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#taehyung fanfic
secretmischief · 3 days ago
W H I T E O U T (V x Fem Reader)
Contains: Smut(dry humping, unprotected sex but OC is on birth control, dirty talk, fingers, oral - oop 69!); Foul language; Fictional representation of existing person(s); A smidge of angst; A ton of fluff; Alcohol consumption; Two idiots pining; Brothers best friend AU. 18+ Summary: You and your brothers bestie attempt to throw Jungkook a fun weekend-long birthday party at a cabin you rented. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. You find yourself stranded with no power, and with all your feelings, alone with Taehyung.
A/N: Shout out to the handful of people who consistently read my stuff. I see your likes, and it means the absolute world to me. You’re top-fucking-notch. This was supposed to be a quick one shot, but ended up being nearly 10K words, so hopefully it doesn’t drag. Thank you!
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It’s getting dark. It’s chilly. And you suck at solitaire. Why is it so much easier on the computer? You study the cards in front of you on the dining table. Realizing, yet again, that it was impossible for you to win you ruffle through the columns of cards with frustrated fists. “If we run out of wood we can burn the cards,” you grumble. “We won’t, but I’ll bear that in mind,” Taehyungs voice is soft, and deep and carries through the cabin - you can’t see his face from your vantage, but you can hear the hint of a smile. You imagine it in your mind, the corners of his mauve lips turning up into a Cheshire grin. The cabin falls silent again, you pull your sweater tighter, listening to the wind howl around the cabins exterior. “I’m sorry, by the way,” he says. He turns his body toward you but you still can’t see his face properly. Backlit by an orange-gold glow from the fire he’s been nursing, all you can see are outlines of nauseatingly perfect features. “You can’t control the weather Taehyung, nobody knew it would hit this hard,” you shrug, remembering the phone call you’d received earlier that morning. Before the power went out. The local rangers station were calling everyone who’d rented cabins on the mountain to warn that the “light dusting” of snow that had been predicted was going to be much more severe. It was too late to evacuate the cabins so renters just had to hunker down. It was your brother, Jungkooks, birthday. He, along with all your mutual friends, were supposed to be here to celebrate, but now all incoming traffic up the mountain was closed. You and Taehyung had arrived the night prior to set everything up. Taehyung was Jungkooks best friend - turned brother. Taehyung and Jungkook had been inseparable since they met at University. He’d become a staple at birthdays and other big events, so much so that he was practically family to Jungkook and your parents as well. Though the torch you’d been burning for him for so long kept you from seeing him as such. You remembered the exact moment he graduated from “younger brothers buddy” to “breathtaking angel.” It was stupid, really. He’d come home with Kookie for, of all things, your birthday. You’d been sitting out on the deck at your parents home, enjoying the last days of summer, when he’d come to sit next to you. He handed you a long rectangular box, and said “Happy birthday gorgeous” which made you blush, of course. You opened the box to find a metallic crafted rose. The stem made from rose gold and the petals from a delicate mother of pearl. It was stunningly beautiful.
“Tae…it’s too beautiful.” “It’s an infinity flower, it never dies.” “You didn’t have to get me anything.” “You’re my favorite person.” His favorite. Taehyung clears his throat and it brings you out of your thoughts, back to reality. “I know, but you planned it all out and spent all that money on food and decorations…and booze. My only job was picking the location, and I chose the cabin on top of a mountain in the middle of a cold front.” “You’re being ridiculous, stop pouting over uncontrollable circumstances,” you pick up a card and flick it toward him, though it falls flat somewhere between you on the floor. More silence ensues and frankly the “sounds” of Taehyung sulking with his frustrated sighs and tense movement is fast becoming unbearable. You stand up and shuffle over to the table, producing a large bottle of rum from one of the many bags you’d brought in yesterday. “What are you doing?” he watches you curiously as you shuffle around, grabbing two plastic cups and gathering up the cards you’d been fiddling with. “You and I are getting drunk, you’re still pouting and I know for a fact liquor makes you lighten up,” you explain, plopping down on the small sofa beside him. The warmth from the nearby fireplace is soothing as you set up the drinks and shuffle cards. “Are we playing a drinking game?” he wonders. “Yeah, it’s called pour up till your face feels warm,” you laugh, “I was just going to suggest poker or crazy eights, to pass the time. Not like we can watch a movie.” “Strip poker?” he teases with a chuckle. “Taehyung, it’s snowing a blizzard outside and the temperature is dropping by the minute. I don’t think strip poker is the wisest choice,” you tease back. Taehyungs smile fades, though you don’t really notice, as you deal cards. “Give me two,” he asks as he pushes two cards towards you, taking a large swig of his drink. “Ready?” you ask, and he nods as he sets his cards out. “Ouch, you got nothing. I’ve got two pair.” “Great,” he takes another swig. 10 games and half a bottle in, you’re certain that Taehyung sucks at five card draw.
“If we were playing strip poker you’d be half dead from hypothermia by now,” you laugh, a bit obnoxiously per the rum. “You know, the best cure for hypothermia is skin on skin heat,” he says, glancing at you through thick lashes. You don’t seem to notice. “Actually I read once that the whole “getting naked for warmth” maneuver should be like, a last ditch effort, worst case type thing. If you had hypothermia I’d wrap you in a blanket, keep you by the fire, and give you something hot to sip on,” you inform him with a tight grin. Tae rolls his eyes and pushes himself back to rest on the couch. You are impossible to flirt with. For years he’s been trying to get you to see him without the goggles of your little brothers best friend on. For years he’s had a crush on you, and when you asked him to come to the cabin with you - alone, before the others - he thought maybe you’d finally realized…but clearly you hadn’t. Clearly you were still oblivious. Clearly if he ever wanted you to know he was just going to have to say it plainly. “Y/N?” “Hmm?” you answer lazily. You watch the flames of the fire whip and flick, listening to the wood crackle and pop as you slowly sip your rum. Taehyung stares at you in the orange glow, it’s now or never. There will never be a more perfect scenario in which to do this. He sighs, “Are you warm enough?” Chicken shit. “The fires good, but I could be warmer. Want me to grab a blanket? We may as well settle in on the couch, we need to keep the flames going through the night.” You force yourself to stand up and cross the room to grab some blankets out of a hall closet. “What’s your wood situation?” you ask. Taehyung sputters the sip of rum he was taking, “What?” You laugh, “The firewood perv, did you get enough to last us all night when you went out earlier?” “Oh, I guess so? Should I go get more?” he looks at the mid sized pile laying next to the hearth. “Another stack couldn’t hurt, besides if it snows too much the wood might get wet underneath, it’ll be harder to use.” Taehyung stands and walks to the door, slipping his boots on and grabbing his coat. “You’re lucky I’m chivalrous, otherwise your sweet ass would be going out there,” he mumbles as he zips up the puffy down coat. “Aww, sweet ass? Thanks for the compliment,” you sing song as you disappear to the bathroom. “Bleh,” he whines, disappearing out the door into the snow. You stand in front of the bathroom mirror pep talking yourself. It’s just Taehyung. Calm down. Despite the temperature in the cabin being excessively chilly your palms are sweating. You’re nervous. You didn’t expect to be alone with him this long. People were supposed to be here, like they always were, to distract you from the fact that Taehyung looked like a three course fucking meal. Where did he even get off? The perfect lines of his nose, jaw, and neck. His long fingers that showed off every gorgeous vein and bone in his hand when he moved them about. Also what the hell was up with his little “strip poker” and “skin on skin” remarks? Was he trying to be cute with you? Cute. Ugh. You were anything but right now. With only a lit candle to work with, You grab a tie and some dry shampoo out of your bath bag, scrunching it through your unwashed locks then twisting them up in a hopefully cute-mess of a bun. You know the water heaters’s not working so a proper shower is out of the question right now. Maybe tomorrow you’ll feel brave enough to endure ice water on your body. You roll on some deodorant and brush your teeth with ice cold water. You pinch your cheeks and glide on some chap stick. You don’t look as disheveled but you wish you could bathe, knowing you’d be laying next to him under a blanket all night. “Are you hungry? The stove’s not working but we could make some peanut butter sandwic-,” you trail off as you re-enter the living space only to find Taehyung isn’t there. You glance at the door, his boots and coat are still gone. You were in the bathroom for nearly ten minutes, way longer than it should take to get wood. “Tae?” you call out into the silence. Flashes of random stories about people disappearing in white out blizzard conditions run through your thoughts as you pull your boots on. “Taehyung!?” you keep shouting his name over and over. Running out the door you’re immediately stricken with bitter temperatures. You glance at the wood pile near the porch, untouched. “Dammit! Taehyung!!?” you’re screaming now. Has he fallen off the mountain? Is he hurt? Where the fuck is he? “Y/N! Look,” you squint your eyes towards the voice and make out his outline through the darkness, he’s standing over by your vehicle like an idiot. “Look! I drew dicks on your car!” You blink a few times, the chill making your eyes water. You stomp towards him. He has, in fact, drawn several phallic shapes all over your snow covered vehicle. “You fucking weasel!” you yell, shoving him then smacking his arm for good measure. “What, why?” he laughs at how ridiculous you look smacking a man that has ten pounds of puffy jacket between your palm and his arm. “I thought you got lost in this snow, you asshole!” “I’m 10ft from the door, give me some credit. Look I made a snowflake too, since you’re so special,” he teases and you smack him again. “Help me with this wood and let’s get back in before we freeze,” you march towards the stockpile. Once you’re both adequately thawed by the fire, full from peanut butter sandwiches you try to get comfortable. Tae is still sipping rum and you consider another game of solitaire but don’t feel like losing. You keep thinking about his “skin on skin” comment from earlier. Wonder what that would feel like, you think. “Were you really that worried about me? When I was outside?” he asks setting his cup on the coffee table. “No,” you lie, “just didn’t want to explain your dead body to anyone.” “Mmhmm, you love me.” You’re about to protest when he wraps his arms around your waist and tugs you into him. “How much have you had to drink?” you laugh, pretending to be offended. You both notice that you don’t fight to be released though. It’s cold, you’ll have to sleep on the couch together anyhow. You’re just settling in, that’s all. That’s it. Taehyung presses his nose into the side of your hair. His long arms enclosing you in this warmth you’ve only daydreamed about. “How long have we known each other?” he asks you. “A while,” you chuckle, “why?” “What was your first impression of me?” “Taehyung the first time I laid eyes on you, you and my brother were piss drunk at a tailgate party. Do you really want me to answer that?” You ask. “Fine. Do you want to know what I thought of you?” “Sure.” “I thought you were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen,” he says. “I know,” you reply softly, trying desperately to ignore the somersaults your stomach is doing. “You do?” You clear your throat and force a laugh, “You said as much when I shoved you both into the backseat of my car before driving you back to campus.” “God you are impossible!” he huffs, his arms let go of you and he puts some distance between your bodies. “What’s with you?” “I’m trying to be sweet here, I’m trying to flirt with you and I’m trying to tell you I have a fucking crush on you and you keep deflecting! Fuck!” “I-, I didn’t know,” you admit truthfully. He shoots you a dismal look, “How could you not know? All these years, all the looks, the cute gestures, the dumb texts I send…nothing tipped you off?” “You send me memes and emojis,” you counter. “Yeah, and they’re all cutesy or romantic or blatantly sexual. I would’ve sent you a fucking picture of my dick to get the message across if I didn’t think you’d freak out!” “I just thought that was your personality! I just…” “How could you not know?” he repeats, softer this time as he shakes his head. “Well how could you not know? Huh?” you’re facing him directly now, feeling defensive and flustered, “How could you not know I liked you too?” He looks up at you, searching your eyes for honesty. “Don’t say shit just to placate me Y/N, I’m serious, don’t say it if you don’t mean it.” He rolls his eyes with another shake of his head, his dark locks tumble loosely over his forehead. He really doesn’t believe you. “That’s not what I’m doing, I swear.” You’d never admitted to anyone your crush on Taehyung. Not even Jungkook, who you told everything. You didn’t want to make it weird. If he knew you liked him, and didn’t return the affection, he’d distance himself from your brother - you weren’t trying to meddle in friendships. Taehyung is staring at you, unsure of what to do or say. You pull your blanket tighter, bringing your knees up to rest your chin on, also at a loss for words. It’s weird, on TV and in film when two lovers vocalize their feelings there’s music, and kissing, holding, touching. There’s none of that now. Just the realization that the secret you’ve both been harboring is out, floating in the air between you. Floating around with the uncertainty of what to do with this information. Floating around with consequences. What will Jungkook think? Will he be upset? Taehyung lives and works in the city, you live and work nearly two hours away. You never get to see him. If you dated when would you see one another? Was dating even something either of you wanted? You clear your throat to break the silence, “When’s the last time you checked your phone? We should check in before bed.” “Where’s yours?” “Dead. I forgot to charge it last night, gave out around 11 this morning.” “Typical Y/N,” he lets out a soft laugh. “Pretty much,” you agree, you can answer Jeapardy questions and name off facts all day, just don’t ask you to use everyday sense. “I’ll text Jungkook, let him know we’re good,” Taehyung is about to stand but stops and faces you, “we are good right?” “Of course we are.” He nods and walks off down the hall to the room he was supposed to have shared with Jungkook and Hoseok. Picking up his phone he looked at the screen. 35% battery. Lots of texts from Jungkook. ::JK::2:57pm:: Just checking on you guys, hope all’s good. Look after my sister. ::JK::2:58pm:: When I say “look after” I don’t mean the way you usually look after women FYI ::JK::6:00pm:: Y/N isn’t answering her phone. Text me back soon ok? ::JK::7:57pm:: I swear to God if you all have frozen to death I’m gonna kill you. ::JK::8:30pm:: I called the rangers station, they said to their knowledge everyone still on the mountain is ok but if you don’t fucking text me I’m gonna put on a snowsuit and start climbing bitch. Taehyung sighs, hoping Jungkook isn’t traversing up the snowy cliffs, and hits the call button. JK picks up on the first ring. “Fuck Tae, where have you guys been all day?” he’s practically yelling. “Sorry, I’ve been trying to stay off my phone to conserve battery. No power up here, your sisters phone already died and I’m low. We’re ok,” he explains. JK sighs a breath of relief. “Is Y/N ok? She bugging the hell out of you yet?” Tae looks over his shoulder as if you’d be there, you’re not, and he briefly feels like spilling all to Jungkook. “She’s fine, being abnormally quiet,” he chuckles dryly, “I think we’re just bummed the weekend turned out like this.” “It’s ok, just be careful up there,” a long pause clutters the line, “Hey…you two aren’t…I mean you’re not going to…” “What Jeon? Spit it out,” Taehyung sighs, looking at his battery life. 33% now. “Just…if you bang my sister please just don’t be a dick about it, ok? That’s all, I don’t wanna talk about it, just be nice to her,” he says quickly. Taehyung pulls the phone away and looks at it as if it’s on fire. “Bang your…what makes you think I’m going to bang your sister?” “Oh fuck off. You two are stuck in a cabin, snowed in, sitting by a roaring fire? Please. You’ve done a lot more with a lot less appealing scenarios.” “Stop. Just- stop, okay? This is Y/N we’re talking about. She’s not some slut in a club!” Taehyung fires off. “Uh, yeah? That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you. Why are you being weird?” “Look, we’re okay, it’s cold as fuck and there’s no power. My phone will be dead by the morning so just text everyone and tell them we’re fine, we’ll call when we can. Okay?” “Jeez okay, what’s your problem?” “Nothing, I’m just worried about being stuck in this cabin until spring,” Taehyung lies, replacing his frustration with a softer cadence. “Okay. See you soon, yeah?” “Yep, happy birthday Kookie.” When Taehyung trots back your way you’re standing over the sink. “Who’d you talk to, Jungkook?” you guess, pulling your finger from underneath the icy stream of water. You’ve got a splinter somehow and every time you bend your index finger it stings. “Yeah.” “What did he say?” Taehyung laughs, “He told me to be nice and take care of you.” And not to be a dick if I fuck you. “What are you doing?” “Oh, I’m rinsing my finger off. I got a splinter, from the firewood I guess. Gonna pull it out,” you say. “You should’ve worn your gloves,” Taehyung lights a candle and sets it on the countertop then starts rummaging through drawers. “Guess so, what are you looking for? I have tweezers in my bag,” you tell him. “Don’t need them…ah, here we go,” he pulls a roll of duct tape from a drawer. “Tape?” “You need to moisten the skin with warm water, get it soft, then put tape on the splinter, pull in the opposite direction and it takes it out without tweezers or tearing any skin, saw it in a video once,” he explains. “Fascinating, except we don’t have warm water,” you point out. “Right,” he looks around, fuck it, “Well, here…” He grabs your finger and pulls it to his mouth, sucking it in past his lips. Your eyes widen, locking onto his as the heat of his mouth encompasses your finger, his tongue swirling around the tip of it. Goosebumps spread across your skin, and it has nothing to do with the chill in the air. You can only stand there, staring into his eyes while he licks and sucks the flesh. After a moment he pulls your finger out, rips off some tape and places it on your skin. You barely register the sensation when he rips it away, shockingly enough pulling the splinter out as well. “See?” he says, rubbing the tiny inflamed spot on the side of your finger. “Fuck,” you finally exclaim. You’re not sure if you’re referring to the fact that it worked, the pain of tape being ripped off, or the fact that he sucked your finger for a whole ass minute. “Better?” “Yes,” your voice is barely a whisper as you look back up at him. You just stare at each other for a long moment, and you hope he can’t hear your heart pounding in your chest. “I think I’m going to kiss you,” his voice is low and gravelly, asking for your consent. “Good.” It tastes sweet, like peanut butter, when his lips and yours come together. His hands find their way to the sides of your face, anchoring you to him while his lips roll against your own. It doesn’t even matter that his hands are freezing, you put yours on top of his, lacing your fingers together. Tae pulls away with a sharp breath, and you stand dizzy, wishing his lips were still on yours. One of his hands squeeze yours in a gentle rhythm and you pull yourself into him, resting your forehead on his chest. “You’re freezing,” he says, his other hand rubbing gentle circles between your shoulder blades. “I’m gonna poke the fire, let’s go get under those blankets, ok?” You nod, disappointed at the loss of contact, and walk over to the couch that sits in front of the hearth. Then you arrange the blankets, making it look like a little bed. A bed you’ll share with Taehyung. The man you’ve admired from a distance for years. The man who just erotically sucked a splinter from your finger, then kissed you. You watch as he brings the fire back up, hyper aware of his movements. The way he bites his lip in concentration, the muscles in his exposed forearms flexing with every twist of his wrist as he pokes and prods at the burning wood. “There,” he stands with a satisfied nod, “much better.” He slides under the blankets so you’re laying on your sides, facing each other. This is by far the closest, most intimate you’ve ever been with him. Well, aside from recent finger sucking and mouth kissing. “Are you sleepy?” you ask, boldly deciding to wipe some of his hair away from his face, your fingers lingering in the messy locks. “Yes,” he answers, pulling your fingers from his hair, pressing them to his lips, “and no.” “Should we talk about it?” you wonder. “Probably,” he smiles, he leans closer and brushes his lips over yours softly. You smile, as he continues his feather light kisses, “Or we could…” you open your eyes and he pulls back, “we could revisit your skin on skin theory,” you suggest bravely, causing your heart to speed up. “I didn’t bring condoms with me this weekend,” he says sheepishly, “I wasn’t really expecting…” “Then don’t wear one, I’ve been on the pill for years. Unless you just don’t want-,” he cuts you off. “I want to,” he sighs, “I just don’t think we should, it feels like everything that’s happening isn’t real. Being stuck here with you, finally telling you how I feel, kissing you - I know it’s happening but we’re not going to be in this cabin forever Y/N. What happens when we go home, back to our lives?” You know what he’s saying is logical, but the words hit you somewhere uneasy. It stings with reality and you suddenly feel embarrassed as if you’ve thrown yourself at him prematurely. You take your hands back, placing them under the pillow. “You’re right, I’m sorry,” you say softly, now looking at his chest instead of his dark eyes. Taehyung shuts his eyes tight. Fucking idiot. He feels the shift in your demeanor instantly and wishes he could kick himself. “Well now I’ve gone and ruined it, haven’t I?” he asks. “There’s nothing to ruin. I shouldn’t have been so…” so what? Forward, needy, stupid, brave? “I shouldn’t have thrown myself at you like that,” you swallow the humiliation, “you’re right. When it stops snowing and they plow the road we’re just going to get in my car, I’ll drive you home, then go back to my life. We won’t see each other till the next holiday or whatever.” “Y/N…” “It’s okay, it’s okay to be realistic. We can pretend we didn’t kiss, we don’t even have to bring it up again if you don’t want,” you tell him sadly. This exact feeling in the middle of your chest is why you never said anything. This is why you kept your feelings a secret and honestly it has nothing to do with Jungkooks friendship with him, which is what you always told yourself you were protecting. No, you were protecting yourself, from this feeling you were experiencing right now. Did he even have real feelings for you? Or did he just want to make out in a cabin with the only option in proximity? When things got real it seems like he jumped away real fucking fast. You force yourself to make eye contact and give him a weak smile. “Just go to sleep Taehyung, nothing happened that can’t be fixed,” you squeeze his arm then flip over, your backside is against him now and even though it’s still an intimate position, at least he can’t see your face. You won’t cry, but you shut your eyes and scrunch your brow in disgust with yourself. Taehyung stares at the back of your head, mouth agape. The fuck just happened? How did he go from kissing you like he always dreamed about to staring at your hair feeling like a total jerkoff? Part of him wants to flip you over and make you his, fuck you until he physically can’t anymore. The logical part just sighs, leaves you alone and closes his eyes. When he wakes he’s facing the roaring fireplace, and he’s alone. He blinks a few times, rubbing sleep from his eyes. You must have got the fire going again, he wonders what time it is and how long you’ve been up. “Morning sunshine,” you call from behind him at the kitchen table. You’re all smiles, though the way he looks as he’s waking up tugs at your heart. “What time is it?” “It’s around 7:30, want a Pop-Tart?” Taehyung stops mid-yawn, “Strawberry?” “Duh, what am I an animal?” He stretches and strides over to the table and sits, you slide the silver package to him. “I used your phone this morning to call the rangers station,” you say. Taehyungs eyes snap to yours. “They said the electric company is working on the outage, but it’s hard to get to the tower so don’t get our hopes up. They also said they’ll probably be able to safely start plowing the mountain later this afternoon, but we’ll probably be stuck here at least another night,” you tell him. A brief look of relief passes over his face, though you don’t react to it. The same odd sense of relief passed through your own thoughts earlier on the phone. You should be ready to get the Hell off this mountain, with no power, no hot water, and no functional appliances - but you get 24 more hours with him. “I’m sorry about last night,” Taehyung musters after a few more bites of pop tart. “For kissing me? It’s ok, like I said-,” “I’m not sorry I kissed you!” he looks at you like you’re crazy, “I’m sorry for fucking it up after. I’m sorry for making you feel like I didn’t want to…I’m just sorry.” Jungkooks words echo in Taehyungs mind “Don’t be a dick about it.” Of course he’d been talking about being a jerk after screwing you - that didn’t even happen - yet somehow he still managed to fuck up. “Don’t sweat it,” you clear your throat and stand up, gathering the trash from the table to throw away. “I also texted Jungkook again, told him it was me and gave him the rundown from the rangers. Your phone was at like 11% so if you need to talk to anyone I’d do it now before it dies.” “The only two people I care about know where I am,” he shrugs, taking a swig of water. You don’t turn to look at him but allow yourself to smile at the assumption you may be one of the two people. “Fuck I wish a Starbucks would appear outside,” he yawns. “You and me both,” you commiserate with him. “What do you want to do today?” he asks idly. You fight the urge to look at him. You want to kiss him, to touch him, to tangle your fingers in those messy waves. “We could play cards, get drunk, eat pop tarts and peanut butter sandwiches. Not a lot of options,” you laugh. You could fuck me on every surface in this cabin, but you won’t. “I’m going to take a shower,” Tae says apprehensively. “I did this morning, just a warning it’s cold as fuck. I think my nipples could’ve cut glass,” you chuckle and he laughs loudly. It’s a comforting sound, his laugh. “You took a shower? How long have you been up?” “A while, I got too hot, believe it or not. You were wrapped around me like a cocoon,” you smile. “Yeah, usually I sleep with like six pillows, sorry,” he smiles uneasily. “It’s ok, good luck in the shower. Hope you fare better than me,” you smile. You watch as he disappears to the bath, then settle on the couch. Your eyes drift over to a bookcase, thinly lined with frayed books left behind from previous renters no doubt. You walk over and run your fingertips along the faded spines. Trying to find something that sounds familiar, comforting. The entire collection of books, however, seem to be about nature, or the region, or just local history. “Motherfuck!” you hear Taehyung squeal, in an octave way higher than is natural for him, from the bathroom and erupt in laughter. “Told ya,” you mumble to yourself. You opt out of a history lesson from the shelf and decide instead to nurse the fire, then lay back down on the couch under the blankets. Now that you’re fully warm and recovered from your own icy bath, it’s kind of nice. Laying under the thick blankets and listening to the fire crackle, before you realize it your eyelids become heavy and you let yourself settle in a sleepy lull. “Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold,” Taehyung rouses you way too soon and you feel him quite literally jump under the covers, attaching himself to you, his limbs wrapping around your body. “You gonna make it?” you giggle. “Fuck! I’ve never been so cold. I couldn’t get my clothes on fast enough. How did you shower without screaming?” he presses his face into the back of your neck, you feel the tip of his icy nose and chill bumps scatter across your body. “I guess I’m tougher than you.” “Fuck,” he shivers again, “clearly.” A few minutes pass and you try not to think about how nice it feels to have him wrapped around you. His body keeps moving and shaking as he tries to warm up, rubbing against your back, your ass, your thighs. You know he’s just cold but it’s turning you on. You can feel the slickness of arousal between your legs and you’re very thankful it’s undetectable. Taehyung finally ceases his movements, seemingly warmed up enough not to be suffering any longer. He doesn’t remove his arms from your body though, and instead grips you tighter. His breath is warm and minty on your throat and you think perhaps this might be turning you on even more than his erratic thrusting and rubbing. You don’t mean to do it, not consciously anyway. When it happens even your own eyes pop open in surprise, but still, you can’t deny it’s your hips that thrust back into his pelvis, grinding against the soft bulge hidden under fleece pajama pants and probably a pair of boxers. You expect him to distance himself, after the previous nights conversation about being cautious. So you pull your hips away, absurdly hoping he didn’t notice. His hand that was nestled in the small of your waist slides down to your hip, however, and he grips it tightly pulling you back into him. “Keep going,” he whispers in your ear, “please.” “But you said-,” “Fuck what I said, I won’t be making that mistake again,” he answers. His grip tightens even more and pulls your backside flush against him, you grind into him again, and again, doing your best to conceal the moan trying to escape. Taehyungs hand skirts around the band of your leggings, his fingers disappearing under the fabric but still over your underwear. He keeps pushing you against him, now meeting your grinds with his own as you rub against each other. “You’re making me so fucking hard, god, do you feel what you’re doing, hm?” he growls as his lips come down softly on the skin behind your ear. His fingers dip lower in your pants, sliding over the thin fabric covering your slit. “Tae…” “Turn over,” his fingers never leave your center as you flip onto your back. His lips find yours instantly, giving you zero time to bring up the fact that this is the opposite of what he asked of you last night. Instead you slide your hands up his throat, into his hair and kiss him back. His fingers pull your underwear to the side, then slip into your wet center, stroking hot patterns over your clit, your opening, every inch of you. “Fuck,” you mumble against his lips, “put them in me.” “Yeah? Fuck you’re so wet…guess you want me pretty bad huh?” “Shut up,” you pause tugging at his locks to lightly smack the back of his head. “Ouch! Don’t worry,” he sinks two fingers into your cunt, “I want you more.” “Oh god, Taehyung,” you moan and move your hips to meet his fingers. “My name sounds real good coming out of your mouth like that,” his mouth resumes it’s movement on yours, his fingers working in and out of you at a stunning pace. “You’re too good at this,” you breathe. “Yeah? You close?” his forehead is pressed against yours. “Yes…so close…” “Uh-uh,” he smirks, removing his fingers. He disappears under the blanket and you feel him tugging at your leggings, you lift your hips so he can remove them. Pulling your sweatshirt off as well. When Tae emerges he’s also shirtless. You’ve seen him shirtless before, countless summers swimming at the pool in Jungkooks apartment complex but you’ve never seen him like this, between your legs looking down at you. It takes your breath away. “No bra?” he chuckles, licking his lips. You laugh. “Hell no, if I’m gonna be trapped in this cabin I’m gonna at least be comfortable.” His palms come down on your chest and gently squeeze and knead the supple flesh. “I know I’m being a total teenage boy right now but I’ve been waiting to play with your tits for years, indulge me,” he smiles. The pad of his index finger flicks over a nipple and you gasp. “Consider yourself indulged,” you’re practically whimpering under him. “You’re so fucking pretty, do you know that? So beautiful, smart, so fucking kind to everyone - even when they don’t deserve it. That’s why I fell for you,” he says, watching his own hands as they trail down your stomach. He massages your hips and thighs, then slides the back of his finger up between your slit. “Oh my god!” your hips buck and he still just smiles down at you. “You’re so wet, it’s all over your thighs too,” he scoots back a bit, lowering his mouth to lick the slickness from the inside of your legs. “Fuuuuck Taehyung,” you whine, and listen as he flicks and sucks over the skin. “I’m gonna fuck you so good,” he growls, placing his lips on your core, licking and sucking until he pulls your clit between his soft lips. “Please,” you breathe, pleading for relief from the ache of emptiness deep inside you. Taehyung licks one more stripe between your slick then rises to his knees. Pulling his pants and boxers down, then wiggling them off. He pulls the blanket around, then moves over you, kissing and licking his way to your mouth. “Do you really want this? With me?” he asks, you can feel his hard length throbbing between your legs. “I do, I want you. Do…do you want me? If you don’t want me like this you have to say, because last night I got really confused and I don’t want you to fuck me just because you’re trying to protect my pride or something, god that would suck,” your hands are on the sides of his gorgeous face forcing him to look at you. He kisses your lips and positions himself, pulling the tip of his erection to your opening. “I want you, like this, and in every other way. Please let me have you,” his forehead falls against yours as he pushes through, filling you up slowly, giving you time to adjust to the feeling of him. When he bottoms out, breath ragged trying to control himself, all you can do is wrap yourself around him. Your arms around his shoulders, your legs around his waist. “More, please, more,” you beg softly, and he finally begins to move. It’s in and out, like waves hitting the shore, unstoppable and beautiful and relentless. “Oh god, Y/N,” he moans against your neck. Every thrust just a bit harder than the last. Every stroke hitting deep, sensually massaging you from the inside out. He pushes your thigh higher, past the part of sensuality and sweet. You’re both closing in on your peaks and now it’s becoming more animalistic, desperate, the need to keep building on this sensation taking over. “Yes, oh god, right there,” you dig your fingers into his sides. He’s found the perfect speed, the perfect depth, the perfect spot. It’s all coming together, the ache no longer pounding but morphing into something greater. You rock your hips in tandem with his, pushing it further. “I’m going to come, can’t hold it,” he whispers with a rasped groan. His hands find yours, bringing them up beside your head, lacing his fingers in yours. “Come for me, fuck, let me hear it.” So you do. You let go, your toes curling and legs shaking. Your hands squeeze around his tight and you moan his name, while he spills inside of you completely. You begin to move, a hazy smile on your lips, but he stills you. “Let’s just stay like this for a minute, please,” he whispers, kissing your cheek, your jaw and your mouth. He’s softening inside you, still panting from the exertion so you pull him down on you. Let him crush you momentarily, a small price to pay to hold him like this. “Are you good? You gotta talk to me,” you chuckle after several more minutes of him saying nothing, just nuzzling you’re chest and neck with his nose and mouth. “So good,” he whispers. “I thought about how it would feel for so long, but nothing…nothing compares to how that felt.” “It did feel really good,” you smile, a twitch in your core reminds you just how good. He rolls off of you, gathering you toward him, making sure the blankets are covering you both completely. “Kiss me,” he leans into you, pulling your leg around him to leverage you closer while his tongue rolls into your mouth. His skin is smooth, warm, and feels perfect against yours. “I hope the snow never melts,” you say it out loud. “It would be nice, but here or there - doesn’t matter. If you think for one second I’m not gonna try to fuck you every single day you’re not as smart as I thought you were,” he grins, pressing his lips to yours once more. “It takes you an hour and a half to get to my house from your apartment. You gonna drive all that way for sex?” you raise a brow at him. “For your sex?” he whispers in your ear, his hand roaming down between you, “Absolutely.” He circles the pad of his fingers over your clit and you jump. “Fuck, sensitive still,” you laugh. “Mmm, me too,” he takes your hand and places it on his twitching cock, getting harder by the second, “Get on your knees.” “What?” your eyes widen a bit. “On your knees, brace yourself on the back of the couch,” he commands. He’s moving now, lifting you up and positioning you the way he wants. “Like this,” he’s standing behind you, his naked torso pressed against your back. His throbbing member fully hard, rubbing against your backside. “I…don’t…know if…I can,” you moan as his mouth licks and sucks your neck, your shoulders, then down your spine. “I won’t play with your clit, promise. Just want to fucking rail you again,” he’s on his knees behind you quite literally kissing your ass. “Fuck,” he breathes. Your cheeks flush, it feels odd, he’s underneath looking up into your most private parts. “Enjoying the scenery or something?” you tease with a tight laugh, shifting on your knees. “Very much,” he answers, “I like watching my cum dripping out of your pussy.” Oh. You watch from over your shoulder as he stands back up. “Lean forward…just like that, good,” he purrs as you lean over the back of the couch, your ass on full display it feels like. “Is this okay?” he asks, fingers caressing the sides of your hips, positioning you how he wants. “Yes, I want it,” you’re able to tell him. He’s so gentle, despite the choice of sexual position. His fingers are soft against your lower back, massaging even. The other hand wraps around his own length, guiding it carefully to your opening. Again, he enters you slowly, calculated. Feeling every centimeter of flesh push into yours. “Oh, fuuuck,” he huffs. You love it. You love how vocal he is, the sounds he makes. You relish in it, and even though you’re not sure if you’ll be able to reach orgasm this time, you love the fact that he will. That he’ll come inside you again, making a mess of you. “You’re so fucking good Tae, so fucking hot,” you praise him, eliciting a groan. “You like that? Hm? You like how it feels when I split you open with my fucking cock?” “Yes, it’s so fucking good, want you to fucking wreck me Tae,” you mewl. This is all purely for him, though you can’t hide how fucking hot you feel, breasts smacking the back of the couch with every thrust. “Fuck, dirty girl. You want to make me come again with that filthy little mouth. ‘S so fucking hot,” he rasps, going harder with every jerk of his hips. “Yes, come inside me, fill me up…fuck…make it drip back out,” you cry. You’re absolutely going to come again if he can hold out just a bit longer. You had no idea this was going to be so fucking hot. “Oh shit,” he hisses. His hands grip tighter. “Keep going, fuck! I’m almost there Taehyung,” you beg of him. He does, his fingers dig into you and he holds it there, right on the edge, until you cry out, your walls contracting against him. He explodes holding you still so he can empty himself completely into you. You both just stay still as you catch your breaths. You’re not sure if you take your hands off the couch if your legs will even hold you. “C’mere,” he toppled onto the couch, pulling you between his legs to sit. The heat of sex no longer keeping you warm you pull the blankets over you both. “I’m going to have to put my clothes back on,” a shiver runs through you as you relax into him. “Blasphemy,” he sighs, wrapping his arms around you tightly. Then there’s a knock on the front door. You both sit up, still naked, and completely frozen. “Please tell me that’s a very polite bear and not a human being,” you say low under your breath. Another knock. “Park rangers, everything okay?” “Shit.” You both say in unison. You trip over each other scrambling to pull clothes back on. “We’re coming!” you call out toward the front of the house. “Fuck yeah we are,” he teases as he hops to put a sock back on. You shove him, as you run by, and he lands on his ass with a cackle. You open the door to see a very bundled up ranger staring down at you. Another sits on a snow mobile several yards away. “Hi,” you comb your fingers through your hair, feeling the tangly strands going every which way. Your sweatshirt is on inside out…and backwards. “Uh…hi miss. We’re just making our way up the mountain checking on the renters. You guys okay? Are you short on supplies or water or anything?” he asks. Taehyung makes an appearance at the door, he looks just as much of a mess as you. You don’t miss the blush that falls across the rangers already pink face as his eyes drift elsewhere. “We’re okay,” Tae smiles, giving your shoulders a squeeze. “Right,” the ranger clears his throat, “well you guys should be clear to leave tomorrow morning. We’ll have the road and drives plowed by nightfall.” “Great. Thank you. We should start packing then,” you laugh idiotically and make a quick exit. Taehyung lingers at the door, conversing with the ranger about specifics while you gobble down a post-sex peanut butter sandwich. Finally he sends the ranger off and turns to you. “Well?” you ask, mouth thick with peanut butter. “He said your sex hair looks hot.” Your eyes go wide and Taehyung bursts into laughter. “He was just telling me to be careful when we make our descent tomorrow. There’s gonna be a lot of patchy places, so you’ll need to be careful ‘cause I’m definitely not driving us down.” “Mmm, brave of you, so manly,” you tease. “Hey! Who got the firewood…mostly by myself?” he points toward the fire. You laugh again. “It’s ok, I’m a way better driver,” you wrap your hands around his neck and kiss his lips. “No shit. That’s why I’m conveying the message.” You both laugh but it dissipates quickly. “I guess we should get our stuff ready to leave tomorrow,” you say softly, you look up at him with disappointment. “Hey…don’t. Don’t do that yet okay?” his voice is soft with concern as he pushes your hair back, “It’s…fuck…what time is it? Noon? Doesn’t matter. We’ve got all day and all night and we’ll figure this out before we leave.” “Can I be honest?” you ask nervously. You’re not stepping foot out of this cabin without being on the same page. “Please be honest, yes,” he answers. “I don’t want to stop. I want you. I’ve wanted this for a long, long time and I’m so scared we’re going to go back home, it’s going to be too much work, and we won’t be together. Just like you said last night,” you blurt. Remembering his words “we’re not going to be in this cabin forever.” “I didn’t mean to plant doubt in your mind,” he sighs, kissing the top of your head, “I want you too. I’ve wanted to be with you pretty much since the day we met. Nothings going to change that.” “Distance could.” “No. Because I’ve been an hour and a half away from you for a very long time, and it’s never stopped you from being the first thing I think of in the morning or the last thing I think of at night,” he squeezes you. “Fuck, you’re being too sweet,” you scoff, trying to conceal the way your stomach flip flops. “I know. Kinda makes you want to put my penis in your mouth, doesn’t it?” he laughs. “God you’re unbelievable,” you shove him away playfully. Going back to your peanut butter sandwich. “I’m not letting you go anywhere, not anymore. So don’t worry. Well, maybe worry a little. Your brother’s going to murder me,” he chuckles, crossing the room to bring the fire back up a bit. “You think he’ll be weird?” you wonder out loud. Knowing Jungkook it would go only one of two ways. He’d either be thrilled, or extremely awkward about it. “No way to know. He’ll definitely want a free kick to my balls.” You snigger, picturing the interaction in your head. It shouldn’t be funny but it is. “I don’t mind the drive,” you tell him, “I like driving, gives me time with my thoughts.” “I’m not going to let you do all the driving,” he shakes his head. “I’m a freelancer Tae, I can work from anywhere. I just need my laptop and an internet connection. You worked your ass off for your job title. You can’t start strolling in late because you drove three hours round trip the night before,” you roll your eyes. “You gonna move in with me?” he’s joking, but you can see seriousness in his eyes. Though you’re not sure if it’s fear or excitement. “No, you live like a pig,” you tease. “I could stay a night or two, then you could come to me on weekends,” you shrug. “Why don’t you find a place in the city? Be near all our friends, your brother…your hot new boyfriend,” he grins. “Maybe. Having a cool city apartment might be fun, your all’s rent is ridiculous though.” “Can’t argue with that,” he clicks his tongue. You finish off your sandwich and trot to the couch. “Let’s skip the specifics and take a nap.” “You have such good ideas,” Taehyung smiles and crawls in behind you. It’s nice to feel his arms around you, your body against his. The sound of his gentle deep breaths is like a lullaby, and your eyes close. This time you’re the one who wakes up alone. You don’t sit up immediately instead deciding to watch Taehyung, who hasn’t noticed you stirring. He’s sitting by the fire, staring at the flames with the smallest ghost of a smile on his face. You can’t help be curious as to what caused it. Maybe you caused it, or maybe he’s thinking of the sex you had, or maybe the chaos when the rangers knocked on the door. “What do you look so happy about over there?” you ask, finally sitting up and grabbing a drink of water from a cup on the end table. “Thinking about you,” he looks in your direction watching you swallow the water, wiping the excess of your pouty lips. “What about me?” He shrugs, “Thinking about what I was going to do to you when you woke up.” “Oh? Well I’m up, you gonna fill me in?” you plaster a mischievous smile across your mouth. He rolls onto his hands and knees, crawling toward you and you lick your lips. When he’s between your legs he cups your thighs, pulling you down until your backside is nearly hanging off the edge. He hooks his fingers under the band of your leggings, shimmying them down just past your knees, along with your underwear. “Open up,” he asks gently, kissing the inside of your knee, then the other while he pushes your legs apart. “Are we making up for lost time or something?” your breath is already ragged as you watch his lips disperse wet, sloppy kisses on your thighs. “Abso-fucking-lutely,” he breathes. “I don’t know if I can do three orgasms in a day,” you warn, your voice is soft and feels small in the quiet cabin. His mouth is closing in on your cunt as you writhe in anticipation. “We’ll never know unless we try,” he says in a low timbre, his breath warm against your slit. He looks up at you, eyes locking onto yours as he strokes you with his tongue. It’s slow and warm and deep. Your lips part in a shell-shocked “O.” “You taste like sex,” he says when he takes his lips off you momentarily. “That…oh fuck!” you grunt when he plunges his tongue back into you, “…makes sense.” He never breaks his gaze away from yours. Not when he rolls his tongue into you torturously slow. Not when he traces the softest circles over your clit. Not even when his whole head moves back and forth unhurried, sending you into what feels like white hot insanity. “Do you want me to put my mouth on you too?” you ask as you writhe over the couch cushions. “You haven’t cum yet have you?” “No, but if you lay down on your back we can both get off,” you suggest. His eyes darken a bit as he wipes the back of his hand across his mouth and nose. “You’re so fucking sexy,” he growls as he pulls you off the couch, dropping slowly to his back in front of the fire. You wiggle yourself out of your remaining clothes and drop down to him, palming his erection through the fabric. You push it down a bit, freeing his length to pump him and you watch him squirm on the ground with a smirk. “Put your cunt on my mouth, c’mere,” his voice sounds scratchy and demanding as he drags your hips over his face. “Fuck, I’m just going to stay here forever,” he says, massaging the sides of your hips and your cheeks. You have zero words when you feel his tongue wiggle inside you. So you take his length in your mouth quickly, desperately. The entire act is sloppy, messy and the sounds are obscene. He comes before you and you groan as you let him spill into your mouth, his hips bucking up into you until it feels like his dick is in your throat. You’ve edged yourself on his face several times, finally you let yourself go, releasing your orgasm with a long, low cry. Hours later, after a set of fresh clothes, a peanut butter-pop tart feast, and lots of making out - Taehyung watches your chest rise and fall with sleep. You’re curled up into him, and he wishes he could keep you like this forever. He glances to the door, your suitcases packed, leftover treats bagged up ready to leave early the next morning. There’s an uncertainty of the future in his chest but he looks back at your sleeping form, comforted by the fact that he knows you want this as much as he does. Comforted that this was finally the weekend that changed everything. He lightly kisses your head so as not to wake you and he knows you won’t hear him, and that the words would probably scare you if you did, but he whispers them anyway before drifting to sleep. “I love you.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
»part forty two — sleep on it
»artist!kim taehyung x heiress!reader
one year to prove you can fend for yourself. one year to keep your parents from making the most important life decision for you. one year to still carry the perfect life for the media whilst carrying a simpler one for yourself... and way less than one year for you to realise you belong in the latter, with that cynical new roommate of yours.
a/n: just for the record, y/n and sungjin are NOT kissing in the picture he posted, the heart i added to cover their faces makes it seem that way but jsñsks no kissing here. although they are kinda close but yeh. idk what else to add, so i’ll leave the commenting to you guys and i hope you enjoy!
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Deepest Indulgence | Part One | TaehyungxReader
Tumblr media
Description/Summary: The world was a mess. Gangs, violence and rates of poverty were at an all time high since the corporations took over everything. You built your sex house to be a safe place and a sanctuary for the vulnerable, promising to protect. What happened when a famous corpo walked through the door, begging for a job at Deepest Indulgence, the one sex house that wasn’t meant for men like him? 
Paring: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Cyber Punk, Dystopian Future, Sex Worker
Word Count: 8.4k
Warnings: Prostitution, The world is a mess, Switch Taehyung, Mommy Kink, Phone Sex, Confident reader, Sex House, Sex Work, Wet sounds, Flirty Taehyung, Shy Taehyung, honestly Tae takes us through a ride of feelings and emotions I'm not gonna lie. Hes hot as fuck. BS&T Tae, Smut, mentions of oral.
AN: This was edited by the incredible @craztextae If you havent read any of her works please go and read Madam Cupcake Series and Saturday Mornings
My Banner was created by Kris ( @lonelyhobi​ ) Who is another incredible writer go check out all of her works especially the Step-bro Masterlist and Punishment
Tumblr media
You’d spent so much time and energy making this club exactly what you wanted it to be.
Not a day went by where you didn’t make sure everything was working smoothly, safe for everybody. As you walked down the red dimly lit hallway, noises of pleasure filling your ears, making a wide smile forming across your face. You reminded yourself of how proud of this you should be. It had taken you eight years to get to this point, eight long long years to now have people from all around the world coming to your establishment because it had become so revered amongst people of all genders and sexualities. 
As you got to the end of the hallway, you opened the doors to a balcony that looked out towards masses of buildings, all reaching high into the sky. There was barely any sky left anymore. All you could see was neon signs of all different colours, lighting up the world in various shades of pigment. As you looked down you contemplated the busy streets, the city always seemed more alive during the night than the day; all the windows glowing with a light-yellow hue, well, all the ones that could afford electricity that was.
So much about the city has changed since you first bought this building at the age of eighteen. You used to look out from here, your head full of dreams of what was to come, feeling that although things were broken, they could also be fixed. When you used to stand in this very spot you could still see across the sky. It was much clearer and your view was never intercepted by the glass buildings and advertising blimps that glided across the sky today, but those days have long passed. 
The industry smogged up the air so harshly you could barely tell night from day anymore. The majority of people wore masks to protect them from the fumes. Most businesses couldn’t care less about its people anymore. They didn’t care about the environment or the air that you were all breathing in every day, but you supposed that's why you were so respected. Your business didn’t have much of an effect on the environment but certainly had an effect on clients, and you made sure they were always safe and satisfied. You worked within the business of pleasure. You had to make sure your clients were pleased. It was one of the most important aspects of your job.
As technology grew, jobs decreased and standards of living started to drop. More and more, the innocent suffered while the privileged only got richer. You were an exception to this rule, a rarity that you hoped one day would become a normality. As the situation worsened, selling your body on the street, black market trade deals and street gangs became the most normal thing in the world. People didn’t bat an eyelid at things people from another world would probably grimace at, but alas: this was your world. This was the norm for you and everybody else around you. 
Your mother swore that there was a time when the world wasn't like this. A time that her mother used to tell her about. To people like you, that could be nothing more than a borrowed memory. A long forgotten tale that would forever be told to young children, becoming a dream. You never wasted your time on dreams, never hoping that one day things would go back to the beautiful stories you were told. No, you replaced the dreams with ambition. You would never see that world and you’d be stupid to try, but that didnt mean you couldn’t try and make this world - the real world - a better one for everybody. 
Your thoughts were gently interrupted by a soft voice that came from behind you.
“Miss, one of the Robots on Floor 1 seems to be having slight issues.”
You turned as you looked towards the speaker.
“What seems to be the issue, Kris?”
Kris was a wonderful woman who had worked for you for the past seven years as a part of your support team. She was in charge of cleaning up all your more... mechanical workers on floor one. Truth of the matter was that when you opened this business, your plan had been to keep people as safe as possible, and to try your hardest to offer a service that clients would never grow tired of while making sure that workers weren't forced to do anything they didn't want to like they had been for many years. The best way of ensuring this was by employing robots who would step in when people couldn’t. 
You hated calling them that. The word ‘robot’ made them sound so… cold, so fake, when in reality that just wasn't the case. 
Mechanical beings were just like anybody else. You couldn’t tell them apart from the average person on a base level. They could see and hear, touch and taste and, contrary to popular belief, they could also feel. Feel love, feel hate, feel the same way any ‘real’ human can. They had emotions just like everybody else did. 
Feelings and emotions were proven hundreds of years ago to just be chemicals in the brain, just like fuel in a machine, so what made their chemicals any less than everybody else's?
You were a strong believer in The Rights For Robots Initiative and you always protected your mechanical works as strongly as you would protect human workers. ‘Robots’ were still your safer option, simply because they were truthful. Honesty was a widely known trait of theirs, if their owner asked them for the truth, they were programmed to give it. They would also alway tell you exactly how they felt - if they felt unsafe, or unhappy in a situation, they would say it. Not to mention, they couldn't contract any sexual diseases, meaning that worry disappeared.
It was four years ago that you started taking on more humans than mechanical to work at your club. You never knew if you could trust them, and to put it quite frankly, they never held the sex appeal you were looking for. A ‘robot’ could analyse the way you were feeling; they were sensual and calculated in everything they did, but at the end of the day you were here to help, and the humans were struggling greater due to their nature.
Your club was never just about sex - it was about everything that came with it too. It was about love, it was about curing loneliness. It was about giving people whatever fantasy they wanted. Life in this world was poor and cruel and you took it upon yourself to give people a form of escape, and this was the best escape - a chance for people to express and act out their deepest indulgences. That was the reason behind its name: ‘Deepest Indulgences.’ When you were nineteen you thought it was a brilliant name for a sex club, but now you were older, you laughed. To you it was funny, just a random name you picked because you couldn't think of anything better but to others the name signified a home of escapism, so you could never dream of changing it.
“Which one seems to be having issues, Kris?”
“Hoseok, Miss.”
“He seems to have been having quite a few issues lately, does he not?”
Kris had always been a very caring person. She was fond of everybody she worked with, and especially fond of Hoseok; you encouraged a relationship between the two of them but she had always been too shy to act upon her feelings. She was such a sweet girl. There was a hint of sadness in her eyes as she remembered that this was the third time that month Hoseok had seemed to have issues with his system.
You smiled at her and grabbed one of her hands.
“It’ll be alright, Kris. We’ll get him fixed up in no time. Let's get him sorted out.”
Everybody who worked for you did so for different reasons, but most of them were just people who had nowhere left to go. Your mother died when you were fourteen and you became friends with your partner in crime Tanvi. She was living in the same apartment building as you alone, without parents and taught you exactly how to get by now that you were in the same position. As you grew up, you both became extremely close to the boy who lived in the hotel room next door, Namjoon, and he later became the first bodyguard for Deepest Indulgence. All three of you promised each other that, no matter what happened, you'd be together even as you grew old. You didn't know what you would have done if that promise hadn’t come true. You knew without a shadow of a doubt that you wouldn't be alive today without them, let alone in the position you were in. 
You stayed in your state of pondering as you walked down the halls and to an elevator with Kris by your side. You exited out to the entrance hall, walking towards the front desk. You could see tonight was shaping up to be a busy one; different people of all kinds sat on chairs and couches, each waiting to be the next person to get their rocks off and release their stress. When you looked around at all the faces, some new, some the familiar faces of repeat customers, they were all chatting away like they were friends who were seeing each other again. Kind of like they were part of the club, and as you were looking around you couldn’t quite help but bring yourself out of your contemplation and back to reality.
You looked at the entrance hall in its entirety. It was big and beautiful, the first area of the building you got fixed up when you started. It had dark-wooden flooring and grey walls adorned with artistic depictions of erotica all around. A yellow pattern in the flooring that came in through the door towards the desk in the corner, and the room was topped off with the most comfortable yellow couches around the walls, waiting for the many people that came in throughout the nights at Deepest Indulgence.
"Hey Jin, are you able to get somebody out to look at Hoseok's model again? We're having issues. Kris will give you the details on it all."
Jin was your receptionist. He started working for you pretty much as soon as you opened. You  had needed some help and needed it quickly, and he was the first person to walk through the doors. At the time, you took him on due to convenience, but as the business progressed and became harder, Jin proved he was fantastic at the job, keeping things simple for clients and making sure everybody was safe and following the guidelines. You got extremely lucky with him.
"No problem, Miss. Just so you know, there's somebody here enquiring about work."
“We have no jobs going at the moment, Jin, you know that.” You looked towards him and he raised his eyebrows immediately and huffed at you. You couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as he did so - he used to be so shy around you.
“I’m aware of that, Miss, but he… Well, he was very persistent.” 
You gave him a very confused look as you scanned the entrance hall for whoever Jin was talking about. It wasn’t that often people came here begging for a job. No matter how in demand the sex industry was, it was still looked down upon by people who didn’t rely on it to survive, and nobody here looked like they were the kind of desperate that people usually were while begging for a job. “It's the blonde gentleman in the corner.”
He tilted his head in the direction of a man, sitting alone silently, smiling to himself. He looked extremely well put together. An expensive looking patterned suit paired with a silk scarf wrapped around his neck, and a single earring dangled from his ear that touched his shoulder.
He was striking, a beauty that you would love to be able to advertise as belonging to Deepest Indulgence, but you kept true to a motto you were taught when you were younger: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Something about this man didn’t seem right to you. He was the kind of man that came in and demanded your best man or woman, prepared to pay high prices for what he wanted. Not the kind that would come in asking for a job.
“Doesn’t seem the type, does he, Miss?” Jin loomed over your shoulder as you stared over to the man, deep in thought. “But he was very polite and insisted on waiting for the ‘person in charge.’” Jin moved away very quickly as a customer came over to the desk to check-in and be sorted, mouthing over to you so that nobody but yourself and maybe the one customer in front of him could hear, “Said his name was Taehyung.”
Taehyung is lucky you didn’t have many jobs for the night. Mostly you’d be walking around the building, listening out for any issues that may be occurring and greeting all your customers, making sure they were happy and comfortable. If you’d had anything serious to do, you would have just told Jin to get rid of him. 
As you walked over to Taehyung, he noticed you straight away, and waited for you with an outstretched hand ready to greet you with a handshake. Once you reached him, you accepted his hand. You'd barely started shaking it before he was greeting you loudly.
"Hello. Are you the famous Miss A?"
His smile stretched across his face ear to ear. It was a boxy smile that took over his eyes while his teeth gleamed brightly.
You couldn’t help but size him up as he was shaking your hand. Not a speck of dirt on him. Beautiful skin. Bright eyes accompanied by a bright personality. He definitely wasn't right for this place.
"I am. Are you Taehyung?"
"I am, Miss. I was wondering if I-"
"-You're here regarding work." You didn't see the need in letting him talk. Usually the passionate ones would talk for such a long time and it was always hard letting them down afterwards. At one point, you had taken anybody who needed the money, but as time went on you had to look after the people you already had. The more people who joined, the harder that became. You also had to accommodate your workers, as most of the people who worked here also lived here. You tried to get them to move on, providing an advisor that was open to all your staff to help make sure they managed to find a way to greater things if that was what they hoped to do. 
You couldn’t just take on anybody who walked in anymore. You had to be smart. You had to seek out the most desperate, and the ones who would be good at the job. "I’m afraid we don't have any jobs available. All my rooms are fully booked."
"Oh, I wouldn't need accommodation."
Him not needing accommodation implied that he already had a house, and that in turn implied he had an income. His voice was deep and loud as he spoke. You couldn’t help but look around, realising people were starting to stare. You had to shut him down and shut him down quickly. The last thing you wanted to do was make a scene.
"Sir, if you don't need the job, I can't in good-conscience just take you on for no reason."
He looked confused as you replied. You were smiling as politely as you could. He must have known a little bit about this place; you were famous for taking on those in need. Surely he knew you wouldn’t just give the job to somebody who didn't need it? 
There was something about the way the word left Taehyung’s mouth. His personality shifted in front of your face. He went from happy-go-lucky to desperate - a desperation that you recognised in most of your staff, and for some reason, that made you utter the next words.
"Are we okay to talk in my office please, Sir?" He nodded his head up and down rather quickly. You turned on your heel, knowing he would follow you toward the elevator. You could see his demeanor change back slightly with the return of his smile as you both stepped inside the elevator. "Floor 10."
You looked to Taehyung and nodded your head towardthe elevator buttons as he was standing closer to them. He pressed the button to the tenth of twenty floors. You wanted your office in the middle of the building so that if anything happened to anybody, you'd be as close as possible to get there quickly and make sure things were okay.
Luckily you had a much better selection period for clients, taking all details, making sure they'd had the correct tests and making sure they wouldn't harm or injure anybody while they were in the building so things don't tend to go wrong as often anymore but it didn’t used to always be this way. 
"It looks bigger on the outside." You looked towards him as he spoke with an eyebrow raised. "The building. It looks taller than twenty floors."
You understood what he was saying. Most buildings in the area were at least fifty floors tall and this one was too, but sadly you didn't have the money to do up all the other floors yet, so you decided to keep those ones closed up. You were working toward opening them. More floors meant more rooms, and that meant more beds for people in need. No matter how many sex houses there were out there, there would always be more people out working on the streets, so the more beds you had, the better.
"It is."
You didn't feel the need to explain it any further. You weren't a huge fan of small talk and that was why you'd usually make Jin send any appointments up to you rather than riding the elevator with them. You were strong and assertive, you’d always been sure of that. You’d come a long way in life by being the way you were, but there was something about small talk, meaningless conversation that wasn’t being led by you, that always made you feel so … uncomfortable.
The elevator doors opened on your floor. Neon lights illuminated your office, a purple hue casting over the room as you walked towards your desk and sat in the chair behind it. You gestured for Taehyung to sit in the other chair opposite you.
“Lights.” As you spoke the neon lights were turned off and the softer lights above your desk turned on, making it a lot easier to see. The walls and floor were the same as your entrance hall; the only difference was the paintings on the walls weren’t erotica. There were letters and cards of thanks dotted around the whole place. All your furniture was purple as opposed to yellow and there were plants everywhere. You loved plants. You didn’t see many out on the streets anymore. Trees were scarce, and almost all plants in the world were now indoors. You loved the natural colours that they would bring into the room. Sometimes, it was nice to look at the natural green over the neon that washed over everything. 
“So, Taehyung, why are you looking for a job here? You’re clearly not somebody who's in need of this type of job or lifestyle.”
You knew your tone came out a little more judgemental than intended, but you couldn’t help it. He really had you on your toes teetering on edge.
“And what makes you think I don't need the job?”
You furrowed your brows. He didn’t think his wealth was noticeable, did he? It wasn’t everyday you saw people in here dressed the way he was. Even your more distinguished customers couldn’t afford the clothes he was wearing.
“Do I really need to explain?” You didn’t want to, but you couldn’t help the chuckle that left you.
“Okay, you want the truth?” Taehyung’s smile faded and his face became slightly more serious, and it impressed you. He went from casual smiles to a rather sultry one in seconds. “I like sex, I like having sex, and I think it would make a good job.”
Your laugh came out slightly louder this time. You’d seen his type before. Just another sex pest looking to get his rocks off in your establishment. He looked happy with his answer, as if what he said was supposed to impress you, but when he saw you shaking your head as you answered, the smugness slowly left his features.
“If I employed everybody that came here who enjoyed sex, you wouldn’t be able to move in this building. That's not what Deepest Indulgence is here for.”
“What, it’s not for sex?”
You were shocked by his attitude. It wasn’t everyday somebody would speak to you this way, not since you’d become well known within your field of work. Anybody in it knew what you stood for, they knew deepest indulgence was more that the average sex house. He’d clearly didn't know what he was getting into.
“It’s more than sex. We’re about art. We stand for love and incredible service, sex is merely the release to the service we provide.”
“Good thing I'm an artist then, Miss A.”
You couldn’t explain why, but his answer made you feel slightly hot. He said it so matter-of-factly that there was no room for doubt. If he was getting you this hot with his words, then he would certainly get your clients going in ways that would be good for business. That didn’t mean you were going to say yes immediately, but maybe you needed to press him a little bit further.
“Fine.” You dug around your desk, looking for your interview pad that had all the questions you’d need to ask somebody before they started working for you on it. “I'll humour you. I’m going to ask you a set of questions and you have to answer honestly.”
“Thank you.” He made himself more comfortable in his chair as a smirk grew on his lips. You wanted to wipe it off his face, but honestly, you couldn’t find the words to do so. This was the first time you'd had an interview with somebody brought upon you without any prep work since the business became more established and he wasn’t somebody you could read easily. You hadn’t had experience of dealing with people like himself, so you were just going to have to wing it.
“Okay. Give me your full name, your age, your pronouns and sexual orientation.”
“Kim Taehyung, 25, he/him and bisexual, I guess.”
“You guess? I need proper answers please, Taehyung.”
You noted down Taehyung’s answers on your pad. You didn’t pay him much attention as you scribbled away.
“I mean, I’d rather pleasure a pussy, but that doesn’t mean I’m adverse to a hot man’s dick in my ass.”
As you glanced his way, still scribbling on the page, you could tell he thought his words were going to get you flustered. It was amazing how much he’d changed from the man in the entrance hall to this man in your office. He was previously nice and giddy, but now it was like he was trying to fuck you with his eyes. Had he forgotten that you worked in the sex industry? You’d heard people screaming filthier things through the doors than what he was giving you right now.
“Taehyung, can I be straight with you for two seconds?” He gave you a nod and you continued. “I brought you up here when you asked for the job because it seemed like, just for a second, you needed one. What's happened since then that's changed your attitude so much?”
You were never one to mince your words with anybody, and you weren’t about to start now with him. You couldn’t read Taehyung and it made you very unsure. It made you feel a need to understand him.
“I guess talking about sex with a woman such as yourself changed my mood a little bit.” He bit his lip as he answered you but you weren’t having any of it.
“Well, here I expect my staff to be able to control themselves like adults.” Fuck, but he would be great for business! His words were fantastic; he knew just what to say. A man with an answer for everything might be a dick, but was also fantastic for the line of work you were in. 
“And also, you must know I don't just take anybody on here. I take those in need. This is usually a last resort for most people, so why are you here?” 
The smirk left his face as he swallowed
“I can’t get a job anywhere else that I want. I don’t want anything to do with the corporations out there, and quite frankly, I don’t think I suit being a business type.”
Finally, a real answer, and you could somewhat relate. If you didn’t fit into the serious business world you didn’t fit in anywhere. People never complained about it. It was the status quo, it's just what you did. It was hard to get into the business world. Becoming part of a corporation was the only thing that could get you out of the slums in the world so you rarely ever hear people complain about it but every now and then came a rich privileged kid that didn’t like the corpo life they had been thrown into. You hate to ever say you relate to any kind of rich kid but in this case you got it. You understood but the last thing you wanted to do was to get emotional over it, so you decided to continue with your questions.
“I don't need to ask any questions about the type of accommodation you’ll need as you said you're already living somewhere.” You looked at him when he didn’t reply straight away. He appeared shocked that you’d just continued with your questioning. “Taehyung?”
“Yeah, I live in the east quarter.” He shook his head, and that same, returning smug face came back once more. 
The east quarter. That was one of the richest areas in the city. He really would have been perfect in the corporations. They didn’t need to be clever or even wise. They just needed to have good enough status to keep themselves respected.
“Okay. So, when it comes to sex, we need to know all your dos and don’ts. What are some of your dos? What do you enjoy sexually?”
Gone was the smug Taehyung who joined you when you came to your office, replaced with a now shy boy in front of you. He was giving you whiplash with all the personalities he was showing you. You’d only been in his presence for about half an hour, and you already felt like you’d seen every side of him you could. He had a duality that not many people could emulate.
“Taehyung, now's not the time to go shy, okay? You’re going to be talking about sex here and I need your answers.”
He nodded his head and took a deep breath. The shy side of him was still present but seemed to be dwindling away a little bit with every second that passed.
“I’m... I like everything.” 
You heard him cough a little. You enjoyed watching him try to grab on to his bearings. When you interviewed people, it was rarely about what they liked and what they didn’t - even though you did need to know these things - and more about seeing how they dealt in these types of situations of outwardly talking about sex. It was a good way of seeing how comfortable they are.
“I need specifics, Taehyung. What really gets you going? I need to be able to match you with clients if I do decide to give you the job.”
“I like...” You could see him thinking. He seemed unsure about telling you. You sat back and waited, not prepared to help him out. 
“I like strong, powerful women who aren’t scared of putting me in my place. One who can knock me back a peg or two.” He stared at you with every word, still seeming shy, but also appearing to try and get a point across. When you noticed a mischievous glint in his eye, realisation hit.
You ignored his implications, not willing to let his words affect you. Visually, anyways. You couldn’t help the way his deeper-than-usual voice, mixed in with his suggestive words, affected your thoughts. 
“I meant more like… kinks, or specific sexual acts. Do you like sex toys? Anal? Rough BDSM? Love making? That kind of thing.”
“I’ll try anything once. I like to serve people, to make them feel good. Sex toys... yeah, I guess? But I’d rather do it myself. Anal is cool, too. If somebody wants to me to fuck them rough, I will. If they want me to make love to them, I’m willing to give it a go.”
“So are you more submissive or dominant?”
“Whatever they want.”
You raised your eyebrows as you noted everything he was saying down. A hard switch. You didn't have many male switches that worked here. Most men either wanted to completely submit or completely dominate. There was rarely an in-between.
“Any hard no’s?”
“If I find any, I’ll let you know.”
"Taehyung, the clients here tend to want some... very specific things. You saying you're okay with anything opens you up to worlds you've probably never known."
You weren’t surprised by his nonchalant reaction. People who had never been in this industry always had such a know-it-all attitude about sex, thinking they’d seen everything they possibly could to do with sex. The reality was that none of them had ever seen such a wide variety like what this place had to offer. You'd been in this game long enough to know some of the weird and wonderful things people may ask for, and you’d made it your job to provide as much of it as you deemed acceptable.
“I’ve had enough sex to know I enjoy pretty much everything you can throw at me. I’m willing to bend to anybody’s desires. In fact-” that smirk was back on his face, -“that's what gets me off  the most.” The way he looked at you, his head moving around, slightly laughing while his eyes stayed firmly gazing into your own sexuality as lust started radiating from his aura.
Taehyung's confidence seemed to be coming back and for that you were glad but you couldn’t help but worry he was making himself appear to be perfect for the job manipulating your perception of him.
All you wanted was to make more money, to be able to open up more floors and take more people in and give them somewhere to live, stopping you from having to be so picky. You’d  promised you would do everything you could to make that possible, but never before had you considered taking somebody on purely because of their sex appeal. What would people think if you took somebody on who wasn’t struggling? Would people think you had turned your back on those who needed you? All those questions ran around in your head as you debated taking him on. 
Would he really be worth it?
“Please Miss A. I want somewhere to belong.” He was back to begging and puppy eyes,, the same face that made you bring him to your office in the first place. “I can really see myself belonging here.”
“Taehyung, go back down to the first floor, and I’ll give you an answer within the hour.”
He nodded his head. You were unable to read his expression as he left for the elevator, pressing the button that took him back down to the entrance hall. You had been a second away from giving him the job, but you couldn’t give in that thoughtlessly. You really needed to weigh out your options, make sure that what you were about to do was the right thing. That’s why you had to send him away, you needed to give yourself time to think. 
You sat there, reading over the notes you’d taken, considering everything you knew about him thus far. You decided to start writing a list of pros and cons. 
Not being able to understand him was a big one for you. You had fifty sex workers on each floor, a hundreds of them all together, and each one of them you knew like a friend. You knew everything you needed to know about them and you could read them all like a book. It wasn’t a controlling thing; it was a business thing. 
Wasn't in need meaning he wasn’t as serious about this as everybody else.
Was a bit arrogant.
Could damage your reputation
Couldn’t read him at all.  
You had to know what they were like for safety reasons. How they would react to certain interactions, for example, or if they were hiding things from you. All that you did was for their own good, even if they didn’t always know it. 
Everything else would have a solution, if you thought hard enough about it. But your lack of knowing his motives was something you couldn’t overlook, as you wrack your brain you go on to listing the positives.
He's sexy as hell. 
He would take a lot of money for the club.
 His sexual preferences are flexible. His way with words. 
Bring in a much higher amount of female clientele.
There was simply no denying any of that. He would be the most attractive man in the house for sure, and with him around, you knew he could make money for the place if he really was as good as he portrayed. Then it hit you. Just because he was sexy didn’t mean he was any good at sex. It meant nothing. Sure, he could get you riled up but could he really deliver on any of his promises? 
Your pros and cons were equal. This had to be your way of finding out; you needed to set a challenge for him. He wasn't in need, so if the only reason you’re going to take him on is due to his sexual prowess, he needs to prove he has it. You called down to Jin on the front desk, giving it a few seconds before he answered the phone laughing, voice happy. He really was perfect for your front of house. 
“Yes, madam. How may I be helping you?” 
You couldn’t help but laugh at his joking over-formality. He always had a way of perking your spirits up when you were in a stressful situation. 
“Jin, could you send Taehyung up in about twenty minutes?”
“Twenty? He’s already been sitting down here for fifteen. What’s taking you so long?”
He was full of sass, and if he was anybody else, you’d have cursed him out, but you knew he was saying it in complete jest.
“Shut up and just do as I say.”
You laughed back at him as he dismissed you.
“Well, of course. Oh, and... would I be completely out of place to say this guy might not fit the bill but my god he's hot as hell.”
He just laughed as you put the phone down, it was around your closest friends you could reject the business woman aura and let your guard down. They always knew what you were thinking, Jin's words echoing the ones in your head for the last half an hour.
You can always go to them when you need to forget and hide and just be the softer version of yourself.  As the place got bigger, people started talking. A lot of people didn’t like what you were doing, taking people away from their pimps, making it harder for someone to just pick and take anybody they wanted. The corporations also weren’t a fan of yours, as you were always talking badly about their effects on the environment. You were classed as a rebel, a part of the resistance against the rich people, but then, that never stopped them from coming to you when they wanted to get their rocks off. They used your services because you’d left them with little other choice, and for that, you were proud. 
That's why you assigned your employees and yourself a letter. If someone worked for you, they didn’t work for you with their real name. You went with the alphabet system because that's what you -Miss A-, Tanvi - B - and Namjoon - C - always went by when you were younger. They were your code names when you used to steal things to get by. 
None of you had family growing up so you had to find other ways to survive without that support.  You named yourselves after your mother’s favourite song, something about “A-B-C as being as easy as one, two, three,”… It was at least a hundred years old, but you always remembered her singing that part, so it just stuck with you, stuck with your friends, and then it stuck with the workers in your club as you decided to just keep running down the alphabet. It has worked so far, so why change? Jin, Kris and everybody else who worked in your immediate staff work under the name of their assigned letter.
As you sat there, remembering your mother, you were interrupted by the elevator opening and Taehyung appearing once more. 
Had it really been twenty minutes already?
“Why? Have you been counting down the minutes until you saw me again?”
It was like he’d heard your thoughts...Wait, had you said that out loud? 
You groaned to yourself in annoyance, and this time his smirk slightly annoyed you as he sat back down in front of you, clearly thinking the job was going to be given to him easily. Oh, how silly he was to think it would be that simple.
“So, I've weighed out all the pros and cons, and basically, you seem to be all talk.” You said everything in a matter-of-fact manner, but his face didn’t seem to change at all. Taehyung still seemed confident, yet once again he was completely unreadable as you continued talking. 
“If you want the job, you’re going to have to put your money where your mouth is and prove you can actually get somebody off.”
He smiled the widest grin as he looked at you, sliding his hand across the table to grab yours, and you chuckled, realising exactly what he thought you wanted him to do. 
You retracted your hand before he could even get close to you.
“Not that. Not even a little bit, Taehyung.” You pointed toward the phone on your desk. That got his attention. 
His eyes were wider than usual and his mouth slightly parted as he looked at you as if you’d stolen his last cookie. He followed your hand towards the phone, still looking confused. “Here at deepest indulgence, we try to give every service possible. That includes, amongst many other things… phone sex.” 
Taehyung looked back and forth between you and the phone, mouth still agape and eyes questioning. “You’re going to take our next call and prove that you’re really worthy of working here.”
You pressed a button on the phone and it turned purple.
You sat there and folded your arms, leaning back in your chair.
There was something you enjoyed about the power you held over him. He looked so unsure. Two seconds ago, he looked ready to fuck you, thinking that was what you were asking for, but now you were asking for something he hadn’t expected, Taehyung looked like a deer caught in headlights. 
You couldn’t believe how sexy he was at your mercy. God, he really would be good for the house. You suddenly wanted to try and make it slightly easier for him after realising you were being a bit harsh, part of you wanting him to do well. Usually before people did this, you would guide and help them, but you’d wanted to see what Taehyung could do on his own. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t give him a little help. You sat forward in your seat, trying to relax him a little bit.
“Basically, next time the phone rings, you answer. Make the customer feel comfortable with what they’re doing and take it from there.”
Taehyung gulped and nodded his head, eyes still wide as he looked at you. ‘His nervousness was cute, but somehow, he was still so sexy at the same time.
A few seconds passed by and then the phone started to ring. 
You couldn’t help the snide smile you gave as you tried not to laugh. Really, you didn’t want to seem evil, but you were enjoying having power over him. Taehyung could have easily said no and left, but his willingness to go through with it made you closer to hiring him than not. He touched the phone, adorned a smile, and lifted it towards his ear.
You were shocked. His voice was deep normally, but when he answered the phone, it was so much deeper, so sexy, and laced with a sultry tone. He’d done this before, no doubt about it. You sat back in your chair once again, listening to his side of the conversation.
“No, no, it’s okay baby, don’t feel shy. Do you mind me calling you baby?”
Asking what the client wants? Perfect. A very good start.
“Of course I can call you that, Mommy. Want me to be your baby boy?”
Fuck, his voice was so attractive. His entire persona had slipped into one that you could only describe as unwavering confidence. He gave off an energy of pure sex that was contagiuous, even to you. You’d pride yourself on not getting riled up by much, especially considering everything you’d been surrounded with in your life, but the way he said ‘Mommy’ and the expression on his face as he looked towards the wall was driving you crazy.
“Yes Mommy, I’ve been so bad. What should I do to make it up to you?”
He was so good. You bit your bottom lip while you listened. You didn’t notice him turn to look at you.
“I wanna do everything for you, Mommy. I could kiss you - touch you. If you’d let me, I’d love to pleasure your pussy.”
The moan that escaped your lips was involuntary as he said the last sentence, staring directly into your eyes. He still had the same boxy-smile on his face, but by the looks of him, he was mocking you by biting his own lip, obviously noticing you had done the same. His shaggy hair was in his face as he shook his head while winking at you. 
Fuck, he’d made you wet so easily. You were very soon jealous of whoever was getting to lead the conversation with him on the other end of the phone. 
“Oh, you do Mommy?. You want me to service your tight little pussy? Fuck, it’d be my pleasure. Go on Mommy, show me your pussy, please.”
He pleaded into your eyes, every word filling your ears and you unintentionally pretended they were meant for you. Something told you that every word really was meant for you. Taehyung sat closer to you, leaning into the desk, motioning for you to come closer too. You knew you shouldn’t have, but you couldn’t seem to control your curiosity.
As you got close enough to his reach, he pulled you in even closer, tucking his face into your neck, phone to your ear so you could fully hear the conversation on both ends. You just missed what the woman said before, but you clearly heard Taehyung reply.
“Yes Mommy, looks like it tastes so good. I'm gonna kiss your pussy now, okay? Just picture me kissing it all over. Tell me what you like, Mommy.”
You and the woman on the other end of the phone gave the same gasp, and Taehyung chuckled as he wetly kissed the side of your neck. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he continued his assault on your skin, making loud sucking and licking noises. If it was anybody else, you'd hate the noises he made, but something about Taehyung being the one to make them made your pussy so wet. You did everything you could to not make any noise, knowing the person on the phone would hear you straight away. You could hear her moan, but she was the last thing you were thinking about then.
“You hear that, Mommy?”
Taehyung made a particularly loud wet sound by sucking on your neck. He was giving you a hickey. You hadn’t had a hickey since you were a teenager - you saw them as childish, but as he did this to you, you found yourself running your hand through his hair. 
“That's how good I think your pussy tastes. So wet, I can't help but slurp it all up.”
The sounds he made were no less than dirty and filthy, and you loved every second of it. 
Taehyung had to have the job. There was no way you could let him go after this. He had cracked a resolve you’d been building up for years to a point where all you wanted to do was push your fingers in your pussy just from his words. If he could do that to you, then he could ruin some of your clients. You stopped thinking when his mouth travelled further up to your ear, pushing his head still closer to you.
“Fuck yes, I just wanna make you cum Mommy. Will you let me make you cum?”
The woman on the other end of the phone started moaning loudly and you were so jealous that she was able to play with herself over his voice. You wanted to reach in your now wet, dripping panties and start rubbing your clit because of his words. Your whole body felt like it was on fire as you grabbed his hair tighter, letting out a little whimper. 
“Fuck yeah, Mommy, I love it so much. Cum for me, please.”
The moans were just getting louder and louder from the phone and you couldn’t blame her. If it was possible, you’d cum from his words alone. What he was saying and the voice he was using was all just so sexy. 
Such a deep voice belonged to a dominant, but hearing it in such a submissive way nearly made you cum there and then. It’d been so long since you had orgasmed, he’d be able to do it with just a flick to your clit, and you closed your eyes and pictured it. You pictured his long slender fingers working their way over your clit, and your body felt electric. You were breathing so loud that you had to throw a hand over your mouth to stop yourself being audible. You squeezed your eyes shut, focussing on his hot breath currently against your neck, his hair tickling the side of your face, and the image of his fingers dancing over your pussy.
“You cum tastes so good. Fuck, yes, keep cumming on my mouth Mommy. Let me taste it all. Fuck yes, scream louder for me.”
And she did. The woman shrieked as Taehyung kept himself planted next to your ear.
He whispered sweet nothings as he let her come down from her high, and you again pretended that they were for you. Your body calmed down slightly as the conversation came to a gentle end, and Taehyung put the phone down, still pressing himself against your neck and kissing it. It was only when he moved his lips up to start kissing the shell of your ear that you pushed him back, holding one hand still against your mouth and your other against your neck, laughing out of pure disbelief at your situation.
Taehyung reached out to you again, pulling you toward him, connecting your mouths. He bit your bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it, hard.
“Wanna make you cum so bad, Mommy. Let me make you cum.”
Can't let this happen.
You pushed Taehyung away. 
You wished to God you weren’t sensible, wished that you could just let him take you and do what he wanted with you, but you couldn’t. You’d be risking too much. If you slept with him now and then gave him a job, it would look too dodgy on your behalf. You were already going out on a limb giving him the job in the first place; there was no way it would look good if sex was involved. People would think that was your entire reason for employing him, and you wouldn’t destroy your reputation over desire. You’d worked too hard to do that.
“Taehyung. I don’t fuck new workers.”
You were scared Taehyung would take it badly.  You’d just let him mark your neck while he made the most sinful sounds in your ear, and you’d whimpered for him. Now you were telling him you couldn’t do anything with him.
You sounded like a tease, but you weren’t in your right mind beforehand. You were overcome with lust, but now you could bring yourself back to reality, even if reality was screaming at you ‘even if reality was screaming at you to just give over to him.
To your surprise, Taehyung kept the smile on his face even in rejection, and that just made you want to kiss him even more.
“You mean I can work here? You’re going to take me on?”
Did he really think for a second that after that, you weren’t going to give him the job? Was he crazy?
“Yes, Taehyung, you got the job. Come in tomorrow so we can get you fully tested and checked out. You’ll start on the phones for now until you’ve worked your way up to when we know you can be trusted.”
He beamed a smile that you hadn’t seen since you met him in your entrance hall, and it made you melt. You needed to get over this. Quickly. 
You’d slept with people here before. You were still their boss, though, and everything was always professional, and you made sure it stayed that way even after sex. You were a woman who had needs, and what better place to get your needs met than here? That's what you said to everybody else, so why wouldn’t you do it yourself? 
But Taehyung was something new.
He was different than anybody you had hired in the past; you didn’t want to bring more attention to him than you knew there already would be. That... and you weren’t sure if you could keep it professional if he was as good in bed as he was at talking dirty in your ear.
“Thank you. Thank you so much, Miss A.”
“You’re welcome, Taehyung.”
He stood up and made his way toward the elevator for the last time that day. He smiled at you as his finger hovered over the button.
“Can I just ask one thing?”
You looked at him and nodded your head once, not really trusting yourself with what you’d say to a man that you wanted to fuck, who was about to leave your office. The temptation to ask him to stay was incredible.
“What's your real name?”
You blushed a little. You didn’t give out your real name to most people, but something didn’t want to stop you from telling Taehyung.
“It’s _____.” 
His smile for a second turned to a smirk as he looked and winked at you.
‘“I can’t wait to work with you closer, _____, until I’m not longer a… ‘new worker’”
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chateautae · 19 days ago
maybe i do | kth. XIII
Tumblr media
➵ summary : maybe you love each other, maybe you don’t. when a deal between your fathers leaves you forcefully wedding kim taehyung, arguably seoul’s most powerful CEO, you’re prepared for a loveless marriage of eternal regret and unhappiness. but maybe, it doesn’t turn out that way after all.
↳  part of the high-class series!
➵ pairing : taehyung x reader
➵ genre : arranged marriage!au, ceo!tae, s2l!au, eventual smut, fluff, angst
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 37k
➵ warnings : swearing, alcohol consumption, ANGST!!, depictions of physical confrontation, violence and injury (none are extreme), depictions of depression, anxiety and despair (please read with caution if this is triggering to you), mentions of online, in-person hate, insulting language and death threats (not extreme nor explicitly detailed), hard dom!tae, spitting, manhandling, pussy slapping, spanking, degradation but praising?, heavy petting, pain kink, brief pussy eating, choking, hair-pulling, angry sex, rough sex, brief male oral, so much cum play, cum tasting, top drop scene, breast fondling, nipple play, biting, loads of pussy fondling, love-making, slow but passionate sex, honestly this chapter is kinda painful but i promise it has a happy ending <3
➵ a/n :  OOF SHE’S ARRIVED!! gosh this chapter really kicked my ass and made me overthink it’s content and i even tried a different writing style so i kept doubting it, it’s been a long journey~ i’m so sad thinking the next chapter will be the last, but these babies really had a great run, please enjoy this mess as usual 💓 thank you to my lovely wife and beta-reader @hantaev​ as always 🥺 and feedback means the world to me <3
➵ playlist : ilysb (stripped) by lany, pillowtalk by zayn
Tumblr media
chapter thirteen : “i had already reached the shore”
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Tumblr media
“What the fuck are you doing to her?!”
The next punch Taehyung lands is so harsh, Hisung nearly tumbles back at the mighty force. He’s winded and disoriented, and the blood trailing from his nose is a telltale sign that Taehyung must have broken it.
The sheer amount of violence in such a small frame of time rattles your bones, afraid for Taehyung’s safety as you jut out for him, but you’re immediately stopped by some of Taehyung’s personnel. The particularly tall, leaner one you’ve come to know as Seojoon holds you back, all while trembling panic spreads across your chest.
“Mrs. Kim, you can’t go!”
“I don’t care, that’s my husband!” 
You fearfully watch as Taehyung dodges a hit from Hisung and nabs him by his collar, only pulling him closer to sock another punch that bloodies Taehyung’s knuckles. Hisung falters, and Taehyung’s voice roars the second he gains enough time. 
“Seojoon, take the rest and get Y/N out of here!” But you immediately scream your protests, fear bubbling in your stomach the second you see drops of crimson blood on his once spotless suit. 
“No! I’m not leaving you Tae!” 
“What the fuck did I say? Get her out of here!” 
But as Taehyung is turned around and instructing orders, Hisung’s already regained himself enough to hurtle at Taehyung. He takes the compromising hit, and nearly tramples to the ground as your worry sky rockets, Hisung grasping him in his grip.
“Taehyung!” You scream, you scream and you scream his name because it’s the only thing you know, because your fear is so overwhelming, though the terrifying possibility of Taehyung getting hurt is what overrides your system. “Taehyung! Let me go, please. Let me go and stop them, somebody stop them!” 
Taehyung escapes the hold, having shoved Hisung off far enough they’re both leveled again, Taehyung huffing and puffing with anger as Hisung tastes the blood in his mouth, spitting some out. 
“Seems those anger issues haven’t changed, have they, Taehyungie?” 
“What the fuck do you want?” Taehyung spits pure venom, fury festering into an infection that taints his entire headspace. “What the fuck were you doing to her?” 
“Nothing much,” Hisung shrugs, having the audacity to laugh as crimson blood paints his teeth. “Though I gotta say, you’ve got yourself a feisty girl.. Feels good when she puts up a fight.” 
Taehyung’s entire sense of logic snaps, lunging forward with a hand that holds Hisung steady and the other swinging a direct hit. Hisung eats it, but also earns the chance to grab Taehyung’s wrist and tug him forcefully forward, unbalancing him and Hisung’s own shocking fist lands a punch. 
You watch with horror, kicking and shouting at the few men around you to say something, do something as you uselessly fight for your freedom. 
“No! Stop it, don’t hurt him!” 
You beg and you plead, the wound on Taehyung’s cheek ripping your heart out of your chest, pushing and shoving at Seojoon to stop moving you and fucking let you go. 
Taehyung rapidly floods with even more anger, and you don’t recognize this person anymore. There’s rage there you’ve never once seen before, a bull with no sight but his target in front, and your chest only swarms with more trepidation. “Taehyung, please, come back! Just stop!” 
But he swiftly ignores you and violently shoves Hisung back, letting him wind up for another hit but Taehyung ducks and grabs hold of his shoulders, driving a knee into his gut that doubles over his victim. Taehyung stares down at the man with pure rage, ordering once again to you and guards that standby with such a stable, terrifying tone, it’s almost scarier than when he yells. 
“Get my wife out of here, or I don’t spare a fucking soul.” 
Taehyung’s guards immediately falter with fear, snapping each other alarming looks as Seojoon uses more force to pull you back, rounding the car with you as you profusely fight. 
“No, no! I’m not leaving him.. I’m not leaving him, Taehyung!” 
You struggle and fight, your strength barely enough to combat any of their force, but your adrenaline, your sheer worry for Taehyung drives you forward. You watch as Hisung resupplies himself air, injured and coughing as he addresses Taehyung above. 
“You’re really this bent up over a girl, Taehyungie? Last time I saw you this angry was when your family busted your little Picasso scheme.” Something ticks inside Taehyung, and he immediately grabs Hisung by his arm. He shoves him up against the nearest concrete wall, contorting the limb in a way it definitely shouldn’t be against his back.
“What the fuck did you do to her, huh? Spit it out before I snap your arm in two.” 
“Didn’t do much of anything, to be honest. We just had a lil’ chat,” Hisung actually acquires the boldness to be obnoxiously cocky, flitting his sight over to you as he sends a little wave. “Didn’t we, Mrs. Kim?”
Taehyung rapidly slams Hisung against the cement wall, bending his arm so violently he’s seconds from dislocating his shoulder. “Tell me what the fuck you told her, you jackass. Why’d you go after her?!” 
Hisung spits more blood to the side, chuckling as though this was amusing to him. “Everyone knows, you fucking asshole. Your marriage.. we know that shit’s not real.” 
Taehyung’s brows pinch together, confused as all hell. “What the fuck?” 
“You don’t remember, Taehyungie? Shit, nice to know you’re still dumb as fuck.” 
Taehyung neglects mercy and this time turns Hisung around, lunging a hand towards his throat and choking him against the wall without a sliver of patience, the volume of his voice rattling. “Tell me!” 
“I found the dirt...” Hisung struggles to speak, grabbing at Taehyung’s wrist but it’s no use. “I know about the deal.. I know why you married her.. and everyone else knows too.” 
Taehyung’s eyes soften with shock, realization dawning all over his features before he wakes himself out of it, anger draping him over once again. “You’re fucking pathetic, you know that? What does any of this have to do with her? Why’d you involve her?!” 
“Because I knew it’d hurt you the most, fucking idiot.”
Taehyung increases the power of his grip, so blinded by rage he can’t see anymore, can’t even hear the way you scream and cry for him to stop. 
“Taehyung, stop this, Just stop! He’s not worth it!” 
But in all that chaos, Hisung manages to kick Taehyung off balance and weakens his chokehold, earning the chance to tackle Taehyung to the ground.
He lands on the pavement, trying to regain himself but Hisung doesn’t waste a second. He uses his advantage to brutally kick Taehyung, who attempts to block the hit but unfortunately takes it. You immediately let out a terrified shrill, fighting profusely. “No! Stop it, stop!” 
“You’re calling me pathetic? You’re the one that needed to fucking fake a marriage!” 
“Get the fuck off me, you didn’t need to involve her! You were never supposed to go near her!” 
