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Ain’t No Sunshine ○ Taehyung
Tumblr media
◇ Genre: Notting Hill! AU, Fame! AU, Actor! Tae, a lil angst and a lil fluff, light smut but its not explicit
◇ Summary: The last thing you’d ever expected was for world famous actor Kim Taehyung to walk into your tiny, unassuming bookshop. But when he does, it unravels a charming yet complicated series of events that change your life forever.
◇ Word Count: 11k
◇ A/N: Notting Hill is one of my favorite movies of all time and I couldn’t get the thought of a Taehyung version out of my head so...this is the result. I hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
It was a day like any other.
A day where you woke up, got dressed, headed downstairs to unlock your bookshop, and sat at the counter with your chin in your hand. A day identical to the one you’d had yesterday, a day that would be uneventful and uninteresting as far as you were concerned. A day where perhaps even a little over ten customers would be enough to cheer you up a bit.
It was sad, but the truth was your tiny beloved bookshop had been over the years, slowly but surely declining. Less and less people stopped by to peruse through the shelves, pick up books by indie writers, and chat with you while they paid.
The digital revolution had taken over and your cherished hardcovers and paperbacks had been cast aside almost like old toys. That, along with the large chain bookstores meant that business was doing as bad as it almost ever had.
You sighed, rubbing your forehead as you looked at the rather dire accounting figures on your laptop screen. Another month without a profit. You weren’t sure how long this was going to be sustainable.
The door jingled and you looked up to see a tall man step into the store.
Your eyes locked, and you offered a small smile. He was wearing a face mask, leaving much of his face covered except for his warm brown eyes that were framed by dark hair that fell over his forehead. You felt a sudden prickle of recognition; though you couldn’t see him in entirety, he seemed unexplainably familiar.
The stranger turned away from you, instead browsing the shelf nearest him, and you looked back at your laptop, feeling oddly unnerved.
A few moments passed in silence, and for some reason you felt the urge to say something to break it. But it was the stranger who spoke.
“Do you have anything here by any Korean authors?”
You blinked, taken a bit by surprise. “Erm, I think we have a few copies of Pachinko and several titles by Han Kang...if those would interest you at all? ”
The stranger raised his eyebrows, looking somewhat impressed that you had mentioned foreign literature to him this quickly.
“Here, I can show you.”
He followed you to the very back of the store, where the shelves were stocked with books from a variety of international authors. “I read Pachinko a few months ago. So you know, if you want a recommendation, I can solidly vouch for that one. It’s really good,” you said, looking up at him slightly because of how tall he was.
“Thank you,” he replied, the words rolling rather pleasantly in his deep voice. You flushed as your eyes met, feeling that strange sense of familiarity once again. He was gazing back at you intently, and though you couldn't see it, you thought he was smiling under his mask.
“Yoohoo, Y/N, babes, where are you?”
The loud cheery voice made you jump, and you excused yourself from the stranger, making your way back around to the front of the shop.
“Am I the greatest or what?” grinned Karina, your store assistant and also best friend. There are some things like working with just one other human every day for 2 years that naturally end with you becoming best friends.
She handed a cup of iced coffee to you, wiggling her eyebrows. “Iced oat vanilla latte as per usual.” “Okay, you are the greatest,” you said, gratefully accepting the drink and taking a much needed sip of caffeine. “Also, we have a customer back there,” you added in a softer tone. “So don’t say anything weird.”
“What, already? It's so early in the day,” she whispered back. You shrugged as Karina patted the back of her jeans, apparently looking for her phone. “Oh shit. I think I left my phone on the counter of the cafe,” she said, and you smacked her arm. “Go! Hurry and pray that the owner is nice enough to keep it aside before someone steals it.”
Karina groaned and turned on her heel, pulling the door open so hard that you were afraid it would dislodge itself. You shook your head at her absent mindedness and took your seat behind the counter again just as your customer reappeared, a copy of Pachinko indeed in his hand.
You hid a smile. “Just that one then?”
He nodded, reaching up to unlink his mask as you began to wrap up the book. “Um, so that’ll be—”
You stopped in your tracks as you saw his face, your heart suddenly skittering a few beats.
You knew this face. A large proportion of the world population also probably knew this face, considering it had been in a number of hugely successful films, and was considered to be one of the most handsome faces in the entire world.
It was an actor’s face. It was Kim Taehyung’s face. All complete with his twinkling eyes and perfect nose, unfairly pretty lips and fairy prince jaw structure.
Why was literal superstar actor Kim Taehyung in your store right now? And why was he looking at you with that small smirk and raising his eyebrows?
You were pretty sure that was because your mouth had fallen slightly agape, and with great effort you closed your lips and swallowed. “I-um-I’m—”
“You were saying how much the book was,” he said, his voice laced in amusement. “Is it fine if I pay in cash?”
You could barely comprehend what he was saying, your brain feeling oddly melted to mush as you nodded stupidly and mumbled out the first price that you could manage to think of.
Your fingers were shaking annoyingly as you accepted the money, unable to look at the ridiculously handsome man in front you in fear of doing something very stupid.
Unfortunately for you, that stupid thing happened in the very next second.
You weren’t sure how your hands managed to knock off the cup of iced coffee as you attempted to hand him his change back, but that’s exactly what happened.
The coffee flew over the counter and directly onto Kim Taehyung’s very white shirt, and all you could do was watch in horror.
“Oh my god. Oh my god, I am SO sorry,” you sputtered, your hands automatically reaching to find a non-existent tissue box that you wished you could magic out of thin air. Kim Taehyung just sighed, pushing his hair back with one hand as he looked down at his ruined shirt. “Ah, you know what, it's fine. Just hand me the book, thank you.”
You shook your head furiously. “No, please, I can fix this. Let me help.” He looked at you in mild exasperation.
“I live in the apartment just above the store,” you stammer. “There’s a bathroom, and towels and tissues. You can get changed. Please. I insist.”
You held your breath, knowing this was pushing it, but it was to your complete surprise when he nodded.
“I would appreciate that.”
Tumblr media
You couldn’t help how rapidly you were bouncing your leg against your sofa and how hard you were chewing at your nails as you waited for Kim Taehyung to change.
Kim Taehyung was in your tiny messy bathroom right now, changing into a very orange t-shirt of your brother’s that you had managed to pull out of the back of your closet.
Oh dear god.
You nearly jumped as the door clicked and he stepped out, the stained white shirt in one hand.
It was impossible for anyone to look that breathtaking in that shade of orange. But Kim Taehyung managed it, and your tongue felt tied.
“Can I get you anything else?” you asked stupidly. “Um, water, or tea or coffee or—”
He raised his eyebrows.
“Okay definitely not coffee,” you cringed. “Would you like something to eat instead? I have um, snacks?” you said as you threw open your kitchen cupboards. “Here! Chocolate covered almonds? Not that I’m sure why they would cover almonds in chocolate to make them unhealthy, since, you know, almonds are supposed to be healthy, and um—”
You broke off, wishing you could disappear into the ground. Taehyung was looking as though he was trying very hard not to laugh.
“Nevermind. You definitely look like a healthy person who would not like to eat chocolate almonds,” you mumbled, and at that he actually snorted.
“My taxi should be arriving any minute,” he said, and you shut the cupboard sharply by accident, resulting in several dust motes floating into the air.
“I’m really sorry,” you said, wringing your hands together. “For um, all of this and for earlier and everything.”
Taehyung shook his head, walking towards the door. “Please don’t worry about it. Thank you for letting me use your bathroom and for this uh—fabulous shirt.”
“I love all your movies,” you blurted as he turned the knob. “You’re an amazing actor.”
He smiled then, and it was so beautiful that you felt dazzled.
“Thank you.”
“Well, nice to meet you. Surreal. But nice,” you said, and with one last small smile, he was gone.
You slid down the door once it shut, wanting to scream. Surreal but nice? What the hell was that?
He probably thought you were a completely lunatic who couldn’t speak coherently and went around splashing coffee on people and offering them unhealthy snacks.
“Why am I such a loser?” you moaned, dropping your head into your hands.
The sound of the doorbell ringing made you very nearly jump out of your skin.
You hurriedly opened the door, and there he was.
You stared at Kim Taehyung rather dumbly until he gestured towards the inside of your apartment. “I left my book in there.”
“Oh!” you said. “I’ll get it for you.”
You grabbed it from the coffee table and turned back towards where he was standing in the hallway in his bright orange t-shirt.
“Here.” “Thanks.”
You both stood there for a few moments, you with your heart hammering and him looking at you curiously. The air felt electric, suddenly tense, and you couldn’t look him in the eye.
“Well b—”
Your words broke off as Taehyung reached forward, his fingers gently brushing against your hair.
Your heart skipped.
“Dust mote,” he murmured, his hand grazing your face as he picked something out of your hair.
You stared at him, this strange moment of intimacy making your stomach tie up into knots.
“I’m really sorry about the surreal but nice comment,” you whispered. “I promise I’m not this much of a disaster all the time.”
“That’s okay,” said Taehyung, a small smile on his devastating lips. “I thought the whole chocolate and almonds business was the real lowpoint.”
You bit your lip.
“Goodbye, Y/N.”
The sound of your name in his voice made your legs feel like jelly.
And then he really was gone, and you were left wondering whether you’d dreamt the entire thing.
Tumblr media
You winced as Karina shouted a few days later, her eyes wild. “I didn’t meet him, Rina. I literally spilled coffee all over him and then made a complete fool of myself. He definitely thinks I’m crazy.”
“Oh my god,” she whined, throwing herself onto your couch. “I could’ve met him if I hadn’t left my stupid phone behind. I can’t believe this.”
You sighed. “Honestly, it was a disaster. It’s a good thing you didn’t have to witness it.”
She gaped at you. “He picked a dust mote out of your HAIR. Like it was a romantic scene in one of his goddamn movies??? That doesn’t sound like a disaster to me.”
“Trust me. It was.”
Karina continued to stare at you in disbelief, until your phone began to ring. You swiped the screen to answer it. It was probably someone calling the shop, since your phone was linked to its main line.
The phone nearly fell out of your hand as you stood up suddenly, making Karina yelp in surprise.
You would recognize that voice in your dreams at this point. It was embedded into your memory forever.
It was Taehyung.
“Hi,” you said, forcing your voice to keep steady. The silence that followed felt like it went on for hours.
“It’s Kim Taehyung. I hope you don’t mind me calling like this. I just wanted to return your t-shirt,” he said, sounding very calm.
You blinked. “My…t-shirt?” Karina slapped a hand over her mouth, her eyes wide. “It’s HIM?” she mouthed.
You ignored her and shut yourself into your bedroom before she could protest, closing your eyes as you clutched the phone tightly to your ear.
“You don’t have to return it.”
“I know that,” said Taehyung, sounding a bit flustered. “But I wanted to call about returning it.”
You had absolutely no idea how to respond to this. Your heart was beating dangerously fast for you to be able to get your thoughts in order.
He had called you. Kim Taehyung had called you and was sounding oddly nervous and you were about to faint.
“I’m sorry,” he said suddenly. “This was really inappropriate of me. Forget I called, really, and I’ll uh, keep the t-shirt. By—”
“No wait!” you blurted. Your head was spinning. “I can come get it.”
Another pause. You almost thought he’d hung up.
And then, he spoke.
“I’ll send you the address.”
Tumblr media
Two hours later you were in the lobby of a fancy hotel, feeling unsteady on your feet.
He’d told you to come and wait for him here, and that he had press interviews taking up the rest of his day and would see you after.
You walked to the hotel reception, biting your lip and smoothing out your dress. Karina had made you get ridiculously dressed up, and had worked her magic on you. Your hair was now shiny and sleek, your lips glossed, eyelids lined. This, all despite your protests that this was not a date.
How could it be?
He was a famous actor and you were well…you. He had called because he had actually wanted to return that hideous t-shirt just so that he wouldn’t have to look at it anymore, that was all.
But he could’ve had someone send it back to you at the shop, a tiny voice in your head said. He didn’t have to call to tell you to come get it yourself. That means he wants to see you.
You quickly shut these thoughts out. There would be no hopes, no expectations from you at all.
No, you had to play it very cool.
As you reached the reception desk you realized you didn’t actually know what to say.
“Um,” you started, feeling a little stupid. “Do you know where I could find Kim Taehyung?”
The receptionist stared at you.
You felt your cheeks flush. “Um, Kim Taehyung’s manager?”
The receptionist pursed her lips and dialled a number on the telephone. “The manager should be with you in a moment.”
“Thank you,” you said, feeling increasingly nervous. A few minutes later, an important looking man hurried towards you. Before you could even speak, he said, “Oh, you’re early! Let me take you up to the waiting room with the other journalists. Taehyung should be starting the interviews soon enough.”
“Um, sure. That would be great.”
You followed the man into the lift and up to the third floor, after which you were led into a large ballroom filled with at least a dozen journalists looking impatient. You were slightly puzzled at this turn of events; was this really where you were supposed to be waiting?
But by the time you could ask Taehyung’s manager, he was nowhere to be seen.
You took a seat on one of the chairs, feeling very out of place. A well dressed journalist sat down next to you, grinning widely. “Hello! What magazine are you from then?”
“Um, sorry?”
“They’re asking for us to put down our names and the magazines we’re working from there at registration,” said the journalist, pointing to the table next to you. “I’m at TimeOut. You need a pass to be in here, I’m afraid.”
“Oh but I’m not—” you broke off, utterly bewildered. The manager hadn’t mistaken you for a press journalist, had he?
“You’d better hurry, they’re taking us in for the interviews soon,” said the friendly journalist with an encouraging smile.
Well, if this was the only way you were going to be let in to see Taehyung, it didn’t look like you had much of a choice.
“Er…” you stared down at the registration sheet racking your brains for what to put down. Desperately looking for some sort of inspiration, you scanned the room. Your gaze fell onto the stack of magazines on the table. A cover with a magnificent looking horse caught your attention.
Huh. Guess you worked for Horse & Hound now.
You scribbled it onto the sheet, and before you knew it you were being handed a lanyard pass and being told to wait for your turn at the interviews. You watched as the journalist from TimeOut was called, not quite realising that you were next.
You were about to meet Kim Taehyung again and you had positively no clue about what to actually say to him.
Oh god. Maybe you shouldn’t have come at all.
But it was too late to run now. A mere 5 minutes later, you were being led into a smaller room off the side of the ballroom, and before you could gather your senses properly, you saw him.
He looked exquisitely handsome as always, a lazy smile spreading across his face as he saw you enter the press room.
“Hello there.”
“Hi,” you said, your nerves running haywire. “I’m not sure I’m supposed to—”
“You’re from Horse & Hound, right? You have five minutes!” called a PR assistant, looking pointedly at the clock
“Is that so?” perked Taehyung, grinning.
You blinked, your mouth suddenly feeling very dry. “Right. Um…”
Taehyung looked very amused as he leaned back in his chair gesturing for you to sit down. “You should probably ask me some questions, then,” he said, his eyes twinkling.
You felt struck dumb for about the hundredth time since you’d met him, but the press assistant was looking at you very sternly and you feared that she would kick you out if you didn’t quickly come up with something to say.
“The film was great!” you blurted, without a clue of what film he was even giving interviews for. “Our readers at Horse & Hound would very much like to know, er—” You paused, thinking of a question.
“Did you um, enjoy working with the um…horses in it?”
“There weren’t any horses in it,” he responded, looking as though he was thoroughly enjoying this absurd situation.
Oh what the heck. If you doing this meant he kept smiling adorably like that, you were going to fully commit to it.
“Oh. Well, did you consider having horses in it?” you asked, faking mild offence.
“I would’ve loved to have horses in the film. But it would’ve been quite difficult, you know, considering the film was set in space.”
You could tell that Taehyung was biting back laughter and you were certain your face was bright red in mortification.
At this comment the PR assistant visibly snorted and decided to leave the room, clearly not wanting to witness another minute of this disaster.
As soon as she left, you groaned and covered your face with your hands. “Oh my god.”
Taehyung began to laugh.
“I didn’t know what to do, they just showed me into the room with journalists and gave me this lanyard and—”
“It’s my fault,” he interjected. “I thought this would’ve been over by now. For what it’s worth, it’s the first time I’ve genuinely laughed all day.”
Your heart skittered as he smiled at you.
You couldn’t place why you felt this way around him, why the air always crackled with tension when he looked at you like that.
The moment broke when the PR assistant popped her head back in. “Your 5 minutes are up, I’m afraid.”
You stood up, and so did Taehyung, holding his hand out for you to shake. You held it uncertainly, and you could swear you felt a jolt of electricity when your hands touched.
In a low voice, he said, “Would you wait for me? I still have to, you know, give you the t-shirt back.”
Oh right. The t-shirt. You’d forgotten that that was the whole reason you’d even come here to start with.
Hadn’t you?
You nodded, feeling suddenly shy.
“Well, nice to meet you,” said Taehyung, grinning widely. “Surreal, but nice.”
You couldn’t help but smile at that.
“I’ll be in the lobby.”
It was only until you were out of the room that you managed to breathe again.
Taehyung found you waiting in the hotel lobby an hour later, looking effortlessly handsome and energetic having changed into more comfortable clothes. He had a small bag in his hands.
“Why is it that both times we’ve met have been chaotic?” you said, biting your lip as he neared you.
“Well,” mused Taehyung, “I’d say this time was largely thanks to me, so arguably we’re even now.”
You let out a breath.
“Here’s your t-shirt back, by the way,” he added, handing it to you.
“I take it, it's definitely not your style then,” you offered. “I’ll let my brother know. He’ll be ever so heartbroken.”
Taehyung rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, grinning.
“So,” he started, leaning back on his feet slightly. He looked a bit nervous. You waited, trying to shove down the teeny prickle of hope that had begun to weave into your heart.
“Are you hungry? We could get dinner…you know, if you wanted to.”
You almost couldn’t believe your ears. He gazed at you expectantly, and you didn’t have to think for a second before the answer was already at your lips.
“I would love to.”
Tumblr media
Dinner turned out to be one of the most delightful evenings you’d had in a very long time.
Taehyung was funny and surprisingly knowledgeable, and you found yourself laughing for most of the time you were with him.
The whole thing definitely still felt surreal, but oddly comfortable. It was like you’d already known him for years, the way you were talking to him.
“Have you always wanted to act?” you asked, taking a bite of cake.
Taehyung pondered over this before leaning back in his chair. Then he smirked a bit. “I mean when you look the way I do it sort of just makes sense to be an actor, doesn’t it?”
You rolled your eyes as he laughed. “Okay, I’m kidding. I mean, I was so young when I got scouted and the other option seemed even less appealing so I just sort of went with the flow.”
“Other option?” you asked, confused. At this he sighed. “Yeah, my family is a bit of a big deal. Run a giant conglomerate kind of big deal.”
Oh. You hadn’t known that.
“So instead of being forced into shady business dealings and uncomfortable suits, I decided this was a much better future,” he continued, shrugging. “And the more I did it the more I began to enjoy it too.”
“You’re really good at it, you know,” you said softly. “You seem born to be on screen. And I’m not just talking about your face,” you added with a smile.
Taehyung almost seemed a little embarrassed at this. “What about you then? What made you open a bookstore?” he asked, seemingly wanting to get the focus off himself.
You suddenly felt very conscious of his gaze on you, and you looked down.
“It was my dad’s. But when he retired I sort of just offered to take charge of it. I mean, now everyone just asks me why I don’t just sell it,” you murmured, picking at your dessert. “It hasn’t broken even for nearly half a year and I know I should just let it go at this point. But I just don’t know what I would do without it, you know?”
