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#taehyung angst
fluffyydumplings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
‘It is said that centuries ago, a man had fallen in love with the machine he had wilded with his very hands. The soul of his dead wife trapped within the tunnels that make up what it was.’
Pairings: writer!reader x witch!yoongi x writer!jimin / alien!jungkook x vampire!hoseok x werewolf!taehyung
Genre: fluff / crack!au / angst / fantasy!au / sci-fi!au
Warnings: Will vary each chapter
A/N: If you want to be added to the taglist, comment down below..
Tumblr media
The Machine
♡ Yoongi is getting precognitive dreams of three young men who are destined to meet. Being the witch that she is, guiding them is a must.
The Kingdom of Daydreams
♡ The three are to work together as a team. They’ve figured that out through the form of a mind-penetrating witch. What lies ahead of them on the other hand, that's a mystery yet to be solved.
Tumblr media
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missgeniality · 5 hours ago
Stigma (m) - Teaser
Tumblr media
“No deed can ever be passed without traces, done without shadows, gone without remains.” - Noha Alaa El-Din
➺ Tentative Posting Date: 20th October
➺ Banner: @jaeism made this beauty and tolerated my picky ass so thank you! 💛
➺ Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
➺ Trope: Crime/Mystery, Strangers/Enemies to Lovers
➺ Genre: Angst, Smut
➺ Rating: +18
➺ Teaser Word Count: 843
➺ Summary: A criminal who helps you solve his crime, subtly, quietly - the complications of this case worsen and your moral code is turned upside down when your heartbeat changes after a feverish night. What do you do? You want to call him a sinner… but why do your lips want to call him your lover?
➺ Warnings: None for the teaser, but the main fic will contain smut.
➺ Author’s Note: Teaser was beta read by @taegularities and @lavienjin, big thanks to these two lovelies who made sure I could English properly. This is my first 'plot-heavy' fic, so I guess I'm not fully sure what I'm doing without a dick in my hand, but I do hope you enjoy it. :) Please send in an ask if you're interested in the taglist!
Part of my Virtue, Vice and Everything Nice collab, find more at it’s masterlist and please check out the other authors!
ɴᴀᴠɪɢᴀᴛɪᴏɴ | ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
“Aren’t you a little too smart to follow me down this dark alley?”
You’re taken aback by the familiarity with which he addresses you. “And how would you know that?”
“Oh Y/N, you underestimate your popularity.” He takes a step forward, regarding you with a gaze that you, on anyone else, would describe as dozy, but on him? No. It makes him look sensual. Sultry. Powerful.
Your trained hand wraps around the holster on your belt.
“Who are you?” Your hand grips the leather tighter, waiting for a response. He doesn’t say much for a while, choosing to fill the silence by closing the gap between you two. You stand firm. It isn’t intimidation that puts you on the defence. It is this prickle of the unknown - the abyss of possibilities that surrounds your two bodies in this musty, twilit alley. You feel the walls close in on you, but shake off the unease, centering yourself to the prey at hand instead.
“I would have found that out before you followed me out here. What if I’m a bad, bad, very bad person?”
Two more steps into your personal space, and you can breathe the heady scent that he carries. You’re speechless. His aura is like nothing you’ve ever seen. With the crooked, deviant delinquents you’re used to, his ritzy tantalizing dance combined with the booze makes your ankles unsteady. Your disposition is less amusing to you than him, because he chuckles.
“I only wish to have,” cocking his head to the other side, he rasps out his demand, “a friendly conversation.”
Nothing about your position right now is friendly, your hand solid on your waistband, fingernail grating against the holster button. The air is dense and somehow heavy on your skin, making movement very strained. But he is fully at ease, like he sees no threat in your armed position. “Just lend me your ear 'til the end of this artwork investigation. I’ll help you catch me, if you may.”
“C-catch you?”
Body rushed into full alert, you pull out your gun, taking a few steps of safety away from him, “Stay right here. Don’t make a move,” and with your second hand, you pull out your phone to dial for back-up. The discoveries of the night sweat the alcohol out into the cold air, and your sober self attempts to act on your speedy instincts.
But the corner of your averted eyes catches his sudden pace, three long strides in to close part of the gap - and before you can retreat further, no more gap remains.
For his hand holds yours over the grip of your firearm, pulling you all in until the barrel digs into his chest.
“Wha- Get away!”
But he does not. Not an iota of vexation mars his pale, blue eyes. Not a whit of fear at your pulled gun. Not a single source of concern for his own wellbeing. The dip in his chest, where your menacing gun presses, educes a cold burn on your own skin, a haunt of your own weapon pressing into your chest.
“You won’t shoot me. Because you’re not like that, Y/N.”
He reads you well. The more you push your gun into his body, the more your own chest stings, the phantom feeling reversing the decisions your instinct produces. The guilt you’re trained to detect, it is absent.
“I can, and I will,” you shake your hand in his tight grasp, “if you don’t leave me this instant, I’m pulling the trigger.”
If fire could crackle out of pure hostility, the rancour in your soul would ignite this alley. Seconds tick by; you don’t know how many. But the stranger eventually gives in, albeit raising his hands in mock surrender, taking a few steps back.
“And what will happen,” nodding towards your hand that is frantically making a call, “when your ‘backup’ arrives? You think they’ll arrest me? For what?”
The last tap to give your phone, before Siwok gets your call. You’re almost there. You don’t have to be swayed by the taunts of this thief.
But is he wrong?
Looking up, his leisurely manner throws every signal in different directions. He’s right, but what can you do at this point? Lowering your gun, you discreetly rub a finger over your hand, where moments ago he held a tight grip.
“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll come and surrender.”
He actually laughs, but his regal visage has jeer written over it all.
“This is… so much more than one lost painting. Y/N, don’t tell me you too like those other pigs,” he spits out that affectionate moniker with such distaste, “drunk on closing cases rather than solving them?”
The intrigue is resistless. The fog of mystique surrounding his words draws you in without your express permission, and his final words have you shutting your phone.
“Give justice a chance.”
Maybe it isn’t those words that make you agree.
Maybe it’s his eyes when he says them. Less arresting, more imploring.
“I’m Kim Taehyung. Pleasure.”
Tumblr media
Thank you for making it to the end, check out the collab here! Taglist for the fic is open!
Tumblr media
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gukyi · 8 months ago
love me or we both go down | kth
Tumblr media
summary: after going through with an arranged marriage to please his parents and secure his inheritance of the family business, kim taehyung thinks he’s got it all figured out. he doesn’t. apparently just being married to you isn’t enough, not when everybody and their mother can pick up on the fact that the two of you absolutely loathe each other. but taehyung wants his inheritance one way or another, so he decides that desperate times call for desperate measures: the two of you need to fall in love, and you need to fall in love fast.
{enemies to lovers!au, arranged marriage!au, rich kids!au}
pairing: kim taehyung x female reader genre: fluff, angst, smut (i know, crazy right?) word count: 32k warnings: oral sex (m & f receiving), fingering, penetrative sex, multiple unprotected sex scenes (they’re married y’all), fat cock tae, tae has a wife kink, lots of praise, alcohol consumption (but they’re safe), minor character death (not explicit), mentions of heart attack, slow burn like there is no tomorrow a/n: hello and welcome to the fic everyone, literally everyone, has been waiting for! i am so, so, so excited to share this with you all, especially because none other than rose @kinktae​ helped me write the smut, and i am literally forever indebted to her. you all better go spam rose with all the love and support you can because this fic would not be here without her and i love her so much. 
also, to all my readers who aren’t comfortable reading smut, please know that the smut in this fic is not imperative to the storyline, and you skipping past it will not affect your reading experience., enjoy!
Tumblr media
Never in your life have wedding bells felt so ominous.
The sound of them is akin to the sound of strings, of a single piano note in a horror movie, right when the film opens and someone random is about to die on screen for the sake of proving to the audience that this is, in fact, a horror movie. Make no mistake about it; these wedding bells spell doom for you, too. And the most horrific part about them is that just like that poor, helpless soul in the movie, there is no way for you to escape your fate either. 
With only seconds left to go before you have no choice but to promise yourself to the man waiting at the other end of the aisle, you desperately try to think of any last-ditch efforts to get out of this. Many, if not all of them, are utterly useless. 
Feigning sudden illness won’t work, because then your parents will just reschedule the wedding to a later date. Running away is fruitless. Where will you go? The parking lot?
If only you had a lover out there in the audience somewhere that could object to the marriage when the officiant says, “Speak now, or forever hold your peace.” A knight in shining armor that could whisk you out of the venue and off to a new life, far away from here. Too bad all of the people you’ve dated before hate you now. 
Maybe getting married isn’t such a bad thing after all. Instead of having relationships with multiple people who will eventually despise your existence, you only have to have a relationship with one. And the feeling, as has always been, is mutual. 
You bristle as your assistants do some last-minute prepping, fixing your sleeve and adjusting your necklace and making sure you don’t trip on your enormous train. They flutter around you like a swarm of well-meaning but ignorant butterflies complicit in the agenda of your family. None of them have said a word to you about the wedding ever since you arrived at the venue, choosing to talk more about things like the weather. Not that you were ever under the impression they had been hired to entertain you. Maybe they were told to not engage you, just in case you try to conspire with them.
As if they could be of any use in your wildly unrealistic escape plans. 
The truth is that, unless you were to drop dead on this marble flooring right now, you’re getting married. Whether you like it or not.
The doors open. 
You’ve attended red carpets, galas, award shows, and balls. You’ve had hundreds of cameras flashing in your face, the bright light capturing each and every centimeter of you. You’ve had paparazzi waiting outside the restaurants you eat at, the stores you shop at, desperate to catch a picture of you in sweatpants without a drop of makeup on. You’ve been on dates with ex-lovers that looked at you like you were a piece of meat with a credit card. And yet, for some goddamn reason, walking down the aisle in a white dress the size of Pluto, with the rest of your life waiting for you at the other end, makes you feel fucking transparent. 
Face resolute, you clutch onto your bouquet so tightly the flowers feel like they’re about to pop right out of your grasp. Determined not to look at anybody in the audience, you stare straight ahead, right into the eyes of your future husband.
Kim Taehyung, for someone you have seen multiple times drunk off his ass with hickies dotting his neck and jawline, cleans up pretty well. For someone getting married, at least. He dons a simple black tuxedo that still probably costs more than the average car, his caramel brown hair is pushed back off his forehead, and his expression is firm and still. He most certainly has had an equally expensive team prepping him, but they haven’t done too bad a job. The silver lining is that he doesn’t look any more thrilled than you are to be doing this, right here, right now. But to his credit, this is definitely the best he’s ever looked, as far as you’re concerned. 
When you reach him, he offers his hand out to you, a hand that you only accept for the sake of professionalism. The bouquet in your hands is handed off to one of your bridesmaids, and the two of you take your position at the front. Your train drags along the aisle, draping over the few stairs you had to climb to reach the altar, this satin trail behind you that cements you to the floor. It may as well be a ball-and-chain. It’s about as heavy as one, anyway. 
This is the longest you and Taehyung have ever held eye contact. Not that you’re really keeping track of how long the two of you have met each other’s gazes, but if you had to make an educated guess, this would definitely be the victor. Most of the time you end up sneering at each other ten seconds in, but to be fair, those other times you were also not getting married. To one another. In a ceremony attended by hundreds of people. And cameras.
There can be no sneering here. 
“Don’t you look nice?” Taehyung whispers, loud enough so only the two of you can hear. He has that drawling, sickly sweet tone to his voice, the one that you hate because it makes him sound like he thinks he’s so much better than everyone else. “Surprised they were able to makeup that scowl off your face.”
This, of course, brings on a hearty scowl only he can see, your backs both facing the rows of attendees. “How much concealer are you wearing to cover up all of the hickies on your neck?” You quip back easily. It’s not like the two of you are going to pretend he doesn’t waltz around at every club or bar or private venue he can find, looking for his next treat. 
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Taehyung grins, and if you weren’t standing in front of hundreds of people about to get married, there’s no telling what next you would do.
The two of you would probably go on like that for another ten minutes if it’s not for the officiant, who coughs once he’s ready and opens the book in his hands. Next to you, Taehyung straightens, hands clasped together at his front, and lips pressed into a neat line. You do the same. There will be no giggles, no laughter nor smiles, nor any genuine emotion at this wedding. This is a wedding for the sake of politics, for economics, for security, and anyone in attendance would be a fool to think otherwise. Especially you. 
“Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, loved ones, and esteemed guests,” the officiant bellows, listing off as many groups of people as he possibly can in an effort to both include and compliment every person in the audience, “We are gathered here to celebrate the wedding, and future life, of Taehyung and Y/N…”
Taehyung turns to you, grinning in that god-awful way, the way he does when he feels like he’s got something over you. And sure, you can’t think of any punishment quite as bad as this, but what’s Taehyung got to smile about? He’s marrying himself off to a woman he hates, kissing goodbye his days as a free-spirited, heartbreaking bachelor, and promising what may very well be the rest of his life to loving you. That is not cause for celebration. 
But perhaps, to him, your suffering is enough to bring a smile to his face. 
Your vows are, to put it simply, total bullshit. Your family hired someone to write yours and there’s not a doubt in your mind that his family did the same thing. This nonsense talk, this complete and utter garbage that spews from your perfectly-glossed lips, shit about how you promise to love each other until the end of your days, how you promise to take care of each other when you’re sick and accompany each other at every event, every gala, every ball. Shit about how you promise to look only at each other, promise to uphold your family traditions and become a dependable spouse. 
The words don’t belong to you. But the thing is that this marriage was never yours anyway. 
When the kiss comes, there’s a part of you that thinks maybe you should have psyched yourself up a little more for this. When Taehyung pulls you in, placing a stiff hand on your lower back as he brings you towards his chest, your stomach turns and shivers run down your spine. The feeling of his hand on your body, the breath from his lips brushing against your own, are enough to keep you frozen in place. 
He smiles at you, almost as if to ask, “Are you ready?”
And you squeeze your eyes shut, almost as if to respond, “Let’s do this.”
When his lips meet yours, there is almost nothing. Nothing runs through you, nothing explodes, nothing strikes. But when he pulls away and cheers and applause rings out throughout the room, there is something. A little heat, a remnant of a flame, left on your lips. A little sting, just to remind you it happened. 
The entire hall is cheering but nothing about this is worth celebrating. The fact of the matter is that you and Taehyung will never love each other the way that you are supposed to. 
“Ugh, finally.”
The elevator doors haven’t even properly opened by the time Taehyung is loosening his tie, tugging it off over his head as he stretches his head back and runs a hand through his perfectly-styled hair. As he rakes his fingers through his caramel locks, the hairspray and gel loosens, strands falling down by the side of his face, framing his temple.
“Don’t sound so relieved,” you huff out, deciding now is as good a time as any to start getting undressed yourself. Reaching down to lift up the hem of your reception dress, you tug off your heels, already feeling lighter on your feet. Who cares if Taehyung is watching you pull off your stilettos like a defeated movie heroine? You don’t think you can walk another step in those shoes. “We still have to live together, you know.”
“Don’t remind me,” Taehyung says gruffly, brushing by you roughly as he stomps out of the elevator. “I’m just glad the fucking night is over. I swear, seeing that fake-ass smile on your face made me want to gouge my eyes out.”
You storm after him, refusing to be the helpless damsel in this situation. “Oh, like you didn’t also have that exact same fake-ass smile on your face. It almost made me think you were actually enjoying yourself tonight.”
“I was only enjoying the fact that I know you hate this just as much as I do.” It’s perhaps the only thing you will ever be able to empathize with him on. Mutually relishing in the other’s destruction. Taehyung fumbles with the keypad to the door to the penthouse for a moment before you hear the lock click, the door sliding open as the entrance lights flicker on. 
The reason Taehyung’s penthouse is so clean is because he’s never lived here before. Neither of you have—Taehyung’s parents bought it just for the two of you. And as much as you absolutely despise the idea of having to live with him, at least it was not you who paid for your place of residence. 
You can tell Taehyung’s never lived here before because it’s actually quite nicely decorated inside. The ceilings are high and the sleek velvet curtains are pulled open, revealing a shimmering skyline. The furniture is modern and functional, and the whole damn place smells brand new. You’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of entering the place Taehyung lived in before now, and it looked nothing like this. The furniture was worn and stained despite the live-in maid, the house reeked of five hundred different spices that wafted from the kitchen to the living room, and the bookshelves were covered with comics, graphic novels, and old textbooks. 
If it weren’t for the fact that you and Taehyung are rich kids in their twenties that hate each other, you might have actually thought the place looked… homey. 
You don’t have time to be impressed by the interior design and architecture skills of whoever designed this place. Right now, all you can think about is tugging yourself out of your airtight reception dress and passing out on the nearest bed. Which, hopefully, will be as far away as possible from Taehyung’s bed of choice. 
“How many bedrooms does this place have?” You ask, shimmying along the floor so you don’t trip over the hem of your dress. From the looks of it, you can see one giant hallway to your right and a massive, double-sided staircase leading up. 
“Enough,” Taehyung grumbles in response. The hazy stupor from all of the fancy champagne is starting to wear off for the both of you, leaving behind two grouchy, begrudgingly-married individuals who want absolutely nothing to do with each other and have no problems making that known. Whatever golden light of the evening that was making Taehyung at least a little bit more attractive than usual has faded, and now you see him for what he really is: an unceremoniously tired man in a suit. “You want upstairs or down?”
You gaze up at the marble staircase in front of you, then back down at your too-long dress. “Down.” The last thing you want is to trip in front of the man you have to see, every day, for the rest of your life. 
“Fine by me.” Taehyung’s halfway up the stairs by the time he turns back around to say something else. “I’ll see you tomorrow, I guess?”
“Yeah.” There’s no point in being hostile now. The both of you are too exhausted to mean anything by it. Besides, what else can you say? Everything to complain about has already been complained about. At least the two of you managed to wrestle out from your parents the stipulation that you would not be going on a honeymoon together. Now that would have been your worst nightmare. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
It’s as good of a goodnight either of you are going to get. Taehyung heads up the stairs and disappears around a corner, and you start wandering down the hallway. All the bedrooms look the exact same other than different colors on the walls and bedsheets, but they all look serviceable to you. Clean. Empty. Far away from wherever Taehyung is. 
You pick the one at the very end of the hall just to be as much of a diva as possible, and don’t even bother drawing the curtains before tugging off your dress. It’s past one in the morning, and you’re so high up you don’t think anyone will be able to see you anyway. By the time you’ve stripped naked and are tugging up the too-tight sheets tucked into the mattress, your legs are about to give out beneath you. The bed could be made of rocks for all you care. Anything to lie down on is fine by you. 
Sleep comes fairly easily to you tonight. Once your head hits the pillow you can already feel yourself drifting off, eyelids fluttering shut, but you don’t sleep quite yet. Not before you can think about how this is your life now, sleeping in a foreign bed in a foreign place with a foreign husband upstairs. This is what you will be living in now. Now and forever. 
Tumblr media
Living with Taehyung is, in both the best and worst ways possible, like living with a roommate that doesn’t give a shit about the fact that they live with another person. It’s good, because you and Taehyung hardly see each other and speak even less, which was pretty much the only thing you were asking for when it came to living with him. But it also sucks, because whenever you do happen to cross paths, Taehyung acts like you don’t exist, barely sparing you a hello or even that tight-lipped smile you send to drivers on the road when they let you cross the street. 
Not that the two of you ever engaged in energetic conversation before you got married. But at least the two of you would acknowledge each other, even if only to shoot a glare and a scowl the other’s way from opposite sides of a hotel ballroom. Maybe it’s just because it’s him, but you did always find yourself actually relishing in those little interactions with Taehyung. In this strange, twisted way, it seemed to provide some sort of continuity to your ever-changing life. Like no matter what happened, at least you would know that the two of you would always despise each other. 
To be frank, right now you’re not sure if Taehyung even remembers he got married at all.
Nights have been a lot more sleepless since your wedding day. After two weeks, the reality of it has finally started to settle in. This is your life now. And ever since you realized that, your bed has felt much less comfortable. 
“But the place is nice, right?”
You look around the living room from where you’re sat on the sleek, white suede leather couch, eyes glossing over the bookshelves, the floor-to-ceiling windows, the draping velvet curtains. From here, you can see the entire city skyline, flecks of gold from the windows of skyscrapers against a navy blue background. Slowly, as the moon creeps over the sky and the clock gets later and later, those lights will soon begin to flicker off, one by one. 
“Yeah, it’s not bad.” Nothing to write home about. That is, if home were a place other than here. 
“That’s good. At least you don’t live in, like, a total dump or anything,” Victoria says on the other end of the line. “How’s Taehyung?”
His name alone elicits this deeply-exhausted sigh from your lips, like it’s been ten years since you married and every day has felt worse than the last. “Fine.” You can’t really complain about anything yet, considering that you hardly ever see the man. 
“Just ‘fine’?” Victoria sounds skeptical. 
“Yeah,” you draw out the word, as if trying to convince yourself of its truth. “I mean, it’s like he doesn’t even live here. I barely see him. And when I do, we don’t even speak to each other.”
“That’s good though, isn’t it? You hate him.” Victoria says it like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. And in a sense, it kind of is. 
“I mean…”
“I know that your life hasn’t exactly… gone the way you had planned, but isn’t this your best case scenario when considering everything?” She asks. “If Taehyung is as distant as you say he is, isn’t it almost like you never married him in the first place?”
As if on cue, you hear footsteps coming down the stairs, heels clicking on the marble as they make their way to the entrance. You whip your head around to find Taehyung, all dressed up in loose, flowy slacks and a flowery silk button-down, strolling down the staircase as he scrolls through his phone, paying you zero attention whatsoever. 
He notices you briefly when he reaches the bottom, meeting your eyes with his own. He offers this measly, unenthused half-smile your way before he grabs his wallet and some house keys from the table by the entrance, opens the door, and vanishes off into the night. 
If you hadn’t been in the living room, you probably wouldn’t have even realized he left. Not that you being present as he’s planning on leaving would have stopped him anyway. This is the sixth night he’s done this in the past two weeks. You could stand by the door and stare him down as he emerges from his bedroom, all dressed up for something you’re definitely not invited to, and he would offer you that same goddamn smile and walk out the door without even blinking. Who he was before you got married and who he is now are no different. Not even a ring could change that. 
“I guess,” you tell Victoria. At least Taehyung hasn’t turned into a helicopter husband. “I don’t know. Maybe I just wish that I didn’t have to deal with him at all.”
Wish you could turn back time. Wish you could worm your way out of an arranged marriage before it was too late. Wish you could go back to the way things used to be. 
You and Victoria talk for another couple of minutes before she regretfully has to end the call, citing both her beauty sleep and an 8AM meeting tomorrow morning as her reasons for hanging up. The moment you put the phone down, you sink back into the couch cushions, staring out the windows at the world below you.
Here’s the deal. What Taehyung does in his free time is none of your business. But also, it’s totally your business, because you are his spouse. A spouse who is an equal amount in the public eye as he is. What he does and does not do has a direct impact on what you do and do not do. 
It’s no secret that when you catch Taehyung sauntering down the stairs looking like a Gucci runway model, it’s not because he’s planning on catching a movie with a college friend and then playing video games for four hours on a couch in a basement. He is going out. To clubs, to parties, to exclusive events that he’s been invited to by his equally-rich friends, all of whom are acting like he’s the same bachelor he’s always been. 
And maybe that’s the real problem with your whole marriage—other than the glaringly obvious issue that it’s a marriage wholly unwanted by the two parties involved in it. Despite the ring on his finger, Taehyung is going out and pretending that nothing in his life has changed while you’re trapped at home, desperate to save you and your family’s reputation by keeping as low a profile as possible. You would give anything to march around the city all day, flashing middle fingers at paparazzi as you shop at your favorite high-end stores and frequent your favorite clubs. But you can’t, because your family’s fortune and influence is on the line. 
And apparently, Taehyung’s isn’t. 
It sort of makes you wonder why it was even Taehyung you ended up marrying anyway. His family isn’t any richer or more powerful than yours. Your spheres have always been sufficiently separate. What was it about him, and perhaps more importantly, his family that drew your parent’s eye? And what was it about marrying you that prevented him from saying no? Money? Prestige? Influence?
You suppose you’ll never know. But whatever mystical force that convinced Taehyung to agree to this must not be as important to him as your reasoning is to you, because it’s become exceedingly apparent that Taehyung does not care that he’s married. He doesn’t care about the ring on his finger, he doesn’t care about his public image, and he most certainly doesn’t care about you.
Perhaps you were naive for thinking this, but you actually believed marriage might tone him down a little. Might age him into a real adult with real world obligations. Instead, it’s only given you a firsthand look into who Kim Taehyung has been and always will be: a selfish rich kid.
You don’t bother waiting around in the living room until he gets back, but you are still awake by the time you hear the door creak open. Taehyung makes no efforts to hide his return. You can hear him chattering loudly on the phone as he stumbles up the stairs, can tell from his gait alone that he is most certainly wasted. You don’t want to know what he did tonight. You’ll probably be able to figure it out anyway when you wake up tomorrow morning and check your social media. 
What were you thinking, marrying him? That he would change? That he would suddenly become someone that you could rely on? You had no choice when you said, “I do,” but you were at least hoping that maybe one day, one day in a long, long time, the two of you would finally see eye to eye. Maybe there would even come a time when you would genuinely love him. How foolish. 
You close your eyes and try to imagine a world where you have married someone you love, someone who loves you back.
Not unlike the many nights preceding it, tonight is sleepless. 
Tumblr media
Unlike your marital status and general disposition, one thing that hasn’t changed about you is your love for extravagant events. Call you conceited, but there is something so much fun about putting on a fancy, expensive dress that you love and getting your hair and makeup done before going to an exclusive gala and posing in front of five hundred cameras. 
Actually, now that you think about it, maybe your wedding could have actually been pretty good, considering it let you do all those things. It’s a real shame there happened to be a storm cloud in the form of Kim Taehyung there to ruin it. Otherwise, you think you would have rather enjoyed that day. 
Tonight is the first event since your marriage where you and Taehyung are both required to show up and act like a happy married couple. Which would probably be a lot easier if you and Taehyung had exchanged more than ten words over the past two weeks. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but there was a part of you that thought you could use your arranged marriage to actually cultivate some sort of meaningful relationship between the two of you. So events like these wouldn’t be such a drain on both of you. 
When Kim Taehyung comes down the stairs, he actually doesn’t look too bad. You don’t know why this sort of thing keeps catching you off guard—like you don’t expect him to look that good whenever you see him. The problem is that you can’t even chalk up the surprise to him wearing tailored clothes or having his hair done. He just looks… good. 
Well, you suppose you do have to look at him every day for the rest of your life. It’s a good thing he’s attractive. At least he’s not sore on the eyes. 
Taehyung and his unfortunate attractiveness aside, the two of you don’t say a word to each other as you join up at the entrance, grabbing any last-minute items like house keys, chapstick, and whatever dignity you have left to spare. You send forced smiles and tight nods each other’s way in the elevator, staring straight ahead in the lobby of your building as the car pulls up to the front door.
By the time the two of you sit down in the back of the limousine, the built-up tension between the two of you is so thick you’re almost positive that even the chauffeur can feel it through the closed partition. 
If you were any more idyllic, you’d probably spend the drive over to the gala staring out the window and imagining yourself in a different life, on a train to nowhere, flowers in your hair and a journal in your hands. Or perhaps you’d be the CEO of your family’s company instead of having that responsibility passed down to a husband you don’t even want, sitting in an office at the top of a skyscraper overlooking the city. Anything. Anything but this.
But the idyllic part of you died when you realized that fantasies like that are nothing but distractions and that daydreams are for romantics and optimists and losers. 
“What’s our plan for tonight?”
Taehyung scoffs. “What do you mean, ‘what’s our plan’?”
You frown. “Well, we’re married, so we at least have to act like it, don’t you think?”
“Isn’t standing there and smiling enough?” Taehyung asks, an unimpressed eyebrow raised. 
You bristle. Maybe that sufficed for your wedding, but there was so much going on it was easy to distract yourself from the gravity of it all. But this event is not about you. It’s not even about either of your families. It’s about someone the two of you are, at best, distantly connected to, through work, through fame, through power. Which means that though the focus will not be on you, there will still be eyes looking your way. Eyes watching your every move. 
“Do you think it will be?” You challenge. Doesn’t Taehyung realize that things are different now?
Taehyung’s lips curl downwards. “What do you expect us to do, shower each other in kisses? We don’t even sleep on the same fucking floor.”
“Maybe I just expected you to act less like a stranger and more like a husband!”
Taehyung sighs. “Don’t.” The word is clipped, short. “Don’t tell me you actually want to be married.”
“I don’t.” It’s a response that you hardly have to think twice about. “But we are, and nothing can change that.” Unfortunately. But it’s a fact that you and Taehyung have both had to grapple with over the past few weeks, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that you are more aware of it than he is. If Taehyung could have his way, he would ignore you for the rest of his life and keep partying with the rest of his bachelor friends until he keeled over and died. 
He huffs next to you, eyes staring straight ahead. You don’t think the two of you have met each other’s eyes in a week. Maybe more. They’re starting to feel as soulless as your marriage itself. “Whatever. What do you want me to do?”
“What do you think?” You cross your arms over your chest. “Just act like you don’t hate me. Can you do that?” The way Taehyung’s behaving right now, you expect that will be a challenge for the both of you.
“Only if you can. I’ll even hold your hand to prove that we love each other.”
The idea of holding Taehyung’s hand makes you want to implode. The mere thought sends shivers down your spine. But it’s better than nothing, and that’s good enough for you. At least you won’t have to kiss. 
The rest of the ride there is silent. You drive to this gorgeous mansion just outside the city, bathed in lights hidden amongst the bushes, illuminating both the architecture and the enormous fountain that sits in front of it. In a house this size, you imagine you could probably go your whole life without ever having to come across Taehyung. It actually makes you consider investing in a home that big. 
Taehyung helps you out of the back of the limousine, a cold hand clasping your own as you rest your palm against his. You can feel the way his fingers hesitate as yours make to intertwine with his as you walk towards the entrance, smiling at whatever camera flashes you encounter on your way. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were holding hands with a ghost. 
The moment you step inside and are ushered out of the door’s view, Taehyung’s grip relaxes on yours. For a moment, you think he’ll actually spend the rest of the night like this, a gentle hand wrapped around yours, but then he pulls it away entirely and shoves it back into his pocket. Oh. You frown quietly to yourself. So that’s how tonight’s going to go. 
You don’t make an effort to reach out towards him again. 
For an event concerning people you don’t know a damn thing about, everyone sure seems to know things about you. Other than greetings, you don’t think anyone’s said anything to you about anything other than your recent marriage to Taehyung. Every conversation is punctuated by a Congratulations! you do not feel that you have at all earned, considering you and Taehyung could barely look at each other on the way here.
Maybe Taehyung was right. All you really can do is stand there and smile.
“Oh, don’t tell me… Y/N, is that you?”
The champagne swirls around in the flute between your fingers as you turn towards the sound of your name, looking up to see a familiar face headed your way. 
Kim Seokjin is nice enough. He’s terribly handsome and got a flawless smile, but you know better than to trust those pearly whites of his. The sight of him alone is enough to make your body tense up. There was a reason you had explicitly told your parents not to invite him to your wedding. 
“Seokjin, what a surprise to see you here,” you say, forcing a smile. “I thought you were supposed to be in Switzerland right now.”
“Change of plans,” Seokjin grins back in that awful, awful way, the kind of grin that makes you feel like he’s looking right through you. “I came back early. It’s a shame, though, I missed your wedding.”
You shrug. “It was a humble affair.” It wasn’t. And you’re positive that Seokjin knows it wasn’t an accident that you didn’t extend an invitation to him or his family. 
“Ah, I see,” Seokjin says, nodding his head. He turns to Taehyung next to you, who is making no effort to hide how wholly uninterested in this conversation he is, and holds out a hand. “You must be Kim Taehyung, then. I’m Kim Seokjin. Congratulations on your wedding.”
Taehyung shakes his hand firmly, the air between the three of you growing unbearably palpable. 
“Seokjin’s father is the VP of News Daily,” You explain, eyebrows raised as you try to signal to Taehyung what exactly it means when Seokjin is speaking to the two of you. “And his mother is a popular journalist for the city’s post.”
Seokjin grew up in the world of media, and it seems he’s picked up his parent’s affinity for sticking their noses in places they don’t belong. You know he’s not talking to the both of you out of the goodness of his heart. 
Seokjin laughs, his hand waving away the mention of his parents. “Oh, please. That’s them. I’m just a bored socialite like the rest of you.”
You resist the urge to scoff. 
“Marriage treating the two of you well?” He changes the subject to what he really wants to talk about: you. 
“Of course,” you say quickly, preventing any hesitation on your end. Your empty hand reaches towards Taehyung’s, fingers searching for his between the two of you. But his refusal to join hands does not go unnoticed by you nor Seokjin, who is eyeing the space between your bodies with an eyebrow raised. “It’s just been—well, it’s just been difficult to adjust to a new life. That’s all.”
If you were to describe the face of a non-believer, it would be the exact expression on Seokjin’s face. “Perfectly understandable,” he says, that same toothy smile lacing his features. “But it must be nice, you know, to marry someone you love.”
“I couldn’t be happier,” you say, almost challenging Seokjin to say something even more inflammatory. He must know that all you’re trying to do at this point is save face. Love? Ha! As if. 
“And Taehyung?” Seokjin motions to your husband. 
You can feel the way Taehyung is stiffening beside you. “I suppose we are both lucky and unlucky in many ways when it comes to who we love.”
It’s enough of an answer to get Seokjin off your tail. For now. He bids the two of you a tense goodbye before sauntering off to go poke his nose in someone else’s business, fish for drama, a thread of a rumor he can pick apart with nimble fingers. You wonder if anybody actually likes him. 
The moment he disappears from earshot, you grab Taehyung’s wrist tightly and pull him close to you. “What the hell was that?” You hiss into his ear. 
“What?” You can’t tell if he’s playing dumb or if he really is that dense. 
“You!” You exclaim. “Kim Seokjin is the one person who could easily expose how fake this marriage is and you pull away from me? Right in front of him? You can’t even hold my hand for two seconds, that’s how much you hate me?”
“Who cares what he thinks?” Taehyung says. “He’s just another media rat. No one will even remember we were here tomorrow.”
“But if you keep acting like this, people will start to notice! Why can’t you just act like you don’t hate me, for one night? Is that so bad? Is it that torturous, to spend one night with me?”
“Do not turn this on me,” Taehyung orders harshly. “You’re making a scene. Come on.”
You don’t have time to shout at him for bossing you around like you’re a toddler throwing a tantrum before he drags you out of the venue, the two of you finding a back door to the building that leads outside. The cold air blows against your body, goosebumps popping up against your skin, but you find that the chilly night provides quite the respite after practically overheating indoors. Taehyung makes fire rush through your veins but at least the air can cool you back down. 
Nevertheless, your conversation is not over. It’s just been moved to a more private location.
“You do realize that our marriage isn’t going to suddenly go away, right? That we’re going to have to keep doing this for the rest of our lives?” You remind him, eyebrows raised. There’s a part of you that genuinely thinks he’s completely forgotten that your marriage is permanent.
“Oh, and not holding hands for five minutes for this one event is totally going to change the course of our lives, isn’t it?” Taehyung fights back.
“Don’t act like you did the right thing,” you spit out. “You don’t have to pretend in front of me. I know you don’t give a shit about our marriage.”
“What marriage is there to even give a shit about? Just because we had a wedding and signed some documents does not mean there is a real marriage between us. Look at us,” he motions between the two of you like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “We hate each other. Is this what you would call marriage?”
“But at least I’m trying to get past that!” You exclaim. “You make it seem like being as miserable as possible is some sort of badge of honor. Do you actually want to spend the rest of your life hating the person you married? Or do you want to grow up and try and move on?”
Taehyung frowns. “What I want is for the person I married to stop acting like they’re doing me such a huge favor by pretending to care about us. Especially when all they really care about is their family’s goddamn reputation.”
“No,” you tell him sternly. You are doing him a favor. He just can’t admit that he actually needs help from you. “You are putting zero effort into this. What am I supposed to do?”
“Let it go!” Taehyung shouts. “Maybe one day we’ll actually start getting along, but right now it’s obvious that neither one of us can stand the other. I don’t need you to do favors for me. I can handle it myself.”
You look away, rolling your eyes. “Doesn’t look like it to me,” you mutter to yourself. 
Taehyung cracks. “Fine. You want me to pretend that I actually care about us? I will.” Thank God. Maybe now the two of you will finally start seeing eye-to-eye. “But make no mistake about how I feel about you,” he spits. “Getting married to you ruined my life.”
You stare straight at him and his eyes are swirling, so obscured in the darkness of the night that you might even think he doesn’t have a soul at all. His pupils bore into yours and for once, for once in your goddamn life, after so many years of staring each other down at debutante balls, so many years of witty refrains and snarky insults hurled each other’s way, it feels like the two of you might actually snap. 
Then, a camera flashes.
Tumblr media
Trouble in Paradise! would be a suitable title for the front page of the city’s biggest tabloid… if anything about your life with Taehyung could be considered paradise. Unfortunately for the both of you, that is not the case. 
You don’t need to keep reading the rest of the trashy article on the front page of the daily tabloid to know how much trouble you’re in, nor do you even have time to scroll beneath the terrible photo of you and Taehyung literally shouting at each other before you hear your phone ring. 
You don’t even bother saying hello to whoever’s on the other end. You know it’ll go in one ear and out the other. 
“I assume you know why I’m calling,” your mother’s harsh tone spits from the other end of the phone. There’s no doubt in your mind that she’s standing in the middle of her office, snapping her fingers at her fifteen secretaries as they partake in the worst damage control your family’s had to deal with since your cousin two years ago was caught with a mistress outside a high-profile restaurant. 
“Can I take a wild guess?” You’re about to be scolded into the next century, so you might as well enjoy your last few moments. 
“Don’t get cheeky with me,” your mother warns. “Care to explain why you and your beloved husband made the front page of the Daily Post today?”
“I know,” you sigh, a hand coming up to rub at your temples. It’s eight in the morning, you’ve barely looked at your phone, and you haven’t even brushed your teeth yet. It feels like you’re still asleep, and most certainly lack the energy to deal with this right now. 
Your mother, on the other hand, thinks otherwise. “You know? You know, and you still go out and do this? For everyone to see?”
“We tried to take our argument outside,” you begin to explain, but your mother isn’t having a single word of it. 
“The fact that you thought it was even appropriate to have an argument in a public setting at all astounds me, Y/N. We raised you better than that.” There’s no need for you to even see her face. You’ve grown so used to that disappointed frown over the years that it’s burned into your brain. 
“Maybe you should have thought about that before marrying me off to a man I barely know so I could be someone else’s problem instead of yours,” you bite. 
“We did this for your own good,” she hisses back. “You are married because we love you, and we want you to succeed outside of this family.”
“Then why do you care what the tabloids print about me?”
“Because being married does not mean you are no longer a part of this family,” your mother informs you sternly, lips smacking together. “Your marriage reflects on all of us, and you know that. What will people think of us when they see how terribly behaved you are?”
“Everyone acts like that, and you know it.” How could your mother preach good behavior when everyone, everyone you know, is just as spoiled and entitled as you? There’s no such thing as being altruistic when it comes to people like you. Being genuine, and good, and pure—that will get you ruined. 
You can hear her breathing into the phone when your mother responds, “But not in public, and that is the point. We expect better from you.”
“If you were so worried about me behaving so badly, then why did you even marry me off anyway? You knew that I didn’t want to. What did you think would happen?” It’s a question you wouldn’t have dared ask three months ago. Hell, even a year ago, when it was first revealed you were to be engaged, you wouldn’t have dared open your lips. But things are different now. You’re married to a man that hates you just as much as you hate him. He is making no effort to improve your relationship and seems hellbent on despising you forever. There is no way to get out of it. And if your parents really foresaw all of that, then what was the point in the first place?
“Your grandmother.”
Your mouth shuts. 
“You know she wanted to see you married before she passed,” your mother says, words clipped and biting and harsh. “She cares about you. She wanted to make sure you’d be taken care of.”
“I don’t need anyone to take care of me,” you mutter to yourself like a petulant child. In a way, you sort of are.
“If you want to stay in her will, I suggest you change that mindset.”
You freeze in your tracks. The will?
“Is that a threat?” You ask, positively dumbfounded. Are you being coerced into staying in this marriage because of your grandmother’s will?
You can hear your mother laugh, that muted, knowing chuckle of hers. “It was the deal all along, remember?”
Vaguely, you do. You remember fighting your parents tooth and nail over getting married until your grandmother revealed it was her dream to see you wed. You remember the look on her old, wrinkled face, that soft, sad smile that said she knew she didn’t have much time left. You remember agreeing, because how could you deny her? You remember her promising to remember what you’re doing for her. 
“You’re kidding.”
“I’m not.”
“That’s the end of this conversation, Y/N. You fix things with your husband or you’re out of her will. She’s made that clear. I expect you’ll make the right choice.”
She hangs up. 
There are a lot of ways to describe how you’re currently feeling, and you most certainly had an expensive education that would provide you with plenty of the vocabulary, but you think the most appropriate words for the current situation would be: you’re fucked. 
At least the feeling is mutual. 
Hardly two minutes after your mother’s brutal phone call, Taehyung comes storming down the stairs, hair still mussed from the night prior, his own phone clenched tightly between is fingers. Even from where you stand in the middle of the living room, you can see the way his eyes are glinting with anger, the veins popping out from his skin. 
“I just got off the phone with my parents,” Taehyung begins, not even bothering to spare a ‘good morning’ your way, “and they are fucking furious about last night.”
You shrug. “Join the club,” you mutter, arms crossed in front of you. What, does Taehyung really think you got off scot-free?
“Don’t act like this means nothing to you,” Taehyung says as he approaches you, footsteps calm despite his demeanor being anything but. “You’re the one who’s so obsessed with keeping up their family’s perfect reputation. You’re the reason we’re even in this mess in the first place.”
“What do you mean, ‘I’m the reason’?” You ask, astounded. Like he’s totally absolved of all blame and just an innocent third party. “You are the reason we went outside. You are the reason we had that argument, because you refuse to accept the fact that we’re actually married and there’s nothing we can do about it.”
“Right, because holding hands is really gonna show all those people how in love we are. I bet your parents are so thrilled right now.” Taehyung drawls. 
“It’s a start!” You shriek. “God, you’re just so—so infuriating! You can’t accept that this was your fault, too. You just have to turn everything against me and you always, always have to get the last word. It’s like you think you’ll die if you don’t.”
“Like you’re any better,” Taehyung huffs back. “You think I’m the villain because I don’t want to pretend to be in love with someone I’m not in love with. You act like us not holding hands is going to ruin our lives. It was one event! One! It’s obvious we hate each other, so why even try?”
“What, do you expect me to just sit around and do nothing? To act like everything’s fine? Like I’m happy?” As if. This marriage is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. “While you prance around the city with your rich boy friends, going out to clubs and parties and pretending that I don’t exist? Is that what you expect from me?”
Taehyung laughs, this loud, disbelieving sort of noise, like he’s never heard such nonsense before. “Just because we’re married doesn’t mean the rest of my life has to change. Am I not allowed to enjoy myself with my friends? Or are you determined to keep me chained to your side for the rest of our lives?”
“What I want,” you punctuate every word, “is for you to stop acting like you haven’t got stakes in this, too. You think I don’t know how your family works? What being married to me means for you? Because I do. And I know that if we were to divorce, it would be you who would get the short end of the stick. Make no mistake.”
That’s enough to shut Taehyung up for a good few seconds. And it shuts him up, because he knows it’s true. Taehyung’s family may have a little more money, a little more power than yours, but you’ve got a family intimately more connected with the media. One phone call and Taehyung may have a rather messy, rather public breakup to deal with. 
“You wouldn’t,” he says, calling your bluff. 
“Are you sure about that?” You say, sticking your ground. You would never really divorce him, of course, but he doesn’t need to know that.
“I am,” Taehyung says firmly. “Don’t think I don’t know what being married to me is in it for you. What is it? Money? Power? Your father’s CEO position?”
“That’s none of your business,” you snap quickly. Maybe you’re more transparent than you thought. Bristling, you straighten your shoulders and turn back to meet his eyes. “Regardless, it seems we both have a reason to stay in this marriage.”
“It seems we do,” Taehyung agrees with a thin, contained smile. “Then I suppose we can reach some sort of agreement.”
“As in…?” Your interest in piqued. 
“I’ll stop going out with my friends if you stop picking fights with me all the time,” he says economically, like he’s killing two birds with one stone. 
“Only if you agree to also act more like my husband when we’re in public,” you tack on, because you just can’t settle for anything less. 
“Public only,” Taehyung specifies. 
You scoff. “Like I’d even want to pretend to be your wife when we’re in private.”
“Good. It seems we’ve come to a deal.”
“What’s in this for you, huh?” You prod, just to be annoying. Taehyung’s right. There’s a reason you’re not divorcing him the second you get the chance. But there must be a reason why he’s not doing the same thing. 
“Does it matter?” He challenges, a single eyebrow raised. “My life is just as awful as yours.”
Fair enough. 
“Do we have a deal?” Taehyung asks, holding out his hand, that sneaky, devilish grin lacing his features. 
Taking his hand in yours and grasping it firmly is the easiest decision in the world. His palm presses against your own, hot hand meeting your cold skin, and it feels like the two of you are finally finding some sort of balance. You look up into his eyes, burn your gaze into his pupils, watch them glint in the white ceiling light of the living room. 
Tumblr media
For two people raised on the values of reading the fine print and making educated choices when it comes to business deals, you and Taehyung sure haven’t worked out any of the intricacies of the deal the two of you agreed to. Unlike those business deals your parents constantly agreed to, however, knowing all of the stipulations and provisions of your strange, strange agreement with Taehyung may prove more harmful than helpful. 
Like right now. 
“Wait, we don’t have to be by each other’s side the whole night, do we?” Taehyung asks you, eyebrows furrowed in a knot, as you sit in the back of a big, black van on your way to a mutual friend’s twenty-first birthday bash. 
“There are going to be a lot of cameras there,” you respond. 
“Yeah, outside the entrance to the damn club. You know they won’t be allowed in, so who cares?” Taehyung rebukes. 
You huff out a little sigh, not wanting to get into an argument when you’re literally minutes away from your first public appearance since the whole tabloid debacle from three weeks ago. You and Taehyung could both do with being a bit more relaxed than you normally are when you’re around each other. 
“Hasn’t Clarissa invited hundreds of people? They’ll all notice if we aren’t together,” you remind pointedly. The girl whose birthday party you are attending is an heiress who grew up on the money of two people with a monopoly over the current artificial intelligence market and has millions of followers on social media. There will be notable people there. And people will know the two of you, as well. 
Taehyung rolls his eyes. “That’s the point, Y/N. There’ll be so many people, no one will even care. It’s her twenty-first birthday. Do you think people are going to be sober?”
You purse your lips together. He’s got a point. “How about when we are together, we hold hands. But if you see a friend or something then feel free to say hi.” Taehyung can be afforded that luxury. Especially because the chances of him not bumping into someone he knows is exceedingly low anyway. 
Taehyung nods in agreement. “You too. But I won’t leave you unless I know you’re with someone you’re close with.”
“You don’t have to stay, I’ll be fine,” you say with a small chuckle. What, is Taehyung suddenly worried, or something?
“Yeah, but it would be in bad taste if I left you with someone you didn’t know well. Or alone. Just wanna make sure you’re taken care of.” He shrugs nonchalantly, turning back to look out of the window on his side of the car. 
You don’t really have anything else to say to that. You’re sure you can handle yourself if you’re left alone for a few minutes while Taehyung says hi, but you actually find yourself rather appreciative of his resolve to look after you. Or, at least, make sure someone else is looking after you. It’s quite… chivalrous. Strikingly out of character for the Taehyung you’ve become well-acquainted with over the past couple of months. 
By the time you arrive, it’s obvious that Taehyung was right about there being so many people you two practically don’t even exist. Other than the herds of camera crews waiting outside the joint, photographing everyone that steps out of a black car to see what they’re wearing and who they’ve come with, no one seems to be paying you any attention. And in a way, that sort of nonexistence, that anonymity, it’s refreshing. Your entire life you’ve felt like all eyes were on you, like there was constantly a spotlight above your head, but here, the party centers around someone else. 
Despite that fact, Taehyung keeps his promise. He keeps himself pressed closely against you when there’s not enough space for you two to stand side by side, and he makes sure to have a hand gently intertwined with your own as you weave your way through the dozens of bodies in the room. He doesn’t say anything, of course, always looking up and forward instead of beside him, where you stand, but you find that you’re actually quite relaxed with his presence. He spots a bit of a clearing near the back of the first floor of the club, where a whole bunch of leather couches are pressed up against the brick walls, where the two of you can take a breather. 
“Damn, Clarissa knows a lot of people,” you say when you finally settle down, happily plucking a martini from a tray held by one of the many caterers wandering through the venue. 
“I doubt she’s even spoken to half of them,” Taehyung comments. “She and I have maybe spoken once… three years ago.”
“It was enough to get you invited, wasn’t it?” You point out with an eyebrow raised. 
Taehyung nods, chuckling a little. “Touché,” he says, clinking his own cocktail glass against yours. 
You take a swig of the drink, letting it wash down your throat. You’re not exactly sure how else you’re supposed to survive the night. “You must enjoy this, huh?” You muse, looking up at Taehyung from where you’re seated on the couch. He’s standing next to you, looking around the room with a distant gaze in his eye. 
“Enjoy what? The drink? It’s nice,” Taehyung says, having another sip. 
“No, I mean this,” you say, motioning toward the crowd. “The clubbing, the dancing, the drinking. I’ll bet that if you could do this every day for the rest of your life, you would.”
“I’m honored that you think so highly of me,” he deadpans. 
“Just making an observation,” you say, holding your hand up in surrender. “I mean, isn’t this what you used to do every weekend before we got married? Get wasted and party? Wake up in someone else’s bed the next morning? Muscle your way through the week just so you could do it all over again?”
Taehyung shakes his head, a knowing grin on his face. “Looks like someone keeps up with her tabloids. Let me guess, you would scroll through all of those trashy articles on your phone whenever you woke up so you could see what your future husband was doing?”
“I could have never even met you and I would know that that’s exactly what you do,” you say, even though you definitely did do those things before your engagement was announced to the public. “You’re a heartbreaker, Kim Taehyung. I don’t need to read a tabloid to know that.”
“Well, you must be quite the lucky girl, then,” Taehyung comments. “You seem to be taking up so much of my energy that I don’t have the time for that anymore.”
You place a sarcastic hand on your heart. “I didn’t know you were always thinking about me. I’m touched.”
“Don’t get used to it,” Taehyung huffs out, making the two of you both shake your heads as you chuckle to yourselves. First civil conversation you’ve had with each other in a long while, even if there may have been a few blows exchanged. 
The privacy doesn’t last long. Soon after, a huge crowd of people that could honestly still pass for teenagers herds towards the back of the club, all of them wanting to take pictures with each other. You and Taehyung do your best to stay out of the way, but one of the girls recognizes him from the Elle photoshoot he did about a year ago and begins to strike up a conversation with the both of you about your recent marriage. If she was paying attention to anything the tabloids leaked three weeks ago, she doesn’t mention it. Taehyung smiles and happily answers all of her questions, and even offers to take a picture of the group for them. The conversation ends before the two of you even catch her name. 
You’re standing by the line of buffet tables laid out against the staircase leading up to the second floor, no doubt as crowded as this one, when the opportunity for you to speak to someone other than Taehyung finally presents itself. 
You’d recognize that voice anywhere. You turn around to see Victoria barreling towards the both of you, not even caring when she accidentally spills a bit of her piña colada on the floor as she does. 
“Hey!” You exclaim excitedly. “I didn’t know you’d be here.”
“Are you kidding? I’m pretty sure Clarissa invited everyone on her, her best friend’s, her best friend’s cousin, and her best friend’s cousin’s dog’s contact list,” Victoria says with a laugh. “It’s nice to see you. I feel like you’ve been holed up in that big ol’ penthouse for weeks.”
“Damage control,” you remind her succinctly. Victoria knows enough that that’s all the explanation she really needs. 
“I don’t know if the two of you have ever met formally,” you say, thinking back to your wedding, where Victoria spent most of her time schmoozing with your parents (who love her) and didn’t even engage with any of the people who Taehyung’s family had invited. “Taehyung, this is Victoria. Victoria, Taehyung.”
“Pleasure,” Victoria says in that loud, unabashedly forward way of hers, holding out a friendly hand. Taehyung smiles back curtly, taking her hand and shaking it gently, so as not to spill any more of her drink. 
“Mine as well. I remember you were at our wedding.” Oh? So he does know her?
“That I was. Oh, I miss that day. The food was excellent. Tonight’s isn’t too bad either. Hope you’re doing well, the two of you. It’s nice to see you getting along,” she says, always the observer. 
Taehyung’s eyes widen a little when he picks up what Victoria is not-so-subtly putting down, but you place a hand on his upper arm to calm him. “It’s okay,” you tell him. “She won’t say anything.”
“My lips are sealed,” Victoria adds. 
“If you wanna go spend time with some of your friends, you can,” you say, giving Taehyung a nudge. He looks positively helpless standing in between the two of you as Victoria out-extroverts him. 
“Alright,” he says hesitantly, even though you know he’s already spotted at least ten people you’re sure he’d want to spend time with over you. “I’ll come find you soon, okay? Don’t go too far.”
You nod, and Taehyung disappears off into the crowd. Not two seconds later, you hear someone else call his name in a familiar tone. 
“I thought you said you hated him,” Victoria points out as the two of you watch his caramel brown hair makes its way throughout the crowd. 
You take another sip of your drink. “I do,” you say. 
Victoria looks at you like you’ve just told her you’ve sworn off custard-filled doughnuts. 
“What?” You ask, feeling suddenly defensive. 
“Nothing,” Victoria singsongs. “It just doesn’t look like that to me.”
“We just need to keep up a good appearance in public, that’s all. You know how mad my parents got when the tabloids leaked all that shit a few weeks ago,” you explain. You’re not sure what all the fuss is about. Taehyung said he would do these things. And he did. That was him upholding his end of the deal. This is you upholding yours. 
“If you say so…” Victoria says, not looking at all convinced. “I guess I’m just surprised that—that you two seem to be getting along so well. Maybe you being married isn’t going to be the worst thing after all.”
You stare back out into the crowd, scanning the top of people’s heads for Taehyung’s familiar locks. In the dim light of the club, you have a difficult time finding his, squinting your eyes slightly as you look around, but eventually you spot him, dancing happily with some old friends of his you recognize. He looks like he’s having a good time. And that makes you feel like maybe, just maybe, this might end up alright. 
“Yeah,” you say, though with the pounding of the bass and the alcohol already rushing through your veins, it doesn’t really feel like your voice belongs to you. You look back at Taehyung, knowing exactly where he is now, and you smile. Just a little. “I guess he’s not so bad.”
Tumblr media
You never do get a chance to meet Taehyung’s friends that night. By the time he joins back up with you and Victoria he’s by himself, a little more drunk than when he left, and ready to go home. And for once, instead of fighting him, instead of insisting you stay an hour more just to make sure you’ve done all of your rounds, you let him take you home. 
Taehyung has been spending a lot more time at the penthouse lately. Perhaps his family’s business happenings are slow, or perhaps he’s actually starting to get more comfortable with inhabiting the same space as you, but he has definitely found himself quite the rhythm in that house of yours. He even comes down to the first floor rather regularly. 
When he’s home, Taehyung is a lot quieter than you thought he would be. Granted, you don’t exactly know what you were expecting in the first place, but it certainly wasn’t him ruminating in one of the home offices while the Beatles play softly on the stereo, nor was it him reading a book in French in one of those big old grandfather chairs in the living room. If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably think he was still absent in that old way of his, ghostlike and silent, like he was occupying the space instead of truly living in it. 
But you do know better, and even though Taehyung is just as noiseless as he used to be, the house already feels a little bit fuller. 
Perhaps the reason you’ve become so keenly aware of his presence over the past few days is because of the notable fact that Taehyung has indeed held up his end of the deal, and no longer goes out with his friends in the evening. Or at all, for that matter. Which strikes you as rather odd, because he’s the epitome of a social butterfly, a thousand contacts in his phone and a whole group of friends he regularly spends time with. Maybe his parents told him to tone down the public appearances, too. And that’s understandable, but don’t they know Taehyung? Can’t they see how much he thrives on social interaction? It almost makes you feel… bad for him. 
To remedy this, you suggest he invite over his friends. Just for a few hours, you swear you won’t mind. 
“Seriously?” Taehyung looks positively shocked when you tell him he can, standing in the doorway of the office he seems to have designated as his own. 
“Yeah, why not?” You say with a carefree shrug. Besides, you’ve never met his friends anyway, and now seems as good a chance as any to introduce yourself. You are his wife, after all. “Unless your parents say you can’t. But it’s not a problem for me.”
“You… don’t mind if I have my friends over for a bit? Honest to God, we’re probably just going to play FIFA for three hours straight,” Taehyung says like it’s some sort of warning. Like the idea of him and his buddies from college are going to sit in the living room screaming at the television, leaving you alone to do literally anything else, is somehow bad. 
You laugh. “It’s fine, really. Call them. I’d actually quite like to meet them.”
Taehyung picks up his phone almost instantly, as if you’ll change your mind in the next five minutes so he better get them over soon, and already you can see the way his face is lighting up, the way his eyes crinkle as he chats to his friends and the way his lips curl upwards when they crack a joke back. Isn’t it obvious? He feeds off of the energy of others. Who are you to deny him such a simple pleasure?
As it turns out, Taehyung’s friends actually end up being quite nice anyway. 
He invites over three, because four people is apparently the perfect number for a hardcore game of FIFA on his Playstation, and they are all very handsome men you have never met before. You suppose like attracts like, after all. 
“You must be Y/N,” says the first one you see when you open the door to let them in. He doesn’t look a day over twenty-one—in fact, he could probably still pass as a college student—and has rather long dark hair that drapes over the sides of his face, covering the edges of his big doe eyes. “I’m Jungkook. This is Jimin and Hoseok.”
“Nice to meet you all,” you say, stepping aside so they can enter.
The shortest one, Jimin, grins in response, and Hoseok, behind him, gives you a wave. It’s refreshing enough as is, not having to exchange formal greetings and shake each other’s hands like you do with everyone else. Hoseok even gives you a bit of a nod, too.“You, too,” he says. “We’ve heard so much about you.”
Oh, have they, now? Interesting. 
“All good things, I hope,” you say awkwardly, forcing a small smile as Taehyung comes bounding into the room, ears perked up at the sound of his friends’ voices. 
“Definitely. Thanks for having us over. We didn’t wanna intrude on the sanctity of your new place,” Jungkook says, gesturing vaguely to the house as a whole. He’s got this excellent, genuine grin on his face, the kind that people who are just happy to be alive always wear. 
Already he’s said enough to charm the shit out of you. Who knew Taehyung’s friends could be so… friendly? “Please, you’re welcome any time. I was just thinking Taehyung was getting a little lonely.”
“There he is!” Jimin shouts excitedly when he spots Taehyung behind the two of you, looking a lot more casual than he normally does when he’s alone with you, having abandoned his usual silky button-down and wide-leg slacks for a loose shirt and some sweatpants. You didn’t even know he had those things in his closet. 
“Hey, everyone’s here!” Taehyung exclaims, just as happy. He squeezes past you to give the three of them a big hug, and it almost makes you feel like you’re intruding on something you shouldn’t be in. Even though this is literally your house. 
“Nice place you got here,” Hoseok comments, eyes drifting around the living room. “Very minimalist, I like it.”
“Sure hope you don’t spill anything on those nice leather couches of yours,” Jungkook says. 
“Yeah, unlike Kook, who has spilled tomato soup on every shirt he’s ever owned,” Jimin jokes, earning laughs from Taehyung and Hoseok and a punch from Jungkook. 
“Moved after we married,” Taehyung says simply, shrugging his shoulders. It’s an easy enough explanation for why it doesn’t look at all lived in. Here’s hoping none of them realize you sleep in different bedrooms. 
“Yeah, congratulations on that, man,” Hoseok says, giving Taehyung a celebratory nudge in the shoulder. “Who’d have thought, out of the four of us, Kim Taehyung would be the first one to settle down.”
The way Taehyung’s body tenses up at that comment does not go unnoticed by you. 
“Seriously, I would have never guessed,” Jimin adds on. “You’re showing us a new side of yourself, Tae. But I’m happy for you.”
Normally, you’d probably take offense at such blatant insinuations that your husband was a former playboy, especially from his equally noncommittal friends. But truthfully, it’s not like you were blind to Taehyung’s transgressions either. And what matters most is the fact that since it was announced publicly, you are the only woman he’s been seen with since your engagement. 
“Me too. You seem to really like her. I’m glad,” Jungkook pipes up, sending a smile your way. You definitely feel like you don’t belong in this conversation. “I think the two of you will be good for each other.”
“Yeah, I hope so,” Taehyung says with a nervous chuckle. His eyes quickly shoot your way, the two of you meeting gazes, your hesitant expressions matching. At least the two of you are on the same page. “Alright, alright, enough,” Jungkook says. “Who’s ready to get their ass kicked in FIFA?”
“You’re on, Jeon. But when I win, you owe me a five-star dinner,” Hoseok challenges. 
Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook immediately crowd towards the couch, and you take that as your cue to leave. But before you can disappear down the hallway, you and Taehyung look awkwardly at each other, hands tied. It’s not like you can say anything to them. 
The truth is that, sometimes, it’s easy to forget that not everyone else knows that your marriage is just for business. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are still people out there that believe you marry for love. 
Isn’t it crazy to think that you used to be one of those people, too?
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Taehyung says when you meet up at the bottom of the stairs again. 
“Hey,” you respond. 
“You look nice.”
You scoff a little to yourself. What, are you exchanging compliments now? “Thanks,” you say, looking him up and down. “You’re not so bad yourself.” Like he ever is. 
“I knew you had taste,” Taehyung teases, and it’s the sort of comment that would have earned him a melon ball to the face back when the two of you were teenagers at a debutante ball, but today only earns him a roll of your eyes as you join hands. You don’t have anything big tonight—just a small dinner to celebrate some sort of business accomplishment for your family, which means that all you have to manage is not ending up in some sort of food fight by the end of the night. 
“I didn’t have a choice, did I?” You retort easily as you get into the car. 
You don’t normally speak a lot on the way to events. Not that you ever did, but even as your relationship has slowly faded from pure hatred to attempts at compromise, you both seem to relish in being able to stare out of your respective backseat windows and into the city that surrounds you. Just out of curiosity, about halfway through the ride you look towards Taehyung to see what he’s up to, and find yourself genuinely surprised to see him leaning against the window with his eyes closed. Is he sleeping? A couple more minutes of gazing at him tells you he is, because his body has gone lax and his breathing has evened out, soft snores leaving his mouth. This ride can’t be longer than twenty minutes. Has he not been sleeping well? Up in that enormous second-floor bedroom of his?
He’s awake by the time the car parks outside the restaurant, this fancy name brand steak place that was chosen solely because the biggest beneficiaries of your family’s new business deal are two sixty-year-old men whose entire diet consists of beef and beer. No cameras tonight, just a small family affair. You and Taehyung hold hands as you enter the restaurant and are led to the private room in the back anyway. 
You and him are seated on the far end of the long, rectangular table, alongside all of the other adult children dragged along to celebrate something that has no effect on their lives. But it’s nice, because the space alone prevents your parents from actively speaking with you, and you and Taehyung can stay in your own little bubble, only chiming in for a toast when necessary. 
“What are you going to get?” He asks you, the two of you gazing at the menu. No matter how fancy this place is, all the options seem to boil down to steak, steak, steak, steak, and caesar salad. Classic. 
“Oh, so you actually care now?” You counter, an eyebrow raised in amusement. 
Taehyung laughs. “Aren’t I supposed to?”
You narrow your eyes at him suspiciously, wise to his usual shenanigans. It’s hard to tell if Taehyung really means what he says, or if it’s all for show. But perhaps he’s asking because he’s genuinely curious, since no one else seems to be paying you any attention. 
“The choices on this menu are simply overwhelming,” you say, motioning to the six options in front of you. 
“I know, I’m so torn,” Taehyung jokes, making you huff out a little giggle. At least he’s still got that same sense of humor. 
You both end up going for a pretty classic steak dinner, which neither of the two of you finish because the damn portions are the size of your head. Dinner is, in and of itself, absolutely mindless, all of your parents talking about things that don’t concern you whatsoever, leaving you and Taehyung to your own devices as you desperately try to make the night go by faster. 
At one point, you notice Taehyung’s foot brushing up against yours, the leather of his loafers brushing against the toe of your patent heel. Thinking someone of it, you push back, foot nudging his back to his own chair. It’s not a second later that Taehyung retaliates, the two of you dancing around each other underneath the table. 
If the two of you were any younger, or perhaps any less resigned to your fate, there’s no doubt in your mind you would be attempting to get Taehyung to fall off his chair in an effort to do the same to you. Footsie means war. But when the both of you know that, at the end of the day, you’ll still be going home to the same place, and waking up the next morning in the same house, it doesn’t feel like this is a battle.
It’s just life. 
Eventually, you meet Taehyung’s eyes with a hesitant smile, shoe pressed against his, stuck in ceasefire. And for once, he doesn’t have that devilish look in his eye, that smug little grin on his face that tells you that he’s going to make you regret whatever it is you just did. He’s just smiling back at you, all pink lips, having found real fun in the little things. 
And that makes you happy. 
The rest of the dinner is uneventful, which, in your book, is about as good as a dinner can go. You cheers to the future of your parents’ relationship with their newfound partners and say a quick goodbye to them both, hurrying out of there before they can ask you any questions on your relationship with your husband. But you don’t spend the car ride in silence on the way back. 
Instead, you say, “Have you been sleeping well?”
The question seems to catch Taehyung off guard. He was already getting in position to take a power nap on the ride home, head pressed up against the window of the car. 
“Have you been sleeping well?” You repeat. “I noticed you fell asleep on the way here.”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess,” he says, a hand scratching the nape of his neck. “I mean, it’s been hard adjusting, I suppose. But I’ll get over it.”
Hard adjusting? You’ve been together for nearly three months now. Three months worth of sleeping in the same penthouse bedroom, on the same soft-as-a-cloud mattress, underneath the same weighted blanket. And he’s still having trouble? 
“Oh. I mean, I just wanted to ask because you seem really tired lately.”
“I got a lot on my plate, what can I say,” Taehyung says with an empty smile, forcing a chuckle. “I’ll be fine, seriously. You don’t have to worry about me.”
“Isn’t that my job?” You remind him. “I am your wife.”
Taehyung doesn’t say anything to that. He just lets out an audible breath, the kind you let out when you’re amused and have something snarky to say, but don’t have the energy to get the words off your tongue. 
The rest of the ride is pretty quiet. 
When you get home, you place your house keys in the bowl by the entrance and take off your shoes, just about ready to take a hot shower and collapse in bed, when Taehyung’s voice stops you. 
“Hey,” he begins, almost hesitantly. You look back at him inquisitively. “I was thinking, maybe, if you wanted, we could start sleeping in the same bed?”
You scrunch your nose up. Not in disgust, but in surprise. In bewilderment. What brought this on, all of a sudden?
“Really?” You ask, because you can’t help yourself. “I thought we liked the separate bed thing. Gives us privacy.”
“Yeah,” Taehyung says with a shrug, “but—I don’t know, it’s stupid. I just thought, you know, since we’re married and all. And it’s been three months.” He looks about two seconds away from backtracking, from shaking his head and going upstairs before you can say anything else. 
“Alright,” you say quickly, nodding your assent. Taehyung’s eyes widen when he hears the word, like he had completely expected you to shut him down the moment he made the suggestion. “If that’s what you want. We can try it.”
“You sure?” He asks, that same hesitant smile from earlier lacing his features. It’s strange. He almost looks… sweet. Nervous. 
You grin back at him. “Yeah, I am.”
Taehyung lets you grab some of your toiletries and your pajamas from your designated bedroom before you head up the stairs together, towards the bedroom he’s claimed for himself. Funnily enough, this is the first time you’ve been in his room. Three months of living together and you haven’t dared step foot on the second floor. 
You don’t know what you were expecting when he opens the door to let you inside. Maybe a room that screamed ‘Taehyung’ a little more than this one does. One that looks like an actual human has been living here. But other than one of his classic silk button-downs draped over a chair, there’s not a shred of evidence someone has actually been sleeping here. You could honestly be fooled rather easily that the shirt, too, is just decoration. 
“You can pick a side,” Taehyung says casually. He grabs his own sleepwear—an old t-shirt and some sweats—and heads into the bathroom to change. 
You wonder why Taehyung has had such a difficult time adjusting. This room is about as lavish as a bedroom can get. And yet. 
Sitting down on the left side of the bed, you begin to remove your own clothes, unzipping tonight’s dress and stepping quickly into your pajamas, hurrying to make sure Taehyung doesn’t catch you half-naked. How funny is that, you think to yourself. You’ve been married for three months and you still can’t bear the thought of Taehyung seeing you without a shirt on. 
When Taehyung comes out of the bathroom, hair all messy and clothes all casual, he grins lazily to himself. “I sleep on the right anyway,” he comments mindlessly. 
Within twenty minutes the both of you are about as ready to pass out as you have ever been, the only lights still on the ones on your respective nightstands. 
“Goodnight,” Taehyung says, reaching an arm over to switch his off. 
“Goodnight,” you tell him, turning off yours as well. And all of a sudden, the room is shrouded in darkness. 
You fall asleep instantly. 
Tumblr media
When Taehyung wakes up the next morning, the first thing he says to you is that he hasn’t slept that well in ages. 
Tumblr media
“You slept together?” Victoria shrieks, so loud you actually have to move your phone away from your ear as you punch in the code inside the elevator for access to your floor. 
“We did not sleep together,” you emphasize. “Okay, well, we sleep together, as in, in the same bed. But we are fully clothed. And not the slightest bit interested in doing anything other than sleeping.”
“I thought you said you liked having your own space,” Victoria points out. “When was the first time you—uh…” she pauses to find the right words, “shared a bed?”
“A couple weeks ago. It’s really not so bad, I don’t know why you’re so hung up over it,” you say, lips pursed. You squeeze the phone between the side of your head and your shoulder, hands full of shopping bags, the string of the handles burning your skin. Maybe you should look into getting a personal shopper. 
“I’m hung up over it because, for the longest time, you have sworn off Kim Taehyung. Called him dead to you. Insulted him every chance you get.” 
You scoff. You don’t need reminding of how much you hated him, how much you can’t believe you have to spend the rest of your life with him. “It’s different now. We’re married. And he said he wasn’t sleeping well. I felt bad.”
“He wasn’t?”
“Enough about him,” you say, shutting her up. You don’t feel like talking about him with Victoria anymore. “Word through the grapevine says that your parents are actually thinking of letting you start your own company?”
It’s enough to distract Victoria. For the rest of the ride in the elevator, she talks animatedly about a new streaming service her parents are considering letting her launch, under their parent business, of course, but it’s her own company nonetheless. And you’re proud of her. Proud she could do something your parents would never dream of letting you do. Proud she could make that happen. 
You push open the front door with the side of your hip after entering in the security code, phone still snug between your ear and your shoulder, when you hear Taehyung call out your name. 
He comes into view from the kitchen, which surprises you because you have, on multiple occasions, made fun of how much of a disaster chef he is, especially because he’s admitted to you he’s not a very good cook. 
“I made brownies,” he says, holding out a plate of the chocolate treats in front of you. Instinct has you dropping your bags on the floor by your feet and reaching out, but you eye him first, suspicious. 
“I have to go,” you tell Victoria, hanging up before she even gets a chance to object to your sudden departure. “You made these?”
“Yes, I did,” Taehyung says, rather proud. 
“And the kitchen is… still standing?” You ask, skeptical. 
Taehyung frowns at you, clearly unimpressed. “How bad of a chef do you think I am?”
“Pretty bad,” you admit with a shrug. 
Taehyung pouts sadly to himself for a moment. “These are good, I swear. Nothing weird in them like vegetables or anything either. I used a box mix.”
“No wonder they look so nice,” you comment snidely, hesitant hand reaching out to grab one. They feel like brownies. So that’s good. 
“Hey, I was the one who had to crack the eggs and shit. Three eggs! And not one eggshell in the bowl!” Taehyung says, clearly very pleased with himself. 
You laugh at his enthusiasm, taking a bite. It’s good. And exactly what you needed after a long day of shopping. “I’m proud of you. They taste good.”
“I knew you wouldn’t doubt me.” Taehyung grins.
“They’re really good, actually,” You amend, genuinely surprised. And the best part is that you can count at least ten brownies left on that plate, which means that you get at least five more. Which, if you had any less self-restraint, you would probably eat all at once within the day. 
“I’m glad you like them. They’re all for us, you know. No one else to share them with,” he says.
“Honestly, I’m probably going to finish them by tonight. You’ll have to make more tomorrow,” you say sheepishly. 
“We can make some together,” Taehyung suggests. 
“I’m looking forward to it,” you respond. The words come off your mouth easily, tumbling from your lips without you having to think about it. You aren’t saying them because you have to. You’re saying them because you want to. Because baking with Taehyung doesn’t actually sound too bad. Especially if it means more brownies. 
“You’ve, uh, you’ve got something,” Taehyung says, gesturing vaguely to the side of his lip. 
“Oh, I do? Yikes,” you say, a little embarrassed. Your hand comes up to wipe at the left side of your mouth. “Is it gone?”
“Wait, here, let me do it,” Taehyung says, reaching out towards you. He presses his palm against the side of your face, cradling your cheek and jaw in his enormous hands, and all at once it feels like your skin is on fire. 
Your body freezes up at the touch, at the way his thumb swipes at the corner of your mouth, right against your lips, wiping away nothing but a goddamn brownie crumb. You look at him, look right at him, how can you look anywhere else when he’s right in front of you like this, and it feels like you are caught in his gaze, a rain droplet trapped on a web, a bee stuck in its own honey. His big, brown eyes sparkle from the ceiling lights, a chocolate sky that mirrors the food he just made for you. He looks at you and his eyes are so soft, so open, so happy to be looking right back at you. God. 
“There,” he says, a moment too late. 
“Thanks,” you stammer out, speechless otherwise. 
You both stand there, looking at each other, wordless expressions drawn all over your faces, no idea what to do next. 
After a while, Taehyung breaks the silence. “Do you wanna order takeout tonight?”
“Okay,” you nod, still a little breathless. Taehyung smiles before retreating back to the kitchen, leaving you standing in the entranceway, shopping bags abandoned by your side. 
You look over to where he’s vanished. There’s a part of you that wishes he hadn’t left. A part of you that makes you want to see him again. 
Tumblr media
Phone calls from your mother are never good. The last time she called… well, you know how that went. So when you see her contact information light up your home screen, it’s only instinct that you feel your heart rate spike. 
“Hello?” The voice that comes out doesn’t even sound like yours. 
There’s no good way to put what comes next. Your grandmother has died. Heart attack. The paramedics got there too late. It was over before it even started. 
For a moment, for a split second, it feels like everything is frozen. Like the world has come to standstill. Your mother’s voice echoes in your ears, suspended in time, the words turning into stone as they crash onto the floor. And when they do, it is as if everything comes back to life. 
Truth be told, you don’t know how long you stay there, sitting on the edge of the left side of the bed, your phone resting lifelessly in the palm of your hand. It feels at once like an eternity and only a second in time. You spoke to your grandmother two days ago. You had promised that you and Taehyung would visit her soon. How can this be happening?
Your phone buzzes relentlessly in your hands, condolences pouring in from every person in your contacts, sorry’s and heart emoticons and If you need anything, I’m always here’s filling up your screen. There’s a part of you that vaguely registers your mother, alongside some of the other members of your family, trying to call you. But nothing can seem to shake you. 
“Y/N? You still up here?”
You hear Taehyung before you see him. Hear his voice, hear his footsteps, hear the door creak open as he enters your bedroom. Slowly, almost sluggishly, you twist around to look at him, the mere act knocking the wind out of you. Or maybe you were already breathless. 
“Hey, you alright?” Taehyung knows instantly that something is wrong. 
“My grandmother died.” The words sit heavy on your tongue. There’s no point in not telling him. He’ll find out soon enough. He’s… he’s family, isn’t he?
“What?” Taehyung freezes in place. “I—I’m so sorry to hear that, Y/N. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” you say, voice weak but steady. You blink up at him, once, twice, three times, and then suddenly you feel tears running down your cheeks. 
Taehyung doesn’t say anything else. He rushes to your side and sits himself down on the bed next to you, arms wrapping around your body. And you don’t think about the fact that it’s him, about the fact that this is the closest the two of you have ever been. You just let yourself be engulfed in his frame, let yourself be enveloped in his hold as the tears stream down your skin, little hiccups jolting your throat. You close your eyes and press yourself into his arms, head resting against his chest, and wish so desperately that so many things about your life were just a little bit different. 
It must be at least five minutes before either one of you dares to move. Your phone begins to rattle incessantly, that familiar and insistent buzz that the both of you are hard-pressed to ignore. 
“I think you should answer that,” Taehyung whispers into your skin, lips right by your forehead. 
“Yeah,” you sniffle, sitting up next to him and wiping the remnants of wetness by your eyes. Well, Taehyung’s seen you cry. There’s no going back now. “You’re probably right.” You look down at the phone. It’s your father. 
“I’ll be downstairs, okay? Unless you want me to stay,” he offers, looking hesitant. 
You shake your head. “No, it’s—it’s okay. I’ll be fine.”
“Call me if you need me,” he makes you give him a nod of understanding before he finally gets up, hands slowly removing themselves from your skin, leaving little sparks in their wake. Remnants of warmth. Suddenly, you feel much colder. Hardly a minute later he’s out of the room, and you can hear his distant footsteps as they make their way down the stairs. 
Sighing, blinking, and swallowing all at once, you pick up. 
The call passes by in a blur. Your father says the will will take at least half a year to be executed, but that the funeral is already being planned. Your grandmother had hoped you would eulogize her. You agree, but you have no idea what you will say. He says Taehyung is invited but does not need to come if he cannot make it. He says a lot of other things too, about your mother, about your cousins, about your aunts and uncles and your poor grandfather, who passed five years ago, but you can’t even remember them moments after he’s said them. 
When he hangs up, the tears on your cheeks have dried, patches of them left along your skin. You head to the bathroom, getting off your bed for the first time that day, and try to wash away everything that has stained the morning. A part of you doesn’t even want to bother, just wants to slug downstairs and eat as much sugary cereal as you can get your hands on, but you can’t go down there looking like this. Looking so helpless. 
By the time you reach the kitchen, Taehyung is already standing there, on the opposite side of the counter island, a big stack of pancakes in front of him. They look mouth-watering. 
“Hey,” he says softly. “Thought you might want something to cheer you up.”
“Did you make these?” You ask, a little endeared. That was thoughtful of him. 
“Yeah. They’re still warm,” Taehyung says. He holds out a fork. 
You grin. 
Tumblr media
The funeral is a week later. It sucks in every way that something can suck. But not in the same way your wedding sucked, or even the announcement of your engagement. It sucks because it’s a funeral, because you have to stare down your grandmother’s casket when a part of you still doesn’t even believe that she’s gone. Because everyone there is so sad, so melancholy, dressed in all black and looking down at their feet. Because everyone is so sorry for you, so sorry for your loss, everyone has nothing but condolences to offer you. What will those do? They won’t bring her back. They won’t change things. They won’t make you feel even the slightest bit better. 
Taehyung comes. He comes because he offers, and because you want him to. You want someone whose hand to hold. Want someone to smile at you when you’re speaking in front of your entire extended family and trying not to cry. You want someone who is familiar, and warm, and there for you. 
And most of all, you want someone who won’t keep the conversation going when you get home. 
“Do you wanna order Chinese?” He asks, coming into the living room, where you have been sulking on the couch ever since you stepped foot inside the door. 
“That sounds nice,” you force out. 
“Okay. Your usual?”
“Yes, please.” You don’t bother asking how Taehyung already remembers what you like to order when you’ve only gotten Chinese twice in the last three months. 
“I’ll call them.” He disappears off into the kitchen. 
What you do appreciate about Taehyung is how he has defaulted to food as a comfort measure, and how the thought alone genuinely brightens you up a little bit. You don’t know each other very well—still, after three months, you couldn’t even say his favorite color—but he is doing his best, and he is trying his hardest. In some ways, you were unlucky to marry him. To marry someone you didn’t love. To be forced into a union you had no say in, with someone you had so much antagonistic history with. 
But in some ways, your luck has changed. In some ways, marrying him was perhaps the best thing that could happen to you. Taehyung is snarky, a little devilish, and absolutely full of himself, but he is not thoughtless. He is not heartless. He has proven that he is willing to put in the work. That he can grow to care. To change. To compromise. And isn’t that the luckiest thing you could have gotten?
“I’m sure you’re probably sick of hearing people tell you they’re sorry for your loss.”
His voice breaks your reverie, carrying throughout the wide open space of your living room. He’s grinning honestly where he stands, slowly making his way over to you. 
“Kind of, yeah,” you admit. “It’s not going to bring her back. Most of those people probably don’t even mean it.”
“Don’t say that,” Taehyung says, sitting down next to you. “I’m sure they do.”
You look at him skeptically. 
“I mean, they’re sorry for your loss because that loss is causing you pain. And that sucks,” Taehyung explains, albeit a little less eloquently than you thought he would. “I know it sucks for me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t like seeing you sad,” Taehyung says honestly, shrugging to himself. 
You scoff a little to yourself. “I would have thought my downfall would be the exact thing the great Kim Taehyung would wish for himself.”
“Maybe a couple of years ago.”
You narrow your eyes. 
“Okay, maybe even a few months ago,” Taehyung admits with a laugh, making you smile, ever so slightly. “But it’s different now. I like it when you’re happy. When you’re snarky and funny and a little evil. Seeing you like this… I don’t like the way it makes me feel.”
“That’s called empathy,” you point out. 
“I’m trying to tell you that seeing you sad makes me sad, stop being a smartass,” Taehyung chides, and that really makes you grin. “There. There’s that smile I was looking for.”
“You’re so annoying,” you say, even though there’s no malice behind it. You give him a little push, palms of your hand pressing lightly against his shoulder as you roll your eyes. 
“Only for you,” he promises. He manages to grab a hold of your wrist as your hand meets his torso, pulling you into him as he wraps an arm around your torso. You gasp a little at the sensation, head falling against his body, fitting snugly in the crook of his neck. He gives your side a comforting rub. “I’m sorry today was so shitty.”
“It was,” you agree. “But Chinese food will make it a little bit better.”
Taehyung looks positively scandalized. “What? ‘Chinese food will make it better’? But not your loving, doting husband?” 
You pretend to think for a little bit, tilting your head up to the sky as you tap your chin with your finger. “Okay. Maybe that, too,” you cave after a bit of waiting, just to be extra bothersome. 
“That’s what I thought,” Taehyung says proudly, looking down at you, eyes sparkling. You can feel his grip tighten as he presses you against his body, letting you rest your head on his side. It feels like the longest hug ever, like you’re wrapped up in a weighted blanket. Only it’s not a blanket. It’s Taehyung. It’s your husband. 
He’s your husband.
“Tomorrow will be better,” he says, and it sounds a lot like a promise. 
You nod against him, letting your eyes drift shut. Things are pretty awful right now. Your grandmother’s dead. The funeral was the saddest family event you have ever attended. You have no idea what’s supposed to happen next. 
But he’s right. He seems to be right a lot these days, actually. 
Tomorrow will be better.
Tumblr media
Taehyung lets you sleep in for the next few days. Next several days, actually. Every time you wake up it’s close to noon and your husband is nowhere to be seen, the right side of the bed cold to the touch. It’s nothing to be worried about, though, because you can still see the noticeable dip in the bed from where he lies upon it, sinking his weight into the mattress. Taehyung’s an early bird and you’ve been having fitful nights ever since your grandmother passed. 
Today, you pull yourself out from underneath the covers around noon, sluggish and still tired, squinting as the near-afternoon light streams through the enormous windows of the bedroom. Taehyung must have thought to keep the curtains open today. 
You pull on the first casual clothes you see in your shared closet, some wide-leg sweatpants and a drapey t-shirt, and trudge downstairs like a raccoon to a trash can, hoping to fish through the kitchen cabinets to find something to eat. 
Taehyung is, as far as you can tell, nowhere to be seen. You can’t seem to hear him anywhere, and a part of you wonders where he’s at when you stumble upon the note left on the granite counter. 
Had a meeting downtown, be back around 1! There should be smoked salmon and some cream cheese and bagels in the fridge. 
You chuckle to yourself as you read his flowy handwriting, amused that he thought to let you know of, of all things, the available breakfast foods in the kitchen. You check the clock. It’s nearly noon. Which means you have just over an hour of the house all to yourself. 