Now your panic has reached its limit, watching as Taehyung loses strength and Hisung drives his foot into his ribs so harshly, he lets out a pained grunt. 
“You really think nobody was gonna find out your little marriage was a scam? That you’ve got yourself a little fucking gold digger?” 
Taehyung practically sneers back as he swings his own foot to violently kick his knee in. “Leave her out of this, what do you want from me!”
You finally fight just enough to break out of the guard’s hold, your once heavy feet bolting across the pavement as you watch Hisung draw back for another hit. 
“You’ll never understand!” You hear him yell, but just as he’s about to kick Taehyung yet again, you immediately join him on the ground and protect his body. You shield him in a reckless instant, fearful eyes flashing to Hisung as you beg him with everything you have. 
“Stop it, stop! Stop hurting him!” 
Hisung halts, panting profusely as Taehyung immediately props himself on an arm and hugs your body with the other, clutching you worriedly. 
“Princess, stop, it’s okay-” 
“No, no! Just stop it,” You cry, angry eyes flashing to Hisung. “Don’t fucking touch him!” 
Hisung stares at your entangled bodies still enraged. His eyes locked with Taehyung’s that are blanketed with crimson anger, threatening the man. 
“Hurt her… and I won’t let you live.” 
Hisung registers the seriousness in Taehyung’s voice, letting up as he retracts his leg. You can feel Taehyung vibrating with anger underneath you, but the sight of blood staining his once impeccable suit, replaying the images of him being kicked and his split knuckles, it all comes crashing down on you. You shake profusely as you sob into Taehyung’s chest, so worried for his well-being, so scared and afraid of everything that’s transpired, it’s your only meek response. 
Taehyung’s body is buzzing with adrenaline, his hands are numb and his torso aches like a bitch, knowing damn well Hisung must’ve left bruises on him. But sadly enough, it’s not any of those things that hurt Taehyung,  it’s rather the devastating sound of you crying on top of him, hugging him so tightly while shaking terribly that alarms him. 
Taehyung realizes this was a waste of his time, a useless fight that only caused so much more damage, and has only left you possibly suffering from a panic attack. Taehyung props off the ground and sits up entirely, wrapping both his arms around you and squeezing you comfortingly, attempting to hush your cries. 
“Shh, Princess. It’s okay.. shh.” 
“Why… why’d you do that..” You cry and you cry, your tears staining his clothes. Each second that passes by Taehyung hears your sobs, his heart tears itself into measly pieces, feeling nothing but guilt that he didn’t think of you, and only acted so impulsively. 
“I’m sorry, angel.. I’m so sorry.” 
But you’re too overwhelmed, tears escaping your eyes as you hyperventilate, and Taehyung can only hug you tighter, feeling tears prick his own and praying you won’t have a full-blown attack, let alone have him be the cause of one. 
Hisung watches the ordeal with mixed, indistinguishable emotions, but before he can even speak, Taehyung’s guards immediately snatch up his arms, restraining him. He protests and fights, catching Taehyung’s attention as his empty, distraught eyes meet him. 
“You have no idea..” Taehyung’s voice shakes with anger, “what you just did.” He’s done with playing these games now, and Taehyung’s formidable look alone tells anyone he’s not kidding in the slightest.
Hisung’s attempting to elbow someone when he spits. “That was the point, jackass.” 
“It’s not just about me, motherfucker.” Taehyung’s eyes flit down to you spilling tears on his chest, body dangerously convulsing as you clutch him like he’s your only lifeline, and his heart shatters into more agonizing pieces. “It’s her, too… you don’t understand..” Taehyung loses the strength to speak.
“You don’t understand what’ll happen to her.” 
“Does it look like I give a shit?” Hisung argues. “She’s a gold-digger, wake the fuck up, Kim. She only wants your money just like every other broad that ever wants us.” 
“There’s no us,” Taehyung maintains his anger, using every ounce of his self-control to not let it craze him. He puffs angrily, anguished, pained eyes meeting his once best friend, who he once called his brother. 
“Why her... why’d you have to hurt her?” Taehyung almost let tears escape his eyes, the urgent situation now dawning on him. Everyone knew, everyone knew you were simply an add-on to a business deal, that he never loved you when he first met you, that everything you had in the beginning was a lie, everything was fake, and his family must be quaking in their boots right now. 
And God, he can’t imagine what’ll happen to you. 
“You could’ve done anything.. fucking anything else to me,” Taehyung implores with agony, his voice breaking. “My company, my family, my fucking money...  anything but her.” 
“This is what you deserve for tormenting me for years. Making me live in your shadow like some second-rate choice.” Hisung makes an effort to fight off Taehyung's guards, though only loses the battle as police and authorities make their way to the scene. “And now she gets the consequence of that, this is your fault.” 
Taehyung’s tired now, worn out and debilitated, he can’t even look the bastard in the face without feeling an angry acid bubble in his chest. He shakes his head with a dry scoff. “Get him the fuck out of my face, I never want to see him again.” 
And with that, Taehyung watches as Hisung’s protests are shut down by his personnel. The only upsetting thing he has left to do is stroke your hair as he holds you, all while police sirens blare in the background, and your sad tears fall against Taehyung’s chest.
Tumblr media
It’s been fifteen minutes, and you haven’t uttered a word to Taehyung. 
For fifteen minutes, he watched you search for the nursing kit in your bathroom, seated him on your bed, knelt down before him and swabbed alcohol over his split knuckles, cleaning his wounds precariously. All while tears silently cascaded down your cheeks, and you attempted to sniffle them away. 
His heart repeatedly kept breaking into millions of pieces, this excruciating pain constricting his chest, begging you from the inside to talk to him, to tell him something, say something. 
“Princess.. please say something.” 
“No, don’t call me princess right now.” Taehyung’s heart sinks into his stomach as he endures the sting of your words, watching you intake a deep breath as you focus on the scabs forming over his beat-up knuckles. 
“Baby, please.. talk to me.” 
“There’s nothing to say.” You curtly respond, your heart clenching every time your mind flashes with images of the fight, Taehyung’s red hot anger and the hits he took, his ripped knuckles already evoking your tears. 
“Please tell me, baby,” he implores for what could’ve been the fifth time. “What did he say to you?”
“I know it’s not nothing, Y/N. Please tell me something.” 
You only respond with silence, taking gauze bandage and securing it around his injuries as he tries again. “What did he say to you, Jagiya?” 
You sniffle, more tears spilling from your eyes as you revisit the cruel things Hisung spat at you. “Everything I already know.” 
Taehyung’s chest cinches, the pain he can feel right now is agonizing, smothering his heart as he worries for you. He gulps, voice wavering when he asks, “did he touch you?” 
He juts out his hand to cradle your cheek, but you immediately avoid his touch, composing the foreignness that taints your body right now, as if you could still feel Hisung on you. 
Taehyung’s expression falls once he sees that, and falters once he understands what may have happened. 
You attempt to swallow back tears, believing you could be strong right now, that you can emotionally handle seeing two people fight and that your husband ultimately did what was right, yet, your heart shakes in your chest. Your body feels unsettled, scared as the images keep flashing in your mind. You cry harder, small sobs escaping your throat as you try to wipe your tears away, but your vision only becomes blurier. 
Taehyung’s lungs fill with agony, tears filling his own vision. “Baby..” 
“Why’d you do that, Taehyung? Why?” 
He knits his brows together as if to challenge how that’s a question, answering pressingly. “Y/N, I saw him so close to you.. so close to touching you and I couldn’t.. I didn’t see anything clearly at all, okay?” He detailed desperately. “I don’t know what it was.. but it was like.. I knew something was wrong. I could hear you calling for me.. I knew you needed me.” 
“That’s not an excuse, Taehyung.” 
“An excuse?” Taehyung exasperates. “Princess, he was touching you.. touching my wife and I’ll be fucking damned if I kept letting him do so.” 
“But Tae.. look at you.” You weep as you finish with the bandaging around his hand, and you call attention to his exposed torso, his white dress shirt stained with blood hanging open against his body, and you see the painful bruises that bloomed across his abs and ribs. “You didn’t deserve this.. you didn’t deserve this at all.. it’s my fault. It’s my fault you got hurt.” 
Sobs escape you as you fit your crying eyes into your hands, Taehyung merely subjected to watching you. His chest is pierced through with a knife, the pain too unbearable.  “Oh baby.. this isn’t your fault. This isn’t your fault at all.” 
Taehyung immediately secures his hands underneath your arms and pulls you up, embracing you with all his warmth no matter the pain he feels doing so. You fall into his neck, weeping senselessly and without pause. Taehyung feels your body shake, and it takes every ounce of his being to not entirely break into two. 
“Baby, please.. please stop crying.” Taehyung pleads as his voice weakens, clutching you desperately. “It breaks my fucking heart.” 
You sniffle as you attempt to collect yourself, finding the fickle strength to say something. “I’m sorry.. I should’ve.. I should’ve been stronger.. I should’ve fought him off better-” 
“No, no. Don’t say that to me.” Taehyung squeezes you tighter, hand snug in your hair as yours remain tucked in between your squished bodies. “You did so well. Y/N. I’m proud of you, I’m so proud of how strong you were, baby.” 
“I was such a coward, Taehyung. I should’ve done more, I’m so sorry.” 
“Y/N, please, I beg of you..” You swear you could hear Taehyung sniffling as moisture floods his eyes, throat closing up as he speaks brokenly. “Please stop saying sorry. You were so strong.. my baby’s so strong.” 
The room fills with your crying as you release everything, the fear, the anxiety, the sheer trepidation filling your bones considering everything the bastard spewed out. You and Taehyung were in danger you couldn’t even measure yet, filling you with anxiety. 
“This is only my fault, Princess.” Taehyung declares. “I fought him because I was so angry, I was so scared for your safety I couldn’t even see anymore.” His palm finds the back of your head, stroking your hair gently. 
“You know you mean everything to me, right? I had to protect you.. I’ll do anything for you, I don’t care what happens to me.” Taehyung desperately implores, hugging your shaking figure tighter to hopefully quell the amount in which you quiver. 
You finally find some sort of calm within yourself, settling down as you lose the strength to cry anymore. You lift off his neck, your bloodshot, mascara-ridden eyes falling to Taehyung as you sniffle away your sorrow, hand combing through his hair. “Thank you, Taehyung. You didn’t have to.. I can’t-I can’t say thank you enough.” 
Taehyung’s teary eyes smile, as though it was funny you had to thank him for something so simple. 
“Of course, my Princess.” He laughs a little with liquid pooling his lashes, running a hand through your hair as you lean your cheek into his touch in the most gentle of ways. He brings his nose before yours, and lightly nudges you before finding your forehead, thumb stroking your cheek. “Anything for you.” 
You sit comfortably in his lap, being mindful of putting pressure on his wounds as you simply breathe through the quiet moment, soaking in his loving, warming presence. 
“I should be saying thank you to you.” Taehyung suddenly muses. “You threw yourself over me and protected me. You stopped the fight without a second thought and I..” He stops, needing to collect his emotions as he breaks away and merely searches your eyes, an eternity of love confessions swimming in them. “I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone else this much my entire life.” 
You smile, as if to say how could he be thanking you for such a simple thing. “Of course, Taehyung.” You whisper against his lips quietly, fingers weaved through the hair on the nape of his neck. 
“Anything for you.” 
His lips curve into a small smile, closing the space between you two. There’s a cut in his lip, but you don’t mind it at all, sealing your lips together for tender kisses. You break away to peck a small kiss to the cut, feeling an ache when you see the wounds on his cheek and lip, but he never reveals any of his pain. 
“What are we going to do.. Tae?” You ask him, a gentle thumb soothing his bruised cheek. “Everyone knows.. and your father-” 
“I know, he wants to see us tomorrow.” Taehyung swallows nervously. Taehyung’s father had called him on the way home, your husband leaving out the details of what he said, though the raised volume of his dad’s tone on the other end told you it was nothing good. 
He’s summoned you both to his study tomorrow morning, fear crawling up your stomach once you evaluate what this may have truly caused. You already know how strict Taehyung’s family reputation is, and immense guilt burrows into your heart once you consider you may have jeopardized the stable, steady relationship he’d spent years building up again. 
“What will we do.. I’m scared.” 
“Don’t be, sweetheart.” Taehyung calms you as he pulls you in for an embrace, injured hand caressing your hair. “Whatever we do, we’ll do it together.” 
Taehyung turns and kisses your hair deeply, taking his time in stroking your strands, feeling your body shake less. You pull away from him, sniffling away the last of your tears as you flit over his wounds, agony filling your chest again. 
You kiss the cut and bruise on his cheek, then kiss his cut lip delicately. Next, you disconnect his hands from your body, bringing them before your lips and kissing his ripped knuckles as softly you can, hoping it could lessen his pain. 
Your thumbs graze over the bandages you wrapped, pensively soothing them as you nibble on your lip, mind a mess of thoughts. 
“I love you no matter what, you know that?” Your peer up at Taehyung as you confess, heart aching as you hold his gaze. 
Taehyung pouts a little, almost sad. He removes his hands from yours and cups your cheeks, pulling you in for a kiss before he winds his arms around you, your head falling against his shoulder. 
“I love you more, Princess.” He rocks your entangled bodies softly, cradling you like a baby. His baby. And even if your mind still weighs heavy with Hisung’s insults, you know in your heart how much Taehyung feels for you, because his tight, warm hug alone speaks a million, reassuring words
“You know I do, and always will.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung squeezes your hand as you stand before his father’s dark, elm wood doors, restless in your spot. Your eyes flicker towards his, and Taehyung sees the small sight of fear, his irises softening 
“We’ll be fine, Princess. I promise.” Taehyung reassures and takes a deep breath for you, replicating it as you exhale carefully. 
“I’ll always protect you, remember?” You nod to him as he affirms with another squeeze. 
“I’ll protect you, too.” You echo him with a smaller voice, and he cracks a smile before painting on a composed expression, pushing open the grand door. 
This study is familiar to you, and yet it feels nerve-wracking to step aside, your eyes finding more people than just Taehyung’s father. You find his mother seated on a couch with your father across from her, not to mention your mother is also here. 
More than six months ago, you sat here with these same people, and even though you felt nervous then, nothing compared to the fear that sank into your bones this very instant. Your mother is here now, and you immediately swallow as anxiety bubbles in your chest.
 It was funny how the last time you’d step foot inside, you dreaded meeting a complete stranger and entering what you had believed to be a loveless marriage, dooming your life for all of eternity. 
And now, that same stranger you were introduced to squeezes your hand supportively as he steps in front of you protectively, not having noticed you cowered a little behind Taehyung’s frame at the sight of so many distraught eyes.
Taehyung’s the one who speaks up after clearing his throat, his voice powerful and confident. “Father.” 
His father doesn’t even spare him a look, seated in his chair behind his desk as he examines a shelf of his. “Come in.” Is all he says, and the sheer intensity of his tone alone calls for anyone in the room to submit to him. 
Now you know where Taehyung gets it from. 
You and Taehyung step inside further, showing your faces to all the occupants. It felt as though you and Taehyung were children being severely scolded by adults, which ironically was the situation at play when Taehyung’s father spoke, timbre aloof and cold. 
“Do you know why you’re both here?” 
You squeezed Taehyung’s hand, honest fear flooding you simply hearing the controlled anger in his father’s voice. You know Taehyung and his family already have a past of being in situations like this, and you were afraid of such events repeating once again. Not to mention destroying their current relationship. God knows how much suffering and hard work Taehyung had to endure restoring their bond, noticing full well it wasn’t entirely fixed. 
It never slipped past your attention that Taehyung always addressed his dad as ‘father’. 
“We’re quite knowledgeable, father.” 
“And do you have anything to say for yourself?” 
Taehyung swallows, tightening his jaw as he composedly speaks. “We’re aware of the news that’s gotten out, and I apologize deeply for it.”
“We, Taehyung.” You interject, correcting him with a hushed tone. “We sincerely apologize, Mr. Kim.” 
“Apologize..” Taehyung’s father actually laughs here, a dry, condescending sound. His eyes then dart to the two of you, and you also now see where Taehyung gets his intimidating stare from. 
“Do you think apologizing is going to fix this?” 
“No, son. You have no way of defending this,” his father’s voice roared in the room, the grand size causing an echo effect that worsened his rigid tone. “You had one job, Taehyung, one job. And that was to ensure nobody got wind of what the marriage was hiding.” 
Taehyung furrows his brows with offence. “My job was to also take care of my wife. I’m very confused as to why there’s so much hostility in this room.” 
“Because you and Y/N-ie should’ve been more careful, Taehyung-ah.” Your father’s the one who speaks this time, his tone not angry, though instead sounds disappointed. 
“What do you mean we should’ve been more careful, Mr. Min?” 
“It means we gave you two everything with this marriage, and yet this is how we’re repaid?” Taehyung’s mother also speaks with something akin to sadness, sorrow, as though her heart honestly aches.
“Father, you must know I never saw this coming.” Taehyung presents his case. “This was all Hisung’s doing, you know he has a vendetta against me.” 
“And you couldn’t counter it? Calculate the attack? How many times have I told you to always stay aware of malicious people wanting to harm Kim Enterprises? How many times have I told you to be a smarter CEO?!” 
Mr. Kim’s voice resonates in the room with an angry shrill, twitching as the sound rattles you. Taehyung shields your body as he squeezes your hand, requesting firmly. “Father, please don’t yell. You’re scaring Y/N.” 
“Ah, of course. Suddenly she matters more than what I have to say.” 
“Jae-in..” Taehyung’s mother tuts Mr. Kim, to which your father also interjects. 
“Mr. Kim, you know I’ve apologized on Y/N’s behalf-” 
“And I won’t accept it. My son should’ve been paying attention to his company and working hard to ensure its future success, yet there he was uselessly vacationing around with your daughter.” 
“Excuse me?” Taehyung cut in. “I was at the annual tech convention, father. That was work.” 
“And yet I see you on the cover of every tabloid lollygagging around and partying as though you hold no reputation? Jeopardizing the Kim family name for a girl you barely know?” 
“She’s not just some girl I barely know, father!” Taehyung suddenly raises his voice, capturing everyone’s attention. “You don’t know anything, alright? We’re genuinely in love.” 
Taehyung’s father scoffs, ticking his head to the side derisively. “Love. I told you to get married and have a wife, son. Not to waste your time with what you believe to be love.” 
“I am in love with her, father, and you don’t get to speak above my feelings anymore.” Taehyung immediately dismisses his father, to which he raises an audacious brow at his son’s attitude. Your husband turns to your father, pulling you forward encouragingly as you come out of hiding from behind him, letting Taehyung encircle an arm around you. 
“Mr. Min, I’m not lying when I say this.” Taehyung states with sincerity. “I apologize for any bad press, media or trouble at all I may have caused your daughter and your family. I mean it when I say my feelings for her are real, and I’ll do anything in my power to protect her.” 
“Is my presence being seen in this room at all, or am I a ghost?” Your mother finally has the audacity to speak, making you clench your hand in Taehyung’s, and he responds with his own squeeze. 
“Why aren’t you speaking, Y/N? Is your husband suddenly your representative?” She spits venom your way. “Stop troubling the Kim’s more than you already have.” 
“What do you mean I’ve troubled the Kim's, mother?” You question her. “This was because of Han Hisung, he did this.” 
Your mother laughs, the kind where it’s derisive and sarcastic. “Y/N, have you always been this intellectually-challenged?” 
You grow offended immediately, stepping forward to counter her but it’s rather Taehyung speaking up. “Mrs. Min. I understand this is our first time meeting, but with all due respect, don’t speak to my wife like that.” 
The room’s taken aback with surprise, your stunned mother attempting to stutter a remark. “What-what an insolent boy.” 
“Kim Taehyung, you watch your mouth.” His father threatens with a scold. 
“Son, you know that’s not how you speak to your elders.” His mother reminds him. 
“Then where’s your respect, huh?” Taehyung asks the room angrily. “Nobody has the right to speak to Y/N like that when none of this is even her fault, it’s mine.” 
“You truly believe none of this has to do with her?” Taehyung’s father queries with rage, and all you can do is remain silent with fear, the way he doesn’t even address you by your name, meaning he’s extremely upset with you. 
“It doesn’t. What did she even do that’s making you treat her like this?” Taehyung counters. 
Mr. Kim then rises from his seat, rapidly pulling out a drawer from his desk and accessing an unnamed portfolio. You watch him toss the folder over his desk and it lands flat against the coffee table, an abundance of photos suddenly spilling out. 
You feel bile instantaneously crawl up your stomach, Taehyung’s eyes widening as he mindlessly speaks. 
“Explain this then, son.”
The entire room is privy to images taken of the moment Alex confessed to you outside your work building, the angles and shots in which the photos are captured having caught every piercing detail of the interaction. You can see the way Alex looks at you, the way he holds your arm, your wrist, your face as he pleadingly confessed his feelings for you. 
And it all looks like incriminating evidence. 
“Do you even know how Han Hisung found any of this out? It was these photos. Apparently the media’s been keeping them due to our deal with the press but the Han’s offered them more money, and now the photos are being used to discredit your marriage.” Taehyung’s father explained through a locked jaw and angry eyes, Taehyung wetting his lips with frustration. 
“Son, what is this? Do you not understand how terrible this looks on your father? Our family? You?” Taehyung’s mother softly explained. 
“Y/N-ie, how could you do this to the Kim’s? I trusted you to be forthcoming and honest, to do a good job with this marriage and this is how it turns out? After all that I tried to do for you?” Your father upsettingly details as you fill with overbearing, sickening anxiety. 
“D-dad, you know I’d never…” Your voice wavers, attempting to quell your racing heart as you speak, and Taehyung detects it, rubbing your back soothingly. “I’d never do something like that, dad. It wasn’t me at all, a co-worker was just speaking to me and he got a little too intimate. I was denying and pushing him away but he never listened to me.” 
“Do you think the media cares for any of that? Do you not understand how they’re now twisting my son’s name and our family in the papers because of you?” 
“Father, you can’t blame this on Y/N,” Taehyung argues as he shelters your figure, palm squeezing your arm supportively as you attempt to control your turbulent emotions. “Her co-worker approached her and confessed his feelings, she had none for him and was simply denying him. What I chose to do after they spoke was of my own volition.” 
“Really? This has nothing to do with her? Just like what happened to your face?” 
You and Taehyung collectively gulped at that, your husband faintly touching his cheek wound in a failed attempt to hide it. “It’s-it’s nothing.” 
“Nothing?” His father yelled. “Look at your face, son! I know it’s the result of fighting the Hans' son over her, that girl is no good for you!” 
“I chose to fight him because I was angry, father, stop blaming everything on her!” 
“Namhyun, look.” Taehyung’s father then directed his attention to your father, eyes a crimson red of anger as he wagged a finger. “I gave your daughter and you a chance knowing her reputation, knowing that she was the runaway heiress and I truly believed her befitting of my son. I do not appreciate this being how your ignorant daughter repays me for my kindness.” 
“Jae-in,” Your father rises from his seat with a disappointed sigh. “I apologize, I deeply apologize for my daughter’s actions and her affairs with your son. I’m truly sorry for the trouble I caused your family.” 
“Dad!” You shouted at him, disbelief flooding your system as he allows Mr. Kim to speak to him like that, to speak about you like that. It was as though all those times your father had similarly bowed his head and allowed powerful people to step all over him flash through your mind, horrifying you. “How could you?!” 
“Y/N-ie, we’re not in a position to be arguing. The Kim’s provided us with a lot we should be grateful for, and I’m very disappointed in you for throwing that away.” 
“Please, Namhyun. You should know by now all your ungrateful daughter does is destroy anything she touches.” Tears pool your eyes now, not even at your mother’s insults or her hurtful way of speaking, but your father telling you he’s disappointed in you. 
He’s never said that to you your entire life. “Dad..” 
“Kim Taehyung, our discussion isn’t finished, either.” Taehyung’s father speaks up. “You had no right to fight that boy and make matters worse. Do you not understand that the Han’s can file a lawsuit against you? They can press charges and send you to prison?” 
Taehyung grimaces as he musters the capacity to deal with this bullshit. “And I don’t care, father. Hisung was physically harassing Y/N, my wife and if you truly believe it wasn’t right of me to hurt him in that case, then I will never be your son again.” 
Taehyung’s father pulls back the ends of his suit as his eyes blanket over with fury. “And you believe breaking his nose and nearly his arm was the answer? All because you’re supposedly in love with this girl?!” 
“I am in love with her! I’ll do anything for her!” 
“I told you to find balance, Taehyung,” his father composedly says, trying to reach his son. “Balance, to be able to keep both sides of your life equal. I told you to stop focusing too much on work, not shift it all onto another side. I told you to find balance with your life!” 
“She is my life now, father, don’t you get it?!” Taehyung shouts so loudly in the room, you almost quiver too. Everyone’s suddenly shocked by your husband’s outburst, falling silent as he continues. 
“Look, I-I understand the photos are damning and they look suspicious. But I promise you, I acted the way I did because I was jealous and concerned.. because I’m in love with Y/N and I didn’t want just any man touching her without her permission.” Taehyung explains, running through his thoughts as he expresses them as eloquently as he can. 
“And we fought about it already, okay? We fought and we exchanged terrible words but it led us to confessing that we’re in love with each other, truly in love.” Taehyung wets his lips as he squeezes your hand, pleading eyes flitting down to you, irises swirling with nothing but endeared love. 
“This isn’t her fault, and I won’t stand for anyone insulting or rudely regarding my wife.” Taehyung’s tenacious eyes look at your pairs of parents, speaking earnestly. “I’ll do anything, give anything to protect her. I know my feelings may not matter much right now, because the situation is dire and I understand that. But the one thing I want to make clear is that I love her, and I will not let anyone speak ill of her.” 
Taehyung specifically flashes a look to your mother, and the hushed silence that befalls the room after Taehyung’s confession invokes your own. 
“It’s true, Mr. Kim.” You choke up, tears pooling your lash line as they threaten to spill. “I wouldn’t do anything to hurt your son, or you or your family. I didn’t do anything with that co-worker of mine, and Han Hisung approached me himself and.. and he said and did awful things.” You shake as you recall the memory, blinking tears away but they only roll down your cheeks, Taehyung worriedly squeezing you tighter.
Then, to everyone’s surprise, you let go of Taehyung’s hands to fit your knees to the ground, leaning over and bowing your head to offer Mr. and Mrs. Kim the sincerest of apologies. Taehyung’s eyes nearly fall out of his sockets, kneeling beside you as his hands worriedly shake your shoulders. 
“Y/N, stop! Lift yourself up, please lift your head!” 
But you ignore him, knowing that deep down, and truthfully, this was all your fault. Maybe if you were more assertive with Alex, maybe if you didn’t freeze up and kicked Hisung in the balls as self-defence to run away, maybe this all would’ve never happened at all. 
Mr. Kim is right, you ruined their reputation, you ruined Taehyung and his image, even after the plentiful times you vowed to never do such a thing. 
But most of all, your mother was right, you truly do destroy everything you touch. 
“I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Kim. I didn’t mean to tarnish your name or your son’s, I didn’t mean to cause him and your family all this trouble.” You weep as you barely speak stably, sniffling between your words. You neglect to hear Taehyung’s pleas to lift your head, that you don’t have to do this and none of this was your fault. 
Because ultimately, it was. 
“I’m ignorant for having taken the compassion you showed me, the opportunity you gave me by offering your son’s hand in marriage, for allowing me to stand next to him and be his wife for granted. I’m deeply sorry I’ve only caused him difficulties, and I know I’m undeserving of your son..” You couldn’t even complete a sentence, Taehyung profusely begging you to stop as he cradles your shoulders. 
“Y/N, stop.. please, please don’t say this!” 
“Y/N-ie..” You can hear the sadness in your father’s voice, knowing this must be shattering his heart, and it only wilts your own considering you always cause him so much trouble. 
“I promise I will try to fix this, to show you I truly, truly do care about your son. That I love him more than my own life, that I’ll do anything for him.” You were sobbing now, everything boiling over to the point in which you couldn’t bear it anymore, couldn’t fathom the situation. 
Taehyung’s voice breaking is what lifts your head, turning to him to find his eyes glassy and pained, shaking his head profusely. 
“Princess.. take it back. Take it all back, please. It’s not true, none of that is true.”
You couldn’t handle the tears in his eyes, though you had to say this for his family, to own up to your useless worth, to acknowledge that you were born to only taint everything you touch with nothing but misfortune and ruination. 
Taehyung’s father takes a deep sigh as he watches the entire scene unfold, finding the smallest sliver of mercy as he absorbs your apology. It’s funny he’s not the one that speaks though, rather your mother.
“What a disrespectful girl. You apologize to the Kim’s but offer no apologies for your father and I?” She spits. “Do you not understand how much the Min family name was tarnished in those papers too?” 
“No, Namhyun.” Your mother shuts your father down. “I have grown tired of you letting your precious daughter get away with things. She is to be held responsible for this, for everything she’s ruined after how hard you worked!” 
The wad of agony in your throat only multiples, sitting on the floor on your knees as your breathing dwindles out. 
“How could you have not been more careful, Y/N? Did I not tell you you’re lucky Kim Taehyung even put a ring on your finger? When will you begin to understand your place and worth?” Your mother’s words only felt like daggers to the heart, festering your pain into an irreparable wound that stung incredibly deep. 
“Your brother Yoongi’s having issues in America now, your father has to deal with the company’s image. My name’s being thrown around in these papers and now you’re dragging the Kim’s into this? When will you understand your selfish actions have consequences? When will you learn to appreciate everything you’ve been granted despite ruining it all?!” 
You can’t take it anymore, you can’t. Your chest is losing air and your stomach churns with sickness. Your lungs constrict, your heart hammers dangerously in your chest and you can’t see, can’t feel anything but raw agony, sheer panic flooding your bloodstream. Acid bubbles up your throat and you immediately feel sick, beginning to heave and hyperventilate.
Taehyung’s entire body leaps into panic mode, rapidly clutching your arms as his concerned voice calls you. “Y/N.. Y/N!” 
“Ah, would you look at that, now she’s having one of her attacks.” Your mother chides with folded arms and an unbothered eyebrow raise, your father cutting in. 
“Seyun, that is our daughter!”  
“Your daughter, not mine!”
Your head’s spinning, the room’s too bright and all you can hear is panic blaring in your ears, telling you to run, to hide, to just get away.
“I can’t.. I can’t do this..” Is all you say, feeling stomach bile crawl up your esophagus and you bolt out of Mr. Kim’s study, scrambling to get yourself outside as you clutch your hand over your mouth. 
“Y/N!” Is all you hear faintly in the background, the familiar timbre of Taehyung’s voice calling you but you don’t hear it at all, running and running and running until you reach the front door, prying it open to quickly lead yourself outside. 
Your knees buckle the second you start sprinting, passing by the opulent water fountain the Kim’s had in their front yard. You run to the left side somewhere, falling against the cobblestone ground and throwing up whatever contents filled your stomach into the grass. 
You cough and wheeze as tears spill from you, the disgusting taste of bile in your throat as your hair obstructs your path. You empty out your stomach again, hyperventilating and sobbing as your tears fall into the impeccable lawn, almost a reminder of how you truly do ruin anything you touch. 
Suddenly another pair of hands wrap around your hair and casts it away, soothing your back as they kneel down beside you. 
“What are you doing? Go away.” You rasp with a cough.
“I'll never leave you, Princess.” 
You feel sick again, the nauseous feeling returning as you throw up an additional time, Taehyung encouragingly comforting you through soft back strokes. You blubber as tears escape you, the pain in your chest excruciating, the ache in your heart insufferable. 
You didn’t even realize your body was shaking until Taehyung winds his arm around your shoulders and squeezes you. He hushes you, cooing gently. “Shh, baby. You’re fine, you’re okay.” 
Your lungs fill with misery, your eyes flood with tears and everything spills out of you into desperate words. “I can’t.. Tae.. I can’t.” 
Your breathing is awful, you feel like your lungs are on fire and the world’s worst migraine plagues your head, begging through sobs for any mercy. “Taehyung.. it hurts.. it hurts so much. It’s so painful.” 
Taehyung’s eyes give out now, sniffling as he watches you in such terrible pain, and yet he can’t do a single thing. “I know, baby, I know.” 
Taehyung pulls out a small cloth from his suit, pressing it to your lips to clean you until you take it yourself, using it to dry some of your tears and runny nose. 
“I’m so sorry, Taehyung. I’m so, so sorry.” You sniffle senselessly, figure shaking uncontrollably in his arms. “I’m such a terrible person.. I’m so sorry, baby.” 
“Don’t say that. It’s not true at all, Princess.”  
You could only feel your chest horribly tightening, heart thudding rapidly as you double over in pain and tears, the amount of agony, sheer torture shrouds your insides unbearably. 
“I can’t do this.. Taehyung, I can’t.” You weep like a child. “I’m so fucking useless, I’m not worth a single fucking thing. All I ever do is ruin everything, I ruined everything.” 
“Y/N..” Taehyung desperately calls, pulling you into his embrace in an instant and hugging you to his chest, hand brushing your hair delicately. 
“It’s all my fault. I’m so fucking stupid.” You sobbed through your words. “I should’ve pushed Alex away, why wasn’t I thinking? You were right, you were right this whole time..” You remembered your fight over Alex suddenly, revisiting his words. “I should’ve understood the repercussions. I’m sorry I didn’t. I’m-” Your breathing destabilizes again, the panic, the pain so agonizing you couldn’t find air, physically heaving for more.
“God, Y/N, please breathe. Just breathe, baby. Look at me,” Taehyung softly takes your cheeks and beckons you to look at him, meeting his gaze. He demonstrates deep breaths and you follow him, broken sobs escaping your lips. 
“Remember what we talked about when this happens? What does a pencil do, baby?” Taehyung redirects the conversation. The discussion had surfaced when Taehyung inquired you seriously about your anxiety, and specifically wanted to know how to defuse your more severe panic attacks. You’d instructed him that the best option is to focus on one, simple thing that’s completely different from the attack, deterring the victim from their anxiety-inducing thoughts; like a distraction. 
“It.. it draws.” You stutter, hiccuping as your body hyperventilates, your head pounding. 
“It draws, that’s perfect. You draw, don’t you?” 
“Yeah..” You nod slowly, sniveling like a child. 
“What do you draw, baby? Tell me about it.” 
You swallow as you muster the strength to speak, intaking bouts of air as your body quivers, tears staining your face. “I-I draw.. buildings.”
“You do, don’t you? You draw these gorgeous, gorgeous buildings. And sometimes you draw for fun, right?” Taehyung questions softly, thumbs stroking your cheeks. 
You nod, wiping your eyes. 
Taehyung chuckles gently, recalling a memory. “I remember when I walked in on you trying to draw me once, you hid it so quickly.” 
You breathe the smallest of laughs as you remember, lips falling into something opposite of a frown and Taehyung’s face lights up. 
“Ah, there’s her pretty smile.” 
You laugh again, hands hooking onto his wrists as your eyes find his, sniffling as you inhale another deep breath. “I’m.. I’m still sorry, Taehyung. I-I really did make everything worse.” 
“Shh, let’s not talk about that anymore.” Taehyung hushes you considerately, pulling you into a tight hug as his chin rests atop your head. “You’re all that matters to me right now.” 
Your eyes give away hearing him, another round of tears escaping them. You’re just so moved, so touched by his comfort it’s your only reponse, your only reaction. 
What did you ever do to deserve Taehyung? You have no clue. 
“It doesn’t matter to me what the world thinks of us right now, okay? You’re all that matters, Princess. Your health and safety are my number one priorities.” Taehyung cradles you tightly, his deep timbre, the vibration of his voice soothing. 
He gives you a few more strokes to your hair, feeling for the way your breaths stabilize and level a bit before he’s breaking away, eyes scanning your features as he tucks some hair behind your ear. His eyes speak a million words when he looks at you these days, a stark contrast to months prior when you met him for the first time, and all they ever revealed was mystery. 
“Do you feel better?” 
You let out a shaky breath, feeling your head pound less, finding some peace in your chest even though despair runs rampant within. “A-a little.” 
“Does it still hurt? Do you still feel anxious?”  Taehyung’s thumbs smooth the apples of your cheeks, lightly shaking your head as you attempt to collect yourself. 
Taehyung feels peace at that, lacing his fingers with yours as he stands to his feet. “Let’s stand, Princess” 
He gently tugs you up with him, meeting his stance as you dust yourself off while tears still blur your vision. Taehyung also fixes you up, swiping his thumb underneath your eyes to clean your mascara and setting your hair. 
He removes the tears from your face and presses a kiss to your forehead, long and deep. Your gaze fixates on him, still feeling your breaths clip, but he returns you an angelic smile that feels hopeful. 
Your world’s interrupted by your father approaching you two, your attention along with Taehyung’s shifting as he instinctively shields you in his arms.
“Taehyung-ah, your father wants to speak to you.” He informs, a hand in his pocket as he stands quite restlessly. Taehyung supplies a simple nod, though doesn’t leave right away as he watches you intently. 
You swallow as you peer at your father, feeling too vulnerable to face him and you cower into your husband, hiding your body in his as Taehyung embraces you gently. 
“Y/N-ie..” He begins, sighing. “I’m.. I’m sorry, okay?” You absorb his words though they don’t do much for your pounding heart, shrinking into Taehyung’s hold.
“Don’t worry about the Min family affairs, alright? I’ll handle it all, same with your mother.” You twitch at the mention of her, not giving your father an answer as you instead turn your cheek on him, resting against Taehyung as you clutch his chest. 
You feel your husband’s arms shelter you, a hand caressing your back. 
You hear your father sigh, his shoes sounding against the ground as he makes his way back, though stops before swiveling around. 
“Taehyung-ah.. son.” You feel Taehyung’s head shift in his direction. 
“I know I don’t have to say this, but take care of my daughter, please.” 
Taehyung sends your father an understanding nod, pursing his lips with a miniscule smile. “Of course, Mr. Min. Anything for her.” 
Your father nods back, returning to the Kim house as Taehyung leads you to his Mercedes, opening the door for you. 
“Stay inside for me, okay? I’ll be right back. I don’t want you in that house by yourself.” Taehyung instructs gently as he seats you, suddenly his fingertips meeting his charm that decorates your neck. 
“If you start to feel an attack again, hold my necklace and think of me, okay? And if you feel like it’s too much to be alone, call me right away, promise?” 
You intake a deep breath as you hold it together, mustering the courage to be left alone because you know you’re strong, you know you can do this. 
“Promise.” Taehyung’s lips curve gently, and he presses his lips to the tip of your nose before he lets you settle inside the car, shutting the door and locking the Mercedes for your safety. 
You hope his talk with his father goes well.
Tumblr media
Taehyung slams the door of the Mercedes shut before locking the car, not having spoken a single word to you as he sped you two home. You were too rattled to really ask him anything, knowing that certain scowl on his face indicated he’s been pushed to his limits. 
And for a patient man like Taehyung, that’s seriously alarming. 
You vacate the car as well, Taehyung unlocking your front door and holding it open for you to walk in, shutting it behind himself as he enters. He abandons his shoes like useless objects, stalking into the main area with a hand on his hip and the other massaging frustratingly at his forehead. 
He paces as he thinks, anger evident on his features. You hesitate saying something, merely standing with your arms crossed as you contemplate what to do. 
With a shaky voice, you finally address him. “Taehyung..” 
“He’s so fucking..” Is all he mutters, scoffing as he stands still and taps his foot. He tongues his cheek as he no doubt feels rage eat him from the inside. 
Taehyung doesn’t hear you, or if he does, he ignores you. He leans himself over the back of a couch, puffing out a frustrated breath as he attempts to control himself. He can’t think straight, can’t see straight and he uses every ounce of his being to not break everything in this fucking house. 
“Baby.. talk to me.” You say in that sweet voice of yours, and Taehyung’s head ticks as he squeezes his eyes shut. 
“I can’t.. I fucking can’t.” 
“What do you mean, Tae?” 
“I can’t.. I won’t let my anger out on you.” Taehyung profusely shakes his head, gripping the couch in almost a deadly hold and you soften at his words. 
“You can tell me anything, Taehyung.” 
“No.. not again. I’m done unloading all my crap onto you.” Taehyung counters, and it makes your heart sad he thinks he’s burdening you. 
“But.. I’m your wife, Taehyung. We’re in this together.”  
“I can’t..” Taehyung whispers, having avoided eye contact this entire time as he attempts to pull himself together. “I can’t let my anger control me anymore.” 
Before Taehyung could even think further, he felt your hand press to his broad back, soothing him as you peek at his distraught expression. “Taehyung, baby, look at me.” 
With great hesitation, Taehyung meets your eyes, finding his jaw locked and sheer fury flaring in his irises. You know you’ve been in this situation before, where Taehyung’s anger is getting the best of him, and so you bring your hand to his cheek, eyes conveying comfort and support. 
“You have me,” you say, recalling an old, old saying between you two. “In whatever way, you have me.. Tae. You know that, right?” 
Taehyung swallows, his fingers boring into the couch’s back as you continue. “It’s not healthy to bottle everything up.. the way you’re feeling.” You explain softly. “You have me, and whatever you say will never be a burden. Do what you need to do. Let that anger out, bubs. Talk to me.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flicker away from you. He doesn’t say a word, his eyes blanketed with a dark cloud of nothing. You feel for him, your heart aching that he’s subduing his emotions to make sure you’re okay, and you implore with your heart as your hand combs through his hair. 
“Taehyung.. please.” You beg. “Do something.. anything.” 
Taehyung remains unmoving, as though he’s going to leave you hanging again. Just as you begin a sentence, however, Taehyung snatches up your wrist and drags you to the nearest wall. He suddenly cages you against it and your back hits the cold paint, gasping. 
This scene is familiar to you, Taehyung’s hot breath fanning your skin as his hands rest either side of your head, his anger boiling. Except this time, his lips are mere centimeters before yours, so, so proximal his plushy petals brushed dangerously against yours. 
“I need to fuck you senseless.” 
Your guts immediately twist with arousal, squirmy as his deep, husky tone leaves your panties suddenly dampening. 
“I need you in whatever way I want..” He confesses, his breaths hot and heavy. “I can’t.. I can’t let it out in any other way.” 
Your heart thuds in your chest, tasting his hot breath as he refrains from kissing you, his lips just right there but holding himself back from touching you. 
“But I don’t have your consent, and I won’t-” 
“Use me, Taehyung.” 
Taehyung lifts his head and meets your gaze, shocked. “Baby..” 
“Use me, Tae. It’s okay..” You cup his cheeks then, pressing your forehead to his, knowing you’re rationally making this decision, that this is what you want. “It’s okay.” 
“Princess.. I told you to never force yourself-” 
“No, no..” You deny him, feeling his palm curl around your wrist. “I want this.. I hate that you’re feeling like this.. please.” You implore him, and Taehyung swallows as he exhales a shaky breath. 
He just barely nods, composing himself as he collects the courage to do this. He wets his lips against you before he slowly, but surely takes a step back. In a single moment, his aura completely transforms. He looked at you with a gaze so dark, you were sure his pupils were far from dilated. 
“Raise your hands.” 
The authority in his voice submits you immediately, crossing your wrists and lifting them above your head. You don’t know what he’ll do, but before you could even question him, Taehyung suddenly steps forward and pins your hands against the wall above you, invading all your space. His body presses against yours as he towers over your figure, sucking in a breath. His mouth hovers above your lips, nearly kissing you, but never granting the opportunity. 
You jut forward for his lips but he denies you, his energy palpable, intoxicating as his proximity permeates through you. 
“I’m gonna be a little rough, do you understand that?” 
You nod with a gulp, comprehending that Taehyung’s serious with that baritone voice of his, but you know you want this with your whole heart. 
“Repeat your safe word.” 
“Say it clearer, and don’t stutter.” 
His authoritative command makes your pussy gush, squishing your thighs together as you answer him. “Red.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flit down to you squirming, a light smirk painting his lips. “Does this fucking turn you on?” 
You bite your lip to contain a shudder, his sudden heated energy making you far more than just horny.  His dark persona, his onyx eyes, his goddamn broad body caging you against the wall doing you in. 
Taehyung tightens his grip on your wrists, leaning forward to brush your ear with his lips and a dark growl.
“I asked you a question.” 
“It does,” you swallow, feeling his hot breath tickle your ear, his voice downright sinful. “It does.. Taehyung.” 
He releases a small puff of air as though in satisfaction, relishing in his lips lightly traversing your ear before Taehyung pulls away. You attempt to peer at him though Taehyung doesn’t spare you a look, suddenly grabbing your wrist and tugging you forward, leaning down to grab your leg with his free arm and you're thrown over his shoulder. You panic in the slightest, his strength surprising you as he walks his way to your staircase. You don’t speak, however, knowing he’s not a fan of speaking unless you’re asked. 
Taehyung throws you on the bed, body springing back on the mattress as you prop yourself up on your hands. Your puppy eyes look at his onyx ones but they don't do much of anything to him. 
Taehyung has officially let the beast inside him loose. 
He immediately drapes over your body and crashes his lips onto yours, hands either side of your head burying into the sheets. The sheer power of his kiss surprises you, letting out noises of humming and pleasure against him and he doesn’t let up.
Your hands move to wind around his neck, but Taehyung denies you as he rips your hands off and forces them back on the bed, squeezing them down harshly. The roughness makes you moan into his mouth, Taehyung only drawing away to catch his breath. You watch as he blinks and his eyes finally reveal your husband to you again, his breath running rampant as he swallows. 
He doesn’t need to say a word for you to understand. He feels guilty, you can see it in the way his irises glisten. It feels selfish doing this, using you for his pleasure because you know just how selfless Taehyung is. How much he’ll prioritize your needs over his. The reason why he can never be a hard dom alone stems from his need to do the most for others, to think of them before he thinks of himself. 
But this time, you wanted him to be selfish. You didn’t care anymore, Taehyung deserved a chance to let it all out, to set himself free of every negative emotion that weighs down his chest. The pressure must be hitting him so hard right now, he has an entire company to contemplate the future of, his reputation as a CEO and his unreasonable family that’s placing the blame on him. 
He’s carrying the world on his shoulders, and no matter how strong you knew he was, everyone meets a breaking point. 
You cup his cheeks, glossy eyes soft and kind as they peer at him, nodding as you speak. “It’s okay, Tae, it’s okay.” You assure him. “Use me, baby. I’m yours.. it’s okay.” You watch his eyes plead, warning you that he doesn’t want to hurt you. 
“I trust you, baby. Use me.. use me..” You tell him gently, and Taehyung nods again as he swallows nervously, squeezing his eyes shut to control his raging emotions. He opens them to reveal a different colour, Taehyung wasting no time in colliding his lips with yours desperately, and fuck, does he kiss you hard.
He devours you, tongue invading your mouth plentifully and you groan as you taste him. Taehyung breaks away, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look at him, his index finger and thumb squishing your lips into a pout.
“Open your mouth.” 
Your pussy flares up at the sound of his deep voice, letting your lips fall open. Taehyung collects saliva in his mouth before spitting it into yours. It feels erotic when his spit hits your tongue, letting a noise escape as Taehyung’s eyes darken. 
You close your mouth and do as you’re told, licking your bottom lip after you’re done. You feel Taehyung shift his weight into his elbows as he lays atop, holding up your chin while hovering above. 
Taehyung darts his tongue out to lick your lips, dragging his tongue over them in slow stripes. It leaves you sloppy and wet but his tongue pries your mouth open for more, kissing you hard and messily. 
“Wanna fuck this face full of cum,” he suddenly confesses with a growl, gripping your face in place as he shoves his tongue down your throat. “Watch you swallow it like a good cumslut.”
The name is new, and it left your guts twisting with pleasure, squirmy underneath him. Taehyung immediately takes a hand and smacks your pussy through your clothes, harshly and with force. You gasp quickly, surprised eyes meeting his. 
“Did I say you could move?” 
You shake your head, laying yourself more still as his authoritative voice submits you.
“Good, now don’t move.” 
Taehyung’s hands then immediately rip your clothes off your body, quite literally. He tears open your blouse within seconds, breaking some buttons as he throws away the useless thing. He unbuttons and tugs your pants and panties down in one swift motion, unclipping your bra as your tits fall out. 
You sigh out a moan, left completely naked underneath a clothed Taehyung. He engulfs you back in a kiss, roughly swallowing up your mouth and tongue as much as he can, as hungirly as he can. His movements are so unhinged, hands fitting around your waist and holding you in place as he kisses you like an animal, starved and ravenous. 
His teeth come out to play, biting and nipping your plushy lips before popping off your wet mouth. “Fuck.. I want you,” he breathes harshly, returning for more kisses in between. “Want you so fucking badly.”
“Then have me, Tae..” You whisper against his lips. “I’m all yours.” 
Your words only rev Taehyung’s engine, returning so much harsher this time, your lungs fill with his passion and desire. Your hands make way for his neck, attempting to grapple into his hair but Taehyung snatches up your wrists and slams them back on the bed, making a noise he swallows. 
“Who said you could touch me?” 
Your cunt floods with arousal, curling up your toes as a little moan escapes the back of your throat. “I-I want to touch you.” 
“Did I say you could?” 
The deep timbre of his voice and dark colour of his eyes are too intimidating to deny, not even daring to be a brat or disobey him. He was a beast now, and you would allow whatever he needed to satiate his hunger. 
You shake your head, nibbling on your lip as Taehyung dips down to your ear, breath tickling your shell. “What did I teach you about words, sweetheart?” 
The baritone sound of him ripples through your ear canal and travels into your gut, hitting you where it hurts. You shiver, his large hands already wrapped around your wrists above causing sparks to fly around in your belly. 
“No, Taehyung.” You breathe, chest falling and rising. “You didn’t say I could touch you.” 
“Good girl,” Taehyung coos, lifting himself to meet your innocent eyes with wild ones. “Now, you’re gonna listen to me, right?” 
You nod as you reply. “Yes.” 
“You’re gonna be my good girl?” 
You bite on your lip as you respond, “yes.” 
“Such a good girl” Taehyung praises as he kisses your nose, before he lets out a sudden growl that shakes up your core. 
“Get on all fours.” 
Taehyung removes his touch as he stands by the edge of the bed, watching you intently as he makes towards his belt and begins unbuckling, unlooping the leather material as he raises a brow at you, as if urging you to move. 
You forget that you haven’t. Taehyung just looks so irresistibly sexy, your cunt pools with arousal faster than you can breathe. He’s wearing an Armani suit that hugs his masculine curves and broad body delectably, and God does the image of Taehyung unbuckling his belt light a lusty fire inside you. 
He’s tonguing his cheek as he uncuffs his sleeves and rolls them up, just about ready to destroy you into little pieces as he stares you down. He unclasps some buttons at the top of his shirt, loosening up his tie. He tugs it down and watches you still, not having moved yet. 
It’s so goddamn hard. You didn’t know being a hard dom could look so sexy on him, that draw of his brows, his tongue poking at his cheek and shit, did his carnal eyes scream the millions of dirty things and seventy positions he wants to put you in. 
“Did I not give you an order?” 
You immediately snap out of your daze, stuttering as you attempt to find your voice. “I-” 
Taehyung scoffs, finishing with his sleeve and pulling a smirk as he peers off to the side.
“Bend over.” 
You sputter like a daft idiot, clamouring as a response. “Tae-” 
“I said bend over.” 
You gulp, following his instruction and crawling over the bed. You situate yourself over the sheets and let your breasts press into the mattress, holding out your naked ass in his direction. Taehyung licks his lips as if he’s eyeing up his meal, and you shiver when his warm palm curls around your waist. He strokes you almost condescendingly as his free hand falls to an ass cheek, bending down so that his voice is mere centimeters from your ear. 
“You didn’t listen when I told you to do something,” his husky voice spills into your ear, and you intake a shaky breath as it invades your insides. You bite your lip as your chin presses into the mattress, something about this position and knowing he’s clothed behind you squirming your legs. 
Taehyung seems to detect it too, his hand traveling down to your core and moving your flesh back to catch a better view of your already dripping, glistening pussy folds pulsing. 
“This turns you on, huh?” He’s amused, oh, he’s so fucking amused. His voice drips with lust and a fiery, hot flame, knowing Taehyung’s going to have the fun he honestly, rightfully deserves. 
“You’re a little whore for when I’m rough, aren’t you?” Taehyung growls, hand suddenly cupping your wet sex and you buckle forward, gasping into the sheets. “Want me to spank you fucking pink?” 
“Yes, Mr. Kim.” Your whimpering voice comes out weak, and Taehyung can’t help but grow hard himself watching you fuck back into his hand, grinding for some sort of relief. He grants you the wish and begins rubbing at your warm cunt, fingers grappled onto your hip as he pleases you from behind. 
You mewl as a result, the rub of his metal rings and the sudden attention to your most sensitive area causes your clit to pulse rapidly. 
You’re just too fucking horny right now, and you’re not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s the comfort you feel being with Taehyung, having always felt safe, sound, protected in intimate moments like this. Or maybe it was your husband handling you like his personal ragdoll, a wish you’ve had ever since you witnessed his large, veiny hands. 
In all your thinking, Taehyung suddenly lands a hand on your pussy, slapping you hard as the sound echoes in the room and you buck forward, gasping loudly. “Taehyung!” 
“Why the fuck can’t I hear you? Did I tell you to be quiet?” 
You fill with arousal, chest full of butterflies considering how much Taehyung loves hearing you. You stop nibbling on your lip now and allow yourself sounds and noises, his hand playing with your pussy too hard to deny. “Ah.. Taehyung.” 
“Mmm, dirty little Princess.” Taehyung hums, absorbed in his powerful role. “Loves being played with like my little slut, huh?” 
A whimper escapes you as his fingers begin toying with your hole, watching you pulse and ache as arousal rakes your neglected clit. You’re so fucking needy it’s easy for noises to spill from you, whines and cries that elicit Taehyung to only play with you more, fingering and fucking with your cunt like his own personal little toy. 
“God, look at this pussy. Always so pink and pretty for me.” 
“Tae..” You moan, face falling into the sheets as he continues his pleasurable onslaught. He hums and moans satisfyingly as he rubs  and sloshes his fingers through your wet folds, enjoying the way you squirm and wriggle around, mewling out desperate noises.  It’s only a hard smack to your ass that suddenly wakes you up from your trance, Taehyung hoisting you up higher for him. 
“Can’t you fucking stay still?” Taehyung spits, and God, did it light every nerve inside you on fire. He laughs then, and you realize he’s a demon now. “Fuck, I forgot this is a punishment.” 
And Taehyung smacks an ass cheek hard, squealing when he contacts you. His hand hovers over the afflicted area, kneading at your ass as he soothes you. “You just don’t like listening to me, do you, Princess?” 
You’re about to answer, but Taehyung interrupts with another harsh spank, absorbing the sting and arousal collects in your gut, your cunt pooling with more of your essence as you attempt to stay still. 
“You just love disobeying me to get punished, huh?” He spanks you again, Taehyung watching your ass cheek turn red and goddamn enjoy it. “Love being treated like a little whore?” 
You moan erotically, something about the way he’s holding you and massaging wherever he hits twisting your gut. You’re just so fucking horny for him all you can see is fire, his sexy dominance rattling your insides. 
He smacks your ass again with much stronger force, this time screaming a little. “What the fuck do you do when I ask you a question?” 
“Yes.. Mr. Kim.” You indulge in the smooth circles Taehyung rubs over the sting, massaging yourself back into his hand for more. “Just-just wanna be your little whore.” 
Taehyung seems to notice you indulging in his touch, suddenly leaning down over your back and pressing soft kisses to your shoulder blades, other hand rubbing your tummy. 
“Was it too much, baby?” His tone softens, palm pacifying the afflicted area as you shake your head. 
“No.. no. Just want you, Taehyung, so badly.” He hums in acknowledgment, and begins breathing down your back as you shiver at the sensation. He presses his lips to the stings he left on your ass and reaches your sex, planting his lips there for open-mouthed kisses. 
You gasp, moaning loudly when Taehyung pushes your cheeks apart for more access, playing with them as he dutifully makes out with your cunt. You groan in sheer ecstasy, his wet lips smacking all over your palpitating pussy winding you up like his favourite toy. 
He pulls away suddenly and stands to his feet, admiring your dripping pussy from the back with a tilt of his head. 
“Top of the bed. Ass up, face down.” 
You comply immediately, crawling your way over to the pillows and situating yourself comfortably, offering your ass to Taehyung with your face buried in the sheets. Taehyung doesn’t even bother undressing, only pushes his pants and boxers down to his thighs as he joins you on the mattress. 
You shift your head back for a look at that gorgeous, fat cock of his but Taehyung suddenly slaps your pulsing pussy, fitting snugly in his palm as he rubs your juice all over his hand. 
“Stay still,” he orders harshly, and you let out a moan at the ripple he sent through your sex. You grind your ass back into his hand and Taehyung scoffs a laugh, imagining that devilish smirk on him. 
“Such a dirty fucking girl for my hands, huh?” You bite your lip as a sigh escapes you.
Taehyung doesn’t verbally respond though. Instead, he brings his thick cock to your core and slaps it right down on your pussy, immediately jolting forward with a hiss. 
“Ugh.. baby.”
He slaps a little more again. “That’s not what I taught you, sweetheart.” Taehyung then secures a hand around your hip as his other snakes around your throat, choking you with a light squeeze as he growls. “What’s my fucking name?” 
“Mr. Kim.. Taehyung, oh my God.” You shiver at the compromising position, feeling him slide his hard dick through your pussy folds and your clit beats with an eager urge to be satiated. You let out a mewl and your head dips as Taehyung rubs up and down some more, slathering your pussy with his pre-cum and his dick with your essence, creating your favourite mess. 
“Dripping like fucking honey, baby. So dirty.” 
“Only yours, Taehyung. Only-” You’re cut off by a sharp moan when Taehyung suddenly plunges into your pussy, neglecting all pace and shoving his thick cock inside you. You careen forward, letting out a squeal as your walls fit him inside you. 
“Taehyung, fuck!” 
“Shit, so warm, so fucking tight.” 
He groans as he drives himself in, growing high off your fluttering walls until he bottoms out inside you. You nearly scream when his tip nudges your fucking stomach in this position, pulsing around him so tightly Taehyung threw his head back. 
“Jesus, baby, stop doing that,” he groaned. “I’ll fucking cum.” 
“You’re so big, daddy. So fucking big.” 
Taehyung hisses at the name. “Yeah? You like being filled up with this big dick?” 
You nod like a madwoman, fucking back on him to feel that sweet drag. “Yes, yes, yes, Taehyung.” 
A hand comes down on your ass and spanks you yet again, gasping pleasurably when he does. “My needy little slut, look at you hungry for my cock.” 
“Taehyung, please.” You beg, suddenly the stopped motion of him ravaging your clit. He even dares to swivel around and torture you some more, wishing he would just fucking move. “Fuck me like a little slut if you want me to be yours.” 
Silence. Dead silence. Your eyes immediately widen realizing what you said, sputtering like a fucking idiot as you attempt to look back at Taehyung. “Tae, I-” 
He suddenly wraps his hand around your throat and presses his front to your back, completely flush with you as he spears his cock deeper into your pathetic pussy, squeaking helplessly. 
“Yeah? Is that what you want? You wanna be fucked like a slut?” Taehyung’s index finger and thumb fit under your chin, squeezing lightly as his other hand dips down to brush your clit, making you shudder indefinitely. 
Taehyung laughs into your ear, the sound deep and downright ominous. “You better hold onto something, sweetheart. You don’t seem to remember,” his tone ripples through your ear canal and makes your heart race, his lips pressing to your ear.
“I rule this game.” 
And fucking hell, did you play the wrong move. Taehyung pulls out of your pussy in one swift motion only to fuck back in deep. You reel with soul-shuddering pleasure, his proximity and this lewd position making him reach places inside you that felt like heaven. 
“Oh God-Taehyung!” 
Taehyung transitions from holding your throat to snaking a hand in your hair, grabbing a fistful as he straightens himself up and begins a pace that absolutely destroys your pathetic little pussy. He pulls out and thrusts back in with such monstrous speed, you were already seeing stars behind your eyes. 
His tight and quick fucks make you sound like you’re in an erotic film, breasts dangling back and forth as Taehyung drills you into the mattress. He hisses with utter pleasure behind you, keeping your head up with his harsh hold on your hair as he cradles your hips, fucking into you with precision and hunger. 
“God, shit shit shit, Taehyung, fuck!” 
You sound crazy and you know it, he’s fucking you like a goddamn animal and you feel like one too. He’s so rough it’s shaking up your insides and the godforsaken bed, knowing damn well you’ll break it one day.
Taehyung moans in ecstasy, relishing in your tight walls hugging around his cock so desperately, almost begging him to be fucked harder. 
“Listen to you, my pretty little cockslut. So pathetic for my cock.” His deep voice infiltrates all your insides, shivering with more pleasure as he rapidly fucks into your warm and gushing sex with vigor, repeatedly shoving himself to the very brim. 
You gasp and whine as he continuously fills you up, absolutely wrecking your shit as your face buries into the pillow, moaning his name louder than you ever have. “Taehyung.. Taehyung! I swear to fucking God!” 
“Don’t swear on God, baby” Taehyung grunts behind you, hot breaths leaving his lips as he focuses on fucking you with such unhinged speed, he doesn’t even feel human. 
“I’m the fucking Devil.” 
Your eyes rolled back, your pussy so destroyed, your arms gave out and grappled onto the headboard in front of you, Taehyung railing you so good you were mewling like a deranged woman. You were loud and you knew it, thankful you two never had neighbours because if you did, they’d be privy to something better than any conventional porn. 
“Taehyung, shit-so big, so fucking big!” 
“I know, baby. But my pretty little cockslut can take it, yeah?” 
You sigh out lewdly, gripping the metal bar before you so hard you’re losing strength, faltering from your position until Taehyung wraps an arm underneath your waist, jerking you flush with his front.
“Already tired, baby?” His condescending voice makes your gut twist. Hearing his harsh breaths in your ear makes you desperately fuck back on the demonic man. “Thought you were my little whore? Wanted to be fucked like a little slut?” 
“I am-I am, Taehyung. I do.. ugh.” You mewl loudly as you whine and cry out, his strong and quick fucks transforming into crazy thrusts, absolutely ruining your pussy as your body jolts forward with every penetration. 
“Fu-u-uck! Taehyung!” 
“That’s it, scream for me,” Taehyung grunts into your ear, feeling his hot breath fanning you and he uses every ounce of his strength to fuck you like a wild animal. “Fucking scream my name, baby, my filthy little slut.” 
And you do, you scream and whine like a crybaby as tears pool your eyes and you work for that goddamn orgasm raking your guts, letting Taehyung rock into your sex so quickly he truly did seem like the devil. He’s grunting and groaning and moaning like a mad man, completely relishing in your divine pussy as he lets any and everything out of his system. 
He pours all his energy into fucking you insane, your head gaining whiplash from his speed alone. You’re beginning to see real stars until Taehyung abruptly stops, letting out a cry when he pulls himself out. 
Within a second, he’s got you flipped on your back and you’re suddenly face-to-face with him, confused as all hell. Your questions are answered however when he begins fucking right back into you, drilling your sex as if he owns it because fuck, does he ever. 
“Wanna look at you when I ruin you,” he grunted, peeking down at his thick, long cock slamming into your pussy. 
“Look at you, so fucking pathetic for my dick.” Taehyung scans over your features and adores every single one. Your running mascara, your messy hair and moaning lips. God and it’s all just for him. 
“My pretty little slut,” Taehyung hovers his mouth above yours, his fast, hot breaths against your lips as you whimper and practically scream for him. “Whose pussy is this, huh? Who does this pussy belong to?” 
“You, Taehyung, oh God-oh God!” 
He’s angling upwards and stroking that damn g-spot, pressing down on your clit with his abdomen and you cry, your pleasure so overwhelming it’s making your body buzz uncontrollably. 
“Yeah? This pussy is mine? All fucking mine?” 
You nod profusely with noises of a yes, pining for that snap in your gut so, so badly. “Tae, fucking shit-I’m gonna-!” 
“You’re gonna cum, baby? All over my fat cock?” You nodded like you were insane, focusing solely on that winding up in your stomach as you lost your mind, letting every sound in the world escape because you didn’t care anymore, the dick you were getting was too good. He kept fucking and fucking and fucking into your cunt so fast and hard you were shivering and whimpering like his personal fuckdoll. 
“Fucking drench me, sweetheart. Lose your mind.” 
Right then and there, you gushed out your orgasm so hard you jolted up violently, Taehyung immediately wrapping an arm underneath your back and pressing you to his front. His mouth latched onto a nipple, sucking soft circles with his tongue as he slowed down his monstrous thrusts, only adding to your euphoric release. 
His sucking on your tits calmed your body, Taehyung so in love with licking your nipple it’s all he wanted to fucking do, and continues to do so as you came down your high. 
But Taehyung wasn’t done, popping off your tit and staring into your very soul with those bewitching eyes, snatching you up by mind, body and soul. 
He flashes you a smirk, pulling out of your warm cunt and allowing your oozing slick to drip down to your ass. You watched him carefully as he straightened himself up, catching a glorious view of your sexy husband in all his nakedness. 
His hand fits around your cheek, thumb stroking lovingly before his hand slid down to your throat and grabbed your jaw, gasping with pleasure. “I said I’d fuck this pretty face full of cum, didn’t I?” 
Your eyes widen, but your pussy tells a different story when your clit jerks at the very words. Taehyung’s eyes flit down and watch you spasm, tonguing his cheek as he smiles proudly. “Such a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” 
You bite your lip and Taehyung hisses, throwing his head back. “God, do you know how fucking weak it makes me when you do that?” 
You do it again, Taehyung groaning as he dips down to press kisses to your mouth. He puckers your lips with his grasp and lays loud, wet kisses with passion. 
He pops off to thumb your lips, whispering against them. “You’re my fucking canvas, understand that?”
You nodded with your little pout. 
“Gonna paint you with my cum and you’ll lick it like a good girl, yeah?” You let out a whimpered ‘yes’ and Taehyung hums in satisfaction, pressing one last peck before he’s straightening up again, hand curled around his shaft. 
“Open.” he demands, and your lungs lose air at the greedy, leaking tip of his flushed cock. Taehyung smears some of his pre-cum over your lips before he plunges it into your mouth, taking him eagerly. 
You prop yourself up onto your elbows, improving Taehyung’s angle and you flit up to see him groan euphorically, throwing his head back as he begins fucking your mouth for his pleasure. You watch his throat bob as your lips wrap around his hard cock tighter, sucking on him as he thrusts into your throat. 
You gag when he hits the back, but swallow as a result and Taehyung’s carnal vision snaps down to you, dark and hungry with desire. He soaks in the image of your pretty face taking his cock, so enamoured by it he was driven wild. 
“Fuck fuck fuck, not gonna last. Such an obedient little cumslut.” He groans in ecstasy, deciding to give him hell and you bob a little for him. Taehyung immediately releases a throaty grunt and secures his hands on your head, bringing you over his cock hard and fast as you gag and spatter all over him. 
“Fuck, shit-!” Taehyung’s insane, breathing harshly and groaning as he fucks and fucks until his hot cum shoots inside your throat. You squeal as the white, salty liquid invades you, ropes and ropes of his semen spilling inside. Taehyung’s guttural grunts make you horny all over again, watching him throw his head back and his abdomen tighten. He draws his cock out only to pump some cum onto your neck and collarbones, falling back on the bed and letting him paint you as he desires. 
Taehyung watches eagerly as he angles some onto your face, spilling over your chin and lips as you stick out your tongue. You meet his wild eyes and watch him groan as cum lands on your tongue. 
“Fucking hell, such a nasty girl.” 
You catch the last drops on your tongue, closing your mouth but not swallowing just yet. Taehyung comes down his high and breathes harshly, carnal vision only on you as he adores his hot seed littering your body.
“Show me my cum,” he orders between uneven breaths, eyes obsidian. “Wanna see my cum in this pretty mouth.” 
You open up for him, letting him catch a sweet view of his filthy, white cum in your throat. He smirks happily as a hand grabs your chin, shifting you around to look properly. 
“Tongue out, my little whore.” 
You comply and do so, some of his cum spilling out of your pliant mouth and Taehyung licks his lips at the sinful image. It’s dripping out of the corner of your mouth and fuck, do you look like a perfect mess of his kids.  
“Fucking hell, I swear I’ll come again.” He groans because he can’t take it, his cum’s already hot on your skin and now tears and saliva riddle your face and body, biting his lip to contain a feral grunt. 
Taehyung thumbs the cum that spills out of your mouth back in, eyes darker than space and pupils dilated with wonder. “Don’t waste my cum, pretty girl.” 
You wrap your lips around his thumb and watch him intently, hands holding onto his forearm. 
“Swallow for me, sweetheart.” Taehyung encourages with a coo, and you confidently swallow as you suck on his thumb. Taehyung groans with pleasure, eyeing you like his favourite meal. 
“Fuck, such a good fucking girl, my good girl.” 
You hum in satisfaction and he draws his thumb out, pressing a kiss to your lips as he removes himself from your body and sits back on his shins, still breathing harshly after the way he exerted his body. 
His eyes flit over your figure and his once dark, dark eyes lighten into his chocolate brown ones, wetting his lips as it seems he returns to earth. You lay back and allow yourself to catch your breath too, not having breathed enough through your nose when you were stuffed full of his cock. 
Taehyung oddly swallows as you see his expression change, suddenly all smirky and confident to one of hesitancy, his flushed face losing that confidence, almost as though he felt.. ashamed?  His eyes shift away from you then, crawling off the bed and standing to his feet. 
You watch him with confusion as he simply doesn’t even look back at you. You lift off the bed onto your elbows, questioning him of his destination and he quickly steps towards the bathroom as he mumbles ‘gonna take a shower’. You open your mouth to query him further, but he’s already disappeared by the time you can. 
You enter the bathroom carefully, listening to the shower water running as you spot Taehyung simply standing under the water stream in all his beautiful bareness. You pout your lips with concern, stepping over to the shower door and carefully sliding it open. 
Taehyung seems too caught up in his head to even question why you’re joining him, rather rubs his face as he lets the water beat down his body. He inhales a deep breath, attempting to disassemble the stress on his features. 
You press your hands to his back, sliding them up to his wet shoulders as you feel for his tension, and alarmingly feel far too much. You become concerned, hugging his shoulders as you press your chest to his back, the water now streaming down your body too as you whisper. 
He doesn’t say anything, it’s merely silence, only the shower water creating any sound. He doesn’t shrug you off either, however, knowing he’s taking his time to respond, and you’d allow him whatever time he needed. You begin caressing his shoulders as you lay against your husband, trying again. 
“My love, what’s wrong?” 
“I... I don’t deserve this.” Is all he mutters, his head hanging low as the water coats both your entangled bodies. You squeeze him into a tighter hug, pressing your cheek to his wide, sulking back. 
“What don’t you deserve, baby?” 
“You…” He whispers, his voice wavering in strength. “I just… I don’t deserve you.. or your love.” 
Taehyung breathes harder as he grows upset, shrugging off your touch and seating himself on the shower bench before him. The water continued to run over him, his vision fixated on the floor as you could practically see a gloomy, grey cloud of rain haunting him. 
“Why do you say that, Tae?” 
“You’re just.. so loving and caring and I don’t even deserve it. I don’t deserve you.. I cause you so much pain.”  Taehyung tucks his forehead into his palm, rubbing it with distress. 
“Hey, Taehyung, talk to me,” you step closer to him and snake a hand through his wet hair, another one falling to his shoulder as you gently hug him to your bare stomach. “Why are you saying this?” 
“I just fucking-” He began, but composed himself better, restarting his sentence. “You’re in such a vulnerable place right now and I just.. used you for my pleasure? And I enjoyed it? What the fuck is wrong with me..” Taehyung reflected on himself, deeply conflicted as he ran through the scenario in his head. 
“That was so fucking selfish of me, and you let me because you wanted to take care of me… not even thinking about yourself.” Taehyung’s tone is far from strong now, slowly losing its composure as his head falls into his hands. “You’re so caring. So, so loving and kind.. I don’t deserve you.” 
You feel your heart fracture listening to him, rubbing his shoulder pacifyingly. 
“What is wrong with me?” 
You could feel the sheer guilt radiating off his body as he agonized over this, all of this, and your chest floods with sadness. You assumed this is what’s called a top drop. All the endorphins and feel-good chemicals from sex have left Taehyung’s body, and now that he’s returned to earth, he’s been sadly reminded of the dire situation at hand, your heart-breaking reality. 
He must’ve been feeling the weight of that; the frustration of his talk with his father, the exposure of your relationship, the guilt of using you for his pleasure and it was all crashing down on him hard. You immediately soften for him, embracing his shrunken form as you press him to your stomach and soothe his back, imbuing in him all the love and care in the world. 
“Baby, please don’t say that. You know you had my full consent and I wanted it.. I wanted you to be selfish for once, bubs.” 
“But I just feel so-” He took another deep breath, hands falling over his knees. “I feel so bad, I feel so terrible.” 
“But you aren’t, Tae. I wanted you to do those things to me, I trust you, okay? You know I would’ve used the safe word if I felt uncomfortable, but I didn’t, right?” You lightly massage his wet hair, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to his head. “You’re my husband, and if something affects you, it affects me too, baby. I wanted you to let it out… I love you.” You spoke to him in a quiet, soft tone, attempting to quell the storm that shrouded his heart. 
“I know we have a lot on our plate right now, but a wise man once told me that whatever we do, we’ll do it together, right?” 
You earn a small laugh from Taehyung then, inviting a smile to curve your lips. “Ah, there’s his cute laugh.” You booped his nose gently and felt Taehyung relax in your hold, finally raising his head and gazing up at you. 
“Whatever we’ll do, we’ll do together.” He repeated the words, watching the smallest of smiles etch onto his lips as your hands cupped his beautiful bread cheeks. 
Taehyung stood to his full height before you, engulfing you in a sweet kiss as his palms cradled your waist. He held oh, so close that entire dreadful night, sheltering you in his arms as though he were protecting his most precious treasure. 
All while wondering what he ever did to deserve you. 
Tumblr media
It was the next day, and you convinced yourself that everything was going to be okay. Taehyung had to urgently return to work and so did you, having spoken your supportive little pep-talk to each other in your foyer this morning. 
“Look, big news is out, and you may encounter reporters trying to invade your privacy and snap photos of you.” Taehyung explained as he fixed your blouse’s cuffs, speaking encouragingly. “Don’t let it get to you, okay? We’re going to do our daily routine of me dropping you off at work, but I know loads of people will be outside your company’s building to bother you.” Taehyung sighed after that, bringing his fingers to run through your hair until he cradled your cheek, thumb stroking your skin. 
“I’ll protect you until you get to the building, but I can’t help you when you’re past those doors.” Taehyung informs you sadly. “I’m sorry.” 
“Don’t apologize, baby.” You reassure him, bringing a hand over his holding your cheek. “I’m strong, remember? I can do this, Tae, I promise.” 
Taehyung smiled warmly at that, leaning down and capturing your lips with his own, kissing you as tenderly as he could. Your heart fluttered with butterflies, suddenly the dread of today becoming less daunting. 
He breaks away after soft, gentle kisses, his forehead pressed to yours as you squeezed his hand against your cheek. He replicated a deep breath for you to follow, and you do so with a nod to yourself that you’re okay, you’ve got this. You can handle any and everything that comes your way, you’ve been doing so for many years and can do the same once again. 
But the one crucial detail you conveniently forgot is that if you apply tension to something over, and over and over again, it will eventually break. 
You wouldn’t remember that for a while. 
Tumblr media
You swallow as you enter your department, having already dealt with the cameras outside snapping innumerable photos of Taehyung and some security helping you into your building. 
Taehyung had trouble letting your hand go before you would vanish behind the doors, finding his once mysterious eyes revealing a multitude of concern and worry, so much so it seemed he would cry at any moment. 
It clogged your throat with unbearable agony, squeezing his hand back that you’d be alright, and Taehyung understood. It still didn’t deter him from pulling you close so he could embrace your form however, engulfing you in his warm hug as his nose pressed into your hair. 
“I love you.” Is what he whispered by your ear, and you whispered it back as your arms winded around him, gripping his suit like your lifeline. 
“I love you more, Tae.” 
But now, as you stand in the hallway leading to your department, you couldn’t help but notice the impertinent way every eye openly stares at you, gawking, sending dirty looks that make your heart nestle itself further into the pit of your stomach. 
They were all judging, boring black, searing holes into your back, and it's as though every hushed whisper was suddenly blaring in your eyes, louder than any alarm in the world. You were on edge now, contemplating the millions of terrible things people could be thinking about you, and it wasn’t healthy for your overthinking mind. 
You pass the doors after you push them open, feeling more pairs of once occupied eyes flashing to you immediately. You keep your head down, attempting to be furtive as you pace over to your office as quickly as possible. Pulling out your phone as any sort of distraction, you try to keep yourself from meeting anyone else’s judgemental gazes.
But your phone wasn’t any different, either. 
When you clicked your phone, all you saw appear right above your precious selca of you and Taehyung on your Greek trip were a multitude of comments and notifications. 
Your father, your brother Yoongi, Hana, even your mother had attempted to call you. You had texts that consisted of multiple people questioning the recent news, and even what was meant to be your private social media was being flooded with nasty comments. Your heart sinks. 
‘Why would he say yes to someone like you?’ 
‘Everyone knew it was fake, he would never willingly marry you’ 
‘You don’t deserve him.’ 
You can’t believe what you’re reading. You already feel sick, your chest filled with this wad of agony you couldn’t chase down. In all your reading of the vile comments, you end up bumping into your co-worker Yeji, nearly running her over. 
She fumbles a little, and you immediately scramble for an apology. “Yeji, oh my God! I’m so sorry.” 
“Y/N, God. I’ve been looking for you! Come, come,” Yeji links her arm with yours and flashes everyone staring a scolding look. “Let’s get you out of here.” 
She ushers you through the daunting hall and into your office, shutting the door behind you both before she turns to you. 
“Y/N, what’s going on? I’m literally hearing a million different things about you.” 
You worriedly set your things down as you silence your buzzing phone. “What.. are you hearing?” 
“Is it true, Y/N? About your marriage with Kim Taehyung?” 
You slide off your coat as you send her a pained look, but hide your troubles behind a composed face. You wonder when you got so good at it, most likely a habit you picked up from your husband. 
“Y/N, c’mon. You know you can tell me anything. I’m really worried for you, babes.” She tells you sincerely. You soften up listening to how earnest she is, sighing before you reply. 
“It’s true, Yeji.” You inform her. “Our marriage was arranged at first but we really did fall in love. I really..” You pause, growing emotional, running through every awful thing that’s happened lately. “I really do love him.” 
Yeji didn’t need to hear you say more in order to distinguish the truth, the look in your eyes alone confesses your genuity. She sighs, feeling your pain from across the room. 
“It’s okay, Y/N. You don’t need to explain it to me.” She softly assures you. “I can tell you’re both really in love, I just hope things are okay for you right now.” 
Your vision flits down to your screen that flashes horrid notifications, gulping down as you return a half-smile to her. “Yeah, I hope so, too.” 
Yeji sees your distracted eyes and sullen figure, trying to change the subject. “Hey, we’ve got that meeting with Mary. Remember how much she loved your pitch last week? Today’s the day to really convince her, huh?” 
You crack a smile at that, thankful that you had at least one person in your corner, and maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as you first thought. 
“Yeah, let’s give it a try.”
Tumblr media
Tick. Tick. Tick.
You were waiting for the breaking point. 
It’d been a few days since the incident first hit the news, and you’ve been drained of all your energy to the lowest point you’ve ever reached in your life. 
You nibble on your index finger as you silently watch the news broadcast from the crack in your office window blinds, the rest of your department all turning heads to everyone’s laptops and computer screens alike. 
It’s the broadcast of Taehyung standing before an army of paparazzi and reporters, accompanied by some personnel and officials as he publicly apologizes for what’s been deemed a scandal now. You feel your heart clench, contemplating how much stress is most likely weighing on Taehyung’s broad shoulders. 
And still, he seamlessly prevails, having made a sincere apology and bowing to everyone with the utmost respect. You feel like crying all over again,watching him apologize for something that was never his fault. You’ve attempted to catch any wind of Taehyung, but he’s been nowhere in sight, too occupied with the company these last few days to even come home some nights. 
Your anxiety has reached its maximum point, even now as the broadcast switches to the new rundown of the current situation. Some eyes flash to your office and you immediately jump back, having spent much of your time hiding in here. 
You fumble back against your desk, hand hitting your phone that suddenly lights up with a call from an unknown number. Knowing you shouldn’t answer, you still do, acknowledging that any call could be something important. 
But to your loss, it’s rather an anonymous person spewing curse words and hurtful insults you’ve heard enough times now. You let out a deep sigh, letting them ramble on before you end the call and block the number, tossing your phone onto your desk roughly. 
You lean against the desk to take deep breaths, remembering the exercises Taehyung took his time to study and then taught you. You try to envision him here, that he was breathing with you and holding your hand, whispering sweet encouragements as he embraces you. 
You were drifting off into that daydream before a message popped up on your screen.
Your eyes widened in horror, swallowing thickly as you read the graphic contents of a death threat. You felt tears pool your eyes, wondering how ghastly people could be. The insults were brutal, but wishing such awful things upon a person was a line you couldn’t believe others so easily crossed. You wonder how much longer this is going to continue, how much longer you’ll have to deal with all this until you break into millions of pieces. You feel your chest tighten with this certain pain that never goes away. 
The messages keep rolling in, in almost an ominous sequence and you muster the courage to simply block the number, throwing your phone away again. 
You want to call Taehyung, text him, something just to keep yourself from adopting an anxiety attack, having told you that if anything ever gets too much to simply call him, and he’ll drop everything in a matter of seconds. 
But you couldn’t do it, you already felt sick. Every time you opened your phone you were waiting for a malicious comment to pop up, to get another phone call or death threat message sent to you. Your email was flooded with a myriad of hate, your work email wasn't even safe. 
You couldn’t even leave your office without wanting to hide behind a paper bag, everyone’s prying eyes boring holes into your figure each time you passed by. It’s not like you hadn’t heard the comments being said about you either. Every trip to the women’s bathroom was a nightmare, simply sitting in a stall as you listened to women gossip and say the awfulest of things. 
Some of your male co-workers talked the cruelest shit about you as well. One time you approached a group to work the fax machine, only to walk in on a conversation detailing what extravagantly exorbitant things you fuck your husband for. 
‘It’s gotta be for the vacations, did you not see them in Greece a week ago?’
‘Probably sucks his dick just for a Prada purse.’
‘And he probably shuts her up by doing it again.’
Their hearty laughs bring tears to your eyes, feeling violated in ways you couldn’t even describe. You remembered telling Taehyung you were strong, promising him you’d be okay, that you’d truly be able to get through this tough time and his support would be enough. 
Turns out you’re one hell of a liar. 
You feel ill again, heaving as the graphic details of the death threats mixed with the mistreatment at work churn your stomach. You simply grab your things and make a run for your boss’ office. You inform her of your dwindling health and she worriedly grants you permission to head home, too far in your head to even consider what you’ll do. 
Home was the same as work anyway; you still received the calls, the messages, even watching TV was hard knowing that with Taehyung’s reputation and almost world-renowned company, you were headlining too many news channels. 
You clutch your purse as tightly as you could, swallowing thickly as you keep your head down and pass by everyone again, feeling the hostility and negativity through the tension-filled energy. 
Placing a foot in front of the other was easy until you smack dab bumped into someone’s frame in the lobby. You peer up to find Alex, feeling every single one of your nerves going into panic mode and you immediately attempt to scamper by him.
He pulls you back, and your heart races.  
“Y/N, wait,” 
“What do you want?” You spit at him, eyes already bordering on tears. “Don’t you dare even talk to me.” 
“But Y/N-” 
“God, Taehyung was fucking right.” You sneer, clutching your purse for dear life. “Can you not take no for a fucking answer?” 
“Y/N, I just wanted to apologize to you. I’m so sorry about those photos that got out, I didn’t think anyone would photograph us.” 
“Well now they have,” you state the obvious with hostility. “Why would you even touch me knowing I’m married? And to a famous CEO at that? What is seriously wrong with you, Alex? This all happened because of you.” 
Alex takes offence to that, immediately countering. “Me?” 
“Yes, you. You should’ve never done anything knowing I have a husband. What did you even think to gain out of your confession?” Usually you wouldn’t be spewing such rude words, but your mental state was too fragile now to be kind. You’ve had the same insults, death threats and detrimental thoughts swarming your head for days now, letting it all out into some sort of outlet.
“I was concerned for you, Y/N. You don’t understand the rumours about Kim Taehyung’s anger issues that have always been going around.” 
You pinch your brows together, baffled. “What?” 
He scoffs, almost derisively. “You don’t get it, do you?” 
“Get what?” 
 “Did you know he dislocated the CEO of Han Co’s knee when he was in high school?” 
You're thrown off by the information, Taehyung never having mentioned such a thing. Alex watches you hesitate, catching you off-guard in that moment. 
“See? You didn’t know. He’s also torn someone’s ACL and broken a jaw too. He has a history of violence and being unable to control his anger, but his family kept it all under wraps ‘cause he was fucking spoon-fed everything his entire life.” 
You immediately scowl at him. “Talk about my husband like that again and I’ll kick your knee in, asshole.” 
Alex scoffs. “Whatever. The point is I was scared for your wellbeing and when I saw your injury and the fact that you disappeared for two weeks, I thought he had you trapped in an abusive relationship. You can’t fucking blame me for thinking that knowing his past.” 
This information is fairly new to you, and Alex does have the slightest bit of right in that, but it was never right of him to assume such immoral things about someone he didn’t know, and touch you without your permission. 
“I don’t give a fuck, Alex. You don’t even know Taehyung at all, how would you feel if someone used your past against you to assume the worst?” 
That’s when Alex was taken aback, letting up his argument as he let that sink in. 
“Exactly. You can’t do that without knowing someone’s present, let alone touching someone without their permission who is literally married.” You lecture him, knowing he needed to hear this. “You ruined two people’s lives because of it, this is all your fault.” 
“Please,” Alex laughs disdainfully. “Faking your marriage with a rich CEO for money was all my fault?” 
Your heart cinches, tired of this same shitty narrative. “It had nothing to do with money. Never speak to me again, Alex. Goodbye.” 
You hear him laugh as you make your way to the front doors, listening to him yell out. “You’re forgetting you work here with me, Y/N! And I can either make your life very easy or very hard right now..” 
You sensed the threat in his tone and had to stop your tracks, whirling around with a raised brow. “Did you just threaten me?” 
“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.” He shrugs condescendingly. “Either way, I think you should act a lot less like your husband and be friendlier these days. You’re not exactly on people’s good side anymore.” 
Your eyes flash to the amount of people once again, eyeing you as though you were an alien from outer space, finding the very, very small strength to survive the way their horrifying eyes bore into your soul. 
But you didn’t care. No way in hell would you fold to this sorry excuse of a man, using this opportunity to rather threaten you than apologize for his indecent behaviour. 
“Fuck you, Alex. Don’t let HR hit you on the way out.” You send him a saccharine smile and a condescending wave, busting out of the doors and immediately being whisked with fresh air. You soak it in, earning a mere second of peace before the flash of a camera suddenly stuns your vision. A few stray reporters come out to begin hounding you all over again, cursing yourself for not having texted your personal guards Taehyung hired for your convenience. 
Thankfully you spot the familiar car parked by the curb and scramble for it, catching the attention of the guard inside as you avoid the cameras as best you can. You ignore all the questions and demands for comments, slipping by them and thankfully settling inside the car once you’ve escaped them. 
You ask the driver to step on the gas home, not even taking a look back at what you leave behind. 
Tumblr media
“Did you get home safely, Princess?” 
You relished in the sound of your husband’s velvety voice, the only calm you knew with a roaring storm outside, one also inside your heart.
You’d arrived home and simply wallowed around, attempting to subdue your sorrow though only found your mind revisiting all your troubles. Alex’s words are what clouded your thoughts, never having known those untold things about Taehyung. You didn’t care much though, Taehyung is not the person he used to be, and you wouldn’t allow the past to define his present. 
Your phone wouldn’t stop bothering you, having nearly ripped your hair out over the fearful notifications. You attempted to silence all of them but couldn’t because the only means of communication with Taehyung was through your phone. 
You laid in bed now, watching the rain pour outside through your balcony doors as you attempted to sleep. Your phone buzzed and thankfully revealed your husband’s name very late at night, having called you knowing your fear of thunderstorms, and ensuring you were okay after the usual reporter raid. 
“I did, thank you.” 
“How was your day?” Taehyung asked so softly, you felt tears flood your eyes, recently the question of how you are provoking your immediate tears. 
“It was okay… how was yours?” 
“Don’t lie to me, Princess.” Taehyung’s warm, dulcet voice speaks. “You know I can tell.” 
You clutch your hand over your mouth, holding back the tears that threaten to spill until they eventually escape.  
“I’m not lying, Taehyung. I’m okay.” 
You’re not sure where Taehyung is, but you do hear the evident sound of him sighing. 
“I promise, Tae.” You sniffle a little, squealing slightly when the sound of thunder suddenly roars. Another flash of lightning strikes as well, listening to the wind howl dangerously outside your window. You begin to worry for Taehyung and his whereabouts, hoping he’s close to home and not a prisoner to the storm. 
“Taehyung, will you be home soon?” You cling to your covers harder as you manage your fear, sniffling yet again. “Please tell me you’re close.” 