Taehyung thought about this for a moment. “You must have some sort of a dream. Doesn’t everyone?”
You bit your lip. “I want to write my own book.” At this, he perked up. “That’s it then. What’s stopping you?”
“I don’t know, it scares me too much. The store is like my safe place where no one can judge me for anything. If I sell it and actually properly start to focus on my book I’ll lose my safe haven,” you confessed.
“Hmm. But you’d be stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a real challenge. You would be doing something towards your dream,” said Taehyung.
You shrugged, feeling a bit unnerved. “I just don’t think anyone would actually read it even if I did write something,” you said, voicing out your actual true fear.
“I would.”
You looked up from your dessert and found him smiling softly, his eyes bright. Your heart skipped unevenly. You felt as if you were treading into very uncertain territory as far as your feelings were concerned, but you couldn’t help it.
He was making it very hard for you to stop.
“I had a really good time,” you said later, as he dropped you back home in a taxi. And then you gathered some sort of courage to say the next thing.
“Would you want to come upstairs?”
Taehyung smiled, but you knew what his answer would be already. You felt a little silly for having even asked. “Nevermind, I know it’s late and you probably have a ton of engagements tomorrow,” you rambled.
“I do,” he said, and your spirits dropped a little. “But after all of those engagements, I would very much like to see you again,” Taehyung said softly.
And of course, you said yes.
Tumblr media
It was late the next evening when he turned up below your apartment, wearing a dark coat. “Walk with me?”
You fell into step together, walking in comfortable silence for a while. You hoped he couldn’t hear how your heartbeat had automatically sped up on seeing him.
You had barely had enough time to wrap your head around the events of the night before, and here you were with Kim Taehyung again, less than 24 hours later. It felt like you were living in one of his films.
You couldn’t fathom how this had even happened, and why he even apparently seemed to like spending time with you. You weren’t going to let yourself be deluded into thinking that he maybe liked you, because there was just no point believing anything along those lines.
No, it was impossible.
You were interrupted from your thoughts when Taehyung stopped suddenly in front of a tall gate that was at least 5 feet high.​​ There were trees and grass behind it, a quaint looking garden.
“What’s in there?”
“It’s a private garden I think. All the houses around this block have access to it. We can’t get in,” you explained.
Taehyung shrugged. “I don’t necessarily abide by dumb rules like that. Do you?”
You felt flustered. “I’m not sure we should—”
You stared as he grabbed a hold of the railing, hoisting himself up over the gate easily. He winked at you as he straddled the top. “You coming?”
“I doubt I can climb that high,” you said, dazed. “Sure you can,” he said cheerily. He jumped down and just like that, he was inside the garden. “Here, I’ll point out where to step.”
You swallowed, and then gingerly held onto the railing. This is really not a good idea.
But Taehyung was looking at you with an encouraging smile, and you grit your teeth and began to climb. Getting to the top didn’t take that long at all.
But it was jumping down to the other side that was the problem.
You shuddered, refusing to look down. “I can’t do it. I’m not jumping.”
“Oh come on, I’ll catch you!” called Taehyung from below.
Nope. Still nope.
“It’s not that high up, I promise,” he said again, and you gulped.
“Here goes nothing.”
You dangled your legs off the side, and with a silent prayer, jumped.
You landed with a thud next to Taehyung, stumbling to catch your balance, and he reached out and steadied you, his hands curving around your shoulders.
You looked up at him, feeling out of breath. “Thanks,” you mumbled, but to your surprise, he didn’t let go of you. His hands merely dropped to take your own, his fingers wound with yours.
Your heart started thumping unevenly.
“Okay but seriously,” you breathed, “There’s really nothing about this garden that made that entire ordeal worthwhile.”
You thought you could see the stars in his eyes as he stepped even closer, the breath hitching in your throat.
“There is one thing,” he said softly.
And then his lips were brushing against yours, and every thought left your mind as he kissed you. You felt little currents of electricity zip through your body, a wave of warmth that you never wanted to end. It felt like a sacred spell broke when he pulled away, his eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks.
“I feel slightly off balance when I’m around you,” he murmured, pushing back a strand of your hair gently. “Do you feel that too? Like something crazy is bound to happen whenever we’re together.”
“What do you mean?” you whispered.
He shook his head slightly. “I don’t know. But something feels different.”
Your heart was doing somersaults and you could barely breathe but you had to ask him. Whatever this was, how much longer could it even go on for?
“When do you leave the city?”
“Not for another week or so,” he said, his dark brown eyes gazing down at you.
“Let’s make this week count then,” you said quietly, pretending not to feel the slight sense of despair that was beginning to creep in. Of course it was going to end. Of course you couldn’t let yourself get attached.
But right now, as he leaned in to kiss you once more, all you could think was that you were falling.
You just hoped it wouldn’t hurt too badly when you landed.
Tumblr media
You felt almost giddy two days later, fidgeting with your hair, your bracelet, your hands, a rush of excitement flooding your head even though you were trying to stay calm.
Just the thought of spending more time with Taehyung was giving you butterflies and this was most definitely not a good sign. You couldn’t actually be developing deeper feelings for him after having met him just a few times. Granted that yesterday had been incredibly magical, and that you’d laid awake at night thinking about the feel of his lips on yours.
Nope. Definitely no deeper feelings.
You stepped out of the taxi in a hurry, a smile already on your face as you saw him standing outside the hotel. His hair was windswept and messy already, and he kept shaking his head to get the long strands out of his eyes.
You’d never seen anyone so spell-binding.
You tried to contain the spring in your step as you neared him, feeling your stomach flip as he greeted you with a smile of his own.
“Hi there.”
“Hi,” you said shyly.
“You ready to—”
He was broken off by a loud squeal, and you stepped back, startled, as a woman that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere launched herself at Taehyung, her arms flying around his neck.
“Taetae! Surprise!”
Who was this? A fan? Should you yell for hotel security?
But as the seconds passed you realized she wasn’t a fan at all. Taehyung’s face had a different sort of smile plastered across it now as he untangled himself from the girl with great difficulty.
“Daeun. What are you doing here?” he said, his voice brittle.
A small pit was beginning to form in the depths of your stomach.
“I thought I’d surprise you, duh,” said the girl, pouting. “I couldn’t wait for another week. And you wouldn’t take any of my calls so…here I am!”
Taehyng looked suddenly tired.
The girl turned to you finally, her eyebrows shooting up in distrust. She was stunning, and you felt tiny, invisible.
“Surely you can excuse yourself from any prior engagements, Taehyung,” she said in a silken voice. “Now that your girlfriend is here to see you.”
You felt like you’d been punched.
“I’ll be waiting inside,” she clipped coolly. And then walked into the hotel lobby, leaving you and Taehyung alone.
He couldn’t even look at you, and your heart sank.
“Taehyung?” you said quietly.
“I had no idea she would do this,” he answered in a low voice. “We had fought, I didn’t think she wanted to see me after that—”
You swallowed down the painful knot that had formed in our throat, feeling suddenly dizzy.
“You’re in a relationship?”
“Apparently yes, I still am.”
He sounded pained, but it was you who felt the crushing weight of your heart splintering.
“I’m sorry,” he murmured, reaching for your hand, but you stepped away before he could touch you.
“No, I am,” you said, blinking back the sudden wetness that had formed near your eyes. “Goodbye Taehyung.”
And then you were turning around and walking away, almost breaking into a run, desperate to get away from him, from it all.
It had been too good to be true and you’d known it. It had never been that deep and you’d known that too. It had been just 3 dates and that was you counting the very first book shop disaster as one to start with.
Then why did it still hurt so fucking much?
Tumblr media
“Well, I had a really great time,” you said, smiling a little too widely. 
You wrapped your coat a little tighter around yourself. Your date smiled back, looking a bit expectant. He probably wanted to be invited up to your apartment, but you were really just tired. The date had been decent enough, but you hadn’t felt any sort of spark.
You didn’t like to admit it, but you hadn’t felt anything really, since you’d met Taehyung.
It had been a little over 2 months since the entire saga. And Karina being the sweet friend she was, had insisted on setting you up with a number of different people as a way to forget all about him and whatever feelings you may have had for him. But it wasn’t that easy.
You said goodbye to your evidently disappointed date and let yourself into your building. As you unlocked your door and shrugged off your coat, you wondered what Taehyung was up to. What he was really up to, not what you saw online. You knew he was working on a new film, and that he was even going to have a schedule shooting in your city.
Not that it mattered to you anymore anyway. You made it a point not to try to think about him too much.
But the nights were when you couldn’t help yourself, when your thoughts roamed and always ended up back to him.
This night was no different, and you stayed up for a long time, staring at the ceiling.
You missed him.
You missed his smile, you missed his laugh. You missed his deep voice and  his messy hair, and the way it felt like you were the only person in the room when he looked at you.
But there was no point in missing him. You’d gone out a few times, and you’d kissed. But it hadn’t been a relationship. And so there hadn’t been a breakup, and there was no reason for you to be thinking about it as such.
You turned over and clutched your duvet, forcing the image of him out of your head and falling into a restless sleep.
Barely just a few hours later, you were rudely awakened by the loud ringing of your intercom system. You moaned, squinting in the early morning sunlight, and stumbled out of bed.
You buzzed whoever it was in, cursing under your breath at who it could possibly be at this hour on a weekend. Pulling the door open, you waited angrily, your hair sticking up all over the place and your eyes still half closed.
But they shot wide open as soon as the person rounded the stairs.
He looked haggard and upset, a dark baggy hoodie covering his hair and sunglasses on his face. “Can I come in?” he asked abruptly, and you were too shocked to say no.
He shuffled past you and into your apartment, roughly pushing his hood down and taking off his sunglasses.
You were wide awake now.
“I’m uh - really sorry about just showing up like this” he blurted, and you noticed that his eyes had deep bags under them. “I just didn’t know where else to go.”
What on earth had happened?
“Sit,” you said, more sharply than you’d intended. “I’ll make us some tea.”
He sat in silence until you handed him a warm mug a few minutes later, nursing your own and sitting down beside him. “So um, is everything okay?” you asked, trying to keep your tone casual and detached.
“Not really,” he breathed. “You know how I mentioned my family being kind of a big deal?”
You nodded.
“Turns out my dad and uncle are in some really deep shit. They were bribing some pretty prominent politicians back home and now thanks to the elections everything’s come out. And as much as I’ve tried to distance myself from my family it hasn’t stopped the press from linking my name to every godforsaken article that’s out there right now.”
He said all this bitterly, looking exhausted. “I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep. It’s been just calls, non stop, from my agency, my PR team, and my family and their PR teams. I’m here for a shoot but I’ve barely even rehearsed my lines. I just—I needed to get away from it all, and I thought of you. I know I haven’t called but—”
He broke off, looking suddenly guilty.
As much as you were still hurt by how your last meeting had ended, you would be lying to yourself if you said that a part of you wasn’t glad to see him again. That of all the places he could’ve possibly gone in this situation, he had thought of you.
What did it mean?
“I’m really sorry,” he said quietly. “About what happened last time. With Daeun. You didn’t deserve that.
You swallowed, looking down at your mug. “How is she?”
“I wouldn’t know,” Taehyung said, shrugging. “I broke up with her for good sort of the minute after you left the hotel.”
You tried not to sound too affected by this. But you couldn’t help that you were secretly very pleased by this piece of news.
“I wanted to call you, you know. But I thought you probably didn’t want to ever see me again and so I thought it was better for me to stay out of your life,” he mumbled. “Obviously I’m sort of going against that by showing up here unannounced.”
“No, it’s alright. This was the right place to come,” you said, offering him a small smile.
Taehyung's lips curved into a half smile back. Then he rubbed at his eyes, stifling a yawn.
“You should get some sleep,” you offered. “Are you sure?” he asked, even though his voice was heavy with tiredness.
“Yeah, of course. You can sleep inside, the bed will be a lot more comfortable.”
At this, he hesitated, and you wondered if you had gone too far. Did he think that was somehow too intimate?
“The bed would be great, actually,” he said finally, looking grateful. “Thank you.”
Tumblr media
The day that passed after that seemed to go by slowly, but still too fast for your liking.
After he’d napped for a bit, Taehyung seemed to be rejuvenated, and with a scowl at his incessantly buzzing phone, he turned it off and tossed it aside.
Any initial awkwardness seemed to have dissipated since he’d cleared the air, and things felt just like they had two months ago.
Which was probably not a good sign for you.
Taehyung persuaded you to help him rehearse his lines, handing you a thick script booklet. It was in equal parts funny and mesmerizing to watch him recite his dialogues, and you were quickly engrossed.
He was playing a soldier, and it was so strange to see his usually lazy soft smile completely being replaced by a stone faced, rigid jawline. He had instantly transformed into a seemingly emotionless and cold general, and it sent a shiver down your spine as he practiced his ruthless commands and menacing threats.
He broke character when he saw your face though, breaking into one of his endearing smiles once more. “Well, if I scared you it means I’m doing my job right.”
You rolled your eyes. And then perked up. “Hey! You know what would be some good practice for you too?”
You turned on the TV, grinning, and Taehyung groaned, apparently knowing what you meant to do.
He tried to grab the remote from you as you selected one of his films to watch, but you leaned out of his reach. “Oh come on! I’ve never seen this one,” you teased, and he finally gave in, shaking his head.
It was a historical film, and Taehyung looked striking as a young prince with long hair in silk clothes.
“Oh look,” you said suddenly. “There are horses in this one!”
Taehyung laughed, the sound of it ringing pleasantly and making you feel warm all over. You loved his laugh.
“Make sure to write about that in your next article for Horse & Hound then, won’t you?”
You ordered takeaway for dinner, both of you so hungry that you polished off the dumplings and chow mein in less than 15 minutes.
As you sprawled on the couch, stuffed, you didn’t even realize that it had grown dark outside, the day already over.
“How’s your book writing going?” asked Taehyung suddenly. You sighed heavily. “It’s not going anywhere. It’s stuck.”
Taehyung propped himself up, leaning against the side of the couch. “I’m sure it’s not that bad. Let me have a look.” You shook your head.
But after much persuasion and whining about how he’d let you watch one of his old movies, you finally retrieved your writing journal and handed it to him, feeling a bit nauseous.
From anxiousness or Chinese food, you didn’t know.
You watched nervously as he flipped through the few pages you’d written in silence. When he had finished, he looked up, and his eyes were shining with amazement.
“This is good, Y/N. This is really good,” he said, and you felt a little weak with relief. “You think?”
He nodded, grinning widely. “One day this will be published and you know what? I’ll buy the film rights.”
“Ah. That’s when I’ll know I’ve really made it,” you responded, smiling. “Kim Taehyung starring as the lead in my story.”
The room felt quiet, suddenly, as the two of you gazed at each other, neither wanting to look away.
You felt the familiar unsteady beat of your heart return, your palms feeling suddenly sweaty.
A clap of thunder made you jump, and before you knew it, it began to rain.
Taehyung glanced at the window, rubbing the back of his neck. “So um, I guess I should—”
“Stay,” you blurted, even as your cheeks went red. “You should stay.”
“Are you—”
“I’m sure,” you said before he could complete his question. “It’s pouring and it’s late. You can um, take the couch.”
Taehyung looked blank for some reason, and you stood up suddenly, feeling embarrassed. “I’m um, going to go get changed for bed.”
You mentally cursed yourself for being so awkward while you pulled on a baggy t-shirt and shorts. What was wrong with you? He was going to sleep out there and you were going to be in here and it was going to be fine.
You just had to calm down and ignore the increasingly fluttering feeling making its way into your stomach.
You grabbed a spare pillow and blanket out of your store cupboard and went back outside. “This is great, thanks,” Taehyung said, his fingers brushing against yours as he accepted them from you. Your skin instantly felt like it was on fire.
His gaze flitted down your body to your bare legs and you swallowed, feeling strangely exposed. “Well…goodnight,” you said, your stomach flipping.
“Goodnight,” he said, his voice low. Something was happening here, and it was getting increasingly difficult for you to be able to think straight with him standing there so close to you.
And so you turned around and ran back into your room, shutting the door tightly and closing your eyes.
Your pulse was racing as you got into bed. You lay down for a while and tried to steady your heartbeat.
But you couldn’t. You couldn’t get his face out of your head, the way his eyes had dropped to your lips when you’d spoken, the way his touch had sent goosebumps across your skin.
You pushed back your covers roughly and stood up, feeling shaky.
The living room was dark when you pulled the door of your bedroom open silently. The only sound was that of the rain pouring outside, the only light source the streetlamps on the street below.
You could just make out Taehyung on the couch, and your heart began to pound. You shouldn’t have come out here.
But you couldn’t shake the feeling, couldn’t ignore how electric the air felt with possibility.
Taehyung stirred, apparently hearing you enter, and sat up.
“I couldn’t sleep,” you said, biting your lip. “Could you?” Taehyung rubbed his eye with the back of his thumb, shaking his head. “Not really.”
Your heartbeat sped up, and you felt unexplainable adrenaline unfurl inside you. You felt heady, dangerous.
Taehyung was standing now, and you took a step closer to him, barely daring to breathe.
You could tell his body had tensed, his Adam’s apple rocking in his throat as he swallowed.
You felt dizzy, alive. Brave.
And so you leaned up and kissed him.
He made a noise of approval, his lips parting yours as he deepened the kiss, sending heatwaves down your spine.
It wasn’t enough.
You broke away, breathless, and his eyes searched your face. A wordless question to which he already knew the answer even before you spoke.
“I want you, Taehyung.”
His eyes seemed to grow a shade darker as he cupped your face, his lips brushing yours. And then he was kissing you with a new ferocity, urgent and messy, as time seemed to slow.
It was just him, his hands and his lips on your skin as you fell into your sheets, his touch hot and desperate as you pulled him impossibly closer.
You wanted to memorize him, the feel of him. The way he breathed your name in pleasure, the way his hands curved around your waist, the feel of his warm lips against your fevered skin.
After, when you lay there tangled up together, his fingers tracing your shoulder as you drifted to sleep, you let the forbidden thought slip into your semi-conscious mind.
You wanted him. Not just like this. You wanted all of him. 
You wanted him more badly than you’d ever wanted anything in your life. 
And all you wanted was for him to want you too.
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling the warmth of sunlight on your face. Grumbling, you turned over, peeling your eyes open.
“What are you doing,” you mumbled half asleep, squinting up at Taehyung, who was leaning on his elbow and grinning at you. His face was framed by the sun, and he looked almost angelic, his hair a mess and his lips swollen.
“You look cute when you’re asleep” he remarked, and you went red and tried to turn over again. But Taehyung caught your face between his hands and leaned down and kissed you, and you were suddenly very awake.
You didn’t want him to stop, but he broke away after a few moments, and you made a small sound of protest. “Come back.”
“What do you say to breakfast?” he asked, kissing your cheek instead. “I can make a mean stack of pancakes.”
Now that you were definitely up for.
10 minutes later after some more cuddling (and kissing), you were rummaging through the cupboards to find the ingredients for pancakes and Taehyung had already started to mix the batter in a bowl. “Oh shoot, I’m out of maple syrup.”
Taehyung shrugged. “We can do without it.”
“No way. I can get some from the grocery shop next door. It’ll take me a sec,” you said, slipping your feet into your sneakers.
You darted down the stairs, a stupid smile on your face. Pancakes with Taehyung. The morning couldn’t get any more perfect.
You were nearly at the store, when you stopped in your tracks, smacking your forehead. You’d forgotten your wallet.
