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#taehyung fanfic
kittae · 2 years ago
Carnal Cupidity (M)
Tumblr media
[ Cupidity (noun) /kjuːˈpɪdɪti/ : eager or excessive desire, esp. to possess something: greed; avarice. from the latin cupiditas, meaning "yearning and "desire"; synonymous with "lust." ]
Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: Smut, Alphawolf!Tae
words: 9k
Warnings: rated M, explicit descriptions of sexual content, breeding/impreg, biting, mentions of blood, cum play, creampie, light degradation, strong language, knotting, rough but still weirdly domestic werewolf sex, generic heat trope tbh lol
A/N: this is unedited af so i’ll do it later but i truly hope you guys will enjoy this piece of trash and thanks for being patient with my messy self! <3 
Tumblr media
Feeling the bed dip beneath his weight when he joins you, hesitant fingers hovering over your waist when you could practically hear him swallow the lump down his throat, should not have to make you feel like this. You should not have to feel this irritated at his presence when you’d been counting down the minutes for him to come home earlier. Now he's finally next to you, all you feel is dread weighing down your chest.
"Baby? Are you sleeping?"
To say he woke you up with those lowly whispered words would be a lie, and as much as you'd like to pretend you were asleep, that would also be one.
"You smell like wet dog." is your monotone response when your body does nothing to acknowledge the warmth of his. You want to envelop yourself in his heat, the wolf genes spiking his natural temperature to that of a hot stove. On better days, better nights, you'd like nothing more than to curl your limbs around every part of his body you could get a hold on, pressing your chest eagerly against his while he warms your back with his arms. But not tonight.
"I don't want to hear your excuses anymore, Taehyung."
A defeated sigh sounds from behind you, and although you’re determined to quite literally give him the cold shoulder, lying with your back facing him, you can't help but feel a treacherous curiosity about what kind of expression his face is sporting right this moment. Guilty? Angry? Annoyed?
"It was just a harvest run... I know, it was unexpected but there's a new moon tonight and..."
The words die in his throat mid-sentence, needing more time to weigh over his words carefully as to not make them sound exactly like an excuse. You don’t have to face him to know he was worrying his bottom lip between his teeth.
"You still could've called to say you were going on a run tonight." you counter, voice meant to be firm but coming out more exhausted than anything else. You were so done listening to him endlessly trying to justify his actions with half assed apologies when a ten second phone call or even a damn text could've prevented the unpleasant conversation you were forced to have with him, yet again.
"My phone was still in the pocket of my jeans when i shifted...The pack-"
The word triggers something within you, your cool annoyance quickly escalating into sheer anger and pent up frustrations rising to the surface when you finally turn around to sit up and look at him so he could see your face as you bark the words you've desperately been holding in until they burst.
"Sure, the pack! It's always that stupid pack, isn't it?! The pack this, the pack that, packpackpack! It's all that fucking matters to you!"
He looks slightly taken aback by your sudden outburst, mouth gaping in surprise and eyes wide in shock, but not for long.
Sometimes, you’d rather forget about the fact that alpha blood runs through his veins, but how could you when he towers over you like the giant wolf he is, growling from deep within his chest. The guilt-stricken pup long gone now you'd dared to insult the pack. His pack.
“Just because i fell in love with you, does not mean i’m going to disregard everything i am, everything i’ve ever known, everything i’ve been made for and raised to be! Don’t expect me to apologize for not playing house like a weak human all the fucking time!” He bites back. The stern, dominant tone in his voice, created to make a large group of huge, angry and instinct-driven wolves cower before him in ultimate submission, doesn't miss its effect on you either when a shiver crawls down your spine. You hate it when he uses his packmaster voice against you, thundering from his throat like a force of nature.
But you’re no wolf. Your genes can’t be forced to make you submit to anything, nor anyone.
"Well, have fun finding yourself a nice werebitch then!" You sneer the harsh words that make you regret saying them the second they leave your mouth when you watch him tiredly shut his eyes with a sigh. You’re stubborn and petty, so you go back to your former position of angrily stewing as you show him your back again. Only now there’s something aside from frustration and annoyance brewing inside your chest.
"I'm going to take a shower." He mumbles quietly, his tone no longer that of a proud alpha male, as much as it’s that of a beaten dog.
You know you weren’t being fair, but you weren’t wrong either. Still, guilt starts to weigh you down when you listen to him walking away from you. It starts to seep into your thoughts and break your resolve, and it annoys you. Being stubborn just takes a whole lot of effort and it’s pretty damn tiresome to stay mad at him every time he makes a mistake like this. Sighing and rolling over on your back, your arm hits the empty spot on the bed where Tae’s supposed to be. Where he could be laying in your arms if you hadn’t been having this fight.
You listen to the sound of running water coming from behind the bathroom door, and as your determination to punish him by staying mad fades as time passes, you feel the desire to be with him gnaw at your heart. He’s only a few feet away, only a wooden door and your stubbornness keeping you from wrapping your arms around his strong shoulders, and his around your waist. The more you think about it, the more you start longing for it.
After a few more minutes of internal struggle, your heart wins the fierce battle with your mind and before you know it you’re reluctantly rolling yourself out of bed to wrap your fingers around the bathroom doorknob. You still feel conflicted, not forgetting how he messed up and made you worried sick, but you don’t want to go to bed feeling like this. These back-to-back nights have got to stop. You should at least try and talk about it like adults, if you want to make this unconventional relationship last, and you do. You really do.
The first thing you notice when you step inside the damp and humid room, is that it’s unusually quiet, aside from the clattering of the water against the natural stone tiles. Not hearing Taehyung sing in the shower, not even hum, means that your previous conversation is seriously weighing on his thoughts. You want to change that as soon as possible. You’re sure neither of you want to feel like this.
Your hands quietly go to remove what little clothes you’re wearing as your sleep attire, and judging from how he hasn’t called out your name, you know he’s not aware of your presence just yet. Taking advantage of that, you silently step inside the walk-in shower, a cloud of steam surrounding his naked body, his back facing you and his head thrown back as he lets the pressure of the hot and steady stream massage the tense muscles of his shoulders and the delicate skin of his face. His eyes are closed, so the sudden feeling of two arms curling around his waist in an embrace comes as a surprise.
Whether he considers it a pleasant one, you have yet to find out.
“Hey.” you whisper against his back, your lips leaving a small kiss behind between his shoulder blades before you press your cheek to his wet skin.
His big hands easily envelop your smaller ones, giving them a little, reassuring squeeze and promptly making you feel more at ease.
“Hey.” he answers softly, and although he doesn’t appear to be mad at you anymore, he’s obviously still hurt, bothered. Even after all this time, the contrast between his alpha role and him just being your boyfriend, just being Taehyung, still manages to amaze you. You know that behind the dominant and intimidating exterior, he’s actually very sensitive. A trait that has never been kindly received by his family, who only want to see a fierce wolf in their heir and next packmaster. You’re the only one he feels safe enough with to let his guard down and be himself like this, even if it means being vulnerable.
You mold your body further into his and you would probably squeeze him to mush if he weren’t almost twice your size and brawn.
“I’m sorry...about earlier. I shouldn’t have said those things.”
Your arms loosen their grip around his middle when he slowly turns around in them, a slightly sad smile marring his face when he takes yours into his large hands. His thumb softly caresses your cheekbone before he leans down to press a gentle kiss on your forehead.
“I know why you did.” he murmured, carefully wiping the wet strands of hair sticking to your skin out of your face. “I’m sorry, too.”
You mirror his sentiment, and it would be easy leaving things at this. But easy isn’t always best, and you’re in for the long run. Taking a deep breath, you continue.
“You can’t make me worry like that, Tae... Even though i know it wasn’t intentional, you should think about how i feel.” Your voice is soft as you also mumble under your breath.
The rivaling packs circling the territory of Taehyung’s family are a constant concern. Run-ins often lead to bloody fights where casualties are no rare occurrence. When he didn’t call and stayed out for hours tonight, you thought something had happened to him.
Taehyung has always thought the way you spoke your mind in these kinds of situations was endearing, a little whiny while already half accepting his apologies. When you weakly hit his chest with your fist, a little smirk tugs on his lips.
“You’re right... It’s not easy but I know we have some stuff we still need to work on.” He sighs as he tugs you a little closer. “Especially me.”
It’s hard, adjusting to this lifestyle. To understand his point of view, his life, the way his kind does things and has been doing them for ages. You’ve always tried to make this gap caused by the differences between your species as small as possible, as did he. But sometimes, things don’t really work out the way you want them to.
“Still… It wasn’t fair of me to hit you with that.” you refer to your earlier sneer. It’s always been a sensitive topic, the gorgeous wolf women in his pack.
“It was even less fair to yourself, ___.” Taehyung pets your damp hair, the look in his eyes somber and regretful. “I wish you’d stop beating yourself up. We’ve talked about this.”
“Yeah, but–”
“If being with another wolf would have any importance to me whatsoever, would I be standing here with you?”
You turn bashful at that. You know he meant what he said, but the thought always seemed to linger in the back of your mind. You, a human, a weak mundane girl, claiming the only son and heir of one the biggest and strongest packs of the country. It felt like you were committing a crime, if the disapproval of his parents was anything to go by. How his family rejects you because the chance you'd ever bear him strong, full wolf children is only one out of three, and they need a secure line of succession to lead the pack that's been in their family for generations. His family is to wolves what an ancient royal family is to humans, and he chose to be with a kitchen wench.
No matter how hard you try not to get jealous of all the gorgeous wolf girls practically throwing themselves at his feet and trying to seduce him so they could be the next packmaster's bitch...In times when things got a little bumpy in your relationship, the fear of him leaving you for one of his own tends to surface. What a devastation it was for the entire community when he chose you over the strongest, prettiest she-wolves.
“Bet you wouldn’t be having these kinds of fights if you’d be with one of them…” You whisper, your eyes avoiding his gaze and your teeth digging into your bottom lip when the insecurities start to cloud your judgment again, making rational thinking all the more difficult.
“Do you want to talk about it some more?” He asks sweetly, large hands softly kneading at your hips even though you’ve had this discussion countless times before. Your lips curl into a feeble smile only a little bit at that, since he has his faults but he never makes you feel like a fool for having these feelings and insecurities. You often wonder where the beast is hiding underneath all that patience and softness.
You shake your head in response, not feeling like going down that negative spiral again. Instead, you want to move forward.
“Good, ‘cause i’ve made up my mind anyway.” He chuckles softly, briefly pecking the tip of your nose.  
“Which is?” You tease, knowing the answer very well but still craving the validation of hearing him say it.
“You’re strong,” He answers before his lips descend on your cheek, “You’re kind”, they move to the other, “You’re brave and beautiful,” he kisses both your collarbones, “And you’re mine.”
Finally, his lips find their way back to yours, insistent but gentle before he deepens the kiss by adding hungry pressure after having a taste of the love and forgiveness his heart had been longing for. You chase after them with your own in equal desperation, feeling like you’d denied yourself the growing fire in your chest and stomach for too long, your love finally released from its prison of stubbornness.
“I want you to be mine forever,” Taehyung murmurs slightly out of breath in between starved kisses as he affectionately nuzzles your nose with his own, “You’re the only one i’ll ever want, the only one i want to have pups with.”
Your stomach flips in sync with the way your heart tightens in your chest upon hearing those words. You’ve obviously had the baby talk a few times during your relationship, but never this straightforward, never this determined as the words sounding from his mouth in this very moment. It’s always been cute pillowtalk, a nice thought to muse over. This is the first time it’s sounded this serious.
“Tae…” you whisper, voice soft and eyes wide in slight shock as they scan your boyfriend’s face for any trace of joking, any hint of lightheartedness that would lighten the weight of his words. In the fixed stare of his eyes, although faintly cloaked by heavy eyelids, you only found unwavering determination.
“I mean it, ___. I am dead serious.” he responds to the non-verbal question he picks up on while watching the crease between your brows. He kisses it, lips curling into a boxy smile in the satisfaction of successfully erasing your frown, “I want my baby in your belly.”
Immediately, your cheeks start heating up as those words coax both giddiness and embarrassment out of you.
“You can’t say it like that!” You murmur in faux annoyance, trying to fight off the excitement bubbling in the pit of your stomach.
“Why not?” he whines, the childish pout on his face forming a strong contrast with something distinct and hard introducing itself between both of your bodies when he pulls you closer and it presses against your abdomen. “It’s true!”
“You’re only saying that because you’re horny.” You stifle a laugh, glancing down at what’s currently taking place between your bodies to emphasize your statement.
“I’m horny because i said that.” He corrects you, another whine spilling from his puffy lips as he nips at your earlobe before nuzzling his nose into the nape of your neck. “I can’t help but get hard when i think about you walking around with my pups in your cute tummy.”
“Tae…” You plead weakly, although you can’t hide your beaming smile when the imagery gets too vivid inside your mind. You can feel the heat already surfacing from underneath your cheeks, when something suddenly clicks. “Wait, what day is it?”
As cute as he looks when confused, the sight of his head slightly cocked to the side when he thinks about your odd question won’t keep the small gears inside your head from spinning at full speed. “Hm… I don’t know, the fifteenth or something? Why?”
You’re usually the first one to recognize the signs. Shifting more often, losing his temper during arguments, being even more affectionate and cuddly...The baby pillow talk always occurs around this time as well.
“Tae, you’re going into heat soon.” You gently remind him when you cup his cheek, which he automatically leans into even as you watch his face fall.
“Oh.” He murmurs as he avoids your gaze by pretending to look around the small space of the shower.
The feeling of guilt from earlier is back to tug at your heartstrings when you watch his cheeks flush slightly in embarrassment. It’s not his fault he can’t properly sense the approach of his heat, it’s yours. The problem isn’t even about you being human, it’s about you being on birth control and remaining unclaimed. Those were the terms you had set up for your own protection when you first established your relationship with Taehyung, even after he’d tried to convince you you’d be safer if you’d let him claim you.
As a result, you’ve never experienced your boyfriend in full heat. The birth control blocks off your natural pheromones that would trigger his mating instincts. Mating instincts that were already weak to begin with, since you haven’t let him make you his mate yet. Getting marked and claimed as his mate is a big commitment, significantly bigger than getting married. One you weren’t sure you were ready for at the beginning of your relationship. He understood. He always does. Even if it means getting rejected by the love of his life in the most painful way his kind can experience. All because he wants you to be comfortable with him.
Sure, he gets increasingly more horny during this diluted heat, on top of his already very healthy libido. He’s a little more dominant in the bedroom, which you don’t mind at all. His desire to breed also gets stronger, but manifests more as a wish to knock you up rather than the carnal urgency it’s supposed to be. Never the all-consuming, animalistic need to mount you and fill you to the brim, keeping his seed from leaking down your thighs in excessive amounts. You figure this is also one of the reasons his family hates you so much and frankly, you can’t really blame them for it. You keep him from being the strong and healthy alpha male he’s born to be. He’s barely a wolf in their eyes at this point. In the process of him letting you completely be yourself, you’re not allowing him to do the same. You haven’t been the only one making sacrifices in this relationship, by far.
“What are you thinking about?” A curious voice breaks you out of your intrusive but honest thoughts.
You look at the softened features on your boyfriend’s gorgeous face, all sparkly eyes and marshmallow cheeks when he smiles at you questioningly, unaware of the moral war going on inside your head. Those sparkly eyes should be black with blazing lust, those marshmallow cheeks replaced with tightening muscles as he clenches his teeth to keep himself from ripping you apart when his frantic thrusts seek to reach your deepest crevices. Even though you love the soft boy in front of you to death, this is not what an alpha male in heat looks like. This is all wrong.
“Nothing… Just that i love you so much.” You assure him as your fingers slick back his wet hair before you lean in for a kiss. “And that i haven’t been showing it enough lately.”
He chuckles as he tugs you closer again, pecking a series of fleeting kisses across your face until his lips finally land on yours, the playful innocence of it all ripping the hole of guilt in your chest even further. That’s when you know you can’t do this any longer.
“It’s okay, baby. You can make it up to me now.” He wiggles his perfect eyebrows suggestively before mimicking the way you’d glanced meaningfully at his raging hard-on he’s been sporting between your bodies earlier.
You giggle as you hook your leg around his hip, a giddy excitement filling you on the inside as you marvel over his beautiful smile, completely oblivious to the life-altering decision you’ve just made.
Things are about to change for the better.
Keeping the clanging of the pots and pans to a minimum proves to be more difficult than you’d initially expected when you set out to cook your boyfriend an extra large breakfast this morning. He always sleeps in during his heat, his body having to recover from the raging hormones and all that. You curse to yourself when another pot falls loudly to the ground as you’re reaching for a pan at the back of the cupboard. Sure as hell you’ve woken him up by now, and judging by the rustling you hear coming from your bedroom, that concern was one hundred percent justified. You didn’t even get to scramble the eggs yet.
A yawn sounds from behind you when a sleepy boyfriend comes to join you in the kitchen, hair mussed from wriggling around in his sleep and still dressed in his favourite striped, silk pajamas. They reveal the tiniest bit of tummy when the hem of his shirt rides up a little as he stretches his arms above his head, making the cutest sound when he does.
“Mmm whatcha cooking, baby? Smells amazing.” He curiously turns to the stove to find out what heavenly scent has lured him out of his comfortable bed so early in the morning.
“Hm? Just some rice and eggs for now.” You murmur as you grab a wooden spoon to start stirring the egg white through the yolk until it’s a nice, fried mix. “Sorry i woke you up with all that noise.”
Taehyung’s nose is in the air, trying to catch another whiff of that particular scent with a confused expression on his face. “Eggs and rice? That’s not what i’m smelling, though.”
You’re definitely only smelling the eggs, however, seeing as rice doesn’t even smell like anything when it’s boiling in water. The bacon lies untouched on the counter, still inside the sealed packaging. Shrugging, you dismiss his remark as a wolf thing, with his hyper developed sense of smell. Taehyung is about to do the same when he maneuvers himself behind you to wrap his arms around your waist and press a kiss to your cheek, after which he seems to be frozen into place.
You’re about to ask him what’s up when he’s suddenly dragging his nose all over your skin, from behind your ear to the nape of your neck and back, like a dog catching onto a trace.
“Tae, what are you– oh!” The wooden spoon drops out of your hand and into the frying pan when he spins you around in a flash, pressing your back against the counter as he sniffs you further down until his nose is buried into your cleavage.
When he finally looks up at your face, you’re shocked to find the warm, dark chocolate of his eyes covered by a harsh black, pupils blown to the edge of his irises. Your heart stutters and you would write the action off as surprise if it wasn’t for the perfectly in sync spark shooting through your core. It’s your body responding to such a primal signal of his.
“You smell different.” He states, his voice a baritone you’ve never witnessed before – despite it being naturally low – and bordering on a growl. ”Why do you smell different?”
“I- I don’t–” You start, but get interrupted by a gasp tearing from your lips when he ducks down and stuffs his head between your legs, spreading them apart with his hands to sniff your center obsessively, causing your cheeks to heat up in an instant. Whether out of excitement or embarrassment, you have yet to find out. “Tae! What are you doing?!”
The only answer you get comes in the form of pitiful, lupine whimpers in between the laps of his tongue over your underwear, paired with fingertips sharply digging into the flesh of your thighs. He sounds as if he’s in pain, his hands trembling around your legs and his body heaving in ragged breaths. Alarmed, you take his face in your hands to pull him away from where he’s still sniffing and licking at your soaked panties like a dehydrated puppy lapping at a bowl of water.
“Baby, you’re burning up!” You exclaim in panic when your hands instantly register the scorching heat his face emits, the silk of his pajamas drenched and his shirt sticking to his back due to the sweat coating his entire body. His forehead feels as if he’s having a fatal fever, making your hands damp within seconds.
“It hurts…” Taehyung groans as he rubs his face against your thighs with a choked sob, “Fuck, it hurts!”
Your head is going in overdrive while you try to get him back up his feet, having half a mind to call an ambulance despite knowing they would be of no help in this case. You know exactly what’s going on right now, although you would’ve taken a different approach if you had known he’d react so strongly. Just how much of your pheromones has your birth control suppressed before you decided not to take it anymore?!
“Shit, Tae, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, baby, this is my fault…” You sputter as you fuss over him while he seems to be hyperventilating.
He doesn’t answer as he’s trying to get his breathing back under control. You wait patiently, happy to see the frantic pace with which his shoulders rise and fall slow down.
“There you go, that’s it.” You coo, petting his hair to soothe him a little. “Are you okay?”
His skin is still blazing, his pupils still blown when he slowly lifts up his head to face you again. His expression a mix of confusion, rage and lust.
“What have you done?” He whispers, visibly struggling to keep his urges under control judging by the way his hands are balled into fists next to his body and his gaze distractedly flutters from your face to where you’re touching his head. “___?”
“I–” You begin, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as you feel your cheeks flush for what seems to be the nth time this morning, feeling like a toddler getting caught red handed doing something naughty and being forced to speak the truth. “I may have gone off my birth control after our last fight… I wanted to surprise you.”
“You surprised me alright.” He bites, though there is no spite in his tone. It sounds more like barely restrained frustration.
“I’m sorry!” You whine again, placing your hands on his shoulders and feeling them vibrate underneath your touch.
He screws his eyes shut, inhaling sharply and exhaling for a long time as he grits out his next words. “___… Are you doing this because you’ve decided to be my mate?”
“Well, I… I’m just…”
“___, do you want me to claim and breed you, or not?” He seethes, another strained groan passes the lips he so desperately tries to keep shut in an attempt to keep his canines from lengthening, to no avail. He could already feel the sharp sting of the pointy ends digging into the inside of his bottom lip while the soft silk of his pajama bottoms does nothing to conceal his growing arousal. “Please, tell me now before i can’t hold myself back anymore. I’m fucking losing it!”
You lose your gaze in his, dark, desperate and begging. The harsh determination it bears easy to be mistaken for aggression. “I do. I want you, Tae.”
You don’t notice how your voice wavers despite the volume being only above a whisper, but he does. As much as he’d like to take this as sufficient consent to go ahead and do what he’s been wanting to do since the first time he’d laid eyes on you, he needs to be sure. It’d be so easy to give in now, but if there’s even a shred of doubt lingering inside your mind, he’d never forgive himself.
His fingers close around the edge of the stone counter, knuckles turning white with strain, fresh beads of sweat forming on his forehead and temples. His breath leaves and enters his lungs in shuddering gasps. “I need to hear you say it...Loud and clear. P-please.”
If loud and clear is what he wants, then that’s what he gets.
Your hands cup your boyfriend’s cheeks and instead of calming him down, it only seemed to rile him up even more.
“I love you. I’m yours.” You reassure him, watching how his breathing gradually turns more frantic as he gets worked up again. This time, you don’t try to stop him. “I want your pups, want you, Tae.”
Turning back around, you emphasize your words by bending yourself over the counter so that your back is slightly arched, making your ass stick out a little more prominently. You look over your shoulder as you wiggle your hips, with the intent to provoke, to make him snap. Needless to say it’s a success when his body is molding against yours within the blink of an eye, your pajama shorts offering as much resistance as a wet tissue when they’re being ripped from your hips. Your panties are no exception. He traps your body under his, heavy and blazing like someone just dropped a hot stove on your back. Two fingers descend until they find the slickness between your thighs, eagerly coating themselves in it.
“Fuck, look at how wet and ready you are for me.” A growl reverberates deep within the depths of his chest when two fingers slide in with ease, your pussy squelching obscenely as your walls eagerly suck the digits further inside of you while he grinds his clothed erection between your fleshy rear cheeks. It doesn’t take long for him to add a third, to your surprise. He rarely ever preps you this well, mostly because you don’t really need it, seeing how your natural lubrication works extremely well. You don’t question it. It takes a little adjusting to, but nothing you can’t handle. Soon, you’re keening for him to go faster, his long fingers hitting all the spots to make you practically drool all over the kitchen counter.
Arching your back further, you crave the same fever as well as the seed he’s carrying to make the most beautiful thing you could create together bloom inside your womb. You haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since your last conversation. Instincts speaking or not, this is what you want as well. What you need. He wants you to bear his pups, his heirs, to be his only mate. You, and no one else. You hunger for the commitment you were once so afraid of, determined to show him, yourself and the rest of the world that you can do anything a wolf girl can and more. You’re finally ready, god, how fucking ready you are!
“Baby, listen.” He manages to compose himself only a little, just enough to make himself understandable. You hear a ripping sound from behind you and you just knew that his pretty silk pajama bottoms have met the same fate as your panties. His angry, red cock springs free from the silk imprisonment, hard and throbbing as if it possesses a heartbeat of its own when one large hand closes itself around the naked base, instantly causing him to double over in sensitivity. “This isn’t–ngh– going to be like anything we’re used to.”
“W-what?” You mumble a bit obtusely, your ears barely registering his words through the deafening pounding of your heart. It was hard to collect your thoughts when your mind stays preoccupied with the brushing of the engorged head of his cock between your lubricous lips, the sensation maddening enough to have you pushing your hips back to feel more, deeper. “Please Tae, I need you inside me!”
“I-I’m not the same.” His voice trembles as it momentarily takes on a more desperate tone, the rumbling vibrations in his chest seemingly increasing in volume. It faintly reminds you of the sound a threatened dog makes before it attacks. “My sanity is...slipping away from me and once– once i’m inside I-I’m gonna change, and I–”
This momentarily sobers you up, a horrified shiver crawling down your spine. “Wait, you’re gonna shift?! Right now?!”
The hand on your hip tightens and you could feel his nails dig deep into your skin, sure to leave crescent indents as he growls impatiently. “No, i’m not gonna fucking shift, ___! I just meant–fuck–that I won’t have any c-control over myself!”
Relief washes over you, right before mild annoyance sets in since you foolishly presume it can’t be all that different from your usual love sessions. “Stop warning me and fuck me already, Tae! You look like you’ll die if you don’t– OH!”
Not heeding his warnings was possibly the stupidest thing you could’ve done, although he conveniently forgot to mention the fact that his mind isn’t the only thing that’s changed. You realize this when his hips stutter forward on your request and a length and girth unfamiliar to you starts entering you. Taehyung’s regular size is already a lot to take, but what the hell is this? Your lungs hurt from the excessive gasp with which you suck copious amounts of air into them, but it is nothing compared to the excruciating pain of being stretched beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Shaky whimpers tumble from your lips when the tip of his absurdly enlarged dick gets to explore the velvet interior of your hot core, first.
A short episode of unadulterated panic overcomes you when you realize there’s still a whole lot more to come. When he perpetually continues to penetrate you, his shaft slightly wider than the head, your eyes practically bug out of their sockets while hot tears pour out to find their way down your flaming cheeks. He’s trying his best to go as slow as he possibly can, you can tell, but still you grit your teeth in an attempt to make it easier to endure. You don’t tell him to stop, however, and so he doesn’t. You started this, so you can damn well finish it.
Inch by agonizing inch, he fills you to the brim and further until his with seed bursting balls sit snug against your lips as the head of his cock kisses your cervix. Only then, he manages to give you some respite, some time to adjust to his impossible girth and to breathe after holding your breath in between sobs and whimpers. Dragging his cock partly back out of your weeping hole, a fresh coat of glistening arousal casts a clear sheen on his raging erection, the throbbing veins branching underneath his skin resembling opal satin ribbons. The sight makes him salivate, and then he sheaths himself back inside you with a sigh of pure relief.
“You did so well, baby, look at you.” He pants into the nape of your neck, small pecks and love bites paired with praise somewhat soothing the lingering sting still tormenting your poor pussy.
Craning your head to the side in search of a pair of rosy lips to further ease the discomfort, your jaw slacks when your eyes meet his. No longer do his pupils bleed into the soft brown of his irises, but they now stand sharp amidst a warm amber. Somehow, this bright gold bears more darkness within them than when they’d previously turned black. His wolf has awakened, you recognize the color despite only having witnessed his shifted form a handful of times. If dozens of of similar eyes were to be presented to you, you would still have no trouble finding his.
He complies, soft lips molding themselves against yours so deeply passionate you barely even notice the soft rolls of his hips, setting in a slow and careful pace. His urgency becomes apparent in the way his fingers harshly knead your ass cheeks, the quiver in his legs, the gritting of his teeth and the unrelenting, restless rumble in his chest. Never, however, does he forget about your fragility in this moment, despite his instincts telling him to forego his manners and ignore the secondary needs of his bitch in favor of seeking his own release. You can feel just how much effort it takes for him to refrain from plunging himself into you in one swift motion prior to ravaging your sweet, tight cunt.
Your body melts into his touch soon enough, tense muscles relaxing as he coaxes memories of pain out of your mind with his lips. Pain gradually morphs into pleasure and what was once a burning stretch is now a wonderful fullness, no longer intrusive but a part of you. Your pulse becomes his, both sexes throbbing as one.
Letting your head fall back with a sigh, Taehyung takes this as his cue to go faster, allowing the languid strokes of his cock and rolls of his hips to become bolder. You take it with pleasure, soft whines already starting to tumble from your moist lips still slick with the spit that coats the same tongue, now lapping at a spot between your neck and your shoulder. His pace quickens, the sharp bones of his hips colliding with the smooth flesh of your ass in a ruthless rhythm and producing the lewdest of sounds, only encouraging your arousal to keep spilling as it mixes with your frenzied boyfriend’s juices into a sticky cocktail.
“Shit, ___… ___,  you smell so fucking amazing.” Taehyung grunts as his thrusts never relent. “Your –ngh– body is begging me to fill you up until your tummy is –ugh– swollen with my cum, baby.”
“Mmmfuck, Tae!” His name a choked sob as the first of a series cascading from your lips in a waterfall of delirious nonsense and pleas. “Don’t stop, Tae, don’t– don’t stop! I want– want it!”
“You’re so beautiful, taking my cock like a cum thirsty bitch.” A carnal growl filters through his teeth as he bares them, his hand sliding up your back until his fingers are caught in the strands of your hair before wrapping them tightly around his fist. He pulls, slowly, to make you arch your back to its full capacity, muscles straining and scalp aching so deliciously as the discomfort and mild pain mingles with the mind-boggling pleasure his cock inflicts upon your pulsing pussy. “You are, huh? You want to be my –mhm– good little bitch, don’t you? Tell me, what does my pretty bitch want?”
You would have an easier time answering questions standing on the edge of the roof of a 50 store building, balancing on one foot while juggling burning torches. Still, you try as well as your blank mind can manage.
“I –fuck– I want you to come inside me, Tae.” Your voice permanently stuck on either ragged whimpers or whiny moans. “Want you to fill me up until I explode, want your pups in my belly, want– I want–”
A guttural growl thunders from his throat, hips snapping against your ass increasingly harder upon receiving your words that trigger his primal instinct to breed and stuff you full with his generous semen to enhance the chance of a bigger litter of pups. The thought alone drives him over the brink of insanity, the image of your tummy round and big as you carry his babies only stimulating the dire need to knock you up as many times as he’s physically capable of. Which, so to say, is a lot considering his lineage and alpha status. He was literally born for this.
Taehyung effortlessly keeps up the merciless pace with which his cock plunges so deep inside of you, you fear he might just severely mess up your insides. You – not so effortlessly – try to hang on to the last shred of your sanity, dangerously dangling on a silver thread as your eyes roll back while you warble stuttering incoherencies from your drool slicked lips. Your arousal builds with every drag of his length against your innermost cushions. The tugging at your roots adds the perfect spice to the mixture and the slapping of his balls against your outer lips wet and ticklish as you marvel over the beautiful vocalisation of your boyfriend’s increasing pleasure. The sound of his lupine moans and grunts as he loses himself inside you filters through your ears like the purest music and causes the growing ball of tension in the pit of your stomach threatening to snap at any given moment.
“T-Tae, I –ahh– I’m gonna c-come!” You splutter as you feel your throat tighten with the lump of your approaching climax. “You too, p-please!”
His grip on your hair tightens further until your neck is bare before him, the sharply pointed porcelain of his lengthened canines grazing your skin threateningly while his pumping pace has escalated into concussion-inducing thrusts. “I can’t –ngh– not yet!”
Nodding, the meaning of his words somehow manages to break through the cotton clouds momentarily replacing your brain, the impending promise of release threatening to slip from your grasp if you don’t act right now. “Do it now, Tae! C-claim me –mph– as yours! Do it, mark me, please... I’m your b-bitch!”
He wastes no time sinking his teeth into the carefully selected area on your shoulder, the lengthy canines penetrating tissue until his gums touch skin, while the rest of his human teeth keep the damage more shallow. Your muscles scream in searing agony, tears abundantly spilling over the brim of your eyes as trickles of blood escape from the indents in your flesh in crimson pearls, flowing down the curve of your neck. You’re horrified to find yourself diving head first into the canyon of bliss as your climax hits you so hard you think you might pass out. A loud sob falls from your lips and you can’t even tell whether it’s due to the perverse orgasm you’ve received or the burning sting in your neck. The blinding pain shoots through your entire body for only a moment longer, however, before intense warmth fills you instead. Somehow, you can feel Taehyung inside of you in more ways than just having his cock grinding leisure strokes against your walls. You feel full of him, complete, unified. It is clear as day now; his love for you, his determination to keep you by his side, his need to protect you. All as if they were your own.
Taehyung’s angry grunts briefly transform into doting whines as he tongues at your wounds, making you hiss when the wet muscle comes into contact with the painfully throbbing punctures, at first. Soon enough, you find his saliva effectively soothes any remaining pain, blood no longer flowing from the wound as it seems to have been sealed in a matter of seconds, though a very evident mark in the form of a moon-shaped scar remains. He kisses and licks it thoroughly, making sure you won’t be left with any discomfort before moving up to catch your lips with his. You can taste the rusty flavour of your own blood on his lips, and strangely enough it doesn’t repel you. You feel like it binds you both in some way. The kiss is slow this time, loving, reassuring. Relieved. You feel drained, suddenly. The onslaught of sensations and emotions proving to be too much for your human body.
“You did so well, baby.” Taehyung praises you proudly, kisses wandering from your cheeks to your jaw, to your neck. “I couldn’t have fallen in love with someone more suitable to be my mate. I’m so proud of you, baby. You’re finally mine now –mm– finally mine.”
You practically purr upon receiving his praise, contentment spreading through your chest like the sun on a chilly autumn evening. The relentless pace of his hips have been faltering just a little bit during the aftercare process, but now his mind as well as his body is linked with yours, his mark permanently engraved into his mate’s skin, he’s literally physically unable to stop himself. An intense shock shoots through his every nerve, making his entire body shudder before he vehemently plows himself into you a dozen times more in sporadic, faltering thrusts, his hands gripping onto your hips and squeezing your flesh helplessly. His eyes screw shut, jaw falling slack when all movement suddenly comes to a halt altogether as he stands frozen behind you, cock still buried to the hilt inside your swollen pussy.
You look over your shoulder and curve your back to check what’s wrong, lips already parting to form the question when Taehyung takes you by surprise by forcing your posture down against the counter. Your cheek is pressed against the cool surface of the countertop, so are your breasts and stomach as he keeps you in place with his hands.
“Don’t– nghh– move!” Your boyfriend gasps as he doubles over your back, his body trembling all over like he’s having some kind of seizure. “Fuck, I’m- I’m going to –oh god– !”
You don’t know what’s happening until you feel a straining tension, deep inside of you, and then you still don’t know what the fuck is happening. Something swells, like a balloon slowly getting blown up, and that something can only be one thing. Your walls start to ache all over again, the familiar stretch from when he entered you in the beginning coming back. In tenfold.
Panic sets in, your fight or flight reflex proving to be working spectacularly as you start squirming for escape without even thinking about your options. Your efforts are fruitless as his strong arms keep you in place, taking your shaking form firmly within their grasp. He molds you to his chest, hushing you through staggered breaths and frantic pants of your name, arms tightly wrapped around your waist and shoulders.
You force yourself to calm down, to trust him, but your body won’t have any of that when the grueling torture overrules any sort of rational thinking. Your body runs on pure instinct now, as does his as his knot keeps expanding so far you feel the swell become visible through your underbelly and you’re convinced you will explode right here and now. You can’t move an inch, because the monstrously engorged head of his dick has turned into an inflatable beach ball that locks him inside of you, rendering you immobile as you’re bursting at the seams.
Your walls clench in panic around his bulked shaft and it’s the final drop that makes the bucket overflow. With a strained, guttural growl and a moan bordering on a spine chilling howl, he fiercely erupts inside of you as he keeps you impaled on his pulsating cock, spurting abundant amounts of his hot seed into every nook and cranny of your hot core until there’s not a single spot left unpainted. His release lasts for several moments as he continues to milk himself dry inside of you, drops of his sticky fluid already starting to trickle down your lips and the base of his cock as it rapidly floods the limited space of your muggy pussy.
As the last spurts of his climax weakly offer their contribution, you sigh in heavenly relief when you feel the knot slowly deflate again. Gradually gaining back your senses, you start taking in your surroundings for the first time since you’d both lost any notion of space and time. You notice for the first time how slippery everything is, both your body as Tae’s, the counter, the floor. A mixture of sweat, cum and blood coats every surface within a two feet radius, still you can’t bring yourself to be disgusted. Your boyfriend is panting behind you, forehead resting on your back as he catches his breath, sweat dripping off his nose and hair and onto your already wet skin.
“___…” He rasps, pressing a kiss on your shoulders. “Are you okay?”
You nod, a soft smile curling your lips before you know it, really. Replaying the past hour in your mind, lots of things you hadn’t prepared yourself for have happened. You’re feeling many things at once right now, but regret isn’t among them. “I am, actually. Exhausted, but good.”
He pulls himself out of you, and while you wince a little at the sudden loss of contact after being so full and fuller, you’re also relieved to feel your walls being able to relax again. Taehyung, however, quickly covers your sex with the palm of his hand to prevent his seed from leaking, surprising you once again by flipping you over on your back in one swift move, keeping your legs in the air to trap everything inside.
“Can’t risk to waste anything, right?” He quips, his fingers gathering the drops that have managed to stream down your thighs and lips, only to push them back in the place where they belong. Warm and safe inside your little oven.
“Satisfied?” You ask, one eyebrow raised as you can’t help a smirk from playing around the corner of your mouth.
“Baby, you have no idea just how insatiable I am, after this.” The glint in his eyes, that have turned back to its usual soft brown, is playful but genuine. “But for the next two hours or so, yes. Very.”
“Next two hours, huh? Is that how it works?” You chuckle lightheartedly.
“Well, I mean, I could go again right now, to be honest.” He confesses a little sheepishly as he looks down at where his cock still stands tall and proud, as if he’d never dumped a bucket of cum inside of you just mere minutes ago. “But I can hold out as long as you need me to, this time. I promise.”
He carries you all the way to the bathroom and into the shower cabin to clean all kinds of unholy bodily fluids off of yourselves until you’re both once again squeaky clean. You’ll deal with the mess in the kitchen later, but for now, you just need to nestle yourselves back into the soft and warm comfort of the blankets in your bed.
“I’m...really sorry if I’ve done or said anything that hurt you…” He mumbles softly, almost embarrassed to look at you. “I- I Don’t remember much from what happened during all of it… Are you really okay, baby?”
His brows furrow into a worried frown as he lets his fingertips barely brush the stray hairs on your cheeks. You smile as it reminds you of how he had erased your own worried frown with a kiss during your conversation in the shower earlier this week. So, you do the same for him.
“I’m more than okay, really. I promise.” You reassure him, happy to see a relieved little smile back on his beautiful face. “Although i could’ve done without the weird balloon thing you did before you came inside of me. That sucked.” You scrunch your nose up.
He laughs. “Hey, I would’ve prepared you for this if you hadn’t ambushed me with your scent like that! That’s some strong stuff, I’ll have you know.”
“Yeah, who knew getting off birth control could make such a difference?” You mused, letting yourself get tucked closer against your boyfriend’s ever overheated chest.
“I did, you secretive little minx!” He pinches your cheek and you take advantage of the opportunity to bite his finger, not too hard. “Ouch!”
His boxy smile turns just a tad bit serious as his features soften out while he carefully scans your face with his eyes. “If I had known you were ready…”
“Well, I am. True, I could’ve taken a different approach but I’m still glad I did it, you know?” You assure him, pressing a kiss on his cheek and watching, to your delight, a faint blush dusting his skin.
“I just can’t believe we’re finally doing this.” His eyes shimmer with uncontained happiness, a wide grin unable to keep from stretching from ear to ear. His fingers lovingly brush over the mark on your neck as he whispers, as if he was afraid this was a dream and he’d wake himself up if he speaks too loudly. “That you’re finally mine… The most beautiful, perfect mate i can ever wish for. That we’re going to start a family.”
“I know.” You softly agree, moving your head up to catch his lips in a soft, chaste kiss. “I’ll probably have, like, ten of your pups right now.”
“Only ten?!” He exclaims in feigned horror as he rolls himself on top of you. “Let’s make more, yeah? Right now, let’s do it!”
“Taehyung!” A series of giggles cascade from your lips as he litters your neck and face with tempestuous kisses while grinding his momentarily permanent erection through his boxers and between your legs, your treacherous vagina already seemingly all too eager to receive him again. Has she already forgotten what you’ve both been through?! “... Okay, let’s.”
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httpjeon · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis. you find yourself on izo huen, home to the sehebon. luckily for you, you've arrived at an interesting time.
Tumblr media
pairing. taehyung/reader genre. angst, fluff, smut au. alien!au wordcount. 16,580 contents. Huge Dick Tae, cocky!tae, soft!tae, protective!tae, lowkey possessive!tae, human!kink, slight harrassment, dom/sub themes, size kink, size difference, sensitivity kink?, orgasm kink?, cunt slapping, breath play, dry humping, cunnilingus, fingering, cumflation, belly bulging, lowkey consent kink, unrealistic sex but it’s aliens what do u expect, lots of mention of humanity note. tae just wants to learn human things ):
Tumblr media
blog masterlist. made of stardust masterlist.
Tumblr media
© httpjeon 2020. do not repost, modify, or translate.
Tumblr media
It had been a little over a half a year since your move to the Vela System of the Fanet IV Galaxy courtesy of the Interplanetary Relations Commission had begun. You were still adjusting to your new environment, Izo Huen being a vastly different place compared to Earth in terms of culture and climate.
"So, to wrap up the events of this past week," you shifted in your chair, staring into the lens of the camera you used to send reports to your superiors, "I met with the head of the Embassy for a dinner in order to meet the head of Izo Huen's military. The only way I can describe the whole interaction is...tense. Warrior Sehebon are truly another level of terrifying. Horrible burns across their bodies correlate with the information we had about their rituals. They wear the burns with pride, however ― a mark of bravery I suppose. The middle of the week was rather uneventful," you shifted in your seat, leaning over just out of frame to take a sip of your water. You stared at the arched ceiling, thinking of anything that could come to mind of importance to note. Outside your window, you could see people walking through the streets, laughing and chatting with one another.
"Oh!" you sat up straight again, "The monthly market came back once again. This time it was mostly vendors from Liana. They had the most amazing fruits I'd ever seen ― nothing like Earths. They were delicious too, so sweet. I wish I could send some back for everyone to be able to taste. You know," your gaze shifted out your window again, to the people bustling about, "Things got really hectic here in Fia recently, I don't know what it is. They're hanging banners up and there seems to have been an extreme increase in population of the city. I'm not completely sure what's going on."
After ending your weekly log and sending it to your fellow researchers on Earth, you downed the rest of your water and groaned. Izo Huen was sweltering hot, the two suns that hung in the sky upping the temperature past comfortable.
You couldn't wait for night to come, the freezing cold giving you a wonderful excuse to cuddle under the wool blankets.You decided to take a bath to pass the time, as it would be night in just a few hours. Plus, you desperately wanted to wash the days grime off your body.
By the time you woke up the next day, you were acutely aware of how incredibly loud it was outside. Shouts and cheers emanated from just outside your window. So with sleep-filled eyes you hurriedly dressed yourself and rushed out to see what the fuss was all about.When you stepped out of the door, you were shocked by the incredible crowd of people filling the streets.
Banners and streamers, even balloons, decorated every inch that could be covered. The alphabet was one you hadn't yet learned to decipher so the meanings were completely lost on you.
"Excuse me?" you asked a nearby woman. She was much taller than you ― a key trait in both men and women of their race. She turned and looked down at you with surprise in her eyes, "What's going on?"
"It's the pre-celebration," she answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
She turned her back to you once again and quickly disappeared into the crowd and you sighed. Sehebon citizens were still getting used to their planet being visited by other races outside their own solar system ― they were the newest planet to be opened for visits by the Interplanetary Commission.
It unfortunately resulted in some of the citizens to hold ill feelings towards those entering their cities.
Sighing, you decided to follow the flow of the crowd to appease your own rabid curiosity. A lot of the cultural information on Sehebon had yet to be discovered or disclosed, as a race that held their own traditions close to their hearts.
You were surprised that the place everyone was flocking to was the massive Colosseum that was centered in the very middle of the city. Larger than any stadium found on Earth, you'd never had the opportunity to find out what it was for.
In your excitement to get through the crowd of large Sehebon, you stumbled over your own feet and hit the ground hard ― knocking the air out of you. The crowd didn't wait, stepping over you and for a second you were scared you would be literally crushed under a stampede.
However, strong hands grabbed your arms and lifted you up, grabbing your wrist and dragging you out of the crowd. You stumbled trying to catch up, with his large steps while trying not to end up slammed into unsuspecting people.
The person tugging you pulled you out of the crowd and rounding the stone walls until you realized the amount of people had dissipated. You had the opportunity to look at the person who had helped you ― a male Sehebon finding a safe spot for you and finally slowing down.
"I...thank you," you muttered when he didn't say anything, his back still facing you.
"You're a human right?" he asked, finally turning to you. You choked on your own spit at the sight of him ― black hair hanging over two pretty dark eyes. He was tall, probably a little above average for his race and he was absolutely gorgeous, "I heard there was one staying in Fia but...damn."
"Uh...I'm an advocate for the Interplanetary Commission," you sputtered out, unable to break your gaze away from his face. He had tanned skin, smooth as could be with a jaw so sharp it could cut glass, "I'm from Earth, yes. My name is _____."
"Incredible," he moved closer, having to lean down to look at you how he wanted. You could feel his breath on your face and you could see the way he had one mono-lid and one double ― which was absolutely adorable, "My name is know, you're so...small."
"I-I'm actually quite average," you refuted, glancing away under the power of his gaze.
"Maybe by human standards but..." he straightened up, looking around, "You should be careful. You can get hurt easily, you're lucky I saw you fall and bothered to help you."
"Bothered..." you whispered with a soft scoff. You could still feel his eyes on you, burning into you as if he was analyzing every inch of you, "Hey, so what's going on anyway?"
"You don't know?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow when you shook your head.
"I asked someone and she just said it was a pre-celebration," you shrugged.
"Yeah sort of," Taehyung gnawed at the inside of his cheek, jaw cocking to one side at the action, "It's gonna be our lottery in a few days so we come to the stadium to get our tickets."
"Wait...lottery? Like a money thing?" you asked, "You guys have that?"
"What?" Taehyung shook his head, staring at you like you were stupid and you suddenly felt embarrassed.
"O-On Earth we have this thing called a lottery scratch these little papers and you can win money," you explained, hoping to help him make sense of you assumption.
"Huh, that's interesting," he actually did seem interested and maybe a little impressed, making you feel weirdly proud, "But no, that's not what we have. Once a year the government holds a lottery here in Fia, in the stadium. You draw and if your number is picked you gotta fight."
His words made you blank out.
They had to fight?
"What the hell?" you sputtered before you could stop yourself and Taehyung cocked his head to the side.
"Have you not read any of the banners and information sheets floating around?" he asked, shoving his hands in his jeans pockets, "They put them up to inform new visitors of what's going on, you know."
"I..." you cleared your throat, suddenly feeling embarrassed again, "Can't read the alphabet."
Taehyung went quiet for a minute before he snorted, beginning to laugh way too much for the simple problem you had. Your cheeks burned as he held his stomach, no doubt aching from how hard he was laughing.
"Oh my gosh!" he choked, wiping under his eyes, "Y-You're illiterate!"
"I am not illiterate!" you gasped, ears beginning to burn now at his accusation, "I-I just haven't had a need to read the alphabet! Since we speak the same language, you know?!"
"Okay, okay," he sniffled, finally calming down from his outburst. He looked down at you and cooed, placing his hand on your head, "Aw, don't-don't pout, I'm sorry. You're so cute!"
"St-Stop making fun of me!" you whined, petulantly stomping your foot which just made him coo more at you, calling you cute.
"I'm not making fun of you!" he argued, standing at his full height again, making you look up, "Isn't it only natural that I find the small little human girl cute? You're so...small."
"So you keep saying," you mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest, "Are you going to go into the stadium?"
"Yeah, probably a little while later," he shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets, "It'll calm down soon enough and it'll be less hectic. You're welcome to wait with me, if you'd like."
"I might as well," you sighed, leaning back so you rested your shoulder against the wall, "I'll probably literally be killed if I try to go in there at this point."
"Probably," he agreed, looking away from you when you squinted up to glare at him, "Say..." He looked back at you, head cocked to the side curiously, "Is it true Earth has a lot of oceans? And only one Sun?"
"Eh? Yeah, that's right," you nodded, making him hum, "You've never been to Earth?"
"Nah, can't afford to make that trip," he sighed, sliding down the side of the wall to sit on the ground, "I read about it when the news that we'd be open for visits from them, though. Here sit," he tugged your hand until you were finally sitting beside him.
"About this...fight," his head lulled to the side as he gazed at your through his lashes, "What...why do you guys do it? How's it work?"
"Well," he rested his hands on his bent knees, head resting against the wall behind him again, "You know majority of our planet is uninhabitable right?"
"Yeah, dominated by deadly deserts that will kill even Sehebon," you replied mechanically, having studied their landscape immensely on your voyage from Earth.
"Then you also know there's only a few, select places suitable for us to live," you nodded and he continued, "We have three cities on Izu Huen, Fia our capitol, Veles, and Holis. That isn't a lot of room for an entire planet to live, right? We have to stay within the habitable zone and fit every person on the planet in the cities. Excluding those that have the means to move to Vimoldara, that is. That's a lot of people, isn't it?"
"Wait," you sat up straighter, jaw dropping open, "You mean, it's a form of population control?"
"That and," his gaze turned much darker, sending a chill up your spine, "It's a chance for us to show each other how strong we are. That we're the best and we deserve to live, we offer more. Those who lose are killed and only the winner can stand."
"That's..." you cleared your throat uncomfortably, "That's scary."
"Not for us," Taehyung shrugged, casting a sideways glance your way, "It's a celebration. We're all excited and ready to do it. We get to make our families and ancestors proud as we fight."
You hummed, still weary of the lottery but kept the rest of your opinions to yourself. You and Taehyung dissolved into talking about things he was curious about on Earth, deciding it would be worth it to travel there simply after hearing what a cheeseburger was.
The suns began to set when Taehyung stood, helping you to your feet.
"We should be able to get in easily now," you followed him to the large entrance that you'd been unable to see past when you had first approached.
With the smaller influx of people, you could see fully inside the stadium. There were banners and decorations strewn about everywhere, a wash of white, red and black colors seeming to be the theme. In the very center of the stadium was a booth with a man standing inside, handing things out to the people in line.
"I hope he doesn't think I'm here to pick a lottery," you mumbled to yourself as you stood in line with Taehyung. He was still holding onto your hand as you waited, large fingers wrapping completely around your wrist, making the size difference more apparent.
He really was right when he said you were small. But his hand was so warm and comforting against your skin that it made you feel...cute.
"Nah, they won't assume a foreigner is here to participate," he said, not breaking his gaze from the booth.
By the time you reached the booth, the suns were down to just peeking over the horizon and the moon was, instead, shining large in the sky. The temperature was dropping and you couldn't help but move closer to Taehyung for warmth. You weren’t dressed to be out at night, you’d only anticipated spending the daytime hours out.
"Thank you," he said, tucking a slip of paper into his pocket after folding it up. The man behind the booth nodded, waving the next person forwards.
He began to walk when he paused, looking down at you with wide eyes. You scrambled to detach yourself from his side, not realizing just how close you were to him. However, you were quickly brought back when he pulled you flush against him again with a small smile.
"You humans are so fragile," he breathed, beginning walk, keeping you tucked into his side. Your face was burning with embarrassment but you also felt a strange sense of pride flowing through you at the prospect of such a good looking man treating you like he was.
"I-It just gets really cold here, you know?" you mumbled, trying to defend yourself albeit weakly.
His chest vibrated with his laughter, tightening his hold around your shoulders, "I guess if you're not used to it. You live around here?"
"Uh yeah," you pointed in the general direction of where you were staying, "I live down this road a ways."
"Alright, I'll walk you there," he offered, though he left no option to refuse.
You both fell silent as you walked, every once in a while another person would pass and stare at the two of you. Their eyes followed you even as you passed, turning back to stare at you and you began to feel strange about it.
"Why is everyone looking at us like that?" you asked suddenly, making him look down. The moonlight cast a soft glow on his face causing the shadow of his lashes to dust his cheeks.
"Probably because you're a human and you're with me," he answered as if it was the most normal thing in the world, "It's not exactly common for Sehebon and foreigners to be together yet."
You swallowed thickly, cheeks burning for the thousandth time that day it seemed.
It wasn't long before you reached the stoop of your house and you dislodged yourself from Taehyung, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep in the warmth you now missed.
"Um thanks for walking me home," you said, shrugging your shoulders self-consciously as his eyes scanned over your body.
"It was my pleasure," he leaned closer to you, "Hey, why don't you come to the celebration in a couple days, hm?"
"You mean the fighting?" you asked, feeling uneasy at the invitation. He nodded eagerly, eyes bright in excitement, "Taehyung, I do understand it's an important practice for's your culture. But humans and's punishable to kill someone. It's against the law. We find the concept of death know?"
His head cocked to the side, brows furrowed and the excitement in his eyes gone, "You're scared to die? And you don't like to see others die?"
"Exactly, it''s a very negative thing for humans," you attempted to explain while trying not to upset him.
"You know being invited to a fight is a very special thing," he muttered with a frown, leaning close to you so his nose was touching yours. Your eyes grew wide at the fire burning in his eyes and you swallowed nervously, "It's very offensive to reject an invitation to a fight. I want to show you how good I am, how well I can fight. I want you to be proud of me. Impressed by me."
Your mouth grew dry at his words and the way he uttered them, deep voice dark and no hint of the gentleness he had spoken with before. You attempted to move back but found your back pressed against the door. He loomed over you, leaning on his forearms above your head ― caging you in. Strangely, the only thing you could think of was how good he smelled; like the fruits you'd eaten a couple days ago.
"I-I'm sorry, Taehyung," you whispered, licking your lips in an effort to rid yourself of your nerves, "I just...Y-You don't need to kill someone t-to impress me, you know?"
"Then how can I?" he squinted, "I find you fascinating. A cute little human girl, smart and charming. I want to...what is it you humans call it...court you?"
You wanted to smile at the sound of the outdated term he used. But it was stopped by his confession, of what he thought of you.
"'re trying to court a human girl..." you spoke slowly, meeting his eyes in faux confidence even though your heart was beating a mile a minute, "Why don't you try...a human method?"
"A human method," he gnawed on the inside of his cheek ― apparently a habit he had while thinking, "What are human methods?"
"Well um..." you noticed that with his body covering yours like it was, you weren't affected by the cold and that your trembles were no doubt excitement, "Like...dates. Do you guys have dates?"
"Usually an invitation to fight for someone to see is sufficient enough to begin a relationship," he explained, making you sigh. He frowned at the sound and leaned closer to you to meet your gaze, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it."
"F-For humans usually a man will ask a woman on a date," you explained simply, " would ask to take me to see a movie or take me to dinner."
"A dinner," he repeated, seeming to mull it over for a moment before nodding. The dark look was gone and he smiled the cutest boxy smile you'd ever seen in your life, "Then I'd like to take you to dinner, _____."
"I'd like that, Taehyung," you smiled, feeling your cheeks burn under his soft gaze.
"After my fight, to celebrate my win I'll take you."
"Alright, Taehyung, I look forward to it," after what seemed like an eternity, his eyes flickering from your lips to your eyes, he finally stood up straight. The cold immediately began to sink into your bones and he stepped back off your stoop.
"See you soon, cutie," he waved, twiddling his fingers before spinning on his heel and walking in the direction you both had just came from.
You opened your front door, slipping inside and relaxing once the warmth hit you. Leaning back against the door, you pressed your hand to your chest and sighed.
"Not how I expected my day to turn out," you mumbled, taking a seat at your chair in front of the camera, turning it on so the red light blinked indicating recording, "I know it hasn't been a week yet but I've found something interesting. I met a man named Taehyung and he told that they're about to begin a planet-wide lottery. Everyone draws a number and they're picked to fight. It's a...form of population control and some kind of cultural flex on each other to show who is the toughest and bravest. The fights are set to take place in a few days and I was invited but...I had to decline. The prospect of watching it was just too much for me to consider so I apologize for that."
You went quiet for a second, deciding to leave out the fact that the invitation was an attempt to ask you out. You greeted the people who would be watched goodbye and shut off the camera, turning to your computer monitor and hurriedly sending the video before shutting everything down.
The city was quiet for the next few days, everyone packed into the stadium. You would frequently hear the thunderous roar of the crowd but ultimately did your best to block out the prospect of the death no doubt going on.
You laid on your bed, reading a book you'd read several times already but lacked the means to acquire a new one. You wouldn't be able to read the books in an alphabet you couldn't read. Though you could take the time to learn but, you were in no mood to study.
As expected, you found yourself thinking of Taehyung. He was charming, no doubt, and you were surprised by how much you ultimately enjoyed his company. It was quick that he decided he wanted to date you, by human standards anyway, but Sehebon were very fast-moving people as more than half their race were warriors who could be killed in the blink of an eye. No doubt a cause for Taehyung's rush to be with you.
You couldn't deny the complete attraction you had for him; he was incredibly good looking and had the cutest smile. His voice was hypnotic, smooth as whiskey and as deep as the ocean. Dating someone of a completely different species wasn't the strangest thing by far ― plenty of humans had counterparts from different races. Dating a Sehebon, on the other hand, was different since the brand new introduction of their race to humans.
There was no fear that Taehyung would bring you any harm or have ill intentions, there was just a lot of confusion about him. You didn't exactly know much about who he was as a person rather than his race.
The date would no doubt clear things up and open doors for you.
Remembering the fact you would be going on a date with him set butterflies off in your tummy and you bit your lip to hold back the gleeful grin that threatened to spread across your face.
Tumblr media
It was a full week before the streets became the same again. The population of Fia went back to normal as visitors from other cities left and went back home. The banners were taken down from around your street and before long everything seemed to have returned to the way it was.
Unfortunately, you were running out of food so you needed to go food shopping. As the suns were beginning to set, with the temperature steadily dropping, is when you decided to go shopping.
You slid a sweater on to keep you warm before stepping out the door. It was still a little warm but you knew you'd be grateful for your choice later.
In the past, you'd made the mistake of forgoing something warm and had to quite literally run home before you froze to death.
You carried a bag, an effect from when you lived on Earth and refused to use plastic bags in fear they'd end up in the oceans. When you first presented the bag at the local grocers, the cashier had looked at you like you were stupid ― making you feel just a tad self-conscious.
Fortunately, they'd now grown used to your practice and barely batted an eye in response when you brought.
The shop wasn't busy during that time of day and you were thankful to be able to navigate the aisles without having to avoid the giant Sehebon people that easily blocked your shelf access. You packed your bag with things you were vaguely familiar with. There was a lot of food you didn't dare try ― you couldn't read what it said or it was just gross looking.
Unfortunately, however, the shelves were so damn tall that you sometimes had to scale them to actually reach the things you needed. Standing on your tippy-toes using one of the shelves to grab a simple box of noodles ― something you were very pleased to find on Izo Huen.
You chose a lot of fruits and vegetables ― trusting them more than their alien-meats. You were basically the alien version of a vegetarian at that point.
When you stepped outside, you were immediately grateful of the sweater you wore. The cold still seemed to seep in a bit but it was tolerable despite the light shivers that took you. Carrying your bag, you hummed a tune to yourself as you navigated the darkening streets. The lamps were lit to illuminate your way but there were no other people in sight, making you feel calm.
"Hey, you a human?" scratch that, there were people.
You paused, looking into an alleyway separating two residential streets. A small group of young men were smoking cigarettes. Part of you wondered if they were cigarettes or some Izo Huen-version.
"Yes I'm a human," you replied, pulling your bag off your shoulder to hold it in front of you.
"You want a hit?" one of them asked you, offering you what he was smoking off of.
"N-No thank you," you backed away slightly to get away from the smoke emanating off the burning end, "I really should be getting home...I have things to put away."
You turned to walk away but a hand aggressively gripped your arm to stop you, startling a gasp out of you.
"Hey, that hurts," you mumbled, attempting to tug your arm free but he tugged you closer to him, "Let go!"
Before he had the chance to speak, a hand was violently wrapped around his throat and slammed him back. He pulled you with him slightly, knocking you to the ground as the man was pinned to the wall. Looking up, you could see Taehyung leaning close to him ― whispering something that had the man's eyes widening.
"Do you understand?" Taehyung growled, loud enough for you to hear. The man nodded so hard you were sure he was going to give himself a headache. Taehyung held him still for several more seconds, looking over him to make sure he was telling the truth.
When the man was dropped, he took off down the alleyway with his friends following, none of them daring to look back.
"Are you alright?" he asked, crouching down to where you were sitting on the ground. He cupped your cheek ever so softly, thumb grazing beneath your eye, "I didn't mean for you to get knocked down."
"It's alright," you muttered, using his shoulders to pull yourself back to your feet. He remained crouched for a moment, just gazing up at you silently, "W-What is it?"
"You should be more careful, _____," he said, picking up the bag of groceries you had dropped, tucking some of the things that had been knocked out back in where they belonged, "Didn't I tell you that you could get hurt?"
"W-Well yes but that was different― "
"It wasn't," he snapped, moving close to you once again. Fingers hooked beneath your chin to make you look at him, "Don't you understand how much people want you? How they look at you when you walk around?"
"N-No..." you blinked as you tried to recall any staring while you were on your own.
"Everyone finds you alluring here, _____," Taehyung's voice dropped and he stepped even closer so your foreheads were just barely touching, "The cute little human girl. And I'd be very disappointed if I had to kill someone for hurting you."
You were speechless, lost staring in the fiery blaze within his eyes. He held your gaze for several seconds before stepping back and smiling.
"I'll walk you home, I was on my way to see you anyway," you sputtered in shock as he tugged your hand in the direction of your home ― his rapid change of demeanor no doubt going to give you whiplash.
Your feet pounded the pavement as you struggled to keep up with his large strides. You were running out of breath and stamina, though he appeared unaffected.
"T-Tae...can you s-slow down?" he halted in his tracks so suddenly that you fully ran into his back.
"What did you call me?" he looked over his shoulder, staring sharply down at you.
"I-I..." you pulled yourself away from his back and stuttered, "I called you Tae. I'm sorry i-it just slipped out...h-humans like to make n-nicknames, you know?"
He was quiet for a second before he turned around completely, cocking his head to the side.
"Say it again," he commanded.
"Uh...T-Tae?" the name sounded more awkward than it had before coming out of your mouth.
"Hmm," he made a noise akin to a moan, rolling his head back in response before looking down and smirking, "I like that. You're the only one allowed to call me that, yeah?"
"A-Alright," your heart was racing from the way he had reacted to the nickname but you didn't get to dwell on it long before he was tugging you along once again.
You stood on your stoop again, looking at Taehyung, a small smile on his lips as he watched you. He held your bag of groceries out for you and you had to hold back a gasp when your hand brushed his.
"Shit, your hands are freezing!" he gasped, taking one of your hands in his and bringing them closer to him.
"U-Uh yeah it's...pretty cold," your words came out a whisper, reveling in how warm his hands were against yours.
"Poor thing," your eyes widened as he pulled your hand up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss against your fingers.
"T-Tae," the nickname had his eyes flicking up and he hummed, pressing another kiss against them.
"Did you like that?" he dropped your hand from his lips but continued to hold it, smiling at you, "I read in a book about common human practices for courting and it said a kiss to the hand will make her heart flutter. Did it work?"
"I..." you swallowed thickly, nodding your head ever so slightly, "I-It was nice, Tae..."
The two of you fell quiet, his hand enveloping yours and his soft gaze fixated on you. Your groceries hung in his free hand and he slowly reached out to hand them to you once again. Once the bag was in your hands, he released your hand from his hold and shoved his own into his pockets. He stepped backwards off the stoop but continued to stare at you, bottom lip tucked in his mouth.
Your eyes danced over his body ― never really looking him over that much besides his face. He had a black button-up tucked into tight fitting jeans and boots that made him even taller than he already was. It surprised you how thick his thighs were but how small his waist was ― it's like he was sculpted by actual gods.
"Well," he smirked, no doubt having caught you staring, "See you around, cutie."
"Hey, Tae wait!" you called before you could stop yourself.
He halted immediately, turning to look at you once again, "You alright?"
"I just..." he jogged back to the stoop, stepping up and moving close to yours.
He cupped your chin between his fingers and made you look up at him.
"You can tell me, sweetheart," his brows were drawn together in concern.
The pet name causing a shiver to go down your spine, "What is it?"
"C-Can...Would to stay for a while?" your cheeks were on fire and you couldn't meet his gaze after whispering the words.
Taehyung's eyes softened and his lips quirked up, running his thumb over your lips for a split second ― so light you almost missed it. He stood up straighter, removing his fingers from your face. You found yourself missing the touch and your heart was pounding at the possible rejection you could face.
"Were you nervous to ask me that, baby?" your core lit on fire at the new pet name and you held in a whimper, "I'd love to stay with you."
"O-Okay..." you reached behind you, turning the knob and pushing the door open.
Warmth hit you from the inside and you scurried out of Taehyung's view as fast as you could to the kitchen. You could hear him walking, the sound of his boots on the floor seeming deafening in the silence of the house. Leaning against the counter, you took a few deep breaths to steady yourself.
You began putting your groceries away in their designated places, noticing that Taehyung's footsteps had gone silent.
"This place given to you by your job?" he asked suddenly, making you jump.
"Um...yeah," you cleared your throat, "It's nothing special but it's cozy."
"It's nice," he muttered before falling silent.
You placed the box of noodles in your cabinet, steeling yourself before moving to the living room. Your brain nearly short-circuited at the sight before you.
Taehyung sat on your couch, legs spread wide and arms stretched out on the back of the couch. His head was tilted back, exposing beautiful expanse of throat. The way he sat was so confident and commanding that you had to clench your thighs together to control yourself.
"Um...are you okay?" you whispered, stepping forward as he lifted his head to look at you.
"I'm perfect," he responded, scooting to the side to allow you to sit beside him, "I think I've figured out a place to take you on our date."
"Oh?" you'd nearly forgotten about the date, "So you're ready to take me?"
"I'm thinking tomorrow, if that's okay," he looked down at you and you smiled.
"I'd love that," your gaze fell to your thighs, noticing the size difference between his and yours ― reminding you of how large he was.
Flicking your eyes up, you were frozen by the sharpness in his own as he stared at you. As you kept his gaze, you felt one of his hands find its way to your thigh and you bit your lip to keep from outright whimpering at the feeling.
"You're so soft," he muttered, shifting to turn more towards you, "And absolutely breathtaking..."
His lips drew closer to yours, his hair brushing your nose as he dipped down. When he pressed them completely, his hand tightened around your thigh. You whimpered, seeming to set Taehyung off as he cupped the back of your head with his free hand ― deepening the kiss.
Your hands clutched at the front of his shirt, losing yourself in the feeling of his lips and hands on you. The hand on your thigh traveled up, grazing your hip, drifting up your stomach and over your breasts before wrapping around your throat. You gasped at the feeling, lips parting from Taehyung's just slightly before you surged back forward to reconnect them.
He groaned against your lips, giving your neck the lightest squeeze before he released you and reached lower to cup your breast through your sweater. You arched your back into the muffled touch but he didn't linger for long because his hand was diving between your legs.
Your jeans impeded you from feeling his touch properly and you whimpered, grinding your hips forward in hopes to remedy the problem. You reached down, holding his hand against your core as you whimpered into his lips.
"Do you want me to touch you, pretty baby?" he asked, kiss parting until your lips just barely brushed his.
"P-Please Tae," you whimpered, feeling your eyes sting with tears of desperation ― having never wanted to be touched so badly in your life.
Taehyung didn't reconnect the kiss, instead he tilted your head back to press his lips to your neck. His long fingers unbuttoned your jeans and hurriedly tugged them off your hips until you finally reached down to pull them off completely, tossing them away.
The way you cried out when his hand cupped you again, this time through your panties, was nothing less than lewd. He tugged your thighs open further, one of them resting across his own, leaving you completely open to his fingers.
"Sound so pretty," he mumbled, teeth grazing your neck where he continued to mouth at you.
You wrapped one hand around his wrist, dragging his fingers up ever so slightly until you were able to push them past the band of your panties. He immediately took over, fingers diving between your folds to find just how wet you were for him. He groaned, pulling away from your neck to meet your gaze, his lips open just slightly as he brushed against your clit. Your hips twitched and you found yourself clinging to his arm as you whined.
"So sensitive, little one," he whispered, wrapping his free hand around your thigh to pull you even closer to him until you were completely in his lap with your back tucked to his chest.
"Tae..." you whispered, eyes fluttering closed when he began to press kisses to your shoulder ― the sweater not allowing you to feel it properly but enjoying it nonetheless.
"Yeah baby?" he cooed, resting his chin on your shoulder to watch his hand move beneath the fabric of your panties.
"C-Can..." you trailed off, feeling your cheeks burn and he tsked.
"Tell me what you want and I'll do it, baby," he assured, fingers now running across your folds without dipping between ― teasing you.
"Can you...take them off?" you asked, turning your head slightly to meet his gaze.
"If that's what you want," he pulled his hand out of your panties and you whimpered at the loss, making him chuckle, "So needy, huh?"
His thumbs hooked into the band and he pushed them down your thighs. You pulled your legs up to help him take them off ― tossing them off somewhere else to join your jeans. He gripped your knees, roughly tugging them open until your cunt was completely exposed to him ― glistening in the dim light and flushed swollen with your arousal.
"Fuck, babygirl..." he breathed, reaching down to run his fingertips through your parted folds, "Such a pretty little pussy, hm?"
Deep in your mind, you wondered where he learned such delicious dirty talk from ― seeing as he didn't even know the proper word for courting. The thought was completely wiped from your mind, however, when he used two fingers to spread your folds open. Your hole clenched around nothing and Taehyung let out a choked groan.
"St-Stop staring!" you whined, snapping your thighs closed around his hand.
Taehyung growled, wrapping his hand around your throat again and pulling the back of your head against his chest. You whimpered, eyes flicking up to briefly catch his glare. His jaw was set, glaring down at you with a gaze that made you feel incredible small.
"Spread your fucking legs," he ordered, tone making your eyes flutter slightly. When you hesitated to do as he said, he leaned closer until his mouth brushed your ear, "I said...spread your legs."
You whimpered, bottom lip trembling as you pouted, slowly opening your legs back up. Too slow for his liking, he jerked one open and pinned the other down until you were just as exposed as before. His hand cupped your entire core, middle finger sliding between the folds.
"That's more like it," he sighed, finally releasing your neck, "You better act right, baby, or else I'll have to punish you."
His words made you tremble, thighs twitching ever so slightly. He raised a brow at your reaction, an almost detached look coming across his face.
"Would you like that? To be punished?" when you only whimpered, he smirked, "I would you like it, hm? To be choked until your lungs burn for air? Or maybe if I spanked your little cunt?"
"Tae..." you felt your hole clench, sending a gush of arousal to meet his fingers.
"Oh?" he chuckled, making you cheeks burn, "You'd like to be slapped, huh?"
Before you could even think up a reply from your foggy brain, a sharp pain right against your clit had you crying out. Your eyes found his face but he was watching as he smacked your cunt again. His fingers ran over your folds to soothe the sting and he laughed.
"Interesting..." he hummed, middle finger circling around your clit. Your eyes fluttered and your hips arched into the touch more.
His index and ring fingers spread your folds, his middle finger swirling over the hardened bud until you were moaning. He pulled the hood back, exposing it even more to his sensitive touches. Your eyes rolled back in your head and you choked out his name.
"Does that feel good?" he asked, pressing a kiss to your shoulder, "Does it feel nice to have your little clit touched?"
"Y-Yes!" you squeaked, reaching down to take hold of his wrist. Your body was practically vibrating as you trembled beneath the almost too much stimulation. Suddenly, his touch was gone and you were left still trembling with the remnants of his fingers lingering.
"It's alright," he cooed, wrapping one of his arms around you to hold you tighter against him, "I've got you, little one."
"Please, Tae," you begged, burying your face into his arm, thighs trembling still spread.
"What is it?" he asked, voice soft as silk.
"Your...Your fingers," you canted your hips up ever so slightly and he hummed.
"Want my fingers inside?" he asked, although he already knew before you nodded.
He hummed, two fingers finding your spasming entrance, coating them in your juices. You held your breath as he finally sunk them inside you, stretching you deliciously even though you were plenty wet enough. His fingers were big, filling you up nice and deep. Gasping against Taehyung's arm, you mindlessly ground your hips up as he slowly pulled them out. You didn't get to mourn their loss for long because he was quickly pushing them back in ― slick sounds accompanying the movement.
"You're so fucking tight," he muttered, "So small...Shit, how long has it been since you've been fucked, pretty girl?"
"Ah-Never..." you gasped, hand circling around his wrist as you squirmed.
His fingers paused, halfway inside and you whined, "You've never been with somebody?"
"N-No, Tae," you whined, using your hand on his wrist to push his fingers back inside, "J-Just you...only you!"
He cursed under his breath, wrapping his arm tighter around you before he began to finger fuck you wholeheartedly. The sounds pouring from your lips only spurred him on, your cunt tight like a vice around just two of his fingers.
"This little cunt won't ever be able to take my cock, sweetheart," he growled, crooking his fingers up to nail that little spot that made you sob, "I'm gonna be too big for you."
"W-Want it a-anyway, Tae," you cried, nails digging into his wrist. Tears welled up in your eyes, trickling down your cheeks as your body was sent into overload.
"Yeah? Want me to fuck you open until you can't take anymore?" he groaned, "Watch your virgin cunt get stuffed full of a cock you simply can't handle...have you make those pretty noises while you cream all over me..."
His words seemed more self-indulgent than aimed at you but you whined and nodded anyway. His palm ground against your clit as his fingers filled you up so nice and you found yourself teetering on the edge.
"I-I'm gonna cum," you panted, thighs twitching erratically in response to your pleasure."Go ahead, cum for me," he commanded, groaning alongside you as you tightened up around his fingers.
"Tae! 'S so good..." you slurred, eyes closed as you buried your face in his arm to ride out the pleasure he was giving you.
"Coming so prettily, little one," he whispered into your ear, fingers beginning to slow as your orgasm died down, "You're such a good girl."
"Ah...Tae," you whimpered as he pulled his fingers from your still-clenching pussy, sensitivity hitting you like a brick wall. Your thighs clenched shut, trembling uncontrollably in the aftermath of the most pleasure you'd ever received.
Taehyung slid his cum-soaked fingers into his mouth, eyes rolling back at the taste of you on his tongue. His arm still held you tight as you continued to whimper against him.
"Taste so so good," he whispered, mostly to himself.
Once his digits were clean, he glanced down at you. It was clear you were still a bit overwhelmed and he cooed, shifting you in his lap until you were facing him. He pulled you into a hug and couldn't hold back a chuckle.
"Humans are so fragile," he whispered, "So overwhelmed...even that was too much for you, huh?"
You didn't respond, simply tucking your face away in his neck. You let your weight drop fully on his lap but froze immediately. You hadn't realized while you were being touched, how hard Taehyung's cock was against you but with a clear mind you could.
He was fucking big.
He chuckled darkly, lips finding your neck as he slowly made you grind against his covered length, "I told you, babygirl, I'm too big for your little pussy."
When you whined and tightened your grip on him, wanting to avoid the painful overstimulation, he simply chuckled. He let you cling to him and lay with him until your eyes fluttered shut ― sleep quickly and eagerly overcoming you.
Just as you sunk into darkness, you felt him press the softest of kisses against your forehead.
"My cute little human," he whispered, voice fading out as you finally fell asleep.
Tumblr media
When you woke up, you were tucked cozily in your bed beneath your wool comforter. The sun was up and you groaned, kicking the blankets off as you grew warmer with every passing second.
You had on your sweater from yesterday and a pair of panties you hadn't been wearing. Looking beside you, you found the bed empty and sighed.
Despite yourself, you found yourself feeling disappointed he hadn't stayed the night. He had shown you such a sweet, caring side before you fell asleep. It had made your heart flutter, how he treated you so delicately yet used such a sharp tongue to fluster you.
"He's such a strange dude," you muttered, staring at the ceiling as you spread starfish on your bed.
There was a dull ache between your legs, reminding you of the night before. Feeling your cheeks flush, you sat up straight and hurriedly crawled out of bed intending to take a cold shower.
Drying your hair with a towel, you hunted around your closet for a cute outfit for the date. Briefly, you wondered if he was still planning to take you out. Excitement thrummed through your veins, a giddy smile lighting up your face and making your cheeks ache.
After choosing your outfit, you took a seat in front of the vanity you had set up. You had found a mirror at the monthly market a few ones back and decided it was the best purchase ever. You hadn't known mirrors were scarce on Izo Huen for whatever reason until you desperately needed one.
Deciding to leave your hair down, too lazy to try and make anything of it, you mindlessly spun around in your chair.
A strange feeling bubbled up in your chest that made your heart race. Leaning your head back against the back of the chair, you ran your hands over your face with a groan.
"I actually miss him," you scoffed, leaning forward to rest your head on your vanity counter, "What is wrong with me?"
The day seemed to drag on longer than any other as you waited for Taehyung to arrive. The heat hadn't even bothered you, your mind too muddled with thoughts of your date. You wondered if he would hold your hand and where he planned to take you.
As the sun finally sunk beneath the horizon, you were more antsy and began to pace your living room. Every once in a while, you'd glance out your window in hopes a passing man would be Taehyung. Unfortunately, you were mistaken every time.
Before long, you began to realize that he simply wasn't going to show up. You changed into your pajamas, rejection burning in your veins before sitting on your bed. The streetlights and the moon cast a decent glow around you.
Your feelings were hurt. You’d been stood up by an alien.
Your heart ached and you felt your eyes sting with unshed tears. You flopped over, covering your face with a pillow before screaming into it.
"What a jerk!" you shouted in the material.
By the time you went to sleep, your simmering anger gave way to pitiful dejection. Your eyes were wet with tears as you closed them.
Tumblr media
He was polluting your mind, everywhere you went you found yourself hoping that he'd turn up around the next corner. You’d hoped he would come knocking on your door with a sheepish smile, apologizing.
Though as the days passed and you had seen neither hide nor hair of him, the prospect of an apology made you angry. You didn't want his stupid apology anymore.
A week lapsed and it was time, once again, for your weekly log.
Sitting in front of the camera, you sighed, "The...friend I had made seems to have disappeared. It's weird, I was perfectly content by myself but once he showed up and vanished ― it's made me lonely," you gnawed on your bottom lip before sighing, disappointment becoming a common feeling in your life by then, “Maybe I need to make some friends but...I can't explain it; the Sehebon are such a strange race that it feels like it's going to be really difficult to make friends. There's really nothing eventful that happened worth logging besides my own problems so...I'll sign off."
A couple clicks on your computer had the log sent. You'd be getting paid again soon, perhaps you'd be able to go out and find something to do for yourself. Maybe you'd hit the jackpot and find someone who would want to be your friend.
It felt childish, the need for friendship you had. But with Taehyung's absence, your loneliness was at an all time high.
It was beginning to get dark and you decided to say 'fuck it' and get dressed. You'd find something to do ― you hadn't really checked out nearly all the districts of Fia and you knew there were some popular places to hang out.
It was a long walk to the area they dubbed the Social District. The second you stepped onto the rowdy street, you were blown away by the flashing lights and heavy bass emanating from the various buildings.
They had their own clubs.
You suddenly felt out of place and awkward, weaving through the giant people blocking the streets as they talked with friends. It seemed like no one saw you, as if you were just invisible to them. You moved to the sidewalk, being able to squeeze by the people and avoid the large crowd that filled the street.
You slipped into a pub ― judging by the tables and bar. You couldn't read the sign but you still walked in anyway. It wasn't very crowded, a few tables still open. The vibe inside was much cooler and calmer and you felt yourself begin to relax.
Walking up the bar, you took a seat, grabbing a menu without thinking about it.
"God dammit," you muttered, staring at the alphabet you still couldn't read.
"Can I help you?" the tender asked, moving to stand in front of you.
"Uh...I can't read this," you admitted, feeling your cheeks burn.
"That's alright, what do you like?" she pulled the menu from your hands and looked over it herself.
"Do you have any good alcohol?" you slumped against the counter, chin resting in your hand.
She regarded you with furrowed brows, closing the menu, "You do know alcohol is poisonous, right?"
"Wait what?" your head snapped up and the woman laughed.
"Alcohol is poisonous to us. We don't drink it," she placed the menu back where you got it and smiled, "We have some Soda."
"You do?" you perked up at that, not tasting soda since you'd left Earth. You watched eagerly as she filled a glass with brown liquid, placing it in front of you.
"It's not...Earth's soda but it's basically the same," she smiled, "It's got seltzer and sugary syrup in it."
You thanked her before she was whisked away to take care of another customer, leaving you by yourself. You sipped out of the straw, sighing at the taste. It was slightly off compared to the soda you were used to but bubbling seltzer had you smiling.
"_____?" you jumped at the sound of your name, choking on your drink and erupting into a fit of coughing. A hand carefully patted your back until you calmed down, "Are you alright? I didn't mean to scare you."
"I-It's fine," you choked out, clearing your throat and swallowing a few times to rid the feeling. Your eyes flicked up to meet Taehyung's and you felt a frown fall over your face before you realized it, "Taehyung."
His brows furrowed at your using his full name but he didn't say anything, "I uh...didn't know you came around here."
"It's my first time," you muttered, turning back to sip on your drink. When you didn't offer another opening for a conversation he let out a sigh and slid up next to you between the vacant seat beside you. You didn't have any choice but to interact, seeing at he wasn't going to back off.
"I'm sorry I missed," the word still sounded foreign on his tongue, "I had urgent business to attend to in Holis."
"You don't owe me anything Taehyung," you muttered, failing to mask the hurt in your voice.
He sighed again, "I had to go visit a friend of mine, he was stranded and couldn't get home on his own. I promise that's all it was, _____."
You sighed, feeling your hurt and anger soften. Turning to look at him, you opened your mouth to reply but were interrupted.
“Whoa, is this the little human?” a loud voice from behind you made you jump. Twisting around, you saw a large man with biceps so big his t-shirt was stretched taut, “Oh you are a cutie!”
“U-Um...hello,” you greeted timidly.
"Uh yeah," Taehyung smiled, placing his hand on your shoulder, "This is _____. And _____ this is Wonho."
"N-Nice to meet you," you held out your hand, gasping when he leaned down and pressed a kiss against your knuckles.
"It's my pleasure," you could hear Taehyung let out a long sigh, "Bartender, I'll take a Blue Ice please. I gotta take a leak," he muttered the last part to himself, fingers lingering on your shoulder before he disappeared.
"You drinking a soda?" Wonho asked, peering into your glass, "Mind if I have a sip?"
"I guess not," you shrugged, watching him wrap his hand around the glass and bring it to his lips.
He was good looking, you couldn't deny. He had cute ears that stuck out just slightly and pretty teeth as he grinned at you. You found yourself comparing him to Taehyung ― deducing Taehyung definitely set your heart racing the second you looked at him.
"You know," Wonho placed your glass back down in front of you, "I was surprised to hear Taehyung was fooling around with a little human. I never thought he'd be the type."
"What do you mean?" you asked, brows furrowing as you mindlessly stirred your drink with your straw.
"Well I just can't believe he's actually giving in to it," Wonho said, pulling out a menu to look over it.
"I have no idea what you're talking about," you muttered, quite blunt.
He seemed surprised, chuckling and waving his hand, "Just the whole human kink that's going on. You know, since humans have started coming here it's become like a game to see who can actually manage to bang one. Can't believe Taehyung managed to snag one."
Your eyes drifted to your glass, the ice melting in your soda ― watering it down. A human kink?
"So...I'm just a conquest?" you whispered, though you were sure Wonho didn't hear as he was ordering a drink.
So many things bubbled up inside you; anger, humiliation, shame. Humiliation at the fact you'd been used, shame over the fact you fell for it and were so close to giving in, and anger of the audacity he had to do such a thing to you. Tears stung your eyes and you bit your lip to hold them back.
"Oh man, that looks delicious," Taehyung groaned, grabbing his tall glass of blue drink and taking a sip.
"I'm leaving," you muttered, sliding off your stool and moving to walk away.
You were stopped by a hand grabbing your elbow. Taehyung stared at you, brows drawn together.
"You just got here," he muttered, obviously confused by your sudden change.
You scoffed, "I'm going home, Taehyung."
You snatched your arm out of his grip and stormed out the doors and onto the busy streets. You could vaguely hear your name being shouted but it was quickly covered by the noisiness of the people. Crossing your arms over your chest, you weaved through the bodies. Tears were burning your eyes but you held them back.
"Hey a human!" you heard someone shout but you didn't stop, "Why don't you come party?"
'The whole human kink.' Wonho's words echoed in your mind, making it harder to fight your tears. 'It's become a game to see who can bang one."
By the time you reached your front door, your jaw was aching with keeping your tears in. Slamming the door behind you, you immediately burst into tears ― bringing your hands up to cover your eyes with your sleeves. Sniffling, you dropped onto your couch and let your sobs out freely.
Hugging one of your throw pillows, you attempted to calm yourself down. Just as you were about to drift off to sleep, eyes fluttering against your will, there was a series of sharp knocks against your door. You didn't move, silently waiting to see if they'd go away.
Unfortunately, the knocks became harsher and more frantic. Deciding that they weren't going to go away, you stood up and dragged your feet to the door.
You already had a feeling who it was and you weren't wrong ― Taehyung standing on the other side. His fist was raised like he was going to knock again and his hair was a complete wreck. His shirt clung to him with sweat and his breathing was a little heavy.
"What do you want Taehyung?" you muttered, crossing your arms around yourself.
"You've been crying," he whispered, moving to step forward but stopped when you moved back, "I knew you were upset. What's the matter, sweetheart?"
"Don't!" you snapped, turning on your heel and storming into your house.
"What?" Taehyung whispered, closing the door gently behind him.
"Don't call me that," you said, keeping your back to him so he wouldn't see your tears.
It felt so nice to have him call you pet names so gently. But you remembered it was just a ruse to lure you in ― and it was so hard not to fall.
"Why not? I thought you liked being called that?" he sounded so confused and you could imagine he looked akin to a kicked puppy.