Suddenly the sound of your bedroom door swinging open alarms you, turning around to find your suit-cladded, damp husband standing with his phone clutched to his ear. 
“I’m right here, Princess.” 
You’re in shock for only a second before you lose all composure. Your facade crumbles before him, having needed him more than you needed air. You immediately begin to cry as emotion clogs your throat, phone forgotten.
And Taehyung felt himself break as he rushes towards you. “Y/N...”
Taehyung forgets his phone on the nightstand and quickly slips into bed with you, sliding in right behind your crying form and wrapping you in his arms, squeezing tightly. 
He hushes you as his fingers card through your hair, clasping you even tighter when a bout of mighty thunder booms outside again, and you flinch with fear. You weep into his chest harder as he tightens his embrace, so consumed by everything, so overwhelmed and overrun with emotion it was too painful to bear. 
“It’s okay, Angel. Shh,” he gently soothes you, lips and nose pressed to your hair. “I’m here… I’m right here.” 
You snuggle into him closer, sobs catching the back of your throat as you wail, the thunderstorm only heightening your turbulent emotions. 
“I’m sorry, Taehyung… I’m so sorry.” 
“Don’t be, Princess.” Taehyung comforts you. “It’s okay.. shh.” 
You were eternally grateful for his loving, kind soul, discrediting anything Alex had to say about him. You knew Taehyung, and he was the most selfless person you’d ever met. 
“You don’t have to say sorry, pretty girl.” He kisses your hair, and the iteration of your pet name eases you, making your heart flutter. You peer up at him with your red, puffy eyes and slightly runny nose, but Taehyung still thinks you’re beautiful in every right of the word. 
He cracks a wholesome smile, delicately removing a strand of hair from your cheek. 
“I love you,” he whispers, as if it were your own little secret. “You know that, right?” 
 “I love you more, Tae.” You whisper back, feeling happiness for the first time in days. You realize it was also the first time you’d really seen your husband, noticing the slightly pale look of his skin, his tired eyes, evident of how much the recent events must’ve been taking a toll on him. 
And yet when he looked at you, he gazed at you with the world in his eyes. 
He reaches over to his nightstand and pulls out some tissues, bringing them to your nose and wiping you clean. You grasp them in your hands and tidy yourself, tossing them in your trash can.
You settle into Taehyung’s arms then, telling him he should change after his long day, though he said he felt comfortable enough being with you. You both fell into a comforting silence, simply laying in his arms as his fingertips tread through your hair. 
“Everything will be okay, Princess.” He reassures you quietly, kissing your cheek as you feel sleep beckon you. “It’s hard right now, but we’ll find a way.” 
You nod to him, sniffling as your crying finally comes to a still. You lean in and kiss Taehyung’s neck deeply, the breadth of his hug so very warm, safe.
“And we’ll do it together.” You say, feeling Taehyung smile against your hair as he clutches you indefinitely. 
“You mean everything to me, you know?” He tells you sincerely, finding peace in the calm beating of his heart. “If something’s happening, you can tell me, baby.” 
You wanted to tell Taehyung about everything, wanted to relay all the terrible and awful things that have been happening, to tell him about Alex’s cruel words. 
But instead of burdening him with the information, you merely nestle yourself further into his arms, allowing yourself the tranquility of slumbering in his embrace and a peaceful, quiet mind with the love of your life. 
“I’m okay, Tae. As long as I’m with you.” 
He smiles, but you didn’t know he could detect something was going on, even if he didn’t know exactly what. 
Tumblr media
‘Did you hear Kim Taehyung’s actually violent?’ 
‘God, and she probably only stays with him for the money and sex.’ 
‘I would never degrade myself like that.’ 
‘What a gold-digging whore.’ 
Tick. Tick. Tick. 
You wouldn’t break, no, you couldn’t. 
It didn’t matter the vicious looks coming your way, the new headlines parading rumours of Taehyung’s allegedly violent past. They were resurfacing old dirt on him that barely seemed incriminating, but was being utilized as a weapon by the media. 
You had no clue how the Kim family was handling all the accusations, you didn’t know how Taehyung was handling it either, worrying for his well-being above everything. 
Your phone incessantly buzzed and lit up with notifications; more online hate, more calls and texts, more harassment. Every news article was filled with the most vile of words, your email either had graphic death threats or horrid images that disturbed your very insides. 
And every ticking of that goddamn clock in your office sounded off new daunting, soul-crushing thoughts that plagued your mind. 
‘What if I’m really not good enough for him?’ 
‘Why does he even love me?’
‘This is all my fault.’
‘I don’t deserve him.’ 
Your mind was spiralling, tumbling down a proverbial black hole that threatened to swallow you whole. Every place you knew wasn’t safe anymore, nothing was safe. 
Your workplace had disastrously deteriorated, Alex having taken your last comment and driven it right to the ground with having strategically spread the word. He really transformed into the epitome of a douchebag having talked up rumours and assumptive falsities to worsen your reputation and Taehyung’s. 
You had to laugh, and men say women are snakes. 
You couldn’t even eat your lunch without wanting to throw it up, the embarrassment of always eating alone in your office, the work that gets purposefully piled on you. The messes people leave behind for you to clean up, the secrecy, the exclusion, the blatant neglect of your presence. The ignoring, the shit-talking behind your back, the gossiping, the looks, the rumours; it all amalgamated into spelling your insanity. 
The ticks were beginning to eat at your already collapsing brain, wondering when that clock got so fucking loud. Why does it feel like you can hear what everyone’s thinking? Why can you feel the way everyone hates you? Sense the hostility and awful things they’re wishing upon you? 
This feeling in your chest was unbearable, attempting to breathe through the almost normal intrusion but only felt a heavier wad of anxiety suffocating you. Even your management treated you differently, they didn’t choose you for any projects considering your reputation now, your creativity was dwindling along with your mental state and you were more scatter-brained and out of it than you’ve ever been. 
Sickness was an understatement by now, you felt so incredibly ailing you needed to get away, needed a break from everything. 
Needed a break from life. 
‘Why am I still here?’ 
“I’m no good for him.’
‘I only ruin Taehyung’s life’ 
‘I ruin everything I touch.’ 
You grunt in frustration at that fucking clock, snatching up the damn thing and violently prying out the batteries, tossing them in the trash with uneven breaths. You feel light-headed now, reaching your limit as multiple thoughts swarm your head, though a distinct one screams out to you like your true calling. 
‘You need to leave.’
You had to, you were no good for anybody. You were truly worthless, wasting everyone’s time and energy, wasting space that could be easily filled by someone much better. You’ve made the stupidest of mistakes that have only now ruined other people’s lives.
You escape your building once the work day is over, thankful for the rainy, downcast weather having warded off the reporters and conveniently masking your tears. You were driven home, quickly shedding off all your things as quickly as possible in a panic. 
You zoom past Mrs. Choi and Seo, immediately booking it for your suitcase with a racing, incoherently thinking mind. 
What good are you truly? Wouldn’t Taehyung’s life just be simpler without you in it? All you seem to do is cause him misfortune, everything has always been your fault. 
Your first ever argument due to your jealousy? Your horrible fight all because you couldn’t tell a pushy coworker no? Your inability to fight off a sleazy man because of fear? 
It was always you, it was never him. Why does Taehyung even stay with you? Is what Hisung said true? 
‘He only keeps you to fuck you.’ 
No, no. Taehyung’s not like that, Taehyung loves you, and he would never do such a disgusting, atrocious thing. You love Taehyung too, more than anything you have your entire life. 
But maybe this is for the better. 
Taehyung deserves someone much better, you’ve always thought about this notion. The online hate and comments only fueled your insecurities, contemplating everything you’ve read is true. Taehyung should be with someone richer, prettier, smarter, skinnier, someone with a better reputation than you’ve ever had. Someone much more respectable, someone who would look stunning by his side. 
Someone that wasn’t you. 
You hurtle your belongings into your suitcase, forgetting all forms of organization and simply stuffing what you could inside. You needed to leave, you needed to remove yourself from his life and watch from afar how much easier it would be without you. Maybe subtracting yourself from the equation truly fixes everything, maybe Taehyung’s father was genuinely correct. 
It’s all because of you, isn’t it? 
Tears flood your vision as you rapidly pack, nabbing at things to include as your mind races a mile a minute.
“What are you doing?” 
You snap behind you to find Taehyung standing in the doorframe, practically horrified as he watches you pack. 
“Are.. are you leaving?” 
A single word doesn’t escape you, only acknowledging your husband’s presence and returning to your packing, shutting everything out of your brain until you ultimately, shut down yourself. 
As though you’d already reached the shore. 
“Why are you packing? Where are you going?” Taehyung worriedly queries to get an answer, but only hears crickets. 
He grows panicked beyond anything he’s ever felt before. He steps towards you and places a hand on your shoulder. “Are-are you leaving me, Princess?” 
His touch and the sheer sorrow in his voice clog up your esophagus, burning your lungs to hold back your tears, to keep it all locked up inside. 
“I have to go,” you quietly sniffle, rapidly wiping away a tear as you continue to pack. 
“What?” Taehyung exasperates. “No, you can’t just go.” 
“And why can’t I?” You counter as you turn around and shrug off his touch, eyes watery as you meet Taehyung’s glossy ones. 
He looks utterly terrified, but most of all, Taehyung looks betrayed. It was the look of betrayal that tainted his features, hurt beyond words as he struggles to even speak. 
“How-how could you?” His voice breaks, stepping back in shock. “Why are you doing this, baby?” 
You bite your lip to contain your emotions, swallowing it all down. “I have to leave, Taehyung.” You return to your messy packing, Taehyung’s wounded voice barely able to be heard. 
“You.. you said you’d never leave me..” He mutters. “You said I had you.. you said I always had you. You said that, baby, why would you leave me?” 
The shatter of his timbre crushes your heart, tears spilling from you as you tuck everything into your Godforsaken suitcase. “I’m not good for you, Taehyung. You need to accept that.” 
“No.” He denies you, the miserable look on his face utterly agonizing. “Why are you doing this, Princess? We’re supposed to do this together, how could you fucking leave?” 
“Because I ruin everything I touch!” You suddenly screech, reaching your breaking point. “I have broken… everything I touch. My family, your family, your company, and now you. I’m good for nothing, Taehyung, and you need to let me go for your own good.” 
Taehyung seems as though he didn’t understand anything, stepping towards you and grasping your arms desperately. “What do you mean? How could you say that to me? It’s not true..” Taehyung’s eyes are glassy, rimming with tears. “I’m barely fucking holding on these days, you know? The company is a mess, my family’s been of no help and you’re the only thing I have left. You can’t do this to me, to us.” 
“Don’t you get it, Tae?” Your pained expression searches for his distraught eyes. “I’m doing this for us, I’m doing this for your sake.” 
“How is this for my sake?!” Taehyung raises his voice, more lost than he’s ever been his entire life. “Do you not love me anymore, is that it? You can’t find it in yourself to love me after all of this?” 
Your heart shatters into pieces, holding your hand to your chest where you ache profusely. It feels suffocating, like you can’t breathe, and tears begin to cascade down your cheeks uncontrollably. 
“Baby, please. I’m doing this because I love you, because I want the best for you and it’s not me.” 
“You are the best for me, Y/N!” Taehyung pleads with you, his grip on your arms tightening. “Please, please don’t do this. You’re all I have left.” He begs of you as small tears escape him, swallowing through the pain. “You’re all I have. I’ll do anything, okay? I know how much pain you’ve been in and I’ve been such a terrible husband for not being here enough.” Taehyung suddenly puts all the blame on himself, your lungs deteriorating into ashes. “But I’ll do better, I’ll come home more often and try harder, I promise.” 
“This isn’t about you, Tae..” 
Taehyung laughs, but it’s more like he’s exhaling to release the tension in his chest, eyes brimming over with tears. “‘It’s not you, it’s me’, right? Is that really what you’re going to say to me?”
“Tae.. I’m serious. I need to go because seeing the pain.. the trouble I cause you is too unbearable. You deserve someone better than me.” 
“Don’t say that!” Taehyung uncharacteristically yells, his breaths heavy where his heart most likely thuds. “You don’t get to decide that. Don’t you understand that I can see the pain I cause you?  That it’s so much worse than mine? When will you understand that your pain is my pain, too? I’m your husband, Y/N, seeing you hurt hurts me more than anything I could ever imagine.” Taehyung argues passionately as he gestures between you both, tone rising in severity. 
“But you know what makes it easier? Knowing I have you, knowing we’re together and we’re in this together, that it’ll always be us against the world, just like you said.” He presents his words pressingly, eyes a mess of pleas. “So don’t do this, baby. Don’t walk away from us… don’t walk away from me.” 
“This hurts me more than it’s hurting you, Taehyung,” you explain, clutching your palms into fists that so, so badly want to hold him, but you refrain knowing you need to sever yourself from him now. “I can’t stand by your side knowing I caused this, knowing I only ever cause you pain, ruin everything I touch because that’s all I’m good for.” 
“Stop saying that, stop it!” Taehyung shakes you as he begs, not understanding this, not seeing anything clearly as the rain outside drowns your room in darkness and gloom, already dooming this conversation with misery. “You don’t ruin things, baby. It’s not your fault. Please, I love you.. more than anything in this world. If I don’t have you, then I have nothing…”
You see his soul breaking in his eyes, and God, you can’t even breathe without it burning everything inside you. “Without me.. you’ll lose your problems, baby.” You tell him softly, sniffling as you attempt to reason. “You’re better off without me, so please.. just let me go.” 
“No!” Taehyung stresses, only releasing you to pace the room all of a sudden, appearing distressed, almost crazy. Too many thoughts swarm his head as his mental state nose-dives into a pit of despair. He runs a hand through his hair as he wraps his head around this, tear-ridden eyes meeting yours. 
“I will fight for us.. I believe in us.” He tells you seriously. “Tell me you love me enough.” Taehyung suddenly pulls back the ends of his suit and wets his lips, hands on his hips awaiting you. “You said even when I had nothing that I’d always have you, so say it.”
“All I ever do is bring you unhappiness, Taehyung.” You emphasize. “I ruin everything I touch, and I don’t know what to do anymore.”
“You promised,” Taehyung whispers in a tone of betrayal, steely eyes meeting yours as he pierces your wounded soul. “You promised me you were my person, that you’d always stay by my side. You promised me.”
You couldn’t take it anymore, your pain was festering into a wound so severe nothing could remedy it at all. You shed profuse tears now, but nothing ever quells that stabbing pain in your chest, the pit in your stomach, the cinching of your heart begging for any relief as you watch Taehyung crumble before you. 
“Love me enough.” Taehyung’s timbre breaks apart as he beseeches. “Love me enough, Y/N. Love me enough to stay.”
You struggle watching him, looking up to the ceiling for a higher power, an angel, something to get rid of this terrible feeling in your chest. More tears escape as the pain only multiples, all your weeping catching in your throat with sharp breaths.
Taehyung joins you in crying, tears trickling down the cheeks of the usually stoic man. He paces towards you and engulfs your cheeks in his warm, warm palms, pained eyes locking with yours. 
“Stay,” he whispers in a quiet coo, his forehead falling against yours, almost as if all the sincerity that lies in the world now lies within this simple, simple request. 
“Just stay...” He entreats, a tear rolling down his cheek as his thumbs swipe the trails of yours, his voice so defeated and weak, and yet it remains strong with adamance. 
“Stay with me, Y/N.” 
And as you feel his hands holding you so desperately, hear the shattered state of his voice, see the way he squeezes his eyes so tightly shut as though he were hoping this was all a nightmare, suddenly moves you to the ends of the Earth. 
It leaves you stunned. Taehyung deeply remembers that promise of yours, contemplating it may have meant just about everything to him, could’ve been something he held onto dearly and the fact that you were invalidating that promise, running at the first sign of trouble? 
It’s not what he deserved, and you knew Taehyung’s feelings were real. He wasn’t lying or fabricating anything. He genuinely, and wholly-heartedly loved you more than anything in the world, and you couldn’t stand to be the reason his heart breaks even further. 
You sniffle as you peer at him, hooking a hand onto his wrist. His eyes meet yours searching for something, anything from you to convince you, to beg you with everything his sad, sad heart has to offer. 
You brush your thumb against his warm skin, the smallest hint of a smile gracing your face.
“Okay,” you whisper back, eyes lightening up as you exhale deeply. “Okay.. Taehyung.” 
Taehyung’s entire body takes a breath of relief, settling down as his shoulders relax.
“Thank you.. thank you.” He shows his utmost gratitude, immediately engulfing you in his arms as he hugs you dearly. You embrace him back, having missed his arms and the warmth of his body, leaning into his strong frame. 
“We’re gonna do this together, okay?” Taehyung gives you an affirmative squeeze, speaking in his dulcet, honey-like voice. “I know this is hard, but you’re not alone, Princess. You have me and I have you. We’re gonna get through this together. I promise...” 
Taehyung’s supportive words despite just having his heart ripped out touches you, crumbling at just how much he disregards himself and always puts you first, always ensures you’re okay before he even considers his own well-being. It makes tears flood your vision, truly believing he’s the most amazing person you’ll ever know, and there’s just no way you could ever leave him. 
“Us against the world, Tae..” You sniffle as your weak voice utters, hugging him tighter than you ever have. Taehyung squeezes your smaller frame with his entire being, hoping to transfer all the love he has for you in a single touch, glad that no matter how broken your heart must be, he’s grateful it still beats.
“Us against the world, Princess.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung takes a deep breath. 
He adjusts the lapels of his suit as he once again prepares himself before entering what’s now coined the battlefield; or in simpler terms, work. 
It hasn’t necessarily been kind at all. He’s swamped with paperwork, his stocks are plummeting further than they ever have and reporters and the media alike are practically harassing him for interviews. 
He’s never felt so much anger his entire life. 
Though still, those trivial things aren’t what cloud his mind. As he clutches the sink and composes himself in the mirror of your shared bathroom, Taehyung can’t help but find himself revisiting the last two weeks that have transpired between you two. 
More specifically, you. 
Taehyung was alarmingly concerned for your wellbeing now, and it’s reaching a severe level. Your argument the other day led to a very important discussion between you two, finally figuring out that work has become a hellzone for you, and you needed to desperately leave. 
“Who the fuck dare treat you like this? Give me names, Princess. I’ll buy that company and fire all those motherfuckers. I always knew Alex was an asshole too.” 
“It’s okay, Tae. I think I just need to.. leave.” 
“You should, baby. My Princess doesn’t deserve this at all.” 
“I think I will, I can’t believe I work with such terrible people.” 
“I can’t even live with myself knowing you’re experiencing such awful things at work. I don’t want you in that hostile environment. Maybe I could find you a job at my company?” 
“It’s okay, Tae. I think for now it’s best I lay low and just stay home, it’s the only peace I know.” 
“I’m still worried about you, baby.” 
“I’ll be fine, Taehyung.” 
But you weren’t, not exactly, and Taehyung could tell you were slowly losing something within yourself. He didn’t want to believe that something was severely wrong with you. However, he’d soon realized it was the case when you stopped picking up his calls, and only scarcely texted him whenever you could.  
You stopped smiling, you stopped laughing. You didn’t even eat your kiwis Taehyung would always leave behind for you at breakfast, knowing how much you love them. You didn’t make your usual coffee in the morning anymore, nor really drink much of it at all. You didn’t step foot inside your studio, let alone design or even pick up your sketching pencil.
He even noticed odd moments of you standing in front of a mirror and almost.. inspecting yourself, scrutinizing yourself. Feeling at your body or peering at certain features for far longer than you should, until eventually, you stopped looking in any mirrors at all. 
You rarely ever watched TV nor did he find you perusing your phone, rather choosing to abandon it in your bedroom. He would often find you sleeping now, or locked up in your room with some tea, sometimes staring out your balcony window without a word escaping you. 
Things had gotten so severe you’d gradually, and slowly reduced the amount you spoke. You went from unenthusiastic answers, to non-committing noises until eventually, you stopped speaking altogether. 
You barely ate anything, Taehyung noticing the way you’d always brush him off about food, or lie about having already eaten. The only times Taehyung would get anything out of you were the long, long nights. 
And God, how terrible they were.
He’d frequently find you crying, either out on the balcony or simply in bed, and Taehyung felt as though he was being slowly, though excruciatingly tortured. His chest cinched with agony anytime he heard your cries, anytime the bed shook with your sobs and every time he heard your painful intakes for air. 
The nightmares were the worst, Taehyung subjected to waking up to your screams that always jolted him awake. He’d have to gently coo and soothe you until you’d fall back asleep, or hold your quivering figure in his arms until you found a peace of mind.
They soon turned into night terrors, too, and they were far worse when you didn’t find Taehyung in bed with you.
He scanned through papers working another late night in his study, glasses adorning his face as he diligently analyzed and strategized plans for the recent incidents at work. He tossed a pen onto his desk and reclined back on his couch with a tired sigh, fingers running through his disheveled hair. The back of his eyes ached with the need for sleep, but he only cracked his neck as he mustered the willpower to carry on. 
He can’t, however, because Taehyung hears the usual shrills at 1AM in the morning. He bursts through the bedroom door almost instantly, worry flooding his airway as he finds you clutching the covers to your thinly-dressed body. 
You’re loudly crying and hyperventilating, just like you usually were, and Taehyung speedily crawls onto the mattress as he shelters you in his arms. He pulls you in tight, squeezing your figure for dear life and hoping it rids you of the God awful shaking.
“Y/N, shh. It’s a dream, it’s just a dream.” He coos his routine words, feeling your body raked with shallow, quick breaths. “It’s not real, baby, it’s not real.” 
The sounds of your sobs ceasing relax him, tension lifting off his shoulder as he takes a deep breath, and strokes your back until you fall into a slumber again.  
Whether you’d recline on his shoulder, cuddle up in his lap or lay your head against his thigh in moments like this, Taehyung never minded, always silently, and gladly comforting you with his constant presence as much as you need. 
 It was the only thing Taehyung could offer anyway, himself. 
Every time you’d awaken with scared eyes and a panicking heart, he’d hold you and gently sing to you just to let you have some shut eye. Every time he’d find you up on your mattress and simply sobbing, he didn’t need to question it. He would sit up with you too and pull you into his lap, embracing you from behind. He would whisper to you that everything would be okay, that you would both find happiness together, until your cries eventually came to a silence. 
But Taehyung could tell something had changed in you. No, something had broken inside you. And he prayed to his angels every night that you’d be okay, that whatever’s so deeply troubling you would pass, that you’d find the power to heal. 
Even if you never elaborated on what’s wrong any time Taehyung asked, even if he didn’t hear your voice for a long, long time; he still hoped for the best of your well being. 
Still hoped that somewhere inside you, your soul wasn’t screaming in pain. 
Pain, it’s really all you felt. With a mix of regret, guilt, embarrassment. It just felt easier like this, to not say much of anything, to not talk. You couldn’t bring yourself to, not when all that swamped your cluttered mind were vile insults, hate, sheer guilt and regret. It was eating at you so profusely you couldn’t even think straight, couldn’t inhale a breath without feeling immense pain. 
You were eternally grateful for Taehyung, his loving, patient, gentle presence was the only strength you had to keep going. 
Taehyung had actually hired a lawyer to protect you and your image in the media. He wanted to create a safer environment for you, and took the necessary precautions for any future lawsuits especially after finding out about your workplace, and the intervention did in fact help you feel more at ease.
Though nothing could exactly repair the damage people had embedded inside you, too miserable to do anything, too sad to live the way you used to. 
You felt empty these days, as though your heart had been ripped out of your chest and withered away, now left a mere empty husk. A void shrouded your chest in perpetual darkness, the bile in your stomach constantly churning into the distasteful, bitter bubbling of agony. 
There was no strength in you to leave your bedroom some days, some days reading a book couldn’t keep you company. Some days eating was a task, some days Taehyung had to constantly bug you for a meal, even feeding you soup when you couldn’t muster the strength to lift your arms. 
He’d enlisted the help of the highest-rated psychiatrist in the city, desiring their expertise to get you the best of help and rightfully diagnosed. Your husband watched intently as Dr. Yang sat down with you on your bed, conversing with you through typing on a laptop and writing on a notepad. He examined a multitude of things; your mindset, your thoughts, what’s troubling you so deeply. You shed tears while writing to him and listening to his words, Taehyung’s soft holding of your hand having kept you afloat. 
“It’s a serious case of depression, dear.” He told you softly, a sympathetic smile adorning his face. “The events in your life have just.. hurt you very deeply.” 
You nodded as you understood, having known for a while now that was the case. Dr. Yang explained to a worried Taehyung that it would take you time to heal, and he couldn’t pinpoint timeframe of recovery considering this was a mental health issue. He also explained your inability to speak originates from the trauma of everything, and that speaking would only return to you naturally, over time as you heal. 
Dr. Yang then took your husband outside your room, and spoke to him about God knows what. You didn’t have much interest, and simply slinked back into your bed as you dozed off into a slumber, the feeling of your melancholy the only thing you remembered. 
Nothing changed about your behaviour at all as time passed, a routine for you to be like this. You hated putting all this pressure, work and burden on Taehyung, who would often return from chaotic days at his company to you, his sad and clinically depressed wife.
 Though you couldn’t find it in yourself to do anything about it. 
You couldn’t find it in yourself to do much of anything.  
You really do love Taehyung, you realized over the weeks of psychological torture. He was your rock, your anchor, the only pillar in your life that kept you from drowning. He’s the only reason you harbour any strength to keep moving forward, to stop the terrible, terrible thoughts haunting your mind.
Taehyung assisted you more frequently with any mundane tasks you couldn’t do by yourself; dressing yourself, brushing your hair, showering and bathing most days.
He undresses you now in your shared bathroom as you remain silent, unmoving as he takes the last of your garments off. He steps over to the bathtub and begins running the water, letting it fill up the tub as he rolls up the sleeves of his high-end, brand name dress shirt, and leans down to check the temperature of the water. 
He then looks over to you, standing with your arms crossed over your chest, listless and empty. He offers his hand. 
“Come, Princess. It’s warm.” he calls you gently.
You settle into the tub, Taehyung carefully helping you sit down. You’re submerged in the warm water as Taehyung removes the bath spray and checks the setting of the stream, seating himself on his stool by the edge of the bath. He begins gently dousing your hair with water. 
“Too warm?” He asks, and you give him a tentative shake of your head. He smiles to himself in the slightest, letting the water drown your hair as he delicately runs his fingers through your strands. 
It was the usual for you two like this; Taehyung trying his best to keep you and himself together while you remained a heavy burden on his shoulders. The thought alone made you clutch your knees to your chest, intaking a shaky breath to mask the feeling of sheer guilt that constantly washes over you. 
Your husband moved on to slathering shampoo in your hair, carefully working the soap through your locks as you silently let him, agonizingly drowning in the sorrows of your thoughts. 
With a sigh, you acknowledge Taehyung’s phone by the edge, your gaze falling to Taehyung above. His gorgeously handsome face catches you looking, and his eyes meet yours as he lightly tilts his head in question. “What’s wrong, angel?” 
You dry your hands on a towel before reaching over and grabbing his phone, unlocking it and accessing his notes. You linger over the screen, typing out a message. You then flash the screen to Taehyung with your innocent, doe eyes, Taehyung breathing a little laugh as he falls for them all over again. 
‘I have a question.’ 
Taehyung reads it, warm eyes flitting to you. “Go on, baby.” 
You type again, thumbs moving over the screen before showing your husband. 
‘Do you ever wonder what would've happened if you were successful running away from your family?’
Taehyung’s caught off guard, surprised by the sudden inquiry. He purses his lips as he thinks, his contemplative eyes falling to yours for where this is coming from, though answers nonetheless. 
“I don’t know,” Taehyung says simply, his soapy hands now dormant in your hair. “All I know is if I ran away.. I would’ve never met you.”
Taehyung sees the comment leaves you with indistinguishable emotions, swallowing before your little thumbs conjure up more text, Taehyung leaning in to read it. 
His heart sinks.
‘Maybe you would’ve been better without me.’
He sighs as his chest feels a sting he can’t remedy, wetting his lips before simply reaching over for the bath spray, and turning it on as he offers you a wholesome smile.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, sweetheart.” 
Tumblr media
“What the fuck?” 
Error. Error. 
“Why won’t this stupid thing..?” 
Error. Error. Error.
“Oh fucking..” Taehyung immediately rises from his seat as his annoyance boils over, bursting out of his office and towards Mrs. Lee’s desk with a frustrated huff.
“Mrs. Lee, my computer isn't letting me send an email to my wife. Could you please try to send it?” 
Mrs. Lee contorts her lips. “Really, Mr. Kim? That’s quite odd.” 
“Right? I’ve been trying to send the information of this company in search of a head architect to her, but for some reason I can’t send her anything.” Taehyung laments. 
“Hmm, that’s very strange. You could forward the email to me and I’ll try sending it myself, Mr. Kim.” Taehyung nods affirmatively and whips out his phone, sending the documented email to Mrs. Lee and she receives it just fine. 
Taehyung and Mrs. Lee both note that Taehyung’s email is working properly, understanding it must be yours causing the trouble. Mrs. Lee drafts her forwarding and searches your email, clicking the send button and finding the same error appearing. 
“See? I don’t understand why her personal email doesn’t work.” 
“Has Mrs. Kim not told you anything about her email? Possibly changing it?” Mrs. Lee queries him. 
Taehyung instantly feels a sting of pain, revisiting the last weeks he’s been with you. “She.. hasn’t really been talking much.. at all.” Taehyung admits, his demeanour clouded with a grey colour, and Mrs. Lee softens. 
“I have her friend Yeji’s phone number for emergency purposes. Would you like me to call her? She could possibly know what happened to Mrs. Kim’s email.” 
“That’s a great idea. Thank you, Mrs. Lee.” 
Mrs. Lee makes a gesture as though to not mention it, immediately softing for the contact and calling your ex co-worker. Taehyung watches Mrs. Lee converse with her over the phone, not really able to make out much of the conversation. 
He waits for his secretary to finish, watching her place her phone down as he nibbles on his lip nervously, tapping his foot to distract himself. “So?” 
“Apparently Mrs. Kim deleted her email, Mr. Kim.” Taehyung knits his brows together, confusion riddling all his features. 
“Her ex co-worker informed me she deleted her email. She’s unsure herself as to why and hasn’t been able to contact Mrs. Kim through text or call either.” 
Taehyung’s puzzled as all hell, tonguing his cheek as he contemplates the new information. “Deleted her email? Why would my wife delete her email..?” Taehyung asks himself as he attempts to piece together an answer.
Mrs. Lee begins clicking at her keyboard as well, Taehyung trying to sort through his thoughts though keeps getting distracted by the clicking noises. 
“Mrs. Lee, what are you doing?” 
“I’m just doing a quick search of Mrs. Kim on the internet to see...” And Mrs. Lee freezes, her finger having stopped scrolling and her face stunned as she peers at her screen. 
Taehyung questions eagerly. “What? What is it?” 
“Mr. Kim..” Mrs. Lee beckons Taehyung over to her, and he quickly rounds her pristine desk to settle by her side, scanning over her screen. 
And what he sees leaves him absolutely horrified. 
Taehyung’s privy to hundreds of comments on an article about your relationship with him, not any different from the usual self-acclaimed scandal articles discrediting your marriage. Though it’s a specific comment not only spewing vile hate towards you, but also leaking your personal email that alarms Taehyung. 
“Holy shit..” 
“Mr. Kim, if your wife’s email was leaked like this then..” 
“Oh my God.” Taehyung immediately goes into panic mode, already reaching a new height of concern as he reads the God awful words people had to say about you. Insults, rumours, gossip, completely untrue and false statements regarding you, but seeing your personal email up in the air like that is what sends him into overdrive.
He can’t even imagine the terrible things you must be receiving, though another daunting thought then suddenly pops into his mind. 
If they could get a hold of your email, what else could they have gotten a hold of? 
Taehyung’s brain goes haywire, immediately shoving his phone into his pocket and making a break for his elevator down the hall, hollering back to Mrs. Lee. 
“Mrs. Lee, cancel all my meetings, I have something important to do!” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung settles onto the bed comfortably, snapping a glance at the door to ensure you hadn’t somehow snuck up on him, despite having come home to you sleeping angelically in the main area downstairs. 
He kissed your forehead as an apology before scampering his way upstairs, having swiped your phone from the nightstand to do something he swore to himself he would never do. 
Break into your phone. 
It feels like a ghastly invasion of privacy, but Taehyung knows just how important this is. 
He taps open your phone, cracking a smile at the cute wallpaper you’d kept. It was the same selca you’d taken together with his newly-gifted Leica camera in Greece; arm clutching you tightly as his nose and lips pressed to your cheek with his own bread-cheek smile, and you’re happily grinning.
He encountered your password screen then, bypassing easily remembering his birthday is the 4-digit code. He accesses your home page and lingers over the many apps you have, deciding first to maybe visit social media. 
Taehyung couldn’t bear the thought of you hiding things from him. Suffering all alone the hurtful things coming your way considering the nasty comments on just one article. 
Is this what’s been troubling you so deeply, Princess?
And what drove you to delete your entire personal email? It didn’t make sense to him, needing more information. 
He thinks you must’ve backed up the data of your old email considering how often you used it, especially for exchanging your designs and work you created digitally. 
Fingertips typing away, he finds your stored email data and opens up the files, expecting to see designs and your work riddled all over the folders, only to be clutching his palm to his mouth. 
Taehyung’s disgusted by the amount of horrid images he sees, the graphic content of hateful messages saved as well. He’s disturbed to the core, immediately clicking off the content as his features twist into disapproval. 
‘What the fuck?’ Is all Taehyung can think. Is that why you deleted your email?
Taehyung feels anger boil within him, moving to delete the images and content before he receives a text from a random number, clicking to reveal the content, and only finds the beginning of a very graphic death threat. Taehyung’s utterly nonplussed, disbelieving that even your text messages are littered with random numbers that have either sent or texted terrible things. 
He scrambles for your social media and finds that you’ve logged out of most applications. He pensively wonders your passwords and remembers you mentioning that all of them are the same. He begins a guessing game of combination words and numbers then.
Taehyung knows you like the back of his hand, and for fun attempts to input the full date of his birthday with his initials, surprisingly getting in. 
Despite the situation, he chuckles a little. 
He bypasses your social media and finds what should be your private accounts flooded with hate messages and comments. Taehyung reads over some and only finds malicious content that infuriates him, letting out a disappointed sigh.
His protective senses immediately overtake him, waiting to deny every person spewing bullshit about you, only to be frustrated knowing that he can’t do much of anything. He only knows as soon as possible, he’s completely revamping your contact information; new number, new email, new phone for fuck’s sake. His lawyer is definitely getting wind of this and he will be pressing charges for defamation. 
He swears on his life he won’t rest until he sees people paying for this. 
Taehyung sighs as he leans back against the bed, feeling incredibly guilty, exhausted, running through the vicious, cruel things people are saying about you. 
Is this what you have to read? Is this what you wake up to in the morning? 
Taehyung reads the last disgusting comment, and he intakes a breath as he sets a goal for tonight, the goal he’s determined will come to fruition. 
Because if there’s one thing to be known about Taehyung, is that once his mind’s set on something, he’s not a man to be deterred.
Tumblr media
A nightmare again, Taehyung thinks. 
He lays in bed as he attempts to catch some shut-eye, though heard the sheets rustling as your body remains restless in bed. You face the balcony as Taehyung peers at your back, watching the way you move around in distress, the faster sounds of your breathing. He feels his chest ache.
Taehyung naturally slips his arm around your waist as he shuffles closer to you, pulling you into his warm embrace. He squeezes you tightly, lips nuzzling into your neck as he lays soft kisses. He feels the way your body relaxes, breaths becoming steadier, and he sees your precious eyes flutter open. 
He cards his hand through your hair to see you better, lips pressed to your temple. “Y/N..” he whispers, and though he doesn’t receive an answer, he knows you hear him. 
“Are you awake?” Is what he quietly asks, and he feels you nod, nestling into his arms closer, hugging him around you. 
Taehyung bites his lip as his mind races. The last time you’ve both had sex was weeks ago, and he didn’t know how willing you and your body would be in a fragile, vulnerable state like this. But after sensing the sheer amount of tension in your body after all that’s happened, considering all the thoughts that probably storm around in your mind, he comes to his assured conclusion. 
His lips kiss your temple before finding your neck again, Taehyung dipping inside the crook for slow pecks. The noises of his mouth leaving those kisses fill your ears with music, your own personal symphony as you relish in the softness of his lips. 
His hand begins to travel higher, steadily sliding up until his palm gingerly tightens around one of your breasts, letting out a sound akin to a moan. He lightly begins to fondle, feeling at the flesh. It’s almost as though he’s watching your reactions, testing them out before he ventures any further. 
“Is this okay?” he whispers.
You nod to him shyly, feeling your body welcome the touch.
The mix of his hand fondling you and his lips kissing your neck elicit your soft sounds of pleasure, instinctively leaning your body back into his. Taehyung puffs hot air into your ear once your ass meets his crotch, nibbling on your earlobe. 
“You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he breathes, and means it from the bottom of his heart as he watches the moonlight bounce off your supple cheek. “Love touching your body.”
You bite your lip to manage the arousal sparking through you. Taehyung hooks his fingers onto the neckline of your nightgown, slowly tugging it down to expose a tit. You gasp when his large, masculine hand suddenly cups you, nipple brushing against his palm. His fingertips soon greet you too, rolling the small nub between them. 
“So pretty when you moan, baby,” he praises, the sound of his dulcet, baritone voice vibrating in your ear. “My pretty girl.” 
Taehyung switches his hands, and allows one to knead your bare breast as the other slowly snakes down your stomach, long fingers reaching your abdomen. Taehyung props himself up on his elbow behind you, biting back a groan at your pliant body. 
His fingertips canvas lower, hovering above your pulsing cunt. 
“Can I?” He breathes, and you nod faintly
Eyes shut in pleasure, you indulge in his masterful hand groping your breast. Taehyung proceeds with the other and slowly hikes up your nightgown, presenting your panty-clad core to him. He first slides his hand over your naked thigh, pressing the softest of kisses to your cheek as he strokes your beautiful skin. 
“Such a pretty body, you know that?” Taehyung coos with another delicate kiss. “Always love what I see.” 
A small whimper escapes you once his fingertips glide towards the inside of your leg, stroking your inner thigh in almost teasing touches. You shift further back on Taehyung as you request for more, and he gladly grants you your wishes. 
He sneaks up to your panties and cups your sex in his palm, moaning quietly at the electrifying, searing feeling. He begins soft circles over your pussy that ignite your bones, the slow, tender movements of his hand suddenly everything you needed. 
“My wife is so gorgeous.. so beautiful.” Taehyung kisses the corner of your mouth, one hand playing with your nipple as the other toys with your folds through your dampening underwear. You hear a hiss from Taehyung as he touches you deeper.
“So wet, baby.” He takes your ear lobe between his teeth for a soft bite. “Love your wet pussy.” 
You grow restless with arousal in your spot, squishing his hand between your thighs to manage the sinful movement, but Taehyung only pries your legs open. He simultaneously slips past the barrier of your underwear and begins touching you bare down there, cunt flaring up the second you feel his fingers.
A gasp escapes, shoving your face into your pillow and gripping the sheets hard, managing the pleasure spiking all across your body. 
“Fuck, so hot.” Taehyung breathes, the heat of him behind you so intoxicatingly hot. “So sexy, Princess.” 
He bites your ear again before rubbing his middle finger over your clit, drawing patterns over the sensitive bud. You shiver, walls clenching around virtually nothing. Taehyung adds his pointer finger and begins stimulating your pussy in the spot he knows all too well, listening to the sound of you hissing wildly. 
He hums in satisfaction, letting out hot puffs of air himself as he readjusts behind you and presses his cock against your backside. He improves his position and begins picking up speed with his fingers, rapidly moving over your sex and feeling you leak all over his hand. 
“Dripping wet, baby. Just love when I touch you, huh?” You nod to him as you bite your lip, small whimpers escaping you as pleasure floods your stomach, the familiar fluttering of your walls and guts welcoming an oncoming high. 
Taehyung latches his mouth onto your neck, laying open-mouthed kisses all over your pulse point. He sucks the skin sensually once kisses aren’t enough, his three-way stimulation overriding your senses. You moan and gasp as you indulge in his ministrations, adopting a rhythm of rutting with his body behind you that’s now driven you insane. 
Your husband seems the same, whispering curse words and praises into your ear as he relishes in the feeling of fondling your body, the sensation of your squirming for more. He grows too turned on, the press of his cock against your ass cheek fuelling the dirtiest of thoughts within your mind. 
“Do you want me inside, angel?” Taehyung asks as though he reads your thoughts, showing you the utmost, tender love and care in the world. His passionate neck kisses, his hand caressing your nipple and fingers treating your clit, all combine to create a peaceful, euphoric environment for you—where only pleasure exists. 
You nod to him as confirmation, and Taehyung quickly shuffles down his boxers and frees his thick cock, feeling the hard flesh practically slap against your ass. Taehyung sneaks it between your legs, your essence having coated much of your pulsing pussy.
His cock is met by the slick of your warm cunt, Taehyung moaning into your ear once he feels just how much honey you’re dripping. You gasp as well, the feeling of his meaty cock sliding between your folds head-spinning. 
“Deep breath for me, baby.” Taehyung encourages sweetly, and you inhale deeply as he simultaneously pushes in his cock inside your velvet sex. You let out harmonized moans, the wet drag of him slipping right in melting into your two bodies. 
Taehyung hugs both arms around your waist and begins slowly, carefully pumping himself inside your slippery walls, feeling the way you squeeze his cock, your soft moans his very own ecstasy. He groans at the fit of your tight pussy. 
“So tight, baby.” He dips down to kiss your neck again, craning it to grant him better access. “The best pussy ever.” 
You gasp at the slow drag of Taehyung’s fat length, slowly driving himself in and out, the rhythmic steadiness of his thrusts downright intoxicating. Your stomach fills with butterflies when he shoves himself particularly deep, indulging in the way your cunt traps him inside. 
“God, Princess..” He groans, maneuvering himself around as though your heat were his home. You shudder in his arms, softly moaning as your fingers grip onto his forearm. “Just so pretty, so fucking pretty.”
The need for more increases as Taehyung fucks you nice and slow, lazily, as though there was no hurry in the world and he could spend a millennium simply fucking you just like this. You let out an indulgent moan, hand jutting back to grasp his hip and pulling him towards you for more. 
Taehyung reads your sign, breathing hotly into your ear. “I’m gonna have to lift your leg for that, yeah?” 
You nod incessantly, feeling Taehyung’s palm curl underneath your leg and elevate it, granting him more space to fuck as he begins an improved speed. Taehyung sheaths his cock inside you a little harder and faster as his other arm still cradles your body, holding you in place as he thrusts into your dripping sex. 
Eyes fluttering shut and open, pleasure speckles across your skin as the added spread and intensity tighten your walls, the delicious penetration of his cock sickening. You lay on your back a little and face up to find Taehyung’s hung open lips and a sheen of sweat coating his forehead, no doubt from working himself into your pussy. 
A hand of yours landing against his cheek transfers his vision from his cock slamming into your pussy to your face below, gladly able to see your fucked out expression and parted lips exhaling breaths. 
“There’s my pretty girl.” He coos with a small smile, scanning your every feature as though he desires to memorize each one, embed every cut and curve into his mind to view even after he dies. 
His throbbing, elongated dick drives into your sex as you feel your lungs fill with air and lose it, each thrust of his somehow rocking your world every glorious time. And your eyes locking with each other only increases the temperature, the passion, the sheer heat of your bodies radiating against each other. 
He dips down and connects your lips for a nearly lethal kiss, drunk off the feeling of him working his mouth against yours, swallowing you up. The combination of him shoving his tongue down your throat and similarly his cock into your heat drives you insane, breaths hitching repeatedly as you grind against him. 
Taehyung pops off your mouth, and he can see in your eyes there’s curiosity there. Questions floating around in your head as you contemplate why he’s doing this, why he’s suddenly treating you to all this pleasure, and Taehyung commits another act of telepathy. 
His forehead falls against yours gently, a stark contrast to his hips slapping against your ass, drilling your pussy as he lifts your leg higher for better access. 
“Because I love you, Y/N.” He says, eyes only on you. “I just love you. My beautiful wife.. with her gorgeous body.” It’s as though the passion and sincerity in his words leak into his thrust, Taehyung fucking you faster as he feels your walls tighten harder. Your breaths clip, and the nails previously against his cheek falter to his neck and dig into his skin. 
“The prettiest eyes.. the cutest nose.. the softest cheeks.” He goes on and on, pressing small kisses to your face as he showers you in affection, so soft and tender you could’ve melted into a puddle. “My baby’s so pretty.” 
Slapping sounds resonate in the room as Taehyung increases his speed once more, picking it up a notch once your breaths begin to hitch quicker and your fingers grip him like a lifeline. He watches your pleasured out features as his cock slides in and out, indulging in the tight fit of your pussy like the perfect cocksleeve. 
“God, I love you.” Taehyung confesses, his own breath harsh and uneven with pleasure. “My pretty wife.. so perfect just the way she is.” 
Your heart melts, and you feel so touched tears brim your eyes, emotion catching your throat. The amount of love and warmth in this simple interaction brightens up the dark, dark places inside you. Those flowers that had withered away in your chest gradually see hope for better days, and it’s all because of your loving husband. 
“I love you, Y/N. I love everything about you..” Taehyung speaks between hard and deep thrusts, his voice thick with emotion. “Your scars, your faults, your cuts and bruises. Everything, baby, everything you hate.. they’re beautiful to me.” 
You can’t help it, tears escape your eyes as you grip the collar of his shirt and tug him towards you, needing him closer, needing him right there in that one spot inside you and Taehyung ups the ante, fucking harder into your cunt with heated passion. 
Taehyung makes love like no other, hooking your leg between his to hold you open, while he snakes down to your pulsing clit and begins rubbing circles all over the bud, gasping loudly at the intoxicating touch. Your eyes could’ve rolled back, but you wanted to focus on Taehyung’s beautiful coffee eyes, the moonlight illuminating their true hue of honey. 
But his hand on you is so dangerously good, you’re falling into the abyss of his perfect ministrations, fucking and touching you just like you wanted to be.
“Are you gonna cum, baby?” 
You nod, tears cascading down your face as the pleasure of his cock and the emotions brewing within your heart do you in. Taehyung continues to touch your sex as he stimulates your clit, rubbing tight patterns over the slippery pearl as your walls flutter around his thick cock. 
“Cum, my pretty girl.” He kisses your nose, breaths running rampant as he begins stimulating your nipple as well, ramming himself into your pussy. “Love watching you cum.. wanna see you cum.” 
The passionate fucking and quick rubbing all amalgamate into a wondrous orgasm, lips falling open as a mewl and whimper escape you. Your chest rises and falls as your pussy walls hug Taehyung’s cock indefinitely, a warm, tight fit Taehyung can’t help but adore. He feels you calm down as he rubs out your release, letting you ride his hand and cock for more until oversensitivity taints your guts. 
He removes his hand and to your surprise, also pulls himself out very slowly. You grip his shirt and shoot him a look of questioning, eyebrows furrowing. 
“Don’t worry about me, angel.” He simply says, with a whole-heartedly content smile on his face. “I can take care of myself.” 
But you want his cum, you want him to chase his pleasure just as much as he supplied you yours, and you grip him back harder in place as you scrunch your eyebrows harder. He chuckles softly at the image, brushing some hair from your flushed face as he presses a peck to your lips, gazing into your eyes. 
“Don’t wanna mess up your pretty pussy.” 
You still flash him a concerned look, and Taehyung simply softens as he kisses you another time, instead settling himself behind you into a laid position as he pulls up his boxers. He readjusts the blankets over you, tucking you in and pulling you snug against his back, spooning you comfortably. He kisses your hair as he indulges in the scent of your shampoo, transferring all his warmth into your body as he fixes your gown and panties. 
“Sleep, my Princess.” He whispers, feeling your body become heavy with sleep, wondering when you had felt so much.. Lighter? Was it the sex? You couldn’t tell, you were too sleepy to think. “I’ll see you in the morning.” 
And you indeed did fall asleep in Taehyung’s arms like a baby that night, your husband rejoicing at the thought that this may have supplied you even the smallest bit of happiness.
Tumblr media
Taehyung's feet felt heavy, walking towards his home as if he were a zombie. He lugged himself inside, trudging tiredly as he removed his shoes from another gruesome day at work. He sighs greatly as he slips into his house slippers, though finds a smile etching onto his lips when he remembers the passionate love of last night. 
The sounds of your moans burn into his brain, the images of him touching your body and the desperate grip of your hand on his neck. Taehyung rubs the red trails your nails left behind, the subtle sting there, but it’s a hot reminder that last night was real. 
Taehyung blinks profusely to dissipate the flashes of your clipping breaths and whimpers, stepping inside his grand residence. He spots Mrs. Choi and Seo working away in the kitchen, perking up as he stalks over to the marble counter and musters up the courage to ask the questions he always does. 
“Mrs. Choi, Seo.. did she speak today?” 
They both presented Taehyung with sad looks, shaking their heads. “No, Mr. Kim.” one of them answered. 
Taehyung nodded as though he didn’t really expect another answer. “Did she eat anything?” 
“Only some crackers and soup as usual, Mr. Kim. She’s still the same.” They both offered their most sympathetic smiles, wanting to lay it easy on Taehyung, though nothing could truly keep him from the pain he feels, anyway. 
He gives them a comprehensive nod, treading off glumly to his study in hopes of completing some work. It was simply routine for him now to hear those answers, a new normal he didn’t know could still hurt him so terribly. He plops down in his study chair. He leans back in it as he runs his hands over his face with exhaustion, taking a frustrated sigh. 
He didn’t know what to do, everything just seemed so.. normal now, that it was normal to see you like this. A solution seemed too out of reach and your condition irreparable, as though any effort he made wouldn’t change anything. 
He earns a notification on his phone for the front door in all his thinking, sliding left to open up his security system, alarming him of a presence outside his door. He finds a friend visiting him, having forgotten he was supposed to come by today. 
Taehyung doesn’t remember much of anything these days.  
He opens the door to reveal his best friend, Jimin greeting him with a hearty embrace. He hands Taehyung what looks to be a care package afterwards. 
“Oh? What’s this, Jimin?” 
“It’s for you and Y/N. Well, mostly Y/N. My.. betrothed? Almost-fiance? Whatever, we both kinda assembled it together.” Jimin laughs, Taehyung lightening up at the sight of his eye smile. 
“It’s got both your favourite snacks in them and gift cards to all kinds of places. There’s self-care stuff for the both of you and I even got Y/N this special Chamomile tea that could maybe help her sleep.” Taehyung feels grateful as he accepts the gift, giving Jimin another tight hug as he swallows down his overbearing emotions. 
“Thank you, Jimin. Thank you so much.” 
“Never mention it, man.”
Taehyung shuts the door and allows Jimin to enter, stepping into the main area as he removes his jacket. “Hey, have you been getting the guys’ calls, Tae? They’ve been texting and leaving voicemails.” 
Taehyung purses his lips as his grip on the basket tightens, exhaling a sigh. “I have but.. I don’t feel like talking to anyone really.” 
Jimin nods, understanding his friend. “It’s alright, whenever you’re comfortable. They’re just really worried for you both, I’ll send them your regards.” 
Taehyung sends a tight-lipped smile as he makes his way towards the kitchen, Jimin’s eyes scanning over the main floor. “Where’s Y/N? I wanted to see how she’s doing.” 
“She’s in our room,” Taehyung gestures as he points upstairs, setting down Jimin’s gift basket on his counter. “Let me take you to her.” 
Jimin waves a kind greeting to Taehyung’s housekeepers, following him up the steps.
Taehyung carefully opens the door to your bedroom as he meanders in, letting Jimin follow him but making as little noise as possible considering you may be asleep. 
And to his best guess, Taehyung finds you soundlessly slumbering in your bed, tucked into the covers like a little angel as your body rises and falls. Taehyung smiles slightly as he peers at your endearing position, always having slept like a baby. 
“She’s asleep, Jimin. I’m sorry.” Taehyung whispers to Jimin who stands not too far, his friend immediately waving him off. 
“It’s okay, she needs her sleep.” Taehyung grins as his eyes fall to your adorably puffed cheeks, hands in his pockets. 
“How.. is she these days?” Jimin asks tentatively. 
Taehyung shrugs, sending his friend a wishy-washy expression, eyes vacant. “Managing.. I guess.” 
Jimin grows a little sad, a gloominess casting over the room. “Do you think she’s getting any better?” 
“I’m not really sure,” Taehyung explains. “She doesn’t really sleep at night because of the nightmares.. and most of the time she doesn’t eat.. nor leave her bed.”
“How are you both?” 
“We’re good, we’re fine..” Taehyung toes the ground. 
“Are you guys okay intimately and stuff..?” 
“Yeah, I’ve just been taking care of her, whatever she needs.”  Taehyung replies. “We’ve had sex but only a couple times, I don’t wanna push her body.” 
“No, I get that. I’m really glad you’re both doing well at least.” Jimin speaks quietly, a smile on his lips. “Well, actually very well.” 
Taehyung shoots him a confused furrow of his eyebrows. “Hm?”
Jimin gestures at his own neck with his nails, replicating the image of someone scratching him. 
Taehyung has an ah-hah moment and his hand curls around the scratch marks littering his pulse point, cracking the smallest of smiles. “Told you she’s a scratcher.” 
The two friends chuckle a little as Taehyung rubs the trails, before his vision falls back to you. 
He inhales painfully as he watches, feeling his heart tighten. “She’s here.. is what I’m glad for.” 
Jimin sends Taehyung a sympathetic smile, hooking a hand onto his shoulder supportively. “She’ll get through this, Tae. Y/N’s a strong one.. and you’re strong too.” 
Taehyung sends a half-smile before his eyes find you again.
He steps towards you, trying to make minimal noise as his gentle hand falls against your hair, running through the soft strands as he admires you. He kneels down by the edge of your bed, and presses soft kisses to your face. He meets your lips and plants a deep, longing kiss, pulling away and letting his thumb stroke your temple. 
Jimin watches with a warm heart at the scene, considering how much his friend is truly in love, just how much you mean to him. 
Taehyung rises as he decides to let you sleep, leading Jimin out of your room and leaving the door open a crack. He redirects Jimin to his study where they’ve both opened Taehyung’s bottle of Crown Royal. He already found himself halfway through it as he confided in his best friend, growing progressively more drunk as he relayed his sorrows. 
“D’you know he told me the only thing he can do is prescribe pills? Fucking anti-depressants?” Taehyung’s speech slurs as he pins down a glass against the desk in his study, scoffing when he recalled the information Dr. Yang told him about your diagnosis. “Fucking anti-depressants, Jimin. As if I’d let my wife take those life-draining-ass pills.” 
“He didn’t suggest therapy or anything else?” Jimin asks as he holds onto a glass, not having filled it with alcohol as frequently as his friend did. 
Taehyung lazily poured himself another shot of whiskey, practically spilling some over as his deliriously miserable mind brewed. Jimin grows concerned and pries the bottle out of his friend's hand, letting Taehyung at least bring the glass to his mouth. 
“No.. he said therapy can’t work right now ‘cause she’s stopped talking.” Taehyung sniffles after he downs his liquor in one swig. His glossy eyes stare at his glass as he brings it down, thumbing the intricate pattern. A moment of silence passes, Taehyung exhaling tiredly. 
“I just wanna hear her voice again, you know?” His pained, quiet voice is heart-breaking, and Jimin sighs as he listens to his drunk, downcast friend. “I’m starting to forget what she sounds like.. Jimin. Do you know how fucked up that is?” 
Jimin frowns as he watches his friend try to hold back tears, rimming his shot glass without much precision. 
“I’m really sorry about this, Tae. You and Y/N never deserved this.” 
Taehyung swallows as his throat clogs up, leaning back in his seat as his finger poked at the glass. “The last time I heard her laugh was on our trip in Greece,” he says with a smile that’s nowhere near happy, suddenly remembering the pretty sound of your giggle, wondering how much longer he must go until he can hear it again. 
“I had one job, Jiminie.” Taehyung grips the glass as he broods. “I just had to make her happy as her husband; take care of her, give her a good life.. and I can’t even fucking do that.” 
“No way, Tae,” Jimin immediately stops his friend, latching onto his hand to speak seriously. “Taehyung, you make Y/N immensely happy, okay? She may be in this state right now, but you’ve been taking amazing care of her and I know she’s happiest when she’s with you. Haven’t you ever considered maybe you’re the only reason she’s still holding on?” 
Taehyung’s eyes flicker to Jimin, the smallest bit of hope flashing in them once he sees the sincerity. “You really think so?” 
“I know so, Tae.” Jimin states matter-of-factly. “I think she’s always had a good life with you, and I think for as long as you’ve known her you’ve made her happy. None of this is your fault, man.” 
Taehyung’s empty expression shows he understands Jimin’s sentiment, but nothing could quiet the storm in his heart. He just felt so lost, so hopelessly broken he couldn’t contain it anymore. For weeks he’s tried to compose himself, to be the strong one in your relationship, keep you afloat as each day threatens to drown you. 
But little did you know, Taehyung was close to drowning himself. 
Work had him in shambles, attempting to defuse the many situations the supposed scandal had caused, not to mention dealing with his now tainted reputation. His parents hadn’t spoken to him either since that conversation in his father’s study, his mother having only called him to check up a couple times after the allegations of his violent past.
His family didn’t take that news well at all.  
Other than that, Taehyung has been shouldering everything himself. He’s been suffocating ever since, having carried the weight of it all until his back physically hurt. Taehyung was being tried and tested, pushed and pulled until he felt himself slowly tearing apart, something dying inside him. 
“I can’t do this.. Jiminie.” His voice broke, the pain in his chest, the state of his heart too fragile. “I just can’t.” 
Taehyung accesses his video on his phone, clicking on the one snapshot that he always found himself revisiting in his darkest of moments. He presses play and watches the video of you drunk on his chest, putting up the volume because it’s the only source of your laughter he has, the only source of his composure. 
“Why can’t things just be like this.. Jimin?” Taehyung flashes his friend the screen, showing him the video as Jimin watches his friend crumble. 
“Why did this have to happen.. why did he have to hurt her?” Taehyung couldn’t even find it in himself to sob or entirely break down, only feeling the type of sadness where it gets caught in his throat and makes his head ache, tears silently spilling from the corners of his eyes. 
“It’s so hard, Jimin.. It’s so hard seeing her like that everyday.. every fucking day. I can’t do it anymore.” 
Jimin bites back his own tears as he watches Taehyung in such anguish. Although he doesn’t possess the power to exactly help his friend’s pain, his words are his only offering. “I know, Taehyung. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” 
“I don’t know how much longer I can do this.. it’s just so much.. I’m feeling all this pain and emotion and it’s too much.” Taehyung sets his phone down and attempts to breathe properly, tears silently leaving his vulnerable eyes. 
“I think what you need is some closure, Tae.” Jimin speaks up, clutching his friend’s hand supportively as he advises him. “Look, I know you already beat Hisung’s ass for screwing with Y/N but maybe.. maybe you need to convey that what he did was wrong without your anger, finally settle things with him to find some peace within yourself.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flit to Jimin, surprised by his friend’s instruction. Jimin smiles a little, understanding Taehyung’s stress. “I think you’re very frustrated and angry, Tae. I think you still find this situation completely unfair, and you need to find some closure with the situation.” 
Jimin straightens up as he seriously speaks to Taehyung, presenting a healing opportunity. “Maybe speaking to Hisung could help. Let him know that this rivalry.. this petty back and forth is something you can’t tolerate anymore, especially after hurting someone who means so much to you.” 
Taehyung wipes away his tears as he absorbs Jimin’s words, finding his eyes with some positivity. “Do you think it could help?” 
“Of course it will, Tae.” Jimin reassures him. “If you let him know how you feel, and how terribly wrong it was for him to do this, I think you’ll at least be able to let go of your frustration. Work through that anger, find the strength to keep moving forward, focus on Y/N and her mental health instead of feeling like this. You’ll have less on your plate that way.”  
Taehyung nods as he sniffles, seeing the reason in Jimin’s words. “I think.. that’s great advice, Jimin. Thank you.” 
“I told you, Tae,” Jimin pats his hand good-naturedly. “You never have to mention it with me.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung stands before the doors of Hisung’s office, having been able to luckily catch him. 
He pulls open the door after a pensive second, clearing his throat as he steps inside. Hisung swivels around in his chair, and Taehyung watches as his eyes widen in complete surprise. Taehyung finds the man with a small bandage still over his pretty fucked up nose, though it seems to be healing.
“Your nose looks ugly as fuck.” 
“Says the jackass who did it.” 
Taehyung scoffs as he tongues his cheek, hands in his pockets. His eyes flit around the space to subdue the rage he feels even seeing the bastard right now, jaw locking.
“The fuck are you doing here, Kim?” 
Taehyung exhales sharply, he already feels like kicking his face in. He bunches up his fists in his pockets before he takes a breath, remembering the instructions you once gave him to simply breathe through his anger, to cool down in a healthy way. 
“I’ll get to the point,” Taehyung begins. “I’m using every ounce of my self-control right now to not shatter all your bones.. especially after what you did to Y/N.”
Hisung shifts in his seat as his elbows reach his desk, opening his mouth for what Taehyung knew to be a snarky remark, but cuts him off. “But, that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here for Y/N.” 
Hisung rolls his eyes, clearly uninterested. “And what about your little wife, Kim?” 
“I think you owe her an apology.” 
Hisung furrows his brows, acutely confused. “And why the hell would I do that?” 
“Do you seriously not see the fault in what you did, Hisung?” Taehyung speaks argumentatively. “She’s feeling pain right now.. this awful pain she doesn’t deserve because of you.” Taehyung stresses pointedly. “This rivalry or whatever we have.. it needs to end. I’m done playing these games, I’m done entertaining your hatred.” 
“It’s not really my issue, Kim. Whatever happened to your wife isn’t my fault. All I did was expose something that should’ve been known.” 
“But you did it to hurt me.. and you instead hurt somebody that never deserved to be hurt in the first place.” Taehyung explains seriously. “You need to stop acting like we’re teenagers, we’re fucking grown adults, Hisung.” 
“Even as adults you still do the same shit, Kim. Always walking around on your high horse thinking you’re superior with your Kim reputation, do you really think this is just about when we were in highschool?” Hisung argues. “You took everything away from me when you fucking swayed my shareholders!” 
Taehyung feels fury boil under his skin, growing angry over the same narrative that Hisung constantly spreads. His hands tighten into fists by his side, though this time, Taehyung finds it in himself to rather relax, to subtract his emotions from this conversation and carry on with a clear head. 
“I know that’s what you think, Hisung. And I could tell you a million times I didn’t do it with you never believing me. But I hope you know when I say this, I mean this man to man, human being to another.” Taehyung gestures between them both. 
“You truly did something terrible. You did wrong by someone completely innocent. You’ve taken her life and now caused a wound you, me, nobody else can heal. So please, find it in yourself to understand.. to understand that fucking hurting people to get to me is wrong, that you need to let whatever vendetta you have against me go.” 
Hisung seems to almost absorb Taehyung’s comment, though quickly responds with aloofness instead. “Don’t lecture me on the fucking good human will, Kim. Go back to your wife.” 
Taehyung sighs as he realizes his efforts may not have gotten him far, though feels at least satisfied he’s gotten to say everything he could. He steps towards the doors of Hisung’s office, opening them as he makes his way out, though doesn’t leave without saying what he needs most. 
“Hisung, I never knew I made you feel that way when we were friends, I never meant to make you live in my shadow.” Taehyung squeezes the handle, choosing his words carefully. “I may not understand it, but whatever it is, I’m sorry.” 
He listens to Hisung shift in his seat, knowing the apology has caught him off-guard. 
“Don’t think I’m doing this for you, though.” Taehyung clarifies. “I’m doing this for myself and my wife, because what you did to her was truly cruel. And if you ever even breathe the same air as her, I’ll really shatter every bone in your body, and pay whatever price I have to. ” 
With that, Taehyung doesn’t allow Hisung to finish, shutting the doors and feeling a weight lift off his chest as he makes his way out. 
Tumblr media
The sun seems to shine more often these days. 
It’s an observation Taehyung had recently made, the weather letting up as a certain tropical storm crossing over Seoul had subsided. 
He welcomes the sun happily, supplying him the Vitamin D he truly needed. He tucks his shoes into the foyer as he enters his home, head popping around to look for his usual two housekeepers. He finds the kind ladies bustling about in his kitchen as normal. 
“Mrs, Choi, Seo, good evening.” 
“Good evening Mr Kim!” They both beam identically, and Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow with confusion. Their good energy evokes his own as he asks through a small smile. 
“You both seem happy, is there something I should know?” Taehyung queries before his usual questions pop up. “Did Y/N eat today?” 
They both squeal together as they regard Taehyung, their happiness brimming over as Mrs. Seo speaks up. “It’s actually about Mrs. Kim, sir.” 
“Yes, yes, all about her.” Mrs. Choi giggles. 
Taehyung laughs a little. “What about Y/N? Is she okay? Where is she?” 
“She’s in the garden!” Mrs. Seo excitedly cheers and Mrs. Choi bats her hand, tutting her about saying it too early and elaborating. 
“She’s in the garden out back, Mr. Kim. She decided to indulge in some light yard work today.” 
Taehyung’s eyes light up immediately, practically stupefied as his heart somersaults inside his chest. “She’s-she’s in the garden?” 
The two housekeepers replicate Taehyung’s happiness, chiming together. “Yes!” 
And before they could say anything else, he began bolting through his main floor towards the back french doors. He rapidly grabs the handle and swings it open as his heart thuds in his chest. He breathes unevenly as his eager eyes land on your delicate silhouette sitting on a bench. 
Taehyung’s eyes almost water, biting his lip to contain a foolish grin as he steps out into the grass, carefully approaching you. He genuinely believes he's in the midst of a dream. 
From the back, your hair reflects the sun that is slowly shying away into the horizon, the clouds painted a blushy pink as the sky eases into an indigo hue. A light breeze whisks your locks around almost lovingly, as though Heaven’s wind had decided to grace you tonight. 
Taehyung swallows down the wad in his throat as he slowly steps towards you, his feet dragging across the yard. You seem to hear the sound. Turning around, your face immediately brightens up at the sight of Taehyung, adorning a smile that he can tell so easily now, is your real smile. 
You don’t say anything, but Taehyung doesn’t need you to. All he feels is the wind caressing his face, sees the sunlight imbuing your eyes with almost empyrean colour, and he feels his heart become the lightest it’s felt in a long time. 
“You’re smiling,” Taehyung whispers to himself, almost in disbelief that he's seeing such a sight. You cast your hand over your lips and actually laugh a little, Taehyung snapping out of his daze and attempting to control his idioctic grin. 
You gesture for Taehyung to sit next to you, shuffling over and Taehyung gladly seats himself, never taking a single moment to diverge his eyes from you. 
It was funny to you almost; in a garden full of beautiful things, he seemed to only want to look at you.
“Hi,” Taehyung sheepishly smiles. You return the grin, taking your phone out from your wooly cardigan’s pocket and accessing your messages with Taehyung. 
The action calls his attention to your attire, jutting out to feel at the fabric with a chuckle. “This is mine, isn’t it?” 
Your doe eyes go wide, almost as if you’d just realized the cardigan did in fact belong to him. You instantly begin to remove your arms from the item until Taehyung stops you. 
“No, no, it’s okay. It looks better on you, anyway.” 
You send him a grateful grin, returning to your chat and typing something out until you click send. Taehyung feels his phone vibrate in his pocket and finds a message from you popping up. 
Princess ♡ : Hi
He cracks a content grin, having missed seeing your name on his screen. 
You watch Taehyung’s smile inch up onto his gorgeous face, sending him another message just to see the way his cheeks rise. 
‘How was your day?’ 
“Normal,” Taehyung shrugs, though he can’t wipe the grin off his face, finding himself far too giddy to stop adoring how cute you are. “Although, you won’t guess who called me.” 
You tilt your head in confusion as you type out another message, Taehyung’s phone buzzing yet again. 
Princess ♡ : Who called you? 
Taehyung grows excited as he leans a hand against the edge of the stone bench, his arm loosely encircling your frame as he amusingly jerks his brows. 
“Let’s just say he has the tendency to look like a cat.” 
Your entire system lights up like fireworks. Your eyes widen in surprise, clutching a hand over your mouth before your thumbs quickly tap over your screen, texting Taehyung. 
‘Do you mean my brother??’ 
Taehyung’s got a charming smile on his face, trying to contain his happiness as he nods. 
You physically brighten up as you begin to flap your hands, Taehyung laughing at just how endearing you are. It almost seems as though all your excitement can’t fit into your smaller form, and Taehyung doesn’t mind at all that no words come out of your mouth. 
He would love you dearly either way. 
‘What did he say?’ 
“He’s been trying to call you is what he told me, though I had to tell him you’d gotten a new number since.. everything.” Taehyung explains as his eyes flicker to the sun slowly setting, having shuffled closer to you as he admires the orange hues decorating your skin. He sees a joyful smile etched onto your lips, simply grateful for being able to see that precious smile again. 
“He really hopes his baby sister’s okay, and he misses you.” Taehyung curls some hair behind your ear. “He also said he’d kick my ass across the Han River if I wasn't taking good care of you.”
You let out a little giggle that Taehyung’s always found downright adorable, turning over his phone when you message him next. 
‘You should’ve told him to not worry. As long as I’m with you, I’m okay,’ 
Taehyung laughs as you send a little narrowed-eyed look with crossed arms, elated that he could see cracks of your true self coming through the darkness that had recently clouded you. 
Your gazes lock, and it’s as though you were both transported to the earlier days of your relationship, always having this innate sense to get lost in each other’s eyes. 
Looking for the sole purpose of looking. 
Taehyung smooths your hair a little, until he weaves his fingers through and holds your cheek gently. His thumb lightly plays with your soft earlobe as he gazes at you, his chocolate eyes saturated with a beautiful honey, and you smile when you find his lips perpetually curved. 
“What’s gotten into you today, pretty girl?” Taehyung asks with his warm, dulcet voice. You relish in the feeling of his thumb caressing you, leaning into his touch. “This is new of you.” 
You take a deep breath as you remember something, flickering your eyes to the sun before you type in your chat. 
‘I overheard you and Jimin the other night.’ 
Another message lights up his screen. 
‘I should’ve thought about your wellbeing more, I began to really feel like a burden to you.’
‘I’m sorry.’ 
Taehyung’s lips pout a little as he eyes return to you, conveying reassurance as he strokes your hair. “You’re never a burden, and you don’t have to say sorry to me, Princess.” He presses his lips to your forehead, kissing you sweetly. 
The touch of his lips feels wonderful, allowing those flowers in your chest to find the strength to bloom again. You tear up at the feeling of something other than sadness tainting you, swallowing before your tears could spill. You gaze at Taehyung, realizing that having spent all this time wallowing in your sorrow, only made you miss him so, so dearly. 
You sniffle as you nuzzle into his frame and throw your arms around him, hugging him as tightly you can. Your nose pressed into his chest as you caught a whiff of his rich, Invictus cologne, his scent having always felt like home. 
Taehyung similarly encompasses you in his big arms, embracing you with all he had to offer. Being this close brings your eyes to happy tears, feeling joy you didn’t think you’d ever feel again, or at least for a long time. 
You rapidly wipe at your eyes as you send him another message, attempting to keep yourself from crying. Taehyung seems similarly emotional as he reaches for his phone, watching the three little dots hover in the chat until it reveals your texts. 
‘Thank you for everything, Taehyung.’ 
‘I love you.’ 
Taehyung’s eyes swirl with numerous emotions as he peers at you, casting his phone aside and cupping your cheeks in his warm palms. He ensures you can see right into his soul, to see the truth he felt deep within his heart. 
“I love you more, Y/N,” he whispers. “So, so much more. And I will for the rest of my life.” 
Maybe it’s the sun setting beautifully, the flowers scattering the Earth with their gorgeous colour, or maybe the gentle breeze that sweeps Taehyung’s hair almost ethereally, that presents him to you as an angel. The sincerity in his eyes, the honesty in his smile, the way you could almost hear how ardently his heart was beating all made yours beat again, made you feel as though maybe you weren’t a mere husk simply stalking around, that you’d been revived. He fills you with light, this certain, hopeful light that you can’t describe, but can only say makes you infinitely, and absolutely happy. 
You touch foreheads with him and nudge your noses, Taehyung delicately holding your hands in his as he leans forward and pecks your lips. You smile as you bask in the moment, something suddenly popping into Taehyung’s head as he grins sheepishly, snatching his phone. 
He rises from the bench and works his phone, watching him with a tilt of your head and a confused, though amused smile. 
“There’s this new song I found,” Taehyung elaborates, setting the phone down on the bench. “I wanted you to hear it.” 
Finger tapping the play button on his screen, you and Taehyung are both privy to a sweet, slow ballad from his phone’s speaker. Taehyung grabs your hands in his and lightly encourages you to stand, joining him with a little laugh as he begins to gently sway your arms to the music. 
You seem unwilling at first, only a shy smile on your face as you move around to the beat Taehyung motivates you with. He begins to shift his feet and dance along with you, giggling as his movements influence you to finally adopt his rhythm. 
Sooner than later, you’re slowly dancing to the soft music. Your hands land against his wide chest as Taehyung encircles your waist, laughing when Taehyung holds you out and spins you into his arms, catching you like the utmost gentleman.
You both step around to the soothing lyrics and melodious music, comforted by the presence of each other. Your face presses into Taehyung’s chest, and he leans down until he rests his cheek against your hair. He kisses it somewhere while the song plays, feeling your heart flutter like the first time it did when Taehyung held you this close, a time that now seemed to be ages ago. 
“I love you,” Taehyung whispers against you, holding you closer as you listen to the beating of his heart. “I’ll love you for as long as I live.. always.” 
You feel your heart cinch with uncontrollable love for the man before you, keeping yourself from tears as you step around with him, chest lighter than air. 
‘I love you more, Tae. I always will.’
And even though Taehyung doesn’t get his reply aloud, it’s as though he reads your mind, feeling him smile against you.
His thoughts race as he clutches you tightly, reminded of dancing in an exotic kitchen with you in Greece. 
Everything was so happy then, a time where you and Taehyung could’ve been described as infinite. Every content memory then flashes through Taehyung’s mind; when everything used to be okay, when you were simply two people in love, two clueless humans trying to work together for a convenient marriage. 
It’s almost funny what became of his life, meeting a stranger he wasn’t sure of and convinced would only be an add-on of stress, now meaning the world and more to him. That same stranger having now become his muse, his everything, a part of him he would traverse the highest of mountains to keep safe.
Taehyung thinks love is just so funny like that. 
So as he steps with you in a slow, unhurried rhythm, he reminds himself that as funny as love is, it’s also pure and true, a feeling he didn’t know would mean baring his heart to someone and trusting them with it. That love would entail pain, sorrow, trial and error, though Taehyung believed that there would be nobody better to place his heart in the hands of. 
Because no matter all the awful things you’d both been through and are still trying to survive, he’d trust for eternity you’d never crush his heart.
 And he would do everything in his power to protect your precious one.  
Tumblr media
Taehyung rips open a tea bag as the water finishes boiling, slipping in his organic green tea. He plops the bag in a few times until the colour changes, and his tea presents itself to him warmly, fogging up his glasses as he looks in. 
He clears his throat as he brings the cup to his lips for a sip, feeling slightly under the weather these days, though yesterday filled him with almost vibrating content. Taehyung’s felt more alive ever since then, often recalling the sweet moment whenever he could. 
Things were changing, and he couldn’t have been happier. Just simply seeing the smile on your face meant that you were getting better, slowly but surely, and maybe things wouldn’t always be so awful anymore. 
The simple prospect makes him joyful, smiling to himself as he remembers your little conversations yesterday while sipping his tea. He licks his lip as he stares down at the warm beverage, content to be soon joining you in bed and snuggling up by your side. 
He jogs up the stairs with his cup in his hand. He pushes open the door to your bedroom, ready to see you sleeping peacefully in bed, though oddly doesn’t find you in place. He instead sees the sheets of the bed ruffled to the side, and his mind spirals with confusion in a matter of seconds. 
He slowly, precariously steps to the other side of your bed, and that’s when his entire system erupts with panic. Taehyung drops his tea within an instant, and rushes to you immediately as he tries to breathe. He attempts to think logically as he finds you unconscious on the floor, heartbeat on a highline.
“Y/N, Y/N!” It’s all he yells, he yells and he yells as tears flood his eyes and he feels pain he’s never experienced his entire life. Through his excruciating breathing, he manages to scramble for your pulse and finds a steady one, feeling some sort of relief. 
He clutches your limp body in his arms and reaches over for your phone on the nightstand, calling 911 while a few scared, worried tears of his spill onto your white nightgown. 
Tumblr media
“Mr. Kim, you need to step back.” 
“No! How could you ask me to step back when my wife’s in there?!” 
Taehyung begs for anyone to let him into your hospital room, demanding an explanation for what’s happening to you. 
“Please, just please tell me what’s wrong with her. She was fine yesterday, she was fine!” 
“You need to let us run the necessary tests on her, Mr. Kim. I assure you your wife is fine, please remain seated in the corridor until we can let you in.” The doctor dismisses Taehyung as politely as he can before disappearing, leaving Taehyung anguished and frustrated in the hospital corridor. 
He can feel himself crumbling, his entire system has reached his breaking point and he feels like he can’t breathe, can’t speak without it burning his lungs. He feels like he’ll collapse, seconds from giving away until he hears familiar voices rushing towards him, suddenly engulfed in his friend’s Jimin’s arms. 
“Tae, hey, hey. What’s wrong? What happened?” 
Taehyung can’t even find it in himself to speak, his throat clogging up. He feels an immense amount of pain in his lungs, feels sheer worry for your well-being as his mind spirals into a sickening abyss.
“J-Jimin..” He begins, holding onto his friend to remain stable. His entire consciousness is breaking apart, his heart is pounding in his chest as he feels gravity weighing him down. He’s suddenly joined by some of his other friends in the hallway, providing him some strength to stand. 
“Tae! Holy shit, are you okay?!” Jungkook immediately catches Taehyung other side as he arrives. 
“Tae, oh my God, is Y/N alright?” Hoseok comes rushing in, soon joined by Seokjin and Namjoon as they run into the scene. 
“Tae..” Seokjin watches him try to breathe, his eyes watery and distressed as he swallows down his emotions. 
“Jimin, she was fine. I promise she was fine yesterday..” He imploringly tells Jimin, desperately attempting to wrap his head around the situation as his friends look on. “She was okay.. She-she smiled for the first time and we were okay and we-we danced together and she was okay..” 
Taehyung truly can’t take it anymore, this is his breaking point. 
“She was fine, she was fine and I found her on the floor collapsed and I-” 
“Hey, Tae, shhh.” Jimin hushes his friend, walking him towards the chairs as Taehyung visibly can’t seem to hold himself upright. “She’s gonna be okay, Tae. She’ll be okay.” 
“Why was nobody looking after her? Why didn’t anybody look at her health?!” Taehyung yells to not exactly anyone, speaking aloud as his words soon make him realize that out of everyone, he should’ve been the one looking after you. 
Not just his housekeepers, not your parents or his friends, it should’ve been Taehyung paying attention to your health. He should’ve been checking with you more regularly, should’ve hired a nutritionist or a nurse, tried to balance the messes at work with taking care of you more often. 
And Taehyung painfully snapped into two. 
“It’s my fault..” He whispers quietly to himself, vision falling to the ground, realization washing a cold wave over him. 
“What?” Jungkook queries as he and Jimin get him seated on a chair, but Taehyung’s long gone by then, eyes glossing over as he drowns in his mind. 
“It’s my fault.. this is all my fault.” Taehyung lifelessly stares at the ground, clutching his palm to his mouth as he attempts to subdue his tears, swallowing them back in excruciating pain. 
“Taehyung, no, this isn’t your fault. You were..” 
Taehyung can tell it’s Jimin talking, soon joined by Namjoon detailing how the blame can’t be put on him, but he doesn’t really hear anything. All he hears is white noise, and the world around him disappears as his mind silently storms with a hurricane of regret, guilt and worry, wondering where he went so wrong, wondering every single little thing he could’ve done, should’ve done.
Wondering what he’ll do with himself if he doesn’t get you back. 
Tumblr media
It’s the hushed sound of the TV that you hear first, stirring you awake. Your eyes slowly flutter open, and meet a white, plain ceiling above you. 
You swallow once you feel the sandpaper-dryness of your throat, attempting to move, however, your body feels much too limp and weak. You produce a little noise of pain, flitting to the side once you register your hand feels warm with a certain weight. 
It’s being held by someone else you discern, shifting your line of sight over to find the one person in your life that makes you believe in galaxies. 
You say it so breathlessly, raspily as Taehyung’s listless eyes remain focused on the TV, flickering to you once he feels your fingers clutch him back. He seems to have heard you too, and you see something inside him that glistens faintly, though powerfully. 
Almost like a glimmer of hope.
“You talked,” Taehyung seems caught in a moment of strong emotion, tears evident in his sunken, tired eyes. His expression erodes into one of infinite, though silent happiness however, his eyes communicating the relief he feels. “It’s been a while.. since you’ve said my name.”  
You flood with tears as you see the sheer happiness in his eyes, his surprise at simply hearing you speak crushing your heart. Then, you notice the pale, pale look of Taehyung’s skin, wondering when he lost that gorgeous tan, honey glow to him. Then, it was his sullen eyes, the dark colour underneath them indicative of his lack of sleep. He seems skinnier now, his cheeks having lost their bread-like poof and are now more hollowed out. 
Your husband looks drained, as sickly as you almost, and even if Taehyung still manages to appear handsome, your chest is inflicted with a century of emotions that rip you apart. 
You did this to Taehyung, all you ever did was make him worry for you all this time, and you didn’t consider enough how much he must’ve been hurting too. Yes, it crossed your mind, but seeing the physical effects of that pain and sorrow left you emotionally reeling. 
Taehyung smiles, clutching your hand tighter as his eyes flood with tears, though he keeps a cool, composed face. “I thought I’d never hear you say my name again.” 
Emotion builds up inside you too profound to handle, intaking a deep breath to control them as you clutch his hand back. You attempt to get up, but you immediately ache all over and exclaim in pain. Taehyung rises rapidly from his seat. 
“Woah, hey, don’t.” He holds out his hands. “The doctor said you need to rest, don’t strain yourself.” 
You settle back into your bed as Taehyung lays you down, fixing the covers for you. You watch him do so as your eyes can’t help but admire his beauty, his warmth, him. 
“What happened, Tae?” You inquire, your voice quiet, delicate, coarse from not having spoken in weeks. 
He looked at you carefully, ensuring you were fine before he found his seat. He slithers his fingers into yours again and presses the back of your hand to his lips, swallowing. 
“You passed out, malnourishment and dehydration.” Taehyung explains, his tone steady, but his eyes a stark contrast. “Your body was running on practically nothing. You were low on water. If you’d gone any longer without it..” Your husband purses his lips as he seems to run through what he was told, wetting his lips before he bleakly answers. “Hypovolemic shock was on the table.. I may not have seen you again.” 
Guilt immediately infiltrates your mind, feeling the weight of what you put Taehyung through. He appeared okay now, but the very idea of not knowing your condition must’ve killed him on the inside, you could see it in the way his slightly bloodshot eyes revealed signs of crying. You feel regret as you contemplate what you would’ve done if it were him, and can only imagine how he felt. 
Just as you think of the possibility, Taehyung silently, and very quietly, lets tears escape his eyes as he simply holds your hand to his lips. He blinks, the salty water rolling down his cheeks as he stares at nothing in particular. 
“Baby..” You coo gently, free hand finding the strength to touch his cheek and wipe his tears, soothing him. “I’m sorry, Taehyung. I’m really sorry.” 
“Don’t be, angel.” He laughs a little, clasping your hand that holds his cheek as he sniffles. “You never have to say sorry to me, remember? All I need is your health and safety.” 
“But-but I put you through so much.” Your guilt eats at you from the inside, losing your composure once your more conscious mind wraps itself around the situation. 
You were currently laying in a hospital bed, looking to your left to find an I.V drip; electrodes attached to your body and connected to a heart monitor. Not only were you malnourished but dehydrated as well? Hypovolemic shock? That wasn’t something to be taken lightly at all, and to think Taehyung had to deal with all this by himself. 
To think he could’ve possibly lost you because of your negligence of your health. 
Tears escape your eyes once you understand the severity of everything, catching a glimpse of some of the guys sitting outside your room, and your heart aches. Taehyung immediately hushes you once he sees the tears, bringing his forehead to yours.
“Shh, don’t cry, my Princess. It’s over now, you’re okay.. you’re okay.” Taehyung reassures as he brushes his thumb against your hand, pressing his lips to your cheek for soft kisses. “You’re here, that’s all that matters.” 
You attempt to find strength within yourself, following Taehyung’s example of perseverance as you sniffle away your tears, gulping them down to appear more put together. Taehyung draws back and searches your eyes, wetting his lips. 
“I have news, baby.” Taehyung begins. “Everything that’s been happening.. all of this pain you had to go through.. I’m going to fix it.” 
You sniffle as you tilt your head. “Fix? How will you fix it?” 
“I have a plan, and I will fix things for you, for us.” Taehyung tenaciously voices as he clutches your hand, almost solidifying his promise. “I’m done watching people speak ill of you, push you and us around like we’re some freakshow.” Your husband argues passionately. “I’m taking charge, and I’m ending this for good.” 
Taehyung's sudden burst of confidence and assurance almost inspires you, though you still remain with a million questions. “What do you mean, Tae?” 
He looks at you as though you were his most precious treasure in the world. And little to your knowledge, that’s exactly what you were. 
“It means I’m going to protect the person who’s most dear to me” 
Your heart flutters as you return his affectionate gaze, suddenly missing the warmth of Taehyung’s arms around you, too far away from each other as you sit apart. You let go of his hands to hold out your arms like a baby, doe eyes and pouting, and Taehyung cracks a chuckle at how wholesome you are. 
He removes his shoes as he flips open your covers a little, slipping into your hospital bed with you. He fits in with you perfectly as you shuffle to create space. Taehyung’s arms wind around your figure as he pulls you close, pressing you to his chest. 
Your bare legs in just a hospital gown tangle with Taehyung’s clothed ones as you both lay on your side, hands draping his chest as you nuzzle into his cozy neck. Taehyung dips down and kisses your forehead as you purr like a kitten, feeling the safety of being in your husband’s arms. 
You allow your mind to enter a near matrix-like space, finding peace within his hold, serene quietness in your heart. Taehyung squeezes you tightly as his lips remain pressed to your hair, thumb soothing your arm. 
“What will you do, Tae?” You whisper to him, genuinely inquisitive. 
“I’ll do what I need to,” he answers simply. “As your husband, your partner, your person.. I’ll do what’s right.” 
“You don’t have to, Tae.” 
“It’s alright, Princess.” He assures you. “I told you I’d fight for us, didn’t I?” 
You nod against him, sniffling. Worrying about what he’ll do still clouds your mind, however, questioning again. “Will it be something difficult?” 
“With you by my side? Nothing’s ever difficult, Princess.”
You swallow at the vagueness of his response, though trust Taehyung as you feel the beating of his heart, thudding with a true rhythm that speaks a thousand honest, genuine words. 
“I won’t be doing it alone, though,” Taehyung adds on. 
“You won’t be alone? Who will you be with?” 
“Someone who’s been dying to see you.” You can tell Taehyung says that with a smile, though just as you’re about to query him, you hear a little knock to your door as it’s pushed open. 
“Bad timing?” You see an elated Jimin in your doorway, suddenly joined but a brawny bunny you know all too well. 
“Y/N, you’re awake!” 
“Oh thank God, Y/N. We were so worried!” Seokjin holds a hand to his heart. 
“I started praying all of a sudden, and I don’t even believe in God.” Namjoon hilariously remarks and the group snickers, Hoseok chiming in next. 
“I second that. I ask God for loads of things but never have I once prayed for anything harder in my life.”
The guys all merrily laugh as they pile into your room, finding Jungkook and Jimin happily accompanied by their fiance’s from what you know. You greet everyone jovially as their company brightens up the room that had grown dark, something about their positive energy so infectious, you forget this is a hospital room. 
You laugh and smile as you lay in bed and are constantly entertained by everyone’s shenanigans, feeling at home in such a loving, warm environment. Though what feels most like home is laying in your husband’s arms as he clutches you closely, feeling the familiar vibrations of his beautiful, beautiful laugh.
And suddenly, nothing felt so dark anymore. 
Tumblr media
“Yoongi.. I’m really scared.” 
“Shh, Taehyung’s got this, Y/N. You don’t have to sweat a thing, he’s planned everything meticulously.” 
You cower into your brother’s frame as he rubs a supportive hand to your arm, soothing your anxiety. You gulp as Taehyung breathes carefully, stepping onto a podium among a room of reporters, broadcasting networks and channels. 
Taehyung had called an emergency conference meeting that meant practically every media outlet in Korea was privy to this right now. You feel fear crawl up your stomach as you nervously watch your husband. 
“He still hasn’t told me anything, Yoongi. What is he going to do?” 
Your older brother sighs, side-hugging you as he peers down and speaks kindly. “You just have to trust him, baby sister. Let him do this for the both of you, alright?” Yoongi squeezes you tightly as he presses a kiss to your head, feeling warm inside with your brother’s support. 
