appears significantly closer, and large bursts of fire appear to be headed for them!
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waywardmasquerade · 7 months ago
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The Pride Dragon Bagons Kickstarter is funded!
There's less than 24 hours left to pledge for a fierce new guardian for your treasures.
Check it out here
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dailydungeondelves · 11 months ago
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Clearly one of these boys is having a lot more fun than the other right now.
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headlesssamurai · a year ago
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   “Guys... do you know that every week people think we’re so fucking high?”
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zhjake · 3 months ago
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Going to be posting each of the individual pilots and their mechs this week! Ana Mederos, callsign "FISH" and her  HORUS Gorgon, "Caro"
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cetaceanhandiwork · 9 months ago
Character Class: Magician
(a long belated “Gaming with Godot” jam entry, with a grateful nod to the anonymous author of the now-deleted Heavy Metal Future wikidot - hey, if you’re out there and happen to see this, drop me a line!)
A magician lives in a universe much too big for them. In a galaxy haunted by chrononauts and gigalomaniacs and principalities, the magician survives by the skin of their teeth and by leaning on mortal humanity's ancient strengths: persistence, tool use, and preparation. In other words, cheating.
It's theorized that witches are not always proto-gigalomaniacs; some of them would be more simply explained if they were, instead, apprentice magicians who have cheated especially well.
Foundation: Defy Ontology
When a scene begins, a magician may choose a single Ontology. Once during that scene, the magician may take an action that ignores that Ontology.
Alternatively, a magician may choose any number of Ontologies with total Magnitude less than or equal to their own to be suppressed for the entire scene.
Unlike the innate power of Tigers to ignore Ontologies and Lies, a magician's Defy Ontology is not automatic. Newly established, changed, or revealed Ontologies cannot be defied mid-scene; time off-camera is necessary for the magician to adapt to them.
If the character that created an Ontology witnesses it being defied, they can Grok Ontology to discover that the defiance is a magician effect. Principalities get their usual bonuses to this even though the Ontology is their own.
Magnitude 3: Dim Reflections
The first priority of any magician, after establishing their fundamentals in the craft, should be to get those fundamentals as well-hidden as possible. The magician's effective Magnitude is increased by 2 against Grok attempts. In addition, when facing a Grok attempt, magicians may Burn retroactively instead of needing to commit to it.
Magnitude 6: Pepper's Ghost
At this scope it becomes easier to be selective about who your infrastructure sweeps up, and into what. When using their other scene-length powers, the magician may define (Magnitude/3) subgroups of the people in the scene, and decide which parts of the effect apply to which subgroups. For example, a Magnitude 9 magician Defying four Ontologies could decide that none of those ontologies apply to the magician themself, one of them still applies to the magician's allies, and another one of them applies to the magician's enemies.
Characters who witness this phenomenon can Grok Ontology to gain the ability to switch between subgroups by making an Effort; as a side effect, this also reveals that the phenomenon is a magician effect if the character didn't already know.
Magnitude 9: Counterfeit Teleology
As the gigalomaniacs know, it is never truly feasible or safe to play God. But it's least infeasible if one also plays at God "moving in mysterious ways".
When a scene begins, the magician may create a false Teleology with Magnitude equal to their own. If the magician is also using Pepper's Ghost, they may decide which subgroups experience the Teleology and which don't. The Teleology applies until the start of the magician's next scene, at which point it ceases to exist even if it hasn't been Fulfilled.
The false Teleology works as normal for Efforts during its lifespan. However, the effective Magnitude of the Teleology is 3 higher against people who don't realize it's a magician effect (this does not stack with Dim Reflections - use the best bonus that applies), and 3 lower against those who do (partially mitigated by Dim Reflections if applicable). Characters who witness the Teleology can learn that it's a magician effect with a successful Grok Teleology action; chrononauts get their usual bonuses to this even though the Teleology is temporary.
Magnitude 12: Eye of the Tiger
With greater understanding of the unstoppable forces surrounding them, the magician gains greater facility at recognizing which of those forces are really unstoppable.
The magician's Ontology related powers, including Defy Ontology, can also be used on Lies. In particular, such a magician’s successful Grok Ontology, applied to a Lie, reveals it as such; the effective Magnitude of such a Lie is reduced by 3 thereafter for the purposes of future uses of Defy Ontology against it.
Magnitude 15: Allspice
At this scope the magician becomes able to hide moral costs in their infrastructure. When a scene begins, the magician may secretly commit to a Sin. The first time the magician Sins in that way during the scene, the effective Karma of the Sin is reduced by 3, to a minimum of 0 Karma.
Magnitude 21: Forge Commission
Fate is huge, impersonal. But the advantage of a vast and uncaring universe, is that it tends not to notice when people go along with it in an unexpected way.
When a scene begins, the magician may choose a single Teleology that names a person or role. Until the scene ends, the magician is treated as though they are the person or role so named. As usual, the magician may use Pepper's Ghost to choose who is affected by the subverted version of the Teleology.
As with Counterfeit Teleology, this can be revealed as a magician effect with a successful Grok Teleology action. Anyone properly named or enrolled by the original Teleology, who knows that this is a magician effect, treats the effect as a separate Teleology with its effective Magnitude reduced by 3, and uses the original Teleology unmodified.
Magnitude 27: Summon Isn't
The foundational art of the magician is answering the question that separates the impossible from the real, and then carefully keeping that answer to themselves. But there are cases - however rare - where that answer is at least somewhat safe to share.
At the beginning of a scene, the magician may choose an Isn't. During that scene, the magician may sustain this power and temporarily cease to exist.
While this effect is active:
The magician cannot use other magician effects, and any attempt to target or affect them must either overcome their Magnitude or first succeed at a Grok Ontology. Successfully targeting or affecting the magician in this way immediately ends the effect.
The chosen Isn't is treated as an Is, played by the magician's player (with their original player, if any, having veto power over the effective player's actions).
If the summoned Isn't is Destroyed, immediately end the effect and permanently reduce the magician's Magnitude by 1.
The magician may voluntarily end this effect between scenes.
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artofzofia · 11 months ago
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@uldren-sov ‘s OC I finally got around to finishing for fun! This is Erzsébet, the Prince of Dusk from my DM @dukerinoVEVO's ttrpg, The Devil City and its 77 Vicious Princes! Check it out if you’re looking for courtly politics, schemes and intrigue roleplaying~ 🎭🥀✨
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flamingflamingoz · 8 months ago
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The Cosmic Collection kickstarter now LIVE! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flamingflamingo/wild-earth-dice-the-cosmic-collection?ref=e8ynln
The Celestial Maelstrom rages across a vast gulf of space, swallowing up the stars themselves in the tumultuous tempest of this deadly void storm. A brief flash of green light marks the end of a star’s long existence as it is annihilated by the maelstrom as it reaches ever onward, vaporizing everything in its wake.
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