"Because it's not fair!" you shouted, finally turning around, "You can't just play those games with me because I'm a human, Taehyung!"
"I really...What are you talking about?" his voice was so soft, so gentle. He took a couple steps towards you, hands outstretched, "I'm not playing any games."
"Oh yeah?" you scoffed, wiping away a few stray tears from your cheeks, "Wonho told me about your disgusting kink! You don't care about me, you just wanted to be able to say you fucked a human!"
"Wh―" he stumbled over his words, irises desperately scanning over you, "That's not...true."
You scoffed, shaking your head., "You're so unfair, Taehyung." he cocked his head to the side curiously, "You made me like you and I trusted you. But you really aren't any different from men on Earth, huh?"
"What do you mean? Of course I'm different!" he argued, his own eyes growing glassy, "I never lied to you, _____. I promise!"
"You just wanted to use me as a conquest, something to brag about," you breathing stuttered as you sobbed, "And I almost fell for it!"
"Would you listen to me?!" he snapped, suddenly moving and pinning you against the wall.
He was caging you in, scent overwhelming you and making more tears fall from your eyes. You refused to meet his gaze, even though you could feel his eyes burning into you. You sniffled, staring down at your cardigan sleeves that were functioning as sweater paws.
"I never once intended to use you like that," Taehyung growled, voice giving away his frustration, "Everything I have said and done for you is real and not because you're a human. I don't want you as a...a...conquest," the word sounded foreign on his tongue, "And I certainly am not like your pathetic human men on Earth. I am better in every single way."
"Stop calling me that!" he snapped, making you jump, "I-I want you to call me Tae!"
"I don't think..." you shook your head.
"Why won't you believe me?" he sighed, voice going soft, "Is it really so easy to lose trust in me when I haven't even done anything? You heard my friend say some stupid nonsense a-and you're suddenly convinced I'm evil!"
When he put it like that, you felt silly. Your own insecurities caught up with you and you shifted awkwardly in your place against the wall. You sheepishly looked up to find him staring at you, eyes dark beneath his long bangs. They were damp from sweat and you swallowed thickly at how good he looked.
"I'm sorry Tae..." you mumbled, nibbling on your lip beneath his glare, "I just...I really like you and I don't want you to―
"Listen to me," he tilted your head up, making you look at him directly. His eyes were much softer now and your eyes felt hot once more, "I have no intention of hurting you. You can trust me, _____. I promise."
It felt like all self-control slipped through your fingers as you suddenly surged forward to press your lips against his. Standing on you tippy-toes, you wrapped your arms around his neck. He eagerly kissed you back, arms wrapping around you ― teeth nipping at your bottom lip to make you whine.
One of his hands traveled lower, cupping your ass and pulling you closer to him. You could feel his length hardened in his jeans ― and it was just as big as you remembered. It made you whimper, feeling him so hard against you. You squeaked when the floor was suddenly pulled out from beneath you and you found yourself pressed against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist, his weight supporting you.
You whined when his lips found your neck, trailing his lips over the sensitive skin beneath your ear. He smirked at the feeling of you shuddering against him.
"Are you wet for me, baby?" he asked against your skin. You whimpered and nodded, feeling your pussy clench and gush into your panties, "Do you want me to touch you? Tell me."
"Yes please, Tae," you begged, blushing when he chuckled at your desperation.
The wall was pulled out from behind you and you scrambled to hold onto him around his shoulders, "I got you," he reassured, turning to walk through the open doorway of your bedroom.
You were deposited onto your mattress, making you bounce slightly on it. Taehyung was covering your body once more, however, as he met your lips for another kiss. Resting his weight on one forearm beside your head, he used the other to push your shirt up.
Getting the hint, you pulled your cardigan off and tossed it off the side of the bed before tugging your shirt off as well. Taehyung groaned, his lips kissing the swell of your breast above your bra. His fingers trailed over your bra ― cupping you and sighing softly.
You were surprised by your own boldness as you reached behind you and unclipped your bra. Before you could tug it off, however, Taehyung pinned your arms above your head and growled.
"Why are you so eager?" he asked, making your blush further.
"I-I just want you to touch me..." you confessed, lashes fluttering when he leaned down to brush his lips against your lips once more.
"There's no rush, little one," he cooed, "I'm not going anywhere until I've made you cum for me."
You clenched your thighs with a whimper at the pressure in your core. He pulled off your bra, finally, tossing it away and sitting back to admire your body. You were laid out beneath him, breasts heaving in your arousal.
His head dipped down and you held your breath as he enveloped a perked nipple into his mouth. Your hands flew up to clutch at his hair, back arching. His teeth grazed the bud, and groaned at the way you whined.
"Fuck, you're so responsive to everything I do," he gasped, pulling his lips away from your nipple. His fingers found it and brushed his thumb nail over and you choked out a sob, "I love it so much..."
"T-Tae please!" you whined, arching your hips up.
"Alright, baby," he cooed, flicking the button of your jeans open and tugging them down. Your panties went with them but neither of you cared, "Look at that. So wet."
"Please touch me, Tae," you begged, spreading your legs wider around him.
"You ever been eaten out, sweetheart?" he asked, watching the way your breath stuttered at his question. When you didn't answer, he gave your cunt a swift smack. You cried out, clutching at the blankets desperately, "I asked you a question."
"N-No I've never― " you were cut off by his fingers sliding over your clit softly.
"Do you want to?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.
"Yes, yes please, Tae!" you gasped, eyes wide when he shifted down the bed until his head was positioned over your core.
"So pretty, baby," he sighed, spreading your folds open to expose the pretty wet hole that clenched desperately around nothing.
Your mouth fell open, a stuttered breath escaping you when his tongue slid over your entrance up to your clit. He hummed, licking his lips to chase the taste. He looked like he was in heaven, swirling his tongue over your bud and chuckling when your whole body trembled.
"Love how you react to me," he whispered, mostly to himself. He tongued at your hole to taste your juices once more before dragging up to your clit once again, "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you."
"Tae!" you cried, tugging his hair harshly though he didn't seem to mind.
His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking the bud into his mouth. You keened, eyes rolling back into your head at the stimulation. You nearly screamed when you were suddenly filled with two long fingers.
"Fuck!" you cried, back arching. You abandoned your hold on his hand to wrap your hands beneath your knees ― keeping yourself open for him.
"Good girl," he praised, making you smile down at him.
He pressed a kiss against your thigh before diving down to take your clit into his mouth again. His fingers stretched you open, catching your g-spot every chance he got. He reached so deep inside you with just his fingers and you suddenly remembered how big his dick was. Just the thought of it had your walls clenching around his fingers. He groaned in response, the vibrations against your clit making your thighs twitch.
"A-Another finger, Tae, please," you begged, voice not above a whisper.
"Can you handle that, sweetheart? Your little cunt’s already stretched around two," he teased, his index finger beginning to nudge against your entrance.
"N-Need it," you gasped, "Need to take it for you cock."
His fingers froze and you felt him exhale sharply against your core ― as if the air had been punched out of him. Glancing down, you saw his jaw was clenched and his brows were furrowed.
"Don't say things like that, little girl," he growled, finally pushing the third finger into you, "Don't make promises you can't keep."
"Tae I― " your words died on your tongue when he enveloped your clit once again.
You felt stuffed with his fingers, the digits making your entrance stretch deliciously. You lost your grip on your knees and let them fall open once again. Taehyung's tongue danced over the sensitive nerves, eyes closed as he relished in having your cunt wrapped around his fingers. You were gushing, coating the digits in your juices and he couldn't wait to have them in his mouth.
"W-Wanna cum, Tae," you gasped, reaching above you to grip desperately at the pillow.
He reached up, pulling on one of your hands until you released the material. You felt your walls clench tight when he urged you to put your hands on his head.
He wanted you to pull at his hair.
Not one to reject such an offer, you tangled both your hands in the soft locks as he began to fuck you with his fingers eagerly. The wet noises were obscene, mixed with your moans made an incredible melody for Taehyung.
The fact he was the only one who had ever had you like that made his cock throb. His hips moved mindlessly against the bed beneath him to get some stimulation. His cock hurt in the confines of his jeans but he didn't dare try to pull it out.
Suddenly, your walls clenched tight and the grip on his hair began to sting the harder you pulled. Sobbing out his name, your entire body began to quake beneath him. The pleasure was overwhelming and you snapped your thighs closed around his head. He didn't pull away, however, keeping his lips attached to the throbbing bud through your orgasm ― milking every spectacular second until you were whimpering from overstimulation.
He gasped as he pulled away, sitting back on his heels before pulling his fingers out of you. He spread your folds, groaning at the way you gaped slightly from being stretched open. Sliding his soaked fingers into his mouth, his whole body trembled and he reached down to palm himself through his jeans.
The feeling of a smaller hand covering his had his eyes snapping open. He pulled his fingers out and stared down at you as you shyly palmed him through the material. He groaned, head falling back.
"C-Can I..." you trailed off, not quite sure what you were asking.
"I...I don't know..." he bit his lip, apprehensive.
"Please Tae?" you pouted, looking up at him through your lashes.
"Shit, alright," he whispered, switching your positions. He scooted up until his back rested against your headboard, shoving your pillows aside to make room for himself, "Come here. Sit on my lap, pretty girl."
Your hands were trembling as you did what you were asked, swinging your leg over his lap until you were straddling him. As you pressed your full weight on him, he tossed his head back in a groan. The pressure of you sitting on him felt spectacular.
Gripping his shoulders, you suddenly felt shy with his eyes on you. He gazed at your body on top of him like you were a goddess, hands drifting up your sides and cupping your breasts. Thumbing your nipples, he smiled crookedly when you shivered at the feeling. He cupped your cheeks, finally, and pulled you down for a soft kiss.
"Go ahead and grind on me, baby," he cooed, gripping your hips to urge you to move.
The first grind against him had him releasing the most beautiful moan that you felt yourself gush in response. His head leaned back against the headboard, watching through lidded eyes the way your cunt ground against his cock through his jeans. He wishes he could take it out and feel your wetness drip all over him ― to feel you cream against him as you came. He swallowed the urge down and continued to guide you.
"D-Does it feel good?" you asked, biting your lip as you watched his jaw tense as he held back his moans.
"So good, babygirl," he groaned, feeling his heart stutter when you proudly grinned down at him, "You're so fucking cute."
"D-Don't call me cute when I'm doing this," you hissed, narrowing your eyes at him.
"Doing what?" his head rolled against his shoulder and he smirked at you, "Go on and say it."
"No..." You whispered, clutching his shirt. Leaning forward, you wrapped your arms around his neck and held him close.
"Why so shy, little one?" he chuckled, kissing your temple and trailing his hand up your back before cupping the back of your head, "Grinding your wet little cunt against me like this...wanting to make me cum. And you want to act shy?"
You whimpered, gasping into his ear so prettily that he shuddered. He felt his orgasm coming and he groaned through clenched teeth.
"Close..." he whispered, fingers digging into the soft skin of your waist while he other clenched in your hand, "You're gonna make me cum, baby."
"Please cum, Tae," you begged, gasping when he wrenched your face out from where you were hiding in his neck.
"You want my cum?" he panted, mouth falling open as you fastened your pace. You nodded as best you could with his hand in your hair, "How about you cum first for me?"
Your eyes fluttered, realizing with his words how close you were to another orgasm. You leaned forward, pressing your lips against him. He hummed in response, smiling in the kiss when you started trembling in his lap.
You pulled away from the kiss and tossed you head back as you cried out his name, gushing against his jeans. Taehyung cursed, his own hips stuttering beneath you.
By the time you came down, you realized how wet his jeans were beneath you. You whined, falling off the side of his lap. He still sat up, chest heaving as he caught his breath. With his eyes closed, he didn't see you cupping his softening length through the wet material. He hissed, brushing your hand off of him.
"I-Is that all your..."
"I should get home," he interrupted. You frowned, watching him stand up and shift uncomfortably.
"Can't you stay?" you asked, finding yourself not wanting him to leave.
"Sorry, baby," he leaned down and pressed a kiss against your forehead, "Maybe another time." With a final, departing kiss, he turned and stepped out of the door. He paused, however, and looked back at you, "Be ready tomorrow, 8PM. I'll take you for dinner."
You were left alone on the bed with a little smile on your lips ― the promise of seeing him tomorrow making you giddy.
Tumblr media
You felt apprehensive when 8PM rolled around and there was no sign of him ― the time blinking on the screen of your computer. You sat on your desk chair, watching the moments tick by.
It was nearing 8:30 when there were a series of knocks on your door. You jumped to your feet and raced to the door, pulling it open to see Taehyung with a guilty smile and a handful of flowers.
"Sorry I'm late I uh..." he cleared his throat and held the flowers over to you, "I had to go a bit out of my way to get these."
"Oh Tae..." you smiled, taking them from his hands and bringing them up to your nose to smell, "They're beautiful."
"They're imported from Liana," he smiled, shrugging sheepishly.
"How'd you think of this?" You asked, motioning for him to enter your home as you went to your kitchen to put the flowers in water.
"Well..." he cleared his throat, "I just...I've been reading about human dates and just human things like that, you know?"
"You've been studying for our date?" you giggled, putting the flowers on your counter before turning to him. He looked shy, keeping his eyes averted from you, "I really appreciate it, Tae."
"Really?" his eyes lit up and he grinned his adorable smile.
"I think it was very thoughtful," you led him back to the door and out into the cool night.
"There's this place I really like around my place," he suddenly explained, taking your hand in his as he helped you down from the stoop, "I like to go there with some friends. I think you'll like it!"
"I'm sure I'll like anything, Tae," you admitted, smiling when he squeezed your hand in response.
The two of you made simple talk as you made your way to the restaurant. You hadn't had the opportunity to go to one in the time you'd lived on Izo Huen.
It was a simple, small building with an Open sign in English. You grinned, bouncing inside tugging Taehyung by his hand excitedly.
"Pick a seat, little one," Taehyung cooed, nudging your back.
It was set up exactly like a restaurant on Earth and you slid yourself into a booth, grinning. Taehyung took the spot across from you, lounging back as he looked at the menu. You followed his lead and opened the menu yourself. Eyes wide, you realized you were able to read everything.
"Hey...It's in English!" you muttered, eyes scanning over the words. They were translated underneath into what Taehyung could understand ― the characters and symbols lost on you.
"Yeah it's the only place around here that does it," he shrugged, "I figured you might enjoy that."
"You're..." you grinned, shaking you head, "You're so thoughtful, Tae. I really appreciate it."
He shrugged, though you could see that his ears were tinged red.
You both ordered drinks and food, the atmosphere dissolving into one of calm company. You both chatted idly about anything ― Taehyung asking a lot of questions about Earth and him trying to teach you the different characters for his alphabet. He gave up when you just couldn't get a hang of it ― teasingly calling you illiterate and cooing when you pouted.
"Hey Tae," you muttered, picking at the salad you had ordered. He hummed, mouth full of some type of steak ― though the meat was of a consistency that made your stomach turn, "How did you learn to speak so...casually?"
"What do you mean?" he asked, sipping his soda.
"You know..." you blushed, realizing the question wasn't really something to ask over the dinner table, "When you talk you use a lot of slang terms. bed," You whispered the last word and picked at your salad again.
"Oh," Taehyung chuckled, "See, I have a friend who has been to Earth a few times. He has a lot of...interesting material that he let me read. And he kind of taught me some popular slang on Earth."
"You didn't have to go to so much effort, Taehyung," you whispered, although you were grinning. Your heart fluttered in your chest nonetheless.
"I wanted to," he suddenly set a hard gaze on you, "I want you to like me and I want you to feel comfortable around me. I want to be good for you."
"Tae..." you reached across the table and cupped his hand in yours, "I already like you very much. You make me feel comfortable and you make me feel very happy."
He grinned, looking away from you shyly but squeezed your hand tightly.
The walk home was peaceful, you found yourself wrapping your arms around one of Taehyung's ― wanting to be close to him. He didn't seem to mind in the slightest, squeezing your hand tightly and staring down at you with sparkling eyes. It felt like he looked at you like you hung up the moon ― it made you feel fluttery inside.
"Do you want to come inside, Tae?" you asked, opening your front door.
He hesitated for just a moment before stepping inside. He kicked his boots off along with you, watching as you tucked both of them away in the corner. You went to your bedroom to change into something comfortable ― settling on some pajama pants and an oversized sweater. When you walked back out, Taehyung was sitting at your desk looking at your computer.
"What's this?" he gestured to your setup with your camera.
"It's where I record the logs needed to send back to Earth," you explained, "I update my superiors every week on things that are happening. When I learn something new about the culture or something interesting happens."
"Interesting," he muttered, sitting there for a moment before standing up and navigated over to your couch.
You dropped into the seat beside him and molded yourself against his side. He wrapped his arm around you and pressed a kiss against the top of your head. The silence was comfortable and you rested your head on his chest ― listening to his heartbeat.
"Hey Tae?" he hummed, looking down at you when you looked up at him, "Can I have a kiss?"
His gaze softened and he quickly leaned down to press his lips against yours. He went to pull away but you followed him, pulling him into a deep kiss making him moan. Swinging your leg over his lap, you straddled him boldly. He seemed surprised by it but didn't say anything, just moving his lips against yours.
"Tae," you whispered against his lips, "I want to touch you, please?"
"_____― " he pulled away from the kiss, pushing you back slightly by your shoulders.
"You keep saying I can't handle it, but I can!" you argued, pouting at being pushed back.
"I don't want to hurt you, _____," his brows came together in a deep furrow, "It wasn't just talk when I said you couldn't handle it. It's too much, you're too...small."
"It turns you on though doesn't it?" you teased, noticing how he was growing hard beneath you, "Can't we at least try, Tae?"
"I-I..." his head fell back when you ground against him, "Fuck, we can try."
You held in a squeal of joy when he scooped you up in his arms and carried you to the bedroom. He dropped you on the bed and stripped his shirt off.
It was the first time seeing him naked and you sat up to admire his body. He was fit, as you expected. His stomach was flat with a small trail of hair leading beneath his jeans. On his shoulders were patches embedded in his skin that reflected off the dim light of your bedroom.
"What..." you sat up on your knees, brushing your fingers over them. It felt like normal skin, and you hummed in wonder.
"They're...light-sensitive patches that we just...never evolved out of," he explained, "They were useful for survival when we dominated the deserts. Now they're"
"Interesting," you muttered, trailing your hand down his chest and stomach to the button on his jeans.
Before you could flick it open, however, he grabbed your wrist and pinned you back to the bed. His gaze was dark, making you shiver underneath it. He smelled wonderful and you reached up with your free hand to brush his bangs out of his eyes.
"You've got another thing coming if you think you'll get anywhere near my cock before I think you're good and ready, little one," he growled, making your thighs clench at the sound.
You whined when he rushed to discard your clothes, not wasting a single second in getting you bare for him. He palmed himself through his jeans as he looked down at you, licking his lips.
"So pretty," he whispered, smoothing his hand down your body. Smirking, he pinched one of your nipples to hear the way you whined, "Spread your legs for me."
You hurriedly did as you were told, shame and inhibitions thrown out the window. You felt nervous under his gaze but with every compliment and soft touch ― you began to feel better. Mouth falling open, you gasped when his fingertips brushed against your folds.
"You're so wet," he mumbled, more to himself, "Are you always so wet, baby?"
"Y-You're the only one ― "
"I know that but when you touch yourself, pretty baby," he glanced up when you tensed, "I know you do. Tell me do you get this wet?"
"O-Only when I think of you," you admitted before you could think twice about it. You felt your cheeks burn at your own admission but Taehyung cursed and grunted as he squeezed his cock.
"You're such a good girl," he praised, fingertips trailing up your body again. Goosebumps ignited across your skin and you arched your back to get more of the feeling of his touch.
His fingers eagerly dipped back between your thighs to find your entrance. You whimpered when he immediately slipped a single digit inside. It felt nice but unfulfilling.
He pulled his finger out and circled it over your clit ― using your own juices to lubricate the movement. You hummed, eyes fluttering as he circled the bud several times. When your thighs began to tense, he pushed his finger back inside.
He continued the teasing until you were whining beneath him. Suddenly he pressed his thumb against the bud, circling and pressing against it relentlessly.
"I'm gonna cum!" you warned, your eyes squeezing shut.
"Go ahead, pretty baby," he urged, not pausing in his torture of your clit.
You came quickly, arching and trembling on the bed. Your cunt was empty, gushing and clenching around nothing. His touches on your clit slowed until they stopped all together.
You figured he'd give you a moment to recover but, he was suddenly sliding two fingers inside you. You were so wet from your orgasm, your cum slicking down his fingers and onto the bed. You sobbed, grinding your hips into his touch. He didn't try touching your clit or your spot, showing that much mercy. Instead, he leaned down to envelop a perked nipple in his mouth while he scissored his fingers, stretching you a bit more.
You hummed, cupping the back of his head to keep him in place. He didn't seem to mind, beginning to fuck his two fingers into you faster.
"A-Another, please," you requested, whimpered when he immediately did so.
There was a slight, tiny burn that immediately gave way to pleasure. His palm pressed against your clit ― still so sensitive that it made you tremble. As he fucked you with his fingers, he switched to give your other breast attention.
Your hips jerked with his every movement, following the pace he'd set. Every time he brushed your g-spot and you whined, he would laugh.
He took so much enjoyment in your pleasure it was almost baffling. You were always sure that men would be selfish and unsatisfying in bed but Taehyung was nothing but attentive.
Perhaps he was right; he was better than any human man.
"Cum again for me," he purred, swiping his tongue along your chest before meeting your neck.
The feeling of his fingers and teeth on your neck had you inching closer to the edge of the abyss.
"T-Tae, please," you whined, grinding your hips down, "T-Touch me, please."
He hummed, moving his thumb to press against your clit. The simple touch set you off and you were coming once again beneath him. Your body was on fire, sweat sticking to you and making you pant. It crested beautifully and faded out into trembles and whines.
He didn't remove his fingers, instead beginning to nudge a fourth into you ― his pinky finger. His eyes met yours, keeping his eyes on your face as he stretched you further than he had before. The width of his hand was bordering on painful but you found it highly enjoyable. His thumb continued to circle your clit even as you sobbed in overstimulation. Your spasming walls eagerly accepted the new stretch and you found yourself relaxing into it.
He was quickly going to send you to another orgasm but before you could fall off the edge again, he removed his thumb. You whined, grinding your hips to chase the feeling. His eyes drifted down to where his fingers were buried into you, smoothing two of his fingers from his free hand over your folds.
"Stretched so wide," he muttered, scooping up some of your cum on the digits and popping them in his mouth. Your walls squeezed his fingers in response to his display.
He suddenly pulled his fingers out and you cried out at being empty so fast. Your walls weren't able to close properly and you closed your thighs at the feeling.
Instead of stopping you, Taehyung stepped off the bed. Your mouth went dry when he unbuttoned his jeans and began to shuffle them down his thighs.
You realized he wasn't wearing underwear when his cock popped free ― flushed incredibly red at the head and leaking precum down the shaft. He visibly shuddered when his cock was free from its confines and he quickly wrapped his hand around himself ― giving himself a few good squeezes.
He was just as big as you thought. His fingers didn't meet when wrapped around the girth. He was wider than his four fingers and so long that you found yourself whimpering at the thought of him drilling into you that deep.
"You still think you can take me, little one?" he asked, crawling on the bed to kneel in front of you still clenched thighs.
"Y-Yeah...want it," you let your legs fall open, showing him your flushed and swollen cunt.
Her cursed, tapping the fat head of his cock against your cunt. You whimpered when you saw just how big it was compared to your own pussy. He was surely going to rip you in half but damn if you wouldn't enjoy every second.
His precum mixed with your cum as he slid his shaft between your folds, getting the underside of him nice and wet. You whimpered, feeling him grinding against your clit bringing you close to the orgasm you'd been denied.
Before you could fall into it, he positioned his tip at your entrance. Prodding ever so slightly, he sighed at the feeling of your heat against him. You spread your legs wider for him as he began to press inside.
You cried out, clutching the sheets beneath you as he stretched you wide open. The head of him was so thick, bordering on painful. You reached out to stop him from going any further, gritting your teeth at the feeling.
"You're okay," he whispered, shifting back so he pulled out of you.
You breathed heavily, relaxing once more as he circled your clit with his thumb. As your eyes fluttered, he began to press back inside. You whined as he pushed past what he had been, thumb not letting up on your clit. You walls spasmed around him, making him groan as you began to tremble.
The head of him popped inside and you cried out as you were sent over the edge. Taehyung's body fell over yours, catching himself on his hands beside your head. You sobbed, tears filling your eyes at the pleasure of being stretched as you were.
Taehyung's mouth fell open as he felt you cum around the head of his cock. When you calmed down to just little sniffles and whimpers, he leaned down to press his lips against your neck.
"You okay, baby?" he whispered. You nodded, reaching up to cup his cheeks and pull him into a soft kiss.
He took that as his cue to sink further into you. The flare on the head of his cock was the thickest part of him and it felt much easier for the rest of him to slide in. He nudged your cervix and when you flinched at the pain, he pulled back slightly.
"Look at that," he chuckled looking between your bodies. Following his gaze, your eyes widened, "You can't even fit all of me inside you, little one."
He was right, you'd only managed to fit half his cock inside you. Your walls clenched around him at that.
"Feels so good, Tae," you whispered, feeling his cock twitch against your walls.
He grinned, moving his hips gently, sinking in as far as he comfortably could before pulling back out. Although he wasn't able to fit in you completely, he still found himself groaning against you
"Such a tight little cunt," he growled, nipping at your jaw, "Took me so well, like a good girl."
You began to grind your hips up as he sunk into you and he growled. Sitting back on his heels, he soothed his hand over your body to soothe you.
You cursed loudly when he snapped his hips much harder into you ― testing how much you could take. When you gushed and spasmed around him, he took that as a sign to keep going. You moaned so beautifully for him, body reacting like a dream to his every touch and movement.
Cunt stretched wide and stuffed full of cock, you couldn't even think of anything else. You felt drunk, dizzy and lightheaded. Taehyung cooed when you slurred out his name, swiping his thumb over your bottom lip to collect some drool there.
"You're so cute," he grinned, breaking out into a moan when you clenched him tight, "All you can think about is my cock, huh?"
"'S so good..." you whispered, the words coming out almost breathlessly.
"I know, baby," he replied, licking his lips as he moved to his cock pounding you open wider than you should have been able to take, "You're gushing and squeezing me so nice. Are you gonna cum? Can you cum for me?"
You swallowed and nodded, whining when he hit your cervix. It hurt but it blended in with the pleasure. Mindlessly, you reached down to find your clit ― intent on sending yourself over the edge.
"No, no baby," he cooed, brushing your fingers away, "You'll cum without touching your pretty clit, yeah?"
"C-Can't," you sobbed, tears leaking out of the corner of your eyes.
"I think you can," he muttered, smoothing his hand over your lower stomach. "Fuck, look at that, babygirl."
You lazily followed his gaze to where his hand laid. Your cunt clenched at the sight of your stomach bulging every time he sunk in ― his cock literally molding you around it. You gasped, your high bubbling in your stomach.
"Wanna cum!" you cried, attempting to reach down and circle your clit again only to be stopped once more.
"I said no, little one," he snapped, pinning your hands above your head as he loomed above you, "You can do it. Cum for me."
Your body went still, focusing on the feeling of his cock filling you and stretching you. His cock was so big that he didn't even have to try to reach any good spots within you.
Astoundingly, you shrieked as your orgasm finally washed over you. Taehyung cursed in your ear, fucking you ruthlessly through the high. Distantly, you felt wetness splatter between your thighs and coat both of you. You chanted his name as you squirmed and writhed at the overwhelming pleasure.
"Shit, I'm― " Taehyung's warning was cut off by a groan.
His weight fell on you fully and he hid his face in your neck as he came. You hugged him against you, still trembling as he pumped his hot cum into you. There was so much, his cock keeping his cum plugged inside you. You gasped and twitched as you felt your stomach bloat over so slightly. You walls clenched around him, the idea of him filling you so much sending you into another quiet orgasm.
It was less spectacular than the others, but still left you gasping of air. Taehyung groaned in your ear as he felt you cum around his sensitive cock once again ― forcing a couple more spurts out of him to add.
It seemed like forever until his body finally relaxed. He continued to hold you, pressing kisses against any place he possibly could.
"That was...nice..." you muttered, making him laugh as he rolled off of you.
Your mouth fell open as he pulled his cock out ― it ached, there was no denying it. There was a gush of his cum, so much of it that it formed of pool beneath you. Your cheeks felt hot as Taehyung watched his cum pour out of your abused hole.
"Who knew my little human girl could take so much?" he teased, enjoyed the way you squirmed in embarrassment, "Want to take a shower?"
"Only if you will with me," you offered with a tired voice, watching his face morph into an expression of confusion.
"Is that some type of human thing?" he asked, sitting up and stretching his muscles.
"Apparently so," you whispered.
"Hey..." he paused from getting off of the bed. "'ll be here a while, right?"
"What do you mean?" you asked, clenching your thighs shut as you felt your core begin to burn and ache as you came back to yourself.
" won't have to go back to Earth any time, right?" his voice sounded small, almost fragile.
"I'll stay as long as I want to," you reassured, leaning over to kiss him but freezing before you could.
"What is it?" he asked, frowning.
"I'm just really fucking sore," you mumbled, flushing when he burst out laughing.
"Ah, my cute little human," he cooed, kissing your nose.
Tumblr media
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curly-bangtan · a year ago
Heatwave (M)
Pairing: roommate!Taehyung x reader 
Summary: When your town is hit with a heatwave, and the air conditioning at your shared place coincidentally malfunctions, you start to go a little crazy at your shit luck because there’s nothing you hate more than clammy pits, while Taehyung goes a little crazy thinking you’re trying to seduce him with your tiny shorts and popsicle-sucking skills.
Genre: roommate au, friends to lovers au (f2l), smut, angst if you squint, attempt at sparse crack
Warnings: language (I have a potty mouth sorry), penetrative sex, dom!Taehyung, brat!OC, daddy kink, rough sex, oral (f receiving), slight slight degradation if you’re being pedantic, orgasm denial, Taehyung’s scary duality, oc and Taehyung being thick and dumb af
Word count: 12k... :0
A/N: Herro, this is my first ever oneshot which was originally meant to be a quick 5k max smut, but I just kept adding plot and backstory and now I birthed this big fella… So I hope you like it because it took me some time to finish and I enjoyed writing it a lot. Please leave me some feedback so I can kickstart this writing blog. :3
PS. This is written about 190623 Taehyung cos that is my ult right there.
Sequel: Godless
[Drabble Masterlist]
‘Oh you’ve got to be fucking with me, not this one too!’
You aggressively jab at the power button of the air conditioning remote another five times before smacking the controller against the flat of your palm in frustration. When it still refuses to switch on, you let out a bellow of rage and hurl the wretched thing at the sofa.
This can not be happening…
It is currently the middle of May and your town is experiencing a severe heatwave, a record-breaking one for that matter, which is plastered on the headlines of every news outlet. Temperature peaking at a whopping 38˚C, it is the hottest it’s ever been in this 20 mile radius, knocking the astounding 37˚C from 1971 off its podium. Must be doing wonders for ice cream sales and nightmares for electrical bills because there is simply no way anyone can survive this unbearable heat without all the cooling help they can get.
Some people may happily welcome the heat, seeing as your town rarely gets to see even a peak of sun, but those people must also be sick and twisted and the same people who pour in their milk before cereal.
How anyone could possibly tolerate sweat in every single crevice, hair sticking to the back of their necks, stuffy air stinking of B.O. is simply beyond the scopes of your understanding. It would honestly take a masochistic psychopath to enjoy this weather. And that is why, without a single doubt, you prefer the cold. See, with the cold, you can easily warm yourself up by adding more layers; you don’t even necessarily have to turn the radiator on, just grab a cozy blanket and snuggle up in bed with a mug of warm beverage of your choice. But the heat? You can be just sitting there, legs dipped in the pool, not moving a single muscle, naked even, and you will still be melting down to your bones from the overwhelming warmth.
So the fact that every single air conditioner of your house has precisely chosen this very moment to malfunction is really the cherry on top, isn’t it? Fan-fucking-tabulous. Not to mention that it’s exam season, so how on earth are you supposed to revise when all you can focus on is your clammy knee pit?
This is so typical, so on brand for every single inconvenience to magically fall onto your lap. Ever since the ripe age of eleven, you’ve been cursed with bad luck when a pigeon shat on your head the day of your primary school graduation; you still shudder every time your finger brushes the spot on your scalp where that revolting greenish sludge landed, the sickening splat echoing in your ears. Thus marking the beginning of your ill-fortuned fate which only got worse from there.
You quickly pull out your phone, its cool surface providing you with temporary relief, and begin dialling Taehyung’s number. As usual, he picks up after the fourth ring. ‘You won’t believe it.’
‘What?’ His breath is slightly heavier than usual, which confirms that he’s indeed walking back home from his maths workshop right now just as you guessed.
‘The fucking AC decided to stop working.’ You grit out. ‘All of them.’
The line goes silent for a second. ‘Oh fuck.’ He groans. You distinctly hear him running his hand through his hair out of habit, no doubt making it stick out to the side funnily without himself noticing.
‘I feel like I’m burning in seven hells. I’ve opened all the windows but it's blowing hot air inside, hot air, Taehyung, like air that is hot to the touch. What the fuck? Please tell me you’ve got the number of the electrician.’ A bead of sweat begins to trickle down your forehead and you violently wipe it away, its wet residue stirring a pit of disgust in your gut, your blood on the brink of boiling.
‘Hmm… Uh, let me think…’
‘Taehyung. Tell. Me. You’ve. Got. The. Number. Of. The. Electrician.’ At this point, you are even scaring yourself. There are three instances where someone should never mess with you: when you’re hungry, sleep-deprived or sweltering hot. Any moment now, the beast will jump out and devour your sanity, ripping it to shreds along with your will to live.
‘Um.’ Taehyung gulps. ‘I’m sure I jotted it down on a piece of paper somewhere, I’ll find it when I get back.’
‘If we accidentally threw it out, I swear to-’
‘I promise, it’s at home somewhere.’ He quickly cuts you off, and you can’t tell whether it’s because he’s overly optimistic or just saying that to evade your wrath.
Realising that you’ve been pacing anxiously around the room, which is only making you sweat more, you decide to rest on the couch. However, just as you plonk down, your bum is painfully met with a hard object, causing you to yelp out. This god-damn cursed air con remote! You furiously yank it from under you and almost throw it against the wall before remembering that you probably don’t want to break the stupid thing even more. ‘Fine. I’m sorry, you know how I get with the heat.’
Taehyung chuckles, the sound easing your animal of a temper slightly. ‘Yes, I know. But hey, don’t worry, I’ll stop by the store and grab some ice lollies, okay, diva?’
At that, you smile knowing you made the right choice of flatmate.
It’s a weird kind of funny story how the two of you came to living together actually. 
On a regular night out, one of your many drunken escapades that you’ll be proudly telling your grandchildren about, you had miraculously yet also unsurprisingly lost your group of girlfriends you’d gone out with. Three-drink-Y/N has a bad case of wandering-feet-syndrome, and that night it was at its worse as you later learned that you had wound up in a different club from everyone else.
There you were, slightly tipsy, collecting free drinks by the bar from all-too-eager men who were oblivious to how you were tactfully avoiding their advances and slipping from one to the next, when an argument perked your ears. 
From the corner of your eye, you spotted two guys yelling at each other beside the dance floor, a crowd already starting to huddle around them in anticipation. Just as you managed to writhe your way over to get better a better look of the commotion, ever the nosy bitch you are, the lankier guy of the two swung at the other with surprising force for his diffident stature. Blood splattered across your face as you hear the sickening crunch of a broken nose. Before you could even register the disgust, a full on brawl broke out right in front of you, fists flying in all directions and the crowd chanting them on.
In the thick of the chaos, an overly excited buffoon behind you accidentally shoved you into the midst of the fight, and someone’s fingers wound up caught in your long hair mid-swing, yanking your head in the direction of the punch. Your head collided with another, but you didn’t feel the pain due to your inebriated state, only a loud clang ringing in your ears. Within seconds, a large arm was dragging you away by the waist, and you let them because your head was heavy and vision blurry. When you finally gained some notion of what was going on, you were being tossed out of the club by the bouncer, ass thudding on the ground. You hadn’t even a chance to explain yourself before the backdoor was slammed in your face.
The pigeon-shit luck of yours.
‘Are you okay?’ A male voice behind you said, causing you to spin around in alarm to face him. ‘Oh my god, there’s blood all over your face! Did I accidentally hit you? Oh my fucking god, I’m so so sorry.’
He was sitting against the wall of the alleyway you were both thrown out into, arms crossed, lip cracked, bruise forming on his cheek in a way that shouldn’t have been attractive. Except it was. Even under the dim light, you couldn’t miss how undeniably good looking he was, the kind that kicked the breath out of you just from first glance. And you almost wanted to go back into the club just to beat up whoever that punk was that dared to lift a finger on such a gorgeous face.
Why hello. Where had you been all night before you had gotten in a fight?
But then you met his stare. He was a whole walking oxymoron: eyes soft, round and melted milk chocolate, completely juxtaposing the painful brownish-purple blooming across his temple and the angry red leaking from the corner of his mouth. Only then did you notice how soft his tone had been, something you had not expected after seeing him pack such a powerful punch.
‘Oh! Um- No, no, that isn’t my blood. And you didn’t hit me, don’t worry, you just kinda… uhh… accidentally pull my hair and made me hit my head.’ You saw the sheer panic and guilt flare in his eyes. ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry. I didn’t even feel it, it doesn’t hurt I swear.’
But just as those words left your mouth, you felt a throbbing pain emerging at the corner of your forehead as if the thought alone had summoned the hammering pulse. You subtly tried to rub it to see if a lump was forming. Well, that’s definitely going to look great for your job interview in two days…
‘Oh, right. That explains why I’ve got hair all over me.’ He winced as he lifted up his fistful of your hair and scratched the back of his head apologetically. ‘Honestly, I am so fucking sorry. I didn’t even realise you were there…’ He started going off on a ramble that you zoned out from until it was a mere buzz.
This guy… was a fucking enigma, and it was confusing the shit out of you.
Despite the fact that you had just witness him break someone’s nose. there was something so puppy-like about the way he was looking at you, something so innocent and likeable. And you truly could not wrap your head around it. He looked like he could ruin your life, with his tousled hair and piercing intimidation, yet as soon as he opened his mouth all that exuded from him was a cute heartwarming type of boyishness. You didn’t have it in you to muster even an ounce of anger towards him, you just possibly couldn’t, even though he technically did drag you into the fight. Literally, by the hair.
‘Here, you can yank out some of mine too if you want.’
At that, you couldn’t help but laugh, but when you found him staring blankly at you with his round eyes and Pingu-pout, you realised that he was being serious. ‘No! It’s fine, please don’t… I’m okay, I’m okay.’ Your stutter must have heard how nervous he was making you because it was making an unwelcomed appearance. ‘I’ve had shittier nights, er, don’t worry. What’s your name, by the way?’
‘Taehyung, you?’
Rule number one of your going out handbook had always been to never give a random guy your real name, because as soon as you tell them even only your first name, the next thing you know next morning, they’ve found your Facebook and Instagram and won’t stop messaging you. But with Taehyung, you just couldn’t help yourself. He radiated a wave of purity and sincerity that you’d never experienced from the male specimen, he had an effortless charm to him that immediately enveloped you into a warm reassuring embrace the moment he spoke.
Plus, you had eyes. Just look at him. Your friends would castigate, no, flay you with a whip, if you didn’t at least try to talk to him, albeit he had almost ripped out half your scalp. ‘So how come you were fighting that guy? He looked like he deserved it.’
As if he had been waiting for you to ask, he sprung into life, launching into a story about how he was in a happy loving three-year relationship with his girlfriend and had been secretly planning a holiday to Mykonos, Greece, her number one travel destination that she’d been pining for since they met. It was only after the flights and hotel had been booked that he discovered that she had been sleeping with his lifelong best friend, Jimin, since New Years Eve. But that wasn’t the worst part according to him. Tonight, his other friends had dragged him out clubbing to try help him move on, but after one to many tequila shots, one of them had let it slip that they’d all known about it all along. Each six of them chose not to tell Taehyung to avoid getting involved and severing their friendship group, so instead turned a blind eye knowing that he was spending his entire savings on this holiday. Taehyung wasn’t a violent person by all means, but nothing meant more to him than loyalty and integrity, so he simply couldn’t rein his fist back when they muttered their insincere bullshit apologies.
They had been inseparable brothers. Grew up and lived together. Seen each other’s highest highs and lowest lows. Taehyung would’ve taken a knife to the back for them, and from the pained passion in his voice, you didn’t doubt it. Now, he was left with no friends and no house; he sure as hell would never speak to a single one of them again even if they were begging on their knees, much less live under the same roof as them.
So utterly friendless and homeless.
Which, perchance, coincided with the fact that you were looking for a roommate.
To you dismay, your friend Lotta had had to move back home to look after her sick mother, which left a vacant room at your flat. It had been a month of frantic searching for someone to share the rent with because you were a broke college student, having also just lost your part-time job because the restaurant you’d been working at shut down. Again with the shit luck.
Being the reckless impulsive person you are, and also acting from the blind simplemindedness that alcohol filled one with, not to mention completely enwreathed by pity and attraction towards him… You offered your place to Taehyung. Just like that.
He truly could have been a serial killer or psychopath, you can see that now. You can also see why you shouldn’t have had that massive argument with your friends about renting out a room in your house to a stranger, who you met ten minutes ago at a club — maybe they did have a point, and you were being stupid. 
But hey, you’re still alive, so it turns out that your luck isn’t completely rotten now is it?
And now, two years later, you’re the closest friend he has. Warming to each other happened almost instantly, catalysed by the fact that you were now living together. You had helped him get over the loss of his lover and brothers by filling that fresh wound with decent home-cooked food, Friday karaoke nights and sporadic late night adventures. In return, all he could give was his share of rent with a generous side of unconditional friendship and lovable quirkiness.
Your initial attraction to him had worn off because you realised how weird it was to lust over your flatmate like that. And to think back to how you drooled half your body fluid content at him the night you met just makes you laugh now. That dork? No way. Not after seeing his skid marks.
Anyway, he quickly became a Casanova. Swearing that he was done with broken trust and fake love, his newly opened door brought a revenue of rightfully eager girls into his bed.
He has his ways with the ladies, and you have yours with men; you wingman each other every prowl out and joke about the victories together the next morning over breakfast. It’s almost like a game to see who can sleep with the most people, who manages to bring someone home first. Although he is more attractive than you, by a mile you’ll even admit, and his charm is an inescapable pit one falls into, you have a way of knowing what strings to tug on to get men wrapped around your finger. Men are such easy pliant creatures after all.
But with each other, it’s never like that. There is a firm platonic line drawn very early on that neither of you dreams of crossing, and that’s that.
By the time he gets back, Taehyung finds you lying on the cool wooden floor of the living room, flat on your front, arms and legs spread out like a dehydrated starfish. He can’t help but laugh at the state you’re in. In the years that you’ve lived together, he’s only ever seen you this exasperated once, which was when there was construction next door which woke you up at 8 every morning for 3 months straight. On the other hand, he of course slept away like a baby.
You whip your head up at the sound of his approach. ‘Thank god you’re back, my lord, my saviour.’ Squealing, you spring up and launch yourself at the grocery bag clutched in his hand.
‘Wow, and I thought you were that excited to see me. Of course you only care about the lollies, hmph.’ He tosses the bag at you to cross his arms.
Oops..? You look at him to find him pouting, brows furrowed and bottom lip jutted out exaggeratedly in feign annoyance, a signature Kim Taehyung expression. That puppy face is your kyrptonite and he knows it. 
‘Sorry.’ Letting the bag droop onto the ground, you scratch the back of your head bashfully. ‘I mean, I would hug you but I’m all sweaty and gross, I doubt you want that.’
‘Well, you’re wrong, I’d still very much like a warm greeting to show how much you missed me and that I’m not just a delivery boy.’ He opens his arms and turns his chin up expectantly.
Typical of him to be so needy; he was only gone for two hours, how much could you have missed him! Baby behaviour, in his case, is a personality trait. 
You roll your eyes but can’t help the reluctant grin tugging at your lips as you wrap your arms around his waist. He lets out a noise of content before returning your embrace, arms rested on your shoulders and and cheek against your forehead. And of course you can feel him smiling stupidly.
‘And you call me the diva.’ You look up at him to show how pretend-unimpressed you are, and he lets out a loud sudden laugh.
‘Idiot, your whole face is red and imprinted from the floor.’
Embarrassed, you quickly wipe at your cheeks to iron out the marks, but he refuses to let go of you. You’re body is starting to warm from his heat so you try to squirm out from his hold, while much to your annoyance he tightens his grip even more. What is wrong with him? How does he not feel hot?
Helplessly flailing about in his arms like a dead fish, you resort to smacking at his chest, the unwilling smile on your lips coaxing a deep giggle from him that reverberates into your ear from his proximity. ‘Let. Go! Your sweat is gonna drip on me!’
That just eggs him on further. ‘Then you better open wide and drink up.’ He smears his damp face all over yours like a dog’s wet slobber.
It was five agonising minutes of wrestling until only threatening him with no dinner for the rest of the week got him to release you. 
You are no stranger to Taehyung’s love for skinship and his affinity to you in general. Of course he had emotionally latched on to you after you basically took him in like a lost puppy, you had offered him a sanctuary and given him someone to trust after his heartbreak, and he doesn’t let you forget how grateful he is. Affectionate by nature, he just couldn’t stop himself from sending you texts asking when you’ll get back from class or snuggling up to you ever movie night. You often wonder how his ex-girlfriend could possibly have wanted another man when hers was perfect. 
If it were anyone else, you’d find it clingy and annoying, but because it’s him, the angelic Taehyung who can do no wrong, this behaviour has grown to be endearing to you.
Lotta considers it an oddity, the physical and emotional proximity of you two, but you reassure her each time that you are just friends.
Him and you, dating? It’s a laughable image even in your head. And please, you’ve seen all his suave moves and even came up his pick-up lines for him, and though the loud female moans from his room are an indication of how good he is in bed, you just wouldn’t go there.
For the following hour, the two of you are on a quest to find that god-damn piece of paper with the air con maintenance number on it. Which proves to be quite an impossible feat seeing as neither of you are particularly neat or organised individuals. Complete messes, on your bad days, if you will. Not to mention you are both students, so the stacks of notes each of you own surmounts to the whole floor from living room to kitchen carpeted with loose sheets of paper.
It is a minefield.
Taehyung is about to lose his fucking mind. He lets out a defeated cry, allowing the pamphlets to crease in his semi-clenched fists. The heat is starting to get to him too, and he gradually sees your point that this is perhaps much more torturous than the cold. He wants to peel his own sweaty skin off. Maybe you aren’t being a drama queen after all.
He looks up to see you glaring at him with a deadly expression. ‘You better not be giving up, Kim Taehyung. You promised you’d find it.’
If this were an anime, you would have tendrils of smoke steaming from your nostrils, eyes shaded all black and a red cross popping vein blaring on your head. You are a force to be reckoned with when you’re angry, though he is rarely directly on the receiving end of your fire, and would like to keep it that way. This, however, could really tip the scale. Even his own benignant calm-tempered self is struggling to keep his cool, mentally kicking himself for so carelessly misplacing that number.
‘Don’t worry, it has to be here somewhere.’ Was it on the back of the Surf Society flyer? Or the ASOS voucher?
‘ARGHHH!’ You yell into the sofa cushion and stomp your feet as the tantrum starts bubbling to the surface, loose sheets around you flying everywhere. ‘How could I forget the company’s name?’
Taehyung has to hold in his laughter. There is just something that tickles his humour about the way you get when you’re mad, how you scrunch your nose like a bunny and start whining like a spoilt brat. Abruptly, you stand up and start Godzilla-stumping to your room. Knowing you, he guesses it’s probably to fling yourself lifelessly onto the bed and scream into your pillow.
Only a fool who wants their head bitten off would try to calm you down right now, in the past you have always been the one to talk sense into your stubborn hot-headed self, so he lets you trample away. He focuses back on looking for the number.
January electrical bills — nope.
College fee invoice — nope.
Flyer for a new Indian restaurant down the road — nope. God, why did you keep that? Neither of you even like Indian food.
Fashion leaflet, fashion leaflet, another fashion leaflet.
He makes sure to check both sides of each piece before chucking them to the “bin” pile. The poor trees, he sighs, they were probably living a lovely peaceful life with their bird friends before suddenly one day being chopped down by a scary yellow forest harvester. Do different tree types produce different paper types? Hmm, maybe this envelop was birch. He gives it a little sniff, but realises that he can’t differentiate wood scents anyway.
The unmistakable sound of your footsteps, softer this time so he hopes your mood has lifted at least a bit, startles Taehyung from his thoughts. You emerge from your room in a new outfit from before, now changed into a flimsy baby blue tank top and those teeny-tiny ass-hugging shorts he rarely sees you wear.
Taehyung gulps. And he tries to convince himself that it’s due to dehydration.
If he remembers correctly, the last time you’d worn these shorts had been— He stops his train of thought right there. There’s no way he’ll let his mind wander to that time again… Not right now…
You’ve wrapped your ponytail into a loose bun, bouncing at the crown of your head every step you take towards him. The sheen collected atop your collarbones catches his eye, and he’s immediately transfixed. He notices that you’re devoid of any jewellery, which he knows is out of fear that your sweat will oxidise the metal into a dull bronze. It is taking everything in him to try not to notice the curve of your shoulders which one spaghetti strap is a centimetre from sliding down. Or dip of the low-hanging collar that leads to a place he should never be looking at.
It’s out of respect, god-dammit. He hates being a guy sometimes.
‘What?’ You ask when you notice his stare. ‘I couldn’t take wearing those jeans anymore, the were melting onto my skin.’
‘Nothing. You just haven’t worn these shorts in a while.’ Taehyung immediately regrets saying that. Because if you remember the last time you wore them like he does, things would get a little awkward.
But thankfully, you just shrug. ‘Yeah, randomly dug them out again. Do you think they still fit me?’
It was a genuine harmless question, but Taehyung’s mind was going haywire. Yes, they fit you… A little too perfectly if you asked him.
He keeps his head down and fixates his gaze on the heap of leaflets in front of him. You carefully manoeuvre around the stacks of paper and plop back down in your spot in front of him with a soft sigh. Taehyung doesn’t dare look away from the Starbucks coupon that expired a year ago, focusing on the swirl of cream that twists into a fat heart on the surface of the latte to distract himself.
The long blocks of your peachy flesh is stentorian and blatantly glaring at him in his peripheral vision.
Don’t look at her, stupid.
Just as his eyes are on the brink of caving in to his inhibitions, you stands again, giving him an excuse to glance up. ‘Yo, you want some water?’
‘Uh, sure. Thanks.’
He watches the length of your legs extend, smooth and sun-kissed. As you carefully tread towards the kitchen, he can’t help but marvel at the way the dark material of your shorts clasp around your rear. He almost chokes when he notices the slightly infolding of the thin fabric down the crack in the middle where your cheeks part, accentuating the plump of your ass.
In the two whole years you’ve lived together, the boundaries between you have dwindled into a fading chalk line. Under the same roof, you’ve naturally grown very comfortable with each other, so comfortable in fact that sometimes either of you forget that he’s a guy and you’re a girl above all else. He is guilty of mindlessly leaving his cum tissues here and there, while you make him do your laundry forgetting that you own the skimpiest lingerie.
He thinks you do it on purpose sometimes, just to tease him, because that was the nature of your dynamic. It was always playful banter, joking about his big dick or your high sex drive. Most of the time, it’s purely innocuous.
But Taehyung is still, very much, male.
At the sexually ripe age of 21, testosterone coursing through his blood like it’s the Grand Prix, no one could really blame him. It’s not his fault that his mind wanders off sometimes, you are an attractive girl in the utmost objective way, and no matter how strong your friendship is, he sometimes just can’t deny it.
In any boy-girl friendship, it usually gets to a point where the two people become blind to one another’s physical attractiveness, and can no longer see each other in any sexual way anymore without being repulsed. 
But every now and then, little blips are inevitable. There will be a random moment where she is looking at him, or vice versa, and think: wait a second, he’s actually pretty hot. Queue the inner monologue, contemplating whether you could develop feelings for him or this is just you being horny and crazy. But the next day, after a good night’s sleep, everything will be back to the normal level of platonism again.
You and Taehyung’s friendship holds no exception to this.
He’ll admit, he’s unconsciously checked you out countless times before, and it was all very harmless because he’d turn around and forget about it. Without a doubt, he’s sure you’ve done the same, all those times you’ve barged into his room to wake him up, only to find him stark naked in his bed with only Kimchi the teddy bear covering his manhood.
‘Where have you astral projected to this time?’ Your voice makes him jump. He finds you leaning over him, glass of iced water in an outstretched hand.
The neckline of your top is falling dangerously low. Beads of perspiration dotted on your breasts in a way that has his hand itching to wipe it off. It is the doe-eyed expression you are wearing, mouth quirked up in mirth. So sweet, so innocent. When you are anything but those things; you’re a devil by night, the walls are thin enough for him to know that. But right now, you just look so cute, it makes him want to—
Taehyung quickly takes the glass and gulps down the drink.
But it seems like God is showing him no mercy today.
Because, as you chug down the water like your life depends on it, of course rash and careless as usual, you accidentally tip the glass too far and its contents spill down your front. Drenching your little vest which is now glued to your skin from the wetness. Trickles running down your neck, across your chest and slipping into your cleavage.
‘Oh shit.’ Taehyung is glad that those words came out of your mouth and not his. ‘Oops.’ Are you doing this on purpose?
When you just sit back down as if nothing happened, he asks, ‘Are you not gonna dry that?’
‘Nah, it feels so nice, it’s cooling me off. Like a cold shower.’ You brush down your front, hand curving at your chest. Oh, Taehyung definitely needs a cold shower.
‘Oh… Great…’
No, not great. Because what does cold mean? Perked nipples.
He’s pretty used to you not wearing a bra. Tits are just tits after all, and he’s seen so many that it doesn’t normally doesn’t faze him anymore. So what the fuck is up with him today?
Thankfully, he is sitting cross-legged on the floor in a pair of sports shorts because he can feel blood and part of his rationality rushing to his dick right now. 
God, that’s fucking embarrassing. 
He tries not to notice how your hard buds are poking out at the soaked fabric of your tank top thats hugging the roundness of your breasts. The light blue of the cloth waning into a see through second skin, painting the dark tint of your nipples clearer than he should be seeing. His shaft twitches.
He glances up to see if you’ve caught him staring, but you’re preoccupied with sifting through sheets of your quantum mechanics notes.
Hoping you don’t notice, he adjusts his boxers that are growing increasingly tight.
Taehyung is being weirdly quiet, you note. You’d expected him to be chattering away, spewing out anecdotes like a volcano about all the memories you’re digging up right now by going through these old letters and notes. 
But no. He even tossed away the Indian food flyer that you were so sure would trigger him to go off about that one time when he had Indian takeout years ago which gave him a butthole-burning shit, except he realised too late that they’d run out of toilet paper so he had to wipe using Yoongi’s favourite shirt he left lying around by the sink.
Hmm… Interesting.
The only explanation you can muster is that the heat is also finally getting to him. As a summer person, he has always denied that the discomfort and anguish that comes with the heat. But looks like he’s eating his words this time. You smirk.
It was a good call to change out of that outfit that was clinging onto your damp back and inner thighs. That water spillage was a blessing in disguise as you feel a cool breeze alleviating the warmth down your chest. Mood lifted.
When you pick up another stack of paper, something falls loose from it. You hold it up curiously. Oh?
‘Look what I found?’
‘Huh?’ Taehyung slowly looks up at the flight ticket you’re waving in front of him.
Despite hours of him trying to find a loophole in the system to allow him to get his money back, that Mykonos holiday Taehyung had booked for his ex sadly could not be refunded. He was not happy about it. His parents had refused his offer for them to go in his stead, since he no longer had any friends to replace his girlfriend’s spot, complaining that travelling was too much of a hassle. And so, as the only amicable acquaintance in his life at the time, he had asked you to go with him.
It was a very casual: Hey, um, are you by any chance free in two weeks and want to go to Mykonos with me since I have a spare ticket now? If not, don’t worry about it. Actually it’s probably weird for you, never mind. But of course, how could you pass up on a free holiday to Greece? With your new, still extremely hot to you back then, roommate? Again, now you can see why Lotta yelled at you after you disappeared for a week with Taehyung and came back with a Mediterranean glow. Oh well, he didn’t turn out to be a sex trafficker, so you count that as a win.
But what happened in Mykonos… That night. The Night.
Shit, why did you bring up Mykonos? You should have just fucking kept quiet.
He mumbles a subdued oh, cool and curbs his focus back to his own pile. You don’t know what to make of it. Does that mean he remembers or forgot?
There is a reason you don’t speak of The Night in Mykonos. You take his lack of response as an indication to elusively pretend you didn’t bring it up. But now a VCR of memories is playing in your head with a hazy blue filter. You shudder.
You’re still staring at him. His sweaty head of hair is sticking out east and west, and the fact that he hasn’t noticed makes you want to giggle. 
Maybe its the dawning sun seeping through the window, or maybe its the reminder of that oneiric night in Mykonos by the sea, but he looks rather handsome today. Tan skin glistening with warm moisture, luscious lashes flickering from page to page with purpose. His bottom lip is pinched between his teeth, and he begins to tenderly chew on it as he always does when he’s focused.
It is… oddly attractive.
You feel flustered, and you’re not sure if it’s entirely due to the hot weather. The heat is making you delirious. It has to be this godforsaken heat, because why else would you be looking at your flatmate, your good friend, like he’s a piece of meat? You shake your head to try to snap out of it.
The ticket feels heavy between your fingers, the recollection of those unspoken events weighing hard in your chest. Even still, you place the ticket in your “keep” pile, if only for sentimental value and a good laugh in a few years time.
Not long after you resume your hunting, ‘FUCK YES!’ You leap up onto your feet. Taehyung’s shoulders jump up an inch cutely in surprise at your outburst.
In your hand is a church flyer, and scribbled in the corner in his messy scrawl is the AC maintenance number. Oh thank fuck, God has finally shone his light on you.
‘Found it?’ His entire face lights up.
‘FINALLY!’ You squeal and punch the air in triumph. Oh, no more sweaty pits, clammy hands, and finally a ventilated room. That means you can stop being a barbarian and resume as your normal, non-tantrum-throwing self.
Unable to contain your excitement, you spring onto Taehyung and throw your arms around him disregarding the perspiring shimmer annoyingly coating your skin. He catches you on his lap with am oomph, lips drawn into a tight smile rather than his usual wide boxy one, and you almost ask him what’s wrong because something is definitely up with him. Since when does he not take every chance he gets to bellow out a victory song? But then you feel the familiar attack of tickling fingers striking at your waist, immediately causing an involuntary spasm of your whole body.
Maybe nothing’s wrong, and he’s just tired. He does have his moods after all.
With your nose burrowed in the his neck, you note how despite all his sweat, he still manages to smell faintly of cocoa butter and cream.
The disappointment from the electrician informing you that she can only come at the end of the week hits the both of you like a truck, knowing that you still have to suffer several more days without proper ventilation in stifling discomfort dampens your short-lived bliss. But that doesn’t stop you two from having a celebratory pizza and movie night, that Dominos coupon Taehyung found during your lengthy search coming into use, so the horrific mess that you made doesn’t go in vain. 
The paper hurricane that is your living room, a crime in the eyes of any meticulous Type A perfectionists, only took the duration of the pizza delivery to clean up, much to your credit. Taehyung has to give it to you, you’ve always been efficient and competent when you want to be, he for the most part just watched you do the tidying while eating his ice lolly.
Bellies filled with Pepperoni Passion and Hawaiian, (Taehyung always considers disowning you for liking pineapple on your pizza), the two of you lounge like fat cats on the sofa, eyes glued to the big screen showing your third rewatch of La La Land. Night has fallen and graces you with a cooler temperature, but it is still warm enough for you two to sit a foot away from each other, not a patch of skin touching to avoid the body heat.
Taehyung shifts, perhaps unconsciously an inch towards you. He loves everything about this film: the acting, the plot, the cinematography, choreography, soundtracks… It’s simply a masterpiece. It paints so well the tragic reality which most often fail to see or more so accept, that fate does not necessarily put soulmates in the bubble of forever, but rather sometimes let their paths diverge. The shocking revelation that love can sometimes not be enough is a truth that romantics receive like a dagger to the heart. But alas, there is no happy or sad ending, there’s just — ending.
The crackle of plastic pulls him from his philosophical depths. From the corner of his eye, he sees you tear open the wrapper of the strawberry ice lolly you got up a moment ago to fetch. A bowl of ice sits on the floor beside you, depicting your habit of popping a cube in your mouth as if it were candy, letting it melt slowly into cool relief.
Looming dread gathers at the back of Taehyung’s throat as you pull out the red popsicle, still crusted with ice, and place your lips on its head.
From where he is sitting, your legs span towards him across the sofa angularly. His eyes follows the strip of skin all the way up to the hem of your damn shorts that is biting into your flesh. The curve of your ass from this angle... He wants to slide his hand under the fabric and grab.
His eyes flicker back to your lips, circling the ice lollipop like it’s lipstick. Then your tongue slides out and licks around the circumference with a deftness that sends his soul to Mars. How many times must you have done this, but with a hard cock in place of the popsicle? Oh god… His own is starting to tingle just imagining your bobbing head in between his thighs. How heavenly the pad of your tongue would feel swirling on his tip.
By the time he drags his eyes away, he’s almost completely stiff. Flustered and slightly frustrated, he yanks a cushion over this lap to conceal his… excitement. He huffs, the breath comes out slightly uneven, and he tries to focus on Ryan Gosling’s captivating smile.
But that image is now playing on his mind. It’s a magnetising pull that draws his gaze back to you.
You take almost the entire length in your mouth, cheeks hollowing like a vacuum as you eagerly suck out its berry flavour while you drag the stick out at an agonising pace. The slurp is filthy to his ears, pornographic even. His rock hard member is aching in the restraints of his pants, and his hand itches to  relieve its mind-twisting hunger threatening to consume him.
What the fuck is up with Taehyung? He feels like a fucking teenager getting his first boner, it’s actually embarrassing. The memory of you whining just yesterday about not having had a satisfactory fuck in months suddenly flashes in his brain. Truth be told neither has he, and he wonders if this is the reason for his perversion. He also wonders what noises you’d make with him pounding you from behind.
Taehyung grips the fraying edges of the cushion, distracting himself with the threads he’s rolling between his fingers. 
Deep breaths, deep breaths. Just fucking look away.
A bead of pink juice leaks from the corner of your mouth, your finger catches it before it can trickle down your chin and pushes it back in. Your attention fleetingly flutters to him and you both freeze at the eye contact, the tip of popsicle still sucked between your glistening red lips. Room only lit by the television screen, Taehyung can vaguely see the heat-induced tint in your cheeks. The way your hair is tied up exposes the too-flattering view of your neck, and boy does he want to do things to that neck.
Your eyes widen a fraction at him, pulling the long block of ice out of her mouth in a manner that Taehyung could only describe as seductively.
You fucking minx…
There is no fucking way you don’t know what you’re doing to him. You have to be doing this on purpose. Taehyung’s grip on the cushion tightens like a vice as he presses it down at his aching length, balls dying to be emptied.
You have the audacity to shrug at him all cluelessly, playing the innocent sheep now, are you? Taehyung has lost the fucking plot by now. 
Yes, you’re his roommate, best friend even, and the lewd thoughts going through his brain right now should disgust him. But they don’t. They fucking arouse him.
He is the dumb fish that took the bait and now is being wound back to you by the hook. This is a test of self restraint, it’s God punishing him for all the pussies he has annihilated, and he is a muscle away from breaking.
Something is definitely up with Taehyung. You clocked that when he didn’t sing along to City of Stars, or start playing his pretend-piano with Ryan Gosling.
Have you said something that offended him? Is it because of the temper you’ve been having this whole day? The attitude you’ve been throwing at him because of your frustration at the heat?
You lose attention of the movie playing in front of you. Taehyung can be very quiet when he wants to be, flushed away into his own world of idiosyncratic ponders and abstract thoughts. But he usually likes to vocalise them to you because you’re each other’s confidants, you say whatever’s on your mind and neither of you will judge. Everything is always honest, straightforward.
This rests uneasily in your chest. It is so atypical for there to be this odd uncomfortable silence between you two. If you didn’t know better, you would call it tension. But where has it come from? Taehyung was completely fine with you this morning, and even when he came back home.
The urge to ask him out loud tugs at you like a leash, yet knowing him as well as you do, he would brush it off with a ‘hm? nothing’ and you’d be back to square one. No, you need to be inconspicuous about your prodding.
Staring at the screen with feign focus, you scoot over towards him until your shoulders touch. His whole side tenses.
You look at each other, his eyes scanning your face in attempt to identify your motive before locking your gaze. ‘What?’ His voice is a deep low rumble. It sends a chill down your neck.
‘What what?’ So this is how it’s going to be. ‘I’m not allowed to sit closer to you?’
‘N- You- There’s space over there. You’re taking up the entire couch.’ He turns back at the screen.
‘Wow.’ Your fingers are sticky from the popsicle so you wipe them on your leg, the juicy residue painting a faint watercolour of red on your skin. ‘When did you become the one who hates cuddles?’
‘When did you become the one who likes cuddles?’
You huff, crossing your arms underneath your breasts. He is being fucking difficult.
The profile of his face stares back at you: thick dark brow, the arch of his nose, sullenly pursed lips. His dark wavy strands are growing unkempt, long enough to tuck behind his ears. In this heat, he should really have it cut, yet the ruggedness it paints him is growing on you.
Taehyung resisting a snuggle is like a puppy refusing a treat. You want to shake this imposter of your flatmate and tell him to give you back the annoying needy kid who made you learn the tap dance to Lovely Night with him.
‘Well I like them now.’
‘It’s too hot to cuddle.’
‘What about that time we both had a fever and you insisted we sleep on the same bed incase either one of us died in our sleep? “It’s never too hot to cuddle, Y/N.”’ You mock.
He stays quiet, still refusing to look at you. The light humour in the air begins to seep away, leaving an unfamiliar tautness in its place.
‘Is something wrong?’ You finally ask. Fuck subtlety.
No answer. Is he thinking or ignoring you?
‘Hey…’ You hold his face between the cup of your hand and turn it to you. The blinding speed at which his own hand flies to seize your wrist catches you by surprise. You slowly let go, but he doesn’t.
The expression on his face is one you never knew he is capable of, let alone ever imagined would be directed at you. Dark hooded eyes stare into your own with an intensity that prickles fear into your core. His lips are drawn back into a scowl, and although he isn’t frowning, you can see the streaks of irritation. The grip on your wrist tightens, your arm dangling helplessly.
What the fuck…
‘I’ve had enough of you, you brat.’ He hisses and flips the cushion off his lap. Your mind is flooded with confusion, though another sensation begins to tingle within. He looks… really fucking hot right now.
He silences you with a sharp shp. ‘Don’t.’ Only now do you notice that he is towering over you, and that your faces are close enough for you to see the individual strands of his long lashes. Shit… Why are you kind of turned on by this side of him you’ve never seen before? ‘Don’t you fucking dare.’
‘I said don’t.’ You go quiet. 
With his other hand, he holds your cheek between his fingers, his roughness both shocking and arousing you. Hardness of his knuckle tilting your chin up, he leans towards you. You think for a split second that he’s going to kiss you, and in the same split second you almost wishes he does, but his lips brush against your cheek instead and lewdly slide to the shell of your ear.
You can’t move. 
A million thoughts are roaring in your head yet your mind is also blank, void of comprehension of the position you two are in. The sensual stir in your core coaxed by his lecherous proximity provides the only clarity you are certain of.
With his teeth skimming your tender skin, which sends a zoom of tingling all the way down to your sex, he lets out a feral grumble. No… A growl.
‘Don’t even try to deny it, you and your fucking games. You don’t think I’d catch on?’ His warm breath blowing at the sensitive inner ear entices another involuntary gasp from you.
‘What are you talking about, Taehyung? What are you doing?’
Then he bites you. 
Tender lobe of your ear ensnared between the snip of his teeth, hard enough to induce a painful shock which fizzles into trembling desire. The fire within your skin spreads throughout your entirety, exacerbated by the wet hint of his tongue dragging out a thin strip.
Holy fuck, you’re losing your mind.
‘Still playing coy, are we?’
‘No, I seriously d-’
‘These fucking shorts you changed into. This pathetic excuse of a top that does fuck-all to cover your tits. Then spilling water all over it when you know you’re not wearing a bra. Even bringing up fucking Mykonos? And now sucking that ice lollie like you’re thirsty for cum.’
‘I-’ The surprise of hearing such filth leaving Taehyung’s mouth impales you before the meaning of his words can sink in. Wait what?
‘Then you have the nerve to act all innocent and dolly?’ He clenches his jaw. Though you can’t see it, the image triggers a lustful pulse in your clit. ‘You fucking tease.’
Those three words finally dawn on the shambled state your mind is in. He thought…
‘You were complaining yesterday about how none of those idiots you’ve slept with could get you off. If you wanted me to dick you down so badly, you should’ve just asked, you brat.’
He pulls back to look you dead in the eyes, and you feel yourself shudder under the dangerous promise he is assuring you. How have you managed to make him think that you were trying to seduce him? More so, how is every inch of your being yearning for him to thrust his cock into your thrumming pussy right now?
You know what he’s like in bed: animalistic fucking, his fetish for dominance but also a desire to satisfy, relentless powerplay, and the pain he likes to lace in with the pleasure. If his style hasn’t changed since...
Excitement is indistinguishable from your nervous anticipation. A gush of your eroticism pools in your panties.
This Taehyung is one you’ve never witnessed before, not even that time. No, this one is deadly, fuelled by the pent-up sexual frustration that no doubt you have caused.
Eyes dauntingly unwavering, he slowly guides your hand, wrist still locked in his clutch, down to his groin. Your touch hovers over his prominent bulge for a torturous second before he allows you to feel his arousal. As if instinctively, maybe you’ve just held to many dicks in your lifetime that it’s become second nature, your fingers curl around his erection.
He lets out a hard exhale.
Of course, you never forgot how fucking big he is, not just in length but also girth. Yet it still doesn’t stop you from melting into soft putty with his clothed crotch, firm as a joystick, fitting in your small hand like a baton.
‘Happy? Got what you wanted?’ Thumb tracing the rough of your chin, he pulls your face up to his, stopping a hair’s width away until your breaths are shared. ‘Think you’ll get more than you bargained for, even. You can’t act a spoilt little tease and go unpunished.’
You should really say something. That you never purposely tried to tempt him into this, that you have been in fact completely innocent and the perversion lies in him. But you don’t. Because you realise you’re aching for him
So here’s a big ‘Fuck You’ to the most quintessential rule established between any pair of roommates.
His lips are as soft, as supple as you remember when you press yours onto him with so much yearning and desperation that you should be embarrassed given the hard-to-get reputation you like to uphold. You mould into him like velvet, movements so fluid it could trick anyone into thinking you are longtime lovers. Brazen with the gaping hunger of your core, you move the hand not captured by his to cradle his skull, fingers daring to twirl around his curls and tug. The rumble it coaxes from him resonates down your own throat, gifting you with glowing pride. What sets you off the most, perhaps, is how eager his kiss is, lips sucking on yours so roughly you are sure they will be left red and swollen. It is not the sweet type of kiss you share on a snowy day in the park, no. This is driven by pure fervour and aphrodisia, igniting your mind with thoughts of him, all of him, and only him.
Sandy blue-tinted memories flash scene after scene behind your closed eyelids, and you wonder if he is remembering too. Remember how good, how mind-melting it was. That Night.
Strawberry flavour still on your tongue, you slide in between his teeth, the dull edges of which cordially scrap past you. He relishes in your taste, the lewd motions of his tongue an erotic reminder of his capabilities to draw a climax from you with nothing but his mouth.
Taehyung’s hand trails from your chin, featherlike down your neck and into your tank top. Kneading your breasts gently, he rolls your nipple between his thumb and index finger, occasionally brushing past the indented spot at the tip where all your nerves are concentrated. 
Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of having such utter control over you, you try but fail to suppress a whimper.
Your grip in his hair slackens in order to explore the rest of him, the sharpness of his jaw, the muscles of his chest, the ridges of his toned abdomen when your hand slips, or more like very intentionally gropes, under his shirt.
Wandering fingers dare venture beneath the band of his pants, tracing the skin leading to his pubic area but never touching where he is burning in need for you. Taehyung growls and bites into your lip, tugging it far enough away to stare into your eyes. The greed in his brown orbs must be mirroring your own, evoking another flutter in your cunt.
He’s your saviour gulp of water after having been stranded in the scorching arid desert for so long; you want to keep drinking him in, you don’t think you can stop yourself.
He lets go of your lip and begin violating the shell of your ear, that sweet spot that drives you the craziest, sends your soul straight to hell. The tickling sensation is over-stimulating, too much to handle. You wriggle in pleasure at his generous licks.
Just as you reach for his throbbing length, he pushes you down onto your back and forcibly pins both your hands above your head in one smooth move that tells you he’s too accustomed to this action.
‘No touching.’ Taehyung likes control, you do not forget.
‘Why?’ You challenge. You also like control, but just this time you may allow him.
‘Why do you think?’ He scoffs and attacks your earlobe. ‘You dirty girl.’
‘Taehyung, please…’ You whine, hips rolling up to meet his, to feel his thickness against your dripping slit, separated by fabric you are desperate to shed.
He seems to stop to hesitate, and for a second you think you might have a chance. But then he says, ‘Don’t make me gag you and tie you up.’
Fuck, he’s even filthier than you thought. Perfect.
You take a moment to process his face. Taehyung is looking at you like you’re a five-star Michelin three-course meal, plated in front of him with mint garnish. He wets his lips with a flicker of tongue as he tugs your top off.
His own shirt is tossed onto the ground; you decide to be obedient and leave your hands where he put them and refrain from raking your nails down his deliciously sculpted body. 
Because you really wanna fucking come. And he had the power to not let you to.
Eyes still glued to yours, the fiery vehemence in which causes you to squirm and itch to rub yourself, he begins to pull your shorts and panties down.
The excruciatingly slow speed is deliberate.
Taehyung is not kidding about punishing you.
Knuckles brushing the smooth of your legs, you almost kick him to hurry him up. And despite the full exposure of your cunt, he is still gazing unfalteringly at you, and you feel a deluge of your desire ooze out of you.
‘Look how wet I am for you, Taehyung. Feel it’ Your dominant nature that you’re subduing for him threatens to take over, yet you are also immensely enjoying being punished as his spoilt brat.
A sigh leaves the both of you when he scissors your folds apart and drag a slick up your ravenous pussy.
He pries your thighs open with his knees after striping off his own bottoms. You almost choke at the sight of his inflated cock springing free from the restraints of his clothing, its full glory staring back at you. Fat, bold, glistening with pride and pre-cum. He gives it a careless stroke like he’s so used to touching himself that it’s as mindless as scratching an itch, and shit does it turn you on.
Never in your whole existence as a sexually active woman have you yearned for a man the way you are for him in this very moment. To feel him plunge into you with his impressive inches.
But to your dismay, he makes no move to fill you with his meat. Instead, Taehyung reaches over you to the bucket of ice, the presence of which has of course slipped your mind amidst the carnal desire coursing through your blood like wildfire.
Oh god…
Completely out of your prediction, more so than the fact that you’re naked under him right now, he balances an ice cube between his teeth, half melted into a clear blob, and passes it to your mouth. Tongue lolling out pornographically, you receive it with a hum; he watches intently, not missing how your eyes roll back at the cool comfort it provides you.
Before it has the chance to liquify, he leans in to kiss you, lapping up the icy sensation for himself.
‘You like that?’ He whispers.
You nod as you suck on his bottom lip. ‘Mhmm.’
When the ice has melted into a puddle running down your throat, he takes another one. This time, he trails it down your neck with his mouth, leaving a stream of goosebumped skin in its wake. You know where he is going with this, yet you still gasp aloud when he reaches your breasts and circles around your nipple. The brutal cold licking your bud sends a numbing chill down your spine, juxtaposing the warmth of his breath around it. He sticks two fingers into your mouth for you to suck on.
As the cube turns into icy water that dribbles down his chin and onto your front, he cautiously nips at your erogenous zone, your clit pulsing in pleasure every time his teeth grazes that sensitive beady tip.
Taehyung places yet another piece between his teeth and traces it slowly past your navel, then up and down your inner thighs, his hands circling under you to squeeze your ass. He is purposely teasing you, moving the ice so close to your slit then depriving you of the satisfaction when he slides it away again. The tickling ache is driving you mad.
‘Please, Taehyung.’ Your hand that has mindlessly found its way entangled in his locks gets pushed back up chastisingly. His love for dominance turns you on even more.
One dangerous glance from in between your thighs is enough to clamp your mouth shut. You remember, you want to cum.
He unhurriedly guides the ice along your burning lips, then finally to meet your impatiently waiting clitoris. The raw moan elicited from you echoes through the walls. God, that feels…
Your mind is gone.
Especially when his warm tongue, contrasting with the numbing cool, starts painting figure 8’s at your ultrasensitive bundle of nerves. Uncontrollable shudders overtake your whole being, and he chuckles at your responsiveness. Your hips jerk in synchronisation to his licking; your toes curl so tightly they almost cramp; your leg wraps around his back in a desperate attempt to cling onto something secure.
To your delight, he does not try to be gentle with you. Instead of timid kitten licks, Taehyung is devouring you right before your eyes, vulgar relentless flickering of his tongue at such a lightning pace you think you’ll faint. When you feel one of his hands remove from gripping your ass, you sigh in anticipation.
His long slender finger slides in easily, lubricated by your drenching arousal and the dripping ice.
‘Oh fuuuuc-.’
He doesn’t let you finish groaning before inserting a second. The loud wet quelches play a symphony in your ears, his panting adding to the orchestra of whimpers and profanities you chorus.
It’s building up, you feel it, the familiar tickling behind your clit. You feel your precarious sanity on the brink of tipping over.
‘Don’t stop, fuck, keep going. I’m about to come.’
He’s sucking on it now, head motorboating your pussy to create resonating vibrations against your bud, his fingers diving deeper into you each time.
‘Oh god, yes, just like that!’
You feel it coming, the imminent release of all the pent up pleasure. So fucking close.
But then he stops. Pulling up with a gasping breath. Fingers extracted from your depth. Devilish grin on his drenched mouth.
The urge to knee him right in the face is barely suppressed by the only inkling of humanity battling against your bestial consciousness. Sweat is running down both your hairlines. ‘Fuck you, you prick.’
Despite your anger, Taehyung’s laugh tugs a smile at your lips. Propping his elbows on your either sides, he comes up to kiss you, and you love how filthy it is to taste yourself on him. This time it’s a smooth sequence of gentle pecks, almost a small apology for robbing you of the best, the only, orgasm you’ve had in a while.
‘You deserved that, Y/N.’
No, you didn’t. You want to tell him that you hadn’t been deliberately teasing him. But you’ve come, or not come, this far already, what’s the point? So you play along.
‘Taehyung.’ You whimper. ‘That was mean.’
Testing the water, you reach down to caress his upright phallus poking at your pelvis to see if he pins you down again. He doesn’t. So you continue pumping his dick in dexterous circles of your wrist.
‘So that should teach you the lesson.’
His breath is shaky. To finally have a glimpse of his vulnerability after handling you so roughly ripples a longing pulse down your throat. Your finger rubs at the pinch of taut skin where his head joins with his shaft, the Achilles’ Heel of every man, and he moans into your hair.
Just as you move to turn him over onto his back so you can get a taste of him as well, he gets up onto his feet. Your whole front feels barren without the press of his skin.
‘Condom.’ Taehyung says, then waddles with his long cock bouncing each step into his room. In the heat of things, you have forgotten the need of protection, which you usually are careful about. 
Wow. This is really happening. You’re going to fuck your roommate, your male best friend. 
The twinge of concern at the back of your mind is outnumbered by your overpowering desire for him. Because it’s only just been the foreplay and you already know it is the best sex you’ve had in a while. If not, ever.
It was the unexpectedness of its happening, then the carnal side he’s displaying to you that completely disagrees with his typical puppy-like persona.
Before you can ponder further, he returns with his rubber wrapped cock and a dashing smirk. You take a moment to appreciate how good he looks with his damp hair partly plastered to his forehead and beige skin gleaming with sweat.
Taehyung slips his tongue between your lips as he positions himself above you, attentive not to crush you under his weight. Your hand naturally snakes around his biceps on either side of your head, one venturing to his smooth blemishless back.
For a second, he just stares at you, as if taking you in wholy, memorising this pivotal moment that will surely change everything between you. Then you feel his swollen tip gliding sluggishly up and down your slit.
‘You want it?’ He’s so smug.
‘What do you think?’
‘You’re really going to use that tone with me?’ Who does he think he is? If you aren’t trembling for him to fill you up right now, you would be putting him in his rightful place.
‘Sorry.’ You manage to grit out, half from annoyance, half from the boggling feeling of his stiffness prodding at your entrance, so close to being inside you. ‘Just put it in.’
‘You’ve tortured me all day, you need to be punished.’
‘I’ve already been punished!’
‘Was that enough though?’
‘Yes! I’m sorry!’ And what for? You didn’t even do the crime he’s accused you of.
‘I wanna hear you beg. Tell me how much you want my cock.’ He goads, but you know it’s his way of masking his request of your consent.
‘Please, I want you so badly, Taehyung. I want you to fuck me out of mind.’ Beg he wants and beg you shall.
‘Do you know what a bad girl you’ve been?’ He continues to rub his turgid tip against you teasingly, each brush against your sensitive clit sending waves of insanity through your body.
‘Yes, I’m sorry. Please. I need your cock inside me right now.’
‘You’re forgetting something.’
After all this time, still? This filthy fucker just doesn’t change.
‘Please. Daddy.’
The groan he releases in your ear vibrates into your core, the sound of his arousal sending you wild with thrumming pleasure. He places a soft kiss on your neck before whispering, ‘Good girl.’
Without another warning, he plunges into your depths in a violent thrust.
Your velvet walls stretch to encompass his size as his plummets deeper and deeper into you until he reaches the cervix. God is he hard. The ache you haven’t been met with since the first few times you had sex is making an strangely pleasant return; it adds to the intensity of the fire in your core.
‘Fuck.’ You both say in tandem.
The slick sound of him pulling his shaft out anticipates you for the next slamming of his hips. It feels euphoric, like you’ve been impaled with a beam of physical ecstacy.
‘Fuck, you still feel this good, baby.’ The pet name is a careless slip-up on his end that you almost retort at, but your better judgement tells you to let it slide. No point making it weirder.
‘And you’re still this- Ooff. Big. Daddy.’ Taehyung starts to pick up his thrusts, hammering into you in a mechanically steady tempo.
Already, you’re feeling the rise of the pressure at your sex, reawoken from its last encounter with his tongue and fingers. He puts a cushion beneath your head to prevent you from constantly banging on the armrest, then rests his hand on your neck. It’s not quite tight enough to call it choking. Maybe he’s hesitant, afraid to push you too much, or maybe he’s considerate of your rising temperature and need for air. His other hand is massaging your breasts like dough while he rests his entire weight on his face that’s nuzzled to your neck.
You can’t tell the noises you two make apart from each other, they all just mix into animalistic grunting and growling. It’s savage, feral. 
Sweat, so much sweat. Especially during this heatwave, you feel the subcutaneous flame beneath your cheeks, your chests heaving in unison.
The stretch of your walls feels impossibly sharp, his member stirring your innards like a cauldron of fervour. His heart-twisting warm pants against your cheek makes you run your nails down his back, firm enough to decorate him with pink ribbons.
‘Babe-’ He catches himself this time before he can drag out the “y”. ‘Y/N. You like that?’
‘Yes, daddy. You fuck me so good.’ Embarrassment flushes you at the name he requires you to dole him, yet you can’t help it as the syllables roll off your tongue.
‘Fuck, keep calling me that.’
Taehyung’s grip around your neck tightens until you have to inflate your lungs to catch enough air. He presses his mouth on yours hastily before sitting up, hips still rhythmically thrusting into your aching hole. When he spreads your legs out eagle-wide to receive him at a better angle, you scream in pleasure at the new blissful soreness he’s ramming into you.
So he remembers your favourite position, still.
After a several minutes of non-stop pounding, ‘I’m gonna come really fucking soon, daddy.’ You choke out, one hand digging into his forearm that’s holding your throat down, another chafing swiftly at your lonely clitoris.
‘Oh thank god, so am I, I’ve been hard for hours.’ And you don’t know why that sounds so cute to your ears.
‘Yes, come.’
Picking up in speed but also sloppiness, he continues to send you seeing stars every time his rubber-covered member burrows into that sweet pocket within your pussy. His thumb aids you in stimulating your clit, covering more area than your small finger can. 
It’s coming, it’s coming.
And it hits you like a catapult, firing you into an ocean of physical rapture as you meet your climax in a violent collision. An invisible force jerks your legs upwards and stomach inwards, you seize the cushion under you for dear life as if it’s the only thing anchoring you from washing away into oblivion.
‘Fuck! Taehyung!’ You shriek. From your blurry vision, you see his eyes widen in lust at the sight of you withering below him.
His orgasm comes seconds after yours finish: after a series of hurried thrusts, he retracts almost completely out of you before finally burying his bludgeon into you with such force it almost draws a second climax from you when he hits your cervix. A drawn-out groan rips through his throat. 
You don’t feel him release into you due to the obstruction of the condom, but the contortion of his features, brows pinched, jaw and tongue hanging, eyes squeezed shut, as he rides out his high is enough indication of his pleasure.
‘Holy shit.’ He topples onto you.
‘Holy shit, Taehyung.’ Despite the amorous nature of the action, your arms snake around his neck in its own accord, pulling him up so he can sink his face into your neck.
You’re both heaving, skin glued together with mixed sweat, hair wet and sticking out in places. His hands cling onto your waist as he slowly maneuvers out his limping dick with a roll of his pelvis. Neither of you had lasted very long, perhaps that is more telling of your pent up frustration for each other rather than your sexual stamina.
‘Uh, wow.’
‘Yeah… Wow.’ Taehyung glances up at you. You last a total of 4 seconds under his acute focus before breaking away from his eyes that have resumed its round puppiness. It only begins to terrify you now how he can switch from Big-Dicked Daddy-Kinked Beast to Good Boy in a blink.
Silence plagues the heavy air between you. Neither of you speak, neither of you move.
What the fuck happens after you get fucked the living out by your roommate?
You feel him take in a breath to break the tension, and you can take a pretty good stab at what he’s going to say, so you rush ahead to get your word in first.
‘Ugh, I’m so fucking sweaty. I need a shower right now.’