You take a deep breath as you view Taehyung standing confidently before everyone, no paper or pen in hand, all but his dignity and honour to offer the audience. You watch him swallow as he looks at all the cameras flashing before him, everyone in the room coming to a silence. 
He flickers his vision to you, indistinguishable emotion in his expression as you return him a smile, silently encouraging him that whatever he’s going to do, he’ll do it just fine. 
And so, as your heart hammers against your rib cage and you clutch your clammy hands over your chest, you watch Taehyung tap the mic precariously before he begins.
Tumblr media
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final chapter teaser: 
“I do.” 
Tumblr media
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helenazbmrskai · a month ago
Bad Alpha, Sweet Alpha KTH (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing – Alpha! Taehyung x Human (Female)! Reader
Genre – Werewolf AU, Smut(y smut), F2L, Angst (very tiny), PWP, Alpha Going Into Heat AU, Straight Up Filth AU, fluffy fluff, humour
Summary – [You’ve been in love with your best friend for years. Now here’s the problem Taehyung’s wolf hates you. But why he hid the key and then refused to tell you and Taehyung where he put it? Nonetheless just before his heat is about to start.]
Warnings – rutting, heat sex, oral (f + m receiving), dry humping, dirty talk, handjob, blowjob, vaginal fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, multiple orgasms, a lot of cum and by a lot I mean a looot, knotting, cum eating and stuffing, cumswallowing, gagging on your alpha’s cock, alpha kink, standing sex, cock riding, underwear sniffing, size kink, cockwarming if you blink, Taehyung is chained up but later OC releases him, he cries at one point but not in a sexual way (?), love confessions, Taehyung eats his cum out of your pussy, talk about breeding kink, teasing, overstimulation, one (non sexual) choke scene but nothing serious, sexual tension, sorry if I forgot something as you can see there’s a lot on my plate this time to present you
Word Count – (12k); 
Author note. Even I am getting fed up with sex after I pushed this baby out in one sitting (you will understand my reference after reading). I don’t think I’ve ever written down ’cock’ this many times before. Also, this is my longest smut so far so I hope you’ll guys enjoy some heat werewolf sex. I don’t know why but writing this was easy the word count just flown over the roof and I planned to make this maybe 6k or something. I don’t know if it makes me naughty af but I guess I am and I offer this piece to all the nasty and kinky asses out there to enjoy this as well.
Masterlist –
Tumblr media
”No. Don’t even try to persuade me to stay a few more days. You know your wolf hates me, he’s always so mean when you’re around the time to go into heat.” If your scowl’s sharpness could manifest Taehyung is sure their tv would be already sliced in half. You’re currently flipping through the channels with your legs in the wolf boy’s lap not amused in the slightest when he started to whine about being alone before his heat hits. You know it’s the preheat that keeps him agitated and clingy like a lost puppy. He’s always more affectionate and needy in terms of physical contact.
You’re only here inside the bagtan pack’s cabin tucked in a secluded area lined with trees and nature, arguably the best hiding spot for a feverish wolf with little to no possibilities to break loose and run around town, because your friend asked you to stay for exactly an afternoon and keep him company. You reluctantly agreed as none of the boys were available but you refuse to stay when it’s just 24 hours before the shit hits the fan.
”No! That’s not true! He doesn’t hate you Y/N he’s just having a hard time showing his emotions.” Rolling your eyes at his pathetic excuse, it’s obvious that neither of you believes it he’s just saying that to appraise you. His tactic is clearly not working to get you to stay as you’re being the more rational one out of the two of you, for one crazy moment, even if you believe that his wolf is just rough around the edges your stay would risk him have a harder time sensing your pheromones and shit like that in the air while experiencing his actual heat.
”The problem with that statement is Taehyung that you two say very different things.”
You’re not exaggerating thinking that his inner wolf is not very fond of you. Taehyung is not always aware when his wolf takes over but he’s nothing but rude when he catches you hanging out with your friend. Most times he only takes over when he’s on the brink of passing out from exhaustion or his heat coming soon. In order for his wolf to get into the forefront of his mind he needs to disconnect from his body, it could be achieved either by exhausting himself or being in a frenzied state that comes from the heat taking over his senses and thoughts.  
The last time his wolf graced you with his presence he kindly told you to fuck off because you stink. He always watches you with narrowed eyes and nitpicks at anything you do telling you how much he doesn’t like you hanging around Taehyung.
Letting the remote land on the couch between your bodies you twist your body out of his hold to get up. You need to catch the last bus and it’s quite the walk to get there you don’t want to commute in the dark and it wouldn’t be the wisest to stay the night.
”Tae, did you lock the door?” Said man arches a brow after you accuse him of tampering with the front door and casually walks to where you stand with your backpack in one hand and the other on the knob that doesn’t budge no matter how hard you twist the handle. Taehyung shoos you away grabbing the knob as well but even with his strength, it doesn’t move an inch.
”Huh, I didn’t lock it though.” He wonders aloud trying again and again but with little progress in the department of freeing you.
”If it wasn’t me and you then there’s only one person who could have done it. Ask your puppy why he locked us in.”There’s a growl unconsciously slipping letting you know by Taehyung’s widened eyes that he was not the one who growled at you but the little shit inside his mind. He looks at you sheepishly before raising a finger for you to wait probably to talk to the brat who’s responsible for this mishap.
Taehyung’s perfect eyebrows furrow as he silently converses with his other half, seemingly getting frustrated as he gnaws on his lower lip. He catches your gaze a few minutes later laughing awkwardly while massaging his neck that’s his habit when he’s nervous.
”He won’t tell me where’s the key.” Taehyung’s eyes dart over the room just to avoid your death stare, failing as he feels it on his skin making a shiver run down his spine.
”Taehyung.” You warn him, your hands grab his t-shit and get in his personal bubble to appear more threatening. He might be an Alpha but Taehyung still cowers under your intense gaze. Right then and there his eyes flash gold and his avoiding eyes fill up with cockiness as if daring you to do something. You know that it’s not Taehyung you’re dealing with anymore. What a coward letting his wolf face your wrath.
”Where. Is. The. Key.” With each word, your tone gets dangerously lower as your faces get closer to the point where you could count every individual eyelash if you wanted to. Taehyung’s smirk only grows as you impatiently wait for an answer or even an insult. You can’t possibly come up with an explanation why his wolf would hide the key. He sure doesn’t want you here when Taehyung’s about to go into heat.
”I don’t know what you’re talking about but better watch your bratty mouth. Taehyung might be intimidated by your glare but I don’t fall in that category. I could easily snap your neck right here right now.” To emphasise his point he curls his long fingers around your throat and squeezes it a little not enough to hurt you though.
”Why would you lock the door? I need to leave before Taehyung’s heat arrives. Even though you hate me after it affects your thought process you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from wanting to fuck me. Unless that was your plan all along.” You say the last sentence as an afterthought but then you see a weird glimmer in his golden eyes bleeding into Taehyung’s familiar black like he’s fighting for his control back.
The amber hue leaves after a stinky eye roll to your way from the wolf and the next minute you have Taehyung’s wide ones back. He immediately lets go of your neck apologising for doing it in the first place.
”What if we break a window?” His idea would work in any other place but this cabin was structured to house a horny wolf, the door and the windows are foolproof there’s no chance you could break it with anything you have here inside considering that there are no knives and other objects that could potentially harm someone. Even the damn forks are plastic.
”Well, we searched for the key everywhere in the house. That fucker hid it well I’ll give him that.” You fasten the straps around his ankles to be sure they won’t budge if he pulls on them. ”Pull. Great, they’ll hold.” You hum before moving on to lock the metal cuffs around his wrists too.
”Our only bet right now is to chain you up so you wouldn’t jump my bones and fuck me into the next Sunday.” Your blunt words force a pink blush to spread across his cheeks, your words affecting him in an embarrassing way knowing how close the hours are to start his rut. You don’t blame him when he pops a boner just by talking about sex.
You take a minute to study his face after you’re done locking him up. There’s a light sheen of sweat lingering on his skin a telltale that his temperature started to rise to prepare him for the upcoming days. Taehyung’s face is already pained when he shifts around sitting on the floor. Not the best design as the chains could only connect to the opposite wall, it would be a lot more comfortable if he could lay on the bed but the chains are not long enough to extend to that part of the room.
On top of that, he has to suffer to have you right beside him but unable to relieve himself the boys won’t come until his heat passes and that means you’re stuck.
”I’m sorry Tae. This is exactly why I wouldn’t want to stay, you’ll suffer smelling me.” You watch him with a pout as soon as you cup his face with your palm he nuzzles into your skin like a touch starved puppy, his breath hits the inner part of your wrist letting you know how he not so subtly inhales your scent.
”It’s ok. You smell delicious anyway.” It doesn’t make much sense to you but you don’t ask him what he means by that and simply card your fingers through his hair, he’s sweating even more now. You could spear him some light touches before you have to keep your distance.
You have a feeling that his heat will come sooner than he predicted it’s probably your scent that triggers his heat to hit earlier, one more thing to feel bad about as you watch his eyebrows pinch together in discomfort. If only his wolf didn’t hide the key.
There’s this twitching thought surfacing from time to time as you think about what his intention might have been to do something reckless like this. Frankly, you know that his wolf acts on the deepest desires Taehyung has. Tae and his wolf are not that separated from one another that’s why it disheartens you whenever his wolf rejects you so harshly. There’s a part of you who mulls over the fact if perhaps he doesn’t want you around and his wolf is giving you hints to get lost. But on the contrary, you don’t get the vibes from Taehyung that he doesn’t cherish your friendship.
Even when you settle down on the bed at a safe distance from Taehyung’s chained up form you can’t stop thinking about the other possibility. It’s ridiculous considering how his wolf was ’playfully’ choking you almost half an hour ago. If you think of it as a theory you doubt it he hid the keys to force you to stay. Taehyung did ask you to not leave him earlier and maybe if it was an unconscious decision from his wolf to hide the key so his other half’s desire for you to stay get fulfilled. There’s this other thought that kinda links them together and that would mean he wants you to stay because he wants you to help him out. He wouldn’t want to suffer otherwise being this close to you if he truly didn’t want you.
He never asked you though. It’s not like it never crossed your mind to help him if he wants you to but you always felt weird bringing it up in a conversation and he never indicated that he would even like that or not. Maybe you should talk about it with him before he entirely gets under the influence of his heat. You wouldn’t have a peace of mind if he doesn’t give you his full consent. As soon as the urge to mate gets too strong he would say yes in a heartbeat but it wouldn’t be his objective decision and you don’t want to take advantage of him.
”Hey Tae. Are you up?” He jerks when you try to touch his shoulder his sudden movement makes you pull your hand back. His eyes started to turn gold again but he’s still Taehyung, the black part is larger for now that hints that you should hurry up and talk.
”Sorry. I won’t touch you.” You step back confused when Taehyung whines at the distance and tugs on his chains.
”It hurts.” He grits out, his canines are larger than before as they sink into his bottom lip tasting the blood.
”If it gets unbearable do you want me to help you?” Taehyung snaps his head once you leave the question in the open. You can see he’s contemplating what to say so you wait patiently for him to gather his thoughts. It must be harder as his focus slips ever so often.
”I’ll be ok. I don’t want to force you.” His words are only half-hearted as you see how dejected he looks after rejecting your offer. It gives you hope to approach the topic again as he doesn’t seem to be opposed to it he just doesn’t want you to feel like you have to help him.
”I. Look. I want to help you Tae. Be honest with me. Do you want me to help or not? I swear I won’t be mad if you don’t want to have sex with me...if you find me repulsive or-”
Taehyung growls when you mention the last part, he looks actually angry that you mentioned it so you shut up immediately.
”I would never find you repulsive Y/N. You can’t imagine how many times I imagined fucking you in different positions just today.” He shivers as he seems to remember those fantasies but his eyes clear the next second to regard you a few steps away from him.
”If I let you help me our friendship will be over. I don’t want to lose you Y/N. I want you but I can’t have you.” Your head tilt tells him that you’re not catching on to his secret code. He didn’t want you to find out this way but he knows you’re stubborn and you’ll pester him until he spills the beans anyway so here goes nothing.
”If I fuck you there’s no way I could go back to being your friend. It’s all I want and it’s not just only the heat talking. I want to hold your hand and kiss you do couple-y stuff and fuck you till you’re full of my cum. I love you so much but not as your friend.”
You’re confused, to say the least after his confession. Your heart beats so fast that you’re afraid it will break free from your ribcage. Never in a million years you would have thought Taehyung has feelings for you. You want to believe him but your insecurities are holding you back.
”B-But your wolf hates me.” You trail off at the end of the sentence avoiding eye contact as Taehyung whines and you hear the chains rattle as he tries to move around.
”He doesn’t hate you. He’s just scared. I’m scared.” The way he pleads with his eyes to believe him makes you recoil. All this time you thought that he hated you but he sure would tell you the truth right? You hope he’s not just saying that to spear your feelings. Because you experienced enough heartache while thinking that his wolf rejects you. It prevented you from making any move on him as you thought he’s not interested in you being as anything other than just his friend.
”Are… are you saying that your wolf acted like that because-” You don’t dare finish the sentence in case your wrong but the recognition in Taehyung’s eyes tell you that you two think alike.
”Because he doesn’t want me to get hurt if you… reject me.” The wolf boy bashfully finishes it for you and you swear your heart skips a beat. Taehyung indeed was projecting his deepest desires and fears and it turns out to be that he treated you like this because he was afraid you’ll never reciprocate his feelings. He told you to stay away because he was protecting Taehyung from you. He recognised his feelings for you and since you didn’t make any move to indicate the attraction is mutual he went defensive.
”I’m not rejecting you Tae.” This time when you reach out to press your palm against his cheek he lets you, his whole body shutters when you caress his cheeks with your thumb. There’s a low rumble coming from the back of his throat that reminds you of a happy cat purr. Once his heat is over there’s so much you need to talk about that’s for sure but right now you’ll solely focus on Taehyung getting through it and help him satisfy the hungry wolf inside him. Even though you’re kind of pissed at his wolf right now. The gold colour of his eyes slowly swallows the black as more of his carnal side shows itself as his preparation for heat reaches its peak.
”I’m mad I’m not gonna lie but I can understand why you would be hostile towards me. It doesn’t make me just forget about it though.” Just an hour ago you didn’t think that he’ll go from the cocky wolf who threatened to snap your neck to become this whimpering mess to beg for your forgiveness. He can feel your slight anger and confusion while his head tells him to mate you but he’s tied he can’t do anything and it’s killing him. The swelling inside his pants is getting harder to ignore the more closer you get.
”I want you so bad. Kiss me. Unchain me.” If you were a wolf just like him maybe his command would have made you snap into action but you’re not a wolf. Just a human. Somewhat you’re guilty of wanting to prolong his condition knowing that you’re his only release. It’s not like he’s the only one to blame in this situation, you were a fool too. You push his jaw up with your pointer finger kissing just under his ear softly that earns a needy moan to rip from his throat.
”Your smell is driving me crazy. Unchain me. I want to taste you I’ve been waiting for so long.” Taehyung is desperately rutting against your thigh his erection poking you through the rough material of his jeans. His eyes are closed in agony as his humping barely lessens the boiling desire to have you, all the blood rushes to his cock, throbbing for your cunt. You grab his chin to look at you, one more line of pretending before you help him through the pain, you decide.
”Funny I think you said that I stink. Should I leave you like this since I smell so bad?” The prospect of you leaving him hard in his pants and chained to this wall pains him, his mind tells him to please you. His mate. He should fuck you deep until he empties every drop of his cum inside. He already knows that barking commands won’t make you follow through you’ll just leave him hanging so he begins to beg for your pussy. He’ll literally die if he can’t be inside you, lust is burning him from the inside out. Taehyung whimpers and stutters like an omega in heat as if you’re the alpha he dutifully begs you and rubs himself on your thigh without his release in sight.
This is your first time experiencing how a wolf gets a one track mind nothing else is occupying his thoughts only sinfully explicit images as his rational part of him recedes and lets the carnal needs dictate his words and actions. This vulnerability is why they spend their heats in solitude until they find a mate to take care of them. Suddenly everything the boys told you about the experience makes perfect sense.
”I’m so sorry please don’t leave me. I’ll never do that again. I don’t hate you in fact the exact opposite of that. You’re the best smelling human on Earth, want you closer. I didn’t mean the things I said before. Believe me. Sorry for hurting you. So sorry.” The wolf in him is desperate, his instincts dictate to please you but can’t do that while he smells your reluctance. He knew that his words hurt you because he could always see it in your eyes but at that time being harsh seemed to be the best solution not to go crazy and bend you over the couch. Frustrated tears are rolling down his cheeks unable to think what else to do to get your forgiveness. Mixed with his unsatisfied state the tears easily gather behind his eyes.
”Don’t cry. I believe you.” Now you’re guilty to make him cry for something so insignificant when you finally got your confession. The other negative emotion that washes over you makes him cry harder. His vulnerable state prevents him from thinking rationally and make sense of the thoughts behind your emotions he could only tell that they’re negative. You kiss him slowly moving your lips over him until he reciprocates it just as carefully. Your heart flutters when he licks your lips asking for permission to taste you and you let him in happily.
”I’m sorry for making you cry. I like you too so don’t worry about anything right now and let me take care of you.” You whisper the words into his mouth, swallowing his moans with your lips as you caress his sides under his shirt moving lower to palm him over his jeans. Taehyung protests when you part from his lips he watches you with unfocused eyes as you walk to the bed and snatch a pillow from the pile.
You place the pillow on the floor and slowly kneel in front of him. His cock twitches when you’re close Taehyung eagerly lets you take off his pants and underwear in one go letting out a pleased sigh when his member is free from the cage of his clothes.
”I can’t release you just yet. You’re still too affected by your heat and you know a human can’t handle how rough a wolf can get. I’ll let you go after your head clears ok?” You rub his hipbone to make him relax, you can see from here how the chains strain against his red skin he wants to touch you so bad but he’s too strong to handle you carefully. Taehyung barely registers your words only hears that you won’t unchain him and he whines again loudly, the tears stopped but his face is still pained. You shouldn’t waste any more time he deserves his release.
”Order me. Do you want me to take you in my mouth Taehyung?” You taunt him with a small lick just long enough to taste his salty precum. The guttural moan he releases makes your core tingle with a new wave of arousal, you’re sure he can smell you in the air as you get wetter. Seeing his cock leaking so much precum turns you on. He’s so long and thick pretty veins are making sure that he’s as hard as a rock, ready to pound into your cunt. In your current state, you wouldn’t be able to take all of him, he’s too big for you. The thought excites you, you want him to stretch you out and make you cry out in pleasure as you feel him so deep inside, leaving barely any space for him to move. After he’s done with you you bet your pussy will be too stretched to go back to its original tight size for hours.
Your plan seems to work as you see the alpha getting riled up. ”Suck me off. I want to see your pretty lips stretched around my cock.” You obey immediately. You place both hands on his hips preparing with a long inhale of air to take him down your throat. He’s so big he won’t fit entirely in your mouth but damn if you are not going to try.
The wolf almost howls in pleasure as your mouth finally wraps around his dick, your mouth is tight around his shaft as you try to take more than half of him in. Taking breaks between your swallows you lick his tip in circles breathing in and out trying to regulate your heartbeat as you push down on his length as far as you can go. Some spit escapes from the corner of your lips rolling down your neck as you try to reach his stomach with your nose but you gag before it can happen. With blurry eyes you can see that all Taehyung wants is to keep your mouth in place with a firm hand in your hair when you withdraw after the gag. He would make you repeatedly gag on his cock loving how your throat constricts around him forcing the loudest moans out of him to reward your hard work and undoubtedly sore throat after you’re done. You know he’s close as his grunts come out more frequently and drop an octave. To make up for not being able to take his cock entirely you speed the bob of your head sucking and licking not caring that your saliva drips down to his balls. Taehyung’s body shakes you can feel it where your hand firmly grips his hips, your nails digging into his skin as you dare to swallow around his cock gagging when he repeatedly hits the back of your throat. Tears are sliding down your cheeks now without stopping while your throat begs you to stop you’re encouraged by the rhythmical throbbing of his shaft that he’s about to cum.
You’re careful to withdraw until only half of him is inside your mouth to avoid his hot cum spurt down your throat and instead opt for swallowing it at your own pace to avoid coughing since he has way more cum to offer you than a human male could. Taehyung’s undoing comes in the form of you moaning around his cock his entire body freezes every muscle in his body tenses until he’s done with emptying every drop into your mouth. You swallow diligently but it’s too much and some escapes to drip down mixed with your spit. Taehyung follows the route of his cum sliding down the elegant slope of your throat soaking your shirt as it continues its journey between your breasts where his eyes can’t see anymore.
”You ok little one?” Your fogged up mind catches his worried voice, you look up to convey a smile. You nod. The chains only let his fingertips reach your face but he’s gentle to rub your skin moving down to massage your throat and relieve the tension in your muscles.
”Did I do a good job Taehyung?” You ask him mischievously once you find your voice. The smirk he gifts you is enough to focus back on the throbbing of your pussy. You were able to forget about your own pleasure in favour to see Taehyung’s face as he reaches his high but now you want your release too. Your underwear is soaked, uncomfortably sticking to your folds. He’s already half hard as he responds to your increased arousal. Taehyung observes you for a long minute or two, his eyes are a lot clearer but his wolf is still present repressing the real Taehyung to come out and take over his body again. His heat is a lot stronger than any of his before.
”So good. You did a good job with following your alpha’s order. You deserve a reward.” Your eyes widen as Taehyung lands on his knees your kneecaps knocking together as he mimics your position. He leans in for a kiss that you immediately grant, his tongue pries your lips open to taste his cum mixed with your special taste and he’s pleased to find out you two taste divine together like this. Abruptly parting from your lips he licks the corner free of your saliva and rolls his tongue around your jaw and lower to your neck slurping up his cum and your saliva that he admired from afar. You place both hands on his broad shoulders to keep yourself upright, moaning softly when he leaves hickeys.
”Stand. I’ll taste you now.” His eyes are glowing gold leaving no room for further questions and you obey once again. Taehyung chuckles at how wobbly your legs are you have to stabilise your posture with your hands on the wall in front of you to prevent your fall. You didn’t think you soaked through your leggings as well until Taehyung rubs his nose to your clothed centre. He inhales your scent deeply licking a long line up faintly getting your taste on his tongue but he’s getting impatient as he can’t reach his hand out enough to rip your clothes off. You’re somewhat thankful because these are your only set of clothes here.
Taehyung lowers his hands to rest them on his knees watching you with predatory eyes as you get rid of your leggings and underwear with shaky hands. You’re so excited to get some attention that you almost trip on your discarded pants. If Taehyung’s mind weren’t so clouded by the thought of tongue fucking you the minute you close the distance he would have most probably laughed at your clumsiness.
”B-Be gentle at first, please. I’m sensitive.” You warn him timidly forcing Taehyung’s eyes to lock with yours. He simply nods waiting for you to come close enough to eat. After you release a deep breath you comply and step close that his nose nudges your mound. Taehyung kisses the top before doing the same with your folds, your shaky sigh is enough for him to poke out his tongue and lick but nothing past your pussy lips, he really is taking slow for you. Growing confident as he’s present enough to listen to your request you place one hand on top of his hair waiting till he tilts his chin up. He hums when you comb your fingers through his messy hair loving your affectionate gesture that he buries his face into your thighs to soak up the feeling of you being so close to him. He can feel your femoral artery pump your blood quickly just as your heartbeat quickens.
”Make me cum alpha, please.” You test the words if they will affect him the way you expect them. He growls hungrily his biceps are flexing to hold back as you guide your left leg to wrap it around his shoulder opening up your folds for him. He licks slow, at first only testing your wetness Taehyung finds your clit with ease applying pressure to his up and down motions to stimulate your little throbbing nub.
”A-Alpha.” You moan when he dips his tongue into your opening, tonguing your insides while continuously rubbing your clit with his nose, eagerly swallowing down your arousal welcoming every drop as it keeps coming, some running down your thighs that escapes his attentive mouth. He never tasted something this regal in his entire life. He gets bolder burying his whole face into your pussy wrapping his puckered lips around your clit and suck until your greedy hole clenches around nothing. You need his fingers there’s no way you can take him without proper prepping but you’re not sure he could hold back if you release him from his binds and not bend you over the bed to take him as it is.
”W-Wait. Taehyung.” You grip his locks at the base of his neck he can’t hear you it’s evident as he keeps his mouth on you licking your entire pussy like a madman to get more and more of your arousal straight from the source like an addict. Just when you tug harder that he looks up with his eyes unfocused and his mouth open. Chin and cheeks are wet with your essence that would make any woman blush.
”I need your fingers, let me get the key for your wrists.” You’re panting heavily, you almost think he wouldn’t let you go but he does with a rigid nod of his head. You walk to the bedside table and pick up the key Taehyung waits as you release one hand with shaky fingers you need to poke around the lock before you succeed in freeing him partially and then you slide the key farther away on the floor so he’s unable to reach it but you could easily go and fetch it if needed.
”You said you need my fingers. Release my other hand.” Taehyung barks displeased that he’s still bound. You want nothing more than let him have his ways with you but it’s dangerous while he’s in this frenzied state he can’t think clearly and his impatient glare is the answer you needed that you’re right. He can’t control his strength right now and you know he’ll feel bad if he hurt you so you need to be the stronger one for the both of you.
”Growl at me one more time and I’ll leave.” You need to show him that you’re not his prey to feast upon. As expected your words thankfully knock him out of that state, his scowl fades.
”If you want my pussy to come any near to your dick you’ll need to use one hand and prep me. I won’t release you until I know you can think rationally. I know you don’t want to hurt me so please-” You kiss him with half lidded eyes.
”- please trust me.”
The gold hue around his irises ebbs into a darker amber after your soft plea. Taehyung cups your cheek with his one free hand and caresses your jaw in a silent promise. This is different from all the shared kisses before, you can feel the longing and all the love he has for you through his sensually moving lips.
His hand leaves your jaw to travel down your neck and clothed chest, he continues to swallow your moans as he covers your breasts with his palm squeezing softly until your chest heaves faster. He can feel how quickly your heart is beating under his fingertips.
”So soft.” Taehyung grips the flesh of your hip kneading it with calluses fingers. You relax into his touches not alarmed at all when he lifts your leg to rest it against his shoulder like before to get a better angle. The pad of his fingers makes the first connect with your wet folds, softly rubbing you with two digits gathering your slick for the purpose of easy penetration. Soon Taehyung deems it’s slick enough for him to slide two inside slowly slipping them in to the knuckle. Your hand finds leverage pressed against the wall the feel of something filling you up gives you a short relief. He curls them searching around for a spot that makes your moan sweeter to his ears not letting up with his slow strokes.
”Ah so tight, I need to do a lot of prepping for you.” He’s adding a third finger just after as to reply to his statement. His wolfish smirk back on his handsome face, nothing like the boxy smile you’re so used to seeing. You press your cheeks to the cool surface of the wall, eyes falling shut to give in to the feeling of long digits exploring your core. You never expected to feel him this way, fingering you open to take his cock. You know that after he’s done with you you will never be able to go back to enjoying your own hands when you got a taste of what he can do to you.
Taehyung works in his pinky opting for slow half hearted strokes not pulling out much they’re solely there to stretch your walls. Not wanting to rob you of your pleasure he uses his mouth to stimulate your clit by sucking on it. Licking sloppy eights to feel your pussy close down on his fingers. It slightly burns, your walls want to close in on them but his fingers prevent you from the act. Using your previous tactics against you Taehyung hums making the vibrations throw you over the edge as he relentlessly sucks on your little bud. Your eyes are closed tightly until red dots fill up your black vision as waves of your orgasm wash over you. It’s embarrassing enough to feel your cum drip down your thighs escaping from the stretched hole as Taehyung keeps his fingers deep inside not letting you close your legs as he watches your thick release ooze out. If you were looking you would have witnessed his eyes following it with mesmerizing eyes. Shameless as he feels his cock throb with the desire to finally bury his length inside your sweet pussy.
”Thank you.” Your voice is soft there’s red colouring your cheeks in embarrassment while Taehyung just kisses your bitten lips as a passionate ’your welcome’ using his tongue as the messenger to deliver the words straight to your mouth.
His fingers slip out with a wet squelch throughoutly coated with your nectar Taehyung licks each digit clean before gripping his cock with one hand pumping his shaft to get himself wet and ready for you. He doesn’t need your cum as he has plenty of precum dripping down his entire length just from fingering and eating you out before.
You rub your legs together at the uncomfortable feeling of your walls closing without his fingers to keep you open. Taehyung catches the motion with hungry eyes he has enough strength in one hand to close the distance between your bodies with a single pull, chest to chest, with his cock resting right against your folds.
”Let’s start before your tight pussy gets even tighter.” You nod with a gulp so wound up that all you can think about is his cock parting your folds. Taehyung guides his wide tip to your opening pushing past the soft tissues that guard your cunt. The widest part of his length is still ahead of you to take four of his fingers stretched you out well enough to only feel pleasure when he pushes in the tip and a few more inches. You wiggle your hips as he stalls his fingernails are digging into your soft flesh as he tries to take it slow and not bury himself down to the hilt with one go.
It requires extreme self control from his wolf to be this gentle when all he wants is to break you in half. The sentiment makes your heart swell and you lean in to steal a kiss. He hums against your mouth like he understands your sudden thoughts, he pulls out a moment later until just his tip is surrounded by your tight heat and slides in a few inches more than before testing out how much can you take without making it uncomfortable for you. You only feel the burn again when your hips almost meet. Taking his cock was never the question what he’s worried about is how well can you take his knot. You’re too tight, your cunt was not made to take a wolf’s knot. He’s still hoping that you can, considering that the moon gave him a human mate, you should be able to fulfil the mating. It’s the first day of his heat he knows once he starts fucking you there’s no way he could muster the self control to pull out before he gets locked in your pussy.
”I-” Taehyung grunts when he bottoms out, your walls are hugging him warmly that he could cum right then and there if it weren’t for his thoughts. He’s forced to think about his pack members to keep his dick in check. Let’s think about unarousing things like Namjoon reading a book on the sofa or Jungkook yelling ’let’s get it’ before going on a run through the woods. Definitely working as he’s able to come back from his high. ”I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t think I can stop if I start.”
”You feel so good-” Taehyung swears under his breath when he feels your cunt tighten around him because his words turn you on. ”Fuck, I almost came just being inside you.”
You dare to chuckle while he has his cock in you that pisses his alpha wolf off. How dare you laugh and make fun of him when he’s stretching you out so greatly. Taehyung would laugh with you but his wolf is hungry for your submission he’s not letting you off the hook before you’re a moaning mess and beg him to let you cum. He’s in charge now, not your sweet Taehyung. The ends of your laugh turn to a moan when he slips out just to thurst back with greater force. If it weren’t for his hand around your waist you would have landed on your ass.
”Are you going to laugh now too?” The golden eyes remind you that he’s still deep in his lust filled mindset. You know a little about his switches. While his heat makes his wolf surface from the depth of his mind after you make him cum inside you and let his knot swell he’ll most likely go back to his dormant self and give back the blackness to his irises.
”N-No.” You shake your head.
Remembering what one of his pack members told you you bare your neck to him to show his wolf your submission. They told you this in passing as a bit of advice if someone attacks but you hope it can be applied in a situation like this as well.
Your vision blurs as he turns your body around to push you against the wall, the chains dig into your back but you don’t complain when the pleasure outdoes the pain. He thrust back into your inviting heat after he secured your new place. He keeps the slow pace but reaches deeper with each slap of your hips. Taehyung kisses your lips roughly while jerking your leg to curl it around his hips making the angle even deeper to satisfy the both of you equally. Your wanton moans are fueling him to keep fucking you letting out his own sounds of pleasure.
He could tell you’re nearing your high once again as you clamp down on his cock.
”I bet no male fucked you this good before. Are you going to cum this soon? I barely started and you’re getting so tight around my dick already.” He mocks you without the actual bite to his words he’s pleased with himself to make you cum so soon. Even as you’re itching to say he was about to blow his load as soon as he entered you you keep your mouth shut and moan louder to encourage him to finish you off. You don’t want to challenge an alpha.
”I want your cum. Please give it to me.” You keep convulsing around his length a telltale of your fast approaching orgasm even more blinding than the last as your thighs shake around his waist. Taehyung’s previous concern if you could handle his knot disappears as you keep pleading to release his load inside of you. Never wants to disappoint his mate Taehyung keeps up the fast pace outdoing each wet squelch your pussy makes with his low grunts against your ear.
He continues to fuck you like he means it. He doesn’t stop when you explode around him thrown into the biggest orgasm you’ve ever experienced making you numb to every other sensation that’s not sheer pleasure. It makes your blood boil and causes your eyes to roll back into your skull. Sensitivity hits you soon when he keeps fucking you fast and hard. Not even an ounce of doubt is there that you’ll have so many purple and green spots on your hips where he drags you across his cock.
He’s so hard inside you. Seems like he never gets tired as he pushes his cock in and out. Tethering around the edge of his orgasm when you feel the base of his shaft slightly swell against your opening. You know that he’s close but still fights against the knot. He fights the need to let his dick enlarge and lock you in place until he could paint your walls with his white cum.
”Let go. It’s ok.” You place a sweaty lock of hair behind his ears to gain his attention. His cock twitches inside as you kiss his temple Taehyung slows down his thrust to grinding to observe your expression and when he only sees your sincerity and love swimming in your blissful orbs he lets out a shaky exhale. He’s less animalistic with his thrusts than before he makes sure you feel good too as he drags his cock in and out.
He knows you won’t like it much when the base of his cock swells to prepare for his release. Taehyung doesn’t force himself to hold back anymore as now you can clearly feel the stretch bordering to be painful. Your walls are stretched to the limit but he’s still not there. Needs something more before he could go over the edge and let go. You force your hips to buck into his movements. Give his cock a tight fit as you make your muscles clench and bring him his well deserved release.  
”I want my alpha’s cum inside me. Want you so much, please.” Taehyung’s hips stills as you beg him to cum. Paired up with your sweet moans and his mate’s begging he comes with an outdrawn moan. Feeling the fullness you scratch his skin with your nails as you grip his back. Taehyung hisses at the pain but lets you hold onto him as he knows this is not the best feeling in the world. He peppers your face with kisses to distract you from the swelling and how much his cum make you feel a different kind of fullness. You try not to tense up but it’s hard as you never felt something like this before.
”Shh. So good. You take my knot so well. Just close your eyes and listen to your breathing. The pain will pass soon I promise.” You follow his instructions relaxing your muscles and focus on your shaky exhale. He’s not expanding anymore so you have time to get more accustomed to it. Taehyung does a good job of showering you with his affection. He keeps stroking your cheeks and caressing your stomach.
It takes thirty minutes in the position until you can separate. You curse yourself for kicking the key that far as you need to walk with Taehyung’s cum dripping down your legs. There’s so much coming out that you’re surprised your cunt could even store so much. Taehyung is smug as he watches you rub your legs with a towel, you don’t even want to think about the mess that’s on the floor.
”Let me help you beautiful.” You give him the towel and sit on the bed it’s only fair if he cleans you up considering it’s his cum that’s all over you but he surprises you by dropping the towel to the floor and instead crawl between your open legs.
”No, there’s no way I can cum again, you, animal.” The whiny edge of your voice only makes him chuckle into your soft inner thighs as he licks up a drop of his cum you left behind. He knows you’re tired that’s not what he’s trying to do even though the proposition is tempting.
”Relax I’ll just clean you.” Taehyung carefully licks your mixed cum still coming out of your spent pussy, rolling his tongue around your opening. He avoids your clit that makes it more believable that he’s not trying to rile you up again.
”Be a good girl and clench for me.” You do as he says without questioning him, the motion gets more of his cum to ooze out of you so that he can lick that as well. Realising his intention you blush a deep red to the tip of your ears. Fuck he’s so hot like this. Eating his own cum out of your pussy. If you wouldn’t feel too beat you would have definitely let him make you cum again. He flicks his tongue over your clit that would make your hips jump if he didn’t have his hands holding you down.
Once he’s done he kisses your quivering thighs and lets you close them with a gentle palm resting on your kneecap. Taehyung walks to the nightstand while you get under the warm covers, to pick a few tissues out of the box and get cleaned up as well.
You faintly feel his chest pressed against your back and two hands around your waist but you don’t open your eyes. There’s a dreamy smile on your face when you feel his lips press a light kiss to the crown of your hair. It’s hard to believe he’s the same person who has been fucking your brains out but you’re sure there’s still a gold hue around his eyes, reminding you that Taehyung and his wolf are not so separate as you sometimes think. He’s still your Taehyung at the end of the day.
You’re fast asleep as the exhaustion gnaws at your bones, there’s a heavy feeling that keeps your limbs from lifting a finger off the comforting bed and you succumb to the darkness.
Taehyung is up before you, it’s several hours later now with the sun nowhere near the horizon as the stars shine on the sky like small dots but you’re feeling as sore down there when it was still up. He knows you’re awake because there’s a spike in your heartbeat when he snuggles his nose to your pulse point. Taehyung feels more coherent than before his eyes are back to their perfect obsidian colour.
”Let me sleep a little more.” He wants to comply with your wishes but he’s so horny. He can’t wait another minute. He can smell his cum on you and it drives his senses crazy. If he closes his eyes and thinks hard enough he can still taste your arousal in his mouth. You’re such a delicious treat he wants to choke on your pussy and die as a happy man.
”Just let me put it in. I swear I’ll let you sleep a little longer.” You’re sceptical if he really has the self control for that but you still let him lift your leg and position his tip to your swollen entrance. He has enough precum smeared around his cock by his hands for the both of you to slip right in without the uncomfortable dry feeling.
His lips are close as you hear his moan directly hitting the shell of your ear. He sounds hot you admit it in your head. Your walls are still loose enough to take him in with one thrust no need for prepping you this time around. He pulls out halfway to push in just as softly testing the waters as he expects you to whine and remind him what he promised.  
”You’re such a liar Taehyung.” He sheepishly smiles into the crook of your neck but shamelessly starts a slow pace of his hips, driving his cock into you languidly.
”I can’t help it. You’re too irresistible and I’m still in heat.” You feel the need to roll your eyes.
”You won’t knot every time we have sex right?” You check with him as you move your hips in perfect sync. When you intentionally clench your walls around him he ruts his hips into you as thanks. Taehyung palms your ass under the covers careful not to lift it too high and let the cold air inside. He only wants you to shiver because his cock feels so good inside of you. His body heat makes you feel plenty of warmth though.
”No. I can control it later it’s just hard to hold back for the first time. I know you’re still sore I won’t knot again.”
You reward his words by pushing your ass against him clenching hard around his cock to make him moan.
”Pull out I want to ride you.” His fingers dig into your waist as soon as you tell him to pull out. He does and impatiently flips over to be on his back. Your eyes crinkle seeing his childish pout when you’re not moving fast enough to straddle him it’s comical since his cock is hard against his stomach with a pretty curve. It shouldn’t make you wonder how cute he is.
”Don’t pout. It should be me considering how hard your wolf made me cum just a few hours ago.” He knows you’re just messing with him you can practically see the wolf in him roll his eyes. You place a palm on his stomach with your other you fist the base of his cock to align it with your wetness playfully you rub his cock head up and down your slit letting the tip catch the hood of your clit and make the both of you moan.
”I’m certainly not calling him a puppy anymore.” Your smile is temporary as you choose that moment to sit down on his dick. It’s the best angle to show off how well you can take him even though it will be more tiring for you than for him as you’ll have to do all the work bouncing on his dick. He has a first class seat to watch your soaking wet folds stretch around his big cock. Or perhaps you have a first class seat to see him with his mouth open and pleasure hiding in every cervix of his expression.
”Fuck you feel even better now that my head is in the right place.” You let out a chuckle that if his wolf will be in control by this time you would have been flipped over to your back as he pounded into you like there’s no tomorrow. Instead, Taehyung shows you a smile in return. He places both hands on your love handles but doesn’t try to make you speed up he lets you have control, for now, that reminds you of something you discovered last time and you feel good enough to tease him about.
”You know Tae-” You start with a growing smirk that he can’t see while he moans with his eyes closed. ”I think you said something along the lines that ’I did a good job with following my alpha’s orders.’ does it spark recognition in you?” You lick your lips like a vixen. It’s impossible to not see the pink tinted cheeks. Unlike his other half, Taehyung is shy about showing you how much he likes when you call him your alpha.
”Is my alpha going to cum? Already?” You taunt him the same way he did. Taehyung’s cock twitches inside you at the name he loves how natural it sounds coming from you. He can feel the familiar tension build up in his muscles. You’re absolutely right that he’s close. Your pussy is so wet and tight around his length that it’s a miracle he could even last this long.
It’s good because you’re just a stroke behind to release as well. You cum first as Taehyung holds back like a gentleman. You ride out both of your highs until your leg muscles burn with the strain of riding his cock. You don’t know what to expect but you were hopeful he’ll have a little less load after that second orgasm when you took his knot. It’s his third orgasm but he still has so much cum that you need to take but without his knot to seal everything in place, it immediately started to flow out around his dick down to his balls and onto the sheets.
”Fuck. We’re a mess.” Even though all you want is to take a cold shower and get rid of all the stickiness either from the sweat or his cum you lean your forehead on Taehyung’s shoulder nuzzling up to him touching the sensitive part of his neck with your nose. Feeling how he shudders under you. He casually winds his arms around your form not bothered in the slightest by the mess you two made he’s just happy to have you in his arms. He knows it’s still not the time to talk about your feelings for each other at least until his heat entirely passes.
It’s the same routine for the remaining two days. You wake up to him either humping your ass or moaning so loudly while he masturbates right next to you on the bed that you have to lend him a helping hand. It’s a hard task to get him to do mundane things like eating and showering as all he wants to do is bury his dick in your pussy or eat said pussy.
After the third day, his heat is officially over. You were never one to say no to sex but you straight up told Taehyung to get ready for a dry two weeks because your lady parts need their recovery time. It’s a feat to drag yourself to the bathroom the next morning, you know one of the boys will stop by soon and you need to look like a human being again before that happens. You can’t even wash up without wincing in slight discomfort. Your pussy is so puffy and pink that you’re somewhat concerned.
Well, you did choose a werewolf as your boyfriend. At least there will be another couple of months before you have to deal with his horny ass again. The sex was great but you’re only human.
You soak yourself in warm water until your fingers turn to an old woman’s hands. You dress in one of Taehyung’s long t-shirts and boxers pulling your own pants over the fabric. You rummaged through his things as you didn’t plan to stay more than a day you didn’t have anything to wear and you weren’t going to pull your ruined underwear on your freshly showered body. Taehyung has enough change of clothes for the both of you, fortunately. It’s not like it will conceal much a wolf’s nose will easily tell that Taehyung’s scent is all over you. It’s a disturbing fact that they will be able to smell his cum on you so you try not to dwell on it too much.
Once you padded into the bedroom Taehyung looks at you from the bed with a lazy smile on his face. He greets you with a hoarse ’hi’ that would definitely have your panties in a twist if not all you two did was fucking for three straight days. Yeah, that’s not happening.
”Go shower and put some clothes on. Someone will be here soon to free us.” You peck his lips, catch him smile into the kiss as you start taming his curly locks with your fingers.
”It’s not like they haven’t seen me naked. Wait, are those my clothes?” His eyes grow big as he gives you a once over, you pleasantly smell like soap and his special scent mixed with yours. His big shirt is too big for you as it reaches just a little above your knees. You look good and smell like him that makes his heart flutter.
”I needed something to wear, you ruined mine.” You play with the end of his shirt, it’s big but comfy, you might just steal it.
”Anyway I’ll start on breakfast so go shower. I have your clothes already sorted out and placed on the counter for you in the bathroom.” Taehyung flashes you his boxy smile as you give him one last peck before you walk out the door to the stairs that will lead you to the kitchen. You know the cabinets are filled with food because one of the boys always make sure there’s enough before the date of someone’s heat.
Pancake butter is easy to mix and filling so you decide on that. Knowing that Taehyung must be famished after going like rabbits but not enough food to keep the enthusiasm now that there’s no longer a burning need to fuck you left and right.
You’re sore and exhausted and you didn’t even do most of the work you can’t imagine how sore his muscles must be.
You search for a medium sized pan thinking that it’s better to make smaller ones just like a snack. Soon the delicious smell of your pancakes lures your wolf boy into the kitchen. Freshly showered there’s still droplets of water clinging to his skin as he hugs you from behind.
”Smells great.” He hums, with one hand he pushes your hair to your other shoulder so he can kiss the skin there.
”I’m almost done.” You nod to the pile of food on one plate. ”You can have some if you’re hungry.”
It’s filled with honey brown coloured pancakes smelling indeed delicious. Taehyung doesn’t let you go even when you accidentally jab him in the rib while flipping a pancake on their other side.
”Oh I wasn’t talking about the pancakes baby.” He emphasizes his words by licking the patch of skin where your neck meets your shoulder, watching the goosebumps cover your heated skin not a moment after. You can feel his shit eating grin pressed onto your shoulder.
”Don’t even try if I have your hands wandering anywhere near my pussy I’ll push my boots up your butt.”
You feel Taehyung’s body shake as he laughs. He pats your hip twice before letting you go with his hands up in the air in a defensive stance just to humour you further.
”Yes, Ma’am.”
Your light hearted banter is interrupted by a key turning in the lock. Taehyung’s sensitive ear hears it first while you only realise there’s someone else in the house when his black mop of hair sticks through the kitchen door.
”Nice to see you two alive.” You should have guessed it will be Jungkook to check up on him. For a while, as you serve the pancakes for the boys you don’t realise that he addressed the both of you.
”Hey Kook. Why you don’t look surprised to see me here?” Taehyung perks up as well. It’s not like the boys had no idea Taehyung has feelings for you for them it was quite obvious from the get go.
”Ah right. We called you a million times so we went to your apartment to see if you were alright and your roommate told us that you went to see Taehyung at the cabin so we kind of put two and two together you know.” You think it makes sense, you’re friends with them it’s not unusual for them to call you for whatever reason.
Jungkook doubles over with laughter when you tell him what happened. Tears are streaming down his face by the time you tell him how his wolf hid the keys to the front door. It seems to happen ages ago while it was just approximately four days before today. You left out that part when he playfully choked you in the living room and you were dead set on not telling anything about your sexual adventures to his packmate.
You threaten Taehyung with not having sex with him for a month if he even thinks about telling your mutual friends about it. It shut him up immediately that kinda makes you smug.
You go back separately from the cabin Jungkook lets you take his car while he rides with Taehyung back to the packhouse. He kisses you goodbye with a promise to talk to you about everything later when you finish work and he’s done with his duties as an alpha.
You’re late by a minute to work but even your grumpy friend from the coffee shop you work at can’t make the smile disappear off your face. She regards you with narrowed eyes before she sniffs the air around you and crunches her nose in disgust. Right, you sometimes forget that she’s a wolf too. She probably sensed the sudden change in your scent that’s why she was looking you up and down with a scowl.
”You smell like you were just dicked down by an alpha.” Your face heats up at her blunt words but a customer saves you from having to answer her immediately as you take the patron’s order and silently start making a frappuccino with extra shots. Unfortunately, it’s still the morning so not many people come by and get their coffee it leaves plenty of time for her to interrogate you.
”Who is it?” Mina asks as soon as the boy leaves the shop with a cup. You know she’ll breathe down your neck if you prolong answering her so you turn around and start making your latte.
”I’ll answer your questions after I have my coffee. Everything hurts Mina. I don’t think I can ever get wet at this point.” She knows what you’re talking about it’s even taxing on a shewolf’s body not to mention that you’re just a fragile little human. She’s actually impressed that you had the energy to come to work today.
Mina only waits till you have the first sip of your coffee to bombard you with questions again.
”Wait till you come off your contraception pills. Their breeding kink is no joke I’m telling you.” You share a laugh however considering that she’s Jimin’s mate you don’t doubt the truth behind her words.
”Taehyung’s kink is to be called alpha in bed. He almost came just when I mentioned it.” The coffee Mina slurped on comes out of her nose. She wheezes at the mention of Taehyung. Oops, maybe you left out that part.
”Holy shit. You fucked Kim Taehyung?” You side eye her with a glare to keep her voice down, you don’t need to make sure the whole shop hears that you fucked your best friend. Not that the couple or that old lady knows who the fuck is Kim Taehyung.
”It’s crazy actually. His wolf hid the key to the door so I chained him up but then he kinda confessed that he’s in love with me and then I made him cry and you know… the rest is history.” She can tell that you’re quite guilty in that aspect so she pats your shoulder like an older sister who’s about to share the world’s wisdom with you.
”It’s not a big deal he cried Y/N, horny wolves are emotional wolves. Jimin cried after I told him he can fuck a baby into me.” It does make you feel better as the rest of your shift goes well. There was one rude customer who complained about his coffee being ’too hot’ but even that wasn’t enough to sour your mood. Taehyung likes you and that’s all you need to know.
”How’s that baby making going for you?” You ask her once the rush hour passes by and things get slow having only one or two people wandering in to order something.
”Ugh. Don’t even want to think about it. As soon as I get home he’s waiting there with his stupid sparkly eyes and his hard dick in one hand telling me how pretty I’ll be with his pups inside my belly. He was always a horny fuck but as soon as I gave him the green light to have our own family that’s all he’s thinking about.” You pat her back encouragingly as she rants. A few days ago you wouldn’t see why it’s a bad thing that Jimin has a one track mind as sex feels amazing but after Taehyung’s heat, you can understand her struggle.
”Tell him to give you some time to recover I’m sure he’ll understand. It needs to feel nice for you as well conceiving a child should be filled with lovemaking and not thinking about when he’ll jump your bones again.” Mina knows that you’re right but she’s afraid he’ll take it the wrong way and think that she changed her mind which she didn’t.
”I’ll talk to him tonight.” She tells you with conviction in her voice. When Mina is thinking she has this adorable pout on that just calls out to you to pinch them. The world is truly unfair to pair up two beautiful people like them to be mates. Now you can say that without meaning it as you snatched an equally as attractive mate for yourself. You can still hardly believe that you can associate your best friend with that word it seems too good to be true. Straight out of your dreams.
You arrive at the packhouse with Mina in different cars. She promised to drive you to your place after you leave Jungkook’s car just like you promised the boy that he won’t be late for the gym the next morning since you hogged his only means of transport. You call bullshit but in the end, you still let him have his bratty way. Mina is immediately swept off her feet by Jimin he could smell her from miles away. You could never surprise werewolves as their nose is so sensitive to smells after the first five tries you gave up organising surprise parties as they were never surprised to see you.
”Hi baby.” You blacked out for a minute when Taehyung pecked your lips to greet you. It’s something you’re looking forward to getting used to. You smile at each other like fools but what can you say. You are a happy fool.
”I’m still in shock that Y/N and Taehyung are a thing now.” Jimin next to you giggles into her girlfriend’s neck.
”Yeah can you go back to your oblivious pinning? I’m getting sick of these Lovely Dovey couples all around me.” Jungkook interjects but there’s no real bite to his words you know that he’s happy for the both of you. It doesn’t mean he’s not going to tease the shit out of the both of you.
”I smell a Y/N. Is that-” Jin emerges from the room next door with a neatly tied apron around his waist. He stops to regard you from head to toe sniffing the air before his eyes go big. ”Why do I smell Taehyung’s cum on you?” The horror on your face makes the males around you laugh so hard that Hoseok who has been silent so far rolls down the sofa holding his stomach. Even Mina joins in rather than helping you to save some of your dignity in front of your friends.
”But I showered twice!” You shrink under their gazes as a last resort you bury your face into Taehyung’s t-shirt who finally tells the boys to stop with their teasing. Ohhs and ahhs filling the air as he scoops in to play the knight in shining armour for you.
Tumblr media
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lavishedinjimin · 3 months ago
Muse -> kth (art students! au)
Tumblr media
— synopsis: Out of all the things in the world, one final project at the end of the semester was the least of your expectations. What you didn’t expect, though, was partnering up with Kim Taehyung, the most respected senior artist on campus. But what the—he wants to do what with you?!
↳ pairing: taehyung x f. reader
↳ genre: f2l, smut
↳ rating: 18+
↳ word count: 17.4k
↳ warnings: dom/sub themes, virgin/corruption kink, unprotected sex, slight size kink, degradation, oral sex (m and f receiving), breeding, name-calling, faceslapping, ragdoll y/n lol kidding, Taehyung doesn’t care that OC’s a virgin, if you get what I mean, everything consensual
Reminder: Before you read, I just want to say that I am nowhere near an art student so some pointers, terms, or subjects that are stated on this fanfic might be incorrect or misused. I tried to fact-check to the best of my abilities haha! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Giving the portfolio back to your possession, he speaks at the same time: “It’s still a suggestion after all. You can tell me yours if you have one.”
You chuckle at that. Little did he know that your mind was too busy overthinking how things stacked up instead of brainstorming an idea. Since you feel more comfortable with him than before, you tell the truth.
“I have absolutely no idea,” you snicker. 
“Yeah?” he smirks, nodding his head once. “I hate to say this, but this is the only concept I’ve got as well.” Taehyung sits down crossed-legged beside you on the bed, tapping his fingers on his pile of nude portraits. 
“Then I’ve got no choice but to say yes.” 
Taehyung feels his heart thump rapidly in his chest. 
Tumblr media
You sat silently at the very back of the lecture hall, sipping on your Iced Americano as you doodled aimlessly at the back of your sketchpad, listening to music through your headphones. The room was still empty, being one of the few ones to arrive early.
You jump when a hand suddenly smacks your desk, looking up to see who it was.
Lee Yeseul. You were tempted to roll your eyes at her, but you knew better. She leans at the back of someone’s chair, staring down at you with her signature annoying smirk. She touches her ears, wanting you to remove your headphones. Not complying with her demand, you continue to draw, completely disregarding her. You do not want to waste your time dealing with a bitch that wants attention.
Yeseul grunts in annoyance as she steps forward, removing the device away from your head.
You groan from her aggressiveness. “Hey! What the—” She throws your headphones on your desk.
She scoffs, “I was trying to talk to you, loser.”
You send her a glare, “I thought people like you don’t talk to losers like me.”
Yeseul was – as cringy as it may sound – your typical, spoiled brat in her class who bullies everyone for her gratification. She thinks that she’s the best artist on this campus and always discourages everyone below her. She’s a senior artist, and you were still a freshman. Plus, you are always unaccompanied and private, making you the perfect target. But you were smarter than other people. You didn’t give her the reaction and satisfaction that she needs, shrugging her away when she tries to make a move on you.
Adding to that, you liked to be alone. You like to think and create paintings on your own time and own style. You focused more on uniqueness and making your own color and design, while others just wanted their painting to be pretty.
“Leave me alone, Yeseul. You’re wasting your time.”
She laughs, tucking a strand of her ashy-brown hair behind her ear. “Whatever, Y/n. I think you’re the one who’s wasting their time drawing.”
Is she actually serious?
“Dumbass,” you mutter under your breath, not enough for Yeseul to hear. You still don’t look at her as you continue your little portrait of Captain America. “I think you’re forgetting that we’re both an art student, Yeseul. Get away from me and go hang out with your boyfriends or something.”
You hear her gasp, clearly struck by your words. Yeseul hasn’t got a boyfriend which was the point of your remark. She always tries so hard to seduce every senior artist, but everyone was clever enough to focus on their projects rather than deal with an annoying child like her.
“Oh, Y/n. You wished you never said that.” She spoke with a deep and slow voice, trying to intimidate you.
You chuckle as you place your headphones back, “Oooh, scary.”
Before she could even retort, you notice that your professor has come inside the room and you quickly discard your headset and shove it inside your bag. Yeseul scurries to her seat in the front row as other colleagues pack the room.
Normally, the freshman and senior artists would have their separate rooms and schedules, but earlier today, the head professor of the Arts District had announced all students to gather inside the hall. You didn’t know the reason why, or what she had planned.
“Everyone, take a seat please,” the professor beamed with a kind smile.
Unexpectedly, loud laughter resonates around the room as a group of boys suddenly enter, not noticing the professor in front of them.
“I swear, she looked like a deer in headlights when I said those words to her. Ten out of ten would do it again.” One of them says out loud, eyes disappearing from smiling too much. You chuckle in your seat as you sip on your coffee.
They all jumped simultaneously, turning towards the professor’s direction where she had her hands on her hips, clearly pissed. They bowed at her, stating their apologies.
“Kim Taehyung, still hanging out with these kids? I thought you’re better than that.”
Kim Taehyung, the top senior artist. All A’s, immaculate artworks. 
He has the highest scores out of everyone, his artwork better than all of the Fine Arts students. Tons of students really look up to him and almost praise him for his paintings. Not only that, but he was also Yeseul’s target. You flick your eyes in her direction, watching how she rests her chin on her right palm, staring at Taehyung in awe.
But in all honesty, Taehyung had the looks. He has slightly wavy hair, his dark brown eyes similar to the color of your Americano. His face was shaped perfectly like it was created by Aphrodite herself. You figure that he also likes to work out, his broad chest and shoulders were undoubtedly eye-catching as well. You lick your lips unknowingly.
He wasn’t a troublemaker, as you recall, though he only hangs out with such people. Whenever you see his artwork posted around the campus, it encourages you to put more effort into your work. He was just like you. He’s not following anyone’s lead, and he knows what he likes. He knows how to stand out effortlessly, and his paintings are one of a kind.
And still, there was not a single molecule in your system that had the courage for you to talk to him. No matter how kind and approachable he seems to be, you were still shy – and he was still intimidating. Not to mention his friends. You never had a good past with some seniors anyway – some of them had a mindset that all freshmen should ‘get on their level’ before they would talk to them. All of it was a bunch of nonsense.
Taehyung doesn’t say anything in reply to the professor, instead, he bows. All seven of them sat a few rows in front of you. You caught sight of Yeseul’s dirty look towards you. 
She’s so immature.
“Anyway, all of you are probably wondering why I brought you here.” You don’t notice that your coffee is already empty until you only hear slurping sounds, your straw trying to get more of the liquid. Frowning, you slumped your body on the chair as you listened.
The professor suddenly brings out a folder, making your intrusiveness grow wider. “I have paired every one of you to work on a year-end project for portraiture.”
You could’ve sworn you felt your heart drop to the ground.
“Each freshman will be paired with one senior, and the two must decide who will do the work.”
You hear recurring gasps and groans; agreeing to your thoughts. “That’s bullshit,” you heard someone grumble under their breath.
“Everyone, let me clarify. Since my class focuses on portraitures, one of you will draw, and the other one will be your muse. But I still should see the collaboration of ideas here.”
“No way, madam.” One of Taehyung’s friends quickly speaks as he stands up, making their group laugh, and pull him back down to his seat, patting his back.
“Yes way, Mr. Kim Seokjin. I want everyone to trust me with their partners. I know each of my students and I’ve paired everyone based on the similarities of your portfolio. This is to build everyone’s ability to work with a fellow artist, and to share ideas.”
You snort as she mentions all the things you hate the most.
“The pair who has the highest score will have their painting displayed inside the Fine Arts Exhibition building.” Your eyes enlarge, irises sparkling in abrupt desire.
The Exhibition! 
You’ve tried so hard to get one of your art exhibited inside that place. It was where some lucky students’ creations will be shown if their professors liked their work specifically, or if it stood out to them. It was almost rare for professors to choose art made by a freshman, but you wanted to change that. You received hope for this project all of the sudden, and the Fine Arts Exhibition was the only thing that’s currently driving you to your goal.
“And by the way, there are no limits for this project. Any concept, any art style is appreciated – as always.” 
Your professor was already announcing partners, and your heart was thumping too fast for your liking. You bite your lip from the horrible atmosphere, your palms getting sweaty. You acknowledge a lot of sighs and grunts when they hear their partners, and you just wish that you’ll get someone assiduous enough.
“Kim Namjoon with Sing Junghoon, Park Jimin with Yong Hyesa, Kim Taehyung with…” you didn’t know you were holding your breath as she flips the page.
The world feels like it was in slow motion.
“Kim Taehyung with Y/n.”
Silence fell inside the room once you heard your name fall unexpectedly from your professor’s lips. You hear a couple of murmurs and whispers as Taehyung swivels around to look at you. His eyes meet with your wide ones in complete shock. Taehyung’s face was not as different as yours; his mouth was slightly open and his eyes big. A couple of his friends look at you as well, making your face warm in embarrassment.
No fucking way.
Tumblr media
“You really think that you could work with her?” Park Jimin asked, still scanning the utter turmoil that Taehyung was in. Taehyung doesn’t reply as he keeps his eyes on you, eating your lunch with your friends. He sees how you weren’t keeping track of what your friends were even saying from being so immersed in your meal. Taehyung watches you flip your hair to one side of your shoulder.
“Hey,” Jimin nudges his shoulder.
“Sorry, what did you say?”
Jimin scoffs, “I asked you how you are supposed to work with a girl like her.”
He sighs, running a hand through his hair as he lets out a sarcastic chuckle, still keeping an eye on you. One of your friends suddenly snatches a piece of meat from your plate and runs away with it, instantly plopping it inside her mouth. You don’t even bother scolding her for it.  
Taehyung tilts his head to the side and clicks his tongue. “I don’t know, man. But we’ll see. I’ll figure her out.”
He turns to Seokjin, who was looking at him suspiciously. “Stop staring her down like she’s a piece of meat. What are you thinking about?”
“So how are you with you and Lee Minseo?”
Seokjin laughs at his attempt, shaking his head in disbelief. “You’re not so smooth, Taehyung. Anyway, Minseo and I have talked about it already. We’re meeting up tomorrow.”
Taehyung frowns, slightly jealous of his friend. Seokjin already has everything planned out when he doesn’t, and it was a first for him.
Normally, Taehyung was always the first one to have everything arranged. But he just doesn’t know anything about you besides being so introverted and shy. “You, go approach her, immediately.”
He turns to Seokjin while his eyes narrow, “Right now?”
“Yeah. Don’t you wanna finish this project as soon as possible? Taehyung, you have to know who you’re working with first. Y/n probably won’t make the first move, and I know that you know that.”  
Taehyung runs his tongue along his bottom lip, observing how you were nodding and smiling at your small group. He hasn’t seen any of your artwork yet, and he was curious.
Maybe it was just like his: distinct and unique. The kind where there’s no specific explanation to it, for it was open to interpretation. The words of your professor repeat inside Taehyung’s mind, and his body suddenly fills with optimism.
Seokjin laughs at him. He sees how Taehyung’s face changes with determination, knowing exactly what was going through his mind. “Go, Taehyung.”
He smirks as he slings his bag around his shoulders.
Who are you, and what do you like, Y/n?
“Why are you not excited about this, Y/n? You’ve partnered up with Kim Taehyung! Your work will end up inside the exhibition for sure!” Seoyun, one of the few people that you were friends with says with a huge smile on her face. You look down, blushing. You don’t know why but every time someone mentions his name, you immediately turn shy.
“I don’t exactly know how I’m supposed to feel, Seoyun.”
“Y/n, seriously, you’re so lucky. He’s the top student, and he’s also very tall and hot!”
You blush at Hayoon’s statement.
“But I mean, I understand that you’re shy to come up to him, but it’s for a project, Y/n. Don’t you wanna do this for the exhibition?”
You frown, “I do, but I just…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try to talk to him someday when I get the confidence. Maybe.”
“Y/n…” Seoyun warns your name out loud, her eyes focused somewhere behind you. “I think that someday is today.”
“Nope. Perhaps tomorrow.”
Seoyun panics and grits her teeth as she speaks, “No, I mean, like right now!” 
You crease your eyebrows at her, “What do you mean?”
Your eyes followed where Seoyun was looking at and you turned around, almost shitting your pants as you saw the one and only Kim Taehyung behind you, smiling as he grips his bag straps. Your mouth opens as you try to speak, but nothing comes out. He was wearing a black button-up tucked inside black slacks. His hair is slightly wavy and long that covers the top of his eyes. His appearance up close immediately took your breath away.
“Hey, Y/n,” he smiled, eyes narrowing a little as he flashed you a cute heart-like smile. You could’ve sworn you heard your friends squeal just a little.
But you, on the other hand, start to panic. Were you supposed to stand up and greet him? Or should you just sit there and smile without being too obvious of your feelings? You remove your gaze from him and look down on the cemented floor as you try to find your words. 
“Hi,” you peek up at him. 
You can feel Hayoon stepping on your foot, making you screech quietly. She gives you a look that says ‘get a grip!’, and you try your best not to fuck up.
Taehyung chuckles silently and steps forward, making your heart race. He sits on the space next to you, letting his bag rest on the floor of the cafeteria.
You were too close to him at this moment. He never lost his eye contact with you – which made your chest pound rapidly. You nervously tap your foot on the ground, your friends clearly aware of your behavior.
“Do you girls mind if I sit here for a moment?”
They nod at his request, yet you were still there, sitting in shock and not saying anything. You let your hair fall to cover the sides of your face so that Taehyung can’t surely see you. 
“So, how’s everyone’s day?” Taehyung asks, turning his attention to the two other girls. They instantly reply.
“You just made it better,” Hayoon beams, leaning her head on her right palm. The way she was scanning him up and down was just too obvious. Taehyung only nods with a smile.
If other people saw what was happening right now; Kim Taehyung, sitting with three other girls during lunch break, would probably assume things instantly. You already sense people burning holes at your back.
“Y/n?” Taehyung’s voice suddenly says right in your ear while your body jumps in surprise. He laughs a little at your reaction.
“Don’t worry about her, Taehyung. She’s probably just speechless.” You narrow your eyes as you give a death glare to Seoyun. Taehyung’s lips curve into a smirk as he looks down. His hair falls right in front of his eyes and it almost gives you a small instinct to brush it away from his face.
“So Y/n, I came here to ask you something,” Taehyung speaks as he scoots closer to you. You gulp at the sudden proximity, wanting to move away from him but you were afraid to look rude. You don’t reply, so Taehyung just continues. “Do you want to meet up after your schedule? You know, talk about the project?”
You hang your head low as you try to find the correct words. Of course, you want to get this project done as soon as possible, but just being with Taehyung was too much for you to handle – or that’s what you think anyway.
“Of course she does!” Hayoon exclaims first but Seoyun stops her furthermore.
“Hey,” he whispers beside you. Taehyung wishes to place his hand on your shoulder to assure you, but he stops himself. Taehyung finds yourself so endearing, even if you weren’t saying much. He’s already so engrossed by you, but heck – he still doesn’t know much about you.
He admits to himself that you’re cute.
“What do you think? I mean, if you want we can talk tomorrow. I’ll give you your time if you’re not comfortable with today and I’m sure I can—”
“No! No, um. We can meet today.” You cut him off immediately, finally using your voice again. You knew that both of you wanted to finish this project quickly, so you don’t want to lose any more time. Taehyung flashes you a gorgeous smile as he lifts a hand in front of you for a handshake.
“Great! Let’s meet up at the main gate later when you’re done with everything.”
You shyly reach out to him and you clasp your hands together, his slender hand bigger in comparison to yours. “Nice to meet you Y/n.”
You force out a small smile at him, “You too, Taehyung.”
Your hands stay together for a few seconds before he retrieves his hand back with a little smile. He grabs his bag and finally stands up, “Nice talking to you, ladies.” He gives a final smile and walks away.
You look behind you, keeping your eyes on him, and watch how he brushes his hair with his right hand, throwing his head back.
Park Jimin, who is also one of his friends, was waiting for him and he gives Taehyung a fist bump. Jimin suddenly locks eyes with you and gives you an unsuspecting wink. Your eyes become big and you quickly look away, turning your attention back to the girls who were looking at you with a wide grin. 
You let out a deep sigh, your mind running with numerous thoughts. You were always like this; you tend to overanalyze things. The term ‘go with the flow’ wasn’t always a strong pursuit when it comes to you. There were times where you wanted to change this personality of yours and live life in the present, to stop yourself from thinking way too deep in the future, but change is difficult. You admit that you have problems with self-confidence, and you hope that you could change that.
Especially being partners with Taehyung. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him.
This is one of the reasons why you paint. It was always a contrivance to express your personality when your own words and actions couldn’t. You just bring out a canvas and some tools, and you can communicate your emotions.
You hope Taehyung won’t see you as weird. You hope he’d understand you.
Main gate. Main gate.
Did he already arrive? Or do I have to wait for him?
What if he doesn’t come and I just made a fool of myself?
Is it even three o’clock?
You bite your lip as you check your watch, and yes, it was exactly three o’clock.
What if I’m too early?
You groan at all of the thoughts that have been eating your mind. You grip the bag straps tighter as you keep walking towards the main gate where Taehyung told you to meet up. You hope that he’ll already be there because you didn’t want to wait at all.
“Y/n! Wait up!”
Oh, God. You knew who that voice belonged to.
You turn around and see a familiar ashy-brown hair, smiling at you. “What do you need, Yeseul?” You mutter.
She comes up beside you and smiles like she wasn’t just saying shit to you earlier at the lecture hall. “Where are you going?”
“The main gate,” you reply monotonously.
“Oh! Me too! Let’s walk together.” You sigh quietly, not loud enough that she could hear. You can already guess what she originally planned, and you were not prepared for it.
“How’s it like being partnered with Taehyung?”
You gulp, avoiding eye contact. You don’t say anything as you keep walking. “You’re one lucky freshman, Y/n. Are you and him close already?”
Lucky. You heard that word a million times today.
You shake your head, “I don’t know. I’m supposed to meet up with him now to talk about the project.”
“Oh,” she scoffs, “but I just saw him a few minutes ago! He’s still hanging out with his friends. They’re at –” Before she can finish her sentence, a voice calls out your name and you turn around, somewhat smiling in relief when you spot Taehyung, running up to you with a smile on his face.
Yeseul looks at Taehyung and then back to you, clenching her jaw. You wanted to laugh at her, but you prevent yourself from doing so.
Taehyung comes up to you with two Iced Americanos, “I figured that you love these.” You shyly look away from him while a smile creeps up your face, feeling your cheeks turn scarlet.
“You didn’t have to. I-I’ll pay you back!”
“No, please. It’s a gift from me.”
Your heart melts from his simple action, although you remember that Yeseul was still right beside you. She sneers at the both of you, “Wow, am I disturbing something?”
Taehyung turns his head in her direction, “Yes, you are.”
Ding, ding, ding! Knockdown!
Yeseul rolls her eyes and proceeds to walk away, but she was still looking at Taehyung, “Tae! Maybe you should buy me a coffee next time.” Taehyung chuckles as a reply, letting her walk away without replying. He looks back at you, “Sorry about that.”
Shaking your head immediately, you spoke, “Don’t be. You have nothing to be sorry about. She’s crazy.”
“I know she hates you.”
“You do? How?” You lift an eyebrow at him, and he smiles pathetically at you.
“She always talks about people she hates during class when the professor’s not around. It’s sad, honestly.”
‘Wow, she’s really living like that?’ You think to yourself.
Shrugging your shoulders, you say, “Well, she likes you.”
Taehyung laughs quietly, “I’m not into girls like her, Y/n.”
“Oh,” you awkwardly chuckle, “okay.”
Then what are you into, Taehyung?
You almost wanted to slap yourself from that stupid thought.
“Let’s go?”
Both of you proceed to walk towards the main gate, not knowing where he was planning to take you. Once you are out of the campus, he leads you to a shaded seating area where he and his friends would usually hang out.
He sits down and motions you to sit across from him. You obey, placing your tote bag beside you, a wooden table separating the two of you. 
Nervousness came to visit you again. 
Taehyung smiles, “So…” he takes a sip on his coffee, and you instinctively do the same. “How did you feel when they said that we were doing a project?”
You chuckle, looking away from him as you still couldn’t stare at his eyes for any longer than five seconds. “I…I was expecting it to be individual work. But when she said that we’d be pairing up with seniors, I was lowkey disappointed.”
He smirks at you, leaning his head on one hand. His strong gaze was directly on yours and you found it hard to speak when he was staring at you like that. You didn’t have much experience talking with boys, and everything was a new occurrence for you.
“What? Why?” He seems so intrigued, which pushes you to continue. 
“Well, I’m not really into these group projects and pairs… and all that. It might seem kind of shit to you but it’s just what I prefer.”
“No, it’s alright,” he waves his hand in front of him, “You can say anything and I’ll listen. I know people who are like you as well. They would rather work by themselves so they can work freely, is that it?”
You grin at him, the feeling of being understood satisfies your heart. “Exactly. It’s not like I hate people, or I don’t value their opinion or ideas. But if there was an option of working individually instead of with another person then I’d go by myself.”
Before you can forget, you seize your collection of paintings from your tote bag so that he can take a look at your artwork and style, handing it to him with a little smile. He gladly accepts the thick, black portfolio and puts it inside his own bag.
The corner of his mouth lifts, leaning his body forward as he rests his forearms on the table. There was a certain glint in his eyes that you can’t seem to comprehend. “Let’s say there was an option to go solo on this project, would you leave me?”  
Fuck. You don’t know how to answer that question.
You weren’t sure of your thoughts, too. If you said yes, you probably sound like you didn’t want to work with him. But on the other hand, Taehyung enthralled you. You want to see how things will turn out if you work with him. His works had a unique statement that only Kim Taehyung could create. You want to see how both your ideas combined will come to life.
“Well?” He teases, obviously knowing what he’s doing to you. He likes the way your face gets flushed in shyness.  
“No,” you giggle.
“No?” A look of bewilderment covers his face. He was sure that you would’ve chosen to go solo. He smiles as he squints his eyes at you slightly, “And why’s that?”
“Because I want to work with you, and maybe…” you pause for a while to find the correct words to say, “and maybe get to know you a little more.”
His heart quickly warms up, feeling the satisfaction from your answer. He felt the same way with you – and he was excited to work with an artist who had the same interest as him, hopefully.
“So, do you have any ideas?” You asked. You didn’t brainstorm on anything yet and all that was in your mind was working with Kim Taehyung. He smiles and leans forward, combing his hair back. “I want to do something different, something that I’ve never tried before.”
You chuckle, “I thought you’ve tried everything already, Taehyung.”
His eyes turn into slits as he laughs, showing off his teeth, “Not everything, babe.”
Your heart skips a beat as you gulp, feeling things that you aren’t supposed to feel.
“You see, there’s one type of painting that hasn’t been featured on the exhibition building yet. And you know what that is?” he asks, never losing eye contact.
“Uh…” you look up, trying to think as you imagine all the art displayed inside the exhibition. As you do so, Taehyung scans your face, taking a good look at you.
He wishes his plan goes well.
“I’m not so sure,” you smile lightly.
You crease your forehead when you notice that Taehyung was hesitating to say something, his eyes darting in different directions. The look on his face worried you. “Taehyung? What is it?” you lean forward in an attempt to make him feel at ease.
Your heart jumps when he finally locks his strong eyes with you once again.
“WHAT?” you fume as you slam your hand down on the wooden table, abruptly standing up from your seat. Taehyung anticipated this reaction, so he was calm. “You want to do what?!”
“Y/n,” he starts, urging you to sit back on your seat, but you still stand your ground. Suddenly, you remember that one of you has to be a muse; oh my god—this is a portraiture project!
“Y/n, Y/n, hear me out,” he laughs quietly, watching all the blood rush through your face. “It will be fun!”
“I am so not getting undressed in front of you, Taehyung! I know you’re attractive, we both get it! Sure, you’re fucking hot! But I’m not! I won’t show my body to you! Especially not for this project! No!” You stomp your feet like a child, pacing left and right as Taehyung watches you with an endearing smile. He tilts his head to the side, placing his chin on the palm of his hand. He examines you, eyes running up and down your figure as your words of abrupt compliments repeated again and again in his mind. He didn’t even notice that he was biting his lips.
“Sit down.” He says firmly with a deep voice, making your stomach turn.
Maybe it’s the coffee.
It’s definitely the coffee.
You gulp as you did as you’re told. As if you can’t get any more bashful, you turn your head away from him.
“I’m sorry if it was too abrupt, Y/n.” he speaks with a monotone voice and you can feel the timbre in your fucking tummy. “But I just think a nude painting will be a good idea, it’ll be unique, Y/n. No one has ever created art like that before on our campus. It will be the first. There’s no way it wouldn’t be displayed in the exhibition.”
He sighs quietly when you don't buy his pursuit.
“Sorry, Y/n. I understand that you’re not up for it.”
Wow. Is he guilt-tripping?
You grab your bag whilst standing up again from your seat. You see the shock in his expression. “W-Where are you going?”
“Back to my dorm. I need to think.”
“Y/n, please, let’s try this again, okay? Just forget that I even suggested it—”
You clench your jaw, gazing at him one final time. “I said I’ll think about it, Kim Taehyung.” And at that, you turn your back to him and walk away to catch a bus ride home to your dorm, leaving Taehyung and your empty cup of coffee behind.
And… something else.
Tumblr media
Taehyung hates the way he feels right now. As he slumps his body down on his bed, his body feels like it weighs a hundred times heavier. He admits that it was his fault; he shouldn’t have suggested that idea, especially to a person – to a girl that he wasn’t close with.
“I won’t show my body to you! No! Especially not for this project!”
Your words repeated inside his mind as if stabbing his idiotic brain. He picks up a pillow and groans loudly against it, closing his eyes in dismay.
“I know you’re attractive, we both get it! Sure, you’re fucking hot! But I’m not!”
Little did you know… little did you know that Kim Taehyung finds you attractive as well.
Cries of frustration leave his lips. The deadline of the project was next week and big activities like this should be planned out until tomorrow. God, what the hell is he supposed to do now?
Suddenly, his phone vibrates upon the pocket of his slacks. He picks it out and reads the I.D: Seokjin.
He rests his head against the pillow, answering his friend’s call. “Hello?”
“What happened? I saw Y/n fucking leaving you out there!” Seokjin laughs loudly, making Taehyung blush in embarrassment. “What the fuck happened with the two of you? It was like a freaking breakup scenario!”
“Hyung, stop laughing,” Taehyung sighs while rubbing his face with his other hand, “I messed up. I messed up so bad.”
Seokjin was still laughing at the other end of the call, cackling like a madman. Seokjin – knowing Taehyung – actually thought to himself that his plan would flourish. “Kim Taehyung, what the hell did you say?”
“Just… I just suggested an idea that she didn’t like.”
“Wow. That’s a first!” he snorts, “I can’t wait to tell the boys this one—”
“Seokjin, please. I don’t want to lose this.”
“You say that every time, Tae. And every time you fucking win.”
He thinks for a while, ignoring Seokjin’s voice for a short amount of time. His mind wanders off to somewhere else, going into a world of his thoughts.
“I don’t want to lose her.”
The line falls silent.
“Taehyung,” the older one says first, his voice now empathic, “what’s up?”
He doesn’t regret what he said, nor he doesn’t want to take it back. In his mind, Y/n was the prettiest girl he has ever laid eyes on. Sure, he did not notice her much before the announcement at the lecture hall, but at the exact moment they both laid their eyes with each other, he was starstruck by your beauty.
Taehyung’s idea of a nude portrait was initiated before the professor announced partners. He already had this vision even before he knew who his partner would be. If his partner were a man, there wouldn’t be a problem with that, he would still recommend the idea. But when Y/n’s name was called, he was deep down excited.
He, although, feels bad. You must have felt so flustered. He wishes he could turn back time and forget that he said that if your reaction was negative.
Taehyung understands your point of view though. He was a man that you don’t know, you two weren’t friends, you two weren’t close. He had only started talking to you today, and it was too abrupt for him to recommend something like this.
But despite the fact, he hopes that you won’t ditch him as his partner or go solo because he genuinely wants to work with you. Someone as mysterious and captivating as you shouldn’t be ignored and be overlooked.
“Taehyung, are you still there?” Seokjin’s voice snaps him out of the trail of thoughts.
“Are you okay? I think you zoned out.”
“Yup, I’m…I’m fine,” he takes a deep breath. “I’ll call you later, hyung. I need to do something.”
“Alright then,” Seokjin says, “See you.”
“See you.”
Taehyung throws his phone somewhere on the bed and is quick to rush to his bag that was on the floor.
He takes out your portfolio.
With careful hands, he feels his chest sinking. Why did he feel so upset? Flipping to the first page, a feeble smile paints his face as the first image was a picture of you.
He traces the image with his index finger, his smile growing bigger as he further examines your face.
“Beautiful,” he whispers to himself.
Taehyung traces your full name written in cursive at the bottom of the image. Was it weird to depict how someone’s name can fit a person’s character so much?
At the very corner of the page was your social media account, specifically your Instagram. Without thinking any further, he crosses his legs together and places the portfolio flat down in front of him on the mattress. Grabbing his phone, he types in your username.
“Oh wow,” he chuckles in delight, being more enchanted by your beauty. The pictures in your profile consisted more of your artwork, but the best artwork he saw was you.
Taehyung spends the remaining time of his afternoon examining and admiring your works. Mostly abstract and full of vibrant colors, just like his. Each one of your creations screamed your name. Your style was something else; and he truly believes that the two of you will make a great partner, giving and receiving tips and advice from each other.
It doesn’t matter that you’re still a freshman art student. Your art, in Taehyung’s opinion, is masterpieces that deserve a place in the exhibition.
Tumblr media
The next morning at school, you purposely avoid Taehyung and his group with your head low as you walk past them, continuing the journey to your classroom.
Jimin nudges Taehung’s shoulder when he spots you. Quickly, you scurry away from them.
“Umm…” Jungkook starts, looking at Taehyung with a confused expression. “You two still aren’t close?”
“Yeah,” Jimin buts in, “the deadline is in 6 days. Remember Taehyung, this is a big-scale project.”
“It’s seven in the fucking morning,” Taehyung grunts, “Can you guys not rub it in my face that I did a horrible job with Y/n yesterday?”
As the group of boys goes their separate ways, Seokjin sticks by Taehyung’s side. The two make their way across the green campus field. “You can say it, you know,” Seokjin speaks. Taehyung lifts a brow at him.
“Say that you like her.”
Taehyung’s mouth curves into a smile, eyes narrowing. “It feels unfair. She fucking hates me.”
“So, you like her?”
He groans, “I do like her.” A blush creeps up his face, lifting a hand to rub the back of his neck timidly, “I like her a lot.”
“Well, you reap what you sow. You better fix this before Y/n changes her mind and goes solo.”
But what Taehyung doesn’t know is that you truly have no plans to go solo.
You, on the other hand, were a mess last night. You wondered if Taehyung hates you, or if you looked like a fool yelling at him. But what’s more stupid is how the fuck you’re getting your portfolio back without it being awkward.
You couldn’t even at least spare him a glance earlier as you walked past him. How are you going to actually talk to him face-to-face?
Going to the café that you usually visit every day to buy your coffee, you were about to pay for your drink until two familiar faces ran up to you.
“Make those three cups!” Hayoon shouts and you immediately press your index finger against your lips, shushing her.
You turn your attention back to the lady behind the counter, “Three iced coffees please.”
“Sooooo?” Seoyun walks up behind you to massage your shoulders, easing the tension from your stressed muscles. “How did it go? You didn’t send us a text.”
“What, with Taehyung?” you say while your two friends follow you to sit at the nearest unoccupied table. They eagerly nod, excited for what you will say.
“Did you guys bond well?”
“At first, yes,” you say under your breath, avoiding eye contact as you do, “but, uh, he just said something I didn’t like.”
Hayoon and Seoyun gasp. They both look at each other before exclaiming, “What?!”
Seoyun brings his fist down on the table, “Did that motherfucker harass you—”
“No!” you quickly retort, shaking your head as your eyes fly to the other customers in the shop to see if they heard your friend’s harsh speculations.
Who's gonna tell your friends that Kim Taehyung suggested a fucking nude painting.
“I can’t say exactly what it was. But I need to talk to him today because I forgot I gave him my goddamn portfolio.” 
“Miss Y/n?” The bartender calls out your name, and Seoyun was kind enough to fetch it for you.
Hayoon was next to speak, “You guys aren’t getting along well?”
You shake your head ‘no’ as an answer.
“That isn’t good, Y/n. It’s either you both fix whatever happened or go solo. Would you rather go solo?”
“No.” You immediately say without any hesitation.
“Remember, Y/n. I feel like Taehyung is your golden ticket to the exhibition. Don’t waste the opportunity.”
Seoyun gives you and Hayoon your coffees before standing up.
After a little more banter, the three of you part ways, going to each of your respective destinations.
As the day went on, today felt like it was a thousand hours long. It was boring, and you thought that seeing Taehyung again would make things better.
No longer being mad at him for what happened yesterday, you had a goal to find him on this big campus. Students were either looking chill; calm and collected, or they’re speed-walking stressfully to their classes.
Though cliché as it may seem, art students are really competitive when an opportunity of their creation being displayed in the Fine Arts exhibition building comes to play. It makes them feel the gratification of a real artist.
You bet Taehyung has felt that a hundred times by now. His paintings being featured so many times in the exhibition really made him look superior and all-mighty, although his behavior did not reflect that at all.
He’s humble, unlike the other seniors.
Clutching your tote bag tighter to your side, you go to the senior’s building with the hope to find your partner.
As you step inside, instead of being greeted by a bunch of fourth years, right at the entrance was Yeseul getting too close with Taehyung.
She was putting her hands all over his chest, obviously making him feel uncomfortable by the look on Taehyung’s face. Why isn’t he pushing her away?
You grit your teeth together, storming your way towards them to rip Yeseul away from him; but she was quick to notice you.
“Oh, hello there, Y/n. Here to see your partner?” she snarks, wrapping her arms around Taehyung’s neck. She also dared to step closer to his body, almost inches away from touching. 
Oh no, she did not just do that.
You drop your bag to the floor, and in an immediate motion, you swing your arm up to her shoulder and shove her away from Taehyung. Her frail body jolts backward, almost losing her balance.
“Stay the fuck away from him.”
Taehyung’s eyes expand as his heart pumps rapidly. 
He did not expect that from you at all. 
“Wow, that’s fucking new!” Yeseul exclaims, “Y/n finally speaks! She speaks, everyone!” She looks around as if people are watching.
No one was watching. There was no one else inside the entrance hall other than the three of you.
“You see,” you were about to retaliate until Taehyung grabs your arm. You look at him for a quick second, ignoring the way his expression tells you to stop. “You see, Yeseul, I don’t waste my time with a pathetic girl like you. Always craving everyone’s attention. Do you think you're the shit? What if I tell you that everything thinks you're just a sad spoiled bitch that got into this school because of daddy, wasting his money by—”
“Y/n!” Taehyung retaliates. 
“Wasting his money by bullying other students instead of focusing on yourself? Just say you’re an attention whore and move on with your embarrassing life—”
“Y/n! Stop, let’s just go.” Taehyung says sharply as he immediately takes your bag from the floor with one hand as the other tightly clasps around your wrist. “Let’s go!” Taehyung yells before Yeseul can even process what you said to her.
But thank God a wave of courage dwelled up inside you to speak your mind and stand up for yourself from Yeseul’s bitchy nature.
Taehyung drags you out of the building, but your eyes never leave hers. “Fuck you.” You enunciate without sound after smiling like a little devil.
Nothing was more satisfying than seeing Yeseul finally speechless.
 It seems like you took out almost all of your energy on Yeseul because you nor Taehyung did not speak until he led you into a secluded alleyway in between two large concrete buildings. 
Unexpectedly, Taehyung uses both hands to hold onto your arms, leaning a bit down so that his eyes are at the same level as yours. 
“Why did you do that, hm?” he asks, scanning your entire face as if trying to figure it out himself. “Y/n?” 
Tilting your head to the side, you once again avoid looking directly at his eyes. You did not notice that you balled your fists beside you while the past image of Yeseul’s hands touching Taehyung comes to play. Your chest caves in and out, speechless. 
Taehyung then places his right hand on top of your head, patting your hair gently. “Talk to me.” 
Grunting, you finally look at him. “I hate her.” 
“I fucking hate her! I hate how she touched you! I hate that she has the fucking audacity to be all up on you! And I hate how you didn’t do anything to stop her!” Quickly, you press your hands against his broad chest and attempt to jolt him backward, but he is strong to stay still. 
“Shh, shh, Y/n,” Taehyung firmly holds your hand, catching your eyes fueled with bitterness. In an attempt to hide a smile, he purses his lips. “I’m… I’m sorry, yeah? I fucked up a ton. But you know what, Y/n?” 
“What?” you say with a sour tone. 
“I’m glad you finally stood up for yourself.” 
It was true. You felt a sense of relief once you’ve finally spoken your mind. Even though you said some horrible things to Yeseul, she deserved it. 
You take a deep sigh, resting your head on the concrete wall behind you. “You weren’t even pushing her away, Taehyung. What was she even doing with you?”
He bites the corner of his bottom lip when you aren't looking. He did not want to assume, but you sounded jealous. 
“Nothing, babe. She just suddenly came up to me.” 
You gawk up at him while a blush forms your cheeks. 
There it was again. Babe. 
Your eyes fly to his lips, then down to his chest, and finally to his pelvic area. Not even noticing that you’re staring way too hard, Taehyung coughs to get attention back. 
“Eyes up here, Y/n,” he speaks with a provoking tone. 
Slowly, Taehyung tauntingly smirks and you instantly feel butterflies in your lower stomach. 
“Uh, um…” you fake a laugh, “I just, I just need my portfolio back.” 
There was a seven-second silence with the two of you just staring at each other. You raise your eyebrows at him, waiting for him to talk. 
