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treeviking · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single DM in possession of a good story, must be in want of a party.
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You know you're a dice goblin when you want to raid all of the games in your house for d6s.
Like, I already have 142 dice bit I need more! I'm extremely tempted to do this
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itemwizard · a year ago
Fuck this, I'm gonna make my own Hunter x Hunter Tabletop Role Playing game, with a unique magic system and HP bars.
Item Wizard, Annoyed by lack of Hunter x Hunter and Unique Tabletop Magic systems.
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pvre-mercvrii · a year ago
Looking for a group to solve mysteries with?
Same Here! Hi, my name is Isabella, and I recently purchased the Tales from The Loop books. I am a teenager myself and am interested in looking for people to play with! Even if you don’t know the rules we can learn together I am not a super serious player and I have played rpg’s before. I frequently DM DnD games. Though I’m not a serious player I do generally stick to the rules of games. Please message me if you are interested: discord - izzibobizzi#9508
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brieftidalwavesuit · 2 years ago
8 People I’d like to know better
I was tagged by @emisfritish and so here we go! BTW, still going to watch SKAM, especially now that I’ve pulled up tumblr on my laptop to do this 5555
ONE / name / alias. My name is Kaleb, I have no alias nor is one needed
TWO / Birthday, 26th of April
THREE / Zodiac Sign. Taurus, my life is about food. Monkey, bring me all the chaos
FOUR / Height. 5′9″ / 1.75m
FIVE / Hobbies. Tabletop RPGs with mah friends (d&d, Overlight, Vampire the Masquerade); video games; reading; and EATING FOOD 
SIX / Favourite Colour. Green, like either emerald green or forest green
SEVEN / Favourite Books. The Cassandra Palmer novels by Karen Chance, they are absolute trash but they are the most amazing trash and I will burn with them in a dumpster fire.
EIGHT / Last Song I Listened To. Hunger by Forence + the Machine
NINE / Last Film I Watched. Godzilla, King of the Monsters. I’m here for Mothra, my main monsta
TEN / Inspiration For Muse. This makes no sense to me so... friends?
ELEVEN / Dream Job. Something with benefits like health insurance and a pension. Is that too much to ask for?
TWELVE / Meaning Behind My Url. this is my tumblr assigned identity and I have never filed appropriate paperwork to update it
Tagging : I’m keeping an eye out for my friends. But please feel free to participate anyway, I promise I read things
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emmiefox · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Arthur Aragon, an NPC for the Monster of the Week campaign I’m running. He hasn’t shown up yet, but he will.
(I’m gonna draw the player characters as soon as I get the designs nailed down)
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geekscollab · a year ago
Tumblr media
A Band of Brothers, the dice game, is an adaptation of an ancient game called Help Your Neighbor, and has been incorporated into #AdventurePost. Episode 5 of The Playful Necromancer will include the usual hand-drawn game map AND the hand-drawn dice game board. We will also release this for free to others, outside of Adventure Post. #GameDesign #gamedev #indiegamedev #boardgames #boardgamesofinstagram #tabletopgaming #tabletop #tabletoprpg #tabletoprpgs #Adventure #fantasy #swordandsorcery #RPG #roleplayinggame #darkfantasy #EverWyrd #fightingfantasy #dice #dicegame #ancientgame (at Geeks Collaborative Gaming)
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firefly-fez · 4 months ago
Bad pathfinder character ideas: nihilistic awakened animal; desperate to wreak vengance on the one who cursed them with sentience
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critacademy · 5 months ago
#dndplayertips A Farewell Letter #rpg #dungeonsanddragons #roleplayinggame #critacademy #tabletoprpgs
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