He takes that as a polite signal to get off you. But then you pause to look at each other, because that sounded like an invitation. You didn’t intend for it to be, but mayhaps it is.
‘Do you mean… Round two?’
‘You up for it?’
‘Of course. Are you?’
Are you? Can you take another hammering from this filthy freak? Not if you intend on being able to walk tomorrow…
‘Fine, but afterwards... This can’t happen again.’
© Copyright 2019
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aquaminwrites · 2 years ago
Paper Cranes | Kim Taehyung (M)
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Kim Taehyung x F!Reader
GENRE: Fluff, smut, angst. Non idol AU. College AU. Best friends to lovers. Slice of life.
WARNINGS: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex (stay safe!), so much fluff you might pass out
DESCRIPTION: It is said that if someone folds 1000 paper cranes, they will receive one wish. Kim Taehyung has been folding you paper cranes since he was six years old. He won’t tell you what he’s going to wish for once he reaches his goal, but even into your twenties, all you know is that he’s been wishing for the same thing every time.
You’re six years old when you receive your first paper crane from Kim Taehyung.
Your first year of elementary school is almost over—there’s only two months left until summer break, and you’ve been counting down the days until you are finally free to wake up as late as you want and play with your friends until the sun goes down.
That’s also why it strikes you as odd that there’s a new transfer student, his newly assigned seat right beside yours, being introduced to the class. His eyes are big and wide underneath a fringe of dark brown hair, and he’s cute in the way that all kids are cute—with rosy cheeks, big ears, and a shy demeanour that tells you that he would most likely rather have stayed at his previous school.
After a brief introduction of Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung, he shuffles over and takes his seat. He doesn’t really look at you, keeping his head down as he pulls his notebooks from his backpack. You see that the margins are covered in doodles, little cartoons and make-believe stories etched onto every far corner of the page.
You open your mouth to introduce yourself, but the sound of your teacher’s voice has you facing the blackboard once more. You try not to think too hard about the new boy sitting beside you, gently humming to himself as he doodles butterflies in an open meadow.
At recess, you’re playing with a few friends, doing cartwheels and rolling around on the grass. You’re giggling with your friend, Chaeyoung, when you hear a ruckus happening not too far away.
“Hey! Please, no, give it back!”
You glance over and see a group of three known playground bullies who have circled Taehyung, holding his notebook up above his head, so high that he can’t reach.
“What’s so special that’s in here, anyway?” One of the bullies taunts, as he starts to leaf through the pages. “This your diary or something?”
“Please, just give it back,” Taehyung begs, trying to jump up to grab his book.
Another bully places his hand on Taehyung’s chest and shoves him back, and the suddenness of the motion has the smaller boy falling and landing hard on his tailbone.
It’s when you see tears pricking his eyes that you begin to fume. You distantly hear Chaeyoung hissing at you to get back here, you’re gonna get in trouble! as you stomp your way over to the group of boys, ones that you know are in a grade higher than yours. So why are they picking on little kids anyway?.
“Hey,” you bark, tiny fists with white knuckles at your sides. “Leave him alone!”
The bully holding the book swivels in your direction and snorts. “Or what?”
Not one to back away from a challenge or a fight (to Chaeyoung’s dismay—you hear her groaning as she catches up with you), you defiantly stare him right in the eye before you wind back your foot and kick him in the shin—hard.
He yelps and drops the book, and you’re quick to snatch it back. “My big cousin is thirteen and he does judo,” you warn, venom dripping from your voice. “So I suggest you leave both of us alone if you know what’s good for you.”
Having recovered from the kick, the bully glares at you with flared nostrils, and he takes a step forward as if he’s ready to continue this fight. You just lift your chin and cross your arms over your chest, one eyebrow raised. When he sees that you’re not about to back down, he lets out a grunt and mutters, “Ain’t worth it. C’mon, guys.”
And just like that, they turn around and leave.
You hand the book wordlessly back to Taehyung with a trembling hand as Chaeyoung runs over and basically tackles you with a hug. The boy is still on the ground when he accepts the book from your grasp, looking up at you with shiny, doe eyes.
Chaeyoung can’t help but gush in her excitement. “You are so cool! And so tough! Wow! Wait—are you shaking?”
“Oh my gosh, Chae-Chae, I was so scared!” You wail, dramatically collapsing into your friend’s arms as the adrenaline bred from confrontation finally starts to slow. “I thought I was gonna get punched in the face for sure!”
Chaeyoung gasps. “You really think they would hit a girl?”
You roll your eyes. “Dummies with no brains will hit anyone.” You sigh and then turn to ask Taehyung if he’s alright, but when you glance over, he’s already gone. The only evidence that he’d been there in the first place was the patch matted grass where he landed from the fall.
After recess, you and Chaeyoung file back into your classroom, and you wander back over to your desk. To your surprise, there’s something resting atop it, though you had cleared it before going outside.
You get closer and notice that it’s a paper crane, folded with a ripped out page of a notebook that has doodles of butterflies in an open meadow on it. You glance at Taehyung, and he meets your eyes and offers up the tiniest of smiles.
“Is this for me?” You have to ask.
His smile widens, boxy and adorable. “I just wanted to say thank you.”
You cradle the paper sculpture in your hands and examine it carefully. Along the top of one of the wings, in surprisingly neat penmanship, he’d written, “Because you stuck up for me.”
“What they did to you was wrong,” you reply quietly, thumb running along one of the creases. “I hate bullies. I always have.”
Taehyung looks at you with something you can’t quite pinpoint dancing in his vision. After a beat, he gently says, “Don’t throw it away, promise?”
“I would never!” You gasp with mock-indignation. Taehyung just patiently waits for the response he wants to hear, his heart-shaped lips settling in a neutral line. You sigh, and then sincerely respond, “I promise.”
His boxy smile returns, and you can’t help but grin as well.
Maybe the new kid isn’t so bad after all.
You’re ten years old when you finally ask why he’s folding all those cranes.
It turns out that the Kim family had moved walking distance from your house. Their home is a little more isolated, with Taehyung’s parents owning a small strawberry farm with a decent amount of property. It’s ten minutes away by foot, and only a few minutes if you take your bike.
After that first meeting, you and Taehyung become the best of friends. He makes you laugh with his silly but innocent way of speaking, often acting out skits and things he’d seen on television for you because he knows it makes you giggle when you hear his girly falsetto.
It soon becomes routine for the two of you to go to and from school together, since your house is on Taehyung’s way. Every morning for the last four years, he’s either walked or biked to your house to pick you up. Sometimes when he shows up early, your mother ushers him inside for a post-breakfast snack. Other times, he brings your family baskets of strawberries from the farm, just because he knows how much you like them.
All the while, Taehyung still gifts you with paper cranes.
You think you’ve amassed around a hundred by now. Taehyung likes to make them for you on your birthday and special holidays, interspersed with random ones when he finds an interesting piece of paper he think you’d like, or even newspaper clippings, and his own doodles on lined paper. You keep every single one pressed flat and placed in a shoe box under your bed.
They’re all different sizes, and some of them were made with pieces of scrap paper. But they always have a message written on the wings, and you always cherish them because Taehyung took the time to make them for you.
On the day of your tenth birthday, you throw a party in your backyard. It’s the end of summer, just before school is meant to start up again, and you’re finally an age that has two numbers in it. You feel older, more mature.
And as an older, more mature version of yourself, in your pursuit of knowledge, you can’t help but ask Taehyung as he digs into a second slice of cake, “Why do you fold so many paper cranes?”
Taehyung’s eyes go wide, as if he thought you knew already. “You mean you haven’t heard of the legend?”
You narrow your eyes at him. Taehyung is a few months younger than you, so he’s still nine, a child.
Taehyung shovels more cake into his mouth while he speaks, clearly ignoring Chaeyoung’s look of both disgust and fascination from where she’s been snacking on popcorn not three feet away.
“They say that if you make a thousand paper cranes, you get one wish,” he says simply without offering up much else in terms of explanations.
You wait for a beat in case he’s just taking a dramatic pause, as he’s known to do. When he contentedly licks the icing off his fork, you can’t help but regard him curiously. “What are you wishing for?”
Taehyung only offers you a wink in reply. “If I tell you, it won’t come true.”
Taehyung ends up getting you a charm bracelet with your birthstone on it, as well as a charm with the letter “T” that dangles down from one of the beads. Your mother tells you later that night, after the party has cleared out, that Taehyung saved up all his allowance to buy that for you. She heard so from his mother. You feel warmth rise up to your cheeks as you think of your best friend and his kind, boxy smile and the ten paper cranes he’d neatly stuffed into an envelope in lieu of a card.
This time, the message on the wings says, “You’re finally double digits! Happy birthday! Love, your best friend, Tae-Tae.”
You’re thirteen when you start to look at him differently.
“You want me to what?”
You roll your eyes in an attempt to act flippant, though the hands worrying at the hem of your shirt give you away. “Come on, Tae, it isn’t that big of a deal.”
“Sorry,” he holds up his hand, his eyes still squinted in confusion. “But you want me to what? Why me? Why now?”
You groan, already embarrassed by the question you’d posed in the first place. At the insistence of him repeating your request, you fear you might actually spontaneously combust. The two of you are in your room, sitting on your bed, and Taehyung is staring at you as if you’ve grown a second head from the top of your shoulder.
“It’s just a kiss, Tae. I don’t want to start high school without having kissed anyone before. And you’re my best friend, I trust you.”
“Chaeyoung’s also your best friend,” Taehyung grumbles, his shoulders slumped as he glances anywhere but you. “Why don’t you just ask her?”
“I’m not attracted to her, you dummy,” you huff, arms crossed over your chest.
Taehyung, a budding flirt, cannot help but quip, “So, you’re saying that you find me attractive?”
You roll your eyes again so hard that you’re fairly certain that you just saw the back of your skull. “Don’t be stupid. Are you going to help me out or not? Because if not, I’ll ask Jimin or something, he probably wouldn’t ask as many dumb questions—”
“Jimin?” Taehyung gawks. “Fine, I’ll do it.”
You don’t know why, but you’re surprised when he agrees. You asked, after all. What had you expected? Taehyung is a lot of things, but he has never once let you down in the seven years you’ve been friends. The weight of the verbal contract starts to sit on your shoulders, not to mention the act in question that is about to take place. You wipe your damp palms against your shorts and scoot a little closer to Taehyung, who is staring intently at you with his big, beautiful brown eyes.
You’re so close to him now that you can feel the body heat he radiates. Your eyes scan all over his face, and you think to yourself that he’s grown up a lot since you met him all those years ago. He still hasn’t quite grown into his ears, and he still has the scrawny gangly quality that all early adolescents have in their limbs. But you suppose he’s objectively cute, and not a bad face to kiss for your first.
When you get close enough, you let your eyelids close and you tilt your head just slightly in anticipation. Taehyung meets you halfway, and you feel your heart hammering against your chest as soft, gentle lips press lightly to your own.
You’re expecting a quick peck, for it to happen and then be over. What you’re not expecting is for Taehyung’s hand to reach up and cup your cheek when he senses you trying to pull away, thumb grazing over your skin as you allow yourself to sink into him just a little more.
After a few seconds, Taehyung drops his hand from your jawline and you slowly pull apart. You instinctively run your tongue along your lower lip before nibbling on it slightly, too shy to look at Taehyung in the eye as he scratches the back of his head.
After a thick silence, full of something you can’t quite explain, Taehyung clears his throat.
“So, uh,” he begins, his voice cracking just slightly at the end. “Was it okay?”
You finally look at him, his eyes warm but also apprehensive. You can tell by the way the muscles in his shoulders bunch, and he curls inward as if to make himself smaller. You hate when he does that.
“It was perfect,” you say honestly, sending him the tiniest of smiles, if only so that his worried frown would go away. “Thank you, Tae. Really.”
He clears his throat. “Uh, yeah, no problem. Hey, look, I have to head back home, I promised my parents I’d help with some stuff on the farm tonight. So I’ll see you at school on Monday?”
You watch dumbly as Taehyung is already up and off your bed, straightening out his clothes before making a beeline for your bedroom door. You barely have the chance to say a proper goodbye before he makes himself scarce, slipping out of your room, barreling down the stairs, and out the front door.
Your hand rests upon the warm indent of where Taehyung had just been sitting moments before, and you furrow your eyebrows in an attempt to understand what just happened. You were the one that asked him if the two of you could kiss, so why do you feel so weird about it now? Why did Taehyung touch you like that, like he really wanted you to be in his arms?
You raise your fingertips to softly run along the edge of your lower lip as you replay the kiss in your mind. A thought threatens to weasel its way into your consciousness, but you shove it down and pretend as if the butterflies in your stomach are only a result of being kissed for the first time. You tell yourself it isn’t because of Kim Taehyung, and that you’ll see him at school on Monday and everything will go back to how it was.
Although, you find it harder and harder to keep those thoughts at bay when you discover the paper crane folded in your locker with a small, single heart etched onto one of the wings.
You’re seventeen when everything changes.
You and Taehyung pretend the kiss never happened. You never talk about it after, and part of you wonders if Taehyung wants to talk, but is just too shy or nervous to say anything. Either way, as soon as high school starts, there’s no time to think about such silly things as a preteen kiss.
Everything feels the same, but also different. Your friends start to worry about things like popularity, something that wasn’t that big of a deal just a few years ago. Friend groups split up and people move on to different cliques, girls start wearing tighter clothes and the hallway by the boy’s locker room always smells like cheap body spray.
The one constant in your life, though, is Taehyung.
The two of you share a good number of classes together, and you still walk to school side by side every day. You always sit together at lunch in the cafeteria, and are always speaking in stupid inside jokes that make your other friends roll their eyes at you. You know there are rumours about you and Taehyung, but both of you constantly squash them down.
But it does’t help that neither of you have dated over the past four years since entering proper adolescence. You both just tell people that you don’t have the time, or that you just haven’t met anyone worth being with. And besides, you’re happy with how things are. Why would you want them to change?
You’re best friends, and you always will be. That’s all.
You’re in your senior year and it’s right around the time that everyone is receiving their admission packages for university. You had worked really hard the year previous to get good grades, and you just hope and pray that it’s enough to warrant an acceptance to your dream school.
When your mother hands you a thick, large envelope with the university’s header in the upper corner, you practically rip it from her hands and tear into it right in front of her. Happy tears blur your vision as you squeal upon reading the first line.
Dear Y/N,
We are pleased to offer you early admission to Seoul National University…
The first person that you want to tell is Taehyung.
You grab your heavy winter coat, tug on your boots and mittens, and run as fast as you can down the street towards the Kim’s farm. It had snowed the night before, so it takes you a little longer than usual as your boots crunch through the freshly fallen tufts of white. Because Taehyung’s area is a little more rural, the plows have a harder time getting there to clear everything away. But you pay no mind, overjoyed at the news you can’t wait to share.
When you get to the house, you knock on the door before peering into the side window. You wave at Taehyung as he comes down the stairs, a look of surprise on his face at your sudden appearance.
“Hey,” he greets, opening the door for you. You step inside and he offers to take your coat. He’s grown tall, you realize, as he easily moves around you to hang your things in the hall closet before ushering you further into the warmth of his house.
“Are your parents home?” You query, poking your head around the corner into the empty living room.
“No, they had to go run some errands,” Taehyung shrugs. “Winter’s pretty slow for us here, anyway.” He leads you upstairs to his room, a place where you’ve been thousands of times, and he plops down on his bed as you take a seat next to him. “So to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”
You try to ignore how Taehyung man-spreads across his duvet, and how thick his thighs have become since he started working out with that sophomore friend of his, Jungkook.
Finally, you blurt out with the biggest smile across your face, “I got in.”
Taehyung immediately sits up, pin-straight. “You did?”
Your smile somehow gets wider as pride and joy spread across his face. “I did.”
“Y/N!” He beams, jumping up and gathering you in his arms. “That’s amazing! You did it! I’m so fucking proud of you!”
You wrap your arms around his neck as his find your waist and you bask in the feeling of being held by your best friend. He’s always been so warm, and on a cold day like today, you welcome his embrace and his love for you.
Finally, you remember to stop thinking of yourself for five seconds and ask, “What about you?”
Taehyung suddenly goes still, and his grip on you tightens just slightly. “I…I’m not going.”
You pull away and look up at him. He’s dejected, eyes downcast and his face angled away from you as if he thinks you’ll be disappointed in him. You’re not, though. You never could be.
Sighing and running your hands along his shoulders in comfort, you say, “I’m sorry, Tae. I’m sure you got offers from other schools though, yeah? You worked just as hard as I did last year to get your grades up.”
“It’s not that,” Taehyung sighs, a crease forming between his brows. “I got in.”
You’re officially confused, taking a step back to purposely put yourself in his line of vision. “You got in? So what do you mean you’re not going? I thought the plan was that we were going to go to Seoul National University together.”
Taehyung exhales hard through his nose and scrunches his face, his eyes closing. It’s the face he gets when he’s overwhelmed with stress, unsure of how to articulate his words. You wait for him to be ready, smoothing out the collar of his sweater to keep yourself occupied. His hands grip tighter on your waist, and it takes you a second to realize that he’s still holding you.
“My parents need help with the farm,” he says quietly. “I declined my offer of admission.”
At those words, your heart breaks and your mind starts to race. Every thought you have at first is selfish—what will you do without Taehyung? The two of you have spent over a decade together, seeing each other damn near every day. Will your friendship survive the distance between Daegu and Seoul? The plan was to always stick together, to experience college milestones side by side.
You force yourself to push those thoughts aside so that you can focus on Taehyung. You know that SNU is his dream school, too. And not only did he get in, but he had to turn them down. You know that it wasn’t an easy decision for him to make, but he’s always been selfless like that—he’s always put you first and taken care of you, so it’s no surprise that he would do the same for his blood family.
“But it’s not forever, yeah?” You ask gently, brushing a strand of hair away from his eyes. “I’m sure that since you got in already, they can hold your admission until you’re ready.”
“Yeah, maybe,” he nods, but you can tell that he’s done talking about it. He doesn’t want to think of a reality where he’s stuck on his parents’ strawberry farm laying down fertilizer while you’re off in the big city making new friends and having new experiences. You see it in his eyes when he finally meets yours. He’s scared. Terrified of a future without you.
Always able to read his mind, you pull him in for another hug, nuzzling into his neck as you murmur, “You’re my best friend, Tae-Tae. Just because we won’t live down the street from each other anymore doesn’t mean I’m just going to forget about you.”
His inhale is shaky, and it takes all of your willpower not to cry, too. “Promise?”
You don’t know what possesses you, but you rise to your tip toes and press a soft kiss against his cheek. He whips his head to face you with wide eyes, but you just send him a tiny smile and reply, “I promise.”
The rest of senior year, you and Taehyung are practically inseparable—even more so than before. You find out that Chaeyoung also got into SNU, and the two of you manage to work it out so that you two can be roommates when you move into the dorms. You find solace that you at least won’t be completely alone in a different city, though your heart still hurts at the thought of Taehyung missing out on his opportunity.
The two of you spend as much time together as possible, almost as if the clock is ticking down on your friendship with your imminent move coming up. Summer is full of laughter and long nights by the river, reminiscing about simpler times when you were kids. When things didn’t seem so complicated, and distance was never an issue.
Your moving day rolls around faster than you could have ever anticipated. You’ve loaded the last of your things into the back of your parents’ van when you see Taehyung jogging down the street towards your house.
You’d texted him earlier that morning to let him know that you were leaving soon. Of course, he’d known that it was going to be today, but he still wanted to make sure he got to say goodbye to you before you drove to Seoul and out of his life.
When he reaches you, his eyes are misty and red and you’re sure you look just like him. It feels like the end of a chapter, like a pivotal moment where you’re stepping away from your childhood and moving into life as an adult.
Taehyung stops at your feet and just stares at you for a second, his eyes darting all over your face. You look up at him, doing the same, until a tear slips from the corner of your eye and then suddenly you’re sobbing into his chest and he’s holding you and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
“You’re going to do great,” he promises, rubbing small circles on your back. “You’re going to make so many new friends, because it’s impossible for people not to love you. You’re going to become the city girl that I know you’ve always dreamed of being, and you’re going to make Seoul your bitch.”
You laugh at the last comment, pulling away to look at him again. “Thank you, Tae,” you hiccup.
He smiles, though it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “And you’ll call and FaceTime me all the time, right?”
You sniffle, giving a nod. “Of course.”
Taehyung reaches up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Promise?”
You exhale shakily, but meet his gaze head-on. “I promise.”
He looks down and something in his line of vision glints. He notices the charm bracelet on your wrist, and he can’t help but chuckle. “I can’t believe you still have that.”
“Of course I still have it,” you say with the tiniest hint of a smile. “It reminds me of you.”
You hear your mother calling you from the passenger’s seat of the van, ushering you that it’s a long drive and you need to leave now.
Taehyung clears his throat a few times, trying to be strong for the both of you. He takes your hands and presses something into your palm, and from the feel of it, you already know what it is. The paper crane in your hand makes you cry more, and Taehyung presses a kiss to your forehead.
“Go on, Y/N. Go find your future.”
Your lower lip trembles as you speak. “I don’t want to leave you.”
This time, when he smiles, the warmth is back in his eyes. “You’re not,” he swears. “We’re best friends, remember? Wherever you go, I won’t be far behind. Just wait for me, okay?”
You promise him again, because how could you not?
Once you’re in the car, you put your headphones on and select the playlist that Taehyung made you of all his favourite songs. It reminds you of him, anchors your heart in Daegu, where he remains on his parents’ farm until it’s his turn to pursue his dreams. You look at the crane that you hold like a precious gem in your palms, and the tears start welling up again as you read the message written on one of the wings.
“Don’t forget about me while you’re off at university. I know you’ll do great things.”
You’re nineteen when you meet Park Jinyoung.
You notice him immediately when you walk into one of your tutorials—an elective on music history that you take because you’ve heard that the professor gives great lectures.
Also, because Taehyung was the one who introduced music to you all those years ago, and you’ve grown to love it too. He also loves hearing about what you’ve learned in lecture when you do get the chance to talk, which, as the years go on, becomes less and less.
It’s no one’s fault, really. Distance makes things hard, as do the responsibilities that come along with being a university student. You have paper after paper due, and Taehyung tells you that he doesn’t want to bother you when you’re in the middle of your studies. Your schedules also just don’t align, with him still helping on the farm and having to be up at the crack of dawn and going to bed early, and with you opting for afternoon and evening classes so that you can get a little more shut eye to start your day.
He still mails you paper cranes every now and then. Not as often as he used to, but it still makes you smile when you get to add another one to your growing collection. You must have close to five or six hundred by now, and you’ve had to start a second shoebox to make sure everything fits.
But Park Jinyoung is different. And he’s here.
For one, he looks like a Disney prince. Like someone had pulled him from a designer fashion catalogue and plopped him in the middle of your tutorial. You’re nearly late, so the only remaining seat is next to him. He smiles shyly at you when you sit down, and you try to hide the blush dusting your cheeks behind the length of your hair.
You dig into your bag for your laptop and flip it open as your TA walks into the room, prepared to take notes. But then you check the battery on your computer and notice that there is definitely not enough of a charge to keep it alive for the duration of your class.
Cursing yourself for not charging it overnight, you notice that the man sitting beside you has the same model. You muster up all your courage, turn to him and ask, “I’m really sorry about this, and I’m usually not this unprepared, but do you happen to have a laptop charger I can borrow? We have the same one, so I figured—”
He smiles at you and your stomach does flips. “Of course.” He pulls the charger from his backpack and hands it to you, and you gratefully take it and plug in your computer. “I’m Jinyoung, by the way.”
“Y/N,” you introduce, shaking his offered hand.
“You know,” he says after a beat, a drawl in his voice that has a tiny hint of mischief in it. “Letting you borrow my charger is a pretty big favour, considering that we’re basically strangers. I think I might need some kind of repayment.”
You raise an eyebrow at him curiously. “Oh? Like what?”
“A cup of coffee,” he states. “After class?”
There’s no use in hiding your blush now. You smile, biting your lip. “I can do that.”
It doesn’t take long for Park Jinyoung to become your boyfriend. You and Chaeyoung move into the off-campus apartments after your freshman year, and it turns out that Jinyoung lives in the building next to yours. He’s as sweet as they come, the perfect, doting partner, someone that loves you and isn’t shy about it, either.
He holds your hand in public, guides you by the small of your back through large crowds, brings you flowers just because he feels like it, and proudly shows you off to his friends when you’ve hit the six month mark of your relationship.
His only thing is that he thinks the charm bracelet you’re wearing is weird. So he asks you to take it off. And so you do, and sits in your jewelry box, pretty much forgotten.
Things are good. Really, really good.
But of course, life always likes to throw curve balls your way.
One afternoon, you’re sitting on the couch with Jinyoung in his apartment, his arm wrapped around your shoulders as you watch some true crime documentary on Netflix after an early dinner. It’s just starting to get good when your phone rings on the coffee table, the loud buzzing startling you as you take a look at the screen.
You pick up and in a confused tone, answer with, “Mom?”
“Hi, sweetie,” she replies, sounding tired.
You sit up straight, suddenly on high alert. Your mother doesn’t really like phone calls, much prefers texts for some reason (she’s partial to emojis, and you almost regret downloading the keyboard onto her phone), so the fact that she’s calling at all is unusual.
“Is everything okay?”
She’s quiet for a second, and you can hear your pulse in your ears. Jinyoung pauses the movie and adjusts how he’s sitting so that he can fully face you. He gives you a curious look but you just shrug your shoulders helplessly.
Finally, your mother sighs and says, “Taehyung’s grandmother passed away two nights ago.”
You suddenly feel cold all over. Why are you only hearing about this now, from your mom of all people? Why hadn’t Taehyung told you himself? You try to think of the last time you spoke to him, and you realize that it’s been months. Ever since you and Jinyoung started dating, you’ve completely neglected him. And the realization that you promised you wouldn’t starts to weigh on you, and you’re crying before you know what’s happening.
“When’s the funeral?”
“Tomorrow,” she responds. You immediately stand up and swipe at your eyes, grabbing your coat from the front hall of Jinyoung’s apartment. He rises to his feet and pads after you, confusion plain as day on his face.
“I’m getting on the next bus,” you say. “See you soon.”
“What’s going on? Is everything alright?” Jinyoung asks in a minor panic as you grab your things and already have a hand on the doorknob.
“Family emergency,” you say, already weary. “Don’t worry. I’ll be back for class on Monday.” You rise to your tip toes and press a lingering kiss to his lips, to reassure him more than anything that you’re going to be okay. “Love you.”
“Love you too,” he murmurs against your mouth, stealing another peck. “Text me when you get to your parents’ house, okay?”
You nod. “Okay.”
You manage to catch a late bus to Daegu, and you make it home just before midnight. You text Taehyung to let him know you’re coming home, and you just get a heart emoji in response. You know how close Taehyung and his grandmother were. She practically raised him while his parents were busy making ends meet. She was always so kind and so warm, a precious soul who treated you like you were also her grandchild. She used to braid your hair and make you flower crowns when you were small, and the world is a little less bright without her.
It feels weird being back home. Since Seoul is so far, you don’t get to visit as often as you’d like. You really only make it home for the holidays, and even then, you don’t stay very long. But now that you’re here, everything seems so small. Everyone knows everyone else’s business, and it’s just not like that in the city. Everyone there is too busy focusing on achieving the next goal to worry about the trivialities of others. There it’s so loud, with cars and buses and drunken college students in the streets every weekend.
Here, it’s quiet. And in your neighbourhood too, it’s dark. Living on the border between rural farmland and suburbia means that there aren’t as many street lights to illuminate the roads. You haul your overnight bag over your shoulder and make your way up the driveway to your front door.
Your mom is there before you can even knock, pulling you into her arms in a tight hug. You can tell she’s been crying. Taehyung’s family is your family too, after all.
“You must be exhausted,” she says, kissing your crown. “Why don’t you wash up and get some rest?”
You can’t help but agree, your back stiff from sitting on a coach bus for three and a half hours. But once you’re all settled into your old room and lying in your childhood bed, you find yourself unable to fall asleep. You toss and turn for about fifteen minutes before you rest flat on your back and sigh loudly.
Turning your head, you see the framed photo of you and Taehyung from his birthday the year you turned eight. It was winter wonderland themed, and you and the other kids were allowed to make snow forts in the big field behind their house. The photo was of you and Taehyung cheek-to-cheek with rosy cheeks and noses from playing in the snow. It makes your heart ache thinking of the pain he must be in. So you send him a text.
[Sent 12:31am] Y/N: Hey. Can I call?
[Received 12:33am] Tae-Tae: Ok.
You tap the phone icon beside his name and wait as it rings. Taehyung picks up almost immediately, but he’s quiet on the other end.
You take the opportunity to speak first. “Hi.”
After a second, Taehyung responds, voice heavy with melancholy. “Hey.” He lets out a derisive laugh with no joy behind it whatsoever. “It’s good to hear your voice again. I was starting to think you forgot all about me.”
You don’t know how to address your absence in his life, and you don’t think you’re ready right this second to tell him about Jinyoung. So you deflect.
“How are you holding up, Tae-Tae?”
He’s quiet again, and you hate it when he gets like this. When he doesn’t know what to say, or how to process what he’s feeling aside from crushing despair, so he just stays quiet because he knows how much you hate to see or hear him cry.
Finally, he croaks out, “I’m not.”
You feel a tear slide from the corner of your eye down your cheek as you sit up in bed. “Do you want to talk about it?”
He laughs again, hollow and empty. “What would be the point? She’s gone.”
“I’m really sorry,” he cuts you off. “But I just…” He sighs hard on the other line and you play with a loose thread on your comforter as you wait for him to be ready. “Is it okay if we talk tomorrow? I just…have some stuff I want to say that I can’t do over the phone.”
You bite your lip, exhaustion just now beginning to settle into your bones. “Y-Yeah. Okay. Sure.”
“Okay,” he repeats, more to himself than anything. There’s another long stretch of silence, and then quietly, he adds, “I miss you.”
Miss. Not past tense. Present tense. His choice of words doesn’t escape your notice, and guilt starts to weigh heavily on you. Taehyung is supposed to be your best friend in the whole world, the person you’d spent every day with from ages six to seventeen. You love him, and he loves you, and you’re supposed to tell each other everything.
So why is it that he couldn’t tell you about his grandmother? And why is it that you feel like you can’t talk to him right now?
You realize you’ve gone quiet on your end and respond, “I miss you too, Tae. Try to get some rest, alright? I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.”
He takes in a shaky breath and lets it out slow. “Okay. Goodnight.”
And then he hangs up.
The funeral takes place on a dreary Saturday. It isn’t raining, but it’s overcast. Taehyung stands with his family as he grips his mother’s hand. You stand with your own at their side, though you can’t quite see Taehyung when he’s flanked by both his parents. You hear him though, the quiet words of encouragement he sends to his mom, his voice thick as he works through the tightening of this throat to offer her comfort.
Other people in the neighbourhood, aside from just Taehyung’s family, also show up for the funeral. His grandmother was loved by many, and it at least warms your heart to know that she lived a long, happy life.
After the burial is over, Taehyung’s family hosts a reception at their home. You smooth out the fabric of your black dress after one of Taehyung’s cousins offers to take your coat. Gazing into the living room that is packed with friends and family, you try to spot Taehyung, but can’t seem to find him.
You wonder if maybe he’s in his room, just wanting to be away from all the noise for a second. You know that he wants to talk to you, to tell you something. But you can’t help but be a little worried, especially after how he’d ended the call last night. You know he’s hurting, and all you want to do is help.
So you slip past the crowd huddled around the refreshment table and tiptoe upstairs and down the hall, towards his bedroom.
You notice his door is slightly ajar, and he’s sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. You knock gently so as not to startle him, and he turns to look at you before rising to his feet.
He’s taller now, you notice. Broader too. He’s grown into his ears, his hair getting long with his fringe obscuring his eyes. His heart-shaped lips are pressed tightly together in a worried frown, and there’s a crease forming between his brows that you want to smooth out with the pad of your thumb. He looks…handsome. Different, but he’s still Taehyung. Your Taehyung.
You hate how breathless you sound as you say, “Hi.”
Taehyung doesn’t move at first. He just looks at you, eyes darting all over your face. He looks like he’s seen a ghost. You can’t stand the thick tension that settles between the two of you, so you boldly stride over to him and loop your arms around his middle, burying your face in his chest. He stiffens at your touch, but after a second, you finally feel him embrace you back.
You squeeze him a little tighter and that’s when the dam breaks.
“Fuck,” he whimpers, leaning his weight on you as you feel tears hitting your shoulder. You rub small circles against his back as he cries, his body wracked with sobs. You guide him back towards the bed and help him sit once his breathing evens out, and you fetch him some tissues from his desk so that he can blow his nose.
You sit beside him, still rubbing his back with your head on his shoulder. He doesn’t really make any move to touch you or hold your hand like he used to when you were kids and one of you was having a hard time. The thought of it makes your heart sink. Have you two really grown so far apart?
The silence is long and awkward. Something you’re not used to with Taehyung. But you suppose, it’s been two years since you’ve properly seen him in person. Even when you’d come home for winter break, things with your family are always so hectic that you never really get to see anyone outside of your extended relatives before you have to go back to school. There are so many things that are different now. You aren’t children and life stops for no one.
“How’s Jinyoung?”
You whip your head to face him, eyes wide. You never told Taehyung about him. Not for any particular reason, it just…never came up.
You swallow past the dryness in your throat. “How did you—”
“Your tagged photos on Instagram,” he replies quietly, staring at the floor. “I saw it last night before you called. And,” he notes, gesturing to your bare wrist. “You’re not wearing your bracelet anymore.”
Your hand immediately stills.
“Why didn’t…” He reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose. You move your hand away from his back, settling it into your lap to nervously fiddle with your fingers. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?”
You search for words, but come up short. “I…”
“You what?” Taehyung spits. “You get your first boyfriend, and then what? I don’t exist anymore?”
It’s your turn to sigh. “Taehyung, you’re not being fair.”
“No, you know what, fuck that,” he seethes, getting up from the bed so that he can pace back and forth in front of you. You look up at him helplessly, wringing your wrists as he fists at his hair. “You promised me, Y/N. You fucking promised.”
You’ve made so many promises to Taehyung in the past that your brain short circuits trying to figure out which one he means. Frustrated, you challenge, “Promised what?”
You regret the words as soon as they leave your parted lips. Taehyung stops, his hands now hanging limply at his sides. His hair is a disheveled mess, and you swear you catch a glimpse of a falling tear as the light catches it on its way to the ground. When he answers, it’s barely above a whisper.
“That you’d wait for me.”
You feel your heart fall into your stomach, and you stand up, reaching for him. “Tae, I—”
He moves away from you, and you retract your hand as if you’d been burned. He reaches for something on his desk, and you can’t help the shaky exhale that leaves your lungs when you see that it’s another paper crane. This time, it’s made with black paper, and you can see the inscription done with silver ink.
“Here,” he mumbles, holding it out for you to take. “I made it for you yesterday when my mom told me you’d be coming back.”
You accept it, because how could you not? Wave after wave of guilt washes over you. It shouldn’t feel like this, you think, with Taehyung. This is your best friend in the whole world, the one you share everything with. Guilt isn’t something you should feel for having met someone, for accepting love from someone else. It isn’t fair that he’s making you feel guilty for being happy. For living your life. Nothing about anything makes sense anymore, and when you look back up, Taehyung is already halfway out the door.
“Tae,” you call out one last time. He turns, and his face doesn’t suit the sadness that mars it. You don’t know what to say, so you settle on, “I’m really sorry.”
He offers you a solemn half nod. “Thank you for coming. Grandma would have been happy to see you.”
And then he’s gone, leaving you in the solitude of his empty bedroom.
You look down at the paper crane, heavy in your palms. You read the words etched onto the wing and it makes you hate yourself just a little bit more.
“Thank you for not forgetting about me.”
You allow yourself just one minute to cry. One minute to face the fact that you feel like you’re losing the most important person in your life, and you don’t know what to do to fix things. You let yourself break down from the sadness of being all alone in a house that used to feel like an extension of your home. But now…it’s just a house. It’s just a house in a small town that has nothing left for you.
So after your sixty seconds are up, you muster up all your energy and do the only thing you can.
You go back to Seoul.
You’re twenty when the shift happens.
It’s also when things start to fall apart.
You haven’t spoken to Taehyung since his grandmother’s funeral. It’s been months. Your birthday came and went without a text from him, and it was the first time you cried yourself to sleep since you were in high school.
You feel like a piece of your soul has been ripped from your body. And what’s worse is that you know that if you were to give Taehyung a call, he would answer. Regardless of whatever fight you two are having, no matter how angry or frustrated or confused you are with how you feel, you know that if you need him, he will be there for you no matter what.
But you don’t call.
Because you’re scared.
Scared of what, you aren’t entirely sure. But after returning to Seoul from Daegu, something changed. You’d started isolating yourself more, focusing only on school and not spending time with any of your other friends or going out like you used to.
Jinyoung notices as well—notices that you don’t invite him over as often as you used to, that he needs to coax affection from you when you used to give it so openly. He definitely notices when you fake an orgasm just to be done with sex. Your mind has just been so preoccupied, and part of you had believed that being intimate with your boyfriend would snap you out of it.
But the entire time, your mind is elsewhere. And you don’t know how to ask him to stop, so you squeeze down on him and moan like you know he wants to hear, arching your back off the bed just so that he’ll hurry up and get off of you.
Once he’s finished, Jinyoung rolls back onto the mattress and stares at the ceiling. Your room is dead silent, save for the sound of the both of you catching your breaths. You take your blanket and tug it up so that it’s covering your nose and mouth, hoping that he won’t notice your obvious discomfort at just lying in bed beside him.
Jinyoung exhales hard through his nose. “You wanna tell me what’s on your mind?”
You bite your bottom lip so hard, you’re sure you’ve broken skin. “Nothing’s on my mind.”
“You’re a terrible liar,” Jinyoung remarks, sitting up and running a hand through his dark hair. He leans his elbows against his bent knees and stares off into the distance. “I know you’re in love with someone else.”
His remark shocks you so much that you sit up and scoot away from him, sheets clutched tight to your body. “What are you talking about?”
Jinyoung observes your body language and snorts, but it’s not one full of mirth. It sounds sad, like he’s finally coming to terms with something he’s been wrestling with for months.
“Even now,” he notes, lightly gesturing to your posture. “I just told you that I know you’re in love with another man, and instead of reassuring me and telling me that I’m crazy, you’re hiding. You’re hiding because you know I’m right.”
Your mouth feels so dry. You try to squeak out, “Jinyoung, that’s not true, I just—”
“Don’t,” he says with a tone of finality to it. He reaches down and grabs his boxers first, then slips out of your bed to gather the rest of his clothes. “I’m not stupid, Y/N. I know you’re not happy. Fuck, I’m not happy. And that’s not what a relationship is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be two people in love, not one person in love and the other pining over some guy from back in Daegu.”
Your blood runs cold. “W-what did you say?”
He exhales slowly, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger. His face is scrunched in regret, as if he’s just revealed something he wasn’t supposed to know.
“When you came back from Daegu after you had that family emergency,” Jinyoung explains, “You seemed…different. Sadder. You wouldn’t talk to me about it, so I spoke to Chaeyoung. She told me about that friend of yours, Taehyung? The one who would always send you the paper cranes in the mail?” He chuckles derisively. “Best friends since age six. How am I supposed to compare to that?”
Your lower lip starts to tremble. By now, he’s fully dressed. “Jinyoung, you’re being unfair.”
He laughs again, louder this time. “I’m being unfair?” He scoffs. “You’re supposed to be my girlfriend. We’re supposed to be partners. If you’re having a hard time, you’re supposed to be able to come to me. I’m the one who has been here through everything, and yet I’m the one being tossed aside like I don’t matter.”
“But you do matter,” you insist, shifting to rise to your feet. Tears are blurring your vision now, but through the mist, you can see Jinyoung holding out a hand to stop you.
“I get it, you know,” he says, so quietly you almost miss it. “Really, I should have seen it coming. You used to talk about him all the time. Your friend from Daegu. You never told me his name because you wanted to protect me, right? Didn’t want me to know that you were only dating me so that you could get over him?”
You’re more confused than ever. “No, Jinyoung, that’s not it, you have it all wrong, I love you, I—”
“Please,” he cuts you off, voice strained. “Please just…let me talk, okay?”
You hiccup through a quiet sob as you hug your knees to your chest under the blanket. You nod. You can see in his eyes that he’s really hurting. And so if he needs to say his piece, you will let him. He deserves as much.
“I should have known right from the beginning when I found those boxes of paper cranes under your bed.”
Your heart stops dead in your chest and suddenly you’re furious. Wave after wave of confusion, anger, and betrayal wash over you as he continues to speak. Jinyoung was snooping around your things? Had he read all the messages that Taehyung had written for you over the years? Those were meant for the two of you only, not for anyone else.
You squeeze your eyes shut, trying to calm your mind. You want to scream at him. You want to tell him to get out, to leave, to never speak to you again. But then you open your eyes, and you see him standing by your bedroom door, eyes full of tears, heartbreak weighing his shoulders. And that’s when you know that you can’t.
As much hurt as you feel right now being confronted in this way, you know that Jinyoung is hurting even more. You don’t know exactly how long ago he found the cranes—he may have mentioned it, but you still can’t properly focus. You just know that the two of you aren’t meant to be. Maybe you were when you first met, and the two of you really were happy for the year and a half that you dated. But the space between you, both physical and metaphorical, is too great of a gap to conquer. And at this point, you don’t even know if you want to try.
And it’s the uncertainty that Jinyoung reads on your face clear as day.
“I’m going to go,” he says, placing a hand on the doorknob to your bedroom. “But we had a good run, yeah?”
A tear slips from your eye and rolls down your cheek. “The best.”
He shoots you a half smile before shoving his free hand into the pocket of his jeans. “Lock up after me, okay?”
You don’t shift to rise from the bed, but agree anyway. “Okay.”
And then you’re alone.
You slide your clothes back on, a simple tank top with an oversized hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. You make sure the front door to your apartment is locked, your fingers lightly grazing over the door handle where Jinyoung had been not moments earlier.
It’s hard to breathe in the silence. You feel your lungs starting to constrict, and then the tears start pouring out. You slide to the ground, back against the door as you cry into your sleeves. It takes you a minute to gather the strength to get up in search of your phone, but all you know is that right now, you’re not okay. Right now, you can’t be by yourself.
You’re dialling the number by muscle memory alone before pressing the device up to your ear. It rings once. Twice. Three times. And then—
His voice floods your ears and you let out a sigh of relief as it washes over you. It’s just your name, but when he says it, it sounds like music. You’ve missed his deep baritone so much over the past year that as soon as he speaks, you immediately break down again.
“Tae, I…I…”
“Where are you?” He immediately asks. You hear him shuffling, and the sound of car keys. “Are you at home?”
You sniffle, trying to calm your breathing. “Y-yeah.”
“Okay,” he says gently, and your heart clenches. You really don’t deserve a best friend like him. “I’m on my way.”
He hangs up before you get a chance to argue. You text him your address just in case he’s lost it, although you know that he probably knows it off by heart by now. You know that Taehyung is driving all the way from Daegu, so you curl up on the couch and decide to watch a movie to distract yourself while you wait. The movie plays, some chilling true crime documentary, and you jump slightly when you hear a knock on your front door.
Turning off the television, you scramble over and peer through the peephole.
It’s him.
You throw the door open and you’re breathless, looking up into the molten brown eyes that you hadn’t realized just how much you’ve missed. You just stare at him for a second, eyes searching his face, his brows furrowed in concern. He’s doing the same, taking you in, as if it’s the last time he’ll ever lay eyes upon you.
“Hi,” he says in a rush. You launch yourself into his arms at that, pressing your face to his chest and collapsing into a fit of sobs. Taehyung holds you steady, stronger arms than you remember leading you back into your apartment as he closes the door behind him with his foot.
He guides you to your couch and sits you down before you’re clinging to him again. You feel like an idiot for calling him and making him drive all the way down from Daegu just to comfort you through a break-up, but you suppose that’s the magic about Taehyung. You didn’t even have to ask, didn’t have to say anything other than his name and he was already on his way over.
Taehyung’s arm pulls you closer to his side, and you end up halfway in his lap with your head resting on his shoulder. Your nose brushes against the crook of his neck, and he stiffens for just a second before relaxing once more. He smells like cedar wood and cypress, a comforting smell that fills you with nostalgia.
After a few seconds, you squeak out, “I’m sorry, Tae-Tae.”
He glances down at you, and you can’t help but notice how close his face is to yours. “For what?”
“Making you come all the way here,” you say, moving away from him to give yourself a little distance. The rush of emotions filling you is too confusing—you blame it on the fact that you haven’t seen your best friend in about a year, and not the fact that he’s even broader and more chiseled than the last time you saw him.
Jinyoung’s words echo through your mind and you squeeze your eyes shut. You were just dumped by your boyfriend of over a year, how are you already thinking about someone else? You feel so conflicted, because you don’t want Jinyoung to be right. You don’t want to admit that somewhere deep down, over the course of your lives together, you started feeling something for Taehyung.
Who else would drive all the way down from Daegu to Seoul just to comfort you because he knew you couldn’t be alone? Who else would set aside whatever hurt he felt over the fight you had that made you not speak for a year, just to be by your side at this very moment? Who else does any of the things that Taehyung has ever done for you?
Your chest feels warm, and you know that Taehyung is watching you carefully. His arm is still around your shoulders, but it’s loose, and leaning more on the material of the couch than your body.
He fiddles for a second with the material of your sweater’s hood before letting out the tiniest chuckle through his nose. You turn to face him curiously, and his eyes are distant with thought.
When he notices you watching, he gestures to your clothes. “That’s my hoodie. I was wondering what happened to it.”
You look down at your sweater and swallow past the dryness in your throat. It is Taehyung’s, you realize. You had swiped it from his closet before leaving Daegu. It was your favourite hoodie of his, one that he always let you wear, even though it was his favourite as well. He always said it suited you better, so he just let you get away with it. You had brought it with you to Seoul so that you could bring a little piece of him with you, a small comfort in a difficult time of transition. You’d worn it so many times over the past few years that you forgot it was even his.
Taehyung looks around. “Is Chaeyoung home?”
You shake your head, using the sleeves to dry your eyes. “She’s at her boyfriend’s place tonight. Jinyoung was over, and…”
The implication is there, and you see hurt flash over Taehyung’s expression for just a fraction of a second. It’s there and gone so quick that you’re unsure if you actually saw it or not. You bring your knees to your chest and make yourself small on the couch. Taehyung notices and scoots closer, hand resting directly upon your shoulder as he brings you back into his warmth.
“It’s okay,” he says quietly. “You can talk to me.”
And so you do. You tell him about what happened with Jinyoung, leaving just a few details out. You tell him about how you knew that it was over with Jinyoung a long time ago, but just didn’t have the courage to end things. You tell him how much it hurt to realize you had fallen out of love with him when it was clear that he was still in love with you. He talks you through your breakup, lets you know that you’re an amazing person and the right guy will come along one day and sweep you off your feet in the way that you deserve. That you’ll be loved unconditionally, and that when it’s the right person, you’ll just know.
You look up at him then, and a silent moment passes between the two of you. Taehyung’s lips part gently, and you swear he’s getting closer. You feel drawn to him, like the pull of a magnet, but you know that this isn’t right. Jinyoung left only a few hours ago. And while you can’t ignore the way your heart hammers in your chest, you know that you can’t. Not right now.
“I’m tired,” you whisper before he can get any closer. “I think I need to go to sleep.”
Taehyung gives a quiet nod, but doesn’t look away from you for a second. You swallow, and decide to let yourself be selfish one more time.
“Come with me?”
Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice. You take him by the hand and lead him to your room, shuffling through your belongings to see if you have anything big enough for him to wear to bed. He’s already in a loose shirt, but his jeans pose more of an issue. You see a pair of Jinyoung’s sweats in one of your drawers, but the thought of giving those to Taehyung seems disrespectful to both of them.
“Hold on,” you say, before darting out of the room and towards Chaeyoung’s down the hall. Her boyfriend, Namjoon, is pretty tall and you know he’s left some clothes here before. You find a pair of pyjama pants in her closet and rush back to give them to Taehyung.
After he changes, the two of you slip under the covers. It isn’t the first time you’ve shared a bed together, but it’s the first time you’ve done so as adults. Taehyung turns to face you, and you do the same. You feel a tear slip from your eye, and Taehyung lifts his hand to brush it away with his thumb.
“Why are you crying?” He asks, voice deep and gentle.
“I don’t know,” you admit, scooting a little closer. “I missed you, Tae.”
He offers you a smile. “I missed you too, Y/N.” His hand moves from your face to rest along your waist, and you bite at your bottom lip to prevent any unwarranted sounds from escaping at his touch. But you don’t shy away from him either, letting him touch you, letting yourself be held by someone you care so much about and who you know just wants to protect you and keep you safe. “Get some sleep, yeah? We can go for pancakes in the morning.”
You smile at that, an ear to ear grin that has Taehyung smiling in turn. “Yeah?”
“Yeah,” he promises. He leans in and brushes a soft, barely-there kiss to your forehead, and you’re glad it’s dark in your room so he can’t see the blush that paints your cheeks. “Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Goodnight, Tae-Tae.”
You wake up the next morning feeling more rested than you have in ages. You move to sit up but realize that you can’t budge. You glance over to your side and see Taehyung fast asleep, his dark hair mussed and his cheeks puffy. He’s got a leg slung over yours and his arms hug your back to his chest, and he’s snoring just slightly as day breaks through your window.
You can’t help but smile and  allow yourself to sink back into his grasp for just a few more minutes.
Finally, the two of you get up and head over to your favourite hole in the wall diner for breakfast. Taehyung’s only been to Seoul a few times, so it’s a big deal for him to be in the city. He looks at everything with wide eyes and an even wider smile as you walk down the busy streets. You know that he wants to be here, wants to live an exciting life in the city with you nearby. You want that, too. You always have.
You get to the diner and you both order short stacks with way too many sugary add-ons. You’re digging into your breakfast when Taehyung says, “I’ve been meaning to tell you, I have a surprise.”
You crinkle your nose at the sight of him chewing with his mouth open. “Gross, Tae. What is it?”
He swallows with a roll of his eyes to get you to quit nagging, and it warms you to see that nothing has changed between the two of you. Finally, he announces, “I’m moving to Seoul.”
You nearly choke. “W-what?”
“My parents don’t need my help on the farm anymore,” he declares, and you can see that he’s practically vibrating with excitement. “I contacted the dean of admissions at SNU. You were right, they held onto my admission offer until I was ready. I’m moving here and starting work on my degree.”
After your brain finally processes the information, you lay your utensils down and slip into the opposite side of the booth where he’s sitting and hug him close.
“You’re moving here?”
“I’m moving here,” he affirms. And you feel your heart soar. The world is shifting, and you can’t help but feel like things are starting to move into place.
The two of you catch up over the rest of breakfast, and you offer to help Taehyung look for apartments while he’s here. He tells you that he still has to get back to Daegu, and that his parents are probably going to be worried if he doesn’t return soon. You promise to keep an eye out for listings for him anyway, and you can tell he’s just as excited to be getting out of Daegu as you were. Probably even more so, since he’s been trapped there even longer.
When he leaves, it’s with a bear hug and a promise to keep in touch, for real, this time. You both swear that you’ll never let anything like that tear your friendship apart again, and you tell him that you’ll count down the days until he moves to Seoul.
You get back to your apartment, and you feel lighter. Happy. You think to yourself that you should be sadder, more melancholy over your breakup, especially since you did love Jinyoung and the two of you were together for a long time. But as you tidy up your apartment a little before Chaeyoung comes home, your mind begins to wander.
You start to ask yourself if you were only with Jinyoung as a distraction, if he was right in that you were only using him to forget about someone else. And then once the distraction wasn’t working anymore, you stopped trying to pretend. You run a hand through your hair, wincing at the thought. You hope Jinyoung finds someone who will love him the way he deserves to be loved. He’s a good person, and he deserves a happy future with someone who will cherish him.
Once the common area is clean, you shuffle back into your room only to spot something on you desk. You let out the tiniest laugh at the sight. It’s a paper crane, made out of some scrap paper that Taehyung had no doubt found on your desk. You pick it up and look at the message written on the wing, something you haven’t done in over a year.
It’s longer than the other notes you’ve gotten from him, spanning over both wings, but then you realize that it’s a quote. You’ve heard him say it before, in quiet, contemplative moments. It brings a smile to your face as your eyes dance over the neat penmanship.
“Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.”
You chuckle to yourself before carefully pressing the crane flat and holding it close to your heart. Taehyung always did love quoting Van Gogh.
You’re twenty-one when you realize you’re in love with your best friend.
With Taehyung living in Seoul, it’s like nothing ever changed between the two of you. You hang out nearly every day, sleeping over at each other’s apartments a few times a week when it’s too late to walk home and neither one of you feel like spending money on a cab. Seeing him happy and thriving in the city brings you more joy that you can express. He takes up darkroom photography as a hobby, and you love looking through his contact sheets to pick your favourite shots.
The two of you are closer than ever. It’s confusing, feeling this way about Taehyung. But you can’t ignore how your heart feels when he’s nearby, how you get nervous around him when he looks into your eyes for a second too long. You tell yourself it’s nothing when you wake up with his arms around you, holding you like you’re lovers, and remind yourself that you’re just friends when he presses kisses to your forehead when you say you have a headache.
You may have been using that excuse a little more liberally than necessary in the recent past.
You’re in love with Taehyung. And admitting that to yourself is easier than you realize. It’s the fear of the unknown, of the possibility of rejection upon confession that has you waiting for the right moment to tell him.
Because how could you not? You two have never kept secrets from one another before, and you know that even if he doesn’t love you like you hope he does, you’ll find a way to work past it. You would rather tell him the truth and hurt for a little if he doesn’t reciprocate, than never tell him and keep more secrets from your best friend.
It’s the end of the year already, and everyone around you is abuzz with talks of New Year’s celebrations. But around this time, you never really think about New Year’s, if you’re being honest. You care more about the fact that it’s Taehyung’s birthday, and that you finally get to celebrate it with him in Seoul after so many years.
You manage to gather up your friends to throw him a surprise party in your apartment, which is where they’re all hiding, now. You and Taehyung had gone shopping for his birthday, and you had plans to go for dinner and drinks later. You tell him that you have to drop off your bags at home first, since you don’t want to bring all your stuff to the bar, and he agrees.
You open the door to your apartment and immediately slap your hand over your face when you see that your polite house guests have all taken off their shoes and left them along the front hall. You chuckle and take Taehyung by the hand, who is also biting back a smile, and lead him to where you both know your friends are attempting to hide.
With a flick of your finger, you switch on the lights. All of your friends jump out of their hiding places and scream, “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEHYUNG!”
He’s laughing so hard that his eyes have turned into crescent moons. Jimin emerges from the kitchen with a cake and lit candles, leading the singing when it comes time to shut the lights off again. Taehyung looks over at you with adoration in his eyes and you give him a one-armed hug.
“Make a wish,” you gesture to the cake. His eyes linger on you for a second longer before he turns and closes his eyes. He’s quiet for a few seconds, and then blows them out, getting all of them in one long breath.
Everyone cheers and claps before someone, presumably Yoongi, puts on some background music. It’s a chill hip-hop playlist that he curated a while ago that often plays when everyone gets together. If there’s one thing Yoongi is good at, it’s creating sonic atmospheres that fit every situation.
The party is in full swing. People in the kitchen are taking shots, a few of which you and Taehyung participate in, while others are in the living room either having nonsense conversations or playing Settlers of Catan. You notice Taehyung nursing a drink from the corner of the room, observing everyone quietly until he sees you watching him. You put your cup down and walk over to him, taking his free hand in yours and lacing your fingers together.
“I have a gift for you,” you whisper into his ear, needing to rise to your tip toes to do so. He turns to you with a grin and then gestures to the party.
“This wasn’t the gift?”
You laugh and shake your head, a warm and comfortable buzz humming through your veins. “Trust me. You’ll like this gift more.”
You sneak him away to your room, which you had expressed to your friends prior to their arrival was strictly off-limits (Chaeyoung graciously offered to use her room for everyone’s coats and bags). Once the door is closed and the two of you are alone, suddenly, you feel really nervous. Taehyung stands by your desk and his eyes dance over the little trinkets and things, as well as photos he’s taken that you’ve pinned to your wall.
While he’s distracted, you pick up the gift you bought him from under the table and hand it over. It’s in a bag with multicoloured tissues sticking out from the top, and he takes it from your hands with a boxy smile.
Moving the tissues aside, you see his face shift into a look of awe when he pulls the heavy book from the bag. He stares at the cover, holding the tome in his hands as he struggles to find words.
“It’s letters from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo,” you say, just to cut the tension. “I know how much you love him, and I read a few parts of it from a copy I found at the library a while back. I figured you would like it.”
“It’s perfect,” Taehyung breathes. “Thank you, Y/N. For…everything.”
“You’re welcome,” you reply, suddenly bashful. You look up at him and his eyes are on you, and he’s looking at you in a way that you can’t quite read. It’s now or never, you decide, and you take the book from his grasp and lay it on your desk. “I have something else for you. But you have to close your eyes.”
Taehyung cocks his head to the side but agrees, closing his eyes until they fall shut. Exhaling shakily, you take a step closer until you’re nearly toe-to-toe. You gently cup either side of his jaw and lift yourself up, pressing your lips against his. The kiss is soft and lasts only a few seconds, and when you pull away, you lean into his ear and whisper:
“I love you, Taehyung.”
You move to take a step back, bashfully looking away when you feel his arms loop around your waist and tug you flush against him. His lips are on yours again in a split second and you whimper against his mouth as he kisses you for all he’s worth. His hands are everywhere as your fingers tangle in his hair, both of you desperately trying to get closer and closer.
“Never thought I would get to do that again,” he jokes when he finally breaks away for oxygen. Then, as if he’s suddenly remembered something, he says, “I have a gift for you too.”
Your eyes automatically dart down to the growing bulge in his pants. He laughs and swats at your arm.
“Not that, you perv.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a paper crane, one made with paper that has little pink and red hearts all over it. He re-shapes it so that it stands up on its own and gives it to you, and you look up at him curiously before looking at the message.
Your heart nearly stops as you read the words.
“Because I love you.”
Tears are in your eyes as you repeat them. “You love me?”
Taehyung’s grip on you tightens, and he leans his forehead against yours. “I love you,” he affirms. “So much. And for so, so fucking long.”
You kiss him again at that. It’s slower this time, and now that you have both spoken your truths, there’s no need to rush. You’ve loved Taehyung your whole life, and you’ll continue to love him for the rest of it. You feel the back of your knees hit the edge of the bed and then you’re tumbling down, taking him with you. The length of his body is pressed flush to yours, his strong, lean thigh parting your legs as he slips his tongue in your mouth.
The moan that escapes your lips as he grinds into you is lewd and you have to remember that all of your friends are literally just down the hall. You try to be quiet but Taehyung is having none of that, his large hands playing with the hem of your shirt until he’s tugging it up and over your head.
His lips are everywhere, worshipping you with his mouth and tongue as he nips at the curve of your breast and maps out galaxies across your ribs and stomach. Under his questing fingers and insistent mouth, you feel like an absolute goddess. His touch is so reverent, so intoxicating, that you nearly cry out his name as he presses a kiss to your core through the denim of your jeans.
“F-fuck, Tae,” you whimper as he begins to slowly unzip your fly. “Please, I need you.”
“I have been waiting for years to hear you say that,” he admits, working the material down your legs. He drags your panties down too, and you sit up to unhook your bra. He’s still fully clothed, you realize, but there’s something so sexy about how he’s looking at you, crouched at the foot of your bed, your bare legs thrown haphazardly over his shoulders that you don’t protest just yet.
He presses a kiss to your inner thigh and you can’t help but shiver. The smirk he sends your way is devastating, and you feel yourself getting even wetter at the sight of him with his mouth so close to where you desire him the most.
“Keep your eyes on me, baby,” he murmurs before he’s flicking his tongue directly against your clit. You yelp, not expecting it when he closes his lips around your sensitive bud and alternates between sucking and flicking motions. Your thighs tighten around either side of his head until he pins them open, exposing you completely.
His eyes never leave yours as his tongue gets to work exploring you for the first time. He licks a stripe up your cunt, not too hard, but just enough so that you know he’s there. He pays extra attention to your clit, noticing just what makes your body sing and sigh so that he can do it again and again and again. You jolt slightly when you feel one of his fingers prodding at your entrance, and Taehyung kisses your mons gently.
“Really want to fuck you with my fingers,” he admits. “I’ve been dreaming of it for so long. Can I…?”
“Yes,” you gasp, fingers tangling in his hair. “Please, Tae, fuck—”
“So fucking beautiful,” Taehyung groans as he gathers your wetness on two of his fingers and starts to press them into you. You moan at the stretch, of the feeling of him touching you so intimately. You feel his knuckles slipping past your folds until his fingers are buried deep. Then he curls his fingers in a come hither motion and tugs gently on the front of your walls, and your eyes nearly roll to the back of your head. You slap your hand over your mouth as he rubs that spot over and over, lips and tongue back on your clit. You whimper and try to keep quiet, but the slick sound of Taehyung’s fingers fucking into you and his tongue lapping at your most sensitive area are just too much.
You feel yourself starting to shake, like that coil inside of you is about to snap. You can’t believe how well Taehyung knows your body already, how he can tell exactly what you need. You feel yourself teetering along the edge, and you gasp out that you’re close. Taehyung takes his free hand and fondles your breast, pinching at your nipple until you’re crying out.
“Come on my tongue,” he moans against your skin. “Come on my tongue and my fingers, come for me baby, c’mon, soak my face, I know you can do it—”
Your orgasm hits you so hard that you nearly scream. Hands fisting the sheets, you squeak out his name and buck your hips, grinding against his mouth as you come. His fingers keep working inside of you, as does his tongue on your clit, to prolong your pleasure for as long as possible. When the feeling starts to border on pain, you whimper and squirm away.
Taehyung kisses a wet trail up your stomach and between your breasts, stopping to lavish each nipple with attention as you impatiently tug at his shirt.
“Get naked,” you whine, gripping his sleeve. “This is torture.”
Taehyung smirks at you, purposely slowing down as he licks and suckles along your neck. “Baby, I haven’t showed you torture yet,” he purrs with an edge to his voice. You can feel how hard his cock is through his jeans, and the rough scratch of denim against your sensitive core is becoming too much.
You start to grind against him, aching for some kind of relief, and it’s your turn to grin when you see him squeezing his eyes shut.
“Fuck, you’re going to be the death of me,” he pants, sitting back on his haunches as he peels off his shirt. You get to work on his belt and his jeans, unable to stop yourself from staring when you see just how big he is. You look up at him with wide eyes and he laughs breathlessly. “You really know how to make a guy feel good, you know that?”
He moves to kick off his jeans and boxers, and then you’re finally both bare, both exposed and vulnerable for the first time. Taehyung places his hands on the bed and crawls over you, pressing his lips to yours to kiss you slowly. The kiss is gentle at first, and then becomes more insistent as he adds more pressure. His tongue on the seam of your mouth coaxes you to open up not only your lips, but your thighs as well. You part both for him as he settles himself against your heat.
Your thumbs massage gentle circles against his jaw as his tongue gently caresses yours. You hitch your leg over his hip and bring him closer, moaning quietly as you feel the underside of his cock brushing against your clit.
“Condom?” He asks, panting. You shake your head.
“I’m on the pill and I’m clean,” you say in a rush. “Just wanna feel you. I trust you.”
“M’clean, too,” he promises, dipping down to kiss you again. “Been waiting for this moment my whole life. I love you, Y/N. So much.”
“I love you too, Tae,” you murmur against his lips. You trail your hand down to grip his cock, hot and heavy in your palm. You take some of your slick and pump it along his shaft, and you love the groan that leaves his throat at the sensation. Then you guide the head of his cock to your soaking entrance, and he slowly pushes into you.
The stretch is immense, but not painful as he fills you inch by inch. This, you realize, this is how it’s supposed to feel when you’re with the right person. Taehyung fills you so completely, like the missing piece of a puzzle, and you whimper out his name once he’s reached the hilt.
You feel his hot breath against your neck as he just stays there for a minute, cock pressed deep into you, unmoving. It’s as if you’re both memorizing each other, this feeling of being so close and yet needing to be closer still. You squeeze your walls down on him just slightly and he chokes on a breath.
“Fuck,” he grunts. “We really were made for each other, huh?”
“Yeah,” you breathlessly agree, turning to kiss the corner of his mouth. “I feel it, too.”
He pulls out nearly all the way before thrusting back in, slowly, so that you can both savour the feeling. You sigh out his name and hook your legs around his waist, urging him to go deeper, harder.
Taehyung obliges, his lips never leaving yours as he braces his knees on the bed and one hand against your headboard, and starts to fuck you harder. The way he rolls his hips makes you dizzy, and you’re clawing at his back to pull him in even more. It’s so intoxicating, having him this close, bare skin against bare skin, offering up your rawest forms to one another. You feel his heartbeat against yours, pulsing in rhythm.
You whimper at his next deep thrust, one that has you shifting slightly up the bed. The pleasure is starting to overwhelm you. You’ve never felt more safe in anyone else’s arms, never felt more loved, more adored. Taehyung makes your heart soar, and the realization that you want to be with him forever brings tears to your eyes. You gasp out that you’re going to come, and his fingers are on your clit in an instant, somehow always knowing exactly what you need.
His name falls from your lips as you come, clenching down on his cock like a vice. He thrusts shallowly through your orgasm to prolong it as long as possible, his arms holding you as you quake and shiver from the aftershocks. Once you’ve come down, your eyes flutter open and you see Taehyung gazing down at you, his eyes full of wonder.
“You look so beautiful when you come,” he confesses, blush dusting his cheeks and chest. You laugh, a little breathless, and reach up to kiss him.
“Your turn to show me what you look like,” you purr against his lips. “Fill me up, Tae. I want to feel you, please…”
Not needing to be told twice, Taehyung adjusts the angle of his hips and starts fucking you harder, the blunt head of his cock pummelling against your g-spot. You feel that familiar heat starting to pool again, and you’re still shaking from the overstimulation. But Taehyung sees this and keeps doing it, keeps focusing on fucking your g-spot over and over until you’re moaning loudly and the bed frame is rattling against the wall.
“Come with me, baby,” Taehyung begs, lips and teeth on your neck. “I know you’ve got one more in you. Need you to come with me. I’m going to count you down, and then you’re gonna come on my cock. Okay?”
You feel your walls fluttering already, but you try to suppress your urge to come and weakly reply, “Okay.”
“Okay,” he pants, fucking you harder, the wet slap of his hips against yours obscenely filling the room. “We’re gonna come together in five.”
He maintains the same pace, but thrusts a little bit harder.
Harder still. It’s when his fingers land on your clit that you actually let out a scream.
You’re a mess as he fucks you faster, stapling your hips to the mattress with every thrust. You’re certain you’ll bruise after this, marks you’ll wear like badges of honour. But that’s for later. Right now, you need to come, and he’s stalling. You blink up at him and see that he’s watching you, making sure you’re paying attention.
“What number are we at, sweetheart?”
You shiver at the pet name, and manage to squeak out, “Two.”
“Mm, good girl,” he grunts as he buries his head into the crook of your neck and delivers another particularly hard thrust. He feels you shaking underneath him as he furiously rubs at your clit. He can see in your eyes your desperation, your need for him. But he wants to stall for just a second longer. Just a little bit longer—
“Tae,” you cry out, your throat dry. “P-please, I can’t h-hold it, I—”
Come, you hear him order. You feel like you’re floating. Like there’s nothing that exists in the universe except you and Taehyung, bathed in a beautiful white light as pleasure ripples through your bodies at the same time. It’s overwhelming, how good he feels, how intimate and right it feels to be with each other in this way. You cling to him, holding each other as you both reach euphoria in the safety of one another’s arms. You feel him filling you with thick ropes of come, marking you as his, and you take all that he has to give until you’ve both come down from your highs.
He lifts his head to look at you, gazing into your eyes before you pull him in for a kiss.
After he pulls away, Taehyung murmurs, “Thank you.”
“Hm?” You nuzzle your nose against his. “For what?”
He grins at you, big and boxy, and the sight alone makes you smile.
“For making my birthday wish come true.”
The two of you quietly clean up and get dressed once again, remembering that there’s a party just outside in the next room. Taehyung helps you straighten up your hair as best he can, though it still looks a little matted in the back. And you try to tame his hair as well, though your determined fingers had been keen knotting his locks. Once you both look somewhat presentable, you place your hand on the doorknob.
“Wait,” Taehyung says. You turn to face him, and he simply kisses you. You melt against him, so happy to finally be able to do this whenever you want. He pulls away and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” you respond, and give his hand a squeeze. You intertwine your fingers and open the door, stepping out to rejoin the party.
Chaeyoung is the first to notice when you come back and she literally screams when she sees the two of you.
“Finally! Oh my god, Namjoon, look, it finally happened!” Chaeyoung is still screaming, tugging on her boyfriend’s arm. Everyone then turns and sees the two of you holding hands looking bashful, along with the blossoming dark marks dotting your neck, and a chorus of cheers rings out through the room. You playfully glare at your friends that are blatantly exchanging money, and hide your face against Taehyung’s chest when Jimin and Jungkook come over to high-five you both.
“We have been waiting for this day since forever,” Jimin drawls, alcohol slurring his words slightly. “Kookie and I had a bet to see if you would get together before the end of the year, and you just made it with a day to spare. So now Jungkook owes me fifty bucks.”
“Two more sleeps!” Jungkook whines. “You lovebirds couldn’t wait for two more sleeps?”
“Regardless,” Jimin interjects. “Thank god it finally happened. I don’t think I could have waited much longer.”
“Hey,” Chaeyoung butts in, Namjoon watching her in amusement. “You don’t get to complain about waiting for those two idiots to get together. Did you know I was there when they met? And did you know that I figured out that Taehyungie had a crush on Y/N the second week that he joined our class?”
You look up at Taehyung in alarm. “You’ve liked me for that long?”
Taehyung blushes, suddenly bashful as he gives your hand a squeeze. “Yeah. Since the first day we met. Chaeyoungie figured it out and flat out asked me one day at recess. She had me cornered, so I had to tell her. But she promised she would keep it a secret. And, apparently to her credit, she has.”
“Damn right, I have, I’m a great friend,” she grumbles. “Even though it literally killed me to see you both not acting on your feelings for over a decade.”
“Enough about that,” you say hastily, waving your arms. “It’s Tae’s birthday. Did you want to open presents? I can get you a slice of cake.”
Taehyung just chuckles and nods at your obvious ploy to divert your friends’ attentions. “Sure. Let’s go open presents.”
“Can I also just say,” Jungkook declares, a shit-eating grin on his face. “I don’t know what was going on in there, but Tae, you deserve a high-five.”
You swat at your younger friend in dismay. “Jungkook!”
“You were pretty loud,” Chaeyoung admits with a shrug. Jimin nods pretty vigorously.
“Neither of you noticed when we turned up the volume on the music?”
Taehyung glances at you and scratches at the back of his neck. “Uh, no…we were…a little…preoccupied.”
You groan and slap your hand over your face. “Did everyone hear us?”
From across the room, Yoongi barks, “Yup.”
You’re about to hang your head in shame when Jimin lifts his cup. “I propose a toast!”
You and Taehyung are handed drinks, some fruit punch concoction that Seokjin mixed up. You all raise your cups as Jimin ponders what to say. Suddenly, he snaps his fingers, and beams at the two of you.
“To wishes coming true.”
You lean up and peck Taehyung on the cheek.
“To wishes coming true.”
You’re twenty-three when Taehyung folds his 1000th paper crane.
Being with Taehyung is like a dream come true. He really is unconditional with his love, and even when he simply looks at you, it makes your heart beat a little faster against your ribcage. He’s just so passionate and so open about his love for you, and being with him is incredible.
Not that it isn’t also without hardships. Every relationship falters from time to time. Angry words are exchanged, stubborn attitudes have gotten in the way of reason and logic and instead allowed for emotion and hurt to rule. But you always come back to one another, always talk it out. Because you both know that love is a choice, and that being in love and staying in love takes work. And so you both put in the work.
It doesn’t take you both long to decide that it’s time for the two of you to move in together.
And after months of planning, it’s moving day. It’s a day that’s been a long time coming. The two of you were already basically living together in Taehyung’s tiny bachelor apartment, but this new apartment is going to be the both of yours. A shared space for the two of you, one that you can make a home.
You’re unloading the last of the boxes from the truck into your new place, surveying the area with a sigh. You and Taehyung have already decided on what colours to paint the walls and what art to buy, so it’s just a matter of getting everything unpacked and sorted.
“Are there any more boxes left in the truck?” Taehyung asks, stretching out his spine with his arms raised above his head. You plop down on the couch and groan, shutting your eyes for just a second.
“That’s the last of it. Finally.” Cracking an eye open to peer at your boyfriend, you ask, “Did you want to start unpacking now?”
Taehyung shrugs, lifting the lid off a box that’s labelled Kitchen. “Might as well. We can unpack for a bit and then maybe go get something to eat in a few hours?”
You rise up to your feet, heading for your new bedroom. “Sounds like a plan. I’m going to make the bed and unpack our clothes, okay?”
He’s already trying to figure out the best place to put your drinking glasses, peering at each cabinet for what feels like the perfect spot. “Okay. I’ll come help you once I finish up in here.”
You make your way into your room, the bed having already been delivered and assembled prior to your actual moving day. You, being the more organized of the two of you, had scheduled your moving day so that it would be a little later in the month. That way, you and Taehyung were able to order your new furniture and assemble it without all the clutter of cardboard boxes getting in the way. Now, it was mostly just a matter of unpacking your essentials and decorating.
Unpacking goes relatively smoothly. You’re done organizing yours and Taehyung’s clothes, placing his silk button-ups on hangers so that they can be properly stored. There’s a pile of flattened cardboard boxes on the ground in the corner of the room, a symbol of your triumph and accomplishments. You’re feeling good, having found your second wind, and reach for another box.
When you lift the lid, you suddenly freeze. It’s the box you packed that has three shoe boxes in it, and you gingerly lift out each one, placing them down on your bed before doing away with the larger cardboard box. You take a seat at the edge of the bed and place one of the shoe boxes in your lap. You lift the lid and see all those paper cranes, made of different sizes and different kinds of paper.
You can’t help but smile, thinking about how Taehyung’s been getting back into the habit of making you paper cranes again recently. He had stopped for a while when you first started dating, maybe giving you one every few months, but as of late, he’s been making them more and more. And the messages he’s been writing on the wings have been for little things, nothing major or monumental like when you were kids.
You recall just last week, he made you one  that just read, “Because you made me the best coffee ever” after you bought a new Nespresso machine. Taehyung always did like celebrating the everyday moments, the ones that you would have probably overlooked. That’s one of the things that makes being with Taehyung so exciting, so wonderful. He makes every day seem like magic.
You’re just in the process of reading some of his old messages, the ones with messier penmanship that were crafted by a child, when you hear a throat clearing by your bedroom door. You look up and see Taehyung smiling at you, hands stuffed in his pockets.
“Kitchen’s mostly unpacked,” he states, wandering over to you. “What are you looking at?”
Gesturing to the boxes, you smile, “The cranes that you’ve made me over the years.” You scoot over to make room for Taehyung, who immediately takes a seat at your side, thighs touching as he loops one arm around your waist and rests his chin on your shoulder. Pecking you on the cheek, he gives a low whistle.
“That’s a lot,” he notes. “I can’t believe you kept all of them for all these years. When you see them all in one spot like this, it looks kinda crazy.”
His tone is bashful, almost a little embarrassed. You turn to face him, pressing a sweet, soft kiss against his lips. “It’s not crazy,” you promise. “It’s a beautiful, romantic gesture, and it’s made me so happy ever since we were kids. And it still makes me happy when I look at them. So there.”
Taehyung laughs at your tone of finality and nuzzles his nose against the crook of your neck. “Okay.”
You lean into his embrace, an automatic reflex at this point. You shuffle through the cranes until you find the one you’re looking for. You gasp when you see it, and you carefully pull it out. It’s old and worn, yellowing along the edges, but it’s the one. The one made from a ripped out piece of notebook paper, with butterflies drawn all over it, flying through an open meadow. Your eyes start to well up when you read the first message Taehyung ever wrote for you: “Because you stuck up for me.”
“The first one I ever made you,” Taehyung notes quietly, his arm tightening around your waist. “I remember that day so clearly. I remember when you came over and scared away those bullies, I thought you were an angel.”
You laugh at that, nudging him playfully. “Oh, come on. That can’t be true.”
“It is,” Taehyung insists. “You’ve meant so much to me since we were little kids, you know? And I’ve loved you ever since then. We’ve seen each other grow up, seen the best and worst parts of one another…” Taehyung sits up a little straighter and looks deep into your eyes as he says, “No one in the world knows me as well as you.”
You lift your hand to brush his fringe out of his eyes, lingering to softly caress his cheek as he leans into your touch. “The same goes for me,” you promise. And then you joke, “I feel like you know more about me than my mom does.”
He laughs at that. “Probably.” Taehyung suddenly goes quiet, his eyes focused on the boxes of paper cranes on the bed. “How many have I made for you?”
You ponder for a second. “A lot. Maybe around nine-hundred…”
“Nine hundred and ninety-nine,” he replies. “The one I gave you three days ago was number nine hundred and ninety-nine.”
You cock your head to the side. “Why did you ask if you already—”
Taehyung suddenly looks nervous. You see it in how his expression changes, how his shoulders curl inwards and how his foot taps anxiously against the ground.
“I love you,” he says, and it sounds like he’s saying it for the first time. He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. “I love you, and I want you to have this.”
It’s a paper crane, one that he takes his time properly re-shaping so that it can stand on its own before laying it on the flat of his palm and extending it out to you.
“Number one thousand,” you remark with a smile, picking it up and holding it in your hands. You frown slightly, noticing that it’s heavier than it should be. It feels a little like something is inside of it, and you regard Taehyung curiously when you see that there’s no message on the wing like their usually is.
He bites at his lip slightly, and you feel your heartbeat drumming faster and faster.
“Open it.”
With shaking fingers, you carefully unfold the piece of paper until it’s flat in your hands. You look up at Taehyung, tears rolling down your cheeks, as he slips from the bed and takes your hand, lowering himself to one knee.
Taped to the inside of the paper is an engagement ring, along with the message, “Will you make my wish come true?”
You can barely see Taehyung through the tears, but you’ve never been happier. The way he’s looking at you now, open and honest, makes you even more sure of your answer.
“I know we’re young,” Taehyung says in a rush. “And I know we’re just moving in together now, and that I’m still only halfway done school. But we can always wait to get married, it doesn’t have to be anytime soon, I just needed to ask you because if I didn’t, I was going to explode, and I—”
“Yes,” you laugh, wiping hastily at your eyes. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”
Taehyung carefully removes the tape from the ring and slips it on your finger, his boxy smile practically blinding as he takes in the sight of you as his fiancée for the first time. Once the ring is securely on your finger, Taehyung kisses you, and it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. You quickly clear everything off the bed, albeit a little hastily, as Taehyung’s curious hands start to wander, and your clothes, one by one, hit the floor.
You take your time with one another, committing each other’s bodies to memory with your mouth and hands before Taehyung finally slides home and has you seeing stars. His touch is like fire, melting away any fears or insecurities about the future until all you can see and feel is him on you, inside of you, offering you forever and you gladly accept with an open heart.
Boxes are left abandoned for the echo of moans along the temporarily barren walls. You never do finish unpacking the rest of the apartment that night.
Instead you fall asleep, tangled in the arms of your soulmate, bare skin against bare skin. You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with Taehyung, though it wasn’t as if living without each other was ever going to be an option, anyway. Not with how the universe put the two of you together. Your best friend, your fiancé, and two years later once Taehyung gets his degree, your husband, and a few years after that, the father of your children.
You’ve never been loved so wholly, so completely, so unconditionally as you have with Taehyung. And while it might have taken him a thousand paper cranes to muster up the courage to propose, but you can’t help but think that he’s been making every single one of your wishes come true since he walked into your classroom in Daegu all those years ago.
You can’t wait for forever with him. So for now, you sleep, the brilliant diamond resting upon your ring finger full of promises of a bright, beautiful future with Taehyung by your side. Just as it was destined to be.
A/N: Finally, it’s done! I hope you liked it. I’ve never written in this kind of format before, so I hope it all made sense. Let me know what you think, and please share it if you enjoyed! Constructive feedback is always welcome :)
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httpjeon · 2 years ago
tattooed two | jungkook & taehyung (m.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jungkook/reader, jungkook/reader/taehyung | tattoo artists!au | fluff, smut
Tumblr media
wordcount: 8.5k
contents: unprotected sex while ovulating, multiple orgasms, squirting, dirty talk, cum eating, threesome, cum feeding, praise kink, sloppy seconds, impregnation kink(?), very brief moment where taekook’s tongues touch, like....double eating u out (both at the same time), light finger sucking, lots of cum, UNEDITED
― synopsis: your boyfriend’s best friend joins you for a night you’ll never forget.
note: my two babes + tattoos is SEXY. this isn’t edited, i was too lazy im sorry for mistakes let me live. this was supposed to be pwp.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The bell rang as you stepped inside, the air conditioned shop instantly drying the light sheen of sweat that had covered your skin from the heat outside. The sun was beginning to set so it would start to cool down soon enough. But for now, you were happy to be inside once again.
"Jungkook?" You called, walking up to the counter. The doorway that led to the employee-only area was covered by a sheer black curtain. You had helped Jungkook choose it when he first opened the shop.
"Hang on!" You heard a voice reply from back. It only took a moment for Jungkook to come running out, getting tangled for a second on the curtain when his nose ring snagged on the fabric. "Ow, shit!"
You giggled as he swatted the material away, freeing his piercing before he finally reached the counter, grinning his heartwarming bunny-smile at you.
He looked good today. He was wearing a beanie, something you didn't get to see him wearing anymore. He used to wear them all the time when you first started dating. The beanie made the gauges in his ear stand out. On top of that, he was wearing a simple sleeveless shirt, which allowed you an unobstructed view of the colorful tattoos inked into his skin.
"Hey babe," He cooed, rounding the counter to cup your chin, pressing a fleeting kiss against your lips, making you smile.
"You almost ready to go? The movie starts soon," You mumbled, keeping your voice down in case anyone was around. You reached down and laced your fingers between his tattooed knuckles. He frowned, bringing your hand up to press a kiss against the top of your hand.
"I'm really sorry, babygirl," He muttered, immediately wiping your smile off your face.
"What?" You asked, still holding his hand but now holding a frown and a smidgen of disappointment in your eyes.
"Last minute client," He said, shaking his head.
He finally let go of your hand, turning his back to you to open the planner that sat on the desk. The shirt he wore was slightly loose so it moved with his movement, letting you get a peak of the tattoos that hid underneath the material.
You couldn't say you had planned a particularly fluffy night. No, in fact, you were wearing one of your most tasteful bra and pantie set beneath the cute flowery sundress you wore.
On top of that, you were ovulating, which meant you were absolutely craving Jungkook. After the movie, you had planned to suck him off in the car and let him punish you at home.
Now, however, it was clear that you were going to have a dry night.
"I asked if Yoongi-hyung could take him but, he didn't have the time, he had to get home to Daegu for some family problem," Jungkook shrugged, closing the planner once again. "I couldn't ask him to stay so I could have a date,"
"I understand, Jungkook," You smiled again, but you still felt that bit of disappointment on your heart. Jungkook, seeming to sense this, pressed a kiss to your forehead.
"I'm really sorry, sweetheart," He apologized again. "We can go see The Nun next week, okay?"
"Okay-" Just as you agreed, the bell jingled to signal another person coming in.
"Hey, I'm here for an 8pm?" The man smiled.
Jungkook nodded, reaching out to shake the man's hand.
"I'll be your tattooist, the names Jungkook," You skittered out of the way to take a seat on the slightly-uncomfortable and creaky chair in the corner of the waiting area.
You gave Jungkook a little wave as he disappeared with the man following to lead him to his tattoo room.
Left in silence, you finally let out your disheartened sigh. Shifting in your seat, you were reminded of the uncomfortable underwear your wore beneath your dress. While they were an incredibly cute, lacy dusty pink pair, they weren't the most comfortable. In fact, the itchiness from the lace was returning as your arousal disappeared.
"What's wrong, Princess?" A familiar, deep voice entered the waiting area. Opening your eyes, you caught Taehyung leaning against the desk.
"Why assume something is wrong?" You asked, letting you smile return when Taehyung chuckled.
"I could have heard that sigh from Daegu," He teased, pushing off the desk in favor of taking a seat beside you. The chair creaked under his weight but he didn't pay it any mind. He rested his chin on his hand, leaning closer to you. So close, in fact, that you were able to smell his cologne.
Taehyung was, well, incredibly hot. He was Jungkook's best friend and the only other tattoo artist to work for Jungkook besides Yoongi. He had ashy-gray hair that hung low in his eyes, making his sharp eyes appear even sharper. While today, he was wearing a leather jacket, when he wasn't he had a full black and white sleeve on his right arm and just a simple quote on the inside of his left forearm.
His thick thighs, rivaling even your boyfriend's were encased in ripped blue jeans.
He looked...incredible.
You shook yourself out of that thought. Just because you weren't getting dick tonight didn't mean you could fantasize about your boyfriend's best friend.
"Sorry," You mumbled, leaning back in your seat to put some distance between the two of you. Taehyung didn't seem to notice, only smiling.
"Weren't you supposed to go on a date?" He asked suddenly, still resting his chin on his hand. At the mention of your lost date, you sighed again.
"He got a last minute client," You explained, making him nod.
"I got you," he nodded in understanding. "He could have asked me,"
"Why didn't he?" You questioned, meeting his gaze.
"I had my own last minute, I was planning to go home and sleep so I guess he didn't want to bother me, you now how he is," Taehyung chuckled, making you smile because yes, Jungkook was like that.
He was a good man. He always put others before himself, never wanting to inconvenience his friends. You knew it must have bothered him to have to disappoint you.
"So why are you still here?" You questioned again.
"Well," Taehyung started. "I was heading home after my client left, having packed my things and as I left the room I heard a little sigh come from the waiting room. And I come to find a lovely lady looking like a kicked puppy so now, I'm keeping her company."
"I appreciate that, Taehyung," You thanked, truly glad to have his company to make your wait go by faster.
"What kind of best friend would I be if I left my best friend's girlfriend out here all sad and alone?" He sighed dramatically, putting his hand to his forehead as he feigned tears.
"You're so dramatic!" You cried, playfully shoving his shoulder, making him laugh.
Before long, the distant sound of buzzing stopped.
"Oh, he must be done in there," Taehyung muttered, cutting your conversation about his dog Yeontan short.
As if on cue, Jungkook walked into the waiting room with the man following behind, saran wrap around his bicep.