Having the house to yourself for five minutes is infrequent enough as it is, let alone for a whole hour. So often is Taehyung around, somewhere, holing himself up in one of the dozens of rooms or mindlessly wandering down the hallways. And for how much Taehyung is present, the funny part is that you still have no idea what he gets up to most of the time. Despite your voluntary abandoning of the separate bedroom rule, the two of you are still firm proponents of the sanctity of your personal spaces. There are rooms in the penthouse Taehyung has never been in, rooms filled with your clothes and makeup and accessories for when stylists come over before an event. A sewing room that you had specifically asked your parents for, because a part of you never let go of that childhood dream of being a fashion designer. 
And there are rooms in the penthouse that you have never been in. Rooms with dark wooden doors that have always been kept closed, that you have never stepped foot in. It’s not that you aren’t curious as to what Taehyung gets up to. He could have a goddamn evil lair in one of those rooms and you would be none the wiser. But you don’t go, because he doesn’t go into your rooms. Because you two, despite all the vows you have broken, promised each other you wouldn’t.
An hour to yourself is almost a good enough excuse for you to head back up to the bedroom and take a nap. Not that you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, or that you even had a fitful night last night—hell, you woke up near noon today and already you want to go back to sleep—but what else is there to do when he’s not around? What new freedoms have suddenly been given to you?
You head back upstairs, much less groggy after that delicious bagel of yours, when you catch a whiff of what smells like wet paint coming from down the hallway. It’s potent and immediately invades your senses, prompting you to wonder if that has always been there, or just magically appeared. Maybe you were so sleepy earlier, you didn’t notice it. 
Well, you notice it now. Unable to help yourself, you start to wander down the hallway, towards the source of the smell. God, it stinks. It takes you back to those days in middle school, when you would spray paint projects inside a tiny little classroom, have to step outside for fifteen minutes while you cracked the windows and aired it out. It gets stronger the further down the corridor you go, like a thick, smelly cloud stationed firmly within the walls of the penthouse. And then you realize where it’s coming from. 
It’s an art studio. 
A very messy art studio, you amend to yourself, as you peek inside. The door is wide open, and all of the windows are popped too, but the extra air circulation doesn’t seem to have made a dent in the scent. And all over the floor, the walls, and the tables are canvases covered in paint, denim jackets and pants and shirts with these wide, unafraid brushstrokes. Open cans of spray paint lie discarded on the hardwood floor stained with splotches of red, yellow, and green. 
Is this what Taehyung does in his free time? Is this where he goes, this bright, sunny room at the end of the second floor hallway? Is this what he is making?
You look down in awe at the clothes resting on the floor, splayed out to maximize dry time. Abstract faces, landscapes, and words are painted onto the backs of jackets, the fronts of old white t-shirts. What hasn’t made it onto the clothes has been put on canvases instead, blurs of color mixed together in this purposeful pattern, confidence emanating from every stroke, every dot. It’s not art in the way that the gorgeous landscapes of Monet, the picture-perfect portraits of Kahlo, the messy, unplanned splatters of Pollock are. It’s art in a different way. In a Taehyung way. 
Who knew he loved it so much? 
You almost feel like an invader encroaching on his territory when you lean down to start cleaning up some of the mess, throwing out empty spray-paint cans and tossing out grey paint water. You don’t dare touch any of the work, don’t dare try to move it. You do what you can, washing out the brushes resting in the water and cleaning up the wet splotches of paint on the hardwood. Over time, the thick scent of still-wet paint slowly fades, disappearing out the window as the fresh afternoon air seeps in. And you stand there, in a room full of art, in a room full of pieces that Taehyung has undoubtedly poured his heart into creating, and you smile to yourself. 
That’s how Taehyung finds you ten minutes later, peering into the room after declaring that his meeting had ended early. 
“Thought I’d find you in here,” Taehyung says with a grin as you jump at the sound of his voice, eyes widen when you turn around to see him standing by the door. 
“Oh, hey,” you say sheepishly. “I didn’t hear you come in.”
“Maybe because this is the farthest room in the house from the front door,” Taehyung teases lightly, coming up behind you. “I see you found my studio.”
“I know I’m not allowed in here,” you admit. 
Taehyung scoffs. “Who says?”
“Didn’t we both agree on that?”
He shrugs. “Sort of. I think we just reached an unspoken understanding we wouldn’t invade each other’s personal space. But it was not in the fine print, no.”
“The fine print of what?”
“That deal we made.”
Right. That deal you made, four months ago, That deal, where the two of you agreed to pretend to be in love with each other during public appearances so you wouldn’t get burned at the stake by your families. Where the two of you agreed not to interact with each other otherwise because you hated each other so much. 
“Oh, yeah,” you say distantly, feeling naive for already forgetting about it. It doesn’t seem to have slipped Taehyung’s mind whatsoever. 
“It’s okay, I don’t mind that you’re up here,” Taehyung says, interrupting that piercing little voice in the back of your head that is asking you why on earth you forgot about that deal in the first place.
“Yeah, I—” You scratch at the nape of your neck, trying to find the words to say. “It just smelled like paint, so I wanted to see what you get up too. And it’s this, apparently.” You motion vaguely to the entire room.
“You sound… surprised,” Taehyung muses correctly. 
“I guess I am,” you surmise. “I’m rather impressed, too, actually.”
“Really?” It’s Taehyung’s turn to sound surprised. 
“Yeah,” you tell him honestly, looking into his eyes. “I—you know, I just came in here because the entire hallway smelled like wet paint and I wanted to know why. But I didn’t know you loved art so much.”
“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” Taehyung points out. 
You suppose that’s true. You don’t know his favorite color. His favorite song. His favorite book. For a long time, you didn’t know what he got up to on his side of the penthouse. You don’t know how he met his friends. What he studied in university. Who he has loved in the past. Who he loves now. You don’t know why he does the things he does, and why he doesn’t do the things he doesn’t do. 
But you do know his Chinese takeout order. 
And you do know his hobbies. Well, one of them, at least. 
Who’s to say you can’t learn more?
“Well,” you start with a smile. “I’m your wife, aren’t I? Shouldn’t I begin to learn?”
Taehyung picks up what you’re putting down instantly, grinning in response. “Only if you’ll tell me things about you, too,” he requisitions. 
“I will,” you promise. It’s the easiest one you’ve ever had to make. 
His face is light, bright, bathed in the rays of the afternoon sun. His eyes shimmer as they meet yours, golden flecks more pronounced like this, in this gorgeous, open space, daylight streaming through the windows. Looking at him makes you feel like you are surrounded by warmth, makes you feel like the sun is opening its arms out to you. He has always been gorgeous. Beautiful. But looking at him like this, standing in the middle of a room filled with all the things he loves, a yellow halo surrounding him—he is ethereal. 
Taehyung smiles. “Then I will, too.”
Tumblr media
The hand-holding comes naturally tonight.
The funny thing is, actually, you don’t need to hold hands at this gathering. It’s not an event. Or a public appearance. It’s not even a business dinner. It’s your aunt’s sixtieth birthday party, reserved exclusively for family. Isn’t that strange? That Taehyung is, technically, family now?
For so long you had vowed to stay as far away from him as possible. Vowed to stick it to him whenever and wherever you could, do anything you could to get on his nerves, rile him up. Vowed that when you, one day, took over your family affairs, you would never, ever invite him. Make it known that he wasn’t to be a part of your life. And yet, here you are. Clinging to him despite being well-acquainted with—loved by, even—every other person in the room. Holding his hand like a goddamn lifeline. 
To be fair, Taehyung doesn’t look a hair out of place here. Dressed relatively casually, a smart sweater with a collared shirt underneath it, he smiles warmly at all of your relatives and presents your aunt with a beautiful and very expensive scarf the two of you had commissioned from a designer in Italy, which she absolutely loves. She pinches his cheek and proceeds to wear it for the rest of the night. 
“Damn,” you murmur to yourself as you wander around your aunt’s house, hand wrapped around his arm. “This place hasn’t changed a bit.”
“When was the last time you were here?” Taehyung asks. 
The question actually makes you think for a moment. “I don’t know, maybe five years ago? Last couple of birthdays I was overseas or in school. Had to send her a card.”
“Bet your parents were real pleased with that,” he jokes, making you both laugh. At least you two will always be able to share your experiences of domineering and influential parents with each other. 
“Oh, I’m sure. Just as pleased as they were when they realized how much we hated each other.” You expect that little jest to elicit a laugh out of Taehyung as well, but he just smiles tightly, huffing out a breath of acknowledgement. 
“Eh, it’s not like that now, is it?” He offers up. 
“I suppose not,” you muse, sitting down together on her ancient grandma couch in the living room. No matter how rich your family gets, she’ll never get rid of this thing, that’s for sure. 
One thing you’ve picked up over time is that, for every second Taehyung spends basking in the spotlight, he spends an equal amount of time lingering by the wall, watching the rest of the world turn without him. He’s an observer. He is one by nature, feeling an irresistible pull to understand humans in a way only artists could ever do. He sits down next to you and watches your family in an environment where they can relax, where they can feel comfortable and be casual with one another. 
Very seldom have you ever brought friends to events like these. Small family affairs. But Taehyung isn’t a friend, is he? No, he’s your husband. He belongs here just as much as you do. 
“My family seems to really like you,” you point out. Not that anybody has ever harbored as much disdain for him as you. Your parents called him respectable and polite when they told you you were to be wed. Your grandmother had said he was a dashing young man. He doesn’t exactly have to reach far to be loved around here. 
“That’s my job, isn’t it?” He replies snidely. 
“Oh, just take the compliment,” you say with a roll of your eyes. Taehyung always has to be so difficult. “I’m surprised you aren’t nervous as hell. Last boyfriend I brought to meet my parents was shaking in his Louis Vuitton shoes.”
“Last boyfriend, huh?” Taehyung’s interest has been sufficiently piqued. “And, uh, how many of those have you had?”
You narrow your eyes at him suspiciously, smile twitching on your lips. “Wouldn’t you like to know, Mr. Heartbreaker.” Pretty rich of Taehyung to be asking you such a question when he’s probably had more girlfriends than you can count on both hands. “Not as many as you’ve had girlfriends, that’s for sure.”
“Guess I’m a lot different than all those trashy guys you’ve dated, aren’t I?” He asks, an eyebrow raised as he looks at you. 
“You are?”
Taehyung nods assertively. “Well, yeah. First of all, I’m your husband. Second of all, your parents love me. Third of all, you love me, too.”
You scoff. “Don’t humble yourself. You don’t know me that well.”
“Speaking of which,” Taehyung says, eyes wide as he points to you knowingly, “how about you tell me a little fact about yourself? It’s my job to learn about you, isn’t it?”
“That is my line, watch it,” you sneer, pointing back at him. You wrack your brain for a fact that you can tell him, something more exciting than your favorite color but less weird than one of those terrible icebreaker exercises you had to do in college seminars. Something that has pertinence to who you are. Who you’ve become. “Alright. I used to want to be a fashion designer when I was little.”
Now that catches Taehyung off guard. “Really?” He says, genuinely intrigued. 
You shrug. “Yeah. I learned to sew when I was really little. Been tailoring and hemming clothes all my life. But I always wanted to design my own stuff.”
“Is that what’s in your room?” Taehyung asks. “A sewing machine?”
“Wow,” Taehyung says. “I didn’t know that.”
“Isn’t that the whole point of this exercise?” You say, just to be smart. 
Taehyung shakes his head, eyes rolling. 
“What about you?” You ask. You can’t imagine what he’ll say. Astronaut. Veterinarian. Or, if he really wants to surprise you, a business executive. 
“A museum curator.”
It is an answer that simultaneously surprises and doesn’t surprise you at all. 
“Fitting,” you muse. “You could have put your own art on display.”
“Pretty sure that’s, like, super unethical,” Taehyung reminds you. 
“So? You’re rich. Start your own museum. Put your own art on display. Live your dream,” you amend. “It shouldn’t be holed up in that studio of yours forever. It deserves to be seen.”
Taehyung smiles at you. “You think so?”
You nod. “Of course. You create beautiful things, Tae.” It’s the first time you’ve ever called him that. And that is not lost on Taehyung, either.
“Thank you,” he says softly, blinking as he looks at you. He doesn’t say anything else. He doesn’t need to.
Later that night, when everyone’s gotten a few drinks into their systems and Bruce Springsteen is playing low on the stereo, Taehyung disappears off towards the bathroom, no doubt because of the excellent soup that was served that night. All by your lonesome, you feel a little stranded, surrounded by your old relatives dancing on the hardwood floor of the dining room, your other cousins too young to actually spend time with. 
In the commotion, your mother comes up to you, swirling a rather large glass of red wine in her hand. 
“Where’s Taehyung?” She asks. 
“No wonder you were alone,” she says with a hearty laugh. “The two of you have been glued to each other’s sides all evening.”
“He’s my husband,” you offer as an explanation. 
“I know, I know,” she says, shaking you off with a smile. Your mother is a lot more casual once she’s had her fill of wine, no doubt her favorite, Bordeaux. A lot more loving, too. “You really made your grandmother proud, you know? She loved you so much.”
“I know,” you say, trying not to get choked up at the mere mention of your grandmother. 
“She was so happy to see you with Taehyung. It made her feel safe that you would be taken care of,” she continues on, barely paying you and your swimming eyes any attention. “She would be so happy to see you with him now, too. How much you love her.”
“I miss her,” you hiccup out, trying to compose yourself. Nothing kills a birthday party like some sad sack crying over her deceased grandmother. 
“I know, darling,” your mother says, calling you by a nickname she has hardly used ever since you turned eighteen. She squeezes you tightly, a small hug of comfort. “I miss her, too.”
Someone calls your mother’s name, distracting her as she wanders off to your uncle, who is asking what the best way to cut the three-tiered cake on the dining room table is. She bids you a goodbye before disappearing towards the kitchen, no doubt ready to make the cutting of the cake an affair all on its own. 
Taehyung comes back soon after, spotting you instantly as you stand around in the living room. 
“Hey,” he says, noticing the wet shimmer of your eyes. “You alright?”
You nod, feeling better already now that he has returned. Now that he is by your side. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
“I hope those tears aren’t because you missed me,” he says, wiping away a stray one that has escaped from your eyes. You close them as his thumb brushes against your upper cheek, your eyelashes, opening them only when you’ve felt his touch vanish from your skin, leaving little sparks in their wake. 
“No,” you say. But the night makes you honest, and a couple of drinks, even more so. “But I’m glad you’re here.”
Taehyung smiles. “Me, too.”
Tumblr media
For all those days you have spent together, never have you and Taehyung had a night in. Which isn’t necessarily completely surprising, considering how many evening events the two of you have had obligations to attend, considering your differing work schedules and meeting times. Considering that, for a very long time, the two of you had no desire to spend any time with each other at all. 
But tonight, there is nothing on your calendar. No galas, no dinners, no meetings, no schedules. There is only Taehyung, who has spent the entire afternoon up in his studio, inhaling spray paint fumes and doing what he loves. And there is only you, who has spent the entire afternoon wondering what the hell you’re going to do tonight when there is nothing else planned. 
You knock on the door to his studio, catching him right as he’s finishing up another piece. This one is a single flower, painted in broad, confident strokes, bright green and red and sunflower yellow decorating the canvas. 
“Hey, what’s up?” He asks, turning around to face you. 
“Wanna order takeout tonight?” You suggest. 
Taehyung grins. 
Thirty minutes and your favorite Chinese food later, you and Taehyung have settled onto the couch, trays of dumplings and noodles and rice in front of you, an unfunny movie playing in the background. 
You can’t remember the last time the two of you sat on this couch together. Maybe that night you had made the deal? Perhaps not even then. It wouldn’t at all surprise you if you found out that this was the very first time you and Taehyung have sat together on your couch, in your living room, in your house. So often is it occupied by others—Victoria, who sometimes comes over to ooh and ahh at your closet, Jimin, Jungkook, and Hoseok, who sit on this couch and play FIFA like it’s their job, your mother, when she wants to make herself at home in a place that doesn’t belong to her—but never you. Never you and him. 
“This is kinda nice, isn’t it?” You ask, swallowing a bite of dumpling. 
“Chinese food is always nice,” Taehyung responds over a mouthful of cold noodles. 
“Not that,” you say with a sigh, “this. Sitting together. Watching this shitty movie.”
“It’s not that shitty,” Taehyung tries to reason. On screen, the main character is getting pied in the face during some weird college fundraiser. “Okay, it’s a little shitty. But it’s good background noise, right?”
You nod halfheartedly. “I guess.” Silence. You take another bite of your dumpling, not really sure how to continue the conversation. “We don’t really get to do this a lot, you know? Sit and eat dinner and watch a movie together. Like a date.”
“We’re on a date now, are we?” Taehyung muses, eyeing you snarkily. 
“Isn’t that what this is?” You retort. 
He shrugs. “I suppose it is.”
“Tell me another fact about you,” you request, looking over to him where he sits on the opposite side of the couch. 
“About what?”
Taehyung pauses, ponders for a moment. But he could never say anything wrong. Not when there is still so much you don’t know about him. Still so much you want to learn, so much you want to commit to memory. For so long you have stared at the planes of his face, the curve of his nose, the twinkle in those dark brown eyes. Those you will always remember. But what about who he is? What he loves? Those are things you still don’t know. 
“The very first time I met you,” Taehyung begins, “I asked Jimin what your name was.”
“When was that?” You ask. Despite you being someone who has spent the better part of the last several years vowing never to give Taehyung the time of day, you sure don’t remember when it all started. 
“That debutante ball,” Taehyung remembers fondly, “when we were fifteen. I asked Jimin what your name was because I wanted to ask you to dance.”
“Shut up, no you didn’t,” you say with a scoff. 
“It’s true. You were standing there in that poofy white dress and I wanted to ask you to dance,” Taehyung points out. The fact that he even remembers what you were wearing is shocking. 
Who knew. Who knew, back then, that you would one day grow up to marry him. 
“And what did I say?” You demand more. 
Taehyung laughs at the memory. “I came up to you, and I asked you if you wanted to dance, and you said, and I quote, ‘Who are you?’”
“No,” you say, aghast at your own behavior. Were those really the first words you ever said to KIm Taehyung?
“You did. Don’t you remember?”
You think back. Think back to every year you have ever known Taehyung, every year you have spent scowling at him from across ballroom floors, making some snide remark as you pass by each other in the hallway. Every year you have spent cursing his existence, willing him away from you so he could bother someone else. Every year you have listened to rumor after rumor of girlfriend after girlfriend. You think back and somewhere, somewhere in there, in those dusty corners of your brain and cobwebbed boxes of your heart, is that first memory of Taehyung, too. 
Of him standing there in some generic black suit, black hair swept over his forehead, shoes too big. Of him coming up to you, trying to be as suave as a fifteen year old could be. Of you saying to him, instead of a hello, or even a what’s your name, “who are you?” 
Of him saying—
“And you said, ‘your dream come true’.” Like a dam bursting open, the memories flood back to you all at once. “I remember that.”
Taehyung laughs out loud at the thought of him saying something so cheesy. “Unsurprisingly, you didn’t want to dance with me.”
“You were so—” you begin, but you don’t have the words. Don’t have the words to express how you felt about him that night. Don’t have the words to express how you feel about him now. Thinking about this, talking about it, it is a bridge. A bridge between what was then and what is now. A bridge between who Taehyung was and who you were and who Taehyung is and who you are. “—so unthinkable. I couldn’t believe you had come up to me and said that. I couldn’t believe you had the audacity. But something about that night made me remember you. Made me remember your name.”
“You thought about me after that?” Taehyung asks. “Is that what you’re telling me?”
“There is something about you that is unforgettable,” you say, honest and real and true. What else can you tell him? The truth is that you have always thought about him. Whether you liked him or not. 
You finish your dinner and place your trays on the end tables next to you, stacking your empty bowls and plates on top of one another as the movie rumbles on in the background. 
“It is kind of a shitty movie,” Taehyung admits after a while of being wholly unenthused. 
“Yeah,” you agree. “But it’s good background noise.”
Taehyung laughs at your little mockery, warm and deep and from his belly. You look at him. He feels so far away, on the other side of the couch. Feels like he’s miles apart from you. You have spent countless nights clinging to his harm, hand gripped tight in his. And sitting like this, a full couch cushion of space between the two of you—it isn’t enough anymore. So you inch closer. 
And closer. 
And a little closer. 
Until you’re pressed up against his side, legs touching as they rest neatly in front of you, backs stick straight as you stare at the television. 
Taehyung holds his arm up. An open invitation. 
Without asking, you lean into him, resting your head in the crook of his shoulder, in the space right underneath his jaw. You pull your feet up onto the couch and curl into his frame, pressing yourself against him. He is warm and firm and inescapable. He smells of coffee and paint and Chinese spices. He wraps his arm around you and pulls you in, as if there were any other place you’d rather be. 
You sit like that for a while. Wrapped up in each other. Lazing around on the couch as the stars twinkle above your head. The movie ends and the two of you don’t even bother skipping the credits, letting them and the cheesy 80’s pop song play on, a distant soundtrack. 
“I never thought any of this would happen,” you breathe out. 
Taehyung looks down at you curiously. “What? This?”
“All of it,” you admit. “Us. Getting married. That stupid tabloid picture. My grandmother. This. It’s all so new.”
“New things will happen all the time,” Taehyung muses aloud. “We can’t help when things change.”
“You don’t have any regrets?” You have plenty. Regrets that you’ll never become the CEO you wanted to be in college. Regrets that you’ll never become the fashion designer you wanted to be as a little girl. Regrets that you will come to resent this marriage, resent Taehyung more than you have in years past, all because you had no choice. Regrets that your grandmother couldn’t see you now. Regrets that there were so many things in your life you could have changed, but didn’t.
“I thought I did,” Taehyung tells you. “I wanted to spend more time with my friends. I wanted to major in art in college. I didn’t want to marry you. I know you didn’t want to marry me.” He looks down and you look up at the same time, eyes locking, inches apart. “But looking back on it, I’m happy where I am. With what I have.”
“I never thought it could ever be like this,” you say, words falling off your tongue before you even ask them to.
There’s no need to elaborate. Taehyung understands. He understands that, half a year ago, you both would have thrown yourselves into a volcano before holding hands with each other. He understands that getting over your hatred for each other seemed like an absolutely insurmountable task. He understands that you had never wanted to marry each other, that you couldn’t believe you would have to spend the rest of your lives with each other. 
And he understands that now, things are different. 
“I’m glad things happened the way they did,” Taehyung begins. “I’m grateful for us.”
You press yourself impossibly closer to him, feel his grip tighten around you. Like this, you can hear his heartbeat. Hear it thump like a drum, steady and firm and unwavering. His heart beats against his chest and you wonder. 
You wonder if he can hear the way yours beats for him, too.
Tumblr media
There were lots of things that made your night in together special. But one of them is the glaring fact that you don’t get them very often. That their infrequency makes them all the more valuable. 
This has become blatantly obvious to you, because right now you are not spending a night in together. Right now you are stuck at a gala that you have to attend for the sake of business, drinking thin flutes of champagne and mingling with people you barely speak to. 
The one good thing about nights like these is that Taehyung looks positively gorgeous in suits. He sort of always has, but you’d never admit that to his face. At least not until now. And as his wife, you are lucky enough to have a front-row seat. 
“I can feel you staring at me all the way from over here,” Taehyung deadpans as he helps himself to a chocolate-covered strawberry from the buffet table. 
You’re too obvious to have any shame about it. “What can I say, I like the view.”
“Hard to believe I was the once the one being shouted at for being inappropriate in public,” Taehyung says with a shake of his head. He bites into the strawberry and eats it all in a single go, tossing the stems into a bin nearby as you join back up in the heart of the crowd. 
“It’s only inappropriate if other people hear,” you tease, letting him guide you, hand intertwined with yours, towards an empty corner where the two of you can snuggle up to one another in (relative) peace. 
“I don’t think the champagne was very good for your filter, Miss Y/N,” Taehyung hisses into your ear, warm breath tickling your skin. 
“Don’t you mean Mrs. Kim?” You pose, an eyebrow raised. 
That seems to do something to Taehyung. It’s not very bright in here, with it being nighttime and all, but even still you can see the way his eyes darken. See the way his lips curl upwards, feel the way his grip on you tightens. It sparks something within you. Something deep in the pit of your belly. 
Something that makes you want more. 
You test the waters. “Mrs. Kim has a nice ring to it, don’t you think, Tae?”
Taehyung looks about a moment away from losing control. But instead of slamming you against the wall in front of all of these people and giving you what you really want, he growls out, low and powerful, “Home. Now.”
He doesn’t need to tell you twice. 
You hail your car outside of the venue and it’s all the both of you can do to not jump on each other right then and there, in the backseat of this giant black van, overcome with want, with need, with everything in between. Taehyung’s leg bounces impatiently the entire ride back, and the feeling of your hand pressed against his doesn’t seem to be calming him down. He pulls you close to him in the backseat of the car, a hand resting on your thigh. You eye him carefully, as if challenging him to be any more daring. He grins. 
Home cannot come soon enough. The two of you tumble out of the backseat and into the elevators, where you mash the top floor button after entering in the security access code, desperate and shameless. The ride seems to take hours, and the heat that surrounds you practically smothers you, covers you, fills up your lungs and chokes you. 
There is nothing left by the time you reach your door. The moment it slams shut behind you Taehyung presses you up against the back of it, pins you against the wood as he hovers over you, eyes tracing your lips. 
“Tell me something,” he demands. 
“A fact. Something I don’t know.”
It doesn’t take much thinking. “I want you,” you breathe out, watch it hit his skin, watch the way his eyes glint in the light of the entranceway. “Please, Tae. I want you.”
It’s enough for him. 
This is not the first time you and Taehyung have kissed. The first time was nearly five months ago, in a chapel, at an altar, surrounded by hundreds of people. It was so unfun that you seem to have eradicated the mere thought from your memory. But you remember that feeling from that day. That feeling you got when you pressed your lips against his, cemented your marriage with a kiss. That heat. That sting. 
Kissing him now—that feeling has returned tenfold. When his lips meet yours, it feels like fire is rushing through your veins, setting alight every nerve it passes, unforgiving and relentless. His enormous hands come up to cup your jaw, fingers pressing against the skin of your cheeks as they pull you close to him, keep you trapped in his hold. This is not the first time you and Taehyung have kissed but it feels like it is—it feels like there is a lotus blooming on a lilypad in your heart, it feels like you have been struck by lightning, it feels like nothing else you have ever felt before. It feels brand new. 
Pressing back against him, he slowly releases you from the cage he has created against the door, spinning around so the two of you can tumble up the stairs and into your bedroom, unable to resist sneaking in pecks here and there as you make your way upstairs. Every step you take you stop, giggle as he presses you against the railing just so he can steal another kiss from you, put his hands all over your body. It’s a wonder the two of you even make it into your bedroom at all. 
When you do, however, all bets are off. Taehyung presses you against the still-made bedsheets with a glint in his eye and a growl on his lips, pupils blown wide as he stares down at you, at your body.
"Aren't you a sight? Laid out so pretty for me," he purrs, robbing a breath from you.
It's a tone you have yet to hear from him. You find yourself growing impossibly hot under his stare, burning with an uncharted desire.
You can hardly wrap your brain around it. Here you are, craving the man you had spent the better half of your young adult life loathing. Maybe it’s the champagne; maybe it’s the way his fingers are running slowly up the length of your clothed torso. Whatever it is, your stomach does flips, unfamiliar to the way your body preens under his touch.
"Don't let it go to your head," you tease, simply because you could.
Taehyung hums disapprovingly, pressing kisses into your neck as he grabs one of your thighs and wraps it around his waist, riding your dress up in the process.
You sigh, exposing your neck further for him as he paints bruises into your neck. It feels like just yesterday you had called him out at the altar for his habit of sporting the very same marks you were soon to wear.
Perhaps you should have thought twice about letting the man you had married purely under business pretenses press his hips against your clothed center, but as he rolls his into yours, your mind falls blank, silencing any and all reservations you should have.
Whimpering, you beckon his mouth back onto yours, tongue meeting his wantonly. 
You feel his fingers creep up the outside of your bare thigh, thrilling you in the most primal way. Reaching the band of your underwear after what felt like entirely too long, he runs the pad of his thumb against the lacy fabric.
 You could scream. He is doing this on purpose. He must be. Surely he knows how badly you were aching for him? For him to fill you– whatever the manner may be.
You let out a whine before you can help yourself, frowning as Taehyung looks pleased with himself, confirming his knowledge of your prolonged pleasure.
"What's that? Did you say something?" he mocks, looking cruel and yet strikingly gorgeous as he smirks above you.
"God, you're irritating,” you huff, hips jerking up against his as he pulls at the band of your underwear, the elastic snapping back into the flesh of your hip. "Just fuck me already."
He tuts, clearly unimpressed by your impatience, "Now, where is the fun in that?"
Your eyes flutter shut as his fingers suddenly snake their way between your thighs. Mouth falling ajar, you grip his shoulders as he runs his middle finger against your clothed slit, trailing up and down your warmth. To think he was still dressed while he was touching you like this...
"No... I think I'll take my time with you," he says.
You mew against his hand, arousal forming against his long digits' ministrations. You have to hand it to him. Taehyung knows what he’s doing. The life of a bachelor has seemingly served him well.
You aren’t usually vocal in bed, but the way he’s purring words of filth to you, breath hot against the shell of your ear as he tells you how hot and slick your pretty pussy felt against his hand, has you gasping and sputtering, your own fingers wrapping around his wrist.
The fabric of your panties provides a friction that toys the line of pleasure and pain, making you thrust up to meet his motions, your humility slipping from you.
Taehyung watches you intently, cock growing hard under the constraints of his dress pants. You look better than he could've imagined, eyes watering and body shivering under his touch, his fingers soaking with your arousal. He can only imagine what you'd feel like with his fingers fully buried into you, rocking them against your velvety walls.
He lets out a groan of his own, turned on by the idea of you fucking yourself onto his fingers, whimpering out his name in ecstasy.
There’s this part of you that faintly recognizes that Taehyung has done this plenty of times before. Plenty of times with plenty of other lovers. But there is a different part of you, that part that bursts with light and hope, that reminds you that he was never married to those other ones. That his allegiance lies with you. And that thought, knowing that deep within you, he is yours, makes your jaw fall slack, pretty noises tumbling from your lips and your thighs clamping around him.
You were close, closer than you care to admit. Every touch against you is careful yet deliberate as he reads the signs of your body, the way it keens and arches into him, offering you words of encouragement as your climax finally hits.
"That's right. Good girl. Let go for me," Taehyung coos, eyes dark and focused on your writhing form.
You cry out into the familiar space of your shared room, head thrown back as you ride out the high, letting it wrack your body, send jolts throughout your veins.
You barely have time to catch your breath when he presses his mouth back onto yours, kiss still as eager as it was when you both first entered your home. You are alight with satisfaction as he pulls away to press a trail of kisses against your jaw.
"I want—f-fuck," you stutter as he finds your already hypersensitive clit once more, rolling his thumb over your now soaked panties in tantalizing circles, "want to make you feel good, too."
Admittedly, this fantasy had crossed your mind once or twice, brought on by the way he carried himself in a suit and the way his large fingers wrapped around the champagne glass; confident, collected, and entirely charming. Who are you to shy away from a man like him? He certainly has always been rather good-looking. 
He pauses his motions, pulling his hand back to sit on your waist. Your dress is of the finest, most delicate satin, and after tonight's activities, completely wrinkled. You can almost hear your stylist's cries of dismay. Whatever. You have a steamer. And why focus on the dress when it’s obvious the two of you are focused on what lies underneath it?
"Yeah." You nod, skin still burning from your past climax.
Helping you back up, Taehyung stands. You lick your lips as you sit back up on the edge of the bed, watching intently as he unbuckles his belt, audibly hissing as his pants fall to his ankles, cock visibly straining against the fabric of his underwear. Thank God you don’t have to stand. With the way your thighs still felt weak and how your husband looks like a goddamn Adonis towering above you? Your legs surely would give out underneath you if you rose.
Brows furrowed, Taehyung palms over himself briefly before pulling down the waistband of his underwear, his painfully hard member slapping against his torso.
Your eyes widened on instinct. While the last thing you wanted to do was help inflate Taehyung's already large ego, you were certainly impressed at his size; thick and girthy, his tip red and shining with precum.
He couldn't help but smirk, thoroughly pleased by the way you stared at him unabashedly, chest rising and falling heavily.
"Open up for me," he orders.
And who are you to deny a request from your dear husband?
Your pretty lips wrap themselves around his engorged tip, all remnants of lipstick long gone by now. Taehyung hisses, a hand finding the side of your jaw as you run your tongue against the underside of his cock.
"Fuck, you're so pretty," he grunts, fighting off the urge to grip the back of your head and fuck your throat. As much as he'd love your have you choking and drooling all over his cock – and boy would he – he lets you set your own pace, not wanting to overwhelm you.
It doesn't take long for you to sink your mouth further down, however, clearly set on making Taehyung feel as good as you could.
A low moan erupts from his throat, digits pressing into your jaw in request to take more of him in, which you happily oblige.
You had your eyes trained on him, completely obsessed with the way he panted through pink lips, hissing slightly every time your tongue rolled over his sensitive tip.
Lolling his head to a side, his eyes meet yours, gaze primal and wolfish as he watches the way you worked his cock.
"Doing so good, love. Doing so fucking good for me,” he murmurs.
You hum against his skin at the sound of the sudden pet name, an unfamiliar feeling fluttering in your belly. You push aside the feeling, focusing instead on the way he grunts at the new sensation you had just given him.
Giggling, you pull off his cock, opting instead to press a kiss against his leaking tip, making sure to hold his eyes as you run kitten licks against it.
"God, you're such a tease." He shakes his head in disbelief. 
He looks so good above you, shivering and cursing out praises on how good your mouth feels, how well you take his cock. Running your tongue along the length of his shaft, you become certain that this is a display you can’t imagine yourself ever getting tired of. But you have all the time in the world, right?
"Y/N,” he gasps suddenly, hips jerking towards your face. "Love, I'm gonna-- gonna cum."
"Cum in my mouth, please." Your voice was pleading and desperate. Taehyung had never heard such words spoken more sweetly. 
"Fuck's sake."
You let out a yelp in surprise as his fingers work their way through your hair, bringing your head back down onto his cock. You relax, though, when you feel the hot ropes of his cum hit the back of your throat, your hands finding purchase on his thighs as you do your best to swallow it all down.
Pulling yourself off him, you let out a small cough, eyes watering slightly as you hadn’t managed to prepare yourself with a breath before his release. His large palm runs across the top of your head as you caught your breath, expression flickering with something unfamiliar. Could it be... fondness? 
Your heart stammers at the thought as you stand, slowly stepping out of your dress, letting it drape off of your figure. Taehyung looks absolutely gobsmacked, pupils dark as he gazes at you, eyes unabashedly raking your body. He’s shameless. 
You both are. 
Slowly, you step towards him, fingers reaching out towards his shirt, carefully undoing the buttons as you gaze at each other, expressions unreadable. 
"Tae?” You ask innocently, blinking up at him. “Fuck me?" 
Your polite request makes Taehyung chuckle. 
"Please?" You bring your bottom lip between your teeth, eyes blinking up at him adoringly for good measure. You reach the last button, let his dress shirt drape open. He brushes it off himself, stands there for a few seconds just to let the way you’re ogling his toned chest go to his head. At least he’s good-looking. 
He sighs, probably contemplating some clever rebuttal, but eventually decides against it as his cock is already twitching back to life.
"Alright, love. Turn around. On your knees for me," He orders, making your stomach flip.
To your surprise, you are hardly in place when the warmth of his large hands finds the soft of your tummy, pressing you back into his chest as he pressed a peck to the back of your neck.
You squirm in his hold, whining as that same hand of his grabs hold of your breast, long digit rolling your nipple between their tips. You can’t help but press your ass back into him. His cock feels hot and heavy, pressing against the back of your thigh, making your pussy clench in anticipation. 
You want him.
You want him so bad that you don't know what to do with yourself, shuddering as his free hand runs along the side of your ass, leaving scorching hot trails on your skin wherever he kneads into your flesh. He's touching you everywhere – everywhere but where you need him the most, and the arousal that drips down your thigh mocks you.
"Dammit, please!" You exclaim, running out of patience.
"Please what?" He says, an eyebrow arched.
You shiver, committing the way his middle finger traced your pelvic bone to memory forever.
You puff out a frustrated breath, nearly at your wit's end. "Please fuck me, Tae."
Taehyung pauses, grip on your breast and hip tightening as he lets out a moan. You let one out yourself as you feel him readjust, cock pressing against your slick entrance.
"Fuck, you sound so pretty when you say my name," He grunts. "Okay, baby. I'll fuck you. Begging so nicely for my cock."
You let out a squeak as you're suddenly pushed down onto your hands, back arching as he pushes his fat cock inside your heavenly cunt. He's thick, so thick, that you instinctively grip the sheet underneath you, fingers curled around them tightly as if it means to hold onto your sanity.
Taehyung lets out a shaky breath, angling your hips up so that you could take more of him.
"You feel—feel so good," he admits above you, and suddenly you wish you could see him. See the way his bangs stick to his damp forehead—see the way his tongue swipes over his bottom lip wickedly.
You let that thought go, however, as he thrust into you, making your jaw fall slack and eyes flutter shut. Profanities roll off your tongue unabashedly, helpless under the way his thick member pulls out of you, only to slam back into you.
You weren't expecting this. The way he stretches you out further than anyone had before. Your pussy clenches around him, reveling in the sweet, sweet burn.
He digs into the flesh of your hips, holding you steady as you mew and cry out, pushing your hips back in time to his, trying your best to meet his movements.
"Tae... fuck, fuck, fuck—"
He was filling you to the brim. Filling you tight and deep.
God, the way he was panting behind you was music to your ears. His cock pulses every time you call out his name, voice muffled and buried as you had your head pressed into the mattress, hair messy and bouncing with every hard thrust.
"S'good! Fuck... so, ah, big..." you cry out.
You feel drunk. Intoxicated off this beautiful man and the way he makes you feel a way only he can.
You nearly let out a sob as the rough pads of Taehyung's fingertips suddenly reach around you and find your neglected clit, rolling light circles on the soft and swollen bundle of nerves skillfully.
You are a mess, whimpering and drooling into your expensive sheets, and he filled every inch of you, leaving no place undiscovered. Your high nears, stewing on low heat somewhere near the pit of your belly, waiting for a chance to erupt and wash all over you. Taehyung must be close to, you realize, as his thrusts began to slow down, slamming into you roughly as if chasing after his high.
"Gonna take this load? Huh? Gonna let me cum inside your pretty little pussy?" His voice is straining, as if trying to breathe evenly but merely moments from falling apart.
If only you could formulate an intelligent response, but instead, you are a blubbering wreck, thighs shaking as they threatened to give out underneath you. But somehow, Taehyung knew. He had you. Quicking his motions against your delicate pearl, he could tell you were close too, and he was going to make sure you got there.
Suddenly, you're crying out and convulsing, tears brimming at the ends of your eyes as you feel Taehyung empty into you, collapsing onto his hands as well.
You feel his hot breath against the back of your neck as he pants, breath growing more and more even as the two of you regain control of your bodies and minds.
Pulling out of you, he plops down beside you, and for a moment, the two of you hold each other's gazes, eyes speaking in ways words never could.
Finally, after what feels both like an eternity and just a moment, you work up the courage to say something, moving closer to him as you place a hand on his chest, cushioning your chin as you rested on top of it.  
"Psst," you beckon, voice hushed.
"Yeah?" His voice is husky and tired.
"I’m grateful, too."
"I’m grateful for us, too."
Taehyung's gaze is soft, and it lingers on you for a second before the sides of his mouth curl up tenderly. He grins down at you, eyes drifting shut. You feel him squeeze you closer, pressing you against his skin. And then, you hear his breathing steady, see his lips part slightly. 
You lean into his chest, eyelids fluttering. “Thank you, Tae.”
Tumblr media
Not unlike the many other mornings you have awoken in this bed, when you open your eyes as the morning sunlight streams through the windows, Taehyung is nowhere to be found. The sheets on his side of the bed are flipped aside, revealing that soft outline of his body from the night before left imprinted into the sheets, a dip in the mattress where he slept. You had fallen asleep all wrapped up in each other, tangled up like vines, but must have separated sometime during the night. Distantly, you register Taehyung’s voice outside, notice his phone missing from his bedside table. He must be on an early morning call. 
You check your phone for the time. Ten o’clock. 
A late morning call, then. 
Still basking in the afterglow of the night prior, you slowly inch your way out of bed, shivering as you pull the covers off you and scoot your legs around so they hang over the edge of the bed. You rub at your eyes until you faintly remember you did not take your makeup off last night, and when your hand comes away covered with black streaks and flecks of mascara, you wince to yourself. There goes five hundred dollars worth of a skincare routine. 
After washing yourself up and applying as many serums as you can to your skin, you wrap yourself up in one of his button-up shirts, the torso so wide that it drapes over you. The tips of your fingers peek out from the ends of the sleeves, and you cross your arms lightly over your chest as you make your way to the door, ready to entice your husband back to bed for round two. What? It’s Saturday. 
You peer around the door to find Taehyung standing a few feet away, facing away from you. He’s shirtless, and as his wife you have absolutely no problems ogling him, the toned curves of his back, the muscles in his arms. He’s always been a looker. You just finally have an excuse to look for yourself. 
You approach him quietly, not wanting to interrupt nor broadcast your sex life to anybody on the other side who may be listening. Already, the idea of crawling back in bed together sends goosebumps along your skin, makes you giddy with anticipation. You’re just about to tap him on the shoulder, lips curled upwards in suggestion, when he says—
“And my inheritance? That’s secured now, right? Because I said I would pretend to be in love with her in public—?”
And it is as if Medusa herself appeared in this room, turning you to stone as your heart thuds to the floor, a hollow, empty noise. 
You don’t hear the rest of Taehyung’s conversation. You don’t even hear the sound of your own heartbeat. This terrible, aching sound rings in your ears, silencing everything in its wake, drowning out even the sighs of your own breath. It is as if you have been frozen solid. As if you have been shot in the stomach. You stand there, feeling absolutely nothing, and all you can do is brace yourself for what is to come. Taehyung’s words were the knife but his next actions will be its removal, leaving in its wake an irreparable wound. 
He turns around, casual and cool, voice still hushed. As if you were still asleep. As if you hadn’t heard anything at all. But when he twists his body and sees you standing there, staring back up at him, lips parted in shock. 
“I’ll call you back,” he tells whoever was on the other side of the line, looking more panicked by the second. He opens his mouth so he can explain himself, but you don’t need him to. You’ve heard everything already. 
“I should have known,” you say, feeling angry and betrayed and sad all at once. “I should have known it was all an act.”
“Y/N, wait, let me explain—”
“What is there to tell me, Taehyung? What are you going to say? That you didn’t mean it? That you thought I wouldn’t find out? That last night was just a one-off?” You demand. The heat from your veins hasn’t left. Still, it simmers through your blood, burning you up from the inside out. “That you didn’t want to lie to me?”
“It’s not like that and you know it,” Taehyung says defensively, brows furrowed. “Just give me a chance to explain myself.”
“Explain yourself? How you pretended, every day and every night, just so you could get some more money in your bank account? So you could make sure you would get your father’s business when he died?”
Taehyung bites back easily. “Don’t act like you weren’t also faking it at some point. I know you were almost removed from your grandmother’s will.”
Your tongue is bitter at the mention of your grandmother. As if Taehyung ever even knew her. “My grandmother has nothing to do with this.”
“Really?” Taehyung challenges. “So you wanting to stay in her will was just a little bonus, right?”
“Don’t,” you say sharply. “It’s different.”
“Different how?” Taehyung spits. “Because right now, to me, it looks pretty similar to what I’ve done.”
“My grandmother died months ago,” you remind him. Her will is no longer the question. It has been written, settled, and executed. There was no reason for you to continue playing along once she took her last breath. No reason—unless you wanted to. “Meanwhile you’ve been keeping your inheritance a secret from me this entire time.”
“We made a deal,” Taehyung says. “A deal that said we would both act happy and pretend to be in love because we both had things we needed to worry about. Family things. Money things. You were a part of this, just like I was. You pretended, too.”
“Well, maybe I stopped pretending!” 
You can’t take it anymore. All this anger, all this emptiness, it’s been bubbling up inside you ever since you heard those first words come out of his mouth. It spills out of you all at once, an eruption from your lips, your heart’s doors bursting open. You have held his hand tightly in your own. You have pressed your lips to his. You have laid yourself bare in front of him. What is there left to protect? What part of you has not already been stained by him, by his touch, by the feeling of his fingers against your skin?
The hallway is silent, but you can hear your cry echo down the corridor. Hear the way it bounces along the walls before fading away. 
“Maybe I stopped pretending,” you repeat, softer this time. You blink and already can feel the streaks along your skin, the tears falling from your eyes. “Did you ever think about that?”
“Y/N, what are you talking about?” Taehyung looks like he’s in disbelief. Like he cannot believe the words you are saying to him. 
Well, that makes two of you. 
“Can’t you see, Tae? Can’t you tell?” You ask, the nickname falling from your lips before you can even help it. You must remind yourself to change that, later. “I’m in love with you.”
They are words you have never said to someone before. Not even your old boyfriends. Words that you always knew you would reserve for someone special. Someone who would touch your heart and make it their own, someone who would leave imprints of their fingers against your chest. Someone who would brighten you up from the inside out, leave you bursting with light. 
Ironic, that Taehyung has become that someone. When he is the one person you never thought could. 
When he has proven, time and time again, that you two just cannot mix. Oil and water. Pastel and acrylic. Satin and silk. 
“You don’t have to say anything,” you spit out quickly, before Taehyung has a chance to respond. “I know it doesn’t matter to you.”
“Y/N, yes it does,” Taehyung begins, desperate and pleading. “I know you heard what I said, but I swear, it stopped being an act for me, too. Things are different now, just like you said.”
“Don’t. Please.” You pull away as he reaches out towards you. Faintly, you remember that it is his shirt you are wearing. Remember that no matter what you do, he will always surround you. “Please, Tae.” You have nothing left. You can’t bear to look at him, but where else will you go? You cannot believe the things he’s said, the things he’s done, but where else would you go?
“I love you, too,” Taehyung says, and a part of you wants so badly to believe him. 
A part of you wants so badly to ingrain those words into your head, carve them into your heart, let him wrap his arms around you and promise that everything will be alright. But things are different now. Just like you said. You and Taehyung are not the same people you were six months ago. Or six weeks ago. Or even six minutes ago. You are helpless and he has proven that he does not care. 
“I have to go,” you say, looking away. You don’t think you could handle turning back to him again. “Please, Tae.”
“I’m sorry,” Taehyung says, and he reaches out once more but you are not there to meet him halfway. Were you ever?
“I know,” you whisper back.
You duck into your bedroom and pack a suitcase of everything you need. Being here is suffocating. Being with him is like setting yourself alight. 
Tumblr media
Victoria has no questions when you show up at her door later that day, suitcase by your side and this ridiculous bottle of Merlot in your hands. You had picked it up on the way over. You sort of figured you might need it. 
“You don’t wanna talk about it, do you?” Victoria asks. 
“Tell me about your streaming service,” you hiccup in response.
Victoria is happy to oblige. She even tells you that she still hasn’t picked a CFO, and that the position would be open for you if you ever wished to take it. 
Funnily enough, what will become of you once your father retires and passes along the company is the furthest away from your thoughts. 
You remember being so worried about that. Being so worried that, once they married you off like every good daughter should be, you would be absorbed into your husband’s life, cut out of your family’s. Your father would choose a cousin, an uncle, or even a friend to take after the business, bestowing upon you a thoughtful inheritance but nothing more than that. All of those years of schooling, finance in college, your MBA soon after, would be wasted, just so you could hang on the arm of your husband for the rest of your life. 
It’s thoughtful of Victoria to think of you for the position. She knows just as well as anyone else that you would be an excellent fit. And if things were just a little bit different, you would be jumping at the offer. 
But your future career plans are on the backburner, along with the rest of your life. 
All you can really do, right now, at this very moment, is wait for things to change. As they always do. 
“Don’t you have an event tonight?” Victoria asks about three days into your stay. She’s given you her favorite (her words, not yours) guest bedroom and an enormous closet to match, despite you only coming over with a carry-on’s worth of clothes. 
You scoff to yourself. “Like I’d want to go to anything with him.”
“Have you even called your parents?” 
“No,” you say, not even caring about the repercussions. There’s no doubt in your mind that they’ll be ringing you soon. And when they do, maybe then you’ll finally work up the courage to tell them what really happened. Tell them that you can’t go back there. Not yet, at least. 
“I’m sorry that this happened to you,” Victoria says as she hands you a bowl of vegetable soup, homemade from a couple of days ago. You nod to yourself, sniffling as you curl into the couch cushions and wish they would absorb you whole. 
There’s no need to ask her what she means by ‘this’. Everything. From your engagement to the marriage, from those tabloids to the deal, from your grandmother’s death to now. It has all been unfair. Life is unfair. And while you’ve always known that, it has been particularly cruel to you as of late. 
Still, when you wake up sometimes, you can still feel him tracing over your skin. Feel his lips hovering over yours, breath fanning out over your cheeks. You turn over and expect to see him lying there, on the right side of the bed, sheets mussed as they cover his figure. You wake up and for a brief moment, for that split, split second, there is peace. And happiness. And love. 
And then there is nothing. 
“Yeah,” you sigh. “Me, too.”
Maybe he really does love you. Maybe things really did change. But you have always been a pragmatic person, always let your head guide you rather than your heart. The secret’s out. Taehyung had an inheritance he needed to secure. You were his path to doing so. Those things haven’t changed. No matter if his feelings did. 
“Hey, look at this,” Victoria says, brows furrowed as she holds out her phone in front of you, revealing a livestreamed interview from the event tonight. 
You peer over. 
It’s Taehyung. 
Of course it’s Taehyung. Who else would she be showing you?
He stands in a clean-cut gray coat, draping over his figure, black dress shirt and slacks underneath, belt wrapped neatly around his hips. He holds his hand up in a wave and smiles politely to the cameras, to the reporters, letting the flashes wash over him like waves in the ocean. 
“Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!” Someone calls. “Where’s your wife?”
Oh, God.
Taehyung grimaces a little, pursing his lips. “My wife won’t be joining me tonight.”
“Can you tell us why?” They shout. 
“Sorry, no more questions. Thank you for asking though. She’s well,” he says, quickly ushering himself along, entering the venue so no more reporters can bombard him. When he disappears, the livestream immediately moves on to the next guest, but you hardly pay them any attention. 
“Huh,” Victoria says aloud. 
Indeed. Taehyung’s response strikes you as rather odd. Why would he tell the public that? Why not make up a lie, say you’re sick, or you’re overseas, or you’re just late? Why simply tell them that you won’t be there? Surely, Taehyung is just as aware of the consequences of arriving at an event without you as you are. There’s no doubt that his parents will be in contact with him soon, too. No doubt that this will leave a stain on his family. His image. It might even threaten his inheritance after all.
So why not lie?
You frown to yourself, nose scrunching up in confusion. You don’t like where this train of thought leads.
“You okay?” Victoria asks when she sees the bewildered expression on your face.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” you say. Just completely befuddled. It escapes you, why Taehyung wouldn’t just make up some sort of excuse as to reasoning behind your absence. Why he would even show up at the event at all. Certainly, going to the event without you is worse than not going at all. It prompts questions. It spreads rumors. 
Later that night, you get a call from your parents, demanding to know why you weren’t there with him. You say you got sick. You plead with them not to question anything. 
You wonder what happens next. You and Taehyung still have two more events this week. A dinner and a ball. What will you do then?
Tumblr media
Taehyung goes solo for the dinner. You suppose you could have predicted that, considering his apparent willingness to arrive alone for the first event, too. He hasn’t made any efforts to contact you and for once, you’re glad for his silence. Not that you even know what he would say to you, anyway, but at least he isn’t begging you to come back to him. 
The sad truth is that if he did, if he got down on his knees right in front of you and willed you to come back home, you probably would. He has always been impossible to resist. Even when you first met him, when he sauntered up towards you and told you he was your dream come true. You didn’t know it then. But he was. He was everything you would ever want. 
Why would he lie? 
Why would he do that?
You can’t wrap your head around it. What is he getting out of it by telling the truth? By admitting to the paparazzi, to the reporters and the cameramen, that you won’t be there with him. That you will not be joining him. Nothing, certainly. His parents must be furious. His inheritance may be on the rocks. His image might tank. 
So then, why do it at all?
Could it… could it be?
Is it true?
You have loved Taehyung for a long time. Longer than you probably even care to admit. You have always held your head high at events, spoken loudly and without fear, but being with him made you feel safe. Secure. You would hold his hand and know, know that he was holding yours, too. It grounded you. It soothed your worries. 
Does he really love you back?
Taehyung smiles politely and laughs when he needs to at these events, but he doesn’t look the same. Even through the screen you can see those bags under his eyes, that spark that has faded. You hardly recognize him. He looks so lonely, without someone by his side. So distant. 
When you know the dinner has ended, you almost pick up the phone and call him. 
Instead, when the ball rolls around, you ask Victoria if she’s got a spare dress she can lend you.
 Kim Taehyung, for someone you have seen covered in paint splotches, wearing old college hoodies, and fresh out of a restless night’s sleep, cleans up pretty well. For a married man, at least. 
You wonder what the past few days must have been like for him. If they have been as empty as your own. Wonder what it was like, riding alone in a big black van to this hotel ballroom, no one to tease, no one to laugh with, no one to hold. No one to poke him awake if he accidentally fell asleep. No one to make sure he’s okay. 
Taehyung stands right outside of the entrance, waving politely to all of the paparazzi, smiling as the cameras flash, giving them the time of day for a moment before he heads inside and muscles his way through another event without you. 
Or so he thinks. 
You spot him just as he opens his mouth, ready to repeat those same lines all over again.
My wife won’t be joining me tonight. She’s well, though.
And maybe it’s just because you haven’t seen him in nearly a week. Maybe it’s just because he is about to lie to those reporters once more, ready to face whatever consequences come his way. 
Or maybe it’s just because you miss him. Miss him terribly, have been missing him terribly. Being away from him was necessary, but that didn’t make it any less unbearable. Not getting to hold his hand, see his smile, meet his eyes. You and Taehyung may not have always liked each other, but you saw him every day regardless. He became a constant in your life. Not an if, but a when. If everything went to shit, you always knew he would still be there. 
And there he is. 
“Wait! Taehyung!”
Taehyung’s eyes widen as he hears your voice, gaze darting around wildly, mouth parted in surprise. He looks around desperately, scanning the crowd, meeting the eyes of every single person in front of him until he finally looks to the left, sees you rushing up towards him, hiking up the skirt of your dress as your heels tap against the sidewalk. 
And when he spots you, sees you running up to him, his body relaxes, a weight lifted from his shoulders as he beams back at you, relieved and thankful and filled with joy, all at once. And you know, then. 
You know that everything will be okay. 
“Sorry I’m late,” you say sheepishly, cheeks burning as he looks at you, takes in every inch of you, breathes you in and lets you fill him up. 
Taehyung doesn’t respond. You reach out to hold his hand but he grabs your wrist and pulls you in, presses you against his body as he presses his hands against your cheeks, palms burning as they meet your skin, and he kisses you. In front of all these people, he kisses you. 
And goddamnit, you will kiss him back. 
It feels like lightning, like a thunderstorm, like the waves of the ocean are crashing against your heart. It feels like fire, like flames are licking at your veins, sending sparks through your blood. It feels like home. 
You and Taehyung ignore the shouts of reporters, the flashes of cameras, the honks of the cars on the other side of the road. When you part, he presses his forehead against yours and lets the tip of your nose meet his. And you smile. 
“Don’t be alone any longer, Mr. Kim,” you whisper, loud enough so only he can hear. 
“When I’m with you, I never am, Mrs. Kim,” he murmurs back. 
You wonder what those tabloids will be saying about you tomorrow. 
The rest of the night finds the two of you pretty much inseparable. You wrap yourself around his arm and for the first time in a long time, he presses his hand against the small of your back, keeping you close. Like he’d ever lose you again. 
One of your least favorite parts about attending balls used to be the dancing. As a young and eligible bachelorette, you would always have to lock hands with another, let him awkwardly guide you along to the music as you made the worst small talk imaginable, forcing laughter and smiles whenever he said something he thought was particularly funny. 
But, like so many others, things have changed. Things are different now. 
The waltz comes on and you and Taehyung are the first to reach the center of the ballroom floor, letting him rest his hand on your waist as you press yours on top of his shoulder. Let him twirl you around the room as the orchestra plays in the background, a soft, sweet, light little melody that carries you along. 
“I missed this,” you say softly. 
“I missed us,” Taehyung corrects. He pauses for a moment, swallowing hard. “I’m sorry for not telling you about my inheritance.”
“I’m sorry for storming out. I should have listened to you.” you respond easily. You both have plenty to apologize for. But night is darkest right before dawn. 
“I should have said something,” Taehyung says with a shake of his head. “But I was just so—so worried that something would go wrong. And I didn’t know how to explain how I felt about you. I acted in the beginning, too, but then things changed.”
“They always do,” you muse with a grin. 
“I couldn’t believe I had you,” Taehyung admits. “I mean, look at you. You’re gorgeous. And funny. And true.”
“Go on,” you tease, even though you do nothing to hide the smile inching its way across your face, the heating of your cheeks, the simmering of your skin. 
“Oh, shut up. You know what I mean.” Taehyung rolls his eyes. “I just—I felt something for you I couldn’t explain. I still can’t.”
You don’t have to prod any further. You know. Deep within your heart, you know. There is love blossoming in his to match the garden that has bloomed in your own. The flowers that have sprouted in the ashes. He has them, too. And when those petals open and the light streams in, he will know. He will know, too. 
“You make me crazy,” you tell him, whispering gently into his skin. “But I’m a better person when I’m with you. I know I am.”
“I meant what I said, that night,” Taehyung says. Makes you wonder which night he’s actually talking about. “That I’m happy that things have changed. That things happened the way they did. I’m grateful for us.”
“I am, too,” you say. And you are. 
You rest your head against his chest as you dance together, swaying back and forth to the beat of the drums, to the strums of the violins, all wrapped up together like ivy, like vines. Those, too, sit in that garden of yours. Keep you tethered to his side, keep him close to yours. He holds you in his arms and he smiles, because he knows, too. Knows that that garden in your heart will soon have a matching one in his. A mirror image of who you are. Who you’ve become. 
Things change. They always will. But so long as he is by your side, and so long as you are by his, you know. Everything will be okay. 
Tumblr media
It's different, this time, when Taehyung presses you into the mattress. 
There is no rush. Because now you know for certain that all the time in the world is yours. He is yours forever. You are his.
The two of you are a mixture of tangled limbs and shared breaths, the feverish, irrepressible need to give yourself to each other nearly tangible. He breaks the kiss suddenly, and you’re about to break out in protest. That is, until you see him unbuttoning his shirt.
Inspired, you wiggle out of your own clothes, eyes locked on Taehyung's soft torso and the idea that you had married such a beautiful man, inside and out.
Looking back, you wonder if that was always inevitable. If you and Taehyung falling into each other had been written in the stars from day one, sealed as your fate from the moment he came up to you at that ball when you were teenagers. He was going to be a part of your life no matter what. Whether or not you ended up marrying him. But having him like this?
It makes it all worth it.
"Do you like what you see?" That old cocky smirk of his makes an appearance.
You raise a brow, choosing to omit a response as you unclasp your bra, letting it fall from your chest.
Taehyung swallows.
"Do you?" You tease.
His response comes in the form of bites down your necks and licks down your chest, stealing your breath from you. 
Your clothes are somewhere dispelled beside your passionate bodies, growing cold beside the way your two hot bodies warmed one another.
"You are so beautiful," Taehyung praises, fingers coming up to cup your breast, bringing it up to his mouth.
You mewl, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as his tongue toys with your pert bud, teeth grazing it ever so often just to hear the broken gasp that'd always follow. 
"And so sensitive too," he giggles, making you pout. His hands are gentle as if every touch means something. As if you mean something—no, everything—to him. And the most wonderful part is that he means everything to you, too. 
"Shut up." You roll your eyes playfully, gasping as his palm comes down the side of your thigh suddenly in warning. You bite down your swollen bottom lip at the gush of arousal that dampened your underwear in response.
"Watch your tone, love. Of both our positions, you are in the most compromising one." He reminds you. It isn't a threat, and while usually, that kind of tone would thrill you, you couldn't help but want his mouth back on yours already.
"You talk too much." You flop back onto the bed with a sigh. Taehyung watches with interest as your pretty tits bounce in consequence. Extending your hands out towards him, you give him a pouty look. "Just wanna kiss you."
"Is that all I am to you? Just a pair of lips for you to mack on? I've got news for you, sweetheart, there's a brain behind these ravishing good looks." He scoffs in feigned offense, sitting back on his heels.
You giggle.
It seems as though even during the most intimate of moments, Taehyung still found a way to be, well, Taehyung. At least that hasn’t changed. 
"Whatever, pretty boy. Why don't you come over here and put that mouth of yours to good use?" You purr, making his eyebrows raise in surprise.
"Oh? I don't remember you being this assertive when I was pounding you into the mattress last time."
“What, I can’t have a little fun as well?” You tease, grinning as you look up at him, raking your eyes over his figure. 
"Wanna have fun, love?," He murmurs into your ears, hands gripping either of your plush thighs. "Then spread those pretty legs for me, and I'll show you exactly how much fun you can have."
God, you love this man.
You oblige eagerly, breath quickening as he helped you press your knees by your chest, leaving the wet patch in your underwear on full display. 
"My pretty little wife." He sighs dreamily, making heat rush to your core.
Taehyung's cock stood loud and proud, a hot reminder of where the night would eventually lead to. Seriously, how did you get so lucky? You must've been a saint in a previous life, you decide right then. Or at least, the stars have chosen to be rather kind to you in this one.
"Gonna take these off," he mutters, mostly to himself, tugging the ruined fabric over your ass and down your legs, with your help, of course.
Despite your usual display of confidence, lying beneath your husband, spread out like this, has you feeling vulnerable and slightly insecure. But that insecurity vanishes, however, as he lets out a soft moan, fingers moving to spread your glossed lips apart.
"So fucking pretty, baby. Gonna make you feel so fucking good," he groans, leaning down to press his face near your most intimate part.
Pressing a tentatively lick against, his eyes flicker up to yourself, curious to see if you’re okay with him proceeding. And, well, it’s not like you’re going to say no, are you?
Embarrassingly, you rut against him, making him laugh as you drown in your own mortification.
"Need it that bad, huh?" He coos.
"Yes, please."
The rest of your plea is lost in a moan as Taehyung finds your clit, wrapping his pink lips around the sensitive muscle and giving it a generous suck. Your hands are in his hair before you can think to stop yourself, tugging at his scalp deliciously as his mouth makes its way with you.
Thank goodness for this apartment belonging to just the two of you as the noises that tumbled from your lips surely would've left a roommate blushing.
You're panting, begging for more even though you aren't sure how you'd even handle more. It comes as a delight and slight surprise as fingers suddenly slip inside, wasting no time to rub against your velvety smooth walls, curling themselves inside you.
"Fuck, Tae!" you cry out, eyes squeezing shut.
It was pure reflex. Up until now, you had been watching Taehyung intently, completely consumed by the way his mouth moves against you. How his tongue flicks against your needy clit cruelly. It just felt too fucking good.
You're so wet, positively dripping down his chin as he runs his hot muscle up and down the length of your pussy, devouring you like he hadn't eaten in months, and you were his first meal.
Taehyung’s nothing short of addicting, completely and utterly intoxicating, and you slip further and further to your demise with every lick he takes, every press of his tongue against your clit.
He has a hand pressed against the lower half of your torso, feeling the way you jerk and squirm as he makes a mess of you. You’re close and you know it, too, if not by the way you’re calling his name over and over again, then by the way your thighs tremble, hardly even strong enough to stay up.
"Let go for me, love. I've got you." He sounds so sweet, so angelic, despite how filthy what he was doing to you was.
His words are the push you need, and, like a rubber band that has been stretched past its limit, you finally snap, back arching off the bed as you come with a cry. White fills your vision, and your mind goes blank, only sounds of blissful static filling your ears.
His fingers hold up your quivering legs, mouth pressing kisses onto your pussy encouragingly until you simply can't bear it any longer, pushing his mouth away as you stutter out words of sensitivity and overstimulation.
“I’m going to have to request more of that throughout this marriage.” You manage to say once your vision and breath come back to you.
Grabbing one of your hands, Taehyung brings it to his mouth.
“All you need do is ask,” he replies, making you laugh as he presses a kiss to the back of your hand, always a gentleman
Not long after, you find yourself pressed against Taehyung, tongue running against his as he presses his hips into yours. He isn’t coy about his want for you, rolling his cock against your already sensitive center. Warm precum leaks onto your lower abdomen, and suddenly, all you can think about is having him inside you again.
You don’t even need to ask. Hitching your leg around his thigh, he knows exactly what you’re seeking, lining up his leaking cock with your swollen entrance.
Pressing into you, he buries himself to the hilt, groaning out as your warmth envelopes him. You moan out so prettily for him, feeling tight and full with your first orgasm only minutes ago.
“You okay?” he hums, kissing your cheek.
You nod, ears warm at the intimacy of the moment. In many ways, this is nothing like your first time together. You are face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart. Between your bodies could be found more than just desire, but commitment. Devotion. Love. 
“I love you, Tae.” You gush, sighing out as he begins to rock into you.
He falters slightly at your confession but recovers quickly, intertwining his hand with yours and pressing it by your head.
Faintly, you realize. 
That was the first time you had ever told him that.
You look up at him, expecting some wide eyes or even a bit of a nervous tilt to his lips, but all you are met with is a glow. He beams down at you, and your heart swells. 
“I love you, too, Y/N,” he whispers, but you hear the words in your ears loud and clear.
Soft noises fill the room as the two of you become one—hearts synchronizing with one another in silent promise.
It was a promise unlike the one you had made to each other that day at the altar, for this one was real. This one was true.
You shutter with every thrust of his hips, your abused clit finding itself in the crossfire of Taehyung’s passionate motions.
Whimpering, you cling to him, overwhelmed and emotional, like your heart was about to burst. Taehyung lights a fire in you, sends lightning straight through your core. Every word, every smile, every kiss, every touch, they send shivers down your spine, tingles throughout your skin. It’s like you’re falling in love with him all over whenever you see him, whenever his deep brown eyes meet your own.
You remember being so afraid of love that you broke up with all your old boyfriends because of it. Because you couldn’t commit, because you were worried about your career, because they just didn’t give you that spark. But lying here pressed against him, against your husband, you aren’t afraid. Wrapped up around him, tangled up in him, you know. 
Between messy kisses and words of adoration, you find yourself growing closer and closer to your release. Brows furrowed and neck flushed, you come with a soft whimper of his name, coaxing his own orgasm out of him. He lets go inside you, painting you with his seed in a way that pleases you to no end.
Hand still in yours, he gives it a squeeze, pressing a kiss onto your damp chest, right over where your heart beats for him.
“I love you,” Taehyung says again when you meet his eyes, firmer this time, louder. Like he’s worried you didn’t believe him the first time. 
“I know,” you say with a giggle, the words going straight to your head—and your heart. 
Taehyung scowls. “What, no ‘I love you’ back? Is that what I’m hearing?”
“Well, only because you want one so badly,” you tease, pressing a quick kiss to his round button nose. “I love you, too, Tae. Always will.”
“I think I knew, then,” Taehyung says with a fond sigh, nostalgia overcoming his expression. “That first time we met. I knew you would be mine, one day.”
“You got lucky,” you scoff slightly. “But I’m glad things happened the way they did.”
“You’re my dream come true, Y/N,” he says. 
“And you are mine,” you murmur.
As the two of you drift off, all twisted up in each other, so mixed up you can’t figure out where you end and he begins, you think back to that night. That ball. 
“Who are you?” You ask, nose scrunched up in distaste. Before you stood a boy you had never met before, wearing shoes that were too big for him and a suit that was a touch too small. 
He grins at you, running a hand through his perfectly-styled hair fringe swiped neatly over his forehead, and he says, “your dream come true.”
And so it was. 
Tumblr media
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moonchild1 · 3 months ago
kim taehyung fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
hi guys :) here's a list of all my favourite taehyung fics ♡ a few came from the main list but I thought I'd just add them to this one since this list is dedicated only to taehyung fics and I'm going to be making a navigation page so I figured it would look cleaner if I added them all to one list also part 2 is coming soon I'm just doing my final checks so it should be out within this week... enjoy the fics they are amazing and please show the writers and their blogs love and support ♡ feel free to recommend me some fics as well I would love to hear from you 😊🖤
s- smut a- angst f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
Scum’s Wish by @scriptmin s a ft. Jungkook  ❣
The hush series by @suga-kookiemonster s ft. Jungkook  
begin again by @kookiestarlight f s a (dad au exes au) ❣
backstage secrecy by @taegularities s (established relationship au) 
songs about you: rhapsody by @taegularities f s a (friends with benefits au)
A human touch by @snackhobi f s a (android au) ❣
betting on you by @kpoptart216 f a ❣
everythingoes by @jamaisjoons lots of a, s and barely f (fuck boy tae cheating) ft. Jungkook ❣
house of cards by @aiimaginesbts f s a (infidelity) ft. Jungkook ❣
cloud nine by @xpeachesncream f s a (husband au) 
perfectly wrong by @xpeachesncream f s a (college au fuckboy tae) ❣
restart by @xpeachesncream f s a (established relationship au) ❣
Bad word by @personasintro f s (dilf taehyung)
play to win by @jjkthclub s (rivals au) ❣
it's definitely you by @swcetnight f s a (strangers to lovers au) ❣
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minyfic · 19 days ago
spice - KTH | M
Tumblr media
↣ you and your best friend, Jeon Jungkook, take it upon yourselves to help the community when you find out that an ancient building that acts as a shelter for the homeless is to be demolished. All efforts are fruitless, but there’s one more thing you could do; approach the mayor’s son, Kim Taehyung, who’s scarier than the mayor himself.
Tumblr media
pairing: playboy!taehyung x reader
genre: crack, fluff, smut, angst, s2l
word count: 14.7K
warnings/tags: bi!tae, long-haired tae, strong language, soft girl aesthetic, virgin!reader, best friend!JK, Y/N is afraid of dicks & sex, rich!tae, mentions of homeless people, mentions of masturbation, mentions of infidelity, explicit smut- first time sex, fingering, grinding, hair pulling, lots of talking + dirty talk, pet name, oral (f), hickeys, clit biting, multiple orgasms, protected sex, slight scent kink, praise kink
a/n: gentleman tae is it
‘You have reached your destination.’
You whip your head around to stare at Jungkook who sheepishly stuffs his phone into his jeans pocket.
He unclicks his seatbelt, speaking with a pout, “what if you got lost?”
“Are you being serious right now? Who could miss that?!”
You point to the blinking, neon red sign, that sits above a very large doorway, shaped in the word ‘SPICE.’
“I mean, I’ve never been to this side of town so…”
You roll your eyes, switching off the engine and gesturing for him to follow you into the dimly lit building.
“Wait,” Jungkook yanks you away from the large mahogany doors, “we can’t just enter.”
You watch two women take the steps that lead to the entrance, sauntering through the doors.
“I think we can.”
“Okay but. Have you ever met him?”
You groan, “no. I haven’t. But what does this have to do with anything? We’re just going to have a decent conversation with him, get him on our side and ask for his help.”
Jungkook laughs, sarcastically, rubbing his forehead in exasperation.
“Listen,” he holds up both his hands, tracking his words as he speaks, “you can’t just talk to him.”
“Why? Is it because he’s the mayor’s son and he acts like some hot shot?”
“No,” Jungkook sighs, seemingly losing his patience, “it’s not because of that. Remember the fundraiser we held last year? The one you missed because you were sick?”
“Stomach flu,” you nod, “yes? What’s your point?”
“Well, I met him there. And he wasn’t very…welcoming. He refused to take the pamphlet I was handing out and my handshake!”
“Jungkook, no one takes the pamphlets you hand out and maybe he was having a bad day. He doesn’t usually attend fundraisers…he probably didn’t want to be there.”
“No, Y/N,” Jungkook’s voice has a slight tremble to it, “you didn’t see him before. In real life! You didn’t see the look he gave me.”
“Well,” you grab Jungkook by his shoulders and steer him in the direction of the building, red light beaming down on his terrified features, “put on your big boy pants, because you’re gonna meet him again.”
It smells a lot like tobacco and beer in the large space, dark wooden tables and chairs line each wall with a bar to the far left and a lounging area. You heard that Spice was some sort of club owned by the mayor’s son, it doesn’t look the one you envisioned. Not in the slightest. There’s no loud, obnoxious music, but the lazy hum of jazz which filters through the speakers.
Jungkook tugs your coat, you follow his gaze to a pool table behind the bar area, men with leather jackets and shiny hair, slick with gel, crowd the area, none of whom you recognize. You’ve never seen him in real life, but from the images on the internet and the newspaper articles, he’s handsome. Of course he is, his father is known to be the most attractive mayor in your town’s history. And you obviously know that his son uses his charms to his advantage when it comes to wooing men and women. You haven’t heard unpleasant gossip about him, but you know that he has a different face with him every few months.
“I can’t see him.”
Jungkook points to a man with long, brown hair who spins around holding a pool stick, another stick popping out of his mouth.
“It’s him. Come on,” you drag Jungkook in the direction of the pool table, the air thickens the further you walk into the dull space, a few red lights line the couches in the corner.
“Excuse me?”
Your tone is as determined as your stride, keeping your arms to your side to appear more friendly.
Kim Taehyung cocks an eyebrow in your direction, gaze flitting from you to the possibly horrified-looking man behind you.
“I’m Y/N. Can you spare me a few minutes of your time-“
“I’m not interested-“ deep, baritone voice cuts through your practised speech.
You resist the urge to gasp and keep your professional smile on, poking his back, clad in expensive leather. He doesn’t turn around fully this time, just looks at you over his shoulder, moving the pink lollipop to the other corner of his mouth.
“I just need a few moments to discuss something with you. I promise it won’t take much of your time.”
The group behind him pause their conversation to listen, two men, dressed in leather as well, and two women, you recognize them as the same women who entered the club earlier. Their attentive gazes have you feeling a little uneasy, but your smile doesn’t waver.
“Can we speak so-“
“I’m listening,” he spins around to face you now, sitting on the pool table and resting his hands on his thigh.
If there’s one thing you hate, it’s when people cut you off while you’re speaking. But you take in a deep breath through the nose and call your backup.
“Kim Taehyung,” Jungkook rushes forward and thrusts his hand in Taehyung’s direction, “good to see you again.”
You grab Jungkook’s wrist when Taehyung just stares at his awaiting palm, seeing the group go back to their conversation from the corner of your eye.
“So, what do you two want from me?” He gestures between the two of you with his lollipop, licking his lips before he speaks again.
“I’m single right now, but I prefer to focus on one relationship at a time. Although you two look decent.”
You and Jungkook stare wide-eyed at each when you catch on to his words.
“No no no,” you splutter, Jungkook joins in your laughter, just as nervous, “we have something else to discuss with you.”
He narrows his eyes at you, tan skin being exposed when he cracks his neck.
“Go on.”
“But,” he glances at his watch, “I don’t have much time, so make it quick.”
Jungkook decides to take over when he sees your eye twitch from being interrupted once again.
“I’m not sure if you keep up with the news or anything-“ his chuckle makes you question ever bringing him along “-but we need your help with building 613.”
His eyebrows furrow, obviously he wouldn’t recall a building by its number.
“The face brick one on the fourth street.”
He folds his arms, “what about it?”
“Well, your father had a statement published a week ago that it’s set to be demolished before the end of the month.”
He doesn’t say anything, just watches your mouth as you talk so you take it as your cue to continue, but Jungkook beats you to it.
“There are people living there, it’s a shelter for the people who can’t afford the simplicities of life, the one’s who go to bed hungry each night, the ones who-“
You slap Jungkook’s chest, “what he’s trying to say…if the building is demolished, where would they go? As far as we know that building doesn’t belong to anyone.”
“Alright,” he stands up to his full height and adjusts the collar on his jacket, “can I ask why you are telling me all this?”
“Because you’re…the mayor’s son.”
He laughs, eyes crinkling with mirth, “and you come to me? The person who’s hardly involved in his father’s business.”
“Trust me, we’ve tried everything. This was the only thing we could come up with now.”
Jungkook takes a step forward, “we tried contacting the mayor himself but there was a waiting list, we held a rally, we-“
Your eyes bug out when Taehyung shoves his lollipop in Jungkook’s mouth, who blinks stupidly at the intrusion.
“Listen,” Taehyung grabs the pool stick again, “there’s nothing I can do to help. I’m sorry, it sounds terrible, but you’ve come to the wrong person.”
“Wait, you can’t-“
“Yes,” he spins around, and sits down on the couch behind him, back facing you.
“But but-“ you’re just as frantic as Jungkook now “-kids live there, and old women and men who can’t take care of themselves, they all need each other! And the puppies-“
His head swivels in your direction, eyebrows reaching his hairline, “puppies?”
“Yes,” you fight the lump in your throat, “the puppies, they live on the rooftop, and I have no idea where they’d go.”
“And their mothers,” Jungkook adds, removing the lollipop from his mouth.
You both perk up when Taehyung returns with a softer look on his face.
“I’ll…Can we discuss this in a more-“ he glances around “-suitable setting, like my café? Tomorrow?”
You and Jungkook nod, heads almost popping out with your vigour, “sure. What time?”
He pulls out two cards from his leather jacket, business cards, and hands them to you.
“Text me the details. I’m free from 4PM till 8PM.”
You have no choice but to smile politely and agree. You literally get off work at around 6:30PM and by then you’re exhausted. Jungkook leaves after 7. You would have less than an hour to discuss things.
Jungkook lets out a relieved sigh once he enters your car but you’re quick to remind him that this is only the beginning.
Tumblr media
It’s 7:34PM and you’re furiously chomping on a donut. He gave you four hours to work with and he agreed to meeting at 7PM, yet he’s still late.
“Calm down, Y/N. We still have half an hour.”
“Calm down-“ you glare at Jungkook, the corners of his mouth are white with icing sugar, “calm down?! You know how I feel about tardy-“
Taehyung enters the café wearing the same leather jacket and stoic expression from last night.
He pulls out the chair across from you and Jungkook, holding up two fingers to the barista who scrambles to make his drink.
“So,” his eyes flicker from you to Jungkook, “I spoke to my father last night.”
Jungkook laughs in disbelief, “that quick?”
“We…live together.”
“Seriously? I thought someone like you would live on your own.”
You watch Taehyung poke his tongue in his cheek, eyes set on Jungkook now, “someone like me?”
You pinch Jungkook’s thigh under the table, he bites down on his lower lip while you shoot Taehyung a tight-lipped smile.
“And what did he say?”
“Well,” he leans back in his chair, fluffing out the ends of his brown locks, “I told him what you told me about the elderly, the kids and the puppies.”
Your place your forearms on the table, listening intently.
“He- thank you sweetheart,” he beams at the waitress who sets his pink milkshake on the table, probably the first time you’ve ever seen him smile. As soon as she returns to the front counter with a squeal, his smile is gone.
“He said that we need-“ he takes a healthy sip of his milkshake, your knee bobs in impatience “-he said that we need to gather the homeless and have them speak.”
You glance at Jungkook, “speak about what?”
“Why the building is so important to them.”
You scoff, mirroring his posture, “that’s really dumb considering the fact that they’re HOMELESS.”
Deep, brown eyes lock onto yours, “well, that’s what Mr. Mayor wants. Now if you’ll excuse me,” he sips noisily, “it’s almost 8 and I have somewhere to be. And don’t worry about the bill.”
He turns on his heel and rushes toward the exit, you run after him and grip his arm, he smirks as he stares at the way your fingers are curled around his bicep.
You retract your hand and adjust the hem of your dress, “what are we supposed to do?”
His hand comes up, index finger rubbing his bottom lip. You’re suddenly feeling exposed under his gaze, shifting from foot to foot.
“Just gather everyone there on Saturday and make sure to grab as much attention as you can on social media. News reporters might be there, and I’ll get a permit to close the road.”
You watch the corners of his mouth lift ever so slightly before he exits the café, a gust of wind lifting the skirt of your dress as he leaves.
“So,” Jungkook questions, wiping his chin with a beige tissue, “what did he say?”
You return to your donut, “he said we should get everyone together and-”
“Oh. It didn’t work the last time.”
“Yeah,” you sigh, gazing into the distance, “but he said that news reporters might be there and he’s gonna get a permit to close the road.”
Jungkook grins, “that might work. I knew this would work! I mean, why wouldn’t it? It’s a direct link to the mayor.”
You place your elbows on the table, “something’s fishy about Kim Taehyung.”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know,” you answer, resting your chin on your interlinked fingers, you wonder why a guy like him is so willing to help you out. What’s in it for him? What’s his motive? What if he plans on saving the building, then buys it from whoever and chases everyone out? You need to know why Kim Taehyung, playboy, hedonist, someone who doesn’t get involved in matters like this, is so determined on helping the poor.
When you voice your concerns to Jungkook, he complains that you’re being confusing because his help was what you wanted initially. You can’t help but wonder…
Tumblr media
“Where’s your husband?”
You sigh, adjusting the blush pink coat on the woman’s shoulders, “I don’t have a husband, Mrs. Kang.”
She’s perplexed, eyes darting from the car behind you to your purse then to your face.
“And you live alone.”
“Yes. Mrs. Kang. Now do you remember everything I told you to say?”
She nods, grabbing your hand and pouring out her thanks which you can’t really focus on because you recognize Taehyung’s BMW, with a long procession of cars following.
It wasn’t that hard to get everyone gathered, most of them are unemployed while the others are mostly car guards or take up gardening jobs here and there. But you’re still stressing out. True to his word, Taehyung had someone close the end of the street and the news channel’s van is parked across the building.
Jungkook arrived an hour before you and he doesn’t seem the slightest bit anxious. The mayor’s verdict will determine whether these helpless people get to live their lives in a comfortable home. Although you hope to propose proper housing facilities like running water and electricity. The lack of a shelter is what brought them here, to an untenanted, nondescript building near the end of town.
Taehyung steps out of his car along with two other men and his father who emerges from the black car behind his. The mayor isn’t known for his ostentatious behavior, his son however…
“Good morning,” he greets with a curt nod to Jungkook. The corner of his mouth twitches when his eyes land on you, raking down the length of your dress.
“This is Y/L/N Y/N and…friend, whose name I am yet to remember.”
You resist the urge to laugh at Jungkook’s wide eyed expression and bow when you spot Mr. Kim who appears from behind Taehyung’s lithe frame. You’ve seen him before but haven’t been formally introduced.
“Miss Y/N, I’m sure my son has informed you of my presence here today. Let’s not waste any more time.”
His frown lines drag down into his cheeks as he smiles, gesturing to the man behind him who rushes past you with a microphone and a cameraman following clumsily.
“Are they going to be interviewed?”
He nods, stuffing his hands in his pocket, mirroring his son who keeps an intense stare on the side of your face.
“Yes. I’m not sure why I am needed but my son insisted that I stay,” he turns to Taheyung, “he can handle everything himself.”
You cock an eyebrow, “I thought he doesn’t really involve himself in matters like these.”
Rich, masculine laughter reaches your ears, the corners of their mouth spreading into a box shape.
“He doesn’t. Unless I ask him too.”
You take a step forward, standing next to the sprightly man and observing each of the tenants as they’re being interviewed. You had advised them to not allow anything to hamper with their confidence in keeping the building for themselves.
“What did you plan on doing with the space after the building was demolished?”
He shoots you a grin, “am I the one being interviewed?”
You’re afraid that he may not like the idea of being questioned but his laugh eases your nerves.
“I haven’t planned anything as yet. But I will let you know.”
You take this as an opening to give your ideas some hope.
“Can I…make a suggestion?”
He considers your words for a moment before he’s nodding, Taehyung seems to be listening attentively with the way his head tilts a bit in your direction.
“Well,” you take a deep breath, “I was thinking that instead of demolishing the building. Obviously, everything costs money, why not have some renovations done?”
“Dear,” he purses his lips, “there’s a lot that has to be discussed. I may be the mayor, but I will have to seek counsel from the rest of the head community members.”
“I’m sure that you, along with the other community members, are well aware that this town does not have a shelter for the homeless. What kind of community would we be if we are ignorant to those living on the streets, who knock on our doors asking for a slice of bread? That’s how I was made aware of this building, I never visited this part of town before until I asked a woman, who came to my doorstep carrying a baby with another clinging to her arm.”
Taehyung raises an eyebrow, while the mayor chuckles.
“Well. Let’s see how things go today and I’ll have Taehyung give you a call when it comes to convincing the other head community members.”
You blink, knowing that you have much more to say. Instead, you turn your attention back to Mr. Ahn who rambles on about how no one would employ him because of his ‘nasty’ eye patch.
By the time lunch rolls around, you and Jungkook hand out hotdogs to everyone including the two men who hover near the mayor.
“Hello,” you jump in fright when you feel Taehyung’s hot breath in your ear.
“Yes. Oh,” you had him the neatly wrapped meal, “want one?”
He smiles, “no thanks.”
You shrug and continue to pack the extras back in the crate, Jungkook is busy munching on his fourth one.
“Y/N,” Taehyung holds his fist to his mouth as he clears his throat, clunky watch reflecting the sunlight into your eyes, “where are the puppies?”