You jogged back towards your building, and to your surprise Taehyung was waiting at the entrance in just his t-shirt and boxers, your wallet in hand. He grinned as you approached, out of breath. “How did you—”
“I saw it on the counter,” he said. You nicked it out of his hands, smiling. “Okay, now I’ll actually be back in a sec.”
You turned to leave but yelped when Taehyung grabbed your wrist, suddenly twirling you around so that you were pressed up against him. “What are you—” He silenced you with a chaste kiss, and you could tell he was smiling against your lips. He let go just as suddenly, smirking. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist.”
“Do you want the maple syrup or not,” you mock chided, even though you were pleased, your cheeks pink.
“You taste a lot better than maple syrup.”
You groaned as he laughed, hiding your face, and started to turn away from him again.
“Wait,” Taehyung said sharply.
You rolled your eyes. “It’ll literally take me two minutes—”
“Get back inside the building.”
You raised your eyebrows in question, confused.
Before you could protest he was pulling you inside and began almost dragging you up the stairs. “Taehyung, what-”
“There was someone in the bushes across the street,” he swore, roughly pushing the door of your apartment open. “With a camera. Paparazzi, I’m guessing.”
Your eyebrows knitted in confusion. “I don’t understand.”
“They were clearly waiting for me to make an appearance, and now I’ve gone and done just that,” he said, his voice shaking. “I came here so that I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit but of course it followed me somehow.”
“Hey,” you said softly, trying to calm him by placing your hand on his shoulder, but he was pacing across the living room back and forth, looking extremely pissed off. You felt cold all over at how dramatically the happy vibe from just a few moments ago had vanished completely.
“I just don’t understand how they found me,” he spat, shoving his hand into his hair. “What is it with the fucking press in this country?”
“But surely it’ll be fine –”
“It’s not fine,” he cut, his eyes flashing. “They got photos of us, together, with me half undressed. Do you not realize how this will spread like wildfire?”
You were starting to feel an ugly knot in your stomach. “Yes but–”
“With my family scandal everywhere this is the last thing I needed,” he said, dragging a hand over his face roughly. “My name across the media with double the frequency.”
“People will forget,” you said quietly. “All this stuff is just momentary, no one will care after a few days.”
Taehyung let out a short laugh. “You really don’t get it. These photos will be on the internet forever. I’ll regret this forever.”
You stepped back like you’d been slapped.
Taehyung’s face instantly dropped, and you knew that he hadn’t meant to say that at all.
But he couldn’t reverse time now and take it back.
He had said it, and you had heard it, and now your heart had splintered into two and it hurt so badly you couldn’t breathe.
“Y/N I didn’t—”
“No, it's okay,” you said hoarsely, tears pricking the back of your eyes. “You were just being honest.”
You couldn’t bear to look at him any longer. You turned, your back facing him as the first tears began to spill onto your cheeks. “You should go.”
And so he did. Without another word to you, he pulled on his hoodie and his jeans and grabbed his phone, and was gone, the door slamming shut behind him.
You couldn’t understand how everything had just fallen to pieces. You fell onto your bed, curling up in the sheets that still smelled like him, and wept. Your tears seemed never-ending, needles piercing your heart as his words echoed in your head, over and over.
I’ll regret this forever.
Why had you thought that this time would end differently? He was Kim Taehyung, and you were just a girl in a bookshop that barely sold books. Of course he regretted it.
You couldn’t even blame him. No, you blamed yourself for being naive enough to think the two of you actually had something that could work, and to believe that he liked you.
You were the idiot who’d fallen in love with a famous actor without even realizing it.
And now he’d gone and left you broken, and there was no one left to pick up the pieces except you.
Tumblr media
It was nearly 3 months later when you thought you were almost certainly over Kim Taehyung. You didn’t flinch when you saw his face on a poster, didn’t feel that good old lump in your throat when someone mentioned his name.
It was over, and you were fine. You were doing just fine. You were even in the last few stages of sorting out the paperwork for your book store.
You were finally going to sell it, and properly, seriously start working on your very first novel.
No, it didn’t bother you at all that Taehyung wasn’t the one you were running to with this news. He had removed himself from your life so easily, and after 3 long months, you were finally ready to never think about him again.
You were finally happy, mentally secure, and steady on your feet.
But just as your luck would have it, all of it came crashing down one Tuesday afternoon.
You were in the back room of the store, packing books into boxes and sealing them to send them off to their new home in someone else’s store.
And then you heard Karina’s voice, high-pitched and indignant.
“Get out of here. She doesn’t want to see you. So just leave, alright? Haven’t you done enough already?”
A sudden wave of nausea bubbled in your stomach, and your head began to spin.
This was Taehyung’s voice, low and pleading.
“I need to talk to her—”
“You don’t have the right anymore,” growled Karina, cutting him off. “You can’t just keep showing up here every few months and messing up her life. She’s finally happy—”
Your voice was calm, your tone ice cold as you stepped out of the back room and into the store.
Both their heads snapped towards you, Karina looking angry, Taehyung looking pale.
“Let him say what he has to, Rina,” you said steadily. “I can handle this. I’ll see you upstairs, okay?”
Karina looked very much unwilling to leave you there, but when you silently pleaded with her to, she stormed out of the store with one last nasty glare at Taehyung.
You took her place behind the counter, gripping it tightly for support.
“I’m really busy,” you said tightly. “So you’d better make this quick.” You were amazed at how calm you were coming across, despite your insides being tied together.
“Right,” said Taehyung, clearing his throat. “Of course.”
He looked good. He’d dyed his hair a lighter colour, had styled it differently so that it wasn’t flopping over his forehead anymore.
You hated that you cared.
“I wanted to apologize,” he said finally, swallowing. “For what happened the last time we parted.”
“I take it you didn’t have access to a phone for three months?” You couldn’t help the anger that had seeped into your voice, feeling a sick sense of satisfaction when he flinched. You wanted to hurt him. You wanted him to feel like you had.
“I didn’t want to do this over the phone,” he said warily. “I didn’t know where to start after I’d behaved so atrociously…twice.”
You could feel the familiar lump starting to take shape in your throat and you clenched the counter even harder to steel yourself from revealing your real emotions to him.
“I’m only in the city for two days, you see,” Taehyung added. “And I wanted to see you and apologize in person. And give you this.”
He pulled out a thin box from his coat, and your breath caught as he placed it on the counter.
“You don’t have to open it right now,” he said quickly. You didn’t answer. You had never seen Taehyung look so nervous and distressed, and it was affecting you more than you wished it would.
“The thing is, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” he confessed. “And I keep thinking how if I hadn’t been an idiot and ruined everything, things would’ve been different. We could have had something.”
It hurt too much to look at him, so you closed your eyes.
“And I-I just wanted to know i-if you could find it in your heart to—to like me again.”
The lump in your throat was piercing, now.
“I’m a normal person, Taehyung,” you whispered finally. “We aren’t meant to be together. You said it yourself. You regretted me. And you’ll regret it again, even if you don’t think you will.”
“I don’t care about any of that stuff anymore,” said Taehyung desperately. “Don’t you see? I had it all wrong before. I regret how much of a dick I was, yeah. But I don’t regret you, Y/N. I want everyone to know about you, to know how I feel about you. It’s all different now.”
You shook your head. “It won’t ever be different. You’ll always be Kim Taehyung and I’ll always be a random girl whom everyone will call a gold digger or worse for being with you.”
“I don’t care,” he said again, his voice urgent. “And I know you don’t care about what anyone says either.”
“I care about what you say,” you said quietly. “And you’ve hurt me, Taehyung. Twice.”
Your voice broke. “I don't know how I would cope if it happened again.”
Taehyung swallowed visibly, his hand shaking as he pushed his hair back roughly. “I fucked up. And no amount of apologies is going to make up for that. But I don’t want us to lose this.”
“We live in two different worlds,” you said bitterly. “And I just don’t fit into yours. You’re rich and famous, Taehyung, and I’m just—”
“It’s not real, you know,” he broke in, sounding defeated. “The fame thing isn’t real. Just…look at me,” he urged. His voice was shaking slightly and he looked desperate, and you felt your heart breaking.
“Forget about who I am for a second.  And just see that at the end of the day I-I’m just a boy,” he said quietly. “Standing in front of a girl and telling her he loves her.”
He hesitated, taking a shaky breath.
“I’m in love with you.”
Your heart hurt so much you couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t speak.
“I’m sorry. For everything.” He sounded just like you felt. Broken. “Just please know that.”
And with one last searching look at you, he was gone.
Tumblr media
The box had a pen inside.
It was gold and sleek and shiny, with tiny leaves engraved all over it. It also seemed outrageously expensive. It was the most beautiful pen you’d seen.
There was a note too.
I saw this and thought of you. I know how you like to write on paper and so maybe you can use this for the rest of your novel. I already know it’ll be the best thing I ever read. Lots of love, Tae.
You stared at the pen and note for a long time while Karina ranted beside you.
“He thinks he can just walk in here and give you a pen and that it makes it all okay? Over my dead body—”
She stopped when she saw the look on your face, as if she’d read your mind.
“Don’t do it,” said Karina sternly. “Do not go find him.”
You chewed on your lip, tasting blood. “He told me loved me. How can I just pretend it didn’t happen and let him leave the country?”
You were still trying to process everything he’d said. Your heart was a mess, but you couldn’t ignore the way you still felt about him.
You loved him too. You’d loved him since that very first day you’d seen him, standing in your apartment in a bright orange t-shirt.
And if he just left, without you telling him that, you would be left in a worse state than you were before.
You had to go find him.
Karina was shaking her head disapprovingly, but you grabbed your phone, calling for an Uber. “Are you sure about this? How can you be sure he’s not going to hurt you again?”
“I need closure, Rina. That’s all. He told me how he felt, and I’m going to do the same thing,” you said, shoving your arms into your coat and pocketing your keys. “Please just support me on this?”
“Just don’t stop me from genuinely kicking him in the balls if he fucks this up again,” muttered Karina, suddenly squeezing you into a tight hug. You laughed, despite everything. “Okay. Noted.”
Fifteen minutes later you were out of breath and bursting into the hotel Taehyung was holding his press conference at, something you found out courtesy of Twitter.
Following the signs, you hurried towards the ballroom and entered to find a sea of reporters with cameras and microphones facing a raised platform where Taehyung was sitting with his manager.
You braced yourself and began to push through the crowd, only stopping when you managed to get within a clear view of him, and where you knew he would be able to see you too.
A reporter was asking him a question. “How much longer are you staying in the city for?”
“Not long at all,” answered Taehyung swiftly. “I leave tonight.”
“Could you elaborate a bit on your decision to take a year off? Does it have anything to do with your ex-girlfriend Lee Daeun and rumors she’s seeing another one of her costars?” said another journalist, and your eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was taking a break?
Taehyung set his lips into a thin line. “Absolutely not. And that’s not really my business anymore.”
“The last time you were here,” perked a reporter. “There were some fairly interesting photos taken of you and a young woman outside a bookstore. So what happened there?”
You crossed your arms, awaiting his response with baited breath, along with what seemed like the rest of the room.
“She’s a good friend,” said Taehyung evenly, forcing a smile. “Someone who’ll always be special to me.”
You shot your arm up.
Taehyung’s manager nodded at you, gesturing for you to speak.
“Do you think there are any circumstances where the two of you might be more than just friends?”
Your voice rang out, loud and clear, and even you were taken aback with your sudden burst of confidence.
Taehyung scanned to find the speaker, his face going slack in shock when he saw you. But the shock was gone in a split second as he recomposed himself, leaning forward in his seat.
“I hoped there might be. But I was assured the opposite, unfortunately,” he said in a low voice.
“What would you do for her to reconsider?” interjected another reporter suddenly, sounding very interested. “Surely you could change her mind?”
“I would likely get down on my knees and apologize for being such an asshole to her, I think,” said Taehyung, and you bit your lip as he attempted a smile. 
The room had started to buzz with excited energy.
“And if she decided to forgive you?” you said, willing yourself to keep your voice steady. “If she told you—” You paused, your heart starting to flutter. This was crazy. You were crazy. But you had to say it. And for some reason you didn’t care that a room full of journalists was going to hear it too.
“If she told you that she loved you, would you stay?” you asked, not taking your eyes off Taehyung’s even as his own widened.
Instead of answering you, though, he turned to his manager. You felt dizzy in anticipation, butterflies erupting in your stomach.
“Er, could you ask your question again?” asked the manager, pointing to a reporter who looked confused.
“Um, how long are you planning to stay in the city for, Mr. Kim?” he repeated.
Taehyung looked straight at you then with an almost indiscernible quirk of his eyebrows.
It felt like the whole room was holding their breaths collectively, waiting for his answer.
“Indefinitely,” he said.
The room erupted into noise, but your own little world fell very silent.
It was you and Taehyung, eyes only on eachother, stupid happy smiles on your faces, your hearts alive.
Someone had helped make way for you, and you found yourself being urged onto the platform where Taehyung stood, his hand already outstretched for you to take.
As your fingers entwined, he gave you a squeeze, his eyes twinkling. His gaze seemed to hold countless things that he didn’t have to say.  It was the shared hopes you had of a future together, of lazy afternoons and late night walks, morning cuddles and stolen kisses.
It was love, even if it was a little crazy, but wasn’t that how it always was with the two of you?
All that mattered was that it was real.
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much for reading! If you’re new to my writing, hi, I’m Tara, and I’ve been writing on Tumblr for nearly 5 years now. This is my first ever BTS fic, and I have a few more ideas for the other members that I’m very excited about! Here’s my masterlist (where you’ll find a lot of Exo fics for now). Please do send me your thoughts as I would love to know them <3
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inner child | kth x female reader [oneshot -f]
Tumblr media
summary: you fall in love with your fiancée, taehyung, all over again after seeing him play with your niece and nephew.
warnings: none!
genre: fluff
wc: 1.8k
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you've known that your fiancée, taehyung, has wanted kids ever since you first met him three years ago.
taehyung adored children and couldn't wait to start a family with you, but knew that taking things slow and not rushing into it was the best thing to do.
you loved that about taehyung - his gentleness was the key to your heart. he had always been careful with your relationship, never wanting to rush it or accidentally make you uncomfortable, and you appreciated that so much.
you and taehyung were heading out one early friday evening to go see a movie when your sister called.
"i'll be there in a minute!" you called out to taehyung as he walked to his car that was parked in the driveway.
"what's up?" you asked your sister through the phone, grabbing your coat from the coat rack that stood by the front door as you got ready to leave.
"do you think you and taehyung could watch minjun and nari? yoongi and i both got called in for an emergency work meeting," your sister hastily asked you, referring to your three year old niece, nari and your four year old nephew, minjun.
your eyes slightly widened and you stepped outside, waving at taehyung, who sat in the passenger's seat in his car, and motioning for him to come over.
he raised his eyebrows and shrugged, turning off the car's engine and getting out before walking over to you.
"yes that's fine! taehyung and i would love to see them," you told your sister with a smile, holding back a laugh upon seeing taehyung's bewildered expression. "okay, we'll see you guys in ten minutes!"
you hung up just as taehyung confusedly asked you, "what's going on? who's coming over? we're going to be late to the movie, babygirl."
"my sister and yoongi were called in for an emergency work meeting, so they're dropping minjun and nari off," you explained to taehyung, who's eyes instantly lit up, seeming to forget about the movie the moment that you mentioned your niece and nephew.
"really? oh my go-" taehyung didn't even finish his sentence before he ran back inside the house, presumably rushing to go set up a pillow fort for the kids.
you laughed, grinning as you followed taehyung back inside the house to help him. it warmed your heart to see him so excited about the kids coming over; he was there for their births and was one of the first people to have held them, and that only fueled his wish to have children of his own someday.
the two toddlers came rushing into yours and taehyung's house ten minutes later, their parents closely following behind them with some of the childrens' toys and games.
"thank you so much again for doing this for us," yoongi told you as taehyung gingerly scooped minjun and nari into his arms, playfully nomming on their cheeks and making the kids delightfully giggle.
"of course! we'd do it anytime," you smiled. "see you guys later!"
and with that, yoongi and your sister left. you felt your smile grow as you heard the volume of the giggles from taehyung and the kids increase, so you joined them in the living room.
"auntie y/n!!" minjun and nari squealed, running as fast as their little legs would let them. they instantly clung onto the hem of your jeans, jumping up and down excitedly.
"hi my loves!" you laughed, widely smiling down at them and gently ruffling their hair.
you could see taehyung in the corner of your eye, his signature boxy smile plastered on his face as he endearingly watched you interact with the kids.
you, minjun, and nari joined taehyung in the pillow fort, and taehyung was so excited that he looked like he was going to combust.
"are you good?" you quietly giggled to taehyung, who instantly nodded as he reached for the bag of toys and games for the kids.
"tete, can i put glitter in your hair?" minjun asked taehyung as he held up a small plastic bag full of multicolored glitter.
taehyung's eyes widened and you looked away, hiding your amused expression as you occupied yourself with tying nari's hair into tiny pigtails.
"of course, little one," taehyung nervously laughed as he apprehensively watched minjun excitedly open the bag of glitter.
you couldn't help but look, and when you did, you came face to face with the sight of bright glitter scattered about taehyung's blonde hair, an embarrassed and slightly petrified look on his face.
a laugh escaped you before you could stop it, and taehyung helplessly looked over at you and nari as minjun began to add green ribbons to his hair.
"tete looks silly!!" nari giggled to you as she eagerly joined her brother in adorning taehyung's hair in different colored ribbons.
"hmm, i think i'll help him look even more silly," you slyly said, grabbing the plastic bag containing washable markers.
if taehyung's eyes widened any more, they'd pop out of their sockets; he watched you approach him with a blue marker in your hand, his mouth open in a silent gasp.
"it's for the kids," you whispered to him as you gingerly drew a small bunny onto his left cheek causing minjun and nari to erupt into fits of laughter.
taehyung just sat there, laughing along with you and the little ones as you all decorated his face and hair with various items.
when you all finished with him, you covered taehyung's eyes and carefully led him to the nearest mirror.
"okay, you can look now!" you announced as you uncovered his eyes, laughing loudly at taehyung's surprised reaction to seeing his hair covered in glitter and ribbons and his face covered in little doodles and plastic gems.
"do you like it, tete?!" nari eagerly asked her uncle as she stared up at him.
taehyung met your gaze in the reflection of the mirror and grinned.
"i do like it, honey! you and minjun did a wonderful job," taehyung sweetly told nari and her brother. "you two are very talented!"
your heart soared with joy upon seeing taehyung interact so cutely with your niece and nephew, and you could suddenly feel yourself wanting kids as much as taehyung did.
when your sister and yoongi came to pick minjun and nari up, they were quite surprised to see taehyung's featured adorned in several colorful arts and crafts items, and they playfully scolded the kids.
"but tete called us ta- tal-" nari began to insist, but then she stopped, furrowing her little eyebrows together as she struggled to pronounce talented.
"talented," you told her with a soft smile.
"talented!" nari triumphantly told her parents with a toothy grin.
"i agree with your uncle. you and your brother are very talented," yoongi chuckled as he picked his children up.
your sister and yoongi repeatedly thanked you and taehyung before they left with the kids (after about ten minutes of minjun and nari begging their parents to let them stay a little longer).
later that night, taehyung was hastily scrubbing the marker off of his face in the bathroom, as well as removing the other items from his face and hair.
"taehyung?" you softly asked him as you walked into the bathroom.
taehyung raised his head from the sink, red, blue, and green ink smeared all across his face as he looked over at you.
you bit the inside of your cheek, fighting back a childish giggle after seeing his appearance.