"Alright, that'll 112, you paying cash or card?" Jungkook asked, receiving a cash response.
You waited, feeling like it took 50 hours before Jungkook was waving the customer off with a thank you.
"Shit, it's been 2 hours," Jungkook mumbled, looking at the clock on the wall. Taehyung had set it, but it was off by a couple minutes. No one in the shop could be bothered to fix it and it was close enough to the correct time. It was just another cute quirk of the shop.
"Yeah, I think I'm gonna head home," Taehyung mumbled, standing up, making his knees pop from having been sat for so long.
"You ready to go, baby?" Jungkook asked, holding his hand out for you to take, which you did. You took his hand, clinging to his arm to have him close to you. Jungkook chuckled, kissing the top of your head affectionately.
"See you later, princess," Taehyung playfully blew you a kiss before scattering out the door, pulling his keys off his belt as he went.
Jungkook flicked the lights by the door off, draping the shop in darkness before escorting you out and locking up. He wiggled the door to make sure it was really locked before he pressed the fob key to unlock the car.
You rushed over, opening the door before he could do it, making him glare at you with a goofy squint. Giggling, you piled in, allowing him to close the door behind you before rounding the back to take his seat behind the wheel.
You were happy to be home, kicking your red heels off at the door. They had looked cute with the minute red in the flowers on your dress but they were killer on your feet. Now, you were much shorter than Jungkook.
"Cutie," He teased, rustling your hair, making you shriek in indignation. "I'm gonna hop in the shower, you wanna join?"
You thought about it for a minute. Earlier, you had been under the impression you weren't going to get laid but now as you thought about having a shower with him, it would allow him to see what you had beneath your dress and maybe he'd still want to fuck you.
"Sure," You agreed, taking the lead up the stairs. to the master bedroom.
Your apartment wasn't the best, not at all. In fact, the stairs creaked obnoxiously when you put weight on them. The carpet had some discoloration that you couldn't get clean no matter how much you cleaned.
You didn't live in the best part of town, Jungkooks's tattoo shop not getting enough money to afford anything extravagant. However, you lived comfortably and the raggedy old apartment was home.
When you reached the bathroom, you started the shower, the old pipes clinking as water burst through the shower head. Jungkook reached the bathroom behind you, shutting the door forcefully, as needed to close it. However, the sound of the shower muffled the noise significantly.
The water took a quick moment to heat up, always. So you turned around to see Jungkook yanking the shirt off.
"Fuck, I was sweating like crazy today," He complained, but you weren't listening.
Instead you were looking over his tattooed torso. On his right pec, there was a carefully drawn bouquet of roses drawn, small and barely noticable. You had told him not to get it, it never ended well when you get a tattoo for another person. It would only end in regret.
Jungkook, however, didn't listen to a single complaint.
In high school. when you first met Jungkook. He was a sophomore and you were a freshman when you met. You had gotten lost in the winding hallways and he had been eager to help you.
You hadn't thought much about it, but apparently he had because it took only a couple days before he showed up to your classroom with a bouquet of roses.
You had been so embarrassed, rejecting him and avoiding him for a week before he caught you after school and asked you out for dinner.
You had never been taken on a date before and you were shocked he wanted to take you so you agreed.
It turned out to be the most magical date of your life. Even to this day, nothing ever topped it with Jungkook - except maybe the night you finally had sex with him after a year of dating.
You were shaken from your thoughts when Jungkook pressed a kiss against your forehead, making you smile.
"You planning to shower fully clothed, babe?" He teased, making you realize he was down to his boxer-briefs.
You hurried to strip your dress off, letting it pool on the floor at your feet.
"Fuck," Jungkook inhaled, making you remember.
His hands gripped your waist, pulling you close to him. You could feel his cock stir against you. That was exactly the response you wanted.
"Is this new?" He asked, snapping the band of your panties against your skin.
"Y-Yeah, bought it for after date-night," You whispered, you voice nearly drowned out by the shower. But he heard it and frowned.
"I'm sorry, sweetheart, you must have had a lot planned," You could see he was being hard on himself and you smiled sweetly, kissing his nose to make his smile return.
"Don't worry about it," You stepped back away from him to unbuckle your bra, letting it drop to the floor. Jungkook stripped his own last remaining garment, stepping beneath the water before you could strip your panties off.
You had expected he would try to touch you more in the shower, but everything was mostly innocent. Jungkook was a master of self control but even he had some weakness. As he washed your body, using his soap mind you, he couldn't help fondling your breasts a little.
You were exceptionally sensitive due to your ovulation and the fingers of his soapy fingers pinching your nipples had you whining against the tiles of the shower.
But beyond that, Jungkook didn't touch you.
However, before you could think about disappointment, he was on you the moment you were dried off and in the bedroom.
Your towel was unwrapped from around you, but he left it beneath you, choosing to climb on top of you, hovering his body above you with his weight on his elbows on either side of your head.
His lips met yours, a kiss so heated it made your head spin. You wound your arms around his shoulders, pulling his body closer to yours. His cock was hard and heavy between his legs, making you whimper by how close he was to you.
“My needy little girl,” He cooes, grinning at the way you shivered at the pet name.
Without warning, his hand dives between your thighs, which you spread for him easily. The groan that rips from his lips is nearly animalistic once his fingers slide between your folds.
“Fuck, how are you so wet?” He growls, detaching his lips from yours in favor of taking one of your hardened nipples into his mouth.
“O-Ovulating…” You whined, arching your hips for him.
“So that’s why you’re so sensitive, huh?” He teases, nipping your nipple to make you whine again. “Don’t think I didn’t see the way you nearly creamed yourself in that shower. You little nipples always get so sensitive, don’t they?” You didn’t hesitate in nodding in response to his words.
Your voice rises when his fingers are suddenly circling your clit, your juices making it easy and slippery, only adding to the stimulation given to you. You mindlessly grind your hips into his touch, and he lets you, enjoying how desperate you look.
“You gonna cum?” He cooes, kissing you just below your ear. You whimper and nod your head, already desperate as the feeling of your orgasm begins to rise. Part of you expects him to pull away, he enjoys denying your orgasms. However, when you grow closer, your wide eyes meet his dark ones and he smirks. “Go ahead, you can cum, babygirl,”
And you do. The orgasm is powerful, your eyes rolling back into your head. Jungkook continues to roll your clit under his fingers, easing you through your orgasm.
When you finally come down, settling against the bed, Jungkook pulls his fingers from between your thighs. He pops the digits in his mouth, sighing at the taste of you on his tongue.
“I’d love to bury my face in that little cunt right now, but you’ve got me so fucking hard I can’t help myself,” Jungkook pushes himself onto his knees, sitting on his heels.
His cock, deliciously hard and thick, nudges its way into your hole. Your walls stretch to accommodate him, making you moan, long and drawn out until he’s finally seated completely inside you.
“God, you’re fucking wet,” He snarls, pulling out and slowly pushing back in, relishing in the wet noises your cunt emits at the movement. If there’s something Jungkook adored, it was messy sex. You’d both ruined many bedsheets with copious amounts of cum and juices from long nights together.
The sound of skin slapping fills the room as he begins fucking into you wholeheartedly. He’s groaning into the room, the feeling of you dripping and wrapped around him making his mind haze over in the pleasure.
“J-Jungkook,” You whimper, gripping his hand that was on the bed beside you, making him pause, gently grinding into you.
“What is it, baby?” He cooed, letting you take hi hand. “What do you need?”
You don’t answer, instead guiding his hand to cup your breast, making him grin. He begins his brutal pace once more, now using his hand to pinch you sensitive nipple.
“Fuck, look at that,” He whispers, watching the way you suck his cock in. “Bet you want a thick load of cum in this little cunt, huh?”
“U-Uh-huh…” You whine, arching your hips up so his cock brushes against your g-spot when he pushes back inside.
“I can’t cum inside you, you know that right?” He asks, voice teasing, making you whimper in disappointment. “I know you want it, you want my cum in your fertile little cunt. Want me to knock you up,”
“F-Fuck!” You squeal when he suddenly pins your knees to your chest, abandoning his hold on your breast. The position offers him more leverage and also allows him to directly slam against your g-spot. It was so much, so fast that you voice broke when you cried out.
“That’s not all you want, huh, baby?” He teases, making you look at him in confusion. “I didn’t miss the way you looked at Taehyung,”
“W-What?” You asked,whining when he bottomed out, not moving while he smirked above you.
“You think he’s hot, huh?” He chuckled when you didn’t answer. “Wouldn’t you like to have his cock too, baby? Double the cum,”
The thought made you clench around him, only making his grin widen. You were shocked over this behavior. Jungkook wasn’t particularly jealous but he’d never shown interest in sharing you. And the idea that he knew you found his best friend attractive made you blush.
“Yeah, you like that, huh? Imagine Taehyung cumming in your little pussy, then I can fuck all the cum out, making you so fucking messy, only to fill you up again. Maybe I’d even feed all that cum to you,” Your breathing began to pick up some more, with Jungkook simply seated inside you, you began to grind against him. You heard him mutter an expletive before he started fucking you again.
Your mind was filled with nothing but the thought of letting your boyfriend and his best friend cum all over you and fill you with all the cum they could offer. It would be so messy, so wet and hot. Fuck, the idea was absolutely delicious.
Before you could stop yourself, you were being thrown into a blinding orgasm. It was so intense, you couldn’t stop yourself from clawing at Jungkook’s arms, needing something to anchor you. He let your legs go, letting them drop open once again. With one hand, he laced your fingers together and with the other he used his thumb to punish your clit in brutal figure eights.
Before your orgasmcould truly end, it was suddenly much more intense. Everything became so wet, so fast.
“Fuckin’ hell, babygirl,” Jungkook growled, continuing to push himself into your spasming heat.
“C-Cum inside, please Kookie!” You cried, arching your back and grinding against him even more.
“C-Can’t baby…” He whispered. “Can’t get you pregnant,”
At the mention of a pregnancy risk, your walls clamped down even more. With a broken cry, Jungkook pulled out of you, wrapping his hand around his soaked length to push himself over the edge. His cum landed on your heaving chest and stomach, reaching up to your breasts in hot ropes.
You were still trembling when you scooped some of it up, popping the digits into your mouth with a whine.
He tasted so good.
“You’re gonna be the death of me,” He teased, leaning down to kiss you gently.
“F-Fuck, I can’t stop shaking,” You whispered against his lips, making you chuckle.
“Well you fuckin’ squirted everywhere, baby, what did you expect?”
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe you were here. You couldn’t believe the situation you found yourself in.
How could you have forgotten the night Jungkook made you cum to the thought of fucking his best friend?
The question hung in the air as you picked at the stray thread on the couch cushion.
“How do you feel about threesomes, babe?” He had asked, just throwing the question out as if he were asking if you had done laundry.
“Ah...well…” You cleared your throat, carefully thinking your words over.
What if it was a trap? What if he was asking you to see if you’d prefer Taehyung over him? That was totally absurd but...well?
“Babe,” Jungkook laughed, sitting down beside you and tossing a tattooed arm around your shoulder to pull you against his chest. He pressed a soft kiss to your head, still chuckling. “Just be honest, have you thought about having a threesome? I have.”
Your head popped up at his admission, furrowing your brows. He had thought of a threesome before? With who? Did that mean he looked at other girls and thought ‘yeah i’d fuck that’. The thought made jealousy bubble up in your chest.
‘I bet it’s Kang Minah,’ You thought spitefully, remembering the new piercer he hired about a week ago. She was the first female employee to work at Art97. You thought her and Yoongi were hitting it off, but maybe Jungkook had secretly been eyeing her and waiting for an opportunity to ask about fucking her.
“What’re you thinking in that busy little head of yours, huh,” Jungkook’s soft voice pulled you from your insecure thoughts, meeting your gaze with a soft smile.
“I...I guess if you’d like a threesome...I would too…” You answered, biting your lip.
“No, no,” Jungkook grabbed you by the shoulders, making sure you were meeting his gaze and had your full attention. “This isn’t a me question. I would never ask you to participate in something if you weren’t comfortable, you know that?”
‘Never ask my to participate?’ His words rang in your head and you slowly pulled away from him.
“So...if I don’t want to, you’ll just go do it anyway?” You asked, the words escaping your lips before you could stop them.
Jungkook seemed in shock at what you just said, his mouth falling open with nothing coming out. You turned on your heel and stormed back to the bedroom, leaving Jungkook’s call of your name to be answered with the slam of the door. From the living room, you heard him sigh before low murmuring began.
He was talking to someone! You jaw fell open as you glared at him through the door.
You knew you were being petty and you really did trust Jungkook, but for some reason the insecurities just flooded your system all at once.
You stood in your bedroom, feeling a little foolish as you heard Jungkook talking through the thin walls.
Then, as if to add insult to injury, you heard the front door close to announce his departure from the apartment. Sighing, you slowly sat down on the edge of the bed before letting yourself fall into the comforter, inhaling Jungkook’s scent that lingered in the fabric.
You hadn’t realized you fell asleep until the sound of the front door shutting and muffled voices roused you.
“______?” You heard Jungkook call you, causing you to jerk up in the bed, nearly tripping on the duvet that had gotten wrapped around your legs as you slept.
Jerking the door open, you resisted the urge to run to him, and instead made your appearance in the living room.
“Did you nap?” He asked, raising a knowing eyebrow at your messy hair. You blushed, reaching up and smoothing the flyaways down with your hand.
“Where did you go?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest as you looked down at him. The stupid bunny smile he had on his face made you want to lean down and cup his cheeks, flooding him with kisses. Instead, you took his hand when he held it out to you, gently pulling you onto his lap.
“Well,” He began, taking a glance at the kitchen door before returning his soft gaze to you. “I was saving this for a more...planned time but, since you got yourself all wound up,” Your mouth dropped open to argue but Jungkook put his hand over your lips, preventing you from speaking as he continued. “I decided to bring the plan to fruition.”
“What plan?” You asked. However, before Jungkook could answer, the kitchen door slammed open, making you jump.
“Hey, you’re out of turkey now,” Taehyung muttered, shoving a bite of, what you assumed was, a turkey sandwich into his mouth.
“Taehyung?” You perked up, glancing between him and your boyfriend in confusion. “What-What’s the plan?”
“Wait,” Taehyung grumbled, swallowing his bite of sandwich. “You didn’t tell her?”
“It was supposed to be a surprise but when I tried to talk to her about it...I told you this, Tae!” Jungkook groaned.
“D-Don’t talk about me like I’m not here!” You snapped, gently giving Jungkook’s shoulder a shove. “Tell me what this plan is!”
“Well-” Jungkook bega, only to be interrupted by Taehyung.
“A threesome!”
The room fell silent all except for Taehyung humming as he finished the sandwich.
“Look,” Jungkook sighed, ignoring his urge to throttle his best friend. “When I asked about it, I wasn’t talking about another girl, I meant...Taehyung.”
“Y-You want me to fuck your best friend?” You muttered, meeting his gaze to make sure you understood the situation.
“No, I don’t want you to do anything, I want you to decide to do it,” Jungkook corrected, reaching up and tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “If you don’t feel comfortable, both of us accept that. That’s fine but...I know you’re attracted to him.”
“I am n-”
“Don’t deny it,” Jungkook chuckled, cutting you off. “It’s fine to be attracted to him, baby, I get it. You love me, I trust that completely. And this can bang a dude you’re attracted to and whom I trust completely.”
“Whatddya say, princess?” Taehyung asked, finding his way over to the couch, where you were still seated comfortably on your boyfriend’s lap.
“Okay,” You responded, making both men smile.
It wasn’t really something you needed to think about. Jungkook was right, you were attracted to Taehyung. It’d take someone blind to not see that. He was also a really good guy, able to make you smile even when you were sad or pissed off. He was as much a good friend of yours as he was Jungkook’s. And you could feel it in your heart that things wouldn’t end up being weird with him, he was just that kind of guy.
Before your thoughts could get any louder, Jungkook cupped the back of your head, bringing you attention to him so he could press his lips firmly against yours. Instinctively, your lips worked against each others, having done this hundreds of times, maybe even thousands.
It’s as if you fell into a trane, everything around you vanishing and all your mind could focus on was how good it felt to kiss Jungkook and how good his hands felt roaming your body. Your panties began to get wet, and you weren’t the only one getting into it; you could feel Jungkook growing hard in his sweats.
What pulled you out of your lust-induced haze, however, was a low groan echoing in the otherwise quiet room. Jungkook pulled away from you, allowing you both to look at Taehyung who was still standing behind the couch. When you took in his appearance, he was rubbing his hand over the front of his jeans - over his, what you expect, his hard cock.
Before you could open your mouth to comment, Jungkook was lifting you up in his arms.
"To the bedroom," He said over your shoulder, to Taehyung who grinned.
The trek to your room was speedy and before you knew it, you were being deposited onto your bed and detached from your boyfriend. Jungkook and Taehyung looked down at you, their eyes dark with lust they felt for you.
You felt empowered in that moment, knowing the power you held over them now. With a sly grin, you reached up to cup your breasts though your shirt, making both men groan in unison. A giggle escaped your lips, outing you for teasing them.
"Little tease, huh?" Taehyung asked, voice low and gravely.
"Why don't you fix that?" Jungkook asked suddenly, causing a lull to overtake the both of you.
Taehyung was the first to move, shedding the leather jacket he was wearing, exposing the white v-neck he wore, giving you a tease for the chest piece you knew he had.
“Can I kiss her?” Taehyung asked, climbing onto the bed beside you but looking at Jungkook.
“Don’t ask me,” Jungkook smirked, nodding his head to you. “Ask her,”
Taking a deep breath, Taehyung brought his gaze to you but before he could ask the question, you grabbed him by the front of his shirt, yanking him down so you could press your lips against his. Using one hand to hold his weight up, he quickly became absorbed in the kiss, using his other hand slide down your body, wanting to feel you.
As you both got more into the kiss, Jungkook disappeared from your thoughts.
One thing was for certain, though; Taehyung was a phenomenal kisser. Not too much tongue and moving his lips skillfully against yours, with an occasional nip to your bottom lip. A small breath beside you had you opening your eyes.
Jungkook was still standing at the end of the bed, but he had shed his t-shirt and had his hand stuffed inside his sweats, obviously touching his member underneath the fabric. When he caught you staring, he gave you a wink and a smirk.
“Take your shirt off, baby,” He whispered, still working his cock where you couldn’t see.
You didn’t hesitate, already dizzy with lust as the two men watched you expectantly as you whipped the shirt off to let it drift to the floor.
“Touch her, Tae,” Jungkook whispered, eyes locked onto your bare breasts, which heaved with your deep breathing.
Taehyung was also staring at your breaths but he reached out to cup one in his warm hand. Your breathing stuttered at the feeling of a foreign hand on your body. His hand was much larger than Jungkook, but it was also softer. Where Jungkook had calluses from so much of his life being spent drawing or holding a tattoo gun, Taehyung seemed to have missed that and came out with incredibly soft hands. His fingers, long and lithe, pinched a pebbled nipple, making you whimper. Your body felt so sensitive to every foreign touch upon your body. Jungkook had such a fixed way he touched you, not that you minded, no, Jungkook got you off very well with what he did. However, Taehyung was much softer, as if he was in no rush to pleasure you - instead just taking in every detail your body presented.
“She likes having her nipples played with,” Jungkook explained, hand now out of his pants in favor of kneeling on the bed on the opposite side of Taehyung. “Isn’t that right, baby?”
You nodded your head, biting your lip as Jungkook’s head descended onto your chest, taking your neglected nipple in his mouth, scraping his teeth against the sensitive bud.
Your hand tangled in his hair, trying in vain to pull him even closer. You could feel him chuckle, the vibration sending tingles down your spine. Letting out small whimpers, you suddenly felt a hand between your thighs, pressing against the fabric of your shorts. Prying your eyes open, you realized it was Taehyung’s hand.
“Fuck,” You whined, arching your hips more into his touch. It was light, fleeting almost and you know it was to tease you. Jungkook grabbed your wrist, pulling your hand out of his hair so he could detach from your breast, making you whine at the loss of heat around the bud.
“You wanna see her?” Jungkook asked, voice gravelly.
“You know I do,” Taehyung responded, fingers still plucking at your now almost-sore nipple. It was intoxicating, the way he pinched the poor bud even when you whimpered at the feeling, only making his smirk and do it harder.
“She’s got a pretty little cunt,” Jungkook praised, hooking his fingers into the band of your shorts and panties, carefully tugging them down your thighs. When he discarded them on the floor along with both your shirts, Taehyung leg go of your breast in favor of praying your thighs open.
Both men groaned at the sight, your wet, swollen heat exposed to their greedy eyes. You were soaked, juices covering your lips, which were parted to show your swollen clit and pulsing entrance. Under the gaze, you clenched around nothing, making Jungkook tsk.
“Such a greedy pussy, baby,” He lightly scolded, running his fingers over your core, avoiding your clit entirely to tease you. “You want my tongue?”
“Y-Yes, please,” You begged, tossing your hands over your head to grip onto the bedding. Jungkook climbed off the bed, tugging you closer to the edge so when he kneeled on the floor, he was perfect level to give you what you wanted.
Both men held your thighs apart, giving more than enough room for Jungkook to slowly slide his tongue over your slit, making a whine burst from your lips. He knew exactly what to give and when to give it, avoiding your clit in favor to taste all the juices your entrance gave him. Your eyes were shut, lost in the feeling Jungkook’s tongue gave you. You were positive if you looked down, you’d cum right on the spot. You could feel how wet you were and you were positive Jungkook’s face was just as wet.
Beside you, Taehyung, groaned. You pried your eyes open, nearly cumming at the sight. He had unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock out, his fist wrapped around the thick length as he slowly got himself off to the sight of Jungkook eating you out.
His cock was beautiful.
Jungkook was gifted himself, long and able to touch places inside you that you had never even dreamt of being able to. However, Taehyung not only had length but he was deliciously thick too, enough to give you more than a satisfying stretch. With delicious veins beneath the velvety skin, your mouth watered; wanting him in your mouth now more than anything.
“T-Tae…” You whimpered, your voice breaking when Jungkook took your neglected clit into his mouth. Taehyung’s lidded eyes traveled from your boyfriend between your thighs up to your face. “C-Can I suck you off?”
Your words just poured gasoline on the fire that was ignited in his body. He didn’t even answered, simply scooted closer to your, smirking when your mouth fell open as his cock tapped your lips.
“Use your tongue first, baby,” He cooed, one hand holding the base of him and the other threading through your hair. You let your tongue graze the tip of his member, collecting a bead of precum that had gathered. Both of you moaned as you continued to lave your tongue over the head of his cock, getting it wet with a mix of your saliva and his precum.
Jungkook peered up from between your thighs, watching as you took Taehyung’s cock into your mouth. You were nearly drooling by the time you took him halfway, the position making it difficult to take much more. Still, having him hot and heavy against your tongue had your cunt pulsing against Jungkook’s tongue as he continued to give you attention.
“She’s got a great little mouth,” Jungkook praised, detaching his lips from your clit for a moment to watch as you moaned and whimpered around his best friend.
“Fuck yeah she does,” Taehyung groaned, tangling his hand tighter in your hair as your mouth worked on him.
Jungkook went back to focusing on you, using two fingers to spread the lips of your cunt, exposing your clit to his hungry mouth. His tongue flicked against the sensitive bud, making you whine against Taehyung’s cock, arching your hips up the closer you grew to your orgasm.
Before you could truly feel the beginning of your orgasm, Jungkook was pulling away from you. You pulled your mouth of Taehyung’s cock and looked at Jungkook, ready to beg him to make you cum but before you could, Taehyung spoke before you.
“Fuck, can I get her off?”
The question lingered in the air as Jungkook thought about it. One of his favorite things was to edge you and deny your orgasm, so you knew he was weighing the pros and cons of letting Taehyung get you off. You expected him to say no as he stood up, stedding his sweatpants so he was just as naked as you.
“Have as it, my friend,” He said, switching places with Taehyung.
But instead of letting you get your mouth on his painfully hard cock, he sat back against the pillows, wrapping a hand around his member. The idea of your boyfriend jerking off to the sight of his best friend buried between your thighs sent a brand new wave of arousal through you.
The second his tongue touched you, you knew you were done for. His style of eating you out was different from Jungkook’s. Jungkook enjoyed drawing it out, teasing you and letting the pleasure slowly build up. Right away, you noticed Taehyung held nothing back. His tongue dragged up your clit, capturing the bud in his mouth and sucking harshly in a way that had you keening.
“Does that feel good, babygirl?” Jungkook asked, breathy and pleasure filled as he continued to get off to the sight.
“I-I’m gonna cum,” You whined, abandoning your hold on the bedding in favor of tugging at Taehyung's soft locks. He moaned as you finally came, the vibrations of his moan sending you even higher. Everything was muffled, you could fear Jungkook praising you and Taehyung but you couldn’t make out what he was saying, your pulse too loud in your ears.
When you finally came back to earth, you were panting and Taehyung was standing over you, having stripped completely naked to match both you and Jungkook.
“Why don’t you go first, Tae?” Jungkook offered, surprising both you and Taehyung. Despite his surprise, Taehyung still got to work putting you how he wanted to fuck you.
You scooted back as Taehyung began to push you, until your back was flush against Jungkook’s chest, his hard cock pressing against the small of your back. Tilting your head back, Jungkook met your lips in an almost chaste kiss, letting you taste yourself on his lips. It almost distracted you from Taehyung, but you were brought back when you felt the blut head of his cock pressing against your entrance.
Though you hadn’t prepped with fingers, the orgasm and your almost copious amount of juices definitely made it no problem. The thickness, as you thought, stretched you more than you had previously experienced. The stretching alone brought you pleasure, your hands found their way to Jungkook’s tattooed thighs, clutching onto him as Taehyung bottomed out, just kissing your cervix. He pulled out quickly, sliding back in and grazing your g-spot, making you cry out.
“Feel good, sweetheart?” Jungkook cooed, lips pressed against your ear as he spoke.
His hands came around your body to cup your breasts, nimble fingers pinching your nipples, adding to your pleasure more. Taehyung’s hands roughly held your knees, keeping you spread as he pounded into you, pelvic bone catching your clit every time he sunk into you. The cries you let out reverberated in the room, egging both men on to get you to make more of the beautiful sound that was like music to their ears.
“Fuck, baby, so fuckin’ tight,” Taehyung groaned, teeth clenched as he fucked you. “Juicy little cunt is so eager for cock, huh?”
“Fuck,” You whined, digging your nails into Jungkook’s inked skin. He didn’t seem to mind, continuing to pinch your nipples as he began to pepper kisses along your shoulder and neck.
“Our little loves it,” Jungkook groaned, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh between your shoulder and neck, making your back arch at the hint of pain it offered. You didn’t miss the way he said ‘our’ instead of ‘my’. He really was into this sharing thing, loving the sight of another man fucking you just as good as he could, giving you the pleasure you more than deserved.
“She just got so tight,” Taehyung breathed, tossing his head back in pleasure, but not once did his hips falter in pace.
As if Taehyung’s words were a warning, Jungkook abandoned one of your breasts, bringing his fingers up to his lips, popping two in his mouth. When he pulled them out, they were shining with his spit, which he used as lubricant to rub your clit. The feeling of his talented fingers circling the sensitive bud was too much and you found yourself falling over the edge again. As you cried out, Taehyung’s pace began to falter as your walls clenched around him in the throes of your orgasm.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Taehyung growled, about to pull out, before Jungkook stopped him.
“Cum inside,” Jungkook ordered, making you whimper.
“F-Fuck, are you sure? _____?” He looked to you, eyes wild, his movements slowing as he attempted to hold off his orgasm.
“Y-Yes, please cum inside me Tae!” You begged, grinding your hips down against his member through the sensitivity of your orgasm.
Your words set him off, sinking to the hilt in you as he came. You felt the rush of his warmth as he painted your walls, making you tremble at the feeling. Taehyung’s face as he came was a picture of euphoria, his  mouth falling open with his neck beautifully exposed. His tattooed chest rising and falling with his deep breaths and groans.
When his gentle trembling subsided, he pulled out of you, making you both whine at the oversensitivity. When Taehyung climbed off the bed, Jungkook was quick to slide out from behind you. The bed covers stuck to your back, sweat having accumulated with Jungkook’s body pressed against you.
“Can you take another one, babygirl?” Jungkook asked, sliding between your still-spread thighs.
“Always,” You mumbled, making eye contact with your boyfriend.
“Turn over onto your front for me,” He said, voice even as he helped you to roll over, gripping your hips to pull your butt into the air.
“Hurry,” You whimpered, feeling your hole flutter as Jungkook scooted closer to you.
Taehyung climbed onto the bed, assuming the place Jungkook had previously been in, back against the pillows. This time, you were able to look up at him. He smiled kindly, reaching forward to brush hair out of your face so you could see him better.
Jungkook didn’t waste a second before sliding ball-deep into your almost overly-wet hole. The send he was bottomed out, he froze, letting out a cuss.
“Fuck, so fucking wet,” He hissed, grinding carefully into, making him slide against your g-spot. You whined into the pillow, trying to fuck back against him, but Jungkook’s firm hand stopped you. “D-Don’t do that...I’ll cum so fucking fast...Tae’s cum is making it so...fucking messy…”
“I can see it dripping out,” Taehyung cooed, voice impossibly deep as he tangled his fingers in your hair to help keep you still.
Jungkook took a moment to gather himself before he pulled out and slammed back into you. You squealed into the bed, muffling the sound as Jungkook slammed into your g-spot madly. Taehyung, hand still gathered in your hair, yanked your head up. The sounds spilled forth with your mouth free.
“I-I’m not gonna last,” Jungkook whined, voice cracking as he spoke. His thrusts became uneven, letting you know that he was cumming. Though Taehyung had already filled you up, Jungkook only added to it. When he pulled out, the mess of cum oozed down your thighs. With trembling fingers, Jungkook scooped it up and pushed it back into your pulsing entrance.
You hadn’t cum and you needed to, so when Jungkook flipped you onto your back and pulled you to the edge of the bed once more, you knew you were going to get what you wanted.
What you didn’t think of, however, was Taehyung joining your boyfriend between your thighs. Your knees were nearly touching the bed from how much they spread you. You felt so exposed, the air of the room against the wetness covering your cunt made you tremble.
You would cum even at the slightest touch, it felt like.
Your eyes rolled back into your head at the first, molten hot lick against your slit, parting your folds with a tongue. As the tongue found your clit, you felt two fingers slide into your entrance. Opening your eyes, you were pleased to see Jungkook’s lips wrapped around the swollen bud of your clit and Tae’s fingers buried inside you, crooking up to find that spot again. Your thighs jumped as he found it, making him grin.
“Fuck, let me get a taste, Kook,” As Taehyung nudged Jungkook, the latter released your clit from his mouth. Taehyung quickly took up, sliding his tongue up and swirling around the bud. His fingers continued to work inside you, forcing you closer to that edge you so desperately wanted to fall off of.
With wide eyes, you watched as Jungkook dove back in, both boys sandwiching your clit between their tongues. Neither of them seemed bothered when their tongues met and the sight sent you over the edge. Taehyung pulled his fingers out just as you came, your spasming walls forcing cum from your hole, the concoction sliding down to the floor in little puddles.
When you came down, they both moved away from you, licking their lips of the taste.
Taehyung was the first to approach you, bringing his soaked fingers to your lips. You eagerly opened your mouth, whimpering at the taste of cum on your tongue. Jungkook and Taehyung’s tastes melting together deliciously in your mouth.
You could feel Jungkook scooping more cum onto his fingers. When Taehyung’s digits left your lips, they were quickly replaced by your boyfriends, feeding you even more cum.
When his fingers were clean, he pulled them out and leaned down, pressing a kiss to your lips that had you grinning.
“You were so good for us, baby,” He praised, helping you slide back up onto the bed.
Now that everything was done, Taehyung stood by kind of awkwardly, collecting his boxers and sliding them on so he didn’t feel so exposed. “Tae, grab some panties from the top drawer, please?”
Taehyung seemed kind of confused, but did as his best friend asked, opening the indicated drawer and pulling out a comfy pair of pink cotton panties. He handed them over, watching as Jungkook slid them up your trembling legs.
“You good?” He asked, keeping his voice soft as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. You nodded but didn’t offer any verbal response, making Taehyung smile.
You were so cute.
The awkward feeling in Taehyung returned, his eyes following Jungkook as he put on his own boxers. The way Jungkook leaned down and kissed you again, so sweetly that it made you giggle made him feel like he was watching something he shouldn’t be.
“I-I,” Taehyung’s voice sounded foreign to himself and he cleared it loudly, making you look at him. “I guess I’ll head out,”
“No,” You whined, sitting up and pushing Jungkook to the side, making your boyfriend chuckle. “Stay the night!”
“Wha-You want me to sleep on that lump ass couch?” Taehyung attempted to joke, pointing a thumb in the general direction of the door, laughing uncomfortably.
“No, you dolt, in the bed,” Jungkook groaned, kicking the covers off the bed and getting up. “After I get a new comforter, that ones wet,”
“Don’t tease me!” You snapped, but had a smile on your face as Jungkook disappeared into the hallway, leaving you and Taehyung alone. “Come sit,”
“Why do you want me to stay in your bed?” He asked, taking your hand as you held it out to him and taking a seat on the bed.
“I mean you were balls deep inside me a little while ago and came inside me, so why not sleep inside our bed?” You shrugged and flopped back onto the bed, patting the spot Jungkook had vacated.
Taehyung hesitated, glancing toward the bedroom before looking back at you and sliding into the offered spot. Just as he settled in beside you, you placed your head on his chest, making him sputter. You giggled but didn’t move, instead settled even more against him.
He was warm. Just like Jungkook.
At the mental mention of him, your boyfriend came wandering in with a pink and black comforter in his arms. For a moment, Taehyung feared he would yell at him for cuddling with you, but he didn’t bat an eye at it.
“I got this ugly ass one,” He mumbled, unfolding it and tossing it over you ad Taehyung.
“It’s not ugly!” You whined, head still pressed against Taehyung’s chest.
“It is so ugly,” Jungkook chuckled, rounding the bed to the left side, where there was an empty space beside you. He climbed in, rolling over to press a kiss against your lips.
“It is not! I got you it for Christmas!” You fussed, playfully smacking Jungkook’s shoulder. “It’s not ugly, right Tae?”
The mention of his name made him jump, his eyes drifting to the blanket.
“I-It’s kind of cute,” He answered, making Jungkook roll his eyes and making you giggle.
“Whatever, lets just go to sleep under the ugly thing,” Jungkook grabbed a remote off the table, which he used to turn the lights off - it was probably the most expensive electronic in your home.
With the bedroom bathed in darkness, Taehyung was able to settle.
He could feel you nuzzling against his chest, making his heart speed up. Jungkook was spooning behind you, but his hand was resting carefully against Taehyung’s stomach, uncaring.
Closing his eyes, Taehyung let sleep overtake him.
Tumblr media
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suga-kookiemonster · 2 years ago
good girl | kth
Tumblr media
summary⇢ you don’t really know much about kim taehyung. what you do know is that he’s your handsome coworker and that, since you just accidentally sent him a nude, you’re good and royally fucked. pairing⇢ taehyung/reader word count⇢ 3.5k rating⇢ 18+ genre⇢ smut | office!au  warnings⇢ sexual content, pwp, dom!tae, taehyung wearing ties and glasses and just basically looking like a whole entire all-you-can-eat buffet, rough sex, cumplay, hair pulling, panty stuffing, improper tie use, i have no excuse for any of this except i was thoroughly in my feelings 😔
a/n⇢ maybe one day i’ll expand on this and make it an actual thing but right now i have no!!!patience for any sort of plot, i gotta get this outta my system 😭i apologize for this 😭mood is this song 😭
Tumblr media
You don’t really know very much about Kim Taehyung.
You know he’s your coworker who works on the floor above yours, because you often share an elevator when you’re first entering the building or when you’re leaving for the day. He is friendly, always engaging you or whoever else is in the elevator with the two of you in meaningless chitchat to pass the time, the deep baritone of his voice always leaving you with a rumbling have a nice day as you get off before him, as the two of you go your separate ways.
You know he’s the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen in your life, and that has nothing to do with your thirst and everything to do with the truth. Taehyung is tall, with long limbs and a broad back and a small waist, all properly swathed in well-tailored, likely-expensive clothing. Your office dress code is a little more on the casual side of business, but Taehyung is always dressed to impress in blazers, or nice button-ups, or fashionable ties, or some combination of the three.
He wears glasses, though your cubicle-mate Jennie has told you before that they are apparently just for aesthetic purposes. They do their job right, in your opinion, because to you they make him look intelligent and distinguished. He has recently dyed his dark hair a sandy brown, and it somehow makes him impossibly more attractive, the lighter shade bringing out the caramel in his skin.
You know he has a really good lasagna recipe. You know this, because he had mentioned it a couple weeks ago during one of the job-sponsored happy hours, in a smaller group conversation on good recipes. His eyes had lit up when you had expressed interest, and he happily went on an aside about what made it so good and offered to share it with you.
Despite working for the same company for roughly a year, that is pretty much everything you know about Kim Taehyung. But today, as you stare at the open text conversation between you and him, horror turns the blood in your veins to ice as your eyes lock disbelievingly on the nude you have accidentally sent him. You don’t even know how it had happened—and you’re pretty sure you’re having some sort of fever dream because how is this technologically possible? There’s no way this was actually happening—but as you stare at the screen in denial, you slowly realize that you had just offered Taehyung the opportunity to learn a lot more about you.
The last message he had sent you (one of a grand total of two; the first had simply been This is Tae 😊) was the link to that damn lasagna recipe. And you had somehow just replied, weeks later, with a photo of your breasts. It is tasteful, and you weren’t stupid enough to take a nude with your face in it, but you are apparently stupid enough to send it to your coworker on accident.
At least they look good, you think deliriously, still not quite processing what you had just done. You had taken a couple photos before you were satisfied, finally landing this one, where your tits looked perky and your nipples pebbled, the small slope of stomach that could be seen looking relatively flat. But this had been taken in boredom, mostly, just trying to help yourself feel sexy and desired before you once again attempted to dive back into the online dating pool. It had never meant to be seen by anyone but you.
But as the little checkmark appears, confirming that Taehyung opened it at 8:34pm, you finally come to terms that this is no longer the case.
Tumblr media
You nauseously wait for some sort of reply, such a nervous wreck that you can’t even formulate any sort of believable retraction text. But no reply ever comes, so instead, you lay in bed, anxious and unable to fall asleep.
You don’t know what his silence means. Does he think you’re hitting on him, and this is his polite way to reject you? Is he disgusted? How can you ever look him in the eye again?
This is why you purposely come to work late the next day, successfully avoiding being stuck in the elevator with him. You think you’re scot-free until an all-company meeting gets called, and you’re forced to occupy the same conference room as him.
Why the higher-ups thought an all-company meeting was necessary to discuss the logistics of planning Betty’s surprise retirement party was beyond you, but there you were, crammed in the conference room with thirty other people, sweating bullets and trying not to puke.
“Are you okay?” Jennie asks worriedly, and rightfully so.
You just nod, eyes constantly darting across the room against your will to where Taehyung stands, hands casually in the pockets of his slacks as he listens to the list of food options. At one point, your not-so-subtle glance in his direction results in the locking of eyes, his gaze already set on you.
The breath halts in your throat, heart hammering in your ears, but Tae merely gives you the friendly smile of acknowledgement that he does every day and casually looks away, attention back on the meeting.
You blink in confusion.
Maybe…maybe he really hadn’t gotten it? Maybe, miraculously, the message simply hadn’t gone through! Maybe he had changed his number. Maybe he’s going to ignore the situation to save your pride. All of these are fabulous options, and you almost want to sink to the floor in relief, ecstatic when the meeting ends with no confrontation, no further interaction, nothing. You live to see another day, and you thank whoever is listening.
Tumblr media
Your phone buzzes an hour later when you’re at your desk, and you pick it up distractedly.
Kim Taehyung
Text message (now)
Everything comes to a standstill as you stare unseeingly at the words on your screen, all the adrenaline and fear rushing right back. Your first, nonsensical instinct is to run, but instead you find yourself watching your own hands as they seemingly unlock your phone of their own accord. And what is there waiting for you knocks all the air out of your lungs.
In response to your photo, Taehyung has sent his own—the angle from which it was taken clearly displaying the flushed head of his rock-hard cock, poking through the parted fly of his slacks, gloriously gifting beads of precum. His large, veiny hand is wrapped around the base near the patch of dark pubic hair, the rings on his fingers glinting in the low light. And his face, from below, is gorgeous even in the shitty lighting, an eyebrow raised in challenge.
You can tell by pattern of the tiled wall behind him that he took this just down the hall from you, in the handicapped bathroom.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung fucks you in the handicapped bathroom, and does so nearly every day for the next week. He likes to take you against one of the walls, the grouted crevices of the tile scratching against your skin as he drills you against it, your legs wrapped around his waist, his mouth latched to your neck. He likes to take you against the sink, from behind, sometimes so hard that your legs shake and your breath fogs up the mirror, and other times slow and deep, leisurely, as if he has all the time in the world. As if the two of you are not at work, and someone could not walk by and hear you at any moment.
And that is a definite possibility, because Tae is big, his cock filling every corner of you and in between, forcing uncontrolled noise to roll off your tongue—whimpers, gasping, Tae, Tae, oh my god Tae—
Taehyung likes to stuff his expensive ties into your mouth to prevent your moaning from echoing off the tiles and giving you both away. You wonder how he explains to others why he comes into work wearing a tie and leaves for the day without one. You wonder if anyone else pays as close attention to him as you do.
Taehyung likes to leave you with a sweet, lingering kiss that makes your pussy spring back to life even after he has murdered it, and then shoot you dark, secret looks when you are in meetings together, when you’re on the elevator, when you’re in the break room.
And you like the way the muscles of his back flex when you’re frantically clawing your fingernails down them through his designer shirts.
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon sits a few cubicles away from you. He is cute—all clumsy, gangly limbs that he seems to have yet to master—and he is attractive—dimply smiles that he has. Namjoon is smart, always the one to confidently take the lead on group projects, always the one to ensure your pivot tables are behaving correctly.
Kim Namjoon has a crush on you, and it is a well-known office secret. Neither of you has done anything about it, and you’re not quite yet sure you want to.
Still, this never stops you from allowing Namjoon to shyly engage you in conversation whenever he builds up the courage. Today, the two of you chat in the company break room, bonding over the delicious cupcakes that someone has left to share.
You groan as you take another bite, entirely missing the way Namjoon’s pupils dilate in response. “These have to be the best cupcakes I’ve ever had,” you mumble into the frosting.
He laughs. “They’re pretty good,” he agrees, taking a bite of his own. “But I know of a place where the cupcakes are even better.”
“Bullshit.” Your eyelashes flutter at the delectable taste on your palate, tongue swiping across your lips to catch any errant buttercream.
Namjoon watches you do it, and, continuing your practiced dance, you both pretend he doesn’t. “I do,” he insists, clearing his throat as his tone becomes more unsure. “I…I could show you sometime…if you want…”
A beat. Your standoff breaks as he finally makes a move.
“…Sure,” you say, making a quick decision. No harm in meeting your cute coworker for cupcakes. “I’d like that.”
Ah, there they are—his dimples, making a reappearance as his grin stretches across his face. “Me too,” he replies, cheeks rosy, gaze soft with affection. Something catches his eye over your shoulder, and he looks away.
“Ah, Taehyung! Someone left cupcakes!”
You turn, only to be met by Tae’s deceptively wide, boxy smile as he holds his mug, clearly here for the coffeepot. His dark eyes stare at you hard from behind his glasses as he approaches the two of you.
“Wahh, really? Are they any good, hyung?”
“Delicious,” you croak, but he pointedly ignores you, talking adamantly to Namjoon instead, so you excuse yourself back to your desk.
Tumblr media
It’s a little after lunch when your computer pings with a notification, and you look up from your paperwork to find an IM from Taehyung. You blink in surprise—he has never messaged you before.
Kim Taehyung Stairs. Now.
A chill runs through you at the direct order, thighs clenching restlessly as you stand to do as you are bid. Jennie looks at you reflexively when you pass, but thinks nothing of it, attention quickly returning to her computer. You swallow.
What could he possibly want? you think needlessly as you make your way to the stairwell. You know exactly what he wants—what he has wanted every single day since you accidentally showed him your tits. What you want.
Taehyung is already on the landing of your floor when you open the door to the stairwell, his back to you. He turns when he hears you arrive, shrugging off his blazer and tossing it uncaringly onto the flight of stairs leading to his own floor as he meets your eye. He unbuttons his cuffs, makes a show of pushing his sleeves out of the way and revealing his strong, veiny forearms.
“Over there,” he orders with a tilt of his head, his voice so low it almost sounds like a growl. You follow his line of sight to the railing overseeing the next flight of stairs to the floor below.
“H-Here?” you question quietly. “Right now?”
He doesn’t answer you, a clear tick in his jaw as he stares you down, and you quickly follow his instruction, nervous.
The metal railing is cold when you wrap your fingers around it, and the hairs on the back of your neck raise when you feel Taehyung approach you.
From behind again. But here, where anyone in the building could stumble upon you?
You feel his large hands wander beneath the hem of your dress and you let them, gasping when he roughly pulls down your tights to your knees. Your panties get the same treatment, though he only bothers to slide them off your hips far enough to free your ass, which he kneads almost bruisingly before letting go to press sure pressure between your shoulder blades.
You bend over the railing obediently, instinctively widening your stance to make room between your thighs for him. But though he crowds your space, chest against your back and warm breath puffing against the back of your neck, his fingers are what separate your folds, the calloused pads of his fingertips reaching around you to skirt across the fevered flesh. Pressing through the seam, swirling roughly around your clit before repeating the process, again and again. You bite your tongue, trying to suppress a groan as your hips buck of their own accord, each pass of his fingers getting more and more slick. A distinct squelching noise starting to fill the stairwell.
It doesn’t take long for him to tire of that, and inwardly, you let out a sigh of relief, because you’re tired of it too. His digits abruptly leave you, and the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered fills the space between you. Your eyes roll back at the feeling of him, fitting through the gap between your underwear and your cunt, the head of his cock slowly sliding through your folds and hitting your sensitive bud on the upstroke every time.
You start to pant at his teasing. “Fuck. Tae, baby, please,” you moan, pushing back. Angling your hips in an attempt to slip him in.
He laughs, though it holds no humor. Your pussy clenches. “Do you really think,” he says lowly into your hair. His pace turns agonizingly slower. “That you deserve my cock?”
A particularly hard thrust has you whimpering. You can feel the deep timbre of his voice rumbling through his chest, through your back, and your hands grip the railing harder, a gush of your desire dripping down your thighs.
Just a little more. You just need a little more.
“Do you really think—” he grips you by the hair, and your head willingly follows as it is snapped back, meeting the fire in his gaze. “That you deserve to cum?”
“Please,” you babble, and your voice is too loud. Your voice is too loud, but you don’t even care, because you are so fucking close. “Taehyung, baby, please—”
The desperation in your voice must be what sets him off. With a swift tug, Taehyung yanks on your hair again, the brief pain quickly fading into a buzzing pleasure as he ruts against you, his large body pressing you hard into the metal as his dick reaches a pounding pace against your folds and then stutters.
He groans into your neck when he cums, his release shooting hot against your nether lips and into your underwear. The feeling almost pushes you off the precipice with him, but it’s still not enough, and so you whimper, shamelessly pushing your hips back into his for some sort of relief.
It doesn’t come. After catching his breath, Tae steps away from you, taking his body heat with him. He pulls your panties back into place, using his middle finger to push the ruined fabric deep inside you for a few moments—adding his pointer finger too, when you pathetically start to sob in frustration. But when he notices you trying to grind down on his digits, he swiftly removes them.
“I want you to walk around for the rest of the day just like that,” he says thickly, and when you look over your shoulder at him, eyelashes wet, he is tucking himself back in, zipping up his pants. “My cum better stay exactly where it is. And do not touch yourself. Do you understand me?”
“Yes,” you whimper. His mess already cooling and starting to congeal between your legs.
“Yes, what?”
“…Yes, Sir.” You have never uttered those words in this context before in your life, but they seem to visibly appease him, and desire races through you in response.
“Good girl,” he breathes, reaching out to swipe his thumb over your trembling lips. After a moment where it seems like he’s debating tasting them, he lets out a long exhale and steps completely away.
He gives you a lingering look as he grabs his jacket and starts his return upstairs.
You shimmy your tights back into place.
Tumblr media
Namjoon happens to be on his way to the printer as you try to sneak back to your desk. His eyebrows furrow in concern at your bowlegged gait. “_____, are you okay?”
You hope that the cum slowly dripping down your legs isn’t visibly seeping through your dark tights. You hope that he can’t smell the distinct aroma of Taehyung and sex that has to be wafting off of you.
You hope that it is. You hope that he can.
“Just fine,” you say, voice cracking as if you hadn’t used it in years.
Tumblr media
The day drags on after that, and you can’t wait to get home—mostly so you can finally rub one out in the shower, but also so you can reflect on the day, on what you had unwittingly learned about yourself.
Moments after you’ve pressed the down button, the elevator doors open, and they reveal Taehyung. Standing there in his expensive suit, eyes widening in surprise at the sight of you, but quickly darkening behind his non-prescription glasses.
You freeze, contemplating backing up and catching the next one. But your legs have a mind of their own, and they’re leading you into the elevator car, standing you next to him. When you mechanically turn forward, facing the doors, you can see Jennie, ten feet away and smiling at you as she moves to join you.
Taehyung leans forward and presses the close door button. The doors close, and Jennie disappears. You briefly catch the surprise on her face, and it matches your own.
“T-Taehyung?” you ask quietly. He meets your gaze, and the way he looks at you sets your whole body aflame. He doesn’t say anything. You swallow.
It is when the elevator goes down a few more floors that Tae leans over again, this time pressing a sure finger into the red emergency stop button. Everything halts, including your breath.
“Tae?” you repeat, even more quietly. Your eyes widen as he turns on you, crowding you into a corner and looming over you.
He chooses to answer your question with another question. “Were you good today, baby?”
You nod, wordlessly parting your thighs in invitation. He takes you up on it, a hand creeping up your skirt and broaching the elastic of your tights. You can see nothing but him—his flushed cheeks, his furrowed brow. The trio of moles that you have always wanted to trace with your tongue: Eye. Nose. Lip.
You can see nothing but him, and you know that with the way he’s standing, the elevator camera can see nothing but him, either.
Taehyung’s breathing audibly quickens as his fingers caress over you, no doubt met with the crusted remains of his release. Of your submission. He smiles, a rectangle that is all teeth. “Very good,” he murmurs. “So good for me. Always so good for me.”
Without a thought, you lift on your toes, and he meets you halfway, for a few moments eagerly letting you lick into his mouth with a contented hum as he grinds his palm into your clit, almost lovingly. An entire minute nearly passes before he remembers himself, reluctantly pulling both his lips and hand away from you and resting his forehead against yours.
“Hey, what are you doing after this? Wanna get something to eat?”
A smile overtakes your face, almost blinding. It entices another grin out of him.
Taehyung straightens, removes his hand from the comforting heat of your underwear, and slowly smooths his palms down your hips, taking a small detour to allow a few moments to worship the meat of your ass. You shiver.
He clears his throat, restores the respectable amount of space between you, and restarts the elevator.
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njssi · a year ago
greengreengreen | kth [m.]
Tumblr media
⇻ pairing: taehyung x reader ⇻ genre: smut, non!idol au, stoner!Taehyung ⇻ est. word count: 7.6k ⇻ some warnings: big dick!Tae, first time together, oral sex (f & m, giving and receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, dick too big issues, an unhealthy amount of dirty talk, extremely smug!Taehyung, choking, overstimulation, tiniest bit of angst, Taehyung thinks you’re cheating on someone, vague drugs description, usage of weed, vague mention of threesomes ⇻ synopsis: taehyung’s crush has grown exponentially ever since he met you and when the opportunity finally arises for something, anything to happen, he takes it without any second thoughts, his mind clouded with need; oh, if only yoongi had stayed at the party longer. ⇻ a/n: Welcome to Kiss land, we have officially begun! it’s finally here!! i hope you guys like it! 
Tumblr media
The music was booming in your ears, making your steps unsure as you rushed up the stairs, giggling wildly as Taehyung's hands kept gripping at your body, pulling you close when you tried to pull him up to your apartment. He chuckled once you finally reached the door and handed him the bottle of whiskey so you could focus on unlocking it, but he didn't make things any easier, pushing you against the door, the warmth and closeness of his distracting in all the right ways. 
"Patience, Tae, we should at least get inside, hm?" you fiddled with the lock to the door for a minute longer while his hands started roaming whatever skin he could reach, pulling at your shirt, dipping his fingers into the hem of your pants, pulling you close and angling your head so that he could kiss you, despite your protests and desperate attempts to just open the door to your apartment. 
A whine left your lips when he pulled you away from the door and turned you around, smashing his lips against yours, gripping the hand that had the bundle of keys in it while simultaneously taking your breath away. He pulled away with a smile and grinned widely at your annoyed face before he simply chose one key from the bundle, pushed it into the lock and opened the door, making you lose balance and stumble inside. 
He released a deep chuckle and set the bottle down on the coffee table before dropping on the couch, legs spread apart, looking positively inviting. You hesitated in the middle of the room for a moment, thinking over what was going to happen in very short minutes, feeling your limbs run cold with anxiousness and anticipation, as well as getting extremely hot and bothered just watching Taehyung sprawled against your couch, running a hand through his already messy mint green hair, his silky shirt unbuttoned halfway. He licked his lips and locked eyes with you, raising his eyebrows as he spoke: "Are you gonna stand there and watch, or join me over here?" you felt your cheeks heat up at the question, suddenly feeling intimidated by the gorgeous man before you. 
You made up your resolve to finally do something, but before that decided to make a detour for the window and open it wide so you could at least feel like you could breathe and hopefully calm down your nerves. 
Hooking up with Taehyung seemed like a good idea when he started showing interest at the party you had just left, but now that you were face to face, you were suddenly extremely wary and rooted into place because this was the Kim Taehyung and it was very rare that someone so out of your league would show interest. Yet here he was, patting his thigh with one hand, inviting you closer, while reaching for his pocket with the other. He pulled something out that immediately relaxed your senses just at the sight and he chuckled at that.
"You're gonna have to come over here and sit down if you want us to share it, baby." 
You didn't need any more convincing after that and immediately strolled over while he lit up the blunt, taking a long puff just as you settled upon his lap before handing it over to you to do the same. His free hand came to rest on the small of your back, his fingers rubbing circles there while you inhaled and relaxed, his eyes watching you intently. "Why are you so nervous, hm? It's just me." there was a hint of a smile on his lips as he continued massaging your back, slowly helping you relax into his arms. "We're not gonna do anything you don't want to, okay?" he hummed when you nodded and started placing soft kisses on your neck and jaw as you took another drag, your eyes closed, starting to fully relax in his embrace. His fingers started to slowly pull at the shirt you were wearing, his lips descending lower and lower, stopping to suck at the crook of your neck, determined to leave a mark and show the world what you've been doing. 
"Better?" he whispered when he pulled away and you handed him the blunt, which he took gratefully and smoked with ardor. You nodded, far more relaxed and comfortable on his lap. Circling your arms around his neck, you leaned over and pressed a deep kiss which he returned with a groan, his head falling back against the back of the couch and your arms, both of his hands coming to rest on your ass, groping and squeezing in turn with how hungry the kiss was becoming, all tongue and teeth and desire. His hands pulled you over and down on his crotch, which made a low groan erupt from his throat and a soft moan from yours, feeling how hard he was through the loose pants he was wearing. 
Biting your lip, you immediately hopped off his lap and settled yourself down on your knees, between his spread legs, looking up at him far more eager than before, now that the initial tension had lifted and it was evident that Taehyung really wanted to do this with you as much as you did. "Take your shirt off." he spoke, watching you intently, his gaze so hot you felt your skin sizzling. You immediately listened and pulled your shirt over your head, leaving only your bra on. When you looked back up at him, fixing your hair a little, he simply demanded a "Go on", which you took as a sign to discard the rest of your clothing. 
Sitting up, he pulled himself to the edge of the seat and pulled you by your pants, pressing kisses to your stomach between drags from the blunt, the fingers from his free hand unbuttoning and unzipping your pants, pulling them down in a swift move. You leaned over and kissed the smoke out of his mouth as you pulled them all the way off kicked them over the coffee table before finally resuming your place between his legs, fingers twitching in anticipation to reveal his member already, all the rumors you heard about it running through your mind while you maintained Taehyung's gaze as he watched expectantly. 
His smile turned into a wide grin when you finally reached for his belt and immediately unbuckled it, then unzipped his pants and immediately pulled his cock out, not at all surprised by the fact that he was going commando. Not that it mattered in the slightest when your mouth started watering the second your eyes fell on the size. 
To say it was the prettiest cock you had ever seen would have been an understatement, but in that moment, you were convinced. Thick in your hand, hard and veiny, oh so veiny. You could feel the large veins in your palm and along your fingers as you gave him a slow pump, a bit of precum collecting at the tip. You licked your lips at the sight and leaned forward, giving the mushroom tipped head a long lick, your eyes closing involuntarily as you did. 
A hiss came from above you, Taehyung dropping against the couch with a curse. "Shit, baby, when you stopped there, I thought you weren't impressed or something." he gave a nervous chuckle, followed by the sound of him taking a long drag, but you didn't even bother opening your eyes, too caught up in the taste and feel of his dick inside your mouth, tongue already licking thick stripes from the bottom to the tip, where you engulfed it between your lips, tongue working at the tip. You finally opened your eyes to take in the sight before you, Taehyung's head thrown back, mouth wide open, the hand with the blunt shaking somewhere to the side. He looked so beautiful all lost in pleasure, his eyes closed, teeth snarling when you decided to be a little brave and take him in deeper, tongue licking at the underside. He cursed out loud and took another long drag, exhaling just as you started to slowly move your head up and down, your hand pumping him at the same pace. 
His hand slowly reached over to your hair and, although you were expecting him to push you further down, he gently guided you up before pushing your hair out of your face. "You look so pretty with my cock between your lips, baby." he gave a smile, despite the situation, and caressed your face, your eyes closing at the motion, despite the fact that your tongue was sucking and licking at the tip of his dick. You pulled away just enough to speak.
"Taehyung, to think I wouldn't be impressed by this, you gotta be insane, god..." you trailed off and returned to your previous actions,. making him hiss in reply before he actually said anything. He groaned when you decided to be brave and took his cock into your mouth as much as you could without any trial and error and without choking and he made a surprised sound, his hand immediately coming to tangle into your hair.
However, when you expected him to finally push your head down, he instead used the same gentleness from before and guided your head up and off his dick. "Y/N, why were you nervous in the beginning then?" he hummed and threw whatever was left of the blunt on the ashtray behind you, on the coffee table, and properly settled himself on the couch, resting his head back and unbuttoning the rest of his shirt, his dick standing proud and tall by your lips. 
"Taehyung, who wouldn't be nervous and intimidated when this is hiding in your pants. Now can we talk later? I would like to suck your dick." you dismissed the fact that he was about to start speaking again and once again tried to deepthroat him, attempt that turned out to be slightly more successful than the previous ones. He just sighed in pleasure and you could see that his eyes were closed, relishing the feeling of your lips, and the realization greatly pleased you, butterflies fluttering in your stomach and wetness pooling in your panties as his member throbbed in your mouth. 
The whine that left your lips didn't go unnoticed, Taehyung opening his eyes to watch you intently as you finally started to properly bob your head up and down, covering with your hand what you couldn't reach with your mouth, pulling out to lick at the sides, from base to tip, mouthing at the thickness, sucking on the head, lattering his dick in saliva while you thoroughly enjoyed the feeling. Just as you had started trying to take more and more of his dick in your mouth, you felt Taehyung try to pull you off, which you complied to, not without protest. 
"Come on, you don't have to be so nice, I actually really want to-" he didn't let you finish, pulling you up and closer over his lap. You immediately straddled him one again, pushing at the shirt so it was completely out of the way before settling yourself right about his dick. 
"I understand you're eager," he whispered, bringing your head down by the back of your neck, holding you in place, "But wouldn't it be better if we were to move on to better things? Do you want to spend the entire night with your mouth around my cock?" his hands gripped your hips and they soon moved onto your thighs, pushing them apart and simultaneously pulling you even closer, positioning you so that your panties-covered pussy was right over his throbbing member over his stomach. You involuntarily whimpered at the sensation, biting on your bottom lip and closing your eyes, missing the smirk that spread on Taehyung's features, his hands starting to slowly help you rock against him, showing you how to move, which you immediately followed without much thought.
"Mmm, isn't this better, baby? Don't you want to feel my cock? Feel it stretch you out?" you whimpered once again at the thought, your hips moving as he guided, his big hands digging into the soft flesh of your upper thighs. "Don't you want me to fuck you nice and slow? Taking my time..." he trailed off and pulled you closer by the small of your back, burying his face into the crook of your neck, his mouth immediately finding leverage to kiss and bite at the skin there, his kisses trailing upwards until he reached your ear "Make you feel good? Feel you cum around me so hard that you can't take it?" you could practically feel yourself drip, your underwear completely drenched against his cock, the flimsy, ruined material doing little to actually separate you. 
"Please..." you muttered, pulling away in an attempt to look at him, eyes half-lidded, gaze blurry, skin burning in anticipation, your walls clenching around nothing, begging to be filled with the length you were grinding against. He hummed, playfully provoking you to go on with your begging, which wasn't very hard for you to do, considering how hot and bothered he had succeeded in making you and how much you had always wanted to do this in the first place. "Can you do that, please? Can you fuck me as good as you say? Please, I want it so bad.." you whined and whimpered against his lips, trying to pull away from his hold and grind against his member, wanting him to fill you up so bad, but he didn't let you, his hands stopping you and pulling you completely up and off his member once again.
You pouted in defeat and he chuckled, pulling you down by the back of your neck, smashing your lips against his in a needy kiss, small moans leaving your lips and filling the room every single time his fingers touched your skin, gently gripping at the flesh, moving closer and closer to your underwear. He only needed a few moments your hips grinding into his hand for him to gain the little drops of courage he needed in order to slip two fingers into your soaking wet underwear and brush against your equally wet pussy, making you hiss into his mouth, but the hand on the nape of your neck made it impossible for you to pull away. Not that you wanted to anyway, your mouth searching his a moment later, desperately kissing and biting at his lips while he got a little bolder, pulling your panties to the side, slipping both of his long fingers inside of you.
This time, he let you pull away to gasp and whimper, grinding harder into his hand, but he, once again, stopped your movements. "Patience, baby, we have to make sure you're ready for me, hm? I don't wanna hurt you." he whispered against your lips, his voice low and dripping with need, but his eyes focused on your face, trying to gauge when you would become uncomfortable with what he was doing. But the chances of that were low and he could see it, your lips parted, breathing heavily while your eyes tried desperately to focus on his lips, but your mind was already starting to feel numb for the pleasure, hips grinding into his hand as you rode your orgasm. "Patience, hm?" he repeated himself, holding tightly onto your hip to hold you down, delving his fingers down to the knuckle, curling them down, making you whimper and push again him even more.
"Taehyung, please... I want you inside me." you whined and ground against his hand again, but he didn't give in, continuing to finger you at a rapid pace, thumb slipping down to brush against your clit through your soaked underwear.
"Mmm, cum for me once and then I will, how's that sound?" he negotiated, leaning forward and starting to nibble at the skin of your neck once again, going on, pushing you closer and closer to the edge, pants and whimpers leaving your lips every single time his fingers curled just right. "Can you take another finger for me, baby?" he mouthed at your shoulder and jaw, along your neck and to your collarbones, all the while enjoying your soft little whimpers of pleasure, grinning against your skin once you nodded eagerly and pushed into his hand even more. "I'm gonna fuck you so good afterwards, baby. I can't wait to fill up this tight little cunt with my cock," he dragged his lips up to your neck and to your mouth, sloppily trying to kiss you while pressing another long slender finger inside of you, muffling the little wince of discomfort that left your lips. He soothed you, rubbing your hip and kissing you softly, moving his fingers at a slower pace until you got comfortable, pulling away and licking his lips when you finally gripped at his biceps and dropped your head on his shoulder.
"You know you can come for me, baby. Just let go." he whispered against your ear and suddenly the flicks of his thumb against your clit became more aggressive as he was determined to bring you to orgasm.
When you did, you came with a silent scream, biting into the skin of his shoulder to silence yourself then dropping on his chest, your legs giving in while you felt your head swim with pleasure, feeling sated and content having come with just his fingers. He chuckled and started caressing your back, unclipping your bra and gently helping you take it off before you collapsed on his chest again. He chuckled and kissed the side of your head, continuing to run his hand over your back.
"Are you getting sleepy on me? We're just getting started, I even promised to make you feel good..." he trailed off, his voice playful and it brought a smile to your face, playfully kicking his shoulder and sitting back up on his lap, the sudden realization that he'd been hard this entire time hitting you and making you feel terribly embarrassed, but he didn't seem to mind. "Ready to go on?" you once again nodded eagerly and before long, he was flipping you over and pushing you down on the couch before getting up to remove the rest of his clothing and settling down between your legs a mere moment later.
He seemed to slow down at one point, and he started fidgeting before finally speaking up "Y/N, do you have a condom? I had very low expectations for tonight and didn't bring one." he explained, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck but you just rolled your eyes and dropped down on your back, sighing.
"See, knowing you, normally I would stop things now because I don't know your history... I would... say no but..." you trailed off and bit your bottom lip, eyes darting down to his hard cock then back up to his flustered face.
"I'm clean, I swear. I want you so bad, Y/N." he whined and leaned down over you, capturing your lips in a kiss, a soft whine leaving them when you felt his cock, hard and hot against your thigh. "Can I?" he whispered against your lips and started placing kisses all over your neck and jaw, trying to convince you. Not that he needed to, anyway, but you wouldn't let him off that easily. "I wanna fuck you so good, Y/N. You loved sucking my cock so much, just think about how good it would feel once I'm inside you." he dragged his lips along your neck and jaw, his hand guiding his cock down to slide up against your soaking wet cunt, holding it down against you as he moved, his lips drowning out your whimpers.
You broke the kiss for a whine and he grinned, dragging his lips against your jaw. You moaned out a curse, followed by his name and you could feel him grin against your skin. "Can I fuck you like you deserve to be fucked, baby? You'd look so good with my cock filling you up..." he breathed against your ear then sat up, looking down at you with a questioning, curious look. You bit onto your bottom lip, already feeling your lips stinging from all the kisses and biting. You wanted to leave him hanging as long as possible, you enjoyed the begging and the dirty talking but you also really needed him inside of you and you felt like you were going to go crazy if he didn't fuck you right then and there.
"God fucking dammit, Taehyung, what are you waiting for?" he chuckled and gripped the base of his throbbing dick, now wet from your juices, and finally guided it towards your entrance, the thick, red head disappearing between your legs as you arched your back off the couch and adjusted the angle, slowly taking more of him inside. He grunted at the sensation and he needed a moment to snap his eyes back up to your face to see the expression of pure bliss on your features.
"Fuck..." a soft whine left you lips, followed by a shuddering breath and he also inhaled sharply before pushing all the way inside in one go, bottoming out and dropping over on top of you, capturing your lips in a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss as he allowed you to adjust and take him in all the way, his hands leaving your hips to run up your sides and hold you dearly, which surprised you in a very nice way, since you didn't have any other expectations beyond probably being fucked into the mattress if you ever got that far with Taehyung. 
He hesitated for a moment, pulling you closer before he reached back down and held onto you as he rolled his hips just enough to have you groan into his mouth and break the kiss, throwing your head back and tightly closing your eyes at the sensation. "Baby, you're taking my cock so well, mm..?" his statement came out as more of a question but it still led to pride blossoming inside your heart and your cheeks heating up even more, if that was even possible at that moment, considering your predicament. "Such a good girl for me, you're so wet..." he trailed off, starting to press kisses against your face and neck, allowing you to relish into the feeling of being filled to the brim, which you were sure had similar effects on him too. 
Despite that, he seemed determined to keep his composure and allow you to adjust as much as you needed, his hips rolling against yours at a set, low pace while he held you in his arms and covered your face with kisses, soft yet filthy words of encouragement and praise leaving his lips. And for a moment, you might have believed he was as unaffected as he acted if it weren't for the constant pants and groans leaving his lips, the dribbles of sweat going down his temples and tension in his shoulders as the muscles of his back rippled under your fingers each time he moved. 
"More, Taehyung, please?" you breathed against his lips and he didn't say anything in response, instead catching your mouth in an even more passionate and equally as sloppy kiss, his hands leaving your sides to hold himself up with his forearms resting against your head, his mouth still keeping yours quiet as he pulled out much further than before and slammed back inside in one fluid motion, making you cry out into the kiss, but not letting you break away, keeping your head in place as he switched to the new, much rougher pace while drinking your sounds in, your nails leaving beautiful red marks along his back and shoulders. 
When he finally pulled away and let you catch your breath, there was a wide smirk on his lips and it immediately sent liquid fire down to your clit, combined with everything else his body was doing to you. You knew that if he kept it up, you were going to be completely spent by the end of the night and you couldn't wait for things to go down that path. Everything he did was just so arousing, from the way he snapped his hips and made you cry out his name, to the way he kissed you to shut you up a moment later and the way his hands gripped at the skin of your hips so hard, you were certain there would be bruises there in the morning. But god, if they weren't worth it with the way he looked above you, like a lust demon and a sex god all at the same time.
With the new angle, he gripped tightly onto your hips and thighs, large hands encompassing the flesh so tightly you knew even more bruises were going to form. Holding you that way gave him enough leverage to drive into you with force, fucking you into the couch seat at a pace that made you see stars. Yours moans came out as broken and uneven, gasps for air leaving your lips as we admired his handiwork from above, mischievous smile ever-present on his lips. Trying to keep up with his pace had proven futile from the beginning, so you resorted to holding onto his forearm and the back of the couch and allowing him to make your toes curl with pleasure at each thrust. 
"How does it feel, baby? Is this what you imagined fucking me would be like?" the grip on your hips loosened just enough to set you down on the couch below you, his breath also coming out in short pants, sweat dribbling down his face, but you could barely discern that, eyes rolled back and vision unfocused, mind numb from the pleasure. "Is this why you were so worried?" he continued, the hand on your hip moving to your pelvic bone, where he could feel himself drive into you every single time, filling you up with his cock. "Shit, baby, you're squeezing me so good.." he grunted after that, pulling out and driving back in with force at the same time he pressed down on your stomach, his lust-glazed eyes watching in fascination as the action pulled a squeal out of you, legs tensing around his hips and pulling him close with them, keeping him deep inside of you. 
"Talk to me, baby," his breathing ragged, voice hoarse with the feeling, you snapped your eyes to his face and blinked rapidly to try and clear your vision and catch the way he looked completely mesmerized by the feeling, hips pulling back despite your hold. 
"Tae-" your words cut off as the sensation of him pulling out while still pressing onto your stomach overwhelmed you, "Tae, it's too much," you whispered in one breath, moaning his name loudly in the next when he pushed back inside, making your eyes roll in the back of your head. 
"Do you want to cum?" he whispered, his fingers immediately moving from your stomach down to your clit, his pace picking up once again, thrusting deep inside of you while his thumb started rapidly flicking over your clit. A shriek left your lips at the combination, back arching high off the couch, your body simultaneously trying to get away and move closer to the feeling. Your lungs were burning but you could feel your orgasm bubbling to the surface and it didn't take you more than a couple of deep thrusts before you came with a scream, thrashing underneath him, thighs shaking and feet numb from how tightly curled your toes were in pleasure. He groaned loudly and pulled out immediately, cursing out loud and sliding off the couch and onto the floor as you were still riding your high, your hips squirming in place, walls clenching around nothing as you felt empty and not fully satisfied. A soft whine left your lips when seconds of Taehyung breathing heavily passed, yet nothing else happened, and it went on for a moment, before he finally broke the silence with a chuckle after what felt like forever, when in reality it was just a minute of him composing himself. 
"I'm sorry, princess, I thought you wouldn't appreciate me ending the fun so soon. We still have a long way to go." as he was speaking, he got up and gripped your hips, pulling your legs over the edge of the couch and onto his shoulders, holding onto your thighs to spread your legs as he pleased. 
"Jesus, baby, you're so wet for me," he leaned in and licked the wetness from your tight to your core, biting on the flesh in-between licks, making you whine and arch your hips off the surface. "Are you sensitive, did I fuck you that good?" his question was rhetorical but you answered immediately, which only fed into his ego.
"So good, please don't stop now!" you quickly spoke with urgency in your words and he only chuckled a little more, starting to nibble at your thigh from the middle down to your pussy. 
"Don't worry, I didn't plan on it." as he said that, he moved his large hand from your thigh to your clit, pressing on it with his thumb just as his mouth enveloped your drenched pussy, starting to rapidly lick and bite at the sensitive flesh.
The sounds leaving your lips were high-pitched and desperate, music to his ears as you kept whimpering about how good he feels and how sensitive you are and how it just hurts so good. He angled your hips better, holding you close by the back of your thighs, his mouth messily bringing you closer and closer to orgasm. 
Your fingers tangled in his hair and gently pulled at the pale green locks, whining and whimpering as he picked up pace, tongue lapping rapidly while his fingers joined in the fun. Oversensitive from your previous orgasm, Taehyung only needed a couple of minutes to have you coming on his tongue once again, thighs shaking on his shoulders, trying to squeeze around his head, but too weak to do so. He gripped onto the skin of your upper thighs tightly and continued to gently lap at your soaking cunt, ignoring your fingers pulling at his hair and your whimpers and whines above him. 
When he was satisfied with his work, having lapped up all the wetness, he sat back up, a wide smile on his lips, his face glistening with your juices. "How was that, baby?" your vision was beyond blurry at this point and you couldn't find the words to speak, besides whispering his name, watching him lick at his lips and smirk at your reaction before he dropped down on top of you and captured your lips in another kiss, allowing you to fully taste yourself on his tongue, earning a soft groan from you, your arms wrapping around his neck and holding onto his back while he rested his forehead onto yours, letting you both catch your breath for a moment. 
"Ready for more?" he whispered against your lips and you squealed in surprise when his arms wrapped around your back and pushed you upwards on the couch, resting your head on the cushions as he made room for himself between your legs once again.
"What do you mean more?" you managed to whisper out, arching under his touch when he pushed your legs up once again, sitting up between them, stroking his painfully hard cock, the tip a deep purple. He chuckled when you involuntarily licked your lips and pulled your hips closer, pushing inside of you once again, making you suck in a breath, throw your head back with your eyes closed and curse. "Shit, Tae, I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow." you managed to let out all in one breath before you felt his large hand rest by your collarbone then his long fingers envelop your neck. 
"I'll make it better afterwards, hm? Just one more orgasm, you can do it." he chuckled at your eager nod and tightened his grip on your neck when he pulled out and thrust back in, your eyes rolling back at the feeling. He pulled back out and wrapped his other hand around your right thigh, pulling the leg up from around his waist and over his shoulder instead, holding onto your hip as he drove back in, giving a couple more long, drawn-out, deep thrusts before  squeezing at your neck just a little tighter and starting to pick up pace, setting up a rhythm that had you reeling in your spot on the couch, incoherent mumbles, whines and pleas leaving your lips as he drove into you over and over again, his face pulled into a sneer, grunts and deep groans leaving his lips every now and again. 
"Not gonna last much longer, gorgeous, where do you want me to cum?" his steady, quick, deep thrusts made it difficult for you to speak, but he gave you the time, even loosening his grip for a moment before you finally tightened your grip around his waist with your free leg, even dropping the one from his shoulder, despite losing the new angle, just to hold him in place. 
"Don't you dare not cum inside." you hissed through your teeth, arching under his unrelenting thrusts, the dark chuckle that left his lips going straight to your core.
"You asked for it, baby." he leaned down and pressed deeper into you, changing the angle and pushing you into the couch, pulling your hips up high at such an angle that you felt every single ridge and vein on his cock and you felt just so full. His hand left your hip and reached for your clit once again, rubbing at it with his thumb, in rhythm with his thrusts, which made your legs tense around his waist and squeeze him closer, making it harder for him to move, but he didn't back down, setting a deep pace, chasing his own orgasm. 
Soon enough, he pulled out almost all the way, then drove back in full force, knocking the air out of your lungs and eliciting a scream out of you, sending electricity all over your body and bringing you dangerously close to your next release. He maintained the same full thrusts a couple more times before burying himself deep inside of you. His thumb was furiously rubbing at your clit, determined to get you to cum with him as well, which happened just a few short moments later, your walls, convulsing around his cock which were soon filled up, a long, drawn out groan of pleasure leaving his lips, along with a couple more thrusts where he made sure to completely fill you up with his thick, hot cum, your hips thrashing against his hold as your entire body shook with the pleasure, your mind overwhelmed and partially blanked out just by feeling so full. 
He released your neck and you gasped for air as he pulled out, a last, thick ribbon of semen falling over your chest as he collapsed by your knees, onto the back of the couch, his hand slowly pumping his cock of the last bits of cum, letting it all fall on your stomach. 
"Holy shit, this is not how I expected tonight to go." he finally spoke out and you registered his words but couldn't find a way to reply, purely focusing on coming back from your high. He didn't seem too bothered by that, helping you untangle your legs from around him, pulling the blanket under you so you wouldn't soil the material of the couch and trying to get you to spread out your legs, which only earned him a tired whine. 
"Should we take a shower? Clean you up a little?" he questioned, sitting up and looking over you, looking positively angelic and demonic at the same time, green hair sticking to his face, his beautiful golden skin flushed a deep shade of red, sweat dripping down his temples. You shook your head, staring at him in awe, watching a smile spread over his features and his eyes crinkle with it. "Are you tired, baby?" you immediately nodded at this and he leaned over next to you, placing a few pecks over your lips and face, pushing your hair out of your face too and brushing it back with his hand.
"Okay then, let me get you something to clean you up a little." he huffed and turned around, taking a deep breath before he sat up, holding onto the couch. "Holy shit, that took the life out of me." he commented, slowly making his way to the bathroom, figuring out where it was due to the open door. His eyes flickered over the apartment and he mindlessly took in his surroundings before entering the bathroom and starting to look for a clean towel. 
That's when his face fell for the first time and his eyes rapidly started moving about the room, realization hitting him again. Two types of towels, pink and black, two toothbrushes. His eyes traveled around the room and he noted the two different bottles of shower gel as well as shampoo and lastly, the capless bottle of cologne on the sink. He felt a wave of nausea take over him but he tried his best to ignore the uneasiness and focus on the task at hand, figuring he would have to deal with the reality of everything anyway once he was fully sober and not entirely blissed out after amazing sex. He grabbed a pink towel, hoping it was yours and returned to the living room, ready to clean you up and cuddle, if that was possible. 
You didn't know how much later it was when Taehyung had you wrapped in his large shirt, laying on top of him on the same couch you had fucked on, his hand threading through your hair, his chest rising and falling at a steady rhythm, your eyes droopy and heavy. At one point your eyes flickered over the clock on the wall but you didn't remember how late it was, just that it was past 4 am and you should go to sleep soon. 
"Hey. About what I said earlier tonight when we came over…" he whispered, catching your attention and making you sleepily turn your head and look at him. "I didn't just say it, I actually waited for a long time for something like tonight to happen." you inhaled and blinked slowly, taking in his features, his eyes wandering around the room to avoid your gaze, his lips darting out every now and again to wet his lips. He was definitely flustered despite what had happened between you two just hours prior. 
"I was wondering if you wanted this to be a one time thing or… I don't know… you know..?" he trailed off and finally looked over to you, smiling sheepishly at you. You couldn't help the giggle that left your lips and he immediately stopped smiling, his lips formed a pout. He was about to say something else when you hopped off his chest and pressed a kiss to his pouty lips. 
"If every time it happens, it's like tonight, then sure." you finally let a tired giggle leave your lips and a wide smile spread across his lips, his arms wrapping around your back and groping your ass. 
“I like the sound of that.” he pulled you down for a kiss, which you happily returned, then he let you curl back up on his chest, closing your eyes. 
Unfortunately, the peace and quiet only lasted long enough for you to fall asleep, the familiar clink of the door being unlocked the opened stirring you just slightly, but not enough to fully wake up. However, things weren’t as easy for Tae, the sound startling him and making him sit up straight, pulling you up with him, his whole body tense as you settled in his lap and turned around to look at a surprised Yoongi, wondering why Taehyung was so scared all of a sudden. 
“Really, this is what I come home to? On the couch?” his words made you aware of the fact that you were wearing nothing but a shirt and Taehyung was in boxers, which made you want to cover up as much as you could, not that it was much you could do. 
“Sorry, kinda forg-” Taehyung cut you off, his hands on your hips attempting to push you away, which surprised you, considering the conversation you just had. 
“I’m so sorry, hyung, I didn’t really think about the consequences, I just really like her and I was drunk and didn’t think straight…” he trailed off, looking like a deer in the headlights, his eyes wide open, pupils dilated. You looked from him to Yoongi and you both seemed equally confused, the dark-haired male rubbing at the back of his neck.
“I don’t actually care about what you do? I just don’t want to have to deal with cum on my couch, I nap there. What the hell are you on about?” saying that, Yoongi moved from the door, locking it behind him and taking off his shoes, putting them on the shoe rack. 
There was an awkward silence going on and you felt the familiar feeling of rejection start to brew in your heart with Taehyung’s words, which made you sit up from his lap and awkwardly stand by the coffee table, where Yoongi joined, dropping onto the armchair to the side of the couch. 
“Wait... “ he whispered, looking from Yoongi, who was watching the two of you with a bored expression, to you as you were holding his shirt tightly over your chest to cover up as much as possible. “Are you two together or not…?” the question prompted you and Yoongi to look at each other, a surprised expression on your face and an amused smile on Yoongi’s. He looked straight at Taehyung, an eyebrow raised as he put a hand over your legs, pulling you closer to the armchair. 
“What do you think?” whatever Taehyung might have thought until then completely left his mind, the nauseating feeling from earlier returning at the possibility of you having cheated on your boyfriend with him. Luckily, those thoughts were rapidly dispersed by you slapping Yoongi’s hands away and huffing.
“Oh come on, Yoonie, he’s already panicking, don’t be a dick. We’re not dating, Tae, we’re flatmates. No need to reject and push me off because he’s home.” you sighed and rolled your eyes at Yoongi’s gummy smile while the green-haired naked man on the couch glared your way, or at least tried to — he ended up looking like a pouty bear either way. 
“Sorry, sorry. It was too fun not to do it. Might as well make the most of it when I didn’t get any dick tonight. At least you made it up for the both of us.” Yoongi smacked your butt and you let go of the shirt covering you to rub your butt. 
“I’m already sore, asshole. I was gonna invite you for some dick and pussy now that you caught us all naked and shit, but you missed the chance.” Taehyung made a sound of surprise while you turned over to Yoongi, pulling the shirt to cover up just enough to have both of their eyes trailing over your naked torso. “Come on, Tae, let’s go to my room.” said male immediately hopped off the couch, as if he was still walking on eggshells, but Yoongi just laughed and pulled a little clear bag out of his pocket, shaking it around, showing you the little colourful squares bouncing inside. Your eyes widened at the sight but you stood your ground. 
“What if I share these with you? There’s enough for all both.” he offered, spreading his legs a little more, holding his head high and crooking it to the side. “Am I invited now?”
You giggled and walked over to Taehyung, nodding your head in question, watching as he bit his lip and reached for your hand, gaze moving from you too Yoongi. He took a deep breath and nodded, boxy smile appearing on his lips. You winked at him and turned to Yoongi before dragging the green-haired male to your bedroom. “Come on, Yoonie, we don’t have the whole night.” you saw the smirk on Yoongi’s lips widen as he got up and lazily made his way over and turned to share the same smirk with Taehyung, who was just as enthused as you were. 
Looks like there was no stopping now.
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after departing from your dom, you’re assigned to two incredibly powerful men.
taehyung/reader/jungkook | dom/sub!au, CEO!taekook | angst, fluff, smut | 21.4k ↬ content warnings: dom/sub themes, pet names, sir!kink, daddy!kink, threesome, mxm scenes, subspace, praise kink, dirty talk, cunnilingus, pussy slapping, orgasm denial, begging, humiliation, safewords, blowjobs, deepthroating/face-fucking, creampie, intense orgasms(?), multiple orgasms, cum eating, cum sharing, arguments, insecurities, manipulation, reader is a bit impulsive, derogatory language, sexual face-slapping, punishments, dumbification, overstimulation, forced orgasms, aftercare, crying, 69ing, face-sitting, sensitivity kink(?), double penetration
a/n: this is from a fanfic title ask game!
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Tumblr media
Eighteen was the coveted age. At that age, you are no longer a child and were to begin a new life in the society as you'd yearned for since being a child.
You awoke on the day of your birthday, filled to the brim with anticipation.
The first place you needed to go with the Role-Assignment Institute, a big building in Seoul you'd only had the pleasure of looking at until today.
It was almost intimidating, walking in. You'd arrived early in the day but there were still so many people packed into the waiting room. For some reason, the nerves only kicked in after you signed in — receiving a number that would be called when it was your turn.
112. That was your number. You kept looking at it, anxiously worrying that you'd read it wrong. Your leg bounced as you kept repeating the number in your head.
It felt like hours before a woman dressed in blue scrubs waltzed in yelling, "Number 112!"
Your knees felt weak as you stood up, handing the number slip to the nurse. She nodded, leading you down a long corridor that reminded you of a hospital. The fluorescent lights bounced off the white walls, causing a glare that made you squint.
"The doctor will be in, in just a moment," The nurse said, standing on her tippy-toes to pull out a clipboard with paper and a pen attached. "In the meantime, please fill out all the information needed on these,"
You sat on the exam table, the crinkling sanitary paper making you cringe at how loud it was. Using your lap as a table, you began looking over the forms. There was a form for basic information; like your name, age, height, and weight along with your social security number. After filling out everything, you moved onto the waiver that gave them permission to test you to find your Assignment. Though it was a safe and very simple procedure, it was still required.
Finally finished, you placed the clipboard to the side and waited, eyes on the door as if urging the doctor to enter.
The door loudly clicked open, a tall man in a white lab coat entered with a beaming smile. He greeted you, taking a seat on a rolling stool in front of the computer — clicking and typing for a moment before turning to you.
"I'm Dr. Kim," He held his hand out for you to shake. "Have you finished filling out the forms?"
"Oh yeah," You handed the clipboard over into his waiting hand.
"Miss _____..." He read your name, eyes scanning the paper for additional information. "Alright, I'll put this in the system, it'll be just a second."
The room was filled with the clicking of the keyboard and you absentmindedly swung your feet on the exam table. Dr. Kim sighed, rolling his chair towards the back of the room to pull out a needle and alcohol wipes.
"Alright, so you know how this works right?" He asked, holding your arm with one hand as he wiped the alcohol over the bend of your elbow.