You dust your hands, gesturing for him to follow you behind the building, laughing when he grimaces at the wall that’s covered in algae. You guide him up the unstable stairs and onto the roof. Immediately, the seven dogs who were lazing around a minute ago, scurry in your direction. You expect Taehyung to duck in order to protect his expensive suit, but instead he kneels and grabs the brown dog’s face, cooing and scratching. The grin that splits his face is something you never thought you’d ever see on Kim Taehyung.
“You’re so handsome! Yes, you are! Oh hello!”
None of the dogs jump and play with you like they always do, instead they crowd around Taehyung for some of his affections. The sight makes a smile creep onto your face.
“So,” you begin, scratching behind one of the puppy’s ears, wondering when the stench would get to Taehyung, “do you think we have a chance of saving this place?”
You’re not looking at him, but you can hear the smile in his voice as he rubs the other pups’ bellies, “oh definitely. Look at them. Although-“ he turns to you, “-you didn’t suggest an animal shelter for these guys.”
You laugh, “I didn’t get a chance to. But that’s on my long list-“
“Of demands.”
You roll your eyes, “I’m doing this for the community-“ standing up to your full height to peer over the ledge.
“But why are you doing this?”
His lips sag into his usual uninterested expression when he levels you with a stare.
“Are you forgetting that you asked for my help?”
You nod, moving a bit to the side when he joins you at the ledge, “yes, but you could’ve said no.”
He shrugs, “I just wanted to do something good for once.”
Deciding to drop it for now, you spin around and make your way to the top of the stairs, he pats your shoulder as you’re making your way down.
“I’m actually going for this…show tomorrow night. Want to join me?”
He bumps into your back as you halt your step, whipping your head around to stare up at him, “why?”
He scans your face, the proximity bombards you with the heavy scent of his cologne, “because…It’d be fun.”
You aren’t going to overthink things, but it sure does seem like he’s asking you out on a date. Why would someone like him be interested in someone like you? But you could be wrong.
“I’m actually working late tomorrow,” you aren’t lying, “maybe some other time.”
His tongue swipes across his bottom lip, nudging you to keep walking, “that’s alright.”
You’re met with the sight of Jungkook with his arms around the mayor’s shoulders.
“What’s going on?”
Taehyung smiles at his father, in a way that seems like they’re sharing an inside joke.
“I made my decision,” Mr. Kim informs, a beaming Jungkook giving you a hint.
“I’ve decided to demolish this building, but another vacant building which is still under construction would be built with the intent of a shelter for the homeless.”
You smile, bowing in thanks, while you try not to jump up and down with Jungkook.
“Thank you, Mr. Kim.”
“However,” he adds, holding up a slender finger, “we’d have to raise enough funds to add any extra utilities for these people to live a comfortable and healthy life.”
You’ve done plenty of fundraisers in the past and you have no doubts that the next one would be a cinch.
“Of course. Thank you again, Mr. Kim.”
He waves his hands dismissively, placing an amiable hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, “I should be thanking you for bringing this to my attention.”
Jungkook opens his mouth to speak but you shoot him a glare in warning, knowing what he was about to say.
The mayor says his goodbyes and leaves along with the rest of his posse while Taehyung lingers behind you.
Your eyebrows furrow, making your way to your car with the large crate in hand, “so?”
“Sure you’re busy tomorrow night?”
It’s annoying that he’s calm while you’re the opposite, lips stretched into a smirk.
“Of course! I told you that I’m working late tomorrow. God!”
His smile doesn’t falter as he opens the car door for you, seeing him wave you off in the review mirror.
“He’s so weird.”
“I think he’s nice.”
You groan, “just yesterday you called him a privileged idiot.”
“That’s because he is,” Jungkook chortles, grabbing another hotdog from the backseat, “but he’s still a good person.”
At Jungkook’s words, you think of his interaction with the dogs earlier. Despite the nauseating smell, he still played with them and let them cuddle him. It makes you question your view of him for a bit. It was influenced by the gossip you heard from others, however, you’re still a bit skeptical about his willingness to help.
Tumblr media
You wave Jungkook over to your desk, pointing at the figures on the screen when he stands behind your chair.
“This is good for the first week.”
He clicks his tongue, eyes scanning the numbers, “I’m not sure. Usually, we have a couple thousands more after the first week.”
You sigh, knowing that he’s right. The site you set up for fundraising isn’t doing as well as you thought. But it doesn’t cause too much worry because you still have the fundraising event this Saturday.
“What you two up to?”
Without lifting your head from the screen, you groan in annoyance at the presence of your ex-boyfriend.
“Go away Namjoon.”
He rests his chin on his arms, leaning on your cubicle with a grin on his face, “can’t. This is my working space.”
Jungkook continues with your discussion, ignoring Namjoon who steps around your desk to stand next to your chair, hands in his pocket as he dips his head to stare at your screen.
“What’s this for? The crusty building on fourth street?”
You glare at him, not prepared to argue with him this early in the morning.
“If you aren’t making a donation, please go away.”
He laughs, “you two are always busy ‘helping out the community,’” he points to your screen, “wouldn’t be surprised if you take all the cash for yourselves.”
“Listen buddy,” Jungkook speaks with the same amount of irritation that you’re feeling, “we work hard and if you’re bitter because you don’t do anything to help the community then just let us be.”
He holds up his palms, retreating to his desk, “I’m just saying. No one invests this much time and effort in stuff like this.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, whispering into your ear, “can’t believe you dated that guy.”
“Hey!” You smack his arm, “he was a nice guy, okay?”
“Yeah, yeah. Anyway,” he walks backward, cupping his palms around his mouth as he shouts, “don’t stress too much!”
You laugh when Jimin tells him to shut up.
He’s right, you should focus on Saturday being a success rather than the figures on the fundraising site. Most people prefer to get something out of their money anyway, so the market always contributes a huge chunk to the total funds raised.
As always, you and Jungkook are going to be selling food and you can’t wait to check out the other stalls.
Tumblr media
Market days have always been your favorite. Knowing that people enjoy your food, and the money is being put aside for a good cause is heart-warming. The loud chatter and laughter fill the fresh air, kids lining up to try Jungkook’s fruit lollies while you prepare sandwiches and subs for the peckish customers.
You’re busy stuffing the notes into the tin when you notice someone stand at your table from the corner of your eye.
“Hello. What can I get for- Kim Taehyung.”
You have no idea why you have this reaction to seeing him after a week, but you gather your emotions and pull out your small notepad, ready to take his order.
He smiles, brown eyes travelling to the menu propped up on the side of the table, index finger rubbing his bottom lip as he browses through the options.
“What do you suggest?”
After five minutes, he still hasn’t made up his mind and the queue continues to grow behind him.
“Uhm,” you lean over to peek at the menu, pointing to the large spicy chicken sub.
He shakes his head, brown locks dusting his leather jacket, “I don’t like spicy food.”
Laughing to yourself, you move your pen up on the laminated paper and draw his attention to the mild chicken sub.
“I’ll take three. Thank you.”
You shuffle to the table on your left and he follows you, waiting patiently on the other side.
“What was so funny?”
You glance up at him, spooning the shredded chicken into the bread, “what?”
“Just now,” his nods to the other table, “you laughed.”
And he reminds you of why you laughed, so you laugh again.
“Oh. Nothing. Just-“ your eyebrows pinch together, shrugging as you speak, “you said you don’t like spicy food but you literally own a club called ‘Spice.’”
He chuckles, the sound tinkling in your ears.
“It’s not a club, it’s a lounge and I didn’t name it spice because of its literal meaning.”
You wrap up his subs and hand it to him, then pull off your gloves to stuff the cash into the tin.
“What do you mean?”
He rolls his tongue across his lower lip, leaning over the table to whisper.
“Variety is the spice of life.”
Just then, a cool breeze wafts across your back, involuntarily shivering when he tips his chin to stare into your eyes.
“I’m going for this…car show tomorrow evening. Would you like to join me?”
Your gaze travels to the impatient man standing behind Taehyung, grumbling to himself.
He grabs the subs and moves away from the table, your throat feels dry.
“You have my number. Let me know,” with a wink, he disappears from your sight while you fumble to take the man’s order.
Jungkook sidles over to your side, you ignore his pensive stare.
“Was he flirting with you and did you just fall for it?”
You clear your throat, bending down to reach for the pen that slipped out of your grasp.
“I did not. And he was not.”
“I hope not,” Jungkook tails you as you hand the man his order, “you know what a guy like him would want from you.”
You place your fist on your hip and turn to Jungkook, cocking your brow in irritation. This guy has varying opinions on Taehyung.
He shrugs, the corner of his mouth quirking up, “I’m just saying.”
You’re not oblivious when it comes to guys and their different shapes and sizes. And Taehyung is the type you avoid at all costs. You’re cautious when it comes to breaking down your walls, even more after the joke that was your last relationship. Jungkook should know better than to think that you’ve fallen for Taehyung and his charms. He’s handsome, yes he does have luscious hair, and chocolate eyes, and a perfectly shaped mouth and a great sense in fashion. But, you would be silly to be swept away by his allure. Silly.
The rest of the day runs smoothly and you’re more than proud when you tally up your orders and reach the goal you’ve set for yourself by the end of the day.
It’s time for the stallholders to close up when the mayor and his two bodyguards arrive and collect the funds from each of you.
“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful day. The sub was delicious.”
You smile, untying your apron and folding it neatly.
“Thank you.”
Jungkook rushes over and grabs your hand, pulling you to the group of people huddled at the center of the field.
“They’re taking a photo for the newspaper.”
The mayor stands in the middle of the long row of people, Jungkook stands on one side with you near the end. Your breath hitches a bit when the smell of Taehyung’s perfume fills your nostrils.
The cameraman diverts your attention to the way Taehyung’s hand hovers over your waist, inching closer so he can get in the frame.
Your eyes lock for a split second before you’re facing the camera and smiling, leaning away from him. You ignore the thunderous beat your heart drums in your chest, the way your blood rushes to your cheeks, stomach twisting in a feeling you’re trying to quash as you scurry to your car. You suspect that it’s a harmless crush, a crush on an attractive man that will disappear once all this is over.
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be your day. After slogging all weekend, you were supposed to be lazing around and munching on the leftover subs from yesterday. But all your plans of having a destressing afternoon had to be cancelled because your boss called in and said that you’re needed at work.
To say you’re in a shitty mood would be an understatement.
And on top of that, despite your best efforts of keeping him out of your mind, your dreams were filled with a fanciable male you hope to never see again for fear of your heart being pulverised by your own expectations.
The cloyingly sweet voice of your coworker causes you to scrunch your eyes shut for a while, struggling to keep his words out of your head.
“Saw you in the newspaper. You looked pretty.”
“Go away Namjoon.”
He chuckles, voice becoming louder as he walks behind your desk.
“I saw you with that guy. The mayor’s son. What’s his name?”
He clicks his thumb in an attempt to remember while you crack your eyes open, hoping he doesn’t say-
“Kim Taehyung.”
You keep your eyes on your screen, typing furiously.
“Are you guys together or something? He had his arm around your waist. If I saw correctly.”
Something about his tone irks you, tilting your head to shoot him an unimpressed look.
“He did not.”
He shrugs, “well you two were standing pretty close. Is something going on?”
You have no idea how your love life concerns him, but you hear yourself say: “no.”
His deep laugh makes your eye twitch as he leans back against your cubicle.
“Of course. How could I think that the mayor’s son would date you. You aren’t his type at all.”
You grit your teeth, acknowledging the tiny pang in your chest.
“That’s okay though. Even if he did want you,” he holds up a finger as he walks away, “you won’t date him because you’ll come back to me like you always do.”
“No I won’t!”
You’re fuming, heart thumping in your chest at his words because it’s half-true. You always go back to Namjoon in the end. Because it’s convenient for you, because you’re too afraid to experience other men, too afraid to reintroduce each aspect of your life to someone who may not be worth it. For fear of your heart being torn into shreds all over again.
But you promised yourself the last time, that you would never go back to him, never make the same mistake.
That’s why, you’re sitting in your company’s parking lot, typing out a message to Kim Taehyung with blurred vision.
His reply comes hours later when you’re snuggled up in your nest of cushions, grieving in silence.
[18:10] Kim Taehyung: Hello Y/N.
[18:11] Kim Taehyung: Of course. I’ll pick you up at 8?
You spring up, leaning back against the couch as you try to fight the smile that burns into your features.
[18:12] You: actually. Can I come with Jungkook?
Obviously, you’ve informed your best friend of your impulsive decision and after you were berated for what felt like hours, he had insisted that he go along with you.
[18:15] Kim Taehyung: Sure why not
[18:15] Kim Taehyung: I’ll bring a friend along too
[18:16] Kim Taehyung: Should I text you the address?
You squeal, typing out a message to Jungkook but even more anxious to meet his friend.
[18:17] You: That’s ok. I’ll get it from the internet
[18:18] Kim Taehyung: Alright. It’s the BMW Torque Show.
You’re already fussing about in your room, flipping through your clothes to find a cute outfit and accessories to match.
[18:21] You: Thank you!
[18:21] Kim Taehyung: See you later (;
Half an hour passes, and you settle on a knee-length white dress with little roses on the collar, and boots. Jungkook said that he’ll fetch you a few minutes before 8PM so you scurry to do your makeup and hair, letting it hang in soft curls.
Your nerves heighten with each passing minute and you’re so jittery that you almost forget your phone charging in the corner of your room when you hear Jungkook pull up outside your apartment.
“Sorry, I had to go back ‘cause I forgot my phone.”
He laughs, pulling onto the road while you click in your seatbelt.
“Relax. So, I know I might be a third wheel-“ you give him a discernible look “-but I’m still a bit hesitant to let you date this guy.”
“Jungkook,” you speak plainly, “this isn’t a date. More like friends…I guess? Hanging out. Plus, you won’t be the third wheel, he said he’s also bringing a friend.”
“Oh?” He spares you a glance before he’s turning onto the highway, “you’re friends now? What do you even know about this guy?”
You open your mouth to answer but he cuts you off.
“Apart from what you heard about him.”
Taking a minute to think, you realize that you haven’t had a proper conversation with him before. Maybe that day on the roof?
“I know that he likes dogs.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, “everyone likes dogs.”
You shove his shoulder, “not everyone!”
“But I mean, you know he’s not the type of guy you take home to your parents and that’s what you’re looking for. Am I right?”
“Maybe we should just cancel because it seems like you’re trying to put this whole thing off.”
“No! No, I’m not. I’m just-“ you give him an empty smile when he looks at you, waiting for him to continue “-I’m just concerned because I know what happened with Namjoon and every guy before that.”
You huff, choosing to stare out the window and ignore your friend who’s bringing up your painful past when you just want to enjoy yourself tonight. Even though cars aren’t really your thing, as long as it takes you from A to B, you’re happy. But you do appreciate a sleek car when you see one.
“We’re here.”
You straighten your posture and notice the crowd near the racetrack, eyes wide in awe at the shiny vehicles parked near the entrance and the massive racetrack.
“I think we need to buy tickets then head down there.”
You follow Jungkook’s line of sight, nodding when you see the table set up at the gates where people are lining up.
Jungkook pays for your tickets and follows you down the narrow pathway into the space where tables and rows of chairs are set up for people to watch the show.
You’re about to text Taehyung to notify him of your arrival when Jungkook nudges you, standing ramrod straight when you see Taehyung and an unfamiliar woman approach you. Why did you expect his friend to be a guy?
“Y/N,” he grins, “and…Jungkook?”
“Hey,” Jungkook rubs the back of his neck nervously.
“Hi,” the woman steps forward, enveloping you in a tight hug, “I’m Jiah.”
She’s pretty, dressed in a charcoal grey coat. You can tell she’s much older than Taehyung and you’re curious about the nature of their relationship.
“She’s my lawyer,” Taehyung nods in her direction, pouting when she smacks his shoulder.
“I’m not his lawyer.”
You force a chuckle out, catching Jungkook’s gaze furtively, knowing he must be thinking the same thing.
Taehyung stuffs his hands in his jeans pocket, gesturing to the racetrack, “shall we?”
He walks with your pace as you take careful steps down the stairs, you can see him glance at you now and again in your periphery.
“Didn’t think you’d say yes.”
“Huh,” you realize that he’s talking to you, already feeling embarrassed in his presence, “well, I’m here.”
You snort, wondering why you’re behaving like an awkward teenager.
“Uhm, yeah,” you decide to add, hearing Jungkook and Jiah laugh behind you, “I changed my mind.”
Joining the crowd at the starting line, you pull out your phone to snap some photos of the luxurious cars parked in a fancy manner, weaving through the crammed-up space to stand next to Jungkook, Taehyung following close behind.
“What do you think we’d be doing if this was a normal Sunday night?”
Jungkook leans down to whisper, ogling the shiny black vehicle while he takes a video of the man speaking on the makeshift stage.
“Probably crying over another romcom we’ve watched over a hundred times,” you giggle, spinning around to look for Taehyung only to be met with his broad chest.
“Enjoying yourself?”
You shrug, tugging your cardigan closer to your body, “I’m not really a cars person but the night is lovely.”
“The night?”
“Yeah, the night,” you repeat, seeing his eyebrows furrow in question. “I mean,” you glance around at the joyful crowd, bright lights shining down on the track, sky spotted with stars, the scent that only belongs to the velvet of the night, “this atmosphere. I like it.”
“I agree. It’s kind of boring right now. Want to grab something to eat?”
“There’s food here?”
With a chuckle, he points to the food truck near the entrance, and you resist the urge to slap yourself. It’s huge. How could you miss it?
He guides you up the stairs, joining the queue while you stand behind him.
Tugging your arm, he points to the menu pasted on the front of the truck.
“We can order together.”
Your heart stirs in your chest at the contact, choosing the mozzarella corndog for you and Jungkook while Taehyung orders for him and Jiah. As expected, he refuses to take your money when it’s time to pay for the order and you argue about it all the way back to the racetrack.
“Thanks,” Jungkook begins stuffing his face with the corndog, while you struggle to finish it.
Usually, you’d be scarfing down the cheesy goodness, but your nerves are preventing you from enjoying the food. When Jungkook is done with his, you hand him yours quietly, thinking that no one would notice because they’re all listening attentively to the man who’s listing the specifications of each model.
“Not hungry?”
You shake your head, about to tell Taehyung that you ate earlier when a booming voice overlaps yours.
“Hi guys! My name is Kai and I’m selling tickets for a spin in one of these bad boys. If you’re interested, form a line behind the tape or head to the seating area and enjoy the rest of the show!”
Spinning around in the direction of the stairway up to the seats, you peer over your shoulder to see Jungkook and Jiah heading over to join the line.
You feel a hand on your arm, Taehyung’s friendly eyes pointing to the cars behind him.
“Wanna go for a spin?”
You exhale a dry laugh, “and waste money? When you could literally take me for a spin in your BMW for free?”
You clamp your mouth shut when you realize what you said, seeing him smirk suggestively.
“You wanna go for a ride in my BMW?”
You splutter, “I-“
He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear while you’re holding your breath, fisting the skirt of your dress when his finger trails down your cheek.
“I’m just kidding. It’s fun on the racetrack. Plus,” he slides his palm in yours, while you’re stunned into silence, staring at the point of contact, “I have an idea.”
Tumblr media
“What do you mean that’s not the policy? I’m paying for it.”
You chew on your nail anxiously, seeing Taehyung try to convince the stern man to let him drive one of the cars instead of “sitting in the backseat and going 50mph.”
“Come on. I’m sure if your boss was here, he’d understand.”
Offended, Kai hands Taehyung the tickets and tells him to head to the other end of the white tape.
“It’s okay. I’m sure we’d have a good time.”
Taehyung glares at Kai, scoffing, “the last time I came for one of these shows they let me drive myself. I don’t know what’s this guy’s problem.”
Taehyung looks…terrifying when he’s angry. But his smile returns when he ushers you to the dark blue car on the other side of the tape.
When the driver steps out, Taehyung’s face lights up and he takes the man into a bone-crushing hug.
“Hoseok! Where the hell have you been?”
“Here and there. So good to see you, bro! Hi!”
He steps in front of you, thrusting his hand in your direction. You shake his hand shyly, eyes travelling to his shiny suit.
“This is my friend, Hoseok. He’s a professional race car driver.”
You smile, “nice to meet you.”
You don’t miss the way he winks at Taehyung as he makes his way around the car.
“Hey, uhm,” Taehyung points to the steering wheel, “can I drive?”
“Woooh, you know I can’t do that.”
Taehyung rolls his eyes, “I did it before. Come on.”
Hoseok cocks his head to the side, eyebrows furrowing, “I cannot do that. We have strict policies regarding the cars and this racetrack.”
Uncharacteristically, Taehyung grabs Hoseok’s hand and pleads with him, smiling to yourself at his childlike behavior that draws the attention of the people waiting on the other side of the track.
Hoseok rolls his eyes, “fine. But I’m sitting with you.”
He hands Taehyung the keys and walks around the car to open the passenger side door, while you hover near the trunk.
Taehyung is about to put his seatbelt on when he notices you standing near the car, awkwardly.
“Hey. Can my lady sit in the front with me?”
You choke on your own spit, heart stammering in your chest. His voice was so…soft.
“Yeah yeah,” Hoseok holds the door open for you to step in the car, hands trembling as you click in the seatbelt.
You tuck your hair behind you ears, glancing at Taehyung who sports a cheeky grin, one hand on the steering wheel.
“Ready to go for a ride?”
Something about the way he said that makes your cheeks heat, averting your gaze to the row of people who are watching as Taehyung starts up the car and revs the engine.
Hoseok pokes his head between your seats, placing a concerned hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, “remember start nice and easy because this track is designed for-“
“Yeah yeah. I got it.”
“And don’t forget that-“
“I got it!”
He steps on the pedal, and you’re glued to the seat, a nervous laugh filling the small space as Taehyung zooms around the track, hair flying wildly around your face, eyes going dry.
Maybe you should’ve closed the window because the air gets knocked out of your lungs when he goes even faster, hysterical whoops coming from him and Hoseok.
You’re gripping onto the seat for dear life, boots lifting with each turn he takes, smashing into the door embarrassingly. When he glances at you, you shout for him to watch the road with a dazed smile, knowing that you can’t save your hair. Appearances are the last thing on your mind when you start to ease into the ride, adrenalin pumping through your veins, laughter bubbling from your chest because you can’t remember the last time you had this much fun.
Your tummy hurts, body feeling like jelly when he finally comes to a stop at the starting line, the crowd cheering as Hoseok steps out of the car.
Taehyung’s long fingers pull your hair away from your face, some strands got stuck on your lip gloss and he makes sure to get those out too, heart still racing in your chest.
“You okay?”
He says finally, face a few inches away from yours, heady scent clouding your thoughts.
You nod giddily, eyes flickering to his lips just as his do the same. It might be your mind, that’s still in a muddled lump, playing tricks on you but he leans closer and so do you, puckering your lips, closing your eyes when he tilts his head.
You wait and wait, eyes flying open when he clears his throat, he’s staring out the windscreen, back in a straight line.
Panicking, you jump out of the car and walk around the track, running up the stairs to see Jiah tucked into Jungkook’s side.
“Jungkook,” you say breathlessly, sparing Jiah a smile, “can we go?”
He takes in your frazzled state, and you don’t realize how crazy you must look with your unkempt hair, chest still heaving.
He holds up his hand, glancing at his watch, “err yeah. It is getting late.”
Turning to face Jiah, he wraps her up in a hug and you make your way to his car with hurried steps, mind spinning as much as your heart.
Jungkook unlocks his car, and you jump in hastily, scrubbing your palms down your face.
“Is everything ok?”
“No,” you sigh, “I was having fun and- and we were having fun but then I thought. I thought that-“
You groan, unable to even finish your sentence because you’re so ashamed. For a fleeting moment, you were carefree, you had no inhibitions and you thought that Kim Taehyung, the guy who wouldn’t even spare a girl like you a second look on any normal day, wanted to kiss you.
“Alright,” Jungkook starts his car engine, driving out of the parking lot, “I think I know what you need.”
Tumblr media
Shoving the last bite of your pastry down your throat, you slouch in the sofa, neck bent on the armrest. Jungkook is sprawled across your rug, eyes half-open.
“I can’t believe I thought he was gonna kiss me.”
“Hey,” Jungkook yells, holding up his arm and pointing to ceiling, you know he must be drunk by now, “it’s okay! Just because you thought that he was gonna kiss you doesn’t mean he was gonna kiss you. Wait. Wait- that’s not what I meant to say!”
He laughs drowsily, slurring his words even more after he takes a deep breath and continues with his speech.
“Just because you thought he wanted to kiss you, doesn’t mean it’s your fault. You thought he liked you the whole night?! I thought he liked you the whole night! Jiah thought he liked you the whole night!”
You take a swig from your drink, resting your arm across your tummy, “yeah.”
“And isn’t it funny,” he titters, poking your knee, “isn’t it funny that I kissed Jiah and you didn’t kiss Taehyung.”
Your eyes widen in shock, tilting your head to stare at your goofy best friend who collapses on your wooden floor.
“You kissed Jiah? On the first meeting?!”
He shakes his head, bobbing as he speaks, “now…I know what it looks like. But she’s the one, man! I just know it! Who knew- Who knew-“
“Who knew…what? That you like older woman.”
Clapping like an inebriated seal, he punctuates each word with a burp, “yes! Precisely! Who knew I like older woman and who cares if we kissed on the first date!”
You scrunch up your nose, jealousy slowly pouring into the mix of embarrassment, anxiety, foolishness, disgust, disbelief, and sorrow. Your own feelings caught you off guard, you didn’t realize how deep your crush was after tonight, after the rejection stung more than you anticipated. And he isn’t to blame. You are. For thinking that a playboy like him would be interested in dating you. You should’ve believed your own words. When you said that it was more like ‘friends’ hanging out and not a date.
As the night progressed, you couldn’t help but sense a connection between the two of you, the electricity each time you locked gazes or exchanged smiles. Or when he held your hand, long, dexterous fingers curling around yours, hair flowing behind him, delirious when he was behind the wheel.
You yell into the throw cushion, as if that would get the memories to disintegrate and you would live a life where this night is erased from your memory.
“You won’t see him again, you know,” Jungkook reasons, sitting near the couch now, head in your lap, “only at the opening of the shelter which is in three weeks’ time. You know they already started extending the building.”
“I know,” you sigh, relief and sadness filling your thoughts, knowing that seeing him is tantamount to not seeing him at all.
“So, you don’t have to worry. By then, everything will be forgotten.”
You hum, his words echoing in your head a lot louder than you need. Everything will be forgotten. Him. You. The short exchange that will be ingrained in your heart for the rest of your life probably. The fact that there was so much you didn’t know about him disturbs you even further, because you feel so much.
It was definitely the small touches, his gentle mannerisms and caring demeanor. Even the short while where you saw his playful side pop out. Guys like Kim Taehyung only come around once, and it’s a shame that your experience is over.
Tumblr media
Two weeks pass and you’re driving home from work when you decide to visit your friends on fourth street. Mrs. Kang raves about how she’s going to be the manager of the shelter.
“Mr. Kang would be so happy if he were here.”
You place your palm over hers, reminded of her husband who passed a few years ago, involved in a hit and run accident. Even after all these years, not a day goes by where she doesn’t mention her husband. You hope to find a love like that someday. To love whether they go on or not.
As you walk up the stairs to pay the puppies a visit, your mind drifts to a man with a charming boxy smile. Each day goes by, and you regret ever talking to him, spending time with him, as little as it was, because it hurts even more, and you can’t help but think that this is your fate. To be alone.
When you open the gate, you come to an abrupt stop when you see a man in a black suit crouched down, smoothing his palm over the puppies’ backs.
Your heart skips a beat when one of the dogs bark in your direction and he spins around, smile falling when he sees you.
You twist the fabric of your beige cardigan with your fingers, deciding to stare at the puppy that’s plopped in front of you instead of looking at him as he makes his way toward you.
He stuffs his hands in his pockets, voice timid, “hey.”
“Hey,” you dip down, scratching the puppy’s belly, cooing when he nudges your knee.
“How have you been?”
“Good. And yourself?”
You’re trying your best to keep your feelings out of your voice, but the tense air around you proves that something is going on. Or nothing is going on.
“Good. You uhm. I didn’t see you after that night,” he laughs, it sounds a little hollow to your ears.
You stand up to your full height, deciding to walk to the ledge and peer over, watching the women pack the fruits and vegetables that didn’t sell today.
“Yeah. Sorry I took off like that.”
He stands next to you, much closer than you would expect him to.
“It’s alright. I understand.”
He understands? Understands what?
You didn’t realize that your thoughts were being spoken until he replies.
“I understand that I’m this guy who asks you out and everything is going well but then…”
He trails off. You’re baffled, even more than you were yesterday or two weeks ago.
“I mean. It’s annoying when someone gives you mixed signals.”
Tilting your head back when the warm afternoon breeze billows out your skirt, you shake your head, “I take mixed signals as a no.”
You see him nod from the corner of your eye and then he’s tugging your arm lightly, urging you to look at him, eyes brimming with an unknown emotion. Unknown to you.
His tongue darts out, “I didn’t mean for things to go the way they did.”
He hesitates for a while before he’s smiling, cocking an eyebrow in interest, “can I be honest with you?”
You fold your arms, pretending like his cologne and intimidating stance isn’t affecting you.
“I’m not the guy for you. And I realized that when it was too late. When I knew that I shouldn’t treat you like another game.”
“A game?”
He laughs, cheeks tinting a bright pink.
“I mean. Obviously, you’ve heard the rumors about me.”
You roll your eyes, laughing as you speak, “you were under that assumption before you asked me out the first time?”
He shrugs, “yeah, I mean. I…don’t really know. Honestly. I just wanted to have some fun. Like what I always do.”
Then tension in your shoulders deflate a bit, “it’s okay. I understand.”
Silence falls over the two of you and you take the time to think about what he said. So, Jungkook was right, maybe he was in it for one thing, but you don’t know if you should be flattered that he backed out in the end.
“Do you wanna…check out the new building?”
You nod, “sure. I heard that they’re working fast with extending the building.”
“Yeah,” he holds the rusty gate open for you as you walk down the stairs.
You unlock your car and wave at the ladies as you go. He doesn’t speak during the ride except for when he gives you directions. You’re glad that you decided to wash your car last week after a sudden burst of energy to clean your kitchen, your house, your car, your life.
“Turn here.”
At first glance, the building is huge, even bigger with the extension at the back and the paint is fresh and crisp.
“Wow. This is great,” you squeal, “I’m so happy right now.”
“Thanks to you.”
“No,” you tuck your hair behind your ear demurely.
A man wearing blue overalls runs up to Taehyung, shaking his hand and pointing to the building behind him. You’re standing a foot away, so you can hear their conversation pretty clearly.
“We’re almost done with the first coat. I’ll let you know if we need anything else.”
“And congratulations,” he nudges Taehyung’s shoulder, “I hope you know that your selfless act will return to you tenfold.”
Selfless act? You’re curious, seeing Taehyung smile and wave the man off.
It’s only when another man with a mohawk appears with a thick stack of papers do you feel a little curious. Especially when they start talking about a deposit, with Taehyung signing a few documents that look important.
“Do you want to go for a walk?”
You nod, sliding your hands in your pockets, seeing him walk in the direction of the park a few minutes away.
He gestures for you to follow him, turning around the corner to the beautiful view at the end of the street. The lake is calm, golden as the sun beams onto its surface. You sit down on the bench next to him.
You decide to break the silence.
“I didn’t expect you to…be this involved with everything.”
He smiles, resting his hands on his lap, “actually, the building on fourth street belonged to my grandfather.”
He faces you, eyes lit by the golden sun, making your breath hitch.
“Yeah. And after he passed, I inherited it. I didn’t really care much though.”
“Wait wait,” you fold your legs on the bench, holding up your palms, “the building belonged to you? And you knew about the people living there?”
Nodding, he chews on his cheek, scanning your face while you’re stunned. He knew about the homeless who were living in his building for months, almost a year and he did nothing about it. Men of his calibre wouldn’t waste any opportunity to monetize their possessions.
“Well, anyway. Enough about me,” he pokes the tip of your nose, “what about you? What’s your story?”
You fiddle with the hem of your skirt, keeping your gaze on the movement, “my story?”
“Yeah. I know that you’re the head of the HR department at Kim Inc. You’re single, live on the quietest street in town and stay in for fun.”
You gasp, “that’s all there is to me.”
“Is it?”
“Yeah,” you sigh, “life has been pretty boring these days.”
He scoots closer to you, arm stretching across the backrest. The sun is disappearing from the sky, streetlights flickering on as you chat.
“Are you single?”
You giggle, covering your mouth with your palm as you laugh. His question catches you by surprise.
“I wouldn’t go on a date with you if I had one.”
“Hey. Anything can happen in two weeks.”
The fact that he remembers how long it’s been since you last saw each other makes your heart soar.
“I don’t,” your eyes travel across the lake, knowing that he’s still watching you.
“I think someone as beautiful as you must have tons of guys lining up for a chance.”
Will he ever turn off his charms?
You roll your eyes, despite the blush that spreads on your cheeks, mumbling, “bad experience.”
“Ohhh. I’m guessing…” He taps his chin, “you got cheated on?”
Your mouth hangs open, “how did you know?”
“I guessed. Wait, seriously? I’m so sorry.”
You shrug, “it’s okay. It was a long time ago anyway.”
“What happened?”
Taking a deep breath, you think that the effects of his charms are making you a little more talkative tonight.
“We were dating for almost a year, and everything was great. I loved him. He loved me…That’s what I thought. I caught him with a coworker of mine. A mutual coworker.”
He smacks his thigh, “what the fuck.”
“Yeah,” you give him a sad smile, “and for months I kept thinking that I pushed him away-“
“You shouldn’t think like that. Some men are cheaters. That’s just the way they are.”
You think about the downfall of your relationship, what led up to the point where he decided to throw everything you had away just because of a stupid fight.
“And I kept thinking that I shouldn’t blame him because men have needs and I couldn’t satisfy his needs because I was stubborn.”
Taehyung clears his throat, “what needs?”
You scoff, “you know!” Eyes on the patch of grass near your shoe, speaking under your breath, “I didn’t want to sleep with him.”
Immediately, you want to swallow your words when you see the indecipherable look on his face.
“Why…Why didn’t you want to sleep with him? If you don’t mind me asking.”
It’s your turn to change the topic but he grabs your hands, pestering you to tell him until you lose your patience and blurt it out.
“I’m a virgin!”
“Wha- Really?”
You leap up from the bench, but he yanks your arm, pulling you back down with a huff.
“Don’t be embarrassed. You just…surprise me every time I see you.”
He scratches the back of his head, “nothing.”
The awkwardness thickens in the air until he decides to speak.
“It’s okay if you’re still a virgin. I’m not sure why you’re embarrassed. If you’re waiting for that special person then-“
“That’s the thing,” you whisper, still refusing to look at him, “I wanted to. So many times.”
“Then what stopped you?”
You’re already so deep in the conversation, you might as well just tell him.
Glancing around, as if you aren’t the only people sitting in the park this late in the evening, you lean in closer to him to whisper, taking advantage of the position to breathe in his cologne.
“I’m kind of…scared.”
“Scared?” He’s whispering too, face a breath away.
“Yeah…That it might…hurt.”
He scratches his chin, speaking in a low tone, “I’ve never been with a virgin before but from what I’ve heard it hurts...”
You groan, slumping against the bench.
“I’ve also heard that it feels really good,” he winks, sending a shiver down the length of your spine.
How did you even end up here, having this conversation with the guy you wouldn’t mind enduring the pain for?
“Maybe you’re just afraid of male…genitals.”
“I don’t know, maybe,” you rush to talk about something else, but he continues with his theories.
“Or maybe, you’re afraid because of what you heard from others. Not everyone’s experience is the same.”
You rub your arms, suddenly feeling the chill of the evening.
He seems to notice because the next moment, you’re being shrouded by his coat, fleshy forearms exposed to your gaze.
You’re drowning in his cologne, almost moaning from the delicious scent. It almost feels like he’s on top of-
Where are these thoughts coming from? It’s unlike you to have such salacious images pop into your mind.
“But I mean…if you’re scared, you aren’t afraid to like…you know…explore by yourself?”
You screw up your face, but nod anyway, ignoring the way his Adam’s apple bobs as he speaks.
“But I’ve never…”
How do you even tell him you’ve never fingered yourself because you’re too afraid? And even if you try, it’s like your lady parts cower. You Googled it and you think it’s called vaginismus? You don’t even know for sure. You can’t trust Google.
You don’t even have to finish your sentence because his brown eyes light up in understanding, lip tucked between his teeth.
“You know,” he flicks off a string of cotton from the coat, “it’s not that bad.”
“Easy for you to say. You’re a man!”
He laughs, low and husky, ensuing another hurricane of filthy thoughts in your mind.
“Do something for me.”
Your eyes widen, “here?!”
“It’s not like that!”
He grabs your wrist and closes his fingers around yours, keeping your index finger out.
“Put it in and touch the roof of your mouth.”
Your stomach flips with an unnamed feeling at his orders, even more when his eyes watch the movement of your finger disappearing into your mouth.
You narrow your eyes, “it tickles.”
“Do you feel those bumps?”
You nod, like tiny folds gathered, hot and wet with your spit.
“That’s what it feels like.”
“It doesn’t feel good,” you wipe your hand on your skirt.
“The bumps are similar to the ones inside your…female parts.”
“How do you-“
You purse your lips, hyper aware of his minty breath wisping your hair around.
“How will that help me get rid of my fear?”
He inhales a shaky breath, eyes searching yours, “it won’t. But I-“
Your eyes fall shut when he grabs your cheeks and captures your lips with his, tongue sliding over yours when you gasp. You fist the front of his shirt, quickly matching his pace with soft suckles to his bottom lip. He swallows your moan when his tongue prods into your mouth, curling against the roof of your wet cavern. Your mind is running a mile a minute. He bobs his head, slick muscle staying rigid as he massages the bumps he made you feel earlier, heat collecting between your thighs.
Your hands skim across his chest, laying flat on his pecs as he continues to thrust his tongue. You whimper, grabbing his wrists when your lungs burn, too lost in the pleasure of his tongue rolling into your mouth.
He rests his forehead against yours, chest heaving, “I’m sorry.”
Your palms rest on shoulders, shaking your head, still thinking about the feeling of his tongue in your mouth.
He intertwines your fingers, you follow him giddily as you walk to your car.
When you’re settled in and about to drive away, fighting the simper on your face, he knocks on your window with his knuckle.
“See you on Saturday.”
His lips are more pink than usual, looking even more attractive under the moonlight.
Tumblr media
The week drags by, with more work piling and your anticipation building. After that night, you couldn’t get the kiss out of your mind, swirling in your thoughts during the day, preventing you from focusing on your tasks.
You got home that night and called Jungkook, relaying the unexpected turn of events when you saw Taehyung. After you had repeated the entire conversation to him, he still had the same things to say. That he’s still wary, that you should be cautious and to remember who he is. It did annoy you, but you know that Jungkook has a point. Taehyung has a way with words, that’s how he made a reputation for himself in this small town.
But that doesn’t stop you from replaying the kiss in your head a million times, his blown-out pupils and soft lips. His tongue…
And, to your relief, vaginismus wasn’t a thing for you. Because that same night, hand slithering under your sheets, you dared to try something, and it felt…amazing. You’ve never experienced such an intense orgasm in your life and only one name dripped from your lips when you were lost in the pleasure.
You’re touching up your makeup when you realize that it’s almost 4PM. You’re too jittery to even give yourself a once over before you’re walking out the door and heading to the shelter.
Dozens of cars are parked on the sides of the road. You recognize Jungkook’s then Taehyung’s, hair at the back of your neck standing on edge when you see Taehyung near the shiny entrance doors.
You’re forced to park a few miles away from the building, trying not to trip over in your heels as you make your way toward Jungkook.
He waves at you, one arm wrapped around Jiah’s waist. It’s odd to see Jungkook out in public like this and you’re happy for him. He also had his fair share of shitty relationships.
You’re peering over the crowd to look for a certain male when you feel a tap on your shoulder.
His eyes disappear into slits as he smiles and you’re unable to speak, blubbering because he’s just a foot away.
“You look pretty.”
You open your mouth to thank him, but the mayor’s voice grabs his attention. He steps forward to stand next to his father, clapping as he congratulates and thanks everyone for their presence and effort.
“But, most of all,” he places his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, smiling proudly, “I want to thank my son.”
Everyone cheers and hollers, Taehyung’s shy smile making your heart race.
Jungkook leans down to whisper in your ear, “maybe I was wrong about him.”
You turn around to give him a confused look, “what?”
“He sponsored this building. It was supposed to be rented out.”
“How do you know this?”
“Jiah told me,” he shouts in your ear over the ruckus of the crowd, “she said that this building was his and he had plans to rent it out. But he didn’t.”
Your eyes are set on Taehyung, who’s guiding the people into the building for a tour. First, he let the homeless stay in the building on fourth street, then he sponsored another. Your heart is in your throat at his generosity.
When you walk past him to step into the brightly lit building that smells of lavender, he curls his fingers around your hand, pulling you to the side, stumbling along the sidewalk.
“Hey,” he smiles like earlier.
And you’re sporting your own grin this time, having found your voice.
He thrusts his thumb in the direction of the building, “I can give you a tour another day, but I wanted to talk to you.”
You nod, nerves skyrocketing, blood rushing to your ears, “okay.”
He guides to his car and opens the passenger door for you as you get in, wiping your sweaty palms on your dress as you see him jog to the driver’s side, still smiling as he drives.
“So…What do you want to talk about?”
He licks his lips, brown hair covering his eyes slightly, “I’ll tell you in a bit. Let me find a good spot to park.”
The good spot he finds is the same park where you had your first real conversation, your first kiss. You’re hoping it wasn’t your last.
He combs his fingers through his hair and unclicks his seatbelt, facing you with a serious expression that makes your smile slip.
You dip your head, so he meets your eyes, seeing the blank look on his face.
“I am sorry.”
You laugh, “for what?”
“I…kind of…did research.”
A frown replaces your smile, mostly of out perplexity, “research?”
“Yeah. But, only after the night at the car show. I swear.”
“What are you talking about, Taehyung?”
He groans, covering his face as he speaks, “I kind of asked around about you…at your workplace.”
“Only because I was interested in you! And I never ever do that! Mostly it’s the other way around, but I know that literally everyone in this nosy town knows about me and my past and my habits.”
You grab his hand, not catching anything else he’s saying because you’re too focused on the first sentence.
“You were interested in me?”
He said he did research on you by asking around at your office? You have no idea what there was to say about you because none of them know you at all. The only thing they could’ve told him was that you throw a tantrum each time the coffee machine is out of order.
“I am…interested in you.”
You gulp, forgetting about your blooming feelings for him, how his pretty eyelashes make your throat constrict, how his lips haunt your every waking thought, how his smile flashes in your mind whenever you’re dozing off to sleep and how you think that if you spend even a second longer with him, you might fall, hoping he might catch you.
“I’m interested in you too,” you admit, appreciating the golden hour that sets a rosy tone to the feeling you haven’t experience in a long time.
He leans over and unclicks your seatbelt, warmth radiating off him while your heart sparks in your chest.
You nod, licking your lips reflexively, “yes.”
His eyes flit your lips, mouth appearing still even as he whispers with his low, husky voice.
“Can I kiss you?”
Trying to beat down the urge to jump his bones, you nod and await his kiss as he closes the distance, fingers dancing up your jaw until finally, your lips meet in a searing kiss, wrapping your arms around his shoulders as he places on hand on your waist, pulling you over the center console to sit on his lap.
He suckles on the skin of your jaw, earning a whimper from you when he grips your hair, licking the shell of your ear.
Involuntarily, you rock your hips forward, gasping when you feel his erection press into your core.
He pulls away from you to stare into your eyes, neck exposed to your ravenous gaze.
“Let’s go somewhere else, where you’d be comfortable.”
You swallow, fingers sliding across his collarbones to the sides of his neck.
He sets you down in your seat and starts up the engine and you realize that this is happening. You’re going to have sex. This was probably how your friends felt in high school.
You don’t know how long he must’ve been calling your name, only when you feel his hand on your thigh do you return to reality.
You blink, seeing him smirk, a few buttons on his shirt undone. Was that your doing?
“Where would you be most comfortable?”
He nods, turning onto the road and driving as fast as the speed limit would let him, “your place it is. But…I need to get something quickly.”
Parking in front of the local drugstore, he hurries inside and appears five minutes later with a purple packet in hand.
“Alright. Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
When you arrive at your apartment, you feel like the energy that was surging through you in the car has fizzled out, but when he shrugs off his blazer and stuffs his hands in his pockets like he usually does, you feel it again. The tug between your legs.
You pull off your cardigan and follow him into the lounge, wringing your hands nervously.
“Do you want something to drink?”
He catches your gaze, shaking his head and returning to admiring the ornaments you have kept on your bookshelf.
You’re nervous, you don’t know if you should sit on the couch and wait or strip in your bedroom.
Seeing the purple packet on your coffee table, you reach for it to inspect its contents. A bottle of lube and condoms. Eyes bugging out when you read the size.
You fling the packet onto the table when you feel the couch shift, forcing a nervous smile onto your face.
He takes your hand in his, “we don’t-“
“I want to,” you blurt, seeing something fond swirl in his brown orbs.
He tucks one arm under your thighs and wraps the other around your back, your hands fly to his neck as he carries you to your room.
He stops at the entrance of your hallway, and you direct him to your room, clutching onto his neck as he sets you down on the bed.
The purple packet is set on your nightstand as he unbuttons his shirt while you move to unzip your red dress.
He pushes your hands away, smoothing your hair to one side as he drags the zipper down, breaths mingling as he tugs it down your shoulders.
He lets his shirt fall to the floor while you admire his sinewy chest, salivating as he unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the loops, the leather joins his shirt on the floor with a loud clank.
“I’m gonna take off your dress now.”
Nodding frantically, you lift your hips as he pulls your dress over your legs, crossing your arms over your chest after a sudden feeling of diffidence.
Your eyes dart to his massive erection straining in his slacks, you lean forward and return the favor, rolling it down his legs.
He pushes your shoulder so you’re lying on your back, eyes stuck to the swell of your boobs.
“You’re beautiful.”
Your breath catches in your throat when he noses through your hair, hands sliding down over each contour of your body, squirming under him. His fingers work on unclasping your bra, tossing it over his shoulder.
He steals the breath from your lungs with a passionate kiss, fingers intertwining with yours as his tongue flicks into your mouth, grunting when you nudge his erection with your knee.
“Not yet, dove,” he begins to kiss down your neck, pulling the skin between his teeth, suckling and leaving dots of purple and pink wherever his mouth rests. Wet patches glistening in the early evening light when he feathers kisses on your stomach.
Nothing you say or do will calm your heart, you’re so lost in his touch, and intoxicating scent that belongs to him only, and you can’t imagine what it would feel like to have him inside you, to be connected to him.
He kneels between your legs, statuesque frame towering over you as he holds up your leg by your ankles, kissing the soft skin there all while holding eye contact. You keep your hands at your sides, pussy clenching when his lips drag down the skin behind your knee, to your inner thigh.
“Have you ever been eaten out before?”
You nod.
You resist the urge to clamp your legs shut when he stares unabashedly at the wet patch on your panties, shivering when he keeps his ring clad fingers wrapped around the supple flesh of your thighs, kneading the meat.
“You smell delicious, dove. Can’t wait to taste you.”
Pussy throbbing at his words, your soul feels like it might leave your body when his warm lips curl around your clit over the fabric of your panties, sucking the bead into his mouth.
His fingers curl over the hem of your underwear, pulling it up until it clings to your sodden folds, whimpers tumbling from your lips.
“Please what, dove?”
You crack your eyes open, it feels like a dream to have him between your legs, lips grazing the sensitive skin.
“Want your mouth,” you pant, lifting your hips when he pulls the thin material over the swell of your ass. A long string of your arousal threads from your folds and snaps against your thigh, knowing that you’re dripping at this point.
He makes a ‘V’ shape with his fingers, spreading your folds, licking his lips as he ogles your glistening pussy.
At this point, the remains of your embarrassment go out the window when his breath fans across your swollen folds, you reach down to twist your fingers in his hair, pushing him to your aching pussy.
The low chuckle he lets out sends a shockwave up the length of your body, fizzing when he finally presses his tongue into your folds, spreading them apart with wiggles of his tongue, ensuing a string of moans from your swollen lips.
“Taehyung,” you breathe, grinding onto his tongue as he flexes it against your clit.
He hums, lips curling around your clit as his tongue switches from rigid to relaxed, dragging along your folds, flicking it against your engorged bud. You mewl, both hands in his hair now as your chase your high, feeling the rush of heat approach with each lick into your drenched pussy.
You tense when you feel a finger circle your slit, eyes peeling open.
He pulls away, taking a deep breath, mouth and chin covered in your slick. He looks like sin.
“Don’t do that. Relax for me, dove.”
Closing your eyes once again, you inhale a shaky breath as he continues to suckle on your clit. His index finger trails through your folds, you tremble when his finger prods into your slit, legs sliding further apart once he pulls out and pushes in again, quiet moans filling the air with each thrust.
“That’s it, dove,” his soothing voice is what keeps you relaxed, fingers resting on your breast as he continues to massage your walls.
When he hooks his finger, you twitch, almost like there’s a button inside you that has your whole body erupting in a wave of goosebumps.
“Ah. Right there?”
“Mhmm,” you chew on your bottom lip, back arching when he adds another finger into your clenching hole, pants of his name breaking from your chest with each tug, each brush against your sweet spot.
His lips return to your clit, and you cry out, hips jerking off the mattress as he quickens the movement of his fingers, curling them into you until you’re shaking, chest heaving.
Your eyes scrunch shut when his teeth nip your clit, walls quivering around his fingers that still piston into your pussy at breakneck speed, scissoring your walls, spasming with his ministrations as you coat his tongue and fingers.
The heat subsides as your eyes slide open, vision a bit bleary as you take in the sight of him sucking on his fingers, pussy throbbing even more when he moans.
“Can’t wait to bury my cock in this tight pussy.”
He misinterprets your whine, helping you up on the bed so your head rests on the pillow, features morphing into worry.
“I promise I won’t hurt you, okay dove? We’ll take it nice and slow.”
You place your hands on his shoulders, pulling him down for a soft kiss that has you melting into the sheets. He struggles to open his eyes once you lean back to stare at his face, boxy grin making your heart flutter.
“Thank you,” you peck his cheek.
He smiles and crawls down the bed to fetch the purple packet.
You watch him patiently as he takes the plastic wrap around the lube between his teeth, pulling at it until he can get the cap open.
Eyes set on yours, he slowly pulls off his Calvin Klein boxer briefs, you bite back a whimper when his thick, veiny cock springs out, bobbing against his abdomen.
“I promise it won’t hurt.”
You watch with awe as he rolls down the condom and then squirts the clear liquid over the length, eyebrows furrowed as he spreads it all over. He hisses when he does it again, you feel bad for him, his pleasure was neglected for worry over yours. You hope that the next time is better for him. If there is a next time.
He leans over you, one arm holding him up while the other grabs the base of his cock and lines him up with your entrance. Your anxiety builds again, and you feel him tip your chin up.
“Take a deep breath and close your eyes for me, dove.”
Quick to obey, you wrap your arms around his shoulders as his chest presses against yours, feeling the blunt tip breach your slit. It pinches, and you gasp. His hand slides along the length of your arm, face buried in your neck, fingers slotting together.
You feel stuffed, and just when you think he’s going to pull out, he goes deeper. Levels inside you which you never knew existed.
“Is it…in yet?”
He suckles on your earlobe, murmuring in your ear, “almost.”
With a shuddering cry, you feel him hit what you think is the final level, moans heightening in pitch as he drags out, then pushes back in, whispering in your ear.
“You’re doing so good for me, dove.”
“Fuck, so tight.”
“I hope you’re doing, okay.”
It feels like an intrusion, but at the same time, it feels like a gap that needed to filled by his cock, so snug in your warm walls, stretching you open, bordering on pain and pleasure.
He grunts and you assure that it’s okay, that you’re fine, that it feels good to have him on top of you like this, sweaty bodies stuck together, intertwined as he flexes his hips against yours, scent fogging your mind, nipples brushing his chest.
Your teeth pierce into his shoulder when his cock brushes your sweet spot, mewling as he sets a pace.
“Yeah? Like that?”
He continues to roll his hips with deliberate strokes, rubbing along your velvety walls. You feel his cock twitch inside you, nails raking down his back, marking his neck with your teeth as you wrap your legs around his waist, feeling him reach even deeper.
“Fuck,” his thrusts become shallow, reaching down to rub your clit with his thumb in tight circles.
You moan, body prickling with goosebumps as your second high hits you, convulsing with the force of your orgasm. He stills his hips, whispering your name huskily as he spills into the condom, fingers digging into your hips.
He kisses up the valley of your breasts, and you’re only made aware of your tears when he wipes them away, pussy aching as he slips out of you and discards of the condom.
Rolling over on your side, the reality of the situation hits you as you pull the blanket over your clammy body, the air around you slightly stuffy.
It isn’t long before you feel him settle behind you, placing a kiss to your shoulder.
“Are you okay?”
You turn around in his hold, cheek pressed against his chest.
Suddenly feeling sticky, you throw the blanket over your shoulder and step out of bed only to fall back on the mattress due to your wobbly legs.
“Woah,” he laughs, arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you back under the blanket.
He smooths a strand of hair over your head, murmuring, “where are you going?”
“To shower.”
“Okay. But wait for a while.”
As you stare into those chocolatey eyes, you wonder what happens now. With the two of you. You’re still interested in him.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you lie, choosing not to kill the mood, pressing your back against his chest. The dull ache between your legs hurts the more you move.
His finger curls under your chin, pulling you to face him, mouth so close to yours.
“Are you having doubts about us?”
He nods, taking your intertwined fingers and bringing it up to his lips, lips moving over the skin.
“Yes. Us. If you want us? I mean, me?”
You giggle, eyes darting to every inch of his face, placing your lips on the little mole on his nose.
“I like you.”
“I like you too.”
Grinning at each other for a few minutes, you can’t help but feel gross cuddling like this.
“Can I shower now?”
He pretends to think for a while before he’s placing a kiss on your temple.
“Only if I can shower with you.”
Mouth going dry at the prospect, you twist in his hold, wrapping your arms around his back.
His boxy smile returns, eyebrow jumping with mischief.
You’ve never enjoyed a shower more in your life, plus a peaceful sleep, and a calming breakfast. And you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life with a tender-hearted man that makes it so delightful.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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maybe i do | kth. XIII
Tumblr media
➵ summary : maybe you love each other, maybe you don’t. when a deal between your fathers leaves you forcefully wedding kim taehyung, arguably seoul’s most powerful CEO, you’re prepared for a loveless marriage of eternal regret and unhappiness. but maybe, it doesn’t turn out that way after all.
↳  part of the high-class series!
➵ pairing : taehyung x reader
➵ genre : arranged marriage!au, ceo!tae, s2l!au, eventual smut, fluff, angst
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 37k
➵ warnings : swearing, alcohol consumption, ANGST!!, depictions of physical confrontation, violence and injury (none are extreme), depictions of depression, anxiety and despair (please read with caution if this is triggering to you), mentions of online, in-person hate, insulting language and death threats (not extreme nor explicitly detailed), hard dom!tae, spitting, manhandling, pussy slapping, spanking, degradation but praising?, heavy petting, pain kink, brief pussy eating, choking, hair-pulling, angry sex, rough sex, brief male oral, so much cum play, cum tasting, top drop scene, breast fondling, nipple play, biting, loads of pussy fondling, love-making, slow but passionate sex, honestly this chapter is kinda painful but i promise it has a happy ending <3
➵ a/n :  OOF SHE’S ARRIVED!! gosh this chapter really kicked my ass and made me overthink it’s content and i even tried a different writing style so i kept doubting it, it’s been a long journey~ i’m so sad thinking the next chapter will be the last, but these babies really had a great run, please enjoy this mess as usual 💓 thank you to my lovely wife and beta-reader @hantaev​ as always 🥺 and feedback means the world to me <3
➵ playlist : ilysb (stripped) by lany, pillowtalk by zayn
Tumblr media
chapter thirteen : “i had already reached the shore”
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Tumblr media
“What the fuck are you doing to her?!”
The next punch Taehyung lands is so harsh, Hisung nearly tumbles back at the mighty force. He’s winded and disoriented, and the blood trailing from his nose is a telltale sign that Taehyung must have broken it.
The sheer amount of violence in such a small frame of time rattles your bones, afraid for Taehyung’s safety as you jut out for him, but you’re immediately stopped by some of Taehyung’s personnel. The particularly tall, leaner one you’ve come to know as Seojoon holds you back, all while trembling panic spreads across your chest.
“Mrs. Kim, you can’t go!”
“I don’t care, that’s my husband!” 
You fearfully watch as Taehyung dodges a hit from Hisung and nabs him by his collar, only pulling him closer to sock another punch that bloodies Taehyung’s knuckles. Hisung falters, and Taehyung’s voice roars the second he gains enough time. 
“Seojoon, take the rest and get Y/N out of here!” But you immediately scream your protests, fear bubbling in your stomach the second you see drops of crimson blood on his once spotless suit. 
“No! I’m not leaving you Tae!” 
“What the fuck did I say? Get her out of here!” 
But as Taehyung is turned around and instructing orders, Hisung’s already regained himself enough to hurtle at Taehyung. He takes the compromising hit, and nearly tramples to the ground as your worry sky rockets, Hisung grasping him in his grip.
“Taehyung!” You scream, you scream and you scream his name because it’s the only thing you know, because your fear is so overwhelming, though the terrifying possibility of Taehyung getting hurt is what overrides your system. “Taehyung! Let me go, please. Let me go and stop them, somebody stop them!” 
Taehyung escapes the hold, having shoved Hisung off far enough they’re both leveled again, Taehyung huffing and puffing with anger as Hisung tastes the blood in his mouth, spitting some out. 
“Seems those anger issues haven’t changed, have they, Taehyungie?” 
“What the fuck do you want?” Taehyung spits pure venom, fury festering into an infection that taints his entire headspace. “What the fuck were you doing to her?” 
“Nothing much,” Hisung shrugs, having the audacity to laugh as crimson blood paints his teeth. “Though I gotta say, you’ve got yourself a feisty girl.. Feels good when she puts up a fight.” 
Taehyung’s entire sense of logic snaps, lunging forward with a hand that holds Hisung steady and the other swinging a direct hit. Hisung eats it, but also earns the chance to grab Taehyung’s wrist and tug him forcefully forward, unbalancing him and Hisung’s own shocking fist lands a punch. 
You watch with horror, kicking and shouting at the few men around you to say something, do something as you uselessly fight for your freedom. 
“No! Stop it, don’t hurt him!” 
You beg and you plead, the wound on Taehyung’s cheek ripping your heart out of your chest, pushing and shoving at Seojoon to stop moving you and fucking let you go. 
Taehyung rapidly floods with even more anger, and you don’t recognize this person anymore. There’s rage there you’ve never once seen before, a bull with no sight but his target in front, and your chest only swarms with more trepidation. “Taehyung, please, come back! Just stop!” 
But he swiftly ignores you and violently shoves Hisung back, letting him wind up for another hit but Taehyung ducks and grabs hold of his shoulders, driving a knee into his gut that doubles over his victim. Taehyung stares down at the man with pure rage, ordering once again to you and guards that standby with such a stable, terrifying tone, it’s almost scarier than when he yells. 
“Get my wife out of here, or I don’t spare a fucking soul.” 
Taehyung’s guards immediately falter with fear, snapping each other alarming looks as Seojoon uses more force to pull you back, rounding the car with you as you profusely fight. 
“No, no! I’m not leaving him.. I’m not leaving him, Taehyung!” 
You struggle and fight, your strength barely enough to combat any of their force, but your adrenaline, your sheer worry for Taehyung drives you forward. You watch as Hisung resupplies himself air, injured and coughing as he addresses Taehyung above. 
“You’re really this bent up over a girl, Taehyungie? Last time I saw you this angry was when your family busted your little Picasso scheme.” Something ticks inside Taehyung, and he immediately grabs Hisung by his arm. He shoves him up against the nearest concrete wall, contorting the limb in a way it definitely shouldn’t be against his back.
“What the fuck did you do to her, huh? Spit it out before I snap your arm in two.” 
“Didn’t do much of anything, to be honest. We just had a lil’ chat,” Hisung actually acquires the boldness to be obnoxiously cocky, flitting his sight over to you as he sends a little wave. “Didn’t we, Mrs. Kim?”
Taehyung rapidly slams Hisung against the cement wall, bending his arm so violently he’s seconds from dislocating his shoulder. “Tell me what the fuck you told her, you jackass. Why’d you go after her?!” 
Hisung spits more blood to the side, chuckling as though this was amusing to him. “Everyone knows, you fucking asshole. Your marriage.. we know that shit’s not real.” 
Taehyung’s brows pinch together, confused as all hell. “What the fuck?” 
“You don’t remember, Taehyungie? Shit, nice to know you’re still dumb as fuck.” 
Taehyung neglects mercy and this time turns Hisung around, lunging a hand towards his throat and choking him against the wall without a sliver of patience, the volume of his voice rattling. “Tell me!” 
“I found the dirt...” Hisung struggles to speak, grabbing at Taehyung’s wrist but it’s no use. “I know about the deal.. I know why you married her.. and everyone else knows too.” 
Taehyung’s eyes soften with shock, realization dawning all over his features before he wakes himself out of it, anger draping him over once again. “You’re fucking pathetic, you know that? What does any of this have to do with her? Why’d you involve her?!” 
“Because I knew it’d hurt you the most, fucking idiot.”
Taehyung increases the power of his grip, so blinded by rage he can’t see anymore, can’t even hear the way you scream and cry for him to stop. 
“Taehyung, stop this, Just stop! He’s not worth it!” 
But in all that chaos, Hisung manages to kick Taehyung off balance and weakens his chokehold, earning the chance to tackle Taehyung to the ground.
He lands on the pavement, trying to regain himself but Hisung doesn’t waste a second. He uses his advantage to brutally kick Taehyung, who attempts to block the hit but unfortunately takes it. You immediately let out a terrified shrill, fighting profusely. “No! Stop it, stop!” 
“You’re calling me pathetic? You’re the one that needed to fucking fake a marriage!” 
“Get the fuck off me, you didn’t need to involve her! You were never supposed to go near her!” 
Now your panic has reached its limit, watching as Taehyung loses strength and Hisung drives his foot into his ribs so harshly, he lets out a pained grunt. 
“You really think nobody was gonna find out your little marriage was a scam? That you’ve got yourself a little fucking gold digger?” 
Taehyung practically sneers back as he swings his own foot to violently kick his knee in. “Leave her out of this, what do you want from me!”
You finally fight just enough to break out of the guard’s hold, your once heavy feet bolting across the pavement as you watch Hisung draw back for another hit. 
“You’ll never understand!” You hear him yell, but just as he’s about to kick Taehyung yet again, you immediately join him on the ground and protect his body. You shield him in a reckless instant, fearful eyes flashing to Hisung as you beg him with everything you have. 
“Stop it, stop! Stop hurting him!” 
Hisung halts, panting profusely as Taehyung immediately props himself on an arm and hugs your body with the other, clutching you worriedly. 
“Princess, stop, it’s okay-” 
“No, no! Just stop it,” You cry, angry eyes flashing to Hisung. “Don’t fucking touch him!” 
Hisung stares at your entangled bodies still enraged. His eyes locked with Taehyung’s that are blanketed with crimson anger, threatening the man. 
“Hurt her… and I won’t let you live.” 
Hisung registers the seriousness in Taehyung’s voice, letting up as he retracts his leg. You can feel Taehyung vibrating with anger underneath you, but the sight of blood staining his once impeccable suit, replaying the images of him being kicked and his split knuckles, it all comes crashing down on you. You shake profusely as you sob into Taehyung’s chest, so worried for his well-being, so scared and afraid of everything that’s transpired, it’s your only meek response. 
Taehyung’s body is buzzing with adrenaline, his hands are numb and his torso aches like a bitch, knowing damn well Hisung must’ve left bruises on him. But sadly enough, it’s not any of those things that hurt Taehyung,  it’s rather the devastating sound of you crying on top of him, hugging him so tightly while shaking terribly that alarms him. 
Taehyung realizes this was a waste of his time, a useless fight that only caused so much more damage, and has only left you possibly suffering from a panic attack. Taehyung props off the ground and sits up entirely, wrapping both his arms around you and squeezing you comfortingly, attempting to hush your cries. 
“Shh, Princess. It’s okay.. shh.” 
“Why… why’d you do that..” You cry and you cry, your tears staining his clothes. Each second that passes by Taehyung hears your sobs, his heart tears itself into measly pieces, feeling nothing but guilt that he didn’t think of you, and only acted so impulsively. 
“I’m sorry, angel.. I’m so sorry.” 
But you’re too overwhelmed, tears escaping your eyes as you hyperventilate, and Taehyung can only hug you tighter, feeling tears prick his own and praying you won’t have a full-blown attack, let alone have him be the cause of one. 
Hisung watches the ordeal with mixed, indistinguishable emotions, but before he can even speak, Taehyung’s guards immediately snatch up his arms, restraining him. He protests and fights, catching Taehyung’s attention as his empty, distraught eyes meet him. 
“You have no idea..” Taehyung’s voice shakes with anger, “what you just did.” He’s done with playing these games now, and Taehyung’s formidable look alone tells anyone he’s not kidding in the slightest.
Hisung’s attempting to elbow someone when he spits. “That was the point, jackass.” 
“It’s not just about me, motherfucker.” Taehyung’s eyes flit down to you spilling tears on his chest, body dangerously convulsing as you clutch him like he’s your only lifeline, and his heart shatters into more agonizing pieces. “It’s her, too… you don’t understand..” Taehyung loses the strength to speak.
“You don’t understand what’ll happen to her.” 
“Does it look like I give a shit?” Hisung argues. “She’s a gold-digger, wake the fuck up, Kim. She only wants your money just like every other broad that ever wants us.” 
“There’s no us,” Taehyung maintains his anger, using every ounce of his self-control to not let it craze him. He puffs angrily, anguished, pained eyes meeting his once best friend, who he once called his brother. 
“Why her... why’d you have to hurt her?” Taehyung almost let tears escape his eyes, the urgent situation now dawning on him. Everyone knew, everyone knew you were simply an add-on to a business deal, that he never loved you when he first met you, that everything you had in the beginning was a lie, everything was fake, and his family must be quaking in their boots right now. 
And God, he can’t imagine what’ll happen to you. 
“You could’ve done anything.. fucking anything else to me,” Taehyung implores with agony, his voice breaking. “My company, my family, my fucking money...  anything but her.” 
“This is what you deserve for tormenting me for years. Making me live in your shadow like some second-rate choice.” Hisung makes an effort to fight off Taehyung's guards, though only loses the battle as police and authorities make their way to the scene. “And now she gets the consequence of that, this is your fault.” 
Taehyung’s tired now, worn out and debilitated, he can’t even look the bastard in the face without feeling an angry acid bubble in his chest. He shakes his head with a dry scoff. “Get him the fuck out of my face, I never want to see him again.” 
And with that, Taehyung watches as Hisung’s protests are shut down by his personnel. The only upsetting thing he has left to do is stroke your hair as he holds you, all while police sirens blare in the background, and your sad tears fall against Taehyung’s chest.
Tumblr media
It’s been fifteen minutes, and you haven’t uttered a word to Taehyung. 
For fifteen minutes, he watched you search for the nursing kit in your bathroom, seated him on your bed, knelt down before him and swabbed alcohol over his split knuckles, cleaning his wounds precariously. All while tears silently cascaded down your cheeks, and you attempted to sniffle them away. 
His heart repeatedly kept breaking into millions of pieces, this excruciating pain constricting his chest, begging you from the inside to talk to him, to tell him something, say something. 
“Princess.. please say something.” 
“No, don’t call me princess right now.” Taehyung’s heart sinks into his stomach as he endures the sting of your words, watching you intake a deep breath as you focus on the scabs forming over his beat-up knuckles. 
“Baby, please.. talk to me.” 
“There’s nothing to say.” You curtly respond, your heart clenching every time your mind flashes with images of the fight, Taehyung’s red hot anger and the hits he took, his ripped knuckles already evoking your tears. 
“Please tell me, baby,” he implores for what could’ve been the fifth time. “What did he say to you?”
“I know it’s not nothing, Y/N. Please tell me something.” 
You only respond with silence, taking gauze bandage and securing it around his injuries as he tries again. “What did he say to you, Jagiya?” 
You sniffle, more tears spilling from your eyes as you revisit the cruel things Hisung spat at you. “Everything I already know.” 
Taehyung’s chest cinches, the pain he can feel right now is agonizing, smothering his heart as he worries for you. He gulps, voice wavering when he asks, “did he touch you?” 
He juts out his hand to cradle your cheek, but you immediately avoid his touch, composing the foreignness that taints your body right now, as if you could still feel Hisung on you. 
Taehyung’s expression falls once he sees that, and falters once he understands what may have happened. 
You attempt to swallow back tears, believing you could be strong right now, that you can emotionally handle seeing two people fight and that your husband ultimately did what was right, yet, your heart shakes in your chest. Your body feels unsettled, scared as the images keep flashing in your mind. You cry harder, small sobs escaping your throat as you try to wipe your tears away, but your vision only becomes blurier. 
Taehyung’s lungs fill with agony, tears filling his own vision. “Baby..” 
“Why’d you do that, Taehyung? Why?” 
He knits his brows together as if to challenge how that’s a question, answering pressingly. “Y/N, I saw him so close to you.. so close to touching you and I couldn’t.. I didn’t see anything clearly at all, okay?” He detailed desperately. “I don’t know what it was.. but it was like.. I knew something was wrong. I could hear you calling for me.. I knew you needed me.” 
“That’s not an excuse, Taehyung.” 
“An excuse?” Taehyung exasperates. “Princess, he was touching you.. touching my wife and I’ll be fucking damned if I kept letting him do so.” 
“But Tae.. look at you.” You weep as you finish with the bandaging around his hand, and you call attention to his exposed torso, his white dress shirt stained with blood hanging open against his body, and you see the painful bruises that bloomed across his abs and ribs. “You didn’t deserve this.. you didn’t deserve this at all.. it’s my fault. It’s my fault you got hurt.” 
Sobs escape you as you fit your crying eyes into your hands, Taehyung merely subjected to watching you. His chest is pierced through with a knife, the pain too unbearable.  “Oh baby.. this isn’t your fault. This isn’t your fault at all.” 
Taehyung immediately secures his hands underneath your arms and pulls you up, embracing you with all his warmth no matter the pain he feels doing so. You fall into his neck, weeping senselessly and without pause. Taehyung feels your body shake, and it takes every ounce of his being to not entirely break into two. 
“Baby, please.. please stop crying.” Taehyung pleads as his voice weakens, clutching you desperately. “It breaks my fucking heart.” 
You sniffle as you attempt to collect yourself, finding the fickle strength to say something. “I’m sorry.. I should’ve.. I should’ve been stronger.. I should’ve fought him off better-” 
“No, no. Don’t say that to me.” Taehyung squeezes you tighter, hand snug in your hair as yours remain tucked in between your squished bodies. “You did so well. Y/N. I’m proud of you, I’m so proud of how strong you were, baby.” 
“I was such a coward, Taehyung. I should’ve done more, I’m so sorry.” 
“Y/N, please, I beg of you..” You swear you could hear Taehyung sniffling as moisture floods his eyes, throat closing up as he speaks brokenly. “Please stop saying sorry. You were so strong.. my baby’s so strong.” 
The room fills with your crying as you release everything, the fear, the anxiety, the sheer trepidation filling your bones considering everything the bastard spewed out. You and Taehyung were in danger you couldn’t even measure yet, filling you with anxiety. 
“This is only my fault, Princess.” Taehyung declares. “I fought him because I was so angry, I was so scared for your safety I couldn’t even see anymore.” His palm finds the back of your head, stroking your hair gently. 
“You know you mean everything to me, right? I had to protect you.. I’ll do anything for you, I don’t care what happens to me.” Taehyung desperately implores, hugging your shaking figure tighter to hopefully quell the amount in which you quiver. 
You finally find some sort of calm within yourself, settling down as you lose the strength to cry anymore. You lift off his neck, your bloodshot, mascara-ridden eyes falling to Taehyung as you sniffle away your sorrow, hand combing through his hair. “Thank you, Taehyung. You didn’t have to.. I can’t-I can’t say thank you enough.” 
Taehyung’s teary eyes smile, as though it was funny you had to thank him for something so simple. 
“Of course, my Princess.” He laughs a little with liquid pooling his lashes, running a hand through your hair as you lean your cheek into his touch in the most gentle of ways. He brings his nose before yours, and lightly nudges you before finding your forehead, thumb stroking your cheek. “Anything for you.” 
You sit comfortably in his lap, being mindful of putting pressure on his wounds as you simply breathe through the quiet moment, soaking in his loving, warming presence. 
“I should be saying thank you to you.” Taehyung suddenly muses. “You threw yourself over me and protected me. You stopped the fight without a second thought and I..” He stops, needing to collect his emotions as he breaks away and merely searches your eyes, an eternity of love confessions swimming in them. “I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone else this much my entire life.” 
You smile, as if to say how could he be thanking you for such a simple thing. “Of course, Taehyung.” You whisper against his lips quietly, fingers weaved through the hair on the nape of his neck. 
“Anything for you.” 
His lips curve into a small smile, closing the space between you two. There’s a cut in his lip, but you don’t mind it at all, sealing your lips together for tender kisses. You break away to peck a small kiss to the cut, feeling an ache when you see the wounds on his cheek and lip, but he never reveals any of his pain. 
“What are we going to do.. Tae?” You ask him, a gentle thumb soothing his bruised cheek. “Everyone knows.. and your father-” 
“I know, he wants to see us tomorrow.” Taehyung swallows nervously. Taehyung’s father had called him on the way home, your husband leaving out the details of what he said, though the raised volume of his dad’s tone on the other end told you it was nothing good. 
He’s summoned you both to his study tomorrow morning, fear crawling up your stomach once you evaluate what this may have truly caused. You already know how strict Taehyung’s family reputation is, and immense guilt burrows into your heart once you consider you may have jeopardized the stable, steady relationship he’d spent years building up again. 
“What will we do.. I’m scared.” 
“Don’t be, sweetheart.” Taehyung calms you as he pulls you in for an embrace, injured hand caressing your hair. “Whatever we do, we’ll do it together.” 
Taehyung turns and kisses your hair deeply, taking his time in stroking your strands, feeling your body shake less. You pull away from him, sniffling away the last of your tears as you flit over his wounds, agony filling your chest again. 
You kiss the cut and bruise on his cheek, then kiss his cut lip delicately. Next, you disconnect his hands from your body, bringing them before your lips and kissing his ripped knuckles as softly you can, hoping it could lessen his pain. 
Your thumbs graze over the bandages you wrapped, pensively soothing them as you nibble on your lip, mind a mess of thoughts. 
“I love you no matter what, you know that?” Your peer up at Taehyung as you confess, heart aching as you hold his gaze. 
Taehyung pouts a little, almost sad. He removes his hands from yours and cups your cheeks, pulling you in for a kiss before he winds his arms around you, your head falling against his shoulder. 
“I love you more, Princess.” He rocks your entangled bodies softly, cradling you like a baby. His baby. And even if your mind still weighs heavy with Hisung’s insults, you know in your heart how much Taehyung feels for you, because his tight, warm hug alone speaks a million, reassuring words
“You know I do, and always will.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung squeezes your hand as you stand before his father’s dark, elm wood doors, restless in your spot. Your eyes flicker towards his, and Taehyung sees the small sight of fear, his irises softening 
“We’ll be fine, Princess. I promise.” Taehyung reassures and takes a deep breath for you, replicating it as you exhale carefully. 
“I’ll always protect you, remember?” You nod to him as he affirms with another squeeze. 
“I’ll protect you, too.” You echo him with a smaller voice, and he cracks a smile before painting on a composed expression, pushing open the grand door. 
This study is familiar to you, and yet it feels nerve-wracking to step aside, your eyes finding more people than just Taehyung’s father. You find his mother seated on a couch with your father across from her, not to mention your mother is also here. 
More than six months ago, you sat here with these same people, and even though you felt nervous then, nothing compared to the fear that sank into your bones this very instant. Your mother is here now, and you immediately swallow as anxiety bubbles in your chest.
 It was funny how the last time you’d step foot inside, you dreaded meeting a complete stranger and entering what you had believed to be a loveless marriage, dooming your life for all of eternity. 
And now, that same stranger you were introduced to squeezes your hand supportively as he steps in front of you protectively, not having noticed you cowered a little behind Taehyung’s frame at the sight of so many distraught eyes.
Taehyung’s the one who speaks up after clearing his throat, his voice powerful and confident. “Father.” 
His father doesn’t even spare him a look, seated in his chair behind his desk as he examines a shelf of his. “Come in.” Is all he says, and the sheer intensity of his tone alone calls for anyone in the room to submit to him. 
Now you know where Taehyung gets it from. 
You and Taehyung step inside further, showing your faces to all the occupants. It felt as though you and Taehyung were children being severely scolded by adults, which ironically was the situation at play when Taehyung’s father spoke, timbre aloof and cold. 
“Do you know why you’re both here?” 
You squeezed Taehyung’s hand, honest fear flooding you simply hearing the controlled anger in his father’s voice. You know Taehyung and his family already have a past of being in situations like this, and you were afraid of such events repeating once again. Not to mention destroying their current relationship. God knows how much suffering and hard work Taehyung had to endure restoring their bond, noticing full well it wasn’t entirely fixed. 
It never slipped past your attention that Taehyung always addressed his dad as ‘father’. 
“We’re quite knowledgeable, father.” 
“And do you have anything to say for yourself?” 
Taehyung swallows, tightening his jaw as he composedly speaks. “We’re aware of the news that’s gotten out, and I apologize deeply for it.”
“We, Taehyung.” You interject, correcting him with a hushed tone. “We sincerely apologize, Mr. Kim.” 
“Apologize..” Taehyung’s father actually laughs here, a dry, condescending sound. His eyes then dart to the two of you, and you also now see where Taehyung gets his intimidating stare from. 
“Do you think apologizing is going to fix this?” 
“No, son. You have no way of defending this,” his father’s voice roared in the room, the grand size causing an echo effect that worsened his rigid tone. “You had one job, Taehyung, one job. And that was to ensure nobody got wind of what the marriage was hiding.” 
Taehyung furrows his brows with offence. “My job was to also take care of my wife. I’m very confused as to why there’s so much hostility in this room.” 
“Because you and Y/N-ie should’ve been more careful, Taehyung-ah.” Your father’s the one who speaks this time, his tone not angry, though instead sounds disappointed. 
“What do you mean we should’ve been more careful, Mr. Min?” 
“It means we gave you two everything with this marriage, and yet this is how we’re repaid?” Taehyung’s mother also speaks with something akin to sadness, sorrow, as though her heart honestly aches.
“Father, you must know I never saw this coming.” Taehyung presents his case. “This was all Hisung’s doing, you know he has a vendetta against me.” 
“And you couldn’t counter it? Calculate the attack? How many times have I told you to always stay aware of malicious people wanting to harm Kim Enterprises? How many times have I told you to be a smarter CEO?!” 
Mr. Kim’s voice resonates in the room with an angry shrill, twitching as the sound rattles you. Taehyung shields your body as he squeezes your hand, requesting firmly. “Father, please don’t yell. You’re scaring Y/N.” 
“Ah, of course. Suddenly she matters more than what I have to say.” 
“Jae-in..” Taehyung’s mother tuts Mr. Kim, to which your father also interjects. 
“Mr. Kim, you know I’ve apologized on Y/N’s behalf-” 
“And I won’t accept it. My son should’ve been paying attention to his company and working hard to ensure its future success, yet there he was uselessly vacationing around with your daughter.” 
“Excuse me?” Taehyung cut in. “I was at the annual tech convention, father. That was work.” 
“And yet I see you on the cover of every tabloid lollygagging around and partying as though you hold no reputation? Jeopardizing the Kim family name for a girl you barely know?” 
“She’s not just some girl I barely know, father!” Taehyung suddenly raises his voice, capturing everyone’s attention. “You don’t know anything, alright? We’re genuinely in love.” 
Taehyung’s father scoffs, ticking his head to the side derisively. “Love. I told you to get married and have a wife, son. Not to waste your time with what you believe to be love.” 
“I am in love with her, father, and you don’t get to speak above my feelings anymore.” Taehyung immediately dismisses his father, to which he raises an audacious brow at his son’s attitude. Your husband turns to your father, pulling you forward encouragingly as you come out of hiding from behind him, letting Taehyung encircle an arm around you. 
“Mr. Min, I’m not lying when I say this.” Taehyung states with sincerity. “I apologize for any bad press, media or trouble at all I may have caused your daughter and your family. I mean it when I say my feelings for her are real, and I’ll do anything in my power to protect her.” 
“Is my presence being seen in this room at all, or am I a ghost?” Your mother finally has the audacity to speak, making you clench your hand in Taehyung’s, and he responds with his own squeeze. 
“Why aren’t you speaking, Y/N? Is your husband suddenly your representative?” She spits venom your way. “Stop troubling the Kim’s more than you already have.” 
“What do you mean I’ve troubled the Kim's, mother?” You question her. “This was because of Han Hisung, he did this.” 
Your mother laughs, the kind where it’s derisive and sarcastic. “Y/N, have you always been this intellectually-challenged?” 
You grow offended immediately, stepping forward to counter her but it’s rather Taehyung speaking up. “Mrs. Min. I understand this is our first time meeting, but with all due respect, don’t speak to my wife like that.” 
The room’s taken aback with surprise, your stunned mother attempting to stutter a remark. “What-what an insolent boy.” 
“Kim Taehyung, you watch your mouth.” His father threatens with a scold. 
“Son, you know that’s not how you speak to your elders.” His mother reminds him. 
“Then where’s your respect, huh?” Taehyung asks the room angrily. “Nobody has the right to speak to Y/N like that when none of this is even her fault, it’s mine.” 
“You truly believe none of this has to do with her?” Taehyung’s father queries with rage, and all you can do is remain silent with fear, the way he doesn’t even address you by your name, meaning he’s extremely upset with you. 
“It doesn’t. What did she even do that’s making you treat her like this?” Taehyung counters. 
Mr. Kim then rises from his seat, rapidly pulling out a drawer from his desk and accessing an unnamed portfolio. You watch him toss the folder over his desk and it lands flat against the coffee table, an abundance of photos suddenly spilling out. 
You feel bile instantaneously crawl up your stomach, Taehyung’s eyes widening as he mindlessly speaks. 
“Explain this then, son.”
The entire room is privy to images taken of the moment Alex confessed to you outside your work building, the angles and shots in which the photos are captured having caught every piercing detail of the interaction. You can see the way Alex looks at you, the way he holds your arm, your wrist, your face as he pleadingly confessed his feelings for you. 
And it all looks like incriminating evidence. 
“Do you even know how Han Hisung found any of this out? It was these photos. Apparently the media’s been keeping them due to our deal with the press but the Han’s offered them more money, and now the photos are being used to discredit your marriage.” Taehyung’s father explained through a locked jaw and angry eyes, Taehyung wetting his lips with frustration. 
“Son, what is this? Do you not understand how terrible this looks on your father? Our family? You?” Taehyung’s mother softly explained. 
“Y/N-ie, how could you do this to the Kim’s? I trusted you to be forthcoming and honest, to do a good job with this marriage and this is how it turns out? After all that I tried to do for you?” Your father upsettingly details as you fill with overbearing, sickening anxiety. 
“D-dad, you know I’d never…” Your voice wavers, attempting to quell your racing heart as you speak, and Taehyung detects it, rubbing your back soothingly. “I’d never do something like that, dad. It wasn’t me at all, a co-worker was just speaking to me and he got a little too intimate. I was denying and pushing him away but he never listened to me.” 
“Do you think the media cares for any of that? Do you not understand how they’re now twisting my son’s name and our family in the papers because of you?” 
“Father, you can’t blame this on Y/N,” Taehyung argues as he shelters your figure, palm squeezing your arm supportively as you attempt to control your turbulent emotions. “Her co-worker approached her and confessed his feelings, she had none for him and was simply denying him. What I chose to do after they spoke was of my own volition.” 
“Really? This has nothing to do with her? Just like what happened to your face?” 
You and Taehyung collectively gulped at that, your husband faintly touching his cheek wound in a failed attempt to hide it. “It’s-it’s nothing.” 
“Nothing?” His father yelled. “Look at your face, son! I know it’s the result of fighting the Hans' son over her, that girl is no good for you!” 
“I chose to fight him because I was angry, father, stop blaming everything on her!” 
“Namhyun, look.” Taehyung’s father then directed his attention to your father, eyes a crimson red of anger as he wagged a finger. “I gave your daughter and you a chance knowing her reputation, knowing that she was the runaway heiress and I truly believed her befitting of my son. I do not appreciate this being how your ignorant daughter repays me for my kindness.” 
“Jae-in,” Your father rises from his seat with a disappointed sigh. “I apologize, I deeply apologize for my daughter’s actions and her affairs with your son. I’m truly sorry for the trouble I caused your family.” 
