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WEE WOO FINALS ARE OVER! For one of my finals we had to make an animated book cover so I picked only the finest of literature.
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tad & pole - aranzi aronzo ‘cute dolls’
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The life cycle of the frog. All Around Us. 1940.
Internet Archive
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Tadpoles and greek people talking in the background.
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Fluffy Bertzno Tadpole
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Not tadpole anymore but not frog yet🤔
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Little Beans Tadpole
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sootslash · 6 months ago
warrior cats au where sasha takes hawk, moth and tadpole to her old friend: a kittypet named princess ookaay here we go
PART 1: - tadpole lives because i said so - sasha cant figure out how to get back to clan territory and knows that if she does give her kits to the clans tigerstar might find them - she remembers her old friend princess. when they were kits, their housefolk lived right next to eachother, so they visited often. they were separated when sashas housefolk moved away, and took sasha with them - sasha finds her way to the twolegplace and seaches for princess. she’s unsuccessful at first but eventually, she finds princess. - as soon as princess sees a ragged, somewhat starved sasha with 3 scrawy kits she immediately knows somethings wrong. sasha explains the whole tigerstar thing and that tadpole almost drowned and that she really really needs princess to take care of them - princess understands and takes in the 3 kits. for whatever reason, princesses twolegs also let the kits stay and dont give them to other twolegs. sasha leave after a while cuz she sees tigerstar inside the twolegplace (hes scheming with scourge). shes very afraid he will find her - the 3 are very upset, but princess teaches them how to move on. - tadpole loves to stay inside and play with toys, hawk is mischievous and likes to cause trouble and moth LOVES flowers and outdoors in general - they lives as kittypets until theyre each young adults. tadpole is very smart and loves befriending other kittypets. hawkfrost is quite distant and shy. he keeps to himself most of the time, rarely speaking to anyone other than his family. moth loves to wander outside of twolegplace and into the forest edge. she loves trying to hunt. sometimes though, she leaves for days on end. this worries her family, but she says she’ll always come back - one day, moth wanders a littttle to far into the forest and is caught by a cat who calls herself “mistyfoot”. moth thinks this name is funny, and asks her where she got if from. mistyfoot explains that this is her warrior name, at that she’s the deputy of riverclan. PART 2:
- moth is interested, but doesnt trust it. she goes to leave but mistyfoot asks her if she’d like to join. moth says she’ll think about it and goes back home
- mistyfoot sees potential in the young cat. she’s very big for her age, well muscled and already knows how to hunt
- moth tells her family about riverclan, and that she wants to go live there!
-tadpole is very sad. he doesnt want to go and doesnt want moth to go either! hawk on the other hand, thinks this sounds very interesting and says if she leaves he’ll come with her.
-princess is very understanding, but also afraid. princess explains to the kits that theres a cat living in the clans named tigerstar that could harm them. moth decides she’ll go and ask mistyfoot about him
- a few days later, moth finds mistyfoot again and asks her about tigerstar. mistyfoot is very shocked and explains that tigerstar was a terrible cat, who once rules shadowclan, but was killed recently.
- moth goes back to princess and tells her that tigerstar is dead. princess is happy, and allows her and hawk to leave. tadpole is still upset, but he says aslong as he has princess he’ll be okay. hawk and moth get rid of their collars and venture into the forest
- hawk and moth are caught by a patrol and are brought to riverclan. hawk, moth and mistyfoot convince leopardstar to let them join riverclan. she agrees because 1: they’re pretty weak, still recoverinf from the bloodclan battle and 2: two of their warriors are missing: feathertail and stormfur (they r out on the journey)
- hawk -> hawkpaw, apprentices to blackclaw, moth -> mothpaw, apprenticed to mistyfoot
- mothpaw is a prodigy. she already knows how to catch any and every creature living in the forest. shes made friends with almost everyone in the clan
- hawkpaw on the other hand is struggling. he doesnt know how to hunt well and is quite lazy. because hawkpaw spends more time in camp, he starts to hang out with mudfur. after a while, mudfur asks if hawkpaw would like to be his apprentice. hawkpaw agrees
- mothpaw finishes her apprenticeship: mothpaw -> mothdrizzle!!! hawkpaw is still training as a med cat apprentice
- after some time hawkpaw finishes his apprenticeship aswell getting his med cat name: hawkpaw -> hawksnooze!
- because of their different roles, hawksnooze and mothdrizzle become more distant. mudfur is getting older, so hawksnooze has to take up the majority of med cat duties. this stresses him out alot
- one night, hawksnooze is visited by tigerstar during a dream. tigerstar reveals that he’s their father. hawksnooze knows not to trust him and is able to wake himself up. hawksnooze tells mothdrizzle about this, shes a bit spooked but thanks him for telling her
- tigerstar keeps trying to talk to hawksnooze, but hes able to avoid him. mothdrizzle hasnt been visited though because surprise! shes still an athiest! (not cuz of what happened in canon, she just feels like it)
- feathertail and stormfur come back. the clans move to the lake, mudfur and leopardstar pass away. mistystar is leader and mothdrizzle is deputy
- before they leave though, hawksnooze and mothdrizzle visit tadpole and princess. princess congratulates them for becoming warriors. tadpole is also proud of them but is saddened that they have to leave, again
- mothdrizzle and hawksnooze go on to live their lives in riverclan. tigerstar gave up on trying to contact hawksnooze, and mothwing thrives, eventually raising kits of her own with leafpool.
didnt think this au would blow up so much LOL thanks all
other stuff:
- tadpole befriends a former bloodclan cat and has kits (they r raised as kittypets). when warriorclan is created, tadpole, his mate and his kits all move there
- mothdrizzle and leafpool r lesbians! they adopt some abandoned kits they find and raise them together in riverclan.
- leafpool still has kits with crowfeather, but mothdrizzle defends her during the gathering. after this, leafpool moves to riverclan, becoming their second med cat
- princess acts motherly to hawk, tadpole and moth, but they dont see her as a mother. they still have the memory of sasha, which they hold onto for the rest of their lives
- during tbc, hawksnooze, mothdrizzle, leafpool and their kits are all temporarily exiled and stay in shadowclan. hawksnooze and leafpool are very kind to shadowsight and help him alot. mothdrizzle acts as a secondary deputy
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one-time-i-dreamt · 6 months ago
I was taking a bath and thought it would fun to pass the time waiting for it to fill up by putting a bunch of tadpoles in the tub and then quickly draining them before they could turn into frogs. They started to grow really quickly and the bathtub for some reason wouldn’t drain, so very soon the bathroom was infested with massive toads. I realised that the bath wasn’t draining because I hadn’t taken the plug out, so I did and then tried to shove all of the toads down the plughole. I then realised that the plughole was fake and didn’t actually lead anywhere, so I ran away.  
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