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Mo Dao Zu Shi Japanese Donghua OP & ED Preview

  • OP “千夜想歌 Thousand Nights Song” by CIVILIAN
  • ED “季路” by AIMER (not sure what it means, Google said “Seasonal Road”)

Cast Announcement:

  • Wei Wuxian - Kimura Ryohei
  • Lan Wangji - Tachibana Shinnosuke
  • Jiang Cheng - Midorikawa Hikaru
  • Jiang Yanli - Saori Hayami
  • Lan Xichen - Morikawa Toshiyuki
  • Jin Ling - Kaji Yuuki
  • Lan Sizhui - Shimba Tsuchiya
  • Lan Jingyi - Saito Soma
  • Nie Huaisang - Hanae Natsuki
  • Jin Zixuan - Akabane Kenji
  • Wen Ning - Shimazaki Nobunaga
  • Wen Qing - Kawasumi Ayako
  • Wen Chao - Yoshino Hiroyuki
  • Wang Lingjiao - Asumi Kana
  • Luo Qingyang (Mian Mian) - Lynn
  • Jiang Fengmian - Hamada Kenji
  • Yu Ziyuan - Honda Takako
  • Lan Qiren - Sakamaki Mitsuhiro
  • Jin Guangshan - Hayami Sho
  • Wen Ruohan - Miyake Kenta
  • Wen Zhuliu - Sakai Keikou
  • Nie Mingjue - Shirokuma Hiroshi
  • Su She - Kobatake Masafumi
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It still amuses me that from all the CD dramas starring Shinnosuke Tachibana I’ve found two translated. On one we have a yandere, lonely boy that turns corpses into furniture and gives not so subtle hints that he’s practiced necrophilia… and the other one fucks his stepsister. IDK which one is worse but they’re both enjoyable nonetheless.

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CQL Japanese Blu-ray Bonus (Box 1)

“Lan-er gongzi” just became “Lan-shi ni no waka-sama” xD

Also, it’s worth to note that the lines they’re saying in the bonus Japanese dub is a bit different with the Japanese subtitles on the main episodes, especially in terms of how they’re addressing each other.

I’ve only watched a few episodes (because still waiting for Box 3 to come) so I don’t remember much.

But I do recall Wei Wuxian calling Wen Qing “Wen-dono” xD


Xuanwu Cave Scene >> here

Phoenix Mountain >> here 

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It’s the end of an era, you guys.  After 10 years of Hinocchi and Tachi doing radio shows and performing as Elekiter Round 0, it’s finally coming to a close. I’ve translated their twitter and blog posts to help cope. T_T


the AUDIENCE’s twitter:  

“the AUDIENCE~Sentakugata RADIO~ had the honor of holding the last event ‘the LAST!!’  To everyone who has supported us so far!  There are no words to express our gratitude!!  Along with that announcement, ERO’s LAST LIVE will be held next year 4/12 (Sunday) at Shinjuku BLAZE!!  Please wait for more follow-up on this!!”

BLACK SHIP’s twitter:  

“It was the radio where I met the best partner and the best fans.  Thank you❤️

-Tachibana himself ”


Hinocchi’s blog:

Despite the late hour on a weekday night,

To everyone who came to the radio event of "The Audience The Last,”
Thank you very much.

We have made with all the fans for 10 years,
“Kunitori”, “Outlaw,” and “The Audience” radio programs
and the unit “Elekiter Round Zero.”

For all the love everyone has filled us with again and again for the last 10 years,
I give my heartfelt thanks.
It felt like a second youth – a very, very happy 10 years.

Thank you Shin-chan who invited me at that time.
Thanks to that invitation, I had so many wonderful encounters, wonderful experiences, and wonderful memories.

Thanks to the best partner.

And thanks to the best staff.

And thanks to all the best fans.

As ‘Elekiter Round Zero,’
on April 12, 2020 we’ll be able to do the last live at Shinjuku BLAZE.

I’ll sing with everything I’ve got so as not to have any regrets, so I’d be happy if you could join us at the venue and spend this last time with Elekiter.

Run towards the last!

Well then, everyone –
good night!


Tachi’s blog:

the audience’s last event.

What did you think?

Despite it being on the weekday,
many people came to hang out,
I was super happy ☆

With this, it’s really the end of the radio.
We’ve built up so many memories, I think it was very good ~10 years ♫

Alright then,
Next is Elekiter! !
The last live of Elekiter Round Zero will be held on April 12, 2020 (Sunday).

Elekiter is finally Ragnarok (lol).

ERO will also be dissolved with this live.
I really hope you can free up your schedule and come to the concert! ! !
Regards ~~~ \\ ٩ (‘ω’) و ////

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Me: *Watch 5:30 hours of DABA’s 10th anniversary*

Also me: *Only make gifs of Tachi in maid outfit because he was too adorable*


On a side note - it was great watching all of them together again *_* And my heart fluttered when Hino & Tachi were singing one of their songs (even though they hardly remembered it lol). Also, thanks Junjun, now I can’t take “Get Wild” out of my head, this song is so catchy!

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So I guess I missed the memo that tachi started his own Twitter account….and had a daughter..??!? Omg I was scrolling through it and then BAM there’s a picture of his “hime-chan” omg and I just wanted to cry! Our tachi, a father!! Omg I was so happy!! But sad that I’m an embarrassing 10 months late to find out T_T *sigh* this never would’ve happened back on the day… I am losin it!!

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That brings back so many memories! 

I love them so much! 

Anyone remember this post? Wow, feels like ages ago (well, that was almost 5 years ago haha)  (I freaked out for a moment because I couldn’t find it in my archive! I remembered I made this and checked under both Hino & Tachi’s tags but couldn’t find it! But then I realized that back then I wrote seiyuu names the English way - aka Satoshi Hino and not Hino Satoshi, so…. in the end I found it ^_^;;)

And THIS. The first BLCD snippet I’ve ever shared! *__* 

I think Hino was my first most fav seiyuu. I still love his voice very very much ♥ Whenever he’s using that super deep voice I DIE. 

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