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BTS’ ‘Make It Right’ Live Stage @ iHeart Festival 2020

No other group creates a live stage as detailed and as elaborate as BTS. The revolving door near the end of their performance of 'Make It Right’ is yet another stroke of genius that we have come to expect from BTS.

#BTS #KimNamjoon #KimSeokjin #MinYoongi #JungHoseok #ParkJimin #KimTaehyung #JeonJungkook #MakeItRight


video: @iHeartRadio

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Disclaimer: tarot is speculative and to be taken with a grain of salt.

Let’s begin. The long awaited Koo reading.


To start, koos energy is a really rich, solid purple that is kinda pearlescent? It hard to explain but it kinda looks like this


So thats pretty neat. Most of the time the way I see energy it isn’t ever really opaque so that was new for me. Another thing that was new for me was when I went to, essentially, connect to koos energy there was this like glass door looking thing and, it sounds nuts I know, but I left an offering of energy at the glass thing? Kinda like leaving flowers outside the door and then he removed the glass thing and connected his energy with me.

Now its even weirder because his soulmates energy was already with him so I didn’t even need to connect with his energy in order to connect with the soulmate. His soulmates energy was just this white sparkly blob standing by him (I tend to see the boys when connecting with the energy because I already know what they look like) and immediately his soulmate was “chatting” with me. I was surprised so I was like, “do you have any messages that you want to say?”


The messages I got were

  • You’ll see
  • Open your arms to love
  • Carry the burdens as a badge
  • Afraid to lose you

Cool cool cool. I think his soulmate is aware of all the upheaval that he’s been doing on a soul level recently. I talked some about it in this reading x and kinda this one x I think his soulmate is being very encouraging. (Also, I think his whole upheaval really had to do with him not feeling like a person? Idk thats just the vibe in getting. Its like he needed to learn how to feel again and learn that he can have true and authentic love)

Now the open your arms to love thing is cute because I also wrote down, “He’s suffered enough” and “Love is hard for him” (I swear to God I heard a tiny little “hey!” From jk in the background lol)

His soulmate is very aware of the struggles he’s been through and is going through and is very understanding that he needs patience. So cute.

Keep in mind the reading hasn’t even started yet. We still hanging on his little energy platform chatting and his Soulmate is like, “I don’t know him” … I didn’t even ask that yet but oki. So they don’t know eachother. And again, out of nowhere his soulmate wanted me to know that their hair is blonde. Awesome. This could mean that their hair is blonde when they meet or that’s just the natural color.

I was like, dude, I haven’t pulled cards yet. And his soulmate was like, “no shit”… soulbae has jokes. I was like, “You’re funny” and they were like, “You can write that one down too”

His soulmate and him definitely have witty banter and they tease eachother a lot.

Now, some freaky shit. I was like cool I’m gonna do the reading now, its awesome that you’re connecting with me personally and it’d be great if you could just continue to help me through the reading. And they were like, “yeah no prob” and then dissolved into my energy? Idk. Wtf. His soulmate was like cool I’ll help out for sure and gave me a massive direct link. That hasn’t happened before. Neat.

On to the actual cards finally! So, for the cards that represent Soulbae are, kid you the fuck not, The Lovers and knight of wands rev. So. This person is very passionate and driven. A little scattered and impulsive but with the lovers card they are very sure of the choices they make. Very honest and open in communication. Also the fucking lovers card. Soulmate shit.

Now. For personality I drew 2 of swords rev. Death, hermit and knight of pentacles rev. Now. I think this person is elusive. A wrote down “know one quite knows” so I think this is the type of person that has never ending depth. They are ever changing yet always the same? They are kinda blocked off and hard to get to know. You have to earn their trust for sure. Also definitely a perfectionist. Can get bored easily too. I also got slave, knight rev and bully. This person is very strong willed and might have some past trauma that they’ve yet to let go of. Has probably been in some shit relationships because they tend to have “delusions” about romance (more so i get the feeling that they had high expectations that would never be able to be fulfilled? Like they have a tendency to plan everything out in their head and if it doesn’t go exactly to plan then its not good enough.) This person might also be stuck, not moving forward because they have too much faith that everything is just gonna magically work out. Probably spiritual.

