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jung-koook16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
q. does bts dye their hair? jungkook: do you really think hobi have white hair 馃拃
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codakyeunja20 hours ago
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poshtae19 hours ago
BTS FILM VIEWER: members describing each other
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
About Yoongi:
Tumblr media
Joon: skin is beyond white, but pale, clear, and like a glass bead
Jin: seems like he won鈥檛 play games, but it鈥檚 amusing because he does
Yoongi: more diligent than you think
Hobi: seems the most excited these days
Jimin: acts like he doesn鈥檛 know but knows everything
Tae: his hands that looks dependable/reliable is impressive
Kook: his smile with his eyes is pretty
About Taehyung:
Tumblr media
Joon: he鈥檚 been working out very diligently recently, so i鈥檒l look forward to how much more charming he鈥檒l be once he even has the body
Jin: he was playing a game so I entered the room, but he left to go exercise so I鈥檓 sad. Bad guy!
Yoongi: he鈥檚 the second at being funny these days
Hobi: his facial features are very clear/strong and amusing. He鈥檚 handsome
Jimin: although he seems silly, he鈥檚 an honest kid
Tae: i like him
Kook: the dot under his eye is pretty
About Seokjin:
Tumblr media
Joon: about 3 days a year, he鈥檚 really really like the oldest hyung.
Jin: it鈥檚 thrilling every time I (or he) look in the mirror
Yoongi: he's an icon of positivity
Hobi: when shopping, he鈥檚 really amusing and refreshing(uses new as in new experience)
Jimin: his warmth in his innocence/purity is his charm
Tae: his lips are like aengdoo(鞎惦憪)* looks like cherries (refer to pic) this phrase is used to describe pretty lips in Korea
Kook: his shoulders are pretty
About Namjoon:
Tumblr media
Joon: he鈥檚 so cool, very cute, sexy and jjang
Jin: i get flustered/baffled when he takes someone else鈥檚 phone
Yoongi: he鈥檚 so cool when doing interviews
Hobi: when he looks at artwork, he looks very different
Jimin: he鈥檚 a child thats like an adult
Tae: his body has changed these days
Kook: his dimples are pretty
About Jungkook:
Tumblr media
Joon: 10% body fat. Born with/gifted with muscles. Im jealous
Jin: he says he鈥檚 not going to eat so be doesn鈥檛 order but keeps taking my food so my heart hurts a lot
Yoongi: he鈥檚 good at anything
Hobi: he鈥檚 always 鈥渘ew鈥(different) recently, his style changed
Jimin: to the hyungs, he鈥檚 just my dongsaeng
Tae: he鈥檚 good at focusing
Kook: everything [about him]is pretty
About Hoseok:
Tumblr media
Joon: he鈥檚 always reliable and very stylish. He鈥檚 like an angel too
Jin: it鈥檚 amusing since he hasn鈥檛 been shopping these days
Yoongi: he鈥檚 an evangelist of hope/person that spreads hope
Hobi: he looks best with black hair
Jimin: he locks us up/encases us with his happy laugh/smile
Tae: the way he flows to the rhythm is cool
Kook: his heart is pretty
About Jimin:
Tumblr media
Joon: he really wasn鈥檛 funny in the past, but now he鈥檚 in charge of laughter
Jin: he鈥檚 funny because be says he gained weight even though he didn鈥檛
Yoongi: he鈥檚 first in being funny these days
Hobi: he鈥檚 the funniest in the world and..he鈥檚 sexy
Jimin: i鈥檓 me
Tae: he sleeps like an angel
Kook: his pinky finger is pretty
Trans 漏 btsbaragi_jk
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tteokggukk22 hours ago
waiting game 鈫 jjk | fourteen: caught in 4K
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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鈥 fic type: social media au, soulmates au
鈥 pairing: jungkook x reader
鈥 genre: ex-friends to lovers, humor, crack, fluff, angst, slow burn
鈥 warnings: explicit language
SYNOPSIS: in a world where everyone finds a unique connection to their soulmate once they turn of age, y/n can鈥檛 seem to figure out her clue. after desperately staying up all night to find one, y/n decides to rest and write down her list of groceries on her arm, ultimately giving up on finding a clue along with the whole idea of soulmates. that is, until jungkook wakes up to a whole list of poorly written ingredients scribbled all over his own arm.
taglist: @boraength @rageyoudamnednerd鈥嬄燖gaeguuliii鈥 @justbangtanthingz @maknaechu @lochness-butmakeitsexy @thealmightyzah @cholychi @curedblues @zxlummxxd @buzzyybee @miriamxsworld @bringitseijoh @j00nifi3d @cuteipat @lilacdreams-00 @missmadwoman @ggukkieland @c0ld-as-russia @notvantaes @yoontaethings @madaboutjeon @littletinyhobi @duchesskaren @vantxx95 @rosesandluna @rainy-cobbled-streets @taegijns @jaiuneamesolitaiire @dopedreamfireparty @music-makes-me-shine @imluckybitches @betysotelo18 @viscoolreal @cha-raena @starlitemotions @jaerisdiction @michellejonesbitch @ellesalazar @babyrosieareroses @staaardustt @secretlycrazyhummingbird @rikilvr @calumsfringe @moon1uvrs @pvt-only @todoroki-slut @definitelynotcesia @magicsweetener @moonibub @lovelytaes-blog @thequeen-kat @youreverydayzebra @wrmnssoul @tanumiki @itsalyssa15 @halesandy @rdiamondbts2727 @luvrsofbts @shreyuuu @windex-princess-ami @excelseor @stfu-xeena @writieryn @girlwiththeglittereyeliner @tazzi-baby
if you鈥檇 like to be part of the taglist, please send me an ask! 馃挏
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bts-trans3 hours ago
210805 BigHit鈥檚 Tweet
[#氚╉儎氚 #BTS_Dynamite 靹疙姼鞛レ棎靹 鞛殞頃 鞎勳澊鞀ろ伂毽 旮瓣硠 馃崷 #鞎勳澊鞀ろ伂毽检偓霝戩唽雲勲嫧 #鞚搓惮鞐晞鞚挫姢韥靷瀾飚韤 #鞎勳澊鞀ろ伂毽茧皷鞐愲毽勲雼 (
[#BangtanBomb] Reunited with the ice cream machine on the #BTS_Dynamite set 馃崷 #IceCreamLoverBoyScouts #YourLocalIceCreamLoverJweKwe* #AllHeKnowsIsIceCream
(T/N: *A funny way of spelling 'JK'.)
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans 漏 TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDS
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busan-jimin18 hours ago
Tumblr media
as voltas de um carrossel n茫o se comparam 脿 velocidade do tempo em que me apaixonei por voc锚
鉁 para @golden-vantae 鈾 em caso de inspira莽茫o, d锚 os cr茅ditos 馃棑 04.08.21
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