“Dad!” You shouted at him, disbelief flooding your system as he allows Mr. Kim to speak to him like that, to speak about you like that. It was as though all those times your father had similarly bowed his head and allowed powerful people to step all over him flash through your mind, horrifying you. “How could you?!” 
“Y/N-ie, we’re not in a position to be arguing. The Kim’s provided us with a lot we should be grateful for, and I’m very disappointed in you for throwing that away.” 
“Please, Namhyun. You should know by now all your ungrateful daughter does is destroy anything she touches.” Tears pool your eyes now, not even at your mother’s insults or her hurtful way of speaking, but your father telling you he’s disappointed in you. 
He’s never said that to you your entire life. “Dad..” 
“Kim Taehyung, our discussion isn’t finished, either.” Taehyung’s father speaks up. “You had no right to fight that boy and make matters worse. Do you not understand that the Han’s can file a lawsuit against you? They can press charges and send you to prison?” 
Taehyung grimaces as he musters the capacity to deal with this bullshit. “And I don’t care, father. Hisung was physically harassing Y/N, my wife and if you truly believe it wasn’t right of me to hurt him in that case, then I will never be your son again.” 
Taehyung’s father pulls back the ends of his suit as his eyes blanket over with fury. “And you believe breaking his nose and nearly his arm was the answer? All because you’re supposedly in love with this girl?!” 
“I am in love with her! I’ll do anything for her!” 
“I told you to find balance, Taehyung,” his father composedly says, trying to reach his son. “Balance, to be able to keep both sides of your life equal. I told you to stop focusing too much on work, not shift it all onto another side. I told you to find balance with your life!” 
“She is my life now, father, don’t you get it?!” Taehyung shouts so loudly in the room, you almost quiver too. Everyone’s suddenly shocked by your husband’s outburst, falling silent as he continues. 
“Look, I-I understand the photos are damning and they look suspicious. But I promise you, I acted the way I did because I was jealous and concerned.. because I’m in love with Y/N and I didn’t want just any man touching her without her permission.” Taehyung explains, running through his thoughts as he expresses them as eloquently as he can. 
“And we fought about it already, okay? We fought and we exchanged terrible words but it led us to confessing that we’re in love with each other, truly in love.” Taehyung wets his lips as he squeezes your hand, pleading eyes flitting down to you, irises swirling with nothing but endeared love. 
“This isn’t her fault, and I won’t stand for anyone insulting or rudely regarding my wife.” Taehyung’s tenacious eyes look at your pairs of parents, speaking earnestly. “I’ll do anything, give anything to protect her. I know my feelings may not matter much right now, because the situation is dire and I understand that. But the one thing I want to make clear is that I love her, and I will not let anyone speak ill of her.” 
Taehyung specifically flashes a look to your mother, and the hushed silence that befalls the room after Taehyung’s confession invokes your own. 
“It’s true, Mr. Kim.” You choke up, tears pooling your lash line as they threaten to spill. “I wouldn’t do anything to hurt your son, or you or your family. I didn’t do anything with that co-worker of mine, and Han Hisung approached me himself and.. and he said and did awful things.” You shake as you recall the memory, blinking tears away but they only roll down your cheeks, Taehyung worriedly squeezing you tighter.
Then, to everyone’s surprise, you let go of Taehyung’s hands to fit your knees to the ground, leaning over and bowing your head to offer Mr. and Mrs. Kim the sincerest of apologies. Taehyung’s eyes nearly fall out of his sockets, kneeling beside you as his hands worriedly shake your shoulders. 
“Y/N, stop! Lift yourself up, please lift your head!” 
But you ignore him, knowing that deep down, and truthfully, this was all your fault. Maybe if you were more assertive with Alex, maybe if you didn’t freeze up and kicked Hisung in the balls as self-defence to run away, maybe this all would’ve never happened at all. 
Mr. Kim is right, you ruined their reputation, you ruined Taehyung and his image, even after the plentiful times you vowed to never do such a thing. 
But most of all, your mother was right, you truly do destroy everything you touch. 
“I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Kim. I didn’t mean to tarnish your name or your son’s, I didn’t mean to cause him and your family all this trouble.” You weep as you barely speak stably, sniffling between your words. You neglect to hear Taehyung’s pleas to lift your head, that you don’t have to do this and none of this was your fault. 
Because ultimately, it was. 
“I’m ignorant for having taken the compassion you showed me, the opportunity you gave me by offering your son’s hand in marriage, for allowing me to stand next to him and be his wife for granted. I’m deeply sorry I’ve only caused him difficulties, and I know I’m undeserving of your son..” You couldn’t even complete a sentence, Taehyung profusely begging you to stop as he cradles your shoulders. 
“Y/N, stop.. please, please don’t say this!” 
“Y/N-ie..” You can hear the sadness in your father’s voice, knowing this must be shattering his heart, and it only wilts your own considering you always cause him so much trouble. 
“I promise I will try to fix this, to show you I truly, truly do care about your son. That I love him more than my own life, that I’ll do anything for him.” You were sobbing now, everything boiling over to the point in which you couldn’t bear it anymore, couldn’t fathom the situation. 
Taehyung’s voice breaking is what lifts your head, turning to him to find his eyes glassy and pained, shaking his head profusely. 
“Princess.. take it back. Take it all back, please. It’s not true, none of that is true.”
You couldn’t handle the tears in his eyes, though you had to say this for his family, to own up to your useless worth, to acknowledge that you were born to only taint everything you touch with nothing but misfortune and ruination. 
Taehyung’s father takes a deep sigh as he watches the entire scene unfold, finding the smallest sliver of mercy as he absorbs your apology. It’s funny he’s not the one that speaks though, rather your mother.
“What a disrespectful girl. You apologize to the Kim’s but offer no apologies for your father and I?” She spits. “Do you not understand how much the Min family name was tarnished in those papers too?” 
“No, Namhyun.” Your mother shuts your father down. “I have grown tired of you letting your precious daughter get away with things. She is to be held responsible for this, for everything she’s ruined after how hard you worked!” 
The wad of agony in your throat only multiples, sitting on the floor on your knees as your breathing dwindles out. 
“How could you have not been more careful, Y/N? Did I not tell you you’re lucky Kim Taehyung even put a ring on your finger? When will you begin to understand your place and worth?” Your mother’s words only felt like daggers to the heart, festering your pain into an irreparable wound that stung incredibly deep. 
“Your brother Yoongi’s having issues in America now, your father has to deal with the company’s image. My name’s being thrown around in these papers and now you’re dragging the Kim’s into this? When will you understand your selfish actions have consequences? When will you learn to appreciate everything you’ve been granted despite ruining it all?!” 
You can’t take it anymore, you can’t. Your chest is losing air and your stomach churns with sickness. Your lungs constrict, your heart hammers dangerously in your chest and you can’t see, can’t feel anything but raw agony, sheer panic flooding your bloodstream. Acid bubbles up your throat and you immediately feel sick, beginning to heave and hyperventilate.
Taehyung’s entire body leaps into panic mode, rapidly clutching your arms as his concerned voice calls you. “Y/N.. Y/N!” 
“Ah, would you look at that, now she’s having one of her attacks.” Your mother chides with folded arms and an unbothered eyebrow raise, your father cutting in. 
“Seyun, that is our daughter!”  
“Your daughter, not mine!”
Your head’s spinning, the room’s too bright and all you can hear is panic blaring in your ears, telling you to run, to hide, to just get away.
“I can’t.. I can’t do this..” Is all you say, feeling stomach bile crawl up your esophagus and you bolt out of Mr. Kim’s study, scrambling to get yourself outside as you clutch your hand over your mouth. 
“Y/N!” Is all you hear faintly in the background, the familiar timbre of Taehyung’s voice calling you but you don’t hear it at all, running and running and running until you reach the front door, prying it open to quickly lead yourself outside. 
Your knees buckle the second you start sprinting, passing by the opulent water fountain the Kim’s had in their front yard. You run to the left side somewhere, falling against the cobblestone ground and throwing up whatever contents filled your stomach into the grass. 
You cough and wheeze as tears spill from you, the disgusting taste of bile in your throat as your hair obstructs your path. You empty out your stomach again, hyperventilating and sobbing as your tears fall into the impeccable lawn, almost a reminder of how you truly do ruin anything you touch. 
Suddenly another pair of hands wrap around your hair and casts it away, soothing your back as they kneel down beside you. 
“What are you doing? Go away.” You rasp with a cough.
“I'll never leave you, Princess.” 
You feel sick again, the nauseous feeling returning as you throw up an additional time, Taehyung encouragingly comforting you through soft back strokes. You blubber as tears escape you, the pain in your chest excruciating, the ache in your heart insufferable. 
You didn’t even realize your body was shaking until Taehyung winds his arm around your shoulders and squeezes you. He hushes you, cooing gently. “Shh, baby. You’re fine, you’re okay.” 
Your lungs fill with misery, your eyes flood with tears and everything spills out of you into desperate words. “I can’t.. Tae.. I can’t.” 
Your breathing is awful, you feel like your lungs are on fire and the world’s worst migraine plagues your head, begging through sobs for any mercy. “Taehyung.. it hurts.. it hurts so much. It’s so painful.” 
Taehyung’s eyes give out now, sniffling as he watches you in such terrible pain, and yet he can’t do a single thing. “I know, baby, I know.” 
Taehyung pulls out a small cloth from his suit, pressing it to your lips to clean you until you take it yourself, using it to dry some of your tears and runny nose. 
“I’m so sorry, Taehyung. I’m so, so sorry.” You sniffle senselessly, figure shaking uncontrollably in his arms. “I’m such a terrible person.. I’m so sorry, baby.” 
“Don’t say that. It’s not true at all, Princess.”  
You could only feel your chest horribly tightening, heart thudding rapidly as you double over in pain and tears, the amount of agony, sheer torture shrouds your insides unbearably. 
“I can’t do this.. Taehyung, I can’t.” You weep like a child. “I’m so fucking useless, I’m not worth a single fucking thing. All I ever do is ruin everything, I ruined everything.” 
“Y/N..” Taehyung desperately calls, pulling you into his embrace in an instant and hugging you to his chest, hand brushing your hair delicately. 
“It’s all my fault. I’m so fucking stupid.” You sobbed through your words. “I should’ve pushed Alex away, why wasn’t I thinking? You were right, you were right this whole time..” You remembered your fight over Alex suddenly, revisiting his words. “I should’ve understood the repercussions. I’m sorry I didn’t. I’m-” Your breathing destabilizes again, the panic, the pain so agonizing you couldn’t find air, physically heaving for more.
“God, Y/N, please breathe. Just breathe, baby. Look at me,” Taehyung softly takes your cheeks and beckons you to look at him, meeting his gaze. He demonstrates deep breaths and you follow him, broken sobs escaping your lips. 
“Remember what we talked about when this happens? What does a pencil do, baby?” Taehyung redirects the conversation. The discussion had surfaced when Taehyung inquired you seriously about your anxiety, and specifically wanted to know how to defuse your more severe panic attacks. You’d instructed him that the best option is to focus on one, simple thing that’s completely different from the attack, deterring the victim from their anxiety-inducing thoughts; like a distraction. 
“It.. it draws.” You stutter, hiccuping as your body hyperventilates, your head pounding. 
“It draws, that’s perfect. You draw, don’t you?” 
“Yeah..” You nod slowly, sniveling like a child. 
“What do you draw, baby? Tell me about it.” 
You swallow as you muster the strength to speak, intaking bouts of air as your body quivers, tears staining your face. “I-I draw.. buildings.”
“You do, don’t you? You draw these gorgeous, gorgeous buildings. And sometimes you draw for fun, right?” Taehyung questions softly, thumbs stroking your cheeks. 
You nod, wiping your eyes. 
Taehyung chuckles gently, recalling a memory. “I remember when I walked in on you trying to draw me once, you hid it so quickly.” 
You breathe the smallest of laughs as you remember, lips falling into something opposite of a frown and Taehyung’s face lights up. 
“Ah, there’s her pretty smile.” 
You laugh again, hands hooking onto his wrists as your eyes find his, sniffling as you inhale another deep breath. “I’m.. I’m still sorry, Taehyung. I-I really did make everything worse.” 
“Shh, let’s not talk about that anymore.” Taehyung hushes you considerately, pulling you into a tight hug as his chin rests atop your head. “You’re all that matters to me right now.” 
Your eyes give away hearing him, another round of tears escaping them. You’re just so moved, so touched by his comfort it’s your only reponse, your only reaction. 
What did you ever do to deserve Taehyung? You have no clue. 
“It doesn’t matter to me what the world thinks of us right now, okay? You’re all that matters, Princess. Your health and safety are my number one priorities.” Taehyung cradles you tightly, his deep timbre, the vibration of his voice soothing. 
He gives you a few more strokes to your hair, feeling for the way your breaths stabilize and level a bit before he’s breaking away, eyes scanning your features as he tucks some hair behind your ear. His eyes speak a million words when he looks at you these days, a stark contrast to months prior when you met him for the first time, and all they ever revealed was mystery. 
“Do you feel better?” 
You let out a shaky breath, feeling your head pound less, finding some peace in your chest even though despair runs rampant within. “A-a little.” 
“Does it still hurt? Do you still feel anxious?”  Taehyung’s thumbs smooth the apples of your cheeks, lightly shaking your head as you attempt to collect yourself. 
Taehyung feels peace at that, lacing his fingers with yours as he stands to his feet. “Let’s stand, Princess” 
He gently tugs you up with him, meeting his stance as you dust yourself off while tears still blur your vision. Taehyung also fixes you up, swiping his thumb underneath your eyes to clean your mascara and setting your hair. 
He removes the tears from your face and presses a kiss to your forehead, long and deep. Your gaze fixates on him, still feeling your breaths clip, but he returns you an angelic smile that feels hopeful. 
Your world’s interrupted by your father approaching you two, your attention along with Taehyung’s shifting as he instinctively shields you in his arms.
“Taehyung-ah, your father wants to speak to you.” He informs, a hand in his pocket as he stands quite restlessly. Taehyung supplies a simple nod, though doesn’t leave right away as he watches you intently. 
You swallow as you peer at your father, feeling too vulnerable to face him and you cower into your husband, hiding your body in his as Taehyung embraces you gently. 
“Y/N-ie..” He begins, sighing. “I’m.. I’m sorry, okay?” You absorb his words though they don’t do much for your pounding heart, shrinking into Taehyung’s hold.
“Don’t worry about the Min family affairs, alright? I’ll handle it all, same with your mother.” You twitch at the mention of her, not giving your father an answer as you instead turn your cheek on him, resting against Taehyung as you clutch his chest. 
You feel your husband’s arms shelter you, a hand caressing your back. 
You hear your father sigh, his shoes sounding against the ground as he makes his way back, though stops before swiveling around. 
“Taehyung-ah.. son.” You feel Taehyung’s head shift in his direction. 
“I know I don’t have to say this, but take care of my daughter, please.” 
Taehyung sends your father an understanding nod, pursing his lips with a miniscule smile. “Of course, Mr. Min. Anything for her.” 
Your father nods back, returning to the Kim house as Taehyung leads you to his Mercedes, opening the door for you. 
“Stay inside for me, okay? I’ll be right back. I don’t want you in that house by yourself.” Taehyung instructs gently as he seats you, suddenly his fingertips meeting his charm that decorates your neck. 
“If you start to feel an attack again, hold my necklace and think of me, okay? And if you feel like it’s too much to be alone, call me right away, promise?” 
You intake a deep breath as you hold it together, mustering the courage to be left alone because you know you’re strong, you know you can do this. 
“Promise.” Taehyung’s lips curve gently, and he presses his lips to the tip of your nose before he lets you settle inside the car, shutting the door and locking the Mercedes for your safety. 
You hope his talk with his father goes well.
Tumblr media
Taehyung slams the door of the Mercedes shut before locking the car, not having spoken a single word to you as he sped you two home. You were too rattled to really ask him anything, knowing that certain scowl on his face indicated he’s been pushed to his limits. 
And for a patient man like Taehyung, that’s seriously alarming. 
You vacate the car as well, Taehyung unlocking your front door and holding it open for you to walk in, shutting it behind himself as he enters. He abandons his shoes like useless objects, stalking into the main area with a hand on his hip and the other massaging frustratingly at his forehead. 
He paces as he thinks, anger evident on his features. You hesitate saying something, merely standing with your arms crossed as you contemplate what to do. 
With a shaky voice, you finally address him. “Taehyung..” 
“He’s so fucking..” Is all he mutters, scoffing as he stands still and taps his foot. He tongues his cheek as he no doubt feels rage eat him from the inside. 
Taehyung doesn’t hear you, or if he does, he ignores you. He leans himself over the back of a couch, puffing out a frustrated breath as he attempts to control himself. He can’t think straight, can’t see straight and he uses every ounce of his being to not break everything in this fucking house. 
“Baby.. talk to me.” You say in that sweet voice of yours, and Taehyung’s head ticks as he squeezes his eyes shut. 
“I can’t.. I fucking can’t.” 
“What do you mean, Tae?” 
“I can’t.. I won’t let my anger out on you.” Taehyung profusely shakes his head, gripping the couch in almost a deadly hold and you soften at his words. 
“You can tell me anything, Taehyung.” 
“No.. not again. I’m done unloading all my crap onto you.” Taehyung counters, and it makes your heart sad he thinks he’s burdening you. 
“But.. I’m your wife, Taehyung. We’re in this together.”  
“I can’t..” Taehyung whispers, having avoided eye contact this entire time as he attempts to pull himself together. “I can’t let my anger control me anymore.” 
Before Taehyung could even think further, he felt your hand press to his broad back, soothing him as you peek at his distraught expression. “Taehyung, baby, look at me.” 
With great hesitation, Taehyung meets your eyes, finding his jaw locked and sheer fury flaring in his irises. You know you’ve been in this situation before, where Taehyung’s anger is getting the best of him, and so you bring your hand to his cheek, eyes conveying comfort and support. 
“You have me,” you say, recalling an old, old saying between you two. “In whatever way, you have me.. Tae. You know that, right?” 
Taehyung swallows, his fingers boring into the couch’s back as you continue. “It’s not healthy to bottle everything up.. the way you’re feeling.” You explain softly. “You have me, and whatever you say will never be a burden. Do what you need to do. Let that anger out, my love. Talk to me.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flicker away from you. He doesn’t say a word, his eyes blanketed with a dark cloud of nothing. You feel for him, your heart aching that he’s subduing his emotions to make sure you’re okay, and you implore with your heart as your hand combs through his hair. 
“Taehyung.. please.” You beg. “Do something.. anything.” 
Taehyung remains unmoving, as though he’s going to leave you hanging again. Just as you begin a sentence, however, Taehyung snatches up your wrist and drags you to the nearest wall. He suddenly cages you against it and your back hits the cold paint, gasping. 
This scene is familiar to you, Taehyung’s hot breath fanning your skin as his hands rest either side of your head, his anger boiling. Except this time, his lips are mere centimeters before yours, so, so proximal his plushy petals brushed dangerously against yours. 
“I need to fuck you senseless.” 
Your guts immediately twist with arousal, squirmy as his deep, husky tone leaves your panties suddenly dampening. 
“I need you in whatever way I want..” He confesses, his breaths hot and heavy. “I can’t.. I can’t let it out in any other way.” 
Your heart thuds in your chest, tasting his hot breath as he refrains from kissing you, his lips just right there but holding himself back from touching you. 
“But I don’t have your consent, and I won’t-” 
“Use me, Taehyung.” 
Taehyung lifts his head and meets your gaze, shocked. “Baby..” 
“Use me, Tae. It’s okay..” You cup his cheeks then, pressing your forehead to his, knowing you’re rationally making this decision, that this is what you want. “It’s okay.” 
“Princess.. I told you to never force yourself-” 
“No, no..” You deny him, feeling his palm curl around your wrist. “I want this.. I hate that you’re feeling like this.. please.” You implore him, and Taehyung swallows as he exhales a shaky breath. 
He just barely nods, composing himself as he collects the courage to do this. He wets his lips against you before he slowly, but surely takes a step back. In a single moment, his aura completely transforms. He looked at you with a gaze so dark, you were sure his pupils were far from dilated. 
“Raise your hands.” 
The authority in his voice submits you immediately, crossing your wrists and lifting them above your head. You don’t know what he’ll do, but before you could even question him, Taehyung suddenly steps forward and pins your hands against the wall above you, invading all your space. His body presses against yours as he towers over your figure, sucking in a breath. His mouth hovers above your lips, nearly kissing you, but never granting the opportunity. 
You jut forward for his lips but he denies you, his energy palpable, intoxicating as his proximity permeates through you. 
“I’m gonna be a little rough, do you understand that?” 
You nod with a gulp, comprehending that Taehyung’s serious with that baritone voice of his, but you know you want this with your whole heart. 
“Repeat your safe word.” 
“Say it clearer, and don’t stutter.” 
His authoritative command makes your pussy gush, squishing your thighs together as you answer him. “Red.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flit down to you squirming, a light smirk painting his lips. “Does this fucking turn you on?” 
You bite your lip to contain a shudder, his sudden heated energy making you far more than just horny.  His dark persona, his onyx eyes, his goddamn broad body caging you against the wall doing you in. 
Taehyung tightens his grip on your wrists, leaning forward to brush your ear with his lips and a dark growl.
“I asked you a question.” 
“It does,” you swallow, feeling his hot breath tickle your ear, his voice downright sinful. “It does.. Taehyung.” 
He releases a small puff of air as though in satisfaction, relishing in his lips lightly traversing your ear before Taehyung pulls away. You attempt to peer at him though Taehyung doesn’t spare you a look, suddenly grabbing your wrist and tugging you forward, leaning down to grab your leg with his free arm and you're thrown over his shoulder. You panic in the slightest, his strength surprising you as he walks his way to your staircase. You don’t speak, however, knowing he’s not a fan of speaking unless you’re asked. 
Taehyung throws you on the bed, body springing back on the mattress as you prop yourself up on your hands. Your puppy eyes look at his onyx ones but they don't do much of anything to him. 
Taehyung has officially let the beast inside him loose. 
He immediately drapes over your body and crashes his lips onto yours, hands either side of your head burying into the sheets. The sheer power of his kiss surprises you, letting out noises of humming and pleasure against him and he doesn’t let up.
Your hands move to wind around his neck, but Taehyung denies you as he rips your hands off and forces them back on the bed, squeezing them down harshly. The roughness makes you moan into his mouth, Taehyung only drawing away to catch his breath. You watch as he blinks and his eyes finally reveal your husband to you again, his breath running rampant as he swallows. 
He doesn’t need to say a word for you to understand. He feels guilty, you can see it in the way his irises glisten. It feels selfish doing this, using you for his pleasure because you know just how selfless Taehyung is. How much he’ll prioritize your needs over his. The reason why he can never be a hard dom alone stems from his need to do the most for others, to think of them before he thinks of himself. 
But this time, you wanted him to be selfish. You didn’t care anymore, Taehyung deserved a chance to let it all out, to set himself free of every negative emotion that weighs down his chest. The pressure must be hitting him so hard right now, he has an entire company to contemplate the future of, his reputation as a CEO and his unreasonable family that’s placing the blame on him. 
He’s carrying the world on his shoulders, and no matter how strong you knew he was, everyone meets a breaking point. 
You cup his cheeks, glossy eyes soft and kind as they peer at him, nodding as you speak. “It’s okay, Tae, it’s okay.” You assure him. “Use me, baby. I’m yours.. it’s okay.” You watch his eyes plead, warning you that he doesn’t want to hurt you. 
“I trust you, baby. Use me.. use me..” You tell him gently, and Taehyung nods again as he swallows nervously, squeezing his eyes shut to control his raging emotions. He opens them to reveal a different colour, Taehyung wasting no time in colliding his lips with yours desperately, and fuck, does he kiss you hard.
He devours you, tongue invading your mouth plentifully and you groan as you taste him. Taehyung breaks away, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look at him, his index finger and thumb squishing your lips into a pout.
“Open your mouth.” 
Your pussy flares up at the sound of his deep voice, letting your lips fall open. Taehyung collects saliva in his mouth before spitting it into yours. It feels erotic when his spit hits your tongue, letting a noise escape as Taehyung’s eyes darken. 
You close your mouth and do as you’re told, licking your bottom lip after you’re done. You feel Taehyung shift his weight into his elbows as he lays atop, holding up your chin while hovering above. 
Taehyung darts his tongue out to lick your lips, dragging his tongue over them in slow stripes. It leaves you sloppy and wet but his tongue pries your mouth open for more, kissing you hard and messily. 
“Wanna fuck this face full of cum,” he suddenly confesses with a growl, gripping your face in place as he shoves his tongue down your throat. “Watch you swallow it like a good cumslut.”
The name is new, and it left your guts twisting with pleasure, squirmy underneath him. Taehyung immediately takes a hand and smacks your pussy through your clothes, harshly and with force. You gasp quickly, surprised eyes meeting his. 
“Did I say you could move?” 
You shake your head, laying yourself more still as his authoritative voice submits you.
“Good, now don’t move.” 
Taehyung’s hands then immediately rip your clothes off your body, quite literally. He tears open your blouse within seconds, breaking some buttons as he throws away the useless thing. He unbuttons and tugs your pants and panties down in one swift motion, unclipping your bra as your tits fall out. 
You sigh out a moan, left completely naked underneath a clothed Taehyung. He engulfs you back in a kiss, roughly swallowing up your mouth and tongue as much as he can, as hungirly as he can. His movements are so unhinged, hands fitting around your waist and holding you in place as he kisses you like an animal, starved and ravenous. 
His teeth come out to play, biting and nipping your plushy lips before popping off your wet mouth. “Fuck.. I want you,” he breathes harshly, returning for more kisses in between. “Want you so fucking badly.”
“Then have me, Tae..” You whisper against his lips. “I’m all yours.” 
Your words only rev Taehyung’s engine, returning so much harsher this time, your lungs fill with his passion and desire. Your hands make way for his neck, attempting to grapple into his hair but Taehyung snatches up your wrists and slams them back on the bed, making a noise he swallows. 
“Who said you could touch me?” 
Your cunt floods with arousal, curling up your toes as a little moan escapes the back of your throat. “I-I want to touch you.” 
“Did I say you could?” 
The deep timbre of his voice and dark colour of his eyes are too intimidating to deny, not even daring to be a brat or disobey him. He was a beast now, and you would allow whatever he needed to satiate his hunger. 
You shake your head, nibbling on your lip as Taehyung dips down to your ear, breath tickling your shell. “What did I teach you about words, sweetheart?” 
The baritone sound of him ripples through your ear canal and travels into your gut, hitting you where it hurts. You shiver, his large hands already wrapped around your wrists above causing sparks to fly around in your belly. 
“No, Taehyung.” You breathe, chest falling and rising. “You didn’t say I could touch you.” 
“Good girl,” Taehyung coos, lifting himself to meet your innocent eyes with wild ones. “Now, you’re gonna listen to me, right?” 
You nod as you reply. “Yes.” 
“You’re gonna be my good girl?” 
You bite on your lip as you respond, “yes.” 
“Such a good girl” Taehyung praises as he kisses your nose, before he lets out a sudden growl that shakes up your core. 
“Get on all fours.” 
Taehyung removes his touch as he stands by the edge of the bed, watching you intently as he makes towards his belt and begins unbuckling, unlooping the leather material as he raises a brow at you, as if urging you to move. 
You forget that you haven’t. Taehyung just looks so irresistibly sexy, your cunt pools with arousal faster than you can breathe. He’s wearing an Armani suit that hugs his masculine curves and broad body delectably, and God does the image of Taehyung unbuckling his belt light a lusty fire inside you. 
He’s tonguing his cheek as he uncuffs his sleeves and rolls them up, just about ready to destroy you into little pieces as he stares you down. He unclasps some buttons at the top of his shirt, loosening up his tie. He tugs it down and watches you still, not having moved yet. 
It’s so goddamn hard. You didn’t know being a hard dom could look so sexy on him, that draw of his brows, his tongue poking at his cheek and shit, did his carnal eyes scream the millions of dirty things and seventy positions he wants to put you in. 
“Did I not give you an order?” 
You immediately snap out of your daze, stuttering as you attempt to find your voice. “I-” 
Taehyung scoffs, finishing with his sleeve and pulling a smirk as he peers off to the side.
“Bend over.” 
You sputter like a daft idiot, clamouring as a response. “Tae-” 
“I said bend over.” 
You gulp, following his instruction and crawling over the bed. You situate yourself over the sheets and let your breasts press into the mattress, holding out your naked ass in his direction. Taehyung licks his lips as if he’s eyeing up his meal, and you shiver when his warm palm curls around your waist. He strokes you almost condescendingly as his free hand falls to an ass cheek, bending down so that his voice is mere centimeters from your ear. 
“You didn’t listen when I told you to do something,” his husky voice spills into your ear, and you intake a shaky breath as it invades your insides. You bite your lip as your chin presses into the mattress, something about this position and knowing he’s clothed behind you squirming your legs. 
Taehyung seems to detect it too, his hand traveling down to your core and moving your flesh back to catch a better view of your already dripping, glistening pussy folds pulsing. 
“This turns you on, huh?” He’s amused, oh, he’s so fucking amused. His voice drips with lust and a fiery, hot flame, knowing Taehyung’s going to have the fun he honestly, rightfully deserves. 
“You’re a little whore for when I’m rough, aren’t you?” Taehyung growls, hand suddenly cupping your wet sex and you buckle forward, gasping into the sheets. “Want me to spank you fucking pink?” 
“Yes, Mr. Kim.” Your whimpering voice comes out weak, and Taehyung can’t help but grow hard himself watching you fuck back into his hand, grinding for some sort of relief. He grants you the wish and begins rubbing at your warm cunt, fingers grappled onto your hip as he pleases you from behind. 
You mewl as a result, the rub of his metal rings and the sudden attention to your most sensitive area causes your clit to pulse rapidly. 
You’re just too fucking horny right now, and you’re not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s the comfort you feel being with Taehyung, having always felt safe, sound, protected in intimate moments like this. Or maybe it was your husband handling you like his personal ragdoll, a wish you’ve had ever since you witnessed his large, veiny hands. 
In all your thinking, Taehyung suddenly lands a hand on your pussy, slapping you hard as the sound echoes in the room and you buck forward, gasping loudly. “Taehyung!” 
“Why the fuck can’t I hear you? Did I tell you to be quiet?” 
You fill with arousal, chest full of butterflies considering how much Taehyung loves hearing you. You stop nibbling on your lip now and allow yourself sounds and noises, his hand playing with your pussy too hard to deny. “Ah.. Taehyung.” 
“Mmm, dirty little Princess.” Taehyung hums, absorbed in his powerful role. “Loves being played with like my little slut, huh?” 
A whimper escapes you as his fingers begin toying with your hole, watching you pulse and ache as arousal rakes your neglected clit. You’re so fucking needy it’s easy for noises to spill from you, whines and cries that elicit Taehyung to only play with you more, fingering and fucking with your cunt like his own personal little toy. 
“God, look at this pussy. Always so pink and pretty for me.” 
“Tae..” You moan, face falling into the sheets as he continues his pleasurable onslaught. He hums and moans satisfyingly as he rubs  and sloshes his fingers through your wet folds, enjoying the way you squirm and wriggle around, mewling out desperate noises.  It’s only a hard smack to your ass that suddenly wakes you up from your trance, Taehyung hoisting you up higher for him. 
“Can’t you fucking stay still?” Taehyung spits, and God, did it light every nerve inside you on fire. He laughs then, and you realize he’s a demon now. “Fuck, I forgot this is a punishment.” 
And Taehyung smacks an ass cheek hard, squealing when he contacts you. His hand hovers over the afflicted area, kneading at your ass as he soothes you. “You just don’t like listening to me, do you, Princess?” 
You’re about to answer, but Taehyung interrupts with another harsh spank, absorbing the sting and arousal collects in your gut, your cunt pooling with more of your essence as you attempt to stay still. 
“You just love disobeying me to get punished, huh?” He spanks you again, Taehyung watching your ass cheek turn red and goddamn enjoy it. “Love being treated like a little whore?” 
You moan erotically, something about the way he’s holding you and massaging wherever he hits twisting your gut. You’re just so fucking horny for him all you can see is fire, his sexy dominance rattling your insides. 
He smacks your ass again with much stronger force, this time screaming a little. “What the fuck do you do when I ask you a question?” 
“Yes.. Mr. Kim.” You indulge in the smooth circles Taehyung rubs over the sting, massaging yourself back into his hand for more. “Just-just wanna be your little whore.” 
Taehyung seems to notice you indulging in his touch, suddenly leaning down over your back and pressing soft kisses to your shoulder blades, other hand rubbing your tummy. 
“Was it too much, baby?” His tone softens, palm pacifying the afflicted area as you shake your head. 
“No.. no. Just want you, Taehyung, so badly.” He hums in acknowledgment, and begins breathing down your back as you shiver at the sensation. He presses his lips to the stings he left on your ass and reaches your sex, planting his lips there for open-mouthed kisses. 
You gasp, moaning loudly when Taehyung pushes your cheeks apart for more access, playing with them as he dutifully makes out with your cunt. You groan in sheer ecstasy, his wet lips smacking all over your palpitating pussy winding you up like his favourite toy. 
He pulls away suddenly and stands to his feet, admiring your dripping pussy from the back with a tilt of his head. 
“Top of the bed. Ass up, face down.” 
You comply immediately, crawling your way over to the pillows and situating yourself comfortably, offering your ass to Taehyung with your face buried in the sheets. Taehyung doesn’t even bother undressing, only pushes his pants and boxers down to his thighs as he joins you on the mattress. 
You shift your head back for a look at that gorgeous, fat cock of his but Taehyung suddenly slaps your pulsing pussy, fitting snugly in his palm as he rubs your juice all over his hand. 
“Stay still,” he orders harshly, and you let out a moan at the ripple he sent through your sex. You grind your ass back into his hand and Taehyung scoffs a laugh, imagining that devilish smirk on him. 
“Such a dirty fucking girl for my hands, huh?” You bite your lip as a sigh escapes you.
Taehyung doesn’t verbally respond though. Instead, he brings his thick cock to your core and slaps it right down on your pussy, immediately jolting forward with a hiss. 
“Ugh.. baby.”
He slaps a little more again. “That’s not what I taught you, sweetheart.” Taehyung then secures a hand around your hip as his other snakes around your throat, choking you with a light squeeze as he growls. “What’s my fucking name?” 
“Mr. Kim.. Taehyung, oh my God.” You shiver at the compromising position, feeling him slide his hard dick through your pussy folds and your clit beats with an eager urge to be satiated. You let out a mewl and your head dips as Taehyung rubs up and down some more, slathering your pussy with his pre-cum and his dick with your essence, creating your favourite mess. 
“Dripping like fucking honey, baby. So dirty.” 
“Only yours, Taehyung. Only-” You’re cut off by a sharp moan when Taehyung suddenly plunges into your pussy, neglecting all pace and shoving his thick cock inside you. You careen forward, letting out a squeal as your walls fit him inside you. 
“Taehyung, fuck!” 
“Shit, so warm, so fucking tight.” 
He groans as he drives himself in, growing high off your fluttering walls until he bottoms out inside you. You nearly scream when his tip nudges your fucking stomach in this position, pulsing around him so tightly Taehyung threw his head back. 
“Jesus, baby, stop doing that,” he groaned. “I’ll fucking cum.” 
“You’re so big, daddy. So fucking big.” 
Taehyung hisses at the name. “Yeah? You like being filled up with this big dick?” 
You nod like a madwoman, fucking back on him to feel that sweet drag. “Yes, yes, yes, Taehyung.” 
A hand comes down on your ass and spanks you yet again, gasping pleasurably when he does. “My needy little slut, look at you hungry for my cock.” 
“Taehyung, please.” You beg, suddenly the stopped motion of him ravaging your clit. He even dares to swivel around and torture you some more, wishing he would just fucking move. “Fuck me like a little slut if you want me to be yours.” 
Silence. Dead silence. Your eyes immediately widen realizing what you said, sputtering like a fucking idiot as you attempt to look back at Taehyung. “Tae, I-” 
He suddenly wraps his hand around your throat and presses his front to your back, completely flush with you as he spears his cock deeper into your pathetic pussy, squeaking helplessly. 
“Yeah? Is that what you want? You wanna be fucked like a slut?” Taehyung’s index finger and thumb fit under your chin, squeezing lightly as his other hand dips down to brush your clit, making you shudder indefinitely. 
Taehyung laughs into your ear, the sound deep and downright ominous. “You better hold onto something, sweetheart. You don’t seem to remember,” his tone ripples through your ear canal and makes your heart race, his lips pressing to your ear.
“I rule this game.” 
And fucking hell, did you play the wrong move. Taehyung pulls out of your pussy in one swift motion only to fuck back in deep. You reel with soul-shuddering pleasure, his proximity and this lewd position making him reach places inside you that felt like heaven. 
“Oh God-Taehyung!” 
Taehyung transitions from holding your throat to snaking a hand in your hair, grabbing a fistful as he straightens himself up and begins a pace that absolutely destroys your pathetic little pussy. He pulls out and thrusts back in with such monstrous speed, you were already seeing stars behind your eyes. 
His tight and quick fucks make you sound like you’re in an erotic film, breasts dangling back and forth as Taehyung drills you into the mattress. He hisses with utter pleasure behind you, keeping your head up with his harsh hold on your hair as he cradles your hips, fucking into you with precision and hunger. 
“God, shit shit shit, Taehyung, fuck!” 
You sound crazy and you know it, he’s fucking you like a goddamn animal and you feel like one too. He’s so rough it’s shaking up your insides and the godforsaken bed, knowing damn well you’ll break it one day.
Taehyung moans in ecstasy, relishing in your tight walls hugging around his cock so desperately, almost begging him to be fucked harder. 
“Listen to you, my pretty little cockslut. So pathetic for my cock.” His deep voice infiltrates all your insides, shivering with more pleasure as he rapidly fucks into your warm and gushing sex with vigor, repeatedly shoving himself to the very brim. 
You gasp and whine as he continuously fills you up, absolutely wrecking your shit as your face buries into the pillow, moaning his name louder than you ever have. “Taehyung.. Taehyung! I swear to fucking God!” 
“Don’t swear on God, baby” Taehyung grunts behind you, hot breaths leaving his lips as he focuses on fucking you with such unhinged speed, he doesn’t even feel human. 
“He can’t help you anymore.” 
Your eyes rolled back, your pussy so destroyed, your arms gave out and grappled onto the headboard in front of you, Taehyung railing you so good you were mewling like a deranged woman. You were loud and you knew it, thankful you two never had neighbours because if you did, they’d be privy to something better than any conventional porn. 
“Taehyung, shit-so big, so fucking big!” 
“I know, baby. But my pretty little cockslut can take it, yeah?” 
You sigh out lewdly, gripping the metal bar before you so hard you’re losing strength, faltering from your position until Taehyung wraps an arm underneath your waist, jerking you flush with his front.
“Already tired, baby?” His condescending voice makes your gut twist. Hearing his harsh breaths in your ear makes you desperately fuck back on the demonic man. “Thought you were my little whore? Wanted to be fucked like a little slut?” 
“I am-I am, Taehyung. I do.. ugh.” You mewl loudly as you whine and cry out, his strong and quick fucks transforming into crazy thrusts, absolutely ruining your pussy as your body jolts forward with every penetration. 
“Fu-u-uck! Taehyung!” 
“That’s it, scream for me,” Taehyung grunts into your ear, feeling his hot breath fanning you and he uses every ounce of his strength to fuck you like a wild animal. “Fucking scream my name, baby, my filthy little slut.” 
And you do, you scream and whine like a crybaby as tears pool your eyes and you work for that goddamn orgasm raking your guts, letting Taehyung rock into your sex so quickly he truly did seem like the devil. He’s grunting and groaning and moaning like a mad man, completely relishing in your divine pussy as he lets any and everything out of his system. 
He pours all his energy into fucking you insane, your head gaining whiplash from his speed alone. You’re beginning to see real stars until Taehyung abruptly stops, letting out a cry when he pulls himself out. 
Within a second, he’s got you flipped on your back and you’re suddenly face-to-face with him, confused as all hell. Your questions are answered however when he begins fucking right back into you, drilling your sex as if he owns it because fuck, does he ever. 
“Wanna look at you when I ruin you,” he grunted, peeking down at his thick, long cock slamming into your pussy. 
“Look at you, so fucking pathetic for my dick.” Taehyung scans over your features and adores every single one. Your running mascara, your messy hair and moaning lips. God and it’s all just for him. 
“My pretty little slut,” Taehyung hovers his mouth above yours, his fast, hot breaths against your lips as you whimper and practically scream for him. “Whose pussy is this, huh? Who does this pussy belong to?” 
“You, Taehyung, oh God-oh God!” 
He’s angling upwards and stroking that damn g-spot, pressing down on your clit with his abdomen and you cry, your pleasure so overwhelming it’s making your body buzz uncontrollably. 
“Yeah? This pussy is mine? All fucking mine?” 
You nod profusely with noises of a yes, pining for that snap in your gut so, so badly. “Tae, fucking shit-I’m gonna-!” 
“You’re gonna cum, baby? All over my fat cock?” You nodded like you were insane, focusing solely on that winding up in your stomach as you lost your mind, letting every sound in the world escape because you didn’t care anymore, the dick you were getting was too good. He kept fucking and fucking and fucking into your cunt so fast and hard you were shivering and whimpering like his personal fuckdoll. 
“Fucking drench me, sweetheart. Lose your mind.” 
Right then and there, you gushed out your orgasm so hard you jolted up violently, Taehyung immediately wrapping an arm underneath your back and pressing you to his front. His mouth latched onto a nipple, sucking soft circles with his tongue as he slowed down his monstrous thrusts, only adding to your euphoric release. 
His sucking on your tits calmed your body, Taehyung so in love with licking your nipple it’s all he wanted to fucking do, and continues to do so as you came down your high. 
But Taehyung wasn’t done, popping off your tit and staring into your very soul with those bewitching eyes, snatching you up by mind, body and soul. 
He flashes you a smirk, pulling out of your warm cunt and allowing your oozing slick to drip down to your ass. You watched him carefully as he straightened himself up, catching a glorious view of your sexy husband in all his nakedness. 
His hand fits around your cheek, thumb stroking lovingly before his hand slid down to your throat and grabbed your jaw, gasping with pleasure. “I said I’d fuck this pretty face full of cum, didn’t I?” 
Your eyes widen, but your pussy tells a different story when your clit jerks at the very words. Taehyung’s eyes flit down and watch you spasm, tonguing his cheek as he smiles proudly. “Such a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” 
You bite your lip and Taehyung hisses, throwing his head back. “God, do you know how fucking weak it makes me when you do that?” 
You do it again, Taehyung groaning as he dips down to press kisses to your mouth. He puckers your lips with his grasp and lays loud, wet kisses with passion. 
He pops off to thumb your lips, whispering against them. “You’re my fucking canvas, understand that?”
You nodded with your little pout. 
“Gonna paint you with my cum and you’ll lick it like a good girl, yeah?” You let out a whimpered ‘yes’ and Taehyung hums in satisfaction, pressing one last peck before he’s straightening up again, hand curled around his shaft. 
“Open.” he demands, and your lungs lose air at the greedy, leaking tip of his flushed cock. Taehyung smears some of his pre-cum over your lips before he plunges it into your mouth, taking him eagerly. 
You prop yourself up onto your elbows, improving Taehyung’s angle and you flit up to see him groan euphorically, throwing his head back as he begins fucking your mouth for his pleasure. You watch his throat bob as your lips wrap around his hard cock tighter, sucking on him as he thrusts into your throat. 
You gag when he hits the back, but swallow as a result and Taehyung’s carnal vision snaps down to you, dark and hungry with desire. He soaks in the image of your pretty face taking his cock, so enamoured by it he was driven wild. 
“Fuck fuck fuck, not gonna last. Such an obedient little cumslut.” He groans in ecstasy, deciding to give him hell and you bob a little for him. Taehyung immediately releases a throaty grunt and secures his hands on your head, bringing you over his cock hard and fast as you gag and spatter all over him. 
“Fuck, shit-!” Taehyung’s insane, breathing harshly and groaning as he fucks and fucks until his hot cum shoots inside your throat. You squeal as the white, salty liquid invades you, ropes and ropes of his semen spilling inside. Taehyung’s guttural grunts make you horny all over again, watching him throw his head back and his abdomen tighten. He draws his cock out only to pump some cum onto your neck and collarbones, falling back on the bed and letting him paint you as he desires. 
Taehyung watches eagerly as he angles some onto your face, spilling over your chin and lips as you stick out your tongue. You meet his wild eyes and watch him groan as cum lands on your tongue. 
“Fucking hell, such a nasty girl.” 
You catch the last drops on your tongue, closing your mouth but not swallowing just yet. Taehyung comes down his high and breathes harshly, carnal vision only on you as he adores his hot seed littering your body.
“Show me my cum,” he orders between uneven breaths, eyes obsidian. “Wanna see my cum in this pretty mouth.” 
You open up for him, letting him catch a sweet view of his filthy, white cum in your throat. He smirks happily as a hand grabs your chin, shifting you around to look properly. 
“Tongue out, my little whore.” 
You comply and do so, some of his cum spilling out of your pliant mouth and Taehyung licks his lips at the sinful image. It’s dripping out of the corner of your mouth and fuck, do you look like a perfect mess of his kids.  
“Fucking hell, I swear I’ll come again.” He groans because he can’t take it, his cum’s already hot on your skin and now tears and saliva riddle your face and body, biting his lip to contain a feral grunt. 
Taehyung thumbs the cum that spills out of your mouth back in, eyes darker than space and pupils dilated with wonder. “Don’t waste my cum, pretty girl.” 
You wrap your lips around his thumb and watch him intently, hands holding onto his forearm. 
“Swallow for me, sweetheart.” Taehyung encourages with a coo, and you confidently swallow as you suck on his thumb. Taehyung groans with pleasure, eyeing you like his favourite meal. 
“Fuck, such a good fucking girl, my good girl.” 
You hum in satisfaction and he draws his thumb out, pressing a kiss to your lips as he removes himself from your body and sits back on his shins, still breathing harshly after the way he exerted his body. 
His eyes flit over your figure and his once dark, dark eyes lighten into his chocolate brown ones, wetting his lips as it seems he returns to earth. You lay back and allow yourself to catch your breath too, not having breathed enough through your nose when you were stuffed full of his cock. 
Taehyung oddly swallows as you see his expression change, suddenly all smirky and confident to one of hesitancy, his flushed face losing that confidence, almost as though he felt.. ashamed?  His eyes shift away from you then, crawling off the bed and standing to his feet. 
You watch him with confusion as he simply doesn’t even look back at you. You lift off the bed onto your elbows, questioning him of his destination and he quickly steps towards the bathroom as he mumbles ‘gonna take a shower’. You open your mouth to query him further, but he’s already disappeared by the time you can. 
You enter the bathroom carefully, listening to the shower water running as you spot Taehyung simply standing under the water stream in all his beautiful bareness. You pout your lips with concern, stepping over to the shower door and carefully sliding it open. 
Taehyung seems too caught up in his head to even question why you’re joining him, rather rubs his face as he lets the water beat down his body. He inhales a deep breath, attempting to disassemble the stress on his features. 
You press your hands to his back, sliding them up to his wet shoulders as you feel for his tension, and alarmingly feel far too much. You become concerned, hugging his shoulders as you press your chest to his back, the water now streaming down your body too as you whisper. 
He doesn’t say anything, it’s merely silence, only the shower water creating any sound. He doesn’t shrug you off either, however, knowing he’s taking his time to respond, and you’d allow him whatever time he needed. You begin caressing his shoulders as you lay against your husband, trying again. 
“My love, what’s wrong?” 
“I... I don’t deserve this.” Is all he mutters, his head hanging low as the water coats both your entangled bodies. You squeeze him into a tighter hug, pressing your cheek to his wide, sulking back. 
“What don’t you deserve, baby?” 
“You…” He whispers, his voice wavering in strength. “I just… I don’t deserve you.. or your love.” 
Taehyung breathes harder as he grows upset, shrugging off your touch and seating himself on the shower bench before him. The water continued to run over him, his vision fixated on the floor as you could practically see a gloomy, grey cloud of rain haunting him. 
“Why do you say that, Tae?” 
“You’re just.. so loving and caring and I don’t even deserve it. I don’t deserve you.. I cause you so much pain.”  Taehyung tucks his forehead into his palm, rubbing it with distress. 
“Hey, Taehyung, talk to me,” you step closer to him and snake a hand through his wet hair, another one falling to his shoulder as you gently hug him to your bare stomach. “Why are you saying this?” 
“I just fucking-” He began, but composed himself better, restarting his sentence. “You’re in such a vulnerable place right now and I just.. used you for my pleasure? And I enjoyed it? What the fuck is wrong with me..” Taehyung reflected on himself, deeply conflicted as he ran through the scenario in his head. 
“That was so fucking selfish of me, and you let me because you wanted to take care of me… not even thinking about yourself.” Taehyung’s tone is far from strong now, slowly losing its composure as his head falls into his hands. “You’re so caring. So, so loving and kind.. I don’t deserve you.” 
You feel your heart fracture listening to him, rubbing his shoulder pacifyingly. 
“What is wrong with me?” 
You could feel the sheer guilt radiating off his body as he agonized over this, all of this, and your chest floods with sadness. You assumed this is what’s called a top drop. All the endorphins and feel-good chemicals from sex have left Taehyung’s body, and now that he’s returned to earth, he’s been sadly reminded of the dire situation at hand, your heart-breaking reality. 
He must’ve been feeling the weight of that; the frustration of his talk with his father, the exposure of your relationship, the guilt of using you for his pleasure and it was all crashing down on him hard. You immediately soften for him, embracing his shrunken form as you press him to your stomach and soothe his back, imbuing in him all the love and care in the world. 
“Baby, please don’t say that. You know you had my full consent and I wanted it.. I wanted you to be selfish for once, Tae.” 
“But I just feel so-” He took another deep breath, hands falling over his knees. “I feel so bad, I feel so terrible.” 
“But you aren’t, Tae. I wanted you to do those things to me, I trust you, okay? You know I would’ve used the safe word if I felt uncomfortable, but I didn’t, right?” You lightly massage his wet hair, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to his head. “You’re my husband, and if something affects you, it affects me too, baby. I wanted you to let it out… I love you.” You spoke to him in a quiet, soft tone, attempting to quell the storm that shrouded his heart. 
“I know we have a lot on our plate right now, but a wise man once told me that whatever we do, we’ll do it together, right?” 
You earn a small laugh from Taehyung then, inviting a smile to curve your lips. “Ah, there’s his cute laugh.” You booped his nose gently and felt Taehyung relax in your hold, finally raising his head and gazing up at you. 
“Whatever we’ll do, we’ll do together.” He repeated the words, watching the smallest of smiles etch onto his lips as your hands cupped his beautiful bread cheeks. 
Taehyung stood to his full height before you, engulfing you in a sweet kiss as his palms cradled your waist. He held oh, so close that entire dreadful night, sheltering you in his arms as though he were protecting his most precious treasure. 
All while wondering what he ever did to deserve you. 
Tumblr media
It was the next day, and you convinced yourself that everything was going to be okay. Taehyung had to urgently return to work and so did you, having spoken your supportive little pep-talk to each other in your foyer this morning. 
“Look, big news is out, and you may encounter reporters trying to invade your privacy and snap photos of you.” Taehyung explained as he fixed your blouse’s cuffs, speaking encouragingly. “Don’t let it get to you, okay? We’re going to do our daily routine of me dropping you off at work, but I know loads of people will be outside your company’s building to bother you.” Taehyung sighed after that, bringing his fingers to run through your hair until he cradled your cheek, thumb stroking your skin. 
“I’ll protect you until you get to the building, but I can’t help you when you’re past those doors.” Taehyung informs you sadly. “I’m sorry.” 
“Don’t apologize, baby.” You reassure him, bringing a hand over his holding your cheek. “I’m strong, remember? I can do this, Tae, I promise.” 
Taehyung smiled warmly at that, leaning down and capturing your lips with his own, kissing you as tenderly as he could. Your heart fluttered with butterflies, suddenly the dread of today becoming less daunting. 
He breaks away after soft, gentle kisses, his forehead pressed to yours as you squeezed his hand against your cheek. He replicated a deep breath for you to follow, and you do so with a nod to yourself that you’re okay, you’ve got this. You can handle any and everything that comes your way, you’ve been doing so for many years and can do the same once again. 
But the one crucial detail you conveniently forgot is that if you apply tension to something over, and over and over again, it will eventually break. 
You wouldn’t remember that for a while. 
Tumblr media
You swallow as you enter your department, having already dealt with the cameras outside snapping innumerable photos of Taehyung and some security helping you into your building. 
Taehyung had trouble letting your hand go before you would vanish behind the doors, finding his once mysterious eyes revealing a multitude of concern and worry, so much so it seemed he would cry at any moment. 
It clogged your throat with unbearable agony, squeezing his hand back that you’d be alright, and Taehyung understood. It still didn’t deter him from pulling you close so he could embrace your form however, engulfing you in his warm hug as his nose pressed into your hair. 
“I love you.” Is what he whispered by your ear, and you whispered it back as your arms winded around him, gripping his suit like your lifeline. 
“I love you more, Tae.” 
But now, as you stand in the hallway leading to your department, you couldn’t help but notice the impertinent way every eye openly stares at you, gawking, sending dirty looks that make your heart nestle itself further into the pit of your stomach. 
They were all judging, boring black, searing holes into your back, and it's as though every hushed whisper was suddenly blaring in your eyes, louder than any alarm in the world. You were on edge now, contemplating the millions of terrible things people could be thinking about you, and it wasn’t healthy for your overthinking mind. 
You pass the doors after you push them open, feeling more pairs of once occupied eyes flashing to you immediately. You keep your head down, attempting to be furtive as you pace over to your office as quickly as possible. Pulling out your phone as any sort of distraction, you try to keep yourself from meeting anyone else’s judgemental gazes.
But your phone wasn’t any different, either. 
When you clicked your phone, all you saw appear right above your precious selca of you and Taehyung on your Greek trip were a multitude of comments and notifications. 
Your father, your brother Yoongi, Hana, even your mother had attempted to call you. You had texts that consisted of multiple people questioning the recent news, and even what was meant to be your private social media was being flooded with nasty comments. Your heart sinks. 
‘Why would he say yes to someone like you?’ 
‘Everyone knew it was fake, he would never willingly marry you’ 
‘You don’t deserve him.’ 
You can’t believe what you’re reading. You already feel sick, your chest filled with this wad of agony you couldn’t chase down. In all your reading of the vile comments, you end up bumping into your co-worker Yeji, nearly running her over. 
She fumbles a little, and you immediately scramble for an apology. “Yeji, oh my God! I’m so sorry.” 
“Y/N, God. I’ve been looking for you! Come, come,” Yeji links her arm with yours and flashes everyone staring a scolding look. “Let’s get you out of here.” 
She ushers you through the daunting hall and into your office, shutting the door behind you both before she turns to you. 
“Y/N, what’s going on? I’m literally hearing a million different things about you.” 
You worriedly set your things down as you silence your buzzing phone. “What.. are you hearing?” 
“Is it true, Y/N? About your marriage with Kim Taehyung?” 
You slide off your coat as you send her a pained look, but hide your troubles behind a composed face. You wonder when you got so good at it, most likely a habit you picked up from your husband. 
“Y/N, c’mon. You know you can tell me anything. I’m really worried for you, babes.” She tells you sincerely. You soften up listening to how earnest she is, sighing before you reply. 
“It’s true, Yeji.” You inform her. “Our marriage was arranged at first but we really did fall in love. I really..” You pause, growing emotional, running through every awful thing that’s happened lately. “I really do love him.” 
Yeji didn’t need to hear you say more in order to distinguish the truth, the look in your eyes alone confesses your genuity. She sighs, feeling your pain from across the room. 
“It’s okay, Y/N. You don’t need to explain it to me.” She softly assures you. “I can tell you’re both really in love, I just hope things are okay for you right now.” 
Your vision flits down to your screen that flashes horrid notifications, gulping down as you return a half-smile to her. “Yeah, I hope so, too.” 
Yeji sees your distracted eyes and sullen figure, trying to change the subject. “Hey, we’ve got that meeting with Mary. Remember how much she loved your pitch last week? Today’s the day to really convince her, huh?” 
You crack a smile at that, thankful that you had at least one person in your corner, and maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as you first thought. 
“Yeah, let’s give it a try.”
Tumblr media
Tick. Tick. Tick.
You were waiting for the breaking point. 
It’d been a few days since the incident first hit the news, and you’ve been drained of all your energy to the lowest point you’ve ever reached in your life. 
You nibble on your index finger as you silently watch the news broadcast from the crack in your office window blinds, the rest of your department all turning heads to everyone’s laptops and computer screens alike. 
It’s the broadcast of Taehyung standing before an army of paparazzi and reporters, accompanied by some personnel and officials as he publicly apologizes for what’s been deemed a scandal now. You feel your heart clench, contemplating how much stress is most likely weighing on Taehyung’s broad shoulders. 
And still, he seamlessly prevails, having made a sincere apology and bowing to everyone with the utmost respect. You feel like crying all over again,watching him apologize for something that was never his fault. You’ve attempted to catch any wind of Taehyung, but he’s been nowhere in sight, too occupied with the company these last few days to even come home some nights. 
Your anxiety has reached its maximum point, even now as the broadcast switches to the new rundown of the current situation. Some eyes flash to your office and you immediately jump back, having spent much of your time hiding in here. 
You fumble back against your desk, hand hitting your phone that suddenly lights up with a call from an unknown number. Knowing you shouldn’t answer, you still do, acknowledging that any call could be something important. 
But to your loss, it’s rather an anonymous person spewing curse words and hurtful insults you’ve heard enough times now. You let out a deep sigh, letting them ramble on before you end the call and block the number, tossing your phone onto your desk roughly. 
You lean against the desk to take deep breaths, remembering the exercises Taehyung took his time to study and then taught you. You try to envision him here, that he was breathing with you and holding your hand, whispering sweet encouragements as he embraces you. 
You were drifting off into that daydream before a message popped up on your screen.
Your eyes widened in horror, swallowing thickly as you read the graphic contents of a death threat. You felt tears pool your eyes, wondering how ghastly people could be. The insults were brutal, but wishing such awful things upon a person was a line you couldn’t believe others so easily crossed. You wonder how much longer this is going to continue, how much longer you’ll have to deal with all this until you break into millions of pieces. You feel your chest tighten with this certain pain that never goes away. 
The messages keep rolling in, in almost an ominous sequence and you muster the courage to simply block the number, throwing your phone away again. 
You want to call Taehyung, text him, something just to keep yourself from adopting an anxiety attack, having told you that if anything ever gets too much to simply call him, and he’ll drop everything in a matter of seconds. 
But you couldn’t do it, you already felt sick. Every time you opened your phone you were waiting for a malicious comment to pop up, to get another phone call or death threat message sent to you. Your email was flooded with a myriad of hate, your work email wasn't even safe. 
You couldn’t even leave your office without wanting to hide behind a paper bag, everyone’s prying eyes boring holes into your figure each time you passed by. It’s not like you hadn’t heard the comments being said about you either. Every trip to the women’s bathroom was a nightmare, simply sitting in a stall as you listened to women gossip and say the awfulest of things. 
Some of your male co-workers talked the cruelest shit about you as well. One time you approached a group to work the fax machine, only to walk in on a conversation detailing what extravagantly exorbitant things you fuck your husband for. 
‘It’s gotta be for the vacations, did you not see them in Greece a week ago?’
‘Nah, it’s the brand name shit. She probably sucks his dick just for a Prada purse.’
‘And he probably shuts her up by doing it again.’
Their hearty laughs bring tears to your eyes, feeling violated in ways you couldn’t even describe. You remembered telling Taehyung you were strong, promising him you’d be okay, that you’d truly be able to get through this tough time and his support would be enough. 
Turns out you’re one hell of a liar. 
You feel ill again, heaving as the graphic details of the death threats mixed with the mistreatment at work churn your stomach. You simply grab your things and make a run for your boss’ office. You inform her of your dwindling health and she worriedly grants you permission to head home, too far in your head to even consider what you’ll do. 
Home was the same as work anyway; you still received the calls, the messages, even watching TV was hard knowing that with Taehyung’s reputation and almost world-renowned company, you were headlining too many news channels. 
You clutch your purse as tightly as you could, swallowing thickly as you keep your head down and pass by everyone again, feeling the hostility and negativity through the tension-filled energy. 
Placing a foot in front of the other was easy until you smack dab bumped into someone’s frame in the lobby. You peer up to find Alex, feeling every single one of your nerves going into panic mode and you immediately attempt to scamper by him.
He pulls you back, and your heart races.  
“Y/N, wait,” 
“What do you want?” You spit at him, eyes already bordering on tears. “Don’t you dare even talk to me.” 
“But Y/N-” 
“God, Taehyung was fucking right.” You sneer, clutching your purse for dear life. “Can you not take no for a fucking answer?” 
“Y/N, I just wanted to apologize to you. I’m so sorry about those photos that got out, I didn’t think anyone would photograph us.” 
“Well now they have,” you state the obvious with hostility. “Why would you even touch me knowing I’m married? And to a famous CEO at that? What is seriously wrong with you, Alex? This all happened because of you.” 
Alex takes offence to that, immediately countering. “Me?” 
“Yes, you. You should’ve never done anything knowing I have a husband. What did you even think to gain out of your confession?” Usually you wouldn’t be spewing such rude words, but your mental state was too fragile now to be kind. You’ve had the same insults, death threats and detrimental thoughts swarming your head for days now, letting it all out into some sort of outlet.
“I was concerned for you, Y/N. You don’t understand the rumours about Kim Taehyung’s anger issues that have always been going around.” 
You pinch your brows together, baffled. “What?” 
He scoffs, almost derisively. “You don’t get it, do you?” 
“Get what?” 
 “Did you know he dislocated the CEO of Han Co’s knee when he was in high school?” 
You're thrown off by the information, Taehyung never having mentioned such a thing. Alex watches you hesitate, catching you off-guard in that moment. 
“See? You didn’t know. He’s also torn someone’s ACL and broken a jaw too. He has a history of violence and being unable to control his anger, but his family kept it all under wraps ‘cause he was fucking spoon-fed everything his entire life.” 
You immediately scowl at him. “Talk about my husband like that again and I’ll kick your knee in, asshole.” 
Alex scoffs. “Whatever. The point is I was scared for your wellbeing and when I saw your injury and the fact that you disappeared for two weeks, I thought he had you trapped in an abusive relationship. You can’t fucking blame me for thinking that knowing his past.” 
This information is fairly new to you, and Alex does have the slightest bit of right in that, but it was never right of him to assume such immoral things about someone he didn’t know, and touch you without your permission. 
“I don’t give a fuck, Alex. You don’t even know Taehyung at all, how would you feel if someone used your past against you to assume the worst?” 
That’s when Alex was taken aback, letting up his argument as he let that sink in. 
“Exactly. You can’t do that without knowing someone’s present, let alone touching someone without their permission who is literally married.” You lecture him, knowing he needed to hear this. “You ruined two people’s lives because of it, this is all your fault.” 
“Please,” Alex laughs disdainfully. “Faking your marriage with a rich CEO for money was all my fault?” 
Your heart cinches, tired of this same shitty narrative. “It had nothing to do with money. Never speak to me again, Alex. Goodbye.” 
You hear him laugh as you make your way to the front doors, listening to him yell out. “You’re forgetting you work here with me, Y/N! And I can either make your life very easy or very hard right now..” 
You sensed the threat in his tone and had to stop your tracks, whirling around with a raised brow. “Did you just threaten me?” 
“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.” He shrugs condescendingly. “Either way, I think you should act a lot less like your husband and be friendlier these days. You’re not exactly on people’s good side anymore.” 
Your eyes flash to the amount of people once again, eyeing you as though you were an alien from outer space, finding the very, very small strength to survive the way their horrifying eyes bore into your soul. 
But you didn’t care. No way in hell would you fold to this sorry excuse of a man, using this opportunity to rather threaten you than apologize for his indecent behaviour. 
“Fuck you, Alex. Don’t let HR hit you on the way out.” You send him a saccharine smile and a condescending wave, busting out of the doors and immediately being whisked with fresh air. You soak it in, earning a mere second of peace before the flash of a camera suddenly stuns your vision. A few stray reporters come out to begin hounding you all over again, cursing yourself for not having texted your personal guards Taehyung hired for your convenience. 
Thankfully you spot the familiar car parked by the curb and scramble for it, catching the attention of the guard inside as you avoid the cameras as best you can. You ignore all the questions and demands for comments, slipping by them and thankfully settling inside the car once you’ve escaped them. 
You ask the driver to step on the gas home, not even taking a look back at what you leave behind. 
Tumblr media
“Did you get home safely, Princess?” 
You relished in the sound of your husband’s velvety voice, the only calm you knew with a roaring storm outside, one also inside your heart.
You’d arrived home and simply wallowed around, attempting to subdue your sorrow though only found your mind revisiting all your troubles. Alex’s words are what clouded your thoughts, never having known those untold things about Taehyung. You didn’t care much though, Taehyung is not the person he used to be, and you wouldn’t allow the past to define his present. 
Your phone wouldn’t stop bothering you, having nearly ripped your hair out over the fearful notifications. You attempted to silence all of them but couldn’t because the only means of communication with Taehyung was through your phone. 
You laid in bed now, watching the rain pour outside through your balcony doors as you attempted to sleep. Your phone buzzed and thankfully revealed your husband’s name very late at night, having called you knowing your fear of thunderstorms, and ensuring you were okay after the usual reporter raid. 
“I did, thank you.” 
“How was your day?” Taehyung asked so softly, you felt tears flood your eyes, recently the question of how you are provoking your immediate tears. 
“It was okay… how was yours?” 
“Don’t lie to me, Princess.” Taehyung’s warm, dulcet voice speaks. “You know I can tell.” 
You clutch your hand over your mouth, holding back the tears that threaten to spill until they eventually escape.  
“I’m not lying, Taehyung. I’m okay.” 
You’re not sure where Taehyung is, but you do hear the evident sound of him sighing. 
“I promise, Tae.” You sniffle a little, squealing slightly when the sound of thunder suddenly roars. Another flash of lightning strikes as well, listening to the wind howl dangerously outside your window. You begin to worry for Taehyung and his whereabouts, hoping he’s close to home and not a prisoner to the storm. 
“Taehyung, will you be home soon?” You cling to your covers harder as you manage your fear, sniffling yet again. “Please tell me you’re close.” 
Suddenly the sound of your bedroom door swinging open alarms you, turning around to find your suit-cladded, damp husband standing with his phone clutched to his ear. 
“I’m right here, Princess.” 
You’re in shock for only a second before you lose all composure. Your facade crumbles before him, having needed him more than you needed air. You immediately begin to cry as emotion clogs your throat, phone forgotten.
And Taehyung felt himself break as he rushes towards you. “Y/N...”
Taehyung forgets his phone on the nightstand and quickly slips into bed with you, sliding in right behind your crying form and wrapping you in his arms, squeezing tightly. 
He hushes you as his fingers card through your hair, clasping you even tighter when a bout of mighty thunder booms outside again, and you flinch with fear. You weep into his chest harder as he tightens his embrace, so consumed by everything, so overwhelmed and overrun with emotion it was too painful to bear. 
“It’s okay, Angel. Shh,” he gently soothes you, lips and nose pressed to your hair. “I’m here… I’m right here.” 
You snuggle into him closer, sobs catching the back of your throat as you wail, the thunderstorm only heightening your turbulent emotions. 
“I’m sorry, Taehyung… I’m so sorry.” 
“Don’t be, Princess.” Taehyung comforts you. “It’s okay.. shh.” 
You were eternally grateful for his loving, kind soul, discrediting anything Alex had to say about him. You knew Taehyung, and he was the most selfless person you’d ever met. 
“You don’t have to say sorry, pretty girl.” He kisses your hair, and the iteration of your pet name eases you, making your heart flutter. You peer up at him with your red, puffy eyes and slightly runny nose, but Taehyung still thinks you’re beautiful in every right of the word. 
He cracks a wholesome smile, delicately removing a strand of hair from your cheek. 
“I love you,” he whispers, as if it were your own little secret. “You know that, right?” 
 “I love you more, Tae.” You whisper back, feeling happiness for the first time in days. You realize it was also the first time you’d really seen your husband, noticing the slightly pale look of his skin, his tired eyes, evident of how much the recent events must’ve been taking a toll on him. 
And yet when he looked at you, he gazed at you with the world in his eyes. 
He reaches over to his nightstand and pulls out some tissues, bringing them to your nose and wiping you clean. You grasp them in your hands and tidy yourself, tossing them in your trash can.
You settle into Taehyung’s arms then, telling him he should change after his long day, though he said he felt comfortable enough being with you. You both fell into a comforting silence, simply laying in his arms as his fingertips tread through your hair. 
“Everything will be okay, Princess.” He reassures you quietly, kissing your cheek as you feel sleep beckon you. “It’s hard right now, but we’ll find a way.” 
You nod to him, sniffling as your crying finally comes to a still. You lean in and kiss Taehyung’s neck deeply, the breadth of his hug so very warm, safe.
“And we’ll do it together.” You say, feeling Taehyung smile against your hair as he clutches you indefinitely. 
“You mean everything to me, you know?” He tells you sincerely, finding peace in the calm beating of his heart. “If something’s happening, you can tell me, baby.” 
You wanted to tell Taehyung about everything, wanted to relay all the terrible and awful things that have been happening, to tell him about Alex’s cruel words. 
But instead of burdening him with the information, you merely nestle yourself further into his arms, allowing yourself the tranquility of slumbering in his embrace and a peaceful, quiet mind with the love of your life. 
“I’m okay, Tae. As long as I’m with you.” 
He smiles, but you didn’t know he could detect something was going on, even if he didn’t know exactly what. 
Tumblr media
‘Did you hear Kim Taehyung’s actually violent?’ 
‘God, and she probably only stays with him for the money and sex.’ 
‘I would never degrade myself like that.’ 
‘What a gold-digging whore.’ 
Tick. Tick. Tick. 
You wouldn’t break, no, you couldn’t. 
It didn’t matter the vicious looks coming your way, the new headlines parading rumours of Taehyung’s allegedly violent past. They were resurfacing old dirt on him that barely seemed incriminating, but was being utilized as a weapon by the media. 
You had no clue how the Kim family was handling all the accusations, you didn’t know how Taehyung was handling it either, worrying for his well-being above everything. 
Your phone incessantly buzzed and lit up with notifications; more online hate, more calls and texts, more harassment. Every news article was filled with the most vile of words, your email either had graphic death threats or horrid images that disturbed your very insides. 
And every ticking of that goddamn clock in your office sounded off new daunting, soul-crushing thoughts that plagued your mind. 
‘What if I’m really not good enough for him?’ 
‘Why does he even love me?’
‘This is all my fault.’
‘I don’t deserve him.’ 
Your mind was spiralling, tumbling down a proverbial black hole that threatened to swallow you whole. Every place you knew wasn’t safe anymore, nothing was safe. 
Your workplace had disastrously deteriorated, Alex having taken your last comment and driven it right to the ground with having strategically spread the word. He really transformed into the epitome of a douchebag having talked up rumours and assumptive falsities to worsen your reputation and Taehyung’s. 
You had to laugh, and men say women are snakes. 
You couldn’t even eat your lunch without wanting to throw it up, the embarrassment of always eating alone in your office, the work that gets purposefully piled on you. The messes people leave behind for you to clean up, the secrecy, the exclusion, the blatant neglect of your presence. The ignoring, the shit-talking behind your back, the gossiping, the looks, the rumours; it all amalgamated into spelling your insanity. 
The ticks were beginning to eat at your already collapsing brain, wondering when that clock got so fucking loud. Why does it feel like you can hear what everyone’s thinking? Why can you feel the way everyone hates you? Sense the hostility and awful things they’re wishing upon you? 
This feeling in your chest was unbearable, attempting to breathe through the almost normal intrusion but only felt a heavier wad of anxiety suffocating you. Even your management treated you differently, they didn’t choose you for any projects considering your reputation now, your creativity was dwindling along with your mental state and you were more scatter-brained and out of it than you’ve ever been. 
Sickness was an understatement by now, you felt so incredibly ailing you needed to get away, needed a break from everything. 
Needed a break from life. 
‘Why am I still here?’ 
“I’m no good for him.’
‘I only ruin Taehyung’s life’ 
‘I ruin everything I touch.’ 
You grunt in frustration at that fucking clock, snatching up the damn thing and violently prying out the batteries, tossing them in the trash with uneven breaths. You feel light-headed now, reaching your limit as multiple thoughts swarm your head, though a distinct one screams out to you like your true calling. 
‘You need to leave.’
You had to, you were no good for anybody. You were truly worthless, wasting everyone’s time and energy, wasting space that could be easily filled by someone much better. You’ve made the stupidest of mistakes that have only now ruined other people’s lives.
You escape your building once the work day is over, thankful for the rainy, downcast weather having warded off the reporters and conveniently masking your tears. You were driven home, quickly shedding off all your things as quickly as possible in a panic. 
You zoom past Mrs. Choi and Seo, immediately booking it for your suitcase with a racing, incoherently thinking mind. 
What good are you truly? Wouldn’t Taehyung’s life just be simpler without you in it? All you seem to do is cause him misfortune, everything has always been your fault. 
Your first ever argument due to your jealousy? Your horrible fight all because you couldn’t tell a pushy coworker no? Your inability to fight off a sleazy man because of fear? 
It was always you, it was never him. Why does Taehyung even stay with you? Is what Hisung said true? 
‘He only keeps you to fuck you.’ 
No, no. Taehyung’s not like that, Taehyung loves you, and he would never do such a disgusting, atrocious thing. You love Taehyung too, more than anything you have your entire life. 
But maybe this is for the better. 
Taehyung deserves someone much better, you’ve always thought about this notion. The online hate and comments only fueled your insecurities, contemplating everything you’ve read is true. Taehyung should be with someone richer, prettier, smarter, skinnier, someone with a better reputation than you’ve ever had. Someone much more respectable, someone who would look stunning by his side. 
Someone that wasn’t you. 
You hurtle your belongings into your suitcase, forgetting all forms of organization and simply stuffing what you could inside. You needed to leave, you needed to remove yourself from his life and watch from afar how much easier it would be without you. Maybe subtracting yourself from the equation truly fixes everything, maybe Taehyung’s father was genuinely correct. 
It’s all because of you, isn’t it? 
Tears flood your vision as you rapidly pack, nabbing at things to include as your mind races a mile a minute.
“What are you doing?” 
You snap behind you to find Taehyung standing in the doorframe, practically horrified as he watches you pack. 
“Are.. are you leaving?” 
A single word doesn’t escape you, only acknowledging your husband’s presence and returning to your packing, shutting everything out of your brain until you ultimately, shut down yourself. 
As though you’d already reached the shore. 
“Why are you packing? Where are you going?” Taehyung worriedly queries to get an answer, but only hears crickets. 
He grows panicked beyond anything he’s ever felt before. He steps towards you and places a hand on your shoulder. “Are-are you leaving me, Princess?” 
His touch and the sheer sorrow in his voice clog up your esophagus, burning your lungs to hold back your tears, to keep it all locked up inside. 
“I have to go,” you quietly sniffle, rapidly wiping away a tear as you continue to pack. 
“What?” Taehyung exasperates. “No, you can’t just go.” 
“And why can’t I?” You counter as you turn around and shrug off his touch, eyes watery as you meet Taehyung’s glossy ones. 
He looks utterly terrified, but most of all, Taehyung looks betrayed. It was the look of betrayal that tainted his features, hurt beyond words as he struggles to even speak. 
“How-how could you?” His voice breaks, stepping back in shock. “Why are you doing this, baby?” 
You bite your lip to contain your emotions, swallowing it all down. “I have to leave, Taehyung.” You return to your messy packing, Taehyung’s wounded voice barely able to be heard. 
“You.. you said you’d never leave me..” He mutters. “You said I had you.. you said I always had you. You said that, baby, why would you leave me?” 
The shatter of his timbre crushes your heart, tears spilling from you as you tuck everything into your Godforsaken suitcase. “I’m not good for you, Taehyung. You need to accept that.” 
“No.” He denies you, the miserable look on his face utterly agonizing. “Why are you doing this, Princess? We’re supposed to do this together, how could you fucking leave?” 
“Because I ruin everything I touch!” You suddenly screech, reaching your breaking point. “I have broken… everything I touch. My family, your family, your company, and now you. I’m good for nothing, Taehyung, and you need to let me go for your own good.” 
Taehyung seems as though he didn’t understand anything, stepping towards you and grasping your arms desperately. “What do you mean? How could you say that to me? It’s not true..” Taehyung’s eyes are glassy, rimming with tears. “I’m barely fucking holding on these days, you know? The company is a mess, my family’s been of no help and you’re the only thing I have left. You can’t do this to me, to us.” 
“Don’t you get it, Tae?” Your pained expression searches for his distraught eyes. “I’m doing this for us, I’m doing this for your sake.” 
“How is this for my sake?!” Taehyung raises his voice, more lost than he’s ever been his entire life. “Do you not love me anymore, is that it? You can’t find it in yourself to love me after all of this?” 
Your heart shatters into pieces, holding your hand to your chest where you ache profusely. It feels suffocating, like you can’t breathe, and tears begin to cascade down your cheeks uncontrollably. 
“Baby, please. I’m doing this because I love you, because I want the best for you and it’s not me.” 
“You are the best for me, Y/N!” Taehyung pleads with you, his grip on your arms tightening. “Please, please don’t do this. You’re all I have left.” He begs of you as small tears escape him, swallowing through the pain. “You’re all I have. I’ll do anything, okay? I know how much pain you’ve been in and I’ve been such a terrible husband for not being here enough.” Taehyung suddenly puts all the blame on himself, your lungs deteriorating into ashes. “But I’ll do better, I’ll come home more often and try harder, I promise.” 
“This isn’t about you, Tae..” 
Taehyung laughs, but it’s more like he’s exhaling to release the tension in his chest, eyes brimming over with tears. “‘It’s not you, it’s me’, right? Is that really what you’re going to say to me?”
“Tae.. I’m serious. I need to go because seeing the pain.. the trouble I cause you is too unbearable. You deserve someone better than me.” 
“Don’t say that!” Taehyung uncharacteristically yells, his breaths heavy where his heart most likely thuds. “You don’t get to decide that. Don’t you understand that I can see the pain I cause you?  That it’s so much worse than mine? When will you understand that your pain is my pain, too? I’m your husband, Y/N, seeing you hurt hurts me more than anything I could ever imagine.” Taehyung argues passionately as he gestures between you both, tone rising in severity. 
“But you know what makes it easier? Knowing I have you, knowing we’re together and we’re in this together, that it’ll always be us against the world, just like you said.” He presents his words pressingly, eyes a mess of pleas. “So don’t do this, baby. Don’t walk away from us… don’t walk away from me.” 
“This hurts me more than it’s hurting you, Taehyung,” you explain, clutching your palms into fists that so, so badly want to hold him, but you refrain knowing you need to sever yourself from him now. “I can’t stand by your side knowing I caused this, knowing I only ever cause you pain, ruin everything I touch because that’s all I’m good for.” 
“Stop saying that, stop it!” Taehyung shakes you as he begs, not understanding this, not seeing anything clearly as the rain outside drowns your room in darkness and gloom, already dooming this conversation with misery. “You don’t ruin things, baby. It’s not your fault. Please, I love you.. more than anything in this world. If I don’t have you, then I have nothing…”
You see his soul breaking in his eyes, and God, you can’t even breathe without it burning everything inside you. “Without me.. you’ll lose your problems, baby.” You tell him softly, sniffling as you attempt to reason. “You’re better off without me, so please.. just let me go.” 
“No!” Taehyung stresses, only releasing you to pace the room all of a sudden, appearing distressed, almost crazy. Too many thoughts swarm his head as his mental state nose-dives into a pit of despair. He runs a hand through his hair as he wraps his head around this, tear-ridden eyes meeting yours. 
“I will fight for us.. I believe in us.” He tells you seriously. “Tell me you love me enough.” Taehyung suddenly pulls back the ends of his suit and wets his lips, hands on his hips awaiting you. “You said even when I had nothing that I’d always have you, so say it.”
“All I ever do is bring you unhappiness, Taehyung.” You emphasize. “I ruin everything I touch, and I don’t know what to do anymore.”
“You promised,” Taehyung whispers in a tone of betrayal, steely eyes meeting yours as he pierces your wounded soul. “You promised me you were my person, that you’d always stay by my side. You promised me.”
You couldn’t take it anymore, your pain was festering into a wound so severe nothing could remedy it at all. You shed profuse tears now, but nothing ever quells that stabbing pain in your chest, the pit in your stomach, the cinching of your heart begging for any relief as you watch Taehyung crumble before you. 
“Love me enough.” Taehyung’s timbre breaks apart as he beseeches. “Love me enough, Y/N. Love me enough to stay.”
You struggle watching him, looking up to the ceiling for a higher power, an angel, something to get rid of this terrible feeling in your chest. More tears escape as the pain only multiples, all your weeping catching in your throat with sharp breaths.
Taehyung joins you in crying, tears trickling down the cheeks of the usually stoic man. He paces towards you and engulfs your cheeks in his warm, warm palms, pained eyes locking with yours. 
“Stay,” he whispers in a quiet coo, his forehead falling against yours, almost as if all the sincerity that lies in the world now lies within this simple, simple request. 
“Just stay...” He entreats, a tear rolling down his cheek as his thumbs swipe the trails of yours, his voice so defeated and weak, and yet it remains strong with adamance. 
“Stay with me, Y/N.” 
And as you feel his hands holding you so desperately, hear the shattered state of his voice, see the way he squeezes his eyes so tightly shut as though he were hoping this was all a nightmare, suddenly moves you to the ends of the Earth. 
It leaves you stunned. Taehyung deeply remembers that promise of yours, contemplating it may have meant just about everything to him, could’ve been something he held onto dearly and the fact that you were invalidating that promise, running at the first sign of trouble? 
It’s not what he deserved, and you knew Taehyung’s feelings were real. He wasn’t lying or fabricating anything. He genuinely, and wholly-heartedly loved you more than anything in the world, and you couldn’t stand to be the reason his heart breaks even further. 
You sniffle as you peer at him, hooking a hand onto his wrist. His eyes meet yours searching for something, anything from you to convince you, to beg you with everything his sad, sad heart has to offer. 
You brush your thumb against his warm skin, the smallest hint of a smile gracing your face.
“Okay,” you whisper back, eyes lightening up as you exhale deeply. “Okay.. Taehyung.” 
Taehyung’s entire body takes a breath of relief, settling down as his shoulders relax.
“Thank you.. thank you.” He shows his utmost gratitude, immediately engulfing you in his arms as he hugs you dearly. You embrace him back, having missed his arms and the warmth of his body, leaning into his strong frame. 
“We’re gonna do this together, okay?” Taehyung gives you an affirmative squeeze, speaking in his dulcet, honey-like voice. “I know this is hard, but you’re not alone, Princess. You have me and I have you. We’re gonna get through this together. I promise...” 
Taehyung’s supportive words despite just having his heart ripped out touches you, crumbling at just how much he disregards himself and always puts you first, always ensures you’re okay before he even considers his own well-being. It makes tears flood your vision, truly believing he’s the most amazing person you’ll ever know, and there’s just no way you could ever leave him. 
“Us against the world, Tae..” You sniffle as your weak voice utters, hugging him tighter than you ever have. Taehyung squeezes your smaller frame with his entire being, hoping to transfer all the love he has for you in a single touch, glad that no matter how broken your heart must be, he’s grateful it still beats.
“Us against the world, Princess.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung takes a deep breath. 
He adjusts the lapels of his suit as he once again prepares himself before entering what’s now coined the battlefield; or in simpler terms, work. 
It hasn’t necessarily been kind at all. He’s swamped with paperwork, his stocks are plummeting further than they ever have and reporters and the media alike are practically harassing him for interviews. 
He’s never felt so much anger his entire life. 
Though still, those trivial things aren’t what cloud his mind. As he clutches the sink and composes himself in the mirror of your shared bathroom, Taehyung can’t help but find himself revisiting the last two weeks that have transpired between you two. 
More specifically, you. 
Taehyung was alarmingly concerned for your wellbeing now, and it’s reaching a severe level. Your argument the other day led to a very important discussion between you two, finally figuring out that work has become a hellzone for you, and you needed to desperately leave. 
“Who the fuck dare treat you like this? Give me names, Princess. I’ll buy that company and fire all those motherfuckers. I always knew Alex was an asshole too.” 
“It’s okay, Tae. I think I just need to.. leave.” 
“You should, baby. My Princess doesn’t deserve this at all.” 
“I think I will, I can’t believe I work with such terrible people.” 
“I can’t even live with myself knowing you’re experiencing such awful things at work. I don’t want you in that hostile environment. Maybe I could find you a job at my company?” 
“It’s okay, Tae. I think for now it’s best I lay low and just stay home, it’s the only peace I know.” 
“I’m still worried about you, baby.” 
“I’ll be fine, Taehyung.” 