"yes, my love?" he replied as he continued to wash his face, eventually getting the colors off.
"i want to make a baby."
the words left your mouth before you even realized it, and taehyung was so shocked that he dropped the bottle of face wash that was in his hand.
taehyung quickly turned off the sink faucet and then dried his face, looking over at you with a smile.
"really, princess? are you ready? we don't have to if you're not ready, you know that i always want to make sure that yo-"
you silenced taehyung with a kiss and taehyung let out a little noise of surprise, his hands instinctively making their way to your waist.
"i love you so much and i want to start a family with you. you're so wonderful with minjun and nari, and i know that you'd be wonderful with our kids as well," you breathed as you pulled away, intently staring into your fiancée's eyes. "i'm ready for this next step in our relationship."
taehyung smiled at you, pulling you close to him by your waist and slowly pressing his lips to your jawline.
"i love you too, y/n, and i can't wait until we have our own children," he giggled. "i'm ready for this too."
you smiled widely at taehyung and then kissed him again, knowing in your heart that taehyung would be the best dad ever.
a loving smile crossed your face as you watched taehyung carry around your two year old son, jae, on his shoulders. taehyung was pretending to be a dragon flying around the living room, and jae was excitedly giggling as he held onto his dad. you've noticed recently that taehyung's inner child would come out every time you and him would play with jae, and it would make your son all the more excited.
you and taehyung were ecstatic when you two found out that you were pregnant two years ago, and now jae was in your lives; you couldn't have been happier.
you and taehyung were also married now and expecting your second child in a few months as well - another boy.
taehyung had mentioned to you earlier that year that he wanted five kids, which took you by much surprise, so you two compromised and settled on three kids.
"appaaaa," jae whined with a pout as taehyung set him down on the couch next to you. "pick me back up!"
"sorry tiny, but appa is tired and needs to kiss eomma," taehyung sympathetically told his son with a lighthearted laugh. "we can play again later though!"
taehyung then sat down next to you on your other side, pressing a kiss to your lips as he settled in next to you.
"i know that i've said it a lot, but you're just truly the best dad ever," you softly told your husband as jae snuggled up next to you.
taehyung smiled shyly, a pink hue dusting his cheeks as he giggled quietly.
"i can't wait to be the best dad to our next son, too," taehyung replied as he slowly rubbed your baby bump. "and i just can't wait to keep spending the rest of my life with you and our children."
jae suddenly planted a kiss onto your cheek and you laughed, snuggling him and taehyung closely and smiling to yourself as you pictured your lovely future with taehyung and your kids.
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Tumblr media
the eros pact | kth | part five
Tumblr media
◦ pairing :: kim taehyung x female reader
◦ rating :: 18+
◦ genre :: mature content, angst, smut, roommate!au
◦ word count :: 2.8k
◦ chapter warnings :: seokjin is low-key possessive, mentioning of marking, major pda, a little bit of voyeurism, public sex, oral ( m. receiving ), unprotected sex ( alternative bc mentioned ), creampie
◦ tags :: @yoontaethings​ @pixievelour​ @jeonpendejo​ @sxtaep​ @enchantaeduniverse​
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Tumblr media
Your heels clicked against the pavement as you walked alongside Taehyung. You held onto his arm tightly, trying to transfer your nervous state to him instead. It was the first time you were going out since the pact had been made. The first time you were going to see Seokjin.
Normally, your nerves could easily be pushed to the side. Excitement to see his face outweighed the anxiety. But now, there was little excitement and all nerves. Could it have to do with the fact you were imagining his lips were on you in place of Taehyung’s? Or maybe because you thought of him as Taehyung filled you with every inch of himself.
What if he found out that the fading love marks on your neck were from another man? What if he found out that they were from your best friend? Your heart slowly began to quicken as your mind filled with these what if’s. The grip on Taehyung’s arm tightened, almost cutting the circulation to his hand.
He stopped walking, causing you to stop as well. You stared straight at his chest, pretending to take in the details of his satin shirt when you were really just losing yourself to anxiety. You felt a finger on your chin, lifting your gaze up to meet with his.
“Stop overthinking.” He said calmly. “You’ll be fine. And if they suspect something, let them. They’ve spent all these years gossiping about us being a thing, and that’s not gonna change.”
Your tinted red lips formed into a pout. “But…”
“Nope. We’re gonna go in there and act as if nothing has changed. And everything is going to be fine.”
With the pout still etched on your lips, you nodded. He took your hand in his, intertwining your fingers as he pulled you inside of the lounge. It was a place your friend group found a couple of years ago and frequented since then. The food was good, and the drinks were cheap. There was no reason to not continue coming back.
You hid your frame behind Taehyung’s, peeking out once he came to a stop. Your heart pounded so hard that you could hear the thudding in your ears over the music. You said your hello’s as your eyes finally landed on Seokjin.
And boy, did he look better than ever.
His dark hair messily laid in front of your eyes as your gaze met. He smiled as he greeted you. You swore you didn’t know what love was until the day you saw him smile.
It brought you back to the night you first met. Never would you have thought that stumbling into him at one of Taehyung’s famous house parties would change your life for the better. He was so kind, helping your drunken body to the nearest couch. Then he sat with you all night, steering you away from any suspicious men who wanted to take advantage of your state. He only left when he knew you were safe with Taehyung.
A nudge from Taehyung prompted you to wave back as you slid into the barstool. It was wrong of you to drool over the man while his girlfriend sat right next to him. Her arm linked with his, publicly letting everyone know he’s off of the market.
It should’ve been your arm around his.
Your lips barely grazed his earlobe as you whispered sweet nothings to him.
You deserved that spot.
The conversation proceeded as normal. Everyone caught up with each other and told stories about their past week. As you consumed alcohol, the nerves melted away. You grew more comfortable and worried less about the fading purple bruises littered on your skin.
Seokjin took notice of these marks, though, only raising an eyebrow briefly before dropping it. He assumed you gave up on hiatus from hookups and got some attention finally. Not that it concerned him. Who cared if you had another’s lips pressed to your skin as you made a symphony of noises for them. 
He sure didn’t.
You looked different to him, for some reason. Your skin was glowing as you laughed and leaned into Taehyung. Why did he suddenly hate that you were so close to him? He drowned these thoughts with shots of vodka. He drank until his mind filled with something else. There should be no reason why these feelings were popping up. He was completely satisfied with the woman that sat next to him.
You didn’t notice as the couple snuck away from the table, too engulfed in an intense game of thumb wrestling with Taehyung. He chuckled as he watched your minuscule thumb try to attack his and pin it down. He knew he could easily beat you within seconds, but maybe he just wanted a reason to hold your hand.
After a few moments of uncoordinated wiggling from your finger, he finally let you win. You threw your arms up in the air, giggling as you stared at the man with a proud grin. He shook his head, your smile infecting him and causing his own to grow. Your red-tinted lips tempted him to lean in and steal a kiss. And he almost went for it, if it wasn’t for the sudden realization where he was. He turned away from you, opting to put his lips on a swig of beer for the time being.
Your smile slowly faded as you looked down at your drink. Stirring the liquid inside with a small red straw, you looked up in hopes to steal a glance from Seokjin, but he and his girlfriend were missing from the table. Your brows furrowed as your eyes scanned the room for the couple. They normally don’t leave unannounced.
Then you spotted them, across the room on a couch.
Seokjin was making out heavily with his girlfriend. She was on top of him, sat in his lap, as they shared an alcohol-filled kiss. This was right in your line of view like Seokjin purposely picked that specific spot just so you can watch.
And that you did.
You watched the passion-filled kiss they shared. You imagined yourself in her place, with his hands holding onto your ass with the tightest of grips as your hips worked their way against his throbbing cock.
You stared shamelessly, a warmth growing between your legs as fantasies clouded your mind. You needed to do something about this now before you resorted to discreetly rubbing your thighs together.
“Taehyung…” You whispered while leaning over towards him. Your eyes didn’t leave the couple for one second.
He took the final sip of his beer, placing the empty bottle on the table before he glanced down at you. “Hm?”
He furrowed his brows. Why would you call peaches in a public place? It was something neither of you discussed because the chance of it happening was so slim. He expected both of you to at least have the ability to keep it together outside, letting the energy pent up until you got home. But then he followed your line of sight, and it clicked for him. You were being fueled by Seokjin’s public display of affection.
He didn’t question it, just slid out of his barstool before taking your hand in his and pulling you off your own. He leads you through the sea of people. Your next destination was the bathroom.
But you didn’t see Seokjin pulling away from his lover, catching a glimpse of you two sneaking off somewhere. His brows furrowed as well. Everyone in the friend group knew you were head over heels for him, so what were you doing running off with Taehyung?
“No fucking way.” He mumbled to himself. The girl in his lap heard, removing her head from being buried in his neck.
She looked at the man before glancing at what he was staring at. “Aw!” She cooed, returning her gaze to him. “You think they’re finally together?”
As Taehyung pulled you into the bathroom, Seokjin had to force a smile on his face.
“I hope so.”
He lied through his teeth. Little did you know, you were solely Seokjin’s. Your awkwardness amused him. How your cheeks turned the shade of cherry red, and how your words would come out a fumbled mess. That was his. And now, his mind was soiled with the image of you under Taehyung, loving you so well that your flushed cheeks and fumbled words belonged to him.
And that couldn’t happen.
Tumblr media
The door barely shut before you grabbed Taehyung by his shirt and pulled him into you. Lips crashed into yours as drunken giggles escaped through the spaces in between. Your fingers eagerly started working on his belt as he guided you further into the bathroom.
Your butt hit the counter of the sink as you broke the kiss. He hasn’t seen you this eager to mess around since the pact was started. Honestly, it was kind of hot. The wide smile on your lips as you unbuttoned his jeans made his member throb. He watched as you lowered yourself to a crouching position, bouncing on the balls of your feet as you yanked the tight material down his thighs.
You pulled the waistband of his boxer briefs down just enough for his member to spring out. Your mouth watered at the sight of his dark pink tip oozing out clear precum. Your fingers wrapped around his shaft as you took his throbbing tip into your mouth. He emitted a low groan as he marveled at the sight. You worked your hand in sync with your mouth, moving back and forth as your tongue glided along the underside of his cock.
As your head bobbed on his member, he had to bite down on his lip to keep back the sounds of pleasure. And when you suddenly decided to take all of his length into your mouth, having his tip pressed against the back of your throat, he damn near lost his cool. His hand found the back of your head, holding you place for longer. You hummed contently. The vibrations from your throat made his eyes roll back for a moment before he released you.
When you pulled off, you let out a deep breath. You used your hand to stroke him quickly, using your own spit as lube as you focused on his tip. You looked up at him, eyes swirling with lust as he crumbled in your palms. He couldn’t wait any longer, dying to feel your walls sucking him in. He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you onto your feet.
His lips placed a messy kiss to your mouth, tongues sloppily gliding past each other. He started to inch your dress up over your hips before pulling away.
“Do you… have a… condom?” He asked as his lips latched onto your neck.
“Nope.” You answered simply before squeaking when his lips found your weakest spot.
Prepared to have another hickey on your neck, deciding to address the rumors that will sprout from it at a later time, your eyes fluttered shut. You waited for his lips to suckle against your skin, but it never happened. Your eyes opened to see him staring down at you, worry over his face.
“What’s wrong?”
“No condom?”
“So?” Your fingers wrapped around his now softening member, which suddenly perked up because of the attention. You loved the feeling of it stiffening between your fingers.
“So?!” Taehyung was trying hard to think logically, but the way your soft hands stroked him made it feel like a losing battle. “I… What if—”
“You’re not fucking anyone else, are you?” You leaned in to press your lips against his neck. “I know I’m not,” you whispered into his ear before lightly sucking on his lobe.
You were gonna drive him insane.
“And you know I’m on the pill.” You added before pulling back to look at him. He swore he could drown in your eyes, so sultry and yet so innocent.
“I’m dying to feel you inside of me. I want you to fill every inch of me.” You purred, gathering the precum from his tip onto your fingertips. You stuck it in your mouth, savoring at the bittersweet taste on your tongue.
Any logic he had left instantly left his mind. He grabbed your hips and turned you around. He rolled up your dress until your ass was visible, taking a moment to grip at your flesh. You yelped at his sudden roughness, feeling him pull down your panties in one swoop.
“Oh my god,” he exhaled as his fingers glided against your sopping slits. You shivered at the touch, impatiently pressing yourself into his fingers.
“You’re so wet already.” He whispered as you gathered your hair and pulled it to one side. He kissed at your newly exposed skin as your eyes locked in the mirror. Seeing him behind you, anticipating what was coming next. Your jaws dropped in unison as Taehyung pushed his throbbing cock into you.
You gripped onto the counter tightly, eyes fluttering close as the feeling of skin on skin rushed a wave of pleasure into you. It was something different, unmatchable to using a condom. You leaned forward a little more, yearning for more of that addictive feeling.
With a tight grip on your hips, Taehyung snapped into you. You were already warmed up, just aching to be touched. There was no reason to go slow, especially with your friends outside waiting for both of you.
You forgot where you were, moaning loudly as his member dug deep inside of you. This caused Taehyung to quickly cover your mouth with his hand, hushing you quietly. He continued his ruthless attack, easily pressing against your cervix with each thrust.
Your walls convulsed around him briefly. How were you already so close? Was it the setting? Or the fact that you were provided with some real-life fuel? Whatever it was had you close and then over the edge within a few thrusts, causing you to whimper into his hand. His thrust slowed, feeling your walls tighten around him with no barrier could’ve put him in his own orgasm.
He removed his hand from your mouth, gluing it to your hip instead to stable himself. He circled his hips, remaining deep inside of you as his eyes shut tightly.
“God,” he groaned before increasing the speed of his hips again.
The was a hard knock on the door, pulling you out of your mind and into reality. Your walls tightened around him as your body stiffened. Your walls sucked him in, causing his hips to stop briefly.
“Occupied!” He huffed out. His hand guided you down until you were laying against the counter. He gathered up your hair with the same hand and pulled it lightly, just enough to create an arch in your back.
This angle provided perfect access to your spot, causing your eyes to roll into the back of your head as you whimpered underneath him. He snapped into you ruthlessly, his hips growing sloppier by each thrust.
“Where do you want me to cum?” He rasped out, staring down at the view you provided him.
“Inside of me.”
His hips stopped, pushing deep inside of you as his tip pressed into your cervix. You moaned, the prolonged pressure causing a shiver to dance along your spine.
He had no idea what had gotten into you tonight. First, calling peaches in public, then going raw, and now finishing inside of you? You had an underlying freaky side that he was dying to see.
You mewled, turning your head so you could see him out of the corner of your eyes as you slowly move your hips forward, then back on his cock. You continued until you had a steady pace, imagining him as your dildo that suctioned to the wall. The sight alone made his length throb inside of you. And in unison with your hips fucking him back, he didn’t know how long he was going to delay this orgasm.
“Please fill me up. I wanna feel your cum inside of me.”
“Ah, fuck,” was all he was about to get out as he tightly gripped your ass. You could feel his cock throbbing as he spilled his warm liquid inside of you. You moaned contently, speeding up the pace of your hips to make sure you got every drop from him. He almost doubled over, leaning forward to firmly place his hand on the counter to hold up his weakening legs. You giggled innocently at the sight before stopping.
He slowly withdrew himself from you. His cock was so sensitive from your actions that it stung a little. When he was fully out, he heard the small drops of his cum leaking out of you and hitting the floor. He worked quickly to clean you up before himself. You both dressed and fixed yourselves before your eyes met.
“You’re a little freak,” he teased with a smirk on his lips.
“Yeah,” you shrugged. You grabbed Taehyung's shirt again, pulling him down for one last kiss.
“But you love it.” You mumbled against his lips.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS. strong language | alcohol consumption | cheating
GENRE. angst | best friend! taehyung x reader | unrequited love! au
Tumblr media
Taehyung watched you as you chug down the entire beer can in a single go. He softly sighed, he knew what was going through your mind. Your so-called boyfriend. Slowly, he turned his gaze to the front and opened up his can of beer. Before taking a sip he asked,
"Hey, are you okay?" You bit your lip and nodded your head, your gaze sticking on the ground.
"Yeah, totally. Just a little worried 'cause college is a pain in the ass." You both shared a  chuckle, lifting up the tense atmosphere. It made you feel a little less worried. College was never a pain in the ass, your boyfriend was. And Taehyung knew it well. He knew college had never bothered you, you were naturally good at studies, though you always sucked at sports but that never made you hate college the slightest.
Your best friend had known you since the first grade, when you were just an annoying little brat who forgot her crayons and sobbed quietly in a corner, scared that the others would make fun of you. The first-grade him noticed you and passed you his crayons before comforting, "It's okay. Everyone makes mistakes."
And ever since then you were best friends, two idiots who were inseparable, always stealing each other's chocolates and teasing the shit out of the other. Taehyung smiled thinking about those golden days. It was all perfect before your boyfriend, Bonhwa showed up in your life.
"He doesn't treat you right, you know." Taehyung suddenly spoke, making the air tense once again. You kept the empty can on the ground with a soft thud and released a big sigh.
"I know but I-"
"You still love him." Taehyung finished off your sentence without sparing a glance at you. Something about his tone was off, you could hear him gritting his teeth.
"Is it bad?" You rested your head on the bark of the tree, losing your focus on the clouds in the blue sky.
"Loving that asshole after knowing he cheated on you," He opened up another can and took a sip. "Then yes."
"You deserve someone better, you know." At this point, you weren't even listening, you were lost in your own thoughts. What could have gone wrong with your relationship?
You and Bonhwa have been in a relationship for five years now. Everything had been perfect until the day you caught him making out with the college's dream girl. You still remember how your relationship started. It was full of love. And now, you are seeing how it is going to end. Full of lies.
Taehyung wiped his lips after gulping down his third beer can and stood up. He looked over at you who was still lost in your thoughts. You are so madly in love with Bonhwa that you can't even catch the oh-so-obvious hints he throws at you.
Why are you so in love with that asshole and not him? Why can't you see that he loves you? What can't you see that your Mr. Right has been by your side the entire time?
He had always loved you and by the time he realised that his feelings for you were more than what best friends have, it was too late. You were already Bonhwa's girlfriend.
Taehyung's heart always ached but he wasn't selfish enough to break your relationship, he saw Bonhwa was your first love, not just a crush. Bonhwa was your first kiss. Your first boyfriend. Your first love. And now he is also going to be your first heartbreak too.
You both are in the same situation; deeply in love with a person and watching them fall for someone else. Taehyung won't lie, Bonhwa is a great person. He had always been. But he can treat you better, he can cherish you better, he can love you better. 
Then what was he waiting for?
He was waiting for you to realise that he’s in love with you. That’s cause he is a coward. He is a coward who is afraid to face rejection. He is a coward who is afraid you would hate him. He is a coward who is afraid he would lose you.
He wanted to hold you, touch you, kiss you, tell you how beautiful and precious you are. He wanted to do it all. He wanted to treat you better. But the problem is;
You just see him as a best friend, nothing else, nothing more.
Tumblr media
author’s note: this has been sitting in my drafts for months, was orignally meant for namjoon and was a roughly-10k-estimated-wc fic but my plans changed. hope you had a happy or not so happy reading journey!
Tumblr media
© jaehyunzbae on tumblr
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Royalty 👑
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taehyung soulmate fic
So this is a reverse fichunting post. I usually get messages asking for help to look for fics but I am looking for someone who posted/answered an ask about a fic they liked but couldn’t find anymore. I probably follow the OP (but the page refreshed and I couldn’t remember who it was). Details I remember:
it’s a Taehyung soulmate fic
seems very angsty (haunting, I think that’s the term they used?)