“I left it at my dorm—” 
“—You’re impossible, Kim Taehyung!” You gasp, about to walk away again but he was quick to stop you this time. 
“Come to my place, Y/n. Please? Let’s talk about the project there.” He pleads, his mouth almost creating a pout, “I’m serious. I really want to do this with you, Y/n. I don’t want you to walk away again.” 
All of those words from him, and you felt the same way. His hand crawls up your arm, causing little bumps to appear on your soft skin. Caressing your arm tenderly, Taehyung looks a bit sullen. 
“I’m really sorry about yesterday, for throwing you off like that.” 
“It’s okay,” you say genuinely. You have never seen Taehyung so upset like this. It was a strange sight to see, but you were happy that he’s willing to try all of this again. The feeling is mutual. “I’ll… I’ll go to your dorm.” 
That huge grin reappears on his face and it was enough for you to feel relieved and once again, charmed that he is your partner. 
Tumblr media
Following Taehyung's lead to his room, the halls were gloomy and silent, almost as if his dormitory was haunted. “I know what you’re thinking,” Taehyung smirks, looking back at you. “Too quiet?” 
“Yeah.” You giggle. 
“Wait until it’s midnight and you hear people fucking. Walls here are too thin.” 
You do not know how to respond to that as you attempt to stop yourself from blushing too hard. 
Taehyung’s room was apparently at the very end of the hallway and there was still a long way to go. As you trail behind him, you can’t help but stare at his broad shoulders. He was wearing a simple gray tee, and the thin material of the shirt provides enough to see the structure of his upper body. 
He had to be working out. He was tall as well. Whenever you talk to each other, you always have to tilt your head upwards for his entire face to be visible to your vision. 
Taehyung, as if he knows that you’re looking at him, combs a hand through his hair while throwing his head back. He does this a lot as you notice. 
“We’re here!” He exclaims, rummaging through his bag to get his keys. While you wait patiently behind his figure, the door parallel from his room opens. 
It was Jimin. 
“Oh, hey Y/n!” He greets with big eyes, surely not expecting your presence. 
Taehyung whips his head around. “Jimin, hi.” He sends him a certain look which you cannot decipher its meaning. 
“What’s… what’re you guys doing?” He looks down at you and a smirk slowly emerges from his face. You instantly look away. 
“We’re meeting up for the project,” Taehyung says for you as he fumbles with the key to his door. “Obviously.” He quickly adds. 
Jimin hums and leans his body against his door, eyeing you from top to bottom. Even though you were not looking directly at him, he can sense your awkwardness.  
“That’s all?” 
“Oh my God, shut up,” Taehyung chuckles, finally pushing the door open. He sees that you were, once again, hiding your face by looking down on the polished floor. 
Unexpectedly, he lays a firm hand on your lower back and pushes you in his with a slight force. Somehow, that simple action caused butterflies; a fluttering feeling inside your stomach. Your eyes widen as he guides you inside his dorm room. 
Taehyung sends a quick look at Jimin who was smirking at him the whole time. “Literally shut your mouth.” 
“I’m older than you.” 
“At what?” Taehyung snorts, “three months?” 
“Okay, so? I was born three months before you. So respect me.”
He no longer replies and shuts the door behind him. You stiffly stand in the midst of his room, scanning the area around you. His room was nothing but plain. But what shocks you the most are the scattered watercolor paintings scattered all over his wooden floor. 
Nude paintings. 
As if Taehyung was just playing with paint a few hours ago, these drawings were dispersed around the area as if he wanted to show it off. 
You stay silent, bashful. 
“Oh,” he finally speaks as soon as he realizes the situation. Quickly, he moves in front of you, kneels, and starts collecting the mess of papers on the floor. “I-I’m sorry, I forgot to clean these all up—”
“They’re so beautiful,” you insinuate, voice small. 
Taehyung feels a warm feeling inside of him, cursing at himself for even blushing at your compliment. Usually, he would feel proud and confident when people admire his creations, but with you — he turns shy. He continues cleaning the floor, picking up the watercolor papers. “Thank you. I… uh, yeah.” 
“No really, Taehyung,” you shake your head, “Can I see? Please?” 
Turning to you, he gives you a sympathetic smile, diverting his attention away from your twinkling eyes. “They’re not supposed to be seen, Y/n.”
You sit down on his bed as determination takes over you. “Oh please? I’ve never seen anything like yours. Please, Taehyung?” you fake a pout, hoping that he’d give in. He stares at you with his mouth slightly parted, “Please? You’re still my partner after all.” 
He sighs deeply, holding the stack of papers in both hands. He kneels in front of you, sitting on the heels of his feet, and eventually gives it to you. 
Not taking his eyes off of you, he studies your expression. 
With the look on your face, your sparkling eyes, your eyebrows adjoining together, watching the corner of your mouth lifting into a smile, Taehyung watches you in absolute awe. 
“These…” you whisper to him as you can’t seem to take your eyes off of his collection. “These are so good, Taehyung.” 
The paintings were colorful; they seemed messy but you can clearly see the artistic view on them. Though you can clearly see an abundance of women’s butts and boobs and nipples — that was all beside the question. 
“Is this why you asked me to do a nude portrait?” 
Taehyung’s mouth goes dry. He was expecting this question, although he still feels jittery. 
“Y/n,” he suddenly comes closer to you, “I’ve been having an interest in creating these types of paintings recently. I mean, a-as you can see here, I’ve been practicing.” Taehyung explains while releasing a quiet giggle. “I just thought it’ll be a good idea to, uh,” he gulps, “to make one… with you.” 
Taehyung tilts his head up at you, but before you could reply, he lays his hands on your knees. A shiver runs down your spine at this, wetting your lips. 
He looks so damn attractive up close. 
“Y/n, I want you to be my muse.” 
Taehyung’s eyes burn in desire, confidence building up in his system as he leans himself closer to you. He mutters the next words underneath his breath, “You’re beautiful, Y/n. So beautiful that I want to display your beauty to the whole fucking campus.”
Your body weakens. As the air between the two of you thickens, the whole world closing around you, you feel Taehyung run his hands up your thigh excruciatingly slow. With his eyes still locked on yours, time just stops and you allow yourself to get lost in his dark eyes. 
“You don’t have to hide, Y/n. You’re such a stunning lady, it’ll be an honor for anyone to have you as their muse. I am the lucky one, Y/n.” 
He speaks to you with such gentleness in his monotone, deep voice. Unintentionally, you bite down on your lower lip. Taehyung exhales a shuddered breath as he watches you. His eyes study your face, the distance between your eyebrows, eyes, he examines all the little things, even your impurities. 
For him, you were flawless. 
“You really do know what to say, huh?” you smile meekly, admiring him and his splendid soul. You feel so loved by him  – appreciated, even. 
“I’ve never been more sure of my words.” 
Taehyung gives you a final smile before standing up. You watch him walk over to his study desk where your portfolio lays. Letting out the breath that you were apparently holding in, you wipe your damp hands on your clothes. 
Giving the portfolio back to your possession, he speaks at the same time: “It’s still a suggestion after all. You can tell me yours if you have one.”
You chuckle at that. Little did he know that your mind was too busy overthinking how things stacked up instead of brainstorming an idea. Since you feel more comfortable with him than before, you tell the truth.
“I have absolutely no idea,” you snicker. 
“Yeah?” he smirks, nodding his head once. “I hate to say this, but this is the only concept I’ve got as well.” Taehyung sits down crossed-legged beside you on the bed, tapping his fingers on his pile of nude portraits. 
“Then I’ve got no choice but to say yes.” 
Taehyung feels his heart thump rapidly in his chest. 
It wasn’t like he was dying to see your body – no. His point was not to be a pervert. 
His point goes deeper than that. Taehyung thinks that this idea suits you and your aura perfectly. You were both dainty and mysterious at the same time, something about you is just so alluring and captivating. The way you look at him with those eyes of yours, you were like a magnet to him. 
Tempting, like he’d imagine the outcome of this painting. 
Taehyung’s left hand reaches out, hesitates and stops for a second, although it continues until his fingers lightly brush against your cheek. You smile, feeling soft from his gentle touch. He lightly tucks a strand of hair to the back of your ear. 
Those pesky butterflies just never go away, do they? 
“Besides, Taehyung, this is still a collaboration,” you abruptly stand up, facing him. A sudden burst of confidence shoots through your body as you hold his jaw in one hand. You giggle in amusement as you notice his eyes expand in shock. 
Leaning down to give him a provocative stare, you smirk, “You’re not the only one who has the say.” 
Watching him prod his tongue against his cheek causes your stomach to do backflips for the hundredth time today. He tempts you with his strong glare, gazing up at you with hooded eyes. 
He swiftly grasps your wrist, making you let go of his jaw. Raising his eyebrows, he replies with a bold tone, “I’m still superior to you, my little freshman.” 
You and Taehyung exchange numbers before you leave. You stand in between the doorframe, saying your goodbyes. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow at your place?” He reminds, his tall and slender figure towering in front of you. 
“Yup,” you say, grasping your portfolio in your arms. “I’ll be sure to text you my address.” 
Before you even have the opportunity to shut the door behind you, finally leaving his room, he refrains you from doing so. 
Your heart rate quickens. 
Turning around, you whisper, “Yeah?” 
He shows off his handsome smile, that same smile he would put on whenever he receives an award onstage for his incredible work. 
“Your art is magnificent.” 
Tumblr media
“He said what?!” Hayoon shrieks as you both walk to the main building. Seoyun wasn’t with the two of you because she was at her own partner’s house, working on the project. 
“He liked my art,” you say quietly, blushing as you reminisce about what happened yesterday. You remember his words, his alluring voice, the gentle yet strong gaze he was giving you, it all felt unreal. “He said it’s quote-unquote magnificent.” 
Hayoon gasps, putting a hand over her agape mouth. You laugh while staring at the pavement, clutching your portfolio tight. 
“What else happened? Did you guys—”
“—Y/n! Good to see you.” Your body jumps when a voice suddenly startles you. Looking up, you see the head professor of the arts district in front of you. She seems amused at your frightened reaction. 
“H-Hello, madam,” you politely smile, clearing your throat. 
The professor also greets Hayoon. 
“I’ve actually been wanting to have a little chat with you, Y/n.” She clasps her hands in front of her chest. “How are you and Kim Taehyung? Doing well together?” 
Hayoon purses her lips, looking away. 
“Um,” you laugh awkwardly, suddenly feeling hot. “We’re… we’re doing good.” 
“Any progress?” She inquires, raising a brow. 
“No, not yet,” you shake your head, “We’re going to meet up later though, finally start on the project.” 
The professor seems so engrossed in Taehyung. It became clearer to you that Taehyung was a bigger deal in this department than you thought. 
Her mouth lifts into a sly smirk, her warm eyes looking straight into yours, “I am looking forward to your collaboration with him, Y/n. You know,” she leans her body on one hip, “I trust my judgment with partnering the two of you together. Based on both of your work, I feel as though you and your senior will create an incredible piece of work. Don’t tell this to anyone…” she suddenly leans in to whisper. 
Your eyes turn to Hayoon, giving her a confused gaze. 
“I’m mostly looking forward to you and Kim Taehyung’s work.” 
And without saying anything further, she says a simple goodbye and walks away. 
She’s anticipating your artwork the most! How awkward can it be if she finds out that your planning to work on a nude fucking painting? 
“I- madam?” You immediately call out to her, spinning around. “You said that we are all free to paint whatever we want, right? As long as it’s a portrait?” 
“Exactly, miss Y/n. No further limitations than that.” 
As you say, madam. 
Tumblr media
The knock on your door startles the living soul out of you. You release a mantra of “fuck’s” in your mind, shaving the last bit of your leg hairs as quickly as you can. 
“Coming!” you shout from your small bathroom, hoping that Taehyung would hear. You angle your right leg better, tip-toeing on the toilet seat. 
After a quick minute, you clean yourself up and get dressed. You did not know how to act since it was the first time a boy came over to your dorm. Puffing out a breath, you psych yourself up. 
Twisting the doorknob open, you greet him. “Hey—!” 
Good fucking luck to me. 
Taehyung looks so good. He shakes away the hair that slightly covers the top of his eyes so that he can get a better look at you. He was wearing a simple white tee and sweatpants, yet you can absolutely see his prominent body through the thin material. Taehyung carries a large white canvas stuck between his arm and waist, a bag over his shoulder. 
He scans your body, eyes raking you up and down. 
The tension between the two of you instantly thickens. 
“Hello, my little freshman.” 
“Don’t call me that.” 
“I’ll call you whatever I want.” He speaks with an authoritarian tone, suddenly sounding serious and sharp as ever. You let him inside your room where you already set up a tarp on the ground. He sees that you have already arranged the living room, clearing the living room from all the unnecessary furniture. 
“So, let’s start?” he voices out without looking at you. He finds your easel and places the canvas on it. 
We’re suddenly rushing everything? 
He sees that you weren’t talking, once again, so he looks at you expectantly with a quirked eyebrow. The expression on his face made you feel small and intimidated. 
“I don’t know where to start,” you barely say through a whisper, fiddling with your clothes. 
His eyes narrow, tipping his head to the side a little bit, “Right.” 
You feel severely embarrassed. 
A good-looking guy in front of you, eating you up with his eyes like you’re a meal. You shuffle your foot against the ground, unable to form any words. 
Suddenly, he strides forward to you. You try to hide the way your body just instantly stiffens, but it is impossible. Your body reacts without your permission, goosebumps appearing when Taehyung places his hand on top of your head. 
He gives your head a couple of pats, stroking your hair right after. Taehyung leans down until his face is almost parallel to yours. His mouth grows into a little smirk. “My bad,” he mutters with a husky tone, “I forgot who I was working with.” 
Your mouth goes dry. What was that supposed to mean? 
Taehyung sits down on the floor, legs crossed. You copy him. 
“First of all,” he leads the conversation, which you thank the heavens for, “I feel responsible for your comfortability, Y/n.” 
Oh God, it’s starting. 
“You have to trust me, okay? I want to keep the professionalism between us when we,” he gulps, “when we start this. And by that I mean when you take your clothes off.” 
He ignores you, “I want this to be somewhat similar to the watercolor paintings you saw yesterday.” 
You muster up the courage to speak, hoping that your voice won’t fail you. “You mean, something contemporary?” 
He smiles, a proud look on his face. “Exactly. The painting won’t show your vagina, of course,” he nonchalantly says while standing up. How can he speak as if this is a completely normal conversation? “But, if you like, we can show a bit of your breasts.” 
“Sure,” you barely formed the word. 
“Great,” he fiddles with his equipment, setting up the scenario. “Take your time, Y/n. We have all the time in the world right now.” 
Taehyung watches you at a distance from his peripheral vision. He sees you taking off your shirt. 
He shakes his head, forcing himself to stay focused. “Do you,” he clears his throat, “do you have anything in mind, color-palette wise?” 
“Neutral colors.” 
After that, you take off your shorts. The only clothing left was your undergarments. 
You feel like you were giving him a striptease. The air kisses your skin as you become more exposed to him. 
You find it unfair; you’re going to get naked and he isn’t. 
“Feeling okay?” He asks, and you just respond with a quick nod of your head. 
“Um, do I take these off too?” you ask, referring to your bra and panties. Even though you already know the answer, you just want to make sure. 
Your heart jumps when you catch a glimpse of him biting his lower lip. Taehyung feels the need to get used to looking at your body because he’s going to do that for the next few hours or so. But he can’t stop staring at you. 
You exhibit breathtaking beauty. 
“Yes,” he answers while he applies a layer of white paint on the canvas. You watch him work his hands up and down, observing all his movements. 
A different aura replaces him all of a sudden. He was doing the bare minimum but he looked so sublime. 
But you stand there, not moving a muscle. You heard him loud and clear, although you can't seem to undress. 
Taehyung chuckles, still painting the canvas, “You want me to help you?” 
“What?” you blurt in shock from his sudden nerve. 
With that, he lays his eyes on you, unwavering. “You want me to undress you?” 
In a quick motion, Taehyung drops his brush and walks to you. You can immediately hear your heart pounding in your ears as he closes the distance between the two of you. “Taehyung…” you murmur, almost whimpering. 
The noise you made undoubtedly excites him even more. 
“Yea?” he says softly, “does my muse need help to get undressed?” 
Your body melts then and there.
Unknowingly, you nod. 
Taehyung watches your pupils dilate as you look up at him. You were driving him wild with just the way you were staring at him. 
“Is it okay to put my hands on you?” 
You blush at that, finding it cute that he asked for permission. “Of course.” 
Taehyung doesn't hesitate to put his big hands on your hips, feeling the material of your lace panties. He hisses, clicking his tongue. “Damn, babe,” he bites his lip again, “I know you’re shy, and I like it that you’re shy...” the pads of his fingertips tap against your skin, teasing you, “But for us to continue with this project, you have to let me see your body. You have to be comfortable with me, m’kay?” 
“But,” you hesitate for a moment, looking anywhere aside his eyes. “You’ll be the first one.” 
Taehyung creases his forehead in confusion, stepping closer until your body touches. “Y/n, you mean that,” he stops the urge to let out even the faintest of groans, “You’ve never done t-this with anyone before?” 
He looks at you with such care, not even a single spot of judgment written on his face. You don't even notice that his hands are crawling up and down your waist, caressing your body so softly until you feel those familiar cold shivers. 
You pry your eyes away, muttering a shy “yes”. 
The shine in Taehyung’s eyes diminishes, replacing it with a darker, more lustful shade. He holds your chin up with brute force, sick of you looking away from him. 
He didn’t expect to feel this way. So prevalent and in control of your own body, he feels a surge of power rush through him as he notices your face flush. “I hope you know you can’t back out now, baby.” 
“Take off your bra,” he states simply with unwavering eye contact. He was looking down at you passing the bridge of his nose, mouth slightly agape. 
He could’ve sworn he heard another whimper. 
Fuck, did that sound drives him crazier.
With his hands still on your waist, you lift your arms and reach behind you, your clammy hands unclasping your bra. 
Taehyung wasn’t apprehensive to stare at you anymore. He’s way past that. Not when you’re looking at him so innocently like that, your pretty eyes trying their best to gaze at him – he doesn’t care anymore. All he wants to do was fucking get this painting done and possibly fuck you. 
You slip the straps off of your body, dropping the garment on the floor. 
He unconsciously bites his lip, your breasts on display for him, like art in a museum. He chuckles when you let out a whine. 
“Why are they hard?” he teases, referring to your erect nipples. 
You did not know if his question was rhetorical or not. He steps away a little so that you can slip off your panties as well – and to have a better look at you. 
Is it normal for people to feel this way? 
Your body shudders from his cold stare, waiting for a signal to remove your underwear. Taehyung steps behind the canvas, eyes still on you. “Go on, I'm waiting baby.” 
That pet-name will be the death of you.
You hook your thumbs inside your garter and swiftly pull your panties down your legs. Lowering your head, you step out from the pool you made on the floor and toss it to the side. 
“Stop looking at me like that,” you murmur, tucking a small strand of hair behind your ear. 
“Like what?” 
“You’re basically eye-fucking me.” 
“Don’t you want that?” he grins cockily. His unexpected surge of confidence and the new atmosphere he has created in the room were making you breathless. 
You don’t reply, instead, you ask him what position he wants you to be in. 
“Probably on your hands and knees, but that’ll be too inappropriate.” 
“I’m kidding.” 
You swallow the lump in your throat as he directs you in a position on the floor. You sit back on your heels, arms resting above a wooden desk prop he wanted to include in the portrait. 
“Look at me.” 
The view you give him; your body’s side profile and your big, pure eyes, was enough for his cock to grow hard beneath his sweatpants. He curses, enticed by how beautiful and hot you are. 
Taehyung grabs his paint palette, giving you one final examination before swiftly painting the background on the blank canvas. 
“I can see that you’re holding your breath,” Taehyung says after a minute, “Relax, babe. You’re with me. You don’t have to worry.” 
It’s fucking happening. 
He was actually going to painting you naked. NAKED. Tits and butt out for the whole campus to see.  
You were hoping that once this painting is finished, no one will judge you nor Taehyung. You pray that they’re open-minded enough to accept a fucking nude portrait. 
Suddenly, an itch crawls upon your shoulders, and the urge to scratch it grows closer and closer. You scrunch your nose, waiting for the perfect time to do it. 
When Taehyung was more focused on the canvas, you remove your arm from its original position so that you can scratch your shoulder. 
He didn’t notice — yes! 
“It’s only been five minutes and you’re already itching?” he snorts, “want me to scratch your itches for you so you don’t have to move?” 
You roll your eyes, “That’s so weird.” 
“Whatever, Y/n. We can take five-minute breaks every twenty. What do you think? You won't be sitting there the whole time, I just need to do the background, a rough outline, and a sketch of you and we can take turns painting the rest after that.” 
You exhale a satisfied breath. “Oh thank God.” 
“Just don’t move so much.” 
What Taehyung wanted to capture was the innocence of your gaze despite the raw nudity of the painting. He was eager to deliver that there is always purity, gentleness, and chastity in a world painted in red. 
And you were being the most perfect muse he could ever have. 
Just like the painting: ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring,’ Johannes Vermeer illustrated a mellow, warm aura surrounding the girl with such beguiling eyes, capturing everyone’s attention. 
Taehyung yearns to have that same effect with you as his model. 
“Y/n,” Taehyung accidentally says too adamantly, your shoulders flinching as an effect. “Keep your eyes on me. Got it?” 
“Why?” You ask, “Isn’t my nudity the focal point here?” you pronounce sarcastically, but your partner did not grasp that. 
“Not really,” he shakes his head, “you’ll see, baby.” 
You click your tongue, “Don’t call me that unless you’re planning to do something else to me, Kim Taehyung.” 
“Mmm,” he hums, running his tongue against his lower lip. He stops painting for a second, resting one hand on his hip. “That’s a bold statement right there.” 
“You’re not denying it?” your eyes enlarge, that small, weak feeling beginning to reappear once more. 
Without a response, he proceeds to his artwork with a smug grin. As he draws your body’s outline, applying shades here and there, depicting how the sun shines against your soft, supple skin, he tries his hardest to be focused. 
Every time he would glance your way, your eyes would immediately lock onto his. He doesn’t know if you do it on purpose, but those innocent eyes, he’s struggling because of them. 
You look at him so sweetly with such a pure look, despite the position you’re in. 
“What do you want, Taehyung?” 
He tilts his head, questioning, “Hm?” 
“What’s with that face? Do you… d-do you want me to do something else? Is there anything I should do to—”
“All I want is your lips against mine right now, Y/n.” 
How are you supposed to respond to that? Your throat goes dry, eyes instantly looking away from his gaze that suddenly turned dark. 
Suddenly, you hear the paintbrush drop down to the floor, footsteps coming closer to you. You hitch your breath when Taehyung crouches down in front of your body, placing two large hands on your skin. 
“Look at me, baby. Look at me the way you do with those pretty eyes.” 
Taehyung fakes a patronizing pout, holding your chin with two fingers. “There we go, you look so fucking beautiful like this. I couldn’t help myself back there, Y/n.”
“What happened to professionalism, Taehyung?” You muster up the courage to say, although with a small tone, you still made your point across. 
“Fuck that.” 
Without wasting a single second, Taehyung holds your head in his hands and presses his lips against yours. Feeling each other’s warmth and presence, you don’t stop him. You sit straight as Taehyung’s right hand slides up and down your back. 
“Kiss me, baby,” he mutters, “kiss me.”
There was nothing to lose, the painting was long forgotten as you press your forehead against his, deepening the kiss. Taehyung smirks from your neediness, your hands trying to find a place to stay. 
He runs a hand through your hair, massaging your scalp softly. You feel butterflies in your stomach when he groans, that deep yet hoarse sound arouses you even more. The hand that was in your scalp tightens, grabbing a bundle of your hair as he roughly pulls it back. 
You let out a moan, not intending to. 
Taehyung uses this opportunity to kiss you harder, sliding his tongue in. You whimper against the kiss, eyebrows furrowing, feeling him explore every single inch of you. 
Taehyung presses his body against yours, making you lay down on the floor with him on top of you. With his legs on either side of your body, he holds you in a trap. 
He feels his primal urge seething through his veins, gazing down at you with a heavy breath. He scans his eyes down your naked body, his tongue aching to lick every part of you, to claim you. 
You blush from his rugged stare, tilting your head to the side. You absolutely did not want him to see how flushed you’ve become. 
He releases a grunt as he places his hands on your hips, slowly going north. He feels the goosebumps caused by his touch, making him smile. “Is it too straightforward to say that your innocence turns me on?” 
You bite your lip, not wanting to speak. Your body already spoke measures and he can see your lust. 
“If you keep staring at me like that,” he leans his head lower until you can feel his breath fanning against your collarbones. He merely closes his eyes, “I might fucking ruin you.” 
“Then do it.” 
Taehyung hears you loud and clear, and he chuckles. Without expecting it at all, he reaches up to wrap his hand around your throat, squeezing gently. Your eyes expand, appalled as you emit a little mewl.  
“Tsk, tsk,” he licks his lips, feeling his underwear tighten beneath his sweatpants, “What is it with these innocent girls, huh? Always acting so naughty even though people barely lay a finger on them.” He watches your breathing getting heavier, your nipples getting harder as the air caresses your sweet skin. “Do you want me to touch you down there?” 
You bite your lip, nodding your head. 
Taehyung coos, “Good girl. But tell me with your words. Let me ask you again, Y/n. Do I have your full consent?” 
“Baby, you don’t know how badly I want this. I’m going to use you, I’m going to control your body as if it’s a toy. Do you want that? I won’t be done here if I don’t see you crying and begging me to stop.” 
“Taehyung,” you whisper, wiggling your hips in need, “yes, I want it. I want you.” 
Not even three seconds after you’ve said yes, Taehyung took the advantage to immediately press his lips against your neck, sucking and biting like an animal. You throw your head back in awe, feeling his warm hands gripping your breasts. 
He groans, giving your neck purple and red marks. “Already a whimpering mess,” he licks the skin below your left ear after noticing that it was a sweet spot of yours. You lift your hands up to wrap around him, but he was quick to put them together in one hand and pin your wrists above your head. 
“If you wanna touch me, you gotta beg,” he raises his brow, “do you wanna be a pathetic little girl and beg?” 
Teasing you, he runs his fingers down the valley of your breasts, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. His eye contact does not waver until his hand is inches above your needy, wet cunt. 
“I love every single part of you, Y/n. The whole campus would be so jealous of me,” he winks at you with a menacing look, trying to lighten the situation up. 
“May I kiss you down here?” He barely says in between a low moan as his hand starts playing with your slick folds. “Please let me,” his eyebrows creases, “let me fucking taste this pussy.” 
Your stomach jumps at his cruel words, biting your lip to stop yourself from letting out an embarrassing moan. With a single nod, he dives in. 
And doesn’t go easy on you at all. 
“Oohh shi—” you squeal, hand flying to grab his hair right when his tongue dances against your sensitive clit. He looks up at you, analyzing your reactions. His wet tongue flicks against your bud, hands firmly holding your hips apart. 
Taehyung ruthlessly licks you like he hasn’t eaten a meal in ages. Truth be told, in his head, he forgot he was dealing with a cute little virgin pussy. He was too focused on his pleasure, too focused on the noises you made.
“Please, oh my God, s-slow down!” you yelp, trying to squeeze your legs shut, but he pries them open. 
He picks his head up for a moment to say, “Do that one more time, or else I’m not gonna let you sit down for days.” 
It took you a second to figure out what he means by that. And when you do – you feel yourself getting deeper into a subspace, something you have never experienced before. You feel ten times lighter, all with the help of Taehyung’s strong stare as if he’s turning into a different person.
A slow smirk dwells on his face. He holds your cheek in one hand, stroking you gently. 
“I love the look in your eyes, baby,” he murmurs, “so mesmerizing.” He distracts you with his words, making you lost in his dark irises. 
It was until he unexpectedly plunges a finger inside your soaking cunt, earning a loud gasp. Your back arched painfully, throwing your head back and Taehyung stopped himself from giggling too loud. 
“There, there,” he shushes, putting his lips against your neck, “You can take it, baby. Hm? It’s just one finger.” 
You hold onto his wrist, pleading at him with round eyes, “Please,” you mewl, “I h-haven’t – mmphh – done anything like this before!” 
“I know, baby, and it’s so fucking fun to torture you like this. Corrupt your innocence like this…” he slowly pumps his digit in and out, your wetness coating his slender finger. “I can’t even explain how good it feels for me.” 
Taehyung might sound arrogant, condescending even. Although he knows that this turns you on as well, he can see the way you were submitting to him. 
He feels your walls clench around him, making him hiss. “So tight, goodness. Gonna stretch that tight fucking cunt so good, so good around my thick cock. Uh-huh, you want that?” 
When he thinks you’re ready, he inserts another finger in. This time, he pumps his fingers in and out at a fast, steady pace. He hits your sweet spots so well, making you feel euphoric. Your eyes roll back, and Taehyung’s dick twitches. 
“That’s right,” he sighs, “stretch this little virgin pussy out for me, mhmm?” 
Taehyung does slight scissoring movements with his fingers then switching to repeated ‘come-hither’ motions. Your moans effortlessly flow out of your mouth, not ever thinking to yourself that you can create those types of sounds. 
“How does that feel baby, hm?” he licks his lip with his tongue, skilled fingers pumping in and out, stroking your g-spot. His ears perk up at the sound of you whimpering after he hits just the right place inside of you. “Oh yeah,” Taehyung chuckles, “that’s my spot. That’s the spot right there.” 
Your legs quiver, feeling a tightness in your lower stomach but you don’t say anything to him. Were you about to cum? Is this how you’re supposed to feel? 
But Taehyung knows. Taehyung can sense everything from you. He keeps his pace steady and is consistent to rub your good spot until your body experiences a gushing wave of bliss. 
Your sweet, hot moans fill his ears and it was enough to drive him crazy, his fingers soaked in your cum. 
“Good job, baby,” he snickers, caressing your stomach, “You came so good, so pretty for me.”
You feel so shy right after, though. Immediately, you raise your arms up to your face to cover your blushing cheeks, squealing. 
“Aww, baby, baby,” he chuckles warmly, “Why are you shy? You just came around my fucking fingers, Y/n. Don’t be embarrassed about that.” Taehyung uses a taunting voice, carefully moving your arms away. 
“You know what will help you get rid of that shyness of yours, huh?” he asks while standing up. Your eyes go wide as you watch his long, slender fingers playing with the waistbands of his sweatpants. 
You shake your head ‘no’ as an answer. 
“Kneel and take my cock out.” 
“But…” you gulp, “I’ve never—”
Taehyung leans down and tugs you by the hair, forcing you to sit up. He growls and drags you to a kneeling position. You wince and yelp from how hard he was grabbing your hair. 
“Did I say you can retaliate, huh? Slut?” Without any warning, he slaps your left cheek. The slap resonated throughout the quiet room, your cheek heating up from the blow. You wince in pain, about to rub your cheek to soothe the skin, but he was quicker to land another harsh slap. 
“You’re crying? Aw, so fucking pathetic. Maybe if you’ll do as I fucking say, I wouldn’t have to ruin your pretty face.” 
Taehyung feels like a different person. He stands tall before you, dripping in pure dominance. He watches your lips forming a pout, your hands finding their place on your thighs. Even with a bruised cheek and watery eyes, you still looked beautiful, and he loved the thought that you’re only like this for him.
“What are you waiting for?” he raises a brow, “fucking suck my dick.” 
Taehyung barely hears the whine that falls off your lips right before you hook your fingers under his waistband. Your face was inches away from the large tent in his sweats. You wonder deep inside your mind how big he was. 
Guess you were going to find out. 
He palms himself above his tight boxers, making his dick twitch from the needed sensation. “You see this cock? You’re gonna put this inside that mouth of yours, right baby?” he leans down, grabs your face in both hands, and says with a gravelly voice, “Suck it good or else I’m gonna use your mouth as my own personal fleshlight, okay? Now get to it.” 
Right after you try to throw your nervousness aside, his cock springs out from his boxers and the leaking red tip hits your face. 
Taehyung couldn’t hold back his groan from the hot sight – his dick, long and hard, right against your pure face. He tries his hardest not to grab his shaft and stroke himself already, feeling impatient, but it’ll all be worth it to see you gagging on his cock. 
With nimble fingers, you take his cock in your hands and stroke him gently, all while examining his face to see if you’re doing a good job. 
“Your hands are so small compared to my dick,” he chuckles arrogantly, stroking your hair away from your face, “Wrap your lips around it. God, do I have to tell you everything?” 
You whine from his degradation but obliged anyway. Taehyung lets out a long, deep grunt when you finally get his erection inside your mouth. At the back of your mind, you worry if you’re doing a good job. But looking at the way he was biting his lower lip, the way he was slightly bucking his hips forward, you thought to yourself that perhaps you’re making him feel good. 
You did not expect Taehyung to act like this at all, so incredibly overpowering, and someone who loves to see you tremble with only his filthy words. 
You try to suck on his cock, attempting to go deeper and take him further inside your mouth, but your gags are stopping you. Saliva drips down the corner of your mouth, eyes closing shut when his tip hits the back of your throat. 
Taehyung groans, eyes rolling back as the sensation of your throat closing around him so tightly makes him rock-solid. With a devilish smile, he pulls his cock out and grabs the shaft, “Fucking slut,” he slaps his wet cock against your cheeks, creating thudding sounds, and rubs the red tip all over your poor mouth. “Is my dick really that big?” 
“Taehyung please,” you whine, feeling the uncomfortable wetness down between your legs. 
“Please what?” he jerks his cock in front of you. “Wanna back out? You don’t want it anymore? That’s okay, you can just fuck yourself and make yourself cum. That’s what you want?” 
“N-No! No—” you quickly grab his thighs, “please, please help me.” 
“Help you?” Taehyung laughs before gripping your hair tightly, forcing you to tilt your head back in a painful manner. “Why? Is this not what you have in mind? Huh?” 
Suddenly, he slaps your face again. “You thought you’re gonna get good, soft sex for your first time? That I’ll go gentle on you?” 
He presses his tip against your mouth, forcing your lips to open. He then pushes his length deep, deep inside you, going past your gag reflex. You grab onto his thighs tighter, your nails digging hard onto his skin as you try your hardest not to gag so much. 
Taehyung holds the back of your head, a smirk creeping up his face all while he fucks your mouth. “Awh, fuck yes,” he moans, eyebrows furrowing together, “You really think just because I was sweet to you these past few days, I’m going to be the same person when I fuck you? Huh?” 
He thrusts his cock deeper, violating your already sore throat. Your eyes start to feel heavy as they close by themselves, causing more tears to drip down your face. “Oh, baby,” Taehyung finally gains the slightest bit of sympathy and pulls out. 
You harshly breathe in and out, your throat not used to be coerced like that. His cock was dripping in your saliva and you can’t seem to get your eyes off of it.
Taehyung promptly kneels in front of you and pushes you until you are laying back down. You shriek as he wraps his arms around your body and flips you around. The hard floor almost bruises your knees, but you didn’t mind because he quickly lays himself on top of you. 
He angles his head close to you until his lips are barely hovering on top of the shell of your ear. “Your pussy’s dripping down your thighs, baby.” You release a moan right after he bites your ear, your stomach doing backflips. “I want you to take my dick like a good girl, okay? And if it hurts too much, just say stop, and I’ll stop.” 
You can fucking feel his tip throbbing against your core. He teases your wet hole with his tip, precum leaking off of it. Your mind was clouded in desire, and all you can think about was how it feels to have cock deep in your guts. 
A string of curses falls off of both of your lips, his tip pushing in and it immediately stretches your walls out wide. You buck your ass up for him, and that action made him slap your asscheek. 
“Good girl,” he chuckles, “makin’ my job easier, huh?” 
He grabs onto your hips and you feel that painful stretch, whimpering and moaning out loud. “Tae, fuck,” you grunt, “you’re so fucking big.” 
Almost halfway in, he pulls out again, only to put his dick back in deeper. You throw your head back, mouth agape, completely speechless. Thanks to your sopping wet cunt, it relieved some of the pain.
He puts his right hand underneath you, reaching to grab your neck. His hair tickles your ear as he thrusts at a steady pace. His low grunts and whimpers can be heard, “Shit, Y/n. Only if you can see how wet you got my cock right now – fuck. This tight pussy fucking drips, baby. Mhmm, yeah, take that dick.” 
The way he talks dirty to you got you clenching around him. He was utterly different from the Taehyung you’ve first talked to. His hands grip your neck tighter as he goes in deeper, deeper, deeper than you’ve ever thought he can. 
“Holy fuck!” you clench your toes, “Taehyung, you’re so d-deep! I can’t…” you cry, body quivering as he ignores your cries, fucking you harder now.
“What? What is it, baby?” his balls slap against your clit, continuous lewd clapping sounds fill the area. You can feel him so deep inside of you that it feels unreal. You can feel the pain mixed together with pleasure, creating a weird yet a feeling so fucking good you don’t want him to stop. “I know you can take it harder than this. This little pussy can take it rougher, I know it. C’mon baby, be a good girl for me.” 
Taehyung stops for a second to flip you around again, your back pressed against the floor. Your mouth dries from the sight of him: his neck and forehead damp in sweat, lips plump from all the lip bites, eyes seeming so lustful as he looks at you with an animalistic gaze. 
A slow smirk reappears on his face, “God, you’re beautiful.” 
Then and there, he plunges his cock back in. “Ohhh there we go,” he sighs, “there we fucking go.” He had the audacity to laugh, giggling from the way your body was quivering. 
Taehyung lifts both of your legs up, placing them over his shoulders. The new position made you gasp, eyes wide, and his cock hit just the spot inside of you. Taehyung bites his lip, closing his eyes in pure pleasure. “Oh just like that!” you pant, hands finally having something to grab onto as your nails scratch Taehyung’s back. “Please don’t stop, Taehyung!” 
He puts his head at the crook of your neck, his lips attaching to your dewy skin to lick the sweat off of it. He was making you feel so fucking dirty, turning you into a completely different person. 
“You feel that, baby?” Taehyung asks, “feel how I’m burying my dick so deep inside your cunt? Nudging your fucking cervix with the head of my dick like this? Ohh, fuck yes,” he grins, seeing your eyes water once again, “No one will ever fuck you as good as my dick, Y/n. Fucking remember that.” 
Your body jerks back and forth from how hard he was thrusting into you, his hips colliding with yours with vigor. You have never felt so intimate with a person before, and this exceeded your expectations. Taehyung holds onto your breast, groping it hard before giving it a little slap. With each hard thrust, your moans simultaneously fall off your lips.
“Please, please, please,” you beg pathetically, “I think I’m going to cum.” 
“You are? Aw,” he fucks you harder, putting you faster to your climax, “My little virgin slut wanna cum on a dick for the first time?” How he can talk so straightforward like that without stuttering, despite the overwhelming euphoria he was feeling, was impressive. A knot inside your tummy grows bigger, feeling it snap anytime soon. “Cum all over me, baby girl. Make me proud and cum. Mhmm, that’s it, oh God baby you just got tighter.” 
You moan with each hard and deep thrust, your hair sticking to your forehead and neck, hands digging deeper into his skin. One final hit on your g-spot, you cum all over his cock. 
Taehyung praises you, watching your whole body shiver as he feels your cum spilling onto himself. He holds your face and presses his lips against yours, drinking all your whimpers. He smirks, finding you endearing how you struggle to kiss him back. 
“I’m gonna cum inside of you baby,” he rasps, “gonna breed you so good with my hot cum, you’re gonna take all of it inside that pussy.” His thrusts turn sloppy and it slowly loses its original tempo, trying to catch his own high. Just the thought of his cum spilling out of your pussy, white sticky liquid leaking down to your asshole was all it took for him to orgasm. 
He pummels his cock deep as hot ropes of cum spurts inside of you, filling your fresh womb. He grinds his hips hard, hands on either side of your head. 
“Oh my fucking God,” he says after a while of the two of you just laying there. He looks at your fucked-out face, giggling, “You were so good for me.” 
Taehyung had literally drained your energy and you lay there like a lone piece of meat. 
“Y-You’re,” you barely whisper to him, “you’re insane.” 
He chuckles, “I know right.” 
He sits up from the floor and analyzes your body. Your chest was still heaving up and down. As he drags his eyes down south, he notices your knees were bruised. “Aw,” he pouts, placing his hand on your knee and rubs it. “We should’ve done this on the couch, huh?” 
You roll your eyes, “I hate you so much.” 
“But did you like the sex?” 
You hate how you blushed at his question. A sneaky smile appears on your face, and that satisfies his inquiry. 
“Let me get you dressed up, baby. Let’s continue this fucking painting tomorrow or something.” 
Tumblr media
It seems like ages since you’ve been inside the lecture hall. The last time was when the professor announced partners for this project, and here you are, with Taehyung, all freshmen and seniors waiting for the announcement. 
Was the exhibition really a big deal? Some might ask. 
For others, not really. 
But for you, it may sound cliche, but it’s your dream. 
Although then again, the whole campus would see your naked body from you and Taehyung’s painting. 
Adjusting your posture on your seat, you release a ragged breath. Taehyung glances from beside you and places his right hand on your knee. He gives you a simple smile to reassure your nerves. 
“What does it feel to get your art displayed at the exhibition?” you ask him in pure curiosity. He must feel incredibly proud of himself, right? 
“Happy,” he replies, shrugging his shoulders, “and surprised. Look, Y/n. I don’t always assume that I’ll have the highest score. There are plenty of talented artists around here, there’s always competition.” 
“Who do you think is our biggest competition here?” 
Taehyung doesn’t answer you immediately, for he takes his time to scan around the area. The room was already filled with students, familiar faces. He chuckles, quirking a brow at you as he plays with his lower lip at the same time.
“Do you really wanna know?” 
You nod slowly as confusion settles in. 
“Aside from my friend, Jeon Jungkook, I think Yeseul has a chance at winning.” 
You feel a sour sensation in your stomach right after you hear her name being pronounced. You sink deeper into your chair, huffing, “And why’s that?” 
“She’s in my batch, babe, and she often gets the highest scores because portraits are her forte. That’s her strong pursuit.” 
Your eyes glance to where Yeseul was sitting, always at the front row, of course. She had her legs crossed, patiently waiting for the professor just like everyone around you. 
“If she wins, I’ll—”
As if on cue, the door bursts open and the professor quickly walks in with her assistant. Her assistant holds a canvas, showing only the back part so that it’ll be a surprise to all of you. 
Taehyung snakes his hand over to grab yours, intertwining them in his bigger one. 
“Great to see all of you here again,” she stands behind the podium, “Partnering all of you is a first in our department, and truth be told, I am astounded as to see the wonderful portraits all of you have given me. I appreciate the time and effort since I know that this type of approach is new to everyone.” 
“Can she just go straight to the point?” Taehyung whispers to you, making you giggle. 
“The painting I have here,” the professor’s assistant continues, “has reached the highest score and will be displayed in the Fine Arts exhibition building.” 
You look at Taehyung, who had such a strong gaze at the professors. His eyes were drawn into slits, biting the inside of his cheek. He seems so focused, eyes glued to the painting. 
After the professor’s cue:
1…” the canvas flips around. 
“Lee Yeseul and—”
“—Oh my fucking god,” Taehyung gasps, his mouth forms a wide, surprised grin. 
You feel as if a large boulder begins to weigh your entire body down. Your heartbeat starts to beat rapidly. Your shoulders droop down, tilting your head low. 
You hate to admit it, but you were disappointed. The most down you’ve felt in a long time. 
Watching Yeseul and her partner stand up to bow to the whole class feels as if your heart was a pincushion, being stabbed with tiny little spears. 
Awfully enough, you admit to yourself that their painting is exquisite. Figuring that she made her partner her muse, Taehyung’s words about her totally made sense now. 
“Well,” Taehyung chuckles, “better luck next time, I guess.” He takes the situation lightly, grabbing the straps of his bag, ready to leave. 
Until he looks at you. 
Good thing that the both of you are seated at the very back of the lecture hall and no one can see the way Taehyung tilts your head, resting his hand on your cheek. “Hey,” he softly mutters, “I’m proud of you, okay? So fucking proud.” 
You tuck your bottom lip between your teeth after catching a glance of Yeseul’s dirty smile towards you. 
“You’re still my little winner, m’kay?” he pats your head, “Remember that our efforts still matter, Y/n. Wait until I see that we got second fucking place.” Taehyung winks at you, once again trying to ease your tension. 
Once the students start to crowd the exit door, you and Taehyung stand up to follow them. 
Yeseul is talking to the professor, probably about the exhibition, when Taehyung pulls you closer to him. He leads you to the exit until you decide to turn your head around. 
“Yeseul?” you immediately call out to her without any second thinking, and she raises her eyebrows at you. 
Taehyung snakes his arm around your waist. 
“Congrats,” you smile as you keep up with Taehyung’s footsteps. 
That takes Yeseul by surprise. She opens her mouth but nothing comes out. Her mind goes blank. 
“T-Thanks, I guess.” She replies.
Taeyung laughs loudly once at the hallways, “Don’t tell me that’s fucking sincere.” 
“Definitely not sincere. Not sincere at all.” 
Tumblr media
Fast forward to three weeks, Taehyung had already graduated college, and it was the first day of vacation. 
After the whole portraiture project, it was finals season, and for you, that means cutting every social activity and focus on studying and paintings with deadlines. 
But Taehyung just knows how to get you hooked. He promised that he’d treat you to a date after all the events are done. He invited you to a classic dinner date, to which you appreciated him when he declined your offer to split the bill.
He’s a total gentleman, that’s one word to describe him. But as soon as the four walls of his dorm engross the two of you, pushing you against the nearest wall, that ‘gentleman’ title of him goes straight to the trash. 
Taehyung pins your wrists above your head, his mouth leaving wet trails of kisses down from your lips and to your neck. “Remember the last time we did this, baby girl?” he chuckles, whispering close to your ear, “You became my little plaything.” 
You scan the room as you think of something witty to reply. While his other hand crawls down south near your core, your eyes land on a spot above his study desk. 
The portrait. 
He displayed your nude portrait?! 
Taehyung notices your silence and follows the direction of where you were staring. He looks behind him, then back to you with a smirk. “Ah, yes. I seem to have forgotten to tell you.”
“You’re a little devil.” Your face heats up as you look at your own body unclothed. “I think it’s great that the whole campus doesn’t have to see our painting.” 
“Agreed. And now, your body is for my eyes only. You’re my art, displayed in my own little world.” 
Tumblr media
Tysm for reading! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 
If you enjoyed reading this fic, I would really appreciate reading your thoughts and reactions by commenting or sending an ask! Those type of things make me rlly rlly happy and they’re fun to read! 
Remember to hydrate ;)
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inkedtae · 18 days ago
iii. rotten angelcake ⇾ kth. [M]
Tumblr media
chapter three : the geraldson residence ⤑ you run your mouth too much. now your ass gets it.
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Tumblr media
⌁ pairing; ceo!taehyung x curvy!reader (f.)
⌁ genre/rating; s2l, ceo au, sugar daddy au, smut, fluff, 18+
⌁ word count; 8.8k
⌁ warnings; mullet!taehyung (yes, bestie this is a fucking warning), dom!taehyung, daddy!taehyung, ass enthusiast!taehyung, sub!reader, brat!reader, virgin!reader, light thigh worship, semi-public sex, daddy kink, hand kink, praise kink, slight humiliation kink, corruption kink, scent kink, dirty talk, jealousy, slight oral (f.), masturbation (f.), voyeurism, exhibitionism, orgasm control, spanking, choking, begging, teasing, biting, clit rubbing, cum tasting/eating
⌁ le playlist
ও a hundred thanks to cam ( @sunshinejunghoseokie ) for the pretty, pretty banner!! a super special thank you to my bestest betas sammy ( @chateautae ), eva ( @nottodayjjk ) and kiki ( @uhgood-dooghu​ ) for reading through this at such short notice and dying with me at this couple’s cuteness. i love you all so much 🥺💞
Tumblr media
When you walk out into the lobby, you find Kim Taehyung standing with the doormen he hired to watch over your building. He has his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants, long autumn coat undone to reveal a maroon cardigan all buttoned up and fitting him so snug. The few buttons near his chest remain open though, his collarbone on display. The thought of decorating that delicate area of skin with your muted pink lipstick trickles into your mind and eventually settles between your legs. A shiver twirls around your spine with a shaky breath. 
Taehyung hasn’t heard you yet, hasn’t noticed your presence lingering around the staircase door. He raises a brow at something one of the men says. The men shift their weight, fidgeting only to stand straighter. You watch, mesmerised and concerned, as Taehyung leans forward and whispers a couple of phrases. The men hurry to their posts, eyes locked on the street and hand clasped behind them the moment Taehyung stands back to his full height.
He continues to stare ahead, asking, “You gonna stand there all night?”
“Yes, Mr. Kim,” the men shout in unison. 
Smirking, Taehyung snaps his attention to you. “Not you,” he says over his shoulder. 
You know you should respond, offer some sort of grunt of acknowledgement or even a nod. Nothing seems to work though. Your voice is caught somewhere in your throat where you can’t reach it and your mind is too captivated by surprise to compute any comprehensive commands beyond the reminder to just breathe as you try to slowly process the fact that he knew you were watching him the whole time. 
But, you wish it was just that. You wish you were just caught red-handed, ogling him as he scolds his employees. You wish his eyes don’t devour you with every other glance. You wish so badly to have missed the way his head tilts to better capture the curves of your hips and stomach in the little black tube top and skirt you found hidden in the back of your closet. 
Seeing that this dinner party at Geraldson’s house is your work obligation and not Taehyung’s, you didn’t think it was fair to ask him for the funds to purchase yet another dress. So you revisited some of the older outfits you used to wear for past school events you were expected to attend. 
However, though the sheer black button up tucked in your skirt and cinched with a belt is an old look for you, it is not for Taehyung. He just stands and rakes his gaze up and up and up only to go back down, down, linger around your hips, and down some more. 
Finally removing yourself from the door to the stairwell to properly meet him, you wonder if you should go back up and change. As you draw nearer to him, however, you notice how well your outfits complement each other. Now you begin to wonder if anyone else at the party will notice it too. 
You decide against changing. 
Peering up at him through your lashes, you greet him with a playful smile, “Mr. Kim.”
His features flicker from hungry to amused. His eyes only darken. “You’re late.”
“You seemed to keep yourself busy.” 
Your gaze momentarily shifts to the doormen, but Taehyung doesn’t follow it, not physically anyways. He inhales deeply through his nose, letting out a little groan with the exhale as he settles a hand on your waist and lazily pulls you into him. It’s an effortless way of towering over you, of forcing you to crane your head back just enough that the wrong nudge could result in a kiss. You reject the fact that you won’t mind that. 
Just friends. That’s all you are, you remind yourself. That’s what you’ve been telling everyone. It was the only way to keep Mrs. Chu from rushing down here and meeting him tonight. It also seemed to be enough to get back in Lucas and Jackson’s good graces. They asked you multiple times if you two ever discussed work, the former worried that he’d be reported for stealing and the latter reported for slacking off. You reassured them that you and Taehyung keep your professional lives separate from your personal ones.
And yet you crave his hands… his fingers. Isn't it so sexy how he can cup the entirety of your pussy with one hand? It’s so big, fingers so long you swear you felt them poking your asshole when he last visited the office. It happened weeks ago but that clenching emptiness is all you can feel every day at work. It’s particularly painful in the copy room, where you’re certain you can still smell him and your arousal in the air. You find yourself staring at the door between copies, hoping that by some miracle he’d walk right in again and rub away the wretched neediness between your legs. 
“That’s not the point,” he tsks, voice dipping to that lower octave you find he only uses when he calls himself Daddy. 
You match his attitude with that innocent one you know he likes, or at the very least, appreciates when he falls into his role. Playing with one of the buttons of his shirt, you drop your gaze and sigh, “That was never an issue before. You never care if I’m late.”
He rubs small, irregular circles around your back. You ignore the urge to melt against him. “I do when you’re walking home from work.” 
Wait, he’s talking about earlier? His brows bounce in confirmation when you look up at him. How would he even- It clicks before you even finish the thought, sparing a glance at the nervously shifting doormen. So not only are they equipped to guard the building, but they’ve been reporting your comings and goings. 
“You need to tell them if  you’re going to be late, okay?” Taehyung says, drawing your attention back to him. He follows every tilt of your head to maintain eye contact, one that has since softened from when he first pulled you against him. 
You want so badly to be more annoyed that he’s keeping such close tabs on you but actually find the gesture really sweet. He cares and this is how he knows how to show it. You know full well too that if you were to ask him to remove them or request they don’t tell him all about your whereabouts, he would respect that. He’s a great friend, possibly one of your best. 
“It was just for today. Everyone left earlier for the party and a few of us had to keep things running. I don’t think it will happen again.”
He nods, understanding, but still asks, “You’ll tell them, though, right?” He, then, nudges his nose against yours when you half-heartedly pout at him. The gesture coaxes a giggle but you school your features quickly with that pout once more, or so you tell yourself. 
“Fine,” you grumble under your breath, a playful glint in your eyes despite your dull tone. “But, I’m only telling them about work.”
Taehyung smiles. “Whatever you’re comfortable with, Angel.”
You won’t flush at the sight. You refuse to. Clearing your throat, you press your thighs together and pretend that every urge to wrap your arms around him is actually one to push him away. 
“So are we gonna stand here all night?” You tease, echoing his words from before. 
Hand sliding to the small of your back, Taehyung rolls his eyes and leads you towards the door. 
Sinatra’s Moonlight Becomes You seeps out of the sleek black car the moment Taehyung opens the passenger door for you. At first, you’re confused to find that it's bare of a driver, but then you catch sight of the interior.  An emerald glow highlights the black interior, the intensity of the light swiping around the trim in rhythm to the song. It gleams and glitters and you really begin to wonder how the hell he got his hands on this mysterious car. 
“Are you planning on hopping in any time soon?” 
You don’t need to look at him to know he’s teasing. It’s not like you can anyways, being too consumed by the glow of the car. “Oh! What does this button do?”
“No,” Taehyung says, quickly grabbing your hand before you can press one of the shiny green buttons on the door. He uses the grip on your wrist to turn you around, back pressed against the frame of the door. Holding onto your chin with one hand, body towering over yours, he orders in a whisper, “You’re just going to sit down and buckle your seatbelt, okay?”
You deadpan. “I know how to get into a car.”
“Notice how I didn’t mention anything about buttons.”
With a roll of your eyes, you huff, “Fine.”
He kisses the tip of your nose. It softens your once annoyed gaze, a change that does not go over his head. His smile widens at the sight and he does it again before praising, “Good girl.”
You hop right into the car. Taehyung laughs. 
“Shut up,” you whine with a little chuckle. He purposely laughs louder, tapping the tip of your nose with his finger as you buckle your seatbelt. He shuts the door before you can ask him to do it again. Thank god. 
“Welcome back, Mr. Kim,” a peculiar voice greets once Taehyung hops in as well.
You pause. Turning to scan the seats behind you, you’re only met with emptiness. Taehyung watches you with that amused look, eyes shamelessly revelling in your cluelessness.  
“Any calls, EDEN?”
“Two from Dal, sir. He sent the reports you’ve been expecting. Shall I call him back?”
It’s the car. The car speaks. You stare at, what you thought was the radio system, with wide eyes and mouth agape. The light moves to the sound of the automated voice. Seriously, what kind of car is this? Could you maybe have one too? You don’t really know how to drive but you almost think it doesn’t matter because it’s just so fucking cool.
“Where did you get this?” you ask with a little chuckle, hand gliding over the smooth leather dashboard. 
“I built it.” He replies before looking back to EDEN. He puts the car in drive and pulls out of the spot as he requests, “Let me see those reports first.”
The windshield panels into a dark screen all around. The reports pop open like a document on a computer screen. You’re worried about how the hell he’ll be able to see what’s ahead of him only to find that he’s not driving at all. One hand rests on his lap while the other swipes through the digital files. If the car really drives itself, maybe he really can get you one too, or rather, build another one.
Astonished, you watch him work. His eyes round while reading, lips apart and sometimes muttering along. It’s so cute and then, all at once, suddenly too hot to handle because his brows furrow and lips settle into a scowl and he stops mouthing along. 
He’s quite obviously upset but, under the emerald glow, you can’t help but notice that he kind of looks like a superhero, especially when paired with the advanced technology of the car.
Hoping to ease some of his tension, you blurt, “You have a Batmobile!” 
Taehyung shoots you a confused look. He drops his hand once he understands the comparison, angry features softening into amusement. “A bat- Angel, didn’t we agree you’ll sit quietly?” 
You raise a brow. “You never said ‘quietly’. You just didn’t mention buttons. Oh! Buttons! Where is the nitro?” Scanning all the pretty, gleaming buttons, you ignore most of Taehyung’s orders that they don’t even properly register. 
“The nitro?”
“I’m pretty sure the Batmobile had nitro.”
He blankly stares. 
“You know,” you insist as a way of explanation. “The nitro- the turbo!”
“The turbo?”
“Oh I remember, it’s called the NOS!”
Taehyung sighs, eyes shutting for a moment. You have to bite back your laughter, schooling your features when he meets your gaze again. He’s trying hard not to let a smile break out on his lips too as he says, “That was from Fast and Furious.” 
“So, is that a no?” When he shakes his head to confirm, you snap your fingers and point like you’ve just caught him in a lie. “So, you admit it’s the Batmobile then?” 
“For legal reasons, I must clarify that this is not a Batmobile,” EDEN interjects. 
Taehyung wears a look of triumph, raising a brow. “Thank you, EDEN.”
You cross your arms over your chest as EDEN graciously responds. Glaring at the car, you ask,“Come on, EDEN. Who’s side are you on?”
“I am technically programmed to support Mr. Kim.”
“Ha, what?”
“That means this argument was rigged!”
Taehyung glares. You flash him a little smile and his features soften a bit, enough to get his intense stare off you anyways. Perhaps it’s cruel of you to toy with him like this when it's so painfully obvious that he’s trying to work. So, you give him a minute of silence before pointing at the radio system and asking, “What does that one do?”
You really thought he’d toss you another warning glare or hiss at you to quit messing around. Never did the idea of his hand around your neck cross your mind. He holds it loosely but steady enough to turn your head to his. His eyes darkened at the little hitch of your breath. 
You should be outraged by this rash reaction, but you find that you’re clenching between your legs. Fuck, you really hope he doesn’t see right through you again. You would hate to be fingered in front of his automated car, you think to yourself, ignoring how your clit throbs at the thought.
“I need you to be a good girl for me tonight, Angel,” he whispers. 
Mustering the softest voice you can, you reply, “I was just asking wh-”
“No,” he hisses. “You know you weren’t. Any other night, I’d play along. Fuck, I’d even let you take the car for a spin, but all these reports are wrong.” His thumb gently rubs at the end of your jawline before pressing down the slightest bit of pressure against it.
You bite your lip to keep from moaning. 
Taehyung smirks, brushing his nose so delicately against yours, you think that you might have imagined it. “I need every bit of patience to not yell at the person responsible,” he continues in a slow, gentle voice, purposely talking down to you. “So, you are going to sit pretty on those cute hands of yours- yup, mhm. Just like that.” He smiles down at your tucked hands. “That’s my good girl. EDEN, play Angel’s favourite show.”
And since Sinatra’s soothing voice has been replaced with the theme song of Dora the Explorer, that annoyed pout has not left your face. Leaning back in your seat, you glare at the split screen, the other side littered with the reports Taehyung cannot bear to look through again, and mutter a curse at Dora. She’s so clueless even with a magical backpack and a map that gives her the simplest of instructions. You’d be roaming the world with that kind of power. 
“It’s literally right behind,” you whisper-shout at the screen.
Taehyung pauses to toss you an all too amused look as Dal tries to make his case over the phone. “Enjoying yourself?” he asks, completely ignoring the fact that he cut his employee off. 
You plaster the fakest smile you can muster as Dal staggers through a shaky, “E-excuse me, sir?”
“Nothing,” Taehyung replies. He holds your gaze intently as he urges Dal to continue. The tune of victory chimes from the show, you think Dal might be crying now, but Taehyung doesn’t really care. He’s staring at you, focused, enthralled and utterly poise.
At least you thought so until he sighs and rolls his eyes. “Dal, I do not pay you for half assed work.” He pulls at documents from the screen. They follow his hand and into the tiny, holographic garbage bin beside him. “Yes, I am because that’s what they are… If you think I am going to accept mediocre work then don’t bother coming in tomorrow.” 
He hangs up before Dal can attempt to defend himself again. 
With the end of his call, you pull out your hands from under you and shake them. They are slightly numb from being sat on for the last ten minutes. Taehyung parts his lips to no doubt question your actions. You grab and trash of the Dora episode into the garbage bin beside him, making him laugh instead. 
“Should I play an episode of Batman next time?”
You must admit it’s a great joke, but you’re still upset with him. He mimics your half pout with a laugh too giddy for you not to join in on. His hands find the steering wheel again and the car adjusts to his touch. The black panels flip back to the window. The traffic lights cast a red glow over your faces. 
“I was asking a serious question.”
“You were teasing,” he corrects. “It was cute.”
“You were angry.” 
The slight whine in your voice must’ve alluded to more. 
Taehyung spares you another quick look. “What is it?”
“What’s wrong?” he asks again, voice a touch more assertive.
One look. One look is all it took for him to know something is off. You exhale deeply through your nose, leaning your head back against your seat. “Maybe I’m just annoyed with you,” you quip. Though you’ve managed to keep your voice light of any real exhaustion, you cannot meet his gaze when he glances at you. You’re not sure if it will stop him from reading through you, but you try anyway.
“Bad day at work?”
Guess it didn’t work. One of these days you are going to ask him what the hell your tell is and be brave enough to hear the answer, you tell yourself. One of these days you will, but not today. 
“I’m fine,” you say with a shake of your head.
Watching a whirl of green zoom by from the car window, you shift in your seat. Everyday is a bad day at work, but you know that if you tell him this, he’ll bring up the topic of speaking to Mr. Geraldson again. And though you know he won’t push you on it if you say no, you just don’t feel like having that conversation right now. You’re gonna need to save all your feigned pleasantries for the stupid party. 
Taehyung leaves you to your thoughts for a moment longer before reaching over your thighs. You almost spread them, gasping when you catch yourself. He smirks, most likely catching it too, but doesn’t mention it. That alone alarms you a bit more than the embarrassing instinct to immediately part your legs at the sight of his large hand so close to them. 
He waves at the car. That emerald glow traces a square in the leather before popping open like a drawer. It shuts automatically after Taehyung pulls out a colourful pamphlet and sits back in his seat. 
“I have something for you,” he says as he single handedly turns through the grand gate of the Geraldson residence. “I forgot to tell you about it before.”
You ignore the way your gut tightens with desire at how he drives and accept the pamphlet he holds out for you. Heavenly Stables: Where the Best of Them Roam. The writing sits above a picture of horses in an open field. Furrowing your brows, you unfold the glossy paper to find the description of a cute and playful little pony named Monte. And beneath all her measurements and dietary needs, neatly written under the title of owner, is Angel.  
“A pony?” You glance back up at him to find him smiling. He nods to which you repeat through a chuckle, “You really bought me a pony?”
Taehyung shrugs. “You said you wanted one.”
Swallowing thickly, you try and fail to ensure that’s the only thing you remember from that interaction. But, the warmth of the copier behind you curls your toes and the faded impression of his tongue moving around yours pushes it to the roof of your mouth. It felt so good without a kiss, you wonder how breathless you’d be with one. 
Why doesn’t he ever kiss your lips? You’ve thought about this over and over again, yet can never figure it out. He kisses you everywhere else. Head, hair, ears, neck, shoulders, chest. Why not just add your lips to that list? 
“I didn’t say that,” you correct in a small voice, drawing Taehyung’s careful gaze to you. He raises a brow. “I asked if you would buy me one.” 
“I would and I did.”
“But you didn’t have to.”
Any hint of expression falls from his face. It happens all at once, you think that maybe he was never emoting at all. Was it your tone? You thought you sounded pretty gracious. He didn’t have to waste money on you like this, buying you things or pets you won’t use or even have time to take care of. He didn’t have to go out of his way to find you one at all because you didn’t even really ask for it. 
Snatching the pamphlet out of your hands, he all but growls, “Fine.” The paper crumples in his harsh grip and he tosses it behind him. “Won’t do anything I don’t have to any more.”
“We’re here,” he cuts you off as he circles into the driveway. He presses a bunch of buttons then takes the key out of the ignition. The shutting door is the only remaining sound in the glowing car. 
Your door opens. Taehyung stands with the handle in one hand and the other tucked in his pocket. You blink up at him confused. 
“We don’t have all night,” he sighs while staring straight ahead. 
He won’t meet your gaze. It's the first time he’s ever refused to meet your gaze. You dismiss his tone and  unbuckle your seatbelt.
“Tae?” you ask when you hop out. Standing on your toes, you try to force him to look at you. Even in heels, you’re too short for him though. “Taehyung, I- Seriously?” You huff as he turns away from you. 
“Sir,” a valet calls behind him. “I need your keys.”
Taehyung points his key over his shoulder. A single push of a button chirps the car back in motion all on its own. You make a mental note to praise his talent later, that is if you ever find out what’s got him so upset. 
It doesn’t look as though you will tonight. Taehyung darts inside. He knows his way around. You already know why. 
Alone, you enter. You guiltily wish to have arrived that way too. 
Tumblr media
The Geraldson residence really should be called a fortress. Every surface is marbled from the walls, to floors to the trimmings around the paintings on the ceiling. It looks like a castle that’s been repurposed as a museum, everything ancient and too valuable to even look at. 
The library is what leaves you breathless, however. Well, the second of seven libraries, anyways. It’s a vision of crimson and rich oak. Every wall is lined with books, every table stacked with an array of scrolls or parchment you thought only existed at Hogwarts. The statues that act as pillars to fortify the ceiling, look grotesque enough to be gargoyles that belong in a Stephen King novel. You wonder if each library encompasses a different theme or colour scheme. 
You found it after Jackson told you Mr. Geraldson would like to talk to you. In no mood to keep up this act of niceties, you rushed into the first door you found around the corner. You didn’t think you’d find Taehyung there too.  
He stands at the end of the room, reading the lined spines of various classical books. His attention remains so even after the door’s shutting click echoes in the room. “For the last time Anna, the answer is no,” he says without turning away from the shelf.
Wow, another? If everywhere you go consists of some other woman he’s slept with, you would at the very least appreciate a warning. 
Taehyung stiffens at the sound of your voice, shoulders tensing as he hears you make your way towards him. “Mrs. Geraldson,” he clarifies. 
Oh, perhaps it’s not another woman after all. It doesn’t stop you from wondering what the hell she’s been saying to him that makes him this sure she would follow him into a secluded library… all alone… together. Your jaw tightens at the thought, disgust scratching at your throat so much, you have to clear it with a little cough. 
You stop and stare at the shelf with him. The one at your eye level is stocked with volumes of encyclopedias. “Why not just call her that?” There’s an edge to your voice that you so wish you would have caught before continuing the conversation. 
It piques his interest enough to provoke a sidelong glance. “I’m not sure you really want to know the answer to that.”
Is that what she wanted him to call her when they’d… You visibly shudder. 
That’s not at all comforting. 
Perhaps there’s some reassurance in the fact that he refuses to call her that now, right? And whatever it is that she does want from him, his answer is consistently and unwaveringly a hard no. You tell yourself that’s a great sign in order to push an intolerable anger out of your heart. 
Taehyung tosses you another glance at the unusual sound of prolonged silence. “Hm, there’s that look,” he grumbles under his breath. 
Is it your face? Has it been your tell this whole time, spilling your emotions for everyone to see? 
Turning to him, you ask, “What face? I don’t have a face.” You internally face-palm yourself at the stupid sentence. The little defeated sigh that escapes you coaxes a small smirk to settle on his lips. 
Well, at least he’s amused. You’d take that any day over the coldness that arrests his attitude when he’s upset.
“You don’t have a face?” he repeats, smirk widening into a smile. 
Face growing hot, you try not to smile along with him and pull a random book from one of the higher shelves. Taehyung watches you struggle to retrieve it, to escape his teasing gaze. A copy of The Canterbury Tales finally lays in your hand as he continues to tease, “That’s some really impressive mask you have on then.”
You toss him a sidelong glare then force an all too obvious fake smile. “Thanks. Your Batmobile made it for me.”
Taehyung sighs, head slightly rolling back in annoyance. “For the last time, it’s not a-”
A smile plays on your lips as you pretend to read, cutting him off with a quiet, off-key tune of the Batman theme song. He glares, but from the corner of your eye, you catch his lips curling in to keep from smiling. 
Then, cutting your song short, he grabs the book out of your hands. You let out a squeal of disbelief which seems to fully settle that smile on his lips. 
“Give it back.”
“Hmm?” He hums, leaning his head in as if he didn’t hear you. 
You hold your hand out and repeat much less harsher than you wanted to have sounded, “Give it back, Taehyung.”
This is ridiculous, you can’t help thinking. But then you reach for it and he holds it high above his head and you correct your mental statement, deeming this to be ridiculous. 
“Ridiculous and childish!”
He laughs. Though you’re annoyed, it does ease the tension in your chest. You really didn’t think you’d get so much as a kind look from him tonight, let alone that giddy laugh that always bunches his eyes so cutely. “Coming from the girl that talks back to Dora.”
“She asked a question!” you defend, reaching up to grab the book. “It would have…” you hold onto his shoulder to give yourself a boost, “been rude not to answer her.” 
Unfazed by your attempt, Taehyung cockily watches you struggle. His silence draws your attention now and you meet his gaze. You’re a few breaths away from being nose to nose… lips to lips. 
“That’s interesting,” he whispers. 
Your panties never usually stay dry when his voice gets low like this. Thighs pressing together, you match his volume, asking, “What is?”
“This concern for manners from a little girl that hasn’t even learned to say please.” A smirk tugs on one of the corners of his lips when he catches you squirm. “Thought I taught you better than that.”
The only way to survive this interaction, you tell yourself, is to keep any further indications of your desire for him a shameful secret. So you ignore the urge to melt into his chest and the other to bite your lip. Swallowing thickly, you keep your voice as leveled as possible while mirroring his condescending tone, “That’s so interesting coming from the little boy that has yet to give me my book back.”
“It’s not yours.”
“Or yours,” you point out. “Is that why you want it so much? Because it doesn't belong to you?” He parts his lips to reply when you drop your attempts to retrieve the book, heels back on the floor and hands by your side. “On second thought, you can keep it. I mean,” you pause to chuckle all too haughty for his liking, “it wouldn’t be the first time you took something of Geraldson’s.”
The book drops with a loud thud followed by the bump of your back against the shelves and the release of a breathless gasp. Taehyung towers over you with his hand so harshly wrapped around your throat. It’s nothing like he did in the car, though. He was issuing a gentle warning then, hand around but never really choking and eyes intense but not really angry. 
This time he’s issuing a punishment. His grip is tight enough to stunt your airway and gaze so cold, it burns your gut with desire. “What the fuck has gotten into you tonight?” he hisses, tilting his head like he’s about to kiss you but you know better than to think he’d go through with it. He’s never kissed you and you’re starting to think he never will. 
Has he kissed her? The thought scrunches your face, lips in such a prominent pout, it looks as though you’re puckering. 
Taehyung hums at the sight, taking a moment to consider them. You think he really might kiss you now when his tongue makes a reappearance. He licks at them instead, smudging your pink lipstick out of place. 
Knees so weak, arousal gushing, you grab onto his chest, or rather, his sweater around his chest. 
“Is that chocolate flavoured?” he asks with furrowed brows. 
“Cookie dough,” you correct with a little chuckle. 
He hums again, this time sounding more amused than aroused. You expected another round of endless teasing, maybe even another lick of your lips. Instead, Taehyung turns you right around. The once tight grasp of his shirt is so insignificant against his effortless strength. He lets go of your neck long enough to press both his palms around the curves of your asscheeks. Shivering, your pussy clenches with excitement. Since having his fingers, it’s always felt so empty. Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sleep or making another cup of coffee at work, it would tighten needily for his hand and remind you of how you wished you had enough courage to ask for it again. 
Grabbing onto the edge of the shelves, you moan and push your ass back into him. 
Taehyung rubs at them as he says, “You must know by now that you can’t be speaking to me like that.” He squeezes, digging his fingers in and jiggling each cheek. You bite your lip to keep from giggling.  
“See, that’s what I thought. I keep thinking you’ll be a good girl once I show the rewards but you don’t seem to want to understand that. You don’t even dress the same anymore.”
Brows furrowed, you pout, “What’s wrong with how I dress?”
“White suits you so much better.”
Is that why all the dresses he bought you were some sort of shade of white? Confusion taking over your features, you look back at him over your shoulder and argue, “But you wear black too.”
“This isn’t about me.” He pauses to hike your skirt up, bunching it around your waist like he did a couple of weeks ago in the copy room. “This is about you and that fucking attitude that can’t seem to be fucked out of you.” 
Glancing over your shoulder, you’re about to stubbornly tell him that he’s the one with the attitude problem. He’s the one that up and left the car so abruptly, left you to fend for yourself at this stupid party where you only know two other people who might be willing to hold a conversation with you. If anyone should be chastised right now, it should be him.
All your words fall short when you catch him admiring your ass. Lip between his teeth and brows furrowed, Taehyung cups the curves of your ass and rubs them together in careful circles. Every time he catches another dimple of cellulite or line of stretch marks, he’d tighten his grip. You’ve felt his hands on your ass before, but it was always out of necessity. His grip was always needed to hold you up or keep you from falling. He would never take the time he does now, to rub and grab and jiggle just because he can, because he so obviously likes it. It forces your thighs together in a pathetic attempt to ease the throb of your needy clit. 
The gesture seems to snap his focus back to the situation at hand. He catches you staring and tsks. “Don’t give me that look, Angel. You’re not getting out of this, not this time.” 
Before you can even ask him what ‘look’ he’s referring to, he lands a hard smack on your right asscheek. You jolt up, bumping against the shelves with a loud moan. The sting buzzes around the affected area, and you take a moment to really process his actions. Did he just… spank you? 
Another one lands on your left cheek. The instant rush of arousal and clench of your pussy makes you shiver. You moan with your head slightly rolling back and eyes fluttering shut. You’ve seen it in a couple of pornos, wishing you had a man with hands like Taehyung’s to play around with your ass like that. You just never really thought it would feel so deliciously painful. If he doesn’t stop soon, you fear you might have a new addiction. 
“Un-fucking-believable,” Taehyung whispers. You can hear the smirk in that amused tone. “You like this too, don’t you, Angel? You like it when Daddy is mad?”
You bite at your index finger, mainly because biting your lip has not done as effective as a job you would’ve hoped to keep you from being too loud, and peek a look back at him. He rubs the sting out of both cheeks, staring at the finger between your teeth. You suppose he really wants an answer this time and settle for a little shake of your head. You don’t trust your voice not to fall apart at such an intense gaze. 
Taehyung quirks his head to the side with a little tut. “Angels don’t lie,” he smirks before spanking both cheeks. A chuckle tumbles out of him when you squeal. Pressing his lips to the shell of your ear, he whispers, “Tell Daddy the truth now. You like acting like a bad girl and annoying Daddy until he can’t keep his hands off you. Isn’t that right, Angel?”
It would be completely insane to agree with him, precisely because none of that is true. It can’t be true. You don’t act out to make him mad. In fact, you refuse to believe that you act out at all. He touches you because he simply adores watching you rile against him. He always laughs when you have to use every last drop of your strength to keep your eyes open and follow his aggressively delicate direction to ask like the good little girl you are. Yet, his voice is so captivating and lulls you into a filthy daydream of just him and his hands, hands, hands. Hands that rub and grab and smack your ass around like it was specifically made for that. 
Resting your head against the edge of the shelf, you let out a shaky sigh. You cannot stop yourself from giving into his words, his dulcet voice. And so, you confess, “That’s right, Daddy.”
Taehyung presses a soft kiss into your done up hair, then the shell of your ear, feeling it with the sound of his puckered lips. “Hmm, Daddy knew it,” he hisses with another spank. He talks over your whimper, whispering, “We’re going to have to change that, aren’t we? You’re going to learn how to act like a good girl when Daddy is busy. And you need to be more grateful when he buys you things.” 
You should have known. He’s upset over the fact you told him the pony was unnecessary. What the hell is his freaking obsession with that horse? So you were only joking about wanting one and think the purchase was wasteful, is that so wrong? Lips parted, you’re prepared to share your thoughts but the words never make it to your tongue. Your mind falls blank every time you finally summon your voice. It’s as though it knows saying any of this out loud would only result in a more ruthless punishment you might not really be ready for. 
“Do you know how many times you spoke back to me tonight?”
You shake your head. 
“Eleven,” he whispers before taking your earlobe between his teeth. He kisses it after nibbling on the sensitive skin for a second too long. “I need you to count them out for me. You can do that right, Angel? You can show Daddy that you can really be a good girl?”
Eyes shut, hands fisted by your lips as they hold on to the shelf for dear life, you whimper a quiet, “Yes, Daddy.”
Kissing behind your ear, he mutters, “Let’s practise.” 
Taehyung spreads his fingers while smacking your ass, ensuring he covers as much surface as he can with a single motion. 
You shudder with a little bounce, quick to whimper, “One.”
He smirks against your skin, “Good. Again.” He repeats the action, harder this time. 
Your ass stings, igniting a blissful buzz amongst your sensitive nerves. “Two.”
“That’s right, Angel.” 
Taehyung pulls up the band of your black panties. Whatever fabric once covered your ass, now bunches in the center of your ass. The tightest rubs at both holes too, making you squirm in place with every empty clench of your pussy. “From the beginning now,” he says as he rubs away the pain. 
Your voice is not gone, just breathless in its effort. At least this is what you tell yourself by the fifth spank. Taehyung is relentless in his punishment. He smacks, smacks, smacks your ass again and again, hard and faster each time. His hand whips you bruised, the sheer force making him hiss from the contact as well. And he’s growling. 
It’s bad enough you have to try not to fall apart with every spank and tightening pull of your panties, but now you have to combat the urge to melt back into him with every rough, growling grunt right against the shell of your ear. 
“E-elev-en,” you mewl into your hands. 
Taehyung lowly hisses, peppering kisses into your hair. “That’s a good girl,” he coos while rubbing your tender cheeks. His right hand burns against your ass. The fact that he bruised himself in the process makes you push your ass back into his hands. “Look at you. My good girl did so well. You’re so sexy when you listen to Daddy like this, Angel.” 
His praises have you shuddering with pride. You want so badly to fight off the smile playing on your lips, but all your strength has been poured into remaining standing for the spanking. Peering at him over your shoulder, you find his lips a breath away from yours. He catches that smile of yours, one already on his lips too. 
It’s happening. He’s going to kiss you now. 
Taehyung pecks the tip of your nose before pulling away. He rubs at his lips, eyes raking over your lower half as he takes a couple of steps back. It takes you a moment to realize that he’s admiring his work. 
Your thighs tremble as you press them together. It does nothing to soothe the ache between them. 
“You’re never not horny, are you?” he asks with a tilt of his head. 
Never not for you. 
“You just spanked me,” you regrettably argue. 
There’s a dangerous glint in his eyes. You cannot put your finger on it but it seems to be something of a cross between mischief and amusement. He nods his head to the side, silently calling you over. A little smile plays on his lips as well. He looks as though he’s about to ask you a humiliating question and, though there’s no one else in the room, wants to shield you from having to answer it aloud. 
You tug your skirt down as you approach him, only for him to tsk at the action. He furrows his brows at your hips and shakes his head. The sour expression softens when you pull the skirt back up around your waist. 
Taehyung pulls you close against him once you’re within reach, hands on your ass and groping like he didn’t just spank it raw. Leaning his forehead against yours, he gives you this condescendingly knowing look that drenches your bunched up panties all the more, and asks, “Have you been touching yourself, Angel?” 
Your breath hitches. Immediately, shaking your head, you reply, “No, of course not.”
“Why?” Concern colours his features. “I showed you how to do it. Two different ways, in fact.”
Oh. Is that what he was doing this whole time? So, he was just teaching you how to do it yourself. He wasn’t just trying to make you feel good or better after a bad day or particularly bad experience. 
You swallow thickly and try not to sound fazed in your tone as you explain, “It’s not the same.”
“How do you know if you don’t try?”
“Your hand is bigger than mine.” 
He smirks at that, grip on your ass tightening. “So you just wait for my hand then?” When you avert your gaze to the side, falling silent, he pulls your attention back on him, brushing your nose with his. “That’s cute.” 
That’s not the compliment he thinks it is, you tell yourself, not with that deep, condescending tone. So why are you wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing yourself against him? Why are you pouting and looking at him through your lashes? Why are you aching to be touched all the more when you both know that’s not at all what he meant to do when he started? It explains why he doesn’t mention it after the fact. He thinks his work is done. 
“Come on,” he whispers, backpedaling to one of the tables in the center of the room. He turns you both around when the edge meets his thighs. “You don’t need these,” he mutters, peeling your panties right off you. Instead of tossing them to the side, he shoves them in his pocket, licking whatever arousal rubbed off on his fingers away. 
You whimper at the sight. He chuckles, filling your chest with humiliation and pooling your entrance with more neediness than you think you can handle right now. 
“You’re being mean,” you whine. 
His cocky expression somewhat softens but that smile doesn’t change. “I didn’t mean to laugh, Angel,” he lies. 
You now know better than to point that out. If you speak back to him after such a spanking, you might never cum tonight and that’s not something you can risk. So, instead, you remain quiet and let him guide you onto the table. 
Taehyung spreads your legs, your hands falling from his shoulders to his forearms. You shyly watch his gaze at your sopping pussy. His tongue darts out to swipe the corner of his lips. If your eyes don’t deceive you, you swear he just licks away a little trail of drooling. God, is he going to devour you tonight?
Your pussy clenches at the thought. Taehyung bites his lip at the sight. One of his hands slides up from your thigh to further inspect your pussy. With the pad of his thumb, he tugs up at the upper part of your pussy and tilts his head. 
“What a wet mess,” he mutters to himself. 
The extra inch your legs move apart snaps his gaze to yours. He must see the desire in your eyes, if whatever he saw between your legs is not indication enough. Still, he doesn’t touch you. 
Instead, Taehyung removes his hand from your pussy and guides yours towards it. “Do you remember the first thing I taught you?” 
When you nod, he helps you press two fingers flat on your clit and slowly rub circles around it. One, two, three, then he lets go, holding your gaze as you keep going. You swallow thickly, biting your lip at the little bouts of sweet friction where you’ve been craving it. 
“That’s it,” he whispers, like he did that first night. “Don’t be afraid to move faster, Angel.” 
Your fingers tremble against your quivering pussy. You just don’t understand why he can’t do this himself. He’s so much better at it and his fingers- Fuck. Hips jolting forward, your finger hesitates to pick up the pace at the thought of his fingers. Maybe you can trick your body into believing that your hand is really his. 
Taehyung smiles, caressing your chin before squatting to the ground. His attention is now fully absorbed in the swirl of your fingers around your clit. He licks his lips, raising a brow when you reach down to collect more of your arousal to rub against yourself. “You’re doing great,” he encourages, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder. “Can you smack your pussy for me, Angel?” 
Growing shy, you pause. Where are you supposed to hit? Right on your clit or a little lower? He glances up at you with that sweet smile. You cannot deny him anything. Going with your gut, you gently land a little slap on your clit. It’s barely enough to make you moan, let alone jolt. 
Taehyung curls in his lips the way he always does to keep from laughing. It makes you hot all over, a little smile playing on your lips as you try not to laugh either. 
“Stop that,” you chuckle, breathless from the rubs you’ve picked up again. “You know I have no idea what I’m doing.”
“Aww,” he coos, brows furrowed and mouth in a playful pout. He wraps a hand around the thigh resting on his shoulder and softly rubs up and down your soft skin. Peppering wet kisses against your slick inner thighs, Taehyung adds, “You need to give yourself more credit than that, Angel. Look, you’re playing all by yourself again. I didn’t even have to tell you to do that.” 
You quietly moan at that familiar tightening in the pit of your stomach. Slightly heaving for air, you slump your shoulders and ask in a whine, “Why can’t you just touch me?” 
Taehyung sucks at a particularly sensitive area, right by the apex of your thigh as he peers up at you. Teeth grazing your skin, he mumbles, “There’s no need to do that,” he hums a pleased moan at the sound of your wetness slouching against your fingers, “when you’re already doing so well.”
Maybe this is all a way to make you beg, you wonder. Maybe he just wants you to ask him nicely, like last time, before putting his fingers in you. Hoping your hunch is right, you exaggerate your voice to that innocent tone he adores and plead, “Won’t you please put your finger in me, Daddy? I just need one, please- please, I can’t take this.”
He looks up at you knowingly. Your act does not seem to faze him as well as you hoped it would. Chuckling, breath fanning against your heat, he shakes his head. “You know how to do it. I showed you last time.” 
“Please!” you try again. 
Taehyung’s smile widens. He rests his chin on the edge of the desk, sniffing your sex. His lips rest just a centimeter away and you can’t resist pressing your hips against them. They sit at your emptily clenching hole. His tongue doesn’t dart out the way you wish it would and lips don’t move to even utter the praises they usually shower you with. Staring up at you, holding that unwavering, hungry gaze, he lets you grind against his face. 
“You’re close, aren’t you?” he asks, voice muffled by sending vibrations through your pussy. 
You hadn’t realized it yourself, so enthralled by his presence as he just sits and watches, but you really are getting close. Gyrating against his mouth, aggressively rubbing at your pussy, you cannot seem to catch your breath, let alone the fact that everything is about to come apart. It just feels so fucking good. And it’s not because you’re touching yourself, but because he’s there. He can sit here and pretend he’s not at all helping you. He can go on and on about how well you’re doing on your own, but you both know the reason why you’re so close and so unaware of yourself is because he’s here and he’s touching you too. He can pretend he’s right. The truth always remains the same; your pussy feels best under his care. 
Asking for permission is a must, especially since you forgot to do it last time. The numb soreness of your ass is another reason you need to be mindful of his authority. Not like he’ll ever let you forget it. You'd rather be on his good side, either way. Besides, you know he’s acting this way now, but he still is upset about what happened in the car. Anything to make him know you really care and recognize his role in your life, you’d be pleased to do. 
Pussy clenching, you summon your voice long enough to moan, “C-can I please come, Daddy?”
Taehyung raises an impressed brow. Keeping his head still, he hums, “Mm-hm.” 
The faint vibrations of his deep voice ripple your orgasm loose. Your moan falls open as you cry out his name, eyes roll back with your head and legs quake as you gush against his lips. You can feel him growling against you, your hand moving faster around your clit. 
“Ah, Daddy!! That feels so fucking good!” You cry out, voice broken as you look back down at him. 
He’s taking in breaths full of your scent, his own eyes rolling back. When he catches your gaze, he smirks, “Thinking about me when you cum?” 
Your body trembles. His tongue came out. You know for a fact that his tongue came out and got a little taste of you as he spoke. The tip poked at your pulsing hole while it gushed. You felt it and just want to feel it again. Resting both hands behind you, you circle your hips around his face. 
Taehyung lets you do it once, twice before completely pulling away. His mouth, chin and parts of his cheeks are glistening with you. The sight immediately shuts your thighs together, bringing your knees to your chest. 
“You didn’t ask to do that,” he informs. 
Mouth open, you’re about to explain yourself when he begins to lick around his chin. You watch him clean his face up with his long tongue, just wondering what would’ve been if he just pushed it in you. 
You don’t find out tonight.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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bad word | kth drabble
Tumblr media
⇢ 𝒔𝒚𝒏𝒐𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒔; one of the kids in your class curses and you make it your responsibility to break it to her dad, luckily you know him better than your co-workers
⇢ 𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: fluff, smut, dilf!taehyung
⇢ 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: protected sex, explicit language, age gap; taehyung is 35 and reader is 28 (although their age is not mentioned in the story, just the age difference of 7 years), mentions of smut, slight biting
⇢ 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 6.4k+
𝒂/𝒏: commissioned anonymously! this was supposed to be 4k but here we go again, another proof that it's a challenge for me to write something short haha
𝒎.𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒕 | ☕️ | © 𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒐 (𝒏𝒐 𝒓𝒆𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒔𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒅)
Tumblr media
“You're doing amazing, Jihoon.” you praise the little boy, patting the top of his head as you glance at his coloring book. The coloring is a little bit off, actually a lot, but you can't really tell him that, can you? He seems to be encouraged by your praise, your heart beaming when he looks up at you and gives you a grin, his two front teeth missing.
You praise other kids at the table, somehow content how silent the room is. Well, apart from the occasional squeals, laughs and toys crashing down the floor every few seconds, but that's just something you got used to very quickly. Now it's just a noise you can listen to without having the need to go somewhere quiet. However, headaches make an occasional appearance once you get back home, the place empty from all the kids noises and their presence. You can't say you hate it though, you actually miss them a lot.
You wouldn't do this job if you didn't like kids. And these particular amazing and cute kids that you get to see five days a week somehow sneaked their way into your heart, so you easily have grown attached to them. You could not see them for one week and feel like they’ve grown too quickly. Not for nothing people say you can see the real time passing by on kids. It's true.
Making your way back to the teachers table, you reach for your bottle of water as you join your co-workers, having a heated conversation while kids have their own play-time without you interfering.
“No, no, no. Mr. Kim has to be the first. Hands down.” Sara says, shaking her head while your other co-worker Katana just chuckles mumbling something along the lines “You've got a point”.