But you weren’t, not exactly, and Taehyung could tell you were slowly losing something within yourself. He didn’t want to believe that something was severely wrong with you. However, he’d soon realized it was the case when you stopped picking up his calls, and only scarcely texted him whenever you could.  
You stopped smiling, you stopped laughing. You didn’t even eat your kiwis Taehyung would always leave behind for you at breakfast, knowing how much you love them. You didn’t make your usual coffee in the morning anymore, nor really drink much of it at all. You didn’t step foot inside your studio, let alone design or even pick up your sketching pencil.
He even noticed odd moments of you standing in front of a mirror and almost.. inspecting yourself, scrutinizing yourself. Feeling at your body or peering at certain features for far longer than you should, until eventually, you stopped looking in any mirrors at all. 
You rarely ever watched TV nor did he find you perusing your phone, rather choosing to abandon it in your bedroom. He would often find you sleeping now, or locked up in your room with some tea, sometimes staring out your balcony window without a word escaping you. 
Things had gotten so severe you’d gradually, and slowly reduced the amount you spoke. You went from unenthusiastic answers, to non-committing noises until eventually, you stopped speaking altogether. 
You barely ate anything, Taehyung noticing the way you’d always brush him off about food, or lie about having already eaten. The only times Taehyung would get anything out of you were the long, long nights. 
And God, how terrible they were.
He’d frequently find you crying, either out on the balcony or simply in bed, and Taehyung felt as though he was being slowly, though excruciatingly tortured. His chest cinched with agony anytime he heard your cries, anytime the bed shook with your sobs and every time he heard your painful intakes for air. 
The nightmares were the worst, Taehyung subjected to waking up to your screams that always jolted him awake. He’d have to gently coo and soothe you until you’d fall back asleep, or hold your quivering figure in his arms until you found a peace of mind.
They soon turned into night terrors, too, and they were far worse when you didn’t find Taehyung in bed with you.
He scanned through papers working another late night in his study, glasses adorning his face as he diligently analyzed and strategized plans for the recent incidents at work. He tossed a pen onto his desk and reclined back on his couch with a tired sigh, fingers running through his disheveled hair. The back of his eyes ached with the need for sleep, but he only cracked his neck as he mustered the willpower to carry on. 
He can’t, however, because Taehyung hears the usual shrills at 1AM in the morning. He bursts through the bedroom door almost instantly, worry flooding his airway as he finds you clutching the covers to your thinly-dressed body. 
You’re loudly crying and hyperventilating, just like you usually were, and Taehyung speedily crawls onto the mattress as he shelters you in his arms. He pulls you in tight, squeezing your figure for dear life and hoping it rids you of the God awful shaking.
“Y/N, shh. It’s a dream, it’s just a dream.” He coos his routine words, feeling your body raked with shallow, quick breaths. “It’s not real, baby, it’s not real.” 
The sounds of your sobs ceasing relax him, tension lifting off his shoulder as he takes a deep breath, and strokes your back until you fall into a slumber again.  
Whether you’d recline on his shoulder, cuddle up in his lap or lay your head against his thigh in moments like this, Taehyung never minded, always silently, and gladly comforting you with his constant presence as much as you need. 
 It was the only thing Taehyung could offer anyway, himself. 
Every time you’d awaken with scared eyes and a panicking heart, he’d hold you and gently sing to you just to let you have some shut eye. Every time he’d find you up on your mattress and simply sobbing, he didn’t need to question it. He would sit up with you too and pull you into his lap, embracing you from behind. He would whisper to you that everything would be okay, that you would both find happiness together, until your cries eventually came to a silence. 
But Taehyung could tell something had changed in you. No, something had broken inside you. And he prayed to his angels every night that you’d be okay, that whatever’s so deeply troubling you would pass, that you’d find the power to heal. 
Even if you never elaborated on what’s wrong any time Taehyung asked, even if he didn’t hear your voice for a long, long time; he still hoped for the best of your well being. 
Still hoped that somewhere inside you, your soul wasn’t screaming in pain. 
Pain, it’s really all you felt. With a mix of regret, guilt, embarrassment. It just felt easier like this, to not say much of anything, to not talk. You couldn’t bring yourself to, not when all that swamped your cluttered mind were vile insults, hate, sheer guilt and regret. It was eating at you so profusely you couldn’t even think straight, couldn’t inhale a breath without feeling immense pain. 
You were eternally grateful for Taehyung, his loving, patient, gentle presence was the only strength you had to keep going. 
Taehyung had actually hired a lawyer to protect you and your image in the media. He wanted to create a safer environment for you, and took the necessary precautions for any future lawsuits especially after finding out about your workplace, and the intervention did in fact help you feel more at ease.
Though nothing could exactly repair the damage people had embedded inside you, too miserable to do anything, too sad to live the way you used to. 
You felt empty these days, as though your heart had been ripped out of your chest and withered away, now left a mere empty husk. A void shrouded your chest in perpetual darkness, the bile in your stomach constantly churning into the distasteful, bitter bubbling of agony. 
There was no strength in you to leave your bedroom some days, some days reading a book couldn’t keep you company. Some days eating was a task, some days Taehyung had to constantly bug you for a meal, even feeding you soup when you couldn’t muster the strength to lift your arms. 
He’d enlisted the help of the highest-rated psychiatrist in the city, desiring their expertise to get you the best of help and rightfully diagnosed. Your husband watched intently as Dr. Yang sat down with you on your bed, conversing with you through typing on a laptop and writing on a notepad. He examined a multitude of things; your mindset, your thoughts, what’s troubling you so deeply. You shed tears while writing to him and listening to his words, Taehyung’s soft holding of your hand having kept you afloat. 
“It’s a serious case of depression, dear.” He told you softly, a sympathetic smile adorning his face. “The events in your life have just.. hurt you very deeply.” 
You nodded as you understood, having known for a while now that was the case. Dr. Yang explained to a worried Taehyung that it would take you time to heal, and he couldn’t pinpoint timeframe of recovery considering this was a mental health issue. He also explained your inability to speak originates from the trauma of everything, and that speaking would only return to you naturally, over time as you heal. 
Dr. Yang then took your husband outside your room, and spoke to him about God knows what. You didn’t have much interest, and simply slinked back into your bed as you dozed off into a slumber, the feeling of your melancholy the only thing you remembered. 
Nothing changed about your behaviour at all as time passed, a routine for you to be like this. You hated putting all this pressure, work and burden on Taehyung, who would often return from chaotic days at his company to you, his sad and clinically depressed wife.
 Though you couldn’t find it in yourself to do anything about it. 
You couldn’t find it in yourself to do much of anything.  
You really do love Taehyung, you realized over the weeks of psychological torture. He was your rock, your anchor, the only pillar in your life that kept you from drowning. He’s the only reason you harbour any strength to keep moving forward, to stop the terrible, terrible thoughts haunting your mind.
Taehyung assisted you more frequently with any mundane tasks you couldn’t do by yourself; dressing yourself, brushing your hair, showering and bathing most days.
He undresses you now in your shared bathroom as you remain silent, unmoving as he takes the last of your garments off. He steps over to the bathtub and begins running the water, letting it fill up the tub as he rolls up the sleeves of his high-end, brand name dress shirt, and leans down to check the temperature of the water. 
He then looks over to you, standing with your arms crossed over your chest, listless and empty. He offers his hand. 
“Come, Princess. It’s warm.” he calls you gently.
You settle into the tub, Taehyung carefully helping you sit down. You’re submerged in the warm water as Taehyung removes the bath spray and checks the setting of the stream, seating himself on his stool by the edge of the bath. He begins gently dousing your hair with water. 
“Too warm?” He asks, and you give him a tentative shake of your head. He smiles to himself in the slightest, letting the water drown your hair as he delicately runs his fingers through your strands. 
It was the usual for you two like this; Taehyung trying his best to keep you and himself together while you remained a heavy burden on his shoulders. The thought alone made you clutch your knees to your chest, intaking a shaky breath to mask the feeling of sheer guilt that constantly washes over you. 
Your husband moved on to slathering shampoo in your hair, carefully working the soap through your locks as you silently let him, agonizingly drowning in the sorrows of your thoughts. 
With a sigh, you acknowledge Taehyung’s phone by the edge, your gaze falling to Taehyung above. His gorgeously handsome face catches you looking, and his eyes meet yours as he lightly tilts his head in question. “What’s wrong, angel?” 
You dry your hands on a towel before reaching over and grabbing his phone, unlocking it and accessing his notes. You linger over the screen, typing out a message. You then flash the screen to Taehyung with your innocent, doe eyes, Taehyung breathing a little laugh as he falls for them all over again. 
‘I have a question.’ 
Taehyung reads it, warm eyes flitting to you. “Go on, baby.” 
You type again, thumbs moving over the screen before showing your husband. 
‘Do you ever wonder what would've happened if you were successful running away from your family?’
Taehyung’s caught off guard, surprised by the sudden inquiry. He purses his lips as he thinks, his contemplative eyes falling to yours for where this is coming from, though answers nonetheless. 
“I don’t know,” Taehyung says simply, his soapy hands now dormant in your hair. “All I know is if I ran away.. I would’ve never met you.”
Taehyung sees the comment leaves you with indistinguishable emotions, swallowing before your little thumbs conjure up more text, Taehyung leaning in to read it. 
His heart sinks.
‘Maybe you would’ve been better without me.’
He sighs as his chest feels a sting he can’t remedy, wetting his lips. He simply reaching over and presses a long, deep kiss to your forehead, pecking another gentle before he grabs the bath spray, and turns it on as he offers you a wholesome smile.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, sweetheart.” 
Tumblr media
“What the fuck?” 
Error. Error. 
“Why won’t this stupid thing..?” 
Error. Error. Error.
“Oh fucking..” Taehyung immediately rises from his seat as his annoyance boils over, bursting out of his office and towards Mrs. Lee’s desk with a frustrated huff.
“Mrs. Lee, my computer isn't letting me send an email to my wife. Could you please try to send it?” 
Mrs. Lee contorts her lips. “Really, Mr. Kim? That’s quite odd.” 
“Right? I’ve been trying to send the information of this company in search of a head architect to her, but for some reason I can’t send her anything.” Taehyung laments. 
“Hmm, that’s very strange. You could forward the email to me and I’ll try sending it myself, Mr. Kim.” Taehyung nods affirmatively and whips out his phone, sending the documented email to Mrs. Lee and she receives it just fine. 
Taehyung and Mrs. Lee both note that Taehyung’s email is working properly, understanding it must be yours causing the trouble. Mrs. Lee drafts her forwarding and searches your email, clicking the send button and finding the same error appearing. 
“See? I don’t understand why her personal email doesn’t work.” 
“Has Mrs. Kim not told you anything about her email? Possibly changing it?” Mrs. Lee queries him. 
Taehyung instantly feels a sting of pain, revisiting the last weeks he’s been with you. “She.. hasn’t really been talking much.. at all.” Taehyung admits, his demeanour clouded with a grey colour, and Mrs. Lee softens. 
“I have her friend Yeji’s phone number for emergency purposes. Would you like me to call her? She could possibly know what happened to Mrs. Kim’s email.” 
“That’s a great idea. Thank you, Mrs. Lee.” 
Mrs. Lee makes a gesture as though to not mention it, immediately softing for the contact and calling your ex co-worker. Taehyung watches Mrs. Lee converse with her over the phone, not really able to make out much of the conversation. 
He waits for his secretary to finish, watching her place her phone down as he nibbles on his lip nervously, tapping his foot to distract himself. “So?” 
“Apparently Mrs. Kim deleted her email, Mr. Kim.” Taehyung knits his brows together, confusion riddling all his features. 
“Her ex co-worker informed me she deleted her email. She’s unsure herself as to why and hasn’t been able to contact Mrs. Kim through text or call either.” 
Taehyung’s puzzled as all hell, tonguing his cheek as he contemplates the new information. “Deleted her email? Why would my wife delete her email..?” Taehyung asks himself as he attempts to piece together an answer.
Mrs. Lee begins clicking at her keyboard as well, Taehyung trying to sort through his thoughts though keeps getting distracted by the clicking noises. 
“Mrs. Lee, what are you doing?” 
“I’m just doing a quick search of Mrs. Kim on the internet to see...” And Mrs. Lee freezes, her finger having stopped scrolling and her face stunned as she peers at her screen. 
Taehyung questions eagerly. “What? What is it?” 
“Mr. Kim..” Mrs. Lee beckons Taehyung over to her, and he quickly rounds her pristine desk to settle by her side, scanning over her screen. 
And what he sees leaves him absolutely horrified. 
Taehyung’s privy to hundreds of comments on an article about your relationship with him, not any different from the usual self-acclaimed scandal articles discrediting your marriage. Though it’s a specific comment not only spewing vile hate towards you, but also leaking your personal email that alarms Taehyung. 
“Holy shit..” 
“Mr. Kim, if your wife’s email was leaked like this then..” 
“Oh my God.” Taehyung immediately goes into panic mode, already reaching a new height of concern as he reads the God awful words people had to say about you. Insults, rumours, gossip, completely untrue and false statements regarding you, but seeing your personal email up in the air like that is what sends him into overdrive.
He can’t even imagine the terrible things you must be receiving, though another daunting thought then suddenly pops into his mind. 
If they could get a hold of your email, what else could they have gotten a hold of? 
Taehyung’s brain goes haywire, immediately shoving his phone into his pocket and making a break for his elevator down the hall, hollering back to Mrs. Lee. 
“Mrs. Lee, cancel all my meetings, I have something important to do!” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung settles onto the bed comfortably, snapping a glance at the door to ensure you hadn’t somehow snuck up on him, despite having come home to you sleeping angelically in the main area downstairs. 
He kissed your forehead as an apology before scampering his way upstairs, having swiped your phone from the nightstand to do something he swore to himself he would never do. 
Break into your phone. 
It feels like a ghastly invasion of privacy, but Taehyung knows just how important this is. 
He taps open your phone, cracking a smile at the cute wallpaper you’d kept. It was the same selca you’d taken together with his newly-gifted Leica camera in Greece; arm clutching you tightly as his nose and lips pressed to your cheek with his own bread-cheek smile, and you’re happily grinning.
He encountered your password screen then, bypassing easily remembering his birthday is the 4-digit code. He accesses your home page and lingers over the many apps you have, deciding first to maybe visit social media. 
Taehyung couldn’t bear the thought of you hiding things from him. Suffering all alone the hurtful things coming your way considering the nasty comments on just one article. 
Is this what’s been troubling you so deeply, Princess?
And what drove you to delete your entire personal email? It didn’t make sense to him, needing more information. 
He thinks you must’ve backed up the data of your old email considering how often you used it, especially for exchanging your designs and work you created digitally. 
Fingertips typing away, he finds your stored email data and opens up the files, expecting to see designs and your work riddled all over the folders, only to be clutching his palm to his mouth. 
Taehyung’s disgusted by the amount of horrid images he sees, the graphic content of hateful messages saved as well. He’s disturbed to the core, immediately clicking off the content as his features twist into disapproval. 
‘What the fuck?’ Is all Taehyung can think. Is that why you deleted your email?
Taehyung feels anger boil within him, moving to delete the images and content before he receives a text from a random number, clicking to reveal the content, and only finds the beginning of a very graphic death threat. Taehyung’s utterly nonplussed, disbelieving that even your text messages are littered with random numbers that have either sent or texted terrible things. 
He scrambles for your social media and finds that you’ve logged out of most applications. He pensively wonders your passwords and remembers you mentioning that all of them are the same. He begins a guessing game of combination words and numbers then.
Taehyung knows you like the back of his hand, and for fun attempts to input the full date of his birthday with his initials, surprisingly getting in. 
Despite the situation, he chuckles a little. 
He bypasses your social media and finds what should be your private accounts flooded with hate messages and comments. Taehyung reads over some and only finds malicious content that infuriates him, letting out a disappointed sigh.
His protective senses immediately overtake him, waiting to deny every person spewing bullshit about you, only to be frustrated knowing that he can’t do much of anything. He only knows as soon as possible, he’s completely revamping your contact information; new number, new email, new phone for fuck’s sake. His lawyer is definitely getting wind of this and he will be pressing charges for defamation. 
He swears on his life he won’t rest until he sees people paying for this. 
Taehyung sighs as he leans back against the bed, feeling incredibly guilty, exhausted, running through the vicious, cruel things people are saying about you. 
Is this what you have to read? Is this what you wake up to in the morning? 
Taehyung reads the last disgusting comment, and he intakes a breath as he sets a goal for tonight, the goal he’s determined will come to fruition. 
Because if there’s one thing to be known about Taehyung, is that once his mind’s set on something, he’s not a man to be deterred.
Tumblr media
A nightmare again, Taehyung thinks. 
He lays in bed as he attempts to catch some shut-eye, though heard the sheets rustling as your body remains restless in bed. You face the balcony as Taehyung peers at your back, watching the way you move around in distress, the faster sounds of your breathing. He feels his chest ache.
Taehyung naturally slips his arm around your waist as he shuffles closer to you, pulling you into his warm embrace. He squeezes you tightly, lips nuzzling into your neck as he lays soft kisses. He feels the way your body relaxes, breaths becoming steadier, and he sees your precious eyes flutter open. 
He cards his hand through your hair to see you better, lips pressed to your temple. “Y/N..” he whispers, and though he doesn’t receive an answer, he knows you hear him. 
“Are you awake?” Is what he quietly asks, and he feels you nod, nestling into his arms closer, hugging him around you. 
Taehyung bites his lip as his mind races. The last time you’ve both had sex was weeks ago, and he didn’t know how willing you and your body would be in a fragile, vulnerable state like this. But after sensing the sheer amount of tension in your body after all that’s happened, considering all the thoughts that probably storm around in your mind, he comes to his assured conclusion. 
His lips kiss your temple before finding your neck again, Taehyung dipping inside the crook for slow pecks. The noises of his mouth leaving those kisses fill your ears with music, your own personal symphony as you relish in the softness of his lips. 
His hand begins to travel higher, steadily sliding up until his palm gingerly tightens around one of your breasts, letting out a sound akin to a moan. He lightly begins to fondle, feeling at the flesh. It’s almost as though he’s watching your reactions, testing them out before he ventures any further. 
“Is this okay?” he whispers.
You nod to him shyly, feeling your body welcome the touch.
The mix of his hand fondling you and his lips kissing your neck elicit your soft sounds of pleasure, instinctively leaning your body back into his. Taehyung puffs hot air into your ear once your ass meets his crotch, nibbling on your earlobe. 
“You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he breathes, and means it from the bottom of his heart as he watches the moonlight bounce off your supple cheek. “Love touching your body.”
You bite your lip to manage the arousal sparking through you. Taehyung hooks his fingers onto the neckline of your nightgown, slowly tugging it down to expose a tit. You gasp when his large, masculine hand suddenly cups you, nipple brushing against his palm. His fingertips soon greet you too, rolling the small nub between them. 
“So pretty when you moan, baby,” he praises, the sound of his dulcet, baritone voice vibrating in your ear. “My pretty girl.” 
Taehyung switches his hands, and allows one to knead your bare breast as the other slowly snakes down your stomach, long fingers reaching your abdomen. Taehyung props himself up on his elbow behind you, biting back a groan at your pliant body. 
His fingertips canvas lower, hovering above your pulsing cunt. 
“Can I?” He breathes, and you nod faintly
Eyes shut in pleasure, you indulge in his masterful hand groping your breast. Taehyung proceeds with the other and slowly hikes up your nightgown, presenting your panty-clad core to him. He first slides his hand over your naked thigh, pressing the softest of kisses to your cheek as he strokes your beautiful skin. 
“Such a pretty body, you know that?” Taehyung coos with another delicate kiss. “Always love what I see.” 
A small whimper escapes you once his fingertips glide towards the inside of your leg, stroking your inner thigh in almost teasing touches. You shift further back on Taehyung as you request for more, and he gladly grants you your wishes. 
He sneaks up to your panties and cups your sex in his palm, moaning quietly at the electrifying, searing feeling. He begins soft circles over your pussy that ignite your bones, the slow, tender movements of his hand suddenly everything you needed. 
“My wife is so gorgeous.. so beautiful.” Taehyung kisses the corner of your mouth, one hand playing with your nipple as the other toys with your folds through your dampening underwear. You hear a hiss from Taehyung as he touches you deeper.
“So wet, baby.” He takes your ear lobe between his teeth for a soft bite. “Love your wet pussy.” 
You grow restless with arousal in your spot, squishing his hand between your thighs to manage the sinful movement, but Taehyung only pries your legs open. He simultaneously slips past the barrier of your underwear and begins touching you bare down there, cunt flaring up the second you feel his fingers.
A gasp escapes, shoving your face into your pillow and gripping the sheets hard, managing the pleasure spiking all across your body. 
“Fuck, so hot.” Taehyung breathes, the heat of him behind you so intoxicatingly hot. “So sexy, Princess.” 
He bites your ear again before rubbing his middle finger over your clit, drawing patterns over the sensitive bud. You shiver, walls clenching around virtually nothing. Taehyung adds his pointer finger and begins stimulating your pussy in the spot he knows all too well, listening to the sound of you hissing wildly. 
He hums in satisfaction, letting out hot puffs of air himself as he readjusts behind you and presses his cock against your backside. He improves his position and begins picking up speed with his fingers, rapidly moving over your sex and feeling you leak all over his hand. 
“Dripping wet, baby. Just love when I touch you, huh?” You nod to him as you bite your lip, small whimpers escaping you as pleasure floods your stomach, the familiar fluttering of your walls and guts welcoming an oncoming high. 
Taehyung latches his mouth onto your neck, laying open-mouthed kisses all over your pulse point. He sucks the skin sensually once kisses aren’t enough, his three-way stimulation overriding your senses. You moan and gasp as you indulge in his ministrations, adopting a rhythm of rutting with his body behind you that’s now driven you insane. 
Your husband seems the same, whispering curse words and praises into your ear as he relishes in the feeling of fondling your body, the sensation of your squirming for more. He grows too turned on, the press of his cock against your ass cheek fuelling the dirtiest of thoughts within your mind. 
“Do you want me inside, angel?” Taehyung asks as though he reads your thoughts, showing you the utmost, tender love and care in the world. His passionate neck kisses, his hand caressing your nipple and fingers treating your clit, all combine to create a peaceful, euphoric environment for you—where only pleasure exists. 
You nod to him as confirmation, and Taehyung quickly shuffles down his boxers and frees his thick cock, feeling the hard flesh practically slap against your ass. Taehyung sneaks it between your legs, your essence having coated much of your pulsing pussy.
His cock is met by the slick of your warm cunt, Taehyung moaning into your ear once he feels just how much honey you’re dripping. You gasp as well, the feeling of his meaty cock sliding between your folds head-spinning. 
“Deep breath for me, baby.” Taehyung encourages sweetly, and you inhale deeply as he simultaneously pushes in his cock inside your velvet sex. You let out harmonized moans, the wet drag of him slipping right in melting into your two bodies. 
Taehyung hugs both arms around your waist and begins slowly, carefully pumping himself inside your slippery walls, feeling the way you squeeze his cock, your soft moans his very own ecstasy. He groans at the fit of your tight pussy. 
“So tight, baby.” He dips down to kiss your neck again, craning it to grant him better access. “The best pussy ever.” 
You gasp at the slow drag of Taehyung’s fat length, slowly driving himself in and out, the rhythmic steadiness of his thrusts downright intoxicating. Your stomach fills with butterflies when he shoves himself particularly deep, indulging in the way your cunt traps him inside. 
“God, Princess..” He groans, maneuvering himself around as though your heat were his home. You shudder in his arms, softly moaning as your fingers grip onto his forearm. “Just so pretty, so fucking pretty.”
The need for more increases as Taehyung fucks you nice and slow, lazily, as though there was no hurry in the world and he could spend a millennium simply fucking you just like this. You let out an indulgent moan, hand jutting back to grasp his hip and pulling him towards you for more. 
Taehyung reads your sign, breathing hotly into your ear. “I’m gonna have to lift your leg for that, yeah?” 
You nod incessantly, feeling Taehyung’s palm curl underneath your leg and elevate it, granting him more space to fuck as he begins an improved speed. Taehyung sheaths his cock inside you a little harder and faster as his other arm still cradles your body, holding you in place as he thrusts into your dripping sex. 
Eyes fluttering shut and open, pleasure speckles across your skin as the added spread and intensity tighten your walls, the delicious penetration of his cock sickening. You lay on your back a little and face up to find Taehyung’s hung open lips and a sheen of sweat coating his forehead, no doubt from working himself into your pussy. 
A hand of yours landing against his cheek transfers his vision from his cock slamming into your pussy to your face below, gladly able to see your fucked out expression and parted lips exhaling breaths. 
“There’s my pretty girl.” He coos with a small smile, scanning your every feature as though he desires to memorize each one, embed every cut and curve into his mind to view even after he dies. 
His throbbing, elongated dick drives into your sex as you feel your lungs fill with air and lose it, each thrust of his somehow rocking your world every glorious time. And your eyes locking with each other only increases the temperature, the passion, the sheer heat of your bodies radiating against each other. 
He dips down and connects your lips for a nearly lethal kiss, drunk off the feeling of him working his mouth against yours, swallowing you up. The combination of him shoving his tongue down your throat and similarly his cock into your heat drives you insane, breaths hitching repeatedly as you grind against him. 
Taehyung pops off your mouth, and he can see in your eyes there’s curiosity there. Questions floating around in your head as you contemplate why he’s doing this, why he’s suddenly treating you to all this pleasure, and Taehyung commits another act of telepathy. 
His forehead falls against yours gently, a stark contrast to his hips slapping against your ass, drilling your pussy as he lifts your leg higher for better access. 
“Because I love you, Y/N.” He says, eyes only on you. “I just love you. My beautiful wife.. with her gorgeous body.” It’s as though the passion and sincerity in his words leak into his thrust, Taehyung fucking you faster as he feels your walls tighten harder. Your breaths clip, and the nails previously against his cheek falter to his neck and dig into his skin. 
“The prettiest eyes.. the cutest nose.. the softest cheeks.” He goes on and on, pressing small kisses to your face as he showers you in affection, so soft and tender you could’ve melted into a puddle. “My baby’s so pretty.” 
Slapping sounds resonate in the room as Taehyung increases his speed once more, picking it up a notch once your breaths begin to hitch quicker and your fingers grip him like a lifeline. He watches your pleasured out features as his cock slides in and out, indulging in the tight fit of your pussy like the perfect cocksleeve. 
“God, I love you.” Taehyung confesses, his own breath harsh and uneven with pleasure. “My pretty wife.. so perfect just the way she is.” 
Your heart melts, and you feel so touched tears brim your eyes, emotion catching your throat. The amount of love and warmth in this simple interaction brightens up the dark, dark places inside you. Those flowers that had withered away in your chest gradually see hope for better days, and it’s all because of your loving husband. 
“I love you, Y/N. I love everything about you..” Taehyung speaks between hard and deep thrusts, his voice thick with emotion. “Your scars, your faults, your cuts and bruises. Everything, baby, everything you hate.. they’re beautiful to me.” 
You can’t help it, tears escape your eyes as you grip the collar of his shirt and tug him towards you, needing him closer, needing him right there in that one spot inside you and Taehyung ups the ante, fucking harder into your cunt with heated passion. 
Taehyung makes love like no other, hooking your leg between his to hold you open, while he snakes down to your pulsing clit and begins rubbing circles all over the bud, gasping loudly at the intoxicating touch. Your eyes could’ve rolled back, but you wanted to focus on Taehyung’s beautiful coffee eyes, the moonlight illuminating their true hue of honey. 
But his hand on you is so dangerously good, you’re falling into the abyss of his perfect ministrations, fucking and touching you just like you wanted to be.
“Are you gonna cum, baby?” 
You nod, tears cascading down your face as the pleasure of his cock and the emotions brewing within your heart do you in. Taehyung continues to touch your sex as he stimulates your clit, rubbing tight patterns over the slippery pearl as your walls flutter around his thick cock. 
“Cum, my pretty girl.” He kisses your nose, breaths running rampant as he begins stimulating your nipple as well, ramming himself into your pussy. “Love watching you cum.. wanna see you cum.” 
The passionate fucking and quick rubbing all amalgamate into a wondrous orgasm, lips falling open as a mewl and whimper escape you. Your chest rises and falls as your pussy walls hug Taehyung’s cock indefinitely, a warm, tight fit Taehyung can’t help but adore. He feels you calm down as he rubs out your release, letting you ride his hand and cock for more until oversensitivity taints your guts. 
He removes his hand and to your surprise, also pulls himself out very slowly. You grip his shirt and shoot him a look of questioning, eyebrows furrowing. 
“Don’t worry about me, angel.” He simply says, with a whole-heartedly content smile on his face. “I can take care of myself.” 
But you want his cum, you want him to chase his pleasure just as much as he supplied you yours, and you grip him back harder in place as you scrunch your eyebrows harder. He chuckles softly at the image, brushing some hair from your flushed face as he presses a peck to your lips, gazing into your eyes. 
“Don’t wanna mess up your pretty pussy.” 
You still flash him a concerned look, and Taehyung simply softens as he kisses you another time, instead settling himself behind you into a laid position as he pulls up his boxers. He readjusts the blankets over you, tucking you in and pulling you snug against his back, spooning you comfortably. He kisses your hair as he indulges in the scent of your shampoo, transferring all his warmth into your body as he fixes your gown and panties. 
“Sleep, my Princess.” He whispers, feeling your body become heavy with sleep, wondering when you had felt so much.. Lighter? Was it the sex? You couldn’t tell, you were too sleepy to think. “I’ll see you in the morning.” 
And you indeed did fall asleep in Taehyung’s arms like a baby that night, your husband rejoicing at the thought that this may have supplied you even the smallest bit of happiness.
Tumblr media
Taehyung's feet felt heavy, walking towards his home as if he were a zombie. He lugged himself inside, trudging tiredly as he removed his shoes from another gruesome day at work. He sighs greatly as he slips into his house slippers, though finds a smile etching onto his lips when he remembers the passionate love of last night. 
The sounds of your moans burn into his brain, the images of him touching your body and the desperate grip of your hand on his neck. Taehyung rubs the red trails your nails left behind, the subtle sting there, but it’s a hot reminder that last night was real. 
Taehyung blinks profusely to dissipate the flashes of your clipping breaths and whimpers, stepping inside his grand residence. He spots Mrs. Choi and Seo working away in the kitchen, perking up as he stalks over to the marble counter and musters up the courage to ask the questions he always does. 
“Mrs. Choi, Seo.. did she speak today?” 
They both presented Taehyung with sad looks, shaking their heads. “No, Mr. Kim.” one of them answered. 
Taehyung nodded as though he didn’t really expect another answer. “Did she eat anything?” 
“Only some crackers and soup as usual, Mr. Kim. She’s still the same.” They both offered their most sympathetic smiles, wanting to lay it easy on Taehyung, though nothing could truly keep him from the pain he feels, anyway. 
He gives them a comprehensive nod, treading off glumly to his study in hopes of completing some work. It was simply routine for him now to hear those answers, a new normal he didn’t know could still hurt him so terribly. He plops down in his study chair. He leans back in it as he runs his hands over his face with exhaustion, taking a frustrated sigh. 
He didn’t know what to do, everything just seemed so.. normal now, that it was normal to see you like this. A solution seemed too out of reach and your condition irreparable, as though any effort he made wouldn’t change anything. 
He earns a notification on his phone for the front door in all his thinking, sliding left to open up his security system, alarming him of a presence outside his door. He finds a friend visiting him, having forgotten he was supposed to come by today. 
Taehyung doesn’t remember much of anything these days.  
He opens the door to reveal his best friend, Jimin greeting him with a hearty embrace. He hands Taehyung what looks to be a care package afterwards. 
“Oh? What’s this, Jimin?” 
“It’s for you and Y/N. Well, mostly Y/N. My.. betrothed? Almost-fiance? Whatever, we both kinda assembled it together.” Jimin laughs, Taehyung lightening up at the sight of his eye smile. 
“It’s got both your favourite snacks in them and gift cards to all kinds of places. There’s self-care stuff for the both of you and I even got Y/N this special Chamomile tea that could maybe help her sleep.” Taehyung feels grateful as he accepts the gift, giving Jimin another tight hug as he swallows down his overbearing emotions. 
“Thank you, Jimin. Thank you so much.” 
“Never mention it, man.”
Taehyung shuts the door and allows Jimin to enter, stepping into the main area as he removes his jacket. “Hey, have you been getting the guys’ calls, Tae? They’ve been texting and leaving voicemails.” 
Taehyung purses his lips as his grip on the basket tightens, exhaling a sigh. “I have but.. I don’t feel like talking to anyone really.” 
Jimin nods, understanding his friend. “It’s alright, whenever you’re comfortable. They’re just really worried for you both, I’ll send them your regards.” 
Taehyung sends a tight-lipped smile as he makes his way towards the kitchen, Jimin’s eyes scanning over the main floor. “Where’s Y/N? I wanted to see how she’s doing.” 
“She’s in our room,” Taehyung gestures as he points upstairs, setting down Jimin’s gift basket on his counter. “Let me take you to her.” 
Jimin waves a kind greeting to Taehyung’s housekeepers, following him up the steps.
Taehyung carefully opens the door to your bedroom as he meanders in, letting Jimin follow him but making as little noise as possible considering you may be asleep. 
And to his best guess, Taehyung finds you soundlessly slumbering in your bed, tucked into the covers like a little angel as your body rises and falls. Taehyung smiles slightly as he peers at your endearing position, always having slept like a baby. 
“She’s asleep, Jimin. I’m sorry.” Taehyung whispers to Jimin who stands not too far, his friend immediately waving him off. 
“It’s okay, she needs her sleep.” Taehyung grins as his eyes fall to your adorably puffed cheeks, hands in his pockets. 
“How.. is she these days?” Jimin asks tentatively. 
Taehyung shrugs, sending his friend a wishy-washy expression, eyes vacant. “Managing.. I guess.” 
Jimin grows a little sad, a gloominess casting over the room. “Do you think she’s getting any better?” 
“I’m not really sure,” Taehyung explains. “She doesn’t really sleep at night because of the nightmares.. and most of the time she doesn’t eat.. nor leave her bed.”
“How are you both?” 
“We’re good, we’re fine..” Taehyung toes the ground. 
“Are you guys okay intimately and stuff..?” 
“Yeah, I’ve just been taking care of her, whatever she needs.”  Taehyung replies. “We’ve had sex but only a couple times, I don’t wanna push her body.” 
“No, I get that. I’m really glad you’re both doing well at least.” Jimin speaks quietly, a smile on his lips. “Well, actually very well.” 
Taehyung shoots him a confused furrow of his eyebrows. “Hm?”
Jimin gestures at his own neck with his nails, replicating the image of someone scratching him. 
Taehyung has an ah-hah moment and his hand curls around the scratch marks littering his pulse point, cracking the smallest of smiles. “Told you she’s a scratcher.” 
The two friends chuckle a little as Taehyung rubs the trails, before his vision falls back to you. 
He inhales painfully as he watches, feeling his heart tighten. “She’s here.. is what I’m glad for.” 
Jimin sends Taehyung a sympathetic smile, hooking a hand onto his shoulder supportively. “She’ll get through this, Tae. Y/N’s a strong one.. and you’re strong too.” 
Taehyung sends a half-smile before his eyes find you again.
He steps towards you, trying to make minimal noise as his gentle hand falls against your hair, running through the soft strands as he admires you. He kneels down by the edge of your bed, and presses soft kisses to your face. He meets your lips and plants a deep, longing kiss, pulling away and letting his thumb stroke your temple. 
Jimin watches with a warm heart at the scene, considering how much his friend is truly in love, just how much you mean to him. 
Taehyung rises as he decides to let you sleep, leading Jimin out of your room and leaving the door open a crack. He redirects Jimin to his study where they’ve both opened Taehyung’s bottle of Crown Royal. He already found himself halfway through it as he confided in his best friend, growing progressively more drunk as he relayed his sorrows. 
“D’you know he told me the only thing he can do is prescribe pills? Fucking anti-depressants?” Taehyung’s speech slurs as he pins down a glass against the desk in his study, scoffing when he recalled the information Dr. Yang told him about your diagnosis. “Fucking anti-depressants, Jimin. As if I’d let my wife take those life-draining-ass pills.” 
“He didn’t suggest therapy or anything else?” Jimin asks as he holds onto a glass, not having filled it with alcohol as frequently as his friend did. 
Taehyung lazily poured himself another shot of whiskey, practically spilling some over as his deliriously miserable mind brewed. Jimin grows concerned and pries the bottle out of his friend's hand, letting Taehyung at least bring the glass to his mouth. 
“No.. he said therapy can’t work right now ‘cause she’s stopped talking.” Taehyung sniffles after he downs his liquor in one swig. His glossy eyes stare at his glass as he brings it down, thumbing the intricate pattern. A moment of silence passes, Taehyung exhaling tiredly. 
“I just wanna hear her voice again, you know?” His pained, quiet voice is heart-breaking, and Jimin sighs as he listens to his drunk, downcast friend. “I’m starting to forget what she sounds like.. Jimin. Do you know how fucked up that is?” 
Jimin frowns as he watches his friend try to hold back tears, rimming his shot glass without much precision. 
“I’m really sorry about this, Tae. You and Y/N never deserved this.” 
Taehyung swallows as his throat clogs up, leaning back in his seat as his finger poked at the glass. “The last time I heard her laugh was on our trip in Greece,” he says with a smile that’s nowhere near happy, suddenly remembering the pretty sound of your giggle, wondering how much longer he must go until he can hear it again. 
“I had one job, Jiminie.” Taehyung grips the glass as he broods. “I just had to make her happy as her husband; take care of her, give her a good life.. and I can’t even fucking do that.” 
“No way, Tae,” Jimin immediately stops his friend, latching onto his hand to speak seriously. “Taehyung, you make Y/N immensely happy, okay? She may be in this state right now, but you’ve been taking amazing care of her and I know she’s happiest when she’s with you. Haven’t you ever considered maybe you’re the only reason she’s still holding on?” 
Taehyung’s eyes flicker to Jimin, the smallest bit of hope flashing in them once he sees the sincerity. “You really think so?” 
“I know so, Tae.” Jimin states matter-of-factly. “I think she’s always had a good life with you, and I think for as long as you’ve known her you’ve made her happy. None of this is your fault, man.” 
Taehyung’s empty expression shows he understands Jimin’s sentiment, but nothing could quiet the storm in his heart. He just felt so lost, so hopelessly broken he couldn’t contain it anymore. For weeks he’s tried to compose himself, to be the strong one in your relationship, keep you afloat as each day threatens to drown you. 
But little did you know, Taehyung was close to drowning himself. 
Work had him in shambles, attempting to defuse the many situations the supposed scandal had caused, not to mention dealing with his now tainted reputation. His parents hadn’t spoken to him either since that conversation in his father’s study, his mother having only called him to check up a couple times after the allegations of his violent past.
His family didn’t take that news well at all.  
Other than that, Taehyung has been shouldering everything himself. He’s been suffocating ever since, having carried the weight of it all until his back physically hurt. Taehyung was being tried and tested, pushed and pulled until he felt himself slowly tearing apart, something dying inside him. 
“I can’t do this.. Jiminie.” His voice broke, the pain in his chest, the state of his heart too fragile. “I just can’t.” 
Taehyung accesses his video on his phone, clicking on the one snapshot that he always found himself revisiting in his darkest of moments. He presses play and watches the video of you drunk on his chest, putting up the volume because it’s the only source of your laughter he has, the only source of his composure. 
“Why can’t things just be like this.. Jimin?” Taehyung flashes his friend the screen, showing him the video as Jimin watches his friend crumble. 
“Why did this have to happen.. why did he have to hurt her?” Taehyung couldn’t even find it in himself to sob or entirely break down, only feeling the type of sadness where it gets caught in his throat and makes his head ache, tears silently spilling from the corners of his eyes. 
“It’s so hard, Jimin.. It’s so hard seeing her like that everyday.. every fucking day. I can’t do it anymore.” 
Jimin bites back his own tears as he watches Taehyung in such anguish. Although he doesn’t possess the power to exactly help his friend’s pain, his words are his only offering. “I know, Taehyung. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” 
“I don’t know how much longer I can do this.. it’s just so much.. I’m feeling all this pain and emotion and it’s too much.” Taehyung sets his phone down and attempts to breathe properly, tears silently leaving his vulnerable eyes. 
“I think what you need is some closure, Tae.” Jimin speaks up, clutching his friend’s hand supportively as he advises him. “Look, I know you already beat Hisung’s ass for screwing with Y/N but maybe.. maybe you need to convey that what he did was wrong without your anger, finally settle things with him to find some peace within yourself.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flit to Jimin, surprised by his friend’s instruction. Jimin smiles a little, understanding Taehyung’s stress. “I think you’re very frustrated and angry, Tae. I think you still find this situation completely unfair, and you need to find some closure with the situation.” 
Jimin straightens up as he seriously speaks to Taehyung, presenting a healing opportunity. “Maybe speaking to Hisung could help. Let him know that this rivalry.. this petty back and forth is something you can’t tolerate anymore, especially after hurting someone who means so much to you.” 
Taehyung wipes away his tears as he absorbs Jimin’s words, finding his eyes with some positivity. “Do you think it could help?” 
“Of course it will, Tae.” Jimin reassures him. “If you let him know how you feel, and how terribly wrong it was for him to do this, I think you’ll at least be able to let go of your frustration. Work through that anger, find the strength to keep moving forward, focus on Y/N and her mental health instead of feeling like this. You’ll have less on your plate that way.”  
Taehyung nods as he sniffles, seeing the reason in Jimin’s words. “I think.. that’s great advice, Jimin. Thank you.” 
“I told you, Tae,” Jimin pats his hand good-naturedly. “You never have to mention it with me.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung stands before the doors of Hisung’s office, having been able to luckily catch him. 
He pulls open the door after a pensive second, clearing his throat as he steps inside. Hisung swivels around in his chair, and Taehyung watches as his eyes widen in complete surprise. Taehyung finds the man with a small bandage still over his pretty fucked up nose, though it seems to be healing.
“Your nose looks ugly as fuck.” 
“Says the jackass who did it.” 
Taehyung scoffs as he tongues his cheek, hands in his pockets. His eyes flit around the space to subdue the rage he feels even seeing the bastard right now, jaw locking.
“The fuck are you doing here, Kim?” 
Taehyung exhales sharply, he already feels like kicking his face in. He bunches up his fists in his pockets before he takes a breath, remembering the instructions you once gave him to simply breathe through his anger, to cool down in a healthy way. 
“I’ll get to the point,” Taehyung begins. “I’m using every ounce of my self-control right now to not shatter all your bones.. especially after what you did to Y/N.”
Hisung shifts in his seat as his elbows reach his desk, opening his mouth for what Taehyung knew to be a snarky remark, but cuts him off. “But, that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here for Y/N.” 
Hisung rolls his eyes, clearly uninterested. “And what about your little wife, Kim?” 
“I think you owe her an apology.” 
Hisung furrows his brows, acutely confused. “And why the hell would I do that?” 
“Do you seriously not see the fault in what you did, Hisung?” Taehyung speaks argumentatively. “She’s feeling pain right now.. this awful pain she doesn’t deserve because of you.” Taehyung stresses pointedly. “This rivalry or whatever we have.. it needs to end. I’m done playing these games, I’m done entertaining your hatred.” 
“It’s not really my issue, Kim. Whatever happened to your wife isn’t my fault. All I did was expose something that should’ve been known.” 
“But you did it to hurt me.. and you instead hurt somebody that never deserved to be hurt in the first place.” Taehyung explains seriously. “You need to stop acting like we’re teenagers, we’re fucking grown adults, Hisung.” 
“Even as adults you still do the same shit, Kim. Always walking around on your high horse thinking you’re superior with your Kim reputation, do you really think this is just about when we were in highschool?” Hisung argues. “You took everything away from me when you fucking swayed my shareholders!” 
Taehyung feels fury boil under his skin, growing angry over the same narrative that Hisung constantly spreads. His hands tighten into fists by his side, though this time, Taehyung finds it in himself to rather relax, to subtract his emotions from this conversation and carry on with a clear head. 
“I know that’s what you think, Hisung. And I could tell you a million times I didn’t do it with you never believing me. But I hope you know when I say this, I mean this man to man, human being to another.” Taehyung gestures between them both. 
“You truly did something terrible. You did wrong by someone completely innocent. You’ve taken her life and now caused a wound you, me, nobody else can heal. So please, find it in yourself to understand.. to understand that fucking hurting people to get to me is wrong, that you need to let whatever vendetta you have against me go.” 
Hisung seems to almost absorb Taehyung’s comment, though quickly responds with aloofness instead. “Don’t lecture me on the fucking good human will, Kim. Go back to your wife.” 
Taehyung sighs as he realizes his efforts may not have gotten him far, though feels at least satisfied he’s gotten to say everything he could. He steps towards the doors of Hisung’s office, opening them as he makes his way out, though doesn’t leave without saying what he needs most. 
“Hisung, I never knew I made you feel that way when we were friends, I never meant to make you live in my shadow.” Taehyung squeezes the handle, choosing his words carefully. “I may not understand it, but whatever it is, I’m sorry.” 
He listens to Hisung shift in his seat, knowing the apology has caught him off-guard. 
“Don’t think I’m doing this for you, though.” Taehyung clarifies. “I’m doing this for myself and my wife, because what you did to her was truly cruel. And if you ever even breathe the same air as her, I’ll really shatter every bone in your body, and pay whatever price I have to. ” 
With that, Taehyung doesn’t allow Hisung to finish, shutting the doors and feeling a weight lift off his chest as he makes his way out. 
Tumblr media
The sun seems to shine more often these days. 
It’s an observation Taehyung had recently made, the weather letting up as a certain tropical storm crossing over Seoul had subsided. 
He welcomes the sun happily, supplying him the Vitamin D he truly needed. He tucks his shoes into the foyer as he enters his home, head popping around to look for his usual two housekeepers. He finds the kind ladies bustling about in his kitchen as normal. 
“Mrs, Choi, Seo, good evening.” 
“Good evening Mr Kim!” They both beam identically, and Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow with confusion. Their good energy evokes his own as he asks through a small smile. 
“You both seem happy, is there something I should know?” Taehyung queries before his usual questions pop up. “Did Y/N eat today?” 
They both squeal together as they regard Taehyung, their happiness brimming over as Mrs. Seo speaks up. “It’s actually about Mrs. Kim, sir.” 
“Yes, yes, all about her.” Mrs. Choi giggles. 
Taehyung laughs a little. “What about Y/N? Is she okay? Where is she?” 
“She’s in the garden!” Mrs. Seo excitedly cheers and Mrs. Choi bats her hand, tutting her about saying it too early and elaborating. 
“She’s in the garden out back, Mr. Kim. She decided to indulge in some light yard work today.” 
Taehyung’s eyes light up immediately, practically stupefied as his heart somersaults inside his chest. “She’s-she’s in the garden?” 
The two housekeepers replicate Taehyung’s happiness, chiming together. “Yes!” 
And before they could say anything else, he began bolting through his main floor towards the back french doors. He rapidly grabs the handle and swings it open as his heart thuds in his chest. He breathes unevenly as his eager eyes land on your delicate silhouette sitting on a bench. 
Taehyung’s eyes almost water, biting his lip to contain a foolish grin as he steps out into the grass, carefully approaching you. He genuinely believes he's in the midst of a dream. 
From the back, your hair reflects the sun that is slowly shying away into the horizon, the clouds painted a blushy pink as the sky eases into an indigo hue. A light breeze whisks your locks around almost lovingly, as though Heaven’s wind had decided to grace you tonight. 
Taehyung swallows down the wad in his throat as he slowly steps towards you, his feet dragging across the yard. You seem to hear the sound. Turning around, your face immediately brightens up at the sight of Taehyung, adorning a smile that he can tell so easily now, is your real smile. 
You don’t say anything, but Taehyung doesn’t need you to. All he feels is the wind caressing his face, sees the sunlight imbuing your eyes with almost empyrean colour, and he feels his heart become the lightest it’s felt in a long time. 
“You’re smiling,” Taehyung whispers to himself, almost in disbelief that he's seeing such a sight. You cast your hand over your lips and actually laugh a little, Taehyung snapping out of his daze and attempting to control his idioctic grin. 
You gesture for Taehyung to sit next to you, shuffling over and Taehyung gladly seats himself, never taking a single moment to diverge his eyes from you. 
It was funny to you almost; in a garden full of beautiful things, he seemed to only want to look at you.
“Hi,” Taehyung sheepishly smiles. You return the grin, taking your phone out from your wooly cardigan’s pocket and accessing your messages with Taehyung. 
The action calls his attention to your attire, jutting out to feel at the fabric with a chuckle. “This is mine, isn’t it?” 
Your doe eyes go wide, almost as if you’d just realized the cardigan did in fact belong to him. You instantly begin to remove your arms from the item until Taehyung stops you. 
“No, no, it’s okay. It looks better on you, anyway.” 
You send him a grateful grin, returning to your chat and typing something out until you click send. Taehyung feels his phone vibrate in his pocket and finds a message from you popping up. 
Princess ♡ : Hi
He cracks a content grin, having missed seeing your name on his screen. 
You watch Taehyung’s smile inch up onto his gorgeous face, sending him another message just to see the way his cheeks rise. 
‘How was your day?’ 
“Normal,” Taehyung shrugs, though he can’t wipe the grin off his face, finding himself far too giddy to stop adoring how cute you are. “Although, you won’t guess who called me.” 
You tilt your head in confusion as you type out another message, Taehyung’s phone buzzing yet again. 
Princess ♡ : Who called you? 
Taehyung grows excited as he leans a hand against the edge of the stone bench, his arm loosely encircling your frame as he amusingly jerks his brows. 
“Let’s just say he has the tendency to look like a cat.” 
Your entire system lights up like fireworks. Your eyes widen in surprise, clutching a hand over your mouth before your thumbs quickly tap over your screen, texting Taehyung. 
‘Do you mean my brother??’ 
Taehyung’s got a charming smile on his face, trying to contain his happiness as he nods. 
You physically brighten up as you begin to flap your hands, Taehyung laughing at just how endearing you are. It almost seems as though all your excitement can’t fit into your smaller form, and Taehyung doesn’t mind at all that no words come out of your mouth. 
He would love you dearly either way. 
‘What did he say?’ 
“He’s been trying to call you is what he told me, though I had to tell him you’d gotten a new number since.. everything.” Taehyung explains as his eyes flicker to the sun slowly setting, having shuffled closer to you as he admires the orange hues decorating your skin. He sees a joyful smile etched onto your lips, simply grateful for being able to see that precious smile again. 
“He really hopes his baby sister’s okay, and he misses you.” Taehyung curls some hair behind your ear. “He also said he’d kick my ass across the Han River if I wasn't taking good care of you.”
You let out a little giggle that Taehyung’s always found downright adorable, turning over his phone when you message him next. 
‘You should’ve told him to not worry. As long as I’m with you, I’m okay,’ 
Taehyung laughs as you send a little narrowed-eyed look with crossed arms, elated that he could see cracks of your true self coming through the darkness that had recently clouded you. 
Your gazes lock, and it’s as though you were both transported to the earlier days of your relationship, always having this innate sense to get lost in each other’s eyes. 
Looking for the sole purpose of looking. 
Taehyung smooths your hair a little, until he weaves his fingers through and holds your cheek gently. His thumb lightly plays with your soft earlobe as he gazes at you, his chocolate eyes saturated with a beautiful honey, and you smile when you find his lips perpetually curved. 
“What’s gotten into you today, pretty girl?” Taehyung asks with his warm, dulcet voice. You relish in the feeling of his thumb caressing you, leaning into his touch. “This is new of you.” 
You take a deep breath as you remember something, flickering your eyes to the sun before you type in your chat. 
‘I overheard you and Jimin the other night.’ 
Another message lights up his screen. 
‘I should’ve thought about your wellbeing more, I began to really feel like a burden to you.’
‘I’m sorry.’ 
Taehyung’s lips pout a little as he eyes return to you, conveying reassurance as he strokes your hair. “You’re never a burden, and you don’t have to say sorry to me, Princess.” He presses his lips to your forehead, kissing you sweetly. 
The touch of his lips feels wonderful, allowing those flowers in your chest to find the strength to bloom again. You tear up at the feeling of something other than sadness tainting you, swallowing before your tears could spill. You gaze at Taehyung, realizing that having spent all this time wallowing in your sorrow, only made you miss him so, so dearly. 
You sniffle as you nuzzle into his frame and throw your arms around him, hugging him as tightly you can. Your nose pressed into his chest as you caught a whiff of his rich, Invictus cologne, his scent having always felt like home. 
Taehyung similarly encompasses you in his big arms, embracing you with all he had to offer. Being this close brings your eyes to happy tears, feeling joy you didn’t think you’d ever feel again, or at least for a long time. 
You rapidly wipe at your eyes as you send him another message, attempting to keep yourself from crying. Taehyung seems similarly emotional as he reaches for his phone, watching the three little dots hover in the chat until it reveals your texts. 
‘Thank you for everything, Taehyung.’ 
‘I love you.’ 
Taehyung’s eyes swirl with numerous emotions as he peers at you, casting his phone aside and cupping your cheeks in his warm palms. He ensures you can see right into his soul, to see the truth he felt deep within his heart. 
“I love you more, Y/N,” he whispers. “So, so much more. And I will for the rest of my life.” 
Maybe it’s the sun setting beautifully, the flowers scattering the Earth with their gorgeous colour, or maybe the gentle breeze that sweeps Taehyung’s hair almost ethereally, that presents him to you as an angel. The sincerity in his eyes, the honesty in his smile, the way you could almost hear how ardently his heart was beating all made yours beat again, made you feel as though maybe you weren’t a mere husk simply stalking around, that you’d been revived. He fills you with light, this certain, hopeful light that you can’t describe, but can only say makes you infinitely, and absolutely happy. 
You touch foreheads with him and nudge your noses, Taehyung delicately holding your hands in his as he leans forward and pecks your lips. You smile as you bask in the moment, something suddenly popping into Taehyung’s head as he grins sheepishly, snatching his phone. 
He rises from the bench and works his phone, watching him with a tilt of your head and a confused, though amused smile. 
“There’s this new song I found,” Taehyung elaborates, setting the phone down on the bench. “I wanted you to hear it.” 
Finger tapping the play button on his screen, you and Taehyung are both privy to a sweet, slow ballad from his phone’s speaker. Taehyung grabs your hands in his and lightly encourages you to stand, joining him with a little laugh as he begins to gently sway your arms to the music. 
You seem unwilling at first, only a shy smile on your face as you move around to the beat Taehyung motivates you with. He begins to shift his feet and dance along with you, giggling as his movements influence you to finally adopt his rhythm. 
Sooner than later, you’re slowly dancing to the soft music. Your hands land against his wide chest as Taehyung encircles your waist, laughing when Taehyung holds you out and spins you into his arms, catching you like the utmost gentleman.
You both step around to the soothing lyrics and melodious music, comforted by the presence of each other. Your face presses into Taehyung’s chest, and he leans down until he rests his cheek against your hair. He kisses it somewhere while the song plays, feeling your heart flutter like the first time it did when Taehyung held you this close, a time that now seemed to be ages ago. 
“I love you,” Taehyung whispers against you, holding you closer as you listen to the beating of his heart. “I’ll love you for as long as I live.. always.” 
You feel your heart cinch with uncontrollable love for the man before you, keeping yourself from tears as you step around with him, chest lighter than air. 
‘I love you more, Tae. I always will.’
And even though Taehyung doesn’t get his reply aloud, it’s as though he reads your mind, feeling him smile against you.
His thoughts race as he clutches you tightly, reminded of dancing in an exotic kitchen with you in Greece. 
Everything was so happy then, a time where you and Taehyung could’ve been described as infinite. Every content memory then flashes through Taehyung’s mind; when everything used to be okay, when you were simply two people in love, two clueless humans trying to work together for a convenient marriage. 
It’s almost funny what became of his life, meeting a stranger he wasn’t sure of and convinced would only be an add-on of stress, now meaning the world and more to him. That same stranger having now become his muse, his everything, a part of him he would traverse the highest of mountains to keep safe.
Taehyung thinks love is just so funny like that. 
So as he steps with you in a slow, unhurried rhythm, he reminds himself that as funny as love is, it’s also pure and true, a feeling he didn’t know would mean baring his heart to someone and trusting them with it. That love would entail pain, sorrow, trial and error, though Taehyung believed that there would be nobody better to place his heart in the hands of. 
Because no matter all the awful things you’d both been through and are still trying to survive, he’d trust for eternity you’d never crush his heart.
 And he would do everything in his power to protect your precious one.  
Tumblr media
Taehyung rips open a tea bag as the water finishes boiling, slipping in his organic green tea. He plops the bag in a few times until the colour changes, and his tea presents itself to him warmly, fogging up his glasses as he looks in. 
He clears his throat as he brings the cup to his lips for a sip, feeling slightly under the weather these days, though yesterday filled him with almost vibrating content. Taehyung’s felt more alive ever since then, often recalling the sweet moment whenever he could. 
Things were changing, and he couldn’t have been happier. Just simply seeing the smile on your face meant that you were getting better, slowly but surely, and maybe things wouldn’t always be so awful anymore. 
The simple prospect makes him joyful, smiling to himself as he remembers your little conversations yesterday while sipping his tea. He licks his lip as he stares down at the warm beverage, content to be soon joining you in bed and snuggling up by your side. 
He jogs up the stairs with his cup in his hand. He pushes open the door to your bedroom, ready to see you sleeping peacefully in bed, though oddly doesn’t find you in place. He instead sees the sheets of the bed ruffled to the side, and his mind spirals with confusion in a matter of seconds. 
He slowly, precariously steps to the other side of your bed, and that’s when his entire system erupts with panic. Taehyung drops his tea within an instant, and rushes to you immediately as he tries to breathe. He attempts to think logically as he finds you unconscious on the floor, heartbeat on a highline.
“Y/N, Y/N!” It’s all he yells, he yells and he yells as tears flood his eyes and he feels pain he’s never experienced his entire life. Through his excruciating breathing, he manages to scramble for your pulse and finds a steady one, feeling some sort of relief. 
He clutches your limp body in his arms and reaches over for your phone on the nightstand, calling 911 while a few scared, worried tears of his spill onto your white nightgown. 
Tumblr media
“Mr. Kim, you need to step back.” 
“No! How could you ask me to step back when my wife’s in there?!” 
Taehyung begs for anyone to let him into your hospital room, demanding an explanation for what’s happening to you. 
“Please, just please tell me what’s wrong with her. She was fine yesterday, she was fine!” 
“You need to let us run the necessary tests on her, Mr. Kim. I assure you your wife is fine, please remain seated in the corridor until we can let you in.” The doctor dismisses Taehyung as politely as he can before disappearing, leaving Taehyung anguished and frustrated in the hospital corridor. 
He can feel himself crumbling, his entire system has reached his breaking point and he feels like he can’t breathe, can’t speak without it burning his lungs. He feels like he’ll collapse, seconds from giving away until he hears familiar voices rushing towards him, suddenly engulfed in his friend’s Jimin’s arms. 
“Tae, hey, hey. What’s wrong? What happened?” 
Taehyung can’t even find it in himself to speak, his throat clogging up. He feels an immense amount of pain in his lungs, feels sheer worry for your well-being as his mind spirals into a sickening abyss.
“J-Jimin..” He begins, holding onto his friend to remain stable. His entire consciousness is breaking apart, his heart is pounding in his chest as he feels gravity weighing him down. He’s suddenly joined by some of his other friends in the hallway, providing him some strength to stand. 
“Tae! Holy shit, are you okay?!” Jungkook immediately catches Taehyung other side as he arrives. 
“Tae, oh my God, is Y/N alright?” Hoseok comes rushing in, soon joined by Seokjin and Namjoon as they run into the scene. 
“Tae..” Seokjin watches him try to breathe, his eyes watery and distressed as he swallows down his emotions. 
“Jimin, she was fine. I promise she was fine yesterday..” He imploringly tells Jimin, desperately attempting to wrap his head around the situation as his friends look on. “She was okay.. She-she smiled for the first time and we were okay and we-we danced together and she was okay..” 
Taehyung truly can’t take it anymore, this is his breaking point. 
“She was fine, she was fine and I found her on the floor collapsed and I-” 
“Hey, Tae, shhh.” Jimin hushes his friend, walking him towards the chairs as Taehyung visibly can’t seem to hold himself upright. “She’s gonna be okay, Tae. She’ll be okay.” 
“Why was nobody looking after her? Why didn’t anybody look at her health?!” Taehyung yells to not exactly anyone, speaking aloud as his words soon make him realize that out of everyone, he should’ve been the one looking after you. 
Not just his housekeepers, not your parents or his friends, it should’ve been Taehyung paying attention to your health. He should’ve been checking with you more regularly, should’ve hired a nutritionist or a nurse, tried to balance the messes at work with taking care of you more often. 
And Taehyung painfully snapped into two. 
“It’s my fault..” He whispers quietly to himself, vision falling to the ground, realization washing a cold wave over him. 
“What?” Jungkook queries as he and Jimin get him seated on a chair, but Taehyung’s long gone by then, eyes glossing over as he drowns in his mind. 
“It’s my fault.. this is all my fault.” Taehyung lifelessly stares at the ground, clutching his palm to his mouth as he attempts to subdue his tears, swallowing them back in excruciating pain. 
“Taehyung, no, this isn’t your fault. You were..” 
Taehyung can tell it’s Jimin talking, soon joined by Namjoon detailing how the blame can’t be put on him, but he doesn’t really hear anything. All he hears is white noise, and the world around him disappears as his mind silently storms with a hurricane of regret, guilt and worry, wondering where he went so wrong, wondering every single little thing he could’ve done, should’ve done.
Wondering what he’ll do with himself if he doesn’t get you back. 
Tumblr media
It’s the hushed sound of the TV that you hear first, stirring you awake. Your eyes slowly flutter open, and meet a white, plain ceiling above you. 
You swallow once you feel the sandpaper-dryness of your throat, attempting to move, however, your body feels much too limp and weak. You produce a little noise of pain, flitting to the side once you register your hand feels warm with a certain weight. 
It’s being held by someone else you discern, shifting your line of sight over to find the one person in your life that makes you believe in galaxies. 
You say it so breathlessly, raspily as Taehyung’s listless eyes remain focused on the TV, flickering to you once he feels your fingers clutch him back. He seems to have heard you too, and you see something inside him that glistens faintly, though powerfully. 
Almost like a glimmer of hope.
“You talked,” Taehyung seems caught in a moment of strong emotion, tears evident in his sunken, tired eyes. His expression erodes into one of infinite, though silent happiness however, his eyes communicating the relief he feels. “It’s been a while.. since you’ve said my name.”  
You flood with tears as you see the sheer happiness in his eyes, his surprise at simply hearing you speak crushing your heart. Then, you notice the pale, pale look of Taehyung’s skin, wondering when he lost that gorgeous tan, honey glow to him. Then, it was his sullen eyes, the dark colour underneath them indicative of his lack of sleep. He seems skinnier now, his cheeks having lost their bread-like poof and are now more hollowed out. 
Your husband looks drained, as sickly as you almost, and even if Taehyung still manages to appear handsome, your chest is inflicted with a century of emotions that rip you apart. 
You did this to Taehyung, all you ever did was make him worry for you all this time, and you didn’t consider enough how much he must’ve been hurting too. Yes, it crossed your mind, but seeing the physical effects of that pain and sorrow left you emotionally reeling. 
Taehyung smiles, clutching your hand tighter as his eyes flood with tears, though he keeps a cool, composed face. “I thought I’d never hear you say my name again.” 
Emotion builds up inside you too profound to handle, intaking a deep breath to control them as you clutch his hand back. You attempt to get up, but you immediately ache all over and exclaim in pain. Taehyung rises rapidly from his seat. 
“Woah, hey, don’t.” He holds out his hands. “The doctor said you need to rest, don’t strain yourself.” 
You settle back into your bed as Taehyung lays you down, fixing the covers for you. You watch him do so as your eyes can’t help but admire his beauty, his warmth, him. 
“What happened, Tae?” You inquire, your voice quiet, delicate, coarse from not having spoken in weeks. 
He looked at you carefully, ensuring you were fine before he found his seat. He slithers his fingers into yours again and presses the back of your hand to his lips, swallowing. 
“You passed out, malnourishment and dehydration.” Taehyung explains, his tone steady, but his eyes a stark contrast. “Your body was running on practically nothing. You were low on water. If you’d gone any longer without it..” Your husband purses his lips as he seems to run through what he was told, wetting his lips before he bleakly answers. “Hypovolemic shock was on the table.. I may not have seen you again.” 
Guilt immediately infiltrates your mind, feeling the weight of what you put Taehyung through. He appeared okay now, but the very idea of not knowing your condition must’ve killed him on the inside, you could see it in the way his slightly bloodshot eyes revealed signs of crying. You feel regret as you contemplate what you would’ve done if it were him, and can only imagine how he felt. 
Just as you think of the possibility, Taehyung silently, and very quietly, lets tears escape his eyes as he simply holds your hand to his lips. He blinks, the salty water rolling down his cheeks as he stares at nothing in particular. 
“Baby..” You coo gently, free hand finding the strength to touch his cheek and wipe his tears, soothing him. “I’m sorry, Taehyung. I’m really sorry.” 
“Don’t be, angel.” He laughs a little, clasping your hand that holds his cheek as he sniffles. “You never have to say sorry to me, remember? All I need is your health and safety.” 
“But-but I put you through so much.” Your guilt eats at you from the inside, losing your composure once your more conscious mind wraps itself around the situation. 
You were currently laying in a hospital bed, looking to your left to find an I.V drip; electrodes attached to your body and connected to a heart monitor. Not only were you malnourished but dehydrated as well? Hypovolemic shock? That wasn’t something to be taken lightly at all, and to think Taehyung had to deal with all this by himself. 
To think he could’ve possibly lost you because of your negligence of your health. 
Tears escape your eyes once you understand the severity of everything, catching a glimpse of some of the guys sitting outside your room, and your heart aches. Taehyung immediately hushes you once he sees the tears, bringing his forehead to yours.
“Shh, don’t cry, my Princess. It’s over now, you’re okay.. you’re okay.” Taehyung reassures as he brushes his thumb against your hand, pressing his lips to your cheek for soft kisses. “You’re here, that’s all that matters.” 
You attempt to find strength within yourself, following Taehyung’s example of perseverance as you sniffle away your tears, gulping them down to appear more put together. Taehyung draws back and searches your eyes, wetting his lips. 
“I have news, baby.” Taehyung begins. “Everything that’s been happening.. all of this pain you had to go through.. I’m going to fix it.” 
You sniffle as you tilt your head. “Fix? How will you fix it?” 
“I have a plan, and I will fix things for you, for us.” Taehyung tenaciously voices as he clutches your hand, almost solidifying his promise. “I’m done watching people speak ill of you, push you and us around like we’re some freakshow.” Your husband argues passionately. “I’m taking charge, and I’m ending this for good.” 
Taehyung's sudden burst of confidence and assurance almost inspires you, though you still remain with a million questions. “What do you mean, Tae?” 
He looks at you as though you were his most precious treasure in the world. And little to your knowledge, that’s exactly what you were. 
“It means I’m going to protect the person who’s most dear to me” 
Your heart flutters as you return his affectionate gaze, suddenly missing the warmth of Taehyung’s arms around you, too far away from each other as you sit apart. You let go of his hands to hold out your arms like a baby, doe eyes and pouting, and Taehyung cracks a chuckle at how wholesome you are. 
He removes his shoes as he flips open your covers a little, slipping into your hospital bed with you. He fits in with you perfectly as you shuffle to create space. Taehyung’s arms wind around your figure as he pulls you close, pressing you to his chest. 
Your bare legs in just a hospital gown tangle with Taehyung’s clothed ones as you both lay on your side, hands draping his chest as you nuzzle into his cozy neck. Taehyung dips down and kisses your forehead as you purr like a kitten, feeling the safety of being in your husband’s arms. 
You allow your mind to enter a near matrix-like space, finding peace within his hold, serene quietness in your heart. Taehyung squeezes you tightly as his lips remain pressed to your hair, thumb soothing your arm. 
“What will you do, Tae?” You whisper to him, genuinely inquisitive. 
“I’ll do what I need to,” he answers simply. “As your husband, your partner, your person.. I’ll do what’s right.” 
“You don’t have to, Tae.” 
“It’s alright, Princess.” He assures you. “I told you I’d fight for us, didn’t I?” 
You nod against him, sniffling. Worrying about what he’ll do still clouds your mind, however, questioning again. “Will it be something difficult?” 
“With you by my side? Nothing’s ever difficult, Princess.”
You swallow at the vagueness of his response, though trust Taehyung as you feel the beating of his heart, thudding with a true rhythm that speaks a thousand honest, genuine words. 
“I won’t be doing it alone, though,” Taehyung adds on. 
“You won’t be alone? Who will you be with?” 
“Someone who’s been dying to see you.” You can tell Taehyung says that with a smile, though just as you’re about to query him, you hear a little knock to your door as it’s pushed open. 
“Bad timing?” You see an elated Jimin in your doorway, suddenly joined but a brawny bunny you know all too well. 
“Y/N, you’re awake!” 
“Oh thank God, Y/N. We were so worried!” Seokjin holds a hand to his heart. 
“I started praying all of a sudden, and I don’t even believe in God.” Namjoon hilariously remarks and the group snickers, Hoseok chiming in next. 
“I second that. I ask God for loads of things but never have I once prayed for anything harder in my life.”
The guys all merrily laugh as they pile into your room, finding Jungkook and Jimin happily accompanied by their fiance’s from what you know. You greet everyone jovially as their company brightens up the room that had grown dark, something about their positive energy so infectious, you forget this is a hospital room. 
You laugh and smile as you lay in bed and are constantly entertained by everyone’s shenanigans, feeling at home in such a loving, warm environment. Though what feels most like home is laying in your husband’s arms as he clutches you closely, feeling the familiar vibrations of his beautiful, beautiful laugh.
And suddenly, nothing felt so dark anymore. 
Tumblr media
“Yoongi.. I’m really scared.” 
“Shh, Taehyung’s got this, Y/N. You don’t have to sweat a thing, he’s planned everything meticulously.” 
You cower into your brother’s frame as he rubs a supportive hand to your arm, soothing your anxiety. You gulp as Taehyung breathes carefully, stepping onto a podium among a room of reporters, broadcasting networks and channels. 
Taehyung had called an emergency conference meeting that meant practically every media outlet in Korea was privy to this right now. You feel fear crawl up your stomach as you nervously watch your husband. 
“He still hasn’t told me anything, Yoongi. What is he going to do?” 
Your older brother sighs, side-hugging you as he peers down and speaks kindly. “You just have to trust him, baby sister. Let him do this for the both of you, alright?” Yoongi squeezes you tightly as he presses a kiss to your head, feeling warm inside with your brother’s support. 
You take a deep breath as you view Taehyung standing confidently before everyone, no paper or pen in hand, all but his dignity and honour to offer the audience. You watch him swallow as he looks at all the cameras flashing before him, everyone in the room coming to a silence. 
He flickers his vision to you, indistinguishable emotion in his expression as you return him a smile, silently encouraging him that whatever he’s going to do, he’ll do it just fine. 
And so, as your heart hammers against your rib cage and you clutch your clammy hands over your chest, you watch Taehyung tap the mic precariously before he begins.
Tumblr media
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final chapter teaser: 
“I do.” 
Tumblr media
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songs about you: rhapsody | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: “The feeling of him never got old - and right in this moment, it felt newer than ever before.”
Both of your touches used to fit your little agreement to fulfill your desires whenever you needed it - when had exactly these touches started to become a quiet whisper in the back of your mind that had you yearn for so much more than just careless nights?
pairing: CEO!Taehyung x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: fwb, childhood friends to lovers, somewhat idiots to lovers; fluff, angst, smut
warnings: some talk about anxiety (about the future and jobs), swearing, explicit sexual content, taehyung is a soft dom, oral (f. & m. receiving), handjob, fingering, multiple (2) sex scenes, rough sex, soft sex, unprotected sex (reader on the pill, wbk), breast play, marking/biting (cuz it’s me), praising (again, cuz it’s me), ass grabbing, making out, aftercare <3, the ending hurt me so good..., tae & yn being literal idiots, appearance of a mcdonald’s *gasp* and kai from exo!
word count: 13k
a/n: this fic is going to hurt. it. is. going. to. hurt. and i am so sorry. i hope you enjoy it tho and if you do, please let me know!!! thank you so so much for this opportunity @joheunsaram, Sons of Midas owns my soul!! also, pls enjoy this AMAZINGGGG banner by my love @taemaknae ILYSM!!!
further mentions: thank you to my betas @illneverrecover, @voiceswithoutlips & @hantaev! to @ddaechwita & @btsmosphere for lending me their names!! and to @kithtaehyung for reading over this when i felt HELLA insecure!! you all have my heart forever!! and now i won’t talk much more, enjoy reading! 💕
Tumblr media
[!] NOTE: this is a twoshot! the second part will be posted in two weeks, on the 5th of june, so stay tuned!
send me an ask or dm to be added on the tag list!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
For a mighty, powerful businessman, Taehyung surely was weak.
The expensive suits and various ties that adorned his lean body never failed to intimidate the strongest of personalities, and his confident stroll through his building made every woman weak in her knees.
And yet, he faltered every time he laid his dark eyes on you. As soon as he’d strip out of his luxurious clothing, with your body underneath him, not a single trace of the grand, famous Kim Taehyung remained. He would merely be the man who’d whimper at the slightest feeling of you.
Granted, the one trait he did carry into the bedroom from his everyday life, was his habit of occasionally pinning you down and taking control in the same way he did in his office.
Not today, though. Not yet.
His desperate grip around your hair as you let your tongue slide over his shaft slowly gave you all the proud satisfaction you needed this morning. You knew his body; knew by the way his thighs trembled that he was close.
Initially, you weren’t going to go this far today. It had started with a harmless kiss, a mingling of your tongues - but you should’ve known better. Taehyung might’ve been weak for you, but you weren’t exactly the epitome of patience in his presence either.
“Faster,” he ordered from above you, his eyes closed and head falling back against the headboard of his enormous bed. “Shit, you’re always so fucking good at this, Swan.”
You weren’t patient, and you loved the view of him coming undone; especially when he whispered the nickname he’d given you years ago like this. But since you’d gotten what you’d wanted - drawing deep moans out of him, his whole being falling apart under your touch - you decided to leave it at exactly that. Sliding his cock in and out for a few more seconds and bathing the hard muscle in your saliva, you removed your lips slowly. 
You pressed open mouthed, wet kisses along his length, your hand cupping his balls one last time before you leaned back entirely and stood up. Sure to not leave his eyes, you chuckled, the surprised and devastated look on his face breaking your calm demeanor.
“Why those big eyes?” you asked, tilting your head innocently as you brought your lips close to his, only brushing them lightly enough to drive him crazy.
“You don’t want to be like that. C’mon.” He smirked as his finger grazed your cheek, a warning in his eyes that you tried hard to ignore.
“What if I do?”
“Believe me-” He tried to sound dangerous, catching his lower lip between his teeth, but all he managed was to stutter in a series of sighs, obviously fucked out and frustrated. “Believe me, you don’t.”
You rolled your eyes as you straightened yourself, turning to move away and get ready for your classes when you suddenly felt his hand yank you towards him again. Somewhat clumsily, you managed to fall onto him without hurting any of you; or maybe it was just Taehyung’s trained grip on you that knew how to handle you perfectly.
“You’re so fucking-” you laughed as you tried to wiggle yourself out of his embrace… but then again, were you really trying?
“What?” His whisper came almost inaudibly, but it didn’t matter. You didn’t need to understand any word he was saying when all you were focused on was the way he spread your legs with his as his fingers snaked their way down to trace the inner side of your thigh.
He pressed a trail of gentle kisses along your bare shoulder and neck, snickering when biting your earlobe elicited a moan out of you. “I’m not even touching you yet.”
“You’re not? What’s that then?” you whispered, placing your hand over his that was cupping your most sensitive, clothed part. When he brushed your panties aside to feel your soaked cunt, you sighed into his cheek, “I have to leave, Taehyung.”
“Come on, babe,” he argued, his breathing already heavy and - god, his fingers never failed to make a mess of you, “wanna fuck you so bad. I’ll be quick.”
“You’re insufferable.” Though you weren’t entirely sure about that when he rubbed skilled circles against your clit, having you squirm and whine. Taehyung, too, only responded to your words with a light hearted laugh, a clear proof for him brushing off your statement. “Hurry up then.”
With that, his hand left your throbbing pussy to replace it with his rock-hard cock, and he didn’t need more permission than you turning your head to kiss him to press himself inside.
You both groaned at the same time as his cock split your cunt - how you were still so tight after he’d fucked your brains out so many times, he couldn’t decipher, but it wasn’t as if he was going to complain, either.
“Oof, your pussy just-” he started, thrusting in a few times as he panted into your hair, “it just knows how to take me. It’s just fucking made for me, isn’t it?”
“Harder.” This pace was neither going to get you to your class in time nor was it going to be enough for your personal taste right now. You needed what he’d given you last night - you always loved when he did.
“So fucking greedy every time.”
“I’ll be late, Tae, for f-fuck’s sake,” you cried out when he picked up his pace, adhering to your wishes as his hands landed on your waist, “you said you’ll be quick.”
“Not my fault that you feel so good. Need to memorise every inch of you.”
And then, you decided to take it a step further. No matter how dangerous that idea sounded in your head, you knew that danger always meant pleasure, too, if it was Taehyung who embodied that darkness. “Fuck me as hard as you can. Tell your dick to not be ridiculous and memorise later.”
Unsurprisingly enough, you got the exact reaction you’d hoped for; and you knew you’d regret it later, but you honestly didn’t give a fuck right now. As a grin snuck up onto your face, he got onto his knees, pulling you with him before he pushed you forwards.
“My ridiculous dick?” Taehyung growled, trying not to get distracted by the way you stretched your ass towards him and by the picture of him being buried so balls deep inside you. “If it’s so ridiculous, why do you become such a little mess every single time I fuck you into oblivion, huh?”
He didn’t wait for an answer; he didn’t need one. Instead, he started pounding into you - as you’d pleaded - as hard as he could, having you whimper from the oversensitivity that still lingered from last night. Speaking of which-
“You keep forgetting that I can take your ability of walking whenever you provoke me, right?” Taehyung was panting behind you as his fingers found your little pearl again, starting at a slow pace that soon became a frantic rubbing within a minute.
No, you certainly had not forgotten.
Since you and Taehyung had started this thing, he’d pushed your limits on one too many occasions. And while you’d collected a number of memories this way, the first night of you together was always that one thought that entered your mind instantly when he reminded you of his power over you.
Back then, you’d only been longtime friends but never extended your relationship any further. That is, until this one important event came around when you’d drunkenly admitted to him that you’d wanted to be the one to wet his dick since eleventh grade.
And sure enough, he’d turned your fantasies into reality when he’d pulled you into the nearest bathroom, careless about anyone pulling at the handle while he’d edged you, pressed against the sink, for a whole hour before railing you for another. And when the party had died, he’d taken you home and continued giving you the fucking of your life for the remaining night.
What had somewhat started harmless, as a way to satisfy both of your desires on a regular basis, had now become a full-blown friendship with benefits. And you hadn’t failed to notice that in the last weeks something had definitely shifted.
You had always joked around with each other, always been best friends - but the flirty teasing that kept sneaking its way into your conversations now felt different.
Just like now, when he spilled inside you after you’d collapsed on the sheets from your own orgasm, leaning down and whispering sweet words such as, “You’re so good to me. That’s why you’re mine.”
Hearing this from him wasn’t a habit in any way - and yet, here you were, letting your best friend fuck you up as he finished, his tight grip on your soft ass loosening.
With a firm slap against it, he pulled out, chest heaving heavily as he managed to say, “I’ll drop by after work... and then we’ll test how often I can make you cum tonight.”
His tone was serious, not the slightest hint of a joke that you could extract out of his words - that was probably his idea of punishing you after you’d rejected him first.
Joke’s on him. You liked it.
Relishing in the sight of your legs still trembling, he licked his lips as he told you nonchalantly, “Go or you’ll be late.”
This little shit.
Tumblr media
The sigh that left your lips as you entered the practice room had by now become a well-known habit.
These days, you tended to be quite on time, and this wasn’t only due to the fact that you hadn’t seen the distraction that walked the Earth in the form of a monstrous man for several days. Taehyung had been busy with business, expanding his music shop and taking care of those that were already spread across the country.
In comparison to his brother Namjoon, who handled the art section that his father had entrusted him with, Taehyung’s little inherited side business sold instruments of the highest quality. You always used to wonder how their father had managed to build up not one but two big companies that brought in so much money that they could’ve bought numerous luxurious yachts.
But each time you saw your best friend’s collection, grazing the wooden flutes and violins, you were awestruck. They surely were worth what the price tag said, and you couldn’t wait to one day buy and try one of the flutes yourself.
This morning, however, the motivation to practice and give your best left your body as soon as you entered the room and locked eyes with the clarinet section. For some unsolved reason, these people would always stare at you and your flautist friends as if you were life-long enemies, entitled to hate each other.
Which wasn’t entirely true, though. What would start as an insulting conversation would always soon evolve to a playful banter that ended in laughs and giggles as soon as class was over.
“Aren’t the auditions in two months?” you heard your classmate Kai whisper - and your heart instantly dropped.
You knew exactly what he was talking about.
Your graduation was nearing - and with that, the thoughts about your future increased vehemently. Despite knowing what you wanted and preparing for it every day, the fear inside you grew with each time you heard the word audition, a term that your brain had started to associate with something devilish enough to make your stomach turn.
As you sat down next to him, you clicked your tongue as you said, “Gosh, why would you stress about that already, Kai?”
He instantly turned to you, gripping his clarinet tight as he furrowed his eyebrows. “So you’re saying you’re not? C’mon.”
“I’m saying it won’t do anyone any good to be reminded of it constantly.”
“Babe,” he started - a nickname that had you shivering with a scrunched nose each time, “it’s a rare chance. Of course I’d shit my pants just thinking about it.”
Beside him, his friend Chelle nodded, the red curls framing her face bouncing along with her head. “I’ve been training for this literally my whole life. No, really, I was born with a clarinet in my hands! If I don’t get in, I’ll smash something!”
If your heart wasn’t on the deepest grounds yet, then it was truly suffering now. The drop in your mood made your shoulders fall forward, an ache inside you that had you breathe out deeply to calm yourself.
And your teacher uttering warnings about the musical opportunities being slim, but praising some lucky musicians of your class did nothing to ease the tension inside you. The jealous sting never died - even after all these years, you were always curious why he’d never compliment you, your abilities, your improvements. It was always about Chelle. Always about Kai.
Seeing the distress in your expression after class, the latter rested his palm on your shoulder, shaking you awake from your nightmares before he asked, “You don’t look good. What’s wrong?”
You shook your head as you collected yourself, shooting him a smile before you stood and said as you walked away, “Just tired.”
Tumblr media
In reality, you wished it was just tiredness.
But when you entered Taehyung’s large glass building, you still tried to convince yourself that your hurried footsteps were causing the racing of your heart and not the anxious feeling that your teacher and classmates caused regularly.
In your haze, you didn’t even notice when you passed his door, laughing embarrassingly at yourself as you pushed the handle down to enter the room.
However, your body stilled instantly, grinning at the two men while you’d expected only one. Putting a strand of hair behind your ear, you cleared your throat before you mumbled, “Well, thankfully I didn’t enter some important meeting, huh?”
“It’s alright. I’m pretty much done here,” Namjoon said cheerfully, his slicked-back hair shining in the fluorescent light. He put his hands in his pockets - a standard move for men in suits, really - as he smiled at you, strolling towards you to leave. “It’s good to see you again, Y/N. Hope you’re doing good.”
And with a pat on your shoulder and nod from you, he was gone.
“How’s it going, babe?” Taehyung asked, loosening the tie around his neck as he sat down on his chair.
From him, the nickname didn’t seem bad. When he said it, it ignited a small flame in the pit of your stomach that you’d been trying hard to ignore for the last few weeks.
“I- uh. Bad day,” you finally said as you took a seat in front of him, stretching your legs until your feet touched his knees under the table. “Just stressed because of my finals, I guess.”
“Mhm. How was practice today?” His tone was calm, but carried this slight hint of worry that you’d gotten to know well over the span of your friendship. You knew he could see the frustration in your face, and he knew you were here to distract yourself from the peer pressure that caged you in your own mind all the time.
“Meh. I could do better. And look at this,” you said, opening your bag to hold your flute under his nose, pointing at one heartbreaking spot, “there’s a crack. Now. Why now? I’m so close to finishing school. Cracks in an instrument aren’t ideal, you know?”
“I know a thing or two about that, yeah,” Taehyung answered, a smile adorning his face as he tilted his head; you were cute, even when desperate. “But this is not too bad. Repairing it won’t cost much and it won’t affect how you play.”
You sighed deeply, bringing the flute to your lips as you blew into it once, playing just one single tone that echoed chaotically from the walls. The pout you gave him made him snicker, his eyes following your hands that settled on your lap; but when he heard you sniff and detected that one little tear rolling down your cheek, he silenced.