Taehyung dreams of OC but haven’t met her yet
He visited places he saw in his dreams
I think you are talking about Across the Stars by diortae (deactivated) but you can find the fic on ao3
I just couldn’t get this off my mind so I decided to post this. Whoever you are, I hope you see this! 🥰🥺
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Tumblr media
↳ Index [Chapter 18 - Desperation]
Pairing: Taehyung x f.Reader 
Warnings: switch!Taehyung, morning sex, desperate & passionate sex, oral (f.recieving), body worshipping, handjob, edging (m.recieving), bondage with a tie, use of vibrators, multiple orgasms (f.recieving), overstimulation, he is being very goddamn needy (he has his fangs out *screeches*), dirty talk, creampie, the aftercare *sobs*, emotional pillowtalk & Taehyung being so in love
Wordcount: 10.9k
a/n: *throws chair against a wall but it bounces back and hits me in the face and knocks me tf out*
Tumblr media
The next morning you get woken up by a painful cry. You jolt up from being startled, feeling confused for a moment until a quiet sob next to you calls your attention. Taehyung is still deep asleep, his whole body is shaking and his eyebrows are furrowed. He must be having a bad dream, judging by his tearstained cheeks and the way his fingers grip the blanket. He had even gotten rid of his shirt in his sleep, but despite being shirtless his skin is covered in a thin layer of sweat, making his hair stick to his forehead.
“Taehyung, wake up”, you tell him, shaking him softly.
He doesn’t budge, the nightmare still has its grip on him, making him writhe on the mattress and forcing whimpers out between his gritted teeth.
“Taehyung, wake up”, you try again a little louder than before, shaking him again.
He jolts awake with a loud gasp, ripping his eyes open and looking around the room without focus. His hand is pressed to his chest as if he is trying to check if his heart is still there. He looks utterly confused, probably still half asleep. A single tear escapes his eye and runs down the side of his face.
“You were having a nightmare, weren’t you?” you ask softly, stroking the sweat-soaked strands of hair out of his face.
Relief washes over his face when the sound of your sweet voice rings in his ears and he can feel the touch of your warm fingers on his face. He can feel the weight fall from his shoulders, the painful ache in his chest is finally gone.
“You are here”, he croaks out, his voice still heavy from sleep.
“Of course I am”, you assure him, cupping his cheek, “what did you dream about?”
“Nothing, just-“, he touches your hand, “-doesn’t matter.”
He sits up to get eye to eye with you, kneeling on the bed. He holds your face in his hands, his eyes race over your body as if trying to look at everything at the same time. Your eyes, your lips, your hands, your stomach, your chest, your hair, your nose, your neck. Everything is here, real and warm. You are here, next to him. It was all a bad dream, you didn’t leave him all alone in this world as you moved on to your next life.
“You didn’t leave”, he whispers.
“Why shoul-", you don't get to finish your sentence before Taehyung's lips come crashing down on yours. 
He kisses you harshly, with so much desperation it makes your head spin. His fingers are in your hair, his chest is pressed against yours as you are both kneeling on the soft mattress. He groans, deepening the kiss as he pulls you even closer to his body, now having a good grip of your behind. He massages the flesh, grinding his crotch into your stomach. You can feel him harden already. 
The pure desperation in his touches makes your whole body feel like puddy. Heat is starting to collect between your legs, your skin tingles with every hot touch of his skilful fingers, your head is dizzy. You aren’t used to such urgency from him, almost rough and messy. He is normally so collected and proper, but not today. Not right now. 
You groan, breaking the kiss to stare up at Taehyung now that he is towering over you in this position. He is panting, his pupils are dilated and his lips swollen from kissing you so roughly. He is chasing you, almost pulling you back in hadn’t you pulled back slightly. 
"Someone's desperate this morning", you say, your words are just a cheap excuse for you to catch your breath for just a moment. 
"I nearly lost you", Taehyung retorts. 
His hands don't stop roaming your body, now having a tight grip on your sides as he pulls you closer. He kisses you again, teeth collide with teeth, but Taehyung doesn't even notice in his lustdriven state. With every touch your fingers grant his body, with every moan and groan of pleasure he elicits from you, his kisses get sloppier. So messy, so wet and not at all like you know him. It's a new side to him, one that feels far too exciting to be real. 
His fingers hook themselves into your bra. Rip. With one forceful tug the expensive clothing comes off your body. Your skin burns at the spot where the fabric had ripped. Cold air hits your nipples, hardening them. You shiver. Fuck that was hot, desperation suits him. 
"That was the bra you got me", you gasp, turning your head slightly to the right to break the kiss. 
"I will buy you a new one, just want to see you naked", he dismisses you before he decides to push you down onto the mattress. 
Your back hits the soft bed, a gasp leaves your parted lips. For a moment you can do nothing more than stare up at your lover in utter shock, well mostly desire. He has you caged between his arms, his chest is pressed against yours, his hips roll so desperately into yours one could have believed he wanted to fuck you right through your panties. 
"I'm so fucked. You have me wrapped around your little finger. Do you know that?" he is panting as he speaks the words, bucking his hips into yours to demonstrate. 
Your stomach tingles as pleasure shoots through your body, drawing out a pitched moan from you. His lips latch themselves onto your neck, kissing and licking at your sensitive skin. 
"Fuck ___ I exist to worship you", he pants, sucking on your skin afterwards. 
You shiver, hard nipples rubbing over his chest as you take a deep breath. Taehyung releases your skin, the feeling which follows is exhilarating. Warmth tingles in your neck as the blood rushes through it. 
"I have no other purpose than to adore you", he whispers and the moment he gently bites down on your earlobe he knows he did something. 
Your back arches, your fingernails dig into his shoulders, your head rolls to the side to offer him more of your neck as throaty moans leave you. He wastes no time in covering even the last inch of your skin with open-mouthed kisses, whispering dirty nothings every so often. 
"You are doing things to me. Fuck", you groan scratching your nails down his back. He shivers, halting his kisses to gaze down at you. 
"I can do even better things to you. If only you allow me", he rasps, cupping your clothed core and stroking his fingers through your folds almost teasingly slow.
A shake shoots through your body at the feeling, your legs part even more. You want him so bad, all you can think about is how his cock would feel like lodged inside of you. 
He takes a deep breath, rolling his pointer finger over your clothed clit. He growls quietly.
"I can smell you, it's intoxicating. Oh sweetest, my mind is going hazy at your scent."
He has never been so blunt before. Your mind is going hazy too because of his words. 
"Get me naked please!" you blurt out desperately, grinding yourself against the hot palm of his hand. 
Taehyung smirks, his eyes darken.
"I thought you'd never ask", he says, voice sultry.
He lowers himself down to your chest, never once breaking eye contact with you. His fingers play with your nipples, pinching and tugging them. 
"Your breasts are ravishing, do you know that?" he whispers, connecting his lips with your nipple in a wet kiss, moaning sinfully low. He sucks on it hungrily, kneading the rest of your breast as he does. 
You gasp and groan, basking in the feeling of his famished mouth. It is as if he had been starving for weeks and your chest is his sweet relief. He kisses and licks until your skin is tainted in his saliva. He sucks and bites until you are covered in his marks. Like blue and purple flowers of adoration they span all over your chest. 
Taehyung releases your left nipple with a sinful growl, dragging his teeth over it as he does. 
"God I want to worship you all day long my sweetest", he groans and begins to leave a wet trail of kisses all the way from your chest down to your stomach. You are covered in his lovebites once he is finished, as if you were his canvas and he needed to create the most beautiful of artworks. And you were writhing at this point, skin so sensitive that just the faint tickle of his breath made your pussy throb.
He stops right above the hemline of your lace panties. He looks up so darkly it makes you swallow. He seems so different this morning, so driven by lust his whole face changed. Almost inhumanly dark are his eyes burning, almost inhumanly good looks his face in that light. But then, he isn’t human after all, he just did an incredible job at hiding that side from you. It seems that is going to change today. It excites you to the point of breathlessness that he is so unapologetically himself this morning. 
"Tae what-" you suddenly gasp now that he has your panties tightly in his exposed fangs, pulling them down your legs. He moans with a cocky smirk on his lips. And while you try your hardest not to press your legs together in excitement, he crawls down the bed, never letting go of your panties and not once breaking eye contact with you. 
First your left leg then your right leg slips out of your panties and in the next moment the thin material is pressed to his face as he inhales hungrily. 
His muscles ripple, long cock twitching in its confinements. He basks in your scent for a long time, cheeks carrying black veins and eyes rolled to the back of his head. Holy shit, you think, is this really your otherwise sweet boyfriend, who so bluntly smothers himself with your panties like an addict? 
He releases it with a deep groan. 
"Fuck", he chokes out, smiling crazily with his head tilted back, "I could orgasm just from your scent", he let's you know and chuckles with a certain madness in his deep voice.
You mewl, writhing and rubbing your legs together. His tongue is way too loose today, you will not survive this. 
Taehyung lets his head bounce to the front, throwing your panties on the floor. He growls, fangs growing as he stares at your pussy. This is too much attention, you feel exposed, quickly closing your legs. 
"No, darling no. Don't shy away", he places his hands on thigh, "open your legs for me. Let me see that perfect cunt." 
You are mewling as you part your legs, presenting yourself to your hungry boyfriend. Your heart is racing like crazy. God, his veins become even darker, his tongue darting out to lick over his reddened lips.
"There she is", his voice became deeper, "you are so pretty when you are so wet for me. And your smell. Darling, did I ever tell you how intoxicating you smell?"
Taehyung slowly crawls up the bed again, now totally mesmerised by your arousal soaked core, growling in pleasure. He is legitimately salivating like an animal at the sight, having to swallow repeatedly so it wouldn’t drip all over the mattress and soil it.  
"I'm so blessed, you are so beautiful", he moans, eyeing your pussy like it was the most delicious breakfast he had ever seen. 
To him it was, delicious and with a scent so addicting it made his mind spin. He can't wait to dig in. He grabs your hips, pulls you close and sticks his tongue out eagerly.
"Oh fuck", you groan, throwing your head back at the sudden feeling of his mouth on your core. 
He eats you out messily, slurping and groaning all whilst basically eyefucking you. One of his hands plays with your breast, rolling your swollen nipple between his fingers whilst the other caresses your leg in worship. One moment his tongue plays with your swollen clit, drawing vigorous figures of eight so good they make your toes curl and the next moment his wet muscle is so far up your pussy you are slowly but surely forgetting it is just his tongue doing the fucking. 
"You are fucking crazy, holy fuck", you hiccup, biting down at the palm of your own hand to keep the moans at bay. Let's not try and wake his roommates that early, the sun hasn't even come out of hiding yet. 
Taehyung stops for a moment to speak, licking over his lips to get more of your taste. 
"You steal my sanity from me", he growls against your core, licking a thick strip from your entrance all the way up to your clit. Your breath hitches in your throat, new drops of your sweet arousal collects on your entrance, ready to get devoured by Taehyung's eager tongue. 
"I'm so gonna cum from this", you laugh breathlessly, digging the heels of your feet into the mattress to keep yourself from closing your legs around his head and suffocating him to death. 
"That's my plan", he says between hungry licks. 
Your fingers are in his soft locks, guiding his movements. Truth be spoken, he doesn't need any guidance, this man knows your body better than you do yourself. Every lick and suck, every touch and pinch of your nipple feels exactly like you want them to. And fuck, right now you can't decide if this is a blessing or a curse.
And just as you try to get fresh air into your lungs from having held your breath for too long, it gets knocked out again when two of his long fingers bury themselves inside of you. He slips in without resistance, swirling his tongue over your clit at the same time. Long and thick, his fingers make themselves comfortable in your hot walls. They begin to fuck you so good your eyes roll into the back of your head and your legs quake.
This is it. It's impossible not to climax from that. The way they curl exactly the moment they grace your g-spot makes you see stars. The way they stretch you out so perfectly, makes your mouth fall open. The way they feel nearly as good as his dick does, so long, so goddamn long, makes you mewl pathetically. How can someone have such long fingers? God you want to cry right now, the pleasure is unbearable. 
"Good christ, I'm-" your legs start shaking, you can feel the knot in your stomach form. So hot, this is so hot right now, god you are going to cum so hard. 
Taehyung growls, rolling his hips into the mattress so well his cock throbs. Deeper and deeper he goes, exploring your clenching walls. He growls again, sucking on your clit before swirling his hot tongue over it. Desperate. He is so desperate for your orgasm, so fucking desperate.
"Taehyungahfuck", you manage to choke out before your high takes control of all your senses. Your walls around his digits spasm, your legs close around his head as you shake in pleasure and moan like a crazy woman. You are seeing stars behind your squeezed shut eyelids. Your body feels like it's burning up. For how long have you been shaking? It feels like forever, a forever you never want to end. 
Taehyung only stops making out with your pussy when you start complaining about being too sensitive and his licks feel borderline painful. In one swift movement he is face to face with you again, his whole lower face is covered in your arousal, glistening in the lights and his fangs are dripping with saliva. So dirty and sinful and the fire burning in his hooded eyes doesn't help the whole situation get any easier to handle. 
"I want to fuck you so bad" he moans and the next moment his lips are kissing yours hungrily. You can taste yourself on his tongue, turning you on all the more. He is seeping into your veins like a drug and you are loving it. His hands roam your body, stopping once one of your breasts is safely cupped by his big hand. He squeezes and plays with them exactly like he knows you like it, making you arch your back in desperation. 
Your own hands make their way down to his still clothed cock, gracing your fingernails over his toned stomach. Goosebumps form on his skin wherever you touch him, his muscles react to every scratch, flexing underneath your fingertips. You play with the hemline of his pyjama bottoms for a moment, pulling it away from his body and slipping your fingers inside just enough for him to feel your nails on his skin. His breathing quickens, he breaks the kiss to groan desperately instead. 
"Don't tease me, I can't handle it today, not when I am so weak for your body", he croaks, shaking in anticipation. 
"It's fun", you rasp and giggle, fingers barely touching him. 
"You don’t want to do this darling", he warns in a deep growl. 
"And if I wanna?" 
Taehyung looks at you. You can watch how desperation fills his features. 
You giggle and in one skilful movement you have his pants pulled over his perky butt, freeing his cock in the process. You get a good grip of him, holding his swollen cock tightly around the base, precum had collected on the tip, threatening to trip onto your stomach. His arms shake from wanting to give up on him, his eyelids flutter as the softest of moans slip past his swollen lips. 
You begin moving, giving him slow strokes. The kind you know are just the slightest bit not enough for him.
“Please sweetest, please”, he begs, shimmying up the mattress to chase your touch.
You are melting. Desperation suits him. Oh, he is so much fun to be with. And truly you want to give him more, make him see stars, but that desperation in his eyes is so addicting that you don’t want to give in quite yet. So you lessen the pressure even more, touching his heated tip with featherlight touches.
“Oh why do you want to torture me today?” he whines, dropping his head as a pained whimper escapes him. The sound twists tingling coils in your stomach. 
“I don’t”, you insist, giving him more pressure while you roll your wrist. Just a little faster, sloppier.
Taehyung moans and shakes, ruby eyes rolling back and hips bucking into your hand. 
He feels so heavy and big in your hands, even bigger than normal. The total desperation of nearly losing you must have messed with his hormones so badly he apparently grew another inch over night. 
You would have almost chuckled out loud at your silly thoughts if it wasn't for Taehyung gripping your hips so harshly it stings and completely silencing your thoughts in the process. 
"Let me fuck you already, please", he groans desperately, his dick twitches in your hand, tripping all over your stomach.
That makes you slow down again, eyes lighting up in delight at the way his features fill with panic.
“Not yet”, you tease and giggle.
“___”, he whimpers, grasping your face instead, “what do I have to do to end this torture? I’ll do anything.”
He nods his head vigorously.
“What do you, you need? My tongue? My hands? I’ll worship you, g-give you everything, I’ll treat you like a goddess….”
You listen to him, jerking him off better and faster the more he lists. Taehyung’s voice becomes raspier and raspier the faster you go.
“Yes, thank you…” he sighs, dropping to his elbows to lower his mouth to your neck to begin his worshipping.
You moan and tingle. You can feel the desperation in his kisses. They aren’t placed gentlemanly, wet and sloppy with more tongue than lip. He also pauses every now and then to catch his breath, convulsing in a pleasurable shake each time he does.
“Thank you so much darling, thank you. It feels so good”, he moans breathily, combing his trembling fingers through your hair. "You do that so well, oh it feels so good." His lips dance over your face, stopping on your forehead for a moan of your name.
You twist your hand and squeeze his tip.
“Yes, oh god, yes”, he groans, hiding his face in your neck, “yes, yes, I’m – ah ___.”
With the pressure you have going on, you begin jerking off his entire length, basking in the way he is so wet and sticky in pleasure. It makes the slip just that much more fun, helps you go even faster.
He groans and grunts, biting down on your shoulder. Not hard enough to actually pierce you, but you can feel that his fangs are out. They are resting on your skin, threatening to slip in if only he'd put the slightest amount of strength into his bite. They feel so sharp and somehow also really warm, leaking saliva. You feel so fucked up because that sensation is making you so fucking wet that you are soaking the sheets. Taehyung’s fangs on your skin, the thought of him stealing your blood, the danger of him taking too much, the thrill of feeling dizzy in potential blood loss. It shouldn’t turn you on that much and yet it does. You are so sick and twisted and greedy. Oh so greedy for his desperate moans.
“Does that feel good Tae?” you taunt, touching his perky butt to give it a good squeeze at the same time as you squeeze around his tip.
He nods his head, chest rumbling in a deep moan.
“Are you thinking of biting me?”
He hesitates, but throbs in your hand. So you squeeze around him harder, quicken your movements.
“Tell me Taehyung.”
His voice is muffled by your shoulder, coming out as a gurgled sound of pleasure. He nods his head, sucking on your skin just so he can do something with his mouth before he actually taints your shoulder with such a gruesome deed.
“This is so hot”, you moan. You pay more attention to his cockhead, inching your fingers closer and closer to his spot most private.
He whimpers, tensing his ass as his cock throbs in your hand. The bite breaks, he curses and drags his nose up your neck.
“I want to fucking cum”, he croaks, making your stomach tingle in excitement. That new look suits him.
“You want to cum?” you ask, spanking his ass playfully.
“___”, he moans, voice sounding so pathetically distorted in pleasure that it almost sounds like he was sobbing.
You spank him again, timing it with a skilful tug on his sensitive cock.
“Now”, Taehyung wails, trembling “I’m going to…no darling please d-don’t slow down again”, he squeaks, cradling you in his arms to hug you in desperation, “why are you doing this to me? Why would you slow down? What did, did I do t-to you?” he sobs, fucking the air desperately.
But to no avail, your hands are gone, now holding his hips. The only friction he has, is your stomach and his own and that just isn’t enough. He was so used to your fingers and that perfect, goddamn perfect, pressure they gave him. And now it is gone. You edged him. Taehyung is going insane, tripping hot tears on your face as he lifts his head to look at you.
“Please give me something again, please”, he hiccups, grasping your face tightly.
“Holy fuck, you’re so hot right now”, you murmur, lips parting in awe upon seeing the state he was in.
Ruby eyes all glassy, fangs completely out and dark hair completely ruffled at the front. Who could have thought that someone so collected can turn into such a snotty mess under your fingertips.
"Yeah? You want something again?" 
"Please, anything. Please", he begs, nodding his head vigorously. 
