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vintagerpg · 2 days ago
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The Dragon 14 (May, 1978). The cover is by Steve Oliff, who went on to be a successful comic artist and digital coloring pioneer, probably best know for coloring the Epic Comics version of Akira. Obviously, I don’t own issues 12 or 13, but from here on it is a straight run to the 280s (circa 2001). Strap in! 
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fanonical · 2 days ago
the best part of playing tabletop games is the moment where you have to, in-character, ask something ridiculous like 'on a scale of one to your hit point total, how injured do you think you are right now?'
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tabletopresources · 2 months ago
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Image above found on pinterest
How about some more?
1d10 more plot hook ideas inspired by film
Groundhog Day. Escape a strange encounter that seems to keep restarting in slightly varied ways.
E.T. Help an otherworldly life form return to its own world/realm to prevent it from inadvertently causing escalating mass conflicts.
Jumper. Stop a powerful figure who is enacting a plan to control and prevent others from ever using their own gifts again.
Casino Royale. Covertly enter a high stakes contest to end a villainous plot conducted by one of its participants.
Spider-Man 3. Break free from the mind-altering influence of a powerful but consuming magic item and keep it from those who would enable it to achieve its dark purpose.
The Chronicles of Riddick. Stay out of the hands of an enemy looking to capture you long enough to bring down a genocidal tyrant.
The Dark Knight. End the crime spree of an agent of chaos whose elaborate plots risk vilifying the wrong people even if you succeed.
Watchmen/Civil War. Find out why heroes are being targeted and unite them in time before distrust and differences turns to violence between once-allied factions. 
I, Robot. Investigate a crime being blamed on an unlikely but far too convenient suspect before they and their entire faction face mob justice.
Apocalypto. Escape captivity, outrun and outfight an army of cultists long enough to disrupt their apocalyptic sacrificial rituals.
Care to reblog with a list of your own?
Let’s keep the community list going strong! And check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips, and tools for your game!
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leidensygdom · 7 months ago
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gotta keep hoarding the shiny rocks
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shorteststory · 3 months ago
When the party likes the doppelganger more than you (ft. voice guest Leeman Kessler)!
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elvenferretots · a year ago
I miss Dungeons and Dragons just a little bit...
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probablybadrpgideas · 5 days ago
When playing with miniatures, any interaction with the play area or the miniatures themselves by pets (cats, dogs, birds, etc.) should be played as the vengeful acts of an eldritch deity, regardless of the campaign setting or plot.
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trojantoast · 5 months ago
swarm keeper ranger but its an old lady who has fed pigeons for twenty years and the local pigeon population has developed generational loyalty to her.
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pseudonomicons · 5 months ago
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Griffin, seeing the Dimension 20 "Box of Doom" for the very first time: "I'm very scared of this box."
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dreamer-127 · 5 months ago
Ranking Dice on How Stackable They Look
D4: has a spike at its top. Not stackable at ALL. 0/10.
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D5: faces a similar problem to the D4 when positioned straight up. On its side, however, and you get a nice flat surface. 6/10.
Tumblr media
D6: These are the iconic dice for stacking, chance games, and more. All of its faces are wide and flat. 10/10.
Tumblr media
D8: I'm certain you could make it work, it just looks kind of unstable. 5/10.
Tumblr media
D10: No. Just no. 2/10.
Tumblr media
D12: This one looks like it could be relied on pretty well. Not as much as the d6, but it's pretty good. 8/10.
Tumblr media
D16: see my opinion on the D10. 2/10.
Tumblr media
D20: Despite its fame in tabletop RPGs like D&D, i'm of a similar opinion to the D12 here. The faces are a bit smaller to account for how many it has to have, so it's a bit less trustworthy. 7/10.
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D100: This is a sphere. 0/10.
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jokerlives · 3 months ago
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They Feed On Fear (2021)
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vintagerpg · a day ago
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I haven’t said this in a while, so you may have forgotten, but I love catalogs. They’re such important crystal balls into the past! You get a far more vivid picture of a moment in time flipping through a catalog than a history book. I mean that on the every day level, you get the vibe of that moment. Old newspapers and magazines are similar, but I much prefer catalogs. They have details other sources overlook.
This is TSR’s 1980 Gateway to Adventure catalog. It’s the first widely circulated TSR catalog. There was an earlier version with a black and white cover; it has minor differences and probably appeared in late 1979, but there aren’t a lot of copies out there. There aren’t a ton of these, either — you’re more likely to find the brown-framed 1981 version in the wild.