"You take my blood and test it," You answered swiftly, wincing as he tied a band around your upper arm. The blood cut off, making the rest of your arm feel numb.
"That's right," Dr. Kim smiled, uncapping the needle.
Unable to watch, you closed your eyes and looked away. Several long seconds, a quick pinch, the application of the band-aid and it was over.
The doctor rolled back over to the computer, opening up a cylindrical machine which he popped the vial of your blood into.
"It'll just be a second before the results pop up," He told you as the machine began making a loud vibrating sound.
Two painstakingly long minutes passed before the noise stopped. He made a humming noise, clicking on the computer before turning back to you.
"Well, congratulations," He smiled, standing up to retrieve some papers out of a cabinet behind you. "You're a submissive!"
"Oh cool," You gasped, feeling relief wash over you at his reveal.
"Now, on to the least fun part," He pulled out a small machine that contained a long pen like tool. "This will imprint your status into you skin similar to a tattoo — without the actual tattooing part. It holds information in it, it need only be scanned."
You'd seen the imprints before — your mom and dad both had one. They were a way of identifying if someone was of age among other things.
The branding itself didn't hurt, it was a hot flash of pain but it dissolved within a second. Once he was done the letters 'S-U-B' were inked against your skin. Running your fingers over it, you could feel it was slightly raised.
"These hold information on where to go from here including picking a good matching agency,” He held out the papers. “There's a list on the second page," He flipped it for you.
"W-Who do you recommend?" You asked, realizing you never quite researched the various companies.
"Well," He pulled out a pen. "There are three top companies all located in Seoul that are partnered with this Assignment Institute pecifically. T&J Matching Company, MinHope Matching Agency, and the Kim Namjoon Matching Firm. For you, I'd recommend MinHope — they work very closely with their clients and they're the least intimidating out of them!"
"I'll go with MinHope then!" You smiled, watching as the doctor circled the one you chose.
It took just a few more minutes of Dr. Kim filling in information for you — sending a referral from him to your chosen company.
"Alright," He stood up, holding a little envelope with his signature on the front. "This has all the information you need going forward. Information on sub-to-dom matching and various important things to know, you can look over it when you get a chance."
"Thank you so much," you grinned, tucking it away in your purse.
You bid goodbye to the doctor, stopping by the front desk on your way out to give your payment for the procedure.
Tumblr media
Being home filled you with relief, you instantly crashed onto the couch with a big sigh. Your feet hurt from walking and your back hurt from that exam table you sat on for an hour and a half.
Lifting your arm up, you gazed at the little black letters inked into your skin.
"Oh! I should call Mom!" You whispered to yourself, pulling out your phone.
Hearing her happily blabbing on about how happy and proud of you she was had you grinning from ear to ear. You could hear her relay every important detail to your dad, who also gave his congratulations. The conversation fizzled off into telling each other how your days had been going since you'd last seen each other. About an hour into the call, your phone began beeping obnoxiously in your ear.
"I have to go, Mom, I have another call incoming," You told her. "I'll talk to you later, yeah. Love you!"
You hurriedly answered the incoming call, effectively ending the call with your mother.
"Hello?" You asked.
"Good evening, this is Joy with MinHope Matching Agency," Your heart sped up. "We received a referral from Dr. Kim. Would you like to set up your appointment?"
"Yes please!" You smiled, sitting up properly. "When is the soonest I can be seen?"
"Well..." You held your breath and you could hear faint clicking of a computer. "There's an appointment opening with Mr. Jung at 10:15 in the morning. Does that work?"
"That's perfect!" You exclaimed.
Bidding your goodbyes to the woman, you flopped back onto the couch, filled to the brim with so much excitement you weren't sure you'd be able to sleep through the night.
The morning of your appointment came earlier than you expected. You'd had trouble sleeping so you felt a little drowsy getting to the Agency.
"Um hi, I'm ____ I have a 10:15 with Mr. Jung," You said to the lady sitting behind the reception desk. On the wall was a sign that said MinHope Matching Agency, with a glowing white back light. She clicked on her computer for a second before pulling out a badge that said "Visitor".
"Go to floor 8," The lady said. "You can speak to Joy up there at the service desk and she'll tell you where to go,"
You were surprised by the cold attitude of the woman and hurriedly scurried to the elevator. You could feel her eyes on you as you waited for the doors to open. Glancing behind you, you winced when you met her piercing gaze.
"Boy," You gasped, leaning against the back of the elevator once you got in. "What was her problem?"
You watched the numbers go up as you ascended the floor before stopping on the 8th. When you stepped out, you were met with a few faces, waiting to get in as well.
"Excuse me," you breathed, bypassing them easily.
You spotted the large desk, wandering over to it and waited for Joy, as you figured, to finish speaking with someone else.
"Hello!" She beamed."Are you here for an appointment?"
"Um yes," You answered. "10:15 for Mr. Jung."
"Oh right, Miss ____!" She beamed, pulling out a scanning gun. "Please show me your arm,"
With a click of the gun, your sub tattoo was scanned.
"Okay," She stood up. "If you'll follow me, I'll take you to Mr. Jung's office,"
Her heels clicked on the linoleum floors as you walked behind her through a hallway. Doors were lined up on both sides, some appeared to be conference rooms and other just normal offices. She stopped in front of a large wooden door with a plaque that read Jung Hoseok, CEO.
"Just go on in and he'll start your consultation," Joy bowed before pivoting on her heel and going back the way she came.
Walking into a CEO's office seemed quite daunting. So you timidly gaze three knocks, letting him know you were there before opening the door.
"Come in, come in!" He beamed, a bright heart-shaped smile as he opened the door even more for you.
He was dressed in a nice suit with his hair slicked back. He was really good looking. You followed his urging and took a seat in front of his desk, in a comfortable leather chair.
"I see Joy scanned you for me, that's great," He smiled. "Sometimes she forgets to do that."
He clicked on his computer for several long minutes, typing and reading over whatever came on the screen. He was silent for several minutes, giving you an excellent chance to look at him. His sleeves hid where his brand was so you were unable to see what he was. You wondered if he was matched or not. He was good looking and certainly above the age of 18 but that didn't really mean anything.
"And there we have it!" He grinned, pivoting his screen to show you what was on it.
On the screen was a picture of you, there was a picture of a man who had Lee Daehoon (DOM) underneath.
"This is my match?" You asked, scooting closer to look at him. "He's...handsome,"
"I'm glad you approve!" Hoseok grinned, turning his screen back around to face himself.
"Can I you make the matches like that?" You asked, watching him click on his computer again.
"Well, we simply scan your imprint and it reveals details about you along with your DNA information which allows up to match you with a Dominant who is basically most compatible! Of course, there are several possible matches but it goes with the best one currently in the system," He easily explained, turning his chair around to grab some papers from his printer.
"That's interesting..." You mumbled, glancing down at your tattoo mesmerized by just how much information could be extracted from it.
"Alright, your first meeting with Mr. Lee is set up, there should be an email for you with the information."
Tumblr media
You honestly never thought you'd be in that leather chair again with Jung Hoseok staring blankly at his computer screen searching for a good match. But unfortunately, fate likes to be cruel and ruin good things.
Lee Daehoon...what a jerk.
"I'm sorry about this," Hoseok suddenly said, making you look up. He was already staring at you with indiscernible pity. "I know it's hard when a relationship doesn't work. A lot of people just expect it to and they get disappointed. Of course, sometimes it does work! A lot of the time!" He quickly tried to save what he'd said.
"It's alright," You smiled. "It happens, I know that. I'm just kind of annoyed I wasted 3 years with that jerk..."
Hoseok smiled. "I understand—" He suddenly gasped, sitting up straighter and leaning his face closer to the screen.
"That's bad for your eyes," You joked.
"I don't believe it..." He mumbled.
"What is it?" His behavior had your anxiety piquing.
"Here, take a look," He spun his monitor around for you to see.
You saw your face, as expected, but instead of just one line and one picture there were two. Two photos of men sat beneath yours, showing a match to both of them while they were connected by their own line.
Kim Taehyung (DOM) and Jeon Jungkook (DOM).
"Two Doms?" You leaned closer to the screen in surprise. "How is that possible?"
"Well," Hoseok's brows were furrowed as he turned the screen around to see for himself once again. "It's certainly uncommon but..." He shook his head. "I've never personally seen it."
"D-Does it explain anything? Who are they? How could this even work?" You bombarded the poor man with questions.
"Well actually...I know both of them," He confessed. "We're friends, in fact."
"Seriously? Isn't that too much of a coincidence?" You gasped.
He shrugged. "They're both the CEOs of T&J Matching Company."
Your brain short-circuited at those words. "Pardon?"
"They've been together for a while, I didn't think they'd ever..." He broke off, humming to himself. It took him a second before he sobered up. "No matter! I've got your papers coming out now."
You watched as the papers came out of the printer, waiting for him to grab them. Smiling, he tucked them into a manila company envelope and handed it over to you.
"There's an email waiting for you, you know how this goes," He smiled, escorting you out of his office all the way to the elevator. "By the way...I don't think I ever gave you this but," He pulled out a little white card. "This is my business card if you ever need me."
You bid him goodbye before the elevator doors could close. Just before they did, you caught his smile dropping, replaced with a firm grimace.
What was that about?
On your way home, you read the email that gave the date and location of your first three dates with Taehyung and Jungkook. It also briefly explained the steps to take after the three dates — such as agreeing to match, declining the matching, and requesting more pre-match dates.
The first date was tomorrow at 12:30 — a lunch date.
You spent the rest of the evening planning out a outfit — not sure what style to go with. Then you did lengthy skincare and took a nice, long, hot bath.
Finally, by the time you were in bed, you decided to google the names of your potential matches. You were nearly blinded by how attractive they both were. Clicking on Taehyung's Wikipedia page, you began to read all about him.
'He has publicly been in a relationship with Dominant Jeon Jungkook, since before the creation of their company.' It read.
You were puzzled, having never heard of two Doms being together.
Googling more about their relationship, you saw articles trashing such a relationship and others providing information and statistics on the commonalty of it.
You locked your phone, staring blankly at the wall as your heart beat loudly in your chest.
Tumblr media
You entered the restaurant, surprised to learn such a high-class place was your destination. It was a 5-star eatery and you felt immediately out of place when you walked in. Everyone was dressed up and wearing beautiful jewelry while you were wearing a simple summer dress.
"Hello? Do you have a reservation?" The hostess asked, face as blank as her voice.
"Um...I'm here for the MinHope Agency Reservation?" You replied, watching as she looked over something in front of her.
"Right, your dates have arrived," As she rounded the podium, you saw her tattoo on her arm that read DOM. No wonder she was so intimidating.
Your table was located in the far corner of the restaurant, away from everyone else. As you walked up to the table, you noticed the two men sitting there.
"Hello gentlemen," The hostess smiled. "Here's your date."
Both sets of eyes were upon you and as the woman walked away, you felt like you'd just been thrown the feral wolves while covered in meat.
"H-Hi I'm _____," You greeted, smiling sheepishly.
"I'm Taehyung," He had a boxy smile, standing up to pull your chair out for you.
"Thank you, Taehyung," You whispered, sitting down before he pushed you in.
Your eyes drifted to the other man, his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes were doe-like but they were ice cold as they pierced into you.
"U-Uh this is Jungkook!" Taehyung hurriedly introduced his companion. "He's um...shy?"
It sounded more like a question but you managed to smile anyway. You hoped it wasn't too obviously fake.
You noticed quickly they were both wearing suits. Taehyung's was gray while Jungkook's was black. They both wore rings and expensive-looking watches.
They were definitely CEOs.
"Let's order some appetizers!" Taehyung said, handing you a menu. "What would you like?"
You gazed over the menu, eye twitching at the prices listed beside the items.
"Th-This is too expensive..." You whispered, more to yourself. "I-I can't afford any of this..."
Jungkook scoffed, sitting forward to look over his own menu. "Could have seen that coming..."
"It's alright ____, the Agency will take care of the check!" Taehyung said, easing your apprehension.
"Oh really?" You asked.
When you had been on dates with Daehoon, it had been paid by you and him. Then again, they weren't nearly as lavish as these dates. Perhaps it just depended on the class of people.
"Um...I-I'm not sure what to choose," You squeaked out, feeling your face flush as you felt flustered by the way the date was going. You winced when Jungkook scoffed again.
"It's alright, we'll order something simple. Do you like stuffed mushrooms?" Taehyung asked, peeking at you over your menu.
Lowering it, you smiled and nodded. "I don't mind them!"
"Alright!" Taehyung waved his hand in the air and a waitress came over in a hurry. "We'll have the stuffed mushrooms!"
"Coming right up," She beamed, writing it down on a notepad before vanishing into another room across the way.
You looked at your menu once again, towards what they had ordered; mushrooms stuffed with Pecorino Romano, garlic, and breadcrumbs — ₩112,000. You nearly choked at the price tag but managed to keep it under wraps.
"Have you picked your meal?" Taehyung asked.
Before you could answer, Jungkook spoke up. "I'll have the roasted duck with the orange-bourbon glaze."
"O-Oh that sounds yummy," Taehyung patted Jungkook's shoulder, turning his eyes back to you. "You?"
"Doubt she can even read the damn menu," You winced at the insult, feeling your eyes sting slightly in embarrassment but fought it back.
Looking at the menu again, you quickly decided, "Spicy Thai basil chicken." You forced yourself to ignore the ₩140,000 glaring at you. It was going to be the most expensive food you ever ate.
"Awesome," He grinned and you missed the way he kicked Jungkook under the table, making the younger wince.
You and Taehyung engaged in idle small-talk about your likes and dislikes as you waited for the waitress to return. He would occasionally force Jungkook into it, bringing up his boyfriend's own preferences.
When the waitress returned, Taehyung listed all the meals you ordered. His own had made you balk; stuffed lamb breast with lemon, ricotta, and oregano. You didn't get a chance to look at that price tag before the menus were taken from you but you could only imagine how expensive it was.
Taehyung and Jungkook dissolved into soft chatter about work and you did your best not to listen in, instead gazing around the room to watch the people around you. It was the most awkward you'd felt all evening.
"Here you are; your meals!" A steaming plate of chicken was placed before you and you felt your stomach grumble.
"Looks delicious!" Taehyung groaned, quickly stuffing his mouth with his lamb breast.
Following his lead, you began to eat your own. The way the chicken's seasoning melted on your tongue made you close your eyes in bliss. You chewed the meat, unaware of the way the two men gazed at you.
"You look like a pig," Jungkook snapped, making you freeze. You opened your eyes to find his glaring at you, disgust written all over his face.
"Jungkook!" Taehyung growled, elbowing his ribs angrily.
"Well she does," Jungkook mumbled, taking a bite of his own food. "At least act like you belong here because you're an embarrassment now. Do you know who we are?"
"I-I'm sorry..." You heard Taehyung whisper something angrily to his boyfriend but you toned them out, finishing your food as fast as you could. You felt self-conscious the entire time and were happy when the plate was clean.
The air around the table was tense and unpleasant, the two of them not speaking until the waitress arrived. You felt relieved when she collected the plates.
"Would you like dessert?" She asked.
"Yes please!" Taehyung smiled.
"Not for me..." You made your move, standing up. Both men and the waitress looked at you with wide eyes. "I-I'm just going to go home. Thanks for the dinner..."
Before either of them could say anything, you pulled your coat on and rushed out of the door. You felt your eyes sting but you refused to cry as you began to make your way home from the terrible date.
"______, wait up!" Taehyung called to you and you stopped, looking back at him. "I uhh..." He panted. "I'm sorry for Jungkook. He's just a difficult guy to get along with!"
"If he doesn't like me then it's fine," You shrugged, hands stuffed in your pockets. "He comes before me, I know that."
"It's not that at all, _____," Taehyung sighed, running a hand through his hair. "D-Don't give up yet, okay? Let's just go with our three dates and we can decide at the end, alright?"
You looked past his shoulder to see Jungkook leaning against the wall, scrolling on his phone. Sighing, you turned back to Taehyung and met his eyes.
"Alright, we'll do it."
"You won't regret it!" Taehyung gives you that boxy smile and you can't help but smile alongside him.
Once you arrived home, your phone dinged with a text message.
From: MinHope Matching Agency This is an automated message, please do not respond. Your date has been marked as over. Please fill out the progress tracker linked here. You followed the link and were brought to a short survey.
1. Was your date satisfactory? — Somewhat
2. Did you and your partner(s) get along? — Somewhat
3. Do you plan to go on the next scheduled date? — Yes
A completion page came up thanking you for taking and claiming they would be sending the information of your next date in a few days.
Still feeling dejected by Jungkook's behavior towards you, you curled up in bed intending to sleep.
Tumblr media
Thankfully, it was cool out by the time your second date with them came along. The sky was painted purples and reds, casting a comforting glow over the landscape.
As you walked to the designated area for your date, you were glad to see Taehyung and Jungkook already there. Hanging back a bit, you watched as Jungkook grinned at his boyfriend — a cute bunny-like smile you'd not expected him to have. Leaning forward, Taehyung planted a soft kiss against Jungkook's nose.
You smiled at the scene, finding them cute.
However, the moment was broken when you met Jungkook's gaze and all the light disappeared in a second. His lips moved as he muttered something to Taehyung, most likely to let him know you were here because Taehyung was suddenly bouncing up to you happily.
"Hey beautiful! Nice to see you!" He greeted, surprising you by grabbing your hand.
You stumbled a bit over the uneven terrain before you were able to take a seat on the thick blanket laid out on the ground.
"Boy the agency really goes all out, huh?" You asked, making conversation.
Above you there was a canopy set up, glowing with the effect of the white fairy lights strung up. With the sun setting quickly, it became the only real source of light as you all sat together with a large picnic basket in the center.
"MinHope is like...famous for their date setups, you know?" Taehyung nodded, flipping open the box to reveal an assortment of food.
"Oh," You held out your hand as Taehyung put a sandwich in it. "Thank you."
"Is that chicken swiss?" Jungkook asked, leaning a bit closer to you.
"Yeah I think so..." You replied, peeking at the label on it. He didn't provide an answer, merely looking off and picking at the rapper on his own sandwich. "Do you...want it?"
He grunted in response, not speaking up placed his own sandwich down and held his hand out for yours. You met Taehyung's eyes, seeing he was holding back a smile as he watched the trade go down.
By the time you finished all the food, it was dark and the moon hung high in the sky.
"What time is it?" You asked, not feeling like looking at your phone.
"It's 8:42," Taehyung answered, glancing at his watch. "Should you be getting home?"
"Probably," You smiled. “I've got some work to do tomorrow.
"Oh? What do you do?" He asked, taking your hand to help you stand up.
"I'm uhh...a video game programmer," You shrugged, feeling silly compared to their own CEO positions.
"Oh really?!" Taehyung gasped, yanking on Jungkook's arm. "Kook loves video games!"
Jungkook grumbled, tugging himself out of Taehyung's grasp as the older laughed. Through the faint lighting, you could still tell Jungkook's cheeks were turning red.
"How about we walk you home?" Taehyung offered. He squeezed your hand, making you realize he was still holding it. His hand was big and very warm with pretty, lithe.
"That'd be nice..." You smiled, letting him lead you out of the area where your date had been set up. "Do we need to clean that up?"
"The Agency will take care of it," Jungkook replied, hands shoved in his pocket as he trailed behind the two of you.
"That's right, don't worry about it," Taehyung grinned, swinging your hand between the two of you.
Glancing over your shoulder, you saw Jungkook staring off into the street absentmindedly. You wanted to include him but, you knew he didn't feel that close to you just yet.
"My apartment is here," You paused in front of a tall building.
"Really? Here?" Jungkook piped up, slight disgust in his tone.
"I think it's cute," Taehyung quickly added. "A-Anyway, do you want us to walk you in?"
"I-It's fine..." You muttered, giving a slight glare at Jungkook — who was viciously avoiding your gaze, finding a crack in the sidewalk very interesting. "I can do it."
"Hang on," Taehyung reached into his pocket to pull out a slip of paper, shoving it into your hands. "I'll see you later!"
You watched as Taehyung grabbed Jungkook's wrist, tugging him along. Just before they slipped out of view, Jungkook looked over his shoulder back at you. It caused your heart to stutter in your chest.
Sitting on your bed after showering and changing into you pajamas, you looked at the slip of paper Taehyung had given to you.
"His phone number..." You whipped out your own phone, creating a new contact number under his name and shooting him a text.
To: Kim Taehyung [9:18PM] Hey, letting you know it's me, ____!
Almost immediately, three bubbles popped up to indicate he was typing.
From: Kim Taehyung [9:18PM] I'd like to apologize for Jungkook. He can be a little loose lipped with a silver tongue but he really doesn't mean it. He just...doesn't know how to express himself well.
To: Kim Taehyung [9:19PM] It's okay. I don't think he's all that bad after all...
From: Kim Taehyung [9:19PM] I'm glad to hear that. We can't wait for our next date.
You smiled, gazing at the text with your heart pounding heavily. You told him 'me too' before another text came in.
From: MinHope Matching Agency This is an automated message, please do not respond. Your date has been marked as over. Please fill out the progress tracker linked here. You were brought to a similar page to the last survey, only this one contained different questions.
1. Was your date satisfactory? — Yes
2. Do you feel that you and your partner(s) are getting closer? — Yes
3. Are there any complaints you have, this will not be conveyed to your partner(s). — None
You read over Taehyung's texts once again, feeling at ease over his words. Remembering how nice his hand felt in yours, you began to drift off. The last thing you thought of was that you hoped to meet the real Jungkook soon.
Tumblr media
You were surprised to see there was a change in your third date's location when you woke up that Saturday.
Instead of an amusement park like it had been, it had been switched to a high-end club and bar. It was notorious for all the rich and famous attending, a very prevalent clientele frequented it as VIP guests. You didn't question it when Taehyung texted you that you would be receiving a package.
However, as you stared down at the Gucci box, it felt like your brain was being fried.
Whipping out your phone, you pulled up your text thread with him.
To: Kim Taehyung [3:57PM] Did you send me this? picture.attachment
From: Kim Taehyung [3:57PM] Oh? It arrived? I'm so glad! Please try it on and send us a photo!
Your cheeks felt hot at the text but got up to do as he asked anyway.
The sleek, black dress fit tightly and very well. It made your breasts look...phenomenal and you instantly felt sexier and more confident. While still running with the feeling, you snapped a few photos in the mirror — keeping your unmade hair and face out of it. The second you hit send, there was a read receipt showing that he saw it. He didn't respond, however, and anxiety quickly set in. You set your phone down, gazing at yourself again, moving side to side to check the fit. The color looked lovely against your skin tone.
Your phone went off, indicating an incoming text message and you pounced on your phone to see.
From: Kim Taehyung [4:13PM] look...incredible.
You couldn't help but beam at the praise, instantly feeling lifted by his words. Before you could reply, another text was coming in.
From: Kim Taehyung [4:14PM]
We'll pick you up at 8. Be ready by then. Can't wait to see you, sweetheart.
You just knew the rest of the day was going to chug by slowly, especially now that you were completely flustered by his us of a pet name.
At 8 on the dot, Taehyung texted you asking what your apartment number was. Mindlessly, you gave him the number; 302.
You were slipping on your heels when the doorbell rang to your apartment. Stumbling to the door, pulling your last shoe on, you tugged the door open only to have a large bouquet of flowers shoved in your face.
"I uhh...hope you're not allergic or anything..." Taehyung smiled, handing them to you.
"Oh they're lovely, Taehyung, thank you..." You brought them up to your nose to inhale the sweet scent. "Let me go put them in some water, come on in. Where's Jungkook?"
"He's still down in front, waiting in the car," Taehyung answered, following you to the kitchen.
He fell silent, watching you fill up a vase with some water for the flowers. Placing them on the kitchen table, you smiled at how they lit up the room.
"You do look lovely, _____," He complimented you, moving closer to take your hand.
"You look...fantastic yourself, Taehyung," You said, looking over his clothes.
He was dressed in black slacks and a tucked in white button-down with the first several buttons undone. The beautiful tan expanse of his tanned chest was utterly tantalizing and you had the urge to run your fingers along his pecs and press kisses to his neck until he moaned. He shining diamond choker he wore only had you squeezing your thighs together in want.
He was so completely and utterly attractive. His voice and touch were addictive. His voice was melodic and had you yearning to hear it more.
"Are you ready to go?" He asked suddenly, pulling you from your lewd daydreams.
"Y-Yeah..." You allowed him to lead you out by the hand, unaware of the way he smirked once out of your direct eyesight.
When Taehyung said Jungkook was waiting in the car, you didn't expect him to mean an actual limo with their own driver.
But that is exactly what you were introduced to.
Their driver's name was Eugene and he was a very kind, older man who opened and closed the door for you.
"Hi Jungkook," You greeted once you took a seat in the limousine.
"Hey," He greeted, scanning you up and down quickly before looking out the window. Though he didn't smile, you were happy to see the warmth in his gaze as he regarded you.
The outside of the club was spectacularly lit up with the longest line of people waiting to get in than you'd ever seen. Eugene opened the door and the three of you piled out easily.
To your surprise, they didn't even have to wait in the line — they just nodded at the security guard and waltzed right in with you in tow.
Inside, there was music blasting and a huge sea of moving bodies on the dance floor. Taehyung quickly took your hand and escorted you, Jungkook leading the way through the dance floor to the back where there were some spiraling stairs. There was a plaque on a stand at the beginning of them that read 'VIP ONLY'. It made you swell with pride that you were entering with these two men — you hoped they felt the same sense of pride being with you.
It was much quieter inside the room — which had been reserved for the three of you.
You finally had the opportunity to look at Jungkook clearly. His look was the complete opposite of Taehyung's. His hair was unkempt and a bit wavy as it hung in his eyes. He wore black jeans, a white t-shirt beneath a leather jacket.
The contrast between the two of them was intoxicating and you quickly downed a shot that was given to you.
The three of you made small talk, you got used to being in an environment. You took a few shots, blushing when they teased you about how you cringed at the taste.
"You're cute, you're already flushed!" Taehyung teased, pinching your cheek.
"I-It's because you're teasing me!" You argued, hiding your face beneath your hands.
Even Jungkook began to laugh the more flustered you became. Finally unable to take it, you jumped to your feet.
"How about we go and dance, yeah?" You grabbed both their hands, pulling them to their feet.
"You two go ahead, I've a phone call to make," Taehyung smiled. He could see the two of you hesitate at the prospect of being alone but he ushered you out.
"A-Are you sure?" Jungkook asked, his stuttering so unlike him.
You realized it was your chance to get closer to Jungkook. If you took charge he was sure to open up more to you; if he wasn't willing to do more, then you would!
"Yeah, let's go Jungkook!" The alcohol in your system gave you the courage to grab his arm, tugging him out the door. "Show me how well you dance!"
It was hot on the dance floor, and you could feel a slight layer of sweat building up the second you were packed in with all the bodies moving around you. Still, as you stood close to Jungkook you were pleased with how nice he smelt. His hand gripped your waist as your bodies moved in sync to the beat playing through the club.
Two songs played before another body finally pressed against you from behind. You were surprised, ready to turn around and tell the person off when you caught sight of Taehyung's piercing eyes.
Pressed between two bodies like you were, you slowly began to lose yourself to the beat and the alcohol flowing through you.
After another song, you pulled away to tell Jungkook something.
"I'm going to get a drink, I'll be back!" He nodded in response, letting you squeeze out from between them to find the public bar just off the dance floor.
You could feel eyes on you as you took a seat on the stool, letting the ice in your drink cool your heated body. Glancing over your shoulder, you expected to see Taehyung and Jungkook. Unfortunately, they seemed to have been sucked into the sea of the crowd.
You turned back around, only to find a man unsettlingly close to your face.
"Um...can I help you?" You asked, frowning and leaning away as you smelt the liquor on his breath.
"That's a cute little get up you got there," He complimented, eyes raking down your body. "You here with someone, baby?"
"Yeah she is, back off," A strong arm grabbed your arm and dragged you away from the scene.
You could see Jungkook's leather-clad shoulders in front of you as he led you back to the VIP lounge you had been in.
Taehyung was already inside, sitting with his legs cross and a glass of sometimes spinning in his hand making the liquid sqirl. His jaw was set as you were escorted inside by Jungkook.
"I knew you'd be dangerous in this little get up, babygirl," He cooed, standing up to tower above you.
Instead of feeling intimidated, you felt yourself gush into your panties at the raw dominance he exuded. Leaning down, his lips just out of reach of yours, he smirked.
"All eyes were on you and fuck if I didn't love that..." He whispered, meeting your eyes — pupils blown wide before he pulled away. "I've called Eugene, let's go..."
Instead of Taehyung taking your hand, Jungkook was the one who did. Your heart raced in your chest as he squeezed your hand — his fingers more callused and rough than Taehyung's. You couldn't help but think of what it would be like having those fingers stuffed inside you. You bit your lip, holding back a whimper; missing the way Taehyung chuckled.
It was silent in the limo, Jungkook's hand still in yours and Taehyung's resting on your bare thigh. You wished he would slide his hand up to fit between your legs — slide those long digits into your panties and feel how wet you were.
"Hey Eugene, stop here please," Taehyung suddenly called, which the driver followed.
Once the limo was pulled over, Taehyung opened the door and the three of you got out. You were near your apartment and you realized they intended to walk you home instead of dropping you off.
Standing in between the two of them, they both held your hands as you began to walk.
"You...really suit that dress," Jungkook complimented you, nearly making you gasp in surprise. Maybe it was the alcohol making him even more loose lipped and open than usual.
"It really does, you picked it well," Taehyung added, beaming from ear to ear.
"You picked it out, Jungkook?" You asked, looking over at him. His ears were flushed as he avoided your gaze. He didn't answer but you still smiled, squeezing his hand. "Thank you. I really love it."
"You do?" He asked, peeking through his bangs at you.
"I really do!" You grinned.
"I'm glad," He breathed, visibly relaxing as you continued your walk.
"Can I ask you guys something?" You asked.
"Sure," Taehyung responded immediately.
"How are two Doms together like you are?" You hoped you wouldn't offend them. It seemed you didn't as Taehyung smiled.
"It just takes a lot of communication and understanding. Kook and I grew up together and our relationship happened more organically than being assigned to one another. We are technically together but it's not until a submissive is involved," He explained swiftly.
"I see..." You smiled, squeezing his hand as the three of you stopped in front of your apartment complex. "Well I'm glad I was matched with the two of you!"
"It was a really nice time tonight, _____," Jungkook said. "Don't forget to fill out the tracker tonight, okay? It's really important."
"Will do," You smiled.
The three of you stood together in silence, albeit a little awkward. You met their gazes and slowly released their hands. You really didn't want to go, you wanted the night to continue and you wanted their company to remain.
"_____," Taehyung stopped you from turning your back to them.
When you turned around, you were pulled into a fierce kiss. You immediately relaxed into it, wrapping your arms around his neck the deeper it went. Before it could go on too long, he pulled away.
You were quickly lured into another kiss — with Jungkook. You could taste the alcohol on his lips but you didn't mind. He was rougher than Taehyung, wrapping his hand in your hair as he deepened it.
Pulling away, he smirked. "We'll see you later, kitten."
Flushing, you barely noticed Taehyung kissing your forehead before they both departed. Holding your hand against your chest, you could feel how it was racing.
Finally in the comfort of your apartment, you kicked your heels off. The way your feet ached reminded you that the lovely night wasn't all an alcohol-induced fantasy.
Sitting on your couch, you jumped when your phone went of. Excited in the hopes of seeing Taehyung's name, you sighed when you saw it was just the Agency. But Jungkook's words echoed in your mind; 'Don't forget to fill out the tracker tonight, okay? It's really important.'
From: MinHope Matching Agency This is an automated message, please do not respond. Your date has been marked as over. Please fill out the progress tracker linked here.
As expected, it was a survey.
1. Was your third date satisfactory? — Yes
2. Do you feel that you and your partner(s) need additional dates? — No
3. Can you say that you feel you could be the Dominant/Submissive to your partner(s)? — Yes
After submitting it, you immediately received a phone call from Jung Hoseok. You didn't even have a chance to read the end screen that had popped up.
"H-Hello?" You asked, scrambling to pick up.
"Good evening, Miss. _____. The three of you have all filled out your survey and agreed additional dates were unnecessary," You grinned, happy to hear you all agreed. "So, in that case, I'd like to ask you to come to the building. Please report to my office tomorrow at noon on the dot, if you don't mind."
"I'll be there!" You replied, positively beaming with excitement.
"See you then!" Hoseok chirped before hanging up.
Tumblr media
You swiftly entered the office of Jung Hoseok, smiling when you saw Taehyung and Jungkook already sitting there. At Hoseok's motion, you took a seat between the two of them.
"You all agreed extra dates aren't necessary," Hoseok said, folding his hands in his lap. "And from your other feedback, I take it the matching was a success."
The three of you answered with a chorus of 'yes' to which Hoseok positively beamed at. He opened a drawer on his desk, pulling out three papers, handing one to each of you.
"This is a contact...binding the union," He said, wiggling his brows with a grin on his face. "All you need to do is sign and you will be legally matched as Dom-Sub-Dom!"
You bit your lip, your hand was shaking as you signed your name. It wasn't from nerves, however, but excitement.
The three of you handed your papers to Hoseok and he smiled, placing them beside his computer,
"That's all I needed from you today. You have one final date — on the house as celebration," Hoseok said. "I advise you use this final date to make living arrangements and other important things."
To your surprise, your fourth date was at the same restaurant that you'd had your first meeting in. Thankfully, there was none of the awkwardness that was there in the past. Jungkook was grinning and cracking jokes as the three of you shared a dessert.
"We want to be crystal clear transparent with you, _____," Taehyung said, placing his glass of water down. "I won't beat around the bush so I'll just tell you that...we want you to move in with us."
"Alright," You agreed easily, grinning at the two of them. "But I have a condition."
"What is it?" Jungkook asked.
"I also want to keep my apartment," You said.
"Why?" Jungkook and Taehyung asked at the same time. "You'll have all you'll need with us." Taehyung asked.
"I know that, but I just...want a place of my own. For work," You shrugged, picking at the cake on your plate.
"Alright..." Jungkook and Taehyung shared a look, one that your missed. "If that's what you want."
Tumblr media
You sighed, dropping your bags on the floor of the master bedroom. It smelled heavenly inside, a sweet mixture of both their scents. The room had a view looking over the city, and with the sun setting it was a heavenly light of orange and reds.
"Welcome home, princess," Jungkook whispered, walking closer to you.
Ever since you had been legally together, they'd opened their Dominant sides to you. You hadn't been able to experience it in the bedroom yet, but the way they would give you nicknames and touch you just exuded power.
"Thank you..." You whispered, feeling yourself grow more antsy the closer he was.
"Eyes up, baby," He gripped your chin, making you look at him. "Thank you what?"
You grew breathless, remembering the title he wanted you to call him by. "Th-Thank you, Sir."
"Good girl," You keened under the praise, your cheeks growing hot. "Let's go see Tae, he's got something for you."
"Y-Yes Sir," You choked out, trying to ignore the way calling him that set your body alight.
He took your hand and escorted you out of the bedroom to the living room. You were shocked to find Taehyung standing in the middle of the room, by the large windows, holding a jewelry box in his hands.
"Come here, babygirl," He beckoned you over with Jungkook in tow. "It took us a lot of time to pick this out and we hope you'll like it."
He held it out for you and with trembling hands, you lifted the lid up to find a choker encrusted with an assortment of jewels, making it glisten and shine in the diminishing sunlight. Your eyes were as wide as saucers as you took the dangling pendant and found two engravings — JJK on one side and KTH on the other.
"I don't know if you did this with your last Dom but," Jungkook took it out of the box, allowing Taehyung to put it down. "It's kind of something we really wanted to do."
"You're collaring me?" You asked, feeling tears prick your eyes as you gazed at them in wonder.
"Of course we are," Taehyung chuckled, lifting your hair from around your neck so Jungkook could hook it onto you. "You're ours and this shows it."
"Thank you..." You choked out, leaning forward to press a kiss to Taehyung's lips before turning around to give the same to Jungkook.
"Our pleasure," Taehyung smiled, moving closer to you once again.
Pressed between both of their bodies, you could help the way your body reacted. Your lips met Taehyung’s again and you whimpered. Jungkook took the opportunity to press his lips against your neck, skimming them over the collar now around your neck. He hands gripped your waist, pulling your shirt up ever so slightly to touch the skin that became exposed. Goosebumps arose across your skin and you gasped into Taehyung's mouth. The elder chuckled, reaching down to where Jungkook's deft fingers explored to tug up the hem of your shirt.
Already, you could feel your mind turning fuzzy, easily falling into your submissive roll to let them mold you how they wanted. Jungkook chuckled as you lifted your arms, allowing Taehyung to pull your shirt off. Left in your bra, you couldn't help but cover your chest as vulnerability set in.
"None of that, kitten," Jungkook growled, ripping your arms away from your chest. "You wanna be a good girl for us right? Let us take care of you?"
"Y-Yes Sir..." You whined, whining when Taehyung leaned down pressing kisses against your chest above the seam of your bra. Gasping, you pushed your chest out to get more of the feeling.
"What a sweet girl," Taehyung cooed, falling to his knees in front of you.
You couldn't help but lace your fingers through his hair. He pressed his lips against your stomach, his tongue sneaking out to leave a wet path all the way from your ribs to the band of your jeans.
You held your breath as Jungkook reached behind you, unclipping your bra and letting it fall away.
"Fuck," He breathed into your ear, eagerly reaching up and cupping them both in his hands. "Such pretty tits, huh Tae?"
"Fuck yeah," Taehyung groaned, quickly undoing the button of your jeans and tugging them down.
You leaned back, using Jungkook as support to help Taehyung pull your jeans off completely. He tossed them away in a heap nearby and without wasting a second, his mouth was on your core. The fabric of your panties impeded feeling his mouth on your fully but as he slid his tongue over your slit and caught your clit, you let out a soft moan.
"What a good girl for us," Jungkook groaned, hands still cupping your breasts. He pinched your nipples, making your back arch as you cried out.
"Sir! P-Please do that again," You whined, unsure if you wanted to watch the way Jungkook worked your breasts or watch the way Taehyung continued to eat you out through your panties.
They were wet and sticking to you perfectly by now — the white now transparent with a mixture of his saliva and your own juices. He groaned suddenly, reaching up and tugging your panties down your legs until you stepped out of them.
Finally naked, he took a minute to look you over.
"You are...absolutely spectacular," He breathed, harshly pulling one of your legs over his shoulder.
"Daddy!" You cried as his tongue slid through your folds. He moaned at the unimpeded taste of your cunt. Circling your entrance, he eagerly tasted everything you had to offer.
You clutched his hair, already beginning to tremble by the time he finally latched onto your swollen clit. You couldn't help but grind your hips down to meet his hot mouth.
His tongue was hot and wet as they slid through your folds. Suddenly, Jungkook reached down and pushed the elders head away. As Taehyung pulled away still licking his lips, his eyes were dark and hazy. Before you could complain, Jungkook placed a well-aimed slap across your vulnerable cunt.
"Fuck!" You shrieked, spasming when he gave you another one. "Sir I—!"
"Watch your mouth and don't be greedy," Jungkook growled.
"S-Sir?" You whimpered, looking up at him with teary eyes.
"You take what Taehyung gives you first of all," Jungkook muttered, soothing his hand over your wet folds where he had hit you to soothe the sting. "And good girls don't say bad words do they?"
"N-No Sir," You sniffled. "I'll be good, I promise."
"I know you will, babygirl," He sighed, nodding to Taehyung to let him resume. "We just want to make you feel good. We don't want to have to punish you."
"Th-Thank you Sir," You whispered, eyes rolling back into your head when Taehyung used two long fingers to spread your folds open for his greedy tongue.
"Don't just thank me. I'm not the one eating your pretty little cunt, am I?" Jungkook chuckled, reaching up to glide his thumbs over your perked nipples.
"Ah, th-thank you Daddy!" You cried, your hips jerking when his tongue swirled around your clit.
"Thank you for what, baby?" Taehyung asked, dark eyes gazing through his bangs.
"Th-Thank you f-for eating my p-pussy..." You breathed, your mouth falling open as you trailed off in a moan. Taehyung's entire mouth enveloped your core, sucking your clit harshly. His moans vibrated against the bud and you broke off into a sob.
You could feel your high building, reaching the point of no return. The more his tongue stimulated you, the higher you rose. All you could think was that you couldn't, shouldn't and wouldn't cum without permission.
You wanted to be a good girl.
"D-Daddy?!" You cried, reaching down to tug at his soft locks.
"What is it?" He asked, pulling away just slightly.
"C-Can I cum?" You panted, eyes unfocused as he continued to lick your sensitive clit.
"Hmm..." He hummed against it, making you sob once again before he pulled away. "I don't know. Kook, what do you think?"
"I don't think she deserves it," Jungkook snapped, reaching up to wrap his hand lightly around your throat. The pressure was a threat, just barely enough to cause any air restriction.
"Mmm, I don't think so either," Taehyung chuckled when you whined in complaint as he pulled away and stood up. "A good girl doesn't get her cunt spanked, huh?"
"But—!" Jungkook's grip around your throat tightened, cutting your argument off.
"Right?" Taehyung hissed, his nose just barely brushing yours.
Your felt your mind go fuzzy, your eyes falling heavy the harder Jungkook squeezed. Just before it felt like your mind was going to go blank, he let go and you gasped for air.
"R-Right Daddy," You coughed, eyes tearing up as you choked out the words.
"Good girl," He smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips.
It was fleeting and you didn't get a chance to return it before he was walking away to walk down the hall in the direction of the bedroom.
"Let's go, babygirl," Jungkook whispered, his warmth leaving your back as he followed after the elder. You watched as he disappeared from view, leaving you alone and naked in the living room with your juices running down your legs from your denied orgasm.
With trembling legs, you stumbled down the hallway into the bedroom. Your heart stuttered in your chest as you found the two of them locked in a soft kiss. Jungkook was sitting on the bed with Taehyung leaning over him, cupping the back of his head to control the kiss.
They had both been stripped of their shirts. Jungkook wore his pair of sweats and Taehyung was in a pair of black boxer-briefs.
"Hmm?" Jungkook pulled away, glancing towards you standing unsteadily in the doorway. "Look at that, Tae. Look how fucked out she already is. It's almost pathetic."
"I think it's cute," Taehyung teased, smirking when you squeezed your thighs together to alleviate the pressure in your core as the stared at your exposed body.
"Come here then, babygirl," Jungkook sighed, scooting up the bed so his back rested against the headboard.
You scrambled onto the bed, crawling up to him on all fours. He chuckled, petting your head softly as he met your teary eyes. The way your bottom lip wobbled indicating how completely under their control you'd become.
"Tell us baby," Jungkook whispered. "Do you remember the safe word?"
"R-Red," You whispered, licking your lips as you stared at his exposed chest.
"Good girl," He cooed, grinning when you keened under the praised immediately. "Sit in my lap. Face Tae."
You did as you were told, your back resting comfortably against his chest. Sitting between his legs, you could feel how hard his cock was beneath you. You shifted, subtly grinding against him.
"Fuck," Jungkook groaned, his head falling onto your shoulder as he gripped your waist to stop your movements almost immediately. "You better behave."
"Y-Yes Sir..." You whispered.
"Spread your legs nice and wide," Taehyung suddenly ordered, still standing at the foot of the bed.
Your breathing picked up as you did as you were told. Resting your weight against Jungkook behind you, you let your legs fall open completely. Both men groaned as your cunt was exposed to both of them fully.
Jungkook reached down, spreading your folds open so your entrance was vulnerable to their greedy eyes. You whined, feeling yourself clench and gush around nothing. You were so wet, absolutely dripping and your clit was throbbing as it begged for attention.
Taehyung finally climbed onto the bed, the mattress dipping beneath his weight.
In the blink of an eye, two long, thick fingers were sheathed as deep as possible into your tight hole. Your back arched as you stared at the ceiling, white danced in your vision. You couldn't make a sound as Taehyung crooked his fingers up to find your g-spot.
Having been denied an orgasm several moments ago, you were already close once again. Taehyung pumped his fingers in and out, scraping against your spot with every movement. You reached down, wrapping your arms beneath your knees to keep yourself open for him.
"Look at that," Jungkook cooed. "What a good girl!"
"Daddy! Please!" You cried, your eyes stinging with tears as you realized you couldn't cum from just this.
"What is it baby?" Taehyung drawled, speeding the pace he pounded his fingers into you.
"Please, please, please..." You sobbed, your legs trembling so hard it was visible to the both of them.
"Can't cum baby?" Jungkook asked, voice dark with laughter. "Need someone to touch your little clit to cum, hm?"
"Yes please!" You whined, tossing your head back to look at him with watery eyes.
Both of them fell silent, the only sounds were your broken cries and the wet sound of Taehyung fingering your pussy. You were wound tight, so close to your release but unable to fall over the edge. It just kept building and building to painful heights before you finally felt a tear trickle down your cheek.
Immediately, Taehyung's fingers were pulled out and you fell limp. You were panting, trembling and sniffling at the second denied orgasm.
You wanted to cum so badly — you needed to cum.
"Fuck, you're such a good girl for us," Taehyung praised, crawling over you to press a kiss to your lips.
You leaned up into the kiss, deepening it as you searched for comfort after the intense orgasm you were just denied.
"We love you so much," Jungkook added, stroking your sweat-slicked hair out of your face.
They both waited for you to catch your breath, making sure that you were willing to go on. When you gave them the go ahead, they both resumed their dominant roles.
"Bet you wanna cum so fuckin' bad huh?" Jungkook asked, as you trembled before the two of them.
"S-So bad, Sir," You whimpered. The way the two of them stood at the foot of the bed watching you made you feel helpless and small. Their eyes were dark with lust and they both wore shit eating smirks that showed you just who was in control.
Your mind felt muddled, riddled with fuzz and it sounded like rushing water in your ears. It felt like you were floating, like the whole world had vanished around you and the only people in existence were you, Jungkook, and Taehyung.
"You've been a good girl," Jungkook licked his lips, hooking his thumbs into the band of his sweats. His cock was exposed for the first time and you let out a needy whimper. He was so hard, the tip a purple-red as it leaked precum from the slit. As he kicked the sweats away, he wrapped his hand around his shaft and slowly began to pump himself. He slathered the precum down his length as lubrication. "Turn over on your stomach."
"Yes Sir," You rolled yourself over on trembling arms and knees so your ass was presented to him.
The bed dipped beside you and you found Taehyung, naked as the two of you, crawling to kneel in front of you.
His cock immediately had your mouth watering. He was long and thick, precum dripping from the tip as he rested it before your lips.
"Oh? You wanna suck my cock, babygirl?" He asked, looking down at you with a smirk.
"Y-Yes please Daddy," You whispered, licking your lips as you imagined the taste of him on your tongue.
"So polite..." He chuckled, swiping the very tip of his cock across your lips before pulling away.
You licked your lips, moaning when you tasted the bitter tang of his precum immediately. You nearly forgot about Jungkook until the blunt, hot head of his cock was prodding at your entrance.
"F-Fu—Sir..." You cut yourself off from cussing, not wanting to be punished for it.
"So tight..." Jungkook growled as he began to sink into you.
Unable to hold your head up, you muffled your long moan into the covers beneath you. He seemed to go on for ages, more and more filling you up until his hips were flush with your highs and his cock was kissing your cervix.
"'re taking me so deep..." Jungkook groaned, spreading your cheeks apart to get a look at the way your entrance was stretched to accommodate him.
"C'mon babygirl," Taehyung mumbled, grabbing a fistful of your hair to pull your head up from the covers.
Immediately, you leaned forward to envelop the hot head of his cock in your mouth. Taehyung's reaction was instantaneous, tossing his head back and groaning as you swirled your tongue around the tip to gather all the peaking precum you could.
Behind you, Jungkook began a slow pace — getting you used to being filled like you were once again. You arched your back, eager to have more of him inside you.
You took Taehyung as deep as you could, pushing against your gag-reflex until you choked on him and had to pull back. His hand was still wrapped in your hair, shallowly thrusting his hips against your mouth.
The two of them let out moans and groans of pleasure — getting off on your body. Your eyes were closed, unable to keep them open throught he onslaught of pleasure attacking your body.
Jungkooks cock, thick and hot as it stretched you open nailed your g-spot every time he sunk himself inside you. His large hands gripped your hips, using them as leverage to slam himself as deep as possible. Every time his brushed your cervix, your body tightened up at the pain-pleasure it gave you.
"Relax your throat," Taehyung suddenly ordered, making you open your eyes.
Your vision was doubled through both the fuzz muddling up your mind and the tears that had begun to build from choking around him. Still, you did as you were told, relaxing your throat completely and letting your eyes slide closed again.
"No, keep them open," He growled, tugging your hair roughly until your eyes fluttered open again. It was hard to do as Jungkook continued to fuck you roughly. "Look at me while I fuck your throat."
You mumbled incoherently around him, blinking slowly as you met his eyes. He was smirking, an almost cruel look in his eyes as he slowly began to sink his cock all the way into your throat. You went to pull back as you choked around him, your gag-reflex kicking in, but his grip on your hair had you held in place. You felt your eyes roll in the back of your head when he was fully sheathed in your throat.
"Swallow," He ground out, teeth clenched.
You did was you were told, feeling tears spill past and drip down your cheeks. Taehyung groaned, pulling back slowly only to repeat the process.
Your mind was assaulted by everything you were feeling, Jungkook's cock stretching you open and Taehyung's fat cock stuffed down your throat. You couldn't think of anything beyond being on the bed speared on both men's cocks.
"Fuck, I'm going to cum," Jungkook groaned, his hips beginning to stutter.
Quickly, Taehyung yanked your mouth off his cock, leaving you gasping for air as Jungkook fucked himself into you at an almost brutal pace. The younger reached up, gripping you by the shoulder for leverage as his orgasm began to crest. He sunk himself balls-deep, a flood of his cum filling your spasming cunt. You could feel his cock throbbing inside you with every wave of his orgasm.
"Fuck baby!" He moaned, head tossed back in pleasure.
His body was stiff for several long, drawn out seconds as his cock began to soften. When he pulled out, his cum gushed out as your cunt uncontrollably clenched.
"Oh look at're wasting my cum, kitten," He tsked, watched as his cum stained the bedding.
"Guess the only thing to do is to plug up that gushing cunt huh?" Taehyung chastised.
Before you knew it, the two of them were switching places and you were rolled over onto your back. You realized your arms had been falling asleep. They tingled as you finally pulled your weight off them. The pain was put on the back burner as Taehyung's cock was quickly sheathed in your hot core.
He was thicker and longer than Jungkook, unable to sink completely inside you. There was brief burning as he stretched you more than you had been but your excess arousal mixed with Jungkook cum offered perfect lubricant. Your eyes rolled as you cried out reaching up to grip Jungkook's thick thighs for leverage. He let you, watching with a tired look in his eyes as Taehyung fucked you eagerly for his own orgasm.
"You've been so good, babygirl," Jungkook praised, cupping your bouncing breasts in his warm hands.
"Such a good girl," Taehyung added, his skin slapping against yours loudly. "I think you deserve to cum, yeah?"
"Yes...yes please!" You shrieked, energy renewed with the promise of your long awaited orgasm dangling in front of you.
"Alright, baby, you can cum," Jungkook cooed, sliding his hand from your breasts, past your ribs, down your stomach to rest his digits on your hard clit.
"Taking this fat cock so well," Taehyung growled, voice deeper than you'd ever heard it. "Go ahead and cream on me like a good fucking girl."
Your whole body seemed to lock up as your orgasm reached it's peak. It felt like ages before the first wave truly began to roll over you. Jungkook held your body close to him as you trembled violently through the high. Your eyes were wide but unseeing as Taehyung continued to brutally fuck you through the almost painful orgasm wracking through your sensitive body.
Jungkook's fingers didn't cease dancing over your little bud, even as a sob tore itself through your throat.
Just as it felt like your high was ending, another wave washed over you. Taehyung suddenly froze, bottomed out as deep as he could go, before he came inside you. His cum mixed with Jungkooks, leaking past your entrance to join the already made mess beneath you. Feeling him cum so much inside you, you felt one last gush from your orgasm — wetness raining down on the three of you.
The room fell still, Jungkooks trembling digits falling away from your clit as Taehyung pulled out of you. You were panting, mouth open as your chest heaved from the strongest orgasm you'd ever experienced in your life. It felt like your entire body was weighed down with lead but you felt your cunt clench again when Taehyung scooped up a dollop of escaped cum.
He looked as his fingers for a second before popping them in his mouth. His eyes rolled as he moaned, unable to hold himself back. You could've nearly cried when he suddenly leaned down so his face was at your heat again.
He thankfully kept his licks light, knowing how incredibly sensitive you would be after the orgasm you'd just had. He ate out all the cum he possible could for several seconds.
Then, above your recovering body, he met Jungkook for a sloppy kiss. Shockingly, another wave of arousal flashed through you as you watched them share the cum Taehyung just ate out of you.
You closed your eyes, unable to keep them open anymore as their moaning faded into darkness.
Tumblr media
You sat down at a spare table, your laptop open in front of you as you browsed through your emails. With both Jungkook and Taehyung working, you felt a little lonely at the penthouse so you decided to surround yourself with people. Sipping on a drink you'd ordered, you failed to notice the approaching figure coming towards your table.
"Excuse me," You tore your gaze from your laptop screen to meet her eyes. She was tall with short black hair. "Are you _____ by chance?"
"Um yes that's me," You watched as she glanced over her shoulder before taking the empty chair across from you. You followed her gaze, finding nobody where she had been looking. "Can I help you?"
"You're Taehyung and Jungkook's sub right?"
Her words caught you off guard and you couldn't help but stutter. "H-How did you—"
"I have a friend," She said, shaking her head. "That's not what's important. My name is Park Soomin, do you know me?"
"I can't say that I do..." You slowly closed your laptop, realizing you weren't going to be getting anymore done.
Soomin sighed, appearing dejected by the news. "I figured they wouldn't' tell you...but I'd at least expected them to tell you they had another sub before..."
"Wait what? Repeat that again?" You nearly knocked your drink off the table as he leaned closer to her.
"They had an submissive before you," She mumbled, twiddling her thumbs nervous. Once again, she took a glance around the room over her shoulders. "
"And you're telling me...that someone was you?" You scoffed, leaning back with your arms crossed. "You got any proof?"
"Oh! Sure," You held in a sigh, having hoped she'd fail to have any. "Here you go."
She slid a worn, crumpled piece of paper in front of you. You flipped it over, revealing the matching information for when they were together along with the termination. They separated over two years before you matched with them. Typically, the information on separation was kept confidential so you took all the time you had to read what the paper said.
Termination reason: Party revealed to exhibit toxic behavior in relationship.
"What does that mean?" You asked, pointing to the part you had just read.
"That's why I wanted to talk to you," She sighed, taking the paper back and folding it up. "Taehyung and Jungkook aren't what they seem to be!"
"What do you mean?" Your voice was shaky, filled with anxiety of what she would disclose. You'd only been legally together for 6 months, there was obviously a lot you still had to learn about them.
"They like to play with your feelings," She whispered, her own voice beginning to wobble. "They make you fall in love with them and then they just cruelly rip the rug out from under you and laugh when it hurts."
"Th-They haven't done anything to hurt me, though," You argued, knowing just how weak you sounded.
She smiled sympathetically, placing her hand over yours. "They haven't yet. But you have to face it, _____. They've been together all their lives, they're rich and successful. How much room is there for you really?"
"I..." Her words cut you deep, digging up insecurities you didn't even know existed.Tears stung your eyes, they were nearly impossible to hold back and the last thing you wanted to do was cry in the middle of the cafe. "I have to go."
You threw your laptop into your bag, didn't even bother to put your coat on properly before you ran out of the cafe. Belatedly, you realized you didn't throw your drink away. Wiping your eyes, you caught the tears before they actually managed to fall.
"Hey wait!" You heard a shrill cry, followed by loud clicking of heels. Turning around, you were met with Soomin, panting and still holding that sympathetic smile. "Take my number. I know how it feels to be where you are now. Call me if you need anything, alright?"
"Th-Thank you Soomin," You sniffled, tucking the paper in your pocket before turning and heading on your way once again.
By the time you got home, the hurt had ebbed away in quiet anger and humiliation. They had lied to you and just acted like they hadn't hid their past while you had laid it all out for them.
Whipping out your phone, you brought up your group chat with them.
To: Babe-Group [5:19PM] When will you be home?
Immediately there was an answer from Jungkook claiming they were on their way home at that moment. Deciding not to sit there and wait for them, you removed the makeup you'd applied for the day and put your neatly done hair into a messy bun. You sat on the bed, mindlessly playing an Idle-Tap game to pass the time.
Nearly a half hour passed before the door opened and the melodious laughter of your boyfriends filled the space.
"Baby, we're home!" Taehyung called.
As you entered the living room, frown set in place, you realized they had stopped to get some takeout.
"Got your favorite, sweetheart!" Jungkook said, reaching into the bags to pull out Chicken Bulgogi.
For some reason, it was the last straw for the bad day and before you knew it, the tears you'd been fighting off finally trickled down your face. Sniffling loudly, you used your sweater sleeve to wipe your eyes dry only for more to take their place.
"Whoa, hey, what is it?" Taehyung gasped, rushing over to you in hopes to console you.
"Y-You lied to me!" You shrieked, turning your crying into a teary glare.
"What? What are you talking about?" Jungkook asked, rounding the couch to meet you and Taehyung in the hallway.
"Soomin," You spat out her name, watching them like hawks.
As expected, the both of them stiffened with their eyes wide. Mouths open, they shared a look and even with no words said, it gave you exactly what you needed to know.
"Did you think I wouldn't find out?!" You cried.
"Baby, we didn't—"
"No! I don't want to hear it!" You snapped, turning your back on them and stomping down the hallway to the bedroom. They followed close behind you, barging into the room after you.
"Just let us explain!" Jungkook growled, obviously growing frustrated with your anger.
"Why? So you can lie to me again?!" You argued. "She told me about you two, you know?"
"What are you talking about?" Taehyung asked, appearing more calm than Jungkook.
"That you like to play around, you're not serious!" You choked out, wiping your running nose with your sleeve. "Th-That you don't think there's any room between the two of you for a sub. A-And I should have known that!"
"_____, you're being ridiculous!" Jungkook snapped.
They both watched helplessly as you began to pack a bag of your clothes.
"You can't leave," Taehyung gasped, moving to grab your bag from your hands.
"I can do what I please! I'm not going to stay here and have you lie to me and play cruel games with my feelings!" You stormed past them, holding in your sobs as you did your best to ignore their efforts to change your mind.
"_____, baby, you've got to believe us that's not what we were doing at all!" Taehyung cried, chasing after you all the way to the door.
"Why won't you listen to us? Give us a minute to explain!" Jungkook added, stopping as you walked out of the door.
"You had your chance to explain everything to me months ago. How am I meant to trust you when you hid it from me?" You scoffed, adjusting your bag on your shoulder. "There had to have been a reason you hid it from me and right now I have every reason to believe what she told me is why. You just wanted to play your stupid games and make a fool of me."
"_____!" They both shouted until you disappeared into the closest elevator.
Tumblr media
You crash onto your bed, the sad single person bed you'd left behind for Taehyung and Jungkook. Crying into your pillow seemed so childish but there you were, doing just that. Your phone rang and rang, indicating numerous text messages and phone calls that simply went ignored.
When you woke up in the morning, you unlocked your phone to find tons of notifications. Still feeling the ache of their betrayal weighing heavily on your heart and mind, you dismissed them all and put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode for the day.
Deciding you deserved to treat yourself, you made yourself presentable and headed over to the local ice-cream shop. You sat on the stool with a sigh, reading the menu overhead on the wall.
"What can I get you?" A familiar voice mumbled, sounding entirely unenthused. However, when you made eye-contact with him, his eyes lit up. "______?"
"Daehoon..." You choked. "U-Uh just get me a plain vanilla in a waffle cone, please."
"Sure," He smiled, turning around to begin making your order. "I have to say it's pretty surprising to see you here!"
"Um yeah, ditto," You replied, feeling the relaxation you had been cultivating ebb away into quiet tension.
He seemed unaware of your unenthusiastic response to seeing him as he handed your ice-cream with a smile. "You know, I tried to contact you after we broke up but your number was out of service."
"Yeah I uhh...I changed it," You shrugged, licking your sweet treat.
"I figured," He smiled, leaning on the counter on his elbows in front of you. "I wanted to apologize for the way we ended. I didn't treat you right and I am man enough to admit that to you."
"Um...thanks Daehoon," You sighed, finally meeting his gaze.
"So you're still living around here, huh?" He asked.
"Yeah's a nice place to live," You replied, desperately trying to end the conversation. "You know, I really ought to go. I just came to grab a cone and I should get going. What do I owe you?"
"Oh it's on the house!" He shrugged with a smile.
You sighed, reaching into your wallet and pulling out a ₩5000 and placing it on the table. You figured that ought to cover it before turning and leaving.
As you sat up late that night, going through emails you were behind on, you heard your doorbell ring. Glancing at the time, it read 10:20 PM and you could feel yourself already growing annoyed at having a visitor at that time.
"It's really late—" You froze as you opened the door to a familiar grinning face. "Daehoon. What the hell are you doing here? How did you find me?"
"I-I had a friend tell me you l-live in this building!" You quickly realized he was drunk. He was slurring and swaying where he stood. "I figured if I rang enough doors I wo-would either find you or someone would t-tell me where you w-were."
"Okay but why the hell did you come here?" You snapped, already feeling impatient over this inconvenient encounter.
"Y-You never said i-if you forgive me..." He hiccuped after he finished and you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.
"Yes, alright, I forgive you. Now would you please leave?" You begged.
"Alright more thing," Before you could register what was happening, he was cupping your cheeks and planting a sloppy kiss on your lips. It took a quick second for your mind to catch up with you and when it did, you violently pulled yourself away and slammed the door in his face without saying anything. You could hear him mumble something on the other side of the door but couldn't hear him nor did you know if he was even talking to you.
Still, you heaved a sigh of relief when you looked through the peephole to find him gone.
When you woke up, the first thing you noticed was your phone lighting up. Realizing it was still on DND, you grabbed it and unlocked it. However, a text notification from an unknown number with a picture attachment.
As you opened it, you shot up straight in bed at what you saw.
It was a picture of you and Daehoon standing in the hallway in front of your apartment. And you were kissing.
To: Unknown [9:47AM] Who is this?
From: Unknown [9:48AM] Guess.
You glared at the phone number as if it would tell you itself who it was. As you looked at the last 4 digits, you realized you recognize the number. Scrambling out of bed, you dug in the bag you'd brought from the penthouse that contained your clothes. Pulling out your favorite pair of jeans, you fished in the front pocket for a piece of paper.
"Ah ha!" You unfolded the slip, looking at the phone number closely. Pulling your phone off the bed where you left it, you opened the text thread again.
To: Unknown [9:51AM] Soomin.
From: Soomin [9:51AM] Bingo! I bet you're wondering what's going on, yeah?
To: Soomin [9:51AM] You could say that again...
From: Soomin [9:52AM] Well, I'll just say that I'll explain what I really want when you meet me at the cafe we first met at noon.
To: Soomin [9:53AM] And if I don't?
From: Soomin [9:53AM] You wouldn't want Tae and Kook to get an eyeful of you locking lips with your ex, would you?
You sighed, realizing now where this was going.
To: Soomin [9:53AM] Alright...I'll be there.
From: Soomin [9:54AM] That's what I thought.
You locked your phone, not bothering to give a final response. You opened your group chat with your doms, not bothering to read the numerous texts they'd sent again. Deciding against telling them, you locked your phone and slumped down on the floor defected, feeling hopeless and anxious as you wanted for noon to roll around.
When you walked in, the once-comforting atmosphere only offered tense anxiety. Soomin sat in the corner, scrolling through her phone when you approached.
"To be honest, I thought you weren't going to show," She beamed, putting her phone away as she offered you a seat.
"I was going to if you hadn't threatened me," You grumbled as you sat. "Now what do you want? Money?"
"Oh no I don't need any money," She waved her hand. "I want them back."
"They're meant to be mine and I want them back," Her pleasant tone disappeared. "Break up with them so I can have them instead. That's it. Simple right?"
"Y-You're crazy..." You whispered, sitting back in your seat in pure disbelief. "A scheme like that wouldn't possibly work."
"Well you left them anyway right? You're staying at your old apartment," She shrugged.
"How did—" The pieces suddenly clicked. "Daehoon."
"Bingo!" She giggled. "It's a win-win scenario really. You get out of a toxic relationship and I get them back."
"If they're so toxic why do you want them so badly?" You narrowed your eyes, watching as she froze. Laughing in disbelief, you spat. "It was you who was cited for toxic behavior. Because you're actually insane!"
"And you're a little fool!" She snapped, slamming her hands on the table as she leaned in closer. "You believed everything I told you. You proved you didn't trust them and now they'll never take you back because the biggest key for a relationship like that to work is trust."
"And yet you think they'll take you back?" You scoffed, shaking your head. "You really are crazy."
"Of course they will. I'll make sure of it." She growled.
"Okay so," You stood up, shaking your head. "I've had enough of this. I'm leaving."
"So you'll do it?" She asked.
"Absolutely not," You snapped, turning your back to her.
Tumblr media
It was dark out when you were awoken by your doorbell going off over and over again. It was obnoxious to the point you wanted to ignore it but the more they pressed, the longer you realized you couldn't take it that long. So with a big sigh, you heaved yourself out of bed and to the living room. The loud ringing made your temples throb. Finally, you jerked the door open fully ready to chew the person on the other side out. Before you got the chance to open your mouth, you were being knocked out of the way as your boyfriends barrelled inside.
"So you made a huge fucking scene for this bullshit huh?" Jungkook shouted, storming down the hallway towards your bedroom. "Where is he?!"
"What? Where's who?!" You cried, looking at Taehyung who only stared on blankly.
"Your fucking ex," Jungkook snarled as he came back out.
"Daehoon? H-He's not here what the fuck? Why would he be?" You snapped, growing fed up with Jungkook's behavior.
"Oh I don't know," Taehyung finally spoke, unlocking his phone. "Maybe because of this."
Your heart leapt into your throat at the photo of Daehoon kissing you flashed on Taehyung's screen. You could feel your pulse begin to race in panic as you realized exactly what they thought.
"I-It's not what you think..." You stuttered, attempting to defend yourself.
"Oh yeah that's a good one," Jungkook chuckled, shaking his head. "See what we that you made a huge fucking deal about us not telling you about our ex in order to get away from us and come fucking cheat on us!"
"No!" You cried, shaking your head as tears welled up in your eyes.
"Why should we believe you?" Taehyung asked, voice cold as ice. "You didn't trust us. You didn't believe us."
"Why should we believe you?" Jungkook spat.
"B-Because..." You were at a loss for words, looking desperately between their angry eyes as your own filled and stung with tears.
"I'm surprised you're not trying to deny it's you or something," Jungkook chuckled, looking at the picture. "But I guess you can' are wearing our collar huh. A lot that meant..."
You broke into soft sobs as his words cut you deep, making your heart ache. Mindlessly, you reached up to touch the very collar you were wearing — clutching the pendant with their initials desperately.
"We'll be filing for match-termination in the morning," Taehyung said, making his way towards the door.
Jungkook followed the older, turning to look over his shoulder at your before leaving, putting a final nail in the coffin. "We're over _____."
As the door slammed shut, you sunk onto the couch in tears. Leaning over, you sobbed into the arm rest. You cried and cried about the situation you found yourself in. It seemed like you were there for hours before the doorbell went off again — just once. You jumped to your feet, hoping with all your heart that Taehyung and Jungkook had come back.
However, when you opened it, all hopes were crushed to dust as Daehoon stood there with a grin.
"You've been crying..." He sighed, moving to step inside. You stopped him with a hand and he paused. "What is it?"
"What are you doing here?" You growled, feeling your hurt over your boyfriend's turn into fury towards your ex.
"Well I made you upset the other, it's only natural that I come here and talk," He shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "You know I'm sorry and I'll be better—"
"I know you're part of everything," You snapped.
"Wh-What?" He stuttered, falling stiff.
"Soomin told me you were helping with all of this. Why on earth would I take you back after that?" You were surprised by the coldness in your own voice.
"Sh-She told you?" Daehoon asked, pulling his hands out of his pockets as he lost his cool composure. "That bitch! I should have known she would only be willing to help herself. I should have known she'd use me."
"Just get out Daehoon," You whispered, beginning to shut the door. "Don't contact me again."
That night, you slept sobbing into your pillow.
Tumblr media
A notification went off on your phone, indicating a new text message. You could barely gain the energy to reach forward and answer it. The name showed that the manager for your company was texting you — something he rarely did.
From: Manager. Im You've not completed any work in the past week. Our clients are getting impatient on new developments. This job opportunity will vanish before you know it if you don't pick it up.
Sighing, you locked your phone again, unable to find any reason to answer. Before you could put your phone down, you got another text message. The name had your heart shattering as it violently reminded you of what was coming.
Jung Hoseok.
However, as you opened the text, you realized it wasn't anything mentioning your match-termination. Instead, it just read 'fix this'.
You weren't sure what it was but something about those simple two words had you jumping to your feet. Not bothering to really get dressed, you simply threw on your shoes and bolted out of your apartment.
Your feet were screaming in pain by the time you were in front of the penthouse. Fishing into your pocket, you pulled out the key to the front door. As you entered, you could hear their voices drifting from down the hallway. Shutting the door as quietly as possible, you sucked in a deep breath to steel yourself for the confrontation. Feeling your heart pounding heavily, you shuffled your way to the bedroom.
As you peeked into the room, you saw the two of them hugging. Jungkook sat on the bed as Taehyung stood between his legs with his arms wrapped around his shoulders.
"Um..." You cleared your throat, startling them into pulling away.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Jungkook snarled jumping to his feet.
"I...I just want to talk..." You stepped fully into the room, wrapping your arms around your waist.
"Why would we ever listen to you?" Jungkook snapped, vicious glare fixed on you.
"B-Because...I love you and...I hope you can find it in your heart to listen to me for just a minute?" Your voice became watery as you couldn't hold back the tears welling up in your eyes.
"You're wearing it..." Taehyung whispered, making both you and Jungkook look at him. He walked over to you, reaching up to touch the dangling pendant on your collar. "Say what you need to."
You let out a sigh, feeling even sadder when Taehyung moved away to sit beside Jungkook. The younger didn't argue with Taehyung's decision but he still glared at you.
"You have to believe me...when she told me you kept your ex-sub from me, what else was I supposed to think? She gave me the only reason to believe. I-I was so hurt that you lied to me I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you," You rushed out, wanting to get it out in the open as quickly as possible. "B-But you have to believe me when I tell you I didn't cheat on you with Daehoon. Soomin told me she and Daehoon were working together so she could get you back! He kissed me and I threw him out right away!"
"How did he know where you lived?" Jungkook asked.
"I...I think Soomin found out somehow and told him. He told me that he didn't even know what apartment was mine. Just the building," You replied.
"How did you get in contact with him again?" Taehyung asked, glare softening into a gaze of curiosity.
"I...After we had our fight I was sad so..." You fought a smile. "I went to go get some ice cream and he was working there."
There was a moment of silence, Jungkook and Taehyung sharing a look as the thought your words over. Finally, Taehyung sighed and stood up.
"Alright," You felt yourself relax as he walked over to you. "We'll look into the two of them.
"D-Does this mean you believe me?" You asked, hopeful.
"No way," Jungkook snapped. "Not until there's proof."
"S-So I can't stay here?" You weren't sure why you asked, already knowing the answer.
"We don't fucking want you here," Jungkook growled, standing as well now. Taehyung made no move to stop him as he began to urge you out even as you began to cry. "Just because we're going to look into whatever bullshit you spew doesn't mean we're willing to keep you around."
Standing in the hallway, you let his words sink in. You could feel his glare burning into you and you couldn't stop the sob that tore loose. You turned on your heel and booked it towards the door, eager to escape the heavy, negative energy that filtered around you.
Nighttime rolled around and you sat curled up on the couch watching Disney movies. They gave you an excuse to cry without saying it was because you were hurting.
Three solid knocks pounded on your door and you stood up, not bothering to pause your movie. You didn't bother looking through the peephole, easily opening the door. You were greeted by a splash of red flowers in your face.
"Wha—!" You looked up to find Taehyung nursing a tender smile. "Tae..."
"Let me in?" He asked, shrugging his shoulders.
"O-Oh sure..." You stepped aside to let him in, closing the door as he kicked his shoes off. "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to talk to you," He replied, handing the bouquet of roses to you.
You wandered to the kitchen, fishing in the cabinets to find a vase. "About?"
"I know Jungkook was harsh," He sighed, leaning against the wall as you filled the transparent pink case with water. "You know he didn't mean that. He's just...hurt."
"It's okay," You shrugged, finally placing the roses in the water. You stood back, admiring them. "You didn't come here to apologize on behalf of Jungkook, Tae."
"You're right," He sighed, taking your hand and leading you into the living room. As you both sat down, he scooted closer to you. "I came to tell you that I believe you."
"You do?" Your eyes began to well with tears again, but for the first time in two weeks it was in relief. "Really?"
"Yes," He smiled, reaching up to cup your cheek. "I love you so much and I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm putting my trust in you."
"I-I love you too Taehyung," You sobbed, leaning forward to wrap yourself in his arms. "I won't let you down."
After hugging for several long second, he finally pulled away. Cupping your jaw, he pressed his lips to yours to pull you into a tender kiss.
After hugging for several long seconds, he finally pulled away. Cupping your chin, he pressed his lips to yours to pull you into a tender kiss. It didn't take long for it to deepen, his hand coming around to cup the back of your head. Your hands rested on his chest, standing on your tippy-toes to properly kiss him how you wished.
However, just as you began to lose yourself in his kiss, he tightened his grip in your hair until you whimpered in pain and pulled back.
"You've caused us a lot of heartbreak haven't you babygirl?" His sweet face was gone, replaced by a cold and detached facade.
You whimpered. "Y-Yes Daddy..."
"Are you sorry for what you did?" He asked, looking down at you.
"Y-Yes I'm so sorry, Daddy..." You choked out, wincing when he pulled harder on your hair.
"If you're really sorry, you'll take a punishment like a good girl right?" He asked.
You nodded as much as you could. "Yes, Daddy. I'll be so good. Please punish me, Daddy!"
"On your knees, slut," He growled, almost shoving you to the floor. Resting on your knees, ignoring the way the hard wood dug into you, you looked up at him waiting what he was going to do. "Do you remember your safe word?"
"Red, Daddy," You breathed, voice nothing but a whisper.
You nearly pouted when you didn't receive praise before reminding yourself it was a punishment. You kept silent as he began to undo the belt on his slacks, dropping the expensive leather to the floor with a loud clack from the buckle. He unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down, keeping a cold gaze on you the entire time until he pulled his already hard cock from his boxers.
You paused, watching as he wrapped his fist around himself, slowly jerking himself off in front of you.
"Well?" He snapped, making you look away from his beautiful cock.
"Wh-What?" Before you could even register, there was a sharp sting across your cheek followed by a sharp crack. Almost immediately, you felt yourself gush into your panties as you mind became fuzzy.
"Disrespectful little slut," He snarled. "Am I expected to suck my own cock?"
"N-No sir...sorry Daddy," You whispered, licking your lips before scooting closer as you reached for his cock.
"No hands," He sighed before you could touch him. "Use your mouth only."
"Y-Yes sir..." You whispered, opening your mouth wide to take the head of his cock in.
You slowly took more of him in, using as much saliva as you could to make it easier. It dripped down your chin onto your hands that were clenched in your own pajama pants. He fished his hand through your hair again and tilted his head back in a sigh as you took about half of him in. He hit your gag-reflex and you went to move back he stopped you by tugging your hair to put you back in your place.
"You tap out if you need to," He said, dropping the angry glare he had and loosened his grip to stroke your head. "Alright?"
The second you met his eyes and nodded that you understood, the deadly grip was back and his eyes were on fire. Violently, he was yanking your head towards him to force his cock down your throat and past your gag-reflex. You choked immediately, eyes filling with tears. He held you there for a second, groaning as he felt your throat spasm around him with every choke you went through.
As quickly as he did it, he pulled you off again and you gasped for air — a string of spit still connecting your lips with his cock. Before you could gather all your breath, however, his cock was down your throat again.
This time, he used his hips to fuck your mouth — using you to get himself off with no care to how you choked and cried around him. Mindlessly, you reached up to clutch onto his pants tightly. The action made him slow considerably and he carefully watched you. Meeting your eyes, he scoffed, continuing on as if he hadn't stopped to check on you.
"Dirty fucking slut," He snapped. "You're drooling everywhere. You've got it all over me, yourself. You know how much these pants cost, hm? And now they're soaked."
Typically you would apologize, but with the way he was shoving his length in and out of your throat, you were unable to. He was right, though, there was spit dripping down your chin and onto the floor, creating a puddle.
He groaned suddenly, pausing sheathed inside you to feel the way you choked around him. You struggled to get air properly, tears making it impossible to see him clearly. You continued to hold onto his pants for comfort and security as you began to slip further and further away. Noticing the change in your demeanor, how you became more pliant, he pulled out of your throat, making you choke and cough. His grip in your hair relaxed and he ran his fingers through the tangled locks. Though his touch was gentle, he still had those cold eyes.
"Pl-Please punish me more, Daddy," You begged, your throat raw from the brutal fucking.
Taehyung scoffed, backing up a few steps until he dropped himself onto the couch. With one hand, he began to jerk his wet cock off while with the other he began to undo his button-up shirt. With the sleeve of your shirt, you wiped off the excess cum on your lips and chin as you watched him pleasure himself. His head hit the back of the couch, a moan breaking from his lips.
"Even my hand is better than your fucking throat," He scoffed, chuckling at the way you deflated in front of him. "What are you gonna do about that, huh?"
"Wh-Whatever Daddy wants me to," You replied.
He finished unbuttoning his shirt and he paused in his stroking to pull it off and toss it away. Next, he lifted his hips to shove both his pants and boxers off of his legs. Spreading his legs, he used one hand to grip his length and the other to reach between his legs and cup his own balls. He hummed in pleasure, slick sounds from your spit on his cock filling your ears.
You were absolutely soaked, your panties sticking uncomfortably to your core as you sat on your knees before him.
"Stand up," He ordered, which you scrambled to do. You stumbled slightly, your legs had begun to fall asleep. Taehyung chuckled cruelly at your struggle, merely watching you as you swayed on your two feet. "Now strip."
Quick as lightning, you pulled your shirt off — revealing your bare breasts. He commented on the fact you weren't wearing a bra, making you flush as you pushed your pants and panties down until they pooled around your ankles on the floor.
"Look at you, you're actually dripping down your thighs," He teased, making you shift in embarrassment at being caught being so aroused. "You really are a slut."
"Y-Yes Daddy, I'm sorry..." You whispered, slightly shielding yourself by folding your hands in front of yourself.
"You want to be a good girl, right?" He asked.
Your head jerked up immediately and you nodded. "Yes, Daddy! I do!"
"Then come over here and sit on my cock," He let his member go, relaxing into the couch as you stumbled over to him.
You straddled his lap, holding his cock steady as you positioned your aching hole over his tip. You realized you hadn't been prepped, hesitating with his tip resting against your slit. Taehyung regarded you carefully, watching as you struggled to think of what to do. Your mind was racing, thoughts muffled and for a second, you attempted to bring yourself back to the surface. Before you could, however, you were being tugged into Taehyung's chest.
"Daddy!" You cried, eyes rolling back in your head as he sunk three digits into your little hole. It burned, making you writhe, hiding your face in the crook of his neck.
"Stupid little girl," He scoffed, sloppily working his fingers in and out of you. "Can't even figure out how to prep yourself huh? Need me to do everything for you?"
"I-I'm sorry Daddy..." You slurred, feeling you drool onto his skin slightly as he abused your g-spot. "'S just so fuzzy..."
"Mmm, I know baby," He cooed, kissing your shoulder so softly you nearly missed it. In a flash, he was pulling his fingers out of you and forcing you to sit up properly again. "Now sit your little cunt on my cock."
Your breath stuttered out as you did as you were told, your eyes crossing as you bottomed out completely. You froze there, your walls spasming and clenching around his member uncontrollably.
"Suh-So good...Daddy..." You whined. "So deep."
"Already losing it?" He asked, gripping your hips to keep you steady on top of him. "My fat cock is almost too much for you isn't it? Makes you lose your mind. Look at you, you're drooling. Such a stupid slut over cock."
"'M a stupid slut," You repeated, resting your hands on his shoulders for leverage as you eagerly began to bounce on his cock.
You were so wet, you could hear it as you fucked yourself on him. Skin slapped against skin and the sound mingled with your moans. Taehyung groaned every time you sunk down on him, hot pussy enveloping him and squeezing him impossibly tight.
"I-I...Can I cum, Daddy?" You mewled, eyes rolling back in your head as the pleasure began to crest in that oh-so familiar way.
"I guess..." Taehyung sighed, sounding almost bored. "But you won't stop until I cum. I don't care how fucking sensitive you get."
"Th-Thank you Daddy," You cried, freezing atop him as you ground down — grinding your clit against his pelvic bone. It was the push you needed, trembling as you came around him. You stopped to catch your breath, blinking blearily as you attempted to come down.
"I didn't say you could fucking stop," Taehyung growled, slapping your cheek so your head snapped to the side.
"S-Sorry Daddy..." You winced as you began to fuck yourself on him again, feeling sensitive after your orgasm. You were determined to be a good girl though, to get him to forgive you, that you desperately began squeezing your walls deliberately around him to pleasure him more.
"Fuck that's good..." You keened under his barely-there praise.
You angled your hips, finding your g-spot with practiced ease. You whined, tossing your head back as you continued to abuse the spot. Your body was covered in sweat and your hair clung to your skin irritatingly. You could feel another orgasm rising and you eagerly reached down to circle your clit, sending you into another shaking orgasm. You dropped your head onto his shoulder as you rode it out, whining out 'daddy' as you did so.
He ran his fingertips along your back, as he gave you just a second before gripping your hips and cruelly fucking himself up into your still clenching hole.
"Daddy!" You cried, digging your nails into has fragile skin.
"What is it, baby?" He asked, tone nowhere sweet and instead condescending.
"S-Sensitive..." You complained, feeling tears prick your eyes.
He laughed, not slowly down as he continued to fuck you. "I told you I don't care. You're just a toy for me to get off on."
His words had another wave of arousal flashing through you, making you clench tightly around him as you gushed. Taehyung chuckled. "You're creaming all over me, dirty girl."
"Daddy..." You sobbed, wrapping your arms around him as you felt another orgasm coming onto you.
Suddenly, everything rolled and you found yourself on your back with Taehyung pinning your thighs open. He gazed between your legs, watching his own cock force itself inside your tight slit.
" can barely even take me," He breathed, his bangs clinging to his forehead. "But you have to take me, isn't that right? Because good girls take their Daddy's cocks nice and deep until they gush, huh?"
"Yes Daddy," You replied, eyes rolling back in your head as your orgasm crested once again.
This time, Taehyung came with you. His cum flooded your cunt, fucking it out of you as more replaced it. He rode out his orgasm, keeping your thighs pinned as they trembled and attempted to close against the onslaught of overstimulation.
Before long, he was slowing to a stop but kept his cock buried in you. Releasing your thighs, he leaned over you and met you in a tender kiss. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, holding him close.
"You took it so well, babygirl," He whispered, sitting up. Taking you with him, he allowed you to cling to him and hide your face in his shoulder. He laughed softly as you began to sniffle but it wasn't cruel. He ran a gentle hand up and down your back as you began to cry. "What is it baby? Overwhelmed?"
You didn't reply, only nodding your head as you continued to hold onto him. You didn't cry for long, your tears drying up quickly at the help of his comfort.
"You know I love you right?" He asked, voice muffled against your skin.
You sniffled, nodding your head. "I love you too, Daddy."
"Still lost, sweetheart?" He asked, smiling when you nodded. "We'll just sit here until you come out of it. I'm right here."
You sat like that for ages, taking deep comfort in having his arms around you after fearing you would never have him again. You couldn't bring yourself to let him go, needing him to stay with you and whisper sweet nothings and I love you's.
Tumblr media
Although Taehyung and you had made up, you still felt the gaping hole that was left by Jungkook’s absence. You laid in bed late at night, staring at pictures of him on your phone. Some were candid and others were selfies with him grinning happily.
You could feel your eyes growing heavy with sleep which was cut short by an incoming phone call. Jungkook's name flashed on the screen and you nearly dropped your phone in your rush to answer it.
"Hello?" You asked, trying to shake away the sleep in your eyes.
"_-_____..." He sobbed, making you sit up so quickly your head spun.
"Kook? You okay?" You asked.
"I...I don't care if you're lying, ____. I miss you so much...I love you so much," He choked out, coughing slightly as he grew more worked up. "Y-You can continue lying to me j-just please come home."
"A-Alright I'll be there in a minute, Kook, alright?" You breathed, waiting for him to murmur his confirmation before hanging up.
You took the opportunity to text Taehyung as you got ready.
To: Taehyung [12:58AM] Where you are?
From: Taehyung [12:58AM] Had to stay late for work. Why?
To: Taehyung [12:59AM] Jungkook called me crying. I'm going to head over there.
From: Taehyung [1:00AM] Alright. Thank you.
You wondered why he was thanking you but disregarded it in favor of throwing your shoes and jacket on.
After calling an Uber, you quickly dashed to the penthouse, anxious and scared of what you would find. Unlocking the door with shaking hands, you walked in to hear Jungkook crying from the bedroom.
"Jungkook!" You cried, rushing to where he sat on the edge of the bed.
"_____," He pulled you into a hug, holding you tightly. "Baby I'm so sorry!"
"It's okay Kook, I forgive you," You whispered, breathing in his comforting scent.
You pulled back, meeting those teary doe-eyes. Unable to stop yourself, you pulled him in for a kiss; gripping the baby hairs at the base of his neck as you did so.
You pulled back, meeting those teary doe-eyes. Unable to stop yourself, you pulled him in for a kiss; gripping the baby hairs at the base of his neck as you did so. His hands coming up to hold your waist, bringing your body closer against his own.
He moaned softly into the kiss, pushing up the hem of your shirt until you pulled it off. He wasted no time in unclipped your bra, eagerly discarding the offending material to cup your breasts. Breaking the kiss, he instead enveloped your nipple in his hot mouth. You gripped his hair as he swirled his tongue around the bud.
His other hand was not idle, he slid it into the band of your pants and into your panties. You gasped, tightening your grip in his hair as two digits found your entrance which was just beginning to leak your arousal. He switched his mouth to the other nipple, leaving the other to harden as the cool air touched it.
Jungkook's experienced digits worked your cunt, forcing you to get wet enough for him to slide two fingers into your entrance. He kept the fingers buried inside, finding your g-spot easily before suddenly pulling out and using the wetness to swirl over your clit until the bud was hardened in full arousal.