"Fine, show me what you can do with those hips of yours", you allow him, parting your legs and wiggling your hips teasingly.
"Oh darling...thank you…"
It takes him not even a second and he has already rid himself of his pants completely, breathing heavily as he looks at your glistening folds. There it is. His damnation and salvation.
“Go on Tae, take her”, you encourage him, parting yourself with the help of your fingers.
“You are the sexiest woman I have ever met ___”, he rasps, grabbing his cock.
You giggle, opening your legs more.
"Turn around", he says, dragging his big palms down the back side of your thighs, "let me rearrange your guts whilst you arch for me", he growls and dear lord if your pussy wasn't wet before she definitely is now. 
You are happy to oblige, rolling onto your stomach and already getting on all fours. However Taehyung has other plans for you as he presses your lower body back down into the mattress gently. His hands play with your ass for a moment, kneading the flesh before giving you a hard enough slap to make it pulsate.
“Ah Tae”, you gasp.
“That was revenge for the torture you put me through”, he says and spanks your other cheek as well.
You moan, arching into his big hand.
“Now, we’re equal”, he says and giggles when you send him a look.
"Fine, I’ll take it", you say with a smile.
He grins and grabs your ass with both hands to massage it. His smile falls, dark hunger replaces it, “why do you have to be so perfect, ___? Now all I want to do is eat your ass", he rasps, sneaking his finger dangerously close to your puckered hole. 
You gasp and shiver, chasing the touch. That would be heaven. 
"Then do it."
"Mhhm your words are like music to my ears", he rasps, "later, now I want to fuck you. Hard and good", he says.
Just one breath later his dick is aligned with your entrance, teasing your hole. Your breath hitches in excitement.
"Yeah, so ready…" 
Taehyung can't look away as his dick slips inside of you easily, getting swallowed up inch by inch until he bottoms out. You choke on a moan, tingling all over. He feels so much thicker than his fingers did, especially in this position. 
"T-this was a bad decision, this position is a-a lot", he stutters the moment he starts moving his hips. His fingers are bruising your skin painfully well.
"You okay?" you ask, not wanting to enjoy it too much in case Taehyung feels uncomfortable. 
Truth was, this position makes you feel everything. Every vein and ripple on his dick, every stroke of his tip on your g-spot, every grind of your clit on the mattress. You feel his fingers on your back as he tries to support himself, you feel his groin brush against your ass with every roll of his hips, you feel the hair of his legs tickle the inside of your thighs every time he wiggles slightly. God, how you want to enjoy every moment of it. 
"Yeah I'm okay, just feels too good", Taehyung finally says, "it takes everything inside of me not to let go and rip you apart with my cock", he confesses breathlessly. 
"I-I’m not t-that fragile fuck", you stutter, slightly faltering at the end from Taehyung hitting your g-spot especially good. Great that sounded perfectly convincing, with your voice cracking and a gasping moan escaping your lips. 
"Don't tempt me." 
"Do it, I want it." 
"Darling…" he warns. 
"Do it, don’t hold back", you plead, clenching down on him. 
“Please don’t do that”, he pants.
“Tae”, you whine, wiggling your hips, “Tae I need it rough today. Please don’t hold back.”
“Are you certain?”
“Yes, show me.”
The growl which he lets out is demonic. He grabs a big bundle of your hair, forcing you to raise your head as best as possible. It burns, forcing tears to your eyes. 
"Tae", you squeak, eyelids fluttering.
"You shouldn't have said that. You really shouldn’t have said that", he growls, his voice low and tripping with arousal, "do you have any idea what I want to do to you?" 
"S-show me", you squeak, feeling dizzy from all the hair tugging. This is incredible. 
"Oh trust me, I will", he moans, releasing your hair to grip your hips instead. 
And then he is fucking into you, basically drilling his dick into your pussy with so much force the air gets knocked out of your lungs. He is panting, you are moaning, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes through the room. You are sure his roommates are awake by now, probably hating you to their core. 
"That's it Taehyung, keep going! Don't stop!" you cry out, grasping the sheets so tightly you are scared they might rip. Your hips come off the mattress with every thrust of his hips, meeting him in the middle, getting even more of his length inside. 
"You're ruining me. Do you even know the power you have over me? Shit, you will be my downfall", Taehyung pants, now starting to pull your hips back onto his length with every thrust. Sweat rolls down his chest, his muscles burn from exhaustion and so does his cock from wanting to release. But he keeps going, he keeps fucking you hard and rough just like he had wanted to do for months. He can’t stop, not when he has started. He wants to ruin you, spoil your taste for every man to ever come after him. 
"Fuck yes, keep going", you sob, nodding your head vigorously, "please don’t stop."
"I won’t stop, I won’t stop until I have you seeing galaxies", he grunts, spreading your ass apart to have a better view on where your bodies are connecting. His cock is so wet, your pussy looks so pretty as she stretches around him. Taehyung moans and speeds up, going even deeper. 
You never forgot, but right now you are blissfully reminded how big his cock actually is. You are pretty sure that he is actually rearranging your insides. Or if he isn’t, he is at least shaping your pussy to fit around his cock perfectly. And you are loving every second of it.
The bed creaks underneath you, probably wanting to give up on you. Sweat had started to form on your skin, your lungs ache from continuously having to wheeze so quickly. It's the good kind of ache, the one which makes your head spin and your pussy clench around him. God, you are still so sensitive from your last orgasm, you are practically dancing on knife's edge straight to nirvana already. 
"Fuck, that's it. Clench around me", Taehyung moans throatily, digging his fingernails into your skin in concentration.
“Taehyung”, you sob, arching your back in an involuntary convulse, “I’m gonna cum.”
He slips out and picks you up just to flip you around and throw you back on the mattress as if your weight didn’t matter to him at all. It knocks the air out of you, but not as much as the animalistic craze on his features does.
“Holy shit Tae”, you moan, reaching for him but failing. You look up. A tie, burgundy, wrapped around your wrists and keeping you tied to the bed frame, "what? How did you?” you look at him with widened eyes, stomach convulsing in arousal. 
“Comfortable darling?” he taunts, smirking darkly.
You gulp, nodding your head vigorously.
“Y-yes”, you stutter.
“Good”, he rasps and grips your legs to open them for him, “trust me, you’ll need them.”
“What do you- oh fuuuck”, you moan, gripping the tie with trembling fingers.
Taehyung is back where he belongs, fucking his cock in and out of you in mindblowing ways. To make matters even worse – or better – he is pressing a vibrator to your clit, forcing you to take every second of the strong vibrations.
You gasp and squeak, tugging on the tie with all your strength. Taehyung was right. You need it. Holy fuck you need it. You would have probably clawed his chest open if you weren’t tied up.
“That feels good, doesn’t it?” he growls, drilling his big cock into your convulsing pussy over and over again until you run on solely him and all the things he can do to you.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” you wail, arching your back over and over again. It doesn’t help. It really, really doesn’t, because each time you arch, you force the vibrator to grind over your clit, “holy fuck Tae, Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung”, you begin chanting, squeezing your eyes shut.
"There we go. Say my name just like this", he encourages you, drawing circles on your clit and watching how this makes your back arch sinfully. 
"Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung", your chants continue, you couldn’t possibly say anything else. Not when his name is the only word of worship you want to scream.
“There’s more where this came from. There’s so much fucking more”, he growls, watching you with blown-out pupils. This is better than feeding. This right here. You on his cock, clenching and screaming his name with utter, soul consuming pleasure on your features. Taehyung feels on ecstasy. This is better than feeding.
You barely hear what he told you, orgasming on his cock with a gasp for air. You know that Taehyung knows that you are. You know that he knows, but that this morning he just doesn’t care. He just keeps on fucking you, forcing your pussy to find no time to feel overstimulated because the pleasure he gives her is just too addicting to want to stop.
“Taehyung”, you wail, fighting against your restraints.
“I know, take it”, he pants, grinding his fangs from the sheer torture of having to hold back. Truly he wants to orgasm. Every fiber in his being wants to let go. But he can’t. He isn’t finished with you yet. He wants to please you, treat you like a goddess until his name is the only name you want to pray to.
You mewl, kicking the mattress with your left leg. The vibrations are so much. Holy fuck they are so strong. Your clit is aching, burning, forcing your pussy to weep around his perfect cock.
Taehyung grabs your leg and forces it to bend at the knee so he can press it into the mattress beside your body. 
"Stay still, you'll only hurt yourself", he growls, rocking back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Deep and hard. Just how he is supposed to fuck with a cock like his'. With your focus completely messed up, you stare at his face, meeting his real face contorted in pleasure.
"Taehyung", you squeak out weakly, making him smirk menacingly.
“Do you regret it, darling? Mhm? Do you still want me to show you how I can fuck”, he challenges, thrusting into you so strongly he forces your body to slip up the mattress a good two inches.
“Yes!” you scream, going cross eyed, “I love it! I fucking love it!”
“Yeah?” he grunts and growls, “and I’m not even using magic on you, just me. That is what I can give you”, he spits, twisting the vibrator in ways that make you crumble in an instant.
“Tae”, his name turns into a moan, your mouth is so agape that Taehyung has a good view of your palate. This high feels different than the first one, more aggressive, shorter but just as strong. Maybe even stronger because as that explosion of warmth dies down and Taehyung still keeps the vibrator pressed to your pulsating clit you actually feel like passing out.
You are clenching so much that you can feel every fucking vein on his big cock and you are loving it.
“Yes darling, fuck yes”, he moans, fucking you through the overstimulation and his desires to cum. One more. He wants to give you one more glimpse of heaven.
“I can’t please”, you sob, tugging on the ties so harshly you feel your wrists ache.
Taehyung lessens the pressure of the vibrator for now. He leans down and claims your lips in a passionate kiss. This makes everything so much better, hotter, deeper. 
You are the one to break the kiss, moaning his name once again. You are gazing into his eyes. 
"You are doing so well", he whispers, giving you slow rolls of his hips.
The praise makes you melt. It makes you want to reach up and twist his hair. But you can’t. Instead you have to twist the tie and arch your chest into him. 
"Taehyung…." you croak.
“Tell me darling, tell me and I’ll keep it slow.”
“No slow...please fast…"
He chuckles and straightens up again, “I knew it”, he rasps and presses the toy against your clit again.
"Ah!" you squeak and flinch, “again.”
It is embarrassing how quickly he gets you. But it is way more impressive just how good he makes it feel. It may not be the long, drawn out type of orgasm, the type that swallows every inch of you in warmth. But it is strong, sits mostly in your lower stomach, makes your pussy throb uncontrollably and makes you wish for time to stand still.
Taehyung encourages you with guttural moans and deep thrusts, watching your features morph into the prettiest of expressions and wishing for his memories to keep them safe for later.
“You- ah Tae”, you wanted to beg for a break, but no. You are so far gone. You had thoughts once. Proper, intelligent thoughts. Not anymore. There is no thought inside that brain of yours. Just Taehyung’s name and nonsensical noises.
Said noises are spilling from your lips, encouraging Taehyung to fuck you better and better. He knows that he promised his cock release once you hit your third high, but it came too quickly. This wasn’t his plan. Not yet. He isn’t ready for this to end yet.
So he keeps on fucking you, rubbing the vibrator up and down your swollen clit whilst digging his nails into your thigh to keep your leg still. Your other leg is still flailing on the mattress, kicking it desperately. You can’t even stop it from happening. It happens automatically as if Taehyung was controlling your muscles.
“This is such a turn-on. I can’t stop fucking you, darling”, he pants, watching you struggle against his tie. The poor fabric, it will look all disheveled once he is done with you. 
You wanted to tell him that you also don’t want him to stop, but it comes out as three noises and one wheeze for air.
Taehyung understands nonetheless, treating you to deep thrusts. Skin slaps against skin, he feels his balls hit your ass each time he thrusts into you, you feel his cockhead all the way in your uterus. Yes, highly unlikely, but again, there is no thought in that brain of yours. Just hunger for Taehyung's cock.
“I literally can’t. I’m aching to release and yet all I want to do is keep making you orgasm. Over. And. Over. Again”, he pants, drawing closer and closer with every spoken word.
Now he is inches away from your face, basking in the scent of your pleasure and feeling his veins tingle in the sound of your rushing blood.
You peel your eyes open upon feeling his hot presence.
“Tae”, you whine.
Somehow the corners of his mouth seem wider, showing you another set of fangs just beside where his normal canines are supposed to sit. They are smaller than the first pair, glinting in the lights.
“That’s what you do to me. You turn me into a fucking animal“, he lulls, opening his mouth to run his tongue over his fangs.
“Holy fuck”, you press out and break.
Taehyung watches you go cross eyed before your eyes flutter closed.
“Yes”, he growls, grinding the toy into you, “cum for me. Yes darling, yes.”
You squeak and mewl, convulsing on the mattress until the fire in your veins gets too much and your body tries to calm it with strong spurts of clear liquid all over his cock and the sheets.
"Yes darling, yes, yes, yes." 
Taehyung shudders, hips faltering. This is what he wanted to happen. This is the state he wanted you in. The highest level of pleasure, soul consuming and oh so addicting. This is what his queen deserves and nothing else. 
"Oh darling you make me want to make you drip”, he croaks, barely holding up the rhythm. He is so sensitive. Too sensitive. You are squeezing him so much and the new wetness is soaking his cock. Taehyung can barely even move an inch without convulsing in the need to release.
"Fill me up, please", you encourage him, needing the feeling of his hot cum coating your walls to feel completely content, "make me goddamn drip, like I’m your cumdump." 
"F-fuck darling" Taehyung croaks with his voice pitched, "I'm, I’m ah c-cumming", he yelps throwing his head back and finally letting go. His stomach contracts as waves of hot pleasure course through him. His eyes roll back, he is seeing stars. He shakes in ecstasy, still not stopping the movements of his hips despite how much more intense it makes it feel. He wants to enjoy his high to the fullest, he hasn’t cum like this in ages.
"Yes, shit", you groan before a hot wave of pleasure courses through your body in a mindnumbing magnitude. You are screaming just as loud as Taehyung is, crying from pleasure and salivating, unable to keep your mouth closed.
This is something you will never be able to forget again. And neither will Taehyung.
Tumblr media
"Damn", Taehyung falls down on top of you the moment the last wave of your shared orgasm has died down. His still terribly swollen cock he keeps lodged inside of you for the time being, feeling far too tired to care.
“Yeah…” you agree. Your ears are ringing, you can feel your pulse in your pussy, you are also pretty sure those colours behind your eyelids will never ever go away again.
So that is how Taehyung can fuck if you let him. So utterly consumed by you that he wants to give you heaven over and over again. You hit the jackpot, didn’t you?
He feels just as sticky as you do, his skin radiates heat, making you sweat just all the more. He is heavy on your body, constricting your airflow. 
"I can't breathe" you mumble with your squished face between his head and the mattress. 
"Oh dear, I apologize" he gasps shyly, rolling off your body, now lying next to you on his stomach. He has his eyes closed and his cheek is squished in a way that makes his lips stick out.  
“You just killed me”, he murmurs, “only you can make me fuck like this. So completely derailed.”
“Don’t say that Tae”, you whisper and giggle.
He peels his eyes open, looking completely drugged up. 
"I'm serious. I was cursing way too much. I apologize for it." 
"Don't, it was such a turn-on. You’re really hot when you curse." 
"Mhm", he lets out and chuckles tiredly. He closes his eyes, "give me a moment and I will free you, I currently can’t move my body.”
You laugh, “it’s fine, I like chilling with my wrists tied up”, you joke.
He chuckles tiredly and tries to reach for your ties only to fail and for his hand to flop down on your chest. He hums and begins giving your breasts soft squeezes, lips curling into a boyish smirk.
“Are you seriously groping my titties?”
You chuckle and close your eyes, enjoying the touches until Taehyung finally finds strength in his abs to sit up. He does so with a grunt and his head feeling dizzy. You watch him as he works. First he loosens the knot on the bedpost, making your arms fall down. Then he opens the neatly done knot around your wrists, placing soothing kisses on the sensitive skin. They don’t hurt, they just pinched and burned a little, but his kisses make even that stop.
“Do they hurt a lot?”
“No, not at all.”
“That’s so good to hear. Did you like what I did?" 
"Yes, I was really confused at first but you were right, I really needed them and I trusted you completely." 
He smiles, "I'm happy. I must admit that I have a liking for bondage." 
"I don't know why, but I am not surprised. You give me those vibes." 
He chuckles, slightly embarrassed, "gosh, I’m truly an open book, aren’t I?" 
"Not really, I just spent enough time with you", you say and giggle. 
His features soften at your words, the next kisses he places on your wrists are spilling over in love for you. 
"We can do it again someday. And I want to do it to you." 
His eyes flit up to meet yours. The right corner of his lips curls into a lopsided smirk. 
"You have a little torturous side to you, haven’t you?" 
You nod your head, "that handjob was one of the hottest things I have ever done." 
"Mhm", he smirks as he kisses your wrists, keeping his eyes locked on you, "darling, I can gladly be your prisoner. You just have to ask." 
"Wow", you whisper, "you are so hot."
He gives you a playful cock of his eyebrow and a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. Then he places your hands on your stomach and cages you between his elbows to place the softest kisses all over your face.
“You were so incredible, darling. I loved this.”
“Me too Tae, I loved it so much.”
He smiles against your lips as he kisses you. And while he kisses you, he runs his fingers through your hair, relaxing you perfectly.
He breaks away, caressing your cheek as he gazes at you with lovedrunk eyes.
“I wasn’t too rough, was I?”
“No, you weren’t. I liked it a lot.”
“That makes me happy”, he says and smiles, “I’ll get you some water, okay?”
“Yes, thank you.”
Taehyung is gone for only a moment and then he is already back, carrying a glass of water and a silver bowl.
He makes himself comfortable on the bed again, handing you the glass of water. You drink it gladly, finishing it in one go.
“Wow, I needed that. I was really thirsty”, you sigh and look at the bowl, “what’s in there?”
Taehyung rests on his stomach and grins.
“Pralines from the chocolatier I told you about, I purchased them in the thought of you. Try one, they are almost as sweet as you.”
You let him feed you the chocolate with burning cheeks and a fluttering heart. It melts on your tongue upon contact, leaving a rich chocolaty taste behind. There was also a hint of orange liquor in the taste and as the chocolate melts, a piece of dried orange reveals itself on your tongue. Sweet and oh so rich in flavour.
Taehyung eats a piece as well, smiling fondly when he watches your face fill with enjoyment.
“And?” he asks, reaching out to tug a strand of hair behind your ear.
“It’s so sweet.”
“Yes? Then I’ll put the bowl here for you. Eat as many as you like, I can always get more.”
You let your droopy eyes race over his features. It feels so divine to be loved by him.
“Thank you Tae, you always treat me so well. I feel like a princess when I’m with you”, you whisper, caressing his cheek.
He lowers his eyes shyly and giggles. Then he leans down and kisses your lips. He tastes of chocolate, making the kiss just that much sweeter.
“You’re not a princess, my sweetest. You’re my queen”, he whispers and steals another kiss just so you can’t tell him to stop flustering you.
He pulls back with a sigh and lies down beside you on his back. You roll on your side, watching him sparkling eyes. Sex makes him look so handsome. Taehyung is always handsome. But there is something in sex that gives his face that handsome glow to it and which messes up his hair in a way that gives him such alluring beauty.
And while you bask in his beauty and all those feel good hormones he gives you, Taehyung is letting his eyes race over the roof of his canopy bed. He seems weirdly worried all of a sudden, he is even grinding his teeth. 