This one boast some delightfully amateurish layout (1981 is far more pro), and I find it very charming. But the real sell for me is just getting to see the totality of TSR’s products in one place, and the surprising things we learn from that. Like — there really isn’t a lot of D&D in this catalog! A two page spread takes care of all 25 AD&D products. The white box and the Holmes Basic share real estate with Boot Hill, Gamma World and Top Secret. The rest of the (admittedly brief) catalog details board and war games. There’s only ten on offer, but it feels like they are just as important to TSR as D&D. Which is surprising considering how few things in the catalog have stood the test of time that aren’t D&D.
And man, that cover painting is GREAT. Dave Sutherland, if my eyes don’t deceive me.
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fanonical · 5 months ago
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tabletopresources · 7 months ago
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Source: a list of famous urban legends to help make game plots
Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips, and tools for your game!
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leidensygdom · 2 months ago
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The Dungeon Master, fifth of the 14 designs I made based on the dnd classes! The DM isn't a class, for sure, but I felt like they needed a design too. DMing a campaign was a great decision for me! Do you run any campaigns? What are they like?
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luffik-showcase · 6 months ago
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Characters I designed that have already been adopted!
See the still available adopts at @adopts-by-luff c: (ilu if you buy one!)
Reblogs always appreciated btw! :3
Also, please check out our City and the Beast novel at sharadrass.com! (thank you SO much if you do! <3)
Tumblr story blog; @cityandthebeast
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dravencroft · a month ago
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She is fun scary!
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possum-leaf · a month ago
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pieces i did for the rusty quill charity zine last year in honor of the finale tomorrow <3
i’ll put alternate versions/ sketches etc under the cut if anyone is interested !!
[ID: two drawings of locations from the rusty quill gaming paris arc in a postcard like style. The one on the left depicts eiffel’s folly in an orange/ yellow color pallette and has the words Paris, you’ll never want to leave. The one on the right shows the characters standing in the mr. ceiling brain room with the words Paris, you’ll never want to leave!.
The Eiffel’s Folly drawing shows it centered with a minimal skyline and fluffly clouds in the background. The tower is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and guards. The tower itself is filled with small houses and structures, built on the support beams from a variety of materials.
The Mr. Ceiling drawing shows a small Sasha, Hamid, Bertie, and Zolf from left to right standing among towering collumns that have multiple brains in them as well as wires and tubes connecting them. The columns go off into the gloom without a clear endpoint, and the drawing is done in perspective so the columns shrink upwards as well.
Sasha is a thin white woman with short black hair and a scar visible across the right side of her face. She wears a leather jacket with spikes over a white linen shirt and grey pants. She is looking up at the brain columns. Hamid is an egyptian halfling with dark brown short hair. He is wearing a purple jacket and red scarf with a white shirt and black pants. He is also looking up and to his left. Bertie is a large white man with short blonde hair and a beard. He has his arms crossed and is wearing golden armour with falcon imagery on it and brown boots. Zolf is a white dwarf with light hair and a long beard sitting on top of a floating disc. Both of his legs end at the knee. End ID]
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aisla229 · 10 months ago
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Finished the first arc of the tabletop rpg game I’m GMing, I can finally post all the art! More about the worldbuilding under the cut:
Sauris is a white moon who’s visible surface is mostly composed of clouds. It orbeting around a gas giant, Caelophy. Millenias ago one of the pieces of the crust rolled over in the sea, exposing its side to the sunlight above, past the violent chemically active (and colorful) clouds inbetween. Life boomed on the continent, giving birth to complexe lifeforms such as plants and animals. Currently, civilisation is on the verge of an industrialisation, with a wide and diverse range of trades, for the first time spanning the massive and entire continent.
The active Inner Cloud layer, in an event called the Cloud’s Shift, can burst outwards. When it touches the continent it is believed to be the cause of creation of magic, causing all kinds of odds events as well, like making felines walk on two legs, plants change color, or give mysterious abilities to hidden creatures.
Any magic needs to be cast with a magic circle, each categorised by naturally occuring sigils at the centers. There is 13 known sigils, each named and tide to the planets and moons of Sauro. However tides are about to move, with a few wary travellers coming across a 14th unknown sigil, with the only proof of it being a reserved kid and a suspicious necklace.
Dinosaurs are the prominent life form on Sauris, with only a few mammals (mostly rodents and our beloved humanoids), fish in the rivers, and giant insects in the bogs. Here is a world where dinosaurs are found as locomotion, pets, food, and terrifying predators. It being very cold on Sauris, all year round, they also all rock some fluffy feather/proto-feathers coats.