Onto the relationship now. We have THE LOVERS AGAIN, 9 of cups, wheel of fortune and king of wands. So much contentment. Its fucking destiny. Its the most beautiful, strong, loving and influential relationship. It is what you dream of as a kid. Theres so much honest and open communication in this relationship. UGH its so fucking good. They are in love and its fucking destiny thats divinely guided. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk.

We have the pillar of light, sisterhood of the rose and the age of light. They are going to accidently make eachother fucking woke im cackling. They help eachother become more intune with ~spiritual shit~

Now for this person’s sign. Air sign with some fire. I think there might be gemini in there somewhere.

Now for career. I’m confused as fuck. Maybe a life coach? Could also be a personal trainer? This person is really successful and does whatever they feel called to do? I’m not really sure?

Now for where they’re from. Oki oki oki. This person has probably moved a lot as a kid and probably enjoys travel a lot. They value the knowledge that the wold has to offer!

Message from his soulmate to him: simplify your life, you think someone is lying (they are) and time to let go. Theres something that he is holding onto (some fake friends perhaps?) That he needs to let go of. Theres also a message of slowing down and resting. Life has been busy for him and he needs to… simplify…

Now we have, balance masculine and feminine energies. Koo needs balance in his life. Him and his soulmate balance pretty well in terms of energy!

For the little homemade cards we have, serendipity and focus. This is his soulmate saying, “hey, focus on the now. Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll meet when the time is right” I also made a note that they could possibly meet at a concert (I don’t think it would be a bts concert.)

For descriptors we have: older, masculine, outgoing, long hair, light hair (remember when I said blonde earlier), outgoing again. So this person has masculine features. I also made a note of dark eyes that are like, dark brown grey? And a fit and built body. Also dresses like Koo but a bit more professional or classy. Like classy emo.

Now I also pulled a fortune from my bowl of fortunes and got, “you don’t get in life what you want; you get in life what you are.” He needs to focus on bettering himself.

Cool cool cool. Now we have Defend to the end , the worth while. This card talks about seeing things for what they really are. Not being swayed by gilded things. Its about learning to love and choose love. Not being afraid of fear. Living your truth. To fight for love and honor and ditch the shit that isn’t genuine or doesn’t come from a place of love. Its about standing your ground even when its hard. Not compromising yourself.

Overall koo and his soulmate have such a cute and loving relationship. Koo has worked really hard on a soul level and physical level. He’s betting himself and he’s learning about genuine love. His soulmate couldn’t give less shits about whether or not he’s famous. His soulmate sees him for who he is, who he really truly is at his core. He doesn’t need to protect or keep his walls up. He’s open and honest with his soulmate and they are both focused on growing and becoming better people.



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Genre: Prequel to Roses & Thorns; Poly!AU; Hybrid!AU; Fluff & Angst

Pairing: BTS x Female!Reader; Alpaca!Seokjin, Panther!Yoongi, Fox!Hoseok, Wolf!Namjoon, Bear!Jimin, Tiger!Taehyung, Bunny!Jungkook

Summary: Before Y/n rehabilitated hybrids, she was just an average rich daughter of a well-known hybrid breeder. She was also someone who didn’t want hybrids in her life, she didn’t like how they had to have an owner when really, they were more human than animals. When the government starts threatening her, she decides to get one to make them start. That’s what changes everything.

Warning: Mentions of Mental & Physical Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Thoughts; High Suggestions of Smut; Future Mentions of Attempted Suicides; Read with Caution~ <3 This Chapter in Particular has Strong Mentions of Bullying, Old Scars, Abuse; Please Read with Caution.

Word Count: 1,220

Connected Series: Roses & Thorns

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Author’s Note: Welcome to Chapter 4! I’ll add links later. I hope you like it!! ^_^


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