You were panting by the time he pulled his fingers out, popping them in his mouth with a moan as his eyes rolled back.
"You taste like euphoria," He whispered, quickly yanking your pants and panties down until you kicked them away. "Get up here."
"Yes Sir," You whispered, doing as you were told.
He smiled fondly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before stealing another kiss from you. After pulling away, you quickly stripped himself of his clothes. His cock was half-hard and he moaned as you took it in your hand.
"Spit in your hand for me, kitten," He whispered, groaning as you did as you were told.
Using your spit-slicked hand, you began to stroke him slowly. Squeezing from the base to the head, you worked him to full hardness easily. He leaned back on his hands, watching your pretty hand jerk his cock. Precum began to bead at the tip and you couldn't stop yourself from leaning down and catching it on your tongue. Jungkook cursed at the feeling of your tongue circling his tip, dipping into the slit there to taste more of his precum.
"You taste so good, Sir," You whispered, batting your lashes at him.
"Go ahead and suck me off," He gathered your hair in his hand, keeping it out of the way as you swallowed the head of him.
His hips jerked, that part of his cock especially sensitive. You didn't focus too much time there, not wanting him to cum too early. You took him deeper, up to that pesky gag-reflex, pulling back before you could choke on him.
"Good girl," He praised, groaning as you bobbed your head in time to your sucking.
While you were pleasuring him, he decided to return the favor. Bent over his lap as you were, it didn't take much for him to maneuver you into straddling yourself over his face. You felt your cheeks burn hot at the embarrassing position but didn't have time to dwell on it when he was licking a fat stripe across the creaming wetness on your folds.
Your moan vibrated around his cock, making his hips jerk at the stimulation. His lips found your clit, sucking the hard bud into his mouth as you ground down against him. Pulling back slightly on his cock, your swirled your tongue along the head of him which was received with a gasp. You quickly dropped back down, pushing past your reflex until you choked around him. Spit bubbled from around your lips, coating the base of his cock and his skin. Wrapping the had not supporting your weight around the base, you used the spit as lubrication to stroke what you couldn't easily take.
Jungkook's tongue found your entrance, sliding into the clenching hole and moaning at your taste. He swallowed all the delicious juices you had for him, using his thumbs to spread your folds open.
"Pretty cunt," He growled, licking your exposed clit repeatedly until you were trembling. "So sensitive."
He didn't stop supplying tender licks and kisses to the throbbing bud, even as you began to whimper with an impending orgasm. Jungkook could feel his own orgasm rising to surface as he felt your clit throb under his tongue. He pulled back, smirking when you whined at the denied orgasm. Your entire cunt pulsed violently, your entrance clenching around nothing.
You doubled your efforts sucking his cock, taking him even deeper into your throat. Your eyes watered as you coughed but it was worth it to hear the way Jungkook cried out.
Realizing he was going to come soon, he went back to playing with your sensitive clit. You sobbed as he swirled his tongue around the bud, pulling the hood back so it was completely vulnerable to him.
Taking the head of him in your mouth, you used your hand to stroke the rest of his shaft. His whole body froze beneath you, muscles going taut as his cock throbbed rhythmically in your hand. The first splash of cum on your tongue made you jump, taking your by surprise but you quickly swallowed it down ready for more. He continued to cum into your mouth until he finally relaxed, riding out the aftershocks as you swallowed the rest of him down.
Pulling off his cock, you sat up and placed your hands on his chest.
"Pl-Please make me cum, Sir," You begged, still tasting the tang of his cum on your tongue.
Jungkook leaned up just slightly, taking your cunt into his mouth. He licked everywhere he could, suckling upon your clit and sliding his tongue as deep as possible into your entrance. You were trembling, eyes rolling back as you ground your hip — riding his tongue to completion. He moaned against you, teeth just barely catching your clit — finally setting you off.
You whole body trembled as you cried out — the orgasm strong and leaving you breathless. You sobbed out his name, your nails digging into his chest, catching his nipple. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed his cock twitch at that but you were too absorbed in the way he continued to eat your cunt as you rode out your high.
Finally, you couldn't take anymore, and you slumped to the side — falling off of him.
The two of you laid there, cuddled together as you caught your breath after the amazing orgasms you gave each other.
The sound of the door had you both looking up, Taehyung's heavy footsteps pounding down the hallway. He didn't even bother to take his shoes off judging by the sound.
"You were right, _____," Taehyung panted, a boxy grin on his face. "Soomin and Daehoon have been stealing information from various companies for months. They had an entire plot to just break us up."
"What a relief," You breathed. "N-Not the plot b-but you know...that you found out."
"How did you find out?" Jungkook asked.
"They're both blacklisted from being matched," Taehyung placed a paper down, leaning down to kick his shoes off obviously not willing to discuss it any further at the moment. "Now, to celebrate the good news..."
You giggled as he loosened his tie while clamoring onto the bed.
He leaned over you, pressing a kiss to your lips and then to Jungkook's lips.
"Shall we show our babygirl how much we appreciate her?" He asked, making Jungkook grin and nod.
It was almost incredible how much stamina Jungkook had, having just recovered from his orgasm and was already ready to go again. Taehyung leaned back as Jungkook began to gently touch your body — still sensitive from just playing with Jungkook.
The elder stripped his clothes as quickly as he could, making you giggle at the sight.
"I love you so much, baby," Taehyung whispered, kissing your lips quickly. "Think you could take me now?"
"Yes please," You whispered, eagerly spreading your legs.
"Fuck, you're so wet," He whispered, sliding the head of his cock through the mess between your folds. "Did Jungkook make you cum good?"
"So good..." You sighed, eyes fluttering when the head of his cock caught your clit.
He grunted as he began to push into your entrance. There was a slight sting but your walls had relaxed from your orgasm that you had no problem taking him. Your body sagged against the bed as he quickly bottomed out.
Resting his hands on either side of you, he started a slow pace — just enjoying the feeling of having you around him again. Your mouth fell open, thighs beginning to tremble in overstimulation every time he sunk in and dragged across your g-spot. His pelvic bone met your clit every time he sunk inside and you could already feel another orgasm rising.
"I'm gonna cum," You warned, meeting Taehyung's eyes as you held your thighs open for him.
He doubled his pace, the sound of your skin meeting growing louder. He watched you carefully, keeping eye contact as a silent moan tore out of you. You tossed your head back as you came, clenching around him tight as vice.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," He groaned, watching as you came beneath him. "Coming so fuckin' good for me, baby."
"So pretty when you cum," Jungkook whispered in your ear, making you shiver.
You abandoned your grip on your knees to cling to the bedding. Your hands were shaking, your fingers weak from how much strain your muscles were under from being tensed.
"I-I...I want...fuck..." You couldn't get your words out, eyes rolling back in your head as Taehyung continued to fuck you.
Jungkook chuckled, sitting up on his knees and wrapping his hand around his cock. "Look at our dumb little baby. Can't even form a proper sentence."
"F-Fuckin' pathetic really. Such a slut for cock, she doesn't even care that she turns stupid," Taehyung added, their words making you clench pathetically around his cock.
"All she can think about is having a fat cock stuffed in her little cunt," Jungkook cooed, sliding his hand between your legs to find your clit. "Or being able to cum while stuffed full."
"Go ahead baby, cream on my cock again for me," Taehyung ordered, angling his hips up to slam against your already abused g-spot.
Immediately, you were forced into yet another orgasm. You swear, no one could ever make you cum harder than the two of them. You would never be able to go back after this, completely ruined and only able to get off on your two doms.
"There's a good girl!" Jungkook praised, finally abandoning your clit to let the sensitive bud recover.
"Daddy please—" You gasped, reaching up to place your hands on his chest.
"What is it, babygirl?" He asked, finally slowing to a pace that allowed you to catch your breath.
He ground into you, stirring your insides in a way that made you sob. "I-I wan-want you both me."
Taehyung and Jungkook both froze, cocks twitching in interest.
"Can you take us both, kitten?" Jungkook asked, meeting your eyes to make sure it was really what you wanted and not just your fucked-out mind.
"Yes I..." You whined, grinding against Taehyung to ease the painful arousal. "I want you to make me take it. Please, fuck me too, Sir!"
"Dirty slut," Jungkook hissed. "Sit up then.”
Both you and Taehyung moved so you were straddling the elder. Jungkook reached between your thighs, fitting two fingers inside you beside Taehyung's cock. The extra stretch stung but it quickly vanished. Taehyung moaned as you became even tighter than you already were with the addition of fingers.
Jungkook worked up to four fingers, fucking them in and out of you while also stroking Taehyung's length. Your head rested against Taehyung's shoulder, as you moved back against his cock and the digits. Before long, Jungkook removed them, using the juices on them to slick up his own cock.
"Stay still," He snapped, applying a sharp smack to your ass when you eagerly ground backwards in hopes to meet him.
Ever so slowly, with as much care as he could possibly muster, he began to sink into you alongside Taehyung. The feeling of the other man's cock against his own was euphoric and he tossed his head back with a shout.
"You're so so tight," Jungkook sighed, working himself deeper inside you.
He paused with every whimper you made. Whenever you reached back to stop him, he allowed you the time to adjust. Your entrance stung and you knew you'd be sore in the morning but you couldn't bring yourself to care as he finally bottomed out.
You were fuller than you had ever been in your entire life. Before they even had the chance to move, you were coming again. Coming around two cock stuffed inside you was the best yet. Without even having to touch your clit, you were gushing, soaking both you and Taehyung beneath you.
"God," Jungkook breathed. "You really like this, huh?"
"Who knew you'd like being stuffed on both of us? If we'd known this we'd have done it sooner." Taehyung chuckled, making you flush.
You felt like a slut in that moment — in the most exhilarating, arousing way possible.
"Please fuck me," You begged.
Neither man said anything, setting a pace immediately. Taehyung began, shoving his cock deeper inside you in one smooth thrust. Every time he sunk in, Jungkook pulled out and vice versa. They were able to hit every delicious spot inside you like that, making you cry out in pure heaven.
If you could die where you were, you would— coming hard with the two of them brutally fucking you.
"I'm already close..." Taehyung choked out.
"M-Me too," Jungkook sighed, brows furrowed.
"Please don't stop!" You cried, clinging tightly to Taehyung in front of you.
"You know..." Jungkook chuckled, a sadistic noise that had you on edge immediately. "If you like this, maybe we should stuff another hole, hm?"
Before you could question him, you felt his thumb circling your second hole. Your eyes widened, your mouth falling open as he easily pushed the digit past the tight ring of muscle. Even with one finger, you felt even fuller than you already had.
It took no time for you to be coming a final time. You squirted, crying out uncontrollably as the both of them were set off as well. Both of them gushing inside you was incredibly, it leaked past both their lengths to make a mess beneath you.
When you collapsed onto the bed, you could feel your hole clenching around air — stretched open so much that you weren't able to close properly just yet.
Both men collapsed beside you, none of you caring about the fact you had to clean up the mess. All you truly cared about was the way they wrapped you up in their arms, sharing kisses between the three of you.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
➭ “You are at the very top of your college cohort, an A grade student on the fast track to a life of success. You know the answers to everything, or at least you think you do. That is until you meet quirky genius Kim Taehyung.”
pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: smut, fluff, college au, college rivals au, librarian!tae
wordcount: 15k
❀ 3 / 8 of my oneshot requests ❀
Tumblr media
You can still remember the moment you first laid eyes on Kim Taehyung. 
It had been any other day – you sitting at your desk squinting down at your papers, waiting for your subject tutor to arrive, while your classmates chattered around you.
The door had crashed open, which in itself was odd because half of the doors in your college were old and it was a known fact to proceed with caution. Your head had jerked up, wondering which idiot had the audacity to make an entrance like that.
And there, in the doorway, stood Taehyung. 
He was wearing a huge cardigan, one that had scattered lumps of wool throughout, as if someone had been in the middle of knitting it and lost focus. Underneath a thin black tee clung to his frame. He had wide legged pants on and wire frame glasses, a stark contrast to the other guys in your class who dressed identically in black skinny jeans and polo tees. 
He had stood there with his chin tilted up slightly, one eyebrow cocked as if he was there judging everybody else, like you were all the new kids up for evaluation, not him. 
He oozed with a quiet calm and a quiet cool that seemed way too city for a small town like yours.
“Hey,” He said, his face straight and composed. His voice echoed with timber, rich and velvet. His eyes landed on yours, his eyebrow quirked, just a fraction.
Enough to have you glancing down, swallowing hard and realizing with a sharp clarity that your throat was dry. 
You only glanced up again when you heard the sound of his footsteps, him, working his way around the room to find a seat. He sat at the only empty one, near Kim Namjoon and his friends. He slouched in his seat, pulling a laptop out of his bag (a battered black one that had a peeling sticker of a corgi on it) and he yawned. You hated that you noticed, but you did. 
As if he was sensing your gaze, he craned his neck around and smiled at you. 
You glared and his grin only widend, as if somehow your clear distaste for him only spurred him on more. 
You didn’t know how to describe the encounter, jarring and strange and oddly intriguing, all at once. 
You definitely didn’t know how to describe him either. 
So instead, you stared down at the stack of books in front of you, at your diary, filled to the brim with to-do lists and studying tasks, and you told yourself to stop being distracted by the strange new transfer student who was introducing himself to everyone as ‘Kim Taehyung but call me Tae’.  
Tumblr media
Back then, Taehyung had been mildly interesting to you. Someone your eyes flickered to, a voice that you picked out amongst the chatter of your classmates. 
Taehyung is unlike anyone you had met before- and your weren’t alone in your initial curiosity. Taehyung quickly attracted a wide circle of friends, from Kim Namjoon who ran the college newspaper, to Kim Seokjin who was a quarterback on the football team. 
Still, you steadily ignored the stirrings of intrigue in your chest and told yourself to ignore him, the boy who was likely just another guy on the path to graduate college as soon as possible while putting in the least amount of effort possible.
That was until Wednesday of that week. 
It had been a hot day, the kind of day where the sunlight filtered into the room and the air seemed thickened with a slow laziness. Even your brain felt stiffer than usual, and your subject tutor stifled a few yawns mid discussion, echoing the sentiments of the drowsy room. Still, your subject tutor was pushing on, much to everybody’s chagrin.
“…So can anyone see the logical fallacy in this argument? Anyone?” 
Your tutor looked around the class and his eyes fell on you, waiting patiently. You always knew your answers, you always knew your content- but your mind was blank, stubbornly so, and you glanced down at your notebook for answers 
“The logical fallacy is in the argument’s use of circular reasoning.“ A voice piped up calmly.
The voice belonged to Kim Taehyung. Kim Taehyung who was slouched all over his chair, his laptop sitting on his desk, wearing one of the strangest outfits you had ever seen (a vibrant patterned shirt and those same wide leg pants, like he was some kind of bougie office worker on the top half, bohemian street performer on the bottom half). 
Your head had snapped over to him, he was blinking slowly and lazily, like a kitten basking in the sunlight, his hair falling into his forehead, his eyes glimmering in the apricot glow of the mid-summer heat.
Your jaw had dropped open. Your subject tutor pressed on, peppering Taehyung with questions, all of which he effortlessly answered. 
And all that while you stared, feeling for the first time, an unfamiliar prickle in your chest of what you decided had to be competitiveness.
Tumblr media
It had become evident after that, that Kim Taehyung is something of a genius.
You had become accustomed to breezing through your classes, being the only one to stay back afterwards and press your lecturers and tutors for more content, more material. You had happily settled into the role of number one amongst your college cohort. 
That was until Taehyung threw a spanner into the works. 
He is completely different to you- relaxed in his approach to everything, laidback in how he goes about his studies. And all semester, he remains right there behind you, number two to your number one. 
He’s been a presence, something that weighed lightly on your mind. But it wasn’t until you scheduled a meeting with your college careers counsellor and enquired about the grad program you had been dreaming of since your freshman year that Taehyung evolved from a slightly irritating presence to a full blown threat. 
‘Well, there actually is another contender for the grad program,’ Your careers counsellor had said after a moment of hesitation.
The grad program you were pursuing was highly competitive, only ever taking in one student from your community college per year. 
You had been a shoo in for the program all year, the sole candidate.
That was until, of course, transfer student Kim Taehyung had become part of the equation.
Tumblr media
“... Personally, I think that physicalism is a good ontological acconunt for the philosophy of the mind. Consciousness, the mind and the soul are purely physical.”
You rattle off your words assertively, folding your arms over your chest. It’s the last of your classes before the summer break, and your surrounding classmates. inclusive of you, are eager for this compulsory capstone philosophy subject to be over and for the summer holidays to begin.
Your tutor hums in agreement. “An interesting argument. Does anyone have a differing argument?” 
The class is silent, and you smile in satisfaction. 
A voice clears, the sound of a cough, a body shifting in its chair. You glance up to see Taehyung lifting an arm straight in the air.
“…Well actually, I personally think that dualism is a better stance on the philosophy of the mind. I think it makes more sense logically to conclude that the mind is made up of an immaterial substance. Plus... I believe that you can’t explain the concept of a soul in purely physical terms.”
Your eyes narrow and you fold your arms across your chest.
“Also a good argument.” Your tutor nods tiredly, glancing up at the clock. “Okay, well-”
“Well. Just for the record. I disagree with that view.”
Your words come out a touch harsher than you had hoped. Taehyung’s eyes meet yours, his gaze is thoughtful before he shrugs, an easygoing smile falling on his face.
“I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree, then.”
A long silence hangs between the two of you
“…Okay, well. That’s all we’ve got time for today.” Your tutor interrupts, the class immediately dissolving into conversation and the sounds of textbooks being packed away. 
You push back on your chair and grab your books, feeling your cheeks flush scarlet in embarrassment. 
You are out of the class when you hear Taehyung behind you, hear his voice calling out your name. 
“That was fun,” He smiles at you, an airy, effortless smile and he’s all floaty and relaxed while you’re annoyed and seething. “We should study together or something during the summer break.”
“You’re applying for the grad program, right?” You ask in a short, clipped voice and you see surprise register over his features. He nods, cocking his head.
“Yeah, how did you-”
“So, you’re my competition,” You say bluntly, and you immediately notice the flicker of amusement in Taehyung’s eyes, pick up on the way his lips quirk in the corners (because you always notice when it comes to Kim Taehyung, as much as you have tried not to). 
“I don’t think studying together would be a good idea.” 
You whirl around on your heel and stride away, squeezing your eyes together in embarrassment. You had thought in your head that the words would come out scathingly, but instead you sound petulant and unconvincing. 
You wonder fleetingly what Taehyung thought of that interaction, of your words and then you practically running away from him. 
You shake your head and try to tell yourself it doesn’t matter what Taehyung thinks of you, that Taehyung himself doesn’t matter at all. 
Still, no matter what you tell yourself, the truth remains the same. 
There’s just something about Kim Taehyung that just gets to you.
Tumblr media
You walk into your local library in the late afternoon on the second day of your summer break. Your local library stays open late into the evenings during college summer breaks, and tends to be much quieter than the library on campus. 
Therefore – it’s the ideal place to study.
“Hello,” a voice greets you, a familiar voice that gives you pause. You glance up to see none other than Kim Taehyung sitting at the chipped wooden librarian’s desk, your surprise mirrored on his face before he recovers it quickly.
“Well,” Taehyung says lightly, his voice imbued in sarcasm. “If it isn’t my competition.” 
He’s wearing a button up shirt with sleeves that extend past his hands, you watch as he pushes up on the hems of his sleeves, cocking his head to one side as he gives you a wry smile. His hair is shaggy, falling into his eyes, which are covered in a pair of wire frame rectangular glasses.
“Oh,” You stammer out, your eyes widening slightly. “What’re are you doing here?”
Taehyung just quirks an eyebrow, he leans forward and taps at the small plaque on the desk. The plaque reads, Junior Librarian: Kim Taehyung.
“You work here?” You repeat awkwardly, he nods. 
“Yep, I do the night shifts. Good way to get some extra money, and well, working in a library is actually a lot of fun. I get free books.”
He smiles at you, a small smile, something of a peace offering. You stare at him for a long moment.
“Oh,” You say dumbly, “Right. Good for you.” 
You clear your throat, ignoring the strange flutter that’s settling in your belly as you hoist your bag on your shoulder. 
“I’m gonna…” Your voice trails off and you nod, turning on your heel and quickly sitting down on one of the nearby desks. You pull out your books, your pens, placing them out neatly in front of you.
You glance up to see Taehyung gazing at you, a faint smile tugging on his lips. An olive branch in the shape of a barely there smile. 
You smile back, it pulls at the corner of your lips before you can stop yourself. The two of you sit there – you at your desk, him at his – before you finally tear your eyes away and look down at the work in front of you, trying to ignore the steadfast flutter in your belly.
Tumblr media
After that, you see Kim Taehyung every day.
You have no idea when it started to become daily routine, going to the library and being greeted by none other than ‘Junior Librarian Kim Taehyung’. 
Your daily routine goes as follows: Each day, at the end of the afternoon, you make your way to your local library to squeeze in a few hours of productive study. Each time, you spot Taehyung behind the librarian’s desk. He looks up, he smiles at you, and you sit at the same table, bring out your books, and try to focus on the work in front of you and no the librarian sitting only a few metres away.
When it’s well and truly night time, and the library is sparse save for a few dedicated college students, Taehyung strolls over and strikes up conversation. 
Sometimes Taehyung’s shifts stretch until late night close, and he’ll come and sit opposite you, going through lists of people with overdue books, his knee restless as he taps his pen against the sheets of paper he’s rifling through.
Other times, when Taehyung finishes his shift early, he sits opposite you, sometimes studying himself, sometimes buried in the pages of a book. He always looks so utterly wrapped up in the books he reads, poking his head up and out of the pages to tell you in a rushed voice ‘You have to read this book, here, I’ll write it down for you, you have to read it!’ 
And as much as you don’t want to, as much as you didn’t expect it, never expected it - you find yourself thawing, your guard lowering... until you quietly admit to yourself that maybe, just maybe, Taehyung isn’t so bad after all.
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Taehyung complains, lifting his head from where it was resting in his arms. “I’m bored.”
You twist your lips, roll your eyes disdainfully. Shoot him a cold-eyed stare that has most people cowering. Taehyung of course, is not most people, and just blinks back at you stubbornly.
“I’m bored,” Taehyung repeats, and you sigh.
“I dunno, do something then. Get a hobby, read a book. I dunno.”
Taehyung leans back on his chair, tilts his head to one side, clicks his tongue.
“Speaking of books. Have you read the books I recommended you yet?”
You are frowning down at the page in front of you, deep in the throes of trying to read up on research material for one of your classes. Distractedly, you shake your head.
“Not yet.”
“Why not? They’re really good, honest. Cross my heart.” You glance up to see Taehyung with his hand over his chest, an innocent smile on his face. 
You roll your eyes.
“I don’t have time to read right now, Taehyung.” You tell him in as condescending of a tone as you can manage. 
Taehyung just leans forward, resting his chin in his hands.
“You should always make time for the things that make you happy.” He says sagely, and you roll your eyes, leaning forward and poking him with your pen.
“Yeah yeah, who are you, Oprah?”
Taehyung ignores your question and you sense him staring at you.
“How come you study so hard all the time?” He prods.
You hesitate, staring pointedly at the page. You have your usual self-defensive answer rolling off the tip of your tongue, but you stop it. Instead, you write down a few words, biting your lip.
“It was family pressure at first,” You say finally, you cross out a word you have written and write a new one beside it. Taehyung is silent. “But now? I don’t know. I guess I want to prove it to myself as badly as I want to prove it to them.” You still don’t look at Taehyung, but you stop writing. Your pen hovers above the paper. 
“Well. I look up to that a lot. I look up to you a lot.”
“Huh?” You glance up in confusion to see Taehyung staring directly at you. His dark eyebrows are raised slightly in an expression of utter sincerity, his chin still propped up in his hands. 
“You look up to me? Why?” 
Taehyung just shrugs and smiles. 
“Yeah well, you work hard, you’re really dedicated.” He says finally, before he straightens. 
“And you have a good heart. You can’t learn those things, you just… are those things. You know?” He reaches in his bag and pulls out a worn novel, opening it and propping his pen between his lips. 
“Anyway. I look up to you. Even though I’m taller than you.” He adds as an afterthought, pursing his lips before shrugging and focusing his attention on the book in his hands.
“Oh,” You look down at the page and fight the strange lump that’s rising in your throat. “Thanks Tae.”
“Anytime.” Taehyung begins humming to himself, tapping his foot in time to the jazzy melody he’s quietly crooning under his breath. 
You run over his words in your mind, securing them in your thoughts. 
I look up to you a lot.
Tumblr media
“What are you smiling about?”
“What?” Your head snaps up to see Taehyung glancing at you curiously.
“You’ve had this weird smile on your face for the last hour. What are you thinking about?”
You feel your cheeks start to heat up, it doesn’t help that Taehyung looks even more intrigued, leaning forward and resting his chin in his palm. 
“What?” He whines, and you shake your head, staring back down at your work, trying to tell your cheeks to stop blushing.
“I, uh, just thinking back to um- a joke my friend told me,” You say finally, lamely. You hope that your vague answer is enough to deter Taehyung from pressing on but instead he just looks even more interested, leaning closer.
“What’s the joke?”
“I- you wouldn’t get it,“
“I wouldn’t get it?” Taehyung repeats, he frowns, a puckish twist of his lips that for some reason has your heart leaping in your chest. “Try me. I have a great sense of humour.”
You flush pink, and shake your head. “No, I don’t-”
“Tell me!” Taehyung props his face in his hands and shoots you an injured look. “Friends tell friends jokes. I feel very offended that you’re withholding jokes from me.” 
Your mouth opens and closes a few times. You are stuck for a moment, not sure what to say – you cant exactly tell him that you were smiling like a giddy idiot because you were thinking, still, about the words he had said to you earlier today – and the first joke that pops into your head comes spilling out of your mouth.
“What do you call a man with no nose and no body?”
You cringe the moment it’s out of your mouth. It’s an old joke, one that you and your family say to each other at every Christmas, when all of you are together in one place. There are a few traditions you have with your family, traditions that hold firm even though you barely get to see them. This terrible joke is one of them and you feel your cheeks start to tinge pink.
“What?” Taehyung asks, he raises an eyebrow at you expectantly.
“…Nobody nose.”
You are blushing in earnest now, your ears feel hot and you can’t believe you just told Taehyung a joke that you and your family say to each other, and Taehyung stares at you. 
His face splits into a smile and it feels like someone’s cracked an egg in your ribcage and the yolk is oozing into your chest, bright yellow and sunny. 
“That is funny,” Taehyung beams at you, and you meet his gaze, your eyes lingering for a prlonged moment before you stare down at your work, telling yourself furiously to not blush don’t you dare blush, and of course, you blush even harder.
Tumblr media
Today is one of those days where nothing is going right. 
It’s as if none of the words on the pages sitting on front of you make sense, and no matter how many times, you can’t decipher the mess. 
Your chest is cumulatively getting tighter, more restricted, more bothered, and with each crumpled page of paper, and each slash of black ink, you feel frustration ebb hot and uncomfortable in your body.
“Why the long face?”
You could recognize that voice anywhere, and you don’t glance up, staring at the page, your neat handwriting. You hear fingertips drumming on the table top, the sound of the chair legs squeaking.
“Isn’t today meant to be your day off?” 
Irritation strings through your words, and you feel your fingers ball up into a fist. The words that you’re writing don’t make any sense, and finally, you drag your eyes from paper to the boy sitting opposite you.
Taehyung is watching you, a backpack slouched on the floor by his feet. He looks good- his hair is damp, parted haphazardly. Today he’s dressed in a sweater that seems as if it’s three sizes too big for him.
You feel a heady sort of thrill work it’s way up your chest and into your throat as he stretches his arms above his head, his fingers latching around his elbow as he wriggles his body with a loud yawn.
“I was sick of studying.” He straightens and flashes you a grin, one that while wolfish at the start, quickly softens into a charismatic sweetness that you have come to recognize as a Taehyung signature. “And I wanted to see you.”
Your breath catches at his words. 
He is unfazed, he is stretching again, not realizing that his words were just a touch, a smidgen, too much. 
But Taehyung in a nutshell is a combination of too much, he does everything in abundance and in quantities of too much, and it’s infectious. 
You push back on the desk abruptly, the metallic screech of your chair legs against the floor fill the space between you. You don’t stop to see the question mark that falls over Taehyung’s face.
“Gotta get a book,” You mutter, whirling around on your heel and marching to a quiet corner of the library. You tuck yourself in between two tall shelves, filled with gardening books. As you settle against the cool brick wall, you take a deep breath in.
“Are you alright?” You glance up to see Taehyung standing in front of you, his hands folded tentatively. You don’t respond, and Taehyung takes a step forward, thrusting his hands deep into the pockets of his slacks.
“Y/N?” He asks in a voice infused with a dulcet tone, and you glance up to see him peering at you with concerned eyes. There’s something in seeing Taehyung gaze at you like this, and you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to having Taehyung looking at you like this more often, all toned down sweetness, hands shoved in pockets and softly probing words.
You don’t think you’re going to speak, you aren’t one to speak or act without properly thinking through each possible step first... but your mouth opens of it’s own accord and words spill out, messy and frantic and rushed.
“I’m frustrated.” 
Taehyung doesn’t react, he just blinks slowly and nods. There’s something in the nuances of his gestures that has your tightly wrapped up emotions unfurling.
“I just feel frustrated,” You continue, your voice is scrambled and you breathe in sharply. “I don’t know, I can’t explain it, I just feel stressed and worried about everything. I feel like a failure. Or I’m going to be one at least. I don’t know, I’m not getting it this morning, I can’t focus, and I just feel…” Your voice trails off uncertainly and you shake your head, your shoulders drooping. “Never mind.”
“Hey,” Taehyung says authoritatively, striding forward. He reaches out and lifts your hand. He presses two fingertips into the flesh of your palm It’s not as if the impromptu hand massage feels particularly good, but you feel every locked muscle in your body relax. 
Like a plug being pulled, tension drains out of you.
“I know how you feel.” He says, his voice low and sturdy. “It fucking sucks, right? Not knowing why you feel frustrated and useless and uncertain? It sucks. But it’ll pass. Trust me.” He accentuates his words with kneads of his fingers into your palm, rhythmic motions. 
“And if it’s any help… you could never be a failure. No matter what.” His voice, deep in timbre and so quietly convinced, permeates through every last prickle of irritation and you feel a flutter in your chest. 
“Tae…” The word is tiny, murmured out into the air. 
You glance up to see Taehyung staring at you. He is no longer massaging your palm. His fingers curl into yours, before your linked hands fall by your side. This close you can see the flecks of amber in his dark eyes, the freckle on his nose.
The way his eyelashes, almost impossibly thick and dark, flutter just a fraction with each breath. 
You don’t speak. Instead, you lean closer. 
Enough to step further into his proximity- he smells like freshly pressed linen and iced coffee. 
You are still pressed against the wall, the library shelves hugging each side of you. In the background you can hear the quiet tapping of fingers on keyboards, the rustling of papers. And above everything you can feel it under your skin like a skin of electricity. A humming, buzzing warmth. 
Taehyung reaches up and with the pad of his thumb, brushes the underside of your chin. A gesture that is playful and affectionate, so unfitting for this moment, so utterly Taehyung, that you laugh.
In that split second, in that laugh, Taehyung leans in and brushes his lips over yours. A kiss, soft, sweet, slow. You freeze into it, at the sensation of Taehyung’s lips on yours. 
His touch is hesitant and careful, and it’s enough to cause something to perceptibtly snap inside of you as you kiss him back.
Slower, deeper, sweeter, until you feel dizzy and drunk from his lips and his tongue.
Your head tilts into his, your fingers arcing up to rest carefully on his chest. Your fingertips brush the neckline of his jumper and you hear a small noise akin to a sigh in the back of his throat, feel the slight vibration of his chest underneath your palm. 
You can taste him, his lips pressed against yours and his tongue working slow, intense circles against yours. You can smell him, his cologne lingering on his clothes and the scent of his skin. 
He’s not in a rush, kissing you long and hard, and with each passing dip of your heads together, the increasing firmness in which you press your body to his, you feel anticipation start to clamour in your chest. 
You can hear the soft groans pulling from his throat, him shifting his balance from foot to foot as he carefully presses into you in return. 
You can feel him- his kisses, his hands which are working down from beside your breasts to nipping around your waist, hooking around your hips and giving them a careful squeeze. 
Time is suspended, for all you know gravity and space and whatever else is on hold, the only thing that matters, the only thing that holds remote significance is the feeling of Kim Taehyung’s hands mapping the silhouette of your body, his lips and tongue kissing yours. 
You can feel each of his movements deep in between your legs, a dull knock that has your belly squeezing and a flooding heat coursing through your veins. 
You keen your hips into his, rutting desperately against the curve of his fingers wrapped around your hips, grinding against the bulge in his slacks. You feel a dark, wicked satisfaction at the choked groan that Taehyung utters right into your mouth, it slips amongst your kisses which are growing hotter and faster and more desperate. 
Taehyung’s tongue licks over your lips, and he pulls away to press a kiss against your earlobe, his words slurred and throaty in your ear.
“I’m going crazy for you right now.” His voice is confident, his words strained with unmistakable arousal. 
You are all too aware aware of the dampness between your legs and Taehyung’s breath on your ear and the slope of your neck.
“Taehyung…” You whimper out his name in response, a word is coaxed from your lips, a dirty, urgent plea. You slowly roll your hips up into his. You can feel his hard cock straining against his pants and against your underwear. 
It’s uncomfortable, how turned on your are- your legs weak with want and that insistent ache deep in your core. But it also feels good, overwhelmingly good.
Taehyung kisses you hungrily, deeply, and his hands scrabble from your hips to your inner thighs. His fingers are full of intent, they trace long, slow lines up your sensitive skin. He brushes closer and closer to your cotton underwear. 
You dig your thumbs into his hips and relish the way he pushes his cock harder against you with a whine. Your breathing is erratic, a staccato against the steady drumbeat of arousal in between your legs as Taehyung brushes the tips of his fingers against your slit. Your underwear is soaked through, ruined.
Taehyung doesn’t comment but he pulls away from your mouth as his eyes track down to where his hand is, lost under your skirt in between your legs.
Your eyes flutter upwards to see him bite his bottom lip, his eyes flashing in arousal, his jaw clenching as he lets out a soft, barely there, “God.”
Your skirt is bunched up around his arm as he reaches up even more and hooks a finger down around the edge of your underwear. 
Your breath rushes in and you nod, kissing into Taehyung’s neck. Feverish presses of your lips against his skin to mask sounds and mewls from escaping your lips. 
You’re in the fucking library and your mind is quietly telling you to be quiet, but that in itself has you worked up to an unmistakable frenzy. 
His skin is warm and soft and you feel the humof his commanding voice against your lips as he murmurs out your name, his fingers slipping down your underwear.
His fingers graze over your clit generously, and the sensation has your eyes squeezing shut. Taehyung chuckles. His fingers slowly, cleanly slide over your soaking wet folds, before tantalizingly going back up to your clit. 
It feels so good- an immediate relief that is accompanied by a roaring, surging want. You want more. With each careful tease of Taehyung’s long fingers against your slit, against your aching bud, you want more. 
You moan louder against Taehyung’s neck, your teeth catching on his pulse point as you attempt, poorly, to buffer your moans of pleasure. 
Taehyung lowers his head so that his lips are by your ear. 
“You feel so good for me baby.” His voice is deep and his words delicious and you whimper into his skin as you feel his finger teasing at your entrance. 
He slips in until half of his finger is inside of you. Your breath locks in your throat and you feel like your entire body is throbbing, panting, thumping with want.
“Tae,” You breathe out into his neck, your fingers are digging into his back and his shoulder blades, you can feel his muscles rippling underneath your touch, his body wriggling slightly in pleasure. 
Taehyung pushes, until he is knuckle deep inside of you. The knowledge that he is as turned on as you are - arousal staining each of his shallow breaths, the strain of his hard cock against your thigh - has you clenching around his finger.
You tilt your head back against the wall and let out a thinly suppressed groan, and Taehyung takes the opportunity to lean in and press a kiss to your neck. He glides his finger in and out of you, your wetness allowing him to fuck you out with long, smooth motions. 
“Taehyung, please-” You begin breathlessly, and he looks up at you through hooded eyes. You want him, more of him, you can barely think straight, and you watch as he licks his own lips. You begin to slowly thrust against his hand, letting out a small whimper as he pushes his finger even deeper inside of you.
“I want you to-”
“Oh my God!’ A voice cuts through your voice and his ministrations and Taehyung stumbles on top of you messily, shielding your body with his. 
“S-s-sorry, continue-” a voice stammers, you spot a glimpse of Taehyung’s colleague’s shocked face, his retreating figure.
Taehyung hastily pulls away from you, and you seize the opportunity to yank down at your skirt. His eyes are wide, his mouth open in a perfect O, and he stares at you in shocked silence. 
A giggle escapes from your lips.
Taehyung’s eyes widen in surprise and another laugh spills out, you shake your head, trying to control yourself. 
“Sorry,” You begin, your eyes pricking with slight tears as your shoulders shake from a contained giggle. “I shouldn’t be laughing, he’s your co-worker, it’s just…” You suck in for breath and your words tumble out in a fit of giggles. “He looked so scandalized…”
Taehyung’s face lapses into a rueful smile and he runs a hand through his hair, his lips tugging up into a smirk. “Yeah I don’t think he was expecting to see that in the gardening section of the library,” He muses, and you giggle again. 
“He told us to continue on,” You add, and Taehyung’s face splits open into a laugh.
Your laughter fades away, and it is then that you realize that Taehyung is still standing close to you, his arm still curled protectively around your waist. 
You feel fucking delirious, giddy and full. You also feel bold and brave and vibrant, lashes of feelings that you haven’t felt before. 
You swallow. 
A breezy flutter of nerves settles in your stomach but you set your jaw squarely and reach forward. 
Taehyung automatically cradles your hand into his as you open your mouth to pose a question you never thought you would be asking.
“Do you want to come over to my place?”
Tumblr media
Taehyung is nervous. As are you. 
It’s evident in the conversation that fills your car as you drive to your place, conversation that neither of you are fully focusing on. Taehyung’s talking about the dewey decimal system, you’re nodding and weaving into the conversation with sounds of agreement. 
Honestly, your brain is completely occupied with the fact that Taehyung is in the front seat of your car on the way to your place. 
You have so many thoughts flying through your head- thoughts ranging from oh God why couldn’t I have put on nicer underwear this morning to I can’t believe this is happening to I want him so badly I’m going to scream. 
You can sense Taehyung’s own nervous state in the way he keeps clearing his throat and flicking through the small stack of CD’s in your car, it isn’t until you finally pull up outside your place that his hand settles on your thigh and you pause to turn to him. 
He smiles at you and reaches up to nip underneath your chin- a gesture has your chest feeling swollen and your nerves muted.
You head into your place, a small but neatly kept flat, and you take in a deep breath as Taehyung leaves his backpack by the door. He gazes around your place carefully, his attention thoroughly absorbed in his surroundings, and he walks up to you’re a frame hanging on your hallway wall. It’s your award of excellence that you received in your second year of college, a prestigious merit scholarship.
“Wow,” Taehyung breathes out and he turns to you with eyes that are wide and glowy and excited. “This is amazing. You’re so smart.” 
He says the words so earnestly that it has your chest squeezing in a way that is unfamiliar but wonderful, and you open and close your mouth a few times.
“Yeah, I guess,” You reply shyly, before a smile dissolves over your face and you glance up, catching Taehyung’s stare. 
“But you might be the smartest person I’ve ever met,” The words tumble out and you feel a heat simmering under your skin, tinging your cheeks a translucent pink. 
“Aside from myself of course.” You stammer out, an add on that softens the edges of your words, and Taehyung’s smile widens.
“Of course.” He teases, his voice lilting slightly.
It’s then that you realize just how close you’re standing to him, your head tilted up to look into his eyes. You can feel the heat radiating from his body, and you can smell him- he smells like shampoo and sage and cedar, and you swallow. Taehyung’s laugh fades, his eyes dilating and his breathing coming out slower, his eyes locked on you.
The thought of how his lips had felt, pressed on yours, floats back in your mind. Taehyung inches even closer to you, his head dipping closer. 
You breathe in, his eyes search yours, and you feel your heart start to accelerate in your chest.
“Taehyung.” You murmur. His eyes are expressive and you can see in them that he wants you, his eyelashes fluttering as he blinks. 
Your eyes trickle down to his lips, full and slightly parted, and you feel a buzz work it’s way up your belly and settle in your ribcage,as he leans in, centimetres away from your lips, pausing.
In a brief moment, your lips touch. It’s a soft kiss – the merest brushing of lips against lips, timid and careful. Taehyung draws back, his eyes searching your face carefully. 
You can feel it, even in that whisper of a touch – there is something deeply embedded in that kiss.
In an instant, his lips find yours, his hand reaching up to cup your face, his fingers resting on your jaw. 
You have no idea who moved first, and you don’t care, because your eyelids are fluttering shut and you feel yourself getting lost in his kisses. 
For a moment you can’t think, your mind completely blank except for an exhilarating rush of feeling everything all at once- his other hand curving around the small of your waist and giving your hip a squeeze, him deepening into the kiss and dipping his head further down as he kisses deeply into your mouth.
You can hardly think, you can feel a hum running from your toes to your belly to your cheeks, as you loop your fingers around Taehyung’s neck. His skin is warm to the touch, and so soft, as you tangle your fingers in his hair. 
You tug him down further into your kisses, and he lets out a groan into your mouth, pinning you against the wall, trapping you in the heat of his body. You can feel the hard surface against your back and Taehyung’s body pressing into you, his hands slipping up from your hips to your waist before they glide under your shirt. 
His hands are warm, they skim over your belly and rest right under your breasts.
His palms linger, the absence of his touch over your breasts has you filled with an aching, gnawing want. Taehyung arches his hips into yours, and you can feel the stir of his erection in his pants, his hard bulge is pressed against your thigh.
A choked moan is drawn out from your lips. 
“Taehyung…” You break away from the pursuit of his kisses, and Taehyung is undeterred, kisses and nibbles trailing down your neck and causing the smouldering lust crackling over your skin to only intensify.
“Hang on,” You pant out, and Taehyung pauses. His breath is coming out in warm swathes of air against your collarbones and you glance down to see his eyes, the slow blinks of his heavy lids, each breath labored and potent with lust.
“Not here,” You continue, and Taehyung leans back a touch, nodding. 
“Right,” He breathes, “Should we…?” 
His voice trails off and your eyes hone in on him yet again. His hair is slightly mussed up from your fingers running through them. He is looking at you carefully, waiting for your response. 
In the low light of the hallway, you rake your eyes over his face. The strong set of his jaw, the focus in his eyes, the seriousness of which he is gazing at you, and you feel a ripple of molten and saccharine sweet longing ease it’s way up your belly.
“My room?” You pant out, the word almost sounds like a beg, your voice is hiked with urgency and his lips quirk up at that. 
He nods, then a half-chuckle half murmur, “Your room.” 
He bends down, and scoops you up effortlessly in to his arms. You feel his arms flex underneath you- he’s stronger than you had initially assumed.
“It’s the room to the left, first door there.”
Your hands clutch around his neck and you can feel the frenzy of his pulse underneath your fingers as Taehyung strides towards your bedroom door. He uses his knee to push open the door. Your bedroom is elapsed in darkness, and he works his way across the floor and places you down on your bed. 
Taehyung leans over and flicks your bedside lamp on. The room is filled with a dim light, and he leans backward, rocking on his heels to gaze at you. 
He has a coy smile on his face as he lowers his body on top of yours. Your hands ravel around his waist as his fingers secure around your chin, tilting your face up to meet his lips in a long kiss.
Your thoughts are filled with urgency, a fiery wildness colours whatever reservations you might have had as you hoist your hips upwards, rutting hard into his cock and relishing the groan that Taehyung lets out against your ear. 
“Y/N,” He moans your name into your ear and his fingers curl around the sheets and you feel that same knocking hunger in your core.
Taehyung’s fingers relax, they curl back out against your mattress.
His hand entangles in your hair, before trailing down to your neck, resting obediently on your collarbones. His fingers dance across your skin, tapping a rhythm against your chest. Finally, his fingers begin unbuttoning your shirt. His eyes are narrowed slightly in concentration as he quickly undoes each of the buttons. 
It’s slow, torturously so and with each button that is freed, you feel the air against your skin. His fingers rest against your skin against your breasts and your stomach for brief, lingering seconds as he works the fabric free, and you can’t help the needy whines that escape your lips.
Taehyung smirks at each sound of your want, and when your shirt is finally open, he pulls your body up in one smooth movement. 
He removes your shirt and tosses it on the floor, immediately capturing your lips in a kiss that has you for a long, intense, glorious few seconds- completely breathless. 
It’s just him, his tongue easing its away into your mouth, the curve of his hands between your shoulderblades and gliding to your shoulders. You grip at Taehyung, holding him tighter to you.
You stay sitting upwards as he pulls away from the kiss, his eyes ticking down to roam over your exposed body. His eyes widen, you see his Adams apple bob in his throat. He swallows, hard.
“You’re…” He mumbles, and then he looks up to stare into your eyes. “You’re really beautiful.” 
A blush blooms over your cheeks at his words, at the sincerity in them. Before you can respond, he pulls you to him and kisses you yet again, filling you with liquid heat. 
His thumbs trace right under your breasts and you are quivering. 
You move your body so that you are sitting on top of Taehyung, wrapping your legs around his waist, straddling him. It’s a little awkward shifting into place, but Taehyung’s palms are flat on the small of your back, his fingers curling around your ass as you finally settle. 
Taehyung moans and tilts his hips against you, you can feel his erection straining against his pants as his thumbs work up and finally, finally brush over the curve of your breasts.
You hiss in at the feeling of his thumb over your skin, working closer and closer to your nipples. You press harder against his mouth, grinding with an insistency against his cock. He is still kissing you, hot, heavy, hungry kisses. 
“Taehyung,” You moan out his name, “It feels so good…” 
He leans back to watch your face as his thumb darts right over your hard nipple. His thumb works a slow, lithe circle around your sensitive nipple before his thumb and index finger stroke over it properly. 
The feeling causes your back to stiffen and you tip your head back, letting out a soft, strangled moan. 
“You sound so hot,” Taehyung grits out the words, leaning forward at the opportunity and eagerly planting kisses along your exposed throat. 
You whimper out at his praise, at the feeling of his lips on your neck and his fingers working on your nipple. 
You are now all too aware of the heavy thud between your legs, the clench of your thighs around his waist and the way you are beginning to slowly, desperately rock your hips into him. 
You are wet, so wet that you can feel it practically pooling your underwear. The damp thud, deep in your core, is a drumbeat.
“So pretty,” Taehyung compliments, he chases his words by giving your other nipple a pinch, his fingers soothing the sensation with light strokes.
You whimper helplessly, your head falling back forward as Taehyung wraps his palm around your breasts and squeezes you, letting out a throaty moan. His eyes flicker in the dark light of your room as he massages you in his hands. 
You reach down with trembling fingers and pull at the hem of his shirt. He obliges, letting go of you to hold his arms out as you tug the white tee off of his head. 
You take in a sharp breath at the sight of him- the dip of his collarbones and the hint of muscles that ripple under his skin. 
Your fingers work against his abdomen, the stretch of skin and tautness of muscle, and you work teasing circles lower and lower down until you are right above his cock. 
His body is stiffened, waiting with a slowly loosening patience. He lets out a tiny choked moan at your tease before you let go and run your hands up his arms.
“You’re killing me here,” He growls lightly, and then his hand is at the back of your neck and he is kissing you again. His hands cup your ass, and you respond by working your body against the strain of his cock. 
His skin against yours, his arms against your back and his bulging cock against your pussy with each roll of your hips. It all has you trembling in want.
“I’m so wet for you right now, you have no idea,” You murmur into his ear. He chuckles, he squeezes your ass in his hands.
“Good.” He responds simply, you enjoy the shiver that runs down his body at your words and the throatiness of his voice. You nip more kisses along his neck.
He tips his head back at the feeling, and you bask in it, at how he reacts to each of your touches, each of your words.  
You are wet, so fucking wet that you feel filthy. All of your senses are wrapped in a film of crimson red want, and you are beginning to feel dizzy from just how badly you want him. You are riled up, your mind stuttering and desperate. You need him, and you need him now.
Taehyung, as if reading your mind, spins you, leans into you, pressing you onto your bed so that you are lying on your back. 
He sits up, and you swallow as his fingers wantonly flit over your body. 
He starts at your collarbones, his fingers dancing over your skin as he grazes over your breasts. When his fingers skim over your nipples, your body stiffens and you let out a soft exhale. 
Taehyung’s eyes flicker with pleasure at your visible reaction. He continues downwards, over your belly until he reaches your skirt. His fingers grasp waist of your skirt and tugs down, easing your skirt and your underwear together off of your legs. 
Your body wriggles on the mattress, and Taehyung lets out a soft groan at the sight of you, bare naked underneath him.
“God,” He mutters his jaw clenches and unclenches and you watch as he brings his hands down to rest on your hip. His fingers are still working careful circles right by the apex of your soaking wet slit. 
The feeling has you suppressing a whine.
“You have such a pretty pussy,” He sighs out. This time, you can’t suppress the whine and Taehyung smiles in satisfaction.
You can see his cock straining against his grey pants. He’s big, and thick, and the sight has you swallowing hard as he slowly places two fingers against your clit and then drags down.
You are wet, so wet that his fingers are immediately coated in your slick wetness. 
Taehyung clicks his tongue at how easily his fingers glide down your slit. Your body writhes, you are falling apart already.
“Baby,” Taehyung murmurs, “Try stay still for me okay?”
The affectionate name slips out of his mouth and you barely have time to dwell on it because his fingers are back at your clit. You clench your jaw, the friction if his fingers swirling circles over your clit sending you into a frenzy of want.
He lowers his body back on top of you, his fingers still working into your wetness. You are needy, you are dripping with it, and your fingers tremble as they reach down to unzip his jeans. 
You are shaky and clumsy and he chuckles.
“You want me, baby?”
You nod desperately as he slips a finger into you, easing it until he is knuckle deep inside. He crooks his finger and you bite down on his shoulder, letting out a choked moan against his skin. 
He pulls his finger out of you. You swallow at the sight of his digit, coated in your wetness. 
“So wet for me.” He comments throatily, and you watch as his eyes flicker with neediness of his own before he tugs his pants off.
Your eyes lock down on the grey fabric that is being tugged off and your eyes widen as you take in the sight of him naked. His thighs, his cock, which is thick and long and stands up with his erection. The tip of his cock pink and slightly glistening with his precum. 
“You’re really,” You pant out, peering over his shoulder to take in his back – the dip of his lower back and the muscles in his shoulders, he has two dimples right above his ass and the tightest, tautest ass and you feel a deep shiver in your belly, “Really fucking hot.”
A smile eases over Taehyung’s face and his eyes crease in the corners before he leans in and chases your lips into a kiss, his fingers reaching down to tease again over your clit. 
“Oh my-” He moans, and you reach down and wrap your fingers around the base of his cock. 
It’s thick, and hard in your hand and his breath stutters at the feeling of your dainty hand wrapped around his length. He begins to rock his hips, gliding his cock against you and fucking your hand. 
His fingers are still massaging circles into your clit and you press your head back into the pillow, your eyes squeezing shut in your neediness.
“I want you,” You beg out, impatience peaking to an absolute crescendo.
“Please baby, please.” The words slip out effortlessly as your palm glides over the tip of his cock and Taehyung shifts, placing the tip of his cock at your entrance. 
He pauses, delaying. 
His body pinning you down. 
You are gone, so far gone. His hair is falling in his eyes, his chocolate brown eyes full of lust as he scans over you. 
You can feel it, the tip of his cock brushing against your wetness and you let out a soft plea.
Taehyung’s eyes flicker and then he leans back down, his lips slamming against yours with a messy, desperate kiss.
And then you feel it. Him, pushing slowly into you. 
You suck in your breath at the feeling of him, his cock stretching you out and pushing against your walls. He eases his cock until it was all the way inside of you. You hear his exhale of pleasure, and your eyes flutter closed. 
For a moment, all the messy desperation is settled, and are blissed out. It’s almost overwhelming how good it feels.
Within moments, it subsides, leaving in its wake a roaring want. You open your eyes to see Taehyung staring down at you. 
“I want you.” You bite out, your words are a demand, and Taehyung nods. 
“Your pussy feels fucking amazing,” He tells you in a voice that is heady and frantic as he begins to rock his cock into you.
He reaches up and laces his fingers through yours, keeping your hands pinned up beside your head as his hips rock deep circles into your core. 
He slides out nearly all the way, causing you to gasp… and then chases the absence with a long, deep thrust of his cock. 
Each dirty, fast slap of skin and the momentum of his cock buried deep inside of you only makes you needier Each gasp and breath and moan that he pulls out of your throat is broken apart and messy and you begin to feel the slow crest of a prickly heat in your core.
Taehyung continues to rut into you, each ministration of his hips against your soaked core causing him to groan. 
“Fuck,” He mutters, “You feel so tight around my cock, it’s…” his voice trails off and he swallows hard. He lets go of your hands and squeezes at your breasts, kneading them in his palms, and you moan loudly as your hands reach up to the canvas of his back. 
Your nails dig desperate patterns into his skin as you tilt your head back, Taehyung hitting deeper into you. Each slickened thrust is accompanied with a deep roll of his hips so that he is right there inside of you, causing you to feel choked with how close you are.
“Taehyung,” You pant out breathlessly, “I’m so close…” 
“Shit,” He mutters back, “You look so hot, it’s making me so damn hard.”
You bury your face into his neck and bite down on the skin there, moaning into him and trying to mask your sounds of pleasure. 
He reaches down and darts a finger against your clit as he continues to fuck into you, he reaches up with his other hand and grips the headboard above your heads. He holds himself in place as he continues to fuck into you with a ferocity that has you close to screaming. 
Your entire body moves with each of his thrusts, and you moan into his skin, biting down hard into his shoulder as your eyes squeeze shut.
“Gonna cum for me aren’t you, baby girl?” Taehyung grits, he slips another finger against your clit and the feeling of it has your thighs clenching tight.
“Y-y-yes,” You moan out, enjoying the constant groans and mewls he lets out with each thrust. You felt your eyes roll in your head and you gasp as as Taehyung angles his cock upwards. You feel light and heavy all at once and there is a white heat pooling in your belly.
“Fuck, I’m going to, fuck, please don’t stop, please-” Your words tumble out in a desperate rush and Taehyung moans, snapping his head down to look at you.
He keeps two fingers against your clit as the clutches you against him, fucking into your harder and faster and deeper. 
His eyes are locked on your face, and you keep your eyes trained on him. His hair, falling into his eyes, the sweat dotting his forehead with a slight sheen. The way his lips are parted, the dilated pupils of his eyes, how now- he is beautiful and masculine, all curves and edges.
“Oh my God oh my God oh my God,” You chant out brokenly as your orgasm breaks over you like a wave. 
You fall completely silent as it courses through your body, Taehyung slows his thrusts as you writhe beneath him.
“So fucking pretty when you cum.” Taehyung murmurs. You are faintly aware of him planting a kiss on your cheek and on your neck as you shiver in pleasure beneath him. The satisfaction riding through your body is long and overwhelming. 
Eventually your breath slows, it evens, and you feel the glow dissolving over your body, molten and warm and easy. 
“Oh my God,” The word is sung out in a sigh, and Taehyung smiles. 
“I came so hard.” You murmur, half in awe, half in mock complaint. Taehyung leans closer and presses a coy, delicate kiss to the corner of your mouth.
“You want more?”
Your body reacts before you speak, you curve up into him and nod. 
“Yes,” You mumble, and Taehyung pushes himself into you again. 
“Mmmm.” Taehyung’s low voice rumbles against your skin and you revel in it, your body sated and warm, a hazy prickle of desire growing in your belly with each buck of Taehyung’s cock. 
“You screwed me so good,” You hum, Taehyung’s head darts up. His eyes focus on you and his eyes are widened, rapt in you. He’s close, you can see it in the clench of his jaw and the tiny mewls that rip out of his throat. 
“I came so hard, God, your cock feels amazing…” Taehyung’s eyes flash at your words as he continues to fuck into of you. 
“Yeah?” He grunts, and you nod. 
“Hmmm, you made me so wet before you fucked me, I was practically begging for it,” You confess, and Taehyung smirks, his eyes flickering. 
He is close, you can read it on his face. You dig your nails into his back teasingly. 
“I can’t wait to feel your cum filling me up,” You purr, “Make sure you cum deep inside of me so I can feel it all night, okay?”
Taehyung lets out choked noise at your words, his eyes widening. “Fuck,” He grunts, “I’m…” His voice trail off and his thighs tense as he slams into you, three messy, sloppy, desperate thrusts before he let out a deep moan, his face burying into the crook of your neck and shoulder as he orgasms. 
His lips are at your ear, and you hear each whine and moan and shiver of his as he rides out his orgasm.
He stays like that for a moment, gathering himself. 
Finally, he pulls back and rolls onto his side. Your eyelids flutter closed as he kisses your cheek and then the corner of your mouth, before placing a kiss on your lips. 
He kisses you sweetly, tenderly, before he pulls back. You open your eyes to see him smiling down at you, his eyes soft and warm.
He doesn’t say anything, and neither do you. He pulls out of you carefuly, and you wince at the feeling of your swollen pussy. He reaches over and grabs the tissue box kept by your bed, tugging out some tissues and dabbing carefully between your legs before he tosses the tissues in the bin.
He wriggles up beside you and wraps his arms around your waist. He crooks around your body like a comma and yawns into your hair. You begin to feel a sated, glowy drowsiness settle into you as he entangles his fingers with yours, holding you close against his chest. 
“That was…” He mumbles into your hair, his voice trailing off.
“Yeah,” You finish faintly, and you smile to yourself. Taehyung chuckles, his chest vibrating, and you laugh too.
“Tired?” He questions softly, and you nod, your head bobbing up and down as the tiredness exhales out of your chest in the shape of a sigh.
“Uh huh.” Taehyung’s arms circle around you tighter.
“Me too,” He comments softly. 
You feel Taehyung kiss the back of your head before he hums to himself sleepily. It’s a melody that doesn’t fully make sense, but it soothes at you. 
He moves his head, shifting to get comfortable as his hums slowly fade off into silence. 
Your eyelids are heavy, and they droop closed as you fall asleep in Taehyung’s arms.
Tumblr media
Taehyung slots into your life effortlessly.
While the sun lapses into the horizon earlier and earlier with each passing summer day, you sit at the same desk in your local library. Taehyung is always at the front desk. 
One day his legs are kicked up on the table while he squints down at the book in his hands, the next day he’s hunched over his phone, peering down in fierce concentration at the app game that he wants to get a top score in. 
No matter what he’s doing, you find yourself sneaking glances at him as you study. You take in the way his eyes narrow when he concentrates, the mannerisms of his - like how he licks his lips absently when he’s deep in thought. 
You notice how Taehyung often seems to go through a complete spectrum of emotions in the space of five minutes sometimes, tiny micro-expressions and emotions that fall over his face as he turns the pages of a book. 
Or how, when he’s hungry, he wrinkles his nose and places a palm over his stomach and frowns. Basically, you notice anything and everything about Kim Taehyung.
Even more times though, you find yourself lifting your eyes during a moment of passing to see him gazing directly at you. 
Each time, he is wearing that smile, and his eyes linger over you. His eyes are intent, piercing, and you hve to tear your eyes away and try to fight the blush that is melting a rosy glow over your cheeks.
When the library is closed, and the sky is streaky with blue and grey, you and Taehyung leave together. Some nights, you get a bite to eat- dumplings pinched between oily chopsticks and snippets of conversation that vary from Taehyung arguing with you about what the best kind of chocolate is (‘Hersheys kisses are bomb don’t even try to fight me on this!” “They’re average and you know it.”) to more serious conversations where Taehyung’s eyes wander and turn glassy in hesitation as he admits thoughts and secrets that you gloss over with kisses and words of comfort. 
Other nights though, you end up clutching one another’s bodies in between your sheets - or his. You exchange kiss after kiss after kiss. They start off as furious kisses, kissing as if you are running out of time. Kissing as if you are desperate to extract every last inch from each other’s mouths. 
Eventually, as the night wears on, your kisses slow into languid ones. Eyelashes fluttering against each other, bodies held close and Taehyung staring into your eyes until your heart feels swollen and transparent, and so utterly fragile that it might viably burst into pieces at any given moment.
You have no idea when that happened. When the lines that so clearly distinguished you from Taehyung became so blurred. When he stopped being irritating, an obstacle, a rival… and became something else entirely. 
Taehyung has slotted himself into your life so simply, slipping into your schedule with so much ease. Taehyung seems to read you and understand you more thoroughly than anyone has ever before. It’s in how he instinctively places his fingers on your shoulders and works the muscles there, aching from studying all day. How he senses that you are craving sugar, and after filling his car with gas, pulls two cheap chocolate ice creams from behind his back with a knowing grin.
You adapt to him quickly, and he adapts to you. It’s like, in an odd way, he was always meant to be there.
“Do you ever think about the fact that only five percent of the ocean has been discovered?” Taehyung asks randomly. “It’s so sad. Don’t you think it’s sad?” 
His arms are holding you to his chest, his lips pressed absently to your shoulder. He mumbles the question against your skin and you roll your eyes, shoving him away. 
He barely reacts, instead, he clings to you tighter. The tiniest of smiles fights it’s way to the surface and you tilt your head to hide the grin tugging on the corner of your mouth.
“What kind of question is that?” You respond instead, and Taehyung shrugs. He doesn’t move, he just stays where he is, his arms looped thoughtlessly around you. Yet you can practically feel his shoulders shrugging up and down. You wonder absently when exactly that happened, when you started reading him just as well as he could read you.
“It’s not sad. Maybe some things are better left undiscovered. At least until a later date, you know? One day we’ll explore the other 95% of it. There’s no use getting sad over things that will eventually come to fruition.” 
“Yeah.” Taehyung mumbles. “That’s cool.” 
“Cool?” You exclaim in mock irritation, “I give you that super thoughtful answer and all I get is that’s cool?” 
You shift so that you are facing him. Taehyung’s cheek is squished from where he is lying down on your pillow, his dark eyes playful.
Taehyung just bats his lids at you in an exaggerated fashion that is just so unmistakably Taehyung, and then his face lapses into a grin.
“I think you’re cool.” He says instead, a light comment that is tossed at you with a casual air, but it strikes a nerve and you falter.
It doesn’t matter, you tell yourself. You have never wanted to be cool, you have never cared about being cool. ‘Cool is a social construct’, your own words, recited to yourself in your own reflection when you felt the pangs of doubt about what you were doing with your life and the things you were choosing to spend your time on. 
But there is something about this boy with dark chocolate eyes and a sage smile on his face that has a nerve twinging in your chest. 
“Taehyung…” Your breathe. “I…” Your voice is small, and it fades into silence as you fidget, your fingers gripping at your sheets. 
The playfulness falls from Taehyung’s eyes, replaced by something else. He stares at you with a scrutiny that has you shaky, he is staring at you like he is drinking every inch of you in. 
His eyes are not analytical, they are soft, tender, and full. You feel your heart swell and you feel it swell everywhere, in your bones and in your chest and fluttering throughout every vein in your body.
“Y/N,” Taehyung says softly. “I need to tell you something, okay?”
He gently pushes away from you and sits up in your bed. His hair is messy, his eyes solemn. He doesn’t wait for you to answer, he links his fingers together and stares directly at you.
“I like this.” He says in a matter of fact tone. “You and me.” His eyes pierce into yours and your shoulders stiffen. 
“I have fun with you,” He says, “You make me want to be a better guy.” He continues, “And…” His shoulders shrug up and down, you can feel him shrugging before his shoulders even move. “It just feels right.” 
He states simply, and lifts his eyes to meet yours. You haven’t spoken, words that haven’t fully formed are trapped in your throat.
“I know there’s the grad program.” Taehyung continues. “And realistically, yeah. Only one of us will get in. But I’ve been looking into it, and there’s a lot of other great programs out there, you know? This one program isn’t the be all and end all.” 
Your breath locks in your throat at Taehyung’s words, at the eagerness that is beginning to slip into his tone. 
Your mind wrangles with that- the thought of him, the boy with the loud laugh surrounded by a group of friends, the boy who nibbles on his pens while he studies, the boy who is sitting opposite you now with earnest eyes and hopeful words. 
You consider it- the thought of your future changing. The image you always pictured shifting to include him.
“And yeah, if I don’t get into the grad program, if you don’t… at least there are options you know? For me, for you, for… us.” Taehyung adds shyly. 
You freeze at the mention of the grad program, at the prospect of not getting in. You snap into focus, you grab at it, the concrete memory of all the years of work you have put into this, years spent alone and isolated. 
“I mean, I’m pretty sure you’ll get in but I mean-”
“And what?” Your voice slices through Taehyung’s and it’s harsher than you expected. “This, us, will continue on? You really think so?”
Taehyung’s eyes flash in confusion and he tilts his head to you. He is clearly caught off guard by your rapid fire words. 
“I-” he begins, but you continue on.
“This is just fun. It’s not serious. I don’t have time for this.” Your voice is clear, strong, concealing the shake you are beginning to feel in your body. 
Taehyung’s mouth is open in surprise as he stares at you, and you fold your arms over your chest and fling your legs around your side of the bed. You stand up, throwing on your clothes hastily. You are beginning to panic, you can feel it rising in your chest. 
It just doesn’t seem real, Taehyung, this, sitting in your bed talking about the future and the grad program. You weren’t supposed to get deep into anything at this point in your life, let alone something like this, someone like Taehyung.
“Y/N I was just-” Taehyung begins. You turn, focusing your attention on him. Your face is cool, indifferent, as you fold your arms tightly over your chest. 
“Sorry but what you just suggested? I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
Taehyung sighs. He pulls himself off of the bed and stands in front of you, his palms resting on the sides of your arms.
“I care about you.” He says softly. “So much-”
“I don’t have time for this.” 
Taehyung’s hands hover in the air as his face falls. 
“I think- I think maybe we’re getting too deep into things, I don’t have time-”
“You don’t have time?” Taehyung repeats in disbelief. 
His lips press into a line and he stares at you and you stare at the floor, because your heart is thudding in your chest and you don’t know why… but you’re pushing Taehyung away as hard as you can.
“I just don’t feel the same way about you.” You say finally. You lie, the words feel bitter as they are pulled through your teeth. 
You glance up to see Taehyung’s face, crestfallen. He stares at you for a long moment and you swallow. Taehyung reaches up, rubs a palm against the back of his head before he nods.
“Got it.” He says in a tiny voice, and he turns, bending down to scoop up his clothes. 
You stand there, wondering why exactly you just said that, why you did that, watching as Taehyung pulls his jumper over his head and wriggles into his jeans.
You watch as he leaves. He doesn’t say a word, he just walks out. And you stare at the door for a long moment, feeling numb and awful. You repeat to yourself that it was just a crush, nothing more, that Taehyung is better off without you and you are better off without the distraction. 
As you curl back into bed, his scent is still lingering in your pillows and your sheets, and you try to convince yourself that this is the right thing to do.
Tumblr media
The first thing you notice is how quiet your day is.
You wake up, you eat breakfast, you study throughout the day and watch as the sun sets outside your window. 
You watch as the sun sinks into the skyline, and you try your hardest to not think about the quiet local library and the boy who works there. 
You sit in your living room, a lonely figure by the dim light of your reading lamp, and try to think about anything else. 
You fail every time. 
Your life has returned to what it was. The same life you have lived for as long as you can remember. 
But you don’t remember it being so quiet. 
There is no sound of pages turning, of that deep voice humming in time with each scratch of the pen against paper. No random questions asked at the strangest of moments, no nibbles of teeth against pen caps. 
Everything is quiet.
You busy yourself, you distract yourself with studies and you throw yourself into a world of hard and unrelenting textbooks, and questions and answers, until your mind is exhausted. 
You push yourself, but even as exhausted as you are, Taehyung works his way into your thoughts constantly.
Class starts again after the summer break and while at first you took long routes to classes, avoiding busy spots to save yourself the awkwardness of seeing him… you stop trying to avoid him and start trying to find him. It feels like you are a chasing a ghost around your campus- looking for the telltale timber of his laugh, your eyes carding through his group of friends every time you pass them.
While his presence seems to linger in your thoughts, you don’t see him around, and you realize with a startling clarity just how much you miss him.
When two weeks pass and you haven’t even so much as caught a glimpse of Kim Taehyung, you wander into your University library. It is huge, towering bookshelves and librarians who are clipped and serious and hey, actually helpful. 
You miss Taehyung, you miss glancing up and seeing him smiling at you from his chipped front desk. 
When three weeks pass, you return to the library. You go in the morning, and you spot Taehyung’s chair, vacant before the start of his shift. 
The telltale signs of Taehyung are all over the desk- a Rubiks cube that has been solved, a small stack of books, a half eaten bag of honey butter chips. 
You wander your way through the shelves of the library until you find what you are looking for. A small book, it is a novella more than a full novel, worn down with a creased spine and yellowed pages. 
It’s the first book that Taehyung recommended to you, back during that first day you had spoken properly, right here in this very library.
You lend it out, and you fold your legs underneath you in your bedroom later that night as you read. 
It’s not your usual kind of book- a lyrical short story that has an embedded, deeper meaning. You find your mind getting restless as you begin the book, but you push on. Eventually you are enthralled and you read it until the sky is purple-blue and it’s deep into the evening. 
When you get to the last page, a small note flutters out. 
It’s not so much a note as a ripped out corner of a page of scrap paper, a few messy words scrawled into it. Sloping, scribbled handwriting that you recognize, handwriting that has your heart leaping in your chest.
You loved it, right? Told you so!
Tumblr media
Taehyung had recommended you six books. You lend each one out and after college, after studying, you devour them. 
They’re an eclectic mix of novels- from a classic literature piece to modern light hearted fiction, to a book of poetry, to a non fiction collection of essays about architectural design. 
There is no seeming link connecting the books, except Taehyung. 
You read each book until you have turned the last page, and that same telltale ripped out corner of paper floats out. The notes are always short, snippets really - Never doubt the recommendations of the one and only Kim Taehyung!! on one, I reckon I could be an architect if I wanted to as a back up career. Thoughts? (also how inspiring is this book!) scrawled in the design book, and no 45 is my favourite but no 32 rocks in the book of poems.
The last book that Taehyung recommended to you is a novel. You cry while reading it, fat tears that roll off of your lashes and down your cheeks. It is a novel that speaks about love, about yearning, about the flickering embers of the soul. A soul book, for lack of better words. It is moving, and you hesitate on the last few pages, not wanting to turn them. 
For the first time in all of Taehyung’s recommendations, not wanting to reach the last page.
When you turn the last page, that same scrap piece of paper that you always look forward to slips out. 
You pick it up and turn it over, imagining him sitting at his desk in the library, hurriedly writing it out, slipping it into the pages and then onto the shelves. 
As you read it, your heart stops.
This is my favourite book of all time. I cry every time I read it. I reread it recently and thought of you tbh. I really hope you love it. 
Your heart gives out. You have tried so hard to keep it neatly locked away, to keep your life sectioned into organized pieces. 
You have been pushing Taehyung away since the moment his eyes met yours.
You have been so scared to let him in, so afraid to let yourself fully submerge in the comfort you feel in his arms, in the calm that envelops you when Taehyung runs a hand through your hair or gently digs his fingers into your palms.
You had never thought you would meet someone who got you. Your entire life, no one had clicked with you. No one had read you and taken the time to analyze you, to understand you, to love you. Until Kim Taehyung. 
Taehyung, who flicked you with his bitten pens and made you groan in irritation, Taehyung who linked his arms around your waist and held you as tight to him as humanly possible, Taehyung who stared at you with wide inquisitive eyes as if you were the most interesting, fascinating novel in the world and he couldn’t stop turning the pages.
You stare down at your lap, at the closed book sitting there, at the tiny scrap of paper in your hands. 
The little thought scribbled out from Taehyung’s mind, from his huge heart, and you think back to his words right here in your bed only a month ago. His eyes, earnest and warm, his husky voice telling you that he cared about you.
Your hands are shaky, because you are still scared. 
You stand up again, turning away from your bed, much like you did four weeks ago. Your eyes glance over at your bedroom window, at the sun, which is beginning to dissolve into the skyline. A buttery gold haze that is slowly fading into evening.
You stand up. You clutch the book in your hands. You stare at the door.
Logically, you divide your choices into two. 
You can take a risk, you can stop trying to control every part of your life and your future, you can let someone in and you can stop being so hard on yourself. Or you can return to comfort, to a life of neat lines and familiarity.
You have a choice. Two options. 
You glance down at the book clutched in your hand, at your bedroom, lapsed in the last few fragments of sunlight before the sun fully sets into the horizon.
And you think about the boy in the library.
Tumblr media
He doesn’t look up as you march up to his desk. Your hands are trembling, each footstep loud, but he doesn’t look up. 
He is reading, biting his lip in concentration. He’s studying, you realize as you approach. 
You haven’t seen him in a month and he looks the same, honey caramel hair, long eyelashes that lazily blink as he scans the pages. 
His hair has grown longer since you last saw it, it’s curling slightly at the edges. He has faint circles under his eyes, but they are the same- focused and intense and piercing, eyes that make you weak even when they aren’t directed on you. He is wearing a shirt with oversized sleeves and he has to keep pushing them up as he scribbles out some notes.
“How can I help you?” He doesn’t look up, he asks the question absently and distractedly and your mind flashes back to your words, clipped and cold, you are a terrible librarian. A smile ghosts over your lips and you drop the book on his desk.
“I’d like to return this book please.”
His head jerks up and his eyes meet yours. Warmth floods your chest, and you see the surprise register across his face. 
Taehyung blinks.
“Did you enjoy it?” He asks finally, you can hear the uncertainty that filters through his words.
“I did.” You say, your voice is trembling. “I loved it, actually.”
Taehyung blinks again, his eyelashes flutter up and down rapidly as if he is trying to process his thoughts. He looks down at the book. 
“I-” You begin, and you tremble. “I read your notes in all the books you recommended to me.”
Taehyung lets out a wry laugh, he still doesn’t look up. He is still staring at the book, his hands still folded in his lap. 
“Oh. Ha. So they were still there even after all this time. I was beginning to think some random person would end up reading them.” 
He cracks a smile, but it doesn’t reach his eyes and you can see the hurt that flashes over his face. You swallow.
“I’m sorry.” You blurt out, and Taehyung just looks at you.
“Y/N-” He begins, and you can hear it in his voice, hesitation and uncertainty. Your heart pangs.
“Conceptual Theory Volume 1,” You blurt out, and Taehyung pauses. Confusion flits through his eyes but you continue on bravely. “The first textbook I had to read for college, I had an exam on that content and I got an average grade. I reread that textbook five times after I got my results.”
Taehyung falls silent. 
“The Consolations of Philosophy. I was reading it the day that you joined my class. I reread the same page fourteen times because I couldn’t concentrate when you were there.”
Taehyung looks up, his eyes meet yours. You’re trembling but you continue on.
“The Little Prince,” You say, “Was the first book that I read and fell in love with when I was a kid. I used to dream about meeting someone like that one day. I read it every week until I turned fifteen.”
A softness settles into the lines of Taehyung’s face, his lips quirk in the corners.
“That book.” You say, your voice wavers and you nod to the book that is still sitting in front of Taehyung, “Is the a book that was recommended to me by this guy who I thought was my competition. A guy I thought would bring me down. I was wrong. I was also scared. I was trying to pretend that… that he wasn’t important to me, when in fact he is. When in fact think I might be falling in love with him.”
Taehyung is still staring. You swallow and you nod. 
“I… yeah. They’re my book recommendations. You gave me yours so I feel it’s only fair to give mine back.” 
You feel like you are about to faint. There is a sharp tug of fear and discord in your chest, because this is so utterly out of your comfort zone. 
Yet you feel frozen into place, like there is nowhere else that you are supposed to be but here, your eyes locked with Taehyung’s. 
“That’s,” Taehyung says finally, “A pretty good list of recommendations.” 
He stares at you with soft eyes, and you feel a hope spring in your throat. 
“It’s getting there.” You respond nervously, “I mean I don’t know if I actually recommend them, the theory textbook is actually pretty boring-”
Your words are cut short by Taehyung standing up, the screech of his chair filling the quiet of the library. 
He leans across his desk, and cups your face in his hands, his palms grazing your cheeks and he pulls you in, capturing your lips in a kiss.
You are aware of small fragments only at first. 
His fingers, gripped tenderly around your jaw, brushing  against your skin. 
The sound of your soft gasp into his mouth, a gasp that quickly fades into a sigh. 
The headiness of his scent, the taste of his lips, his tongue that carefully darts over your bottom lip and seeks entrance. 
And most of all, the unfurling glow in your chest from him, from Taehyung.
He pulls away from you slowly, he blinks, and you feel like you are about to melt right then and there. Your eyes track over his face, mapping over every curve of his features, and you watch as he runs his thumb underneath your chin. 
An affectionate touch, accompanied by that smile- the smile that works over his face and eases into your chest. 
His smile you hadn’t realized you missed so intensely until it’s right here in front of you.
“I think I’m falling in love with you too.” He adds, and he tilts his head and his eyes crease in the corners, and you feel like you are giddy, a laugh bubbling on your lips as you nod. 
You don’t even know why you are nodding but you are, and Taehyung leans in to chase his words with a nip of his lips against yours, a kiss that is sweet and soft and slow and painfully short.
“I finish work in five.” He explains as he draws away, that same smile on his lips. “And I actually have to do this very important task before I go. In the gardening section. I could use your help actually.” He works his away around the desk, striding quickly until he is front of you.
You laugh softly at his words, he squeezes your hand.
“Is that so?” You ask, and he nods solemnly, leading you through the bookshelves. 
You follow him, and you think about how different your life had been only a few months ago. 
You think about how you had been so knotted up in doubts and stress before, and how now you feel an easiness in your heart, a sense of assurance. 
You look at Taehyung, his slender fingers linked in yours. He turns over his shoulder to smile at you, his lips turned up playfully and a tenderness in his eyes that makes your heart race. 
“Taehyung,” You say as your bodies tumble into the small space in between the bookshelves. His eyes fall on you, expectant, and you smile. 
There are million things you could say, a thousand words that are there. One day, you think to yourself, you’ll say them all to him. 
One day you’ll figure out the perfect combination of words to express everything you’re feeling. Everything that you can’t put into adequate enough words right now. 
For now, you pull him in closer. You stare into his eyes, you smile.
And you say everything with a kiss.
Tumblr media
amynote: thank you to the person who submitted this request, i hope you enjoyed ♡
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jungcock · 3 years ago
fatal attraction│01 (m.)
→ pairing: reader x jungkook (feat. taehyung)
→ genre: serial killer au, angst
→ word count: 14k
Your dangerous ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt you in more ways than one.
→ warnings: mentions of smut, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, light gore, death and murder. This will be a series with a lot of twists and turns… I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m excited to finally post so I hope you all like it.
↳ series m.list | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | on going
Tumblr media
You were at Hoseok’s palace of a home. You were at Hoseok’s palace of a home every Saturday night. Every weekend his parents flew off to the Caribbean, leaving an empty house for him to have all of you over. Apparently dealing with their unemployed 24 year old son proved too stressful. You, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung and a hundred odd people occupied the Jung mansion in his parent’s absence. These parties were notorious from what you heard. Only a handful of times you had experienced them first hand, despite being in the same place every weekend. Instead, you’d lock yourselves upstairs and let the party goers enjoy the raging vibes below.
Surprisingly, Hoseok never minded these strangers soiling his million dollar home. Whenever someone would break a vase or knock over an expensive artwork his reaction was far from frightening. His eyes would widen and he’d mutter an ‘oh shit’ before erupting into laughter. He was so carefree and that’s what you loved most about him - despite the trait most likely stemmed from growing up so privileged.
Hoseok was heir to an empire. You all were and you were lucky you all clicked so well when your parent forced you all to form a little group. Sure you fought every now and then, but there were two things that always kept the dynamic in check, two things you would always have in common. One, none of you wanted to take over your families’ businesses and two, all of you loved to drink.
You were sitting at the dining table scattered with all types of contraband and playing cards. You had the worst poker face, so your goodies were at the other end of the table with Taehyung. You sent him a death glare as he snorted a line of your cocaine before puckering his lips at you.
“Hey! It’s not my fault you’re shit,” he retorted.
“Fuck you!”
You chucked your cards at him and he cackled when they landed nowhere near him.
“Let’s just play something else,” Jimin suggested, hoping to simmer down the situation before you exploded.
“No!” Taehyung argued, “Just because princess pathetic can’t handle losing her stimulants doesn’t mean everyone’s fun has to be ruined.”
Taehyung was known for joking around, especially with you. For some reason beyond your knowledge, you were his favourite to tease. It was a thrill for him to get a rise out of you, you could see it in his eyes. Every time, his chocolate orbs would ignite with satisfaction at your reaction. It was like he got off from it, his dark stare taking a snapshot of your face to save for later. Although he irked you endlessly, you didn’t entirely mind. He ensured there was never a dull day. He ensured embarrassing moments never went unnoticed and were stored away for future laughs. He was your friend and you knew he loved you, despite the harassment. But that comment did hurt.
“Hey!” Yoongi snapped.
Taehyung eyes widened and he hung his head. Whenever Yoongi spoke up, you all knew, as well as Taehyung, that he had gone too far. Now at an awkward standstill as to what to play next, Hoseok got up to go downstairs. He’d make an appearance every hour, more so to please his guests as opposed to checking if his home was still intact. After two years of witnessing these parties you had come to the conclusion that Hoseok used them to punish his parents for neglecting him. They weren’t for his pleasure and they weren’t for his boys or yours. The parties were only a background noise. It was a weird dynamic when you actually thought about it but it worked. The guests knew never to come upstairs and as long as they obeyed that rule, they could drink and party to their hearts’ content. However, Hoseok wasn’t completely reckless, if anyone broke his very few, lax rules they were banned for good. His status alone kept trespassing nonexistent. It was organised chaos.
“I’m off to do the rounds! If you haven’t come up with a game by the time I come back, we’re all joining the party,” Hoseok threatened and earned a groan from all the boys as he left.
“Ok fine! Since princess-” Taehyung began with a snarky tone.
“Careful,” Yoongi warned.
He sighed before adjusting his tone to something close to endearing.
“Since princess has lost her assets, how about we bet on clothes?”
“If you give me my coke back I’ll strip for you right now,” you deadpanned, fed up with his extra sass.
“Really?!” He exclaimed, his face lighting up with shock, which you hated because he looked so damn cute.
“Just have mine ____,” Jimin offered kindly, trying to save your dignity.
“No offence baby but my coke is better,” you sassed, drunk and coming down from the weak drugs.
Jimin dropped his cards in defeat. He was always such an angel to you, you knew you’d feel bad tomorrow but right now your stubborn self just didn’t care.
“____ just text Jin and get more,” Yoongi suggested clearly trying to protect your dignity as well.
“I can’t,” you replied in a small voice.
“Why?” Taehyung challenged with a smirk.
“Because if I ask him for drugs again he’s gonna tell mum and dad,” you admitted unable to make eye contact with anyone.
Sure your brother was a part time drug dealer, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t still your brother. He was overprotective and controlling and he hated you hanging out with the boys. If it wasn’t for the fact your friendships benefited the family business, he would have narked on you all years ago.
Taehyung’s cackle filled the room. “Are you serious?!”
“Why are you being extra dickish today?”
Taehyung shrugged his shoulders before pushing his chair back and dangling your little white bag spitefully. In blind determination you marched over to him, peeling the tight shirt off your back. Jimin and Yoongi yelled in half-hearted disgust and turned away while Taehyung hollered.
“C'mon guys don’t pretend you haven’t wanted see this for years!”
You ignored his comment, knowing if you acknowledged it your face might have turned beet red. You attempted to snatch your drugs dangling between his fingers but he palmed the bag.
“Jeans as well, baby.”
You rolled your eyes and began to unzip. You should have felt disgusted and repelled by his sleazy behaviour but you couldn’t. As you looked down into his eyes that were filled with curiosity and anticipation, you could only see your little Tae. Taehyung who never failed to make you smile by the sight of his face alone, his constant expression of absence and his big bambi eyes. The urge to pinch his cheeks was a daily struggle and that image was impossible to tarnish. And in a weird way, it made you feel ok with what was going on. You trusted Taehyung, you trusted all the boys and you were comfortable. Honestly you were surprised they hadn’t seen you naked already.
“Stop!” Yoongi yelled before you could push your jeans past your ass.
“Why?!” Tae whined in dramatic pain.
“Jin’s on his way.”
“What?!” You screeched in panic.
“Chill! I texted him asking to score and he said he was in the area. Put your shirt back on, your high end coke is on its way,” Yoongi explained.
“Thank you.”
You did what you were told and poked your tongue at Taehyung before returning to your seat. He kicked at Yoongi’s chair and mouthed a 'what the fuck man?!’ at him when he thought you weren’t watching.
“We’ve got a good thing going here!” Yoongi bellowed, disregarding Tae’s attempt to be discreet. “I’m not going to let you make it weird and awkward for the only girl that likes us because you’re high and horny!”
Now, girls liked them. Girls liked them a lot. However you were the only one who didn’t beg them for anything remotely romantic. Now don’t get it wrong, it was difficult in the beginning. The four of them screamed anime fantasy, with their impeccable fashion sense and coloured hair. Their demeanours radiated sex appeal without effort, disinterested and completely unaware of how alluring it was. They were just too cool it hurt. It took a good couple of months of getting used to and resisting that urge to throw yourself at any of them was probably the best thing you had ever done. It was strange to think your feelings for them weren’t always platonic.
And even more strange to think it was Taehyung that caught your eye first.
He was slouched against the wall at the bottom of Hoseok’s grand staircase. His hair was red at the time and he was sporting leather trousers and a white bomber. Drunken strangers flooded the distance between you two and obscured your view occasionally but it was still impossible not to spot him. He looked and was, fucked and he completely owned it. His mouth was in a permanent smirk, his tongue making an appearance every few seconds. He was looking everywhere and nowhere in particular. It had you yearning for his thoughts. Daze so intense, he hadn’t even noticed you blatantly staring at him for the last half an hour.
Half an hour you had been there, dragged out of bed by your brother because he needed to deal and you couldn’t be left alone. You truly had no interest in attending one of Hoseok’s parties but now, discovering this gorgeous boy had you kicking yourself for not making an appearance sooner. Once you had enough of the torture, in a second of blind courage, you found your legs moving towards him. You didn’t even have anything to say. Honestly, you were shamelessly contemplating just shoving your tongue down his throat because you didn’t have anything to say. But you weren’t the only one with him in your radar. You stopped in your tracks when suddenly this gorgeous blonde popped out of nowhere and latched onto him. You cursed. If only you had made your move sooner. But no, you had spent the whole time just staring like an absolute creep…
But before you could completely bask in regret, he was waving her off.