Immediately standing up and rounding the table, he turned your chair as he found himself crouching down in front of you. “Hey, hey. Y/N, sweetheart, look at me.” And when you did, he cupped your face in his palms as he added, “What’s wrong?”
“Ah, graduation is getting to me,” you answered, brushing off your own sadness as you leaned into his touch. “Don’t worry about me.”
“I always worry about you.”
The thumb wiping away your tear shouldn’t have affected you like it did. His gentle expression, the reassuring smile, the soft sparkle in his eyes shouldn’t have made your heart skip several beats. But he always did - especially nowadays, the spell he’d suddenly cast on you did way more than it had in high school; or heck, even a year ago.
“Hmm,” Taehyung hummed as he squinted, a light teasing hidden behind his eyes when you looked at him. “Are you free on Saturday?”
You sniffled again, searching your head for your weekend schedule before you nodded. “I need to practice as always, but I should be free Saturday evening.”
With one last squeeze, his hands left your face before he stood, looking down into your big eyes as you gazed up to him. “I’ll pick you up at six o’clock and we’ll go have some fun somewhere. Okay?”
“I- okay.” You knew he was trying to cheer up. And god knew, you needed it.
A night out with Taehyung was always an effective way to wind down, and all the activities that happened in the bedroom at the end weren’t the sole reason for this. He always understood what to say, and behind his strict CEO persona, he was the most gentle, caring man you knew. Despite anything that happened between you, he was still your friend - the boy that you’d known all your life, still the sweet brat who’d tease you about the smallest things.
But if everything else was so familiar - then why did his invitation light up your heart like never before?
Tumblr media
At 6 o’clock sharp, your doorbell rang. The way you knew him, he’d probably waited outside of your building - Taehyung was never too late anywhere and hated to be early.
“I’m coming down,” you said into the speaker, grabbing your keys and bag excitedly. The thought of tonight was the only thing that’d made you suffer through the week without a single breakdown - and the fact that you hadn’t seen him for days again had you squirming in your seat impatiently whenever you’d thought of him.
But as happy as you’d been to see him again, you hadn’t been ready for his mouth to fall open as soon as you came into his view. It wasn’t as if he’d thought that you’d changed in such a short time period - but the way your summer dress hugged your body perfectly and your hair fell over your shoulder in such beautiful waves had him let out a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding.
The breathtaking smile you shot him would’ve ended him inevitably, if you hadn’t hugged him in the next second, arms wrapping around his neck tightly.
Taehyung needed a second to bring up his hands, squeezing your waist just once before you parted from him again. Your proud smirk eventually broke him out of his fog, and when you said your next words, he shook his head.
“Close your mouth. I’m not even naked.”
“No, but you’re impossible,” he whispered as he rolled his eyes, his hand gesturing for you to get into the car when he opened the door for you.
“Impossible to look at, because I’m that hot?” you teased, tapping his arm when he got in.
“Shut up.”
Yes. Because you were that hot. You were absolutely astonishing, a body shaped by the gods, a miracle on this damned Earth and a-
“What’s that?” Your curious tone interrupted his thoughts as he started the car. His head automatically shot to the backseat where your eyes had settled, and he immediately grabbed your wrist mid-air as you reached for the little package behind you.
“Something for work,” he replied hastily, trying to focus on the road while you turned around, “don’t touch it.”
You squinted at him suspiciously but let it slide anyway - you weren’t someone to pry on his private stuff and life when he felt clearly uncomfortable with revealing it. In that sense, you let him drive to heaven knew where, listening to his low, quiet humming as he drummed against the steering wheel to the sound of the song.
Meanwhile, your gaze wandered to the warm streetlights. At this time of the day, people gathered in the center of the town, and something was always happening. Sometimes, people were storming restaurants after a heated shopping spree; some were visiting museums to extend their cultural knowledge and rub their chins in delight; and others just walked around without a specific aim or goal, enjoying the fresh evening air that was blowing through your hair through the open window.
At some point, you'd started to sing along to the song and entirely missed that Taehyung had stopped - he loved to hear your voice, to listen to the way you experimented and changed the notes of a song at your own will. And you never failed to amaze him; you could truly even make a disorganised, chaotic rhapsody sound like a beautiful tune out of the mouth of an angel.
"I really love your voice," he spoke his thoughts without averting his eyes from the road. But when you stilled, head shooting to look at him, his right hand reached out to rub your leg gently as he pleaded, "Don't stop."
"But now I'm… flustered."
Taehyung let out an amused laugh, shaking his head as he pulled into a parking lot and bringing the roaring of the motor to a halt before he faced you. "Okay, then don't, yet. First, we'll get us some dinner, yeah?"
And getting dinner you did. Though, while you'd expected him to bring you to one of his fancy places that he always loved to brag about, the dinner turned out to be an even fancier restaurant that made you burst into laughter until you felt tears burn in the corner of your eyes.
"Okay, so," you breathed as you calmed down, holding onto Taehyung's black shirt as he laughed with you, "we're going to order some Big Macs and fries and then chill somewhere?"
"That's my plan, yes."
"God, Taehyung, you're so unpredictable."
Draping an arm over your shoulders, you waltzed into the huge McDonald's, his voice near your ear sending a cold shiver down your spine when he whispered the harmless words, "That's why you're still friends with me."
And maybe you would've laughed about this some months ago. You would've thrown your head back and punched him playfully, made sure to let him know that yes, that was why he was your best friend.
But right now, you hated these words - because god knew you didn't want to be his friend anymore. With every touch he drove you insane with, you longed for him more, every word leaving his pretty lips having you yearn for them to press on yours again. But to your chagrin, you also knew that beside your genuine friendship, there was nothing that would ever sneak its way into your relationship that was more than casual sex and affection for each other as human beings.
You had to admit that this thought dragged heavily at your heart. Even now.
But tonight was not the right time to think about; and a McDonald's was definitely not the right place to dwell on it. And when your mouths were stuffed with burgers and fries, there was no melancholic topic you wanted to discuss anymore, because there was nothing between you but laughter at the way you both smeared sauce onto your faces.
While you both had promised each other to not look at a fast food product for the remainder of the month anymore, you were still quick to widen your eyes when he eventually suggested to get some ice cream for the way.
And now that you were strolling through the city, spooning a chocolate sundae into your mouth, you swore you felt at peace as you hadn't the entire week.
"Isn't this the best night out ever?" Taehyung asked, poking you softly with his elbow.
"Oh, I bet eating shrimp has got nothing on devouring a big, juicy burger in a restaurant owned by a clown."
"Absolutely. I can actually confirm that." He took another spoonful of his ice cream, letting the taste of it mixed with strawberry cool his dry throat.
"So… you're not going to say that it isn't actually owned by a clown?"
Taehyung looked at you with furrowed eyebrows, his lips pressed together in a line. "Hm? You mean, Ronald Mcdonald is not the big boss?"
You giggled like a little school girl, your cheeks heating up and hair flying in the wind before you realised that you'd reached the small fountain in the middle of the town.
Childhood memories swimming to the surface of your conscience, you remembered coming here as a child, many years ago when your biggest worry had been having to sleep early. Back then, your parents had used to take you here at least once a month - they knew how much you loved it.
And how could you not?
At the break of dusk, the water would always light up in various colours, from purple to blue or yellow; the little event that took place every weekend had always astounded you. And even now, you urged Taehyung to halt, sitting down on a bench as you waited for the miracle to begin, a fond nostalgic feeling already spreading through your body.
"You've always loved this," Taehyung muttered, sitting down next to you as he stole a bite from your sundae. "I don't think there's ever been a time when you haven't stopped here."
"It's just really pretty. And I thought we'd get some more time to talk while we wait for the darkness. Won't take long, I think." You gazed up at the clouds - the sun had long vanished, going down somewhere behind the horizon that laid behind the large and high buildings blocking your view. The sky was coloured in the most beautiful hues of blue, purple and red, just like the water would be soon, and you sighed at the calm and serene atmosphere.
"Pretty," you mumbled, slipping out of your shoes as you crossed your legs. Finishing your own portion of your dessert, you shot Taehyung a playful smirk, reaching out to taste his strawberry flavoured ice cream as well.
"That's mine, woman!"
"Double standards are bad for the skin, Tae." You rolled your eyes as you leaned back, watching him finish before he placed the little plastic cup on the bench to his right. "Hey, I visited one of your shops two days ago. So many people! It seems like things are going great for you!"
"They are," he confirmed, wiping away the remnants of the sweet topping, "it's been amazing for both me and Namjoon lately. And with everything going so smoothly, I've had more time to work on my piano skills as well."
You nodded proudly, thinking back to the times when you, Taehyung and your other friends would gather in the music room in high school and watch him play one song after another throughout the whole free period. The way his fingers fluttered over the keys was incredibly enchanting; it looked so effortless, sounded so perfect that you'd not rarely feared that the tune alone would make you fall in love with him hopelessly.
"Did you get your flute repaired yet?"
Taehyung’s voice sounded odd. Like he knew you hadn't but wanted to ask anyway.
"Nah," you said with a small sigh, supporting the weight of your head in your hand, "I'm gonna save money for a new one."
By now, the world was getting darker and the faint light of the moon shone onto your appearance as you watched the still colourless water, a light chuckle escaping your chest when you told him, "I'm just a little sad. Mom bought me that one years ago. It's how I got into music at all… but you know, there always comes a time when it's important to let go."
Shifting closer to you until your knees touched, Taehyung nodded slowly.
"You've created some fond memories with it." And when you put your head on his shoulder, he continued, "Namjoon used to play songs for me on the piano. He even wrote his own and always asked me for my opinion. Needless to say that I loved all of them, and I think that was the main event that made me realise how much I love music. How much I want to work in that field. You know, I could’ve auditioned somewhere, but I really wanted to help Dad with his business. Seeing people this happy when they buy a new violin? A new guitar? It's so endearing."
Audition. There it was again.
"I want to get into that orchestra, Tae," you half-whispered, an almost inaudible sentence that he'd somehow, surprisingly still heard.
"You will. I've heard you play and you're good enough, Swan."
"What if I'm not, though? My classmates have been practising since they were in diapers. I just started four years ago and I-"
"Which is enough time," he interrupted, moving forwards and causing you to straighten your posture again. His eyes were heated, a passionate fire burning behind them as he gathered the words on his tongue. "It's not always about how long they've been playing an instrument. It's about willpower and passion, too - and you have an abundance of that, Y/N. You're amazing at what you do. And also, I really need to see you on Broadway!"
Your eyes widened, and you chuckled at his words, admiring the optimism he put into his statements; a clear indication of how much he wanted to cheer you up. "Too much. That won't happen. I'd be lucky enough to just be recognised by a small audience… can't talk about Broadway yet."
"But I recognise you. I always will. Does that mean nothing?" he whispered as he came closer, a palm settling on your cheek as he moved your head to meet your eyes. "I'll be supporting you all the way."
"Even if I don't make it?"
Your eyes were glistening again. The light shimmer in them was enough to make your voice shake, enough to affect Taehyung's heart in the most crucial way. Seeing you suffer and dwell in agony was comparable to a million terrible things in this universe, and your expression caused a heartache that had become too hard to ignore.
But even in your sadness, you were the most beautiful being he'd ever seen. And he wanted nothing more than to see the star in front of him shine.
"You will," he promised quietly, bringing his lips closer to kiss your cheek before he continued, “first you’ll be in an orchestra,” another kiss on your other cheek, “then Broadway," a small peck on your nose and a last, “and then you'll be a world-famous artist,” before he ultimately pressed his mouth against yours.
The kiss was soft - not hurried, not hungry, not impatient. Just a gentle pressure as he moved his lips against yours slowly, eyes closed and hands on your warm face with nothing in his mind but you; you thriving, you smiling, you existing.
And knowing that he was doing that for no other reason than simply wanting to made the wings of the butterflies in your stomach flutter wildly.
You didn't notice that the lights had started to shift the colour of the fountain water in front of you until you parted. And even then, you found it hard to look away from the brightest light in your surroundings, his eyes so lively and intense that you wanted to drown in them and never swim back to the surface ever again.
And with that in mind, the ache in your heart grew further.
Tumblr media
The first time you’d slept with Taehyung, however, hadn’t made your heart sting like this.
Quite the opposite - everything between you was pure, rough pleasure; a desire so intense that feelings wouldn’t have been able to sneak their way in even if they’d wanted to; that’s what you’d thought at least. Back then, your relationship had solely consisted of whispered filth, careless movements and no fear of tomorrow.
The only thing that’d hurt at that time was your body after you’d wake up.
After the turbulous first night that you’d spent together, you’d opened your eyes on his sheets, in his bedroom with his back turned towards you. It hadn’t taken long until you’d stirred him awake, too, and the quiet conversation under the soft blanket had been short and painless after you’d both agreed to tackle this thing casually.
Not that Taehyung didn’t have countless women strolling behind him, ready to lay under him as soon as he uttered the magical words - but doing this with you, with someone he trusted and could have anytime he wanted, seemed too tempting to decline.
And of course, you’d been more than ready to be a part of this affair as well. It wasn’t even as if you were hiding this much - your whole friends circle was aware of your clownery, and to be frank, they’d always told you that you’d end up together, get married and have dozens of children.
Both of you were quick to brush off these statements, deeming them as incredibly ridiculous before you left the gatherings to fuck each other’s brains out to prove that there was nothing more between you than sex.
As you sat in his car now, bracing yourself to repeat the exact same thing tonight, you soon realised that you could only lie to yourself that much. You cursed yourself internally, hating your insides for burning like this when he got in, too, making himself comfortable before he turned to look at you.
And that’s all he did. For a few seconds, he didn’t even buckle his belt - only stared at you in mischief and amusement, clearly excited about something that you couldn’t read from his facial expression alone.
“What?” you asked, starting to feel self-conscious under his gaze, your arms instinctively shooting up to entangle in front of your chest.
Taehyung bit his lower lip as he smiled, reaching to the mysterious box that he “needed for work” before he placed it on your lap. With a shaky, nervous breath, he nodded towards it as he told you, “I bought you something. Open it.”
“So that was… for me after all?”
You didn’t see his nod or his gulp, your hands too busy taking out the box out of the bag. But when the gift came into view, your heart nearly stopped, your mouth falling open as you stopped your movements to look at him in disbelief.
“Is that- is that what I think it is?” you asked breathlessly, watching Taehyung nod slowly as he licked his lips.
Often when you’d hang out with Tae, you both would - mostly by your request - enter one of his dozens of shops. Not only did you adore the scent of wood, you also loved to see the collection his company showcased, one instrument more beautiful than the other. It would always excite you to no end to touch the polished material despite its price, and you would without an exception end up at the flute section each time.
And every time, your eyes settled on this one transverse flute, a luxurious and special piece that looked like the bright, modern future compared to your broken, used house that your old flute was. Taehyung would mostly sit around or talk to the staff, waiting until you were done; sometimes, he’d gaze at the instruments with you, even let you try this one flute that fascinated you so much.
Now it seemed as if these strolls through his shop had come in handy, and you swore you hadn’t noticed when the tears had started running down your cheek as you took out the flute from the carrier, a beautiful black and silver handmade masterpiece that had you awestruck.
“Aww, don’t cry now,” Taehyung said, a hand reaching out to wipe away your tears, “I thought you’d be happy and hug me or kiss me or whatever!”
With a deep sigh, you reached out to give him a tight hug, unsteady breaths tickling his ear as you mumbled, “Thank you so much. This must’ve been so expensive, Tae.”
“C’mon. I get some discount. I thought I’d give it to you as an early graduation gift - Namjoon approved, by the way and wishes you all the luck. You deserve it, Y/N.”
“I wish I could thank him personally, but I probably won’t be seeing him before Jungkook’s birthday party on the yacht,” you said with a calmer voice, eyeing the beautiful work of art in your hands with a fond smile. “Tell him I said thank you.”
For a moment, the car was silent. As you got overwhelmed with affection for him, you found it harder to look at him, too. It’d been easier when you’d looked at him with love that you usually showered your friends with - but now, faltering under his gaze each time made it increasingly difficult for you to meet his eyes. But when he spoke again, you somehow still did.
“Play something,” he suggested. And within a single moment, your mind went empty - what could you play that was good enough?
“Don’t you want to try it?”
“Yeah…” you started, wetting your lips as you settled on a song you’d loved to play years ago. You were pretty sure Taehyung had heard it at some point as well. “Yeah. Okay.”
And then you brought the flute in your trembling hands closer to your lips, smiling at the feeling of it in front of your face before you closed your eyes and started the first note.
Taehyung himself played a few instruments, too. He had a piano at home. Playing the guitar was also somewhat familiar to him, and a few years ago, he’d dared to try the saxophone that he had soon abandoned. There wasn’t much he knew about flutes.
But what he understood undoubtedly was that whatever you did with your lips and fingers, sounded magical enough to throw him off the edge in an instant. The way your head moved silently to the music and your long eyelashes brushed your cheeks, along with the beautiful sound that left the flute lured him in as if he was hypnotised. 
That’s what you were. And as much as he floated in space, head clouded and hands twitching to reach out to you, he needed you to stop before he confessed to you right there and then, risking and sabotaging your friendship ultimately.
“Damn. Your lips, they… almost look as good wrapped around my-”
You laughed into your flute, his interruptive words causing a strange, painful note before you hit his arm playfully. Joining your snickering, he finally put the key in to start the motor, his rectangle grin soon becoming a gentle smile that melted your insides within a few endless moments.
“Wait,” you said. Leaning forwards, you wiped away his smile by grabbing the collars of his shirt, your heads tilting and soft, smooth lips meeting in the middle. The kiss was similar to the one you’d shared on the bench previously; and yet, there was an obvious haste and impatience that soon surfaced when he buried his fingers in your hair, pulling you closer with the other arm as you gasped into his mouth.
The feeling of him never got old - and right in this moment, it felt newer than ever before.
And as much as you wanted it to last, he soon tugged your head back, parting and panting as his eyes shot over multiple spots of your face, never settling anywhere. With a gentle last kiss on your forehead, he removed his hands from you as he whispered, “Let’s go home.”
Tumblr media
As soon as his heavy door fell into its lock, Taehyung had you pinned against it, his whole body pressing against yours as your mouths collided hungrily.
The pent up energy and desire that’d built up on your way here was now finally unleashing. You felt it in the way his hands roamed your body before they settled on your waist; heard it in his heavy panting that you swallowed eagerly; saw it in the darkness that flashed over his expression. You were too far gone to care about your future with him anymore - but at the same time, you were entirely and undoubtedly sure that you’d long put your heart in his palms, ready to have it crushed in his fist whenever he wanted to.
You tried so hard to show him what you felt without saying it out loud, but you were never sure how he’d interpret your eternal thirst for him. Would he think you wanted to lay under him for another eventful night, only to forget about it the next morning? Or would he, somewhere deep inside his mind, register what you were whispering to him and how intensely your touches were trying to communicate with him?
Either way, all you knew right now was that you wanted to drink him up until you were satiated.
As a moan left your lips, Taehyung reluctantly moved back, eyeing you from top to bottom once before he lifted your dress up to your hips and crouched down. He immediately detected the wetness of your panties, the soaked material filling his chest with pride.
“Baby,” he whispered, running a finger along your clothed folds, “you were sitting in my car like this all the time?”
You answered with a low hum, looking down to him as he smirked, his fingers curling around the hem of the fabric to pull it down agonizingly slow. He removed the offending piece of clothing before he placed your leg on his shoulder, opening you up so he could see everything.
The glistening of your core and squirming of your hips drove him half insane, and his hands settled on your thighs to still you, so he could continue.
“Just for me,” he muttered drunkenly, bringing his lips closer to your nether ones to blow against them once. Despite the air being warm, it hit you cold, sending a shiver down your spine as you gripped his hair hard, eliciting a groan out of him.
And with another quiet “just for me”, he licked a delicious stripe along your spread pussy that almost sent you to your knees. If his hands hadn’t been supporting you as strongly as they did, you would’ve buckled and gotten on all fours right there and then.
After tasting you patiently for a few long, slow, intense licks, he soon wrapped his mouth around your core, the wet sounds so obscene that you threw your head back against the door. You knew Taehyung’s tactic - and you knew how effective it was, how fast it brought you to the brink of your release.
His tongue would always start gently before it lapped at your skin and nerves relentlessly, a yearning so evident that the thought of him losing his mind over you alone had your ego shoot up. But after that, Taehyung was pretty much unpredictable.
Just as always, you didn’t know what you were in for. He could bend you over right here and take you from behind; then again, he loved a pillowy surface and could throw you onto his bed and pin you down under him. Sometimes, his patience ran so thin that he’d grab some lube and rail you without any foreplay.
But it didn’t seem as if he was in a haste today. Despite wanting to fuck you so bad, he was obviously out to make you unwind under his touch slowly; on days like these, you knew he gave your pleasure priority instead of his own.
“Tae,” you moaned, and instead of looking up, he hummed against you, the feeling having you cry out as your grip around his dark hair tightened, “fingers, Tae, please.”
And at your words, his nails dug into the flesh of your thighs so deeply that you knew he’d leave marks again. He always did - there was barely a morning when you wouldn’t wake up with crescent shaped scars or light blue bruises. Not that you ever complained; in some way, the slight ache was a reminder of what he was capable of doing to and with you, and it excited you anew every time your mind shifted to his actions.
“Please,” you begged again, your body growing so hot that it became bothersome, your skin pleading for you to slip out of the thin dress that hugged the upper half of you.
Yet for some seconds, he didn’t listen - only continued to lick you dry and wetter simultaneously, his tongue sliding in and out of your sex as his lips sucked on your nerves. Then, he suddenly left, your messy and frustrated whines only spurring him on further as he stood. Capturing your mouth with his again, he pulled you towards him and away from the door, wrapping his arms around you tight as he twirled you around to guide you backwards.
Leading you nearly blindly, you gasped when your legs hit the edge of his spacious couch, and you let yourself fall onto the soft cushions along with him. Your panties were still in the corner of the large entryway, and you mentally noted to grab them in the morning before you’d take a shower.
But now spread out under him, his body falling next to you, your thoughts belonged to him only; him peppering your face with soft kisses as he brought his long fingers down to your throbbing hole. Running them along your folds, your hips met his movements, an insatiable feeling spreading across your body as you opened your eyes to look at him. For one last time, you whimpered a faint “Please” before he finally pushed two of his digits into you.
Your back arched and eyes closing, he caught your leg with his, splitting you open wider to not only to halt your squirming but also to reach deeper inside you. Hands automatically gripping his shirt - why was he still fully clothed? -, you pulled him into you, kissing him and still tasting yourself on his tongue as he fingerfucked you harder, faster. He built up a steady pace before he started rubbing your clit with his thumb, your reactions against his lips and the squelching sound testing his self control unbearably.
Every time you moaned in clipped vocals, he moaned with you; your sounds had his dick harden impossibly and it twitched in his pants as it begged him to set it free, to finally bury it inside you as deep as possible.
And when your legs started quivering, he smirked, lips brushing your cheek as he ordered, “Cum for me. I got you, baby. Cum for me, my sweetheart.”
These fucking petnames. This fucking praising. Why did he think he could just get away with this?
“Should I?” you breathed, wrapping your arms around him tightly to steady yourself and your teeth nibbling at the flesh of his neck.
The curling of his fingers inside you and increased pressure on your bundle of nerves was answer enough. And he didn’t need to say another word anyway - just a small, broken moan later, your pussy tightened around his fingers as your release overwhelmed you in waves.
“Have I ever told you how pretty you are, Swan?” he asked under his breath, helping you ride out your orgasm as his fingers slowed down.
“I want to suck you.”
“Good answer,” he said, chuckling as he pulled out before wiping your juices on your dress - he knew you’d left clothes of yours here anyway. Somewhere in his closet, you’d probably find some jeans and a shirt, you were sure. “Next time. Right now I just need to fuck you. Is that okay, princess?”
Eyelids fluttering shut, you smiled at him breathtakingly, hand coming up to squeeze your breast when you answered, “When have I ever said no to you, Tae?”
Mesmerised by the movements of your fingers, Taehyung almost automatically imitated you, settling his palm above your hand as he squeezed once more. And with a brief “Okay”, he helped you out of your dress and bra before stripping off his own clothes quickly.
Suddenly naked and his leaking, throbbing cock standing as proud and tall as ever, you spread your legs for him. Your fingers ran over your soaked pussy just once before he positioned himself between your thighs, rubbing his tip along your folds teasingly.
Grabbing a pillow from beside you, he signalled you to arch your back as he placed it under your hips. He leaned down to steal a kiss from you, a palm resting on your cheek as he slid in slowly, watching your expression become so blissed out that he suddenly felt one single word linger on his tongue. Just this one big word that he could utter right now, but didn’t dare to.
“Is it okay if I move?” he asked instead, his thumb stroking your lips as you nodded.
And when he did, you pulled him into a hug, burying his face in your neck - an opportunity that he took immediately to press open mouthed kisses onto your skin. Soon enough, his thrusts became a rhythmic movement, his cock slipping in and out of you in such a delicate pace that it had your head spinning in dizzying circles.
“Truly... you’re so gorgeous, Y/N,” he confessed as his lips brushed your skin, the rubbing of his pelvic bone against your clit having you whimper quietly under him.
“No… you...” you answered in a haze, not entirely sure what you were replying as you relished in the feeling of his cock fucking into you so gently, allowing you to feel every inch and every vein that penetrated your walls.
“No?” he asked as his head shot up to look at you, both his hands cupping your face, “Come back to me, baby.”
With that, his hands left you; instead, he uprighted himself, kneeling in front of you as he gripped your thighs to spread you wide for him. And with the sudden pounding that followed without a single warning, you snapped your eyes open at once, overwhelmed and surprised by the pace Taehyung had chosen out of nowhere.
He always found it so easy to get lost in you. No matter how weak he was for you as a person, ready to read every wish from your lips, it was astounding to him each time when he saw you fall apart under his words and touches, too.
Throughout high school and half of your college time, he'd admired you from a safe distance that had worked as a barrier between your friendship and ruination - but that didn't mean he was blind to you. And no matter how many girls he'd brought home, you always seemed so far out of reach that it hadn't even ever occurred to him that you could potentially be more than just his best friend.
At least not until you'd admitted your attraction towards him first.
But whatever respect he'd had for you in the years you'd known each other, had now only increased by a million in a steady pace.
While falling for someone shouldn’t have angered Taehyung this much, his mind had still decided to drown in frustration - years and years of holding back later, the barrier had crumbled right in front of him after all.
And as your eyelids had fluttered open to glance at him with crystal clear affection - despite the fact that he was fucking your mind into space -, his heart burst entirely, a growl leaving his chest as he declared, "You're fucking driving me insane, Y/N!"
You didn't have a chance to react - and if you'd had, you wouldn't have known what to say anyway - when Taehyung snaked his hands under your back, shifting and pulling you up until you suddenly found yourself facing him. Still sitting on his cock as he reached into you as deep as could get, his thrusts slowed down, fingers grazing your facial features as he shook his head.
"What's wrong?" you inquired with worry in your voice, fingers brushing through his hair in between quiet, low moans.
Taehyung's expression had changed. Wouldn't you have known better, you would've said that it was almost one of someone who had found the most precious treasure and was balancing it in his hands, only to realise that its worth couldn't ever be measured.
"You're driving me crazy," he repeated, voice quiet and his forehead coming down to lean against yours in order to hide his feelings and disguise them as pleasure instead. It's all he could do right now.
But to you, nothing made sense. What was happening?
Not now. You didn't want to think about it now. And Taehyung only aided you further when his fingers left your face to lean back slightly as he found your clit, rubbing soft circles around it as he fucked you faster again.
"Fuck," you moaned, eyes stinging from the intensity and angle as you supported your body by wrapping your arms around his neck. "Almost… don't - fuck, baby, don't stop."
"Y/N..." was all he breathed before you finally came undone, the tight knot in your stomach loosening as your vision became blurred. A white flash hindered your sight, your body fighting to not fall back into the mattress again as your walls clenched around him.
And soon, his movements became sloppy, too, legs twitching in strange motions until his cum shot through you, releasing in endless ropes as Taehyung pressed you back against him. His teeth nibbled at your jaw as he calmed down, his breathing erratic and brain behind his eyes fogged.
One last breathless kiss and he slumped onto the couch next to you, pulling you down with him. 
And if it hadn't been for your and his cum leaking out of you and running down your legs, you knew you would've fallen asleep like this, in his arms. He seemed to notice, too - and you muttered the words "Gotta clean" quietly, yet loud enough for him to stand up and disappear into his bedroom.
Coming back with a towel and a blanket, you only faintly registered him cleaning you up, collecting your releases on the towel before settling next to you again.
One pull into his arms and a kiss on your forehead later, the last thing you remembered was him wishing you a good night before your consciousness slipped into a deep sleep eventually.
Tumblr media
The soft tunes of Africa by Toto were what shook Taehyung awake the next morning.
He’d dreamed of you; seen and felt you in his arms as you’d both watched the sun go down behind the horizon at the lake house his family owned. Your ringtone had interrupted the scene right when you’d faced him, a gentle smile on your face that he knew he would have responded to with a kiss, if he’d stayed in the dream any longer.
And the only consolation he got for slipping out of the enchanting sequence, was the knowledge that you’d be right beside him, in real life and in real time, wrapped in his embrace on his big, beige couch. But when he opened his eyes, he found the spot next to him as well as his arms empty before he registered the faint sound of his running shower in the background.
The music had stopped chiming, and Taehyung chuckled at the thought of it as he rubbed his eyes. How you’d gotten the idea to set this as your ringtone was beyond him, and yet he found it oddly endearing. He personally hadn’t talked about or listened to the song in years - until you had decided to bring it back to the surface, that is.
Sitting up, Taehyung ran his fingers through his disheveled hair, sighing as he turned around to yell through his big apartment. “Hey, Y/N!”
No answer came and he tried again; and this time, he heard a distant “Huh?” from your direction.
“Was thinking we’d shower together!”
Your chuckle made the corners of his mouth twitch, listening carefully as you suggested, “Come then!”
Instead of another call, your phone vibrated as messages came in, three in succession having Tae shift his attention to the device as he picked it up to see if it was anything urgent.
But instead of a familiar name, your screen lit up with texts by a certain Kai, someone he didn’t recognise and someone you’d never mentioned before. And before he could avert his gaze from your phone, the top message caught his eyes, a simple sentence that shouldn’t have meant anything to him but caused his heart to thump against his ribs violently anyway.
Dinner after practice tomorrow?
The sudden heat that Taehyung felt in his chest and face was new to him. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever felt it at all, a sting so present behind his lungs that he had to take a deep breath to calm his racing thoughts. Not that it helped much - because the message was still there, and his feelings were still there. No amount of breathing exercises could make him ignore the fact that you were obviously talking to someone he had never heard of.
He knew there was no reason to be jealous - technically. You weren’t his and you’d never even hinted to a possibility of you getting together, never indicated that you felt more for him than desire and friendship.
Taehyung was unsure of how long he just sat there, his dark gaze never leaving the phone on the table as he told himself to pull himself together. But apparently it’d been long enough, because suddenly, you were standing right next to him again, a light blue towel wrapped around your body as your wet hair framed your face in soft waves.
“Good morning,” you said with a smile, leaning down to press a chaste kiss against his cheek which only made him flinch involuntarily, “I thought you were joining me?”
"Uh- I…"
"It's okay. I should leave soon anyway. Still have to practice - and oh! Technically, I could do it here, but I bet you have some important business stuff to do, too, right?"
No. He didn’t.
But it was true that the urge inside him to be left alone had suddenly grown thousandfold. First, however, he needed to confirm that his feeling was justified. "Yeah. And someone called and texted you, so I figured you might get busy soon."
"Oh," you said, hand reaching out to grab your phone before you unlocked it. Taehyung observed the change in your expressions carefully, looking for any gentle or fond glance as you realised that it was your classmate who'd contacted you. "Oh. Kai."
And carefully, heartbeat fastening, he asked, "Who's that?"
"Kai? Oh, from practice. A classmate.”
“Your boyfriend?” he asked as he tried to steady his voice, a fake chuckle leaving his throat in an effort to hide the pain in his chest.
But you snorted, fingers fluttering over your screen before you locked the phone to look at him. What had you answered? “As if. He just keeps asking me out. Think I should go?”
You let the phone fall on the couch, raising an eyebrow playfully before you disappeared in the kitchen to make some coffee. You were careless, oblivious, strolling around in nonchalance. But Taehyung was burning up, his insides turning to ashes. Despite not being in his sight, he shrugged before he answered, “You can do whatever you want.”
“Seriously?” A little laugh leaving your chest, you looked down at the boiling water with empty eyes. He really didn’t seem to care who you dated, right?
“Sure. It’s your life, Y/N.”
You nodded slowly, your heart dropping several miles until it felt like it’d reached the core of the Earth; and whatever you’d thought Taehyung might feel for you, crumbled in this instance. “I might try then.”
You wouldn’t. You knew you wouldn’t. Kai was barely a friend at all - and there was no way you’d look at anyone if it was Taehyung who occupied your thoughts in every waking second. Being obviously in love with him and seeing someone else was nothing your mind was able to endure right now.
But he didn’t know. He couldn’t have known.
And whatever you’d said or done, he didn’t talk much for the rest of the day; barely touched, smiled at you. Maybe he felt guilty for sleeping with you and keeping you from other men. Maybe he was still tired and thinking about work related stuff.
As idiotic as you were, you didn’t consider any other reason for his silence.
And maybe, probably, you should’ve told him what you really felt to avoid what was to come in the following weeks and months.
Tumblr media
The silence that had lingered in the atmosphere that day, had extended to days and weeks that turned your growing, fond feelings into heartbreak.
In the beginning, you had been distracted - with your final performance and the audition approaching, you’d been in a stressed headspace that had consumed all your thoughts. And when the exam day finally arrived, an early summer afternoon, you’d gone half crazy as you’d stood in front of your teachers, playing a song on your brand new flute as they took notes about god knew what.
This day had passed - then, several others had gone by, your result coming in, your screeching over the information you’d passed numbing everyone’s ears in your ultimate proximity.
You’d called Taehyung immediately but not much to your surprise, he hadn’t answered. Instead, you’d gotten a short message claiming that he was too busy right now but hadn’t forgotten that you’d get the answer today. So, how did it end, he’d asked. Good, I passed, you’d told him.
And that’s how it always went.
He would wish you good luck, tell you he was too busy to talk or meet up; give you brief, unexcited answers that had you slowly but surely realise what you might’ve done wrong. Because while you might’ve been oblivious and idiotic all the while you’d been with him, an assumption had started to form in your mind in the last few weeks that you needed to confirm so urgently.
But anytime you’d ask him to talk, he’d say that he couldn’t.
Meetings. Shop visits. Investments and video calls.
Maybe later, Y/N.
But later never came. And he didn’t call you Swan anymore - didn’t call you at all anymore.
But what hurt you the most, broke your heart in the most effective way, was when he refused to see you on the evening before your orchestra audition. Despite knowing what this opportunity meant to you and what you might feel in that moment, he never showed up and never said anything more than “Good luck. You got this.”
As if you hadn’t felt sick enough, his words and reluctance to guide you through your fear had almost made you throw up backstage, eyes stinging as you played the emotional song you’d chosen for the audition.
Then, at some point, you’d stopped contacting him, too.
You knew with an aching certainty that you were in love with him. So much so that he appeared in your dreams when he didn’t in your inbox. And you weren’t sure if it was the stress or the weather changing from cold rain to unbearable heat, but when you caught a fever that had you caged in your own four walls for days, you didn’t text him either - even when your phone rested in your palm, fingers ghosting over his name.
Maybe it was better to stay away anyway. Maybe the pain would fade if you kept your distance between the man you loved and the mess that you were.
But how would you burn his image from your mind when Jungkook’s yacht party was around the corner, an event that you knew Taehyung would attend for sure?
Tumblr media
As expected, the yacht was enormous. The amount of guests present on the ship was almost anxiety inducing, a crowd so large that you found yourself lost in between people multiple times.
You knew quite some faces here - one sitting beside you as you caught up with each other’s lives. But the one face you were actually looking for hadn’t appeared yet.
At least not when you were gazing into the night sky, the horizon looking endless as peaceful waves swallowed it somewhere in the far distance. You had your legs dangling in the comforting warm water, trying not to think of the irony of a pool on top of a yacht that floated in an even bigger, natural, salty pool.
With your hair flowing in the refreshing air behind you, you nearly convinced yourself you felt content with yourself. However loud the party was and however scattered all your friends were didn’t matter right now - the only thing you knew was that the ocean and the soft sounds of it calmed the discomfort that all these lonely nights had caused.
“Shouldn’t you be with Jin now?” you asked as you looked at your neighbour, named Beauty by everyone due to her sheer and unrealistic physical appearance. She was a friend you’d learned to appreciate dearly in the last years, one who was now dating one of Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s acquaintances Kim Seokjin.
A slight smile creeping up on her face, she answered, “He’s gone to catch up with the birthday boy. I didn’t want to see him nag poor Jungkook again, so I let him go. I’m not his secretary anymore, so there’s no reason for us to be attached at the hip all the time.”
Right. She’d been his secretary before she’d decided to work for a whole different company; something that brought her the ultimate perk of being able to finally be with her former boss without any issues.
“Valid. Instead you have to listen to my whining, just like the perfect neighbour and friend you are.”
Her pleasant expression shifted to a sympathetic one, her hand coming up to your shoulder as a gesture of comfort. “I wouldn’t call it whining. We all have our problems and we need to air them, otherwise we’d go crazy. What are friends for? I know you’d do the same for me.”
But you felt embarrassed. Not only was someone draining you who hadn’t even bothered to contact you, but you were also complaining about just this to a friend you barely talked to on other occasions.
While Beauty was a good listener and caught up with the happenings in your life fast, you couldn’t help but feel like an idiot as you said, “Of course, yes. I just feel so pathetic, you know? He didn’t bother to even call me in these two months and I’m here, still missing him. I just wish I knew what’s going on.“
“Speaking of, where is Taehyung? He and Jungkook are close, right? Do you want me to cover for you if he asks?”
And then, you suddenly heard a voice. A voice so close and yet feeling so distant that you shrank on your seat at the edge of the pool, a lump in your throat building as you and your friend froze.
“Ask what?” he asked, a slightly amused lilt in his question as you both watched Beauty shift, standing up to leave quietly.
With her face mirroring her terror, she only waved at him for a second as she said, “Uh… I’ll leave you alone.”
And when she did, your heart picked up its pace, a deep breath leaving your lungs when you heard him say, “Swan.”
“Taehyung”, you merely whispered without looking up to meet his gaze, yet registering that he had his pants rolled up already before he sat down next to you.
“How are you?” His eyes weren’t on yours as he’d wanted. Instead, they followed yours, staring into nothing as the stars twinkled above you.
“Good. I’m good,” you answered calmly, the sudden pain in your chest so violent that it numbed you. There was no nervousness in your voice, no audible ache - only nonchalance while you cared all the way more in reality. “How have you been?”
A mess. I’ve been a mess, was what he wanted to say.
“Been good,” was what he really said. “How was the audition?”
As if you care, was what your mind urged you to respond with.
“We’ll see. I don’t know yet,” was what actually left your mouth.
“I’m sure you did well. Consider this is a party for you, too,” he said, and you detected his fingers fumble from the corner of your eye, still averting his gaze stubbornly.
But then again, no. You weren’t stubborn. In actuality, you were just immensely scared that you’d break out in tears if you allowed yourself to look at him and his big, shiny eyes for too long.
“I’m sorry for being so busy. And for leaving you alone just like that. Things were getting stressful at work and so many investors got back to me - so I had to prioritise this for a while,” he justified before he sighed into the air, raising his head towards the sky as his eyelids fluttered shut.
You only nodded - although he couldn’t see - and for the first time in two months, you allowed yourself to glance at him. And once again, you realised that if heaven and sky crashed down onto you, the last thought floating through your mind would be of his face: an ethereal spot in the universe that you couldn’t get enough of.
You hated that just a look at him tortured you so much. You didn’t want this to hurt; you wanted all of this to stop.
And with everything that lingered on your tongue, all the words you wanted to say to him and hear back, the tension inside you didn’t ease but only brought your worries to the surface anew.
“Tae,” you called, your voice breaking as he opened his eyes to look at you, “we should talk.”
For a second, all he could do was stare at you; admire how breathtaking you looked under the moonlight. The glimmer dipped you in an endlessly delicate and graceful beauty, but the fragile look on your face that accompanied your words had his stomach churn.
With a silence that lasted a split second, he finally nodded, exhaling deeply before he uttered, “We should.”
You blinked at him a few times. Was what he wanted to say the same as what weighed on your shoulders? Because right now, his eyes were gentle yet melancholic - a combination you weren’t familiar with.
“Yeah,” he murmured, licking his lips, sighing again as if his next statement was draining him of all the energy he had left before he continued, “we need to stop.”
Again, all you managed was to blink at him, eyebrows furrowing as you tilted your head as if this could help you comprehend his words easier. “Stop?”
“Messing around. We need to stop. And start seeing other people.”
The clipped sentences tumbled over his tongue as if they were nothing. If you’d thought he’d struggled with expressing his feelings a second ago, he definitely seemed to feel sure about his decision now, not a single drop of uncertainty visible in his features.
What you didn’t know about was the way his insides dropped into a dark abyss, your sinking expression clenching his heart as if someone had wrapped their hands around it and decided to squeeze until he passed out.
“You want to see other people?” you asked as your mind went into shutdown.
“I just- I figured this is nothing we can keep doing forever, right? You might have people you want to date.”
“Is this really about me?” You gulped, the knot in your throat tightening as your breathing fastened.
“Who else would it be about, Y/N?” he asked gently before tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear; a gesture that seemed so out of place at the moment - but a gesture you welcomed anyway.
Why wasn’t he answering any of your questions directly? And where had the change of heart suddenly come from?
Then, your eyes widened, the same realisation breaking onto you that you had assumed the last few weeks.
“Was Kai the trigger for all that? For abandoning me like this? Disappearing after the night we’d spent together? Because whatever you’re thinking about him, it’s not true. There’s nothing between him and me, never will be, Taehyung,” you explained, watching his expression change with every word that slipped off your tongue.
A shimmer of hope sparked in you, a feeling so sudden and intense that it burned your body. And when he asked, “You’re… not?”, you were quick to continue.
“No. I was… I was going to tell you that I’m in lo-”
And just as his eyes widened in anticipation, you heard a shrill, loud call of his name before a pair of arms attacked him from behind and almost threw him into the pool, wrapping around his neck as you both flinched at the sudden movement. Looking back to the owner of the voice and then back to you, you knew he’d understood. You hadn’t finished, but he had registered what you wanted to confess.
“Ru?” Taehyung’s voice was shaky, a hint of nervosity in his tone that seemed odd to you.
As he tried to free himself from her grip, red, curly hair covering his face almost entirely, she inquired with an obviously drunk lilt, “How are you? When are you going to spare me a second again, mister Kim?”
“It’s not a good moment right now, Ru.”
In the way her lips ghosted over his face and the familiarity in her questions, you heard a voice in the back of your mind scream to you to run away. Something weird was happening between them, and you weren’t sure if you were ready to hear about it. And while your heart tried to soothe your fear, telling you that you were being anxious for nothing, Ru’s words proved otherwise, sentences so simple yet shattering everything inside you within seconds.
“Why not? Tell me you don’t want to repeat the night we spent together last month, baby.”
And whatever had snapped inside you had you shoot up, raising your legs as you grabbed your shoes to walk away.
The night we spent together.
You heard him call your name as you stepped away from the pool.
Last month.
Splashing of water in the background accompanied with an annoyed grunt caught your attention, but you didn’t slow down your walk as his voice got closer.
You were easy to replace, weren’t you? Someone he’d fuck for a whole year and throw away as soon as you so much but joked about another man while you hadn’t thought about anything but Taehyung for fucking months.
And when a hand grabbed your arm, you flung it out of his grip instinctively, turning around to him as intoxicated, oblivious faces flew by you in a blur. Your expression halted his movements immediately, a worried and terrified look in his eyes as he whispered, “Swan…”
“Don’t. Fucking don’t.” And when you heard your voice, you realised that you were crying, endless tears falling onto the ground as you stepped away from his stretched hand; only to have him come closer in an effort to keep you exactly where you were.
“Listen, I-”
“No. I’m not a toy you can throw away just to find a new one, Tae. You couldn’t be there for me. Couldn’t tell me you needed distance. Only made me fall in love harder with each fucking second I missed you!” By now, the volume of your voice had raised enough to have various eyes shift to you - but in this moment, you couldn’t care any less.
He could’ve told you that he reciprocated this feeling in right this instant. But he knew none of what he’d say would make things undone - none of it would bring you back to him. Not now, not here. And while three words stuck in his throat, urging him to let them out, he couldn’t; something in him assured him it’d only worsen the situation you were in.
With one glance behind him, seeing a flaming red head waiting for him, you straightened your posture, throwing your shoes over your shoulder as you wiped away the tears before more followed.
“She needs you. See you around, Tae.”
With one last glare, you eventually turned around. You didn’t know where you were going; it wasn’t as if the yacht allowed you to drop off of it to flee the scene - and you couldn’t distance yourself from him as much as you wanted either. But you sure knew that anywhere where he wasn’t was better than this. The ship was big enough.
And as he watched you walk away, he felt his own tears escape his eyes, a bitter taste on his tongue prohibiting him to shout out for you. His chest a burning mess and his guts turning in a disgusting motion, he lowered his head, realising just how strong your effect was on him.
Because for a mighty, powerful businessman, Taehyung surely was weak for you.​
Tumblr media
what do you think will happen next? whose side are you on? do we forgive tae? :( let me know what you think, i’m SO curious to hear your opinions and theories :’)
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sparklingchim · 4 months ago
devil's smile; m | kth
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader
word count: 10.4k
rating: 18+
genre: smut, enemies to lovers, college!au, ONE BED TROPE Y'ALL, vacation!au
warnings: taetae is a little teasing shit, they play truth or dare like eighth graders but in dirty version, tae gets a bra thrown at him (don't ask i can't explain it either) mirror sex, spit kink, orgasm denial, overstimulation, squirting, blowjob, spanking, tit slapping, fingering, breast play, dirty talk, rough sex, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, oc finds out about her praise kink, creampie, size kink? i thinks that's all phew
summary: you already knew that going on a vacation with your friends and taehyung was a bad idea, but when you end up having to share a room with taehyung you find yourself in a situation you'd sworn to never repeat again.
a/n: this is the same couple as in this fic. you don't have to read it to understand this fic tho, i just imagine them to be the same characters (^з^)-☆Chu!!
index: prequel | one | two |
,,No, this is not happening," you say, arms folded and foot impatiently tapping the red carpet.
You know that your complain is a vain attempt since there is nothing that can be changed about the situation, but you have to let your frustration out.
,,I'm supposed to share a room with her?" You scoff at Taehyung's outrageous tone. It's not like you're the problem of this situation. It's him.
You're all standing in the hotel lobby. Freshly checked in waited to get your cards for your rooms, but guess what. You didn't get a card. And they didn't have any left. Apparently they mixed up the rooms and the amount of people and now you are standing there, overly annoyed at being told to having to share a room with Taehyung.
Hoseok gives you a rueful grin. You have absolutely no idea why he finds this humouring, but you're going to make sure to punch him for that later.
You have no other choice but surrender. Your only hopes - Jimin and Hoseok, your room mates - are no option, because Hoseok is here with his girlfriend and Jimin shares a room with Yoongi. You are not really close to the other boys - well, it's not like you are close to Taehyung... - so there a not many solutions for you to choose.
Jungkook makes a move to speak up, but he quickly decides against it and remains silent.
,,But hey, we are not going to be in our rooms a lot anyway. We are gonna hang around outside most of the time, so it's fine, right?" Jimin, your best friend, says and you slowly nod.
,,He is right. It's summer, we won't stay in our rooms expect to sleep there," Namjoon continues. You feel yourself loosen up by their words. Taehyung also seems to finally have settled with that thought.
This is fine. It isn't as bad as you thought it would be when it was announced that you had to share a hotel room with Taehyung. One of you - definitely Taehyung, not even debatable - can sleep on the couch, problem solved.
And with that all of you move to the elevators with your luggage.
Not at any costs you would let Taehyung ruin your summer vacation. You are going to have fun here and get your mind off of everything before going back to hell - which is also called university.
Maybe having hope for something where Taehyung is involved in isn't really expedient. Or maybe you should be honest with yourself and take the fault for having hope for this wretched situation that you landed in upon yourself, because it's clearly your fault for not taking into consideration that you're all broke students that barely saved their money for this vacation and that you didn't have money for a hotel that has couches in their rooms. Yeah, this one was definitely on you.
There isn't a couch, an armchair or anything where someone could sleep on - just a wooden chair that's placed in front of a tiny desk. Not very appropriate for being a replacement for a bed.
You both don't comment on that. Quietly accepting the fact that there is not other choice - except he wants to sleep on the floor - but having to share the bed with each other.
Luckily the bed is big so you both won't have to end up to sleep that near to one another.
It's late at night so you both get ready to sleep. You really looked forward to finally sleep after that long car ride, but now it's not exactly excitement when you think about getting into that comfortable bed and rest your aching limbs.
You changed your clothes in the bathroom - a cute top and some shorts being your pyjamas - and leave brush your teeth before exiting to not let Taehyung wait for too long.
But when you leave the bathroom you're not prepared to find Taehyung only in his boxers, showing off his muscular and tanned body whike searching for something in his suitcase.
Yes, you saw how he looks like beneath his clothes - you fucked him - but perhaps you would never get used to how ethereal he looks like. Thankfully Taehyung doesn't realise that you came out of the bathroom and is too focused on finding whatever he is searching for and giving you perfect time to ogle his beautiful body.
,,Like the view?"
,,Huh?" You instantly look away, like a deer caught in headlights, though he didn't even raise his head but only continues searching.
,,You're making it pretty obvious by just standing there doing nothing."
,,Shut up."
Somehow this situation feels like a déjà-vu.
He roses from his seat on the floor. Brows raised expectantly he stares at you, but you have nothing else to say so you just walk past him and sit at the edge of your side of the back.
,,Brat," he mumbles.
If you would get a penny every time he calls you brat you'd be a millionaire by now. And because you are so used to hear him calling you that you don't even react to it, simply ignoring it and reaching for you phone.
You hear his foot steps behind you and soon the bathroom door shuts close.
You occupy yourself with your phone, answering some messages and then checking social media.
It doesn't take long for you to notice that you forgot to take off your bra, so you quickly unhook the class and wriggle it out under your top. You throw your bra somewhere behind you and go on with scrolling through Instagram.
You shriek when Taehyung's voice cuts off the silence in the room. You whip around with big eyes and almost scold and curse him for scaring you, but when you take in the sight you burst into laughter.
You accidentally threw your bra right on top of his hand, the cups of your bra hanging on both sides of him. In one hand he is holding his toothbrush and in the other his - your - toothpaste. He closed his eyes in annoyance.
When the realisation that you have your phone in your hands hits you, you immediately open your camera and take a picture of him.
,,I just wanted to ask if I could use your toothpaste and not get your fucking bra thrown- Did you just take a picture?!" He snaps your bra away from his head, throwing it to the ground.
You giggle and turn your phone around. ,,Looks cute, right?"
,,Delete that fucking picture, y/n." Taehyung doesn't look amused. He clenches his jaw and looks very stern.
,,Make me." You grin, an evil spark glimmering in your eyes.
Taehyung walks over to you, his tall frame towering in front of you. You have the perfect view of his abs, but you're way more focused on what he is planning to do.
,,Why do you always have to act like a brat?" His voice is dark, deep.
He comes closer, causing you to lean back. Taehyung doesn't stop till your back hits the mattress and his knee is digging into the bed. You slither up the bed, until your head rests against the pillow but Taehyung follows you, crawling after you.
It happens so fast that you can't even recall how exactly you got into this situation.
Taehyung looms over you, legs straddling your body and hands steadying him near your head. He's so close to you. His breath fans over you, eyes flicking over the beautiful features of your face, but your plump lips that were teasing him a moment ago catch his attention.
He wants to devour them, feel them against his, taste them and wants go through all the sizzling emotions he went through when you both kissed for the first time.
A short peek to your eyes tell him that the same thoughts are floating around your head.
With that in mind he leans closer to you, noses ever so slightly touching. Your arms almost naturally wrap around his neck, fingers itching to just push him down and press your mouth against his, but the serene ambience inclines both of you to act slow, one could even say that you both are timid and afraid, because of of delicacy that you treat each other with. Hands that slowly creep against one another outlines, brief glances, long stares at the region that you desire and eyes full off unspoken words that are on search for so much more.
Your hands skim over his shoulders, the anticipation of Taehyung's next move starts titillating your fingertips and seizes your whole body in prickling avidness.
,,Hm? Why do you always have to act like that? Like a brat?"
With such a gentleness his lips brush against yours as he repeats his question, for the first time that night you feel them against you and although it was quick sweeps against your mouth, your heartbeat thunders in your chest and you're fairly certain he can hear it too. His voice dark, tinted in roughness, but at the same time it has something velvety, something soft, perhaps you would go that far to say that his tone sounds comforting. He'd always speak with that spark of firmness in his voice with you, but there's something that soothes you when you hear the familiarity of it.
,,Taehyung," you whisper, not really sure why you're saying it, but it naturally flows out of you, his name falling of your lips like a prayer. He hums like he exactly knows what you mean, knows what you feel and without a doubt knows what you need.
Your eyes fall close, head sinking further into the pillow. You tilt your head upwards, chasing after his lips. When you don't seem to reach his plush lips that you seek for you lift your head further up, searching for his mouth but you don't find it.
You open one eye, confused about why you're not feeling his soft lips against yours. You definitely did not expect the sight that you peer at. Taehyung is actually - legitimately - flashing you his most conceited smirk. He pulled away from your face and watched you - aiming for that kiss, eyes closed, lips puckered and searching for his - and probably had to prevent himself from laughing right into your face at your foolishness.
With a frustrated puff you let your head fall back on the pillow again. Your hands leave Taehyung's hair on the nape of his neck and flop down on the mattress. Embarrassment floods over your glowing bundle of excitement - that was so eager to finally feel him, but no, that fucker had to ruin it. You feel your cheeks warming. You're still lost in the fog of desire that crept over you. However, you wouldn't show your true feelings, Taehyung has to do more than that to get the reaction he anticipated from you.
,,Fuck you, Taehyung," you say, voice small - despite your attempt to come off as not affected - and for some reason breathless.
He bites down his lip, stopping himself from grinning widely and displaying his white teeth to you before he mutters his response.
,,How about I fuck you?"
You roll your eyes. ,,Quit teasing, Taehyung. And get off of me, I have enough of your face that up close." You grimace before averting your eyes to anything but his exultant looking face.
,,I'm not teasing, baby." - A short brush on your cheek with his thumb, eyes watching you with such an intensity combined with that bodacious glint before he continues to speak - ,,Why would you think that?" he coos, acting all innocent despite his mischievous grin that framed his face a second ago.
You bend your knee and slam your foot against his stomach for his stupid question. Taehyung doesn't even falter. He remains calm but somehow your foot starts hurting and you slide it against his hard stomach to soothe the pain. You know how he looks like beneath his clothes, but apparently in all your fever to make him shut his mouth for teasing you so much you underestimated his body a little bit.
,,Getting feisty already?" he snorts amused, grabbing you by the ankle and skimming his hand over your calf and thigh before giving your flesh a quick squeeze. ,,Do you want me?" Taehyung's nose brushes over your neck, his mouth so close to your sensitive skin, but he doesn't touch it yet.
His question catches you off guard. Yes, you want him so badly, you think you never wanted someone as much as now. But no, on no account you would actually tell him.
,,Just tell me you want me and I give you everything you need," he whispers against your neck, his breath tickling your skin.
You purse your mouth to not give in into his persuasion, but it's scary how the words that he wishes to hear almost spill out of you.
,,You don't want me to teach you a lesson? I think you really need one, don't you think so?" The proximity of his lips on your body causes you to tremble. ,,Hm? Don't tell me you wouldn't like me fucking that brat out of you and teach you how to be a good girl," he coos, palming your thigh again.
You want it so bad. And his constant light touches on your body make it hard to say anything but how badly you need him.
,,Please," you mumble. ,,Just do it."
,,Do what, baby?" If Taehyung won't stop with the pet names - and the way he pronounces them with his delicate dark voice, god - he'd soon have you wrapped around his finger. (Funny how you think that's not already the case...) ,,Stop putting up the tough girl act, it's not helping you right now." Taehyung spreads your leg, now settling himself between them. His eyes roam over your body, glancing at your breasts through the thin white fabric of your top.
One hand is placed on your stomach, his warm hand languidly drifting down to your aching heat. Your brain is not able to comprehend what's right and wrong anymore. It only knows that you want Taehyung and you can't pretend to be unaffected by his actions.
,,Taehyung, please."
,,Just say it," he coaxes you, eyes focusing back on your beautiful face.
,,I...I want you. I really need you to fuck me right now," you say, finally admitting what you  want for the sheer reason to please Taehyung.
He smirks again, that stupid grin that you come to hate so much. But right now you don't put much attention to it, his digits that are gliding above your shorts keep you focused on his movements, making you shudder and anticipate his next moves. Your tiny and thin sleeping shirts don't let much for imagination, their practically showing off everything - it is summer though, so Taehyung shouldn't have thought you'd wear something more covering. But he isn't complaining, he loves seeing you with short and tight clothes - he gets excited every time he sees you accompanying Jimin and Hoseok to the frat parties, those dresses that you wear - so. fucking. hot. Nonetheless, he likes seeing you naked the most, of course that's his favourite look on you. All naked and for his eyes only.
His digits are now skimming right over your clothed core. You inhale sharply. Taehyung's smirk widens when he feels how wet you are. He didn't remarkably touch you yet, but now that he's finally allowing you to feel something after he let you down every time before makes it so much more special, makes you so thrilled to just let him do everything he desires to do with you.
Tonight your his and - how ironic - you're ready to offer Taehyung all you got.
,,How are you this wet already?" He asks, eyes staring at your core. The fabric of your shorts is sticking to your wet pussy lips, a slight dark colour painting it.
You press your lips together, clenching your jaw to keep a sassy retort slipping off you tongue. You're aware of what game he wants to play and in all seriousness; you just want to get laid by Taehyung.
He presses his mouth to your neck, his soft lips awaking something within you that craves more. You cup his cheeks with both hands, pulling him close to your face and press your lips against him. You moan into the kiss, it feels utterly satisfying to finally kiss him after you longed for this. It's passionate, tongues darting out to taste each other and hard pants captured by your tongues tangled together. His fingers slip under your shorts and panty, parting your folds and continuing his strokes. You don't want to withdraw from the kiss, wanted to get lost in it, but the way his thumb reaches to your clit to draw circles on it makes you pull away, breath heavy and eyes out of focus.
,,You're so sensitive," he comments, ogling your twisted features. He tweaks your little bud between his digits and when your body jolts upwards he smiles appeased, your whine that falls from you going straight down his cock.
Taehyung plants little kisses over the swell of your breasts, his tongue tracing over your skin soon after. Fingers combing through his silky hair in an attempt to countervail the sizzling bundle that sparks inside you. You whine after he stops his fondling on your clit, his fingers occupied with dancing over your entrance, but not gliding in yet. You rut your hips against his hand, eagerly trying to get back to the rapid motions of his fingers and Taehyung allows you to have your fun, for a split second letting you think that he's not fully in charge. But then he draws his hand from your shorts completely, coaxing another displeased whine from you.
,,What a desperate slut you are," Taehyung says, voice completely drenched in dominance. His coated fingers linger above your face. ,,Suck them clean," he demands prodding your lips open. He doesn't need to repeat himself, you're already obeying his demand and take his two fingers in. Tongue gliding over his digits. You taste yourself, your flavour strong on your tongue, but it doesn't gross you out, it only gets you more riled up.
Taehyung's hand drifts over your breast, his thumb gingerly moving over your nipple. You answer with a soft moan against his fingers in your mouth, the ones on your breast moving on to rolling the little bud between his digits and then tweaking it. He watches your eyebrows knitting, enjoying the effect his fondling on your breast has on you.
After you licked his fingers all clean, he shuffles on the bed and sits down next to you, propping himself against the headboard.
,,Take your clothes off and sit on my lap," he instructs, a hand coming up to run them through his dark hair. You can't say that this simple movement didn't let a chill scuttle down your spine because he looked so hot doing it.
Taking your clothes off didn't take long, you were only wearing short pieces of clothes and so you are throwing a leg over his clothed lap barely a minute after he told you.
His hands are immediately on you, warm hands sliding over your sides and eyes not even for one second daring to look away from your breath-taking nudity. Taehyung has so swallow the groan that almost dared to step out as he savours the sight in front of him. He realises he would never get enough of you.
While his hand are occupied with squeezing your ass he latches his mouth on your nipple, tomgue darting out and swirling it over your little bud. You sigh and grind against him, hands wrapped around his neck.
He groans against your body, your hips that move over his groin doesn't leave him unaffected.
,,Lean back," he tells you.
Begrudgingly you lean back, hands placed behind you and steadying you. Your pussy is fully exposed to his eyes.
His thumb gingerly flicks over your clit. You sharply inhale and Taehyung beams at your reaction. His other hand his rubbing you thigh. Taehyung's thumb reaches down and slides over your pussy, gathering your arousal and circling it over your entrance.
,,Want my fingers inside?"
He slides his index finger in, a second one soon following. You moan softly, closing your eyes once he starts thrusting them in and out.
,,Oh God," you mumble, arms slightly shaking but you're still able to hold yourself up.
,,You like that?"
You nod vigorously, eyebrows furrowing when his pace suddenly gets more rapid and rough. The wet sounds of your pussy ringing through the room and your shallow breaths only spurt Taehyung more on.
But then his fingers are gone, making your walls contract around nothing and letting an invidious mewl fall from you.
Taehyung only tsks. ,,You get to cum when I want it, got it?"
You clench your teeth and don't say anything.
,,Understood?" He cocks an eyebrow.
You huff. ,,Fine."
,,Good." He gives your thigh a short pat. ,,Turn around and lean against my chest."
While you get off of his lap he slightly turns around. You have no idea what he is planning to do, but when he spreads his legs, giving you room to settle between them you know what he wants.
You're both facing the mirror - that you didn't even notice till now - your legs spread and exposed for the both of you.
He skims his fingers over your perky breast, over your stomach until he is back at your drenched pussy. But he is not touching it yet.
Taehyung's other hand turns your head to him, digging his fingers into your cheek.
,,Open," he says. You open your mouth for him, watching him spit a globe of saliva into your mouth. His hand trails down your throat, wrapping his slender fingers around it.
,,Now swallow." Taehyung feels the contractions of your throat through his hands and hums in approval. His hand falls down from your throat to your breast and stays there, his other hand currently teasing your entrance.
You think that his teasing will continue for a while, but then he is sinking two of his fingers in, catching you off guard. ,,Ohh."
,,God, your face looks so beautiful," Taehyung whispers and gives your neck a small kiss.
His fingers instantly start with a fast tempo, making you screw your eyes shut as you're savouring the feelings of his fingers back inside your aching pussy. His thumb reaches up to caress your little bundle of nerves.
,,Faster," you urge.
,,My brat wants it faster?" he coos.
,,Yes," you rasps.
His digits stroke your insides quicker now. You roll your eyes and arch your back off his chest. Taehyung knows what to do, knows exactly how to handle your body to get you where he wants.
,,Open your eyes. Look at yourself getting finger fucked by me," Taehyung demands.
It's hard, but you open your eyes and watch how his fingers repeatedly go in and out your dripping cunt, thumb circling over your most sensitive part.
You feel the knot in your stomach tightening as you watch everything unfold before you.
You're so close to cumming, so close to let yourself fall into complete euphoria. A few more strokes against your clit and you'd be finally reaching your high.
Your breathing stops, completely concentrating how his fingers feel on your cunt.
Apparently it's still not on Taehyung's schedule to make you cum just yet. In an instant his fingers are gone from your throbbing pussy. Your hole is quivering and hips inexorably moving up and down and searching for something, really just anything, to get the last bits of friction that you need to reach your high. A broken moan falls from you, body quivering and legs trying to close to stop the unfulfilled sensation that rattles through you, but of course Taehyung doesn't let you. He makes your legs stay wide open, eyes wavering over your destroyed body through the mirror and finding so much satisfaction from your current state.
,,Come on, baby. What do good girls say when they want something?"
,,Hmmm." A fervid whine from you rings through the room. You're so on edge, you can't control anything that leaves your mouth. ,,I hate you," you say. Your voice sounds nothing like you anymore, it's filled with so much desperation and yearning and that idiot just won't give you what you so eagerly seek for.
,,Ah," Taehyung chides. You're feeling so forlorn that you grab his wrist, attempting to pull him back to your pussy, but he doesn't relent. Your hand stays there, nails digging into his tanned skin like it's your last shred of hope to finally get what you want. ,,Blame yourself, you didn't ask nicely," he tells you after you whine again. He rests his arm on your thigh, his fingers so close but also so far away. Taehyung's fingers that dug into your hip wander up and in a flash of one second his hand collides with your tit. ,,Did you still not learn? Huh?" His tone spattered in degradation and leaves your body in shivers.
,,Please," you mumble low, eyes wavering shut as you grow tired of being kept on edge for so long. Your body rests against his chest completely spent and you think you must look so pathetic right now. You didn't even come and you're so strained by his teasing already.
,,What do you want, baby?" It's not the first time your heart flutters at the pet name, but the fact that it still does after all those times he called you that make you swiftly question why he is able to create little butterflies in your stomach.
His voice is still harsh, but you know he has so much fun in demanding and degrading you right now.
,,Taehyung," you whimper, chest still heavily rising up and down after you hold your breath for so long.
,,What do you need, baby?" He gives you another chance, though his patience is running low by now.
,,You, n-need you."
,,Use your big girl words. Don't act all shy now."
And maybe that's the second where the last piece of intransigence gets crushed into a mass of nothingness, leaving you utterly blank for Taehyung to rewrite you to his pleasing.
,,I need your fingers, your cock, anything. Just make me cum, please."
,,Good girl," he praises you. ,,Wasn't that hard, was it?" You both look at each other through the mirror and you realise that you want to kiss those playful lips so badly, but you remain silent. He presses a few kisses on your neck like a little reward for your admission, but your mind is too foggy to acknowledge the little acts of affection he shows you. You're way more focused on pulling his hand back to your pussy. Now he actually gives in and a pitiful whimper emerges from you when he slides one finger over your drenched folds. Eyes already fluttering shut you manage to keep your moans at bay, but it's really hard when you're so sensitive, the slightest brush of his fingers kindling all the pent up feelings that he mercifully snatched from you.
Taehyung got you exactly where he wanted. He is enjoying this to the fullest. He got you - the bratty, quick-witted and gabby y/n - wrapped around his finger and doing exactly how he pleases.
The squelching sounds of his two fingers entering you again almost make your cheeks heat up, but feeling embarrassment after every thing you did - and said - is just redundant by now.
,,Fuck, just look at your tiny pussy so easily opening up for my fingers," Taehyung says, his hot breath shooting another chill down your neck. ,,Just imagine my cock splitting you wide open, you think you can take it?"
You're already breathless again, Taehyung is moving his fingers in rapid movements inside you. ,,I- I can take it." Biting down your lip you watch his thumb now reaching for your clit and starting to rub it.
,,Yeah? You're sweet pussy is just made for me, isn't it?"
,,It's yours! It's your- oh!" Taehyung crooks his fingers at just the perfect angle, hitting your loveliest spot inside you and letting your insides tingle. ,,J- Just like that!" you manage to say in between your ferocious moans.
,,You like that? Little brat likes getting finger fucked right there?"
,,Yes! Fuck, don't stop! Don't stop, please."
He smirks shamelessly. Taehyung squeezes your boob with his other hand. A short bend forward and he spits on your tit, fingers rubbing his saliva over your hard nipple.
,,I- I'm close," you utter within a moan.
,,Already? My baby is cumming so quickly?" Dumbass. Of course you are cumming this fast when he has been teasing you for so long now.
Both of your hands grab his arm that is currently nestled between your legs, gripping it tightly.
Your back arches off his chest, heart thundering in your ears and throat starting to hurt from all the moans and whines.
With another stroke against your sweet spot your climax is washing over you. It starts from the pit of your stomach and the sparks of your high spread all over you within a second.
,,Oh, fuck!" Your body lurches forward, but Taehyung holds you back. Eyes tightly shut close you let yourself get lost in the feeling.
You came so much. Your cunt is dripping with cum, staining the sheets beneath you.
You're enjoying your high to a certain extent, but when Taehyung doesn't stop circling his thumb over your clit it becomes a bit too much for you. You grab his wrist.
,,T-too much," you whimper.
,,Hm? Is your clit sensitive?"
,,Yeah," you reply, body sill jerking.
,,But I want you to cum again for me, baby."
,,I can't. Not now." Your voice trembling.
,,Remember what I said earlier?" He asks, intently eyeing your sensitive body through the mirror. You shake your head. ,,You get to cum when I want it. And I want you to cum again, now," he demands from you. A prolonged whine leaves you, he can't be serious.
You twist and wind, eyes tightly shut closed and lips parted but there is no sound coming from you. Legs are shaking, chest is tightening and hands are searching for something to anchor them in - Taehyung's thighs being the most suitable option as you dig your nails into his muscular thighs. Your body is turned to the side, cheek resting on his warm chest as his fingers flick over your used clit and torture it with his cruel digits.
The amount of opposing emotions that rattle through you are so confusing and something that you never felt before. It's too much, but at the same time it's all you want.
You're also not able to control any reaction from your body, it just does and you let it - you don't even have the slightest chance of stopping anything from the sheer brutality that these looming emotions hit you with.
,,Can't even recognise you because of how a whiny and squirming slut you became," he belittles you, glance drifting from the mirror and now looking down to see your face pressed against his chest from up close. ,,Look at you - so pathetic and whiny. Why can't you always be like this? I like this more than your bratty attitude." His fingers go faster, ,,Always playing so hard to get, but look at you - it was so easy for me to make you beg," Taehyung says, his breath hitting your neck. He studies your face, remarks every little detail of your features that are so beautifully twisted.
,,T-Tae! I think I'm going to-" You're not able to finish, the tight knot in the pit of your stomach doesn't allow you to.
,,You're gonna fucking cum again, aren't you? I knew you were a greedy slut, of course you're gonna cum right after making a mess of the sheets," he murmurs, deep voice going straight down your pussy and making it twitch.
Your toes curl, fingers still boring into his thighs, but Taehyung doesn't care about the pain.
His hand sneaks up from your breast, wrapping his big hand around your throat. The simple act of his slender fingers cutting off your breath turns you so on - at this point it's not even surprising that you're getting turned on by anything that Taehyung does to you.
,,Fuck! Taehyung, I-"
An unfamiliar feeling washes over you. Your climax never felt that intense before, but you're gladly accepting the new pleasure that makes your whole body shake and causes wretched whines falling from your lips. The slick noises get louder as you're cumming, the room silent except for the sounds that Taehyung is the creator of.
,,Oh shit," Taehyung whispers, sounding like he is in awe. You're way too caught up in the excruciating high that still tickles your limbs and don't realise what happened. Eyes are still lazily closed, and you nuzzle your face closer to his chest. ,,Wow, I thought you made a mess of the sheets before, but this got them all wet, baby."
His digit is gliding over your folds and you immediately react by squirming. You open your eyes to slap his hand away, you can't take more of his teasing you're completely wasted. But before you are able to shoo his hand away the sheets - that are wet like someone poured water over it - catch your attention. It's not only the sheets but also your thighs, they are glistening in your arousal too.
,,Did you ever squirted before?" Taehyung asks softly, his eyes entranced by your slick pussy.
,,Did I ever...what?" Your chest is still rapidly rising up and down and the sheer fact that Taehyung made you squirt - something you have never experienced before - is making your heart beat even faster.
His gaze shifts to you. ,,You didn't realise?"
You shake your head lazily, returning his stare rather timidly.
A grin spreads on his lips. He ducks down to peck your cheek. ,,Am I making you feel too good? Hm?" Both of his hand wrap around your stomach, the slow strokes against your skin calming you down.
You shake your head. ,,Not more than anyone else did before," you say defiantly. You watch the change of his expression through the mirror. He doesn't need to tell or show you - you know that your words ignited a distinct fire inside him.
,,I see, you still haven't learned anything." Taehyung traces his finger over your arm, goose bumps following right after. ,,But it's not the first time I heard nonsense coming from your pretty lips."
You furrow your brows and he answers with that deep chuckle when he remarks your face.
You want to say something, but you're still dazed from your high and your brain is not able to can't form coherent sentences that quickly.
,,How about your pretty lips do something better than spitting bratty stuff?"
You cock your brow, drawing out a "hmm" as if contemplating his obvious offer and turn your head to look at him and not only through the mirror. Taehyung doesn't look you into the eyes, but stares at your mouth. He is probably feeling awfully horny. You can't blame him, throughout the whole time of him edging you, you felt his boner on your lower back and he has been holding himself back till now.
,,Aw, stop pretending. I know you probably suck cock like a slut." His thumb skims over your bottom lip.
You tilt your head to one side. ,,Is that supposed to be a compliment or not?"
,,Get on your knees and we'll find out."
Before you do so, you pucker your lips to steal a kiss from him. He gladly gives into your invitation and kisses you. Then you slide down the bed and turn around to face him. He is already pulling down his boxers, throwing them away and grabbing his shaft. Taehyung strokes his cock a few times, but then he stops, holding his cock upright.
,,Come here, spit on it," Taehyung says and pulls you closer by your shoulder.
You align your mouth over his cock, a trail of saliva leaving your mouth and landing right on his throbbing dick. He lets go of his grip and allows you to to lubricate his cock, your small hand delicately wrapping around his dick and stroking him.
You're in awe at his huge he is. You saw his cock before, but it's been a while and it seems like you forgot how massive he is.
You attack your lips to his veiny dick, planting smooches from the base of his cock till your at his tip.
His breaths are shallow, little curses falling from his as he intently watches you. Taehyung combs your hair with his hand, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
When you seem to have lost yourself in languidly kissing and trailing your tongue over him he slaps your hand away and grabs his cock again.
,,Stop teasing," he exhorts.
,,Don't like it when I give you a taste of your own medicine?"
,,Say that again and instead of fucking you I'll repeat what I did earlier to you."
,,That's fine by me."
He scoffs. ,,Cute of you to think that." That malicious shimmer in his eyes indicates that he actually thinks that you're being pathetic with your confident attitude. And maybe he's successful in intimidating you with that. You don't know what he'll be able to pull off the next time you're being a brat.
He taps his tip on your cheek, smearing it all the way to your mouth and gliding it over your lips.
,,Fuck, look at that ass," he curses and looks behind you. You turn your head over your shoulder and realise that the mirror is right behind you. You totally forgot about that. ,,Arch your back a bit more." You do and come forward, resting your hands on his thighs and giving Taehyung a perfect view of your ass.
When you turn your face back to him again, his lap is closer than before. Taehyung is focused on admiring your ass through the mirror and let go of his cock, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch him off guard by taking him into your mouth without any warning.
And that's exactly what you do. You grab the base of his cock, wrapping your mouth around him and taking him as far as you can on your first try.
Taehyung inhales sharply, a deep grunt slipping from him as your warm mouth envelopes around him.
,,Shit, baby." He's fully focused on you know, big eyes watching you as you hollow your cheeks and starts bobbing your head. Your hand works on the parts that you can't reach simultaneously. He runs a hand through your hair, nails scratching your scalp and tugging on your strands. Taehyung coaxes a few small moans from you through that action, which only leads to another curse falling from him as your moans vibrate against his cock.
Taehyung's hand puts pressure on your head, giving you no other chance but having to take him further. His other hand grabs the one that is working at the parts that you still don't reach.
,,Hands behind your back," Taehyung firmly says. A second later he mutters ,,Good girl." after taking a brief glance to the mirror.
He cups your cheek, thumb brushing over your skin. You look up at time while you move your head, eyes a bit teary at how far your taking him by now.
,,You look so fucking sexy." - Taehyung closes his eyes for a brief second before continuing - ,,Want to never forget how your lips look like around my cock."
His hand wanders down to your tits, pinching your nipple. A whimper escapes from you and a lazy smirk tugs on his lips. Your movements are fast now, the slick sounds of you working on his cock echoing through the room.
Taehyung can't keep his eyes off you. He thinks he'd never seen something that turned him on like this. He's truly mesmerised by your full lips wrapped around him and sucking him in such a charming way.
,,I was right, you really suck cock like a good slut," Taehyung says a low moan following as you swirl your tongue around him. ,,Would you allow me to take a picture from you like this?"
You're baffled for a second, but quickly stop your work and shake your head before going on with sucking him off.
,,No? Really?" His lips are twisted into a little pout, but you were not going to let him win you over like that. ,,I'll let you keep that weird pic you took of me earlier if you let me take a pic of you," he tries to allure you. When you don't seem to react he goes on. ,,I'd jerk off to that pic so many times." And it really sounds sincere, like he would actually do it, but still, you wouldn't relent.
With a plop his dick slips from your mouth. ,,Just watch porn and you'll be fine." It's almost like you are reassuring him, which is pretty funny considering how he acted before but you don't say more, only taking his cock back into your mouth.
Taehyung's back falls onto the mattress, looking like he is throwing a tantrum. ,,Your lips hit different though," he breaths and before he gives you the chance to say something he is bucking his hips upward, his hand reaching up to your head and pushing you down on his cock. You instantly choke, eyes filled with tears as his dick reaches the back of your throat. ,,Fuck." He continues fucking his cock into your mouth, using you just like he pleases. Taehyung's eyes are closed, he is enjoying using your throat to the brim and never felt like this before.
He sits up again, stopping his ferocious thrusts and pulls your head away from his cock. You take a deep breath. A few tears slid down your cheeks and saliva is coating your chin. You look like a big mess.
,,Just look at you," he says, his hand reaching for your face and fingers squishing your cheeks together. ,,Can suck cock like a slut but can't take it properly when I fuck your mouth."
,,You're too big," you admit, voice a bit muffled by his digits squishing you.
,,Another thing I have to teach you, huh?" His condescending tone turns you on. You really have some problems if you find him degrading you that hot.
Your hand works on his cock again. Your always in for some blowjob lessons for how to take a big cock. But Taehyung stops you. ,,Not today. I wanna fuck you now." You bite your lip.
How can you still be so excited even though he literally wrecked you a few minutes ago?
,,Get on all fours," Taehyung instructs. He lets go of you, but not before he gives your cheek a quick slap and walks towards his suitcase.
You get up and sit down on the bed. ,,What are you searching for?"
,,We can go bare...I think?" He turns around, one eyebrow raised. ,,I mean, I just sucked your cock anyway and I'm on the pill," you explain.
,,Well, I'm okay with that and you too, right?" You nod. ,,Good, because I still clearly remember how your raw pussy felt and I'm dying to feel your tight hole again."
Him saying that makes you remember how crazy you were for allowing him to fuck you in the middle of the night - in the kitchen - and especially bare without any protection without talking before hand about it. But it seems like you're crazy for everything that has to do with Taehyung. You're not sure why he has that effect on you, but you're not complaining as long as he is making you feel good.
And on top of all you feel your cheeks heat up. Somehow Taehyung knows how to press the right buttons and makes you act like some giddy teenager that would do anything for her crush.
,,What are you waiting for? Bend over." If you haven't been that eager to feel him inside you, you would have teased him, but at this point all you can think of is his cock pounding into you.
You bend over, hands holding you up and back arched. Taehyung is right behind you on his knees. His hands spreads your cheeks open, muttering a curse as he takes your beauty in. You turn your head and watch him staring at your body through the mirror. A little grin graces his face when you sway your ass a little.
,,Can't wait to feel my cock splitting your tiny pussy open?" It's like he already knew that you were staring at him. He tilts his head to the mirror, instantly looking at your eyes.
You nod.