“What are you guys talking about?” you ask them, opening the bottle while taking a few gulps.
“Just ranking the hottest daddies. Kim, Ivy's father is definitely and successfully holding the first place.” Sara waves her hand as if she's talking about weather and not about one of the kids' fathers that is in this very same room.
You choke up, a few droplets of water spilling down your chin as you quickly wipe it with the back of your hand. Katana and Sara burst into laughter, enjoying your sudden and shocked reaction while you glare at them.
“Y/N agrees for sure.” Katana smirks, causing you to frown at her.
“Don't you guys have something else to do?” you mutter, closing the bottle as you feel your heart racing, eyes silently searching for Ivy who's playing with one of the dolls putting them into a kids stroller.
Your heart softens at the sight, her pigtails still successfully holding, the ones you made her once she woke up from her nap time. She always asks you to do them, she can be very persistent when she wants to.
“Loosen up, Y/N. It's not like you don't think Mr. Kim is the perfect dilf out of all daddies here.”
Your head snaps towards Sara, eyes bulge out as you feel your whole face flash while your co-workers laugh at your reaction once again. Your heart beats harshly against your ribcage, feeling their eyes on you as you straighten yourself and clear your throat. Just as you're about to say something, Katana cuts you off before you even have a chance, her eyebrows lifted confidently. Maybe you should be happy they're continuing with the conversation rather than laughing at your reaction and finding you being more frustrated and red with each passing minute.
“He has someone. He clearly isn't with Ivy's mother,”
That's true. Ivy's mother is coming to pick her every second week and it's quite known they're not together. It's not like Ivy's father hides it and besides, Ivy's mother likes to show her frustration towards her ex-husband at every occasion and she definitely doesn't mind if she's doing it in front of her kid's teachers or in the kindergarten her kid is going into. This is definitely not the place to voice out her annoyance towards her kid's father, especially not in front of her even though it seems Ivy has her own little bubble and luckily, doesn't put too much attention to whatever her mother has to say whenever she comes to pick her up, trying to discreetly speak not so fondly about her ex-husband. However, you know better.
Her ex-husband is a very friendly and polite man, loving his daughter like no one else. It warms everyone's heart whenever he comes to pick her up, not because he's handsome or a perfect dilf as your co-workers named him (which to be honest you don't know how to feel about it). Maybe that's why she seems so envious of him because he has a perfect relationship with their daughter. Well, at least that could be one of the other reasons for sure.
However, as soon as those words leave Katana's mouth you feel yourself getting tense all over again as you stare at her with a neutral look. Sara frowns, seeing displeased by the new information and how Katana sounds so sure of herself.
“How do you know that? Has he told you anything?”
Would it be too awkward if you just stepped away from this conversation? Why out of all time, one of the kids can't do something that would require your whole attention and presence? Just like on purpose, there's a complete calm yet cheerful atmosphere in the classroom.
“No,” Katana snickers, “But a man like him has to have someone. I mean, take one look at him. He can't be single.”
You shake your head at her statement, even though partly you'd agree if you didn't know any better. Sara sighs, mumbling a few words of how unfortunate it is that every hot man is either married or dating someone. Not going to lie, you're not blind and it's hard to resist Taehyung's charms. That's what his name is. Kim Taehyung. It sounds nice even in your head. But not even once you were thirsting about him so publicly, especially not in a classroom full of kids even though they can't hear the conversation that's been clearly going on way before you made your way here.
Luckily, someone up there has listened to your silent pleas when two of the kids start to bicker, your clue to turn around and leave from the conversation as you assure Sara and Katana you got it. By the time you kindly explain to the kids bickering isn't nice and give them the pep-talk, Sara and Katana have separated and are playing with other kids.
Later in the day when a few of the kids have already gone home and got picked up by their parents, you're closing the classroom's door while bidding goodbye to one of the kids and their mom. You're opening your mouth, ready to talk to Sara (since Katana already went home because there's no need for the three of you to be here when most of the kids went already home) but before you can, the usual chirpy and soft voice calls out something you'd never expect you'd hear again.
You and Sara stare with wide eyes at each other before you glance at the four year old Ivy, her brows furrowed as one of the toys she was trying to reach fell down on the floor with a loud bang. She seems completely oblivious that whatever she said is bad, her small and neaty hands picking up the toy as she glares at the poor plastic pink car for dolls.
“I got it.” You mouth to Sara, seeing her finger pointing between her and you, her silent way of asking who's going to deal with it.
“Ivy, honey,” you call out to the little girl, her round eyes glancing at you as she sits on the wooden stool taking the car with her as she sets it onto the table where her dolls are sitting.
Should you tell her something? She seems oblivious to the curse word that so freely let out her small mouth. Reminding her and trying to explain to her that she shouldn't be talking like that would just put more attention to it. However, this is not the first time you've heard this word because the same thing happened yesterday. You've no idea where she heard it from, well the most likely option is that she heard it at home. But you also know her father is very serious about language around kids, especially around his own kid to be precise. You mean… stuff like that can happen to anyone. People often curse before they realize they did it, it happened to you a lot – not in front of kids or in your job though.
Did he and his ex-wife maybe get into an argument? Maybe one of them cursed and Ivy obviously heard it.
“What did you say just a moment ago?” you ask her, letting her think about it. Okay, if she doesn't remember you'll let it go and act as if it didn't happen. But if she--
“Fuck,” she shrugs innocently, your eyes widening once more as you look around to see if any of the kids heard her. Luckily, they haven't.
Sara stands nearby, not really hearing your conversation but she definitely heard the word “fuck” coming out of Ivy with no problem. She stares at you, somehow looking both worried and amused at the same time as you take a deep breath.
Oh, fuck. She's not even your kid and you feel your palms getting sweaty. You don't want to cross any lines or interfere with the way she is being raised, you know not many parents appreciate when one of the teachers gets involved. However, it's your job to explain to her certain things when it directly happens in the kindergarten and in front of other kids. The last thing you need is one of the kids to hear her and repeat it after her.
“Ivy, you can't say that word. It's naughty and nice kids don't talk like that,” you start, seeing her tilting her head slightly at you as she thinks about your words for a moment. “I thought you're a nice kid.” you tell her softly, purposely saying it knowing she's always determined to prove that she's nice whenever her dad comes to pick her up and mentions ice-cream. Or even if he asks one of you, the teachers, if she was nice. Ivy is usually the first one to respond which always makes everyone laugh.
She's a good kid. Polite one too. She treats other kids nicely and always shares her toys. So naturally, you're even more surprised to hear her saying such a word that definitely shouldn't belong to the dictionary of a four year old.
“I am!” she insists, frowning as she pouts slightly.
“Well, nice and good kids don't talk like that. It's very naughty.”
“Sorry.” she mumbles apologetically, looking down at her lap.
“I don't want to hear you saying that again, okay? You're a very cute and pretty lady.” you tell her, trying to lighten her sour mood as you tap her cute round nose.
She giggles, nodding as you chuckle at her. “Okay.” she tells you softly once she calms down.
Half an hour later, close to the closing time, Sara informs you Ivy's mother is coming to pick her up as she just parked her car. It doesn't faze you, it's pretty usual for her to come pick up her daughter at this hour. However, even though she's not very nice towards her ex-husband, having bitter remarks which are usually muttered underneath her breath but you – or Sara and Katana – always hear them. She's not trying to mask it that much, even though she thinks she's being sleek with the whole act “I hate my ex-husband”. But she's not a bad mom. She comes this late because she owns a boutique but whenever she sees her daughter, an almost identical copy of her father, she always has a warm smile on her lips. She's nice towards teachers (which obviously includes you as well) and you've never really had any trouble with her.
That can't be said about Ivy's father though.
You know your daily task is to fill up parents about their kids' day and how they behaved, but before Sara can make her way towards the door and open it, you catch her wrist and glance at her nervously.
“Don't say anything about what Ivy said today, please.”
Sara looks a little taken aback by your request, not hiding a mere confusion and probably wonders why are you even asking this of her. It's pretty usual you'd tell whichever of the parents would pick up the kid, the truth. The last time Ivy said clear and soundable “fuck”, you brushed it off after talking to the girls. But now that has happened a second time, you'd usually just have to say it to the parent.
“Are you sure? She should probably know about this.” Sara says, voice quiet and confused.
“Yeah, she should. But she'll just blame Ivy's father for it and the poor kid already listens to that every time she finds something against him. I think her dad will explain this stuff to her better, Ivy listens to him more. We can tell him next week when it's his turn to pick her up.”
Sara is not surprised to hear your reason, she can easily tell the difference of the two parents as well. She's very attentive and knows, even though Ivy loves both her parents, she's way more cheerful when her dad comes to pick her up and he's actually the one that is more strict. Ivy is just a kid and even though she has a good heart and is raised well, she has her own tantrums sometimes. You, Sara and Katana were witnesses to him putting her back in her place whenever she threw a tantrum in the dressing room with his deep and stern voice.
“Okay, I think you're right.” she nods, agreeing with you but before she can say something else, Ivy's mother opens the door and greets you before she calls out to Ivy.
The little girl runs to her and hugs her long legs before she lets go and goes back into the room, cleaning up the toys she played with just a few seconds ago and putting them back to their place. It makes your heart bloom with softness and warmness and when you look at her mother, you see the same look in her eyes as she waits for her daughter, taking her small hand into hers when she finally makes it back to her mother.
Tumblr media
The apartment smells delicious when you enter the spacious entryway, a silent curse leaving your mouth as soon as you take off your shoes and step onto a wooden toy that makes your foot ache. Putting away your thin jacket onto the rack, you make your way through the house, following the little rumble sounds and amazing smell of food that makes your mouth water.
You smile as soon as you see him, standing with his back while stirring something on the pot. You make your way towards him, hugging him from the back as he slightly jumps from the sudden touch but smiles once he looks down and sees it's you.
“Hey, love.”
Heart warming at the pet name, you let out a soft “hi” before he turns around and kisses you on the lips, cupping your cheeks for a moment.
“Ivy?” he asks in assurance, causing you to chuckle as you lean against the kitchen counter, seeing him still wearing one of his work attires, a light blue button-up and black slacks.
He must've come home and straight went to prepare dinner for the two of you.
“Hyerim picked her up.” you answer, seeing him nod even though he already knows the answer to that. He's just in his dad's protective and caring mode, he needs assurement.
“Good, how was your day?”
So you chat, watching him cook as he refuses your help whenever you offer yourself. Once the food is ready, you move to the dining room with a few crayons still sitting on top of the table messily as he apologizes and quickly puts them away.
“Sorry, didn't have enough time to make this place clean.” he apologizes, but it only makes you chuckle because he's acting as if you're not spending your free time here every second week.
Throughout the dinner, you talk and eat in a peaceful silence – something you've grown used to as well. Sometimes you wonder how it'd feel like with Ivy's presence here, considering it feels like she is here but in reality she isn't. Her drawings are attached to the fridge and around the house, clearly making her dad a proud one. And her toys are almost everywhere, even though they're neatly placed in the living room.
It makes you miss her, knowing she is probably having a great time with her mom because apparently, she never complains and always talks fondly whenever she comes back home. It only makes you think of what happened today, wondering if by now the little girl didn't listen to you and already said “fuck” again, this time in front of her mother.
“Taehyung?” you ask softly, putting down your fork as you glance at your boyfriend who's just putting a bite into his mouth as he hums in response, eyes set upon you.
“Did you and Hyerim fight by any chance recently?” you ask him, seeing his brows furrowing, the same way like Ivy did today.
“No,” he answers, looking a little puzzled as he thinks it through for a second before answering more confidently. “No, I told you we haven't fought in months. I think she prefers talking behind my back and in front of Ivy's teachers.” he jokes a little, the corner of his lips curving to a slight smirk.
It makes you chuckle and look down at your plate, obviously knowing you're the reason why he knows all of this in the first place. As much as Sara and Katana daydream about him, they wouldn't go as far as telling him such an uncomfortable and private thing, even if it includes him as well. It's impolite.
Perks of him being your boyfriend, so you can tell him anything you want.
You nod along his words, reaching for the glass of wine as you take a decent sip before he keeps his eyes on you, a silent curiosity and interest crossing his face. “Is there a reason why you're asking? Has she said something about me again?”
“Ah, no. She was actually very polite this time...” you trail off, avoiding his eyes for a moment and you've no idea why.
Maybe it's the way he's staring at you with his dark eyes across the table, or the fact that he looks so hot and stern all of a sudden while he analyzes the way you're acting. Obviously, a few months of dating him, he already knows when there's something you're not telling him.
“Come on, love. Tell me, I'm not gonna bite. At least not now.” he smirks, laughing when you exclaim his name and start laughing too, momentarily hiding your face with your hands as you feel the heat rushing to your face.
“Alright,” you breathe out once you calm down, looking him in the eyes. “Ivy said 'fuck' today.”
Taehyung's brows shoot up in surprise, opening his mouth slightly. “She said what?”
“Fuck,” you tell him, even though you know he heard you the first time. “One of the toys fell when she was trying to grab it. I talked to her but obviously, I thought you should know. I didn't say anything to Hyerim, we both know why…” you tell him and he nods, understanding that Hyerim might've overreacted and just put more blame on him than it's necessarily.
“I don't understand… I don't curse in front of her, neither does Hyerim. We're both very careful about that.”
“You never know, it might've slipped. It doesn't really matter who's to blame for this, but she can't speak like that. Thank god none of the kids heard her. This is actually the second time she said it, the first time she said it was a few days ago.”
“What? Why didn't you tell me?” he asks, surprised, not sounding accusingly at all.
“I wanted to tell you in private and since you had Ivy last week, there was no time. I wasn't about to discuss it in a dressing room where other parents were.” you explain.
Taehyung nods understandably, giving you a slight smile in appreciation before he looks a little disappointed by the news as he sighs. “I'll talk to her when she comes back from Hyerim. Where could she possibly hear it from? I don't understand…”
You shrug, not sure what to answer as he thinks about it for a moment, deciding that he has no answer for that and just lets it go for tonight. Shaking his head, he continues eating while you do the same, a casual talk filling the dining room once again while throwing knowing and flirtatious glances at each other.
Tumblr media
You often think about what you did in your past life to deserve such a man in your life, to have that privilege of snatching not just one of the hottest men in the world but also the kindest and most attentive boyfriend. It was one year ago when you started working at the kindergarten where you're working till this day. You had been working there barely for a week when a new three year old started attending kindergarten for the first time. You can still remember the way Ivy's big eyes were full of curiosity and fear at the same time, her both hands clutching her father's big one. He stayed for a few minutes, lingering close to the wall as he watched his daughter playing with toys and drawing him a picture. Despite his fond eyes that were filled with nothing but love, you could see him looking worried just as equal as Ivy when the door of the classroom full of other kids opened.
The only difference is, that he waited until his daughter wasn't watching him and was too occupied while drawing him a picture of butterflies, house and other random things that the three year old could think of.
And despite you working there barely a week, you already encountered similar situations with other parents as well. You're not going to lie, he did look slightly intimidating from the moment you first saw him. It's not like he was expressionless or coldly looked around himself, he was quite the opposite. One of the kids brought him a toy and he crouched down to the kid, ruffled his black hair and thanked him with a cute boxy smile which later on, you found Ivy has a very similar smile.
So you approached him, listened to him as he explained that he's probably overreacting but ever since she was born, he was with her most of the time and now is the time for her to come here, so he can work and she can finally attend kindergarten like every other kid. Ever since then, you both chatted a lot whenever he came to pick her up. Nothing too serious and you never crossed any boundaries, especially when he informed you Ivy's mother will pick her up every second week. Later on, when he came to pick up Ivy one day, you assumed they're married but busy to come together to pick her up. You assumed they just came to an arrangement to take turns.
You were surprised – okay, maybe even pleased – to hear that they've been divorced and separated for a year already. You kept your reaction low, just nodding in understatement. You remember the way he subtly smirked at you when you shyly looked away.
Somehow over the months, you both became close – friends maybe. He'd always talk to you about his day while waiting for Ivy to tie her shoes because “she's a big girl and she can do it alone”. Ivy's words, not her father's. He went along with it, taking that time to lean against the kids lockers while chatting to you whenever you had the time.
Until one day he finally grew some balls – Taehyung's words again – and finally asked you out. And the rest is a history, bringing you back to present time as you've been dating for five months now.
Taehyung's broad shoulders and the way he's eye-fucking you is definitely worth of not thinking about history, but get ready for present. He cockily smirks at you, standing above you while you're sprawled on his bed completely naked while he takes the last article of his clothes which happens to be boxers.
Oh, you're definitely lucky.
If only Sara and Katana could see you right now, they'd never believe you've been dating this man the whole time they kept talking about him, or more like thirsting over him. He's more than that though.
There are many things you appreciate about Taehyung, being mature is one of them. Him being older than you, seven years difference to be exact, makes him more mature than any of the boys you were dating previously. There weren't that many but even if there were, you know no one could compete with Taehyung.
Even your friendly and blunt co-workers can't keep their eyes off him whenever it's his turn of the custody. Even when it's not, they talk about him on a daily basis. And apparently giving him a nickname that has been sticking to him for a few months now.
Taehyung is in the middle of rolling a condom down his length when you giggle amusingly as your eyes scrunch. He chuckles, even though he glances at you in confusion wondering why the hell you're giggling all of a sudden.
“What?” he asks, breathing out a chuckle as he glances down at his length and gives himself a few testing tugs. As much as he wants three more kids (apparently – it's something he spilled when you had a date night at his house while drinking lots of wine), you still have a long way to go until you go that route.
“You know that Sara and Katana call you dilf?” you giggle, covering your mouth with your palm while Taehyung's eyebrows shoot up in shock.
For the first time since he has slowly led you to his bedroom and pleasured you with his mouth until you were begging for him to stop and let you breathe for a second, he looks quite shocked and taken aback. It's only now that you see the back of his neck flash as he sheepishly rubs it with his hand.
He's no stranger to the names of your co-workers, he hears about them all the time. However, it's the first time you revealed the nickname they gave him, even though he knows they're thirsting over him. Something you spilled that time on your date night.
But Taehyung is not caught off guard for too long, hovering over you for a second as he pulls you closer to the edge of bed, hands on your ass as he lifts it up. His length pokes you right into your clit causing you to stop giggling as you moan.
“Dilf, is it?” he hums, causing you to nod while silent pleas of him filling you up resounds from your mouth. In times like these, you can barely function and control yourself at the same time.
Taehyung listens to you, guiding his thick length into your wet and tight hole as he enters you with a slow yet shallow thrust. You groan, mouth opening and eyes shutting, falling apart from the single feeling of him stretching you out. You missed him. It's been something over a week since you got to have some alone time with him, which includes a lot of sex of course.
“Do they know this dilf gets to fuck you?” he hums against your neck, causing you to realize he's hovering over you once again as he gently bites into the crook of your neck, slowly thrusting in and out.
“Ah, fuck,” you moan out once he pulls back, grabbing you by your thighs as he hoasts your lower body up to his liking. It's just a matter of seconds before he starts fucking you just like he promised a few minutes ago when you entered his bedroom.
His thick length brushes your wet and tight walls, hitting all the right places as you can't keep your moans silent. Taehyung's eyes are focused on your breasts that bounce with each thrust he makes, eyes glancing down at your stomach to see it bulging thanks to his length inside you.
“Shit, love. You're killing me.” he groans, the sight being one of his weaknesses as it ushers him to pound into you even more.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Tae…” you whimper, feeling yourself getting close as his nails dig into the meat of your thighs. But the pain is nothing but pleasing and arousing you even more.
Soon enough, you're falling apart and cumming around his thick length that makes him groan, making it harder for him to move inside you. But somehow he does, pounding into you and following you a minute later while he spills into the condom.
Both breathing heavy, you're not surprised when Taehyung falls down on you as you hug him closer while he peppers your neck and chest with kisses. He slowly slips out of you, groaning at the feeling as he forces himself to stand up and dispose of the condom. He tells you he'll be right back, bringing one of his shirts that he without a doubt found in the bathroom. He cleans you up, tossing it down the floor you scoot further to the bed, finally laying down onto his soft pillows. He cuddles to you, tossing a duvet over your naked and warm buddies as he nuzzles to your neck.
“I want to tell Ivy,” he suddenly mumbles, his hands slowly rubbing your stomach under the duvet. “About us, about you.”
That makes you surprised, your heart skipping a beat and causing you to feel excited.
Ivy doesn't know that you're dating her father. It's something you respected from the moment you felt things between you and Taehyung aren't just about the casual talks between a parent and a teacher. From Taehyung's positions, it definitely makes sense that he didn't want to break it to his daughter that he's dating one of her teachers. You both wanted to make sure you're very serious about each other before he breaks the news to her. It makes sense. You're her teacher and even though it won't affect your work or can get you into trouble, you didn't want to be introduced to her as her dad's girlfriend just yet. No one knows about your relationship, that's one of the reasons.
Ivy is a sweet kid but she's still a kid and she would obviously spill the news. You both can't expect the four year old will keep your relationship a secret before you decide to just announce it to the world. You don't know how Hyerim, Taehyung's ex, will react to the news. Even though you don't care that much about her because she has nothing to do with Taehyung, not anymore – she's still Ivy's mother and probably won't have a pleasant reaction.
There are a lot of things you and Taehyung had to think through before you came to the conclusion that this is nice and you want to be in each other's life like this. Your parents know about Taehyung, and so does his parents know about you. But telling Ivy means that you'll be openly dating and it no longer will be a secret, in other words it’s a bigger step than telling your or Taehyung’s parents. This means Sara and Katana will find out eventually too, however you're not worried about that.
They might feel embarrassed that they've been thirsting about your boyfriend this whole time, but it'll be finally your time to laugh at them and see them frustrated.
Taehyung isn't scared of Ivy's reaction, the reason he didn't tell her about the two of you isn't about that. She loves you. Apparently, she talks about you at home too and according to Taehyung, you're her favorite teacher. Teachers shouldn't have a favorite kid but they always do. Your favorite kid is Ivy. Not because you're dating her dad, she's been your favorite from the moment Taehyung went to work and left her there for the first time alone. She came up to you and clutched to your hand, talking to you sweetly as she drew you a picture. The first one she drew in a class was already took by Taehyung as she made sure she gave it to him before he had to depart.
“Are you sure?” you ask, not hiding the smile in your voice that makes Taehyung smile as he kisses your collarbone.
“I've been sure for quite some time,” he tells you softly, “I don't want to hide anymore. She loves you, I love you and I want to spend my time with both of you. I want you to be here when she's home too, I want my both girls here.”
Your heart softens, heart blooming with love and warmness as your fingers play with Taehyung's dark wavy hair.
“I'd be more than happy about that,” you confess, “I feel like it's the right time too.”
Taehyung agrees, lifting his head off your body as he looks at you and purses his lips, silently asking for a kiss. You chuckle, finding him cute and different than from the man that pounded you into his mattress just a moment ago. You kiss him, letting your mouths mold together for a few minutes until you're forced to pull apart to properly breathe.
“I know where Ivy heard the bad word.”
The bad word. That makes you chuckle as you turn to him with an interest in your eyes. “Really?”
“Yeah,” he nods, smirking a little. “From you.”
You open your mouth. “Excuse me? I don't curse in front of her.”
“Uhm, it might not have been completely in front of her, but you know when you curse the most.”
“No, tell me.” you tell him, narrowing your eyes at him.
“When we have sex.” he smirks, causing your mouth to open.
“You remember the last time when we had sex? I called you over after we both couldn't sleep, Ivy was in her room sleeping back then,” Taehyung starts, causing your heart to stop for a moment as a horrific expression makes a way to your face.
Like Taehyung said, it was one of the nights when you texted and couldn't sleep, the texts becoming slightly explicit and needy which caused Taehyung to call you over. It was the first and only time you sneaked to his house while Ivy was in it too, supposedly soundlessly sleeping in her room while her father fucked you in his own. He assured you she's sleeping and you had to sneak away the next morning before she woke up, like a damn teenager.
You both acted like teenagers that night to be fair. The whole sneaking thing had its own spice though.
“Apparently, the little lovebug was awake or we must've woke her up.” Taehyung says, laughing as he seems amused by the whole situation.
“But--how do you know? Maybe she heard it somewhere else, this doesn't mean anything.” you tell him, not believing your own words too.
Taehyung raises his brow at you, “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he starts mimics you from that night when he took you from behind, your face heating up right away as you slap him in the chest. “You know how I know that?” he asks, voice amused and cocky which makes you roll your eyes.
“Spill it out.” you tell him, ready to hide behind the duvet but he gently takes it away from you and keeps his hold onto it.
“She asked me the next morning who was at our house. Apparently, she heard some noises.”
Okay, now you certainly look mortified. Taehyung laughs, enjoying the way you squeal in embarrassment.
“And you're telling me that just now?” you exclaim, repeating his words from earlier as he laughs with eyes scrunched shut.
“Well, telling you over a text or in a kindergarten with a bunch of parents and kids around wasn't the best option. I forgot to tell you, to be honest.”
“Oh my god,” you groan, rubbing your forehead in embarrassment. “What did you tell her?”
“That she must've had a bad dream.” Taehyung chuckles causing you to laugh.
“And she believed that?”
“Does it matter?”
No, it doesn't.
Taehyung suddenly cuddles you again, leg slouched over your own as his mouth is on your collarbone against, slowly making his way down to your breast as he starts sucking your nipple. You gasp, looking down at him as he keeps his attention to your nipple before he looks up with a smirk.
“Look at you, teaching my kid a bad word and you haven't even been introduced as my girlfriend.”
“It wasn't on purpose.” you gasp, whimpering when he gently bites onto your breast, chuckling lowly.
“I know,” he adds, assuring you that he's not mad or putting a blame on you. It was your both's fault. If you just waited and weren't horny like teenagers, this wouldn't have happened.
He lets go of your nipple with a loud plop, staring you in the eyes while his hands move down your stomach. You already know where this is heading, soon feeling him between your legs. But before he fully touches you where you're aching for him the most, he licks his lips and bites into them before a loving gaze makes its way to his eyes.
“Good thing I love you.”
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devil's smile; m | kth
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader
word count: 10.4k
rating: 18+
genre: smut, enemies to lovers, college!au, ONE BED TROPE Y'ALL, vacation!au
warnings: taetae is a little teasing shit, they play truth or dare like eighth graders but in dirty version, tae gets a bra thrown at him (don't ask i can't explain it either) mirror sex, spit kink, orgasm denial, overstimulation, squirting, blowjob, spanking, tit slapping, fingering, breast play, dirty talk, rough sex, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, oc finds out about her praise kink, creampie, size kink? i thinks that's all phew
summary: you already knew that going on a vacation with your friends and taehyung was a bad idea, but when you end up having to share a room with taehyung you find yourself in a situation you'd sworn to never repeat again.
a/n: this is the same couple as in this fic. you don't have to read it to understand this fic tho, i just imagine them to be the same characters (^з^)-☆Chu!!
index: prequel | one | two |
,,No, this is not happening," you say, arms folded and foot impatiently tapping the red carpet.
You know that your complain is a vain attempt since there is nothing that can be changed about the situation, but you have to let your frustration out.
,,I'm supposed to share a room with her?" You scoff at Taehyung's outrageous tone. It's not like you're the problem of this situation. It's him.
You're all standing in the hotel lobby. Freshly checked in waited to get your cards for your rooms, but guess what. You didn't get a card. And they didn't have any left. Apparently they mixed up the rooms and the amount of people and now you are standing there, overly annoyed at being told to having to share a room with Taehyung.
Hoseok gives you a rueful grin. You have absolutely no idea why he finds this humouring, but you're going to make sure to punch him for that later.
You have no other choice but surrender. Your only hopes - Jimin and Hoseok, your room mates - are no option, because Hoseok is here with his girlfriend and Jimin shares a room with Yoongi. You are not really close to the other boys - well, it's not like you are close to Taehyung... - so there a not many solutions for you to choose.
Jungkook makes a move to speak up, but he quickly decides against it and remains silent.
,,But hey, we are not going to be in our rooms a lot anyway. We are gonna hang around outside most of the time, so it's fine, right?" Jimin, your best friend, says and you slowly nod.
,,He is right. It's summer, we won't stay in our rooms expect to sleep there," Namjoon continues. You feel yourself loosen up by their words. Taehyung also seems to finally have settled with that thought.
This is fine. It isn't as bad as you thought it would be when it was announced that you had to share a hotel room with Taehyung. One of you - definitely Taehyung, not even debatable - can sleep on the couch, problem solved.
And with that all of you move to the elevators with your luggage.
Not at any costs you would let Taehyung ruin your summer vacation. You are going to have fun here and get your mind off of everything before going back to hell - which is also called university.
Maybe having hope for something where Taehyung is involved in isn't really expedient. Or maybe you should be honest with yourself and take the fault for having hope for this wretched situation that you landed in upon yourself, because it's clearly your fault for not taking into consideration that you're all broke students that barely saved their money for this vacation and that you didn't have money for a hotel that has couches in their rooms. Yeah, this one was definitely on you.
There isn't a couch, an armchair or anything where someone could sleep on - just a wooden chair that's placed in front of a tiny desk. Not very appropriate for being a replacement for a bed.
You both don't comment on that. Quietly accepting the fact that there is not other choice - except he wants to sleep on the floor - but having to share the bed with each other.
Luckily the bed is big so you both won't have to end up to sleep that near to one another.
It's late at night so you both get ready to sleep. You really looked forward to finally sleep after that long car ride, but now it's not exactly excitement when you think about getting into that comfortable bed and rest your aching limbs.
You changed your clothes in the bathroom - a cute top and some shorts being your pyjamas - and leave brush your teeth before exiting to not let Taehyung wait for too long.
But when you leave the bathroom you're not prepared to find Taehyung only in his boxers, showing off his muscular and tanned body whike searching for something in his suitcase.
Yes, you saw how he looks like beneath his clothes - you fucked him - but perhaps you would never get used to how ethereal he looks like. Thankfully Taehyung doesn't realise that you came out of the bathroom and is too focused on finding whatever he is searching for and giving you perfect time to ogle his beautiful body.
,,Like the view?"
,,Huh?" You instantly look away, like a deer caught in headlights, though he didn't even raise his head but only continues searching.
,,You're making it pretty obvious by just standing there doing nothing."
,,Shut up."
Somehow this situation feels like a déjà-vu.
He roses from his seat on the floor. Brows raised expectantly he stares at you, but you have nothing else to say so you just walk past him and sit at the edge of your side of the back.
,,Brat," he mumbles.
If you would get a penny every time he calls you brat you'd be a millionaire by now. And because you are so used to hear him calling you that you don't even react to it, simply ignoring it and reaching for you phone.
You hear his foot steps behind you and soon the bathroom door shuts close.
You occupy yourself with your phone, answering some messages and then checking social media.
It doesn't take long for you to notice that you forgot to take off your bra, so you quickly unhook the class and wriggle it out under your top. You throw your bra somewhere behind you and go on with scrolling through Instagram.
You shriek when Taehyung's voice cuts off the silence in the room. You whip around with big eyes and almost scold and curse him for scaring you, but when you take in the sight you burst into laughter.
You accidentally threw your bra right on top of his hand, the cups of your bra hanging on both sides of him. In one hand he is holding his toothbrush and in the other his - your - toothpaste. He closed his eyes in annoyance.
When the realisation that you have your phone in your hands hits you, you immediately open your camera and take a picture of him.
,,I just wanted to ask if I could use your toothpaste and not get your fucking bra thrown- Did you just take a picture?!" He snaps your bra away from his head, throwing it to the ground.
You giggle and turn your phone around. ,,Looks cute, right?"
,,Delete that fucking picture, y/n." Taehyung doesn't look amused. He clenches his jaw and looks very stern.
,,Make me." You grin, an evil spark glimmering in your eyes.
Taehyung walks over to you, his tall frame towering in front of you. You have the perfect view of his abs, but you're way more focused on what he is planning to do.
,,Why do you always have to act like a brat?" His voice is dark, deep.
He comes closer, causing you to lean back. Taehyung doesn't stop till your back hits the mattress and his knee is digging into the bed. You slither up the bed, until your head rests against the pillow but Taehyung follows you, crawling after you.
It happens so fast that you can't even recall how exactly you got into this situation.
Taehyung looms over you, legs straddling your body and hands steadying him near your head. He's so close to you. His breath fans over you, eyes flicking over the beautiful features of your face, but your plump lips that were teasing him a moment ago catch his attention.
He wants to devour them, feel them against his, taste them and wants go through all the sizzling emotions he went through when you both kissed for the first time.
A short peek to your eyes tell him that the same thoughts are floating around your head.
With that in mind he leans closer to you, noses ever so slightly touching. Your arms almost naturally wrap around his neck, fingers itching to just push him down and press your mouth against his, but the serene ambience inclines both of you to act slow, one could even say that you both are timid and afraid, because of of delicacy that you treat each other with. Hands that slowly creep against one another outlines, brief glances, long stares at the region that you desire and eyes full off unspoken words that are on search for so much more.
Your hands skim over his shoulders, the anticipation of Taehyung's next move starts titillating your fingertips and seizes your whole body in prickling avidness.
,,Hm? Why do you always have to act like that? Like a brat?"
With such a gentleness his lips brush against yours as he repeats his question, for the first time that night you feel them against you and although it was quick sweeps against your mouth, your heartbeat thunders in your chest and you're fairly certain he can hear it too. His voice dark, tinted in roughness, but at the same time it has something velvety, something soft, perhaps you would go that far to say that his tone sounds comforting. He'd always speak with that spark of firmness in his voice with you, but there's something that soothes you when you hear the familiarity of it.
,,Taehyung," you whisper, not really sure why you're saying it, but it naturally flows out of you, his name falling of your lips like a prayer. He hums like he exactly knows what you mean, knows what you feel and without a doubt knows what you need.
Your eyes fall close, head sinking further into the pillow. You tilt your head upwards, chasing after his lips. When you don't seem to reach his plush lips that you seek for you lift your head further up, searching for his mouth but you don't find it.
You open one eye, confused about why you're not feeling his soft lips against yours. You definitely did not expect the sight that you peer at. Taehyung is actually - legitimately - flashing you his most conceited smirk. He pulled away from your face and watched you - aiming for that kiss, eyes closed, lips puckered and searching for his - and probably had to prevent himself from laughing right into your face at your foolishness.
With a frustrated puff you let your head fall back on the pillow again. Your hands leave Taehyung's hair on the nape of his neck and flop down on the mattress. Embarrassment floods over your glowing bundle of excitement - that was so eager to finally feel him, but no, that fucker had to ruin it. You feel your cheeks warming. You're still lost in the fog of desire that crept over you. However, you wouldn't show your true feelings, Taehyung has to do more than that to get the reaction he anticipated from you.
,,Fuck you, Taehyung," you say, voice small - despite your attempt to come off as not affected - and for some reason breathless.
He bites down his lip, stopping himself from grinning widely and displaying his white teeth to you before he mutters his response.
,,How about I fuck you?"
You roll your eyes. ,,Quit teasing, Taehyung. And get off of me, I have enough of your face that up close." You grimace before averting your eyes to anything but his exultant looking face.
,,I'm not teasing, baby." - A short brush on your cheek with his thumb, eyes watching you with such an intensity combined with that bodacious glint before he continues to speak - ,,Why would you think that?" he coos, acting all innocent despite his mischievous grin that framed his face a second ago.
You bend your knee and slam your foot against his stomach for his stupid question. Taehyung doesn't even falter. He remains calm but somehow your foot starts hurting and you slide it against his hard stomach to soothe the pain. You know how he looks like beneath his clothes, but apparently in all your fever to make him shut his mouth for teasing you so much you underestimated his body a little bit.
,,Getting feisty already?" he snorts amused, grabbing you by the ankle and skimming his hand over your calf and thigh before giving your flesh a quick squeeze. ,,Do you want me?" Taehyung's nose brushes over your neck, his mouth so close to your sensitive skin, but he doesn't touch it yet.
His question catches you off guard. Yes, you want him so badly, you think you never wanted someone as much as now. But no, on no account you would actually tell him.
,,Just tell me you want me and I give you everything you need," he whispers against your neck, his breath tickling your skin.
You purse your mouth to not give in into his persuasion, but it's scary how the words that he wishes to hear almost spill out of you.
,,You don't want me to teach you a lesson? I think you really need one, don't you think so?" The proximity of his lips on your body causes you to tremble. ,,Hm? Don't tell me you wouldn't like me fucking that brat out of you and teach you how to be a good girl," he coos, palming your thigh again.
You want it so bad. And his constant light touches on your body make it hard to say anything but how badly you need him.
,,Please," you mumble. ,,Just do it."
,,Do what, baby?" If Taehyung won't stop with the pet names - and the way he pronounces them with his delicate dark voice, god - he'd soon have you wrapped around his finger. (Funny how you think that's not already the case...) ,,Stop putting up the tough girl act, it's not helping you right now." Taehyung spreads your leg, now settling himself between them. His eyes roam over your body, glancing at your breasts through the thin white fabric of your top.
One hand is placed on your stomach, his warm hand languidly drifting down to your aching heat. Your brain is not able to comprehend what's right and wrong anymore. It only knows that you want Taehyung and you can't pretend to be unaffected by his actions.
,,Taehyung, please."
,,Just say it," he coaxes you, eyes focusing back on your beautiful face.
,,I...I want you. I really need you to fuck me right now," you say, finally admitting what you  want for the sheer reason to please Taehyung.
He smirks again, that stupid grin that you come to hate so much. But right now you don't put much attention to it, his digits that are gliding above your shorts keep you focused on his movements, making you shudder and anticipate his next moves. Your tiny and thin sleeping shirts don't let much for imagination, their practically showing off everything - it is summer though, so Taehyung shouldn't have thought you'd wear something more covering. But he isn't complaining, he loves seeing you with short and tight clothes - he gets excited every time he sees you accompanying Jimin and Hoseok to the frat parties, those dresses that you wear - so. fucking. hot. Nonetheless, he likes seeing you naked the most, of course that's his favourite look on you. All naked and for his eyes only.
His digits are now skimming right over your clothed core. You inhale sharply. Taehyung's smirk widens when he feels how wet you are. He didn't remarkably touch you yet, but now that he's finally allowing you to feel something after he let you down every time before makes it so much more special, makes you so thrilled to just let him do everything he desires to do with you.
Tonight your his and - how ironic - you're ready to offer Taehyung all you got.
,,How are you this wet already?" He asks, eyes staring at your core. The fabric of your shorts is sticking to your wet pussy lips, a slight dark colour painting it.
You press your lips together, clenching your jaw to keep a sassy retort slipping off you tongue. You're aware of what game he wants to play and in all seriousness; you just want to get laid by Taehyung.
He presses his mouth to your neck, his soft lips awaking something within you that craves more. You cup his cheeks with both hands, pulling him close to your face and press your lips against him. You moan into the kiss, it feels utterly satisfying to finally kiss him after you longed for this. It's passionate, tongues darting out to taste each other and hard pants captured by your tongues tangled together. His fingers slip under your shorts and panty, parting your folds and continuing his strokes. You don't want to withdraw from the kiss, wanted to get lost in it, but the way his thumb reaches to your clit to draw circles on it makes you pull away, breath heavy and eyes out of focus.
,,You're so sensitive," he comments, ogling your twisted features. He tweaks your little bud between his digits and when your body jolts upwards he smiles appeased, your whine that falls from you going straight down his cock.
Taehyung plants little kisses over the swell of your breasts, his tongue tracing over your skin soon after. Fingers combing through his silky hair in an attempt to countervail the sizzling bundle that sparks inside you. You whine after he stops his fondling on your clit, his fingers occupied with dancing over your entrance, but not gliding in yet. You rut your hips against his hand, eagerly trying to get back to the rapid motions of his fingers and Taehyung allows you to have your fun, for a split second letting you think that he's not fully in charge. But then he draws his hand from your shorts completely, coaxing another displeased whine from you.
,,What a desperate slut you are," Taehyung says, voice completely drenched in dominance. His coated fingers linger above your face. ,,Suck them clean," he demands prodding your lips open. He doesn't need to repeat himself, you're already obeying his demand and take his two fingers in. Tongue gliding over his digits. You taste yourself, your flavour strong on your tongue, but it doesn't gross you out, it only gets you more riled up.
Taehyung's hand drifts over your breast, his thumb gingerly moving over your nipple. You answer with a soft moan against his fingers in your mouth, the ones on your breast moving on to rolling the little bud between his digits and then tweaking it. He watches your eyebrows knitting, enjoying the effect his fondling on your breast has on you.
After you licked his fingers all clean, he shuffles on the bed and sits down next to you, propping himself against the headboard.
,,Take your clothes off and sit on my lap," he instructs, a hand coming up to run them through his dark hair. You can't say that this simple movement didn't let a chill scuttle down your spine because he looked so hot doing it.
Taking your clothes off didn't take long, you were only wearing short pieces of clothes and so you are throwing a leg over his clothed lap barely a minute after he told you.
His hands are immediately on you, warm hands sliding over your sides and eyes not even for one second daring to look away from your breath-taking nudity. Taehyung has so swallow the groan that almost dared to step out as he savours the sight in front of him. He realises he would never get enough of you.
While his hand are occupied with squeezing your ass he latches his mouth on your nipple, tomgue darting out and swirling it over your little bud. You sigh and grind against him, hands wrapped around his neck.
He groans against your body, your hips that move over his groin doesn't leave him unaffected.
,,Lean back," he tells you.
Begrudgingly you lean back, hands placed behind you and steadying you. Your pussy is fully exposed to his eyes.
His thumb gingerly flicks over your clit. You sharply inhale and Taehyung beams at your reaction. His other hand his rubbing you thigh. Taehyung's thumb reaches down and slides over your pussy, gathering your arousal and circling it over your entrance.
,,Want my fingers inside?"
He slides his index finger in, a second one soon following. You moan softly, closing your eyes once he starts thrusting them in and out.
,,Oh God," you mumble, arms slightly shaking but you're still able to hold yourself up.
,,You like that?"
You nod vigorously, eyebrows furrowing when his pace suddenly gets more rapid and rough. The wet sounds of your pussy ringing through the room and your shallow breaths only spurt Taehyung more on.
But then his fingers are gone, making your walls contract around nothing and letting an invidious mewl fall from you.
Taehyung only tsks. ,,You get to cum when I want it, got it?"
You clench your teeth and don't say anything.
,,Understood?" He cocks an eyebrow.
You huff. ,,Fine."
,,Good." He gives your thigh a short pat. ,,Turn around and lean against my chest."
While you get off of his lap he slightly turns around. You have no idea what he is planning to do, but when he spreads his legs, giving you room to settle between them you know what he wants.
You're both facing the mirror - that you didn't even notice till now - your legs spread and exposed for the both of you.
He skims his fingers over your perky breast, over your stomach until he is back at your drenched pussy. But he is not touching it yet.
Taehyung's other hand turns your head to him, digging his fingers into your cheek.
,,Open," he says. You open your mouth for him, watching him spit a globe of saliva into your mouth. His hand trails down your throat, wrapping his slender fingers around it.
,,Now swallow." Taehyung feels the contractions of your throat through his hands and hums in approval. His hand falls down from your throat to your breast and stays there, his other hand currently teasing your entrance.
You think that his teasing will continue for a while, but then he is sinking two of his fingers in, catching you off guard. ,,Ohh."
,,God, your face looks so beautiful," Taehyung whispers and gives your neck a small kiss.
His fingers instantly start with a fast tempo, making you screw your eyes shut as you're savouring the feelings of his fingers back inside your aching pussy. His thumb reaches up to caress your little bundle of nerves.
,,Faster," you urge.
,,My brat wants it faster?" he coos.
,,Yes," you rasps.
His digits stroke your insides quicker now. You roll your eyes and arch your back off his chest. Taehyung knows what to do, knows exactly how to handle your body to get you where he wants.
,,Open your eyes. Look at yourself getting finger fucked by me," Taehyung demands.
It's hard, but you open your eyes and watch how his fingers repeatedly go in and out your dripping cunt, thumb circling over your most sensitive part.
You feel the knot in your stomach tightening as you watch everything unfold before you.
You're so close to cumming, so close to let yourself fall into complete euphoria. A few more strokes against your clit and you'd be finally reaching your high.
Your breathing stops, completely concentrating how his fingers feel on your cunt.
Apparently it's still not on Taehyung's schedule to make you cum just yet. In an instant his fingers are gone from your throbbing pussy. Your hole is quivering and hips inexorably moving up and down and searching for something, really just anything, to get the last bits of friction that you need to reach your high. A broken moan falls from you, body quivering and legs trying to close to stop the unfulfilled sensation that rattles through you, but of course Taehyung doesn't let you. He makes your legs stay wide open, eyes wavering over your destroyed body through the mirror and finding so much satisfaction from your current state.
,,Come on, baby. What do good girls say when they want something?"
,,Hmmm." A fervid whine from you rings through the room. You're so on edge, you can't control anything that leaves your mouth. ,,I hate you," you say. Your voice sounds nothing like you anymore, it's filled with so much desperation and yearning and that idiot just won't give you what you so eagerly seek for.
,,Ah," Taehyung chides. You're feeling so forlorn that you grab his wrist, attempting to pull him back to your pussy, but he doesn't relent. Your hand stays there, nails digging into his tanned skin like it's your last shred of hope to finally get what you want. ,,Blame yourself, you didn't ask nicely," he tells you after you whine again. He rests his arm on your thigh, his fingers so close but also so far away. Taehyung's fingers that dug into your hip wander up and in a flash of one second his hand collides with your tit. ,,Did you still not learn? Huh?" His tone spattered in degradation and leaves your body in shivers.
,,Please," you mumble low, eyes wavering shut as you grow tired of being kept on edge for so long. Your body rests against his chest completely spent and you think you must look so pathetic right now. You didn't even come and you're so strained by his teasing already.
,,What do you want, baby?" It's not the first time your heart flutters at the pet name, but the fact that it still does after all those times he called you that make you swiftly question why he is able to create little butterflies in your stomach.
His voice is still harsh, but you know he has so much fun in demanding and degrading you right now.
,,Taehyung," you whimper, chest still heavily rising up and down after you hold your breath for so long.
,,What do you need, baby?" He gives you another chance, though his patience is running low by now.
,,You, n-need you."
,,Use your big girl words. Don't act all shy now."
And maybe that's the second where the last piece of intransigence gets crushed into a mass of nothingness, leaving you utterly blank for Taehyung to rewrite you to his pleasing.
,,I need your fingers, your cock, anything. Just make me cum, please."
,,Good girl," he praises you. ,,Wasn't that hard, was it?" You both look at each other through the mirror and you realise that you want to kiss those playful lips so badly, but you remain silent. He presses a few kisses on your neck like a little reward for your admission, but your mind is too foggy to acknowledge the little acts of affection he shows you. You're way more focused on pulling his hand back to your pussy. Now he actually gives in and a pitiful whimper emerges from you when he slides one finger over your drenched folds. Eyes already fluttering shut you manage to keep your moans at bay, but it's really hard when you're so sensitive, the slightest brush of his fingers kindling all the pent up feelings that he mercifully snatched from you.
Taehyung got you exactly where he wanted. He is enjoying this to the fullest. He got you - the bratty, quick-witted and gabby y/n - wrapped around his finger and doing exactly how he pleases.
The squelching sounds of his two fingers entering you again almost make your cheeks heat up, but feeling embarrassment after every thing you did - and said - is just redundant by now.
,,Fuck, just look at your tiny pussy so easily opening up for my fingers," Taehyung says, his hot breath shooting another chill down your neck. ,,Just imagine my cock splitting you wide open, you think you can take it?"
You're already breathless again, Taehyung is moving his fingers in rapid movements inside you. ,,I- I can take it." Biting down your lip you watch his thumb now reaching for your clit and starting to rub it.
,,Yeah? You're sweet pussy is just made for me, isn't it?"
,,It's yours! It's your- oh!" Taehyung crooks his fingers at just the perfect angle, hitting your loveliest spot inside you and letting your insides tingle. ,,J- Just like that!" you manage to say in between your ferocious moans.
,,You like that? Little brat likes getting finger fucked right there?"
,,Yes! Fuck, don't stop! Don't stop, please."
He smirks shamelessly. Taehyung squeezes your boob with his other hand. A short bend forward and he spits on your tit, fingers rubbing his saliva over your hard nipple.
,,I- I'm close," you utter within a moan.
,,Already? My baby is cumming so quickly?" Dumbass. Of course you are cumming this fast when he has been teasing you for so long now.
Both of your hands grab his arm that is currently nestled between your legs, gripping it tightly.
Your back arches off his chest, heart thundering in your ears and throat starting to hurt from all the moans and whines.
With another stroke against your sweet spot your climax is washing over you. It starts from the pit of your stomach and the sparks of your high spread all over you within a second.
,,Oh, fuck!" Your body lurches forward, but Taehyung holds you back. Eyes tightly shut close you let yourself get lost in the feeling.
You came so much. Your cunt is dripping with cum, staining the sheets beneath you.
You're enjoying your high to a certain extent, but when Taehyung doesn't stop circling his thumb over your clit it becomes a bit too much for you. You grab his wrist.
,,T-too much," you whimper.
,,Hm? Is your clit sensitive?"
,,Yeah," you reply, body sill jerking.
,,But I want you to cum again for me, baby."
,,I can't. Not now." Your voice trembling.
,,Remember what I said earlier?" He asks, intently eyeing your sensitive body through the mirror. You shake your head. ,,You get to cum when I want it. And I want you to cum again, now," he demands from you. A prolonged whine leaves you, he can't be serious.
You twist and wind, eyes tightly shut closed and lips parted but there is no sound coming from you. Legs are shaking, chest is tightening and hands are searching for something to anchor them in - Taehyung's thighs being the most suitable option as you dig your nails into his muscular thighs. Your body is turned to the side, cheek resting on his warm chest as his fingers flick over your used clit and torture it with his cruel digits.
The amount of opposing emotions that rattle through you are so confusing and something that you never felt before. It's too much, but at the same time it's all you want.
You're also not able to control any reaction from your body, it just does and you let it - you don't even have the slightest chance of stopping anything from the sheer brutality that these looming emotions hit you with.
,,Can't even recognise you because of how a whiny and squirming slut you became," he belittles you, glance drifting from the mirror and now looking down to see your face pressed against his chest from up close. ,,Look at you - so pathetic and whiny. Why can't you always be like this? I like this more than your bratty attitude." His fingers go faster, ,,Always playing so hard to get, but look at you - it was so easy for me to make you beg," Taehyung says, his breath hitting your neck. He studies your face, remarks every little detail of your features that are so beautifully twisted.
,,T-Tae! I think I'm going to-" You're not able to finish, the tight knot in the pit of your stomach doesn't allow you to.
,,You're gonna fucking cum again, aren't you? I knew you were a greedy slut, of course you're gonna cum right after making a mess of the sheets," he murmurs, deep voice going straight down your pussy and making it twitch.
Your toes curl, fingers still boring into his thighs, but Taehyung doesn't care about the pain.
His hand sneaks up from your breast, wrapping his big hand around your throat. The simple act of his slender fingers cutting off your breath turns you so on - at this point it's not even surprising that you're getting turned on by anything that Taehyung does to you.
,,Fuck! Taehyung, I-"
An unfamiliar feeling washes over you. Your climax never felt that intense before, but you're gladly accepting the new pleasure that makes your whole body shake and causes wretched whines falling from your lips. The slick noises get louder as you're cumming, the room silent except for the sounds that Taehyung is the creator of.
,,Oh shit," Taehyung whispers, sounding like he is in awe. You're way too caught up in the excruciating high that still tickles your limbs and don't realise what happened. Eyes are still lazily closed, and you nuzzle your face closer to his chest. ,,Wow, I thought you made a mess of the sheets before, but this got them all wet, baby."
His digit is gliding over your folds and you immediately react by squirming. You open your eyes to slap his hand away, you can't take more of his teasing you're completely wasted. But before you are able to shoo his hand away the sheets - that are wet like someone poured water over it - catch your attention. It's not only the sheets but also your thighs, they are glistening in your arousal too.
,,Did you ever squirted before?" Taehyung asks softly, his eyes entranced by your slick pussy.
,,Did I ever...what?" Your chest is still rapidly rising up and down and the sheer fact that Taehyung made you squirt - something you have never experienced before - is making your heart beat even faster.
His gaze shifts to you. ,,You didn't realise?"
You shake your head lazily, returning his stare rather timidly.
A grin spreads on his lips. He ducks down to peck your cheek. ,,Am I making you feel too good? Hm?" Both of his hand wrap around your stomach, the slow strokes against your skin calming you down.
You shake your head. ,,Not more than anyone else did before," you say defiantly. You watch the change of his expression through the mirror. He doesn't need to tell or show you - you know that your words ignited a distinct fire inside him.
,,I see, you still haven't learned anything." Taehyung traces his finger over your arm, goose bumps following right after. ,,But it's not the first time I heard nonsense coming from your pretty lips."
You furrow your brows and he answers with that deep chuckle when he remarks your face.
You want to say something, but you're still dazed from your high and your brain is not able to can't form coherent sentences that quickly.
,,How about your pretty lips do something better than spitting bratty stuff?"
You cock your brow, drawing out a "hmm" as if contemplating his obvious offer and turn your head to look at him and not only through the mirror. Taehyung doesn't look you into the eyes, but stares at your mouth. He is probably feeling awfully horny. You can't blame him, throughout the whole time of him edging you, you felt his boner on your lower back and he has been holding himself back till now.
,,Aw, stop pretending. I know you probably suck cock like a slut." His thumb skims over your bottom lip.
You tilt your head to one side. ,,Is that supposed to be a compliment or not?"
,,Get on your knees and we'll find out."
Before you do so, you pucker your lips to steal a kiss from him. He gladly gives into your invitation and kisses you. Then you slide down the bed and turn around to face him. He is already pulling down his boxers, throwing them away and grabbing his shaft. Taehyung strokes his cock a few times, but then he stops, holding his cock upright.
,,Come here, spit on it," Taehyung says and pulls you closer by your shoulder.
You align your mouth over his cock, a trail of saliva leaving your mouth and landing right on his throbbing dick. He lets go of his grip and allows you to to lubricate his cock, your small hand delicately wrapping around his dick and stroking him.
You're in awe at his huge he is. You saw his cock before, but it's been a while and it seems like you forgot how massive he is.
You attack your lips to his veiny dick, planting smooches from the base of his cock till your at his tip.
His breaths are shallow, little curses falling from his as he intently watches you. Taehyung combs your hair with his hand, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
When you seem to have lost yourself in languidly kissing and trailing your tongue over him he slaps your hand away and grabs his cock again.
,,Stop teasing," he exhorts.
,,Don't like it when I give you a taste of your own medicine?"
,,Say that again and instead of fucking you I'll repeat what I did earlier to you."
,,That's fine by me."
He scoffs. ,,Cute of you to think that." That malicious shimmer in his eyes indicates that he actually thinks that you're being pathetic with your confident attitude. And maybe he's successful in intimidating you with that. You don't know what he'll be able to pull off the next time you're being a brat.
He taps his tip on your cheek, smearing it all the way to your mouth and gliding it over your lips.
,,Fuck, look at that ass," he curses and looks behind you. You turn your head over your shoulder and realise that the mirror is right behind you. You totally forgot about that. ,,Arch your back a bit more." You do and come forward, resting your hands on his thighs and giving Taehyung a perfect view of your ass.
When you turn your face back to him again, his lap is closer than before. Taehyung is focused on admiring your ass through the mirror and let go of his cock, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch him off guard by taking him into your mouth without any warning.
And that's exactly what you do. You grab the base of his cock, wrapping your mouth around him and taking him as far as you can on your first try.
Taehyung inhales sharply, a deep grunt slipping from him as your warm mouth envelopes around him.
,,Shit, baby." He's fully focused on you know, big eyes watching you as you hollow your cheeks and starts bobbing your head. Your hand works on the parts that you can't reach simultaneously. He runs a hand through your hair, nails scratching your scalp and tugging on your strands. Taehyung coaxes a few small moans from you through that action, which only leads to another curse falling from him as your moans vibrate against his cock.
Taehyung's hand puts pressure on your head, giving you no other chance but having to take him further. His other hand grabs the one that is working at the parts that you still don't reach.
,,Hands behind your back," Taehyung firmly says. A second later he mutters ,,Good girl." after taking a brief glance to the mirror.
He cups your cheek, thumb brushing over your skin. You look up at time while you move your head, eyes a bit teary at how far your taking him by now.
,,You look so fucking sexy." - Taehyung closes his eyes for a brief second before continuing - ,,Want to never forget how your lips look like around my cock."
His hand wanders down to your tits, pinching your nipple. A whimper escapes from you and a lazy smirk tugs on his lips. Your movements are fast now, the slick sounds of you working on his cock echoing through the room.
Taehyung can't keep his eyes off you. He thinks he'd never seen something that turned him on like this. He's truly mesmerised by your full lips wrapped around him and sucking him in such a charming way.
,,I was right, you really suck cock like a good slut," Taehyung says a low moan following as you swirl your tongue around him. ,,Would you allow me to take a picture from you like this?"
You're baffled for a second, but quickly stop your work and shake your head before going on with sucking him off.
,,No? Really?" His lips are twisted into a little pout, but you were not going to let him win you over like that. ,,I'll let you keep that weird pic you took of me earlier if you let me take a pic of you," he tries to allure you. When you don't seem to react he goes on. ,,I'd jerk off to that pic so many times." And it really sounds sincere, like he would actually do it, but still, you wouldn't relent.
With a plop his dick slips from your mouth. ,,Just watch porn and you'll be fine." It's almost like you are reassuring him, which is pretty funny considering how he acted before but you don't say more, only taking his cock back into your mouth.
Taehyung's back falls onto the mattress, looking like he is throwing a tantrum. ,,Your lips hit different though," he breaths and before he gives you the chance to say something he is bucking his hips upward, his hand reaching up to your head and pushing you down on his cock. You instantly choke, eyes filled with tears as his dick reaches the back of your throat. ,,Fuck." He continues fucking his cock into your mouth, using you just like he pleases. Taehyung's eyes are closed, he is enjoying using your throat to the brim and never felt like this before.
He sits up again, stopping his ferocious thrusts and pulls your head away from his cock. You take a deep breath. A few tears slid down your cheeks and saliva is coating your chin. You look like a big mess.
,,Just look at you," he says, his hand reaching for your face and fingers squishing your cheeks together. ,,Can suck cock like a slut but can't take it properly when I fuck your mouth."
,,You're too big," you admit, voice a bit muffled by his digits squishing you.
,,Another thing I have to teach you, huh?" His condescending tone turns you on. You really have some problems if you find him degrading you that hot.
Your hand works on his cock again. Your always in for some blowjob lessons for how to take a big cock. But Taehyung stops you. ,,Not today. I wanna fuck you now." You bite your lip.
How can you still be so excited even though he literally wrecked you a few minutes ago?
,,Get on all fours," Taehyung instructs. He lets go of you, but not before he gives your cheek a quick slap and walks towards his suitcase.
You get up and sit down on the bed. ,,What are you searching for?"
,,We can go bare...I think?" He turns around, one eyebrow raised. ,,I mean, I just sucked your cock anyway and I'm on the pill," you explain.
,,Well, I'm okay with that and you too, right?" You nod. ,,Good, because I still clearly remember how your raw pussy felt and I'm dying to feel your tight hole again."
Him saying that makes you remember how crazy you were for allowing him to fuck you in the middle of the night - in the kitchen - and especially bare without any protection without talking before hand about it. But it seems like you're crazy for everything that has to do with Taehyung. You're not sure why he has that effect on you, but you're not complaining as long as he is making you feel good.
And on top of all you feel your cheeks heat up. Somehow Taehyung knows how to press the right buttons and makes you act like some giddy teenager that would do anything for her crush.
,,What are you waiting for? Bend over." If you haven't been that eager to feel him inside you, you would have teased him, but at this point all you can think of is his cock pounding into you.
You bend over, hands holding you up and back arched. Taehyung is right behind you on his knees. His hands spreads your cheeks open, muttering a curse as he takes your beauty in. You turn your head and watch him staring at your body through the mirror. A little grin graces his face when you sway your ass a little.
,,Can't wait to feel my cock splitting your tiny pussy open?" It's like he already knew that you were staring at him. He tilts his head to the mirror, instantly looking at your eyes.
You nod.
,,Then say it. Tell me how bad you want my cock." You nearly whine in frustration. Facing away from the mirror you sigh loudly. Taehyung tugs at your hair. ,,Ah, don't look away now." Reluctantly you turn your head to the mirror again. ,,Look at me and beg for my cock, brat." Staring into his warm, but unwavering eyes you say ,,Taehyung, please. You teased me so much already, I can't take no more. Just fuck me now. I need your cock inside me, please." His eyes are briefly closed. Taehyung can't get enough of you begging for him. He feels powerful and loves the way your voice sounds so small and meek. He runs one hand down your spine, leaving your body in chills. ,,Good girl." He briefly ducks down and places small kisses over your back. You suppress a smile that risked to tug on your lips as a result from his praise. You didn't know that you are so into getting praised - blame your brat inside you for that - but every form of praise he shows you makes your heart skip a beat. He grabs his cock and glides it over your folds. After gathering your arousal on your entrance he nudges it with his tip, slowly entering you. ,,Shit," you mumble, watching how his cock vanishes inside you as you're looking into the mirror. ,,You're so tight." His cock is completely buried inside you. Taehyung gives you a few seconds to get used to his size. Your walls are snuggly wrapped around him and he swears he never felt a pussy like yours before. ,,You can move." He places his hands on your hips. Taehyung leisurely bottoms out, but forcefully pounds back in, his balls slapping against your body. You moan in unison. ,,Pussy feels so good," Taehyung whispers, spanking your ass. He wanted to go slow, wanted to give you more time to get used to him, but now that he started he can't stop anymore. Taehyung quickly finds his rhythm, quick and hard snaps of his hips granting you both the pleasure that you need. You never knew that being able to look at a mirror while having sex is such a turn on, but you are having so much fun watching Taehyung rut into you and Taehyung seems like enjoying it too considering how he only looks away from the mirror to look down at his cock disappearing into your hole. He quickly gathered his speed, didn't need a long time to develop rapid movements. ,,Taehyung," you moan loudly. ,,Again," he breathes. ,,Moan my name like that again." He isn't sure if the walls are thin in this hotel, but if there is even the slightest possibility of someone being able to hear you moaning his name so delicately he wouldn't dare to not take the chance. A sharp thrusts of his hips make you moan is name again and again and again. Despite all the hate you have reserved for this man, you can't lie and say that he is not one of the best one's that you had sex with. His hand sneak under your body and cups your boob that's swaying with every jolt of his cock. Taehyung leans over you now, his face close to yours and his soft and deep moans next to your ear. You watch how his hand reaches down from you breast and then feel his finger toying with your clit. Your breathing instantly trembles. You grab his wrist that's between your legs. ,,Taehyung, it's super sensitive," you whispers in between sobs. ,,Little clit is sensitive because of me? Aw, what a pity," he coos, still not indicating to withdraw his finger. ,,What a pity for you, because I won't stop till you gonna cum, baby." Asshole, you think. But your walls that flutter around him betray you. ,,Come on, baby. You already did so much for me today, you can cum again for me, can't you?" The way he is saying it makes you desperately want to cum again, just so you can hear Taehyung praising you afterwards. ,,Go harder," you urge him. Taehyung immediately complies and sets for harder thrusts. His cock is angled perfectly, hitting the right spots and reaching deep inside you. ,,Just like that," you breath, arms slowly giving in and soon you're resting your head on the sheets. You don't know how Taehyung is still keeping up, but
your limbs start feeling numb and tired. ,,You like watching yourself getting fucked?" ,,Uh-huh." ,,Yeah? Little brat likes seeing her pussy being split in half?" You nod, not able to utter any words. It's insane how fast Taehyung is able to get you close to cumming again, but you're not complaining. ,,Fuck, you are close, aren't you? You just clenched around my cock so hardly." Taehyung spanks your ass again, grabbing your flesh after and squeezing it tightly. ,,Cum all over my cock, baby. Want you to cream all over me." And with that you're cumming on his cock, drenching him in your arousal and walls clenching even harder around him. ,,That's it. That's my good girl," he murmurs, pressing kisses on your shoulder. ,,You're alright?" You shift your gaze from the mirror to his real face, watching his soft eyes from close. ,,I'm good," you reply. ,,Perfect." He places one last kiss near your neck before he sits back on his heels. ,,Then turn around for me." His cock slips from you as you lay on your back and spread your legs for him. Taehyung puts his cock back into your pussy, arms framing your hand and leaning close to your body as he starts bucking his hips into you again. Your pussy feels so used and sensitive that your walls can't stop clenching around him. Taehyung has to inhale sharply. They don't stop fluttering against his cock as his dick is brushing your sweetest You're so dazed with all the buzzing feelings that Taehyung coaxed out of you that you don't notice the way his cock is twitching inside you. He wants to last longer, wants to devour you so much more but Taehyung was unprepared for the affect that your delicate being would have on him, so now he's fighting with every crumb of his living to pound into your pussy a bit longer. He can't get enough of you, he's just too intoxicated with every ounce of your existence, and absolutely adores how you make him feel. He starts sucking on your neck to get his mind off his nearing orgasm. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling his body closer. ,,Taehyung," you whisper. ,,Hm?" He is still occupied with creating little red marks on your skin. ,,I want you to cum." He knows that you telling him to cum makes clear that you're tired and can't endure this any longer, but he wants you to cum one last time for him. So his thumb reaches for your little bud again, brushing his digit over it. You immediately squirm under him. ,,T-Tae I can't no more," you sob. ,,I can't cum anymore." You lift your legs and wrap them around his small waist. ,,Just focus on yourself now and fill me up." You're not sure why he prolongs his climax for so long now, you’re at your limit now and can't take any other high anymore. Your words cause him to loose the rhythm of his thrusts. ,,Fill you up? You mean I can cum inside you?" Eyes big and searching for yours to confirm it. ,,Yeah, cum inside me." ,,Really?" You don't know why he is so excited about that so you roll your eyes. ,,Do it before I change my mind." He gives you a hard thrust for rolling your eyes at him that causes you to moan loudly. Taehyung is holding himself up again, his hair falling into his eyes as he watches how your tits jiggle with every jolt of his body and fully concentrates on himself this time. Your sweet moans and whines help him getting closer and one glance at your face make him loose control. His thrusts are sloppy, not coordinated and all over the place. His grunts are getting louder and when you whimper his name, so weak and fragile he spills his hot cum inside your clenching pussy. Taehyung isn't sure if you're clenching your walls on purpose to help him get off, but he doesn't care at this point. His head falls into the crook of your neck as he gives you a few more lurches forward before he completely stills inside you. Taehyung's breathing is heavy and you still feel his dick twitching inside you. ,,Did you just cum again?" he asks after a few moments. ,,Uh-huh." Your chest is rapidly rising up and down and you're having a
hard time calming yourself down. ,,I thought you can't anymore," he jeers amused. ,,Shut up." In a week attempt you slap his biceps. You are both a mess, sticky and slimy and full of cum. ,,This was amazing," Taehyung says, pecking your cheek. You hum in agreement. He gets off of you and you wince when his cock slips out. Taehyung helps you clean your pussy but that's all you do for cleaning because you're both tired. And with that you both get comfortable underneath the sheets, your backs to each other and keeping a safe distance. The picture - and the only reason you ended up in this situation again - long forgotten. At least it's a nice addition to the other pictures in your phone gallery. Somehow - very much to your wonder - you wake up in the ember-warm embrace of his arms the next morning. ~ It is the next day. It's late at night, probably past midnight considering how long you all have been sitting outside already. You are all gathered around a table, the cold breeze of the ocean nearby creating a pleasant temperature. From this place you have a pretty view of the beach and ocean that reflects the full moon. Since everyone of you drank alcohol for the past hours you are a bit merry. Yoongi already left an hour ago because he was very frantic with the amount of alcohol he drank and went to sleep. ,,Who's in for truth or dare?" Seokjin asks and cuts off every ongoing conversation. He grabs an empty soju bottle. ,,Really?" Jungkook sighs like he can't believe the eldest of you is the one coming up with that idea. ,,You're all boring, so someone had to bring some entertainment in here." Seokjin doesn't wait for responses, he already spins the bottle. When is comes to a halt it points at Namjoon. ,,Dare," he answers before Seokjin is able to ask. Seokjin claps his hands. ,,Okay, let's start with something easy. Drink your beer in one go." Namjoon's lips part and eyebrows knit in confusion. ,,How's that easy? I literally just started drinking it." Hoseok starts laughing and pats his shoulder encouragingly. Nevertheless, Namjoon relents and completes his dare with loud shouts from the boys and giggling from you and Hoseok's girlfriend. After Namjoon calms down from the amount of beer he just drank in one go it's his turn to spin the bottle. It lands on you. ,,Truth or dare?" You purse your lips and briefly contemplate your options. ,,Dare." ,,You have to sit on someone’s lap for the entire game, because you have been a bad student and are in time out now," Namjoon says. You're not sure why he is making up a scenario for your dare, but you blame it on his tipsiness. ,,I can tell that you are into roleplaying," Jimin says and everyone laughs. Namjoon shrugs his shoulders, but a smile is displayed on his face. You stand up, already knowing who you are going to choose. Jimin - who sits next to you - opens his arms, because, he too, knows that you are going to pick him. When Seokjin remarks Jimin's open arms, he playfully copies the action making you chuckle but you still sit down sideways on Jimin's lap. He's your best friend - Hoseok too but his girlfriend is literally sitting next to him - and you cuddled together for countless of times already, so it's not uncomfortable. ,,I would never sit on your grandpa lap," you mock Seokjin and his expression quickly changes into an offended one. ,,Yah, I'm not that much older than you!" ,,Whatever, grandpa." You bend down and start spinning the bottle. Jimin chuckles and places his warm hand on your bare thigh, rubbing your skin softly. ,,I'll never cook food for you anymore." ,,I never get food anyways! Because these idiots eat everything before I can come over," you complain. ,,Then how about you try to be punctual for once?" Taehyung provokes, talking to you for the first time that day. After you both woke up in each others arms you both didn't quite initiate a conversation. ,,Well, I'm busy with uni unlike some other people here," you reply. ,,Oh really? Last time I wanted to go together
with you to Seokjin's place you didn't seem like you were busy with uni stuff, but rather busy with-" Jimin doesn't continue, because you cut him off by pinching his cute cheeks. ,,We don't talk about that," you remind Jimin. ,,Also, never come into my room like that again." You clearly remember that day when Jimin bursted into you room without any announcement or knocking or just something to let you know that he is about to enter your room. Jimin presses his lips together, but you can still see him trying not to smile. ,,I literally live in the same apartment and have no idea what you're talking about," Hoseok says and looks a bit confused and maybe a bit pouty because he is feeling excluded. ,,Better for you." Everyone is watching Jimin and you with interest - especially Taehyung with his hawk eyes that never seem to look somewhere else - wanting to know what you two are talking about but there is no way you're going to tell them. You're about to whirl the bottle again, but you remember that you did that a minute ago previously. ,,Jungkook!" you exclaim after checking where it landed at. For a second he looks baffled and can't hold eye contact with you, kind off nervously chewing his bottom lip with his teeth. But when you ask him if he wants to pick truth or dare he calms down again. ,,Truth." ,,Okay, lemme think." You are not very creative so you need some time to think. After a few seconds pass Jimin whispers something into your ear. ,,Ahh! Kookie, what is your biggest kink?" ,,Hmm," Jungkook thinks, forming his lip into that cute pout you adore so dearly. ,,Aw, come on, even I can answer that question for you," Seokjin says. ,,Huh?" Jungkook looks at him confused. ,,Our Jungkookie likes getting his dick sucked," Seokjin answers for Jungkook and throws his arm over Jungkook's shoulder. ,,I think everyone likes getting their dick sucked," Taehyung says boldly. ,,Yeah, but Jungkookie really, like reaalllyyy enjoys getting a blowjob," Seokjin states tapping Jungkook's shoulder a few times. ,,Well, yeah. If that's a kink then that's mine," Jungkook looks unbothered, the only thing bothering him his tipsy older brother's arm wrapped around him. You few more rounds pass and soon it's Taehyung's turn. ,,Truth or dare?" Hoseok asks, his hands around his girlfriend who is sitting on his lap now, because it got a bit colder. ,,Truth." You didn't expect him to choose truth, but why are you caring anyway? ,,Last time you had sex?" Though you know that obviously no one knows that you slept with Taehyung yesterday you still tense up. You try to come off as nonchalant, but that the little grin that curls on Taehyung's lips make you nervous. ,,A few hours ago." A...few hours ago? That's certainly not what you expected him to answer. Taehyung is now looking at you. His lips are twisted in an evil smirk. Smiling at you just like the devil he is and eyes glimmering in that teasing way. You knew that he is going to have some fun around here, but it somehow feels weird to know that he fucked someone that quickly after you. And that stupid smile that is plastered on his face is not helping you, it's only provoking you and makes you want to slap his face. Wait but...did he fuck her in your bed? You bite down your lip to not start cursing and spitting angry words at him. You look away from Taehyung, the urge to punch his face getting stronger every second that passes. That fucker really had sex a day after he fucked you in your shared bed. You remember how he flirted with that girl when you all where chilling at the pool and now it makes sense why Taehyung vanished for quite some time this afternoon. This little vacation with your friends is taking a different path than you expected and you are not sure if you are excited about what else is going to ensue.
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—bts fic recs masterlist
Tumblr media
↯ here is a compilation of fic recommendation masterlists
ggukkiereads - jk sports au list, jk list, knj list, bts list
namjoon fic recs
knj fic recs
hying line fic rec
seoksinjin (angst list)
moonchild1 - jk fic rec
[UPDATED 14.07.21]
↯ check my pinned for other bts compilations & ml
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
»part forty one — give up
»artist!kim taehyung x heiress!reader
one year to prove you can fend for yourself. one year to keep your parents from making the most important life decision for you. one year to still carry the perfect life for the media whilst carrying a simpler one for yourself... and way less than one year for you to realise you belong in the latter, with that cynical new roommate of yours.
a/n: i feel like there’s gonna be some slaughter here either directed to y/n, tae or me lmao, so i will just go back to study and leave you guys to it 😌 i hope you enjoy!
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spice - KTH | M
Tumblr media
↣ you and your best friend, Jeon Jungkook, take it upon yourselves to help the community when you find out that an ancient building that acts as a shelter for the homeless is to be demolished. All efforts are fruitless, but there’s one more thing you could do; approach the mayor’s son, Kim Taehyung, who’s scarier than the mayor himself.
Tumblr media
pairing: playboy!taehyung x reader
genre: crack, fluff, smut, angst, s2l
word count: 14.7K
warnings/tags: bi!tae, long-haired tae, strong language, soft girl aesthetic, virgin!reader, best friend!JK, Y/N is afraid of dicks & sex, rich!tae, mentions of homeless people, mentions of masturbation, mentions of infidelity, explicit smut- first time sex, fingering, grinding, hair pulling, lots of talking + dirty talk, pet name, oral (f), hickeys, clit biting, multiple orgasms, protected sex, slight scent kink, praise kink
a/n: gentleman tae is it
‘You have reached your destination.’
You whip your head around to stare at Jungkook who sheepishly stuffs his phone into his jeans pocket.
He unclicks his seatbelt, speaking with a pout, “what if you got lost?”
“Are you being serious right now? Who could miss that?!”
You point to the blinking, neon red sign, that sits above a very large doorway, shaped in the word ‘SPICE.’
“I mean, I’ve never been to this side of town so…”
You roll your eyes, switching off the engine and gesturing for him to follow you into the dimly lit building.
“Wait,” Jungkook yanks you away from the large mahogany doors, “we can’t just enter.”
You watch two women take the steps that lead to the entrance, sauntering through the doors.
“I think we can.”
“Okay but. Have you ever met him?”
You groan, “no. I haven’t. But what does this have to do with anything? We’re just going to have a decent conversation with him, get him on our side and ask for his help.”
Jungkook laughs, sarcastically, rubbing his forehead in exasperation.
“Listen,” he holds up both his hands, tracking his words as he speaks, “you can’t just talk to him.”
“Why? Is it because he’s the mayor’s son and he acts like some hot shot?”
“No,” Jungkook sighs, seemingly losing his patience, “it’s not because of that. Remember the fundraiser we held last year? The one you missed because you were sick?”
“Stomach flu,” you nod, “yes? What’s your point?”
“Well, I met him there. And he wasn’t very…welcoming. He refused to take the pamphlet I was handing out and my handshake!”
“Jungkook, no one takes the pamphlets you hand out and maybe he was having a bad day. He doesn’t usually attend fundraisers…he probably didn’t want to be there.”
“No, Y/N,” Jungkook’s voice has a slight tremble to it, “you didn’t see him before. In real life! You didn’t see the look he gave me.”
“Well,” you grab Jungkook by his shoulders and steer him in the direction of the building, red light beaming down on his terrified features, “put on your big boy pants, because you’re gonna meet him again.”
It smells a lot like tobacco and beer in the large space, dark wooden tables and chairs line each wall with a bar to the far left and a lounging area. You heard that Spice was some sort of club owned by the mayor’s son, it doesn’t look the one you envisioned. Not in the slightest. There’s no loud, obnoxious music, but the lazy hum of jazz which filters through the speakers.
Jungkook tugs your coat, you follow his gaze to a pool table behind the bar area, men with leather jackets and shiny hair, slick with gel, crowd the area, none of whom you recognize. You’ve never seen him in real life, but from the images on the internet and the newspaper articles, he’s handsome. Of course he is, his father is known to be the most attractive mayor in your town’s history. And you obviously know that his son uses his charms to his advantage when it comes to wooing men and women. You haven’t heard unpleasant gossip about him, but you know that he has a different face with him every few months.
“I can’t see him.”
Jungkook points to a man with long, brown hair who spins around holding a pool stick, another stick popping out of his mouth.
“It’s him. Come on,” you drag Jungkook in the direction of the pool table, the air thickens the further you walk into the dull space, a few red lights line the couches in the corner.
“Excuse me?”
Your tone is as determined as your stride, keeping your arms to your side to appear more friendly.
Kim Taehyung cocks an eyebrow in your direction, gaze flitting from you to the possibly horrified-looking man behind you.
“I’m Y/N. Can you spare me a few minutes of your time-“
“I’m not interested-“ deep, baritone voice cuts through your practised speech.
You resist the urge to gasp and keep your professional smile on, poking his back, clad in expensive leather. He doesn’t turn around fully this time, just looks at you over his shoulder, moving the pink lollipop to the other corner of his mouth.
“I just need a few moments to discuss something with you. I promise it won’t take much of your time.”
The group behind him pause their conversation to listen, two men, dressed in leather as well, and two women, you recognize them as the same women who entered the club earlier. Their attentive gazes have you feeling a little uneasy, but your smile doesn’t waver.
“Can we speak so-“
“I’m listening,” he spins around to face you now, sitting on the pool table and resting his hands on his thigh.
If there’s one thing you hate, it’s when people cut you off while you’re speaking. But you take in a deep breath through the nose and call your backup.
“Kim Taehyung,” Jungkook rushes forward and thrusts his hand in Taehyung’s direction, “good to see you again.”
You grab Jungkook’s wrist when Taehyung just stares at his awaiting palm, seeing the group go back to their conversation from the corner of your eye.
“So, what do you two want from me?” He gestures between the two of you with his lollipop, licking his lips before he speaks again.
“I’m single right now, but I prefer to focus on one relationship at a time. Although you two look decent.”
You and Jungkook stare wide-eyed at each when you catch on to his words.
“No no no,” you splutter, Jungkook joins in your laughter, just as nervous, “we have something else to discuss with you.”
He narrows his eyes at you, tan skin being exposed when he cracks his neck.
“Go on.”
“But,” he glances at his watch, “I don’t have much time, so make it quick.”
Jungkook decides to take over when he sees your eye twitch from being interrupted once again.
“I’m not sure if you keep up with the news or anything-“ his chuckle makes you question ever bringing him along “-but we need your help with building 613.”
His eyebrows furrow, obviously he wouldn’t recall a building by its number.
“The face brick one on the fourth street.”
He folds his arms, “what about it?”
“Well, your father had a statement published a week ago that it’s set to be demolished before the end of the month.”
He doesn’t say anything, just watches your mouth as you talk so you take it as your cue to continue, but Jungkook beats you to it.
“There are people living there, it’s a shelter for the people who can’t afford the simplicities of life, the one’s who go to bed hungry each night, the ones who-“
You slap Jungkook’s chest, “what he’s trying to say…if the building is demolished, where would they go? As far as we know that building doesn’t belong to anyone.”
“Alright,” he stands up to his full height and adjusts the collar on his jacket, “can I ask why you are telling me all this?”
“Because you’re…the mayor’s son.”
He laughs, eyes crinkling with mirth, “and you come to me? The person who’s hardly involved in his father’s business.”
“Trust me, we’ve tried everything. This was the only thing we could come up with now.”
Jungkook takes a step forward, “we tried contacting the mayor himself but there was a waiting list, we held a rally, we-“
Your eyes bug out when Taehyung shoves his lollipop in Jungkook’s mouth, who blinks stupidly at the intrusion.
“Listen,” Taehyung grabs the pool stick again, “there’s nothing I can do to help. I’m sorry, it sounds terrible, but you’ve come to the wrong person.”
“Wait, you can’t-“
“Yes,” he spins around, and sits down on the couch behind him, back facing you.
“But but-“ you’re just as frantic as Jungkook now “-kids live there, and old women and men who can’t take care of themselves, they all need each other! And the puppies-“
His head swivels in your direction, eyebrows reaching his hairline, “puppies?”
“Yes,” you fight the lump in your throat, “the puppies, they live on the rooftop, and I have no idea where they’d go.”
“And their mothers,” Jungkook adds, removing the lollipop from his mouth.
You both perk up when Taehyung returns with a softer look on his face.
“I’ll…Can we discuss this in a more-“ he glances around “-suitable setting, like my café? Tomorrow?”
You and Jungkook nod, heads almost popping out with your vigour, “sure. What time?”
He pulls out two cards from his leather jacket, business cards, and hands them to you.
“Text me the details. I’m free from 4PM till 8PM.”
You have no choice but to smile politely and agree. You literally get off work at around 6:30PM and by then you’re exhausted. Jungkook leaves after 7. You would have less than an hour to discuss things.
Jungkook lets out a relieved sigh once he enters your car but you’re quick to remind him that this is only the beginning.
Tumblr media
It’s 7:34PM and you’re furiously chomping on a donut. He gave you four hours to work with and he agreed to meeting at 7PM, yet he’s still late.
“Calm down, Y/N. We still have half an hour.”
“Calm down-“ you glare at Jungkook, the corners of his mouth are white with icing sugar, “calm down?! You know how I feel about tardy-“
Taehyung enters the café wearing the same leather jacket and stoic expression from last night.
He pulls out the chair across from you and Jungkook, holding up two fingers to the barista who scrambles to make his drink.
“So,” his eyes flicker from you to Jungkook, “I spoke to my father last night.”
Jungkook laughs in disbelief, “that quick?”
“We…live together.”
“Seriously? I thought someone like you would live on your own.”
You watch Taehyung poke his tongue in his cheek, eyes set on Jungkook now, “someone like me?”
You pinch Jungkook’s thigh under the table, he bites down on his lower lip while you shoot Taehyung a tight-lipped smile.
“And what did he say?”
“Well,” he leans back in his chair, fluffing out the ends of his brown locks, “I told him what you told me about the elderly, the kids and the puppies.”
Your place your forearms on the table, listening intently.
“He- thank you sweetheart,” he beams at the waitress who sets his pink milkshake on the table, probably the first time you’ve ever seen him smile. As soon as she returns to the front counter with a squeal, his smile is gone.
“He said that we need-“ he takes a healthy sip of his milkshake, your knee bobs in impatience “-he said that we need to gather the homeless and have them speak.”
You glance at Jungkook, “speak about what?”
“Why the building is so important to them.”
You scoff, mirroring his posture, “that’s really dumb considering the fact that they’re HOMELESS.”
Deep, brown eyes lock onto yours, “well, that’s what Mr. Mayor wants. Now if you’ll excuse me,” he sips noisily, “it’s almost 8 and I have somewhere to be. And don’t worry about the bill.”
He turns on his heel and rushes toward the exit, you run after him and grip his arm, he smirks as he stares at the way your fingers are curled around his bicep.
You retract your hand and adjust the hem of your dress, “what are we supposed to do?”
His hand comes up, index finger rubbing his bottom lip. You’re suddenly feeling exposed under his gaze, shifting from foot to foot.
“Just gather everyone there on Saturday and make sure to grab as much attention as you can on social media. News reporters might be there, and I’ll get a permit to close the road.”
You watch the corners of his mouth lift ever so slightly before he exits the café, a gust of wind lifting the skirt of your dress as he leaves.
“So,” Jungkook questions, wiping his chin with a beige tissue, “what did he say?”
You return to your donut, “he said we should get everyone together and-”
“Oh. It didn’t work the last time.”
“Yeah,” you sigh, gazing into the distance, “but he said that news reporters might be there and he’s gonna get a permit to close the road.”
Jungkook grins, “that might work. I knew this would work! I mean, why wouldn’t it? It’s a direct link to the mayor.”
You place your elbows on the table, “something’s fishy about Kim Taehyung.”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know,” you answer, resting your chin on your interlinked fingers, you wonder why a guy like him is so willing to help you out. What’s in it for him? What’s his motive? What if he plans on saving the building, then buys it from whoever and chases everyone out? You need to know why Kim Taehyung, playboy, hedonist, someone who doesn’t get involved in matters like this, is so determined on helping the poor.
When you voice your concerns to Jungkook, he complains that you’re being confusing because his help was what you wanted initially. You can’t help but wonder…
Tumblr media
“Where’s your husband?”
You sigh, adjusting the blush pink coat on the woman’s shoulders, “I don’t have a husband, Mrs. Kang.”
She’s perplexed, eyes darting from the car behind you to your purse then to your face.
“And you live alone.”
“Yes. Mrs. Kang. Now do you remember everything I told you to say?”
She nods, grabbing your hand and pouring out her thanks which you can’t really focus on because you recognize Taehyung’s BMW, with a long procession of cars following.
It wasn’t that hard to get everyone gathered, most of them are unemployed while the others are mostly car guards or take up gardening jobs here and there. But you’re still stressing out. True to his word, Taehyung had someone close the end of the street and the news channel’s van is parked across the building.
Jungkook arrived an hour before you and he doesn’t seem the slightest bit anxious. The mayor’s verdict will determine whether these helpless people get to live their lives in a comfortable home. Although you hope to propose proper housing facilities like running water and electricity. The lack of a shelter is what brought them here, to an untenanted, nondescript building near the end of town.
Taehyung steps out of his car along with two other men and his father who emerges from the black car behind his. The mayor isn’t known for his ostentatious behavior, his son however…
“Good morning,” he greets with a curt nod to Jungkook. The corner of his mouth twitches when his eyes land on you, raking down the length of your dress.
“This is Y/L/N Y/N and…friend, whose name I am yet to remember.”
You resist the urge to laugh at Jungkook’s wide eyed expression and bow when you spot Mr. Kim who appears from behind Taehyung’s lithe frame. You’ve seen him before but haven’t been formally introduced.
“Miss Y/N, I’m sure my son has informed you of my presence here today. Let’s not waste any more time.”
His frown lines drag down into his cheeks as he smiles, gesturing to the man behind him who rushes past you with a microphone and a cameraman following clumsily.
“Are they going to be interviewed?”
He nods, stuffing his hands in his pocket, mirroring his son who keeps an intense stare on the side of your face.
“Yes. I’m not sure why I am needed but my son insisted that I stay,” he turns to Taheyung, “he can handle everything himself.”
You cock an eyebrow, “I thought he doesn’t really involve himself in matters like these.”
Rich, masculine laughter reaches your ears, the corners of their mouth spreading into a box shape.
“He doesn’t. Unless I ask him too.”
You take a step forward, standing next to the sprightly man and observing each of the tenants as they’re being interviewed. You had advised them to not allow anything to hamper with their confidence in keeping the building for themselves.
“What did you plan on doing with the space after the building was demolished?”
He shoots you a grin, “am I the one being interviewed?”
You’re afraid that he may not like the idea of being questioned but his laugh eases your nerves.
“I haven’t planned anything as yet. But I will let you know.”
You take this as an opening to give your ideas some hope.
“Can I…make a suggestion?”
He considers your words for a moment before he’s nodding, Taehyung seems to be listening attentively with the way his head tilts a bit in your direction.
“Well,” you take a deep breath, “I was thinking that instead of demolishing the building. Obviously, everything costs money, why not have some renovations done?”
“Dear,” he purses his lips, “there’s a lot that has to be discussed. I may be the mayor, but I will have to seek counsel from the rest of the head community members.”
“I’m sure that you, along with the other community members, are well aware that this town does not have a shelter for the homeless. What kind of community would we be if we are ignorant to those living on the streets, who knock on our doors asking for a slice of bread? That’s how I was made aware of this building, I never visited this part of town before until I asked a woman, who came to my doorstep carrying a baby with another clinging to her arm.”
Taehyung raises an eyebrow, while the mayor chuckles.
“Well. Let’s see how things go today and I’ll have Taehyung give you a call when it comes to convincing the other head community members.”