It was bizarre.  
She had the looks of a model, throwing herself at him and grabbing his manhood. He only chuckled and shook his head, letting her make a fool of herself. Just within earshot, you could make out her annoying whines.
“C'mon Tae, take me upstairs and we can fool around abit.”
Tae chuckled and covered his face as if she had just said the most absurd thing imaginable. Leaning his head back against the wall, he stared at her through his lashes and once again, shook his head. She stomped like a child, disappointment shrouded her flawless face. In one final attempt to get in this boy’s pants, she leaned into his ear and whispered so seductively it gave you goosebumps.
“I really want to suck your cock baby.”
No reaction whatsoever, instead his smirk returned and his eyes found yours. You must have looked like a deer in headlights, unable to move or play off like you hadn’t been eavesdropping the entire time. His stare was inquisitive, curious and he refused to break it as he finally opened his mouth.
“No,” he growled into the blonde’s ear before winking at you.
Your heart stopped and you ran off in a panic. No no no no, hell no. There was no way you could face him now. On a mission to find your brother, you were praying he was far from the stairwell so you could make a proper escape. Tae’s raspy voice echoed in your brain as you moved through the crowd at an agonisingly slow pace. To your dismay, you didn’t get very far before Jin found you.
“____! I told you not to wander off! Why didn’t you answer your phone?” Jin yelled at you over all the commotion.
You had felt your phone go off but ignored it. You couldn’t risk tearing your eyes from Tae at the time. You were scared he’d get lost in the crowd even if you looked away for a second. But now that you had been discovered, you had to be as far away as possible. You nervously turned back to check the distance you made between yourself and said boy. It wasn’t a lot and he was still watching you, amused and the blonde had disappeared.
“I’m sorry, let’s just go home,” you gushed trying your best to usher him towards the door.
But he stopped.
“Oh! It’s Taehyung,” he said, waving at the boy you had been trying to run away from.
“You know him?!” You squealed.
“Yeah, he’s dad’s potential business partner’s son.”
Your eyes widened. “How do you know this?”
“We’re going to be taking over the family business eventually, ____, pay attention.”
“You’re taking over the family business Jin. So no, I won’t pay attention.”
He shook his head and chuckled.
“I’ll introduce you.”
Before your body could react, Jin was already approaching him. He grabbed your hand and pulled you along like he did when you two were kids. You tugged at his bicep in protest and whispered in his ear in desperation. You felt like you could mentally combust if forced to confront Taehyung now. Jin ignored your pleas, like always. Your heart was racing as Taehyung spotted Jin and stood up straight, recognition in his expression. It was the most alert you’d seen him.
“Oh, Jin!” He greeted.
Then they did this bro handshake you’d never understand.
“Hey, do you have anymore of those pink tabs?” Taehyung asked your brother, eyes wide and hopeful. It was the cutest thing you’d ever seen in your life.
“So that’s how you know him?” You called him out, as if he listened to shit concerning the family business. “I was under the impression you met through our respected law-abiding families?”
Jin shot you menacing eyes. “I did meet him through dad, you brat,” he hissed in your ear.
Taehyung chuckled. “Who is this?” He asked your brother and then turned to you, “And why’d you run away from me?”
“This is my little sister ____,” he introduced you before you had a chance to. “I have to babysit her even though she’s 19 years old because she can’t stay out of trouble. And why did you run away from him ____?”
You stuttered. The fucking nerve of him. You wanted to murder him. Taehyung’s laughter filled the air and you felt your face burning up. You twisted around to punch Jin in the gut but he predicted it and blocked it. The urge to scream in his face was so strong but Taehyung’s intense gaze forced you to behave.
"You’re not doing a very good job keeping her away from it.”
The three of you turned to the voice walking down the stairs. Your jaw dropped. The boy was just as ethereal as Taehyung. He had similar style, however a leather jacket hung off his shoulders instead of the white bomber that swallowed Taehyung. He caught your eye and smiled brightly, his eyes crescent moons. If you hadn’t died already, you died then.
“You’re no better,” Taehyung pointed at the other boy, eyes wide and accusing.
“What? I’m an angel,” the boy sung, running his fingers through his silvery white hair.
The other boys cringed and Taehyung shoved him as he took the spot next to him against the wall.
“I’m Jimin.”
“Hi,” you squeaked.
Jin looked at you, looked at his friends and then looked at the way you were looking at his friends. He could always sense the trouble before you ever could. It was the glint in your eye, the undeniable tension that radiated off of you whenever you were drawn to something, drawn to… trouble, essentially. And somehow it was Jin’s job to prevent it, to intervene before you delved face first.
“Ok I’m going to take my baby sister home now,” he declared, emphasising 'baby’.
“No, stay!” Jimin protested sweetly.
“Yoongi hates it when you leave so soon,” Taehyung added.
You had heard that name before, Jin was always mentioning him when he was not already with him. Although your brother never used the phrase best friend, you knew that was what Yoongi was. You had been dying to meet him. And you’d be lying if you said the two boys you had just met didn’t have anything to do with your change of mind.
“Let’s stay-” You began.
“Next time boys,” Jin interrupted, pulling your arm.
“Wait!” Taehyung hollered and closed the distance Jin attempted to make. “I wanna see you again.”
The smirk on him radiated utter confidence and bravado. You hadn’t made the best first impression, with the help of Jin, so you were quite surprised. Nevertheless, you bit your lip and pulled your phone out of your pocket. But it was quickly intervened.
"No,” your brother deadpanned.
The boys with coloured hair laughed.
“C'mon dude, we’re not that bad,” Jimin defended the both of them.
“Maybe you,” Jin said pointing at Jimin. “But not him.”
Taehyung gasped dramatically.
“Ok, how about I get her number then,” Jimin mediated.
Jin rolled his eyes but didn’t protest. He turned around as if saying to quickly do it while he wasn’t looking. You grabbed Jimin’s phone, typing your number and saving it. Taehyung’s eyes grew at the sight of Jimin’s phone, now with your number in it, as you handed it back. He was about to lunge for it but you grabbed his phone before he could and dialed your number quickly.
Jin turned around as your phone rang.
“Um no!”
“I’ll see you around,” You said with a wink, dragging your brother away.
Jimin and Taehyung told you a year later what they thought of you in that very moment. It started with, “you were sexy as hell” and ended with “but then you became one of us”. You had pondered that conversation and first interaction over and over, trying your best to analyse how they saw what they had explained. First of all, you looked a mess that night so for them to find you attractive enough to want to see you again, had you baffled. Jin gave you no time to change, so you were still in your satin nightgown and ended up chucking on boots that were laying at the front door. Your hair probably looked like a nest and all you did was stand there being patronised by your brother.
For a while you theorised it was because Taehyung thought anything in little dress was sexy as hell. He loved women with an alternative look and he was all about the chase so it was easy to assume. Jimin spoiled that theory eventually, with a raised eyebrow and an accusation that you weren’t giving yourself enough credit for how beautiful you were. And soon, to your embarrassment, whether it was a compliment or expressed as a burden, none of the boys would let you forget how beautiful you were.
As you walked back to the car with your brother that night, you had to bite your lip to keep from smiling. From the beginning, you could feel that you were on the same wavelength and that both parties had voids they knew the other could fill. It was in the way Jimin smiled at you. It was in the way Taehyung looked at you differently to the way he looked at that blonde girl. There was a connection you hadn’t felt since your ex-boyfriend and you had missed the excitement that coincided. The promise of new relationships - friendly and romantic alike.
However, Jin was quick catch on, being the protective brother was.
“You are never to go to one of those parties ever again,” he ordered before speeding down the driveway.
Like Jin could ever control you.
You found yourself being drawn to them. Every Saturday, without fail, you would sneak out your bedroom window to meet Taehyung waiting further down your street with the motor running. Before you’d end up at Hoseok’s, he’d drive you to a make out spot that overlooked a view of the lit up city at night. It was breathtakingly gorgeous despite the muffled moans from neighbouring cars. The first time he took you there you could tell a hook up was on his brain and sweaty palms aside, you were more than obliging. But instead, you got talking and that’s all you ended up doing. You told each other things you had never told anyone. You laughed until you cried. There was more than just attraction and that was the last time you ever got the sense he was coming on to you. And after that, surprisingly, the awe of him wore off. As you spent more weekends with him, he became less of an angelic being and more of a boy your age. The dazzle and charm of him developed into pure platonic fondness. As it did with Jimin. And then Hoseok and Yoongi when you met them.
You liked them for them and not for their looks, and Yoongi cherished that greatly. As corny as it sounded, it made you feel secure and warm and wanted. Just knowing for a fact, Yoongi wouldn’t let anything jeopardise your place in the group did wonders for your emotional stability.
“You could never scare me away,” you reassured him, in the cutest voice you could muster.
You giggled at his reaction, as much as he pretended it disgusted him you knew he loved it. It was the glimmer of admiration in his face before he would twist it into a grimace. Jimin’s giggle filled the air and it was contagious.
“Don’t pretend you don’t love it,” Jimin teased.
Yoongi shoved his chair back and shot out of his seat, ignoring Jimin’s comment.
“Fuck it.”
“Where are you going?!” Taehyung questioned, containing his laughter.
You all watched Yoongi’s back as he stormed up to the locked door.
“What else are we gonna do huh?! It took you idiots hours to decide on this game.”
It was not hours, drama queen.
The other boys grumbled. They hated joining the party. As obnoxious as it sounded, it was because they were sick and tired of being continuously hit on. Every time they took a step out that door, girls would squeal and then a brave one would come up and try her luck. Now, any guy would be in heaven but these boys were different. Jimin was shy and even though the attention was flattering, he didn’t want it and never knew how turn it down. Taehyung loved the attention, but he also loved the chase, nothing screamed boring more than a girl that was easy. Yoongi was too into his music, he couldn’t care for anything else. And Hoseok, was Hoseok. He was too all over the place for a girl to try to tie him down, even if only for a hook up.
To the boys discomfort and displeasure, you loved to see it all unfold.
“Let’s do it!” You cheered, joining Yoongi.
They moaned again, Jimin throwing his head back to be extra dramatic before dragging himself out of his seat.
“Only if me and ____ play boyfriend girlfriend!” Taehyung declared sickeningly cute before Jimin had a chance to.
“What are we? 10 years old?” You snapped.
Jimin narrowed his eyes before shoving his fist out. He played paper. Taehyung played scissors. Jimin declared defeat, kicking his chair in frustration.Taehyung shook his fists in victory before approaching you with open arms.
“I didn’t agree to this, you brat!” You protested, fending his arms away. “I was Jimin’s girlfriend last time, now people are going to think I’m fucking you all!”
Taehyung immediately morphed into your little Tae. Doe eyes and all. “But I won paper, scissors, rock,” he mumbled sadly.
You groaned, unable to deny him. And honestly, why should you care what those drunk people downstairs thought of you.
He joined your foreheads together, half headbutting you in his excitement. “Thank you ____,” he said before squishing your cheek against his own and squeezing the life out of you. You acted a dead weight until he was done.
“Ready?” Yoongi asked, hand on the doorknob.
You nodded, the other two meekly doing the same. It was a thrill actually attending these parties. It was never the same music or people and never the same dramas. As evil as it sounded, you were excited to see the dilemmas the boys would inevitably find themselves in this time. First stop, the kitchen, because you needed popcorn.
On cue, a few girls squealed and muttered to each other very loudly as you all descended. Taehyung had his arm draped around your shoulders in the most nonchalant way possible. You barely recognised it there before he’d occasionally yank on your neck to whisper in your ear. The looks you were given, you could only imagine criminals being looked at the same. It was beyond pathetic and absolutely hilarious. You could see the jealousy and frustration behind their eyes; that expression of realisation that they couldn’t have everything despite their parents enforcing they could. And being the bitch you were, you smiled at them and batted your lashes before shoving a hand down Taehyung’s back pocket. The gasps echoed through the room, it was iconic.
Jimin stuck himself strategically between yourself and Yoongi, who was leading the way. Before you all could make it even halfway into the living room, Jimin had ignored and ran away from his name whined thrice. The fourth time was gradually closer and he flinched like the soft baby he was, before picking up his speed. You didn’t mean to laugh at him but you did. He just looked so cute and small and scared, sticking to Yoongi like glue. His eyes almost popped out its sockets as this tall brunette came strutting up them, flipping her hair and winking. Now you felt bad, knowing Jimin would be petrified to tell this girl he wasn’t interested. To his relief, Yoongi had it sussed. With a flick of a wrist, he shooed her away, denying her the time of day. Jimin mumbled an apology at the girl’s baffled expression, before scurrying back to his friend’s side.
“Jiminie you’re so cute when you’re scared,” you teased him as you all finally made it to the kitchen.
He gave you a fake smile before flipping you off accordingly.
“Even his middle finger is cute,” Taehyung cooed, leaping over to him and grabbing his hand. “Look at his little hands!”
Seeing red, Jimin grabbed a loaf of bread, probably left on the counter by a drunken party goer trying to sober up and hurled it at Taehyung as he ran away.
“Ah!” Taehyung bellowed. “Violence is never the answer,” he joked, laughing like a madman.
The cocaine was definitely kicking in.
Just before Jimin could fire back, Yoongi was ordering for someone to text Hoseok. You volunteered, pulling out your phone as Taehyung draped an arm around your shoulder again and tried to feed you bread. You were beginning to regret agreeing to come downstairs with faded Tae. Drugs and crowds didn’t mesh well with him. He’d either be swinging from the chandelier or passed out in a closet and you were not in the mood for that sort of babysitting. You needed Hoseok, he always knew what to do these situations. They were his parties after all. You texted him your whereabouts. The kitchen was the most quiet room in the house on a saturday so it was always the meet up spot.
“I texted him,” you told Yoongi.
Yoongi nodded, too busy frowning at his lit up screen to answer. “Jin’s here.”
“That’s my cue!” You declared, ducking out of Taehyung’s embrace.
“Where are you going?” Taehyung asked in a panic.
“Where my brother isn’t. Can’t exactly let him think the coke is for me now can we?”
“But it is for you?” Taehyung questioned, scratching his head in confusion.
You sighed, patting his cheek pitifully.
“I’ll text you when he’s gone,” Yoongi said and you peered around Taehyung to nod at him.
You were praying that Jin either hadn’t entered the house yet or wandered off into the crowds. In order for you to sneak back upstairs, you had to actually get to the stairs and they were exactly opposite the front door. You were extremely cautious on your journey so far, zipping and weaving with your head down. Salvation was in sight. But just your luck, a voice hollered - your brother’s voice. You froze, contemplating just pretending you didn’t hear him but you knew that would be even more suspicious. You took a deep breath and turned around.
Jin hadn’t seen you. He wasn’t calling you. The person he was talking to hid from your view with the help of a few people at least a foot taller than you. Whoever it was had Jin’s full attention so it wasn’t a deal and it had you beyond curious. Jin didn’t have a lot of friends and the few he did have did not match the silhouette of the boy he was now talking to. You craned your neck for a better look, dying to know who it was.
Then Jin spotted you. Then said person turned around.
Your blood ran cold when your eyes locked. Time slowed down. Your heart was pounding in your chest,  it felt strong but delayed. Your vision went blurry, everyone around you moved in slow motion. You didn’t even notice Jin shaking you and yelling, because your complete capacity to comprehend was fixated on him. What the fuck was he doing here? He smirked at you like he could read your mind. He emitted villainy with his long coat and black hair, looking like he was here to collect your soul. It was frightening, he was frightening. The aura that ran in his bloodline.
“What are you doing down here?” Jin had been questioning for the last ten seconds, although your ears only just begun to clarify his words.
“What is he doing here?” You croaked in panic and betrayal. “Why are you talking to him?!”
“Jin!” Hoseok bellowed with a chuckle, walking into an absolute shit storm without even realising. “I didn’t know you were making an appearance tonight!”
God, you loved Hoseok. His constant radiance and cheer never failed to make you happy… until now. And it made you want to cry to think even your precious Hobi couldn’t make this all ok.
“Why is she down here?” Jin interrogated him. “And why is she alone?!”
Hoseok was taken aback and let out a nervous chuckle. “Ah, sorry. She was with the others when I left.”
Then Hoseok spotted him and with a smile, went to greet him.
“Hello!” He greeted cheerfully before shaking his hand, “I’m Hoseok, please make yourself at home!”
You were cringing. He didn’t deserve your Hobi’s hospitality.
“Yeah, I know,” his deep voice replied. “I’ve been here before.”
“Oh!” Hoseok’s exclaimed, still serving his warm welcoming. “I’m sorry this is the first time we’ve met. I didn’t catch your name?”
Hoseok just grinned like the ray of sunshine he was, completely unaware of who exactly was standing in front of him. And that was your fault. You hadn’t told the boys about Namjoon and a certain someone he was related to. Instead you just prayed this day would never come, that you would never have to be in his presence and face your past again. You should have told them. You should have told them. Hoseok was a networker and here he was, attempting to establish a connection and bond with Namjoon without knowing who he really was. Without knowing who his family was and who his family was to you. You had to save him.
“Go upstairs,” Jin ordered you one final time.
You were about to protest. There was no way you could leave without Hoseok, without telling him what was going on before it came from someone else’s mouth.
“I’d rather she didn’t,” Namjoon interrupted. “We need to catch up! It’s been awhile.”
“I have nothing to say to you!” You spat, nowhere near as confidently as you would have liked.
The chuckle that escaped his lips was dark and taunting. “Not even a ‘how are you? How is your family after I ran their reputation into the ground?!’”
You flinched away from him, shaking your head as if he was a hallucination and you could will him away.
“That wasn’t ____, that was your brother,” Jin defended you, stepping in front of him to shield you.
“Step aside,” Namjoon threatened so calmly it was scary.
“I just need to talk to her.”
Namjoon smirked. “Still fighting her battles huh?”
“Until the day I die.”
The tension was undeniable. You wanted to disappear as strangers quietened to watch the drama unfold. You must have looked as distressed as you felt because soon Hoseok was in front of you, your cheeks in his palms. He did this to prevent your panic attacks, sensing them before you could hit the ground, wailing.
“They’re all staring Hobi please.”
With a nod, he announced the party was over. Groans emitted everywhere, however everyone was quick to disperse. Within a few minutes the music was off and the foyer was empty.
“What’s going on-”
Taehyung, Jimin and Yoongi waltzed in, confusion plastered on their faces.
“Nothing! I’ll meet you guys upstairs.”
You forced a smile and it only made the three of them more uneasy. They each took a step forward, planting themselves within the situation. They were there to stay. You were dreading what they would think of you after this was over. You couldn’t bear it. This wasn’t happening.
Taehyung seemed to have sobered up, all staunch with a look of concern. “What’s going on?” He repeated.
“Nothing!” Namjoon chuckled. “I’m just checking up on my lil bro’s girl, that’s all.”
“What?” Jimin uttered, eyes bulging at you.
“She’s not his girl anymore,” Jin corrected, looking over his shoulder at your friends.
“She didn’t tell him that,” Namjoon argued. “Actually, she didn’t tell him anything at all because she’s the reason he’s where he is now and she probably still hates herself for it. What kind of person does that to the love of their life?”
“Wait, who?” Yoongi questioned, as far the boys knew you had never had a boyfriend.
The rage was building inside of you, your panic attack long forgotten.
“Ah! Of course you didn’t tell him. Little ____, always running away from her problems,” he continued to patronise and insult you. “Always running away from the consequences.”
That was it. You were charging, shoving Jin and Hoseok out of the way.
“You don’t know shit about me!” You yelled at him.
“Yeah not anymore,” he scoffed, looking down at you with discontempt, “but I did once. Who are you now?”
“This is me,” you huffed, “when I’m not in love with him.”
“Ah,” he sighed while scratching the back of his head nervously. “He’s not going to like that.”
“So that’s why you’re here? To relay him closure?” You sassed, unable to stop yourself. “You can tell that fucker that we were over from the moment he-”
“You can tell him yourself,” Namjoon interrupted with a sly smile.
“Now why would I go see him?” You bellowed, incredulously. “I never want to see his face again!”
Namjoon narrowed his eyes at your crazed ones.
“Ok, I guess I’ll have to tell him then. He’s not going to be very forgiving hearing it from me.”
You grimaced, completely unimpressed. “Do I look like I give a shit?”
“No,’ he deadpanned, “and you’re gonna regret it.”
“I doubt it.”
“I’m not buying it,” he taunted.
“A love, like what you two had, doesn’t just go away,” he stated, “no matter how much of a bitch you’ve become or pretend to be.”
As soon as the word bitch came out of Namjoon’s mouth, Hoseok stepped in. “Ok time for you to leave, asshole.”
Namjoon cackled. “I’m not the asshole here,” he said, staring you down.
Trying to avoid his gaze, you stole quick glances at the boys. They we all silent, speechless. The looks on their faces were of utter disbelief as the gears began to gradually turn. You weren’t as perfect as they thought you were, as you portray yourself to be. And you could see it, that question in their eyes as they stared at you - who are you? This was not how you wanted them to find out. It made you absolutely livid, even more so now that this image of your former self was being painted by someone else. And that this someone else was playing coy enough for them to fill in the blanks with the worst they could imagine.
Why the fuck did we come downstairs?
“Why are you here, Namjoon?” You asked him one last time, through gritted teeth.
“To remind you ____!” He yelled and his deep voice boomed and echoed through the high ceilings. “You were family once, you know, and you can’t escape family.”
Namjoon spun on his heel and made his leave. You wanted to yell after him and demand what he meant but as he walked further and further away, your heart rate and breathing began to settle. The nightmare was almost over, he was almost gone. Suddenly, to your dismay, he stopped at the front door and you tensed noticeably.
“I’ll see you around. Sleep well,” he said with a wink before slamming the door closed behind him.
You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Taehyung attempt to engage with you, confused as ever. But before he had a chance to bombard you with questions, Jin held an arm against his chest.
“Take her upstairs and don’t let her out of your sight,” Jin ordered Taehyung coldly and then glanced at the rest of them. “Don’t let her come home for a couple of days, just while I sort this out.”
You scoffed, anger still coursing through you. You gave your brother a harsh look to express your disdain at his actions, at his emotionless attempt to protect you while disregarding your feelings and existence. Although his words were somewhat sweet - he couldn’t even give you a hug or check if you were ok? He could be so cold and clueless and inconsiderate sometimes, just like your father. It truly sickened you. You couldn’t face him any longer.
As soon as you ran upstairs, Taehyung stopped Jin for answers.
“She’ll explain everything and try your best to be understanding when she does.”
“What about you?” Jimin chimed in.
“I’ll be fine,” Jin reassured them. “Just please, keep her safe.”
Jin looked at Yoongi especially and he nodded.
“Of course.”
And with that, Jin chucked his best friend your cocaine and made his leave.
You had hopped into Hoseok’s bed. By the time you felt four weights sink into the mattress around you, your anger had subsided into humiliation and dread. It was Jimin that convinced you to poke your head out from under the covers and the view was beautiful. Your four boys surrounded you, faces full of concern and love. Hoseok was lying next to you, Jimin sitting on your other side and Taehyung and Yoongi on the foot of the bed. All of them, ready and waiting for your explanation.
“We just want you to know,” Yoongi began, “no matter how bad it was, what you did, who you fucked - we don’t care. We still love you, ____.”
And as you sat up, you were in tears.
“I don’t even know where to start!”
“How about the beginning?” Hoseok suggested with a warm smile.
He always made things sound so easy. You snivelled, wiping your tears with Jimin’s help.
“It was about four years ago,” you began with a deep breath. “I was young and stupid and I thought I was in love. And you know, that kind of love can be really blinding.”
Having to actually talk about this, talk about him, brought horrible feelings of shame and regret that you thought you’d never have to experience again. And you couldn’t keep the tears from falling.
“Fuck, I really hate seeing her cry,” Taehyung murmured, unable to look at you.
“You don’t have to tell us if it’s too hard ____,” Jimin informed you sweetly.
“No,” you protested, “I can’t keep this a secret from you guys anymore. You deserve to know.”
“Ok, just take it slow,” Yoongi soothed you.
And so you did.
You met in high school. He was a bad boy, the bad boy that every guy was afraid of and every girl wanted to be tainted by. He drove this old mustang that roared through the school parking lot, half an hour after classes began and during recess. He smoked cigarettes and never wore colour. Everyone knew him but no one was friends with him, including you. You never took any interest in him or sought him out because embarrassingly, your world revolved around your girlfriends and the next social event. Occasionally, you’d see him at a party. He’d be hiding in the shadows, until he’d find his prey. It was always the most conservative girl, the one who’d look like she didn’t belong there. And then on Monday, she’d walk into class with a scarf around her neck, wincing while she’d lower herself onto her seat. The boys in class would snigger and one would slap him on the back. It made you livid. So many times you’d want to turn around and shout how disgusting he was but you never did, not wanting the inconvenience that would follow a proper interaction.
You were polar opposites and while that repelled you, it intrigued him. He’d always stare at you shamelessly in calculus. He’d always sit behind you and fiddle with your hair with his pencil in history. Despite this unwanted attention from him, it wasn’t too bothersome and frankly you were too scared to do anything substantial about it. He wasn’t charming. He didn’t send you winks or blow you kisses when your eyes met and he didn’t smirk or chuckle when you turned around to slap his pencil out of his hand. He’d only stare, challenging you to confront him properly. Challenging you to strut up to him after school where he always was, leaning against the hood of his car with a cigarette between his fingers and tell him to leave you the fuck alone. And for a good three years, you didn’t. You ignored his existence and never spoke a word to him. He was only an insignificant stereotype in your adolescent life. An irrelevant convention in your coming of age story.
“What changed?” Jimin questioned, knowing where the story was going.
You sighed.
“Dad made me heir to half of the business.”
You never wanted to inherit anything from your parents. You saw what the politics and money did to their relationships and your family. Reputation was all they cared about and what a better way to ruin that for them but to have a disgrace of a daughter. You thought, surely, if you did something so scandalous you would be written off and deemed an unworthy successor.
But, you were pristine from birth. You gravitated towards people with good grades and clothes and makeup pastel in colour. You really needed to leap out of your comfort zone for your plan to work. So, in a mindset of spite and determination, you strutted up to the boy leaning against the hood of his car with a cigarette between his fingers.
His eyes widened when you stopped in front of him. He was dressed in his signature skin tight ripped jeans with a black tee tucked in. The contrast between you two was immense and you couldn’t help thinking how it looked to the other students roaming around.
"Are you lost?” He asked you through a chuckle.
“No,” you snapped, readjusting the three textbooks in your arms.
He raised an eyebrow before walking around his car to slam down the hood. His car was known for breaking down and it wasn’t surprising considering the way he drove it. However it did wonders for his game, the girls at your school swooned for a grease monkey and admittedly, he pulled the look off tenfold. He tapped the hood twice for his brother to pump the gas.
“You wanna go out sometime?” You yelled at him over his loud engine.
“What?” He yelled back.
You rolled your eyes. “I said, do you wanna go out sometime?!”
He shook his head and pointed to his ear, insinuating he still couldn’t hear you. At this point, you were beginning to regret it. It was like the heavens were giving you a chance to escape from this idiotic idea. You almost turned to leave. You wish you did. God, you wish you did.
While fighting your inner turmoil as to whether you should have backed out or not, he had signalled to his brother to cut the engine. Everyone stopped and stared as your proposal seemed to have echoed through the parking lot. He chuckled, half rubbing his eye, half covering his face in second hand embarrassment. It was the first time you had ever seen him smile. His teeth, perfectly white and straight, were on full display. He looked like a little bunny boy, misplaced in leather with a cigarette. And surprisingly, it was really cute and your heart fluttered a bit.
“Hey! We don’t need to hear how much you were throbbing for this guy ok?” Taehyung cried.
Yoongi slapped the back of his head.
“Sorry,” he mumbled.
“Look, if I’m going to tell this story, I’m telling all of it.”
They all nodded, signalling for you to continue.
“So she finally came around huh?” His brother chuckled, hopping out of the driver’s seat and slamming the door.
He refused to acknowledge him, staring holes into you. You started shuffling your feet, your nerves getting the better of you, worrying you just embarrassed yourself for nothing.
“You better give her an answer lil bro, she’s getting anxious,” he teased.
“You can go now Joon,” he disregarded him.
“‘Wow, thanks so much for helping me fix my car Namjoon, best brother ever!’” Namjoon jested.
He shot Namjoon a death glare and Namjoon raised his hands in surrender. “Ok, I’ll see you at home. Nice to meet you-”
“____,” you introduced as he jumped into his Range Rover and sped off just like his brother did everyday since you’d known of him.
Must run in the family, you thought.
“So?” You began.
You gulped, eyes doubling in size.
“Because, I want to?” You expressed in the most convincing tone you could muster.
“Are you sure about that?” He questioned again teasingly.
You scoffed, “Well, now, not really!”
He chuckled again at your irritability, something he wouldn’t quit from that moment on.
“Miss pristine wouldn’t just ask someone like me out,” he theorised.
“And why not?” You bit back, getting fed up with his hesitation.
You were not used to actually working for things instead of them being handed to you on a silver platter.
“Because look at you!” He pointed at you with his cigarette. “And I’ve been sussing you for years and you didn’t even have the time of day to tell me to fuck off.”
“What if I didn’t want you to?”
“HA! Bullshit. Go run back to the football field with your little cheerleader friends and Doug the buff doofus yeah?“
“Ugh please!” You whined, “Just go out with me ok?”
“She’s begging me now.”
“If you wanna put it that way, fine! Yes I am.”
“But why?” He probed once more.
This guy was not an idiot, to your dismay. It was easy to be convinced otherwise because he was hardly in class and when he was, his attention with fixated on you three quarters of the time. This was supposed to be easy. First, you had no attachment to him whatsoever and you weren’t attracted to him or his look. And second, he had been obsessing over you for the last three years, he should have jumped at the opportunity. But instead he was intuitive, perceptive, so you decided to be honest.
“Look, I just want to piss off my parents.”
He grinned.
“Ok,” he said before flicking his cigarette and walking to the driver’s door.
“Ok? Ok what?” You questioned, unable to play cool or bad or anything to attract this boy.
“I’ll pick you up at 8,“ he bellowed at you as he hopped into his car.
“Oh! Like in your car?” You asked, bending down to speak to him through his passenger side window.
“Well what else, my scooter?“ He chuckled.
“You have a scooter?!” You asked.
“Do I look like I own a scooter?“
You ignored that comment with a frown and he chuckled again. He turned his car on and attacked his gearshift.
"Wait! You don’t know my address? And where are we going?”
“Yes I do princess, and just wear that little white skirt you always wear on Wednesdays,” he smirked and then sped off.
“So this guy is basically a more stalkerish Taehyung?” Yoongi interrupted.
“Hey! So she has a type, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Taehyung defended himself.
“No that’s not the point-” you began.
“____, falling for the bad guy isn’t something to be ashamed of,” Hoseok added with a smile, “don’t beat yourself up.”
“Guys would you let her finish? She’s obviously telling us this for reason.”
You gave Jimin a look of gratitude.
“Exactly, you guys need to hear the normalcy to understand how it ended up the way it did,” you explained, “you need to understand he was just a guy, like all of you. Because otherwise you won’t by the time I’m finished.”
That shut them up, but you knew it was only temporarily.
You wished you took a picture of your parents’ faces when he pulled into your driveway. Instead of coming inside like a gentleman, he slammed on his horn. Nice touch, you thought as you ran downstairs while your parents’ bombarded you with questions. He honked the horn again and wolf whistled at you when you emerged from out the front door. Once he saw your parents in tow, he flicked his headlights off. Through the windscreen he looked like a parents’ nightmare with his leather jacket, cigarette and gaze that screamed trouble. And to top it all off, he smacked your ass when you ran past the driver’s side window.
“____ ______! I’m giving you three seconds to get your ass back inside,” your dad growled.
You ignored him, hopping into the passenger’s side.
“Sorry pops, her ass is mine tonight,” he yelled back through his window.
You could just make out your mum threatening to call the police as he sped out your driveway. You hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time.
“That was amazing!” You shrieked in delight, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I’ve never felt so… alive.”
He chuckled before slamming his foot down on the gas, going at least 80 kilometres per hour. You squealed.
“You better get used to it princess, we’re just getting started.”
Every friday for a month he took you to his brother’s parties, got you drunk and dropped you home at four in the morning. And then did the same the next night. Namjoon’s parties on a Saturday night were always more packed than on a Friday.
You never knew anyone there apart from him, so you were shameless. He found you quite entertaining. Instead of lurking around in silence like you’d witnessed him do at every party, he was engaging. He never left your side, fending away guys and laughing at your lame jokes and ramblings. He was so different to what you had expected. He was nice and somewhat chivalrous. To your surprise, you had spent midnight with him eight times and it came and went without him making a single move.
“You’re not how I’d thought you would be,” you admitted on the fourth weekend, once he dragged you outside so he could have a cigarette.
He raised an eyebrow at you and ashed. “How so?”
“You haven’t tried anything,” you gushed blatantly. “Am I not conservative or innocent enough for you?”
He threw his head back and cackled.
“Baby, you’re perfect,” he confessed without hesitation, “but you’re not ready for me.”
“Don’t tell me what I can and cannot handle!”
He chuckled again. “Don’t overthink it. Let’s just enjoy the night, yeah?”
“You might as well just tell me not to breathe,” you retorted.
He grinned at you before pulling you against him.
"I thought I was only a means to piss off your parents,” he whispered in your ear.
The grip he had on your waist was rough. You could tell it was an act of lust alone and that’s not you wanted. It wasn’t what you were asking for. You could understand why he’d assume you’d want it this way as you’d never insinuated you wanted anything remotely affectionate from him when sober. You had to set the record straight.
“That doesn’t mean I can’t like you too,” you mumbled shyly.
He jerked back to look into your eyes suspiciously. His arms around you tensed. You were delving in dangerous waters called feelings. It was not what you signed up for and he knew it too.
“I call bullshit.“
"Why’d you think I stayed away from you all these years?! Because I knew if I had a taste of you I’d be screwed,” you blurted, now with nothing to lose.
He smirked, shaking his head as if you had gone crazy.
“It’s been a month, don’t pretend you don’t feel the same as I do,” you said softly.
He didn’t answer that, instead his eyes went dark and narrow. You took half a step back. Your little white skirt suddenly became very interesting as you fiddled with it anxiously. You could feel his eyes on you and his second hand smoke fanning your face. He flicked the butt away before grabbing your face and squishing your cheeks in one hand aggressively.
“Don’t you fucking dare assume our feelings are mutual,” he growled, “you don’t want anything to do with me! You never did!”
He stormed off, shoving you aside. You knew why he was angry. Understandably, he thought you were fucking him around, taking advantage of the soft spot he held for you. As far as he was concerned, you weren’t interested. During the week you’d go back to pretending he didn’t exist, too scared of what people thought. But what he didn’t know was that you were falling for him, hard.
He was different with you. Throughout your weekends together he revealed a side of himself hardly anyone had the privilege of seeing. He was caring and reliable and loyal in his own fantastically unique way. And boy, was he a good time. Traits, you couldn’t experience with your friends and their lack of depth. He was real and it was so refreshing in your existence of superficiality. He changed your life and view on everything. And now you were mad that you couldn’t just swallow your pride and protect his heart.
You eventually followed him outside and found him on the couch with his brother and his friends. They were laughing and it seemed he’d just forgotten all about you. He was the epitome of hot and cold.
“Take me home,” you demanded, interrupting their conversation.
He looked up at you, his grin dropping into a grimace. He sighed and got up while his boys booed and threw their empty beer cans at him. He motioned for you to take the lead while he bid his friends farewell, slapping a few hands.
The car ride was silent apart from his rock anthems mixtape still playing from the car ride to. It was weird not screaming out the lyrics with him. It was just weird full stop. Despite him speeding past intersections and red lights, it felt like the trip was in slow motion.
When you got to your house, you found the gates closed. They normally were and he’d give you boost so you could climb over. Tonight was no different. You got out of the car before him, wanting to get away from the enclosed tension as quick as possible. You refused to acknowledge him as you heard his car door slam. The shuffling of his feet got louder and soon his hands were on your waist, ready to lift you.
“Wait,” you spoke to him for the first time since you’d left the party, shoving his hands off of you.
He scoffed.
“You know what? I’m done!”
He was irritated and when he got in these moods, it was difficult for him to escape them. He was about to storm off but he paused and turned to rasp at you.
“Don’t ask me for anything ever again-”
You don’t know what came over you but before you could stop yourself your hands were in his hair and you were kissing him, hard. He caught your weight effortlessly as you practically threw your body at him. You could sense the relief by the way his shoulders just completely relaxed, as if this kiss cured all the anguish in his heart. As if this kiss proved he hadn’t just wasted three years of his life pining after a girl that he would never have.
You were getting carried away, especially when you pushed your tongue into his mouth. He growled, lifting you off your feet and adjusting your thighs around his waist as if you weighed nothing. He had to stretch his neck up to keep his lips against yours as he took a few steps towards his car and delicately laid you down on the bonnet. You were starting to get wanton with him leaning over you, his body engulfing your smaller frame entirely. You were surrounded, suffocated and you indulged. He felt like a drug, and you were an amateur, extra susceptible to the addiction. When he started pulling your hair back roughly and biting your lip when you’d separate, it had you begging for more. Your legs wrapped around him. You couldn’t help letting the little moans escape your lips. It was the danger that coincided with him, the taboo nature of it all. He was bad for you. It was wrong for you to get involved with him. You knew it from the start but the attraction to him and the idea of him was too strong. You made your bed, now you were lying in it.
Before he could slip a hand under your skirt, your porch light lit up and the automatic front gate opened. Your dad screaming for you to get inside, forced you two apart. He let you go with a smirk and then turned to bellow a smartass remark at your dad, who then told him to fuck off.
“Don’t you ever try to break up with me again,” you warned him, walking backwards towards your summoner.
His hair was a mess and his lipstick stained mouth stretched into a boyish grin. His whole demeanour had transformed back into the boy who dazzled you with his cold kindness and genuineness. And as ridiculous as it sounded, you knew, just then, that you were in love with him. It didn’t need to be spoken or labelled or justified. He had you as much as you had a hold on him. From that moment on, you were his.
The looks on the boys faces screamed they were relayed too much information. Taehyung’s was morphed the most.
“I’m gonna barf,” he groaned with a grimace.
Yoongi rolled his eyes at him. “Do you want to hear the story or not?!”
“I’m not too sure anymore,” he admitted with distaste.
“Just because it wasn’t you between her thighs,” Jimin provoked him.
Taehyung jaw clenched and he almost pounced at his friend. Yoongi held him down.
“Ignore them, ____,” Hoseok reassured you, squeezing your hand he’d been holding this entire time.
“Fine, I’m jealous! Who is this guy?!” Taehyung exasperated, fed up with the mystery and ego hurt by an unidentified character.
They all fell into silence. Taehyung was always the one to speak what the others thought. You knew they were dying to know who he was, but this was the only way you were able to share this story. You took a deep breath, deciding to be kind and give them his first name, common and a far link from his notoriety.
“His name was Jungkook.”
Your parents didn’t know his name. They didn’t care to know. To them his name was dropkick, druggie, lowlife and any other related pet names. Frankly, you didn’t care what they thought anymore. When they offered to let you out of your inheritance, you declined because it was under the condition you break with him. Every offer they gave you was under the condition you break up with him. Needless to say, you refused every time. Nothing could make you happier than Jungkook did.
For the rest of your last year of high school, you and Jungkook were inseparable. On the monday after that first kiss, Jungkook picked you up and drove you to school. Every head turned as you hopped out of his car and slid under his arm. You two were the talk of the school and eventually it pushed your friends away. You were the most popular pristine girl in school gone wayward. And you didn’t give a fuck. Jungkook was the only thing that matter to you, your world revolved around him now.
After few months, you changed. The influence of him was too dominant to resist. Gone were the pink fluffy sweaters and pony tails, replaced with one of his many leather jackets and wild hair. It was a classic Sandra-dee transformation. And despite Jungkook’s weakness for little innocent girly girls, he loved it. You were his good girl gone bad, he’d tease.
“Fuck, I would die for you, ____,” he groaned through a kiss.
You were in his lap, his lap in the driver’s seat. He had parked outside a diner you’d go for late night milkshakes. His gear shift dug into your side and your head banged against the roof, but there was no place you’d rather be.
“Uh huh,” you replied, refusing to leave his lips for longer than a second.
“I’m serious, I would die and kill for you.”
You pulled away, leaning against the steering wheel. He’d never use the word love. Instead he would use intense alternatives, he adored you, he never felt anything remotely the same as he felt for you, you were the only one, he never wanted anything as much as he wanted you. It was like he had this unwavering insecurity you’d leave him, that he’d scare you away with the word ‘love’. As contradicting as that sounded by the things he’d say instead.
“Let’s hope you’ll never have to,” you murmured, running a hand through his hair in comfort.
“But I would,” he reiterated softly.
There was such intensity in his eyes it made you shiver. And you believed him. You believed he loved you that much. And shamefully, the thought went straight to your core.
“Take me home.”
Jungkook looked bewildered then his eyes drifted away from you in disappointment, his jaw clenched. He patted your thigh to signal for you to hop back into your seat. You refused, grabbing his face and grinding into his growing bulge.
“Take me home.”
His dark eyes lit up with pure desire. He cocked an eyebrow before smirking and attacking your face one last time. You threw yourself back into your seat with a giggle. Jungkook drove like a madman, but the way he reversed and sped down the road that night truly topped the cake.
Sparing the details, you fucked that night and to this day, Jungkook was the best you ever had. He was rough as fuck and forced your orgasms but at the same time, he appreciated your body. He listened to it and soothed it after doing all the kinky shit he was into. It was fair to say you were ruined, a complete sap for him, as much as he was for you. You never thought you would have such a high sex drive. You never thought you would ever be as needy for anything as much as you were for his cock. But that’s what you turned into - what Jungkook did to you. You always had to be around him, always with him, always touching him.
It was a month before graduation and you had flunked. Whenever he would ditch, you would too. Thankfully both your parents were rich and could buy your grades. They made it too easy for you both. You both had no desire to do anything, except each other.
It was a week before graduation, before you’d be sent to university overseas and him, forced into the family business as his father’s precious protégée. They were separating you. Your worlds were ending. You both weren’t ready for the responsibility or the heartbreak.
It was a few days before graduation and you were on your Friday night cruise, screaming the lyrics to rock ballads as Jungkook drove a hundred kilometres per hour. Every now and then, he’d grab and suck your face hotly, eyes off the road for seconds too long. The thrill was almost unbearable, as if you’d be close to losing not only your life but your sanity.
He parked in a secluded reserve overlooking a lake, the stars shimmering in the water. You drifted into quiet, savouring the moment, knowing they were limited. The soft guitar riffs from the car stereo set this serene, longing mood. Jungkook’s hand slid between your thighs, a plea for you to come over and straddle him, so you did. You wriggled yourself comfortable without the familiar feeling of rock pushing into your inner thigh, which confused you because he was usually a goner as soon as your clothed core would simply brush against him. He trapped your head between his calloused palms, always slightly tinged black from grease. His eyes held that intensity that made you weak and they glazed over at the sight of you. You could faintly make out your silhouette in his dilated pupils and it gave you an overwhelming need to stay there, in his eyes forever. You ignored that deep darkness behind them that you always had sensed was there. You wanted to believe he was perfect, because he damn felt like it.
“Listen,” he began, clearly something important on his mind.
“Runaway with me,” you breathed, connecting foreheads.
His eye widened, his skepticism emerging and he retracted.
“Don’t,” you whimpered. “I love you Jungkook and I can’t bare the thought of not being with you for even a second please.”
He searched your face for any hint of hesitation, but there was none.
“She’s begging me now,” he chuffed with a satisfied smirk.
"I love you Jungkook,” you repeated, now unsure if he heard you the first time.
You both fell into a silence that lasted way longer than you would have liked. You hated when he did this to you, leaving you in suspense. However as much as you hated it, it also intrigued you. It was the mystery of him that had you hooked. You thought he would wail at your confession and suffocate you with his lips but instead, he stared. He was unpredictable and wavering and it tortured you. But like the masochist you were, you loved it because it was undeniably him and you were in love with him.
“Ok,” he finally said, before turning the key in the ignition.
His engine roared to life and you flopped into your seat.
“Where are we going?”
“There’s something you need to see,” he admitted.
You only nodded when he took his eyes off the road for a second to look at you. You could tell it was serious by the way his knuckles protruded clutched to the steering wheel and the way his jaw clenched and sharpened. Jungkook was intense about a lot of things, but you had never seen him before in the way he was then. His vibe wasn’t awkward or brooding or anything identifiable as Jungkook. It was like you were in the car with someone else entirely.
When Jungkook pulled up to the front of the dive bar ‘Hunt’, you were beginning to get uneasy. You knew this bar and it’s red neon sign and it’s grotty exterior. It was notorious. Your little sheltered self began to panic.
“Do you trust me?” He interrupted, forcing eye contact.
Instantly, your racing heart calmed. Your breathing steadied. The power he had over you, unfaltered.
“With my life.”
“Good,” he kissed your forehead and smiled, “I won’t be long, stay.”
And you did. He slammed the door behind him and searched for something in his back pocket. A man sat outside the bar and Jungkook seemed to be heading straight for him. He stopped after discovering his pockets empty, his boots scraped the wet concrete as he turned and sent a wink your way. You narrowed your eyes and scoffed at his cheap attempt to be charming. As you watched Jungkook backtrack towards you through the windshield, you spotted his cigarette packet on the dashboard.You weren’t a big smoker then. Jungkook never offered and you were always too shy to ask. However it did make him smile when you’d pinch one from his packet or pull his hand towards your face for a drag of his already lit.
You helped yourself, wincing as the smoke burned your throat. You were too busy coughing and manually winding the window down to notice Jungkook slamming his boot closed. You eyes were watering a bit too much for you to see what he dragged across concrete as he walked back towards the man outside the bar. Even without these setbacks, nothing would be able to prepare or warn you for what happened next…
The man stood up once he recognised Jungkook.
“Jeon, what the fuck man you’re early?” You heard him bellow. “Suk isn’t here yet and you know he’ll run if he sees you.”
“Suk isn’t the job anymore,” Jungkook replied coolly.
Jungkook stopped directly under the neon sign. The fluorescent light shone down upon him tinting his black silhouette the colour of blood. He was shorter than the other man however his presence was stronger, more menacing, almost demonic with the red hue highlighting his frame. His back was facing you but you could just sense the stare he was giving this man. It was his infamous stare down his perfect nose, jawline protruding, with that borderline frightening smirk. You knew the look at too well. But this was different, his body language was different and you were struggling to put your finger on how. And the fear of this unknown side of Jungkook had your mind reeling.
What the fuck was going on?
“What?” the man exclaimed, “What do you mean?”
“He’s not the job anymore,” Jungkook reiterated.
His tone was so foreign to you, it made you shift uncomfortably in your seat. It was like the voice coming out of your boyfriend’s mouth wasn’t your boyfriend’s at all. It was cold and dark but not the cold and dark you’d normally associate with him. No, this tone was twisted, monotone but mocking.
“So? No job?” The man questioned apprehensively.
Jungkook chuckled. “Oh, there’s still a job.”
You were too immersed in the conversation and trying to figure out who this mystery man was. So much so, you didn’t see what Jungkook was holding. Your eyes followed his toned arms that you’d relish within when he held you, all the way down to the hands and palms you’d kiss lovingly, all the way down to the bat his hand held. A baseball bat with nails sticking out like a fucking medieval mace. Your whole body went numb.
Before you had a chance to scream, Jungkook had swung his bat and lodged it into the man’s skull. The most sadistic noise you had ever heard left his mouth, it was like a satisfied grunt and then a manic howl. You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t function or process. You just sat there and watched as the life left a man’s eyes… by your boyfriend’s hand.
As he ripped his weapon free, the man’s blood and brains sprayed everywhere, Quentin Tarantino style. If you had to vomit you swallowed it as Jungkook took another swing. The guy was dead but he took two extra blows to his chest, cackling. He was enjoying it. The blood, the gore, the violence, he seemed to indulge in his work, his sick artistry. And that’s what truly made you terrified and disgusted to the very core.
You were frozen. Every fibre of your being was screaming at you to run, but you couldn’t as if the shock and adrenaline stunted your movements. All you could do was sit there and watch as Jungkook continued to maim a dead body, hitting it over and over, blood and flesh flying everywhere. If you could speak you would scream for him to stop, despite the fact he probably wouldn’t in his crazed trance. A few more blows to the stomach and he stopped, hovering over the human he just mutilated. His chest was heaving as he wiped his forehead with the back of his bloody hand, smearing his face red.
To say you were beyond horrified was an understatement. You found your hand itching the door handle, sensing your fight or flight mode kicking in. You only had a few seconds, you calculated. Assessing your surroundings, you figured your best shot was to run down the alleyway onto the main road screaming bloody murder, literally. You almost followed through, almost, until you realised there was no way you’d be able to outrun him. He was the star batter of the baseball team until he got kicked out of the team for starting a fight with the pitcher. He would catch you within seconds and there would be no way you’d be able to get away. He was the star wrestler until he got kicked out of the wrestling team for breaking a kid’s arm during a match. You started to panic, the only thought running through your mind being that the love of your life was about to kill you.
Your few seconds were up. As he turned to you in a snap and stormed closer, you had accepted your fate. Jungkook attempted to open your locked door and you refused to look out your window to see the disappointed look on his face. You heard him sigh and then rummage for the car keys. You winced as he slowly jiggled the key into the lock and opened the door. You still couldn’t look at him, not until his hands were on you and you were pressed up against the car door. It took every fibre of your being not to breakdown under his crazed gaze. He was even more terrifying up close, especially because he was suddenly so damn calm, as if he could snap at any moment. You willed yourself not to shake in his grasp.
“Say it again,” he mumbled.
And there it was. You would have jumped out of his grasp if he wasn’t holding you so tightly. He then grabbed a handful of your hair and cupped your face with the other hand. The blood was everywhere, all over you, the stench of copper too strong to deny was real. You really couldn’t hold it in any longer. So, you cried.
“Tell me again baby. Just- ah FUCK,” Jungkook bellowed before wiping your tears with bloody fingers. “Tell me again, those three little words. I need to hear them again.”
“I love you,” you croaked.
He smiled, that toothy grin you had fallen in love with. You choked on a sob, seeing that same smile on a blood smeared face, completely tainted. He stroked your face and cheeks affectionately, as if he wasn’t painting your face red. You naturally squirmed but tried your best to keep those reflexes at bay and unnoticed. However, surely, you could have spat in his face and he wouldn’t pay any mind to it. He was completely delirious, high off adrenaline from just taking a life and drunk in his love for you.
“I love you too.”
And then his lips were on yours, his tongue in your mouth. You reluctantly followed his lead in the kiss, overwhelmed with the smell and taste of metal, digging your nails into his biceps to stop the tears from falling. He broke away eventually and knocked his wet forehead against yours to rest. The feeling of overwhelming heartbreak was the last thing you had expected after hearing those three little words.
The four boys stared at you in silence for a good minute. You were pretty sure you heard Yoongi mutter a ‘fuck’ under his breath but you all ignored it. You really needed them to say something soon or you were sure a panic attack would be due. However, what could you expect them to say after you just told your best friends of two years that you dated a murderer?
“Wait. Did you say Jeon?!” Yoongi questioned.
You nodded.
“As in Jeon Jungkook?” Yoongi questioned further.
You nodded again.
"Jeon Jungkook? The heir to the most infamous drug cartel in the world? That Jeon Jungkook?” Yoongi questioned for a third time.
You nodded for a third time.
“Holy shit ____!” Taehyung chimed in, in an almost disappointed tone.
“Look, I sent him to prison!”
“How?!” Jimin asked, wide eyed.
You sighed, that bit of information was why Jungkook had been a secret for so long. Everyone knew he was in prison but no one knew why or how and that was because, if people knew, it was your ass and your life on the line. But, you had come this far and they deserved the whole truth.
“I told him we should run away the next day, as soon as we could but he told me he had some business he needed to take care of first and we would leave after said business, which, now I knew what that was exactly. So, I ran to my parents and got them to send an anonymous tip on my behalf, so there was no way it could be traced back to me,” you explained.
You glanced at Taehyung, ready for the ‘princess running to mummy and daddy’ dig, but it never came. So you continued.
“At first it was a drug bust, he got done for possession with intent to supply class A drugs but once they searched his car they found enough evidence to link him to at least four murders.”
In that moment you turned to Hoseok and you wished you didn’t. He had the most shocked expression on his face and you had no idea why you had expected any different. So, you turned your attention back to Yoongi who managed to hold a disinterested expression the whole time.
“Jesus,” he mumbled.
Despite those few little remarks intended to go unnoticed.
“You did the right thing, ____,” Jimin attempted to comfort you, placing a hand on your knee.
You were grateful for the reassurance however it didn’t help the fact you had to uncomfortably live your wretched past. You thought you’d feel better being honest with your friends but instead it made you feel disgusted. You guessed that you never truly mourned the loss of Jungkook. You were just forced to forget him and pretend he never existed. And that never allowed you to come to terms with the fact that the man who you thought was the love of your life was not who you thought he was entirely.
“Ok so, what did this whole story have to do with the guy from before?” Taehyung asked.
“That was Jungkook’s brother, you idiot. Weren’t you listening?” Jimin reprimanded.
Taehyung was about to rebut but you interrupted this time.
“It turns out the secret’s out and he’s off to tell Jungkook.”
“We’ll keep you as safe as we can ____,” Yoongi pledged to you.
“Of course,” Taehyung chimed in. “But, he’s in jail? What can he do?”
Yoongi shot him a look of annoyance. “You really weren’t listening to the story, were you?”
“His family are powerful Tae, more powerful than all of ours combined,” Jimin connected the dots for him. “If they know ____ was the reason their precious heir is rotting in jail, she’s in a lot of  danger-”
“I’m not,” you interrupted.
All the boys looked at you like you were out of your mind.
“The Jeon brothers keep their affairs to themselves,” you explained. “They hardly ever get their family involved, they’re too proud to run to mum and dad.” Unlike me, you almost added.
“Let’s hope so,” Yoongi sighed.
“And with Jungkook in prison, Jin can handle Namjoon,” you stated, staring at Yoongi who knew that statement about your brother to be true and he nodded.
There was a brief silence until Hoseok jumped up with a huff.
“Although you are safe, here, with us. I better check all the doors are locked and there aren’t any stranglers,” he said with a small smile.
You returned it and reluctantly let him slip his hand free from yours. “Ok Hobi.”
“I’ll come help you,” Yoongi offered, knowing Hoseok’s home was too big to cover alone.
As soon as the oldest boys left, Taehyung crawled up to where Hoseok was lying and tucked himself in. Jimin tapped your thigh, signalling for you to move over so he could do the same on the other side of you. You got yourself comfortable. Sandwiched between your two best friends, gave you the strongest sense of security and relief that you hadn’t felt in a while.
“You are an amazing brave girl and we’re gonna make sure that that monster- or any other monster like him won’t touch you ever again,” Jimin whispered to you before resting his head on your back. You looked at Taehyung and he nodded in agreement.
Goddamn, you loved them. You wished you could spend forever coddled by them, you wished you could believe them. But, you couldn’t shake the feeling that, this time, you couldn’t just shove the memory of Jungkook aside. And that his chapter in your life was far from over.
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❝ warm ❞ kth ― m.
Tumblr media
 ― summary:
you return home to see your roommate jerking off on the couch
taehyung/reader | roommate!au | smut, fluff | 3k ↬ content warnings: DIRTY TALK, praise kink, masturbation (male&fem), light voyeurism, degrading names, lots of pet names, multiple orgasms, mild forced orgasm, squirting, tae cums inside too so unprotected sex, also the return of the ‘fat cock’ disease
a/n: this is a repost from my old blog byleo and it has been edited! this is bordering on gift level dirty talk so beware lmao
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Tumblr media
You returned home from closing up the library, letting out a sigh of relief as you stepped into the heated apartment you shared with your roommate. It was mid-winter, the temperature shockingly cold and snow covering the ground in a white fluffy blanket. Kicking off your shoes, you were careful to make sure they were on the mat to avoid melting snow from making a puddle on the floor, you also shed your jacket and hung it up on the coat rack beside the black one with gray trim -- your roommates. You stood for a moment, letting your body heat up, listening to the sound of the TV playing in the living room as a signal that Taehyung was still awake.
Through the smell of vanilla candles burning, you could barely make out the delectable scent of food. You wondered if your darling roommate had been lovely enough to pick up some food; he was known for bringing takeout home for when you worked late because the poor guy was hopeless in the kitchen.
When you entered the kitchen, you immediately zeroed in on the box of fried chicken sitting oh-so innocently on the countertop, happiness flooding your system in silent waves. You reached in a box, grabbed one of the tasty morsels, and popped it into your mouth, humming as you chewed.
You wandered your way to the living room, greeted by the beautiful sight sat on the couch. His t-shirt was discarded on the floor, leaving his torso bare; his tan skin and toned body on complete display to your greedy eyes.
The real shock was the way his sweatpants had been moved down just enough to release his cock, which he was currently stroking with one large hand. His head was tossed back, displaying his sharp jaw and beautiful neck; his mouth was open slightly as he released small pants and moans of pleasure.
Momentarily stunned by the sight, you stood there watching as your roommate jerked himself off.
Swallowing thickly, you forgot about the food you had in your throat; immediately choking as the chicken went down wrong, covering your mouth as tears sprung to your eyes through your coughing.
Taehyung yelped, jerking his sweats up and turning to you with his eyes as wide as dinner plates. He stood up and approached you, slapping you on the back, with the hand he wasn't jerking off with, until your airway cleared and you stopped coughing.
“A-Are you okay…_____-ah?” He whispered, obviously embarrassed that you had caught him.
“Yeah…Tae…I’m okay. Just shocked is all,” You mumbled, avoiding his gaze as you fought yourself to not ogle his naked chest.
“I uh…hope you…um…” He trailed off, nervously running his hand through his hair.
“It’s fine.” You brushed it off, though you had no idea what he was trying to say, your own cheeks growing hot.
You could see Taehyung was still hard in his sweats, the material tenting dramatically as they struggled to contain. The image of his hand around that cock, pretty red tip dribbling precum over his skin, slowly sliding up and down laguidly as his hips tensed at a particularly good touch.
“There’s food in the kitchen. I’m going to go to bed,” Before you could respond, he was skittering down the hallway and hiding himself away in his bed with a final slam of his bedroom door. The silence was deafening as you stared at his shut door; you could only imagine what he was doing in there.
After showering and getting into pajamas -- not before putting the chicken away of course, you crawled under your duvet and attempted to sleep away the lustful thoughts of your roommate.
Tumblr media
“Shit, baby, you feel so fucking tight around me,” Taehyung whispered, your hair wrapped around his fist as he fucked you from behind, fat cock stretching your walls.
His free hand reached under you and cupped your breast, pinching your nipple between his fingers viciously. It made you cry out, the pinch of pain contrasting deliciously the pleasure he was giving you.
“Tell me how it feels, slut,” He growled, yanking your hair harder, the name only making you gush.
Tears stung your eyes as Taehyung lifted your torso off the bed by your hair; your hands flailed in the air, unable to reach a purchase to steady yourself. You could hear Taehyung chuckle from behind you as he watched you struggle, the condescending sound making your face burn.
His hand abandoned your breast to find your clit, circling the swollen nub with rough fingers. He circled, pinched, and flicked the little bud to send you flying into a delicious orgasm.
“Cream on my cock like a good girl,” He hissed, the feeling of you tightening so well around him, causing his pace to stutter.
Tumblr media
You shot up in bed with a gasp, sweat making your night clothes stick uncomfortably to you. Your heart was pounding almost painfully in your chest, the sound nearly deafening in your ears.
What a dream.
You were left with a distinct stickiness in your panties, making the fabric stick to you as well. Groaning, you reached beneath the oversized shirt to pull the material off. Once they were off, the open air making you whimper against your still-wet heat.
You fingers ghosted their way down your body until they reached your heat, immediately getting the digits wet as you teased your outer lips. You slid your fingers between your lips, ever so lightly grazing your clit, making your hips jump and a whimper escape your lips before you could shut your mouth. Pressing your fingers to your entrance, you didn't enter yourself, just teased.
“…Taehyung…” You sighed softly, sliding your middle finger inside of yourself, feeling your own hot walls close around.
“…Yes baby?” A deep voice resounded from the doorway, you jumped, pulling your finger out from between your thighs and slamming your legs shut. He was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest; the light from the hallway behind him making his shoulders look incredibly wide.
“Tae…” Your hands trembled as you attempted to explain. “Wait… did you say 'baby'?”
“I think…” He started towards you, ignoring your question. “You liked watching me jerk off.”
“I…” You blushed. “I did….”
Taehyung hummed, crawling onto the bed with you,making it dip beside you as he kneeled beside you. You caught a glimpse of Taehyung’s cock in his pants, hard from watching you and that idea sent a wave a heat through you. He pushed your shoulders, making you lay back on the bed as he hovered over you, staring straight into your eyes.
“Do you want me to kiss you?” He whispered, his lips dangerously close to yours, an almost sinister smirk on them. You nodded frantically, feeling almost desperate from the tease, needing his lips on yours.
With a smirk, he pressed his lips down, your lips mold together perfectly and drawing a whimper from your chest. Within seconds, the kiss became so intense it was leaving you breathless.
His lips traveled down your neck to distract you as he situated his thigh between your legs. He pressed his muscled thigh against your heat, instantly feeling the wetness through his sweats. He groaned softly in response as you arched your hips into his thigh.
you didn't even need a command to begin grinding against him, the sudden onslaught of pleasure leaving you sighing beneath him. His lips continued to work against your neck, leaving tiny marks everywhere he could that would blossom into purple bruises over the night.
You soaked through Taehyung sweats, making the fabric stick to him as he pressed harder against him not seeming to care. Taehyung broke his lips away from your skin to watch at you rode his thigh; the way you moved your hips up and down so desperately, the way your chest heaved with every moan you emitted, the way you desperately pulled on your nipples through your thin shirt made him burst out into a moan.
“You’re such a dirty girl, grinding on my thigh like this,” Taehyung growled, dark eyes watching every little move you made.
You whimpered, the fabric of his sweats against your wet heat driving you insane. The pleasure was spiking up your spine, causing goosebumps to cover your skin while your body was sticky with a sheen of sweat.
Taehyung bit his lip as he watched below him, desperately grinding your clit against his thigh. The debauched, faraway look in your eyes doing terrible things to him -- he wanted to make you cum so hard you wouldn't even be able to function through the pleasure. The only sounds that came from you were soft whimpers and whines as your hips moved desperately, chasing an orgasm that was rising, threatening to toss you over an edge that you surely leave your throat raw from screaming.
“I want you to fucking cum all over my thigh, baby. Be good little slut,”
You clawed desperately at the man above you, your nails sinking into his biceps. He hissed at the sting but made no move to stop it. You began to slow down, the stimulation of it all becoming too much. He was having none of that, roughly gripping your hips and forcing you to ride his thigh.
You cried out his name, tossing your head back as your body became taut. Then, you were flying off the cliff. Your body trembled and shook as your orgasm raced towards you. Blind heat exploded in you, the force of your orgasm rendering you unable to make a sound.
“Fuck, that’s it babygirl. Cum for me,” Taehyung whispered, his voice dangerously deep and close to your ear. “Good girl…”
You began to come down, your vision returning to you in little spots. Taehyung was running his hands along your body, whispering soft praises to you to help you come back down. His lips found yours the second your eyes found his again, lulling you out of your haze into the intense kiss. You tangled you hand in his hair, pulling at the silky stands to make him moan.
The energy had sapped out of your body, lying limp beneath Taehyung. He smirked down at you, enjoying how fucked out you looked. He was so fucking hard in his pants it was bordering on painful but he merely fixed you with a gaze, seeming to ignore it.
“Next time, I expect you to use that pretty mouth.”
"F-For now," You reached for the hem of your shirt, tugging it over your head to expose your naked breasts to his prying eyes. "You can use my cunt,"
"Fuck, such a filthy little mouth," Taehyung snarled pushing his sweats down his thighs until they reached his knees, where he then merely kicked them off the bed. With the heater in the house going, there was no shiver once he was naked -- the air comfortably warm.
He gripped your thighs, shoving them apart to expose your still-pulsing heat to his eyes. Gripping the base of his cock, he ran the tip along your slit to get himself soaked with all your juices. It was at this moment, you were reminded by the sheer size of his cock; long and thick with a delicious amount of precum that you couldn't wait to taste.
"Dirty girl," He chuckled, using the head of his cock to slap against your tender clit, making you whine. "You're absolutely gushing for my cock. Could it be my good girl is a slut for a nice, fat cock?"
"Please, Tae," You arched your hips, making the tip of his cock prod your entrance. Feeling how wet and ready you were for him, he couldn't resist pushing his way inside you. The stretch was unlike anything you'd ever felt -- delicious sting along with the direct stimulation of your g-spot had your eyes rolling back into your head immediately.
"Holy shit," He groaned when he bottomed out, kissing your cervix. No man had ever been so incredibly deep inside of you, your thighs were trembling. "You're fucking tight."
"Ah, Tae, please fuck me," You begged, grappling onto his shoulders as he pulled out until just his tip remained, your walls clenching to suck him back in. He groaned, fucking back into you with a firm thrust of his hips.
In the silence of your room, the creaking of the bed and your mingled moans felt far too loud. You could swear your nails were creating red lines down the bronze skin of his back but the sting only seemed to push him to fuck you harder. His skin became slick with sweat as he worked to bring you pleasure.
"Fuck, I'm close," He whined, his voice sounding completely worked.
"A-Already?" You teased, making him pin you with a glare and a punishing thrust against your cervix.
"Thanks to someone, I was completely blue-balled hours ago," He growled, leaning down to bring his teeth to your shoulder, chuckling when you whimpered.
"D-Didn't you finish j-jerking off?"
"No," He growled, bottoming out in you and stopping, leaving you stretched and squirming over his thick shaft. "After watching your innocent little face looking so shocked, I felt too guilty to get off."
"O-Oh..." You muttered, grinding your hips against him, reaching down to find your clit. However, Taehyung grabbed your wrist to stop you, a sinister grin on his face.
"No," He growled, pinning the arm above your head. "You're going to cum from my cock alone or not at all. It'll be your punishment for being a little tease just now."
"I-I'm sorry," You whined, feeling your eyes burn when you felt him grind deeper into you, grinding against your sweet spot. "Please fuck me then, please let me cum."
"Good girl, begging so prettily for me," He whispered, licking his lips but not lifting his grip off your arm. However, he listened to you and began to fuck you just as hard as he had been but nowhere near as fast. He was keeping himself from cumming for the sake of torturing you.
You could feel an orgasm mounting in your system, the coil in your stomach so taut it nearly hurt. Never before had a man made you cum from his cock alone, most of the time you had to get yourself off in the process or after he was finished anyway. You felt so close and even though his cock felt so good inside you, you didn't know if you could cum like this.
"Don't worry, babygirl," Taehyung cooed, releasing your arm in favor of cupping your breast. "I'll get you there."
At his promise, he finally picked up the pace. He aimed exactly where you needed it, making you cry out and arch in pleasure. One thing you didn't expect him to do was push down on your stomach, the feeling making you cum right away; the orgasm like nothing you'd ever experienced before.
"Fuck, there you go," Taehyung praised, not letting up on the pressure or slowing his pace. "Fuck I can feel my cock inside you like this," His words were so fucking filthy, you felt your orgasm raising to new heights.
Your eyes rolled back, black spotting your vision and your head going light. You weren't sure if you were going to pass out or black out; your orgasm reaching levels of pure overstimulation as his thrusts didn't even slow. You were aware of his voice but you had no clue what he was saying; all you knew was you were cumming hard and everything was increasingly wet.
Then, there was a rush of warmth inside you and he finally stilled; you could have sobbed in relief when he pulled out. You laid panting on the bed as Taehyung got off it; he wandered out of the room to fetch a towel but you didn't even notice his absence.
You did notice when a cool cloth began to clean up the mess left on your body. When you opened your eyes, you could see a small smile on his lips as he cleaned your thighs of your mixed fluids.
"Let's sleep in my bed tonight," He offered, helping you sit up even though your spine felt like jelly. "You ruined these sheets!"
"I ruined them?" You choked, your voice completely wrecked.
"Yeah, babe," He chuckled, lifting up into his arms. "Never squirted before?"
"Sq--" You felt your face flush at his words, feeling embarrassment.
When Taehyung dropped you onto his bed, he pressed a chaste kiss on your lips.
"Don't get shy on me, beautiful," He giggled, climbing onto the bed beside and pulling the blankets up around the both of you. "It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen and I cannot wait to make you do it again and again."
"Well, I still owe you that blowjob but," You chuckled and grinned up at him. "I think I'll need a few days R&R because I'm not entirely sure the feeling will return to my legs."
He laughed, wrapping his arm around your middle and pulling you into his chest. With the warmth of the house combined with his body heat, it was almost too hot.
"Well in that case," He mumbled, watching you with fond eyes. "How about you let me take you out on a date?"
"What kind of date?"
"Well I'll have you know, I can be the most romantic man in Korea," He said, taking on a dramatic tone.
"Oh sure, I'll buy that," You joked, making him laugh before he pressed a kiss to your temple.
"How about we go for some dinner and a movie and then...I'll walk you home like a gentleman," He offered, wiggling his eyebrows. "And then...once you're home, I'll fuck your brains out again!"
"You're such a pervert!" You cried, playfully shoving him away, making him gasp all too dramatically which only made you giggle more.
"Okay, okay," He acquiesced, snuggling back down with you. "We'll hammer out the details later. Let's just sleep, alright?"
"Hmm, deal," You breathed in his scent, ignoring the too hot feeling surrounding you before closing your eyes.
Tumblr media
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readyplayerhobi · 2 years ago
Seven Seas
Tumblr media
; Atlantis Taehyung x Reader
; Genre: Fluff, angst, smut
; Word Count: 25.5k
; Warnings: Unprotected sex, oral sex (receiving)
; Synopsis: Atlantis is a myth; a hidden city, a sunken island, a missing continent.’s not a myth. Just hidden out of choice. As the daughter of an Atlantean and a human, you are a halfling that is unwanted by the underwater continent and misunderstood by the surface. But what happens when you finally go to Atlantis and meet an Atlantean who is oddly kind to you?
; A/N: I swear this fic almost broke me like 3 days. I really hope you like it and that it’s not bad. Please make sure to like and reblog, and leave me comments or asks so I can see what you think! I’d really love the feedback!
Also, her speech is supposed to sound more stilted when she’s speaking Atlantean to reflect that she’s not fluent in it!
Throughout history there have been stories of hidden cities, islands and continents that have been told by many civilisations across the world. From Camelot to El Dorado, Shambhala to Zerzura, these mythical cities have captured the imaginations of millions of humans. All fascinated with the idea that there is something still to be discovered on Earth.
But when someone mentions the idea of a ‘hidden’ or ‘lost’ city, it is undoubtedly Atlantis that springs to mind for many people. Some believe it to still be hidden somewhere, whereas others believe it to have sunk millennia ago. Others believe it is a myth entirely.
Atlantis is very much a real place however, it is just that humanity thought too small. For it is not a city, nor is it an island. It is a kingdom and a continent that stretches the entire length of the Atlantic Ocean; from the North Pole to Antarctica. If Atlantis were above the surface, it would comfortably be the largest continent on the planet.
The people of Atlantis were not like humans either, even though they walked and talked like them. To a human, they would be almost indistinguishable. It has undoubtedly helped them to hide throughout the centuries, though not well enough to prevent any rumours of a hidden city.
You know that well, given that your own father is an Atlantean and your mother is a human. She had grown up in the little seaside town you called home, with a fisherman for a father. The sea had been in her blood, but not nearly as much as it was in the blood of the handsome man who had shown up on her shore on her 23rd birthday.
Claiming to be a traveller from a foreign land who wanted to experience life in the sleepy town of Sunset Cove, he paid your mother to stay in the spare room of her tiny cottage. After a few months of boarding with her, he slowly opened up and told her wild stories of an advanced civilisation living under the waves of the very sea she loved so dearly.
The stories slowly brought them together until their mutual attraction could no longer be denied. A whole year after he had appeared on her shore, she had fallen pregnant and eight months later they had welcomed a tiny, healthy girl into the world; you.
Your mother had always known that there was something different about the man she loved with her whole heart. How the sea life seemed to respond to him in ways that were almost eerie and how the water seemed to love him in an almost sentient manner. She had noted quietly how the ocean would swell when he stepped into it and chased after him when he climbed back up the sandy beach.
There had been occasions when his oddly bright eyes had seemed almost luminescent, catching the light like a cat’s did at night and how they almost seemed to glow when he did something that made the sea dance.
She had also noted the fascination you had held with the ocean as well, the way you would stare at it through the windows of the cottage she resided in with him. The way you squealed and laughed when they took you to play in it. How it responded to you like it did your father if he was nearby.
Your father had finally told her both who, and what, he was after she had finally screamed at him to be truthful the day the sea had almost taken you. You had escaped both their gazes and toddled down to the beach, falling over the sand repeatedly until you finally reached the frothy waves that had sang to you so sweetly.
Your mother had finally noticed your absence and was running to the beach when she saw what happened next. The waves had lapped against you sweetly, gentle and almost reassuring as you giggled loudly before it suddenly became vicious and cruel, knocking you over harshly as you let out a loud yelp.
Almost immediately, the waves had swelled and washed over the top of you, covering your tiny body and sweeping you out into the sea. Your cries had gone unheard under the water and your mother had panicked, fearing that her baby had been lost.
Your father had sprinted past, his speed astonishing, and dived into the waves, resurfacing minutes later with you in his arms. She had feared you dead, knowing full well that a two year child would never be able to cope with the cold of the Atlantic, nevermind breath underwater.
And yet you had been blinking in his arms, not even a hiccup as you cried in fright.
He had admitted everything then to her, of how the stories he had told her over the years where not imaginary or made up. That there truly was a whole continent hidden underneath the waves where people have lived for millennia, an advanced civilisation that humanity knew nothing about.
Your father had explained the differences between humanity and Atlanteans then. He was faster and stronger, with the ability to breathe underwater, swim for long distances at exceptional speeds and cope with the overwhelming pressure at the bottom of the sea. His unusual eye colour allowed him to see in dark spaces such as the trenches of the Atlantic and he could communicate to a degree with a large majority of the sea life.
It had all been overwhelming for her at first, causing her to simply walk away with you in her arms for a few hours. Upon returning, she had gestured to you as you slept and asked what this meant for you, to be the child of two lands and two vastly different races.
He had been apologetic then, salty tears falling down his face in crystal clear drops as he’d taken you into his arms and hugged you tightly. You were what the Atlanteans referred to as a halfling, and it was not a polite term. There were other, more derogatory terms out there, but the fact of it all was that you were something that Atlantis didn’t experience often.
And therefore didn’t want.
Atlanteans were a prideful race, full of people who were far more intelligent on average than humanity and viewed themselves as superior due to their innate advantages. The reason for the separation of Atlanteans and humanity has long been lost to time, but the isolation has caused evolution to rapidly change Atlanteans in a variety of ways.
But they are still able to procreate with humans. This offspring is neither Atlantean, nor human, and has none of the full advantages of either side. Your father hadn’t been sure what powers you would have, if any, because halfling’s were so rare and each one recorded had differing abilities.
Some could control the ocean but could not breathe within it whereas others experienced the opposite. You obviously could swim in the ocean for as long as you liked, having gained the ability to open tiny gills that were sealed shut on land and convert the oxygen in the water into oxygen for your lungs.
It unfortunately was not just Atlanteans who hated halfling’s though, but the ocean itself was conflicted too. Welcoming yet spiteful, it didn’t know whether you were a child of it or land and so shifted emotions quickly.
Your father had been apologetic, admitting that he wasn’t sure if Atlantis was ready to welcome a halfling into its world again. It had been centuries since one had last appeared, given their reluctance to visit the surface.
But your father had fallen in love, unable to deny your mother a child when she asked.
He had stayed for five years more, before the Atlanteans finally found him and called him back. Apparently, he was a person of importance in the science division of their government and his disappearance had left them in a bit of a state. He had gone unwillingly, but had never mentioned you nor your mother to avoid any potential retaliation.
The only interactions you had with him since were on your birthdays, when he would visit for a whole day. During these times, he tried to teach you the Atlantean ways of living and how to control your sporadic powers.
Sometimes, you could control the ocean and sometimes it would spit in fury at you. Occasionally your eyes would glow a soft blue in the night and the world would light up with wondrous colours, and other times the world remained dark to you.
It was only as you grew older that you got angry at him, resentful of the situation he had left you in. The knowledge of a whole world, a continent that humanity knew nothing about, was a hard secret to keep as a child and it had taken many soft yet firm rebuttals until you finally stopped telling the story of your father.
Life as the child of a single parent was hard in schools, particularly in small areas where everyone knew each other like the town you lived in. Everyone had known your father, and everyone had known that he was odd by their standards.
The fact that his daughter was growing up to be equally odd had left you unhappy and friendless, the onset of puberty causing your powers to go haywire and cause even more isolation. It was even harder to know that your father wasn’t weird or odd. That he was strong and more intelligent than everyone put together and someone important to a civilisation no one believed real.
But no one would believe you, and why should they?
Atlantis is a myth. A story told throughout time. The subject of countless films and settings.
And it is half of you. A place that you have never visited, never seen. Despite the knowledge of its existence, Atlantis was a myth to you too.
Until now.
“I’m on my way home now mom, I should be another two hours as long as the traffic stays good.” You speak out loud, the hands free in your car causing your mother's voice to reverberate around you from the car speakers.
She lets out a sigh and you can practically see her rubbing at her temple, the skin there a little more wrinkled than it had been when you were a child but still beautiful in your eyes. Your mother had worked hard throughout your life to provide the best for you, even more so when it had become increasingly obvious that you had inherited the Atlantean intelligence.
Far ahead of your peers in your early years, you had skipped grades like you were skipping down a hallway. Nothing had been hard for you, leading to you graduating high school at only 15 and college at 19. At 24 years old, you currently held a mechanical engineering undergraduate and a master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
A sheer thirst for knowledge and general boredom with the engineering internships you’d been stuck with afterwards had led to you returning to college to undertake a masters in ocean engineering. The sea may be an unruly mistress when it came to you, but you still felt a strong and intense connection to it.
Perhaps it was your Atlantean heritage, screaming out to delve into the depths and finally explore the continent to experience the stories your father had told you for yourself. Or maybe it was from the seablood that ran through your human family’s veins.
Either way, you had been loathe to be apart from it for so long and so had chosen to study something that would hopefully connect you in meaningful ways. And perhaps one day, you would finally feel content with your life.
It took an hour and a half before you finally hit the long, winding road that ran along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. During summer, the views were magnificent and you always enjoyed watching the sun rise over the endless horizon. It was as if nature painted an astonishing image every day, just for you.
Stomach twisting pleasantly, you couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face as you glanced out at the peaceful waves crashing to shore almost lazily. It had been too long since you had played in the ocean, enjoying the welcome touch of the cold sea before it pushed you away in its confusion.
A degree in ocean engineering was surprisingly oceanless most of the time, and you were welcoming a few weeks spent back at home by the shore. Plus, you were going to be able to spend time with your mom instead of having to see her face on a screen.
Sighing happily, you tap at the wheel along to the music flowing out of the speakers quietly until finally the little town you’d grown up in came into view. It wasn’t the world’s best town and it was filled with plenty of small minded people, but they were kind in their own ways too.
And a town like this was close knit, with your mother still being a strong part of the very fabric that makes up the whole place. It was only you who had been rejected.
You didn’t say anything however, as your mom was happy and that’s all you cared about for her. It had been hard for her after your dad left and you couldn’t even imagine the struggle of trying to raise a child who had powers you didn’t properly understand. Puberty was a relief in comparison.
Driving through the town, you note idly that your town has evidently grown enough in the last year to finally gain a McDonald’s. It might not seem a lot, but when the closest to American capitalism Sunset Cove had gotten was the WalMart in the next town over, it was a significant step forward.
Not a healthy step, but a step all the same.
Pulling into the drive of the little cottage you’d grown up in, you step out of the car and simply look over the tiny house with a loving eye. It was unbelievably weatherworn, with the white paint peeling away from the wooden boards and dirt that had been kicked up by the winds splattering the side.
The red door was a pale imitation of the door you’d seen when you were younger, painted lovingly by your father to make it stand out and now just a symbol of an era long since passed. Overgrown grass swayed in the gentle breeze that rolled in off the sea and your eyes track back to the cracked flagstones that lead around the house and down the backyard before eventually reaching the soft sand of the small beach that butts up to your childhood home.
It’s a little bit dilapidated now, but you know your mother works hard to keep it hospitable despite her constant working. She works at the harbour with the fishermen, counting in their catches and paying out while sorting out deliveries of fresh fish to the nearby towns every morning.
The evening’s are spent working at the local restaurant, cooking up the town’s famous lobster rolls to residents and the few tourists that roll through on their venture’s through the North East.
Smiling to yourself, you pull your suitcase out of the back of your car and roll it down the small pathway, tugging it over broken areas before finally coming to the door. It’s open as usual, and you marvel for a moment that this town is still so safe that people don’t even lock their doors.
In the city you normally live in, locking your door simply isn’t enough to warrant safety. You need to lock it three times to provide extra protection, and even then it might not be enough.
But there’s nothing of worth to steal in a sleepy fishing town like Sunset Cove, so nobody bothers to lock anything.
Entering the small house, you take a deep inhale of the comforting scent of home before heading to your even smaller bedroom. You’d felt amazed at seeing the size of your university dorm room when you’d gone as your home bedroom was simply a single bed with a wardrobe and desk at the end of the room.
There simply wasn’t enough room for more, and you’d been content with it when younger. Now though, it was a little stifling when you’d experienced the freedom of everything else the world had to offer.
Your mom would be another two hours at the restaurant and you were looking forward to spending time with her. But for now, that meant you had two hours to spend with the sea and to finally soothe the ache in your soul.
Heading back out of the door, you round the back of the house and take in the sight of the rusted swing set that you’d used as a child. Metal didn’t really like being in such close proximity to salt water and you eyed the decayed sections with a critical eye.
You should really take that down while home to try and prevent further injuries. It could easily fall apart and become a hazard during one of the winter storms that often swept through here.
Slipping off your shoes as you reached the sandy shore, you dropped them to keep them dry as you walked through the cool sand to the calm edge. Standing close enough that the water lapped at your toes, you smiled in relief as the sea surged forward upon realising you were there.
Crouching down, you ran your fingertips through the froth topped water and played with it quietly, enjoying the way droplets rose around you and swirled together to create a dancing fountain.
Evidently the ocean wasn’t too annoyed with you today; a relief as it sometimes got vindictive if you had been away for too long. Placing your hand firmly into the wet sand underneath the water, you closed your eyes and tried hard to find the connection to Atlantis your father had always said you should have.
Apparently all Atlanteans felt the call of Atlantis, no matter how far away they were and it was a tangible thing to them. Something they could literally touch and caress, the bond between themselves and their home continent a thing of safety that could be used to find their way home.
You had never had that. Just an overwhelming sense of despair and loss, as if your body knew that it was missing something but couldn’t quite figure out what. It was all you could feel right now as you let out a huff of frustration when nothing responded to you in the ocean, only the sensation that the sea was laughing at you and your pathetic attempts to try.
Letting your head flop forward, you let out a deep sigh that feels like it draws on every molecule in your body with the disappointment and underlying sadness in it.
It’s only when you feel a whisper of excitement from the ocean tingle through your feet that you look up suddenly, eyes widening at the sight of the figure walking towards you from the depths. You recognise his figure instantly and a part of you squeals in childish excitement at seeing him.
But an overwhelming part of you is indifferent with a simmering side of anger.
Your father has been absent from your life for the last five years of your life, never setting foot on land again to visit you. Admittedly, you hadn’t spent a lot of time at home but he hadn’t even bothered to check on you. Five years without even seeing your mother, who still loved him so much after all this time.
Standing slowly, your jaw clenches as your arms cross over your chest, watching him wade through the water with ease. A skin tight suit of flat, dull navy blue scales adorns his body and you scowl at how he doesn’t appear to have aged a day.
He’d told you years ago that Atlanteans aged at a slower rate compared to humans, meaning he looked as youthful as he did the first time he’d met your mom whereas she had grown greyer and more wrinkled. It hadn’t taken long for you to realise that you had inherited the slow aging, with everyone constantly surprised you were in fact 24 and not younger.
The sight of him made resentment bubble in your stomach, knowing that one day your mom will be gone and your father will likely still be the same.
You didn’t move an inch as he walked up to you, a tentative smile on his face as he took in the sight of you grown. His hand moved forward as if to pull you into a hug, but your standoffish behaviour caused him to pause before pulling back.
“Little Roe, you’re so big now. You look so beautiful.” His face lights up with happiness as he takes you in and you simply scowl, turning on the spot and walking further up the beach. Away from the water, away from him.
Sitting down abruptly in the cool sand, you observe intently as he hesitates for a moment before following and sitting next to you tentatively. The two of you sit in silence, the feeling awkward and full of tension as neither of you know what to say to each other.
“What are you doing now? The last time we talked you’d finished human university correct?” He asks, tone hopeful and you sigh internally at how the child in you preens for him. There will always be a part of you that wants to impress him, even if the adult part of you resents it.
You’re a child of two worlds, rejected socially by both. Is there any wonder that you want to be accepted by your parents at least?
“I’m back at college actually. I did a master’s degree - a further educational degree,” You explain when you see the confusion in his eerie eyes. “In mechanical engineering. Took some engineering internships in big companies across the city I live in before deciding I wanted to do something with the ocean, so I’m doing another master’s in ocean engineering.”
He says nothing for a moment before nodding with a smile. “You have the Atlantean intelligence, truly.”
Gritting your teeth, your hands tighten on the fabric of your jeans as you glare down at the sand in front of you. “Maybe I just gained the human genius.” You were loathe to acknowledge that your intelligence was anything to do with Atlantis, especially when you had never had anything to do with it.
Your dad laughs humourlessly for a moment before shifting to face you, the scales of his wetsuit dark in the low light of the evening sun. He’d never explained the suit before, but you imagined it helped to create a more streamlined body to allow for faster speeds underwater while also providing protection against any sealife that may not be amenable.
Or at least, that’s what your analytical engineering brain told you. But who knows, maybe it had some special Atlantean capabilities that you were entirely unaware of?
“Little Roe, I know that you do not like me as much as you did when you were a child. And that is my fault for leaving you, I accept full responsibility for that. But please don’t ignore your heritage. You have spent 24 years on land with the humans and you must realise that you don’t fully fit into their world. The call of the ocean is so strong that you have even gone back to university to study it more, and the Atlantean blood provides you with more intelligence than humanity could ever hope to achieve. You are not achieving your full potential here, and I fear you will chase something you can never accomplish.” He sighs.
At his words, you shift in the sand suddenly to glare at him as anger boils over,hot and rolling.