,,Then say it. Tell me how bad you want my cock." You nearly whine in frustration. Facing away from the mirror you sigh loudly. Taehyung tugs at your hair. ,,Ah, don't look away now." Reluctantly you turn your head to the mirror again. ,,Look at me and beg for my cock, brat." Staring into his warm, but unwavering eyes you say ,,Taehyung, please. You teased me so much already, I can't take no more. Just fuck me now. I need your cock inside me, please." His eyes are briefly closed. Taehyung can't get enough of you begging for him. He feels powerful and loves the way your voice sounds so small and meek. He runs one hand down your spine, leaving your body in chills. ,,Good girl." He briefly ducks down and places small kisses over your back. You suppress a smile that risked to tug on your lips as a result from his praise. You didn't know that you are so into getting praised - blame your brat inside you for that - but every form of praise he shows you makes your heart skip a beat. He grabs his cock and glides it over your folds. After gathering your arousal on your entrance he nudges it with his tip, slowly entering you. ,,Shit," you mumble, watching how his cock vanishes inside you as you're looking into the mirror. ,,You're so tight." His cock is completely buried inside you. Taehyung gives you a few seconds to get used to his size. Your walls are snuggly wrapped around him and he swears he never felt a pussy like yours before. ,,You can move." He places his hands on your hips. Taehyung leisurely bottoms out, but forcefully pounds back in, his balls slapping against your body. You moan in unison. ,,Pussy feels so good," Taehyung whispers, spanking your ass. He wanted to go slow, wanted to give you more time to get used to him, but now that he started he can't stop anymore. Taehyung quickly finds his rhythm, quick and hard snaps of his hips granting you both the pleasure that you need. You never knew that being able to look at a mirror while having sex is such a turn on, but you are having so much fun watching Taehyung rut into you and Taehyung seems like enjoying it too considering how he only looks away from the mirror to look down at his cock disappearing into your hole. He quickly gathered his speed, didn't need a long time to develop rapid movements. ,,Taehyung," you moan loudly. ,,Again," he breathes. ,,Moan my name like that again." He isn't sure if the walls are thin in this hotel, but if there is even the slightest possibility of someone being able to hear you moaning his name so delicately he wouldn't dare to not take the chance. A sharp thrusts of his hips make you moan is name again and again and again. Despite all the hate you have reserved for this man, you can't lie and say that he is not one of the best one's that you had sex with. His hand sneak under your body and cups your boob that's swaying with every jolt of his cock. Taehyung leans over you now, his face close to yours and his soft and deep moans next to your ear. You watch how his hand reaches down from you breast and then feel his finger toying with your clit. Your breathing instantly trembles. You grab his wrist that's between your legs. ,,Taehyung, it's super sensitive," you whispers in between sobs. ,,Little clit is sensitive because of me? Aw, what a pity," he coos, still not indicating to withdraw his finger. ,,What a pity for you, because I won't stop till you gonna cum, baby." Asshole, you think. But your walls that flutter around him betray you. ,,Come on, baby. You already did so much for me today, you can cum again for me, can't you?" The way he is saying it makes you desperately want to cum again, just so you can hear Taehyung praising you afterwards. ,,Go harder," you urge him. Taehyung immediately complies and sets for harder thrusts. His cock is angled perfectly, hitting the right spots and reaching deep inside you. ,,Just like that," you breath, arms slowly giving in and soon you're resting your head on the sheets. You don't know how Taehyung is still keeping up, but
your limbs start feeling numb and tired. ,,You like watching yourself getting fucked?" ,,Uh-huh." ,,Yeah? Little brat likes seeing her pussy being split in half?" You nod, not able to utter any words. It's insane how fast Taehyung is able to get you close to cumming again, but you're not complaining. ,,Fuck, you are close, aren't you? You just clenched around my cock so hardly." Taehyung spanks your ass again, grabbing your flesh after and squeezing it tightly. ,,Cum all over my cock, baby. Want you to cream all over me." And with that you're cumming on his cock, drenching him in your arousal and walls clenching even harder around him. ,,That's it. That's my good girl," he murmurs, pressing kisses on your shoulder. ,,You're alright?" You shift your gaze from the mirror to his real face, watching his soft eyes from close. ,,I'm good," you reply. ,,Perfect." He places one last kiss near your neck before he sits back on his heels. ,,Then turn around for me." His cock slips from you as you lay on your back and spread your legs for him. Taehyung puts his cock back into your pussy, arms framing your hand and leaning close to your body as he starts bucking his hips into you again. Your pussy feels so used and sensitive that your walls can't stop clenching around him. Taehyung has to inhale sharply. They don't stop fluttering against his cock as his dick is brushing your sweetest You're so dazed with all the buzzing feelings that Taehyung coaxed out of you that you don't notice the way his cock is twitching inside you. He wants to last longer, wants to devour you so much more but Taehyung was unprepared for the affect that your delicate being would have on him, so now he's fighting with every crumb of his living to pound into your pussy a bit longer. He can't get enough of you, he's just too intoxicated with every ounce of your existence, and absolutely adores how you make him feel. He starts sucking on your neck to get his mind off his nearing orgasm. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling his body closer. ,,Taehyung," you whisper. ,,Hm?" He is still occupied with creating little red marks on your skin. ,,I want you to cum." He knows that you telling him to cum makes clear that you're tired and can't endure this any longer, but he wants you to cum one last time for him. So his thumb reaches for your little bud again, brushing his digit over it. You immediately squirm under him. ,,T-Tae I can't no more," you sob. ,,I can't cum anymore." You lift your legs and wrap them around his small waist. ,,Just focus on yourself now and fill me up." You're not sure why he prolongs his climax for so long now, you’re at your limit now and can't take any other high anymore. Your words cause him to loose the rhythm of his thrusts. ,,Fill you up? You mean I can cum inside you?" Eyes big and searching for yours to confirm it. ,,Yeah, cum inside me." ,,Really?" You don't know why he is so excited about that so you roll your eyes. ,,Do it before I change my mind." He gives you a hard thrust for rolling your eyes at him that causes you to moan loudly. Taehyung is holding himself up again, his hair falling into his eyes as he watches how your tits jiggle with every jolt of his body and fully concentrates on himself this time. Your sweet moans and whines help him getting closer and one glance at your face make him loose control. His thrusts are sloppy, not coordinated and all over the place. His grunts are getting louder and when you whimper his name, so weak and fragile he spills his hot cum inside your clenching pussy. Taehyung isn't sure if you're clenching your walls on purpose to help him get off, but he doesn't care at this point. His head falls into the crook of your neck as he gives you a few more lurches forward before he completely stills inside you. Taehyung's breathing is heavy and you still feel his dick twitching inside you. ,,Did you just cum again?" he asks after a few moments. ,,Uh-huh." Your chest is rapidly rising up and down and you're having a
hard time calming yourself down. ,,I thought you can't anymore," he jeers amused. ,,Shut up." In a week attempt you slap his biceps. You are both a mess, sticky and slimy and full of cum. ,,This was amazing," Taehyung says, pecking your cheek. You hum in agreement. He gets off of you and you wince when his cock slips out. Taehyung helps you clean your pussy but that's all you do for cleaning because you're both tired. And with that you both get comfortable underneath the sheets, your backs to each other and keeping a safe distance. The picture - and the only reason you ended up in this situation again - long forgotten. At least it's a nice addition to the other pictures in your phone gallery. Somehow - very much to your wonder - you wake up in the ember-warm embrace of his arms the next morning. ~ It is the next day. It's late at night, probably past midnight considering how long you all have been sitting outside already. You are all gathered around a table, the cold breeze of the ocean nearby creating a pleasant temperature. From this place you have a pretty view of the beach and ocean that reflects the full moon. Since everyone of you drank alcohol for the past hours you are a bit merry. Yoongi already left an hour ago because he was very frantic with the amount of alcohol he drank and went to sleep. ,,Who's in for truth or dare?" Seokjin asks and cuts off every ongoing conversation. He grabs an empty soju bottle. ,,Really?" Jungkook sighs like he can't believe the eldest of you is the one coming up with that idea. ,,You're all boring, so someone had to bring some entertainment in here." Seokjin doesn't wait for responses, he already spins the bottle. When is comes to a halt it points at Namjoon. ,,Dare," he answers before Seokjin is able to ask. Seokjin claps his hands. ,,Okay, let's start with something easy. Drink your beer in one go." Namjoon's lips part and eyebrows knit in confusion. ,,How's that easy? I literally just started drinking it." Hoseok starts laughing and pats his shoulder encouragingly. Nevertheless, Namjoon relents and completes his dare with loud shouts from the boys and giggling from you and Hoseok's girlfriend. After Namjoon calms down from the amount of beer he just drank in one go it's his turn to spin the bottle. It lands on you. ,,Truth or dare?" You purse your lips and briefly contemplate your options. ,,Dare." ,,You have to sit on someone’s lap for the entire game, because you have been a bad student and are in time out now," Namjoon says. You're not sure why he is making up a scenario for your dare, but you blame it on his tipsiness. ,,I can tell that you are into roleplaying," Jimin says and everyone laughs. Namjoon shrugs his shoulders, but a smile is displayed on his face. You stand up, already knowing who you are going to choose. Jimin - who sits next to you - opens his arms, because, he too, knows that you are going to pick him. When Seokjin remarks Jimin's open arms, he playfully copies the action making you chuckle but you still sit down sideways on Jimin's lap. He's your best friend - Hoseok too but his girlfriend is literally sitting next to him - and you cuddled together for countless of times already, so it's not uncomfortable. ,,I would never sit on your grandpa lap," you mock Seokjin and his expression quickly changes into an offended one. ,,Yah, I'm not that much older than you!" ,,Whatever, grandpa." You bend down and start spinning the bottle. Jimin chuckles and places his warm hand on your bare thigh, rubbing your skin softly. ,,I'll never cook food for you anymore." ,,I never get food anyways! Because these idiots eat everything before I can come over," you complain. ,,Then how about you try to be punctual for once?" Taehyung provokes, talking to you for the first time that day. After you both woke up in each others arms you both didn't quite initiate a conversation. ,,Well, I'm busy with uni unlike some other people here," you reply. ,,Oh really? Last time I wanted to go together
with you to Seokjin's place you didn't seem like you were busy with uni stuff, but rather busy with-" Jimin doesn't continue, because you cut him off by pinching his cute cheeks. ,,We don't talk about that," you remind Jimin. ,,Also, never come into my room like that again." You clearly remember that day when Jimin bursted into you room without any announcement or knocking or just something to let you know that he is about to enter your room. Jimin presses his lips together, but you can still see him trying not to smile. ,,I literally live in the same apartment and have no idea what you're talking about," Hoseok says and looks a bit confused and maybe a bit pouty because he is feeling excluded. ,,Better for you." Everyone is watching Jimin and you with interest - especially Taehyung with his hawk eyes that never seem to look somewhere else - wanting to know what you two are talking about but there is no way you're going to tell them. You're about to whirl the bottle again, but you remember that you did that a minute ago previously. ,,Jungkook!" you exclaim after checking where it landed at. For a second he looks baffled and can't hold eye contact with you, kind off nervously chewing his bottom lip with his teeth. But when you ask him if he wants to pick truth or dare he calms down again. ,,Truth." ,,Okay, lemme think." You are not very creative so you need some time to think. After a few seconds pass Jimin whispers something into your ear. ,,Ahh! Kookie, what is your biggest kink?" ,,Hmm," Jungkook thinks, forming his lip into that cute pout you adore so dearly. ,,Aw, come on, even I can answer that question for you," Seokjin says. ,,Huh?" Jungkook looks at him confused. ,,Our Jungkookie likes getting his dick sucked," Seokjin answers for Jungkook and throws his arm over Jungkook's shoulder. ,,I think everyone likes getting their dick sucked," Taehyung says boldly. ,,Yeah, but Jungkookie really, like reaalllyyy enjoys getting a blowjob," Seokjin states tapping Jungkook's shoulder a few times. ,,Well, yeah. If that's a kink then that's mine," Jungkook looks unbothered, the only thing bothering him his tipsy older brother's arm wrapped around him. You few more rounds pass and soon it's Taehyung's turn. ,,Truth or dare?" Hoseok asks, his hands around his girlfriend who is sitting on his lap now, because it got a bit colder. ,,Truth." You didn't expect him to choose truth, but why are you caring anyway? ,,Last time you had sex?" Though you know that obviously no one knows that you slept with Taehyung yesterday you still tense up. You try to come off as nonchalant, but that the little grin that curls on Taehyung's lips make you nervous. ,,A few hours ago." A...few hours ago? That's certainly not what you expected him to answer. Taehyung is now looking at you. His lips are twisted in an evil smirk. Smiling at you just like the devil he is and eyes glimmering in that teasing way. You knew that he is going to have some fun around here, but it somehow feels weird to know that he fucked someone that quickly after you. And that stupid smile that is plastered on his face is not helping you, it's only provoking you and makes you want to slap his face. Wait but...did he fuck her in your bed? You bite down your lip to not start cursing and spitting angry words at him. You look away from Taehyung, the urge to punch his face getting stronger every second that passes. That fucker really had sex a day after he fucked you in your shared bed. You remember how he flirted with that girl when you all where chilling at the pool and now it makes sense why Taehyung vanished for quite some time this afternoon. This little vacation with your friends is taking a different path than you expected and you are not sure if you are excited about what else is going to ensue.
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jungkxook · 9 months ago
—backseat serenade. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: taehyung x reader
⟶ genre: punk!taehyung / band au / brother’s best friend au + smut 
⟶ words: 10,790
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ summary: falling in love and having weekly sex with kim taehyung is wrong for a number of reasons — and, no, that’s not including the whole other issue that he’s also your brother’s best friend
⟶ warnings: multiple sex scenes, slight exhibitionism if u look hard enough, wall sex, car sex, unprotected sex, all the sex (seriously), fingering, pussy slapping (also if u look hard enough), lots of teasing, doggy style, riding, creampie
⟶ disclaimer: this story is another repost of an old one (although it’s basically been entirely rewritten lol)!  
⟶ this is part of the melodrama tour series!
Tumblr media
“We have to hurry. I don’t have a lot of time.”
Taehyung says this with much difficulty, of course, especially when considering you’re currently pressed up against him, his fingers digging crescent-moons into your hips ━ but he knows you’re teasing him now.
You can’t help it, though; he just makes it so easy for you.
He can be so stubborn and impatient at times that poking fun at him brings you quite a bit of joy. Maybe not so much to him, as he often whines and complains that you like to torture him, but, really, how could you not? When you think about what he’s usually like in bed, away from prying eyes, it’s entirely different. So to see that dominance in him fade into nothing short of helpless is simply satisfying ━ even if you know you’ll pay for it at a later time. It doesn’t always happen either but when it does, you bask in it for as long as possible.
Which is why you seem to take the liberty of “torturing” him so sweetly now, just before the boys are about to play a gig at a bar late one night. Taehyung had found you the moment he and the boys had finished soundchecking for the evening, then had you pinned up against the brick wall of the dingy washroom, his hips digging harshly into yours, and his hand now gripping your thigh around his waist. It might have been you who instigated it, hooded eyes and fluttering lashes and shit-eating grins meeting him in secret from across the room as he stood on stage before you with his bass guitar in hand, but Taehyung was the one to put it into action just like he always does, pulling you in there even despite the fact that they were scheduled to play in twenty minutes.
But who could blame you? Taehyung is always so charming, and tonight he was looking extra irresistible. Maybe it was the silky blouse, the first few buttons left open so that the floral tattoo on his chest pokes through, leaving very little to the imagination, or maybe it was the way he had let his hair grow out a little longer than usual, soft dark curls pushed back by a single bandana.
“You’ll be late,” You warn him in between heated kisses as he pecks his way down to the underside of your jaw where he tongues a warm pattern there.
“Just a quickie,” Taehyung promises gruffly. His hips rut against yours again and you feel his straining erection against your inner thigh. Poor thing. “Been dying all day to feel you on my dick.”
You only hum in response, a small amused smirk plastered on your face. He’s sucking a hickey onto your neck when he speaks next.
“Had all these thoughts but I was all alone. It was terrible.”
“What kind of thoughts?” You pry, quirking a brow. Your fingers toy at the top of his belt buckle, pulling him towards you. “Let me guess. Were you thinking about what it feels like to have my mouth on you? All warm and wet.”
He doesn’t move a muscle when he feels your hand trail lower past his belt only to grab at his crotch through the rough material of his jeans. You press your palm against him and he hisses.
“Sucking you off nice and slow, just how you like it?” You probe, teeth tugging at his lower lip when he catches your mouth on his once more. Your voice is low and sultry and invokes something in him that has him tensing. “Or maybe the way it felt when you had me bent over your kitchen counter the other day. You know, you always make me feel so good, Tae━”
He growls against your mouth but the harsh sound dissolves into a strangled whine. “Don’t start something you can’t finish, love.”
“And I always love when you pull at my hair too━” But you continue on as if he hadn’t even spoken, the thrill of the moment coursing through your veins like crackling electricity. “And when you grip my thighs so tightly when your head’s between my legs━”
“Y/N,” he says your name in a strained warning, bordering on a desperate beg if you listen close enough. He gets distracted when you suck delicately on a spot on his jawline and has to take a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. “Please. I’ll do anything. Just let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”
“My mouth?” You ask, tantalizingly slowly. “Or me?”
“I’m a simple man, I just wanna cum,” he hums, earning a delighted snort from you. “I’ll take whatever you give me, Y/N, please.”
“Hmm…” You trail off. You press your palm a little harder against him, rubbing your hand across his length. “Think I want you inside me, Tae. Wanna be wrecked by you.”
Now, this seems to excite him to no end. He fumbles with his belt at once. A devious cackle meets his ears and he knows you’re purposely toying with him. The next few moments unfold in a blur as his eager hands join with your own nimble ones, having his belt undone in a matter of seconds and your skirt hitched up nearly to your waist. With one hand gripping his straining and leaking cock as he pulls himself free from his pants, the other hitches one of your thighs to his waist. He pushes into you at once, the familiar feeling of your wet walls coaxing him in further and further as he sinks against your chest entirely, a beautiful luscious moan falling from his lips and a hiss of glee from yours. And, then, all at once, it’s as if all the pressure that has been building up inside of him tumbles to the forefront to be released.
“Jesus, fuck,” he grunts. He buries his head against your chest, one hand feverishly grasping at your breasts from under your shirt, fortunate you chose to forgo a bra for the night.
“Ooh, Tae━” Your own arms wrap around his neck, holding him tightly to you, but you don’t think he’ll bother going very far when his own weight slumps against you entirely, pressing you against the wall roughly. And even though he’s quick to fuck himself into you, his hips hardly stray far from yours too, causing you to bob violently up and down the wall behind you, the rough brick structure scratching at your flesh paling in comparison to the cool metallic rings on his fingers holding you up and the burn between your legs as his cock stretches you open.
“Nice to know that’s all I am to you━” Your head falls back against the wall as he continues. “Something you can use to get off. Not that I mind.”
“Nah, that’s not all you are to me,” Taehyung sharply inhales, and then shudders. In the heat of the moment, you miss the sentiment in his voice. He lifts his head to yours finally, smothering your lips with his. “But your pretty little cunt sure is nice.”
A maniacal cackle bubbles at your throat as you nip at his lower lip. Before you can respond, outside the washroom Jimin’s voice can be heard calling out aimlessly for Taehyung as the boy most likely wanders by, oblivious to what’s unfolding only a few feet away from him. “Has anyone seen Tae? Taehyung! Get your ass back here or we’re gonna be late━”
Taehyung groans out of frustration and buries his face in the crook of your neck, grumbling angrily, “Fuckin’ hell.”
But despite the Jimin’s close proximity and despite Taehyung’s bitter resentment for it, his hips still continue to rut into yours. You do manage to pull apart from his mouth and giggle when he chases after your lips desperately. “Think that’s your cue, baby.”
“There’s no way you’d be that evil,” he protests like a whining child.
“But Jimin sounds pissed.”
Taehyung finds it hard to focus when your fingers tug at the collar of his shirt, absentmindedly (or so he thinks) running your hands under his shirt and over his chest. He cradles you close to him, following your every move. That, and the way your walls clench around him drives him wild. “Heaven forbid we let down Jimin.”
“Nnng━” You choke back a whimper. “He’ll be mad.”
“As if he wouldn’t already lose his shit if he found me here in such a compromising position with you being that you’re his sister.”
Compromising is certainly one word for it. So, maybe Taehyung had a point, but that never stopped him or you before. In fact, it only seemed to add to your lustful endeavours, as if you both enjoyed seeing how far you could push the boundaries before getting caught ━ or not.
It hadn’t always been like this. For a period of your life, you had somehow forced yourself to believe you had despised Taehyung as much as you claim, as much as you lie. You wondered just how Jimin could ever be friends with, or be as inseparable with, Taehyung as he was. Whereas Jimin is timid and shy, gentle and caring, like a soft breath of cool air on a hot summer’s day that sways the knee-high grass in meadows behind your house, Taehyung is energetic and effervescent, reckless and wild, akin to that of a sudden flash of lightning that breaks apart the calm sky, a clap of thunder that shakes even the very core of sleeping Gaia. Though, somehow, their two vastly different personalities come clashing together in a harmonious perfection and create something that is entirely too rambunctious for you to handle, even as a young child.
But now? Now you’re positive neither you nor Taehyung would stand a chance against Jimin’s wrath if he found out his best friend enjoyed weekly sex of all sorts with you, sometimes even when he’s asleep in the next room over in your shared apartment with him and Taehyung had somehow managed to sneak in during the night.
“You know he’s already suspicious,” You moan as his cock angles upward into you in such a way that makes your body tremble. You jut your hips forward, meeting his halfway. “Now━ Fuck, Tae━ you wanna… You wanna risk getting kicked from the band for not showing up to your set?”
“There’s still ten minutes,” he hisses hotly. “Ten minutes is more than enough time.”
“Then you’ll really be late.”
“It adds to the rockstar brand, doesn’t it?” he asks hastily. “Fuck, baby. You’re so fucking wet and you’re teasing me?”
He’s met with a roll of your eyes, and then a drunken snicker as you retort, “Maybe being fashionably late will be more acceptable when you’re a big celebrity.”
“Did you find him?” Another voice suddenly sounds from outside, this time resembling Hoseok’s. Taehyung wonders how they haven’t heard either of you yet, the lewd wet noises of his cock burrowing into your cunt seeming to grow louder each time. Surely, you would have been caught by now had it not been for the thudding bass of the music playing at the bar.
“No,” Jimin grumbles, closer this time.
A dangerously loud whimper tumbles from your lips and Taehyung hurries to clamp his hand over your mouth. You’re fortunate when he does, clinging to his hand as he pumps himself into you. At the very least, no matter how cocky Taehyung got with you or how many times he teased the thought of getting caught, he would never actually risk facing Jimin’s mighty wrath. Still, he finds a way to have fun with it.
“Uh oh.” Taehyung meets your darkened stare, lids heavy, as his other hand leaves your thigh to stick between your legs, fingers rubbing circles against your clit. You know he does it on purpose, judging by the broadening smirk on his face when the added stimulation makes your hips jerk instinctively beneath him. He’s surprised when you hardly let out a noise, safe for a sudden gasp for air. “Not even one tiny moan? Come on, baby.”
“Fuck it. Wherever he is, he better know we’re on in ten!” Jimin’s voice carries back to the two of you. Then, a little more faintly as he wanders off, you can hear him grumble, “I swear to God, this asshole━”
“Wait, wait━” You rasp suddenly, twisting and turning beneath Taehyung and the boy stops at once. You try not to let your heart swoon at the way his hands are all soft and gentle as they touch you now, sliding his palm off your mouth if only for it to fall to your hips where he rubs at comfortingly.
He tries to ignore the way his cock twitches, shoved so deep within your walls. “What’s wrong?”
You slither from his grasp, unraveling your leg from his waist and delicately pushing him away, trying not to focus on the way your pussy throbs at the sudden missing warmth of his length. Taehyung is suddenly even more concerned, the poor boy gawking at you helplessly, his swollen cock completely forgotten as he fixes himself back into his jeans, his attention solely focused on you and your wellbeing now.
“What happened? Did I hurt you━”
“No,” You promise. “No, I just━” You look sheepish, and he wonders why, up until he sees you fidgeting with your skirt in an attempt to fix it and the mischievous twinkle flashing in your eyes. “I just figured maybe we shouldn’t risk it tonight. I mean, you heard Jiminie.” You pat Taehyung’s chest once, smoothing out the material of his now crumpled shirt. “So, I’ll see you out there.”
Taehyung blinks once. “What the fuck.”
It doesn’t seem to hit him at first; not until he spots your wicked grin as you lean past him to look at your reflection in the mirror, fixing your clothes and hair. You wipe at a smudge of lipstick in the corner of your mouth, and Taehyung gaps.
“Y/N, what the fuck?” he whines. Needy and desperate hands try to grab at you on your way to the door, but he ultimately lets you weave your way out of his reach. “What are you, the antichrist? Don’t be such a tease. I’ve got a problem that you helped start. It’s only fair if you help finish it.”
Admittedly, it is cruel. He looks both shameless and shameful, an exasperated and flustered expression to match the helpless state he’s in. Shirt askew on his shoulders, hair a wild mess, and his painfully obvious boner struggling against his jeans. You almost feel bad, until you realize you shouldn’t be. Because this is all it’s ever been between the two of you ━ sex, and more sex, no feelings attached, but lately something seems off…  Either way, Taehyung will get over it, and he’ll still come crawling back for more which is why you have no qualms when you leave. Just, maybe, not in the way you would like.
The last thing he sees of you before you flee the washroom for him to fend for himself is a seductive smirk and a wink being thrown over your shoulder as you remark innocently, prettily, “You have hands.”
And then you’re gone, leaving him alone in the dingy washroom. He doesn’t come out right away, though it leaves the restless boys that make his band awaiting him to speculate some more.
“He’s gonna totally screw us over if he doesn’t show up in the next two minutes,” Jimin is saying hotly to the boys behind the stage when you rejoin them. The bar is already filling up with partygoers but mostly fans of the band, eagerly anticipating the set.
“Relax, Jimin,” Namjoon says carelessly. “He’s probably getting blown in the washroom or something. Can’t rush a man through these things.”
Jimin rolls his eyes as the others snicker. When the others have distracted themselves by discussing other business, you approach your brother casually, saying as inconspicuous as possible yet reassuringly, “Everything will be fine. I’m sure he’ll be here any second.”
“Wouldn’t be surprised if he throws this all away for a girl,” Jimin shakes his head. “It’s a miracle he ━ or any of the guys, for that matter ━ hasn’t tried anything on you yet.”
You try to laugh, though the sound is more forced and strained than you would like. At least Jimin doesn’t seem to notice. “But he’s your friend. Don’t you trust him?”
“I do trust him,” Jimin replies. “He’s a good guy, he’s just too caught up in all this band life. We’ve both seen it with the guys, especially with Taehyung. They take advantage of this stuff in the early stages.”
“Well, you don’t have to worry,” You promise. “I’m not interested in your friends and never will be ━ especially not Taehyung.”
Fortunately, the dreaded conversation doesn’t last much longer. Taehyung does end up making it to his own set on time, and when he finds you out in the crowd, you’re smirking deviously up at him for a secret that never has to be told aloud to the world and certainly not to Jimin.
Tumblr media
You don’t quite remember when you and Taehyung started hooking up behind your brother’s back or what exactly caused it.
If you think back long and hard enough, you’re positive it was the result of some sort of drunken one night stand that elapsed into sober days and conscious decision making, which then turned into weeks, then months, which leaves you to where you are now. Almost a year of sucking your brother’s best friend’s dick and you’ve somehow, miraculously, never been caught. But aside from occasionally sleeping with one another, there was nothing more to be exposed to Jimin in terms of romance. Because, as far as he was aware, you and Taehyung were still embroiled in your childhood rivalry with one another that was less violent now than when you were younger and more civil, aside from the offhanded jabs and retorts shot at one another. And, as far as Taehyung and you were aware, the charade and the hook-ups all resulted in a peculiar sort of friendship between the two of you that was certainly as far as either of you would take things. Supposedly.
But between sexual teasing and taunts, you sometimes wonder if the lines have begun to blur, and if you’ve gotten too comfortable with Taehyung asking to sleep in your bed. Which is why, maybe, you overcompensate by “torturing” him on the days that he really needs you, like the night before in the grimy washroom of the bar. He hadn’t joined the real world or the band until the very last second they were meant to go on stage, looking all the more discomposed and flushed in the face when he rushed out, though at least he had somehow managed to tame his raging boner.
Now you were certain the universe was toying with you, bittersweet payback coming to nip you in the ass.
You hadn’t been so bothered the night before, leaving with the boys when their set was done and returning to your home with Jimin, not a word being uttered between you and Taehyung, even up until the very next day where you find yourself now. Crammed in a local studio run by some friend Yoongi had known from college, you were quite used to watching the band brainstorm new lyrics and record songs in real time, all from the sofa shoved up against one wall of the small space. You had been there every step of the way ━ their first rehearsal as a formed band, the day they discovered the group’s name in almost a dreamlike epiphany, the release of their very first full-length album produced and recorded all by them and promoted all by them, their very first gig with a decent following and the jittery anxiety they had all been troubled by, and every gig following it in which their nerves subsided and their effervescent charm and credence began to finally show through. But they had never been as disconcerted as they had now ━ which, really, you don’t blame them.
“Bro, this is stressing me out.” This aggravated groan sounds from Jungkook, the band’s lead guitarist.
He’s currently splayed out on the ground of the sofa you’re seated on, head thrown back against the cushions. Every other boy in the studio bare a similar wearied look ━ even Jimin, as their usual spritely lead singer.
You suppose that’s just the inevitable stress bound to occur when a scout from the infamous Columbia Records had somehow found the band either in person at one of their gigs or online and taken an interest in them and were interested in signing them. After weeks of back and forth discussion, Jin had been fortunate enough to land a meeting with the label in New York City, looking promising enough to excite even the stoic Yoongi. And after a month of planning, their meeting was set to take place finally only a week from that day. The issue seemed to arise when the label claimed they wanted the band to bring a set of new songs to the table to discuss at the last possible moment, sending the boys into a chaotic frenzy as they had only just released their first album a few months back. You had come to help the boys, though they were lucky enough to have found a handful of pre-written songs from their repertoire that still, unfortunately, needed fine tuning, vocals, and melodies. After working meticulously all morning, they were only just now deciding to split for a much needed lunch break.
“Same here,” Jimin says glumly, rubbing at his tired eyes. “Can’t wait to get out of here. I feel like I’m going insane.”
As the boys begin to shift and move, Jin gets to his feet and clasps his hands onto Jimin’s shoulders, giving him a reassuring nudge. “Just think about it: international success and Grammys await.”
“If we don’t fall apart before then,” Namjoon stifles a yawn as he stretches out his arms. He tosses a glance at you and Taehyung. “You guys coming?”
“Yeah,” You say, though you hardly move from your seat. “I’ll be there.”
“I’ll catch up with you guys in a minute,” Taehyung nods. He’s sat across from you on the couch, journal propped on one knee as he scrawls away in it, a jarble of chord progressions and lyrics. “Just gonna finish cleaning up in here.”
It seems convincing enough to Namjoon and the rest of the boys, even Jimin who is already out the door, not in the least bit suspicious of you or Taehyung. Honestly, you’re sure not even Taehyung is suspicious of your unmoving presence beside him until the boys leave and suddenly the room falls silent.
“You’re stressed,” You point out in a gentle musing. Which is true. You don’t usually see Taehyung riddled with anxieties, typically keeping to himself and maintaining some sort of effortless and mysterious coolness around the others.
The boy quirks a brow as he lifts his gaze to look up at you, tossing the journal onto the ground. Whether or not he seems to catch the underlying suggestive and sultry tone in your voice, you’re not quite sure but could you really blame yourself? It was difficult having to watch Taehyung all morning in his element, gazing at him whenever he was in the recording booth, headphones dangling from his neck and bass guitar in his lap as his expert fingers thrummed away at the strings. He always looks most attractive to you when he’s so utterly consumed by his work and his art, whether it be on stage in front of hundreds of people or in a more intimate setting at recordings or practices.
“What happened to you not wanting to disappoint Jimin by getting caught or whatever it was?” he asks, waving his hand dismissively. “Staying back with me is definitely gonna catch his attention.”
“Maybe,” You shrug. You catch his hand as he brings it back down, raising it to your lips to kiss at the tips of his fingers slowly, one-by-one, never once breaking eye contact with him. “I was just thinking you could use some help. And an apology for yesterday.”
Despite the way Taehyung’s dark gaze scrutinizes you in a taunting manner, he still watches as you take his hand and place it between your thighs, over your core. At least today you chose to wear leggings, the smooth material allowing for very little obstacles standing in his way as you press his fingers against you. A wolfish smirk tugs at his lips. “You think your pussy’s gonna help me?”
“Yes, actually, I do,” You say, matter-of-fact. “And I don’t think it will; I know. If I remember correctly, you were begging to use me as a stress-reliever before your set yesterday.”
Taehyung clucks his tongue. “Sounds a lot to me like you just want my fingers in you. Not so nice now being the needy one, huh?”
“I want you to do a lot of things to me, Tae.”
“Careful, baby. You’re playing a dangerous game,” Taehyung says. Still, he entertains the idea. Pressing his thumb harder against you, he rubs leisurely at the sensitive part of your clit over your clothes and the sudden feeling makes you pur with glee. “Besides, why should I be so nice and help you after what you did to me?”
You roll your eyes. “You’re still on about that? You’re a grown man, you can pleasure yourself.”
“How mean.” He feigns a look of mock hurt. “It doesn’t feel as nice when it isn’t you.”
“Taehyung,” You scold his name in a warning, but it mostly comes out as a contented sigh. You know you’ve already won him over, though the impatient tug you give on his arm as you clutch at his wrist of the hand still between your legs is a wordless reminder. Your fingers flutter up to his face, pulling him down for a kiss which he gladly obliges to. “Think they’ll walk in?”
“Nah.” His voice is a throaty murmur. “We’ve got some time. The boys’ seem worried enough as is; think they’re already halfway to that pho place around the corner they wanted to try, and they’re probably not gonna wanna come back here for at least another hour. Plus, I think we’ve given the producers a raging headache with all our requests so they definitely won’t want to be back in here for a while.”
You snicker at the thought, humming into his mouth as you pull him down with you onto the sofa, bending your knee so as to let him slide into place between your legs more comfortably. He pulls his hand away from you only long enough to lick at his digits before slipping his hand past the waistband of your leggings this time. Nudging aside your underwear, he swipes his fingers at your clit, marveling at your stickiness.
Your breath hitches in your throat. “What do we say when they ask where we went?”  
“Doesn’t matter,” he grunts into your mouth. “Fuck, tell them we were busy fucking for all I care.”
You swat at his chest playfully but lose your spirit when he presses his thumb against your clit, causing your hips to rut forward in a silent plea. Taehyung’s right, you think. Your excuse for the boys can be worried about later. Now, Taehyung slides a finger into you, then another, stretching you open experimentally, causing you to croon.
Face warm and head spinning, a sudden thought pops into your head that seems much more intimate than his fingers in you. “So━” You bite your lip to stop a moan. The question that forms on your tongue is timid despite the lewd things that threaten to run through your mind at his every touch, “S-So, what happens when you’re a big and famous rockstar, touring the world now?”
“I’ll take you with me.” Taehyung tongues a pattern down to the underside of your jaw, sending shivers down your spine. He curls his fingers upward, sinking further into you until he’s reached his knuckles, enjoying the way your hips twitch beneath him. “Fuck you in every city we go to, in every fancy, over-the-top hotel we stay in. New York, L.A., Paris, London, Rome…”
“Romantic,” You snort, although maybe it kind of is if you think about it long enough. He slides a third finger into you then, fucking his digits in and out of you at a gradual pace that has your core aching. You’re all warm and wet around him that it goes straight to his dick, the thought of him tearing you apart as he plunges his cock into you making him grow antsy. It does the same to you. “Nnngh, Taehyung━ We’ll see about that when you meet pretty girls thousands of miles away who can offer you so much more than me.”
“Hmm… Dunno about that,” he hums. “There’s only gonna be you.”
You wonder if he knows what he’s doing, the way his words make your heart stutter in your chest. But then you start to wonder why you’re even feeling such things for him. Pretty words promising you that you meant more to him than sex meant little to you in comparison when he never acted upon it ━ but could you blame him? Even you were apprehensive of ruining what you already had with him, his friendship with Jimin if you told him how you were feeling lately, and the integrity of the band.
Your legs tremble as your orgasm approaches. Taehyung busies himself by nipping and sucking at your neck and all you can do is puff and pant, the lewd wet noises of his fingers penetrating you filling your ears. “Taehyung━ God, I wanna feel your dick so badly.”
“Yeah?” he growls. “Gonna let me fuck you finally? You’re so wet right now, could slip right in. Fuck, look at what you do to yourself by being so mean to me.”
He twists his finger up into you in such a way that has you grinding against his knuckles. “Please, Tae━”
“Got you stretched so wide too,” Taehyung hums pensively. “Your pussy always takes me so well too, doesn’t it?”
“Hmm, Taehyung!”
“Look at you,” he hisses, quickening his pace. Your back arches until your chest is pressed flush against his, walls quivering around his fingers. You reach out desperately for his face, smoothing your lips over his but you fail to really make any sort of connection. Instead, your jaw unhinges in a breathless moan against his mouth as he rests his forehead against yours. “Wanna come around my fingers so badly, don’t you? So close too.”
“Fuck, fuck, I’m━” Your hands ball into fists around the collar of his shirt. Your eyes threaten to roll back as you get closer and closer, your aching pussy so close to feeling its much needed relief when━ “What the fuck, Taehyung?”
He pulls his hand from your core before you can cum, leaving you a sweating and panting mess. The sudden loss of contact leaves you dumbfounded, gawking at the boy who’s suddenly grinning in a similar ungodly manner to your selfish response to him the day before. Payback has never tasted so sweet before to him, and so bitter to you.
“You did that on purpose,” You whine, jutting your hips forward desperately to meet his hand again. Instead, he gives your leaking and sensitive pussy one slap, the pleasant jolt shooting up your spine making you moan. “You’re so mean. I thought you were over it.”
“Well, now I am.” He pulls his hand out from between your legs and licks at his fingers. “Have you had your fun?”
It takes you a moment to respond as you gather yourself. He finds your sulking a little hilarious, and maybe also feels a little bad. “For now.”
“That’s a good girl.” He leans down to kiss your mouth hungrily, enjoying when you suck eagerly at his lower lip. “Because I’ve had my fun.”
You open your mouth to say something more but are stopped shortly when, somewhere outside the recording room, you can hear the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching, followed by the sound of the doorknob turning and Jimin’s curious voice, “Tae?”
You and Taehyung have stumbled off of one another within seconds, listening to the way Taehyung curses under his breath as he flings himself off the couch and a few feet away as you sit upright on the sofa. You have to only pray and hope that you both don’t look too obvious, though you think it’s too late for that. Either way, you cross one thigh over the other, biting down harshly on your tongue as Jimin stumbles into the room. As his gaze sweeps fleetingly across the room, he hardly takes note of both you and Taehyung.
“There you two are,” he says. “Was wondering where you went off to. And━” His stare flutters over to Taehyung for a moment and you hold your breath, fearing he may know a little too much, when━ “There’s my wallet! I knew I forgot it here.”
He crosses the room swiftly and plucks his abandoned wallet from the desk, holding it up to show the two of you. You smile nervously and Taehyung takes it upon himself to answer, clearing his throat in the process. “We were just gonna catch up with you, actually. Y/N was just helping me finish up here.”
You’re fortunate that Jimin’s probable sudden panic of trying to find his wallet and the relief of realizing he hadn’t lost it to the ether is what distracts him. He seems hardly intrigued by your lack of presence or yours and Taehyung’s odd companionship without the other boys. Whatever the case, you both manage to make it out of the recording studio unscathed and Taehyung does a well enough job at deflecting from any further suspicions by talking as normally as he usually would with Jimin on your walk over to the restaurant the rest of the boys are at.
Well, as unscathed as you can be, the tragedy of your lost orgasm still haunting you even as you sit across from Taehyung at the table.
Tumblr media
“Now you’ll really be late.”
You say this as a heedful warning, though you’re fortunate when you find that you’re both distracted this time.
You know you have Taehyung under your spell that morning when he catches you purposely wandering his apartment in nothing but a pair of your panties. It’s not as if it’s uncommon to see you naked in his kitchen, making breakfast. That morning, when you walk into the bedroom holding a cup of tea, Taehyung almost chokes at the sight of your bare chest. It’s early the day of the band’s flight to New York City for their meeting with Columbia Records, and though Taehyung has roughly an hour before he has to leave the apartment, you’re worried he might just miss the flight altogether when he pulls you onto his bed again after a night of fucking.
“Don’t care. Come here.” His large hands are on you in an instant, roaming your body as he kisses the underside of your jaw and pins you beneath him. You let him get carried away, let him leave a trail of sloppy kisses from your lips down to your collarbones and in between your breasts.
“What are you gonna tell the boys when they’re on a flight to New York and you’re still in your apartment?” You rasp, fingers threading in his hair.
“Was busy spending the last twenty-four hours making hot, passionate love to you.”
The wry grin on his face makes it come across as a joke and makes your heart skip a beat. Admittedly, that was partly the truth. He had invited you over the day before and you had spent the better part of it in his bed in every position imaginable. Have to make up for the three days we won’t see each other, he had said after your first round, head between your legs and mouth on your cunt.
You snicker now but the sound falls short when a moan replaces it. “Don’t think you can call it passionate love making when you gave up halfway and made me ride you like you always do.”
He gasps and bites down teasingly on your skin but not with enough pressure to hurt. “Was that a jab at my manhood?”
“Of course not.”
“Besides, I like it best when you’re in charge.”
You roll your eyes but pull him up to your face so that you can kiss him again. It’s an odd shift in atmosphere when you find him kissing you in a chaste manner, despite having marked you red all over and legs still shaking from how many times he’s made you come in the last twenty-four hours. But it wasn’t all sex for once. Falling asleep in his arms left you still dreaming even when you were long awake.
“Gonna miss you,” he whispers once he parts from you. He rubs soft circles against your hips, nuzzling his nose against your cheek.
“It’s only for three days,” You say.
“I know,” he sighs. “I just━ God, I’ve gotten so used to you being here. I’m just sick of sleeping alone all the time. Shit, I don’t think I’m making any sense anymore. All I know is you’re driving me crazy.”
“Am I wrong to feel that way?” He lifts his head now to look at you, ardent sincerity glazing over his eyes as he gazes at you.
You’re too caught up in the moment, the lustful afterglow of sex and whatever else is starting to emerge however blurry it may be now, to not notice right away the sound of knocking on the front door. Instead, you reach out to push his hair out of his eyes. You think you know what he means; you just want to hear him say it aloud. Your question is a gentle probe. “What are you trying to say?”
But Taehyung’s voice is cut short by the sound of Jin’s shouting from the front door. “Taehyung, you in here?”
Wide eyes meet with yours in the sudden alarming panic of Jin’s arrival. Taehyung grumbles mostly to himself, “God dammit, what’s he doing here?”
You can hear the band’s manager talking aloud, quite possibly to another one of the boys that he’s dragged with him, and you and Taehyung scramble to react. Taehyung only has enough time to clamber out of his bed and pull on a pair of discarded sweatpants from the floor as you pull on one of his sweaters and grab the bedsheet to cling to your chest if only so it can hide the rest of your bare legs.
“Are you alive?” Jin’s asking, closer this time.
“We had to come check on you━” You don’t register the second voice until it’s too late.
Because there, standing at the threshold of Taehyung’s door to his room, is not just Jin but your brother. Jimin’s familiar pop of bright blue hair and nonchalant smile are much too hard to forget. But, upon stumbling across Taehyung’s room, they each come to a stuttering halt. It doesn’t take long for the realization to dawn on them ━ and how could they not piece together the puzzles painting such a painfully obvious picture? The dishevelled bed, the clothes that litter his floor, your clothes that litter his floor, Taehyung’s shirtless and sloppy attire, your own half-hearted attempt at dressing yourself and the marks that riddle your body that you were banking on fading completely by the time you were reunited with Jimin after their return from their meeting.
“Uh…” Taehyung trails off awkwardly. “What are you guys doing here?”
“Oh shit,” Jin curses under his breath. Despite having no idea whatsoever about you or Taehyung (though maybe having a better inkling than the rest of the boys), he turns hastily towards Jimin. “Maybe now’s not a good time.”
But Jimin hardly budges. Instead, he looks enlivened, jaw setting harshly in place as his brows furrow into a scowl. “Jin knows I have a spare key to your place after that one time you locked yourself out and he wanted to make sure we all met up before getting to the airport. You weren’t answering our calls, thought you were dead. Guess now I know it’s because you were too busy fucking my sister.”
“Jimin,” You hiss sharply.
Taehyung shakes his head wildly. “It’s not like that.”
“Really?” Jimin retorts. “‘Cause it sure seems like it is.”
Taehyung grimaces. “Okay, yes, but not in the way you think. It’s not some meaningless fuck. I care about her.”
But that only seems to be the wrong answer. Would there ever be a right one? Taming Jimin’s stubborn anger and protectiveness over you was hard enough on any other day. Now that he knows you’ve slept with Taehyung, Taehyung felt as if he were a lost cause.
“How long has this been happening?” Jimin asks, tight-lipped.
You can’t bring yourself to answer, neither can Taehyung, and that seems to be enough to answer his worries. Maybe if you had acted faster, said it was only a one night stand, he wouldn’t have been able to read your mind so easily. Yet your silence was enough to make you guilty.
“Shit,” Jimin runs a hand through his hair. When he speaks next, he’s looking only at you. “Do you love him?”
“I━” You open your mouth, as if to explain yourself. This time, the answer came much easier. You know what you want to say, but voicing the truth out loud in front of your brother and Taehyung, who might not feel the same way, makes you clamp your mouth shut. Whatever your answer anyway should be for Taehyung only. Instead, you frown up at your brother. “I don’t get why you’re so upset anyway. Who cares if we’re in love? Who cares what we are? It’s not like you can control me. I can make these sorts of decisions myself, Jimin. This is ridiculous.”
“No. I get that,” Jimin says firmly. “But you’re my sister, and your wellbeing comes first to me. So, Tae━” Now, your brother turns to look at Taehyung. You’ve never seen him so furious before, disappointed even, and certainly not when it comes to Taehyung. “If you care about her so much, when were you gonna let her know?”
This seems to catch your attention, sending a curious gaze between Jimin and Taehyung. “Let me know what?”
“That he’s been screwing some other chick he met at the bar a while ago,” Jimin says. “Walked in on them once by accident and, after the fact, he said some similar bullshit about how it wasn’t meaningless or whatever.”
You blink.
The blow to your chest, and subsequently your heart, makes you teeter on your frail legs. Because if what Jimin was saying was true, then were all the sweet sentiments Taehyung whispered to you even yours to begin with? Did he care about you as much as you cared about him? But, the worst part of it all, is how utterly foolish you feel. Because when Taehyung doesn’t immediately answer, your question about whether or not Jimin was telling the truth was confirmed; and you had let yourself almost willingly fall for Taehyung despite all the warning signs. Despite the fact that you had both initiated your relationship on the basis that nothing would ever blossom from it.
“Is that true?” You ask Taehyung.
The boy hesitates. He meets your stare solemnly, flinching when he notes just how hurt you seem. “Partly.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You demand. But before he can respond, you scoff under your breath as you begin to gather your belongings. “Oh my god. I’m so stupid━”
Taehyung starts. “Wait, Y/N━”
“Just leave her alone━” Jimin interrupts.
“Hey. Hey!” Jin snaps abruptly, the firm tone in his voice catching the boys’ attention. “We gotta go. Now. Taehyung, get yourself decent; Jimin, in the living room. We leave for the airport in five minutes.”
You decide you no longer want to wait for an answer. Your own embarrassment is far too much to handle for the moment being, and you favour the idea of fleeing from Taehyung’s sorrowful gaze, Jimin’s heated one, and Jin’s scrutinizing scowl.
You’re long gone before Taehyung can even think to stop you.
Tumblr media
The three days in which the boys find themselves in New York City for their meeting with Columbia Records is the longest three days of your life.
Taehyung never bothers to call or text you ━ and the looming swell of concern of awaiting to hear his voice or your brother’s or any answer of how the meeting has gone fades in comparison. Because every sweet nothing he ever said to you suddenly means nothing, and you don’t know where that leaves you.
Just when you think you can take the torture no longer, the band returns. Jimin comes bounding into your shared apartment the moment his flight lands and the taxi has brought him home, greeting you with the wonderful news that the band’s been signed, and a celebration is in store consisting of their closest friends and family members. While you initially bask in Jimin’s excitement, mirroring your own, it quickly fades as you fear you’ve lost Taehyung for good.
“You’ll come to the party, won’t you?” Jimin asks hopefully at some point. “The boys will want you there.”
You shift warily in your seat on the sofa across from your brother who stands in the midst of the room after having animatedly relaying the story of the past three days to you. You shrug now, and when Jimin shoots you a quizzical look, you decide to approach the topic cautiously, dancing over your words slowly. “I dunno, Jimin. If he’s gonna be there… I don’t know if I can face him right now.”
Jimin comes to an immediate halt. His face falls and he sinks onto the seat beside you. “Y/N… Look, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. While we were away, Taehyung and I talked and he’s gutted about what happened. But that’s all I can say. I think you should talk to each other. No, I want you to talk to each other. I know now that you’re meant for one another.”
“Are you only telling me this because you’re being your best friend’s wingman, or because you’re being my brother?” You ask, a weak lighthearted attempt at a joke.
“Both,” Jimin says warmly. “Because I care about you both, and I don’t want to have to live with the regret of being the reason two people perfect for each other aren’t together.”
And when your brother says it with such earnestness, you have no choice but to believe him.
So, despite feeling like a fool for potentially crossing paths with Taehyung again, you muster the nerve and motivation to go, and arrive at the party with Jimin later that night. The impromptu last minute party itself is held at Namjoon’s home, filled to the brim with mostly familiar faces and a few unrecognizable ones that must be acquaintances of the boys you’ve never met before. You make your rounds and congratulate the boys one-by-one, being enveloped into a tight hug with each one, safe for Taehyung whom you don’t see at first.
You’re fortunate when mutual friends of yours and Jimin’s arrive, spending the majority of the night with them as your brother wanders off to get wasted. At some point, as the night drawls on, you catch sight of Taehyung and the presence of him is enough to dampen your mood entirely. You decide you’re no longer in the mood for a party, and make haste for the door, stumbling out onto the lawn. You only make it so far, coming to stop at the foot of the curb to breathe in the cool night air around you, before you notice Taehyung hurrying out after you, calling your name.
Almost as soon as he’s able to catch his breath and you lock gazes with the boy, he asks aloud, “Where are you going?”
You hadn’t expected him to follow you, nor the terrible nearly tangible awkwardness that hangs heavy in the air. Still, the concern in his voice and the corners of his eyes softening at the sight of you makes you want nothing more than to forget all the heartache. “Home.”
“Let me drive you?” he asks delicately.
You hesitate before responding. You know the simple offer of a drive is more than that. It’s an invitation to talk to him, sort things out. And you, of course, can’t possibly deny him. As soon as you’ve followed him to his car and he starts driving, everything goes silent. It’s almost unbearable as you shift uncomfortably in your seat and gaze out the window, hoping the long car ride will pass by rather quickly. You thwart his attempts at starting any conversation by turning the radio up and letting the music ━ a mix from Taehyung’s phone filled with pop-punk and indie classics ━ fill the emptiness but it doesn’t work with distracting you. He takes a detour from the path to your apartment, driving instead to a nearby lookout point of a hiking trail, now abandoned and desolate this late at night.
It’s quiet even long after he shifts the car into park, leaving only the sound of the stereo to fill the void. Then, at long last━
“You didn’t call,” You say.
Taehyung swallows thickly. “I know.”
“That’s all I wanted. An explanation.”
“I know,” Taehyung shifts in his seat to look at you. “I’m sorry. I messed up.”
“I know I have no right to feel like you’re mine when the reason we started seeing each other was casual, but everything you’ve been saying to me lately━” You rasp, “that I’m the only one for you and that you were gonna miss me because you were tired of being alone ━ did all of it mean nothing?”
The boy’s stare hardens. “No. I was never lying when I was with you. Everything I said, I meant.”
“Then why didn’t you call?”
“Because I was scared I had lost you,” Taehyung grovels all at once, silencing you. “Because things were starting to finally change between us ━ where it wasn’t just sex all the fucking time, but something genuine ━ and I didn’t want to face the reality that it could all be gone, just like that.”
“Well, what did Jimin mean, about that other girl? Was he telling the truth?”
“Did you fuck her?”
“And did you fuck her while you were still saying there was only me in your life and pretending you meant it?”
“I was never pretending,” Taehyung protests exasperatedly. “We had a fling, but that was months ago, when you and I first started whatever the hell this is. But Jimin was wrong. I never told him she was the one, or whatever. I said I didn’t want it to be meaningless anymore. That I want something more. I thought I had found it with that girl; but it was really with you.”
“Taehyung…” You whisper his name now, a delicate utterance.
“You can’t tell me I’m the only one feeling this way about us,” Taehyung beckons desperately. “I know you’ve been feeling it too.”
You purse your lips; then, you let out a small exhalation of air. “Tae… I think I’ve been in love with you ever since we were little kids.”
Now, Taehyung’s stare softens. He reaches out to grab at your face, gingerly pulling you into him, thumb caressing your cheek.
“I want you,” he promises. “God, I want you so bad. Do you really think I’d risk getting kicked from the band for anyone else but you? Or let anyone else tease me so bad but you?”
You can’t help but snicker. You shake your head at him as he pulls you into a kiss. He grins against your mouth and, this time when he kisses you, it’s hot and needy, a whole three day’s worth of pent up emotions and desires pouring into your every touch. Your hands fumble to undo your seatbelt and then you’re climbing over onto his lap and he’s welcoming you with open arms, the skirt of your dress hitching up higher on your thighs. Your knee, or maybe it was your foot or elbow, accidentally hits the horn of the steering wheel and startles the two of you, earning a squeak from you, before you both erupt into laughter. Taehyung reaches down to push the seat back a few inches to give you more space in the cramped driver’s seat and then he pauses to look up at you with mesmerized eyes. He kisses you again and again, as your hands come up to grasp at the sides of his neck.
“Had enough of the bullshit, have you?” he asks humorously. “Gonna take matters into your own hands?”
“I’m tired of all this teasing and chasing,” You pout. You’ve already begun grinding your hips against his, enjoying the way his face pinches in pure delight. He burrows his face into your chest, breasts soft against his head. A soft moan bubbles at your lips as you plant your own hands onto his chest. “I think so are you. We’ve both got a taste of it, haven’t we? We need to make up for lost time.”
“Fair enough,” he rasps. “What do you want from me, baby?”
“You, all of you,” You murmur. “Want your dick in me.”
“Gonna let me finish this time?” he tuts.
Your amused giggle meets his ears and he wonders how you can be both cute and sexy at the same time. “Mmm, I wanna be filled with your cum.”
“Oh, fuck,” Taehyung grunts. “Okay, okay. Here━”
Somehow, he’s able to gesture to the backseat and you and him clamber your way there until you’re finally both situated once more with you straddling his lap. There’s a mutual understanding that there’s no point, nor time, for foreplay but it’s not as if either of you mind. Taehyung’s surely had enough and so have you because while teasing him may be fun for a while, it certainly can feel like torture trying to stay away from him in the meantime. You help him fumble with the belt of his jeans so that he can unbuckle them and watch as he grasps at himself, pulling his cock free. Immediately, you’re lifting your hips to pull the skirt of your dress up higher and his hands help aid you clumsily, palms gliding up the smooth expanse of your thighs.
Then, fumbling to push you on your knees before him, with one hand on the small of your back, he pulls you towards him and gazes down between the two of you as he hooks a thumb over the material of your panties to push it to the side and teases the tip of himself over your slick folds. Your hands flail outward, palms pressing against the windowpane as he somehow situates himself behind you in the cramped space on his knees. He grunts from behind you at the feeling and then slowly and carefully guides you down onto him. It takes a moment to adjust but as you sink fully down until he’s balls deep, his cock coaxed easily by your leaking wetness, the both of you come to a halt, sputtering for air.
“Wait, wait,” he gasps. “Oh, fuck━ Stay put for a sec.”
“Why?” You ask, jutting your hips backwards teasingly. “Gonna cum already?”
“You’re such a fucking tease,” he mutters. He thrusts up into you without warning as payback, causing you to gasp out loud and flail forward. “No, you brat. I just want to enjoy it a little bit longer.”
He’s right. It does feel nice to finally feel some sort of friction after three days of nothing. To him, you just feel so nice and warm and snug and, to you, he fills you up so perfectly. So you stay put for a little bit, adjusting to the feeling as you kiss each other slow and steadily. His dick twitches inside you, warm and wet and so fucking hard. He’s just so big, your head is spinning. It’s almost as if you feel him in the pit of your stomach, legs trembling at the feeling. He yanks impatiently at the top of your dress, pulling it down so that the material pools at your waist now, reveling in the way your bare breasts spring free. At once, his hands are reaching around your front to palm at your breasts, grasping at your hips and navel.
“Wanna wreck you so bad,” Taehyung growls roughly against the shell of your ear as he presses his chest against your back. “Gonna fill you up so good, make your pussy all mine. How does that sound?”
“Want it so bad,” You whine, one arm hooking behind you so that your fingers can scratch at his hair. “F-fuck, Taehyung━”
When he tugs lightly at your hips, you take that as his gesture for you to move and start grinding your hips against his.
“Been waiting so long,” he hisses. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Don’t know why you always gotta tease me.”
“Taehyung,” You choke out. “Oh, f-fuck━”
“That’s it, baby girl. Doing so well,” Taehyung grunts as your walls quiver around him. He starts grinding into you, rough snaps of his hips sending you jolting forward each time. “Gonna take my dick like a good girl?”
“Y-Yes━ God, want it so bad,” You cry out. “Give it to me harder, please, Taehyung━”
He gladly obliges, quickening his pace until he’s slamming his hips into yours in thrusts that tremble you to the core. Tears begin to prick at your eyes at the glorious sensation, your cunt throbbing with each thrust. You’re so wet, he almost slips from your walls each time he rolls his hips into yours.
“Fuck━ Want you to ride me,” he rasps at some point. “Show me how your pussy belongs to me. Can you do that for me?”
You nod blindly. You try not to whine at the sudden loss of contact when he pulls out of you, the tip of his cock glistening with both of your leaking cum mingling together, the sticky strands pulling apart midair as he fumbles. Soon, he has you straddling his lap, sinking onto his dick once more. You grip his shoulders this time, bouncing on him as he buries his face in your chest.
A sudden thought has him groaning aloud. “Your brother’s gonna fucking hate me.”
“I thought he said you talked things over,” You gasp. “That everything’s okay.”
“I don’t mean that,” Taehyung’s head rolls back, eyes squeezing shut. “He’s gonna murder me if he ever catches us like this.”
“Think he knows it happens by now,” You giggle. You moan when you drop your hips on him completely, swiveling around his dick.
“Still don’t think that means he wants to see us making love on the couch in your apartment. Not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you,” Taehyung points out. Then, adding hastily, “Fuck it. Can we not talk about your brother? It’s killing the mood.”
Another delightful chuckle bubbles from your lips though it’s quick to dissolve into a splintered cry as his dick angles upwards into you.
Your back arches until your chest is pressed against his. It’s almost embarrassing how fast the two of you become complete shambles, a sticky mess forming between your legs. It comes to that point where you don’t care about being careful and where you decide to adopt such a reckless pace, fucking yourself on him, your breasts bouncing wildly before him. Taehyung moans and eagerly latches his mouth on one of your breasts, sucking hard.
“Taehyung,” You whine. “I’m not gonna last.”
He hums against you, pulling you closer to his mouth and chest and wrapping you in his heat, as if to urge you on. Your mewls and whimpers ring in Taehyung’s ears as beautiful sounding as the music that plays in the background. You begin to give out, your tiredness mingling with the intensity of pleasure, and you collapse against Taehyung’s chest, huffing for air. He quickly replaces your efforts, grabbing your hips tightly and plummeting his upwards into yours so hard that you feel each thrust shake you to the core. You know you’ll have bruises in the morning but you don’t mind. You’re leaning entirely against Taehyung now, your arms wrapping around his neck, as cries of his name and choked whimpers continue to tear from your throat and mouth.
“F-Fuck!” You cry. “Taehyung, faster━ oh my god, please━”
Your pleas drown out when one long moan escapes you. You can feel the muscles in your core tighten and loosen in a constant battle that has your head swimming in a good way, your heart pounding in your chest. Taehyung grits his teeth, focusing on bringing you to your high, and, before you are able to even comprehend what’s happening, you’re toppling over the edge. You’re still on top of Taehyung, whimpering profusely and crying his name in a beautiful mantra as your high shakes you from head to toe.
“Fuck, that’s it, baby,” Taehyung hisses. “Cum for me. Cream all over my dick. You love it, don’t you? Love having me fill you up like this?”
“Yes, oh my god, Tae, yes━ faster, please━”
Taehyung obliges, sweat forming on his forehead. He feels you squeeze around him so tight that he fumbles for a second, sputtering for air. Then, he feels your cum pulsate out of you, leaking down his length. You’re instantly floating up high with the stars, relishing in your high and the way Taehyung rides it out as he also fights for his own sweet release. As your hips come to a stutter, he grips at your waist and pummels his dick up into your aching pussy.
His tongue continues to lav lazily at your jawline and, by the time he reaches his own high, you are beginning to cringe from the sensitivity. Yet, you hold on, pushing away the slight sting as you help coax him to his high, squeezing your muscles around him. He cums moments later, releasing into you warm and wet, crying your name.
“Fuck, Y/N━ Gonna fill you up, baby, just how you like it━”
He rams his hips up into yours for one final effort, shuddering in elation as his cock twitches every last drop of cum from it. Then, both breathless and panting, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, you slump against his chest, resting your forehead against his. The car instantly goes silent and the foreground music that was the radio comes to once more. You listen to the soft lyrics as the two of you bask in the afterglow of sex and he kisses you all over.
You don’t know how much time passes as the two of you lay there, his hands rubbing comforting circles on your hips as your own fingers trace the tattoos that ink his skin.
“You know━” Taehyung speaks up eventually, his voice a low mumble. “Gonna be extra hard not to be late getting to gigs now.”
“Uh oh.” You roll your eyes. “Think we’ve got all the time in the world now for sex, Tae.”
Taehyung grins. “I was thinking more about the fact that I’m not gonna want to get out of bed in the morning, whenever you fall asleep beside me.”
Your heart swells at his confession and you peck his cheek quickly before burying your face in the crook of his neck. It’s his own serenade of sorts, his small promise in the backseat of his car, that makes it all okay in the end.
“And,” Taehyung admits cheekily this time, “knowing we don’t have to keep us a secret anymore, even to ourselves━ I'm definitely not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you now.”
Tumblr media
⟶ All rights reserved to © jungkxook. I do not allow reposting, translating, or any sort of modifying and reuploading of my work.
⟶ Feedback is always appreciated!
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borathae · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“You are marrying Kim Taehyung, heir to Kim Enterprises, one of South Korea’s hottest bachelors and a total pain in the ass. You do not want to marry him and neither does he want to marry you. But in families likes yours’, marriage does not come with love. “
Pairing: Taehyung x f.Reader, minor Jungkook x f.Reader 
Genre: Enemies to Lovers!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU, CEO!Taehyung, CEO!Reader, Romance, Smut, Fluff, Angst 
Warnings: This story contains swearing, mentions of abusive parents, sexism, infidelity and sexually explicit scenes. If you are sensitive to such topics, I advise you read with care. 
Wordcount: 99.446
Tumblr media
#01 - I Hate You 
#02 - Cut the Cameras
#03 - Drunk
#04 - Stuck in Paradise 
#05 - Is This Paradise?
#06 - This is Paradise
#07 - Can’t Resist
#08 - Fundraiser
#09 - I Love You
Tumblr media
#01 - Madam
#02 - On His Knees
#03 - Too Late
#04 - Tennis
Tumblr media
@tipsydipsydo @bts-fan-obsessed @anonymous2505 @jikooksgirl19 @lilmeowmeowyoongles @fan-ati--c @sugaslittlekookies @mellygallagher @apollukee @boraength @seagulljk @ramaali1 @vidushaayyy15 @purplepommy @cyb3rbab3 @ggukkieland @jenjensworld @rjsmochii @bluewhale52 @somewhereofftheglobe @jeonlovescoffee @fluffyjoons @pb-n-juju @bambuzlee @fancycollectormoon @afangirllikeme-blog @anotherbunnyblog @wickizer @taestannie @yiyi4657 @nshitae @shrimpmsg @hantaev @chimincubus @ariviia @daggerbeneathmygown @heroesfan101 @bangtanbitcheu @thequeen-kat @taespizzacrust @squishyjk @purplepebbles @van-gohv @yjmim @fangirl125reader @milopenne @secretlycrazyhummingbird @taeshuworld @dyinggenz @yoobikook @sadxaries @igotnotype @gerigonza @honeyminsvga @thedarkwinterrose @enchantaeduniverse @jwlmnbt @thelilbutifulthings @lilacdreams-00 @peachyan @jimilter @taebae19 @fictionalmenmistress @vantxx95 @halesandy​
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diorggukie · 3 months ago
taehyung fic recs
Tumblr media
this is a list of taehyung fics i’ve read and enjoyed. i hope you do too! <3
psst! fics with 🐯 are the ones i fell in love with a little bit more.
diorggukie’s notes: hello! i am back with a taehyung fic rec. ik it’s shorter than my jk one, that’s cause there’s a bunch of fics sitting in my “to read list” (and im a hoe for jk ). also, admittedly, it’s been a while since i read most of these fics. i’ve kept them stashed in my likes section, and only recently have started a fic rec blog to boost various authors’ works- so even though i added tw from the back of my memory, not all may be included. if that’s the case or if there’s anything else wrong/missing, please shoot me an ask. that is all, enjoy :)
last updated: 6/3/2021
Tumblr media
bad word by @personasintro​
[one shot | fluff, smut | establishedrelationship!au]
one of the kids in your class curses and you make it your responsibility to break it to her dad, luckily you know him better than your co-workers.
warning: dilf!tae bc that should be a warning of its own yeesh
wc: 6.4k
Tumblr media
blacklisted by @httpjeon
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | poly!au]
after departing from your dom, you’re assigned to two incredibly powerful men.
wc: 21.4k 
Tumblr media
black ravens by @kimtaehyunq
[one shot | smut | pwp]
working for an underground blood den ran by vampires, your nighty duties get interrupted by your favorite client. 
wc: 8k
Tumblr media
dichotomy by @kpopfanfictrash​
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | bf2e2l!au]
you hate him. he hates you. it’s a fine line though, isn’t it  – between love and hate?
wc: 14.5k 
Tumblr media
exchanging heat by @jinfizz​
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | s2l!au]
when your roommate drops out right before the end of the semester and leaves you high and dry for next month’s rent, you’re forced to turn to craigslist to find an absolute stranger to save you from financial ruin. the shy korean exchange student you find to replace her seems nice enough despite the language barrier, but what will happen when the heat cuts off one fateful evening, and you’re forced to turn to each other for warmth?
“I want to sleep with you.” 
“You what?”
wc: 25.1k
Tumblr media
flicker by @chimoona​
[one shot | fluff, smut | neighbors2l!au]
a storm is on the horizon and you’ve lost your house keys. always a gentleman; your charming neighbor kim taehyung with the cute smile lets you wait in his apartment with a steaming mug of tea and a few surprises along the way.
wc: 7k
Tumblr media
get you the moon by @bymoonchild
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | e2l!au]
life has its ways of fucking with you, but you know you’ve hit 50 feet below rock bottom after being tasked to do a profile feature on kim taehyung, the varsity football captain, for your school newspaper. pure torment awaits you, but this is alongside glassy eyes, pink cheeks and conflicted feelings that you’ve never dared to imagine with the likes of the devil incarnate.
wc: 19.6k
Tumblr media
just for practice by @h0neypjm
[one shot | smut | pwp]
“I think we should normalise giving head to your friends as practice.”
wc: 5.3k
Tumblr media
let’s marvin gaye by @minstrivia
[one shot | barely fluff, smut, angst | bf2?!au]
it’s valentine’s day. and it’s due time he shows you how it feels to make love.
tw: mentions of and actual infidelity (but with reasoning. again, i do not condone nor encourage cheating in any shape, way, or form.)
wc: 7k
Tumblr media
let love be enough 🐯 by @jingabitch​
[one shot | smut, angst | divorcedexes2l!au]
on the day of your daughter’s wedding, you can’t avoid taehyung.
tw: infidelity
wc: 9.4k
Tumblr media
long black 🐯 by @jamaisjoons
[one shot | fluff, smut | establishedrelationship!au]
you knew exactly what you were getting into when you decided to tease taehyung at his best friend’s wedding. what you didn’t expect was what came after. 
wc: 6.5k
Tumblr media
love, secret santa by @jamaisjoons​
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | childhoodbestfriend2l!au]
every year, on christmas day, for as long as you could remember, you’ve gotten little notes of confession. you don’t know who it’s from, as they’re only signed off as ‘love, secret santa’. and every year, you hope to figure out the mysterious identity of your admirer. secretly, you hope it’s your childhood best friend.
wc: 36k
Tumblr media
maybe i do 🐯 by @chateautae​
[ongoing series | fluff, smut, angst | s2l!au]
maybe you love each other, maybe you don’t. when a deal between your fathers leaves you forcefully wedding kim taehyung, arguably seoul’s most powerful CEO, you’re prepared for a loveless marriage of eternal regret and unhappiness. but maybe, it doesn’t turn out that way after all.
tw: please read the warnings for every chapter, just in case.
Tumblr media
monster by @neonlights92​
[completed series | fluff, smut, angst | s2l!au]
you live in a world dominated by monsters.  monsters who make it their life’s work to control everything around them.  when you're forced to marry kim taehyung - the indecipherable son of the leader of bangtan, seoul’s most feared gang - you are at first afraid of him.  but as you learn what it means to be taehyung’s wife you find yourself inexplicably drawn to him.
Tumblr media
muffled, from the other side of the door by @v-hope​
[completed two-shot | fluff, angst | establishedrelationship!au]
as soon as you saw the girl taehyung had been so badly crushing on before the two of you decided to give your relationship a chance enter the dorms, you felt nauseous. you wished you could grab his hand and get out of there, but you could not, for it was jin’s birthday party. he was throwing a modest party with a limited amount of people, why was she there?
rough patch 
[muffled, from the other side of the door sequel | fluff, angst]
you soon realised it was not only your mind thinking back to last night but he was actually out of your door, pleading you once more to let him explain.
Tumblr media
picking flowers by @jamaisjoons
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | ex-childhoodfriends2l!au]
in the seven years you’ve been away, love had caused flowers to bloom in taehyung’s chest only for them to wilt when she’d left him. when you meet taehyung again, he doesn’t know what love is and more importantly, doesn’t know how to love or if he can ever love again. can you teach him? or will a garden of unrequited love blossom within the confines of your own chest? 
wc: 40k
Tumblr media
pour up 🐯 by @jungkxook
[one shot | smut | fwb!au]
sleeping with both notorious frat boys kim taehyung and jeon jungkook doesn’t sound so bad ━ especially when you’re drunk and faded.
wc: 14k
Tumblr media
saudade 🐯 by @chateautae
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | establishedrelationship!au]
a demanding idol lifestyle was something taehyung and yourself were all too familiar with. it wasn’t so hard when considering your unconditional love for one another, but lately, taehyung wasn’t the same anymore; and you decide it's time to find out why.
wc: 16k
Tumblr media
say my name by @jamaisjoons
[one shot | slight fluff, smut, barely there angst | roomate2l!au]
in which you attempt to end the cat and mouse game between you and your roommate... by flirting with his best friend.
wc: 13k
Tumblr media
seventeen times 17 by @cutaepatootie​
[one shot | fluff, smut, angst | s2?!au]
you loved him seventeen times 17.
wc: 26k
Tumblr media
slow motion by @hantaev​
[one shot | fluff, angst | establishedrelationship!au]
burdened with melancholic thoughts, haunted by unspoken words and carrying a heavy heart... taehyung turns to his safe haven, you. the warm you who will melt his blue and grey.
wc: 2k
related drabbles:
before dawn 🐯
[slow motion follow-up oneshot | fluff, angst, smut]
your love for taehyung was something you often described as a quiet emotion. he had very quickly become a part of the oxygen you needed to breathe. in his kisses, you found the promises of realness. in his embrace you discovered your heartbeat, for the echoes of its steady sounds always mended your broken wings. the split second before his touch, every nerve in both your body and brain was electrified. it was the anticipation of being together in a way that was more than words, in a way that was so completely tangible.
OR when taehyung shows his appreciation for you in the early hours of sunday and you fall in love with him all over again.
wc: 5.5k
Tumblr media
tattoed two by @httpjeon
[one shot | fluff, smut (pwp) | bf!jk ft. taehyung]
 your boyfriend’s best friend joins you for a night you’ll never forget.
wc: 8.5k
Tumblr media
trust me, and i’ll stay by @serendipityseulgi​
[drabble | little fluff, angst | ex2l!au]
the one where you meet your ex-boyfriend in a frat party bathroom, 90 days after your breakup, loving him just as much as the day he left you.
aka, the reconciliation.
tw: mentions of cheating
wc: 1.7k
Tumblr media
work out for me by @chateautae
[one shot little | fluff, smut | establishedrelationship!au]
interrupting your boyfriend's workout session was either the best mistake you made, or the worst.. especially for your legs.
wc: 6.6k
Tumblr media
© DIORGGUKIE! all rights reserved.
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Airdrop Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
⤜ pairings: bts maknae line x fem!reader
⤜ rating & genre: 18+ | airplane!au, co-workers!au, friends with benefits
⤜ warnings: jealousy, inappropriate acts in a workplace, explicit sexual content, penetrative sex, choking, galley (kitchen) sex, oral (f. & m. receiving), backshots (doggy), mirror sex, lavatory (bathroom) sex, riding, spanking, sir kink, more specific warnings will be given in each chapter ;)
⤜ note: all three will interconnect with each other since it’s the same reader but will focus on the certain member in each chapter :D
Tumblr media
masterlist || navigation || wips
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
takeoff | flight stewardess!reader x flight attendant!taehyung
⤜ genre: smut, angst, fluff, friends to lovers
⤜ summary: in which your co-worker couldn't get his hands off of you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
payload | flight stewardess!reader x passenger!jimin
⤜ genre: smut, angst, strangers to lovers
⤜ summary: in which this new passenger constantly flirts with you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
touchdown | flight stewardess!reader x pilot!jungkook
⤜ genre: smut, angst, enemies to lovers
⤜ summary: in which your captain wants more attention from you
Tumblr media
⤜ taglist: let me know if you want to be added by either commenting or sending an ask ;)
Tumblr media
a/n: i blame @balenciaguks​ for making this gifset that made me outline this series out of nowhere. full credits to @aiidan_kim for the pilot jk edit and thank you so much to @knjsnoona​ for helping me with the banners <3
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uncharted territory | kth
Tumblr media
⤑  series: kinda hot
⤑ pairing: campus flirt!taehyung x sweet girl!reader
⤑ genre: lmao i don’t even know... angst? smut?
⤑ rating: explicit
⤑ word count: 7.5K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: use of alcohol and weed, cursing, dirty talk, slight hair pulling, over-the-shirt nipple play, dry humping, ruined orgasms.
⤑ A/N: hihihi! just here to remind you how much i appreciate all of you guys reading this story nd getting as invested as you are!! don’t hesitate to let me know what’s on your mind - no matter what it is ., feedback is my favorite!!
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 19:07
Hoseok is leaning handsomely against the side of his car when you're stepping out. Arms crossed over his chest as his teeth nibble on his lower lip, eyes seeming to sparkle when he's looking at you. The shine only getting brighter when the corners of his mouth lift into a smile. Body lifting from the side of the car to pull the passenger's door open, gesturing to it with his hand.
“Ooh, check out the gentleman,” You're teasing with a laugh, ducking into your seat as he rolls his eyes. Jogging around the front of the car until he's sinking into the spot beside you, taking another moment to let his eyes travel over your body.
Nodding slightly to himself before he's grinning, “You look hot,” His warm hand landing on your thigh to give it a little squeeze before he's pulling from his parking spot and onto the road.
Compliments from Hoseok came sparingly, wasn't really one to gush over your appearance with mere words. He was more of a show-er than a talker in that sense. So when he was paying you a compliment, it was never anything all that deep. Never once compared the brightness of your eyes to the sunlight or whatever Shakespearean shit he could muster up. He was just going with what he thought and you appreciated that.
It kept things from getting confusing between the two of you. If he was constantly dotting on you and telling you how amazing he thought you were (and you were amazing, no doubt about that), but if he was telling you.. it would definitely put a damper on your whole arrangement. You were a simple girl to be completely honest. Words got to you, you'd be head over heels in love if he was calling you beautiful every chance he got.
Hot was good. Hot was fine. Hot was safe. Because catching feelings for Hoseok? You'd be better off standing in the middle of the road waiting to be run over. And then getting the driver to put it in reverse. Hoseok was brutal when it came to girls and relationships, didn't waste time on feelings or the overly emotional.
A bit of an asshole, but that was why you liked him. He knew how to keep things fun and exciting, loved being surrounded by people. But he wouldn't hesitate to tell someone to fuck off if the circumstances called for it. He was cool. To put it simply. A very cool guy taking you out on a date. Anyone would be giddy about that, it was Jung Hoseok for crying out loud!
“What you got a taste for?” His eyes don't move from the road in front of him. One hand steering the wheel while the other keeps its hold on your thigh. Skin easily warming under his touch, you force yourself to focus on what he's saying.
Having to keep yourself from suggesting, (for the first time in person but the eighth(?) to him) skipping dinner and going back to your place to make proper use of your time. You bite that down. He wanted to take you out to eat, so you planned to humor him. Eat with him so he can eat you out. Simple.
“Anything, really. You like pasta. Should we just go to that Italian place?” With a slight nod, he's directing the car toward the restaurant. The smile on his face lets you know that he had been secretly hoping to get to eat there tonight. It was his favorite place to go, knew the menu like the back of his hand.
So he's pleased that you're suggesting it.
The car ride is filled with soft music and playful banter about whatever comes to mind. He's challenging you, saying things that he knows will get under your skin just to hear you argue why he's wrong. Laughing as you outline all the reasons why mints and chocolate should be far away from each other.
He keeps a gentle hand on the small of your back as he leads you into the restaurant. Still egging you on with why he thinks you're wrong, laughing at the way your face twists up at him. Pausing only briefly to get your table, but the debate is in full swing the moment the two of you are settled across from each other.
There's a subtle type of competitiveness in his tone, paired with the playful smile on his face. Not even a full hour here with him and you were starting to see what Jimin was talking about. Being out with Hoseok, talking beyond where you should do it next, was something you never considered. 
It's nice.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 19:59
Conversation between the two of you doesn't die down even after your food is being set down in front of you. You're only now noticing that you never really talked to Hoseok before. You were friends, of course, that's what the 'F' in FWB stood for, but you were more like group friends.
Never really hung out alone until some months ago when you were starting this whole thing up. And fucking didn't really account for all that much talking. You knew nothing about him aside from the fact he was Taehyung's asshole womanizer roommate. No idea how witty, how animated, how attractive he could be.
It made you want him even more.
He's in the middle of explaining the King Henry VIII drama he had seen the other night, which is also surprising. He almost seemed 'too cool' to be this interested in a period piece starring Natalie Portman. But he's speaking so excitedly, that you can't help but hang on to every word from his lips. All until your phone is flashing on the table beside you, Taehyung's smiling face lighting up the screen.
The buzz steals both of your attention from the conversation, your brow furrowing slightly. A part of you knows that he's only calling for nonsense, probably in the midst of a fight with his girlfriend and he's calling for you to tell him he's right. It's hardly ever an emergency when he's calling you, so there should be no problem with letting his call go to voicemail.
Especially this close to the end of your date, you'd be heading back home with Hoseok in no time. Plus he could just text you if it was something important. There was no reason to answer, and yet, you can't keep your hand from reaching for the device. Shooting an apologetic smile over at Hoseok.
“He knows I'm with you... he wouldn't call if-,” The nod of Hoseok's head cuts you off, waving you away with a smile to take your call. And you're excusing yourself quickly, pressing the phone to your ear once you're far enough away from the table.
He better have his dick caught in a mousetrap or something to justify interrupting your dinner. “Tae. What's going on?” You listen, for any telling sounds of things being out of the ordinary. All you hear is the hum of the TV and his heavy breathing hitting the line.
“Yn, you've gotta get over here.” There's an urgency in his voice that has the hairs on the back of your neck standing. “Why? What's going on?” It's probably something stupid, it usually is when it comes to Taehyung. But curiosity has already set in and you find yourself thinking of how to tell Hoseok you have to go. 
“I can't just tell you... you have to come,”
Groaning into the phone, your hand lifts to pinch the base of your nose. A deep sigh leaving your lips. “Tae. I'm out right now. If this isn't urgent-”
He's quick to cut your words, “It really can't wait.” He almost sounds serious, which has the slight annoyance you feel melting away. “Okay, okay. I'll be there in a minute,” Quick to hang up the phone and head back over to the table.
Hoseok has his head bowed, full attention on the plate of lasagna as he shovels forkfuls into his mouth. Reaching for his glass as you slip back into your seat, gulping down his water. And you're two seconds from telling him that you have to go when he's reaching for his napkin, wiping the corner of his lips.
“Taehyung needs you to rush over?” How he was able to just guess that is beyond you, but you're nodding your head a sheepish smile taking over your features. “He says it's urgent,” You genuinely feel bad. Even though things between Hoseok weren't any deeper than hooking up, you still had agreed to come out with him. To stay out with him.
To leave in the middle of it (not to mention before you could wrap everything up and go back home) felt shitty. You were having a good time getting to know him, but if you didn't go see what was going on with Taehyung, you knew it would bother you for the rest of the night.
Despite everything, Hoseok seems to understand. Insisting you finish the rest of your risotto before he's paying the bill. He even keeps up with the bubbly conversation from earlier, enjoying the sound of your laughter all the way to the car. Guiding you in with a gentle hand on the small of your back.
He lets you choose the music and hums along with the songs you play. It's not long before he's pulling up in front of his house, car staying on as he steps on the brake. You wait for him to put the car in park and when he doesn't, you're shooting a confused look in his direction.
“You're not coming in?”
He's quick to shake his head, fingers tapping against the steering wheel. “I'm gonna go see what's up with those girls in building E.” Oh. Right. You almost forgot for a second who you were dealing with. Jung Hoseok, notorious fuck boy. If he wasn't sleeping with you, then he'd just find someone else to do it with.
Feeling bad for cutting your date short was useless. “See you later, then.” He meets your words with a nod, waiting patiently for you to get out of his car. Spares a moment to lift his hand in a wave before he's speeding down the road.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 20:21
Taehyung is sat on the couch when you enter the house. Hunched over a bowl with chopsticks in hand. Torso bare and hair falling in a ruffled mess around his face. He doesn't budge at the sound of the door, too focused on pushing long strings of spicy noodles into his mouth.
He could've at least put together a fake emergency if he was going to call you over like this. Pretended his arm was broken or something, instead of coolly sitting on the couch trying to gulp down his beer around the mouthful of Ramen.
“Hey! What's so urgent? Why are you half-naked?” Your loud voice startles him, droplets of beer falling from his lips and rolling down his chest. He swallows, reaching forward to grab up a napkin, using it to wipe at his well worked on pecs. 
Your eyes follow the movement of his hand, long fingers brushing the droplets from his tanned skin. It must be the anticipation of getting fucked tonight because you're finding it hard to tear your gaze from the ripples of his stomach. “I'm in from the gym,” He explains the no shirt, the tightness in his arms that have fallen victim to your greedy stare. Flexing obviously as he reaches for his drink again, taking a few sips before he's picking up his bowl. His chest tenses with the movement.
Has he always been this... wow? Quite literally staring in the middle of the room, greedily enjoying the sight of your best friend without his shirt on. Yet, it's not the first time you've seen him sans shirt. Countless sleepovers and pool parties, but his bare stomach seemed different now.
Seriously. Did he always have abs like that?
You're forcing yourself to look away, face grimacing at the loud burp he lets out. Enough to snap you from your thoughts, wherever they were going was uncharted territory. And you had no interest in exploring that, especially when you were supposed to be annoyed with him!
“What's the problem? Why'd you make me rush over?” Wearily, you step closer to him. Eyes scanning over his body in a less pervy way, trying to detect any sign of injury. Maybe even a paper cut a little too deep. “Are you okay?” Your face inches from his, still searching.
He's laughing, hand lifting to rest on your forehead, pushing your head back slightly. “I'm fine. Want some?” Taehyung lifts the bowl between the two of you. And your gaze drops to the spicy scent. And normally you'd be letting out an excited whoop, accepting his generous offer and plopping down beside him.
But right now, all you are is annoyed. Annoyed and frustrated. If it wasn't for him, no doubt you'd be off somewhere with Hoseok, minutes from having your eyes rolled back, nails scraping against his skin. Instead, you're here, no emergency in sight. You shaved for this! Matched your lingerie for this! What a waste.
“Are you fucking kidding me!? I was out with Hoseok, Taehyung.” As if he didn't know. And he had the audacity, to sit there, slurping his noodles as if he wasn't at fault for this annoying ache in the pit of your stomach. Something that would've been long taken care of if it wasn't for him.
His shoulders lift in an uninterested shrug, jaw falling slack as he shovels another mouthful into his mouth. “Well... now you're not. It's extra spicy. Your favorite,” He's offering more food up to you and all you do is roll your eyes, letting out a frustrated huff.
“You're fucking ridiculous,” You scoff, hands rummaging through the contents of your purse until your fingers are catching onto your phone. “I'm calling Hoseok,” You announce for no real reason, especially because he acts as if he hasn't heard your words. Attention back on the hot bowl in his lap.
He's being weird and you don't know what it is. Noticed it in doses these past few days and assumed it would just blow over... but he just seemed to be acting more and more out of character the more time passed. It confused you. And you hated being confused.
Part of you was convinced that it had something to do with him now knowing that you're sleeping with his roommate. The side comments, inadvertently trying to cock block, and now this being proof enough. But there was another part of you... a much smaller, poorly trained part, that was convinced these were the actions of a jealous man.
What would he have to be jealous of, right? It wasn't like he wanted to be the one sleeping with Hoseok. Well, debatable... but seriously, the way he's been acting lately has led you to believe that there was something else going on that he wasn't telling you. Tae's known the guys you've fucked around with before and never has he acted so... stiff?
Something changed. Something was different. And you can't help but wonder if the picture incident had something to do with it. Highly unlikely, as Joon said, he has probably already forgotten about it. But, nothing else made sense.
Hoseok doesn't answer. Not like you actually expected him to. He went to 'see what's up with the girls in Building E'. No doubt busy with that, why would he answer his phone? “Come on, Yn.” Taehyung is beside you now, you're not sure when he stood up, but you can smell the sweetness of his body spray. Even after the time, he spent in the gym.
“Listen, I'm sorry I interrupted you.” His hand is reaching to lower your phone, halting your request for an Uber. “...but you're here now. Just stay. Relax.” Flashing that breathtaking smile of his and it's becoming apparent how he gets away with so much. This boy knew how to use his looks to his advantage, there was no denying that.
But, you're not easily fooled. “You can't just interrupt my dates because you're lonely,” Some of the bite is gone from your tone. Not entirely sure how upset with him you really were. Of course, calling you out when he knew you were with someone else was shitty... but it was Taehyung!
A terrible reason, but the best one you could come up with. There was no way staying mad at him was an option, when he has done the reverse many times with you involved. He's smirking at you, picking up on the anger melting away from your features. “So it was a date. You told me it was just dinner,” He teases.
Not entirely pissed at him anymore, but that didn't mean you'd just let his stupidity slide. This was the second time he's interfered with your much needed Vitamin D and it was about time he heard something about it. “Just dinner. A date. A fucking square dance. Taehyung, you can't just cut in because you want.” He's looking at you funny, this dazed expression that you've never seen directed to you before. From him.
It makes your heart stutter, so you ignore it. “What if I did the same with you? If you were out with Ailee and I called you up with some stupid excuse?” He doesn't even hesitate, dark eyes glued to yours. A stare so intense, you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. “I'd come running,” The deepness of his voice and the seriousness of his tone has your breath hitching.
There was no way this was happening. You were used to flirty Taehyung, got pretty good at compartmentalizing your feelings when it came to the Taehyung that you dealt with on a day-to-day basis. But this... this was different. Uncharted territory, indeed. The way he was looking at you? Talking to you? Nothing like you've ever handled before when it came to him.
No idea how you were supposed to react, so you decide to just leave to keep from making a fool of yourself in front of him. “I'm leaving. Goodnight, Taehyung. Call your girlfriend.” A halfhearted request, you're really just reminding yourself that he has one. And while 'The Other Woman' was a great song, that wasn't you.
“She broke up with me like an hour ago,” Again? You want to say, feigning disbelief. Their routine breakups were far from surprising and they always ended up in the same way: them back together and holed up in Taehyung's room for days on end. Only to end in a pointless fight that would repeat the cycle.
They were always broken up, but that didn't mean they were done with each other. It never meant that. “Please, stay.” He's pouting obnoxiously, so you're confused why you find it so cute. Fingers laced with yours as he lightly shakes your arm. “I miss hanging out with you,” Puppy dog eyes aimed right at your heart.
He's not wrong. It's been a little while since the two of you just hung out. Lounged around in sweats, ate, and watched bad TV. And it was very unlikely that Hoseok would be returning your call. Jimin is surely busy with Jungkook or something. You'd just be going home to sit around and do exactly what you could do here.
“Fine.” Eyes rolling to exaggerate your annoyance. “Go make another packet while I change,” Soft hair bounces as he nods his head, turning to pick up his half-empty bowl from the coffee table, carrying it into the kitchen.
You're halfway up the stairs before he's calling out to you, smiling when he sees your head poke around the corner. “I'm really sorry I ruined your date. That was not cool,” There's sincerity in his tone and in his eyes, every last bit of annoyance or frustration you felt dissipating at the sight.
“It's fine,” The prettiest smile he's ever seen pushes onto your lips, nearly stealing his breath away. “I'll just have to text Hoseok and explain your issue with separation,” Giggling at your own lighthearted joke and he's matching the sound. 