You blink, knowing that you have much more to say. Instead, you turn your attention back to Mr. Ahn who rambles on about how no one would employ him because of his ‘nasty’ eye patch.
By the time lunch rolls around, you and Jungkook hand out hotdogs to everyone including the two men who hover near the mayor.
“Hello,” you jump in fright when you feel Taehyung’s hot breath in your ear.
“Yes. Oh,” you had him the neatly wrapped meal, “want one?”
He smiles, “no thanks.”
You shrug and continue to pack the extras back in the crate, Jungkook is busy munching on his fourth one.
“Y/N,” Taehyung holds his fist to his mouth as he clears his throat, clunky watch reflecting the sunlight into your eyes, “where are the puppies?”
You dust your hands, gesturing for him to follow you behind the building, laughing when he grimaces at the wall that’s covered in algae. You guide him up the unstable stairs and onto the roof. Immediately, the seven dogs who were lazing around a minute ago, scurry in your direction. You expect Taehyung to duck in order to protect his expensive suit, but instead he kneels and grabs the brown dog’s face, cooing and scratching. The grin that splits his face is something you never thought you’d ever see on Kim Taehyung.
“You’re so handsome! Yes, you are! Oh hello!”
None of the dogs jump and play with you like they always do, instead they crowd around Taehyung for some of his affections. The sight makes a smile creep onto your face.
“So,” you begin, scratching behind one of the puppy’s ears, wondering when the stench would get to Taehyung, “do you think we have a chance of saving this place?”
You’re not looking at him, but you can hear the smile in his voice as he rubs the other pups’ bellies, “oh definitely. Look at them. Although-“ he turns to you, “-you didn’t suggest an animal shelter for these guys.”
You laugh, “I didn’t get a chance to. But that’s on my long list-“
“Of demands.”
You roll your eyes, “I’m doing this for the community-“ standing up to your full height to peer over the ledge.
“But why are you doing this?”
His lips sag into his usual uninterested expression when he levels you with a stare.
“Are you forgetting that you asked for my help?”
You nod, moving a bit to the side when he joins you at the ledge, “yes, but you could’ve said no.”
He shrugs, “I just wanted to do something good for once.”
Deciding to drop it for now, you spin around and make your way to the top of the stairs, he pats your shoulder as you’re making your way down.
“I’m actually going for this…show tomorrow night. Want to join me?”
He bumps into your back as you halt your step, whipping your head around to stare up at him, “why?”
He scans your face, the proximity bombards you with the heavy scent of his cologne, “because…It’d be fun.”
You aren’t going to overthink things, but it sure does seem like he’s asking you out on a date. Why would someone like him be interested in someone like you? But you could be wrong.
“I’m actually working late tomorrow,” you aren’t lying, “maybe some other time.”
His tongue swipes across his bottom lip, nudging you to keep walking, “that’s alright.”
You’re met with the sight of Jungkook with his arms around the mayor’s shoulders.
“What’s going on?”
Taehyung smiles at his father, in a way that seems like they’re sharing an inside joke.
“I made my decision,” Mr. Kim informs, a beaming Jungkook giving you a hint.
“I’ve decided to demolish this building, but another vacant building which is still under construction would be built with the intent of a shelter for the homeless.”
You smile, bowing in thanks, while you try not to jump up and down with Jungkook.
“Thank you, Mr. Kim.”
“However,” he adds, holding up a slender finger, “we’d have to raise enough funds to add any extra utilities for these people to live a comfortable and healthy life.”
You’ve done plenty of fundraisers in the past and you have no doubts that the next one would be a cinch.
“Of course. Thank you again, Mr. Kim.”
He waves his hands dismissively, placing an amiable hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, “I should be thanking you for bringing this to my attention.”
Jungkook opens his mouth to speak but you shoot him a glare in warning, knowing what he was about to say.
The mayor says his goodbyes and leaves along with the rest of his posse while Taehyung lingers behind you.
Your eyebrows furrow, making your way to your car with the large crate in hand, “so?”
“Sure you’re busy tomorrow night?”
It’s annoying that he’s calm while you’re the opposite, lips stretched into a smirk.
“Of course! I told you that I’m working late tomorrow. God!”
His smile doesn’t falter as he opens the car door for you, seeing him wave you off in the review mirror.
“He’s so weird.”
“I think he’s nice.”
You groan, “just yesterday you called him a privileged idiot.”
“That’s because he is,” Jungkook chortles, grabbing another hotdog from the backseat, “but he’s still a good person.”
At Jungkook’s words, you think of his interaction with the dogs earlier. Despite the nauseating smell, he still played with them and let them cuddle him. It makes you question your view of him for a bit. It was influenced by the gossip you heard from others, however, you’re still a bit skeptical about his willingness to help.
Tumblr media
You wave Jungkook over to your desk, pointing at the figures on the screen when he stands behind your chair.
“This is good for the first week.”
He clicks his tongue, eyes scanning the numbers, “I’m not sure. Usually, we have a couple thousands more after the first week.”
You sigh, knowing that he’s right. The site you set up for fundraising isn’t doing as well as you thought. But it doesn’t cause too much worry because you still have the fundraising event this Saturday.
“What you two up to?”
Without lifting your head from the screen, you groan in annoyance at the presence of your ex-boyfriend.
“Go away Namjoon.”
He rests his chin on his arms, leaning on your cubicle with a grin on his face, “can’t. This is my working space.”
Jungkook continues with your discussion, ignoring Namjoon who steps around your desk to stand next to your chair, hands in his pocket as he dips his head to stare at your screen.
“What’s this for? The crusty building on fourth street?”
You glare at him, not prepared to argue with him this early in the morning.
“If you aren’t making a donation, please go away.”
He laughs, “you two are always busy ‘helping out the community,’” he points to your screen, “wouldn’t be surprised if you take all the cash for yourselves.”
“Listen buddy,” Jungkook speaks with the same amount of irritation that you’re feeling, “we work hard and if you’re bitter because you don’t do anything to help the community then just let us be.”
He holds up his palms, retreating to his desk, “I’m just saying. No one invests this much time and effort in stuff like this.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, whispering into your ear, “can’t believe you dated that guy.”
“Hey!” You smack his arm, “he was a nice guy, okay?”
“Yeah, yeah. Anyway,” he walks backward, cupping his palms around his mouth as he shouts, “don’t stress too much!”
You laugh when Jimin tells him to shut up.
He’s right, you should focus on Saturday being a success rather than the figures on the fundraising site. Most people prefer to get something out of their money anyway, so the market always contributes a huge chunk to the total funds raised.
As always, you and Jungkook are going to be selling food and you can’t wait to check out the other stalls.
Tumblr media
Market days have always been your favorite. Knowing that people enjoy your food, and the money is being put aside for a good cause is heart-warming. The loud chatter and laughter fill the fresh air, kids lining up to try Jungkook’s fruit lollies while you prepare sandwiches and subs for the peckish customers.
You’re busy stuffing the notes into the tin when you notice someone stand at your table from the corner of your eye.
“Hello. What can I get for- Kim Taehyung.”
You have no idea why you have this reaction to seeing him after a week, but you gather your emotions and pull out your small notepad, ready to take his order.
He smiles, brown eyes travelling to the menu propped up on the side of the table, index finger rubbing his bottom lip as he browses through the options.
“What do you suggest?”
After five minutes, he still hasn’t made up his mind and the queue continues to grow behind him.
“Uhm,” you lean over to peek at the menu, pointing to the large spicy chicken sub.
He shakes his head, brown locks dusting his leather jacket, “I don’t like spicy food.”
Laughing to yourself, you move your pen up on the laminated paper and draw his attention to the mild chicken sub.
“I’ll take three. Thank you.”
You shuffle to the table on your left and he follows you, waiting patiently on the other side.
“What was so funny?”
You glance up at him, spooning the shredded chicken into the bread, “what?”
“Just now,” his nods to the other table, “you laughed.”
And he reminds you of why you laughed, so you laugh again.
“Oh. Nothing. Just-“ your eyebrows pinch together, shrugging as you speak, “you said you don’t like spicy food but you literally own a club called ‘Spice.’”
He chuckles, the sound tinkling in your ears.
“It’s not a club, it’s a lounge and I didn’t name it spice because of its literal meaning.”
You wrap up his subs and hand it to him, then pull off your gloves to stuff the cash into the tin.
“What do you mean?”
He rolls his tongue across his lower lip, leaning over the table to whisper.
“Variety is the spice of life.”
Just then, a cool breeze wafts across your back, involuntarily shivering when he tips his chin to stare into your eyes.
“I’m going for this…car show tomorrow evening. Would you like to join me?”
Your gaze travels to the impatient man standing behind Taehyung, grumbling to himself.
He grabs the subs and moves away from the table, your throat feels dry.
“You have my number. Let me know,” with a wink, he disappears from your sight while you fumble to take the man’s order.
Jungkook sidles over to your side, you ignore his pensive stare.
“Was he flirting with you and did you just fall for it?”
You clear your throat, bending down to reach for the pen that slipped out of your grasp.
“I did not. And he was not.”
“I hope not,” Jungkook tails you as you hand the man his order, “you know what a guy like him would want from you.”
You place your fist on your hip and turn to Jungkook, cocking your brow in irritation. This guy has varying opinions on Taehyung.
He shrugs, the corner of his mouth quirking up, “I’m just saying.”
You’re not oblivious when it comes to guys and their different shapes and sizes. And Taehyung is the type you avoid at all costs. You’re cautious when it comes to breaking down your walls, even more after the joke that was your last relationship. Jungkook should know better than to think that you’ve fallen for Taehyung and his charms. He’s handsome, yes he does have luscious hair, and chocolate eyes, and a perfectly shaped mouth and a great sense in fashion. But, you would be silly to be swept away by his allure. Silly.
The rest of the day runs smoothly and you’re more than proud when you tally up your orders and reach the goal you’ve set for yourself by the end of the day.
It’s time for the stallholders to close up when the mayor and his two bodyguards arrive and collect the funds from each of you.
“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful day. The sub was delicious.”
You smile, untying your apron and folding it neatly.
“Thank you.”
Jungkook rushes over and grabs your hand, pulling you to the group of people huddled at the center of the field.
“They’re taking a photo for the newspaper.”
The mayor stands in the middle of the long row of people, Jungkook stands on one side with you near the end. Your breath hitches a bit when the smell of Taehyung’s perfume fills your nostrils.
The cameraman diverts your attention to the way Taehyung’s hand hovers over your waist, inching closer so he can get in the frame.
Your eyes lock for a split second before you’re facing the camera and smiling, leaning away from him. You ignore the thunderous beat your heart drums in your chest, the way your blood rushes to your cheeks, stomach twisting in a feeling you’re trying to quash as you scurry to your car. You suspect that it’s a harmless crush, a crush on an attractive man that will disappear once all this is over.
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be your day. After slogging all weekend, you were supposed to be lazing around and munching on the leftover subs from yesterday. But all your plans of having a destressing afternoon had to be cancelled because your boss called in and said that you’re needed at work.
To say you’re in a shitty mood would be an understatement.
And on top of that, despite your best efforts of keeping him out of your mind, your dreams were filled with a fanciable male you hope to never see again for fear of your heart being pulverised by your own expectations.
The cloyingly sweet voice of your coworker causes you to scrunch your eyes shut for a while, struggling to keep his words out of your head.
“Saw you in the newspaper. You looked pretty.”
“Go away Namjoon.”
He chuckles, voice becoming louder as he walks behind your desk.
“I saw you with that guy. The mayor’s son. What’s his name?”
He clicks his thumb in an attempt to remember while you crack your eyes open, hoping he doesn’t say-
“Kim Taehyung.”
You keep your eyes on your screen, typing furiously.
“Are you guys together or something? He had his arm around your waist. If I saw correctly.”
Something about his tone irks you, tilting your head to shoot him an unimpressed look.
“He did not.”
He shrugs, “well you two were standing pretty close. Is something going on?”
You have no idea how your love life concerns him, but you hear yourself say: “no.”
His deep laugh makes your eye twitch as he leans back against your cubicle.
“Of course. How could I think that the mayor’s son would date you. You aren’t his type at all.”
You grit your teeth, acknowledging the tiny pang in your chest.
“That’s okay though. Even if he did want you,” he holds up a finger as he walks away, “you won’t date him because you’ll come back to me like you always do.”
“No I won’t!”
You’re fuming, heart thumping in your chest at his words because it’s half-true. You always go back to Namjoon in the end. Because it’s convenient for you, because you’re too afraid to experience other men, too afraid to reintroduce each aspect of your life to someone who may not be worth it. For fear of your heart being torn into shreds all over again.
But you promised yourself the last time, that you would never go back to him, never make the same mistake.
That’s why, you’re sitting in your company’s parking lot, typing out a message to Kim Taehyung with blurred vision.
His reply comes hours later when you’re snuggled up in your nest of cushions, grieving in silence.
[18:10] Kim Taehyung: Hello Y/N.
[18:11] Kim Taehyung: Of course. I’ll pick you up at 8?
You spring up, leaning back against the couch as you try to fight the smile that burns into your features.
[18:12] You: actually. Can I come with Jungkook?
Obviously, you’ve informed your best friend of your impulsive decision and after you were berated for what felt like hours, he had insisted that he go along with you.
[18:15] Kim Taehyung: Sure why not
[18:15] Kim Taehyung: I’ll bring a friend along too
[18:16] Kim Taehyung: Should I text you the address?
You squeal, typing out a message to Jungkook but even more anxious to meet his friend.
[18:17] You: That’s ok. I’ll get it from the internet
[18:18] Kim Taehyung: Alright. It’s the BMW Torque Show.
You’re already fussing about in your room, flipping through your clothes to find a cute outfit and accessories to match.
[18:21] You: Thank you!
[18:21] Kim Taehyung: See you later (;
Half an hour passes, and you settle on a knee-length white dress with little roses on the collar, and boots. Jungkook said that he’ll fetch you a few minutes before 8PM so you scurry to do your makeup and hair, letting it hang in soft curls.
Your nerves heighten with each passing minute and you’re so jittery that you almost forget your phone charging in the corner of your room when you hear Jungkook pull up outside your apartment.
“Sorry, I had to go back ‘cause I forgot my phone.”
He laughs, pulling onto the road while you click in your seatbelt.
“Relax. So, I know I might be a third wheel-“ you give him a discernible look “-but I’m still a bit hesitant to let you date this guy.”
“Jungkook,” you speak plainly, “this isn’t a date. More like friends…I guess? Hanging out. Plus, you won’t be the third wheel, he said he’s also bringing a friend.”
“Oh?” He spares you a glance before he’s turning onto the highway, “you’re friends now? What do you even know about this guy?”
You open your mouth to answer but he cuts you off.
“Apart from what you heard about him.”
Taking a minute to think, you realize that you haven’t had a proper conversation with him before. Maybe that day on the roof?
“I know that he likes dogs.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, “everyone likes dogs.”
You shove his shoulder, “not everyone!”
“But I mean, you know he’s not the type of guy you take home to your parents and that’s what you’re looking for. Am I right?”
“Maybe we should just cancel because it seems like you’re trying to put this whole thing off.”
“No! No, I’m not. I’m just-“ you give him an empty smile when he looks at you, waiting for him to continue “-I’m just concerned because I know what happened with Namjoon and every guy before that.”
You huff, choosing to stare out the window and ignore your friend who’s bringing up your painful past when you just want to enjoy yourself tonight. Even though cars aren’t really your thing, as long as it takes you from A to B, you’re happy. But you do appreciate a sleek car when you see one.
“We’re here.”
You straighten your posture and notice the crowd near the racetrack, eyes wide in awe at the shiny vehicles parked near the entrance and the massive racetrack.
“I think we need to buy tickets then head down there.”
You follow Jungkook’s line of sight, nodding when you see the table set up at the gates where people are lining up.
Jungkook pays for your tickets and follows you down the narrow pathway into the space where tables and rows of chairs are set up for people to watch the show.
You’re about to text Taehyung to notify him of your arrival when Jungkook nudges you, standing ramrod straight when you see Taehyung and an unfamiliar woman approach you. Why did you expect his friend to be a guy?
“Y/N,” he grins, “and…Jungkook?”
“Hey,” Jungkook rubs the back of his neck nervously.
“Hi,” the woman steps forward, enveloping you in a tight hug, “I’m Jiah.”
She’s pretty, dressed in a charcoal grey coat. You can tell she’s much older than Taehyung and you’re curious about the nature of their relationship.
“She’s my lawyer,” Taehyung nods in her direction, pouting when she smacks his shoulder.
“I’m not his lawyer.”
You force a chuckle out, catching Jungkook’s gaze furtively, knowing he must be thinking the same thing.
Taehyung stuffs his hands in his jeans pocket, gesturing to the racetrack, “shall we?”
He walks with your pace as you take careful steps down the stairs, you can see him glance at you now and again in your periphery.
“Didn’t think you’d say yes.”
“Huh,” you realize that he’s talking to you, already feeling embarrassed in his presence, “well, I’m here.”
You snort, wondering why you’re behaving like an awkward teenager.
“Uhm, yeah,” you decide to add, hearing Jungkook and Jiah laugh behind you, “I changed my mind.”
Joining the crowd at the starting line, you pull out your phone to snap some photos of the luxurious cars parked in a fancy manner, weaving through the crammed-up space to stand next to Jungkook, Taehyung following close behind.
“What do you think we’d be doing if this was a normal Sunday night?”
Jungkook leans down to whisper, ogling the shiny black vehicle while he takes a video of the man speaking on the makeshift stage.
“Probably crying over another romcom we’ve watched over a hundred times,” you giggle, spinning around to look for Taehyung only to be met with his broad chest.
“Enjoying yourself?”
You shrug, tugging your cardigan closer to your body, “I’m not really a cars person but the night is lovely.”
“The night?”
“Yeah, the night,” you repeat, seeing his eyebrows furrow in question. “I mean,” you glance around at the joyful crowd, bright lights shining down on the track, sky spotted with stars, the scent that only belongs to the velvet of the night, “this atmosphere. I like it.”
“I agree. It’s kind of boring right now. Want to grab something to eat?”
“There’s food here?”
With a chuckle, he points to the food truck near the entrance, and you resist the urge to slap yourself. It’s huge. How could you miss it?
He guides you up the stairs, joining the queue while you stand behind him.
Tugging your arm, he points to the menu pasted on the front of the truck.
“We can order together.”
Your heart stirs in your chest at the contact, choosing the mozzarella corndog for you and Jungkook while Taehyung orders for him and Jiah. As expected, he refuses to take your money when it’s time to pay for the order and you argue about it all the way back to the racetrack.
“Thanks,” Jungkook begins stuffing his face with the corndog, while you struggle to finish it.
Usually, you’d be scarfing down the cheesy goodness, but your nerves are preventing you from enjoying the food. When Jungkook is done with his, you hand him yours quietly, thinking that no one would notice because they’re all listening attentively to the man who’s listing the specifications of each model.
“Not hungry?”
You shake your head, about to tell Taehyung that you ate earlier when a booming voice overlaps yours.
“Hi guys! My name is Kai and I’m selling tickets for a spin in one of these bad boys. If you’re interested, form a line behind the tape or head to the seating area and enjoy the rest of the show!”
Spinning around in the direction of the stairway up to the seats, you peer over your shoulder to see Jungkook and Jiah heading over to join the line.
You feel a hand on your arm, Taehyung’s friendly eyes pointing to the cars behind him.
“Wanna go for a spin?”
You exhale a dry laugh, “and waste money? When you could literally take me for a spin in your BMW for free?”
You clamp your mouth shut when you realize what you said, seeing him smirk suggestively.
“You wanna go for a ride in my BMW?”
You splutter, “I-“
He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear while you’re holding your breath, fisting the skirt of your dress when his finger trails down your cheek.
“I’m just kidding. It’s fun on the racetrack. Plus,” he slides his palm in yours, while you’re stunned into silence, staring at the point of contact, “I have an idea.”
Tumblr media
“What do you mean that’s not the policy? I’m paying for it.”
You chew on your nail anxiously, seeing Taehyung try to convince the stern man to let him drive one of the cars instead of “sitting in the backseat and going 50mph.”
“Come on. I’m sure if your boss was here, he’d understand.”
Offended, Kai hands Taehyung the tickets and tells him to head to the other end of the white tape.
“It’s okay. I’m sure we’d have a good time.”
Taehyung glares at Kai, scoffing, “the last time I came for one of these shows they let me drive myself. I don’t know what’s this guy’s problem.”
Taehyung looks…terrifying when he’s angry. But his smile returns when he ushers you to the dark blue car on the other side of the tape.
When the driver steps out, Taehyung’s face lights up and he takes the man into a bone-crushing hug.
“Hoseok! Where the hell have you been?”
“Here and there. So good to see you, bro! Hi!”
He steps in front of you, thrusting his hand in your direction. You shake his hand shyly, eyes travelling to his shiny suit.
“This is my friend, Hoseok. He’s a professional race car driver.”
You smile, “nice to meet you.”
You don’t miss the way he winks at Taehyung as he makes his way around the car.
“Hey, uhm,” Taehyung points to the steering wheel, “can I drive?”
“Woooh, you know I can’t do that.”
Taehyung rolls his eyes, “I did it before. Come on.”
Hoseok cocks his head to the side, eyebrows furrowing, “I cannot do that. We have strict policies regarding the cars and this racetrack.”
Uncharacteristically, Taehyung grabs Hoseok’s hand and pleads with him, smiling to yourself at his childlike behavior that draws the attention of the people waiting on the other side of the track.
Hoseok rolls his eyes, “fine. But I’m sitting with you.”
He hands Taehyung the keys and walks around the car to open the passenger side door, while you hover near the trunk.
Taehyung is about to put his seatbelt on when he notices you standing near the car, awkwardly.
“Hey. Can my lady sit in the front with me?”
You choke on your own spit, heart stammering in your chest. His voice was so…soft.
“Yeah yeah,” Hoseok holds the door open for you to step in the car, hands trembling as you click in the seatbelt.
You tuck your hair behind you ears, glancing at Taehyung who sports a cheeky grin, one hand on the steering wheel.
“Ready to go for a ride?”
Something about the way he said that makes your cheeks heat, averting your gaze to the row of people who are watching as Taehyung starts up the car and revs the engine.
Hoseok pokes his head between your seats, placing a concerned hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, “remember start nice and easy because this track is designed for-“
“Yeah yeah. I got it.”
“And don’t forget that-“
“I got it!”
He steps on the pedal, and you’re glued to the seat, a nervous laugh filling the small space as Taehyung zooms around the track, hair flying wildly around your face, eyes going dry.
Maybe you should’ve closed the window because the air gets knocked out of your lungs when he goes even faster, hysterical whoops coming from him and Hoseok.
You’re gripping onto the seat for dear life, boots lifting with each turn he takes, smashing into the door embarrassingly. When he glances at you, you shout for him to watch the road with a dazed smile, knowing that you can’t save your hair. Appearances are the last thing on your mind when you start to ease into the ride, adrenalin pumping through your veins, laughter bubbling from your chest because you can’t remember the last time you had this much fun.
Your tummy hurts, body feeling like jelly when he finally comes to a stop at the starting line, the crowd cheering as Hoseok steps out of the car.
Taehyung’s long fingers pull your hair away from your face, some strands got stuck on your lip gloss and he makes sure to get those out too, heart still racing in your chest.
“You okay?”
He says finally, face a few inches away from yours, heady scent clouding your thoughts.
You nod giddily, eyes flickering to his lips just as his do the same. It might be your mind, that’s still in a muddled lump, playing tricks on you but he leans closer and so do you, puckering your lips, closing your eyes when he tilts his head.
You wait and wait, eyes flying open when he clears his throat, he’s staring out the windscreen, back in a straight line.
Panicking, you jump out of the car and walk around the track, running up the stairs to see Jiah tucked into Jungkook’s side.
“Jungkook,” you say breathlessly, sparing Jiah a smile, “can we go?”
He takes in your frazzled state, and you don’t realize how crazy you must look with your unkempt hair, chest still heaving.
He holds up his hand, glancing at his watch, “err yeah. It is getting late.”
Turning to face Jiah, he wraps her up in a hug and you make your way to his car with hurried steps, mind spinning as much as your heart.
Jungkook unlocks his car, and you jump in hastily, scrubbing your palms down your face.
“Is everything ok?”
“No,” you sigh, “I was having fun and- and we were having fun but then I thought. I thought that-“
You groan, unable to even finish your sentence because you’re so ashamed. For a fleeting moment, you were carefree, you had no inhibitions and you thought that Kim Taehyung, the guy who wouldn’t even spare a girl like you a second look on any normal day, wanted to kiss you.
“Alright,” Jungkook starts his car engine, driving out of the parking lot, “I think I know what you need.”
Tumblr media
Shoving the last bite of your pastry down your throat, you slouch in the sofa, neck bent on the armrest. Jungkook is sprawled across your rug, eyes half-open.
“I can’t believe I thought he was gonna kiss me.”
“Hey,” Jungkook yells, holding up his arm and pointing to ceiling, you know he must be drunk by now, “it’s okay! Just because you thought that he was gonna kiss you doesn’t mean he was gonna kiss you. Wait. Wait- that’s not what I meant to say!”
He laughs drowsily, slurring his words even more after he takes a deep breath and continues with his speech.
“Just because you thought he wanted to kiss you, doesn’t mean it’s your fault. You thought he liked you the whole night?! I thought he liked you the whole night! Jiah thought he liked you the whole night!”
You take a swig from your drink, resting your arm across your tummy, “yeah.”
“And isn’t it funny,” he titters, poking your knee, “isn’t it funny that I kissed Jiah and you didn’t kiss Taehyung.”
Your eyes widen in shock, tilting your head to stare at your goofy best friend who collapses on your wooden floor.
“You kissed Jiah? On the first meeting?!”
He shakes his head, bobbing as he speaks, “now…I know what it looks like. But she’s the one, man! I just know it! Who knew- Who knew-“
“Who knew…what? That you like older woman.”
Clapping like an inebriated seal, he punctuates each word with a burp, “yes! Precisely! Who knew I like older woman and who cares if we kissed on the first date!”
You scrunch up your nose, jealousy slowly pouring into the mix of embarrassment, anxiety, foolishness, disgust, disbelief, and sorrow. Your own feelings caught you off guard, you didn’t realize how deep your crush was after tonight, after the rejection stung more than you anticipated. And he isn’t to blame. You are. For thinking that a playboy like him would be interested in dating you. You should’ve believed your own words. When you said that it was more like ‘friends’ hanging out and not a date.
As the night progressed, you couldn’t help but sense a connection between the two of you, the electricity each time you locked gazes or exchanged smiles. Or when he held your hand, long, dexterous fingers curling around yours, hair flowing behind him, delirious when he was behind the wheel.
You yell into the throw cushion, as if that would get the memories to disintegrate and you would live a life where this night is erased from your memory.
“You won’t see him again, you know,” Jungkook reasons, sitting near the couch now, head in your lap, “only at the opening of the shelter which is in three weeks’ time. You know they already started extending the building.”
“I know,” you sigh, relief and sadness filling your thoughts, knowing that seeing him is tantamount to not seeing him at all.
“So, you don’t have to worry. By then, everything will be forgotten.”
You hum, his words echoing in your head a lot louder than you need. Everything will be forgotten. Him. You. The short exchange that will be ingrained in your heart for the rest of your life probably. The fact that there was so much you didn’t know about him disturbs you even further, because you feel so much.
It was definitely the small touches, his gentle mannerisms and caring demeanor. Even the short while where you saw his playful side pop out. Guys like Kim Taehyung only come around once, and it’s a shame that your experience is over.
Tumblr media
Two weeks pass and you’re driving home from work when you decide to visit your friends on fourth street. Mrs. Kang raves about how she’s going to be the manager of the shelter.
“Mr. Kang would be so happy if he were here.”
You place your palm over hers, reminded of her husband who passed a few years ago, involved in a hit and run accident. Even after all these years, not a day goes by where she doesn’t mention her husband. You hope to find a love like that someday. To love whether they go on or not.
As you walk up the stairs to pay the puppies a visit, your mind drifts to a man with a charming boxy smile. Each day goes by, and you regret ever talking to him, spending time with him, as little as it was, because it hurts even more, and you can’t help but think that this is your fate. To be alone.
When you open the gate, you come to an abrupt stop when you see a man in a black suit crouched down, smoothing his palm over the puppies’ backs.
Your heart skips a beat when one of the dogs bark in your direction and he spins around, smile falling when he sees you.
You twist the fabric of your beige cardigan with your fingers, deciding to stare at the puppy that’s plopped in front of you instead of looking at him as he makes his way toward you.
He stuffs his hands in his pockets, voice timid, “hey.”
“Hey,” you dip down, scratching the puppy’s belly, cooing when he nudges your knee.
“How have you been?”
“Good. And yourself?”
You’re trying your best to keep your feelings out of your voice, but the tense air around you proves that something is going on. Or nothing is going on.
“Good. You uhm. I didn’t see you after that night,” he laughs, it sounds a little hollow to your ears.
You stand up to your full height, deciding to walk to the ledge and peer over, watching the women pack the fruits and vegetables that didn’t sell today.
“Yeah. Sorry I took off like that.”
He stands next to you, much closer than you would expect him to.
“It’s alright. I understand.”
He understands? Understands what?
You didn’t realize that your thoughts were being spoken until he replies.
“I understand that I’m this guy who asks you out and everything is going well but then…”
He trails off. You’re baffled, even more than you were yesterday or two weeks ago.
“I mean. It’s annoying when someone gives you mixed signals.”
Tilting your head back when the warm afternoon breeze billows out your skirt, you shake your head, “I take mixed signals as a no.”
You see him nod from the corner of your eye and then he’s tugging your arm lightly, urging you to look at him, eyes brimming with an unknown emotion. Unknown to you.
His tongue darts out, “I didn’t mean for things to go the way they did.”
He hesitates for a while before he’s smiling, cocking an eyebrow in interest, “can I be honest with you?”
You fold your arms, pretending like his cologne and intimidating stance isn’t affecting you.
“I’m not the guy for you. And I realized that when it was too late. When I knew that I shouldn’t treat you like another game.”
“A game?”
He laughs, cheeks tinting a bright pink.
“I mean. Obviously, you’ve heard the rumors about me.”
You roll your eyes, laughing as you speak, “you were under that assumption before you asked me out the first time?”
He shrugs, “yeah, I mean. I…don’t really know. Honestly. I just wanted to have some fun. Like what I always do.”
Then tension in your shoulders deflate a bit, “it’s okay. I understand.”
Silence falls over the two of you and you take the time to think about what he said. So, Jungkook was right, maybe he was in it for one thing, but you don’t know if you should be flattered that he backed out in the end.
“Do you wanna…check out the new building?”
You nod, “sure. I heard that they’re working fast with extending the building.”
“Yeah,” he holds the rusty gate open for you as you walk down the stairs.
You unlock your car and wave at the ladies as you go. He doesn’t speak during the ride except for when he gives you directions. You’re glad that you decided to wash your car last week after a sudden burst of energy to clean your kitchen, your house, your car, your life.
“Turn here.”
At first glance, the building is huge, even bigger with the extension at the back and the paint is fresh and crisp.
“Wow. This is great,” you squeal, “I’m so happy right now.”
“Thanks to you.”
“No,” you tuck your hair behind your ear demurely.
A man wearing blue overalls runs up to Taehyung, shaking his hand and pointing to the building behind him. You’re standing a foot away, so you can hear their conversation pretty clearly.
“We’re almost done with the first coat. I’ll let you know if we need anything else.”
“And congratulations,” he nudges Taehyung’s shoulder, “I hope you know that your selfless act will return to you tenfold.”
Selfless act? You’re curious, seeing Taehyung smile and wave the man off.
It’s only when another man with a mohawk appears with a thick stack of papers do you feel a little curious. Especially when they start talking about a deposit, with Taehyung signing a few documents that look important.
“Do you want to go for a walk?”
You nod, sliding your hands in your pockets, seeing him walk in the direction of the park a few minutes away.
He gestures for you to follow him, turning around the corner to the beautiful view at the end of the street. The lake is calm, golden as the sun beams onto its surface. You sit down on the bench next to him.
You decide to break the silence.
“I didn’t expect you to…be this involved with everything.”
He smiles, resting his hands on his lap, “actually, the building on fourth street belonged to my grandfather.”
He faces you, eyes lit by the golden sun, making your breath hitch.
“Yeah. And after he passed, I inherited it. I didn’t really care much though.”
“Wait wait,” you fold your legs on the bench, holding up your palms, “the building belonged to you? And you knew about the people living there?”
Nodding, he chews on his cheek, scanning your face while you’re stunned. He knew about the homeless who were living in his building for months, almost a year and he did nothing about it. Men of his calibre wouldn’t waste any opportunity to monetize their possessions.
“Well, anyway. Enough about me,” he pokes the tip of your nose, “what about you? What’s your story?”
You fiddle with the hem of your skirt, keeping your gaze on the movement, “my story?”
“Yeah. I know that you’re the head of the HR department at Kim Inc. You’re single, live on the quietest street in town and stay in for fun.”
You gasp, “that’s all there is to me.”
“Is it?”
“Yeah,” you sigh, “life has been pretty boring these days.”
He scoots closer to you, arm stretching across the backrest. The sun is disappearing from the sky, streetlights flickering on as you chat.
“Are you single?”
You giggle, covering your mouth with your palm as you laugh. His question catches you by surprise.
“I wouldn’t go on a date with you if I had one.”
“Hey. Anything can happen in two weeks.”
The fact that he remembers how long it’s been since you last saw each other makes your heart soar.
“I don’t,” your eyes travel across the lake, knowing that he’s still watching you.
“I think someone as beautiful as you must have tons of guys lining up for a chance.”
Will he ever turn off his charms?
You roll your eyes, despite the blush that spreads on your cheeks, mumbling, “bad experience.”
“Ohhh. I’m guessing…” He taps his chin, “you got cheated on?”
Your mouth hangs open, “how did you know?”
“I guessed. Wait, seriously? I’m so sorry.”
You shrug, “it’s okay. It was a long time ago anyway.”
“What happened?”
Taking a deep breath, you think that the effects of his charms are making you a little more talkative tonight.
“We were dating for almost a year, and everything was great. I loved him. He loved me…That’s what I thought. I caught him with a coworker of mine. A mutual coworker.”
He smacks his thigh, “what the fuck.”
“Yeah,” you give him a sad smile, “and for months I kept thinking that I pushed him away-“
“You shouldn’t think like that. Some men are cheaters. That’s just the way they are.”
You think about the downfall of your relationship, what led up to the point where he decided to throw everything you had away just because of a stupid fight.
“And I kept thinking that I shouldn’t blame him because men have needs and I couldn’t satisfy his needs because I was stubborn.”
Taehyung clears his throat, “what needs?”
You scoff, “you know!” Eyes on the patch of grass near your shoe, speaking under your breath, “I didn’t want to sleep with him.”
Immediately, you want to swallow your words when you see the indecipherable look on his face.
“Why…Why didn’t you want to sleep with him? If you don’t mind me asking.”
It’s your turn to change the topic but he grabs your hands, pestering you to tell him until you lose your patience and blurt it out.
“I’m a virgin!”
“Wha- Really?”
You leap up from the bench, but he yanks your arm, pulling you back down with a huff.
“Don’t be embarrassed. You just…surprise me every time I see you.”
He scratches the back of his head, “nothing.”
The awkwardness thickens in the air until he decides to speak.
“It’s okay if you’re still a virgin. I’m not sure why you’re embarrassed. If you’re waiting for that special person then-“
“That’s the thing,” you whisper, still refusing to look at him, “I wanted to. So many times.”
“Then what stopped you?”
You’re already so deep in the conversation, you might as well just tell him.
Glancing around, as if you aren’t the only people sitting in the park this late in the evening, you lean in closer to him to whisper, taking advantage of the position to breathe in his cologne.
“I’m kind of…scared.”
“Scared?” He’s whispering too, face a breath away.
“Yeah…That it might…hurt.”
He scratches his chin, speaking in a low tone, “I’ve never been with a virgin before but from what I’ve heard it hurts...”
You groan, slumping against the bench.
“I’ve also heard that it feels really good,” he winks, sending a shiver down the length of your spine.
How did you even end up here, having this conversation with the guy you wouldn’t mind enduring the pain for?
“Maybe you’re just afraid of male…genitals.”
“I don’t know, maybe,” you rush to talk about something else, but he continues with his theories.
“Or maybe, you’re afraid because of what you heard from others. Not everyone’s experience is the same.”
You rub your arms, suddenly feeling the chill of the evening.
He seems to notice because the next moment, you’re being shrouded by his coat, fleshy forearms exposed to your gaze.
You’re drowning in his cologne, almost moaning from the delicious scent. It almost feels like he’s on top of-
Where are these thoughts coming from? It’s unlike you to have such salacious images pop into your mind.
“But I mean…if you’re scared, you aren’t afraid to like…you know…explore by yourself?”
You screw up your face, but nod anyway, ignoring the way his Adam’s apple bobs as he speaks.
“But I’ve never…”
How do you even tell him you’ve never fingered yourself because you’re too afraid? And even if you try, it’s like your lady parts cower. You Googled it and you think it’s called vaginismus? You don’t even know for sure. You can’t trust Google.
You don’t even have to finish your sentence because his brown eyes light up in understanding, lip tucked between his teeth.
“You know,” he flicks off a string of cotton from the coat, “it’s not that bad.”
“Easy for you to say. You’re a man!”
He laughs, low and husky, ensuing another hurricane of filthy thoughts in your mind.
“Do something for me.”
Your eyes widen, “here?!”
“It’s not like that!”
He grabs your wrist and closes his fingers around yours, keeping your index finger out.
“Put it in and touch the roof of your mouth.”
Your stomach flips with an unnamed feeling at his orders, even more when his eyes watch the movement of your finger disappearing into your mouth.
You narrow your eyes, “it tickles.”
“Do you feel those bumps?”
You nod, like tiny folds gathered, hot and wet with your spit.
“That’s what it feels like.”
“It doesn’t feel good,” you wipe your hand on your skirt.
“The bumps are similar to the ones inside your…female parts.”
“How do you-“
You purse your lips, hyper aware of his minty breath wisping your hair around.
“How will that help me get rid of my fear?”
He inhales a shaky breath, eyes searching yours, “it won’t. But I-“
Your eyes fall shut when he grabs your cheeks and captures your lips with his, tongue sliding over yours when you gasp. You fist the front of his shirt, quickly matching his pace with soft suckles to his bottom lip. He swallows your moan when his tongue prods into your mouth, curling against the roof of your wet cavern. Your mind is running a mile a minute. He bobs his head, slick muscle staying rigid as he massages the bumps he made you feel earlier, heat collecting between your thighs.
Your hands skim across his chest, laying flat on his pecs as he continues to thrust his tongue. You whimper, grabbing his wrists when your lungs burn, too lost in the pleasure of his tongue rolling into your mouth.
He rests his forehead against yours, chest heaving, “I’m sorry.”
Your palms rest on shoulders, shaking your head, still thinking about the feeling of his tongue in your mouth.
He intertwines your fingers, you follow him giddily as you walk to your car.
When you’re settled in and about to drive away, fighting the simper on your face, he knocks on your window with his knuckle.
“See you on Saturday.”
His lips are more pink than usual, looking even more attractive under the moonlight.
Tumblr media
The week drags by, with more work piling and your anticipation building. After that night, you couldn’t get the kiss out of your mind, swirling in your thoughts during the day, preventing you from focusing on your tasks.
You got home that night and called Jungkook, relaying the unexpected turn of events when you saw Taehyung. After you had repeated the entire conversation to him, he still had the same things to say. That he’s still wary, that you should be cautious and to remember who he is. It did annoy you, but you know that Jungkook has a point. Taehyung has a way with words, that’s how he made a reputation for himself in this small town.
But that doesn’t stop you from replaying the kiss in your head a million times, his blown-out pupils and soft lips. His tongue…
And, to your relief, vaginismus wasn’t a thing for you. Because that same night, hand slithering under your sheets, you dared to try something, and it felt…amazing. You’ve never experienced such an intense orgasm in your life and only one name dripped from your lips when you were lost in the pleasure.
You’re touching up your makeup when you realize that it’s almost 4PM. You’re too jittery to even give yourself a once over before you’re walking out the door and heading to the shelter.
Dozens of cars are parked on the sides of the road. You recognize Jungkook’s then Taehyung’s, hair at the back of your neck standing on edge when you see Taehyung near the shiny entrance doors.
You’re forced to park a few miles away from the building, trying not to trip over in your heels as you make your way toward Jungkook.
He waves at you, one arm wrapped around Jiah’s waist. It’s odd to see Jungkook out in public like this and you’re happy for him. He also had his fair share of shitty relationships.
You’re peering over the crowd to look for a certain male when you feel a tap on your shoulder.
His eyes disappear into slits as he smiles and you’re unable to speak, blubbering because he’s just a foot away.
“You look pretty.”
You open your mouth to thank him, but the mayor’s voice grabs his attention. He steps forward to stand next to his father, clapping as he congratulates and thanks everyone for their presence and effort.
“But, most of all,” he places his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, smiling proudly, “I want to thank my son.”
Everyone cheers and hollers, Taehyung’s shy smile making your heart race.
Jungkook leans down to whisper in your ear, “maybe I was wrong about him.”
You turn around to give him a confused look, “what?”
“He sponsored this building. It was supposed to be rented out.”
“How do you know this?”
“Jiah told me,” he shouts in your ear over the ruckus of the crowd, “she said that this building was his and he had plans to rent it out. But he didn’t.”
Your eyes are set on Taehyung, who’s guiding the people into the building for a tour. First, he let the homeless stay in the building on fourth street, then he sponsored another. Your heart is in your throat at his generosity.
When you walk past him to step into the brightly lit building that smells of lavender, he curls his fingers around your hand, pulling you to the side, stumbling along the sidewalk.
“Hey,” he smiles like earlier.
And you’re sporting your own grin this time, having found your voice.
He thrusts his thumb in the direction of the building, “I can give you a tour another day, but I wanted to talk to you.”
You nod, nerves skyrocketing, blood rushing to your ears, “okay.”
He guides to his car and opens the passenger door for you as you get in, wiping your sweaty palms on your dress as you see him jog to the driver’s side, still smiling as he drives.
“So…What do you want to talk about?”
He licks his lips, brown hair covering his eyes slightly, “I’ll tell you in a bit. Let me find a good spot to park.”
The good spot he finds is the same park where you had your first real conversation, your first kiss. You’re hoping it wasn’t your last.
He combs his fingers through his hair and unclicks his seatbelt, facing you with a serious expression that makes your smile slip.
You dip your head, so he meets your eyes, seeing the blank look on his face.
“I am sorry.”
You laugh, “for what?”
“I…kind of…did research.”
A frown replaces your smile, mostly of out perplexity, “research?”
“Yeah. But, only after the night at the car show. I swear.”
“What are you talking about, Taehyung?”
He groans, covering his face as he speaks, “I kind of asked around about you…at your workplace.”
“Only because I was interested in you! And I never ever do that! Mostly it’s the other way around, but I know that literally everyone in this nosy town knows about me and my past and my habits.”
You grab his hand, not catching anything else he’s saying because you’re too focused on the first sentence.
“You were interested in me?”
He said he did research on you by asking around at your office? You have no idea what there was to say about you because none of them know you at all. The only thing they could’ve told him was that you throw a tantrum each time the coffee machine is out of order.
“I am…interested in you.”
You gulp, forgetting about your blooming feelings for him, how his pretty eyelashes make your throat constrict, how his lips haunt your every waking thought, how his smile flashes in your mind whenever you’re dozing off to sleep and how you think that if you spend even a second longer with him, you might fall, hoping he might catch you.
“I’m interested in you too,” you admit, appreciating the golden hour that sets a rosy tone to the feeling you haven’t experience in a long time.
He leans over and unclicks your seatbelt, warmth radiating off him while your heart sparks in your chest.
You nod, licking your lips reflexively, “yes.”
His eyes flit your lips, mouth appearing still even as he whispers with his low, husky voice.
“Can I kiss you?”
Trying to beat down the urge to jump his bones, you nod and await his kiss as he closes the distance, fingers dancing up your jaw until finally, your lips meet in a searing kiss, wrapping your arms around his shoulders as he places on hand on your waist, pulling you over the center console to sit on his lap.
He suckles on the skin of your jaw, earning a whimper from you when he grips your hair, licking the shell of your ear.
Involuntarily, you rock your hips forward, gasping when you feel his erection press into your core.
He pulls away from you to stare into your eyes, neck exposed to your ravenous gaze.
“Let’s go somewhere else, where you’d be comfortable.”
You swallow, fingers sliding across his collarbones to the sides of his neck.
He sets you down in your seat and starts up the engine and you realize that this is happening. You’re going to have sex. This was probably how your friends felt in high school.
You don’t know how long he must’ve been calling your name, only when you feel his hand on your thigh do you return to reality.
You blink, seeing him smirk, a few buttons on his shirt undone. Was that your doing?
“Where would you be most comfortable?”
He nods, turning onto the road and driving as fast as the speed limit would let him, “your place it is. But…I need to get something quickly.”
Parking in front of the local drugstore, he hurries inside and appears five minutes later with a purple packet in hand.
“Alright. Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
When you arrive at your apartment, you feel like the energy that was surging through you in the car has fizzled out, but when he shrugs off his blazer and stuffs his hands in his pockets like he usually does, you feel it again. The tug between your legs.
You pull off your cardigan and follow him into the lounge, wringing your hands nervously.
“Do you want something to drink?”
He catches your gaze, shaking his head and returning to admiring the ornaments you have kept on your bookshelf.
You’re nervous, you don’t know if you should sit on the couch and wait or strip in your bedroom.
Seeing the purple packet on your coffee table, you reach for it to inspect its contents. A bottle of lube and condoms. Eyes bugging out when you read the size.
You fling the packet onto the table when you feel the couch shift, forcing a nervous smile onto your face.
He takes your hand in his, “we don’t-“
“I want to,” you blurt, seeing something fond swirl in his brown orbs.
He tucks one arm under your thighs and wraps the other around your back, your hands fly to his neck as he carries you to your room.
He stops at the entrance of your hallway, and you direct him to your room, clutching onto his neck as he sets you down on the bed.
The purple packet is set on your nightstand as he unbuttons his shirt while you move to unzip your red dress.
He pushes your hands away, smoothing your hair to one side as he drags the zipper down, breaths mingling as he tugs it down your shoulders.
He lets his shirt fall to the floor while you admire his sinewy chest, salivating as he unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the loops, the leather joins his shirt on the floor with a loud clank.
“I’m gonna take off your dress now.”
Nodding frantically, you lift your hips as he pulls your dress over your legs, crossing your arms over your chest after a sudden feeling of diffidence.
Your eyes dart to his massive erection straining in his slacks, you lean forward and return the favor, rolling it down his legs.
He pushes your shoulder so you’re lying on your back, eyes stuck to the swell of your boobs.
“You’re beautiful.”
Your breath catches in your throat when he noses through your hair, hands sliding down over each contour of your body, squirming under him. His fingers work on unclasping your bra, tossing it over his shoulder.
He steals the breath from your lungs with a passionate kiss, fingers intertwining with yours as his tongue flicks into your mouth, grunting when you nudge his erection with your knee.
“Not yet, dove,” he begins to kiss down your neck, pulling the skin between his teeth, suckling and leaving dots of purple and pink wherever his mouth rests. Wet patches glistening in the early evening light when he feathers kisses on your stomach.
Nothing you say or do will calm your heart, you’re so lost in his touch, and intoxicating scent that belongs to him only, and you can’t imagine what it would feel like to have him inside you, to be connected to him.
He kneels between your legs, statuesque frame towering over you as he holds up your leg by your ankles, kissing the soft skin there all while holding eye contact. You keep your hands at your sides, pussy clenching when his lips drag down the skin behind your knee, to your inner thigh.
“Have you ever been eaten out before?”
You nod.
You resist the urge to clamp your legs shut when he stares unabashedly at the wet patch on your panties, shivering when he keeps his ring clad fingers wrapped around the supple flesh of your thighs, kneading the meat.
“You smell delicious, dove. Can’t wait to taste you.”
Pussy throbbing at his words, your soul feels like it might leave your body when his warm lips curl around your clit over the fabric of your panties, sucking the bead into his mouth.
His fingers curl over the hem of your underwear, pulling it up until it clings to your sodden folds, whimpers tumbling from your lips.
“Please what, dove?”
You crack your eyes open, it feels like a dream to have him between your legs, lips grazing the sensitive skin.
“Want your mouth,” you pant, lifting your hips when he pulls the thin material over the swell of your ass. A long string of your arousal threads from your folds and snaps against your thigh, knowing that you’re dripping at this point.
He makes a ‘V’ shape with his fingers, spreading your folds, licking his lips as he ogles your glistening pussy.
At this point, the remains of your embarrassment go out the window when his breath fans across your swollen folds, you reach down to twist your fingers in his hair, pushing him to your aching pussy.
The low chuckle he lets out sends a shockwave up the length of your body, fizzing when he finally presses his tongue into your folds, spreading them apart with wiggles of his tongue, ensuing a string of moans from your swollen lips.
“Taehyung,” you breathe, grinding onto his tongue as he flexes it against your clit.
He hums, lips curling around your clit as his tongue switches from rigid to relaxed, dragging along your folds, flicking it against your engorged bud. You mewl, both hands in his hair now as your chase your high, feeling the rush of heat approach with each lick into your drenched pussy.
You tense when you feel a finger circle your slit, eyes peeling open.
He pulls away, taking a deep breath, mouth and chin covered in your slick. He looks like sin.
“Don’t do that. Relax for me, dove.”
Closing your eyes once again, you inhale a shaky breath as he continues to suckle on your clit. His index finger trails through your folds, you tremble when his finger prods into your slit, legs sliding further apart once he pulls out and pushes in again, quiet moans filling the air with each thrust.
“That’s it, dove,” his soothing voice is what keeps you relaxed, fingers resting on your breast as he continues to massage your walls.
When he hooks his finger, you twitch, almost like there’s a button inside you that has your whole body erupting in a wave of goosebumps.
“Ah. Right there?”
“Mhmm,” you chew on your bottom lip, back arching when he adds another finger into your clenching hole, pants of his name breaking from your chest with each tug, each brush against your sweet spot.
His lips return to your clit, and you cry out, hips jerking off the mattress as he quickens the movement of his fingers, curling them into you until you’re shaking, chest heaving.
Your eyes scrunch shut when his teeth nip your clit, walls quivering around his fingers that still piston into your pussy at breakneck speed, scissoring your walls, spasming with his ministrations as you coat his tongue and fingers.
The heat subsides as your eyes slide open, vision a bit bleary as you take in the sight of him sucking on his fingers, pussy throbbing even more when he moans.
“Can’t wait to bury my cock in this tight pussy.”
He misinterprets your whine, helping you up on the bed so your head rests on the pillow, features morphing into worry.
“I promise I won’t hurt you, okay dove? We’ll take it nice and slow.”
You place your hands on his shoulders, pulling him down for a soft kiss that has you melting into the sheets. He struggles to open his eyes once you lean back to stare at his face, boxy grin making your heart flutter.
“Thank you,” you peck his cheek.
He smiles and crawls down the bed to fetch the purple packet.
You watch him patiently as he takes the plastic wrap around the lube between his teeth, pulling at it until he can get the cap open.
Eyes set on yours, he slowly pulls off his Calvin Klein boxer briefs, you bite back a whimper when his thick, veiny cock springs out, bobbing against his abdomen.
“I promise it won’t hurt.”
You watch with awe as he rolls down the condom and then squirts the clear liquid over the length, eyebrows furrowed as he spreads it all over. He hisses when he does it again, you feel bad for him, his pleasure was neglected for worry over yours. You hope that the next time is better for him. If there is a next time.
He leans over you, one arm holding him up while the other grabs the base of his cock and lines him up with your entrance. Your anxiety builds again, and you feel him tip your chin up.
“Take a deep breath and close your eyes for me, dove.”
Quick to obey, you wrap your arms around his shoulders as his chest presses against yours, feeling the blunt tip breach your slit. It pinches, and you gasp. His hand slides along the length of your arm, face buried in your neck, fingers slotting together.
You feel stuffed, and just when you think he’s going to pull out, he goes deeper. Levels inside you which you never knew existed.
“Is it…in yet?”
He suckles on your earlobe, murmuring in your ear, “almost.”
With a shuddering cry, you feel him hit what you think is the final level, moans heightening in pitch as he drags out, then pushes back in, whispering in your ear.
“You’re doing so good for me, dove.”
“Fuck, so tight.”
“I hope you’re doing, okay.”
It feels like an intrusion, but at the same time, it feels like a gap that needed to filled by his cock, so snug in your warm walls, stretching you open, bordering on pain and pleasure.
He grunts and you assure that it’s okay, that you’re fine, that it feels good to have him on top of you like this, sweaty bodies stuck together, intertwined as he flexes his hips against yours, scent fogging your mind, nipples brushing his chest.
Your teeth pierce into his shoulder when his cock brushes your sweet spot, mewling as he sets a pace.
“Yeah? Like that?”
He continues to roll his hips with deliberate strokes, rubbing along your velvety walls. You feel his cock twitch inside you, nails raking down his back, marking his neck with your teeth as you wrap your legs around his waist, feeling him reach even deeper.
“Fuck,” his thrusts become shallow, reaching down to rub your clit with his thumb in tight circles.
You moan, body prickling with goosebumps as your second high hits you, convulsing with the force of your orgasm. He stills his hips, whispering your name huskily as he spills into the condom, fingers digging into your hips.
He kisses up the valley of your breasts, and you’re only made aware of your tears when he wipes them away, pussy aching as he slips out of you and discards of the condom.
Rolling over on your side, the reality of the situation hits you as you pull the blanket over your clammy body, the air around you slightly stuffy.
It isn’t long before you feel him settle behind you, placing a kiss to your shoulder.
“Are you okay?”
You turn around in his hold, cheek pressed against his chest.
Suddenly feeling sticky, you throw the blanket over your shoulder and step out of bed only to fall back on the mattress due to your wobbly legs.
“Woah,” he laughs, arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you back under the blanket.
He smooths a strand of hair over your head, murmuring, “where are you going?”
“To shower.”
“Okay. But wait for a while.”
As you stare into those chocolatey eyes, you wonder what happens now. With the two of you. You’re still interested in him.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you lie, choosing not to kill the mood, pressing your back against his chest. The dull ache between your legs hurts the more you move.
His finger curls under your chin, pulling you to face him, mouth so close to yours.
“Are you having doubts about us?”
He nods, taking your intertwined fingers and bringing it up to his lips, lips moving over the skin.
“Yes. Us. If you want us? I mean, me?”
You giggle, eyes darting to every inch of his face, placing your lips on the little mole on his nose.
“I like you.”
“I like you too.”
Grinning at each other for a few minutes, you can’t help but feel gross cuddling like this.
“Can I shower now?”
He pretends to think for a while before he’s placing a kiss on your temple.
“Only if I can shower with you.”
Mouth going dry at the prospect, you twist in his hold, wrapping your arms around his back.
His boxy smile returns, eyebrow jumping with mischief.
You’ve never enjoyed a shower more in your life, plus a peaceful sleep, and a calming breakfast. And you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life with a tender-hearted man that makes it so delightful.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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the end.
➜ Words: 31k
➜ Genres: 50% Fluff, 50% Angst
➜ Summary: It’s been a habit of yours to vent in the form of love letters. There’s six in total. They’re kept secret, hidden in your closet. But on your 30th birthday, what you least expect is for each letter to become reality. All done by the whacky ghost of Christmas future trying to grant your birthday wish.
➜ Notes: Loosely inspired by To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
Tumblr media
The end is nearly here.   You spare a glance at the clock on the wall before your hands continue to sprint across the computer keyboard. It’s another late night at the office — lower back aching, eyes burning from the screen, third cup of coffee by your side. The only thing that’s keeping you sane is knowing that each minute that ticks by is a minute closer to you getting out of here.   Your wish is eventually granted when the document’s finished and you’re able to click save.   “Heading out too, Y/N?”   Your coworker’s securing her purse over her shoulder as you stand and stretch from your cubicle. “Yeah, I think so. I managed to finish the report I was working on just now.”   “They’re working us like we’re dogs,” she sighs in exasperation. “This is the fourth time this week we’ve had to stay until nine. It’s getting ridiculous. I can’t wait until next week.”   “What’s next week?”   “The Fresno branch is closing, remember?” she says, and you blink owlishly, not sure how that affects you at all. Your brain is beyond singed at this point to figure it out yourself, but she spares you when she quickly elaborates, “We’re getting a bunch of new transfers — at least that’s what I heard. But you know what that means? We get to share the work, so that’ll be a lot less work for us.”   “Oh, that makes sense.”   The older woman takes her coat with her as her wrinkled eyes sparkle. “We can dump everything to the newbies and finally relax, Y/N. Up for sneaking out for a mid-day spa retreat?”   You laugh. “Maybe. I’ll have to think about it.”   It seems like the others are finished with their work as well. By the time you’ve shut off the computer and gathered your belongings, the office is being closed up and some lights flicker off.   “Hey Y/N,” someone else calls. A group of your colleagues linger at the entrance. “You wanna go out for a drink? We’re thinking of heading down the street to Dog World for their happy hour.”   A faint smile tugs on your features, but you shake your head. “It’s alright. I’m a bit tired, so I think I’ll call it an early night, but thank you.”   Even though you looked forward to the work day being over, the trip home is even more exhausting. Luckily, the train ride is short. You keep to yourself, leaning against the windows, looking out at the night city view that whisks past in a mosaic of blurry colours. The walk to the apartment doesn’t take long either. It’s brisk and you enjoy the cool air against your cheeks.   When you finally get inside, you toss the keys onto the counter and kick off your shoes.   Usually, you’d head straight for the shower and change into comfortable pajamas. Or, if you’re hungry enough, you’d eat something quick while watching the news that would eventually fade into the background. But today is special.   Today, you beeline straight for the fridge.   You take the cake box out and set it onto the counter. You had picked it out and bought it at the grocery store earlier in the week — a vanilla funfetti cake without design but a few rainbow sprinkles on top of the white icing.   At this age, birthdays aren’t really a big deal.   You didn’t bother telling your coworkers. It’s not like you could sneak it into a casual conversation and even if you did, you didn’t want to stand there awkwardly for their congratulations. They wouldn’t sing for you either and god forbid they did. But you did get a phone call from your mom earlier, a few messages from friends living far away, and an obligatory text from your cousin.   Still, even if there’s no one physically here, you want to celebrate your birthday by yourself.   You open the kitchen drawer for candles, scrambling through elastic bands and oven mitts. But you come up empty. You search through the next drawer and a cupboard, but with little success.   On the search for candles, you head to the closet in the hall. It’s where you store your mop, vacuum and a bunch of other belongings. You’re sure you have candles somewhere in this place — and you’re not wrong. You spot a small box of them on the top shelf.   On the tips of your toes, you reach for them. You manage to snag them by the tips of your fingers. But as you swipe them down, another box that was haphazardly thrown by the corner edge comes tumbling down.   It nearly hits your head. But you dodge with a sharp inhale. The lid flips off.    And the contents are spilled across the floor.    There are six envelopes.    But they’re all different, from their colour to their time periods. There’s one with a swallow bird sticker, another in a blush pink envelope, one that’s a baby blue square envelope no doubt taken from a card store, and another has gel pen doodled hearts on the front.   They’re your old love letters. Letters that you never intended to send, but just for you to vent your feelings. They’re no less than diary entries but in the form of love letters.   And you scoff lightly with a smile, quickly coming to collect them as nostalgia hits you hard.   To the one who’s taken my heart,   I like you, so so so much. I don’t think you’ll ever know just how much. I think about you all the time and I wish you thought about me too but I know you don’t—   You stop reading when the cringe becomes too much, and you fold the letter again to slip it back in its envelope. But as much as it provides you second-hand embarrassment now, you remember those days. When you were so overwhelmed with your feelings. When the world felt so rose-coloured. When you didn’t know what to do with yourself. When you were excited to wake up every single morning in the hopes you’d see them — whoever it was at the time.   Now, the silence of your apartment seems even more deafening.    You’re alone.   You bring everything over to the small coffee table in your living room — cake, letters, a wine glass and bottle. You pour yourself an entire glass and gulp down a mouthful of the dry wine before placing a single candle in the center of the small cake.   The lighter sparks with a single flick of your thumb against the wheel. You light the tip of the candle.    In the darkness of your apartment and the street lights casting dimly through the windows, the tiny flame glows warmly against your features.   “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Y/N…” you murmur the song to yourself, singing quietly for no one else but your own ears. “Happy birthday to you.”   You take another long sip of the red wine, letting your body become warm under the intoxication. The six letters are discarded by your side — six of them — six different people who probably don’t even remember who you are, much less know that you still think of them.    And the biggest irony of all is that you’re ultimately alone. None of these six people, who you liked enough to write a letter about, are with you. You wasted it all. Your time. Your affections.   Thirty years of your life has come and gone, and you haven’t had a real, meaningful relationship.   Thirty whole years. And not a single person you can call yours.   You finally blow out the flickering candle and make your single wish.    It’s murmured through timidly parted lips, the one hope you have, a singular ache that can be summed into five words—   “I wish I wasn’t alone.”   The smoke rises. You drink, eat your cake, and spend your birthday by yourself.   Eventually, you pass out drunk on the sofa. The cake is half-eaten, wine bottle half-finished, your glass fallen by your side, empty with any remaining drops stained on your lips. The exhaustion of the day, of the entire week, washes over you and you snore, chest rising and falling, dreaming of better days and nights. You sleep so soundly that—   “Y/N.”   There’s a soft, distant call of your name through a silken, smooth voice. It reminds you of someone trying to coo an infant awake. It’s such a delicate tone. It’s nice. Soothing.   “Y/N.”   You stir as the sound becomes louder and your brows furrow for a second. You’re too crippled by exhaustion, so you ignore the noise in hopes it’ll go away and you can continue sleeping.   “Y/N.”   But thrice is enough for your lashes to flutter, for your eyes to open in slight annoyance. And the moment your pupils land on the thing in front of you, your tired yawn is broken by a bloodcurdling scream.   He— the thing— whatever it is, winces. And then the corner of its, his—, mouth curls into a sweet smile.   “Hi.”   The single syllable is spoken almost breathlessly. Faintly.   You’re shocked sober and you gawk. It’s a him. A handsome man in dark pants and a cozy brown coat, but his entire body, from the top of his head to his toes, he’s translucent. Like some kind of ghost.   The ghost-like man gazes at you.   There’s a held silence.   Then you shake your head. You shut your eyes again and sink back into the sofa. “This is a dream.”   “It’s not,” he interrupts, and your eyes shoot open again.   Oh fuck. Since when did people, ghosts, things in dreams respond to you?!    You’re not a lucid dreamer. This isn’t normal. “What are you? The ghost of my Christmas past?!” You look at him skeptically, scrambling back as if that’s enough to protect yourself.   “Not quite.” He grins, sheepish brown eyes glimmering with mischief. “I’m Seokjin. But you can just call me Jin. I’m here to grant your birthday wish.”   There’s another pause. You’re not sure you heard right. “My birthday wish?”   “Yes, siree! I heard it loud and clear and I’m here to answer your prayers! Think of me like a birthday fairy or something like….your guardian angel?”    His plump lips make the perfect ‘u’ shape and his cheeks, reminiscent of bread, puff out. When he tilts his head, some baby hairs from his black, styled hair fall in front of his forehead. At this moment, he looks more cute than handsome. But there’s no time to admire his appearance.   You’re taken off guard, speechless and blank.   The one brain cell in your brain works hard to try to understand what’s going on. But it’s starting to die from over exhaustion and your mouth ends up uttering the same thing like a broken record—    “My….birthday wish?”   “You don’t want to be alone, right?” Seokjin grins again. “I can grant that for you. I can alter your life however you want.”   Suddenly, the six envelopes fly off the table towards him and he snags them in mid-air. He looks at you shrewdly and mischievously. “You can be with any of your lovers.”   You sputter on your own spit. “They weren’t my lovers!”   “Not yet.” Jin winks. “Tonight, that changes.”   Instantaneously, you get onto your feet and step back, mortified by those words, like he’s about to do something. You’re not sure what. But one thing’s for sure— “I’m not going anywhere!”   Jin sighs with his mouth still upturned, and he dramatically pinches the bridge of his nose. “Y/N, don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.”   In a panic, you grab the first thing in reach. Your table lamp. And you point it at him. Menacingly, or at least you try to be.   Jin just looks amused. “What are you going to do with that?”   “I’ll throw it at you.”   He points. “It’s still connected to the outlet.” Shit. “And it’ll go through me anyway.”    “I-I’ll call the police on you!” you spit out frantically. “I’ll tell them there’s an intruder in my apartment!”   He quirks his head to his shoulder and crosses his arms. “How will they arrest me if you’re the only one who can see me? They’ll think you’re a nutjob.”   Your breaths pull in and out from your lungs and you take your right hand to pinch the skin of your left arm that’s still holding the lamp. It hurts.   “I already said this wasn’t a dream,” Jin pipes up as he’s watching you. He looks like he’s holding back laughter. “We already established that, remember?”   Slowly, you set the lamp down. He looks at you, expecting you to concede. But then you turn around and try to bang your head against the wall. Lightly. But enough to make an impact. Whether that’ll make your hallucination go away or you’ll be put into a coma, it doesn’t matter.    But what you’re left with is a small bruise on your forehead and Seokjin, your so-called guardian angel, still standing in the middle of your living room judging you with an incredulous expression.   He sighs. “Look, you’re just going to have to trust me. I’m the ghost of Christmas-whatever future and I’ve seen what’s in store for you.” He points at your face, right between your eyes. “I’m saving you from having to spend the rest of your pathetic life alone, so really, you should be thanking me.”   He waits — as if expecting for you to actually thank him.   Instead, you mutter to yourself. “I must’ve gone crazy.”   You wonder if this is all a hallucination or if your wine was spiked with some kind of drug.   “Yeah, well, you’re about to drive me nuts too.” Jin softly exhales and shakes his head. “Always the overthinker, aren’t you, Y/N? You can never enjoy anything without souring it for yourself but fear not! I’m here to make it all better.”   With a grin, he fans out the six envelopes and plucks one out. “This one!”    It’s satin black. Nameless. The flap still open.   Time suspends and a violent wind suddenly whips through the strands of your hair. It howls, a whirlwind storm that tears the air away from your lungs as you sharply inhale. You watch as the love letter burns in the air. The corners morph into shades of tangerine and crimson, curling and singing before the ash crumbles off and floats there. The world around you begins to transform, the apartment washing away like watercolours on an empty, white canvas. Everything whisks past in a mosaic of blurry colours, reminding you of being on a bullet train that’s darting to some place else.    “Where are you taking me?!” you shout above the noise. “What’s happening?”   “You’ll see.” Jin holds your gaze and smiles. “I’ll make any of these a reality for you.”   You want to curse him, demand answers, and escape all at once. But the only thing that comes out of your mouth is a pitched scream as the gust becomes so harsh, you can barely open your eyes. You try to cover your face with your arms, but it’s a mistake. You lose balance and fall back onto your ass.    At the same time, two things register.   One. You’re no longer in your apartment — you’re in an office.   White walls, glass everywhere, windows enormous. The clock on the wall reads ten thirty at night and the unfamiliar place is modern, sleek and pristine. It’s nothing like the office you work at which is warm toned, carpeted and cozier.   Two. Your ass hurts. It throbs with any movement.   This realization rejects both your theories. This definitely isn’t a dream, and you aren’t just hallucinating. You’re not in your small apartment anymore, tucked into the living room space.    This is all real.   Your shock and approaching meltdown are interrupted by the ghostly man who’s leaned over with eyes enlarged. “Are you alright?” You blink back at him without answer and he offers his hand out.    You take it. His translucent skin feels cool and light against yours, without much weight or any discernible texture. It’s as if at any second, he could suddenly no longer be tangible or visible to you.   You stagger back up again. “Where the hell am I?!”   Jin hums and looks around inquisitively.    Then, he shrugs. “I don’t know.”   “What do you mean ‘I don’t know?’,” you spit at him. You were just kidnapped from your own home by some magical ghost guardian who thinks he’s the funniest person in the room and he doesn’t know where he brought you?!   You’re about to give into the urge and scream. But then you hear a familiar voice coming from the other end of the room—   It’s your own.   It feels like you’re having an out-of-body experience and maybe you are because you see yourself. Dressed in a black power suit, heels clacking against the white-tiled floors, hair drawn back into a swinging ponytail. Behind you, there’s a younger girl in a pencil skirt trying to keep up with your strides.   You step back, brows furrowed, shock overtaking your frame.   You look at yourself in the suit and then to the ghostly man beside you. “W-Who the hell is that?”   Jin’s eyes glimmer and the corner of his plump lip curls. “By the looks of it, it’s you.”   “What’s that supposed to mean? How’s that me? I-I’m me.”   “You could say we’re in something like an alternate timeline, a possible option you can choose from. So technically, it is you. Another version of you. And a you that you can become, if you want.”   You barely manage to grasp onto what he’s saying, but you quickly turn back to the you in the power suit who’s so different in the way she’s dressed, the way she looks, and the way she presents herself, that it’s almost like it’s no longer you. Another version of yourself, huh?   It’s surreal.   For one, you didn’t know your ass could look so good in a power suit.   Jin must notice as well since he tries to whistle lowly and comments, “Damn, you look so good.”   You flash him a scandalized expression. “Don’t check me out.”   He laughs and puts his hands up. “Hey, it’s technically you, but also not you.”   The you in the power suit— she — doesn’t notice you. She beelines straight through your body and you stumble back with a gasp, looking down at your hands in dread. It’s translucent.   “Don’t worry,” Jin reassures. “She can’t see you and you can't do anything.”   “This isn’t permanent, right?”   He grins. “Not for you, it isn’t.”   With that assurance in mind, you follow after her, passing straight through the wall as if it wasn’t there and entering a huge office. There are two cream sofas and a mahogany coffee table taking up space by the entrance, the window at the back stretched for the entire wall, and the floor and desk are made of marble.   Boss-Y/N grabs her fur coat off the corner hanger and begins to put it on.   The younger girl presses on the bluetooth earpiece in her left ear and confirms, “The chauffeur’s waiting in the lobby, ma’am.”    “Rearrange my schedule for me, will you? I want the morning to be cleared up.”   “Right away.” The assistant scribbles furiously on her clipboard and when she’s done, she eases into a smile. “Congratulations again on your birthday, ma’am.”   She takes her Birkin onto her arm and she sighs with a soft smile. “Well, I’m not so sure I’m happy to be turning thirty.”   “That’s not old at all,” the assistant reassures.   “You don’t think my wrinkles are starting to show?”   “Not at all!”   She has a slight mischievous glint in her eyes, seemingly satisfied with the compliment. “Good. If my skin care regiment isn’t working, then I would have to start suing some folks. God knows it costs an arm and a leg.”   “I can arrange that for you,” the assistant quips and grins as she does. “Do you have any birthday plans?”   “Well, I’m just heading home first.” Her heels clip-clop against the ground as she makes her way to the door. “Then I’m going to dinner with Yoongi.”   “Yoongi?” The soft whisper escapes your lips, brows furrowing hard. There’s no way—   “It’s the first time that workaholic is taking a break from running that hedge fund of his,” she continues, and you follow after them as they stride down the office floor. “I had to fight tooth and nail for it.”   The assistant smiles, eyes sparkling with slight envy. “I’m sure your husband will appreciate it.”   Boss-Y/N returns the smile. “Hopefully.”   “I hope you have a good night, ma’am.” The assistant presses the elevator button and the door parts. “Out of all of us, you deserve it.”   The you in the suit steps inside the elevator, appreciation evident on her features. “Take it easy too.”   The doors shut and the assistant turns on her toes to get back to her desk. You’re left behind with Seokjin next to you.    The corners of his mouth are upturned, and he glances at your expression. “Looks like you became successful. Whoever this Yoongi guy is, he must’ve helped you out.”   “This is impossible,” you spit, spinning to face him straight on. “Yoongi- Yoongi was an older senior at the internship I had when I just finished college. I was like….what? Twenty two?”   “Did you date?” he asks, curious.   You scoff, quickly shaking your head. “No.” Your voice softens, “He was too intimidating for that. I just had a crush on him.”   Yoongi worked in a different department than the one you were assigned to, but you saw him enough to know he was no-nonsense and strict. He even berated another intern for a mistake one time, and you recall ducking your head and getting out of the hall fast. Not to mention, he was thirty at the time — established, experienced — and you were barely into your mid-twenties.    You felt worlds apart from him.   But you always admired his worth ethic and ambition. He was someone reliable. Loyal. Yoongi accomplished what you had envisioned for yourself, and you respected him and the way he carried himself. You still remember watching him in the background during meetings, during presentations, or when he would pass by your desk. He was an all around stand-up guy.    “You had a big enough crush on him to write a whole love letter,” Jin comments with a brow raise.   You lightly scoff. “It’s not like I was ever going to give it to him. I was just...stressed and I had to vent out my feelings. It was nothing serious.” You exhale, voice quieting. “I just really admired him.”   “Well, looks like if you had given him that letter, this would’ve been the reality. The two of you make for an ambitious couple,” Seokjin muses, looking around the modern office one more time before he holds his hand out in front of you.    You look back at him. “What?”   Jin smiles. “Well, you want to see what happens next, right?”   He’s right. You do want to see what happens. The curiosity of this adventure has long surmounted any fears. But you still hesitate lifting your arm and slipping your hand inside Seokjin’s. Eventually, when you do, you shut your eyes tightly and your body goes rigid.   You’re unaware of Seokjin’s amused smile. Not when you’re bracing yourself for another stormy wind.    But when nothing happens, you peel your eyes open and find yourself standing in a penthouse.   Immediately, a gasp pulls through your lips. If you thought the office was fancy, then this place was on a whole nother plane of existence. Marble floors and white columns. Golden curtains and rugs. Porcelain vases and display cabinets. Crystal chandeliers hanging from high ceilings.   Everything oozes of wealth, extravagance and luxury.   You lurch towards the glass windows overlooking the heart of New York. The windows take up the entire wall without a single smudge, so clean it looks like you could fall straight through. At the same time, with the penthouse being so high up, the night view of the city isn’t obstructed by the surrounding skyscrapers. You even spot the Empire State building in the distance.   The twinkling lights reflect back into your irises.    The mosaic of colours blur together — car lights, street lamps, stop lights, incandescent bulbs inside office buildings and apartment rooms. The view is absolutely breathtaking.   Slowly, you turn around, meeting Seokjin’s gaze. “ my place? Am I really this rich?”   His mouth is tugged, having watched your reaction. “Looks like it.”   Just then, your eyes wander, and your feet scatter over to the white marble fireplace. Above the mantle hangs a wedding picture of you and Yoongi. You can’t believe it’s you — looking past your lashes with a shy smile, dressed in a white ballgown with a translucent veil draped over your shoulders and behind your frame. And Yoongi has his arms wrapped around you. He’s clad in a tuxedo, dark hair styled, and an infectious, gummy smile stretched into his tender cheeks.   He’s as handsome as you remember him as.   “Did he really influence me to become so successful?” you murmur in wonderment, still staring up at the perfect picture. “My, it’s just so different.”   The both of you seem to be such a young and successful pair. A power couple. Like all the people you read about in the magazines that you envy.    It’s a dream.   “You’d be surprised at how people influence each other,” Jin hums and you turn to him.    “Why are you doing this? What am I supposed to do with all this information?”   “Think of it as window shopping,” he says simply, “You get to choose who you want to be with. This just happens to be one of the options.”   You’re not sure if you want to believe Seokjin, but he hasn’t been wrong so far. Any of his claims, he’s proven it right in front of your eyes. “Can you really make all of this real?”   He smiles again. “If that’s what you want.”   The elevator doors part. And she emerges with a long sigh and her hair looking more disheveled. She puts her purse down and calls out— “Yoongi?”   Silence answers.   She frowns. “Must be traffic,” she mutters and walks over to her open kitchen.   You watch as the you in the power suit opens the fridge and pours herself a glass of red wine. A small smile comes onto your face as you muse that some things never change.   “Alexa. Turn on something classical,” she says and the device on the island counter whirls blue before turning on an elegant piano piece that fills the penthouse.    In the meanwhile, you continue looking around — at the ornate decorations, pictures, to marveling at how high the ceilings are and how amazing the view is. Then, both you and the alternate you turn your heads when the elevator door dings, signalling someone’s arrival.   You watch as she steps forward, eyes brightened with what you only guess is the expectation and excitement that her husband will appear. But instead, it’s the old doorman.   “Ma’am, you have a delivery.”   He hands her a bouquet of flowers and she sets down her wine glass to take them, arms becoming overwhelmed with how massive it is. It nearly covers her entire face. “Thank you.”   He bows his head and turns back into the elevator, taking his leave. The doors close.   You follow after her in awe. It’s a large bouquet of perfect red roses with fully bloomed petals, practically overflowing. It looks like something straight out of a movie and there’s at least a hundred of them.   She sets them down on the counter and plucks a black card lodged inside the bouquet.   You read over her shoulder and you’re taken aback by the single word handwritten on it—   Sorry.   You wince when she suddenly crumples the note in her hand, and she interrupts the calming classical piano piece with a wavering voice. “Alexa. Call Min Yoongi.”   It repeats, “Calling.” And then it dials.   The ringing lasts for a whole twenty seconds, long enough that the anticipation swells in the pit of your stomach but finally, it’s picked up.    A deep, husky voice comes from the other side. “Hello? Y/N?”   You turn to her and she waits in bated breath before a staggering exhale escapes her. Her arms wrap around herself, cradling her body and she steps towards the windows to look at the view. She’s shrouded in the darkness of the living room, barring the dim light coming from the kitchen which merely outlines her frame.   The you in this world is surprising. You’re wealthy, fierce, someone’s boss. But in this moment, you’re met with a much more familiar sight. Someone you recognize more as yourself.   Her voice cracks when her lips part— “Why are you not coming home?”   Yoongi sighs for an extended moment. There’s nothing but silence that follows.   “I’m sorry,” he eventually murmurs. “I can’t make it. I’m held up here. I have to finish before I get home.”   “This happens every day,” she says, louder, angrier.    “It’s not like I can change it.”   You watch yourself, the glistening in your eyes, the downturn of your lips and the furrow of your brows. She’s hurt and she whispers, “You’re barely home, Yoongi.”   “I know. I promise after this project, there'll be more time.”   “You say that every time!”   “That’s not true.”   “What about when you finished the Taiwan trip?” She turns to look at the black device on the kitchen counter, as if that could substitute for looking at him, for him being there and talking to her in person. “What about the whole shareholder meeting at the end of March?!”   Yoongi’s breathing is heard on the other line. He’s quiet. “I’m sorry.”   She crumples, placing her face within her hands, entire form trembling. “I don’t want to fight. I-I don’t want to blame you. I’m just...upset. You promised we would spend my birthday together. We made a deal. Did that mean nothing to you?”   Her voice quivers and there’s another long silence.   “I don’t know what I can do.”   “You can come home.”   Yoongi sighs. “I can’t.”   “I barely see you, Yoongi. I don’t know how much longer I can take this,” she admits in a murmur, downcast eyes staring at the floor. She comes over to the sofa and collapses down, still holding herself. “I’m so...tired. I’m so tired of having to keep up with you.”   Yoongi’s voice is gentle and he coaxes his wife, “Just wait a little longer.”   “For what? So, we can finally have kids?”   He exhales an entire breath. “Y/N, we already talked about this.”   “I want to settle down, Yoongi. I want to make a home.”   “We’re still young. We have time and business is not steady enough yet but—”   “It’ll never be steady enough!”   “Y/N.” A pause. He’s about to say something. She sits on the edge of the seat, waiting too, looking up into the kitchen with anticipation. But it never comes. “I have to go.”   “Then go.”   “I’m sorry.” Yoongi’s voice is deep, husky. “I love you.”   The call ends.   You’re at a standstill, kept quiet, having watched the scene unfold in front of you.    Jin is the first one to break the silence. “Well, looks like it’s not all roses and butterflies. I guess this is what happens when people’s visions for the future aren’t the same.”   “I spent my birthday alone again,” you murmur, looking at her. She’s sitting alone in the dark, nursing a headache on the couch as the silence of the empty penthouse becomes deafening.    What’s the point of all this wealth if you’re alone?   The corner of Jin’s mouth tugs, eyes still shimmering with hopefulness. “This doesn’t have to be the path you choose. You still have five more choices.”   Seokjin’s arm extends. He holds his hand out. You look at it and he explains, “I don’t want you to fall on your ass again.”   You scoff, but still slip your palm into his anyway.   Suddenly, in Jin’s other hand, the five other envelopes manifest and he fans them out in front of you as if asking you to pick a card for some kind of magic trick. On a whim, you choose the white envelope with a swallow bird sticker, already knowing who it is.   Jin lets go and the envelope floats away. It combusts in mid-air, edges flaming crimson and scarlet and curling inwards before the black ash crumbles off and the flecks start to trickle down. You brace yourself and the world you’re in begins to stitch apart. The form of your lonesome self on the sofa fades and the howling wind tears through your hair, whistling in your ears. It feels like you’re being lodged forward, thrown on a bullet train heading to somewhere. Fast enough that the colours and the universe itself blurs. Luckily, you aren’t knocked over this time when you’re holding onto Seokjin, but your eyes are still forced shut.   At the same time, the love letter is granted.    The present alters.   When you open your eyes, you get whiplash. You would’ve thought you returned to your apartment if not for the slight differences in layout and furniture.   Jin still holds your hand, but you let go in favour of taking a closer look at the photographs on the shelf and the walls of the modest place. There are pictures of a very familiar boy — except he’s grown to become a man. Sharp jawline and nose, but still those bright eyes and heart-shaped smile.   Seokjin comes beside you. “Who’s this?”   “Hoseok,” you exhale softly, marveling at the photographs as the nostalgia sinks into you and leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth. “He’s someone I met in college.”   Jung Hoseok was somewhere between a friend and an acquaintance. Someone older, but only by two years. You remember the first few times you saw him, you thought he was the typical frat boy — sociable, boisterous, friendly. But really, Hoseok was just a social butterfly, weaving through different groups. One night, you'd see him at a frat party and the next afternoon, you saw him at the chess club. He made everyone feel included and comfortable.    It’s no wonder you were deeply infatuated with him for a while.   The only problem was his closeness to you was the same as everyone else’s. The special treatment you received was never special.    And you were never able to go on a date with him or give him the letter you wrote on a drunken night before his graduation. But you suppose this is what your present might’ve looked like had you given him that letter.   “I didn’t know you were so adventurous.”   Jin’s nose is practically grazing the picture of you skydiving. Beside that one is a shot of you and Hoseok preparing to zipline and another of you two in the midst of bungee jumping. You study a photograph of you in front of the Eiffel Tower, one in Japan and the other of Hoseok hugging you in the Bahamas. Some of the pictures have people in them that you don’t recognize.   “I didn’t think I was either,” you murmur.   This Y/N looks more like yourself than the last. But at the same time, it’s different somehow.   For one, you can’t believe this version of yourself has been to so many places. You’ve always wanted to go, to travel this much, but you’ve never had anyone to go with. Yet, in this timeline, you’ve done so many things. You’ve had so many amazing, memorable adventures.   Jin’s brow raises at the picture of you and Hoseok kissing at the Eiffel. But then he bursts out laughing at the photograph of you looking out of your mind on a roller coaster. It’s the kind of picture that captures people right before the main descent.    “Yeah, yeah, I know I’m pretty attractive, aren’t I?” Your voice drips of sarcasm and you give him a deadpan look.   Jin’s smile stretches into his cheeks. “No, it’s cute.”   Before you can call Jin out for his blatant lie, you’re interrupted by two others.   “—so much fun! Come on, baby.”   The bedroom door opens and the noises that were muffled floods into the open living room area.    This other you looks like you, except she’s decked out in comfortable pajamas, which you envy. You wish you changed before all this happened and Jin appeared in your living room but alas, you’re stuck in your office attire of your white blouse and pencil skirt that you’ve been wearing all day.   “Don’t ‘baby’ me. I don’t want to go to a club for my birthday, Hoseok.”   Said man emerges and you consider how he’s aged well. His dark hair is styled in a way that shows a part of his forehead and his style is ever the same, jeans and a denim jacket open with a yellow shirt underneath. It’s surreal to have someone who was faded in your memory reappear in front of you again.    It reminds you of those college days, of running across campus, trying to finish assignments and study for exams while secretly pining for the boy who always waved and smiled at you as he passed by.   “But I have nothing else planned,” Hoseok whines.   She quirks her head and gives an incredulous look. “Why on earth do you think I’d want to go party at thirty.”   Hoseok laughs and takes her hands before mustering a cute pout. “You’re not that old. Come on.”   “This is stupid. It’s not like I’m twenty anymore.”   His arms lift to place on her shoulders and he gazes affectionately at her. “What would you rather be doing then?”   “I don’t know.” She softens with a soft sigh, looking back at him. “We can just stay home together. We don’t have to do much. It can be just us.”   “But that’s so boring.”   “What about tomorrow morning? We have brunch with your mom and we still have to run a bunch of errands afterwards. We can’t be nursing a hangover, Hobi.”   “We won’t drink much, and we can come home in two hours.” He hums and leans into her with glimmering irises and an infectious smile. She pouts at him and he presses his forehead to hers. “We’ll just hang out and meet new people. It’ll be nice. Promise.”   She sighs again and as if he knows she’s already given in, he laughs and moves to peck her cheek.    At the same time, Jin scoffs. “Gee, I’d love to go to a club for my birthday.”   You elbow him, having watched the cute exchange with increasing fondness. “Hey, at least they’re spending it together. And who knows? Maybe it’ll be fun.”   “Yeah, we’ll see.” Jin gives you a skeptical yet playful look and then holds out his hand.    You take it, slipping your hand into his as if you were shaking it, and instantaneously, the pair of you are transported to the so-called club. There’s no letter burning, no violent storm or wind, but you jolt from the booming music. It rattles your aged eardrums and as your surroundings materialize, you feel the floor trembling from the bass. The darkness sets in as well, but the neon pink and blue strobe lights burn to the back of your eyelids, and the odor of spilled alcohol and sweat from the thick crowd of dancing bodies slams into you.   You haven’t been to a club since your early twenties.   Jin grimaces and looks over at the bar. “I wish I had a drink! Too bad I’m a ghost!” he shouts above the music, leaning over to your ear.   Your vocal cords feel like it’s tearing as you try to scream above the thumping bass. “I thought you said you were my guardian angel!”   “Tomato tomato!” His head nods to the bar and you follow him, walking straight through the drunken bodies grinding on one another. It’s nice not having to excuse yourself and shuffle through the crowds, probably one of the few perks of being ghostly.    Once you get to the bar, it’s at least a bit quieter, enough to have conversations without needing to yell.   “Well, there’s not a better time to dance since there’s no one watching.”   You shake your head. “I’m not much of a dancer. Are you?”   Seokjin laughs, the corner of his mouth curled. “The best I can do is the worm. Want to see?”   You lift your hand, politely rejecting the offer and he grins. “It’s your loss then.”   “I’ll just trust you. I’m sure you can tear up the dance floor.”   “—and tear my left calf muscle,” he adds humorously, and you snort. Jin looks off and his eyes brighten. “Oh, looks like you’re here.”   You follow his line of sight, finding yourself in a little black dress with heels. But instead of looking hot or cute, the dress looks too small and outdated. Especially with the way you’re tugging awkwardly on the hem and darting your eyes everywhere as if you’re embarrassed.   Hoseok is in the same clothes as before and he looks around. When it seems like he won’t be able to get a seat at the bar, he snags a small standing table. “I’ll go get us a drink. Let me surprise you.”   “Okay.” She smiles and Hoseok returns it affectionately.    He leans in to peck a quick kiss on her cheek. “Happy birthday, babe.”   Hoseok leaves to the bar and she stands there, tapping her fingernails on the table. It takes a long time for him to return and she checks her phone periodically before looking around for Hoseok, unknowing to how you and Jin are beside her, technically keeping her company.    “I think you’ve been ditched,” Jin quips after ten minutes and you scoff in offence.   “No way. Hoseok’s not like that.”   You can’t help but turn over your shoulder and let your eyes search for the dark-haired male amongst the crowd. You don’t realize how comical it looks for you and this alternate you to both be beside each other with your pupils darting all over the place, looking for him.   Jin raises a brow. “It sounds like you know him well.”   “He’s just not the type,” you tell him curtly.   Eventually, after another five long minutes, Hoseok comes back and you breathe a sigh of relief, glad you weren’t wrong. You even flash Jin a look as if to say ‘see?’ but he still has an unimpressed, disbelieving expression.   As if to make matters worse, Hoseok doesn’t return with just drinks. He has new people in tow.   “Hey, babe!”   The you in the black dress is visibly taken off guard, but she still offers a polite smile. “These are...?”   “They’re new friends I made! We were just chatting at the bar. This is Maddie, Alex, Mark, Sana and Ren. They’re out celebrating since they just finished some project—”   “Psych Two Fourteen language development! Fuck yes!” One of them hollers and she winces from the noise. Two of the boys start to chant out their college slogan, but it’s so drunkenly jumbled over the pounding music that even you don’t know what they’re saying.   “Sorry, how old…”   “Just turned twenty one!” The young girl to the left giggles, holding up her cosmopolitan as her breasts nearly pop out from her red bodycon dress.   “Congratulations, by the way! It’s your birthday, right?!” One of them pipes up, swinging an arm over the other girl’s shoulder. “It’s pretty dope that you’re married and all and still out living it up!”   