“So what? What am I meant to do? I get it, I know that I’m too smart for this world. Do you have any idea what my life has been like here? Did mom or you ever stop and think about what a life is like for a halfling? I have no friends, because people don’t get me and I can’t quite relate to humans properly. I don’t age anymore like everyone else, and it’s becoming obvious. I have to purposefully dumb myself down in assignments so that I do not score perfect scores, because people don’t do that at university.” Your voice is getting louder and more hysterical as the emotions that have built up for years finally overwhelm you.
“I feel constantly bored with everything here, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t have a relationship because no one understands me and how on earth do I explain when I don’t age in twenty years?! And that’s nothing compared to the fact I’m literally of two worlds and I fit into neither! This one doesn’t understand me and the other doesn’t want me. I feel the pull of the ocean but the ocean pushes back. Did you know that I don’t have that bond you say all Atlanteans have? I can’t feel Atlantis, but my body knows it’s missing. I’m broken.” You spit out, wiping away the tears as they fall down your face fast.
For a few moments, your father is shocked into silence. You had always tried to hide how lonely you were growing up, loving your parents too much to show how much it hurt to be a child of two yet none. But you couldn’t do that now. It was too much.
Neither of you speak, simply letting the gentle crashing of the waves as they break fill the gap between you both and you feel guilt at spilling that out to him. Sighing, you shake your head and rub at your temple in a movement so like your mom, it makes him smile.
“I’m sorry dad. I know what you’re going to say. You and mom fell in love and that I’m the product of love. But it’s just...hard.” Your dad responds almost immediately, wrapping you tightly in his arms and despite the anger you feel towards him, you can’t help but relax at the briney smell that’s familiar despite the years.
“I’m so sorry Little Roe. I knew it would be hard for you and I was selfish. But I will never apologise for having you, because you are the most important thing I’ve ever made. And you have made your mother so happy and proud. I am sorry though for the half life you are living, but that is why I came to you today.” Your father’s syntax has always been unusual, with a lyrical accent that makes his words sound beautiful.
That is because English is not his first language, and over the years he had taught you enough Atlantean for you to be at least conversational in it. You still struggled though, as your English speaking mouth could not get around some of the sounds of Atlantean.
Looking at him in confusion, you say nothing as you trace unidentifiable symbols into the dry sand. You figure that you should probably let him speak, as all you’ve done so far as is spit venom and anger at him.
“I guessed that you would not be coping well with the teaching that humanity can give you. They have done truly wonderful things here on the surface, but they are not even close to the level of advancement that Atlantis has. I have an offer for you Little Roe, one that you must think on carefully for the next two weeks.” Raising a brow, you say nothing and wait for him to continue.
“I have managed to secure you a place at the University of Atalanta, the largest city of Atlantis and the most prestigious university we have to offer. For years I have tried to get this for you and they have finally given in. You will study the Atlantean version of engineering and science, alongside Atlanteans and I pray that you will show them that a halfling is just as worthy of being there as they are. I don’t need to tell you how important it will be to have you there. And I can show you Atlantis, Little Roe. The Atlantis I have always told you about, the place you have wanted to go to for so long.” His eyes are shiny with tears and you watch as they fall down his face slowly, leaving gleaming trails in their path.
He takes your hand gently, wrapping both of his around yours and squeezing reassuringly. The words are computing in your head slowly as you try to understand. “They’ll...let me study there? But I thought they hate halfling’s.”
Nodding, his lips press into a firm line. “They are not looked kindly upon no. But it has been so long since Atlantis has even seen a halfling. You are more than intelligent enough to compete with the best there, and you have the added benefit of bringing surface knowledge of their engineering as well. Humanity can do things that we simply cannot, and that can put you at an advantage they cannot possibly hope to achieve.”
Chewing at your lips, you watching him carefully as you pull your hand away to play with a piece of fabric on your jeans. “But I know nothing of Atlantis in reality, just the stories you’ve told me. I can’t even read Atlantean, and my speaking knowledge is rudimentary at best. How can I study when I can’t even understand?”
At that, he reaches into a pocket you hadn’t even realised was in his scaled suit and pulls out what looks like a flat black rock. Handing it to you, he takes your finger and presses against the surface lightly.
Immediately it springs to life, and you watch with wide eyes as what looks like a holographic screen appears above the rock. Your father laughs at your reaction and motions to the screen, widening it in the same way you would zoom in on a smartphone.
“This is the Atlantean version of a computer, called an antikythera. You can make the screen bigger or smaller as needed by doing what I just showed you. It’s in English for you, but here is a button to translate it into Atlantean. It has an English to Atlantean learning programme along with an Atlantean dictionary to explain words you may not understand. In this, I have downloaded the history of Atlantis, along with research papers written about our technology and basic lessons that children and teenagers get taught.” He moves forward and presses something on the antikythera’s screen and the holographic screen disappears while the black rock suddenly grows to the size of a small MacBook and lights up with the same information.
“You can also use this format if it is easier for you. You can write on it using your fingers or simply gesture into the air,” He pauses for a moment before pulling you into a tight hug, the antikythera falling to the sand as he kisses your head. “Little Roe, this is so important and I hope you will take advantage of it. I know you will miss here, and your mother, but you are meant for so much more and I fear the humans cannot give it to you anymore. You have two weeks to make a decision and I will return. Learn all you can. I know you are so smart, and I have faith in you.”
Looking down at the antikythera, you bite at your lip with anxiety before frowning at him. “I’m 24. Won’t I be stuck with a bunch of 18-year-old Atlantean’s? Teenagers are always the worst.” You’re used to being at university and being of a different age, but most of the time you’re younger. Not older.
Your father laughs loudly as he presses your foreheads together, his eyes glowing in the darkening sky. “Sweet daughter, I hope you read quickly and learn as much as you can. You know that we Atlantean’s do not age like humans do. Which means we do not grow as humans do. Our universities begin at 23 and 24, so don’t worry too much. If anything, you will be far more mature than most of the people you will encounter.”
He stands abruptly and you follow, moving in a manner far more fluid and non-human than you usually let yourself. It tends to freak people out when you do things like that.
Placing his hands on your shoulders, your father scans you over once more before giving you a smile. “I am proud of you daughter. I have been a terrible father to you over the years, but I hope that you will let me make amends for that, for I love you dearly and I want the best for you. And I want you to say yes to this, to prove to Atlantis that halfling’s are not weak. I want you to prove that you are just as good as they are, and that I was not wrong to fall in love with your mother.”
Pressing a final kiss to your forehead, he turns and heads back for the sea. Holding the antikythera to your chest tightly, you watch in silence as he disappears beneath the waves, your heart racing at what has just happened.
When your mother had finally come back home, with a generous amount of clam chowder and lobster for the both of you to sink your teeth into, you’d immediately blurted out everything to her. She had listened quietly as you’d described everything your father had told you, her face carefully blank before she’d placed her knife and fork down onto the table.
Taking your hand, she’d given you a sweet smile and told you to study everything your father had given you hard and to think carefully on what you wanted. You’d been half of the mind to argue with her, to say you would never give her up, but the burning desire to discover everything you could about Atlantis had kept you silent.
The last two weeks had been spent studying almost frantically, staying up late as you scanned through centuries upon centuries of research. It was disconcerting to find that you barely understood half of what you were reading and you’d had the Atlantean dictionary open constantly.
But an overwhelming part of you was excited, because for once you didn’t understand and it wasn’t coming easily to you. The concepts that were talked about were confusing, and you often found yourself having to track back four or five times to read enough to build up the knowledge required to understand the end result.
It was like trying to read how to bake a five tiered, fully decorated wedding cake when you don’t even know what an egg is.
You were tired, but you relished that tiredness in a way you never had before. There wasn’t a time you could remember that your mind hurt trying to understand something, but Atlantean concepts of engineering and science had your mind exhausted and you already knew what your answer was going to be.
So many times you would find yourself exclaiming at loud, marvelling at the genius of Atlantean’s when something you read suddenly made something that had always bothered you with human knowledge make sense. It was like they had taken what humans knew and filled in all the little gaps that humans didn’t even realise were there.
By the time the day your father would return for your decision, you were already positive that you knew what it would be. And it made you feel sick with guilt as you faced your mom, shame written all over your face as you played with the blank antikythera on the table.
She watches you with a soft smile on her face before reaching forward, grasping your hand between hers and stopping your fiddling. Looking up at her, you watch as love and pride fill her eyes as they dart all over your face, taking you in.
“I think we both know what your decision is, don’t we sweetheart?” She says softly, her thumb stroking at your skin in soothing motions that make you want to pull her into a tight hug and never let go.
“I’m sorry mom. I should stay here with you, I can finish my degree and take a job close to here for you so that you’re not alone-” She interrupts you by raising a hand, causing you to pause before she leans forward and cups your face gently.
“Darling. It’s fine. I’m happy here, and I would never want to be the reason that you’re not. Parents are supposed to be an anchor during hard times and the wind your sails to push you forward in the good. Let me be the wind now, just like I’ve always been. You’re not for the human world sweetheart, and I think we’ve both known this for a long time.” Shaking your head, you grip her hand firmly as panic runs through.
“No, no it’s okay. They don’t want me anyway. I don’t want to be a charity case.” Your mom sighs softly, before taking hold of the antikythera and holding it up.
“You need to go. In our world, you’re limited to what you can do. You have to hide yourself, keep society at an arm’s length because people don’t understand you and if you told them what you are, you’d be a science experiment. Atlantis may not want you, but you don’t have to hide there. You can be yourself, you can push yourself in ways that you just can’t do anymore here. No one will care at how water reacts to you there, or how quickly you learn and adapt because that is the Atlantean way. Atlantis will let you lead a fulfilling life. It may not be the same as for a normal Atlantean, but it will be infinitely better than the isolation you will suffer here. I will be fine. I’ve always known that you were meant for better, and you’ve reached the limits of what we humans can offer.” Grinning briefly, you take the moment to take in her face as she watches you.
“All a mother wants is for her child to be happy and fulfilled. You’re not happy, nor are you fulfilled here. I’ve had you for 24 years, we humans have had you for 24 years. I think it’s time to let your father and Atlantis have you. Show them the strength of humanity, and make us proud.” You bite your lip firmly as tears bank in your eyes, trying hard not to let them fall.
“How can you be encouraging me to leave like this? I could never come back. You know that. They live longer than we do, than you do. What if you never see me again?” Your whispers are furious and the dual emotions of happiness and fear war deep within in it.
She gives you the same smile of patience and love that she always has before reaching forward and pushing at a few strands of hair. “Because I’ve always known that you’re not meant for here. I’ve watched for years as you suffered loneliness and isolation without a word of complaint for me and your father. I’ve watched as you bounced between internships and college in an attempt to satisfy your need to learn and watched as you’ve remained unfulfilled. These last two weeks of you learning what Atlantis has to offer has been the first time I’ve seen you truly happy and challenged. I have faith that you’ll come back to me, even if it’s only to visit. But I want you to be satisfied with your life, and I genuinely think Atlantis can offer you that. It would be selfish to stifle you for years just because I would miss you.”
Blinking repeatedly to try and stop your tears, you take her into your arms and hug her so tightly. For a good ten minutes, neither of you move as you simply enjoy the embrace of your mom and take solace in it, knowing that soon enough you wouldn’t even be able to call her.
The rest of your short time with her is spent making sure that you get as much time in with your mom as possible. From baking your favourite sweet treats to simply watch movies together on the small couch, you try to give her as many good memories as you can before you leave.
And the whole time, you tell yourself that it won’t be forever.
The day that your father has promised to return is filled with excitement and dread, your emotions swinging rapidly as you try to push down the guilt you feel whenever you look at your mom. She, on the other hand, is full of warm smiles and graceful touches. She’d even taken the day off, to spend it with you one last time before seeing you off on your grand adventure.
You were positive that it was so that she could see your father as well, and you wondered what it must be like to love someone truly unattainable like that. It was a pure and wholesome love, and you wondered if your father had remained as loyal to your mother as she had to him.
The sun was finally beginning to set and as you watched, you felt like nature was giving one last breathtaking sight of the surface. The sky painted itself in awe inspiring pinks, vivid oranges and luscious yellows with ribbons of beautiful blue peaking through. You spent the time waiting for him to appear taking in the sight, knowing that it was likely going to be a while before you see something like this again.
You could hazard a guess that Atlantis likely does not have any sunrises or sunsets quite as spectacular as this. If any.
The sudden tensing of your mom next to you breaks you out of your reverie, gaze focusing down from the sky to the familiar sight of the never ending sea. And the man carefully walking out of the gentle waves makes your stomach flop with a multitude of emotions.
Your father doesn’t even pay attention to you for a moment, instead pausing before walking forwards even faster until he’s standing almost inches apart your mom. Neither say anything before he’s wrapping his arms around her tightly, holding her so closely to him while he buries his nose into her hair.
Watching with quiet tears falling down your face, they pull apart ever so slowly and you bear witness to the sheer love on their faces. It’s been so long since you’ve seen them together, and perhaps the first time you’ve seen them as an adult with no childish thoughts, that you can’t take your eyes off them.
“Agapaos,” Your dad whispers and you immediately recognise the Atlantean endearment, literally meaning ‘my love’. It’s forever surprising how similar some Atlantean is to Greek. “Forgive me.”
Turning away from them both, you venture a little ways down the beach to allow them the privacy of a reunion. It wouldn’t be fair to your mom to take away the short amount of time she would get with him, and you’re loathe to take away any more happiness from her this week.
It’s a short time later that you feel a warm pressure on your shoulder and you turn, looking up into the warm eyes of your father who smiles tentatively. “Your mother says that you have made a decision. And from the pride and tears in her eyes, I think it is one in which you will need to say goodbye.”
Nodding slowly, you wipe at the tears that begin to fall once more while he turns and takes your mom’s hand as she stops in front of you. Laughing through her own tears, she reaches forward and wipes at your face with that soft motherly sound you’re so used to. “No crying okay? You’re going to have the time of your life and I’ll be cheering you on from the surface.”
Wrapping an arm around you both, your father hugs you tightly to him while pressing solid kisses to your hair, a proud smile on his face. “I’ve promised your mother that I would try and visit more, to let her know your progress. This is important for both of us and I don’t want her to worry. It won’t be often, but I’ll try.”
His words make you cry even further, a strained sob leaving your mouth which immediately causes both your parents to pull you into a tight hug filled with love. It felt like you were five again and all was right in the world.
“We need to leave now then Little Roe, Atalanta is not close and it will take some time to get there. You only need to bring yourself.” He murmurs, pressing a kiss to your forehead before stepping back to allow you to say your final goodbyes to your mom.
She gives a watery smile, and you can see her carefully built walls falling apart as she begins to watch her final link to her love fall away like sand through her fingers. Hugging her tightly, you whisper affirmations of love into her ear, telling her that you have sorted everything with your college and given her power of authority over your bank accounts and other accounts.
There wasn’t enough time to sort everything out yourself, and you would need none of it where you were going.
Pulling back, you let your eyes track over her face as many times as you can, firmly implanting the memory of her face into your mind so that you will never forget. Almost as if he can tell what you are doing, your father suddenly tells you to stand together and smile, pulling an antikythera out of another hidden pocket and lifting it up.
You presume it acts like a camera, for he simply stows it away once done before gesturing to the sea. “We must go now Little Roe. Wait for me in the water.” He says and you reluctantly move away from your mom, holding onto her hand until you’re physically incapable of doing so.
Wild emotions rage through your body as you step forward into the ocean, the wetsuit you’d bought feeling inadequate but you know it’s likely more than enough. The cold didn’t bother you in the slightest and it was more a way to protect your modesty.
Turning, you watch in silence as your dad moves forward suddenly and pulls your mom into another tight hug, his arms squeezing her against him and you recognise them trying to take advantage of every moment together. It makes your breath stutter in your throat and your lungs constrict tightly, the childish urge to run forward and beg him to take your mom with you so strong.
It would be useless though, because even if he could find a way to bring her to Atlantis by providing her with enough oxygen to last the trip, she would never be able to cope with the body crushing pressure at the bottom of the ocean. Her life was above the sea, in the little town you’d grown to hate but that you hoped so desperately would love and protect her for the rest of her life.
The kiss they both share feels almost intrusive to watch and your eyes skitter away to provide them with more privacy, instead focusing on the way the sea laps at your feet almost welcomingly. Frowning, you note how for once it seems to be filled with a sense of excitement towards you and you scowl at it almost petulantly.
“Oh sure, you love me now that I’m going twenty thousand leagues under the sea huh?” You’d kick at the ocean but not only is that pointless and stupid, it would run the possible risk of pissing it off. And given you’d have to travel hundreds of miles through it, probably not the best idea right now.
The splashing of water indicates that your dad is finally joining you, and you turn around to get a final glimpse of your mother. She stands at the water edge, a hand pressed to her mouth while her beautiful, kind eyes overflow with tears of simultaneous sadness and joy at you finally going to live your life.
A broken sound leaves your own lips and you move forward to embrace her again, but your fathers strong grip on your arm holds you back. Shaking his head slowly, he gives you a sad smile before turning you to face the horizon.
The sky isn't quite black where the ocean meets it, instead a sultry navy blue with streaks of bright colour that breaks up the oncoming darkness. A sudden panic takes over you as you stare at the endless ocean and it's with surprise that you discover you're terrified to see the darkness of what's below the sea.
Humans may have been unkind to you, but they had been your only world for so long. What lay beneath the waves was strange and foreign to you. Not in the sense of a far off country with a language you didn't speak, but a true sense of foreign.
Humanity had mapped more of Mars than it had of the great oceans that covered Earth, and even then you knew that what they knew was actually false. What was at the bottom of the Atlantic had only been stories to you for so long, and now it was going to be real life.
Your life.
Your father grips your shoulders firmly and begins to walk you forward, the soft sand beneath your toes becoming further and further under the water as he takes you into the depths. "I know you're afraid Little Roe, but I'm here. I'll always be here for you, I swear. I'll guide you safely to Atalanta. Trust in me."
Swallowing thickly, you nod slowly before taking a deep breath. Letting it out slowly, you close your eyes before diving below the surface and kicking off. For a few moments, you let yourself swim as a human does until you're finally far enough away from the shore.
Looking to your side, you watch for a moment as the sea remains black and murky to you and the noise of distress that leaves your throat is involuntary. A reassuring hand on your back lets you see that your father is here and you relax momentarily, wondering if you're going to have to be led like a child to Atlantis.
It's only after a few more metres that your eyes suddenly burn and you wonder if perhaps they're finally being affected by the salt. Only the opposite happens. Blinking them open carefully, you gape in shock as the world around you suddenly brightens in a way you couldn't have ever considered before.
Your night sight had always been a little wonky, only working on occasion and you'd never truly managed to get it to work properly under the sea. Although if you were being honest, you'd always been afraid to properly try with the ocean after the incident when you were younger. Given its tendency to change its mind with how to react to you, there was a part of you that was afraid it would pull you out to sea until you couldn't reach home.
But now suddenly, it was like a whole world you hadn't properly realised existed had been brought to life. Fish and coral became illuminated and shone in bright colours while tiny, phosphorescent colours lit up things that you would have never considered to be bright before.
Swimming along slowly, you take everything in with wide eyes and a sense of awe, watching as your father laughed at you silently. Moving over to you, he reaches into yet another pocket and pulls out two tiny black dots. Pressing one to your throat and one to your ear, he smiles before beginning to speak.
"Oh Little Roe, I have longed to see your reaction to the wonders of the ocean." His voice is loud in your ear and you jerk in surprise, looking him over as you float in the water for a moment. Even with your newly enhanced vision, his suit remains dark and almost invisible in the water and you wonder if perhaps it is truly some form of stealth suit.
"How are you doing that? What was that you put on me?" You ask in confusion, running your fingertips over the smooth surface of the dot on your throat. He smiles before jerking his head and swimming forward, watching you closely before manipulating the ocean around him to propel himself at astonishing speeds.
Scowling, you give a tiny prayer that the ocean will respond as nicely to you before you swirl your hands and push at the water. For a moment nothing happens and you scowl before suddenly the water is pushing back at you violently, sending you careening forwards through the ocean and cutting through the underwater currents like a knife through butter.
Squealing at the speeds, you barely have time to see fish go flying past before you're orienting yourself by experimenting with the pressure needed. You have nothing to compare it to in reality, but you imagine that it's likely the same issues that Iron Man had in learning how to fly.
Needless to say, your dad's deep laugh rumbles through your ear as he watches you flounder in the water before he's calling out advice. You listen carefully to his instructions and eventually manage to make what you're positive is a passable attempt at water travel, following in the wake of your father.
It doesn't escape your notice that he's not only smoother at moving through the water, but that he's also faster than you still. You're not sure why, given the ocean is that one pushing you, but you decide not to linger on it.
Too much of your life has been spent considering yourself lesser. You're positive that it won't happen quickly, but you hope that you'll stop considering yourself less of a human or less of an Atlantean and more you.
"So how does this work? I didn't read about it?" You ask as you travel along, wondering idly how fast you're moving. The land beneath you has dropped rapidly until even you can barely see it, and while that makes your stomach drop in turn, you can't help but be fascinated at how far you may have come.
"It is an omilan. All Atlantean's wear them permanently and they allow for communication when travelling in the water. We have evolved to a certain degree, but our vocal chords are not capable of producing sound loud enough to be understood underwater still. The omilan sender on your throat captures the vibrations of what you are saying and sends it to the receiver on me and vice versa." You let out a hum of surprise before nodding slowly, fascinated with the technology already.
"We should communicate in Atlantean now Little Roe. I trust that you have studied hard, but you have much to make up on." The words are said in fluent Atlantean and you marvel at how lyrical and elegant the language sounds coming from his mouth.
"Yes. I shall. I sorry for bad Atlantean, it is hard. I try hard." You say, frowning intently as the words translate badly even in your own head. "I sorry. I understand more than say."
The brokenness of your words has you feeling frustration, cheeks heating as you look away from him and into the infinite blackness beyond. He sighs softly.
"It's okay. The journey will take us a day, so let's talk. We can work this out Little Roe. You can do this, I swear you can." He gives you a reassuring smile and you sigh heavily, wondering if maybe this was all just a major mistake. "Work hard daughter. You have had an easy life academically, but I worry that this will be the hardest thing you will ever do. I have so much faith in you though. You were born for greatness, I believe that."
No pressure then.
True to his word, it takes around a day of travel to reach Atalanta. You wonder halfway through, as your father stops for you both to rest and hunts fresh fish to eat, why he hasn't taken you to some other area of Atlantis.
As the capital city, Atalanta is firmly in the centre of Atlantis which is roughly the centre of the Atlantic Ocean. The other six cities are laid out in an almost hexagonal shape around the edges, which surely means that you have passed one at least. Dozens of smaller towns and villages apparently take up in the space inbetween, and you desperately want to see the Atlantis you have been promised for so long.
You get the feeling though that your father doesn't want to spoil the surprise and is waiting to welcome you to his world with a bang.
So you go along with him, continuing your conversations in your broken Atlantean that thankfully gets a little better as the day continues. He doesn't just have normal conversations with you, but discusses the scientific theories behind the engineering research you'd studied over the last two weeks until your mouth can accommodate the strange words with more ease than it had done.
It's only when you notice that your father seems to be getting more excited with his words, constantly looking forward and back to you, that you realise something is happening. Frowning deeply, you look ahead as well and see nothing of interest except more barren ocean floor.
You'd been pretty unimpressed so far to be honest, the only interesting things you'd seen on the bottom of the Atlantic were some impressive looking shipwrecks. A sharp rebuke from your father had stopped you from going full Little Mermaid on them, which had caused you to pout childishly.
"Little Roe, I need you to swim directly at that large rock on the floor. Don't move away, and follow me exactly." He says, his Atlantean words firm and demanding no argument. Frowning, you look at the uninspiring rock that is fast approaching. It stands out from everything sure, standing a good 30 feet higher than anything around it but there’s nothing to note other than its. height.
Was this some Platform 9 3/4 shit or something? God you hoped it was, because that would be so cool.
Sure enough, you watch with wide eyes as you father swims straight through the jagged rock, disappearing and you can't help but marvel at the ripple that follows. Reaching forward, you tap at the rock only to watch as your hand falls straight through.
There's nothing there, and you carefully move through it while paying close attention.
The only thing you can possibly compare it to is the shield that covers Wakanda in Black Panther, portraying an image of an uninhabited mountain range when reality there was a fully advanced civilisation hidden underneath it.
Gasping softly, you freeze just inside and look down in wide shock. What you'd thought was the ocean floor the whole time must have been this pseudo shield, protecting Atlantis from view of the humans because far below you must be Atalanta.
It's bright, unbelievably bright at the bottom of the ocean and you blink at the blue aura that everything holds as you watch oddly shaped buildings light up in almost fluorescent colours. Neon blues and pinks, vivid purples and greens with even a few reds take up residence in your vision and it's a visual smorgasbord that your brain desperately tries to compute.
The only way to describe the building's of Atalanta are futuristic, with their sides made of what looks to be a dark metal that must be resistant to the corrosion that the salt water of the Atlantic would cause to any other metal. Instead of windows, there looks to be more shield technology that keeps the water out and allows the residents to walk around in tiny air pockets.
Along the edges of the buildings and windows are what looks to be some form of sea life, phosphorescent and almost throbbing with colour that appears and then slowly fades away. Long strings of what you presume to be wire are strung between buildings with more glowing lights at certain intervals and you marvel at how similar the buildings look to coral reefs you've seen across the world.
They're all close together as well, almost as if the buildings have literally grown organically like plant life and you wonder idly for a moment if perhaps the buildings are actually plants. Atlanteans have done some wonderful things with technology, blending together biology and technology in a way that humans could only wish for so you suppose it is entirely possible.
All along what you presume to be roads, you see small submersible vehicles that zip between buildings and along walkways, moving horizontally and vertically. Frowning, you look at your father and point at them with a pout.
"Why did we swim here if we could just use that?" He ignores your slip back into English and simply laughs before gesturing for you to follow, swimming slowly along the top of the city and letting you get a birds eye glimpse. Or maybe that should be a whale's eye glimpse.
"Because they are expensive and the smaller craft like that are not designed for long distance use. Not to mention, they use far too much energy and I felt like we needed the time to better prepare you. The craft for longer distances are bigger and not really made for only two people. Plus, I would have had to justify my use of them to people." His words make you frown in response.
"I thought people knew that I was coming?" You say hesitantly, recognising your words to be slightly rude but you can't help it. The panic you'd felt earlier comes back now, along with a whole truck load of insecurity.
He sighs heavily as he slowly moves downwards, taking you between two buildings and you watch with wide eyes as an obscenely large crab climb the side of one building, claws hitting at barnacles that have grown along the building's side.
"They do. At the university at least, and in certain areas of the government. The royal family gave their assent to this, as has the university. They are the only ones that matter. I must take you to the government building first to get your identification sorted and then we will travel to the university to register you fully. Then we will go shopping for you, to buy you clothes and books and everything you need for your room. Everything will be fine Little Roe, I swear." He smiles at you and you sigh, twisting your hands together before nodding.
You have no choice but to trust him here.
It's a week later that you find yourself sat inside a classroom in the University, eyes wide with dual wonder and fright while your hands shake with nerves. Your antikythera is sat on the desk in front of you, expanded out and a feed of Atlantean news scrolling along rapidly.
You can read around one word in every five and frustration causes the gap between your brows to crease. The last few days have been spent trying to furiously study Atlantean even further, your conversations with your father still stilted but good enough that he thought you'd be okay in class, while simultaneously exploring Atalanta.
A city that you were not sure you'd ever be able to get your mind around. It boggled you that Atlantean's didn't see how wondrous and incredible their very existence was, so far below the surface. Though perhaps there were things on the surface that they would view as fascinating as well.
It had become apparent to you that this city had grown organically, with its streets and roads haphazard. Some building's looked like the cyberpunk world of Blade Runner had had a baby with the Atlantis of Aquaman.
Others looked ancient, and you genuinely wondered how they were still standing. The university campus was one of those, with the building you were in now resembling something that looked like a cyberpunk version of ancient Athens.
Huge columns loom high with groups of colourful coral gripping onto the sides while tiny fish had darted between them, students chattering as they had moved around with ease through the water.
Everything was just a little confusing to you here, and your head was hurting already. The buildings were all pockets of air, meaning that the omilan everyone wore was useless. Their extraordinary technology was still present however, with large scale screens projecting important information along the walls like a moving noticeboard.
Something you'd quickly discovered was that everytime you entered a building, the barrier that kept the depths of the sea from invading the space also instantly dried you. It was remarkably handy, and you appreciated not having to walk around dripping wet all the time.
You'd also ended up buying many scaled suits like your father had worn, only yours were in colours that were deemed far more fashionable for young Atlanteans. Your current suit was a vibrant blue, the scales shimmering as they faded out to white along your wrists and ankles.
For homeware, there were more casual items that could be worn but these suits helped protect modesty and providing a more streamlined approach for travelling. You'd conceded to them only upon seeing they were the most common form of clothing with everyone else, though there were many who had customised theirs with accessories.
Your suit currently had a sleek white belt with a multi-coloured shell holding it together while two pretty, metallic blue shell bracelets wrapped around your wrists.
A sudden sharp alarm rang out in the quiet room you had carefully sat down in moments ago and you jumped with wide eyes, looking around for where it had come from. None of the Atlantean students had quite realised who they had in their midst, though you had noticed a few curious looks about your dull, human eyes.
The chair at the table next to you scrapes the floor loudly and you watch out of the corner of your eye as a tall guy sits down, his dark blue and black suit gripping his lean body. There was evidently no such thing as body insecurity in Atlantis, as the suits truly left little to the imagination.
This guy though, this guy made you want to be sick with jealousy. Atlanteans were beautiful anyway, cue the stress about your human face now, but he was simply stunning. Vogue would be screaming to get him on their cover.
A sharp, angular jaw defines his face with an elegant, sloping nose and perfectly sculpted cheekbones. His strong, dark brows are a vivid contrast to the soft, almost fluffy platinum blonde hair that sits in a mess atop his head and you want to bite your fist when he turns away from you to talk to the group of guys who surround him.
The deep, navy scales are more dulled than your own yet they do nothing to hide the broadness of his shoulders, tracing down to a slim waist. It is ridiculously not fair, and a glance at the guys he laughs with has you wanting to face plant the desk in outrage.
And that was to say nothing of the incredible girls sat around the classroom, their luscious hair shining in the lights while perfectly made faces break out into pretty smiles. You hadn't even known that they did sea proof make up here, but you felt a sudden need to invest in it.
Your father never told you that you'd be going to college with a bunch of supermodels. Not only were you now afraid to speak in front of them for fear of being laughed at, but you were having a delightful existential crisis at just existing.
Groaning quietly, you press a button on the screen of your antikythera and pull up the syllabus of the class. As a new student, and an entirely new Atlantis resident, you were required to take general classes to broaden your education in Atlantean subjects.
Normally you'd bristle at being told to take baby level classes, pointing out that you were more than intelligent enough to know what you wanted to do and how to do it.
But this wasn't a normal university, and you were far too ignorant of much of Atlantean society and culture to risk not taking them. They would help to provide you with a good knowledge base moving forward, while you spent your time at home studying the more intricate research that was more in line with what you wanted to study.
The sudden arrival of who you presume to be the professor makes you sit up straighter in your seat, the murmurings of the students quieting down until there's almost silence. She stands at the front of the room, her demure black scale suit paired with what looks to be an elegant skirt of shimmering emerald green, almost translucent and you admire the way it flows as she walks.
Eyes glancing to the other students quickly, you take note of the configuration that people put their antikythera in while taking a nervous sip of your bottle of water. It had been an odd surprise to find empty bottles in the entrance to every building, but your father had informed you that fresh drinking water was an Atlantean right and so everyone was free to take a bottle and fill up at the nearest point inside a building.
The bottles were disposed of once used and recycled back into use. A closed, circular economy that kept this world under the sea going.
"Good morning class and welcome to the History of Atlantis, I'm happy to see you all today and I hope you're ready and excited for your first day of university. My name is Lee Sunmi." Her Atlantean is sweet and lilting, words clear and you heave a sigh of relief as you understand everything she says with minimal issues.
"We also have a special person in this class." She gestures towards you whilst saying your name and you freeze in place, swallowing thickly as ice runs through your suddenly sluggish veins. "She is incredibly special, as this is her first time in Atlantis so I hope you all treat her well."
You don't even want to look at what everyone's reactions are and you can't tell if your professor is genuinely pleased to have you here or not. A quiet voice from behind asks how it could be your first time in Atlantis and Professor Sunmi smiles at you while gesturing, her icy blue eyes contrasting vividly from her dark hair.
Biting at your lip frantically, you take another deep sip of cool water to try and moisten your throat before coughing. "I am not from Atlantis. I am from...from," Frowning, you struggle to remember the word for the surface as your hands shake. "I am from...the surface." You blurt the last part out in English and wince while your cheeks heat.
Why can't you remember the word? No one has any idea what you've just sai- "Surface? You are from surface? Are you human?" Someone is speaking English to you, and despite the fact it's the language you've spoken for your entire life, you're a little thrown by that.
Looking to your side, you catch the eyes of the jaw dropping guy next to you and whimper internally. He's so close to you suddenly that all you can see are his eyes, a pale green that reminds you of jade statues you'd seen, and as you watch the aquamarine of the Mediterranean hugs his pupils.
Hot guy is speaking English to you. Frowning, you nod slightly before computing his question and shaking your head. "No, I mean yes, I mean no. I'm half human. I'm...a halfling." You say the Atlantean word for it and can practically hear the physical recoil in the room.
He doesn't move though and the only thing you note is the slight narrowing of his eyes as he nods slowly. "A halfling. Interesting." His English is heavily accented, voice far deeper and rasping than when he'd been speaking Atlantean and you feel an almost visceral pull towards him despite the insecurities you feel right now.
Turning back to face Professor Sunmi, she gives a tiny smirk before nodding. "Yes, she is a halfling. Her admittance to the University of Atalanta is something to truly behold. As a professor of history, I am intensely interested in important historical events. We have not welcomed a halfling into Atlantis for centuries, and there has never been one admitted to a university, so we are all witnessing history."
She carries on with her opening spiel before tapping the large board behind her, the black surface lighting up with bright colours as the Atlantean script bursts into life on screen. You, meanwhile, shrink back into your seat and try your hardest to become invisible.
The rest of the class is spent with you taking notes down on your antikythera and listening with fascination. Professor Sunmi is obviously passionate about history and you become lost in the her words, trying hard to imagine what she's talking about.
As is usual for university, she's talks at a quick pace and you find yourself frustrated with your notes that become increasingly fragmented with gaps that show your lack of fluency in Atlantean. It's only once the class is over that you feel a wave of despair swallow you whole, wondering how you're meant to do an entire degree here when you can't even feel like you can cope with a basic history class.
Your remaining classes feel much the same, and you're ashamed to feel even more behind in the science classes. The research and study that you had done for the last three weeks proved to be useless so far, as you quickly discovered that you didn't even know the basic names for elements in Atlantean, nor principle concepts that others simply nodded at.
It felt like they were racing to the finish while you were sinking into deep honey, falling further behind with each class. You're loathe to complain about it to your father though, but at the same time you can't bear the thought of letting him down. Nor can you accept going home as a failure.
Atlantis has let you into its embrace in what feels like a joke, as if your presence is supposed to deter people from getting ideas about going to the surface and experiencing the delights humans had to hold. Instead, you feel like you're being held up as an example as to why Atlanteans should never mix with humans.
It just makes you more determined to prove everyone wrong, and you find yourself in the library more and more. Time between classes and even hours afterwards, you sit in the hallowed halls of learning and read. You read over your own notes, trying to decipher the words you'd written down where you didn't understand something and try to figure them out in the dictionary.
You read books on subjects, going back to the equivalency of their elementary schools and working your way upwards. Or rather, you read the Atlantean equivalent of books which are just antikythera that are programmed to only contain certain texts. It was an odd concept for a library, but you supposed that's what they had to do given they couldn't exactly have paper down here.
The library was more of a meeting place for students and a place to study, write papers and complete homework. Thousands upon thousands of antikythera, called vivlio, lined the tall shelves around the ancient library, the stonework darkened with age and you can only imagine what it was like when first built.
For three weeks you had struggled through the classes, noting various students were in certain classes with you repeatedly whereas others you saw once and never again. One of the students that was in not only your history class, but also your mathematics, biology and oceanography class was the handsome guy who had spoken English to you the first day.
He sat next to you every time, yet he had never spoken another word to you. Which was good, as you were pretty sure that you were beginning to harbour a little crush on him.
Until today that is, as you stare up at him with wide eyes and a frown on your brow. You're so used to being left alone by everyone, or rather sneered and laughed at, that it feels almost bizarre to have someone directly talking to you.
There's a few moments of awkward silence before you point at yourself. "Are you talking to me?" You feel a small sense of pride at the improvement in your Atlantean, and congratulate yourself for continuing to have extensive lessons from your father at home along with the tutor he had employed for you.
Your improved Atlantean seems to resonate with him, as his black brows rise above his blonde hair and he lets out a soft noise of approval, lips twisting slightly. "Your Atlantean sounds better than before." He notes and your cheeks heat in response, reminding you that you haven't talked a whole lot in class since.
It's easier to just get your head down and take down notes instead of trying to communicate. Your first week had made it clear that no one wanted anything to do with you, and you didn't want to invite anymore unwanted attention.
Which was why it was surprising that he was sitting down opposite you, pulling his own antikythera out of his pocket and extending its size while he drops a small pile of vivlio on the stone table top.
"What are you doing?" You ask, confusion lacing your every word and he looks at you with a brow raised. His stare is intense and you shudder slightly, wondering how on earth it is fair that someone can be this damn beautiful.
His skin is a golden tan, though you know it has nothing to do with the sun, and he's once more wearing a scale suit of dark navy, this time threaded through with moss green. You've casually noticed over the last few weeks that he seems to favour darker colours, with the only real hints of colour coming from the bright accessories he wears.
Today, he has a white and gold shell necklace adorning his neck while a golden belt wraps around his slim waist comfortably, a chain on the end dangling. He looks elegant, even if you still can't get your head around the rather spartan Atlantean fashion.
You certainly miss sweatpants and hoodies.
"I'm studying. What else would I be doing?" His voice is blank and you chew on your lip softly, noting how beautiful the rhythm of Atlantean sounds with his deep voice. Finger tapping at the table top, you watch as his extraordinary eyes stare directly at you without a hint of care that it might be rude.
Though perhaps in Atlantis it isn't rude, though people haven't looked at you often enough for you to notice.
"Staring at me apparently." You mutter to yourself in English, forgetting his proficiency until he laughs out loud. Groaning, you let your head fall into your hands until he leans forward and pushes at them.
"Yes, well. You have an interesting face. I can see the human in you." Pausing, you push at your antikythera as your lips twist in resentment.
"Do you hate it too?" You grumble, insides twisting unhappily at the thought of being sneered at up close. Particularly when you've done nothing to him except exist.
He lets out a soft sigh and runs his fingers through his hair, causing it to part in the centre and reveal a sliver of forehead to you. Unless he wants to destroy women, he should never do that again because wow.
"No, I don't hate it. I'm not petty enough to hate someone for something they can't control. I just's a little more obvious now that I know. Your eyes in particular. I've never seen eyes that don't glow before like yours. They're beautiful." His words make your stomach erupt into thousands of butterflies and you have to control yourself really well to stop your hands from clenching.
"Anyway, that's not why I'm here. What I'm here for is to study. My name is Taehyung by the way." He smiles at you for the first time and you can't help but smile back, completely charmed by the sweet box smile he gives you. For the first time, he doesn't look like a stunning model but instead a normal guy his age.
Introducing yourself, you both quieten down and study in silence. Tapping at your screen, you sigh deeply as you try to figure out what a word is from your history class, staring at the terrible phonetic spelling you'd had to write down and wondering what on earth it could be.
A long finger suddenly interrupts your view and you jump in surprise, watching as Taehyung taps the word and highlights it. Pressing at the screen, you watch as he rewrites the word into perfect Atlantean and gives you a smile, lips pressed thin. "Adriaticana. The sixth largest city in Atlantis. We nickname it Adria."
Mouth forming an 'o' shape, you look at the rewritten word and marvel as everything falls into place around it. "Oh, that makes sense. I thought she said that but I did not know what that is. What are the other cities? I only know Atalanta, Adriaticana and Marianus."
Marianus is the second biggest city in Atlantis and resides closest to Europe geographically, while Adriaticana sits along the African shoreline. Taehyung grins at you and counts them off on his fingers.
"Pacificus, Indiaratus, Arcticana and Mediterranus. I believe the names may sound familiar to you in English, yes?" He smirks slightly and you marvel at the similarity. Did Atlantis name its cities after the modern seas, or did the modern seas somehow gain their name from Atlantis?
"How do you know English?" You ask suddenly, finally blurting out the question that had been in the back of your mind for a while now. Your father had learnt English as part of the government of Atlantis, sent on fact finding missions to find out what the humans know. Apparently, many people in the government here speak many of the languages of humanity, and you know your father is passable in Spanish and Mandarin too.
"My family is involved in government. It is important for me to know as well. I'm not good at it though, but I know enough to have a conversation I believe? Though, you are the first native speaker I have ever met." He muses, looking back down at his own antikythera and checking something against a vivlio.
"Your English is fine from what I heard." You whisper, looking back at your own screen and letting the silence fill almost comfortably. It's surprising how much you seem to welcome Taehyung's presence, despite the fact that most Atlanteans have seemed so unwelcoming and inhospitable.
A soft laugh comes from, his beautiful face lighting up once more. "Thank you. And your Atlantean is far better than anyone else's English here. They may be smart in Atlantean, but you’re intelligent in Atlantean and a genius in English, I'm sure."
Sitting back in your seat, you eye him curiously as you reach for the small net bag of dried fish snacks. Your diet in Atlantis had severely changed to a mostly sea life diet, with plenty of seaweed and it was surprising at the variety of food they actually had.
"Why do you think that? All Atlanteans are intelligent." You say, rolling your eyes. He lets out a loud laugh at that, and you can't help but smile at the way his face looks when joyful.
"You are here. In Atlantis. At the University of Atalanta. This is where the smartest of all of Atlantis goes. And you are here. And you can't even speak Atlantean properly. Yet you’re not falling behind. If anything, you’re catching up and overtaking. Anyone who thinks you’re not intelligent is a fool. Anyone who thinks you are not a genius is an idiot." His compliment sounds sincere and you feel your whole body heat at them, looking back at your notes to try and prevent the onset of tears you can feel coming.
It's the first time anyone in Atlantis has complimented you on something besides your father. And it's the first time that you've ever felt that maybe, just maybe, you could actually do this and make everyone proud.
Neither of you say anything more as you both continue to study, the only interaction between you both are when Taehyung corrects a word for you and explains it quietly. He does not act pretentiously, nor does he gloat at your lack of knowledge over simple words and meanings. Instead, he simply corrects your mistakes and informs you of their meaning before going back to his work.
You feel surprisingly comfortable with him, despite the fact that you know nothing about him. And for the rest of the time you spend in the library, you sorely hope that maybe you've made a friend for the first time in your life.
The next six months pass by even quicker, only this time it does not feel even remotely as overwhelming as it had done at the start. Instead, your hope of a friend has fully materialised in the form of Taehyung.
Your study visits to the library are now accompanied by him more often than not, and he spends a good amount of time helping you to study as well. Notes become coherent as he corrects your Atlantean and helps to fill in the gaps in your knowledge with his own, all the while with a friendly smile that progressively makes your stomach flip.
Part of you wants to know why Taehyung has decided to talk to you, and spend a good portion of his free time with you, but you don't want to question it and upset yourself further. He is kind and friendly; helpful beyond words and never has a bad word to say to you.
Nor do his words seem to be filled with an underlying malicious intent, as if he wants to get you under his spell before hurting you. And he could, because this is the closest you've ever let someone in.
Taehyung even introduces you to his inner circle of friends, who you quickly discover are some of the most popular people in your entire college. From his studious friend Namjoon who finds you fascinating, though in a way that makes you feel a little like a science subject, to his very best friend Jimin, who seems to put up with your presence with an amused smile and a shake of his head.
This introduction into this group is gradual, with new people being introduced slowly. You have no doubt that this is Taehyung's way of making everything comfortable for you, while also gauging the intent of his friends. Someone can be a lovely person, but have friends harbouring horrible thoughts and opinions.
So far, none of them have said anything derogatory towards you and have been incredibly civil. Whether that's because they actually feel that way or because Taehyung has threatened them, you don't know. But you find yourself unwilling to question it.
Because while they may not have befriended you exactly, they don’t protest your inclusion in their group in classes. Nor do they whine too loudly at Taehyung for spending time in the library with you, instead sending joking comments and smirks to each other about how Taehyung is likely to be top of his class with all his new studying.
Jimin is the only one who has accompanied Taehyung to the library on more than one occasion; completing his own homework while staring at you with unbridled curiosity in his eyes. The bright pink hair that sits atop the Atlantean's head is eye catching and suits him well, matching wonderfully with the pale lavender of his eyes.
You'd shyly questioned him once if he dyed it, as you had never noticed any roots in the entire time you'd been in college. The only thing was that his roots were a slightly deeper pink. He'd stared at you with creased brows before looking at Taehyung in a silent 'is she stupid?' question before he'd reeled off something that sounded Atlantean but also sounded garbled.
Taehyung had instantly reprimanded him, telling Jimin not to speak in dialect when you couldn't understand. That had been the first time that you'd found out Atlantean had dialects, and that Jimin was actually from Marianus. The two had met when they had attended an elite boarding school here in Atalanta and become friends then. He had taught Taehyung the dialect during their time together.
Jimin hadn't responded to that and left soon after, leaving Taehyung to apologetically tell you that Atlantean's didn't know why their hair grew in colours that were unnatural on humans. The closest Taehyung had ever seen to an answer was that it was an evolutionary advantage to hide amongst the brightly coloured coral.
You had taken him at his word and no longer brought it up, though your conversations with Jimin had since improved thankfully. Once again, you had a feeling that Taehyung had strong armed him into it.
Today however, you're not actually studying with Taehyung. You had come to the library on what is the Atlantean equivalent of a Saturday, simply because this had become your place of safety and comfort. The staff here had grown used to you, and seemed to appreciate your never ending thirst for knowledge.
It was one of the few places where you felt like a normal person, and he had asked if you would like to hang out with him here today. He'd never queried why you liked the library, but you appreciated that he didn't ask you anywhere that was more public and more frequented than this.
You had noticed that your friendship with Taehyung had resulted in a chance in how you were treated by the people around you. When Taehyung was there, people fawned over you and acted as if you were a close friend of theirs. It was like you had a group of friends like you'd always seen with the popular girls or in movies.
But when he was gone, they treated you even worse. These were the kinds of people who would have happily iced you out of their lives because of your halfling status. Your association with Taehyung seemed to incense them further.
It completely baffled you, and while you had suspicions about him, you didn’t understand why people got so angry. He was devastatingly handsome sure, even by Atlantean standards, but he was still just a guy to you. Their hatred for you was undeserved and you wondered why you kept getting stuck with hate for things you hadn't chosen yourself.
You hadn't chosen to be born a halfling, nor had you chosen for Taehyung to talk to you and bring you under his wing.
Which was why you were thankful that he had asked you to meet him here and not at the popular shopping plaza nearby. You'd been once, and had been overwhelmed with the sheer number of Atlanteans there and the unfamiliar environment. Going there with the knowledge that everyone would see him and you was panic inducing, and you had been forever worried that people thought you were dating or something.
Still, you weren’t entirely sure what you were expecting from him on this casual Saturday afternoon. He looked as he always did, with a deep, scarlet scale suit with black highlights adorning his body and his blonde hair almost artfully messed on his head.
You hadn't been expecting for him to suddenly begin to ask questions about your human and Atlantean heritage as he handed you some tasty snacks. It was the first time he'd ever actually mentioned your halfling status in some way, and you were surprised that it had taken him six months to finally come round to it.
“Do you miss the surface?” He asks, lounging back in the comfortable couch as he watches you. You’re both facing a window that takes up the entire wall, the astonishing lights of Atalanta burning brightly outside as Atlantis continues on without you both.
Neither of you had said a whole lot as you’d sat there, you sipping on your bottle of water that had been flavoured with something that made it vaguely taste like vanilla. Taehyung had shown you where to get flavourings, and you were pleased with the result every time. Though you still missed coffee desperately.
You’d already tried to explain carbonation to him, but he didn’t quite understand why you would want to make water bubbly. Perhaps it was an area that had potential to be capitalised on in the future, and you had amused yourself frequently at the idea of bringing a popular human drink to Atlantis.
Looking at him in surprise, you pause for a moment before carefully responding. “I love Atlantis, it is a place of…,” You struggle to find the words before choosing something else. “It is beautiful and...astonishing. impossible for humans. They have been to the moon, but they could never figure out how to do something like this I think.”
Gesturing out to the world beyond you both, Taehyung lets out a humming noise before nodding his head slowly. “True, but not what I asked. Do you- wait, humans have been to the moon? Like...selene? In the sky beyond the sky?”
You frown at his terminology, wondering what he’s talking about for a moment. “What is selene? And the sky beyond the sky?”
He pauses for a moment, pretty face scrunching in on itself as his eyes narrow. “ the Atlantean word for moon. It’s not something you would really come across, for obvious reasons,” He points out of the window with a sardonic brow raise. “The sky beyond the sky is...well...beyond the sky? Is there a word in English for it?”
Ironic, that the word for moon in Atlantean is so similar to the Ancient Greek goddess of the moon. “You know, that’s almost pretty. We call it space. Like...outer space.”
Taehyung repeats the words, letting them roll around in his mouth and you can’t help the shiver of delight at how beautiful the words sound with his thick Atlantean accent. “Why space? Is space not already a word for...general area? Like...this is space too.”
You watch as he points to an empty part of the library and smile with a laugh, conceding to this point. “We are not...good at naming things sometimes. We have named the moons of the planets, but not our own in English. Space is called space is a lot of space. Infinite even.”
“What do you mean infinite? Planets? What planets?” His wide eyed fascination strikes a chord with you, and you clench your fingers to stop yourself from running them along his soft cheek. It also makes you realise that perhaps there is one area in which humans are vastly superior to Atlanteans.
After all, why would they have any need to know about space when their entire lives are under the water?
“Space...this is hard. I will need to use English words too. We have eight planets in our solar system, with the sun in the centre. Our solar system is part of the Milky Way galaxy, which is just one galaxy out of billions and billions in the entire universe. Humans haven’t discovered how big the universe is, but it is believed to be infinite so far.” Taehyung’s eyes are glossy wide wonder, his mouth open slightly as he watches and you admire the way his eyes reflect the neon colours from outside.
“Wow. That” He doesn’t respond for a few moments after that, simply staring at the table as if to come to terms with his own mortality or something. “Fascinating. But not what I asked. Do you miss the surface? And answer properly.”
Sighing, your shoulders drop. You’d hoped that he would let it go but he evidently has a mind like a steel trap. “I do. I I miss television and films, I miss looking up at the night sky and seeing stars. I miss clothing. I...miss my mom too.”
The last words are whispered, your throat tightening as images of her run through your mind. You want to know how she has been doing, whether she is eating well and if her work is going okay.
Taehyung seems to be able to tell that the topic is sensitive for you and makes a small, indistinguishable noise in response. He stares at you for a few minutes, his eyes tracking over every inch of your body and you wonder if your pink scale suit is unflattering. You’ve inadvertently matched colour schemes today.
“Do you have all the Atlantean powers? Obviously you can travel and breathe underwater, and you are very intelligent. But do you have them all?” His voice isn’t scathing or mean, but just full of curiosity and you can’t find it in yourself to turn down his request.
"I cannot...I do not have full Atlantean powers. They are like...half power or I do not have them at all." Cheeks heating, you look down at your hands to avoid seeing the disgust in Taehyung's eyes.
Only he doesn't make any noises that indicate his judgement, instead simply making a humming noise that sounds surprisingly neutral. Glancing up at him quickly, you take note of how he stares out of the library window with a carefully blank expression, nothing in that beautiful face of his giving away his feelings.
He turns to look at you, eyes that are more ice right now than green staring straight through you, before his lips turn up into a secretive smile. "How is your control over water? That is the most important thing or an Atlantean, to be able to control the water around us. Did your father teach you as a child?"
Sighing quietly, your shoulders drop down before you look at him meekly. "The sea get angry at me. I do not understands me. Atlantean but not. It loves me, then it hates me. My father tried, but he often frustrated with how the ocean treated me."
Admitting that to him feels like admitting a failure, but you hope that Taehyung will remain as kind as he has done over the last few months. It's still strange to you, that you have someone willing to not only sit with you but talk to you.
Taehyung looks contemplative for a moment, chewing on his pink lip between pearly white teeth before he turns his attention to your bottle. Taking the pearlescent white tube, he unscrews the top before standing it inbetween you both.
"The ocean is mercurial in nature. It can be the loving stroke of a mother's hand on her babe, or it can be the fury of a shark's bite in the hunt. Water itself, by its very nature, is adaptable to anything, and if you give it enough time...then water will eventually win whatever battle it is in. Land erodes under the persistent nature of the ocean. But overall, it’s calm. The natural state of water, is calm." He gestures to the bottle where your water sits undisturbed before pointing out of the window at the depths of the Atlantic.
"It likely wasn't angry with you, just confused. One thing that binds humans and Atlanteans together is water. Water is us both. It's just that for Atlanteans, we have to rely on the bond we've formed with the ocean over millennia to keep us alive. You have that bond in you, even if you can't feel. just don't know how to reach it. Children learn to find the bond to Atlantis, and in turn the ocean, because we are born into it. You were born to land. How could you know what to search for?"
His words are quiet and gentle, the deep tone to his voice soothing as you try to imagine a life growing up at the bottom of the ocean. Taehyung makes sense, and you wonder if perhaps he is right.
"But I am here. And I still do not have that connection. I have been here for six months and I feel nothing for Atlantis but respect, awe and resentment." You can't help the bitterness in your words, but this is just another reminder of how you feel like you are doomed to never fit into the human world, nor the Atlantean one.
Taehyung says nothing for a moment before holding his hand over the opened bottle and staring at it intently. For a moment, nothing happens before you see the drops of water emerge slowly, dancing in the air before forming together to create a larger ball that hovers over his palm.
The water stays there for a moment before dropping back into the bottle and he looks at you intently.
"Place your hand over the bottle, and close your eyes," You frown at him but do as he says, not wanting to cause an argument. "I want you to calm yourself. Calm your body, and your mind, until you feel nothing. And then I want you to reach. Not with your hand, and not with your mind. But your senses. I want you to sense the water. It may be fresh water, but it is water from Atlantis, and it is connected to everything around us."
It takes a lot of effort to keep your mouth shut, to not tell Taehyung that this is a wasted effort on his behalf but you manage it. Instead you let out a deep breath and try to do what he has told you to.
You feel ridiculous as you sit there with your hand outstretched over the bottle. With slow breathing and a steady heart, you attempt to clear out your mind. Yoga was something you'd tried once in college in an attempt to make friends and this kind of reminded you of it.
Pushing out with your senses wasn't something you'd ever been asked to do before, and you wondered how on earth you were actually meant to do that. Was it like...trying to feel something beyond your hand?
Frowning slightly, you push at something in an attempt to feel whatever it is Taehyung is going on about. Remembering how it felt on land to try and talk to the ocean, you almost want to scream in frustration as you remembered how you always had to be touching it to truly feel. The only way you manage to move around in the ocean is by using what feels like a brute force; the sledgehammer to Taehyung's delicate letter opener.
But then you remembered how you always felt like the ocean was calling you in some way, asking you to come back home. Head tilting, you try to recall that feeling and where it came from in you. Grasping for it feels like trying to find something in the dark, but in your metaphysical fumblings you suddenly feel something that feels like it vibrates in your very soul.
Brows coming together, you imagine yourself prodding at a string and the reverberating sensation makes you realise in surprise how the string seems to be attached to everywhere in your body. Your fingers tingle while your mouth aches, knees tensing and stomach flipping.
Following the string slowly, your fingers chill as you imagine yourself touching the end. It feels cold and yet warm, slippery and yet solid, calm and yet volatile. The string from you seems to end here, disappearing behind this unusual wall and you scowl as you try to push hard to follow it further.
The resistance is unbelievable and you grit your teeth, hand shaking, before suddenly it gives way like liquid.
And you can feel the ocean.
That dulled sensation you had always felt, strong enough to make you want to go home and yet never enough to keep you there, intensifies as the sea rolls through your mind and overwhelms your sensations quickly. You don't see the tears rolling down your face, nor the soft way that Taehyung watches you with eyes of admiration and a smile of awe.
The calm water in your bottle feels like a living entity to you in a way it never has before, and you pull at it. It's hard to describe exactly how you do it, but it's almost like you will it to you.
Opening your eyes, you can't stop the smile that spreads over your face as you watch the water slowly rise from the bottle. It's not controlled, and it has no shape to speak of at the moment, but it's rising for you when before it would have done nothing.
Concentrating heavily, you try hard to get it to drop into the bottle elegantly, only to get half of it in the bottle and half out. But you don't care, but once you let go of the water you're surprised to feel that the link is still there.
And not only that, but it feels warm and safe inside you. Looking at Taehyung with eyes wide, you gasp out softly. "Is this what it always feels like? Safety? Like...home?" It's the only way you can describe it, the sensation of relief whenever you stepped foot into the tiny cottage you'd grown up in.
Taehyung's smiles slowly, nodding his head until his hair falls into his face. "Yes. It fills you and is always there in the background. Because it is home. This is home." He gestures in a vague manner but you understand what he means when you look out of the window, watching as the city of Atalanta carries on outside as it always has.
Ships of varying sizes and styles zip through the water while Atlanteans move through the pedestrian lanes, their suits shimmering in the passing neon colours of the organic lighting on the buildings. For the bottom of the ocean, it sure is bright here.
Sniffing, you feel overwhelmed suddenly by everything and it's like every sensation is magnified as the link settles into your very bones. The link you'd never felt with Atlantis, the one your father had told you Atlanteans had, is finally here and you understand now. Your father was a stronger man than you could have ever have imagined, and his love for your mom must be powerful to overwhelm this intense link.
"I can feel Atlantis for the first time." You whisper brokenly, your breath catching in your throat as it tightens and the tears track down your face. Hands clenching tightly, you can't help the quiet sob that leaves you as you let your head bow, embracing this connection that you haven't had for so long.
"I feel like I belong to somewhere." The words might make no sense to Taehyung, who has always belonged and will always belong in a way you will never understand, but they're perfect to you. This connection is an unseen validation of yourself, something that you had been craving your whole life.
The sudden warmth that envelops you is surprising, jolting you slightly as you look up through tear soaked eyelashes to see Taehyung's handsome face so close. His scent reminds you of your father, with the rich brine of the ocean accompanying an underlying smell that is all Taehyung.
Cheeks heating, you avert your gaze. It's the first time you've ever been held by someone who wasn't one of your parents.
Taehyung's arms are wrapped around your shoulders, and your right shoulder is pressed into his chest from the odd positioning of him facing you. His hands slowly run along your arm in a relaxing manner as he makes a soothing noise, and even though your skin is protected by a layer of suit, it's like you can feel every inch of his touch.
"You've always belonged somewhere. Don't think you didn't. Just because you can't feel, it doesn't mean it's not there. You have always belonged to Atlantis, just as you will always belong to the surface too." His words are gentle, and for the first time you can hear the rumbling vibrations through his chest as he speaks.
You find yourself unable to say anything further though, as the overwhelming kindness he has shown you over the last few months is nothing compared to this precious gift he has given you. Instead, you wrap your arms around his slim waist and hug him as tightly as you can, cheek pressing to the warm, ruby scales as the tears continue to fall.
It's only a suspicion you've had over the last few months, but you feel a little more certain now. You're pretty positive that you're falling in love with Taehyung, and you couldn't find a reason as to why you should try and stop it.
Nor did you want to.
You’re not very well versed in relationships, and you’re definitely not sure what a romantic relationship looks like in reality, but you have the feeling that something changed between Taehyung and you that day. His conversations with you slowly became more intimate, with questions about your life on the surface becoming more common and even more questions about your father and mother.
It was like you’d allowed him to breach the wall of trust you held tightly around yourself and he was taking full advantage of it. He’d told you stories of his own life as well, letting you see how it was to grow up in Atlantis. Though he never mentioned it, you knew that Taehyung’s experience was nothing like anyone else’s either.
He was an only child, and from the fond looks on his face when he talked about his mother and father, he was very loved and he adored them in turn. It was almost sad that someone as kind and sweet as Taehyung had no siblings to dote on, but you got the impression that he transferred those feelings onto his friends.
Taehyung was a good friend to have, and you had watched over the months as he treated his friends with a kindness and admiration you had only been able to imagine before. So to have it turned onto you was rather astonishing.
Not only did he spend a large amount of his free time with you, but over the weeks that followed that day in the library, he had slowly encouraged you to explore Atalanta. Never the crowded areas, but he’d taken you to places that he thought you might enjoy.
The Mouseiano Atlantis had possibly been your favourite place so far, a sprawling museum that explored various aspects of Atlantean history over the last few millennia. It had been fascinating to witness how different their history was to humanity’s, and you’d spent a good portion of your time explaining human history to Taehyung as well.
Unsurprisingly, he had been disturbed by some of the things he had heard but overall he had a sense of wonder and astonishment. You didn’t know if he was doing it on purpose, so that you had someone to talk to about the part of you that no one down here could possibly understand. But you appreciated it anyway, and his interest was infectious.
Either way though, Taehyung had obviously taken that moment weeks ago to move along your friendship. Touches were a little more lingering than they had been before, and you would often look up to find him staring at you with those stunningly beautiful eyes. couldn’t find a reason to say no. His very presence made the blood in your veins sing, his looks made your stomach flip and his smiles made your fingertips tingle with a need to touch. You weren’t versed in relationships, but Taehyung made you want to try.
Which is why you weren’t particularly surprised when you got an incoming call on your omilan this morning. It turns out that they also functioned in a similar manner to phones on the surface, and he’d taken to calling you at night to just talk. He liked to watch Atlantean films at the same time as you, explaining certain things that you didn’t understand.
But this morning though, he’d asked if you’d be willing to go somewhere with him. He hadn’t explained it any further, but had simply told you that it would be a surprise that you would enjoy, or that he hoped you enjoyed.
Taehyung had yet to let you down, so you’d happily agreed and then spent half an hour pondering which suit to wear. You’d felt ridiculous to be honest, as he’d seen them all yet you felt a need to impress him lately.
So you were currently following him through the main pedestrian thoroughfare of Atalanta in a suit of stunning ruby and amethyst. He hadn’t commented on it, though you had noticed the way his eyes ran over your body for a touch longer than you were used to. It had made pride warm you from the inside at the knowledge he’d looked at you like that.
Taehyung moved around the side of an astonishing building, its architecture resembling that of the Parthenon compared to the more modern buildings on either side. It was old, very old, and you wondered whether these buildings collapsed sometimes yet they were always a visual punch of beauty to you as well.
He stops in front of an elegantly engraved wall, an in-depth scene of early Atlanteans. It reminds you of the marbles that had been on the Parthenon, only these feature whales and seahorses of astonishing size. You know they tell a story, but you don’t know what the story is.
Reaching forward, you let your fingers trail over the worn stone gently before turning to him, watching as his hair floats gently. In the blue and purple phosphorescent lighting behind him, he looks like the underwater version of an angel and you have to swallow thickly at the astonishing sight, his eyes glowing subtly as he watches you.
“Were there ever seahorses of this size?” You whisper, the omilan transmitting it perfectly to him. He turns to face the wall and scans over the scene slowly before nodding.
“Yes, but they died of extinction long ago. Many creatures have died over the centuries. I believe the humans are familiar with this too. But this...this is the scene of Atlanteans creating Atalanta. We don’t understand it properly, and most don’t even bother to pay attention to this building.” He’s quiet, and the faraway look in his eyes tells you that he’s not quite present with you.
“Why not? It is...beautiful. Truly. How could anyone ignore this?” It would be easy to forget it was here sure, at the very bottom of Atalanta and hidden amongst the towering buildings that have been built around it.
Taehyung laughs softly. “Because this building is not open to the public. It is special. It is the Royal Library, and only the royal family, scholars and high members of government are allowed inside. And the secret entrance.”
Reaching forward, he places a hand on the head of a seahorse and you gasp as it suddenly lights up with a bright white light. The light extends in both directions for a few feet before it breaks and you watch in fascination as a door shape appears, the wall sliding backwards slowly before it groans open.
Moving inside the air pocket, you stare at Taehyung with wide eyes as you watch the door seal shut behind you. The lighting in here is dim, and every movement you both make echoes around the gargantuan room.
Large shelving units reach up high towards the ceiling and you can’t help but laugh slightly. “Is our relationship to always include libraries?” You muse teasingly, looking at him with a smile as you run a finger over the perfectly placed vivlio, reading the labels that signify what each contains.
“You like libraries. They’re where you feel safe. And this is the one place we are guaranteed not to be disturbed. Today is a day when no one is allowed in here.” You can’t help the smile at his words, hands clenching as you try hard not to squeal at the obvious care and attention he pays to you.
“If no one is allowed in here...then how are we in here?” Taehyung leans against one of the shelves and smiles secretively.
“I have connections. This is all ours for today. And there’s something here I wanted to show you.” He moves forward to take your hand, grasping it firmly with his own and you can’t help the shiver as his fingers slot between yours. His hand is so large compared to your own, so warm even after being out in the cold of the Atlantic.
You don’t question him any further, too excited to see what he wants to show you while also battling the childish nerves in your stomach at his intimate touch. Watching as he strides forward, you can’t help the way your eyes scan down his long and lean body, shoulders broad in the sapphire scale suit that makes his hair stand out even more.
It’s only when he finally stops that you take in your surroundings once more; and then you’re letting go of him to walk towards the shelves with bubbling excitement and fascination.
“Taehyung...are this…” You don’t even know what you’re trying to say as you gingerly run your fingers along the leather cover, noting the elegant Atlantean script that reads along the spine. It says ‘Religions of Atlantis’, and you can’t quite get your head around what you’re looking at.
Moving away, you spin slowly on one foot as you take it all in. There are books here. Real books. Some with what looks to be real leather, and others with a form of leather you presume is the Atlantean equivalent. Scrolls of parchment are hidden behind sealed cases and when you walk over to them, you discover that you can’t even read the Atlantean, it’s that old.
But it’s the shelves to your left that take your breath away.
Rushing over, you reach out with a shaking hand and let your finger gently trace along the spine.
“A Gutenberg Bible...The Odyssey...Don Quixote...A Tale of Two Cities...Jane Eyre...War and Peace...Taehyung these are...these are human books.” Retracing your hand, you look at him through eyes that are suddenly filled with tears, and you can’t quite figure out why.
“I know. I’ve tried to read them before but...I don’t really understand them. I know you miss the surface and well...this is the best I can do for you. It’s not much I know, but...hopefully it’s better than nothing? It took people a great deal of strength and effort to bring these books over the centuries.”
“Taehyung...this is...this is perfect. I can I ever repay you?” The words are choked with your voice tight. He’s shaking his head immediately, giving you a soft smile.
“No, there’s no need for repayment. I just...want to see you happy. I just want to see you smile.” Moving over to him, you stand so close that you can practically feel his breath on your hair. He doesn’t move back an inch, those pale eyes staring at you intently.
“I think you’re my best friend. You know that?” Wrapping your arms around his waist, you hug him so tightly and close your eyes. He doesn’t move for a moment before his arms are moving around you as well, nuzzling his nose into your hair.
“I think I’d like to be more.” The words are so quiet, you’re not even sure you properly heard them. Moving back from him slightly, you stare up with wide eyes as your jaw drops. He looks at you with a smile before his hand moves up to cup your jaw, thumb stroking at the skin of your cheek.
“Can I kiss you, please?” He asks politely, voice sincere and face earnest. Scanning over his face, you try to see if there’s any inch of him that’s lying and you find nothing. Just the same, sweet and honest Taehyung you’ve come to know over the last few months.
You nod shyly and close your eyes. He hovers for a moment before you feel the touch of his lips to your own. It’s different to the kisses you’d had before, with boys who just wanted something quick in college while you craved a connection with people who just didn’t get you. The interactions had been awkward for you, the intimacy something you weren’t used to and you weren’t sure that you’d ever get used to it.
Until Taehyung, until he kissed with you more gentleness than you’d ever experienced.
His lips are soft against your own, almost velvety and you shiver in his arms as he moves them so sensually against yours. The slow slide of his tongue along the seam of your mouth has you tentatively opening for him, movement glacial in your hesitancy.
Taehyung lets his tongue slide into your open mouth slowly, carefully exploring before he catches your own and plays with it almost teasingly. The whole time, his hands have moved down to run along your back in long strokes that are firm, pressing your front to his as he moves closer to you.
Pulling away until only your noses touch, he looks down at you with eyes of icy blue fire with tinges of green, almost molten with the sheer lust and attraction while he licks away your taste from lips. His hands link together on the small of your back, keeping your hips pressed to his and even through both suits you can feel the enticing hardness there.
“ you actually want this? Or did you just bring me here for that?” Your eyes flicker down his body and he lets out an affronted noise, eyes narrowing at you as he moves a hand to lift your chin up to his.
Blunt teeth gently bite down at the sensitive skin of your jaw and you can’t help the moan that leaves your mouth as he moves those talented lips to your neck, sucking on the skin harshly before giving you tender and soothing licks.
“I didn’t bring you here for this. I could get this without having to bring someone to an empty library. I want you, and I just wanted to make you happy but you look so beautiful and I can’t help it anymore.” He stops suddenly, pulling back enough until only his fingertips rest on your hips. “If you don’t want this, tell me and we can just read something. Or if you’re uncomfortable with this, then I’ll leave you alone. I know you’ve not had many friendships so I’m not sure if you’ve ever done this.”
You’d be offended at his words if they weren’t said with such care and affection, his eyes completely sincere. Resting the palm of your hand on his chest, and admiring the warmth you can feel emanating from him, you push up onto your toes to catch his lips in a chaste kiss.
“I have not had friends, no. But I have done this. Call attempt to try and be normal on the surface. It failed, obviously. I would like to try with you though, if you’re willing.” Trying to get across to him just how much you crave the intimacy he’s offering is hard and as the ache between your legs grows at the increasing prospect of sex with him, you find your grasp of Atlantean decreasing.
For a moment, Taehyung does nothing but stare at you until suddenly the brightest smile spreads over his face and he’s nodding eagerly.
“I’m more than willing.” Is all he says before he attaches himself to your mouth once more, the kiss more desperate and filled with a great need that has your chest aching and your thighs clenching tightly.
Taehyung is the most attractive person you’ve ever seen, and the very idea that someone like him wants you is astonishing. Someone like Taehyung in particular should not be with a halfling, and yet here he was, kissing you and running his hands over bit of you that he can reach with a determined mind and you can’t find it in yourself to protest.
With the slightest push, he begins to manoeuvre you backwards until he stops suddenly, pulling away from you to grab a blanket off an elegant sofa that sits against the wall. You expect him to push you onto it, but instead he lays the blanket on the floor and encourages you to lay on it.
“Really? The floor? When the sofa is right there?” You tease him on your knees, looking up at the astonishing figure he portrays with a bitten lip. The sight makes his eyes flare slightly, the colour brightening before dimming back down as he lets out a rough laugh.
“The floor is heated, the sofa is not.” He drops down to his own knees before moving forward, resting his weight on one elegant hand as he noses along your neck, pressing gentle kisses there before letting his tongue trail along the seam of your suit. It’s beyond erotic and you can’t stop the way your body shivers as he does so, hands reaching up to tug at his impossibly soft hair.
Lifting his head up to look at your face, you let out a quivering breath as he licks those swollen, pink lips enticingly with a satisfied smirk. His fingers move to the hidden closure on your suit, and keeping his eyes entirely on yours, he lets his forefinger slide through it to split your suit open.
Slowly working his way down your body, you gasp out at the featherlight touch of his finger as it trails along your sensitive, newly exposed flesh and the suit opens up. He surges forward once he reaches the end, his hand resting against your pubic bone, and catches your lips once more in an intense kiss as he slips the suit off your shoulders.
A bit of maneuvering has you completely naked before him and he sits back on his legs to admire you, eyes taking in every inch of you hungrily. Eyes locking onto yours again, he begins to take off his own suit and you gasp, legs trying to close around him as he reveals toned flesh with every inch.
By the time he’s as naked as you are, hard cock bouncing lightly in the air with a bead of pearlescent pre-cum forming at the swollen tip, you’re about ready to beg him. Sex with the human men you’d tried and failed to form connections with had been mediocre, but none had ever looked at you the way Taehyung was right now.
As if he could lick every inch of your body and go back for seconds with ease.
Those large hands of his run along the smooth skin of your thighs, dipping into the sensitive inner part and letting his fingernails drag until you shiver with need. By the time his hands reach the centre of your legs, where you’re desperate for him, you’re pretty sure you’re as wet as the very Atlantic outside.
He seems to appreciate it, as he lets out a deep hum of happiness before dipping a finger in between your lips, running it along the wetness there until he reaches the bundle of nerves that has you moaning when he applies a little pressure.
“At least we haven’t changed here.” Taehyung grins before he leans down and attaches that pretty mouth to your clit without any warning, causing your hips to buck upwards as you cry out, grasping tightly at his hair.
The movement has him groaning and the vibrations on your sensitive bud has your breath shaking and thighs quivering. No one has ever done this to you before as you’d never felt comfortable enough with them to allow the intimacy, but Taehyung is different. You feel as comfortable with him here as you did when he was kissing you.
And he most definitely appears to have a talented tongue, as he swirls it around your clit before applying the most delicious pressure and sucking it into his mouth with hollowed cheeks. He continues on his most delightful assault on you until you’re moaning and crying out into the empty library, the sounds echoing back to you both.
Giving you a few more kitten like licks to your clit, he pulls away and grins broadly with a slight sheen to his lower face. Moving up your body, he places long and wet kisses to your stomach and chest randomly, letting his tongue trail along you as if he’s loathe to stop touching you for any moment.
Reaching your face again, you cup his cheeks between your hands and pull him forward for an intense kiss. The taste of you combined with the taste of him is heady, and you can’t help the way your hips buck upwards to try and find more pleasure. It has your heated centre rubbing against the hot skin of his steel shaft, causing the both of you to gasp into the kiss.
“You were tested right? And you had the fertility injection?” He pants out, lips kissing along any skin he can reach along your neck as his fingers dip between you both to rub at your clit teasingly.
Groaning out, you nod as your eyes close and your hips try to follow his hands. A full medical check was required every month here in Atlantis, and you had been given an injection that prevents conception for a whole year when you’d arrived. Taehyung likely had the same, and he confirmed it with a few groaned out words before the blunt head of his cock is sliding into you.
Crying out, you grasp his shoulders tightly as he pushes into you slowly until he bottoms out. Neither of you move for a moment, just gasping for breath at the overwhelming sensations. Taehyung is big enough to cause slight discomfort, but you also know that it’s been two years since you’ve had sex.
But it’s enough to make you wetter around him, muscles subconsciously clenching at him as you try to get an idea of exactly how big he is. The movement has him moaning out into your ear before he’s biting at your neck in response, subtly telling you not to try and get him to blow his load too soon.
“Please move Taehyung.” You don’t even realise that you’ve asked him in English until he looks at you with a confused face before the words register in his mind and he nods. Pulling out of you slowly, the both of you let out the loudest groans at the delicious friction he causes before he’s pushing back in just as slow.
His movements remain as glacial for a minute or two, until you’re pressing your heels into the small of his back and trying to lift your hips to increase his speed. “Faster Taehyung, please god go faster.”
A rough, choked laugh leaves him as he responds and his next thrust is hard enough to cause a cheek warming squelching noise along with the sound of skin slapping against skin, yet it’s erotic enough to simply make you drenched for him. The roughness of his movement is just right for you though and you let out an incredibly deep moan of satisfaction as your fingers claw at his back.
Unintelligible Atlantean falls from his lips as he continues, hips snapping forwards as he takes you both to the precipice of pleasure and it’s when his fingers finally press on your clit once more that you can feel the build up begin in earnest in your stomach.
Moving your hand over his, you show him how and where to apply the right amount of pressure until your hips are circling desperately, making it harder for him to keep a rhythm but encouraging need filled mewls to drip from your mouth as he works your body better than anyone else ever has.
The sheer combination of his hard length working the rough bundle of nerves inside you and his talented fingers playing with the sensitive bud between your legs has you clenching around him within minutes, gargled cries of pleasure ripping from your throat as your head presses back into the warm floor.
Muscles spasming around him has him shuddering in turn and crying out, face pressed firmly into your neck as his hips lose all control of rhythm and his orgasm takes over. The feel of him twitching inside you as he lets himself go is astonishingly erotic and the tiny micro-convulsions that continue in the aftermath of your orgasm helps to milk him completely dry.
Despite the superior strength of Atlanteans, it takes Taehyung at least two minutes to regain the strength to finally roll off you and onto the floor by your side, his arm resting on his stomach as he breathes heavily.
The only sounds heard between the two of you for five minutes are the loud gasps as you both struggle to regain your breathing, the floor hard and warm beneath the blanket you lay on. Eyes closed, you don’t notice when Taehyung moves his hand over until suddenly he’s grasping for your own, fingers slipping between yours.
“So...when were you planning on calling me out for lying?” His question is both confusing and unexpected, leading to you turning your head to look at him with a raised brow. He looks back at you, his normally bright and vivid eyes almost human in colour with the satisfaction of his release.
“Lying?” He laughs and shuffles closer to you, groping for the second blanket that is thrown over the sofa and wrapping it over both of your bodies. You’ll feel more scandalised about the fact you’d had sex in a library at another date. Right now, all you can focus on is the heated touch of Taehyung’s toned chest as it presses to your arm.
Shifting, Taehyung half leans up and presses a sloppy kiss to your lips with a bright smile that lets you see his amusement. “Yes. For not telling you who I really am. I know you’ve figured it out.”
“How do you know I figured it out?”
He looks at you with a sardonic lift of the brow, the corner of his mouth tilting at the same time. Pressing an innocent kiss to your collarbone, he lazily noses his way long your jawline. “Because you’re intelligent. I’ve told you before, you’re more intelligent than most people here. There’s no way you’ve not figured it out.”
“I figured you probably had a reason for never telling me you are the crown prince of Atlantis. You have never done anything to hurt me, and I do not believe you lied. More...omitted the truth, and it wasn’t something I felt you needed to tell me until you wanted to. I know I do not show interest in the politics of Atlantis...but I have looked into it. Also, no one in government is high enough to get the Royal Library to open solely for him. But it would for the crown prince.” You run a finger along his own sculpted jawline with admiration.
He watches you quietly for a moment before chuckling, lying down and resting his head into the crook of your neck. “Just as smart as I said. I knew you were coming to the university and I was interested in meeting you. No one else is really interested in the humans, but they have the positives. But it was the cruel words of others that made me determined to befriend you.”
“Why? The crown prince of Atlantis should not be with a halfling like this.”
His finger against your lips hushes you. “Don’t. Don’t do that, or say that. I can do what I want. At first it was because I just dislike people being cruel. Atlantis is not supposed to be a place of cruelty, though it often is. And I felt a kind of...kinship with you. You were born into a situation you did not ask for and have had certain expectations laid on you since then. My situation is not the same, and I know it may seem insensitive of me to compare them. But I felt a familiarity with you that I don’t have with others. I never asked to be born in the Royal Family. No one ever asked me if I want to lead a whole kingdom. And I never felt like I was enough.”
He’s right in a sense. His situation is nothing like yours, worlds apart even. Whereas you grew up in a tiny cottage by the sea, a child of two lands and belonging truly to neither, he had grown in palaces and private schools.
But you were not a petty person, and you understood him. If anything, you considered his situation worse.
Your mother had always encouraged you to try and do anything you wanted, to be anything you wanted. But the human society you lived in didn’t understand you and tried to compress you into what it viewed as correct and right. Atlantis didn’t particularly want you, but already you felt a sense of rightness and freedom that you had never felt.
Taehyung would never have that. He had expectations on him that were expected to be fulfilled; familial expectations, societal expectations and much more. You’d already looked into Atlantean law regarding the royal family, and there was no law that allowed abdication.
Only death absolved an heir from the throne, and Taehyung could not die as he did not have any siblings.
He could never aspire to anything other than what his bloodlines dictated, and it made you feel so strongly for him. Shifting, you turn in his arms until you face him fully. His platinum hair is tinged blue in the dim lighting and you run your fingers through it gently, reassuringly.
“You are enough. If you can show kindness to me, the lowest member of Atlantean society, then you will be the kind of leader Atlantis needs.” Smiling at him, you let your thumb run along his kiss swollen lips gently.
“This is why I sought a friendship with you. And why I stayed. And why my feelings developed into something more. Because you didn’t know who I was at first, and I was just Taehyung for the first time in my life. No expectations or protocols. And your pure love for Atlantis, a place that has tried to reject you, is so beautiful and inspiring. You reignited my love for Atlantis agapaos, made me feel proud of this place.”
Your cheeks heat at the pure and intense emotion in his eyes as he smiles at you, before his words sink in and you frown. “Agapaos? father…”
Now it’s Taehyung turn to flush, his golden cheeks turning a burnished pink as he coughs awkwardly. Licking his lips, his pretty eyes flicker around before he lets out a soft sigh. “Well, I had hoped to wait to tell you this but I guess I’ll just go for it. That day in the library, when you found your connection to Atlantis. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything more beautiful than your expression. And I realised later, that was the moment I fell in love with you and I would do anything to make you smile like that again.”
It’s a big revelation, and you lay in stunned silence for a moment. Taehyung loved you? You, a halfling that had only ever been loved by your mother and father before. The heir to the largest kingdom the world has ever seen. Quite possibly the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen in your life.
“Me? But...why?” You whisper in confusion, letting your hand rest against your chest almost protectively. Taehyung reaches for it immediately and presses a soft kiss to the palm of your hand before holding it against his own bare chest.
“The very fact you have to ask that question is why. You just want to learn, to take in everything you can and I honestly think that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Even when you obviously figured out who I am, you never changed in your opinions or actions to me. To the point that I half believed you didn’t know. No one uses my title in the university because it’s well known that I don’t like it being used in non-professional circumstances. But I’m still Prince Taehyung to everyone in their heads. In your head,” He taps your forehead lightly with a mischievous smile. “I’m just Taehyung. And I love that, which is part of why I love you.”
Smiling shyly, you cuddle closer to him and rest your head against his chest, taking in the familiar and unique scent of Taehyung. It’s strange to hear someone say these words to you, and you’re not sure if you truly deserve them or if anything could happen, or if you could let anything happen, but you know that this dual excitement and peace that Taehyung brings you is something you’re not sure if you should let go.
“You are Taehyung to me, and I think you always will be. So do not go thinking you can use being a prince against me.” Your lips tickle his flesh, causing him to shiver as he lets out a youthful giggle that makes him sound younger than he is. It’s a beautiful sound, and you resolve yourself to making him laugh as much as you can.
“Okay. I can’t promise, but I’m positive you’ll keep me in place. Now...we can stay here on the floor, or you can read one of those human books to me? I mean...if you want to. I’d really like it if you did, though you’ll have to explain everything to me.” He says, voice deep and soothing to your soul.
Grinning at him, you press your lips to his in a sweet and chaste kiss before looking over the shelves full of human books. Standing, you pull on your scale suit and seal it back up before heading over to the shelf and running your finger over the spines once more.
Pulling out 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, you turn to him with a smile and a raised brow. “I think you’ll like this one.”
10 Years Later
The wind blows off the Atlantic Ocean fiercely, whipping the cloak of fine fabric around your body furiously as you face the crashing waves. It's in a foul mood today, churned into a frenzy by the ever relentless winds coming from the south and you sigh quietly.
A sky of vivid oranges, pinks and yellows dominates your vision, making the beauty of the sea look pale in comparison. Turning around, you face the small cottage that had been your whole world when you were a child.
Smiling softly, you note with pleasure that it looks almost exactly the same as when you'd left a decade earlier. Guilt pushes at your stomach for not visiting sooner, but you reconcile this with the knowledge that you've done her proud.
You've shown Atlantis that a halfling is not something to be sneered at, but instead respected.
It has been a hard journey to get to that point however, with your efforts being almost double that of normal students. What else could you do though, when you had an entire cultural belief and system working against you?
The rewards had been fruitful though, with a degree in the Atlantean version of mechanical engineering with the highest honours turning into their version of a graduate degree, before finally finishing with the highest level of degree you could possibly get.
And now, three years after that point, you were working with the Advanced Engineering department of the largest and most influential company in Atlantis. Your engineering ideas were being brought to life in front of your eyes, and you finally felt as if you were content in the world.
Your peers understood you and challenged you in ways that you had long since accepted humans simply couldn't do, and their ideas were enticing puzzles that your mind latched onto and worked on for days afterwards until you finally pieced it together. It was satisfying beyond belief, and you were beyond thankful to your parents for pushing you to go past your comfort zone and into the abyss.
The sight of a woman walking down the cracked flagstone path tentatively has your heart racing and you can't stop the grin as you rush forward, feet pressing firmly into the sand. You're positive it's cool, but you've become so used to colder temperatures that you can't even tell anymore.
She runs forward as well, meeting you halfway and you grip her tightly into a hug, pressing your face into her shoulder. A quiet sob leaves your mouth unexpectedly as you take in the familiar scent of your mom, arms wrapping around her until you're positive you're constricting her breathing but she doesn't complain.
Instead, she holds you even tighter.
Pulling away after a few moments, you run your eyes over her quickly and feel a tug of sadness. Her brow has more wrinkles, as do the edges of her eyes and mouth, but you're pleased to see she looks happy.
"Mom. I've missed you. I'm so sorry it took so long to come." You whisper, words quiet with their sincerity and she gives you a fond smile, running her fingers along the golden scales of your suit before tracing them down your arms.
"Don't be sorry, just be happy that we're seeing each other again. Your father has been telling me about your life down there. I told you that you belong there and not here, and I'm so proud of you. So proud." She grins, straight white teeth shining at you and you sniffle almost pathetically.
Your dad has visited your mother far more frequently than he ever did growing up once it became clear you were coping with university. And while you lamented the time they had to spend apart, you rejoiced at them being able to be together in whatever way they could manage.
"It's everything I ever wanted mom, but I still feel guilty that I had to leave you to do it." Watching her closely, you feel a sense of relief when she simply gives you her beautiful smile and you feel like a child in her embrace again, protected by her motherly love.
"A chick has to leave the nest at some point. Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm happy with my life. Honestly. And to know that you're finally happy too? I couldn't ask for anything more." Letting out a deep breath, you nod briefly before you feel a warm touch on your back.
Turning slightly, you pay attention to the man who has accompanied you on the long journey back to your human home.
A suit of gleaming purple scale