Silently praying you hurry upstairs so he can get his heart in check. So he could think. Something he's been skipping out on that since the moment he picked up his phone and decided to call you.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 21:43
You're wearing basketball shorts. His basketball shorts. Paired with a sports bra that you must've left here for one reason or another. It takes everything in him not to zero in on the jiggle of your ass as you pass him. The pebble of your nipples pushing against the fabric. You always complained about how cold his apartment was.
He tries not to stare as you stretch to pull a bowl from the cupboard, laughing out loud when you realize that he's already taken one down for you. Thanking him as you move to stand close. Your cheeks are red and irritated from the quick way you removed your makeup with the dried-out wipes you left in his bathroom. Hair let out of the tight ponytail, cascading down your back in pretty waves.
It's not until you're pinning him with a furrowed brow and an upturn of your upper lip, does he realize he's literally gawking at you. With this unmistakable love-struck look in eyes. “Why are looking at me like that?” Spoken while plucking a piece of meat from the pan and pushing it into your mouth.
Caught and he doesn't even think of trying to backtrack. With a shrug of his shoulders, he's turning his attention back to the food in front of him. “I don't know. You just look beautiful or whatever,” He can hardly look at you as the words leave his lips, afraid you'll catch the blush on his cheeks.
“Or whatever?” You joke with a laugh, ignoring the flip of your stomach at the compliment. Instead, you move to the fridge, retrieving a couple of eggs while chastising him on forgetting the best part. Not sure what was up with him, but you refuse to let yourself get carried away.
You've spent so long accepting that he has and only will see you as a friend. Best friend, even. And just because he was throwing a few compliments your way didn't mean that everything all of a sudden changed. Nothing has changed. The two of you were still in the same spot you had been two years ago.
 Taehyung serves you with a smile ten minutes later, fingers lingering on yours for a moment longer than normal. Not long enough to be weird, but definitely long enough to get the wheels turning in your brain. And then he's plopping down across from you like nothing, head ducked as he takes the first steamy bites of his food.
It takes everything in him not to profess his unclear feelings. Trying to limit how often he looks at you, censoring his thoughts as they teeter between mushy and cringe. It's hard with the way you're joking between bites the way you always do, he can't help but notice how pretty you are.
He felt lucky to have you like this. Even if it wasn't truly having you. Just the fact that you were comfortable enough around him to be like this. Even if it had been years, it felt different now somehow.
Everything felt different since he's started to notice little things about you that he failed to see all along. Your cute habit of flicking and tossing your hair as you spoke, more often with how animated you got. How your eyes lit up when you were excited. That tiny dimple at the corner of your mouth, which only made an appearance when you were laughing really hard.
On top of it all, he was noticing how obvious you were. Not exactly sure when it clicked in his mind and it could very well be his ego talking, but he was starting to feel like he wasn't the only one keeping a mental scrapbook. The more attention he paid to you and your little mannerisms, the more he picked up on the fact that you were doing the same.
Whenever he'd bite his lip, rest his cheek on his palm, angle his head in a certain way – your eyes would follow. And how could he forget the lust-filled look on your face as your eyes devoured him, it hadn't even been a full ten minutes since you got there and you were so obvious.
A wonder he didn't notice it before, but now that he thinks back... all of the signs were there. Everything that he missed has been screaming at him for the past-however-many years. And as much as he wanted to do something about it, he knew he had to be careful.
Extremely careful.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 23:52
Right now, you had your legs in his lap – ankle inches from his junk, but that's the least of your concerns. You're more focused on tucking every last crumb of weed into the paper, eyes flickering between your fingers and the TV screen. 
“How is she this oblivious?” You're commenting with a wrinkle of your brow and Taehyung has to act like he's been following the plotline all along.
From what he was able to pick up with your brief summary of the plot and the way you talked over every scene with backstory, the main character was set the be married to a man with much more experience than her. In life. In the bedroom. The scene playing in front of you right now she was just finding out that he had been lying about not being able to have children.
You had suggested starting from episode one, but he denied the offer. There was something about watching you explain a show while getting frustrated about the scenes that played out before you that he found endearing. Not a new feeling, but holding a new meaning now.
He can hardly hear what's being said because you're in the middle of a rant on how there was no reason for her to be so clueless and sent into a marriage. And how her mother should've gone into the nitty-gritty before shipping her off. And how her husband was just a compliment douche bag for taking advantage of her ignorance.
Taehyung is positive he looks like you just agreed to go riding off in the sunset. Leaned back against the couch and watching you with this dazed-dopey expression that you sum up to him just being high. You were working on rolling the second joint you'd share.
His eyes follow as you lean forward, hovering over his lap as you reach for the lighter on his side. Not even thinking to ask him to pass it over, not that he's complaining about the closeness. Elbows holding your body up as you fiddle with the spark, bringing it toward you when it stays.
You catch his stare as you exhale, handing the joint off to him before moving back to your end of the couch, legs falling back in his lap. He doesn't pull his gaze from you, letting the weed burn out between his fingers. “What?” You're asking with a soft laugh. He's hissing out a breath, bringing the smoke to his lips and inhaling.
“You're fucking gorgeous, it's annoying.” He says with a shake of his head, a thick cloud of smoke leaving his lips. “You're always talking shit,” Speaking through a burst of laughter, but he doesn't entertain the thought any further. Extending his hand to pass it over, eyes flickering up to the screen.
There had been something that he had paid attention to when you first turned this show on. The conversation that was being had on the screen about best friends and getting married and falling in love. And how that's how you should do it. Marry your best friend and it would work out.
No matter how many porn-like sex scenes appeared after that, he was still stuck on that one conversation. And the thought that if you looked so pretty next to him right now, there was no telling how much prettier you'd look done up and dressed in white. He has to laugh at himself, though.
Blaming his raging thoughts on the half-empty bottle of liquor on the table and the green you're handing back over to him. Which is why he doesn't bother to stop the question that slips out next. “Do you think that's really the key?”
Half forgot that even though you never left his mind, you couldn't read it. So you have no idea what he's talking about. “Key to what?”
“Being happy in a relationship?”
He hardly ever really talked about his feelings being with Ailee. You just knew what he told you and that was very limited. She annoyed him, but she was sometimes funny and knew what she was doing. That was pretty much it.
So you're a little shocked that he all of a sudden was bringing this up as if you knew their relationship from a hole in the wall. “Are you not happy with Ailee?” Someone who fought with their significant other as much as Taehyung did, couldn't really be happy. But you could be wrong.
“I'm sure I could be happier,” He's looking at you with those eyes again, flicking the ash off with his finger before bringing the joint back to his lips. “Do you think falling n love with your best friend is the key to all that?” He pauses, the blurts the last part out like he's lost control of his tongue. “Like you and me,”
You're letting out a harsh cough that has nothing to do with the smoke cruising through your lungs. Eyes tearing up while your back shakes. “Me and you?” You manage, letting out a gasped breath. “Like me falling in love with you and you falling in love with me?” Finger used to point between the two of you, just to be sure.
Taehyung nods his head, unphased by your dramatic reaction. “Yes, that's exactly how that would work. A money-less transaction,” You're letting out a laugh and a shake of your head, pushing the thought from your head. He was only joking, talking shit for whatever reason.
“Yeah, no. That would never work out,”
His words chase yours, “Why not?” You don't miss the small pout of his lips, as if he's actually asking. Wondering why you thought the two of you together wouldn't work out.
“I know too much. You know too much,” Going with the first reason that pops in your head, one that you've used countless times with convincing yourself. “There's gotta be some mystery,”
Taehyung is rolling his eyes, “Oh, come on. We're not the Scooby-doo kids, Yn. Mystery is overrated.” He's really pushing for this and you're not sure why. Most likely entertaining the thoughts that pop into his foggy mind, so you don't allow yourself to think too hard on his words.
Or what they could mean. “It's perfect,” He continues. “You meet someone, become best friends, decide to fall in love and now you're married to your best friend. That's the dream,” He says with a grin. And you're not sure if he's actually talking about you or if he's just talking.
“That's lazy,” Either way, you attempt to get the race of your heart to slow down. No matter how much closer he was to you now, backs of your thighs pressed against his. You're nearly seated in his lap and you just now noticed the mindless way his fingers drag over your knee. “You can't pick off from your existing friends. You meet someone, fall for them and then you become best friends,”
His laugh rings through your ears, then your entire body. Just the sound has you feeling warm all over, something that you were sure you had gotten under control a long time ago. “You just said the same thing as me, except you changed the last two steps,”
“It makes a huge difference,” It did. One was the two of you and the other could be any two strangers on the street. For the sake of you, your version was the one you'd go with. Anything else and it would be hard to talk yourself out of it.
But Taehyung has been a lot more attention, putting the pieces together as they appear. And one thing he was always good at spotting (except when it came to you for some reason) was when someone was into him. And judging from the subtle changes in your demeanor throughout this entire conversation, you were so into him.
With caution on his mind, he's shifting focus. Hand lowering to discard the dead bit in the ashtray. Leveling you with a squinted eyes and a purse of his lips. “What's the real reason you didn't want me to know about Hoseok?” Sort of had an idea of what this might be, but he wanted to hear it from you.
“What do you mean? I already told you,” You're reaching for the bottle on the table, taking a swig to keep your hands busy. And to keep you from having to look at him, no doubt the unfiltered thoughts in your mind would be slipping out with one glance. 
He doesn't pull his gaze from you, though. “No, you said you didn't want things to get awkward. I think that was a lie,” His face is much closer to yours now, you can clearly see the faint beauty marks scattered against his skin.
Just a simple stretch of his leg and you're pushed further on to his lap. Back resting against his arm now that he has his hand is pressed against the armrest. He's close, but not suffocating, has left enough space for you to get up and move if you wanted to. But that's the farthest thing from your mind right now.
“Wanna know what I think it is?” Voice so low he might as well be mumbling. His eyes flicker down to your lips, noting how soft they look. And he finds himself wondering just how they'd feel pressed against his. “What?” You sound breathless like you had been thinking about the same exact thing.
He's smoothly moving his arm from you, guiding the way your back falls against the couch. “I think you're into me, like how I'm into you... and you didn't want me to know because of that,” The risk of fucking up your friendship takes the backseat because he knows he's right. Took his time and put the signs together.
“Yeah, right.” You laugh it off, but he's learned how obvious you are.
A grin spreads over his features, hand dropping to your hip. “You're making the face you do when you've been caught,” The heat of his palm spreading from your side to your entire body. And you've come to terms with the fact that you've lost control of your heart. Wrapped up in the moment where Taehyung, Kim Taehyung, your best friend and former crush revealed he was into you.
His head bows, nose nudging against yours. It's embarrassing the way your lips instantly pucker, eyes falling shut as you wait for the soft press. Eyes fluttering open after a moment of waiting and receiving nothing, catching the devious smirk on his lips. 
“You're into me, aren't you?” While he was sure, positive after seeing how ready you were to have him kiss you, he needed to hear it. Needed to be sure that he wasn't missing something, he's been doing a lot of that lately.
The nod of your head is answer enough, followed by your warm hand reaching to rest on the back of his neck. Not sure who moved first, if you were pulling him down or he was lowering himself and you really didn't care. 
A tiny moan escapes from your lips as he shifts above you, the sound being sent straight to his crotch. His mouth is pulling from yours, brows raised and eyes wide as he stares down at you – surprised by the fact that you could actually sound like that. Before he's given a chance to comment on it, you're pulling him back down.
Kissing you is everything he's imagined it to be and more. The soft push of your tongue paired with the deliberate scrap of teeth on his lip. Your hummed moans fill the room and stir him on, his grip falling from your hip to your thigh. Easily pulling your legs apart to slot himself between them.
Fingers tangled in his hair and heavy breath hitting his lips each time you pull away, only to dive right back in. Mouths moving over each other messily, Taehyung can barely ask the groans that die on your lips. Free hand pressed against his chest, you can feel the hammer of his heart.
Thighs squeezed to his hips, bodies so close the thinnest of papers wouldn't fit. So it's no wonder you feel it. The twitch of his cock hardening against you, so enticing you can't help the way your hips lift to meet his just as he's dropping down to press into you. A hissed moan falling from your lips at the contact.
“Fuck,” He's groaning, a switch seemingly turning on inside of him. Mouth breaking for yours and hand moving up the toward your chest. His thumb brushes over your hardened nipple through the fabric of your bra as he rolls his hips into yours.
Just the heat from pressing against you like this was enough to rile him up, mind reeling with thoughts of what it would be like to really fuck you. And the sounds you'd make. You sounded so pretty with the simple rolls of his hips, what if he was actually buried deep inside of you.
His head drops, mouth latching onto the crook of your neck to suckle at the skin there. Your senses are fogged with nothing but him. The smell of him, the feel, the taste. Still lingering on your lips and hitting your taste buds as you lick them. There's a definite heat growing between your legs with each drag of his covered cock, angled perfectly that he's just barely tapping your clit.
You want more. So much more and it's making you delirious. Needy. Hips rolling up to meet his and he's pushing you down every time. Teeth scraping against your skin and fingers pinching at your chest. “Taehyung,” It sounds more desperate than you intend it to. He's groaning back in response, face lifting from your skin to admire the red mark he's left behind.
Tongue dragging over it, soothing it with a simple swipe. Hands re-positioned on either side of your head, his gaze drops to watch the way your hips move in order to meet his, a smirk pressed on his lips. “Fuck, look at you... such a mess.” He's pushing forward, cock meeting your clit perfectly.
Strained whimper ripping through your throat as you brace your hands on his side, back arching into him. “Grinding that pretty pussy all over my cock, didn't even let me get undressed. You're so wet, huh?” Now you knew what the boys were on about when they clowned him for being mouthy. Had laughed along before, but having his words directed to you was no laughing matter.
You knew what you were doing. You could feel the effect of what you were doing but something about having him point it out in that breathy tone of his was hot. What you didn't expect was for him to want you to talk back, but the slow of his hips is quickly warning you of your role.
“Don't stop,” You're gasping, hands reaching out to him. “I could cum like this,” Your whispering, cheeks heating up at the admission. How embarrassing, losing it over dry humping, you half expect him to laugh it off as a joke.
But he doesn't, instead, he's lowering his body back onto yours, the movement of his hips picking up in speed. “Me too,” He breathes out, fingers tangling in your hair as his tongue teases against your covered lips. “Wrap your legs around me,”
His words are muffled, but you understand him enough to lift your legs, ankles locking behind his back. He drives into you like he's balls deep inside of you, pulling gasps and moans from your lips. Nails pressed into his skin as you beg him not to stop, chanting your near release. And just as you feel it bubble up in your stomach, his low pants of your name getting to you. Just as you're about to be knocked over the edge you've been teetering on, Jin's voice is breaking through.
His loud laughter bleeding through the door behind you, followed by the low grumble of Joon's voice. The jingle of his key is what snaps Tae out of it, body freezing as his head lifts to glare at the door.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You're quick to push him off, looking away as he adjusting the throbbing bulge in his pants – leaving you to wipe at the slobber-dampened mark on your chest. Jin and Joon are stepping in just as you're rushing upstairs for a shirt. Their laughter filling the downstairs as you rummage through drawers for something to pull on.
All while shoving your raging thoughts out of your mind. Still in shock that that actually happened... whatever that was. Taehyung was into you. He had said it and then kissed you. God, he kissed you. Would've been to be able to fully enjoy it if you weren't so damn greedy.
Just one taste and you were wanting the whole thing and from the look of it, he was willing to give it to you. But what if it had been a fluke. A one-off because of whatever happened to Ailee and the fact that you were there. Into you, but what did that really mean? Would that change anything?
You dare to hope, even though you're sure you're wrong. There was a lot going on tonight. Him fighting with Ailee, you being torn away from Hoseok before you can do anything properly. You were high! Still, high to be honest. Would he still be into you when he was sobering up?
Finding out is the last thing on your list. Fitting yourself as his best friend after your quiet crush was one thing. Doing that after he's taken back being into you was another. You didn't want to think about what a disaster that would be, you'd rather just go home and sleep.
Jin is turning to happily greet you as you make your way downstairs, while Joon makes room for you on the couch. Taehyung doesn't look up, cheeks flushed and eyes glued to his knees. You'd give everything to know what he's thinking.
“Yn! Tae said you were here. We're gonna open Monopoly, wanna play?” It's an invitation from Jin that you'd usually be jumping at. Claiming your designated money bag piece without a thought, so he's shocked when you're shaking your head. “Think I'm gonna just head home, turn in early.”
Tae looks up at the sound of your departure, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. He had hoped you would want to stay, so he could have a chance to talk to you properly. Tell you how he was feeling even if he didn't fully understand it yet. He wanted to tell you that he liked you and he wanted to hear you say it back.
Let you know that he wanted to try to be good at relationships because he wanted to try with you. He's standing with that in mind, shrinking back when you're looking at him. There before did he feel nervous around you, but with all this weighing on his chest, he doesn't know how else to feel.
“Let me walk you home,” He offers, it's a twenty-minute walk across campus. Enough time for him to talk to you... or just be around you for longer.
You're shaking your head, though. Pushing an easy smile onto your lips. “It's fine. I texted Jimin,” It's a lie and he knows it is, but he doesn't call you on it. Obvious that you didn't want to be around him. Most likely regretting the whole thing.
Nodding as he plops back down beside Jin. He watches as you pull your shoes back on, throwing a quick goodbye over your shoulder before stepping out. Not even sparing a proper look in his direction. A huff leaves his lips as he sinks into the couch, hands tugging through his hair.
He really screwed up.
Tumblr media
— you’ve always been cute, soft, tiny in taehyung’s eyes. but that’s changing one night when you’re accidentally sending him a naughty picture. forcing him to realize, maybe his best friend is kinda… hot?
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ilikemesometaetaes · 2 months ago
Krank It Up (M)
Kim Taehyung Oneshot
Tumblr media
•••> Author: @ilikemesometaetaes​​
•••> Summary: You didn’t think you’d come back to an empty vacation house with a note from your parents stating that your brother came home from college. You didn’t think you’d get snowed in before you had the chance to leave. You also didn’t think your parents would rent the place out on such short notice to someone so… cranky…
•••> Pairing(s): Taehyung / Reader
•••> Word Count: 17k [Unedited - sorry, it’s super messy, y’all]
•••> Rating: 18+
•••> Tags: smut | kranky!tae | Christmas Vibez | grumpy!tae | is this kinda slice of life? | supportive!tae
•••> Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, real daddy issues, rough parental relationship, mention of oral (f and m receiving), lots of talk about Tae’s naked chest, bad parents (treat yo kids like gold, people), fucking like bunnies, cursing, alcohol use, mild sense of entrapment by snowstorm, fear, teasing
•••> Inspo: As part of the Christmas In July event- hosted by @kookdiaries, @kithtaehyung, and @xiaokoo- Krank It Up falls under Cookies and Christmas Chaos. Massive- massive thanks to Val for for creating my banner! Loosely (very loosely) based on Christmas With the Kranks (2004).
Copyright © 2021 ilikemesometaetaes. All Rights Reserved.
Tumblr media
“You’ve got to be kidding me.”
The note pinched between your fingertips was scrawled messily, conveying how rushed your parents were when they wrote it. The period placed at the end of the first sentence was almost nonexistent- you could see the indent of where your mother placed the pen to mark it, yet the spot was too small for ink to escape the ballpoint. She didn’t even bother trying to rewrite it.
Turns out your brother is coming home from school so we decided to go back to the house to throw a Christmas party like we used to. It’ll be on the 23rd. He gets back then.
Come home.
-- Mom
A scoff left your lips. You couldn’t help but badger your parents in your head, wishing they invested in cell phones like you told them to years ago. Instead, they insisted that they were okay with a single landline phone since they didn’t leave the house much. It was ridiculous that you were living in 2021 and your parents still didn’t possess their own phones. They didn’t even have flip phones for crying out loud.
Your mood was already sour when you arrived at the cabin. The flight you took to get home from school was delayed by the snowstorms passing through the reaches of Montana, the home state of your family’s vacation home in East Glacier Park Village. Once your flight landed at GPIA, you took the shuttle to the Amtrak station north of the airport, only to discover that Amtrak’s railroad through the national park was temporarily closed due to snow covering it. You had to wait another three hours for a crew to go out and clean it. Then, you finally arrived in East Glacier.
It was a difficult task to find a taxi out of the village considering how small it was, however, it wasn’t long before you were pulling up the winding driveway of your cabin with relief and longing to see your parents after several months in mind despite the rocky terms your relationship with them was on. You even caught yourself smiling when the house finally came into view past the light dusting of snow on the surrounding trees and the absence of the sun in the sky.
When you noticed the absence of their car in the driveway, though, you became puzzled. It caused your investigative actions that led to your discovery of the unlocked front door and the note they left for you on the kitchen counter. A quick look around the first floor proved that no one was in the house; all of the lights were off and the minimalist placement of all of the furniture was untouched.
Instead of worrying about the predicament, you picked up your carry-on and trudged up the stairs. The party was six days away; you could stay the night, as it was already late in the evening, and call a taxi in the morning. A full day of traveling was terribly draining and you needed to collapse onto a bed pronto.
Despite your incessant need to sleep, the stench of a day of traveling stuck to your skin. You already knew that you’d be unable to sleep soundly with the smell of airport and plane on you. Irritated beyond belief at the notion of everything you had to go through in one day, you found yourself peeling your clothes from your skin in the bathroom minutes later.
Hoping that your parents left the water on, you turned the hot-water knob in the shower and internally celebrated when it came trickling out of the ceiling showerhead. It saved you the trip outside, into the cold weather of the mountains, to open the water valve.
“I totally forgot we had this.” You spoke to yourself as you looked up at the steady stream with thankful eyes. In a house by yourself, the sound of your own voice was louder than ever, but you decided that it was okay. You were alone. Why pass up the opportunity to enjoy the silence while it lasted?
You remembered coming for vacation as a kid- the memories of bright days, high up in the mountains, with your family and friends rested in your head- as you waited for the water to warm.
When the heat of Arizona became too much for your parents to bear during Christmas time, true believers of a white Christmas, they would gather up a circle of friends and bring them into the mountainous region of Montana to enjoy their Christmas “the right way” at the family log cabin. As much as you loved coming to the place and enjoying the hot chocolate, snowmen, and ugly Christmas sweaters that could be worn without sweating, you always disliked how loud it got with so many people vacating the home.
Like the typical introvert, you spent most of your time in the room designated for the kids on the trip when too many people came along. Being a regular in the territory meant that you and your little brother watched many others filter in and out over the years. You smiled fondly at the seemingly ancient notion of you and your brother’s claim over the last of the three bunk beds placed there.
Being restricted to the privacy of the kids’ room also meant that you never really discovered what the other rooms looked like. You only heard about the other rooms when you and your parents made plans to revisit the place after becoming accustomed to throwing Christmas parties in Arizona when you left for college.
The room you decided to hole up in for the night was neat beyond belief, the design kept simple and clean in a modern art type of way that was a stark contrast to the log cabin-esque decor of the rest of the house. You absolutely loved it.
Your shower was warm and inviting with the way it seemed to send the day’s stress and frustration down the drain. You stood under the relaxing heat for what felt like hours, decompressing and calming down, yet you knew that you couldn’t use up too much or else you’d drain the water well and cost your parents unnecessary money to refill it.
Once you got out of the shower and settled into bed, you pulled out your phone to text your brother.
Heard you’re coming home. I’ll be there tomorrow
You pondered over calling your house about your predicament and plans, knowing that they’d probably already have arrived home, but then decided against the idea almost instantaneously. They would be the type to buy you a ticket and nag you until you decided to go home that instant- you didn’t feel like dealing with that until the following morning when you actually planned to leave.
Thought u were supposed to be there already
You sighed in frustration when the notification of your brother’s message appeared at the top of your screen but reeled back your anger so that you didn’t take it out on him nor give away the fact that you and your parents made vacation plans without him. Calmly, you typed out a response.
Yeah ik. There was a mixup with my ticket and I somehow ended up in MT so I decided to stay at the cabin for the night
He read your text immediately with the appearance of the gray responding bubble following suit.
Damnnnnnnn really? Lucky and unlucky u. Miss that place tbh
You grimaced at the idea of how you and your parents left your brother out of the vacation plans. As much as you were counting on having a nice, quiet few weeks or so with your parents to perhaps fix things, without anyone else to disrupt your solitude and no society to worry about functioning in, guilt would have loomed over your head had you proceeded without him. You tapped away at your keyboard as your eyes became slightly droopy.
It’s pretty nice here. Didn’t realize how big it was
You slid your feet below the blanket of the large bed to get comfy while you waited for him to respond so that you could close up the conversation before you went to sleep. After scrolling through Instagram for a few minutes, he texted you again.
Ugh I wanna go back there so bad now. Maybe we can convince mom and dad to bring us there when I get back to the house.
Maybe you replied with guilt. Your brother read it and didn’t respond.
You didn’t even remember falling asleep.
Tumblr media
A crash resounded in the night.
You were slow to wake from your deep slumber and blinked your eyes open. The rude intrusion on your dreamless sleep had you wondering what the hell could’ve made such a noise at whatever hour it was.
Is there a fucking bear in the house?
Almost instantly, you sat up with wide eyes staring blindly into the darkness of your room. Your heart pounded in your chest and your breath was already shallow despite just waking up.
Bears were commonplace in East Glacier. You remembered learning about the national park being considered major “bear country” when you were a kid. The East Glacier National Park had the highest number of bear attacks in the United States- and you were living right next to it.
The wind outside blew harshly against the house, creating an increasingly eerie and unsettling environment that was reminiscent of a horror movie. Your body trembled, both from the cold and the crippling fear that stirred your insides, until you reached for your phone to check the time.
3:36 am
It was too early in the morning for you to deal with anything calmly. Did you have your bear spray? You vaguely remembered that there was always spray stored in the kitchen below the sink, but the trip down to the first floor would put you at a disadvantage. You would spend too much time defenseless and powerless against the potential bear during your trek to get the only thing you could truly use to deter the animal.
Your second instinct was to suspect that a robber had broken in. Although it was unheard of for anyone in East Glacier to be robbed due to how low the population was and how far away the house was from town, you didn’t rule out that a thief who had seen a vacation house vacant for so long would want to prey on it.
Deciding that your best bet was to call the local authorities, you brought your phone to your face again to unlock it.
There was zero cell service.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” You muttered, rotating your body so that you could swing your legs over the side of the bed.
Another boom, this time clearly from the kitchen downstairs, elicited the gasp from your lips while you hugged your phone to your chest on instinct. Blankly, you stared into the darkness of your room and debated your next move while you felt your body pulse with fear.
On one hand, if you stayed in your room while the bear perused through the kitchen downstairs, you’d make it out of the night alive and the issue of the damage would be your parents’ to take care of. Although it seemed selfish, you’d be alive.
On the other hand, if you stayed in your room and a robber was coming through the house, you’d make yourself into a sitting duck, simply waiting for them to come in and kill you.
There were also the outcomes of you going downstairs to address if the intruder was a bear or robber.
You’d have a chance to get ahold of the bear spray and deter the bear from the home. Although it was very risky, you could prevent the thing from doing too much damage.
If you went down to get the bear spray and a robber was occupying your kitchen instead? You’d be dead instantly.
While you were definitely afraid, you realized the possibilities behind you going downstairs weighed less than if you stayed in your room. Staying would involve a destroyed house and your imminent demise. Leaving the room involved your demise, but you could retain your life if you were careful enough.
With an inhale of determination, you stood from the bed. Then, you placed a pair of socks on your feet to help muffle the sound of your footsteps. You’d have to be insanely quiet to pull off your mission.
Carefully, you descended the stairs into the living room area and thanked everything holy that the steps weren’t creaky. The kitchen was right around the corner and the sound of shuffling was obvious, yet it was too soon to detect the identity of the being’s species. Your heart raced away in your chest and pulsated to the point that you could hear it. As soon as your eyes landed on the umbrella bucket by the door, you spotted the head of a golf club winking at you from under the moonlight let in through the window. Weapon located.
You grabbed the thing and held it in your trembling hands while you approached the corner, hoping that it would be enough to deter your enemy until you could either grab the bear spray or wack at the robber’s head.
Every so slowly, you peeked around the wall to learn of your demise.
A man stood busying himself with ingredients at the kitchen counter, dressed in nothing but a pair of dark sweatpants- it was too dark in the room to tell the color- and a long robe that sat unfastened and open across his shoulders and chest. His head was tilted down, causing the dark, curly hair on his head to fall in front of his face and obstruct his identity from you. For a moment, you couldn’t help but admire the broad pectorals that caused the robe to split open even further and reveal more of his toned torso. He didn’t look like what a robber would look like. Are you dreaming right now?
Briefly, you shook your head in disbelief and focused on the situation at hand, stepping forward with your handy golf club, poised and ready to strike. You stood in the darkness and watched as he turned away from the kitchen counter to open up the fridge in complete aloofness of your presence, suddenly illuminating the room in a bright glow of white.
As he grabbed what he needed to from the fridge and began his turn back to face the counter, you decided to speak. You figured you were at enough of an advantage now.
“What do you thi-”
The man yelped loudly and jumped, throwing his arms up on instinct. “What the fuck!”
A milk jug was chucked.
And it landed smack in the center of your stomach, knocking the air from your lungs.
Your knees buckled instantly as you helplessly gasped for air. In your fruitless struggle to take a breath, your body grew weak and the golf club slipped from your grasp. With a thud alongside the clattering of the club’s metal, your knees met the floor.
“Who the fuck are you?!” You heard the man bellow.
You laid on the floor, attempting to get your air back, while the entire gallon of milk emptied its contents from its busted top. You tried your best at responding. “Who-“ Gasp. “-the fuck-” Wheeze. “-are you?”
“I asked you first!”
Weakly, you looked up at the man to see that he had picked up your club, using it as a weapon against you. In the dark, his eyes reflected the small bits of light through the hair draped onto his forehead. From what you could see, they were framed by a thick set of eyebrows and eyelashes. A strong yet soft nose stood perched above a pair of lips that drew you in without you wanting them to. A pretty face and a gorgeously toned body? It was hopeless to try denying the fact that he was hot.
Laying on the floor in the obviously disadvantageous position while the milk began to drench your clothes spurred your response to his statement. The only way for the situation to escalate enough to get you off the floor was if you conceded. “This is my house.”
“I think the fuck not. I’m a guest of the family who owns this place and all of them are back in Arizona.” The man tilted his head. “And you are not in Arizona.”
“Well, thanks for making that clear, Captain Obvious.” You huffed and rolled your eyes as you got up, all attraction for the man pushed to the side. “My parents went back home and didn’t tell me. I’m Y/N- their daughter.”
The man faltered in hesitation with a brief flash of recognition skittering across his eyes, allowing you the time you needed to collect yourself and begin getting up, yet it was gone as soon as it appeared. He took a step away to give you room, grabbing one side of his robe and pulling it over his exposed skin in the process.
“How do I know I can trust you?”
Your eyes were rolling before you could stop them. “For fuck’s sake, dude. I can literally tell you anything you want to know about this place.”
“You could have rented the house from the owners before me. It would be easy for you to tell me things about it.” He raised an eyebrow. You grasped onto the counter to hoist yourself back onto your feet.
“My parents almost never rent this place out. They like to keep things very private. I have a note that they left me, but you wouldn’t trust that because you could say that I just wrote it myself- which, by the way, would be fucking absurd because why would I have a note like that prepared?” You carefully stepped around the puddle of milk and the man to reach the paper towels by the sink. “It doesn’t help that I don’t have cell service either because then I could just show you pictures of me and my family. I don’t know how else to prove it to you.”
You grabbed the roll when he chuckled. “Man, you sure do love to ramble, huh?”
As if a beast within you was awoken at the sound of his rude question, you whipped around to face him with fury igniting your blood so fast that you couldn’t stop yourself from squeezing the paper towels in anger.
“What the hell did you just say to me?”
The man held his hand out expectantly, waiting for you to hand him the paper towels, and eyed you up and down. You were suddenly aware of how short your shorts were on your legs. “I asked you if you love to ramble. It’s a pretty simple question.”
Your body suddenly roared with boiling heat and you clutched the paper towels close to your body, childishly refusing to give them to him. Now he wanted to help? You weren’t keen on giving him what he wanted. Before you could resist it, you were letting venom drench your words.
“Get the fuck out of my house.”
The man raised one of his thick eyebrows and dropped his hand. A beat of silence passed between you until he let out a huff of unbridled frustration.
“Whatever. I’m not leaving because I paid money to stay here and I don’t know who you are.” He shrugged and turned around, walking away. “If you’re not gone by then, I’ll give the owners a call in the morning to let them know their house was broken into.”
“Good luck.” You laughed sarcastically. “Once they find out you treated their daughter like a thief, you’ll be out of here in no time.”
“Keep telling yourself that, princess. I’m done.” As he rounded the corner to go up the stairs, you heard him muttering to himself. Somewhere in his words, you heard him say, “…and they fucking told me I’d be alone for…”
You got to cleaning up the milk, willing the morning to come faster so that you could call your parents at a reasonable hour, and huffed a breath of annoyance when you finished soaking all of it up. It took almost the entire roll to get the whole gallon off the floor.
After using bleach wipes to ensure that none of the liquid left any sticky remnants, you washed your hands in the sink and began your journey back to your room.
When you got to the top of the stairs, you looked down the hall to see that a small bit of light escaped from underneath the door at the end of the hall. You expected his choice with how plucky he was; he unconsciously chose the room furthest away from people- even if there were no people in the house. Softly, you scoffed.
When you got back to your room, you locked the door behind you just in case the dude was a creep and actually not supposed to be in the house. Even though he put on a good case of evidence being that he knew your parents were back in Arizona, it was better to be safe than sorry. You didn’t even know his name.
As an extra measure to feel safe, you took the chair that sat underneath the desk in the corner of the room and did your best to lodge it underneath the handle of the door so that he couldn’t bust it open. The hardwood floor made the task difficult to accomplish.
Once you were settled into bed again with your nerves put to rest, you checked your phone again.
4:22 am. And still no cell service.
God damn it.
Tumblr media
“God damn it.” You growled.
The snow outside was almost halfway up the window in the living room, packed tight and solid against the glass. The wind outside blew all the same as it had when you heard it during your predicament with the hot and rude stranger in the kitchen the night prior. With the situation at hand then, you paid it no mind.
What you hadn’t realized was that the wind was the byproduct of the blizzard that was currently running its course through your area of East Glacier.
The log cabin was at the base of a valley in the mountains, meaning that most of the snow blown down the mountain by the high winds would seldom get the chance to get blown back up the other side. Even if the village was getting around a foot of snow and no more, you were higher up in the mountain range and more susceptible to the harshness of the December weather.
“Oh, fuck me.”
You jumped as the deep voice of the stranger resounded in the silence of the room. You turned to look at him, noticing that he wore a white t-shirt and the same pair of sweatpants from last night. They were navy blue. He didn’t glance your way and, instead, focused his concerned gaze on the weather outside.
“Looks like we’ll be snowed in for a while.” You mumbled as you faced the window again, hoping that he would just go about his day as normal.
He sighed in obvious frustration. “Of fucking course, we will. No cell service and no way to go out into town? I can’t believe I thought this shit would work out.”
Your eyebrows turned up at the sound of his complaint. He sounded disappointed yet unsurprised despite his sarcastic, contradictory words. Sounds like he’s a pessimist.
As a sudden memory of the last time you underwent a loss of cell service in East Glacier some five years prior, you remembered a vital detail.
The old school, rotary landline phone sat in the corner of the living room. When you found yourself standing in front of it and picking it up, you felt hope tugging on your soul.
You stuck your finger into the rotary dial and spun in your parents phone number, hoping and praying that it would work. After a beat of silence and you internally crossing your fingers, the first ring tone finally got through.
“Fuck yeah!” You couldn’t help but pump your fist in success.
It only rang thrice more before someone picked up.
“Dad!” You cried excitedly.
“Yeah, it’s me.”
“Oh, thank god. Where are you? You were supposed to be here hours ago.” You could hear the frustration in his voice.
Just as you were about to tell him the truth, you decided against it. What he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.
“I got here in the middle of the night. My flights and train were all delayed.”
“For fucking what?”
“The blizzard that’s keeping me from leaving the cabin right now.”
“A blizzard? What?”
“Yeah,” You paused to look out a window and survey the snow flying past the window. “There’s a blizzard outside right now. There must be at least three feet of it and it’s packed pretty tight.”
His sigh was audible. “God damn it, Y/N. Why didn’t you leave when you saw the snow coming?”
“Because there wasn’t any snow when I got here and I was exhausted. Plus, there’s no cell service so I couldn’t get a plane ticket even if I wanted to.” You deadpanned.
“You and your god damned cell phones.” He sighed. “I’ll order you a ticket. Just sit tight for a while.”
“Alright.” You copied his sigh of exasperation.
“Oh! Is Taehyung there yet?”
“Taehyung?” You asked, remembering the boy that joined your family on one of the vacations you went on years ago. Then, it dawned on you.
As your father spoke, you turned to face the stranger- who was already looking at you with a raised eyebrow. He must’ve been suspicious of how you figured out his name without telling you. “Yeah. We rented the place out to Taehyung because his parents couldn’t make it to the States for Christmas this year.”
You quirked an eyebrow at him. He looked nothing like how he used to. In the place of chubby cheeks and a terrible bowl cut were the sharp features of a man and a stylish haircut of a model. Instead of the adorable and kind boy you once knew was a hot yet absolutely rude man.
“Yeah,” You said. “He’s here.”
Your father spoke on the end, relieved. “Well, I’m glad you’re not alone. I’ll book the ticket and call the train station to set everything up since it seems that everything requires internet use these days. I’ll call you back about the details.”
“Sounds good.” Turning back to face the window, you let a small smile pull at the corner of your lips. “I can’t wait to s-”
The elongated tone that signaled the end of the call interrupted your statement. As you tried to process the fact that your father just hung up on you, you pulled the phone away from your ear and looked at it blankly. So much for trying.
“Well, now you know who I am and I know who you are.”
You placed the phone down and turned to face Taehyung, fed up. “I told you who I was last night, you fucking idiot.”
He crossed his arms over his chest. “And I told you that there was no way for me to believe you.”
“Whatever, dude.” You rolled your eyes and turned towards the basement.
“Stop calling me that.” He grumbled.
“What? Dude?” You laughed, reaching the door.
“Yeah. Stop.”
“Dude- why?” You were playing with him. It was fun to annoy him after all of the shit he put you through in the last twelve hours.
“Because I don’t like it. Stop.”
“But duuude.”
He let a low growl rumble his chest. “Fucking hell.”
You walked down the stairs, feeling against the wall for the light, yet frowned when you found it and switched it on with no resulting luminescence. Maybe the bulb needed to be changed. “Don’t worry, dude. I’ll be out of your hair by tonight.”
“Thank the fucking lord.”
Tumblr media
“So, the power’s out.” You announced to the room. Taehyung sat on the couch, reading and munching on strawberries he bought, when you came back from your trip to the basement. He turned to you with a look of panic, eyeing the lantern in your hand. “But don’t worry- we have a generator.”
Visibly, the man relaxed back into his slouched position. “Bless.”
When he resumed his gaze on the pages in front of him, you threw your free arm up in disbelief. “I’m going to need your help with starting it if you want to have heat during your stay here. I’ll probably be gone by tonight.
“Okay.” He said. Then, he proceeded to not move.
This man. You narrowed your eyes at him, wondering why he was being so rude in your house.
“Can you help me?” You asked.
Taehyung groaned and let his head fall to the back of the couch with his eyes closed. His Adam’s apple stuck out and bobbed when he swallowed- you eyed the damned thing and swallowed too.
“Fine, but you better leave me alone after this, princess.”
“We’re doing this for you, dude. Don’t think I’m doing this for me. I’m perfectly fine with the cold,” you muttered.
The man sat forward and placed his bowl of strawberries and book onto the coffee table in front of him. “Whatever, princess.”
You didn’t want to give away that you absolutely hated the nickname; he would use it as revenge for your teasing earlier. Instead, you bit your tongue and turned back around to go back down to the basement. Lazily the man followed.
The lantern you picked up after finding it with the flashlight on your phone was a welcome sight; you wouldn’t have to drain the battery of your phone to see. It lit the room in a dim, orange glow that slightly reminded you of a scary movie.
“It’s a little spooky down here.” Taehyung giggled with an edge of anxiety. You turned to face him and found that he held his hands to his chest.
“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of the dark.” You raised an eyebrow at him. It explained why he was so nervous when you mentioned the power going out.
“I’m not.” He quickly defended himself. “I just play way too many horror games.”
The scoff that left your lips was impossible to stop and you instantly felt bad about laughing at his fear no matter how childish it seemed.
“Let’s just get this over with.” He grumbled.
A few minutes of teamwork and a small bead of sweat later- from the constant tugging on the starter to get the thing running- the loud ‘boom’ of the generator starting up startled you so much that you slightly jumped. Taehyung, on the other hand, was a different story.
He yelped loudly from behind you and slid his hands around your arms so fast that you had no time to process the physical touch. Your body moved forward by the force of his chest hitting your back and you had to brace yourself against the massive, eighty-gallon tank so that you didn’t fall on your face.
“Tae! I swear to god, you are as much of a scaredy cat as when you were a kid!”
You felt him briefly tremble against your back and the anger of being almost pushed over dissipated with the acceptance of how nice it felt to have him against you.
Whoa there. Down girl.
You didn’t need to move away because he pushed you, again, away from him.
“Sorry.” He mumbled with attitude. Then, he turned around and left.
You watched him leave with a slight shake of your head, perplexed by your emotions. He was incredibly hot yet incredibly grumpy and it was fucking with you to no end.
The sound of the telephone ringing had you grabbing the lantern off of the floor and stumbling your way through the poor lighting in order to answer it before it stopped. Taehyung had already gotten to the top of the stairs when you had managed to break through the doorway, pushing him to the side.
The phone had only rung a handful of times when you finally got to it. You picked it up, eager to leave this confusing and awkward situation.
“Hello?” You answered.
“I fucking told you that you should have left as soon as you got there.”
To say you were taken aback by the words from your father was an understatement. You hadn’t realized you were smiling in your giddiness to escape, yet you did notice it when it instantly dropped at the negativity. Here we go again.
“Why?” You asked. “What happened?”
“Flights in and out of Montana are delayed until further notice. The blizzard is covering almost the entire state.”
Your eyes widened and your blood ran cold. It was shocking to hear about a blizzard so large. You’d be one of the last people dug out of the loads of snow since you were in a secluded section of it. The cities would be plowed first, followed by the most densely populated suburban areas. Your small town of East Glacier wouldn’t be assisted until the entirety of the plow force could be dispatched in full. Even then, you were miles from where the actual town was- miles covered in several feet of snow.
“Good lord. Do you know how long it’s supposed to last?”
You heard your father sigh disappointedly as he replied. “The news was saying that there aren’t any wind currents strong enough to carry it away. There’s winds coming from the east and west that are keeping it in the same spot. It could be days before it’s over.”
“What does that mean for me?” It was the million-dollar question.
A brief pause of silence from the other end put you on edge. You turned to face Taehyung, the only person you’d probably see for quite a while, almost hopelessly.
“You’ll probably be there for at least two weeks.”
You had to sit down to process the information while you zoned out. Two weeks. Two entire weeks of being buried below feet of snow along with the sure fact that the generator would run out of gas to power the house with. You could actually fucking die if you weren’t careful.
Your stress levels skyrocketed through the roof as you went into survival mode. There was food stored in the basement- ramen, soup, and other non-perishables- and you found comfort in the fact that you didn’t have to go hunting or some stupid shit like that.
There was also a plentiful source of wood to burn in the fireplace. Having a fire would become a lifesaver when it came to maintaining the heat in the house. All you’d have to do was sleep in the same room as Taehyung so that neither of you froze to death.
With the reminder, your gaze refocused on the man who looked at you expectantly, probably wondering why you looked as if you’d seen a ghost. Slowly, you shook your head to warn him of the bad news.
“Well, looks like you’ll be missing the Christmas party.”
You laughed dryly. “Yeah. Looks like it.”
“If you weren’t such a dumbass and actually listened to your mother and I for once in your life, you wouldn’t be in this situation.”
“There was no way I would have known, dad. I wasn’t going to travel another full day when I had time before the party.”
“Of course, you weren’t. Because you’re selfish like that.”
You rolled your eyes and thanked god that he couldn’t see you. Here it comes.
“If only you were more like your brother. You’d be home with us instead of sitting around with your thumb up your ass like you always are.”
Okay. That hurt a little bit. You winced at the stab to your feelings and tried to lighten your mood just a little bit with a small amount of sarcasm. “Sorry that I’m not like him, dad. I am older, so he’d actually be like me.”
A sour laugh rang loudly into your ear. “Oh god, then I’d truly be a failure.”
Silence rested between you and your father, an unavoidable reminder that you hadn’t escaped that chapter of your life where you were the rebellious child who opposed your parents’ wishes. They’d come around someday.
“Okay, well, I’m going to go now. I’ll see you when I see you, I guess.” You grew quieter as you said the words, feeling the small amount of hope for better in your relationship get sucked out of you.
“Good luck. And tell Taehyung he is welcome to stay as long as it takes for the house to get dug out of the snow. We won’t charge him extra.”
And then the line went dead.
Slowly, you returned the phone to its station and sat on the floor with no motivation to move. With stress, frustration, and sadness weighing on your mind, your shoulders slumped.
You were stuck in a powerless house with a man you had only briefly known over a decade ago and your parents were still comparing you to your brother after all this time.
“Hey, uh…” You could tell by the volume of his voice that Taehyung was much closer to you than he was before. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” You muttered. “Just tired.”
“When are you leaving?” He asked. Your laugh was weak as you looked at him. Soft eyes, much different from the hardened and cold ones you had grown accustomed to seeing, stared back. It caught you off guard.
“I’m not. The blizzard has trapped us here for quite some time.”
He spluttered out his reaction to the revelation. “What? For how long? How long is this blizzard going to last? God damn it. I did not pay to get trapped in a cell.”
You got up and left his negativity behind in search of solutions to the problems you could actually fix.
“I’m going to go turn off the generator and grab some firewood to make a fire for tonight. We need to conserve the power for heating up our food and taking showers.”
“What?” He asked. “How long are we going to be here?”
“Like, two weeks.” You didn’t want your stress to show too much or else he’d stress even more and become even more grumpy. You kind of had him pegged as the type whose emotions would echo that of those around him.
Upon your answer, however, his eyebrows shot up and he almost screamed. “Two weeks?!”
“Yeah, now chill out, dude. We can handle this.” You left him in the living room to descend back down the stairs of the basement. “Also, my parents aren’t charging you extra for however long it takes to get out of here.”
“They better not be. I came to enjoy the silence.”
You turned and smiled softly at him, hoping that, with the unfortunate circumstances, it would bring you closer to being on good terms with him.
“I did too. We can do that together.”
Tumblr media
If you did say so yourself, you and Taehyung were handling the horrible situation surprisingly well. The rude exterior that he carried around in the beginning of your unlucky stay was finally beginning to disappear the more the two of you got comfortable. You even got him to read some of his books to you.
Every night, though, you returned to your room and slept in your own bed while he took the couch in the living room to stay warm near the fire. You were afraid of how much you would fall for the stranger if you gave yourself the chance.
You were in a fragile state ever since the battering from your father. You knew that you were definitely one to fuck impulsively and you were trying to steer as far away from the possibility as possible. The other factor that kept you away from him was the fact that you also developed feelings for the ones you “impulsively” fucked.
Could you fuck him and not get attached? Probably not. Did he even want to have sex with you? Another probable no. Did you want to have sex with him? Absolutely. You went over these thoughts over and over when you were alone in your bed busying yourself with your fingers to let off some steam.
Your room was a lot colder than it was those few days ago, yet you loved sleeping in lower temperatures- it made the warmth of your blankets feel that much warmer. Despite the preference, though, you couldn’t help but wonder what Taehyung looked like as he slept with those beautiful eyelashes that framed his eyes.
Okay, so maybe you had been looking at him a little more now that he wasn’t insufferable to be around. He was making you feel better and there was no doubt about that. The war you fought now was deciding if your growing feelings were a result of his unconscious support by just being around or if he was actually beginning to attract you with things other than his ridiculously good looks.
Small moments with him were becoming an obvious challenge to ignore. You’d even gotten brave enough to sit next to him while he read his books. Sometimes, when he read to you in that deep voice of his, you’d drift off for a little, inches away from cuddling into him. The most you got was a brief brush of your shoulders or a small nudge of your knees.
The day he had heard you, though, was the day you decided that luck just wasn’t for you.
It was the fourth day cramped in the house with the hot man. Four days of him walking around with that god damned robe. Sometimes he wore sweatpants without a shirt, but sometimes, when he came to the kitchen to munch on a snack, he wore shorts- short shorts. He was jacked all the way down to the ankles and you caught yourself staring at his hamstrings. Sometimes, you wondered if he would shudder while you ran your hands up them.
You hadn’t realized how loud you’d gotten. Frankly, you didn’t even remember making any noise. All you remembered was the fact that Taehyung came knocking on your door with a look of bewilderment once you opened it, red-cheeked and flustered.
“Hey, uh…” He stood awkwardly, a million-yard stare keeping him from looking at you. You tried your best to avoid looking at him too. “Could you maybe, uh… keep it down a little? I’m… uh… I’m trying to sleep…”
You were mortified to say the least. Your body was still throbbing with want and your lungs were still struggling for air when you replied. “Oh yeah, um… sure.”
And that was the end of that.
He walked away slowly, seemingly in a daze, and floated back down the stairs as if he was so disturbed that he would never be the same again. Although you were embarrassed, it was a little funny to watch him walk so robotically.
It seemed to completely switch his mood too.
Taehyung was no longer constantly silent. Sure, he kept calling you princess when more things worked against your favor, but all of the negativity he had surrounding him on the first day was gone. Since then, he’d been pleasant to talk to.
It was the sixth day of your entrapment and, consequentially, the day of your parents’ Christmas party. Your brother was already home and they were probably having a jolly time. Surprisingly, you weren’t feeling as lonely as you thought you would.
There were only two days until Christmas and you weren’t so upset about it anymore. The idea of spending your Christmas with someone new- someone who wouldn’t be constantly badgering your life decisions- was incredibly refreshing. Taehyung’s newfound kindness towards you was definitely helping.
You sighed as you set the chopsticks down on the counter next to the stove. “The noodles are ready.”
“Can you grab me a beer while you’re up?” The man asked from the couch, nose buried in yet another book.
You hummed in response from your spot and turned to head towards the door.
Your steps were calculated as you walked in the dimness as it was hard to see with such little light from the fireplace illuminating the entire room. It was a usual route for the two of you, though, due to the fact that Taehyung had come up with the bright idea to store all of the drinks and foods you needed cold into the snow that was packed against the door. Thankfully, the blizzard had stopped earlier in the day and the house was finally blanketed in silence.
The clear night sky, filled with the stars so high up on the mountain, was a dazzling reminder you that you were one step closer to going home and one step closer to leaving Taehyung. When you opened the door to over four feet of snow standing in front of you like a wall and the freezing breeze quickly snaking into the warmth of the house, you grimaced.
After grabbing two cans of the case of beer that was lodged into the wall and shutting the door, you shivered from the warmth that encased you again. The cold was brief yet harsh, the temperature outside well below freezing.
The noodles were made using the generator and it seemed that Taehyung had already taken it upon himself to go down to the basement and turn it off so that you could save the gas. You returned to the living room with an empty couch and his book laid on the coffee table.
You set the bowls of noodles and beers down next to his belongings and then sat on the floor for a moment, waiting for your temporary roommate to return.
Suddenly, your brother crossed your mind. Eating noodles in the middle of the night reminded you of all of the times the two of you had done the same thing on numerous occasions. It warranted the thought that maybe you should call him.
You scooted over to the telephone and picked it up to dial his number. After a few rings, he picked up.
“Hello?” Loud music accompanied the word.
“Hey, it’s me.”
“Oh, hey Y/N! How’s it going over there?”
You smiled at the sound of your brother’s usual cheeriness. “It’s going.”
“Yeah, same here. Mom and Dad are being all dicky again.”
Despite not wanting to hear what they were saying this time and frankly, not caring, you knew that he wanted to vent about it. “Oh yeah? What’s going on?”
“They’ve been bragging to their friends about me and then every time someone asks about you, it’s always the same shit- ‘she chose to spend her Christmas without us.’” He let out a breath of disappointment. “They keep making you sound terrible.”
“You and I both know that it isn’t true and that’s enough for me.” You couldn’t lie and say that you didn’t feel a lump in your throat. The frustration you were feeling was coming to a fever pitch and it was becoming hard to control.
After a second, the sound of a door closing and the following silence told you that he had left the party to speak with you. You felt bad because you weren’t planning on staying on the phone with him much longer.
“I know, but you always take the hit and swallow it down. It gets to be really sickening having to watch you do that all the time.”
You felt bad for him. He did nothing wrong- in fact, he seemed to do everything right in the eyes of your parents- and yet, he was the one caught in the middle of your issues with them.
“I know and I’m sorry, buddy, but everything will work out. You know that, right?” Even as you asked the question, you felt the truth in it beginning to taint into a lie. It was beginning to look like things wouldn’t end up working out and, surprisingly, you were a little okay with that.
“I hope so.” He said, and it was all you needed to hear to know that he was beginning to see the situation the same way you did.
“Get back to the party, bro. Enjoy yourself, okay? I’ll be home soon.”
“Alright…” He trailed off. “I’ll talk to you later?”
“Sounds good. Love ya.”
“Love you too.”
And then you hung up with stress knitting your eyebrows together. Your brother didn’t deserve any of the drama that he was forced to endure. It was unfair and terribly worrisome.
It was barely a minute after your call that Taehyung returned from the basement.
“There’s like sixty gallons le- whoa. Are you okay?” He was quick to approach you and place a hand on your shoulder after squatting down next to your seat on the floor. His palm was warm and completely wiped any reminder of stress from your head.
“Yeah.” You were as used to the question as you were used to the response that you gave him. You’d heard it run its brief course hundreds of times before. “I’m fine.”
“Then why are you upset?”
“I’m just tired.” You internally smacked yourself. You had grown too used to the saying and it was obvious that your exhaustion wasn’t a good excuse.
His hand had gravitated to your hair and stroked it softly. You stared into the open flame of the fireplace as you struggled to compose yourself.
Suddenly, he pulled you to him.
You sat there for a moment, processing the embrace in your current state of mind.
His body was warm and the material of his robe was soft against your skin. Taehyung brought you into his arms like he cared about you- like he loved you- and it was too much for you to handle without you bringing your hands up to rest against his back.
He hummed softly as you exhaled a shaky sigh. The hand in your hair sunk deeper to rub at your scalp and you let out a heaving breath of recovery from the deep cry that threatened to rack your body. Finally, the dam broke and you were finding comfort in the one who happened to walk into your life by chance.
He wasn’t family; he wasn’t an old friend; he was just somebody that you used to know who turned into a rude, sexy beacon of comfort.
With the softest of whispers, Taehyung asked, “What’s wrong?”
The way the words caressed your head where he placed them tugged on your heart and brought you closer to unreasonably falling for the man. The way he said it was like a honey-covered apple; it was surrounded with hard sweetness, difficult to sink your teeth into yet wholeheartedly rewarding in its richness once you tasted it on your tongue.
With a voice like that, it’d be difficult to resist. He was too hot. Too intense. Too much to handle when you were actively trying to avoid the desire to sleep with him since you knew that it would be artificial. He probably was too uninterested to even entertain the idea.
You couldn’t afford to get close because then you’d be unreasonably attached to him- just for him to disappear afterwards. You couldn’t handle that with all of the frustration you were feeling in your situation at home.
You pulled away from him and looked at his concerned gaze with your own for the shortest of moments. You felt pathetic. You felt weak. Most of all, you felt ashamed of the undoubtedly passionate emotions you were developing for him.
You got up wordlessly and made for your room.
“Y/N, wait.”
You ignored his attempt to talk to you in hopes that you wouldn’t be tempted to turn around and fully fall in love with him then and there. You didn’t want him to be the victim of your misplaced feelings. You were just hurt and needed someone to comfort you- someone to be the dick you fucked yourself on when you felt like fucking something. It wouldn’t be real or anything.
“Let’s talk about this, Y/N.” He had gotten up to follow you.
You walked up the stairs quickly. Determined. Shutting off.
Then, you shut your door in his face and locked it to keep him from getting in.
For a little while, he stood in front of your door, knocking on it and asking to be let in. You heard the confusion in his voice along with the pleading. It was making it that much harder to resist him when he was going to disappear soon.
You didn’t know if you could handle that.
Tumblr media
“Y/N, it’s Christmas Eve. Just come and have a drink with me.”
You stayed quiet as his voice came through the door. Having slept the entire day away in hopes of avoiding the building feelings that you blamed on your fragile mind, it was growing closer and closer to midnight- to Christmas. The time on your phone proved that it was a mere four hours away.
You didn’t have the nerve to answer him yet you knew you’d have to leave your room to eat something because the quiet rumble of your stomach was beginning to annoy you.
Just as you accepted that you were going to have to see him, one way or another, he spoke again.
“Fine then. You won’t come out and spend your Christmas with someone? That’s fine. So be it.” You heard him huff and begin walking away. “I was supposed to be alone anyway.”
Then, the guilt came rushing at you faster than a speeding racecar.
He was right. He came alone and planned to spend the holiday by himself. For whatever reason, he wanted to be by his lonesome. Then, you came along and ruined that. When you decided to go to sleep instead of leaving like your parents told you to, you obstructed his privacy and violated the promise that your parents made to him.
And somehow, you had managed to worm your way into his good graces.
You sighed with frustration and got up from bed for the second time- the first time was when you went to the bathroom and then quickly resumed your original position in the sheets. After sliding a cardigan over your cropped tank top and putting some shorts on, you took in a deep breath before opening your door.
The heat from the living room was no joke, yet you felt more cold than ever as the guilt dragged your emotions down. With Taehyung, the only person you’d be spending your Christmas with, upset, it was hard to ignore that you felt like shit because of it.
You trudged down the stairs and rounded the corner to the kitchen, only to find him sitting at the counter with a bottle of tequila in front of him. Two shot glasses sat on the counter yet one had obviously been used already. He was expecting you and you never came down.
The man turned to face you, a narrowed look in his eyes, while you approached the counter and sat beside him.
“Hey.” You mumbled.
He whispered in response, taking his glass in hand and pouring himself another shot. “Hey.”
There was something wrong with this situation. He didn’t seem upset. He seemed bothered by something but it also seemed as if he had planned on guilting you into coming down the stairs.
In one go, Taehyung took the shot and set it down on the granite countertop.
“I’m done.” He winced through the taste of the alcohol. “You want some?”
“Actually,” You got up from your chair and walked to the liquor cabinet. “I prefer wine.”
“Okay then.”
By the time you managed to sit at the counter again, he was already getting up and moving to his usual spot on the couch where a book sat on the cushion. You narrowed your eyes as he silently picked it up and relaxed back.
For a few minutes, it was silent; the fire crackled and the whir of the generator hummed in the basement, leading to the low buzz of the fridge on the other side of the counter. As you sipped your wine and tried to enjoy your small piece of solitude within the tense moment, you watched him.
It wasn’t long before you finished your glass and put it in the sink to be near Taehyung. Strangely, the buzz of alcohol wiped away much of your concern with you leaving him and, instead, made you want to be closer.
You pulled your usual blanket out of the chest and settled down on the fur rug that sat in front of the fire and just basked in Taehyung’s presence until he was ready to speak.
Your eyes were just beginning to shut as you drifted off when he finally began to read out loud, jerking you from sleep abruptly.
“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.”
The fire lit the living room in a soft glow of orange. Although it was a small fire, it was enough for you to get a good look at him when you turned around.
“What book is that?” You asked, grateful for the change in pace of the situation.
Taehyung let the book tilt down as he looked at you over it. “It’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee.”
You smiled and settled back down in your spot to gaze into the fire and ponder of what he had just read to you. If only you had the courage.
You laid on the rug with the blanket strewn over you like a safe cocoon to protect yourself from the dangers of attraction. In your fragile state of mind, it was the closest you could get to a warm embrace without asking Taehyung to hug you again- you enjoyed the hug a lot more than you’d like to admit. Once you thought of how nice it felt to be held, you began recalling the good times when life was easier and you didn’t need to be courageous to get through it.
You remembered being worried about your grades in elementary school- without the concern for if you were going to get accepted to a university or not. You remembered a simpler life with your parents when they weren’t comparing you to your younger brother, much to his dismay, nor having to worry about disappointing them time and time again. The wistful smile that lifted the corners of your lips was automatic at the thought of the life behind you, missing the simplicity and innocence of it all.
“How are you feeling?” Taehyung’s voice was welcome in the silence of your mournful nostalgia. It was a reminder that you weren’t as alone as you’d thought.
“Cold.” You mumbled. The alcohol you had consumed had caused your speech to slur just slightly at the edges, so you elected to keep your exchanges with the man short in order to avoid embarrassing yourself. You had a slight wine buzz- nothing more- yet it was better to be safe than sorry.
Although Taehyung had less in his glass than you, his picked-poison was much more lethal and gave him just the slightest weight on his tongue to affect his speech as well. “You’re not warm enough yet? You’re literally right in front of the fire.”
“I know.” You said. “I’m just not really feeling too warm right now.”
Fuck. Did that make sense? You didn’t want to tell him that you were feeling like shit, but you trusted him enough to let him know that something was bothering you. You just hoped that he would understand the state you were in.
“Well,” He grunted in effort and you faced away from the flames to find out what he was doing. “Scoot on over.”
You tilted your head at the sight of him getting up and walking towards you. “What?”
“Scoot over.” He repeated. “I’m kind of hot right now so I can warm you up.”
Then, he undid the simple knot of his robe and opened it.
Your eyes bugged out of their eye sockets when it revealed the caramel skin and broad chest that you saw the very first night you met him. You couldn’t count how many times you had imagined undoing the loose tie yourself and opening the folds of his robe to see him again. To run your fingers across his skin. To place your hand upon his chest to feel his beating heart.
And now? He was fucking doing it for you. Praise the Lord.
In the light from the flames, his skin was golden and flawless. Your eyes had trouble straying from his approaching form to return the respect you had for him. Even past your stupor, though, you maintained enough of a sane mind to deter him from seeing you dumbstruck and drooling.
“Woah there, cowboy. The fuck you think you’re doing?”
“You’ll warm up faster if you take your sweater off. Can’t have you freezing to death before you get the chance to go home.” Taehyung crouched down onto one knee and grabbed onto the edge of the blanket.
And his smile was gold as he reminded you that you were leaving.
Fuck. Don’tfallinlovewithhim. Don’tfallinlovewithhim. Don’tfallinlovewithhim.
You watched, enraptured, as he got down on his elbow to lift the blanket over his body and then let his shoulder fall into the fur of the rug to lay down. His body heat filled the cocoon of the blanket almost instantly and you had half the mind to resist scooting yourself even closer to absorb it. To distract yourself, you took his advice and unbuttoned your cardigan- of course, you weren’t going to take the whole thing off. All you wore was a cropped tank top underneath.
For a moment, you laid on your back awkwardly and stared at him as he shifted around to get comfortable. It took him a few seconds, huffing in the process, before he stilled and lifted his eyes to meet yours. Your gaze zeroed in on his lips parting just a sliver.
“C’mere.” He whispered while raising his arm expectantly.
How could you deny the offer?
You were too quick to sink into his embrace, shuddering at the feel of his hot skin against yours. Everywhere your fingers made contact was sizzling and smooth velvet. You withstood the need to skim them all over while you resisted the urge to curl up and revel in the comfort he provided.
Taehyung slid his arm below your neck and pulled you closer with a hand pressed to your lower back. The skin of your belly set itself ablaze as it fused with his own naked stomach. In the briefest of moments, while you processed how close you were to him and how intimate it was to feel his skin touching your own, you froze and held your breath.
With the proximity, you couldn’t look anywhere but at the skin of his neck and collarbones. You stared, dumbfounded, until you began wondering if he would mind if you let your face just rest there for a bit. It looked so inviting and perfect for the position of your cuddling and you knew that it would be more comfortable for the both of you. He could rest his chin on your head instead of awkwardly craning it out and you could blame your lips touching his skin on the position and you could lay there and maybe let your lips open to let your tongue peak through just to have a tas-
No. Stop thinking like that. You can’t just lick him. You’re just vulnerable.
Your heart skipped away in your chest from both the anticipation and the lack of air, until you shuddered out an exhale and tried to get your nerves to calm. Still, you kept your arms pinned to your sides in fear of losing control.
On instinct of laying and cuddling so close to an attractive man that you were comfortable with, your leg was harder to control and moved on its own accord.
Right as you realized what you were doing, it was too late. Your thigh had already sat upon his hip briefly by the time you managed to pull it away with a wince of mild mortification. However, instead of your leg falling back into place and you continuing your internal disciplining on yourself, a hand swiftly skated down your thigh and caught it at the back of your knee. You looked up at Taehyung with your jaw dropping open a little, only to find that he was already looking down at you with his lips parted too.
The two of you stared at one another for a minute, the task of attempting to read him mirrored in his irises as he attempted to read you. Almost as if you were both silently asking each other for permission.
Permission for what?
His movement was slow at first while the eye contact remained unbroken and tense. You let him pull your leg back to him and took your bottom lip between your teeth when he returned it to its position over his hip. It felt right for it to be there.
“Tae,” You broke the tense moment with a whisper. “I-”
“Fuck, I shouldn’t have done that.” He let go of your leg and closed his eyes with a clench of his jaw. “I’m sorry.”
You were quick to put his worry to rest. “No- I- uh…”
He opened his eyes at your hesitation and searched your facial expression again. He was seeking answers.
“I liked it.”
His gaze turned hopeful almost instantly. “You did?”
“Yeah.” You whispered. “I did.”
The rug below the two of you was warm beyond belief. The fire crackled behind you, providing a backdrop to prevent the tense, mutual silence from becoming deafening. As the two of you stared at one another with a newfound sense of something new- something dangerous- the ambience gave him the buffer he needed to place his hand on the expanse of your bare thigh and slide it down to cup the curve of your ass.
Taehyung’s jaws were clenched so tightly that you could see the muscles protruding from the side of his face and neck. You realized that you were also tense from the way your toes were curled against his thigh and your calf muscle was beginning to cramp. As you took a breath to relax your flexed muscles, you let your leg relax and wrap the rest of the way around his waist.
The movement was apparently his last straw.
He exhaled through his nose with a groan and, in one quick movement, angled his hips into yours to push you onto your back with his body following suit. The hairs stood on the back of your neck and goosebumps littered your body when he lowered his face into the junction of your neck and shoulder. Automatically, one of your hands came up to hook around the back of his neck.
Taehyung groaned lowly in his throat and you let the leg that was wrapped around his waist stay wrapped around it. He lowered his body to meet yours, pressing an obviously growing boner into your parted thighs.
“We shouldn’t…” The trail off in hesitation was what Taehyung needed to stay in his position, knowing that the two of you were teetering on the edge of devouring each other. One wrong move and it would be the end of the connection you built with each other.
“You’re right.” He growled begrudgingly, letting his erection press into the bare skin of your thigh while you threaded your fingers into his hair and pulled his face closer. “But it feels so… right.”
He let his arms drop further to wrap around your body instead, bringing his bare chest flush with your crop top. One of his hands released its grip on the fur below your head to slot against your naked waist. Kneading. Massaging. Reminding you of how big his hands were.
You had to agree with him despite knowing that the alcohol was a slight factor that affected your sobriety.
“It does but-” You bit your lip as he bit his. “-we can’t.”
“Why?” Taehyung asked in a sneer while he nudged his nose against yours. When you hummed in the trance his lips held you in, he continued his prompting. “Why are you keeping me away? Because we’re leaving soon?”
You struggled against his questions, fighting to find the words to answer him truthfully. Were you going to actually tell him that you were developing shallow feelings for him purely because you were in need of some physical affection? How could you tell him that when you were also uncertain if that was the truth or not? Even as you battled the questions, you battled the urge to be with him now that it was revealed he was horny for you too.
He wasn’t asking you to be his girlfriend or anything like that. You would likely never see each other after you returned to Arizona. A mindless fuck session with him wouldn’t hurt anyone but you.
You had an IUD; you wouldn’t get pregnant. You were pretty sure he was clean and so were you. It was Christmas and you weren’t spending it alone thanks to him. He made your stay and entrapment in the log cabin bearable- fuck it, he made it fun- and you were hopelessly lusting after him like a hormonal teenager. You felt the attraction to him since the fateful night you met him.
So why did it feel so wrong to fuck him impulsively? Why did it feel like there was actually more this time?
Taehyung seemed to take your hesitation as a hint of your overthinking.
“If you leave your door unlocked, I’ll know.” He murmured softly, shifting the mood back into the sultry seductiveness of lust. You couldn’t breathe with him so close to your face and his lips so close to pressing upon yours. You could practically taste the whisky on his breath as he craned his neck to close more distance between you. Lightly, his dark hair tickled your forehead.
Your hips keened in a silent response to his words before you could stop them, nudging his body closer to where you needed him most as he laid atop you. The cold of the house was long gone as Taehyung reacted to your grinding movement with a cant of his own hips. Your body sunk further into the rug you laid in with the pressure.
So many days had gone by since you became cordial with one another. So many days had passed since the animosity of your first meeting was removed from the equation. So many days spent seeing him in a different light weighed much too heavily on your heart as it turned into the desire you felt pumping blood viciously through your body.
Slowly, he removed his free hand from your waist to your forehead, warranting you to hold your breath. His fingertip lightly caught on a strand of hair that had fallen into your face and he hummed before moving it behind your ear. The arm he used to prop his body over yours flexed next to you and you trembled as you felt his bicep press into your rib and breast.
“I’ll wait for an hour.” He whispered, lips so close to yours that you felt the heat from them warming your own. The light from the glowing fireplace cast in his copper eyes illuminated them into a golden hue while they remained trained on your lips. You felt his desire to kiss you as much as you desired to kiss him. “If I come to your door in an hour and it is unlocked, I’ll know that I can finally have you. It’s up to you whether you lock it or not.”
This was as good an idea as any. Taehyung was giving the reigns to you. He was giving you the chance to refuse when you had the time to come to your senses and get over your fears. He knew you were hesitant.
“One hour.” You whispered, sealing the deal.
Taehyung smiled again with his lip trapped between his teeth before he swiped his tongue across it to wet it. “And no more.”
And then he was getting off of you and putting his robe back on.
You watched him leave with his lantern to go and turn the generator off as a grimace of frustration took over your face. Surely, your mind would clear up in its uncertainty by the time the hour was up. Surely, you’d be able to handle deciding if you wanted to fuck the man or not before time ran out.
It took around forty minutes to get rid of your buzz and decide that, yes, you were going to fuck him. You made sure the door was unlocked, of course.
It took another two to remember that you had yet to shave and shower. Fuck.
You moved quickly, the excitement of sex tickling your insides and stirring them into a cage of butterflies while you moved to the bathroom in the middle of undressing. Your rush left a trail of clothes in your path and led to you stepping under the stream of the shower before it became warm.
One thing you vowed to never do, though, was rush while you shaved. You had an issue with blades so close to your body. Sure, it was a little childish to be afraid of the razor, but you couldn’t bring yourself to devote your attention to anything but shaving as you did so.
So you were slow to finish shaving. So slow that when you finally finished the last few spots on your skin, you knew you had mere seconds left.
Fuck it. He’ll figure it out.
You let your nerves relax. You’d go no where with your nerves so amped up when he came in. The best way to calm down was to let your head fall below the trickling water and close your eyes. Sighing as part of your effort was much more effective than you thought.
The door to the bathroom opened- you heard the sharp sound- yet you paid it no mind in an attempt to play it cool. Looking at him entering would only make you stress again.
After a few seconds of relishing in the heat of the shower, the glass slid open. Your heart galloped away even harder with the feel of the cold air from the rest of the room snaking into the secure pocket of humidity. Still, with your eyes closed, you felt his gaze on you.
The warmth of the enclosed space returned, followed by the obvious warmth of a body radiating against your chest. You could hear him breathing heavily, a byproduct of his obvious need.
“Can you look at me?” His voice was deep, vibrato, and it shook your bones until you curled your toes against the floor of the shower.
Slowly and carefully, you opened your eyes under the water just enough so that you could see him yet keep the cascading water from getting in your eyes.
He stood just at the edge of the stream, his curly hair catching water droplets here and there. It blackened even more than it was before and pressed a few of the strands to his forehead. Taehyung gazed at you through the falling water with the lantern casting shadows against his features.
His eyes were terribly dark and his chest heaved with every expansion of his lungs. Fully revealed, skin unobstructed by clothes, he was a sight to behold.
Just outside of your vision was where you knew his manhood to be, yet you fought against every inclination to move down so that you could maintain any last ounces of respect you had for him. To do so, you zeroed your gaze in on the water that dripped down his pectorals and abdomen until it fell below his belly button. Good lord, this man is sculpted.
Your breath caught when you looked into his eyes and found desperation swimming in them. Water streamed down his face as he took a step closer to completely drench himself.
Your heart lurched into your throat at the proximity and your fingers itched to touch him. As the two of you stared and you struggled to not jump on him, you wondered who would be the first to move.
Turns out, it was him.
His hands were on your cheeks and pulling your face to his with so much speed that you slightly stumbled forward. That didn’t matter, though, when your body fell right into his and pressed against his wet skin while your lips smashed together.
The moan that rumbled in his chest licked against the apex of your thighs deliciously and he pressed his body back against you until your back touched the cold tile of the wall. The shock of temperature against your hot skin had your back bowing away from it into his hold even further.
Movement was quick; Taehyung fumbled to grasp at every inch of wet skin he could hold onto as you did the same with your own fingers on his body. In a brief moment of pure hunger, you let your tongue drop between his lips. Greedily, he sucked it in and took it as a cue to pick you up by the thighs in order to slot himself between them. Suddenly conscious of your weight, you wrapped your legs around his hips and squeezed them with your thighs to help him distribute his strength.
His dick pressed against your ass. You felt the tip, hot and persistent, against your skin just inches from where he meant to bury it. Part of you shied away from the sensation, but the hornier, more reckless side, wished to throw him to the wall and swallow it down your throat while he tipped his head back and moaned to the emptiness of the house.
If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? The man you were about to ride six ways to Sunday was going to make sounds just for you. No one else would be able to hear him. They’d be your moans and yours alone. If no one was around to know when it happened, would it be considered hooking up?
The thought irked you, a lame attempt at making an excuse, because you would know. There was no way around it.
Cold, freezing water interrupted the heat of the moment like getting a cold bucket tipped onto your head. Taehyung hissed against your lips as he pressed you into the wall in an attempt to escape the cold of the shower. Damn. We must’ve used up what was left of the warm water since we turned off the generator.
“Fuck.” Your lips trembled and your legs tightened like a vice around Taehyung’s waist. He turned his face away and removed a hand from the underside of your knee to turn off the water. You shivered as goosebumps blanketed every inch of your skin.
The man you clung to fumbled around next to you in search of the correct knob, only to grunt in displeasure when he couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.
You let your legs fall quickly and pushed him away so that you could take care of it. He stepped away from under the water and watched as you promptly wrapped your fingers around the right one to stop the torture.
Silence followed. With only a few drops hitting the floor after the shower stopped running, you could hear him breathing even more than before. Cautiously, you turned around to look at him.
You didn’t even get a chance to have a good look at his grimace paired with his wet hair before he was opening the door with a mumble. “Fucking hell. Let’s dry off.”
The laugh that burst from your lips was genuine. The moment was all hot and serious before the cold water. Now that you knew he was just a bit cranky on the outside but a totally sensitive and heart-warming goon on the inside, it was comical to see him act this way.
He paused in his stride out of the stall to look at you with an eyebrow arching up. “You laugh?”
You only shook your head and pushed him to the side to grab your towel so that you could dry your hair. He huffed when you proceeded to walk away from him into the darkness of your bedroom with your towel over your head.
“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing.” You laughed whilst moving to your bed.
“Nothing? Then why are you laughing?”
“No reason.”
“Uhuh.” He clicked his tongue and you turned to watch him grab the lantern from the bathroom counter. “No reason, huh?”
You grinned smugly at his tone of mock-suspicion. “Nope.”
Taehyung raised a towel to his hair, ruffling it about for a few seconds until he was satisfied with the result, while you dried your own. You watched him intently as he tossed the towel to the floor by the foot of the bed and moved to stand in front of you.
Suddenly, his wet hair was in your face and you jerked back on instinct.
“Gah!” You exclaimed.
He followed you backward until he was pushing you into the bed to keep his hair in your face. Your hands moved to cover yourself and push him away but he grabbed onto one of your wrists and peeled it away to weaken your defenses.
“Tell me why you were laughing at me.” You could hear the smile in his voice as he shook his hair into your eyes some more.
“Tae!” You closed your eyes tightly and yelled at him all the while trying to keep his hair out of your eyes and mouth. “Stop!”
“I’ll stop if you tell me!” He guffawed deeply.
“Fine then!”
More of his wet hair smacked against your face and you squeezed your eyes shut even tighter when you felt water beginning to pool at the corners of them.
You struggled against his weight as you tried to push him away by his head. All he did was grab onto your other hand and pin it to the bed. “For fuck’s sake, Tae!”
“Fucking tell me, Y/N.” He pulled away and you took the chance to wipe some of the water from your eyes with your arm. Through the blur of some of the water that got into them, you blinked up at him. “Or I won’t stop.”
As he leaned forward to continue his torment, you were quick to give in in a rush of words.
“It’s because you’re a fucking dork!”
His grip tightened on your wrists as he pulled away. You were suddenly aware of the position you were in with one of his knees between your thighs.
And you became acutely aware once again that, yes, you were still butt-naked.
“Uh…” You trailed. The shock of the reminder that the two of you were going to fuck was instantaneous in its effect of making your mind go blank.
“A dork?” Taehyung’s tone was different. Something was off and out of place in the moment the two of you had just shared. “You’re calling me a dork?”
He assumed the position he was in on the rug as he leaned down to place his face on your shoulder. You were too much at a loss for words to respond.
Taehyung placing a hand on your knee to widen your legs snapped you back to the present and you became conscious of the fact that you were becoming incredibly wet incredibly fast. A shiver shook your shoulders when the anticipation became too much to contain.
“Do I look like a dork to you? Tell me, Y/N,” He breathed heavily onto your skin and then nipped where you felt his breath. “Do dorks make you wet?”
“I’m-” You needed to maintain any ounce of confidence that you could and urged your legs to close against his grip. “I’m not wet.”
“Oh? You’re not?” He leaned back and released your other wrist to latch onto your other knee instead, prying it open. Then, he looked down. “Because you look as slippery as a fresh catch, princess.”
“I-” He just called you princess. The name took the words right from your mouth as it took on a whole new meaning. The mockery it stood for before was no where to be found as he made it sultry.
Then, he kissed you.
You moaned into the unexpected lock of lips like he was fucking you already. To be honest, it felt like he was. With his headiness and hotness and all.
Your legs clamped around his the moment his tongue tickled your top lip and trembled when he skated a hand down to rest between your legs.
“Do you have anything?” He pulled away and asked. “Because I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here so I didn’t bring condoms.”
You whimpered out a response as he placed a palm onto your mound to massage it in. “I have an IUD.”
“Thank god.” He mumbled onto your nose. Then, he slipped a finger into your folds.
You grabbed onto his arm as he let the bad of his finger circle over your opening a few times. Teasing. Playing. A brief slide up your clit and back down t your cunt reeled you into reality when you were beginning to think that what was happening was a dream. As he slipped a lone finger inside experimentally, you let out a light ‘oh.’
His finger began a slow pump into you and your legs shook when he pulled it out to smear your wetness over your clit.
“Oh god.” You keened into his touch when he returned his finger, along with another, back inside you. Silently, you thanked the heavens that he knew how to prep.
“That day I heard you, I was wondering how it would feel to put my fingers in you.” He looked down to watch his fingers sink into you and you followed his gaze down, widening your legs. “Your hands are so much smaller than mine.”
With your eyes on the area between your legs, his erection became visible being so close. You watched, mesmerized, as it jerked towards his stomach slightly. Then, you noticed the veins pulsing with his heartbeat and the pretty tip decorated with a pearl of cum.
“Tae.” You whispered. Called. Urged.
He sucked in air through his teeth and pulled his fingers out of you to smear them over himself. Then, he readjusted your legs so that they folded around his waist and allowed him the room to press his hips to yours.
His dick was hot between your legs, cradled into your folds like a persistent reminder that it was about to pound your insides into soup. You wriggled restlessly at the thought.
“Oh, I’m going to fuck you stupid.” He moaned, leaning down to capture your lips with his own. You met his advance midway and angled your hips on instinct when he rutted his against you.
He curled his hips into you to coat himself with as much of your juices as possible, knowing that the fit would be difficult without it, but your body became so needy that you brought a hand to the back of his neck and urged him to split you open.
“I want that. I want it.”
“Yeah?” He was getting into it, feeling your pull both physically and mentally. “You want it, princess? You want this dick?”
He rutted against you again and you whined out, “Mhm.”
“Oh, I’m gonna give you this dick. Just for you, princess…” He pulled away to look down yet kept chanting. “Just for you. Just for you…”
Both of you watched as he grabbed onto himself and angled the tip into your opening. Then, he let go and placed his hand on the side of your neck to brush a thumb over your cheekbone.
With one small can’t of his hips, his tip bulled into you. Suddenly, you were glad he took the time to use your wetness as lube because the fit would have been way worse had he gone in completely dry.
Your fingers latched onto his waist, urging him to keep going yet stay still when he reared back and tried again. It resulted in more depth that had your eyes bugging out of your head.
When you finally looked down again to watch your bodies sinking into one another, he was only halfway in. You let your jaw hang open at the sheer girth that stretched you open and how much more you’d have to take.
“Just a little… more…” Taehyung grit his teeth and pressed his hips to yours completely. You felt his stomach meet your pelvic bone as you gasped for air past the sensation of his silken member kissing the end of your depths. He breathed harshly. “There you go.”
“Just a second.” You rasped. “I just-” He had shifted just the tiniest bit to rest his weight on his elbow and tipped you on your scale towards insanity. It was too much.
“Tae!” Hardly any sound came from your lips. It sounded more like a squeak than anything.
“Sorry.” He muttered, brushing his thumb down to caress below your lip before placing a light kiss to it. A warm sensation shot straight to your belly and forced you to clench around him beautifully.
“Kiss me again.” You demanded. He acquiesced to your order immediately and then pulled away to look at you. His breath tickled your chin.
Taehyung laughed and leaned down with a jerk of his hips. He swallowed your gasp into his mouth easily while he shifted you further towards the center of the bed.
“I’m going to fuck you.” He said. “Right here.”
You giggled breathlessly at his bold statement. “Right here? Why not the shower? Or the rug downstairs?”
“Just shut up and ask me to kiss you again.” He grumbled.
You laughed and brought a hand up to his cheek, mirroring his hand on yours. “Okay then, dork- kiss me.”
“Don’t-” He growled into your mouth and then took one of your lips between his teeth. He pulled away from you to speak briefly, only to attach his lips to yours and then repeat the action. “-fucking call me-“ Suck. “-dork.”
And then he thrusted in frustration.
Your hand clamored for purchase anywhere it could latch onto and ended up tangling into his hair. You lowly squealed at the sensation to match the low groan that vibrated his chest.
“Fuck, princess.” He kept his nose pressed to yours and you loved how close he stayed to you.
“Keep going.”
He smiled. “With pleasure.”
Another snap of his hips followed the first, only to be repeated as he completely smothered you with his body, and it cleared your mind of anything but him. Him. Him. Him.
You threw your head back into the mattress when he leaned down to nose against your collarbone. “Oh, let me have you, baby. Let me have it.”
The wanton keen torn from your throat was caused by his increase in pace and it only grew more erratic when he moved his hand to pin one of your thighs to the bed. “You have me, Tae. You can have it all.”
“Give it to me.” He moaned and kneaded at your thigh. The honeyed sound broke off into a whine when you dug your nails into his back to pull him in further.
“Yours.” You raked your nails down his skin.
You continued grabbing at each other, the need to feel him reflected by his need to feel you, and his warm cock ground into your insides until they were trembling around him. When he moved his hand inward to stroke at your clit, you almost screamed. The beginning of his name had just barely escaped your lips.
“You like that, princess?” He growled and sat up to look down at you with heaving breaths. It gave him a slightly new angle that caused the head of his dick to massage at your most sensitive spot.
“Yes. Yes!” You were too close to letting go and screaming out your bliss. He was fucking you so good. With vigor, you pressed your heels into the bed and raised your hips just slightly to make him touch there again.
“Oh yes. You must like that. Look at you fucking yourself.”
The momentum of both of you moving towards each other had begun to produce the sounds of slapping skin in the dark room. With the light from the lantern bringing out the sharp features of his face and body thrusting into yours and the rough pad of his thumb driving circles into your bundle of nerves, the sensation became too much. Then, he pressed his free hand onto your stomach and, in result, pressed your womb and sensitive spot onto his dick even harder.
Finally, you screamed out.
Your body writhed at the sensation, jerking around to escape just how roughly he battered your insides. His hand pressing you down so th