The seasons no Sauris, are divided into two summers and two winters, spending a large portion of the year partially obscured of Sauro by Caelophy. The highest temperature is around 10°C , and the lowest -30°C
Here on the continent:
- The Tower of Almonious: A distant land discovered by a great sorcerer who has constructed a massive tower on top. Not much is known to the common people of Sauris, and stays inaccessible even today.
- Pol Malleo: An Active volcano, that unlike the ones on Earth does not eject lava, but a hot water-like liquid. Said liquid, named Azura, has a bright blue-turquoise color that glows a powerful green when it comes in contact with certain gases. The jets can go as high as 50 km high in the sky, forming a long colorful trail as it floats away.When an eruption occurs during Altieme, the droplets of liquid tend to freeze instantly in contact with the cold air, forming icicles that drop on the land below, often causing great problems as they bullet the surface.
- Tiacus Mire: It is currently the land in which resides the biggest city of Sauris; Aegyp. It also has the biggest lake: Great Ophora. During Primaestas, the majority of its land gets flooded, creating humid bogs, prospice to massive creatures, such as insects, Spinosaurus, and water dwellers like the massive mosasaurus.
- The Isles of Breviq: It probably has the most unique land shapes of the entire Continent. Long, relatively thin pillars of land have slowly come apart from the main land mass over many centuries, resulting in its numerous islands appearing to float between the clouds. The people of Breviq are known for having tamed the difficult beasts of the sky; riding pterosaurs.
- Pol Incus: The tallest mountain of Sauris, and so the tallest point of the entire moon. Its difficult climb has challenged many minds to reach its freezing top where the air grows thin. Temples and even old artefacts lie across the peaks or hidden under it’s rocks, proving the curiosity this mountain has always inspired.
- Thyreophor: The biggest land of Sauris. Thyreophor is most defined by its lush forests with massive trees and year-long colorful plants capable of holding under massive amounts of snow. It still holds the title of largest population in total.
- The Sdomorphia Wild Plains: Long stretches of grass and brush-like plants extend for as far as the eye can see. Sdomorphia is the land of nomads and the biggest of the animal kingdom: the Sauropods. It might not contain many streams or lakes, but it’s vast stretches borrow perfectly for herd hunting.
- The Austro Tundra: Unlike the other more South lands of Sauris, the Austro Tundra’s soil never melts away. Its rock-solid earth and ice makes it difficult to build houses on, but it has not stopped villages from sprouting even on the coldest land.The Austro Tundra is the land of Theropods, having the biggest number of raptors alike, many of which have prized feather coats.
- The Coelorus Coast: It has some of the biggest rate of precipitation of Sauris, standing on the right side of Pol Malleo against the strong air currents brushing the clouds below. Perhaps from the warmth created by Pol Malleo, the snow in Coelorus tends to melt a lot quicker than the other lands, and with the high amount of rivers and streams lining the soils, it also is one of the most fertile places. The steep sides of the volcano create perfect ranges for step agriculture, and primarily corn and rice.
- Cephalia: It currently has the title of the land with the biggest number of farm-land. Cephalia is often defined as the most friendly populace. With its loudest voices being farmers and workers, it has a particular streak of freedom and carelessness attached to its name.
- The Shantung Sway: A land carrying its own ecosphere, the people of Shantung have remained centuries without connection to the rest of Sauris. The current path to its land is extremely recent and trades have yet to be initiated. Apart from a very few explorers that have left Shantung to see the lands, and all described as fairly eccentric, interactions have been minimal so far.Shantung has been described as odd and fairy tale-like. With plants that glow in the dark, upside-down trees that prevent snow from reaching the ground, and weird spiky structured rocks. With bizarre animals, dinosaurs naked without feathers, small floating octopus creatures, and long leg-less organisms that slithered like tree branches.
- The Tenonto Canyon: The great divider between Malleo and Incus, the canyon expands down as far as can see, battered with wild winds and dangerous looking tornadoes beneath the clouds. A single bridge has been built on the closest edges, where the trade route quickly bustled with life, and ultimately created Mer, an unique city split in two across each side, one in the Tiacus Mire and the other in Thyreophor.
I’d like to say a big thank you to the players for being so patient and being so invested in this world i created, I love you guys. And thanks to anyone who actually read this!
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kissingagrumpygiant · a month ago
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A sentient golem, a dazzling ballet, and a monster from beyond the stars. |✨| the golem of dwell 
had the honor of helping out @avas-poltergeist with the art for this adventure and i cant begin to describe how amazing and fun it is 👀 if y’all like adventures inspired by Jewish folklore and the Underdark, go check it out NOW  
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