She cringes but nevertheless nods, downing her drink the minute it’s in her hand.   Even if no one can see you and you’re merely a spectator, even you feel awkward with this situation. And it only gets worse when Hoseok turns his back to her, caught up in conversation with the college kids and too busy chatting with them to notice how she’s left out, fiddling with her hands in her lap and once in a while, sipping on her drink quietly.   As you watch the ordeal, slightly mortified for this alternate version of yourself, you also feel Seokjin’s gaze on you. It screams of ‘who’s right, now? Huuuuh?’. But you don’t look at him.   Hoseok does, however, turn around after a few minutes. “Is everything okay?”    He’s both curious and concerned with how silent she is, and his softened, perceptive eyes search her expression. Hoseok reaches for her hand underneath the table, squeezing it and she musters a smile. “I’m fine.”    “You sure?”   “Yeah. I’m just glad you’re having fun.”   “We should dance!” one of them shouts, glancing over the group as well as her and Hoseok. The others agree immediately, downing their drinks and one by one, they scatter onto the floor.   Hoseok looks at her but she puts up her hand. “It’s fine. Go ahead.”   “Are you sure?” His brows furrow and his mouth lopsided in a small pout. “Come join me. It’ll be fun!”   She shakes her head, faint smile tugging on her lips. “I’m gonna finish my drink and someone needs to save the table too. Go ahead. You know I love watching you dance.”   With that reassurance said, Hoseok leaves and hits the dance floor where he shines the brightest. They make room for him, some hooting and hollering and he grins, letting loose. Meanwhile, the you in the black dress stands there at the table, watching Hoseok with a smile until it eventually fades away.   She’s left standing there alone. Bored. Dissociating.    It’s almost like some things never change — you and Hoseok seem to be in different dimensions, a secret distance forged and caused by the difference of your personalities.    You watch her in the loud club, carefully observing her blank expression, catching the neon pink and blue lights flashing her form for mere moments as the bass shakes the floor and four walls.    You’re not sure this is the person you want to be.   In the midst of your thoughts, Jin turns and interrupts. “What do you think?”   “What do you mean ‘what do I think’?”   “This is a potential choice you can make. Of course, you can always change your mind later. But if you want, I can make this your present right now.”   For some reason, what he says scares you and you don’t think it should.    At face value, your relationship with Hoseok is more than what you could ever ask for. It really seems like he cares and that the two of you, the two of them, love each other. Yet, there’s still a fundamental difference you can see. Even though you’ve only observed them for less than half a day, it’s enough. It’s clear.    Just like back then, you’ll never be able to keep up with Jung Hoseok.    And he might never be satisfied with what you would want.   “I don’t know how I feel about this,” you admit, meeting Seokjin’s eyes. “Hoseok’s nice and at least we’re together. But…”   “Personally, I think you can do better,” he says, looking off at Hoseok who’s still dancing his heart and soul off like he’s the star in a musical. But you have to hand it to him — he’s pretty good at it. “The guy’s permanently twenty one and he acts like he’s a bachelor. It seems like you’re the one who’s holding the relationship together all by yourself.”   You scoff, eyeing the ghostly man. “It sounds like you won’t be happy with anyone.”   He shrugs and softens. “I just want the best for you.” A second later, Jin smiles and shows off the envelopes that suddenly appear in his hand. “There’s still four more.”   He plucks a baby blue square envelope out and then holds out his hand. Your palm slips into his and he releases the envelope. The love letter burns and becomes a new reality for you to see.    The world morphs, blaring music fading first. Then the background washes away like watercolours as the strong gust of wind returns. It brushes coldly against your cheeks, making you flutter your eyes closed as it twines through your lashes and hair, preparing to show you another present with someone else.   You open your eyes.   It’s mid-afternoon. Blue skies. Sunny.   A bicycle on the path whizzes past, swiftly coasting downhill and in the moment, you’re startled, forgetting that it can’t hurt you. But still, Seokjin tugs you back and out of the way. “Be careful.”   “Thanks,” you mumble to him before taking in your new surroundings.    Every few steps, there are lampposts that line the thin road made of small stones cemented together. And what looms over you on both sides are tall townhouses, yellow, blue and pink with steeply pitched hip roofs. It looks like you’ve been plopped into a cute town from a storybook.   “Where are we?”   Jin hums, studying a stop sign at the end of the road. “Well, based on the fact that everything’s in French, I’m going to take an educated guess that we’re in France.”   Before you can flash Jin an unimpressed look for his know-it-all tone or question why the hell you’d be in France, the balcony doors above you suddenly slam open. You look up and see yourself draping a duvet over the railing to air out and catch the warm sunlight.   Both you and Seokjin have gotten accustomed to the routine and turn, passing through the wall of the townhouse to get inside. You’ve always wanted to live in France, but it was always one of those daydreams. You can’t believe in this timeline you’re actually here, that you moved so far away from home.   “Have any clue on who your lover boy is this time around?” Jin asks and you loll your head to your shoulder, humming.   “I have some clue, but you’ll just have to wait and see.”   There’s nothing on the first floor of the townhouse except for damp walls and a muddy, cement floor. But once you begin climbing the L shaped staircase, the walls fade into a seashell white and it becomes brighter, livelier, homey. It opens up to a living space of blues and yellows, sofa facing a wide-screen television, white curtains drifting in the breeze of the open window, a vase full of daffodils and daisies placed in the center of the coffee table.   But most importantly, you take notice of the degrees framed in a straight line on the wall.   In golden frames, there’s your bachelor’s degree and then three others — a bachelor, master’s and PhD, all under philosophy with one name. Kim Namjoon.    The you from this world comes out of the kitchen. She’s wearing a white, silk blouse tucked into a brown skirt and a blazer to match, hair curled and in a low, messy bun, and she’s precariously balancing a wooden tray with two steaming tea cups. You follow her down the hall.   She enters a home office — light colour scheme matching the living room, two desks facing opposite walls and the bay window open. But you don’t soak in the area for long. Not when your eyes dart onto the backside of a broad man sitting at his desk and engrossed with a textbook.   “Joon.”   He turns his head as she calls out to him, a soft smile placed on his features and the dimples in his cheek creased. He moves his arm aside and she places down the cup of tea.   “Is it earl grey?”   “The one and only,” she sing-songs with a loving smile.   “Thank you.” Namjoon sips on it and hums. “Are you going to get started on your thesis today?”   She sighs. “I really should.”   “It’s not good to procrastinate on it.”   “I know.” She pouts slightly and looks through her lashes at him. “It’s just hard to get started again after stopping for so long. I know it sounds like excuses, but the last few moves were so hectic and then I was helping you with your research— which I don’t mind. But obviously I fell behind.”   “Well, there won’t be any more distractions for a while. We’re staying here for at least a few months. Promise.”   “I know.” She goes over to her desk facing the opposite wall and places down her own cup.   Namjoon turns in his chair. “If you need any help, just ask.”   “I’ll try not to bother you too much.”   They exchange sweet smiles, and the room simmers back into a serene quietness.   Jin stands beside you at the doorway, brow cocked, and his arms crossed. His shoulders are so wide, you’re halfway into the wall. “Let me take a guess. Judging by the degrees and the whole academia thing, this guy’s your hot professor that you never had the guts to ask out because he’s married.”   You give an appalled expression. “No. You’re off the mark there, but nice try. He was my TA.”   “Hey, that was pretty close!” Jin looks impressed and you quickly shoot down the rest of his theory.   “But he wasn’t married, or at least, I don’t think he was. I met him during my fourth year in my philosophy class. He was a PhD student and I emailed him back and forth for a while for help on this paper or something until I went to his office hours.”   You remember you almost peed yourself when you first met him in person. Namjoon was so tall and so smart and those black framed glasses — god, you had it bad for a while.    “He made me feel smart for once,” you mumble as an afterthought and Jin frowns.   Without thinking much, he says, “Of course you’re smart.”   Your neck cranes over, looking at him—   “How would you start this sentence?” she turns to Namjoon and your attention is drawn away.   Namjoon uses his chair to roll over and look at her laptop screen. “What are you trying to say?”   “Something about the interlinked connection between the Paris Agreement and the cooperative nature of international states.”   He makes a noise at the back of his throat and his fingers fly across the keyboard, fixing up the document. The moment he’s done, she takes a sigh of relief. “That’s perfect. I’m so dumb. Thank you.”   Jin takes the chance to walk over to this world’s version of you, peeking over her shoulder and looking at her screen. “Look at you hard at work.”    She’s completely unaware of the ghostly man prying into her work, hands hesitating before flying back and forth on the keyboard. Only, a second later, she hits the erase button and deletes all the sentences she’s written. “God, I’m so stupid,” she mutters with a sigh.   Jin turns to you. “I never took you to be the type to want to do school work on your thirtieth birthday.”   “Honestly, me neither.”   You didn’t think you’d still be pursuing a master’s at this age and seemingly have no career of your own. While you enjoy parts of learning and academia has its merits, you were always eager to finish and graduate. You’re not sure if this version of yourself thinks differently.   She types something and then her fingertips quicken as a smile starts to stretch into her cheeks. It’s as if inspiration’s hit her and she turns around. “Namjoon. What do you think about this?”   He comes over and places one hand on the back of her chair and the other on the desk, eyes reading through the words. She waits, gazing up at him with a mix of anticipation and excitement. After a long moment, Namjoon finally says, “It sounds kind of choppy. Why don’t you move this and that around.”   “Oh. Okay.” She nods, smile falling and when he gets back to his place, she erases all of it.   Silence settles into the room again as the two of them continue. Namjoon reads, annotates and highlights his textbook as she works on her thesis, unblinking, brows furrowed, crouched over. There are no interruptions, and few words are exchanged in between. If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve thought you were in a library and not a cute townhouse somewhere in France.   Jin yawns out of boredom and you can’t blame him. But as the sun begins to set, a ringing phone call pierces through the sound of work.   She moves to pick it up and a knot forms between her brows. Namjoon turns around.   “What’s wrong?”   She pulls the phone away from her ear. “They’re speaking in French.”   Namjoon opens his hand, and she gives it to him. He answers fluently and flawlessly without a beat’s hesitation like it’s his native language and she waits patiently. Once Namjoon hangs up, he tells her, “It’s the bakery. They wanted to remind us we still have to pick up the birthday cake since they close in an hour.”   She scrambles upwards, getting to her feet. “It’s alright, I can go. You should finish what you’re working on.”   “Are you sure?” Namjoon has a hesitant expression and he stands, but she stops him with a smile.   “Of course! I’ll be back in a jiffy. You’ll edit for me while I’m gone?”   “Sure.”   “Then it’s a deal.”   She rushes out of the room, oblivious to how she runs straight through your body. You follow her into the cozy bedroom and watch as she picks something out of her suitcase that’s still unpacked. You notice the cover of the suitcase and handle are plastered with check-in baggage tags from the airport. They’re from all kinds of different places — Miami, Seoul, Rome.    You wonder for how long and just how much this version of you followed Namjoon around the world.   She leaves the townhouse within the next few minutes and Jin looks relieved to finally be doing something other than waiting around while two people bite their nails and put their heads in books. The two of you follow a few paces after her, strolling while enjoying the view.   But it quickly becomes evident that she’s lost.   “Sentier Bleich,” she reads the street sign and frowns, muttering under her breath. “What the hell?”    Jin lifts his brows with a faint smile, thoroughly entertained by her plight. “Uh-oh.”   She starts to pat down her body but then curses. “Shit. I left my phone. WhyamIsodumb?” She sighs and approaches an elderly couple walking past. They look startled and she dips her head down. “Umm, excuse me. Uh, q-quelle, umm, heure est-il?”   The old man glances at his wristwatch. “Il est dix à six.”   “Merci.” She nods and starts to pick up her pace down the street. You widen your strides as well, rooting for this version of yourself. But as she turns the sharp corner, without looking or slowing down, she collides with a body. Not enough to fall down but enough for her shoulder to be roughly shoved.   “Merde!” The man shouts and as he walks off, he turns around, angrily gesturing to her. “Regardez où vous allez!”   “Sorry, I’m so sorry.” She keeps fumbling, ducking her head and at the same time, the apartment keys drop from her pocket. She sighs as she reaches down to pick them up. “God, why am I so clumsy?”   Jin slows down, watching this alternate version of you and he wonders out loud, “Why would you offer to go if you don’t know how to get there?”   You shrug. It’s not like you know what this version of yourself is thinking. But if this is supposed to be you and you know yourself best….   “Maybe I’m trying to prove a point.” You look at Jin. “Maybe I’m trying to be independent.”   You’ve always wanted to live in France. But you’re starting to wonder if this version of you did it out of her own desires or if she was just following Namjoon.   Luckily, she manages to find the bakery right as they’re flipping over the close sign. She knocks on the door and apologies when the frowning lady comes out. “I’m so sorry. I got lost. Perdue. I have a cake to pick up under the name Namjoon? Er, g-gâteau…? Kim Namjoon…?”   The lady says something in French and goes back inside. She returns with a cake box and this version of you thanks her before the door’s being shut in her face.   Still, she’s smiling widely, and you are too. You knew you could do it.   But the victory is short lived when her face visibly drains and she looks in all directions, whipping her head to the left and then to the right, reading the street signs with a deep frown.   Jin chuckles and hitches his thumb over his shoulder. “It’s this way.”   But of course, she doesn’t hear him.   “Don’t laugh at her,” you chide him.   Jin’s mouth falls open in offence. “She can’t even hear me!”   “Yeah, but it’s still mean.” You pout, internally still rooting for yourself. Come on, Y/N. You can do this. You know it. And just to manifest it, you reassure him, “She’s going to figure it out.”   But then she decides to march in the opposite direction.   Seokjin looks at you incredulously.   “I don’t know her,” you spit out as your face grows warm under the embarrassment. “That’s technically me but not me, right? And, hey, can you blame her? It’s not like you can read in French either.”   “Actually, I’ll have you know that I have a great sense of direction.” An arrogant smile perks up on Jin’s lips and he brushes past you to catch up to her. You scoff at him, narrowing your eyes into his broad backside before you’re forced to trail after him before you get lost.   Luckily, what you and this version of you lacks in a sense of direction, you make up for sheer luck and intuition. She finally gets home in one piece albeit a whole hour later after the sun’s just set.   She sets the cake box on the kitchen counter and comes into the office where Namjoon’s still reading with the desk lamp now on next to him.   “What took you so long?” he asks, expression marred with worry. “I called you.”   She steadies her hyperventilating breath and musters a smile. “I just decided to take a walk since the weather was so nice. I think I left my phone here, sorry. I won’t forget next time.”   He doesn’t catch the lie and nods. “It’s good to get the inspiration going.”   “Yeah.”   Namjoon softens. “We’ll cut the cake tonight?”   She smiles. “Sounds like a plan.”   This version of you takes off her coat, drapes it on her chair and then plops down to continue working on her thesis.    Your birthday is spent typing away and re-typing while asking for help every so often. You’re together. Without pounding music or much distraction. Merely in one another’s company. It’s domestic, familiar and warm. But…   A life of following Namjoon, moving from place to’re not sure if this is it.    “Are any of these relationships good?”   He gives you an inquisitive look. “I don’t think this one is too bad, why?”   “I know. I shouldn’t complain. I’m in France and I seem to have a good relationship with Namjoon, but still.” An exhale leaves the seam of your lips and you turn your gaze to the handsome ghost, feeling apprehensive when you think you should be feeling confident. “I’m not sure if this is what I want. It doesn’t seem like I have anything of my own and I want to be independent…”   Jin hums, getting what you’re trying to say. “I can understand that. No relationship is perfect. They all have their ups and downs, some worse than others and some better than others. I don’t have any control over this.” He becomes quiet for a moment. “If anything, I wish it works out. But there’s still three windows for you to look into before you make your final choice.”   He holds out his hand where the three letters materialize, fanned out and you pluck the blush pink envelope. As routine, you release it and it floats mid-air before burning. The edges of the letter curl in the red inferno, ash dusting down and the scene of you hunched over your desk, brows knitted together, washes away.    You automatically reach for Seokjin’s hand without him needing to prompt you right as the wind starts to pick up and howl. It’s a storm that whips through your hair, colour that bleeds away. But this time, you manage to keep your eyes open and together, with Seokjin by your side, you watch as your surroundings stitch together. Every object, item, material forms one by one. From the corner wall to the leg of a table, it starts to become visible.    And what appears, what envelopes you, is so different from the townhouse in France. From the apartment you were in with Hoseok and most notably, the penthouse in New York shared with Yoongi—    It’s a world of difference.   Even Jin is shocked. All he manages is a breathless “wow.”   It’s an extremely cramped space — a pale yellow and white kitchen and living room that’s technically one room. It wouldn’t be any different from a tiny studio apartment if not for the other door off to the side. But the tiled floor seems dirty, the gray carpet is severely stained, a kitchen cabinet is broken and hanging by a single hinge, and the sofa two steps away is ripped and mangled.    There’s not much to see or marvel at.   But before you can say anything to Jin, a man comes out from the room, shivering in his black hoodie that’s covering his hair, ears and face. “Goddammit, why is it so cold?” he mutters, feet padding towards the window by the back door.   He tries to pull it down, arms straining with all his might and it squeaks horrifically in the process.   Jin winces and you flinch, ears hurting from the pitched screech. But what’s far worse is before the window can close, it becomes stuck. A tiny gap is left open, wind whistling through it and he sighs in defeat.   The man finally turns around. And in an instant, your mouth draws open, eyes pinpointed on him as he makes his way to the kitchen, walking straight through Seokjin. You can’t help but gawk.   Jin leans over. “Can I guess?”   You snort, trance shattering and your attention drawn to your ghostly companion. “Sure.”   “This guy was your enemy until you became roommates or next-door neighbours by accident. Turns out he wasn’t as awful as you thought, and you caught feelings but could never admit them.”   You scoff and eye him. “What kind of cliché nonsense is that? Jimin’s my best friend’s older brother.” Immediately, Jin’s brow cocks and a laugh bubbles out from your throat. You nudge him with your shoulder. “Okay, it’s a little bit cliché but can you blame me?”   You open your hand and gesture towards Jimin as if that's enough to explain.    Jin studies him, humming and stroking his chin. After a second, as if he’s reached a conclusion, he says, “I’m better looking.”   You roll your eyes.   But Jimin’s more than his soft, cute appearance that has impressively lasted at this age. From your memories, he’s always been charming and considerate. You knew him in high school, back when you were a teenager who dreamt of romcoms and soulmates, and he swooped in at the same time. Two years older than you are. Undeniably popular. The boy-next-door that every girl daydreamed of — and that included you. You crushed on him hard.   But he was your best friend’s older brother. Said best friend eventually grew apart from you as your paths in life differed, but Jimin was off limits at the time that you knew him. Plus…   “He never looked at me like that. He called me kiddo.”   “Ah.” Jin nods in sympathy. “The little sister zone. Even worse than the friend zone.”   The soft, gradual sound of pitter-pattering above you has Jimin cursing. He looks out the kitchen window at the dark clouds right as a droplet splashes onto his head. He looks up menacingly as if that could stop the rain. But a raindrop plops down on you too. Luckily, it goes straight through your body. For once, you’re glad you can’t feel temperature since you’re sure you’d be shivering.   Jimin goes towards the cabinet underneath the sink and takes out buckets, positioning them right where rain is leaking into the kitchen and living room and letting it drip into it instead.   Right when he’s finished, the front door squeaks. “I’m home!”   It’s you, or at least the you from this world, bundled up in a worn coat and a large scarf.   “Welcome back,” Jimin turns and smiles. “Are you hungry? I can reheat the chicken from last night.”   She doesn’t respond, too busy looking at the large buckets on the floor. “The roof’s leaking again?” she asks in complete exasperation, shoulder deflating as she starts to take off her coat.   Jimin’s smile softens. “Looks like the patchwork didn’t really help.”   “Don’t go up there. You’ll get yourself hurt. We should just get the whole thing replaced. I’m sure they have financing plans that’ll let us pay it off in a few months.”   “No, I’ll call Taemin and ask him for a favour.”   The Y/N of this world turns as she’s finished hanging her scarf on the dinky coat rack. She’s left in a warm, oversized sweater but she doesn’t look terribly cozy with the furrow of her brows that seemingly darken her under eye circles. “Is it really alright to ask him for so many favours?”   Jimin turns to the sink, brushing it off. “Yeah, don’t worry about it.”   She stares at him and then her footsteps pad against the titled ground as she goes over to wrap her arms around his waist, leaning her face into his backside. All at once, Jimin eases and he shuts his eyes before he turns around and the two of them hug, squeezing each other in the middle of their modest kitchen.   You can’t help but sigh lightly and coo at the scene. “This is so cute”   “They’re probably just hugging each other for warmth,” Jin comments and you scoff at him. He grins, unabashed at how he ruined the sweet, romantic moment.    “Jimin,” she pipes up after a second. “Is there something burning?”   “Oh yeah, the cake!”   They let go of one another and he leans down to the oven with tattered mitts, taking out the baked cake slices and putting them on the countertop.    “Happy birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I didn’t know you’d come home early.” Jimin ducks his head, cheeks becoming rosy. “I still need to frost it.”   “I love it, Jimin. Thank you.”    She leans in, pecking a chaste kiss to his lips and it leaves a smile on his face.   Jimin takes out the frosting from the fridge and she stands on the opposite side of the counter, dipping her finger into the bowl for a taste. At the same time, he mixes it again with a spoon, waiting for the cakes to cool.   “I’m sorry I couldn’t get you a proper present. I was planning on getting you that bracelet you liked but it was a lot more expensive than I thought it would be…”   “It’s okay. I didn’t like it anyway.”   He looks up with a doubtful and guilty look. But she reassures him, “Promise. I don’t even remember what bracelet you’re talking about. All I wanted was to spend my birthday together and you even made me a cake. What more could I ask for?”   “A lot more.”   “Well, it’s not what I want.” She pouts and it makes Jimin smile to himself.    He frosts the cake and once it’s done, it looks sloppy and unfinished. Part of it doesn’t have any frosting since he ran out, but both you and this version of you doesn’t mind whatsoever. You can tell there’s heart in it and that’s all that matters.   “There’s something I need to tell you,” Jimin says in the midst of dinner where they’re seated on the floor and using the coffee table as a dinner table. “Don’t worry, it’s good news.”   He laughs at her surprised expression and she swallows her mouthful. “Don’t scare me like that. You made it sound so bad.”   Jimin grins. “Sorry.”   “What is it?”   He pauses, just to build the anticipation. “I have an audition lined up. They really liked the performance I sent in.”   There’s a held silence. And then the corner of her mouth lifts. “That’s...amazing!”   But you know yourself. That’s your fake voice and fake smile.   Jimin doesn’t catch on to it. “I have a really good feeling about this one. I’m going to have to practice a lot more and come up with a whole new routine.”   Jin turns to you to fill in the blanks and you tell him, “Jimin’s a contemporary dancer.”   “Oh.”    Through a beat of quiet, both you and Seokjin share an underlying understanding. After all, it’s a universal truth — the arts aren’t lucrative. And you don’t know why you didn’t connect it sooner since it clearly serves as an explanation to the current state of this timeline. Your income must not be enough to support the two of you and unexpectedly, it looks like Jimin is still pursuing dance at thirty two.    You don’t know much about dance, but you know enough to be aware of just how competitive it is. You know how often times, the older you get, the harder opportunities come by. And it’s obvious this version of yourself isn’t hopeful.   “Did the Jimin you know ever end up like...this?”   Jin looks around and you know what he means. The state of this home is bearable, but it isn’t what you ever envisioned for yourself.   You shake your head. “That’s what I’m so confused about. Last time I checked, Jimin’s still pursuing dance but he was teaching at a studio.”    You vaguely remember seeing pictures on social media and him advertising the studio, surrounded with like-minded people. It looked legitimate.   “Maybe the opportunity never came with you around.” Jin hums and then quickly adds, “no offence.”   As Jimin’s in the middle of his excited tangent, the phone suddenly rings. She reaches for it. “It’s my mom.”   “Tell her I said hi.”   “So she can ask about you the entire time and not about me?” she teases with a smile that matches his and picks up the call while she gets to her feet. “Hello?”   Her smile fades for a moment and she slips into the tiny bedroom a few steps away. But the walls are painfully thin, and her voice is crystal clear from where you’re sitting beside Jin and across from Jimin. “Wait, wait, mom, slow down. What’s wrong?”   You exchange looks with Jin and he gives you an ‘uh-oh’ expression, already smelling trouble.   There’s a pause. “Dad? Y-Yeah, I can help, of course I can help with his treatment.”   “Did something happen to your dad?” Jin asks and you frown.    “He went into surgery for his appendix about a month ago.” You wonder if that's what this is about. But it was an easy and quick procedure, and he recovered after two weeks.   Then it comes to you — your parents needed help with the finances. It was easy. So much so that it slipped your mind entirely. You just transferred them the money. But in this world….   “I’ll figure something out,” this version of you tries to stay quiet yet to no avail. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll call the hospital and take care of it. Yeah. Yep. No, no. Of course, Jimin won’t mind. It’s fine. We’d be happy to help. Okay. Talk to you soon.”   You glance at Jimin to find him with a saddened smile. He swallows hard as she leaves the room, and he pretends he wasn’t listening. “Is everything okay?”   “Yeah.” She musters a smile. “She was just wishing me a happy birthday.”   Neither of them push or reveal more about what they know. It’s swept under the rug.    The room simmers into silence as the rain patters against the windows, some leaking through the gap of the stuck window and other droplets splashing into the half-full buckets. It’s a comfortable noise, a constant rhythm of the rain.    Eventually Jimin breaks the quiet through warm conversation that she easily reciprocates.   But in the midst of it, Jin turns to you. “What are you thinking?”   “I don’t know.” You sigh, taking in your dire surroundings again. It’s not just about the money. It’s about Jimin’s circumstances too. “I always thought the most important thing was being together, but if Jimin’s in a better place without me, then I don’t want to change that.”   You wish love, romance, relationships were easy. You wish that’s all that mattered.   Your gaze meets Jin’s, and a question comes to mind—   “What if I’m not supposed to end up with any of these people? With anyone? Maybe there’s a reason why things are the way they are and none of this happened in my lifetime.”   All of a sudden, Seokjin’s expression hardens. “Are you fine with being alone then?”   “I’ve gotten on fine for thirty years.”   The ghostly man, clad in a brown coat and dark pants, goes dead silent.    You frown and call out to him. “Jin?”   “No.” He shakes his head. “You have to choose someone. If you don’t….”   “If I don’t…?”   Confusion mars your features, your lips becoming lopsided as a knot forms between your brows. Jin softs and smiles, sheepish eyes slightly crinkled. He theatrically jumps to his feet, stretching his hand out to you. On instinct, your palm slides into his and he pulls you up.   “You shouldn’t give up yet. That’s not the spirit! There’s still two more.” Seokjin’s eyes glimmer with mischief and out of thin air, two envelopes appear in his other hand. He holds it out and you hesitate, but your eyes flicker up towards Seokjin and you look at him through your lashes.   You trust him enough to take one. The stained, old envelope with gel pen doodled hearts on it.   The envelope is released and ignites as time suspends. The orange flames incinerate the papers, crumbling the sheets inside and the ash dusts down like cherry blossoms. The wind howls a breath later, brushing through your hair and caressing your cheeks. You look at you and Jimin sitting together one last time before the sight washes away right in front of your eyes.   The colour bleeds and the surroundings are wiped into a white canvas. You see the world stitch together while the only constant that remains is Jin’s hand in yours.    Walls begin to form around you, but they’re wide and the ceiling lifts. The outside darkens. You discover yourself standing in the foyer of a beautiful, spacious home. The front door is behind you and there are stairs in front. You also notice the mountain of small shoes on the shoe rack.   But your attention is drawn when the first thing you hear are childish squeaks and then stomps.   As everything solidifies, your eyes take in the sight and your mouth draws open. You step forward, hand slipping out of Jin’s as you stare at Kim Taehyung in disbelief.   You knew this letter was his. But you haven’t seen him in so long. It feels like centuries ago.    It’s surreal.   Jin raises a brow at your reaction.   “Where do you think you’re going, missy?” The older man chases after the girl and growls. She squeals as he picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. “It’s time to get dressed before the guests come over. You want to look even prettier, don’t you? Get a sparkly, princess dress on.”   A familiar voice, your voice, shouts from upstairs. “Honey!”   “Coming!” Taehyung yells back. “Just caught the munchkin!”   Jin interrupts your trance. “Care to do the introductions?”   “Y-Yeah.” You snap out of it, blinking twice. “Taehyung’s a childhood friend. He was my best friend. We met in kindergarten.” You smile to yourself while reminiscing. “Everyone thought he was a girl when he was little since he was so pretty and because of him, people called me the ugly one when we sat next to each other.”   You laugh, the nostalgia prickling at you. It’s not a bad memory. How could it be when Taehyung was your first friend. And your first crush. He was a lot of your firsts.    “He ended up moving away at the end of sixth grade and that was that.”   Taehyung was also the subject of your first love letter clumsily scribbled in gel pen. It was meant to be both a goodbye and I love you letter, one filled with doodles and hearts that you never ended up giving to him. But it had started your habit of venting through letter form.   “I facebooked him years later and turns out he became a part-time model for some company. Pretty cool, huh?”   “Did you ever reconnect?”   You shake your head. “It’s been so long. I don’t even think he’d remember me.”   Seokjin hums a long note, drawn out for so long that you turn to him with your brow cocked. He, however, has a blank expression you can’t quite decipher. You’re about to ask him what his problem is, but suddenly, the doorbell rings.   Instantaneously, a German shepherd dog sprints in. A boy with puppy eyes and shaggy hair trails after the pet, turning the corner. But before he can grab the doorknob, a voice stops him—   “Eugene!” This world’s version of you pops out from the hall upstairs, looking down into the foyer of the big home. “What did I say about opening the front door?”   The boy sighs in frustration. “Mom! I’m already ten!”   At the same time, a girl around eight years old in a floral dress comes running over. She hangs off the banisters of the stairs like a monkey and with a grin, she chimes, “Stranger danger.”   “It doesn’t matter if you’re ten or twenty,” the older woman from upstairs declares. “My house, my rules.”   The doorbell rings again, echoing throughout the house. But this time, Taehyung comes down the stairs with the three-year old girl, now in a frilly, white shirt with a pink tutu. They’re hand in hand, taking one step at a time. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” Taehyung shouts at the door.   And once it opens, the girl giggles. The dog begins to bark. The commotion grows.   On the other side is your mom whose face is bright and excited. “Oh my goodness, it’s been so long!” Immediately she comes to hug Taehyung, giving him a big squeeze. It’s been a while since you’ve seen her so happy that it makes you unintentionally smile.   “Your mom looks great,” Jin observes with his own grin as the two of you watch the scene unfold. You wonder how he knows that’s your mom.   Your dad enters after.    “Hi grandpa, grandma,” Eugene greets, and she plants a fat kiss on his cheek.   “Hello, dear.” Your mother’s barely gotten her coat off before she’s being surrounded by the kids. “My goodness, did you get even taller?”   He beams. “I think so!”   “You’ll need to drink even more milk if you want to be as tall as your father. Speaking of which, are you doing well, Taehyung? Where’s Y/N?”   The blonde man has a boxy smile, and he gestures using his head. “She’s upstairs, changing the diaper of the little one.”   “Aw, how sweet. I saw that video you sent me the other day. I can’t believe she’s already starting to talk! They grow up so quick, don’t they?” Her eyes trail to the three-year old and she practically melts. “Wendy, come give grandma a big hug!”   The toddler careens over, arms opening wide as your mother crouches down and they capture one another in a giant embrace. A second later, the girl who was hanging off the stair banister comes running over and your mom laughs. “Yuna, get in here too! Oh, there we go.”   She doesn’t forget about the dog either who’s been jumping up and down, barking its head off, pawing at their pants. Once she releases the girls, she scratches behind the dog’s ear and around it’s chin, making it howl. “I didn’t forget about you, pooch. There, we go. What a good boy.”   “You got taller the last time I saw you, didn’t you?” your dad asks Eugene, and it makes the boy grin, nodding his head. “Soon you’re going to be all the way up to my chin!”   “Dad says I might grow to be more than six feet.”   “Don’t grow up too fast,” he says with a smile. “Where’s the other two boys at?”   “They’re watching a movie,” Yuna tattles with her lips pouted.   “It’s so cold!” your mom turns around and motions your dad to enter. “Hurry, close the door!”   Their coats are hung up in the closet and as your mom continues chatting with Taehyung, your dad comes round the living room to two boys, around seven and five, ogling the television screen with their mouths hanging open practically to catch flies. But they turn their heads and scramble upwards with boxy grins.   “Grandpa!”   “Ken, Noah!” He hugs them and the former asks if he brought cookies which your dad answers with a wink and asks, “Have you been on your best behaviour?”   “Yeah!”   You’re in awe, watching the scene unfold in front of your eyes. You would’ve never thought this is what your life with Taehyung would’ve been like.    Jin grimaces as Yuna runs past with Noah. “This place feels like a puppy mill.”   That comment has you laughing. Six kids are a lot. There were toys everywhere on the floor, from dolls to lego pieces, a baby walker in the corner, a playpen in the middle of the living room, sofa worn and stained, and you spot some crayon scribbled on the wall. But even if it’s messy and there’s nothing luxurious, it’s a warm house—   A home.   Jin nudges you, taking you out of your train of thought and you follow his line of sight to the dog who’s a meter away, staring right at the two of you. Then, it starts to furiously bark.   “Woah, down, down!” Jin snaps his fingers, but it does nothing.   The dog can’t hurt you. Probably. But it was still alarming to see it baring its teeth and to have your positions exposed. Considering the both of you have been invisible this entire time, to be seen makes you feel naked.   “Shush, it’s okay.” You lift your hands, backing away. “We’re not going to hurt you.”   Nothing helps. The dog continues to bark. It comes forward.   Immediately, Jin moves, stepping in front of you and shielding you with his body.   Then your voice comes across the room— “Taehyung, calm the dog down, will you?”    This Y/N is dressed in sweatpants and a loose shirt, holding an infant in her arms who’s wide-eyed and babbling incessantly while drooling over her fist and onto her onesie. You barely recognize this version of yourself. She has some dried spit on her shoulder, vomit stains on her chest and she’s understandably gained a few pounds from the kids. You don’t miss her dark-circles or bloodshot eyes either.    At once, Taehyung clicks his tongue and tells the dog, “Hush, boy.”   It whimpers, stepping away from you and Jin, and Taehyung pets behind its ears.   Your mom comes over to the infant and coos, “Look at her! Oh my goodness, how precious. She has your eyes, dear!”   “Really?” she sighs. “I think Sunny’s looking more and more like Taehyung.”   “That’s not such a bad thing,” said man pipes up with another grin. “I’m handsome, aren’t I?”   She lightly scoffs. “Half the kids already look like you.”   In the midst of it, you don’t notice Jin sizing Taehyung up with a quirked brow, not paying any attention to the conversation in favour of scanning the man up and down with narrowed eyes.   “Are you sleeping lately?” your dad asks, concern evident in his expression.   “As much as I can with a newborn.”   Your mom softens. “Well, happy birthday, dear.”   Yuna straightens with a bright smile and repeats it. “Happy birthday, mommy!”   Wendy squeals after her. “Birthday, mommy!”   This version of you eases and smiles. “Thank you.”   Ken, the boy around seven, comes over sulking. “The TV’s broken! It’s not playing anymore.”   Taehyung comes over. “Let me take a look.”   At the same time, the you in the sweatpants notices Noah, the boy that’s about five, following your dad into the kitchen. She calls out, “Don’t give them any sweets, dad! It’ll ruin their appetite.” The infant in her arms has drool dribbling from her mouth and she lifts her shirt to wipe it away. While doing so, she glances at her husband who’s crouched over at the television with the remote in hand. “Taehyung, when are your parents coming?”   “Half an hour? They’re stuck in traffic.”    The dog starts pawing at the front door and she sighs, trying to come over to open it as Sunny starts squirming in her arms. Your mom is the only one who notices her struggle and comes over.   “Here.” She takes the infant from her and once the dog’s free in the fenced-in yard, she leans over in a low voice. “Honey, when was the last time you put a brush through your hair?”   Instantly, she puts her hand up and realizes how disheveled and knotted her hair is. Your mom sheepishly smiles and says she’ll take care of the kids. This version of you nods and ducks out in embarrassment, beelining to the bathroom.    Both you and Jin decide to follow after her, finally getting a moment of quiet away from the chaos that seems to echo throughout the rest of the house.    Jin sighs and you repress a smile at how exhausted he looks in spite of not having to do anything. “That was a lot to take in.”   “Yeah. I guess we never left our hometown.”   In this reality, it seems like Taehyung never moved away either. It seems like you always had each other. You wonder if you had sent that letter to him back then, would it have made such a huge impact on your life?   “ he the love of your life?”   “Who? Taehyung?” Your head whirls to Jin. “I don’t know. It’s been years.”   “I mean what about now?”   “Well, he is handsome. It’s kind of a waste he didn’t become a model in this timeline.”   Jin scoffs and lifts his nose into the air. “I’m better looking.”   You flash him an incredulous look. “You said that about Jimin too.”   “That’s because I’m better looking than most people.” The ghostly man strokes his chin and winks. But you stare at him blankly and after a beat, you bite back—   “Really? I don’t see it.”   Jin’s mouth draws open and he scoffs in offence. You burst out laughing.   “I know you think I’m handsome. Just admit it!”   “I can’t admit what’s not there,” you quip back at him. “That would be lying.”   Before you can blink, Jin’s hands suddenly stretch and he’s tickling you at your weakest points. You squirm and squeal at him, “S-Stop!” But giggles bubble past your lips and he grins, cheeks puffing out, eyes crinkled, not letting up until you’re forced to run down the hall, following the light and escaping into the bathroom where the other version of you is.   Jin chases after you but then gives up when you feign an angered expression which includes your lips twitching and threatening to pull into another smile. Still, he puts his palms up, grins and declares a temporary truce. “Fine, fine.”   You watch as this version of you gawks at the mirror and grabs a comb to tackle the tangled hair.   But not a second later, a familiar boy pops through the door, straight through Seokjin.   “Mommy, I’m hungry,” Noah complains.   “We’ll eat in a little bit.” When she’s unable to pull the comb through her hair, she slaps it on the counter in frustration and turns on the tap to try to clean off the stain on her shoulder.   “I don’t want mashies.”   “Well too bad. Beggars can’t be choosers.”   “I hate you!” the five year old screams and she closes her eyes tight for a moment, taking a deep inhale as her patience is tested. At the same time, the boy runs away.   She’s left slamming the tap closed and turning around.    She beelines towards the stairs but is stopped by Yuna who tugs on her shirt. “Mommy, Ken’s undressing my dolls again!”   “No, I’m not!” the boy defends in a pitched voice. “She’s the one who keeps using my Iron Man to be the prince!”   “Ken, stop undressing Yuna’s dolls. And Yuna, leave your younger brother’s toys alone.” The two kids pout, and she walks up the stairs to see Eugene coming out of his room. His shoulders are shrugged, feet dragging along the carpet and there’s a crumpled, collared shirt in his hand.   “Mom, do I really have to change?”   “Yes. It’s for the pictures.”   “But I don’t like it! It’s too tight on me.”   “No, it isn’t. You’ll be fine, Eugene.” She enters her room that’s ridden with toys as well and opens the closet, scrambling for a clean shirt. He trails after her. “It’s only for a few hours.”   “Ugh!”   The ten year old turns on his heel, walking away.    Jin whistles. “Damn, you never get a moment to yourself, do you?”   As if to prove his point, the doorbell goes off. Barking and more loud noises follow, and she curses, rushing into the bathroom with a wrinkle shirt she finds. In the meanwhile, Seokjin takes the chance to look at the family photos framed on the bedroom wall, viewing them with a stoic expression.    You look after him, finding a picture of you and Taehyung in the hospital with you lying in bed and Taehyung holding a newborn. The both of you look so young, you must’ve been twenty.   There are many more photographs after that and as the years seem to progress, there’s more and more kids captured with toothless smiles and bright eyes. You look over them with a soft smile.   “I didn’t know you wanted so many kids,” Jin pipes up.   That’s the thing — “I don’t.”    The Y/N of this timeline rushes out of the bathroom with her new shirt and her hair somewhat neatly tied back. But as she leaves, she nearly trips on a toy dump truck on the ground and curses. She kicks it aside and then goes downstairs where there are more greetings and calls of her name.   Jin’s eyes trail from the space that she had just occupied to you. “Do you like this world? It seems a bit hectic.”   “I don’t know what I want anymore,” you admit honestly with a sigh. “I thought the most important thing was to have someone by my side, but so many other things seem to matter too. A family, compatibility, career, stability.” Your gaze meet’s Seokjin’s. “Is it selfish if I want it all?”   The corner of his plump lips tug and he shakes his head. “Not at all. I’m here to make your wish come true.”   “Mom?”    The two of you are interrupted by Eugene who enters the room, oblivious. He sighs when he realizes she isn’t there and scatters down the stairs. You follow after him, not quite done watching this reality just yet.   Downstairs, Taehyung’s parents are mingling with yours while the kids are running amok.   Dinner is hectic as well. Noah complains about the mashed potatoes before Wendy spills her entire plate on the floor, and Sunny knocks over her bottle of milk. And when it’s time to have cake, all the children gather round with Sunny perched on your lap. They sing discordantly and Jin winces as the kids practically spit all over the birthday cake to blow out the candle.   But it’s an undeniable sweet sight when they give their handmade crafts as gifts. It’s only slightly underplayed when Ken steals Eugene’s cake much to the older’s dismay and Noah throws some in Yuna’s hair, making the girl shriek her head off and require parental intervention.   You don’t think Jin has anything against kids, but by his facial expression, you can tell that every second is making him more adverse. Watching him and his reactions makes you laugh.   But in the middle of the celebrations, Taehyung pulls his wife aside in a private nook of the house and presses a long, sweet kiss to her lips. Even if you’re a bystander and merely watching, it makes you swoon. Jin, on the other hand, merely lifts a brow.   She smiles. “What’s the matter?”   “It’s time for your birthday gift,” he says, hand tightening in hers and she grins. “Follow me.”   Unfortunately, their path is intercepted by the rascals who have long infested the house and made privacy virtually impossible. “Where’re you going?” Ken asks, hanging off the back of the couch and watching them brush past.   “It’s a secret,” Taehyung states without looking at him.   Noah jumps off the stairs. “I wanna come!”   “No. Go watch your sister.”   The five-year old pouts. “I don’t wanna.”   “Hey!” Taehyung suddenly points towards the kitchen. “Look over there!”   Instantly, all of the children’s heads whirl in the indicated direction. They fall for the distraction and Taehyung grins, stealing the opportunity to finally sneak off with his wife. It makes you smile too, and you follow after them as they make their way down the hall until he finally stops at the closet next to the laundry room.   “What is it?”   “Hold your horses, woman.”   Taehyung turns on the single bulb and they enter the crowded space, only able to close the door halfway when there’s clothing bins in the way. They’re oblivious to how you and Seokjin are standing there, intruding on the moment and watching them.   “Don’t tell me you got that necklace.”   “No.”   Suddenly, as if another idea’s come to mind, her expression lights up and her eyes widen. “No…”   It makes Taehyung grin. “What?”   The Y/N of this world gasps and lightly smacks her husband in the chest. “You did not.”   “Did I?” He laughs.    “You finally got tickets for us to go to Europe?!”   The tall man quirks his head to the side with a playful smile. “Not quite. I got something even better. Ta-da!” He leans down and drags out a long box from the bottom shelf that was hidden and buried underneath a pile of jackets. Taehyung smacks the cardboard triumphantly. “A new stroller!”   “Dude!” Jin shouts, arm stretching out in exasperation as if the other man could see or hear him. “That’s not even a gift for her!”    You grimace. And it seems like this world’s version of you does as well.   “I could do better than that,” Jin scoffs, fully offended on behalf of you and this alternative version of you who remains completely silent.   “Well, it’s the thought that counts,” you conclude with a small sigh, turning to Seokjin, intrigued by his statement. “What would you get me?”   “I don’t know, like a bouquet of tulips and a scarf. This is just pathetic.”   He shakes his head, but you’re stuck in your spot, transfixed on the ghostly man’s profile. You wonder why he said tulips specifically when he could’ve just said a bouquet of flowers.    You love tulips.   “I have to assemble it, but it’s going to be great,” Taehyung explains excitedly with an enormous, rectangular smile. “The wheels roll in all directions and the sunshade can move at three different angles.”    “Oh. That’s great.” She musters a smile. “ it.”   “Right? I even got it on sale. Picked it up yesterday.”   As he stands, she eyes him, fixated on the fact that he had gotten it just yesterday. “Did you forget? About my birthday?”   Colour drains from Taehyung’s face and his mouth draws open before shutting a beat later. Yet she grins and leans up to plant a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, Tae. I appreciate it.”   He deflates in relief and encircles her waist with his arms. “I love you.”   “I love you too.”   “Y/N—” a shrill voice interrupts their intimate moment. It’s your mom. “Where’s the diapers? Sunny needs a change!”   She sticks her head out of the closet door. “Coming!”   For the rest of the night, the grandparents play with the kids and the dog until it’s everyone’s bedtime and they take their leave, wishing you a goodnight and giving last birthday wishes.   Eugene brushes his own teeth as Taehyung helps the two younger boys and this world’s version of you is in the other bathroom giving Wendy a bath. You feel tired just by watching yourself.    It could just be that you haven’t slept. God knows how long it’s been since this whole adventure started. It’s still a lot to take in but you know you have to make it through until the end. You want to.   In between the bedtime routine, Ken begs to use the iPad while Yuna refuses to go to sleep. But at ten o’clock at night, the whole house finally gets quiet. The Y/N, who’s changed into some old pajamas, hums while cradling Sunny. Said infant rests on her shoulder and sleeps away. The dog is also at the foot of the bed, sleepily blinking.   Taehyung enters their bedroom with a yawn. “Did you have a good day, birthday girl?”   “It’s as good as it’s gonna get.”   He smiles, leaning in to kiss her. It’s soft, tired and brief.   Then there’s a knock at the door and someone who’s barely three feet rubbing at her eyes incessantly with her tiny fists. “I can’t sleep,” Wendy whines, words blubbering together.   “Here, I’ll do it.” She hands Sunny off to Taehyung, but the movement has the infant squirming and a cry escaping her mouth. He tries to hush her, patting her back, but the baby’s brows furrow and she starts to cry louder.    The shrieking builds in intensity and tone as Taehyung tries to get her back to sleep, but she awakens completely, cry becoming ear-piercing. That, in turn, makes the dog get up and howl.   “Mommy!” Wendy shouts at the top of her lungs, trying to draw her attention. “Mommy!”   The temporary peace and quiet of the house is shattered. Lasting less than five minutes.   And with all the noise — the dog howling, the baby crying, Wendy screaming — the Y/N of this world starts to cry too. With her downcast eyes and her head slumped down, tears begin to slip off her cheeks and she lifts her hands to quietly sob into them. Taehyung is at once alarmed.    “Honey.” With his free arm, he tries to embrace his wife. “Is everything alright?”   “Y-Yeah. Sorry.” She lifts her face and hastily wipes her eyes with the back of her hand, clearly trying her best to hold it together. “I-I’m fine.”   She turns and reaches for Wendy’s hand. That appeases the tantruming toddler. “Come on, let’s go.”   You watch her drooping backside fade into the dark hallway until the faint outline disappears from sight. In the meanwhile, Taehyung gets the dog to quiet down and then focuses on getting Sunny back to sleep.   “What’s the verdict?” Jin pipes up suddenly, startling you. It was easy to forget that you were more than a silent spectator.   “I know this is an option but…”   “But?”   You pause, unable to find the right words but as if Seokjin knows you well after tonight, he fills in the blanks for you. “You still want a career, don’t you? Something of your own.”   You meet his eyes, uncertain. “Is that such a bad thing?”   You’re sure being a mother is fulfilling. As exhausting as it seems, you can tell Taehyung loves you, or at least her, and you can tell the kids do as well, in spite of the tantrums they throw or the ‘I hate you’s’ that they shriek. Yet — there’s still something missing.   When you look at this version of yourself, you don’t see you anymore. You see a mother of six. You see Taehyung’s wife. Your own identity has disappeared in the wake of responsibility. And you’re not sure if you can suddenly accept such a drastic change.   You don’t know if this is the reality you want to be in.   “Not at all,” Jin comforts and holds out his hand with a gentle smile. “There’s still one more.”   Like all the times before, your hand slips into Jin’s and he gives you the last envelope that materializes in his hold. Knowing what to do, you release it in front of you with a light toss and it floats mid-air as time suspends. The envelope burns, corners curling in the flames that appear, pages inside disintegrating into ashes that cascade downwards.    The wind picks up. The colours blur. It feels like you’re on a bullet train, being lodged somewhere else. In a different place, a different time, a different universe.   But as the world around you shifts, this time, your eyes remain focused on Jin’s profile.   Your gaze traces the slope of his nose, the pillowy shape of his lips, the way his brown irises catch the light of the stars. And you look at him until he turns. His eyes meet yours and they soften with a sheepish smile.    You don’t know why you didn’t notice before.    Maybe you just got used to it since it was like this from the start. Maybe you thought he was like this to everyone. But the way Seokjin gazes at you — it’s like you’re the only thing he wants to look at.   A car whizzes past.   You’re both standing next to the street. A lamppost dimly illuminates your translucent figures.   “Is something wrong?”   You break away from his tender gaze. “There’s just a lot on my mind.”   “’s almost over.” He squeezes your hand and releases it. You glance at him, but he’s looking elsewhere and as you follow his line of sight, you realize you’re right in front of your apartment.    If you didn’t know any better, you would think that you made it back to the present, your present. But then you catch yourself, this world’s version of you, getting out of a car in the open parking lot.   She’s wearing simple business attire, a pencil skirt and blouse, not that much different from what you’re wearing now.   “Care to tell me about this last lover of yours?” he asks, leaning over with a mischievous smile.   You scoff, mouth tugged upwards. This one’s no lover of yours, but Jin already knows that. He’s only teasing you at this point.   There’s only one person left. Only one person it could be.   “Jungkook. I met him at a bar a year ago. He came in with a group of guys.” A group of very attractive men that your coworkers pointed out. You still remember how lucky you felt when he slid right next to you and chatted you up. He was a smooth talker, charismatic, and you were infatuated within an hour. “He’s a semi-pro racer.”   “I didn’t know you were into bad boys.”   “He was sweet. Until he ghosted me.” You sigh lightly, not particularly bitter about it considering it’s been a while. “We went on a few dates, but he never called me back after the third one.”   At the time you wrote that love letter, you were frustrated and upset. It was a wine drunk night and you needed to vent somehow, so you did it through letter form once again. This was the first relationship where you really thought it would have a chance of working out.    You don’t know the reasoning for Jungkook never contacting you again. Maybe he just lost interest. Maybe he found someone else. But you suppose this is a world where it didn’t turn out that way.   “Well, that’s stupid of him,” Jin breaks you out of your thoughts. He says it so nonchalantly like it’s obvious. He doesn’t know just how consoling his words are to you. “His loss. Guess this is his second chance to own up.”   Before your lips can part, before you can say anything, a phone rings.   The Y/N of this world picks it out of her pocket as she makes her way into the apartment. Jin follows after her and you’re left trailing after him.   “Hey.” She smiles sweetly. “Work was fine. Are you coming home soon?”   Once she gets inside, she pushes the button for the elevator. “There’s already a cake in the fridge. We can cut it tonight.”    There’s a pause and suddenly, she bursts out laughing. “How about staying in? We don’t need to do anything fancy. I wouldn’t mind just having dinner tonight and maybe turning on a movie. I heard When Spring Meets Autumn is half-decent. I can probably download it for free.” She grins after a beat of quiet. “Oh, come on, romance movies aren’t that bad.”   She gets inside the elevator and it goes up, opening at her floor. She strides down the hall, but you and Jin are ahead of her. “Okay. I’ll see you in an hour or two then? Love you.”   As she fiddles with the keys to open the door, you walk through the walls.    It’s your apartment. Down to the empty glass on the counter.   A wave of relief and comfort washes over you. It feels like it’s been eons since you’ve been here in your own home and after seeing so many different versions of ‘home’, this place was unbeatable. Not that the penthouse in New York wasn’t gorgeous or the townhouse in France wasn’t lovely — but this place, albeit not special, it’s yours. You got it on your own, picked out the furniture on your own, pay for it on your own, and most importantly, it carries all of your memories.   You don’t know what you would do if you could never return here — to the home you built yourself.   The Y/N of this timeline throws the keys onto the counter and kicks off her shoes.   She turns on the lights and you watch her like it’s an out-of-body experience. Out of all the versions of yourself that you’ve witnessed, this one is the most strikingly similar to you. It seems like not much has changed in this reality. You still have your job, your home, all the things you worked hard for and the things you’re content with.    It’s all here.   The only difference is you’re not alone. You have someone to call your own. Someone to come home to.   As she heads for the shower to wash up, Jin plops down on the couch. His arms spread wide and he props his feet onto the coffee table.    You scoff, crossing your arms and quirking your brow at him. “Looks like someone’s gotten comfortable. You know, that’s the exact spot I was sitting when you scared me shitless and almost gave me a heart attack.”   “Yeah, because of how good looking I am, right?” Jin smirks and you roll your eyes.   “Unbelievable.”   “It’s not like she can see.”   “This is still my apartment.”   “It’s hers.”   “Well, she’s me and I’m her.”   “Technically, this is another version of you that you can choose to become,” he says with a sly smile, obviously entertained by the petty argument and managing to rile you up.   But what he says piques your interest. You realize you don’t know the real specifics to what will happen once you make your choice. “So, if I choose, I’ll end up becoming them?”   “In a sense. You’ll get their memories, and your entire life will change.”   “What happens if it turns out I hate it?”   “That’s why you have to make the decision carefully.”   Your brows furrow. “Can’t you revert it back?”   “No.” Seokjin quiets and he looks to the floor. “Once the decision is made, I’ll be gone.”   You step forward, words unable to sink into you. “What do you mean?”   He meets your eyes, murmuring, “I’m just here to grant you your wish, Y/N.”   Before any more can be said, the you of this universe comes back, filling the silence with a song on her phone. She pulls the sleeves of her hoodie up to her elbows and goes to the kitchen humming. The two of you follow, watching her taking out lettuce and potatoes from the fridge.    She struggles to get the hard spaghetti box from the high cabinet shelf.    Jin shakes his head, sighing. “You should stop keeping things out of your reach.”   “I can reach,” you argue, and she does manage to snag it, only after jumping twice. But it works. “See?”   He grins, putting his hands up.   But Jin quickly becomes exasperated by how much salt she puts into the water and freaks out when the pot almost overboils onto the stove.   “I didn’t take you for being a backseat driver, or in this case, a backseat chef,” you quip.   “Don’t you know? The most important way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” he declares, suddenly passionate. “You only eat three times a day, so it has to be right.”   His tangent makes you grin. “I didn’t know you were such a foodie.”   “You are too,” he mutters, frowning over her shoulder as she stirs the pasta. “You’re a pickier eater than I am.”   Instantly, a knot is made between your brows. “How do you know that?”   Jin does a double take and says, “I’m just assuming. Since you seem like the high maintenance type.”   You’re wholly offended by the comment, mouth hanging open as you scoff.   Jin ducks when try to smack his shoulder. “Sorry, sorry.” He laughs, smiling from ear to ear. “I didn’t mean it.”   “You so did!” But instead of being insulted, you start laughing too.   “Well maybe it’s because I’ve shown you paradise with five guys so far and you haven’t made a single choice. Sorry for assuming things because you’re so picky.” The last word is squealed out as you try to jab Seokjin’s side. He giggles and you chase him around the kitchen island.   “Didn’t you tell me to make my decision carefully?”    “I didn’t tell you to take years to decide,” he sing-songs, mocking you.   “Well, excuse me! I didn’t know you had better things to do.”   “Why are you mad at me?” Jin grins and it’s infuriating how each move you make, he mirrors you, keeping the exact same distance around the island. And when you try to run, his legs are too goddamn long for you to catch up. “You’re the slow and indecisive one.”   Your mouth drops open again. “Did you just call me slow?!”   He laughs and it takes all your efforts not to either. But you can’t help the way your lips twitch into another smile.    “You’re slow at chasing me.”   “You little shit — get back here! Jin!”   In the meanwhile, this world’s version of you is busy chopping potatoes and preparing her seasoning. She’s completely oblivious to you and Seokjin running around her and making an absolute ruckus out of the place. When she’s not making the food, she’s constantly checking the clock.   Once the food is prepared, sitting on the stove to be warmed up again, she stops tapping her foot incessantly and grabs her phone. You watch as she makes a call, but sighs after there’s no answer. So, she sits on the couch, fingers flurrying over her phone as she texts.    But as the hour passes and minutes continue to fly by, she becomes more uneased.   She starts to pace. Checking outside the window. Looking at the clock.   She calls again and this time, leaves a voice message— “Jungkook, hey. When are you coming home? The food’s all done, and I thought you’d be here by now. You’re not picking up my calls either. Is everything alright? At least give me a call back or answer my text when you hear this.”   You and Seokjin watch her and you brace yourself, wondering what’s wrong this time.   Maybe Jungkook’s ditching you in this timeline as well. Maybe you’re about to find out he’s cheating on you. Or maybe he’s just not going to show up and you’re going to spend your birthday alone like how it was supposed to be from the very start—   Your train of thought is interrupted by a ringing that pierces into the silence.    She jolts and instinctively snatches her phone, picking up the call.    “Hello?”   There’s a long pause. She furrows her brows deep enough to hurt and then instantly gets to her feet. “Oh my god. I’ll be right there!”   You and Seokjin exchange equally confused expressions as she darts to grab her coat and keys, nearly slipping on the floor in the process. You don’t know where she’s going, but Jin doesn’t wait around.    “Let’s follow her.”   You nod and the pair of you keep up until you’re sitting in the backseat of her car. The engine roars and then she’s backing out of her spot and driving down the road over the speed limit.   She glances into the rearview mirror every so often — teeth sunk into the bottom of her lip — tears making her eyes glassy. At any red stop light, her fingers tap against the steering wheel, anxious to go.   You frown when something comes into sight. You feel Seokjin stiffen beside you.   It’s the hospital.   She signals and turns into it, wheels screeching against the pavement, frantically following the signs until she parks in the lot. She doesn’t pay for parking, merely grabbing her jacket thrown in the other seat and she starts to run towards the sliding glass doors, past the parked ambulances.    You barely manage to keep up. Jin trails behind you.   When you enter, she’s sobbing at the counter. “I-I got a call. M-My fiancé— he’s hurt.”   The nurse tries to calm her down. “Can you tell me his name?”   “Jeon Jungkook.”   She’s shaking.    Fear is etched onto her features. Her eyes search the room desperately. And her knuckles are white with how they grasp onto the counter as if to anchor her weakened knees.   A younger nurse leads the way and she fervently follows her down the hall as teardrops shed down her cheeks. The nurse stops at a room with a window looking into it.    “He’s inside. You can’t go in yet.”   “W-What happened to him,” she whispers in a broken voice, staggering breaths heaving from her chest as she tries to get the words out. “ he going to be okay?”    At the exact same moment, as if to answer her questions, the door opens.   “Make way!”   Jungkook is wheeled out, laying on the bed, eyes barely open and conscious. He’s in a neck brace, his lips bleeding, cuts littering his reddened face that is sure to bruise abhorrently. His left eye is swollen beyond recognition and the doctors crowd over him. But it doesn’t stop her from calling out to him.   “Jungkook!”   She chases after them as they wheel him away. “Jungkook!”   His fingertip twitches. But once they turn the corner, she slows.   “Ma’am.” A doctor comes to her. “Are you the patient’s wife?”   “I’m his fiancée,” she manages in the midst of her heavy sobs. “Wh-What happened to him?”   “He got into a motorcycle accident, but luckily his injuries aren’t too severe. He’s most likely going to recover,” he says, and she deflates in relief, a deep breath being taken as she tries to quiet her crying. “He has a concussion and we’re just sending him in for a CT scan to figure out how severe it’ll be. Is there someone you can contact? Does he have any family?”   “His parents are out of the country— but how long will it take?”   “It should be within the hour.”   She nods. “I’ll...I’ll wait for him here.”   She lugs her legs back, finding chairs built in the hall across the room and she waits for him there. Hunched over. Hands kitted together. Shaking. No one pays mind as she cries quietly into her lap. No one looks at her slumped silhouette but you and Jin, standing at the end of the hall.    She spends her birthday in the hospital.   You’ve seen so many versions of yourself today — a successful businesswoman, a traveler, a mother — but there’s something about seeing yourself broken down in a hospital, in grief for a loved one. It’s difficult for you to see yourself so torn down from an outsider’s point of view. It’s hard to watch.    But Jin seems to be more affected than you.   He’s quiet, without comment and it’s unlike him to be.   You turn to Jin, finding him visibly uncomfortable with the scene — brows furrowed deep enough to hurt, lips lopsided and eyes solemn. He stares at her for a prolonged moment.   “Are you alright?”   He jolts from your voice and tears his eyes away from the sight. “I’m fine. I just don’t like hospitals.”   You wonder if it’s because he died in one. You wonder how he died in the first place.   “Jin.”   “Hmm?”   “ did you die?” you ask in a hesitant murmur, uncertain if it’s a question you’re even allowed to ask. “Since you said you were a ghost and all…”   The corner of his mouth tugs, but it’s tinged with sorrow. “It was a car accident. It came out of nowhere. I didn’t have time to prepare.”   “I’m sorry.”   “No.” He shifts his gaze downwards. “I’m more sorry for the people I left behind.”   After a beat, Jin lifts his eyes to you and he says, “Don’t pick this one.”   You’re taken aback. Not once has he voiced his own opinion before — never so strongly and firmly. He’s made comments, made jokes, complained countless times, but Jin’s never told you what to do. Who to pick and choose. What path to go down into. But now, he doesn’t waver.    He is adamant. As if he’s already eliminated this one decision for you.   “Why not?”   Jin gazes into you, eyes becoming soft and tender.    “I don’t want to see you like this.”   Before you can react, before your mouth can open and the innumerable questions pressed on your mind can tumble from your lips, the same nurse from earlier approaches this world’s version of you. “Mrs. Y/N? You are Jungkook’s fiancée?” Immediately, she stands. “He’s been moved into another room.”   She enters a room in the adjacent hall.   Jungkook’s inclined upwards on the bed. Dark hair, doe eyes, tattoos wrapping up his left arm before it disappears under the sleeve of his blue hospital gown. There are scratches littering his face, a bandage on his chin and spots on his torn flesh already deepening in a purple hue.    Yet Jungkook still manages a meek smile. “Hey.”   She stares at him, expression filled with hurt and he already knows.    “He’ll be okay,” the doctor says, and she redirects his attention to him. “The concussion luckily isn’t severe, and we’ve given him some pain medication. The cuts and bruises should heal in a few weeks. I’ll leave the nurses to explain the best way to treat them.”    The doctor continues, “He’ll need to stay in the neck brace for two days since he did suffer from some whiplash. We also want to keep him in the hospital for at least twenty four hours to monitor his condition in case something goes wrong.”   “Okay.” She musters a tight-lipped smile. “Thank you so much.”   He mentions a few other things, but he and the nurses soon leave to give her and Jungkook some privacy. It’s then that a deadly silence fills the room.   She stands a meter away from the bed, staring at him. He doesn’t say a single thing. Not until she does.   “You went racing again….didn’t you?”   “I’m sorry.”   “You were supposed to be on your way home. You told me you were going home.”   “I know. It was supposed to only take an hour, but then this...happened.” Jungkook has the audacity to laugh, but then sharply inhales with the sting of his split lip.   She glares at him and slowly approaches his bedside. “It’s not funny. What if it was worse? What if you got hurt even worse, Jungkook?” Her eyes are glassy and her voice croaks. “W-What am I supposed to do then? Are you planning on leaving me like that?”   “I know.” Jungkook softens, stuck in his spot with the neck brace but he lifts out his arm. She takes his hand, still trembling and he squeezes it. “I’m sorry.”   She sits beside him and his eyes flicker over to her. The corner of Jungkook’s mouth subtly upturns. “If it helps, I would kiss you right now if I could.”   A tearful laugh pulls from her. “You look awful.”   “I feel awful.” He squeezes her hand again. “Will you still love me if all this is permanent?”   She scoffs lightly, unable to believe he can be joking around in this position. But she doesn’t argue about it. “It isn’t, but yes. I’d still love you even if you’re an absolute idiot.”   “I’m glad.” Jungkook sighs out of feigned relief. He easily turns the atmosphere lighthearted and relaxes her. “I don’t know how I’d deal if you decide to dump me. I’d be injured inside and out. Don’t think the doctor can officially diagnose it as heartbreak.”   “You should be more worried about me punching you than breaking up with you.”   “I’d tell you to do it now, but I don’t think I could take it. My neck’s not in a great place right now.” His eyes flicker down to his neck brace. “You might accidentally decapitate me. Wouldn’t want you to go to prison because of me, babe.” He smiles and adds, “Especially not on your birthday.”   She has a deadpan expression. “Thanks.”   “Man, tonight was supposed to be perfect.” Jungkook exhales. “I was supposed to slap down the prize money on the table and I even had the nicest gift for you. It’s under the bed.”   “Don’t tell me what it is.” Her eyes glaze over again, and she becomes quiet. “Give it to me when you get out.”   “Okay.” Jungkook stares at her. “The bike’s a goner. I won’t be able to fix it.”   “Good.”   There’s a pause and he repeats himself as if that could somehow make up for his mistake. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I know you don’t want to spend your birthday here.”   A tear trickles from her eye and leaves a wet trail as it rolls down her cheek. “That doesn’t matter. Just promise me. Promise me this won’t happen again, Kook,” she whispers, begging and pleading, “That you won’t go racing illegally and get yourself arrested or hurt.”   There’s a beat of silence.   “I promise.”   But she looks far from being reassured. There’s an expression on her face, one that reads of disappointment. As if she knows he’ll do it again. As if she knows the promise is meaningless. After all, no matter how much she pleads, she can’t change his personality. Jungkook is a risk-taker. He lives for adventure and the adrenaline rush. She’ll be here again. Crying. Waiting.   You watch the two of them from the window in the hall. You don’t know what to think.   This is the last one. After this, there’s no more letters to burn, no more futures to see.   You have to make your choice.    Yoongi. Hoseok. Namjoon. Jimin. Taehyung. Or Jungkook.   But you don’t know who to pick. You don’t know what the answer is. Nothing seems right to you.   These versions of your life and of yourself, they never seem to be truly content with their situation. There’s always a missing piece to the puzzle. A compromise in each that you’re not sure you’re willing to make. And maybe that’s just what life is — there’s no such thing as perfect. Maybe you just have to accept that fact and learn to cope. But why does it still feel so wrong?   There are a million maybes that have flooded your mind and overwhelmed you completely but one of them is the loudest. A truth that had lingered in the back of your mind and crept as time went on. One that you had tried to acknowledge before—   Maybe you’re not meant to be with any of them.   This scene in front of you isn’t meant to happen. Everything you’ve seen tonight was supposed to remain what-ifs and not what-is.    The way your life has actually worked out is the one that should stay.   But you have to choose….right?   That’s what Jin told you.   Jin.   “How do you know I like tulips?”   The question is finally spoken from your lips as you’re both looking onwards at the couple on the other side of the glass. The ghostly man is by your side as he has been since the very start.   “What?”   You turn to him, gaze connected to his. “You said for my birthday you’d get me a scarf and a bouquet of tulips.”   Jin’s brow lifts. “Did I?”   “You did. A normal person would’ve just said a bouquet of flowers.”   His head quirks and he smiles. “I just said whatever came to mind. I didn’t think twice about it.”   “How’d you know it was my mom before I introduced her to you?”   Jin blinks owlishly and within a second, it’s gone and he’s still smiling at you. “I thought it was obvious, wasn’t it? What’s wrong?” he asks, caught off guard by your questions.   “You knew I was a picky-eater too.” One by one, you start to connect the pieces together and the more you consider, the more fragments fall into your lap. You didn’t see it before but now that you do, it’s all you see.   It’s blaring out at you. Neon in the midst of monotone.    The puzzle was so much bigger. There were so many more questions you should’ve been asking sooner. The most important things that you should’ve known first were right in front of you. You shouldn’t have waited until now.   Seokjin’s expression is marred by genuine confusion. “Y/N?”    “How did you know my name?” you ask, eyes piercing into his. “I never told you.”   “I’m your guardian angel,” he explains, but it’s lies. All lies.   “You said you were a ghost,” you refute without blinking. “You died from a car accident.”   Seokjin diverts his eyes elsewhere, searching the floor, the walls. “I’m just here to grant your wish.” He tries to evade, but you know better. You know to press on. To keep prying—   “Why do you look at me like that?”   You won’t stop. Not until you know the truth.   “Like what?”   “Like you love me.”   The two of you stand in the middle of the hospital, noises whizzing past, doctors, patients and nurses whisking by. Everything blurs into the background into a mosaic of fuzzy colours — fluorescent lights, bodies in motion. The pandemonium has turned into white noise.   It reminds you of being on a bullet train or a space where there’s just you and him.   You look at Jin, brows knitted together, searching his expression. “Who are you?”   “I don’t know what you mean,” he murmurs, blank and impassive.    Your voice raises, becoming louder, begging to know. “Who are you?”   It can’t be a coincidence — how he knows so much about you, with the way he looks at you so affectionately.    “Why did you come to grant my wish?”   “Y/N.” Jin calls your name, firmly, louder.   But you reach out and grab him with a sudden fear that he’ll slip away from you. You grasp onto the collar of his brown coat, tightening your fists until your knuckles have turned white. You pull his face close to your own, trying to break through his expressionless facade. Trying to stop him from telling you lies upon lies.   “Who are you to me?!”   “I can’t tell you!”   “Why?!” You shake, teeth gritted, brows knotted. “Why can’t you be honest with me?!”   “Because I don’t want to see you hurt!”    The shout echoes in your eardrums. His chest rises and falls. Your own breath heaves out your lungs, tearing from your lips.    “I don’t want to see you hurt.” Seokjin swallows hard and his eyes beg you not to ask anymore. To spare him. “I don’t want you to be alone.”   You let go of him. “Then I won’t choose. I won’t choose anyone.”   At once, the world around you dissolves. The scene of you and Jungkook sitting on the hospital bed dissipates and the wind howls. It whips through your hair, caresses your cheeks, whistles around you as the colour of this universe bleeds away. It turns into a blank canvas until objects start to materialize one by one. Until you’ve returned to your apartment again.    Home. Your timeline. The place you’re supposed to be.   “No!” Seokjin reaches out instantly, wrapping his hand around your wrist as if he’s reacting with sheer reflex, as if he’s afraid he’ll disappear. “Wait! You have to choose!”   “Then tell me why!” you scream at him, standing in the same place where it all began. Where he first appeared. In the darkness of your living room. “Tell me the truth—!”   “Because I’m your husband!”   Your breath hitches. Your heart stops in your chest. It lodges inside your throat.   “This. Everything,” Jin pants, words heavy on his lips. “I’m trying to help you. To prevent this future.”   It’s hard to speak. Hard to get past the painful lump swelled at the bottom of your throat. Hard to overcome the ache throbbing in your mind and inside your chest. “What...what do you mean?”   “I die. In the future, I die and leave you alone.” He holds your gaze, no longer afraid, no longer vague. Jin gives you what you wished for — the truth. “Every relationship has something wrong with it and you know what’s wrong with ours? I die. I leave you.”   Jin scrubs a hand over his face. In the shadows of your apartment and with the dim lights of the street lamps outside, you can see his reddened eyes, his visage etched with anguish.    “You didn’t need to know that. You don’t need to worry about me either. I’ll be fine. So just choose and avoid this end.”   A drawn out silence fills the spaces between your bodies — yours now tangible and his still translucent. All of Seokjin’s words sink into your skin, swallowed by your mind, consumed by your soul.   For the first time tonight, you know what you want.   “I don’t want to choose.”   A muscle by his brow jumps. “What?”   “If this happened for a reason…” Your feet root themselves into the ground. “...if there’s a reason why I ended up with none of these people, then that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”    But the ghostly man in front of you is as stubborn as you are. He doesn’t give up either.   “I won’t let that happen.”   “You don’t get to decide that.”   “I’m giving you an out!” he shouts in frustration. You’ve never seen him so upset — so distressed and exasperated. “You don’t have feelings for me! This should be easy for you!”   “Well, it’s not! I don’t want an out!”   “Why not?!”   “Because I know you love me,” you spit out at him and your voice quivers. You inhale until your lungs feel swollen, until it feels like regret could never touch you. “And whatever memories you have of us, whatever memories I have yet to make with you, I don’t want that to be taken away just because you die.”   “It doesn’t matter.” He shakes his head, solemn, conflicted, trying not to look at you. “None of that matters. It hasn’t happened to you yet—”   “You keep asking me what I think, what I want, so listen to me!” Your vocal cords strain inside your throat, desperate for him to pay attention, to really look at you. And he does. “You’re here to grant me my wish and I choose to be with you.”   Your voice softens. Your eyes become tender.   You can’t look at him the way he looks at you. Not yet. Almost. And you don’t want a future where you won’t be able to get there.    You’ve seen six imperfect worlds, but this world you have yet to fully witness. You can’t leave it behind before you do. Whatever’s in store, it’s the way it’s supposed to be. You’ll endure it.    If not for your sake, then for his.   “Even if it means the present and future pain, I won’t change my mind.” The two of you gaze at one another and as the seconds pass, the more sure you become. “No matter what, I’ll choose you.”   Seokjin’s eyes gloss over and your own vision blurs. The colours of your world become fuzzy with your clouded eyes, but you keep them trained on his face. Tracing against the slope of his nose, the dip of his cupid’s bow, the black strands of his hair that fall in front of his forehead.   “If I married you, there’s a reason for it. So you don’t get to decide — I do.”   “I should’ve known.” Jin sighs, shaking his head. “You’re too stubborn for your own good.”   Suddenly he looks up, past the ceiling, as if he hears something.   The corner of his lips curls and he looks at you once more as his translucent skin morphs transparent and you can see straight through his body as if he’s made of glass. “June 23rd,” he says as his fingertips dim, “Two years from now is the day of the car accident.”   “Jin!”    You scream after him. He smiles softly.   You rush forward, but he goes straight through you. Fading.    “Jin! No! Please!” But your cries are futile. Your attempts of holding onto him are vain. Your hands grab onto the air as he starts to dissolve, colour washing away, just like the many worlds you had traveled to together. “Don’t go!”   Seokjin tries to reach out to you but to no avail. “Thank you.”   “Don’t leave me!”   He whispers, “I love you.”   Jin vanishes. Gone from your sight. His voice lingering for mere moments. You cry out, crumbling in the spot he stood, reaching out only for your fists to be filled of air. No one is there to help when sobs break through your chest and you weep out his name. Salt bleeds from your eyes that still hold the memory of his tender gaze but it, too, has already begun to fade.   The six love letters sit untouched on the table as if nothing had happened.   The silence of your apartment is deafening.
Tumblr media
You wake up the next day with swollen eyes. It’s hard to peel them open, to look around your room and face the sunlight pouring through the windows. Your head pounds, your body aches and your chest throbs.    It’s hard to get out of bed.    There’s an overwhelming urge to tug the covers over your head and try to wrap your mind around what happened the night before, about what you now know. It would be easy to go back and assume everything was a fever dream or a mere hallucination. But you know better. He already proved to you that everything was real.   The sense of normalcy at work is what keeps you sane. Morning coffee and greetings, the same projects to work on and emails to send out. It’s easier to cope when a massive part of your life hasn’t dramatically changed. It’s almost like you can pretend things are still okay, that you’re okay. At the very least, it makes you glad that you dragged yourself out of bed and went to work.   “Did you catch the game last night, Y/N?” your coworker asks, pouring herself a cup of coffee.   “I didn’t actually. I was a bit busy last night.”   You try to look for Jin.   If he came to you as a ghost from the future, that means he’s still existing here in the present. It means you can find him. The last thing you want is to waste any more time. But you never asked him for his last name. Or where he’s from, or what he does, or where he lives. He had spent the entire time focused on you. And because of that, you barely know any detail about him — the whos, whats, when, where, and whys are missing. You don’t know anything.   It makes searching for him impossible. You can’t find Seokjin. No matter how hard you try. Not when there are thousands of people with the same name across the world — but only one you’re searching for.   So, you wait. Anxiously. But patiently.    You made a promise. You told him you could endure it. And that’s how you muster the strength to continue living your life, heading down the road you had chosen. Waiting for your paths to cross.   Waiting. Waiting.   Day by day.    Until the week passes.   “Conference room meeting, everyone!” your boss reminds the floor that’s already buzzing with excitement. Some folks bolt up from their cubicles while others are already on their way.    You can’t blame them. It might only be nine in the morning on a Monday, but people in the office have been looking forward to the new transfers for a while now considering it means the workload will be shared and thus, lessened for each person. It’ll be the end to those late nights.    “Did you see?” your coworker nudges you as you both walk down the hall. “There’s a really handsome new one.”   You smile, amused. “Really?”   “Yes!” A younger girl behind you gasps, having eavesdropped. She tries her best to keep her voice down in spite of the squeals. “I have! I wonder if he’s single, god I hope so.”   “Don’t keep your hopes up. Men like that usually already have someone else who’s snatched them up,” your coworker says with a small grin, causing the girl to deflate with a pout.   Everyone’s already taken their seats by the time you get to the conference room. You manage to snag an empty chair in the middle row as the last few stranglers enter. More often than not, any new hires are brought around on an office tour and introduced to anyone important. But you suppose since there were quite a handful of new people, your boss wanted to set up an official meeting to properly introduce them to everyone. Either way, you don’t mind. It’s nice not having to work.   “As you probably all heard, it’s true. We have a few new transfers from the Fresno branch, and they’ll be joining our team. I’d like all of you to give your warmest welcome—”   Your boss’ voice drowns out as your mind wanders.   It’s not until your coworker leans over and whispers that you snap back to attention. “That’s the handsome one.”   A lineup of five enter. And your eyes immediately fall onto the man at the very end.   Black hair. Plump lips. Bright eyes.   He stands at the front of the room in a brown coat, white shirt, dark slacks.    Your breath hitches. Your heart stutters. It skips a beat. It feels like your rib cage is tightening in on itself, winding around your heart, crushing the organ, making your chest ache.    You can’t stop staring at him. Even as your eyes start to mist and your vision fogs.   The whole universe seems to blur into the back where there’s just you and him.    It’s your intense gaze that makes him turn his head to you. He feels the weight of your stare and with one mere movement, his brown eyes lock with yours across the room. And he regards you with a cordial smile. The corner of his mouth upturn, cheeks puffing out ever so slightly.    Something painful lodges inside your throat.   You’re overwhelmed with an emotion that he doesn’t yet have for you. And he might not have it for a very long time, but it doesn’t matter, not right now.   It’s him. Jin.   His name is Kim Seokjin.
Tumblr media
His cubicle is beside yours. It was always an empty space, a spot where you placed your spare shoes and now you quickly remove them to make space for him and his belongings. He tries to get settled, placing down framed pictures of family and a fake plant by the lamp. The IT person swings by to make sure his computer is set up and throughout the entire process….   You can’t help but stare at him through the corner of your eye.   “Is there something on my face?”   He speaks to you mid-afternoon after lunch, leaning over in his chair, almost intruding in your space. He has a genuinely curious expression, hinted with slight worry. Yet his voice is melodic. Sweet. Calm. It feels like it’s been years since you’ve heard his voice, heard it directed towards you.    It’s not until he lifts a brow that you realize you haven’t answered him and it’s been over ten second. But your mouth is dry, and you open and close it, not sure what to say.    Your brain is short-circuiting. You need to get out of your head. You need to answer his question. It’s getting more and more awkward the longer you delay it and he’s starting to give you a concerned look—   “You’re just handsome.”   Fuck.    Immediately, you shut your eyes. You inwardly cringe, cursing yourself for blurting out something so stupid. You might as well slam your head against the desk and hope the earth swallows you whole. But really, it’s his fault. Jin’s the one who drilled how handsome he is inside your head. The dork practically brainwashed you and made you this dumb.   “I’m sorry.” You open your eyes again, swallowing hard. “I didn’t mean to say that. It was really unprofessional.”   But he laughs. It’s a bubbly sound that’s stirred from inside of him.    The corner of his mouth curls in amusement and his eyes gleam with mischief. “No, it’s alright. I get my looks from my mom, so I’m sure she’d appreciate it too. Y/N, right?”   “Y-Yeah.”    Your arm trembles as it stretches out, but he doesn’t notice and shakes your hand.    His smile becomes faint. “It’s nice to meet you. I hope we can be good deskmates.”   “If you have any questions, you can ask me,” you manage to say after swallowing hard.   “Thanks. I will.”   You turn away, gluing your eyes to your computer screen. It’s nerve-racking somehow. You’re hyperaware of him and his presence. You’re not sure how to act when he knows nothing about you and you know so much more about him — about who he becomes to you, about what happens in two years.   It’s not like you can tell him. It’s not like you can confess that his future self came to you the week before and the two of you went on a whole whirlwind of an adventure. You wouldn’t even believe yourself.   You wonder if this is how he felt.   “Y/N.”   You snap out of your trance, looking up to see another colleague. “Are you coming to the meeting?”   You scramble, grabbing the appropriate files, having forgotten completely. “Yes.”   You try to shelve everything away in your mind. The knowledge and tragedy of the future is too much of a burden to bear on your own. But you’ll follow through on your promise with him. You’ll follow through with your promise on choosing him and you’ll let life take its course until that time comes.   There’s a reason after all.   You won’t force anything or push it away.   With your best efforts, you focus on your work as if it’s like any other day. And it’s the perfect distraction. It keeps you sane as you fall into the same rhythm and routine. It’s comforting.   Sometimes Jin asks you for help and you offer him a hand, but nothing more. You try not to pay too much attention to your colleagues either. They sneak by, coming to fawn over him and even the girls from the other departments ask you what you know about the man. But as of right now, you know nothing. As of right now, you are nothing to each other….   “Are you going to get the document finished today, Y/N?” someone asks, stopping by your cubicle.   You spare a glance at the clock on the wall. “I’ll be done within an hour.”   With that said, you pour your focus into your work and your hands sprint across the computer keyboard. By the time the sun’s set, the document is finished and you’re able to click save.   It’s a huge relief and you stretch from your spot, lifting your arms above your head and rolling your neck to get the kinks out. Your stomach rumbles and you sigh, muttering to yourself, “Ugh, I’m starving.”   “I am too.”   You practically jump in your seat and you twist your head to find Jin standing at his cubicle, putting his arm through the sleeve of his brown coat. You didn’t realize he was still here.   He smiles, plump lips making the perfect ‘u’ shape and his cheeks, reminiscent of bread, puff out. “Do you have any plans for tonight?”   You tear your eyes away, forcing yourself to be calm and keep the conversation casual. This was nothing more than boring small talk made between colleagues.    “Not really, do you?”   You quickly click send. The email disappears from your drafts. You shut off the computer.   “I think I’m going to grab dinner, but I don’t really know where to go.”   “There’s a nice restaurant down the street.” You stand, taking your own coat. “They’re next to the deli. They have happy hour right around now and they serve pasta if you’re into that sort of thing.”   “Yeah, that sounds great.” Jin slings his brown messenger bag across his body, eyes still on you in spite of yours plastered on the wall. “But I’m actually terrible with directions. Maybe you could join me and lead the way?”   There’s a pause. Your head whirls to him.    He quickly adds— “If you want. No pressure whatsoever. I don’t want to make it weird or anything. I just thought it would be nice to get to know each other since we’re deskmates and all...”   You blink at him. Stunned. And your mouth moves before you’ve had time to really process it.   “Sure.”   All at once, Seokjin’s nervousness melts away and a grin takes its place. His eyes glimmer. All he replies with is, “Great.”   You follow after him, and the history of the pair of you begins there. The ‘once upon a time’ is handwritten and inked into the pages of your story together. A love story with a forgotten prequel.
Tumblr media
Two days later, you go out for coffee. When you complain about how cold it is outside, Jin’s hand incidentally slips into yours. His hands are absolutely freezing, colder than yours are...   But you don’t tell him.
Tumblr media
Jin kisses you after the third date. It’s soft and sweet.   You catch him off guard when you kiss him again.
Tumblr media
The both of you start officially dating after two weeks. Your coworkers are dripping of jealousy and envy, but there’s nothing a few HR forms can’t fix.
Tumblr media
It’s after the sixth date that you invite him inside your apartment for a drink. It’s surreal to see him here again, curiously looking around for the first time even though for you, it isn’t.    But it doesn’t matter.    You don’t have to dwell when it ends with you on the mattress, his lips all over your skin, your nails dug into the planes of his broad shoulders. And during breakfast the next morning, he accidentally says I love you. He blurts it out across the small table as your cheeks are filled with sunny-side up eggs. He doesn’t know that you’ve already felt that way long before he has.
Tumblr media
Jin starts sleeping over regularly a month into the relationship. Not long after that, you meet his friends and he meets yours, and you’re introducing each other to your parents. They all love him — his sense of humour, his silliness, how he takes care of you; it’s all the parts that you adore.   Your mom tells you how happy she is for you.   And as nervous as you are to meet his family, they’re no different from him.   He was right in saying they would love you if he loved you.
Tumblr media
Later one peaceful afternoon, Jin confesses — “I was actually nervous asking you out.”
You turn to him with a small laugh, smiling from ear to ear. “I thought the infamous and ever charming Kim Seokjin doesn’t get nervous.”   “Yeah.” He’s sheepish but honest. “Guess you’re the exception.”   Another giggle bursts through you and you come over to comb your fingers through his dark hair, letting it fluff up on top of his head. Jin leans into your touch, indulging in being coddled by you. “You actually have nerves of steel to ask me out to dinner on the first day when you just got there.”   The corner of his mouth upturns. “What can I say? I’m impatient. I had to shoot my shot. But I asked someone earlier in the day if you were seeing anyone.”   “And?”   “Of course I was relieved when they said no. But I thought you would still reject me.”   You grin, putting your arms around him. You squish your cheek against his backside. “Well, I’m glad you didn’t. But why’d you want to ask me for dinner in the first place? There were so many other people.”   “You were cute,” he says. “Especially when you blurted out that I was handsome. I don’t think anyone’s said that out loud to my face before.”   You roll your eyes, and he laughs.
Tumblr media
Months pass with the two of you falling asleep on the sofa together, of you waking up to him making coffee in your kitchen. Kim Seokjin, the man with broad shoulders and mischievous eyes, becomes a constant in your life like it always has been since the start. It comes to a point where it’s almost as if he’s moved in — toothbrush at your place, his clothes in your laundry.   “What is this?” One night, you find him standing at the closet in the hall with a small box in hand. The lid’s fallen off and he looks inside, brows raised with an incredulous expression.    You already know what it is by a mere glance. “I used to write love letters.”   Jin’s curiosity is piqued. “Oh. Can I read them?”    “You can if you want to, but it’s not important. None of them are.”    The letters have long lost their meaning to you. The only value they have now is the fact that they began your adventure with Seokjin. All those experiences validate what you have now.   And they’re your only mementos of the forgotten prequel.   The corner of his mouth lifts as he picks up an envelope. Jin’s eyes flicker to you. “You never wrote one for me?”   You return his tender smile. “I didn’t need to.”   The pair of you slots so perfectly into one another’s lives that you don’t doubt the choice you made. Even when you’re arguing about dishes in the sink or he’s following after you, apologizing for forgetting an anniversary. Those little things that matter in the moment don’t in the months that come.
Tumblr media
The following year, your birthday is spent inside.    It’s nothing special. A rather mundane celebration. Small streamers, a ‘happy birthday’ banner he tacked onto the wall, and a cake for two stored in the fridge. Jin sticks one of those silly birthday hats with a pompom on the end onto your head and he makes sure to take enough pictures until you have to force him to quit harassing you. It’s as if he’s the paparazzi and you’re some star — an idea where he flirtatiously affirms with a “well, you are the light of my life.”   On that day, it’s just the two of you and the intimacy of your apartment.    Jin cooks the most delicious dinner you’ve ever had. Not because of his culinary expertise, but because he’s the one who made it. And it’s in the middle of the meal that your eyes suddenly gloss over, your vision blurs and a teardrop pooled by your bottom lashes drips down your cheek.   Jin stops talking, having been in the midst of telling you about his grocery store trip. Immediately, alarm washes over his expression and his brows furrow. “What’s wrong?”   You shake your downcast head, forcing your voice to tremble out, “I’m just...really happy.”   His chair squeaks. His footstep pads. Then you feel his arms wrap around you.   You lean into him, savouring his warmth and the coziness that he’s made out of your home. He doesn’t know that a year ago on the same day, you were alone. That he came and took you to worlds you would have never known. A year ago, you had made him a promise and he had disappeared right in your grasps. Jin is clueless — to your adventures, to your decision.   When you blow out the candle on the cake, you wish for this happiness to last.