"Is something bothering you, handsome?" you ask, scooting closer to get rid of the distance, "don't worry, your fangs weren’t bothersome. I liked looking at them", you assure him.
Your hand comes resting on his chest, drawing little hearts all over his skin. You caress his arm with the tip of your nose, kissing it every so often.  
He smiles softly for only a second. 
"It's not that", he murmurs and lets out a long sigh. 
"Then what is it?" 
"Just-", he shrugs his shoulders, "-what happened to you. I'm thinking of it again, now that my mind is cleared of all sexual desires", he lets out a long sigh, combing his fingers through his hair in frustration, "I'm blaming myself." 
"Why? It's not your fault. Don’t beat yourself up about it", you comfort him, planting little kisses all over his arm and shoulder. 
"I should have stayed by your side."
You look at his face. His lower lip is trembling. 
"Why did I leave you alone at the ball?" he manages to press out and then a heartbreaking sob shakes his entire body. 
"Taehyung. Hey Tae, hey", you gasp, propping yourself up on your elbows, "don't cry handsome, it’s okay. Don’t cry." 
"I feel so terrible that, that-", he hits own chest and grunts, "-it hurts so much in here." 
He sobs, contorting his face in pain.
"I can't lose you ___", he presses out. 
"You haven’t lost me, I’m still here."
"It's my fault. I, I should have stayed with you", he hiccups. 
"No, Tae….please don’t beat yourself up about it, please." 
Taehyung sniffles and sobs, looking at you with sad puppy eyes. 
"I swore to protect you and failed to do so", he whimpers, "those w-wounds are m-my fault", he stutters, touching the cut on your cheek, “you got hurt because I didn’t protect you. I hurt you, th-this is all my fault.”
"Stop it", you insist, leaning down to kiss his lips. 
Taehyung gasps, for only a second he is silent. And as you pull back, you realise that he didn’t even close his eyes for your kiss surprised him so much. He blinks. It makes tears escape his eyes and run down his cheeks. His pouty lips tremble like crazy. 
"You did everything right. Back at the ball I wanted you to leave me alone and you respected my wish and I appreciate it so much that you did", you say, cleaning the tears from his cheeks, "you couldn’t have known that this would happen and I don’t blame you for it."
Silence for only a second as he lets your words sink in.
"My sweetest ___" he croaks, reaching up with shaking fingers to cup your cheek, "I want to cry again." 
"Don't", you whisper, kissing his cheeks. 
Taehyung sighs, letting his eyes fall closed. You kiss his eyelids, making him sigh again. His tears linger on your lips and yet you kiss him again. You gladly taste their saltiness when it means that Taehyung can feel better. 
"This feels so good", he whispers. 
You lift your head, watching how he flutters his eyes open slowly to gaze at you. 
"My darling", he says softly, tugging a strand of hair behind your ear, "you are my weakness", he whispers.
"I am speaking the truth, I feel so vulnerable when I’m with you, but I don’t want it to stop because you make me feel so alive."
"Ah Tae you're flustering me", you murmur, giggling.
Taehyung smiles softly, looking at your lips. His arms finally close around you in a hug. He rolls to his side, taking you with him as he pulls you close to his chest. 
"I know", he breathes, nuzzling his nose into your ruffled hair, "I love it when you fluster."
He smells exactly like he always does post-sex, hot with a hint of his cologne still present. Oh, you could lie here forever and drown in the feeling of his naked body against yours. 
"Taehyung I like you so, so much", you say and squeeze him. 
"I like you too, so so much", whispers with fondness in his voice. 
"Can you really get your magic ring back?" 
"Yes, I'll talk to Jimin tomorrow. I promise."
"Gosh this makes me feel a lot better", you kiss his collarbone, "and Taehyung?" 
"I'm sorry I lost it." 
"Don't apologize. I know Jimin, he is a trickster. It wasn’t your fault." 
"Well, yeah but-" 
"It wasn’t your fault ___", he insists sternly. 
"Fine", you give in with a sigh, "it wasn’t my fault." 
Taehyung squeezes you tenderly as a reward. He runs his fingers along your spine and sighs. 
"Shall I heal your wounds?" 
"What?" you lift your head. 
"I could heal your wounds. You may not allow me to take the memories from you, but please allow me to at least heal your wounded body." 
"You can do that?" 
He nods his head, "you know that my blood heals. Just one drop, sweetest. That is all you would need. One drop. Please." 
You study him. His face is contorted in desperation, his eyes glassy and filled with guilt. You know that he still feels guilty for what had happened to you, that his mind is still plagued with accusations of his own and that his heart still aches. And you know that this is his attempt to lessen that guilt. You want to help him with that. 
"Yes, okay. Please heal me", you allow him. 
Taehyung lets out a breathy laugh, grasping your face between his shaking hands. 
"Thank you, oh darling. My sweetest darling", he kisses your forehead and sobs softly, "thank you." 
"Don't thank me too soon, you still have to show me just how well your magic blood works", you joke. 
Taehyung chuckles, nodding his head vigorously. 
"I will, I promise you. I will." 
You watch him as he works. He sits up and reaches for your empty glass. Then he allows his fangs to come to light. He lifts his arm, connecting his mouth with his wrist. He bites himself, doing so with a soft groan of discomfort. 
"Oh dear. Does it hurt?" you gasp, sitting up yourself. 
Taehyung lets go of his wrist. Blood trickles from it into the glass. It is darker than human blood. Almost black and a lot thicker as well. 
"It does, but I don’t mind", he tells you.
The trickling stops. His wounds have healed again. He scoots closer then, placing his hand on your thigh.
"This will taste unlike anything you have ever tasted before. It will hurt, it truly will, but you must swallow it for it only works that way." 
You accept the glass, eyeing the black liquid. 
"It will hurt?" 
"Yes, it will burn. As if you swallowed acid and fire all at the same time." 
"Okay...and if I drink it will I become like you? A vampire?" 
He shakes his head, "you would have to die to activate the magic. My blood will stay in your body for three days, you will feel more energetic during those days and you will see your wounds and aches heal faster. But it is important to stay alive during those days or else you will become just like me." 
"I see...it's like a magical medicine that comes with a big side effect." 
He laughs softly, eyes filling with warmth. 
"Yes, one could say it like that." 
You guide it closer to your lips, "will it hurt for long?" 
"Just a few minutes", he says and holds your hand. 
"Okay, here goes nothing", you say and down the liquid. 
Taehyung did not lie. This burns so much that you feel yourself squeezing his hand and whimpering in pain. You swallow it barely, opening your mouth widely to fan air into it. 
"What the crap? Holy moly", you groan, sticking your tongue out.
"I know, it's terrible, but it will pass. I promise, just hold on for a little while longer." 
You wheeze. You can feel it in your stomach. It lies in it heavily, burning through your skin. 
"I think it's dissolving my stomach. Ouchies." 
Taehyung touches your tummy, rubbing it gently.
"This is just it entering your bloodstream through your gastric walls, you'll be alright. You're doing very well. So very well." 
You grunt, swallowing down your saliva. It had collected in your mouth and made talking impossible. 
Taehyung lifts the little silver bowl, "look my darling." 
You stare at your own face in the distorted reflections. Your wounds. They are healing! They become less and less visible until only your memory lets you know where they once lingered. 
"This is remarkable", you whisper, touching your eye, which seconds ago was bruised, "it's like it was never there." 
You gasp then, ripping the bandaid from your elbow. Nothing. Your wound is gone. 
"It's gone! And it doesn’t hurt anymore!" you exclaim, touching the part which seconds ago had ached and burned. 
Taehyung smiles, "see? I was able to help." 
"Yes you were. Taehyung, thank you. I didn’t want to tell you, but it hurt so much. But now it doesn’t anymore." 
He visibly fights with his tears. He presses out a soft hum and smiles, "I'm relieved", he mouths. 
You inspect your face in the bowl one last time and run your finger over your elbow. The memory of the round room is already so much easier to bear now that the visible proof is gone. 
"It is peculiar however", you begin, "drinking your blood felt exactly how the electrolyte smoothie of Hoseok felt." 
"That is because it was spiced with his blood. He healed your neck with it." 
"My neck?" you ask, touching it, "what about my neck?"
Taehyung furrows his brows, "Jimin...he bit you and erased your memories of it. Hoseok saved you." 
"Holy shit", you shiver in fear, "Taehyung, you have awful friends." 
"I know", his lower lip trembles, "they are so terrible." 
"Tae, hey. Why are you crying again? What happened? Did they hurt you? Jimin was really mad at you at the ball. Did he hurt you?" 
"I was able to handle it", he presses out, rubbing at his eyes, "please forgive me, I just-", he sniffles, "-I can’t stop thinking about my dream." 
"Your dream? What happened in your dream?" 
"You left me", he hugs you so tightly that breathing gets a little harder, "they killed you. You were dead and I was all alone. My sweetest please never ever leave me that way." 
"Oh Tae…." you whisper, hugging him back tightly, "...lucky for you I am like a tick. I'm here to stick to you." 
He chuckles, masking a sob with it. You giggle, giving his butt a soft pat. 
"It was just a dream, I’m planning on not dying for a very long time." 
He lifts his head and smiles at you. 
"Thank you", he whispers. 
You retort his smile. 
"I have a present for you, sweetest", he says then. 
"A present?" 
He nods his head and rolls out of bed to hurry to his dresser at the far end of his spacious room. You think it most peculiar that you and him have reached a point in your relationship that you can walk around naked so comfortably. It feels great and so intimate. 
His present is small enough that he can carry it in his palm. He sits down beside you and as the urge to be closer to him overcomes you, you decide to climb on his lap. Taehyung looks at you with big eyes before smiling fondly. 
"Are you comfortable?" he asks you, caressing your lower back. 
"Yes", you say smiling, hooking your arms behind his neck. 
"I am glad", he smiles then looks down at his palm. 
You do the same, "what do you have for me?"
He opens his palm, revealing a delicate glass vial to your eyes. A beautiful pattern of detailed flowers was on its surface and a thin golden necklace made it wearable. 
"That's beautiful, wow", you gasp. 
"I found this on one of my journeys back in the late 1830s. It is a tear vial which was used by mourners to collect their tears after a loved one passed." 
"Oooh creepy." 
"They would collect their tears for a year and then sprinkle the collected tears on their dead one's grave to celebrate their painful success of living without them." 
"Okay, that’s a little sad." 
He nods his head in agreement and then goes to bite his finger. 
"Oh Tae! What are you doing?" you gasp, watching him press his finger to the opening of the vial. 
Dark blood fills the delicate vial. It stops right before it would spill over. Taehyung closes it tightly. 
"I want you to have this", he says, pressing the vial into your hand. 
"Taehyung...I can’t accept this." 
"Yes, you can. Please ___ it would lessen my worry. Carry it with you and if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, I want you to use it. Please." 
You eye his hands and how he is grasping your own. You study his features and how they are tense in worry. You look into his eyes and how they burn in desperation. 
"It would mean a lot to you, wouldn’t it?" you ask him. 
"Yes, it means a lot to me", he confirms, giving your hands a tender squeeze, "I can't protect you all the time, but at least like this I can make sure that you survive, even when I am not physically here to save you." 
You give him a smile, "thank you Taehyung. I will cherish your present with all my heart", you say, guiding his hands to your lips to kiss his knuckles.
He exhales shakily at the feeling, widening his eyes in sparkling adoration. You kiss his knuckles a second time, giving him a playful smile. 
He looks so hypnotised, leaning in closer to you and with a shy giggle rumbling in the back of his throat. He even tilts his head up so he could be closer to your lips, lifting his shoulders to his ears as he does. 
"What?" you ask him. 
"I have never received a hand kiss before", he whispers, showing off his teeth in a boxy smile. 
"Oh? Well I-", kiss, "-am-", kiss, "-here-", kiss, "-to give you many and many", kiss. 
Taehyung giggles before letting out a very unflattering snort. You genuinely have never seen him that mesmerised before.
"That was a cute laugh", you say.
Taehyung laughs again, sparkling eyes racing over your face. 
"You are so cute right now", you tell him. 
He just laughs and smiles, tugging your hands to his face to rest his cheek on them. He closes his eyes and nuzzles you until his cheek is squished.
"I'm yours", he whispers, "with everything I have to offer, I am yours." 
You understand what being loved feels like when you are with Taehyung. This is what it feels like. Warm. Certain. Safe. Like home. 
You blink to get rid of your happy tears before you scoot up his lap. You wrap your arms around him, making him lift his head just enough so he could rest his chin on your shoulder. You nuzzle your cheek against his shoulder. 
"I'm sorry for ever doubting your sincerity", you tell him. 
"It's forgiven." 
Taehyung turns his head and begins kissing your neck. You sigh, melting in his embrace. Moments like these, you wish to last forever. You and him embracing each other while the world around you continues to age. This is what life is truly about.  
Taehyung changes the position of his head, resting his cheek on your shoulder while his nose is buried in the crook of your neck. You hear the soft sniffle he lets out and feel the wet path his tear leaves on your skin.
“Are you crying again?” you ask him in a whisper.
He nods his head.
“Tae, gosh”, you hug him tighter, “don’t cry, it was just a bad dream.”
“It’s not that”, he whispers.
“Well, what else?”
“I just-“, his lower lip trembles, “-I’m so grateful for you”, he presses out and sobs softly. He cradles you in his strong arms, “I have never felt so much for someone.”
“Oh Tae.”
“And, and it makes me c-cry because it’s overwhelming me”, he stutters.
“Oh Taehyung”, you whisper, petting his hair, “don’t cry, it’s okay.”
Taehyung traces your spine, rubbing the tip of his nose over your neck a few times before lifting his head. His eyes are so red and glassy, but filled with so much adoration. He smiles at you and you retort it.
“Thank you so much.”
“For what?”
“For coming into my life.”
"Oh Tae…" you whisper before kissing him in gratefulness. You want to thank him too, for giving you so much love that loving yourself is starting to be an easy task to do.
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kimtaehyunq · 19 days ago
The Sheets [KTH]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⟶ The Sheets [Taehyung x Female Reader] ⟶ Genre: FWB | Idol Au | Smut ⟶ Warnings: mentions of alcohol, smoking, rough sex, spanking, dirty talk, light choking, oral (f), biting, breast play, the condom is somewhere…, scratching, etc. ⟶ WC: 6.8k+ ⟶ Summary: On your night out with the gals you get hit up by the one and only, Kim Taehyung, who’s been eyeing all of your Instagram stories. It’s no shocker that he attempts to get you back to his place once you finally decide to leave the club because this isn’t your first rodeo with the determined and insanely hot, fuckboy. ⟶ Teaser: ““Move…” his palms grip your waist, “please, Y/n.”” ⟶ Beta: thank you so much to @kookdiaries​ and @jeonjcngkook​ for taking the time to beta! I really appreciate it so much! ⟶ Author’s Note: Yeah, I’m frustrated with Taehyung getting a damn Instagram. Someone please take it away from him. I said what I said. This is a lovely birthday gift (representing in #dailydaegu) in honor of the one, the only, Kim Taehyung! 
Tumblr media
Your phone rings an alert, glowing on your screen a notification from Instagram. The username taunts you, glares at you and strikes a nervous, yet exciting, fear into your body. 
‘THV has sent you a message!’ Your phone reads, a deep sigh leaves your mouth. 
“Impatient,” you say to yourself. It takes you a few seconds to muster up the courage to open the notification, what’s the worst that can happen? 
You stare dumbfounded by the video message you see pop up within your message thread between you and the infamous fuckboy, Taehyung. His face pops up with him experimenting with another filter that applies a massive grainy texture over his video. Taehyung moves the camera around while flexing odd facial gestures. A semi-grown out beard and mustache, accompanied by the lack of clothing surrounding his neck and shoulders. Purposely exposing the top-half of his torso, protruding clavicles emphasizing shadows from the skin that sinks around them.  
It’s hazardous. 
You’ve grown accustomed to his random, out of the blue, photos and videos from time to time. Knowing very well he does it out of boredom or creativity, it’s just hard for you to pinpoint which is when.
He seems delighted with the filter, toying with the angles and zoom of his phone until he finally speaks after a content hum. 
“Don’t leave me hanging!” He says with a pleased smile, even squinting his eyes at you before the video ends.
You’re already stepping out of your cab when you type up a response message, making sure to give the driver a warm ‘thank you’ before walking closer to the quiet and luxurious villa location. You’ve been here only a handful of times, a few friendly gatherings and a lot more nightly visits. Each time always feels like the first, always shocked at the size and having the general knowledge of several A-class celebrities being very close neighbors to this location. The idea of running into one of your faves always raises the goose pimples on your skin.
‘I’m here,’ you respond with punctuation and the butterflies in your stomach flap their wings erratically. The frigid chill of the cold air instantly makes you huddle your arms closer to your body, wrapping your coat tighter around your frame as your poor legs remain exposed to the nipping temperatures. 
“It’s freezing out here. There’s even snow on the ground,” you add to the text.
You wait for his reply as you pace around in place, chuckling at yourself as you reminisce about the events earlier in the night which landed you here, in front of the entrance to Taehyung’s apartment building, in the freezing cold. 
You were out enjoying a great gal’s night right before the year ends. Seeing as the majority of everyone is typically busy with holiday activities, tonight just so happens to be the only night that made most sense to meet up. 
A few colorful cocktails and some rambunctious dancing later, you realize that several Instagram stories later you gain the attention of the fuckboy fling you once had – or still have? It’s an on and off scenario and you don’t think too deep into the situation. Generally, most people aren’t supposed to ‘think’ with a friend with benefits situation but we probably know one too many people who cannot keep that expectation. Knowing that he’s a famous celebrity and you’re just an average person working on her career goals, you most definitely do not think of this more than just a dick appointment.
A hot dick appointment. 
Taehyung had commented on one of the last stories on your Instagram reel, one particularly showing off more of your body than the activities around you. And that, perhaps, was a terrible mistake by you.
From there, playful banter and suggestive sweet-talking persisted. His texts turning more dangerous by the fleeting minutes, his curiosity getting the better of him while shooting his shot in hopes to get something out of the conversation. And well… 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A ping alerts your ears and brings you back to the present. You immediately open up the message, reading the words ‘buzzing you in.’ Shortly after, a low humming tone vibrates besides a keypad besides the entrance way into the property.
With fervor, you speed walk your way through the gates and into the comfort of the heated lobby. You mind no business to any strangers in your way, maneuvering yourself to the closest elevator and rushing inside. 
Racing thoughts flood your mind as the elevator remains silent besides your heavy breathes. You feel your heart beginning to beat more prominent than usual, pounding inside your body the higher the floor number increases. Your half-intoxicated state fuels your ambitions, the wild drive that builds up inside your body is ready to take the wheel and steer you straight into Taehyung’s bed.
How thee Kim Taehyung manages to drag you away from hanging with your best set of girlfriends to walking up to his front door will forever be a mystery to you. It must be that unruly hold he somehow has over your thoughts and actions. How unfair he, as a whole human being, is to your sanity and health. The way the majority of all your encounters have only been filled with intensity, so thick that you can cut it with a knife. 
Yet, you willingly always take up the opportunity whenever he calls.
You actually cannot come up with a solid excuse for him. You cannot pinpoint a reason even if he is under your testing microscope. It’s not like neither one of you have trouble getting laid. There’s a handful of contacts in your phone you can hit up, and no doubt Taehyung’s is triple that. Somehow the two of you just… click. It’s been working so far, and you don’t at all mind finding yourself tucked inside the sheets of his bed after a rambunctious night with him. 
Before your fist can make contact with the hefty wooden door that leads straight into Taehyung’s home, the door swings open. Taehyung is already prepared to greet you with a cheeky smirk on his facial-haired face and with no shirt on. A small tail of smoke leaks out between his lips, and that’s when you notice the black juul one of his hands holds. The first glance of him takes you by storm, nearly knocking out all the air in your lungs as you take him in. 
It pisses you off how effortlessly easy it is for him to just look that fine. To get under your skin that easily with just his appearance. And he knows that he gets away with it, that in the end he wins with his charms and unwarranted advantages. 
Pretty privilege is what they call it. 
What’s even worse is that, yes, even though Taehyung is your classic A-type fuckboy, he’s actually not even a bad guy. He’s sweet and honest, tells you straight up and doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to talking. His purpose isn’t to get others hurt but his agenda may end up harming the wrong ones. That’s why Taehyung keeps his distance, doesn’t want to commit to anything, acts like he doesn’t care, occasionally does stupid things, but relies on the women he manages to shag. 
Like you.
His arms cross over his torso, a slight flex to the muscles around his shoulders and biceps causes your eyes to flicker over them. Taehyung leans against the door frame as he eyes you down, cocking his eyebrow. Grey sweatpants hang dangerously low on the bones of his hips, giving you a solid view of a slight indent of where – you know – his dick rests. 
“I hate you,” are the first words out of your mouth as you laugh with a scoff. 
You step forward, only to be blocked by Taehyung stepping in front of you. 
“Be nice,” he speaks in a frisky tone. 
“I don’t have to be here, you know,” you remind him. “I’ll leave,” you turn your feet on the spot. Ready to go right back into the elevator. 
Taehyung's hands shoot forward, grabbing your elbows and preventing you from walking away. He laughs as you exhale a breath of annoyance, face coming close to yours as he presses your body softly against the wall. 
“What’s gotten you so fiery for? Someone hungry? Because I've already made her food. Plus you look so cold. Won’t you let me help warm you up a bit? It’s the least I can do, Y/n.” Taehyung continues to maintain that mischievous timbre, a whole tease. He smiles when you smile and turn away from his gaze, eyeing the inside of his apartment through the crack of his door. 
A cute decorated white Christmas tree stands tall in the back corner, glowing lights flicker around it with a small pet bed set up near the bottom. You can see his dog, Yeontan, unbothered and curled up inside of it. Smooth jazz playing in the background. 
“I am cold,” you state matter-of factually, “and you act like you don’t get any pussy.” 
Taehyung hums into your ear, a small audible giggle escaping his nose. “I don’t get yours enough,” he states calmly as he leans closer to the skin of your neck, nuzzling his face in the crack while sliding his arms around your frame. His newly found whiskers pricker at your neck the moment he places a small kiss to it, warm breath fans out of his nose. 
He ushers you inside, chasing your mouth with his as he blindly guides you to the nearest piece of furniture as the door clicks closed behind the two of you. Your miniature strapped purse drops to the floor with a thud, Taehyung’s hands roaming under the flaps of your jacket to your shoulders and down your arms, allowing the heavy fabric to fall off your body. 
“I remember this dress,” he mutters between kisses. It’s messy by your tongues swiveling together and teeth accidentally clinking against another. The back of your body comes in contact with a cool tile which happens to be the countertop to the island cutting his kitchen off from the living area. “You wore it the first time we met.” 
“I don’t even remember that much,” you laugh as your hands touch his golden smooth skin. 
You skim over his triceps, feeling the dips of his collar bones and running your fingers up his neck. You grip the sides of his head, controlling the way he tilts his head while you push your tongue back into his mouth. 
Taehyung wastes no time with lifting the skirt of your dress higher up your legs, palms seeking the thicker meat of your thighs and searing heat onto your skin. His hands feel hot, gripping harshly at your legs as if he’s kneading dough. Only occasionally does he sneak himself closer to the apex of your thighs, using his knuckles to brush against your panties innocently. 
“I never got to fuck you in it though,” he smiles a wolfish grin. His eyes glint with something naughty behind them, his dark brown iris’ covering his sexual desires far too well. 
He twists your body around, using the table as leverage to bend you forward. Numerous items scatter or fall off the surface, your hands shoot up to grip the other end and anchor yourself still. His arms trap you in and with nowhere else to go, Taehyung uses his pelvis to press harshly into your backside. 
Your laugh comes out in a form of excitement, feeling the cool surface kiss your cheek as you lay your head down. You purposely push back against him, challenging him with your spitefulness. 
With a purr you speak back to him, “because I was fucking Mark back then. I wasn’t looking to fuck you at his party.” 
Taehyung pushes himself firmer against you, more abruptly and sharply, to make a point. The movement makes your knees clank against the cupboards below. The power behind his sudden thrust turns you on further, the promising dick growing harder under his pants presses stiff against your backside. 
“You should have picked me earlier then,” he emphasizes with another shove. 
Each time he rails himself to your backside, even with clothes fully – well, now partly – on, it stirs your insides up. The act itself is so thrilling and hot, stimulating all of your carnal feelings. You can’t feel it yet, but you’re sure your cunt is dripping with your arousal inside your panties. 
Taehyung raises your dress over the round of your butt cheeks, uncovering your lower half for his view. His finger trails the fabric of your thong, letting it snap back to your skin when he pulls away. 
“Is that my ramyeon over there?” your head nudges toward the other counter, seeing a bowl set aside with two chopsticks on top of it. 
A slap from Taehyung’s bare hand lands itself right onto your left ass cheek. It makes you jolt and inwardly shutter your breath. 
“Yes,” he confirms. “You can have it afterwards.” 
You click your tongue in disapproval, but the attitude you wanted to summon becomes completely annihilated when Taehyung spanks you again. This time is harder. 
Seething between your teeth, the pain bubbles over into pleasure. You glance back at Taehyung as he stares back at you with daggers in his eyes. The aggressive side of him clearly coming out to play. 
He looks too hot with a pissed off look on his face. And only for a moment did it truly strike any form of terror into your body. You know he’s only pent up and sexually frustrated just like you are. 
“You can have it after I fuck you,” he raises his eyebrows. “That is, if you can get out of the bed after.” 
“Is that a promise?” you quip back, mirroring the same gesture with your own eyebrows. 
To your surprise, Taehyung’s fingers wrap around your neck as he helps draw you up from your bent position. He squeezes only lightly, possessively, while bringing your back closer to his chest. 
You turn your head, angling yourself to see his face as you search for his mouth once again. Taehyung’s free hand roams your front, cupping each of your breasts and sliding it down the length of your stomach. His legs continue to pin you against the counter, stopping you from turning. 
“I’ll fuck you so hard,” he whispers. “Fuck that little cunt for all the times you’ve played hard to get.” 
A pathetic moan leaves your mouth, uncontrolled and completely shameful. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks; feel the way his fingers slightly choke you as if to tell you he means what he’s saying. It’s almost embarrassing at how fast your body quakes at the thought of his cock being minutes away from touching the deepest corners of your pussy. 
“Please…” you breathe.
Taehyung tugs you back with him, his feet padding against the hardwood flooring as your heels follow. Neither of you can keep your hands off another, as if you need the support of each other's bodies to get from one room to another. It’s a fit of giggles, pushing and shoving with exhilaration while accidentally bumping into various objects on your way through the door to his bedroom. 
It’s hard to navigate in the darkness when Taehyung sends you face first into the room, almost stumbling over the corner of a rug from not picking your feet up in time. You snip back at him, seeing his silhouette from the lighting coming from the doorframe. 
“Don’t need to be so pushy,” you stand firm. 
“Take the dress off,” his voice is low, daunting even. He stalks towards you, the darkness covering his front the more he comes closer, “and get on the bed.”
His fingers find their way to the back of your dress to the zipper, toying with the piece before pulling it down. 
“Mmm, yes sir,” you speak with a condescending tone. You raise your arms up for Taehyung to assist in slipping off your dress, revealing your undergarments. “Anything else you’d like me to do?” 
Taehyung shakes his head, an airy laugh coming from his lips. His large palms grip the sides of your waist, backing you up until your legs hit the edge of his bed. With a push, your body plops down into his sheets. 
“I’m glad you’re so talkative tonight,” he smirks, grabbing the straps of your thong and yanking them down your legs. “Must mean you’re going to be vocal for me.” 
He slots himself between your legs, shifting you upward on the bed before leaning down to kiss you again. Deliberately, he presses his clothed hard-on against your cunt. The pressure makes you moan out in pleasure as his lips capture yours; your arousal leaving a damped patch on the outside of his sweats. 
Taehyung ruts against you, dry humping into your body to make you crave him even more. Adding friction to most sensitive areas. His teeth capture your bottom lip, pulling it out before releasing it back. His plump lips kiss every inch of your jaw, down the column of your neck, and toward your cleavage. 
It’s fast paced, nothing sweet and innocent about the way his determination drives him into a hungry animal. He pulls aside the cups of your bra rather pugnacious, not caring if it pinches your skin as he searches for the clasp in the back. Taehyung’s mouth parts, open and wet kisses littering your chest. His tongue dances circles around each nipple, sucking hard on them before moving downward. 
You're smiling from the mixtures of pain and pleasure, and how eager Taehyung seems to be to get to the act. But the fire building up inside your body makes you feel more anticipation for his body in yours. Once he disposes of the annoying garment, his mouth roams freely to your entire chest. 
“Shit, Tae!” You call out the second you feel two of his fingers flicking over your clit. They part your labia aside, exposing your entire pussy to the air. The sensation is already buzzing through your nerves like electricity rushing through wires. 
He dips his head between your thighs, tongue running down the length of your inner thigh. His stubble softly scratches from the way he bushes closer to your nether region, a new feeling you haven’t necessarily felt coming from him before. 
“You feel so wet already,” he states with glee, “I don’t think I even need to work you open for me.” 
You can’t see, but you’re positive there is a lopsided grin plastered across his handsome face right now and the image itself makes you want to slap it right off of him. 
“I like the foreplay,” you roll your eyes. “The teasing shit, playful whatnots.” 
“And that’s all we do, isn’t it?” His chest vibrates with laughter. 
Delicately, the tips of his fingers prod at the ringed muscle into your cunt. It’s intricate and torturous all at the same time. Taehyung reads your body like a clock, the second your legs become to wiggle out of irritation and lack of friction he dives right in. 
His tongue lays flat against your clit, pushing it side to side against the little nub. He hums approval after the mewlish noise that escapes your mouth and how you buck into his face. His face buries against your most sensitive bits, you can even feel the presence of his teeth. The light scrape against your pussy makes you fear his bite, but also scarily excites you for the possibility. 
Taehyung’s arms wrap around each of your thighs, pinning your hips down on the mattress as he makes out with your cunt. Licking up every inch and tasting your delicious flavor. 
You clench every time the tip of his wet muscle rushes over your entrance, a natural reaction to foreign things infiltrating your velvety walls. The plush of his pillows catch your head as you toss it back, hands running down to card through his thick and disheveled hair. 
He listens to the way your breathy pants become louder over time, especially when he finally sticks his tongue inside of you. He thrusts it in slowly, feeling every corner of your opening as your body tries sucking him in. 
Unaware, Taehyung begins grinding his hips into his bed to add some sort of contact to his cock. The lack of physical touch eats away at the back of his mind, screaming at him to stick it inside of you. 
“God, I want to fuck you right now,” he bites the inside of your thigh, changing the pace. 
His hands are rushing to shove down his sweats and briefs, releasing his hefty cock. He cannot help but to immediately grab a fist full of himself, jerking his cock to please his body. 
“Let me ride you,” you lean up, taking his head in your hands to kiss him before he rejects the idea. 
You pull him with you up the length of the bed, maintaining the connection of your juicy lips while escorting him with your hands. By the time he’s plopping his ass down into the bed, his body laying flat, your legs straddle the sides of his hips. 
The darkness may be blinding you, given there’s very few light sources giving a tiny bit of sight, but you’re still able to feel the length and thickness of Taehyung’s cock below you as you sit on his lap. Taehyung’s hands roam your ass, squeezing at the flesh of your cheeks when you center yourself over him. Using the underside of his gifted shaft, you press your cunt onto him, using his dick as guidance as you run yourself up and down. 
Your arousal coats his cock so disgustingly, it’s tempting for him to rail you raw right now. Even with a few drinks in both of your systems, nether one of you are that stupid to allow that to happen though. 
“You feel so good,” you whisper against his lips as you roll your hips along him. Each passing thrust becomes too tempting to allow him to sink in, bare. 
His palms help control your strides, adding pressure to your backside to push harder against him. 
“If you keep this up I'll end up cumming,” he groans the moment your cunt runs over the underside of his tip. 
You lean to the side near his end table, pulling out the top drawer to pat your hand around the space inside. As you slide forward, Taehyung sucks in one of your nipples as his hands grasp your sides. The motion positions your cunt in the perfect place, right above the tip of his cock, where your stringy arousal still clings to him. 
After recklessly shoving your hand through several unidentified objects in his drawer, you finally find the box that contains the foils you’re seeking. Hastily you take one, spilling the others on the ground while you frantically take the item between your teeth, ready to rip it open. 
The pressure of his cockhead kissing right at your entrance has the two of you halting all actions. You feel Taehyung stiffening underneath you while you swallow thickly, the tension of just sinking even a mere inch down on him would be so undeniably heavenly and tasty. But taboo all at the same time. 
Involuntarily, your pussy clenches. He can feel it on his tip, where he responds back with the tightening of his abdomen and flexing of his cock. You nose against his cheek, breath panting as all your nerve endings yell at you.
It’s a waiting game, if either one of you moves for it you’re not sure if the other will reciprocate. 
Taehyung tilts his head closer to yours, his mouth scraping the side of your jaw. His voice is low, pained with resistance, as if he’s fighting off the fluttering naughty thoughts in his head. 
But he’s failing miserably. 
“Move…” his palms grip your waist, “please, Y/n.” 
You lay your forehead against his shoulder as you descend agonizingly slowly, feeling the pressure of his cock pushing up against your hole. Finally, the most blissful ‘pop’ happens when his head slips in drastically from all the straining. 
Your walls hug the inch he submerges inside of you, so rigorously, it makes this intimate moment feel ten times more deep. A disgruntled moan catches in his throat as your mouth whimpers simultaneously.
It’s dirtier knowing the two of you are without a condom for the first time, relishing in the skin-on-skin contact. Taehyung’s hips slowly scoot higher, nosediving his cockhead deeper through your walls. 
The tension adds fuel to the heat radiating within you, intensity stressing your nerves. But, God, does the feeling of slumping yourself fully into the seat of Taehyung’s lap feel nothing short of ecstasy. 
“Just for a little bit,” he whispers desperately, trying to fight his lustful wishes. 
He fills you up, your clit smooching his pelvic bone as you get speared on top of his cock. Sitting straight up feels like a chore, knowing the angle will make the feeling tighter. Lucky you, Taehyung seems content with your hunched over position as he takes the lead with the first, sharp, thrust up into you. 
You choke out a sob of delight, dropping the foil out of your mouth and onto his chest. 
Your cunt sucks him in so securely, squeezing him like life depending on it. Taehyung tosses his head back, his Adam’s apple bobbing with the deep groan he exhales. 
“My fuckin’ God,” he curses. His hips snap up into you yet again, forcing your body to bounce on him. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
Your hands grip his shoulders to anchor yourself, a pitiful sob coming out from your mouth as you attempt to muffle your own voice into his neck. 
“Yeah, just like that,” you gulp.
In a blink of an eye, Taehyung manages to scoop you from above him to underneath him in one swift movement. His arms caging you in before propping himself up, using the new position to his advantage. 
“This is dangerous,” he states. Contrary to his words, his hips still stutter as he slowly rolls into you. 
You know he’s enjoying it too much. Just like you are. 
Taehyung reaches over to click the lamp on, giving the room a warm light for the first time since you’ve entered. He looks down at you below him, his eyes blown out and hair tousled every which way. He glances at the way you modestly cover up your chest, not meaning to be pushing your breasts up together to please him – but the sight still satisfies him. 
“Just put the condom on, it’s all good,” you admit. Your eyes scan over the sheets until you find the dainty package, taking it between two fingers to hold up to him. 
“Yeah, yeah I should,” he laughs. 
Taehyung draws back momentarily; the disappearance of his nestled cock already being missed by your pussy. He takes the package, rips it apart and sinks the rubber around his dick after discarding the foil to the side. 
“Do you want me to keep the light off?” Taehyung questions as he takes your legs in his palms. He guides you to turn and takes place right behind you on the bed. His fingers glide over the curves of your body, dancing down your side until he’s able to reach the back of your knee. A sigh leaves his body, his lips attaching to your shoulder, “or can I fuck you in the light and watch your body squirm for me?” 
You giggle, stretching your head to the side to expose your neck for him. You move accordingly, assisting with helping him get into the spooning position. 
“We can keep it on,” you coo, “as long as you get me off. Because my body is aching right now.” 
The feeling of Taehyung’s cock navigating between your backside eventually finds its home right when you need it the most. By him tilting your hips forward, your pussy exposes perfectly for him to slip himself right back in. 
His stretch feels so deadly, colossal, that even the second reinsertion has you gasping into the covers. Taehyung searches for your face, lips speaking into your skin as his hips jerk into you with shallow movements. He pushes himself as deep as he can go given the angle he’s in, pistoning his cock against your front wall, right in the most vulnerable spot. He’s slow at first, letting your body savor the warmth and thickness of him. 
“I know you like it like this,” he laughs. His cock dragging long and hard against your inner walls. “Taking you from the back like a bitch, it’s your favorite position isn’t it?” 
You laugh with him, knowing he is absolutely right. You groan as he sinks himself further again, arching your backside with the motion. The thought of him being buried deeper appeals to you, wanting him to snug himself tightly into your cunt. 
“If you bend over further, I'll be able to give you more,” he whispers against the shell of your ear. 
His lips kiss right behind it, peppering down the side of your neck to your shoulder as he lazily thrusts into you from behind. His one hand helps hold your hip down and controls the way you wiggle from him while his other arm helps prop him off the bed. He moans as he stares down between the two of you, admiring the way the top of your asscheeks look and how his cock disappears from view when he pushes inside of you. 
“Fuck, Tae!” you breathe with an open mouth, your head lolling into the pillow. “Fuck, you feel so good.” 
Absentmindedly, you draw your hand down between your legs, fingers slipping around your wet lips to seek your clit. The need for pleasure makes your body act more desperately and on its own accord, and once you begin circling your fingertip around the small bundle of nerves your entire body shivers from the tingling sensations that add to your impending orgasm. 
Your body bends to give Taehyung more access behind you, calling out to him to fuck you more.
“Yes!” you whine. Your body jolts with the extra inches in your cunt being stretched. 
Taehyung’s hand shifts over yours, grasping your wrist and yanking it away. He tsks you while his entire hand blocks you from getting to your clit. Cuffing your mount while driving his dick roughly in. 
“Seriously?!” you spat out with aggravation. 
“You told me to get you off,” he laughs at your dedication as you push back into him. “So why are you rubbing yourself?” 
You groan out in anger, “because I was close!” 
Suddenly, Taehyung is rolling you to your stomach quickly, his body pinning you down. He shoves your face into his pillow while hoisting your hips up from the bed. The fast way he maneuvers around, you end up finding yourself slanting forward with pillows underneath your hips in a blink of an eye. 
There’s an airy and egotistical claim weaved through his voice when he speaks to you next. You’d give everything to see the way his face looks when he growls out the words, “If you’re going to cum, it’s going to be from my balls slapping into your cunt as I take you from the back. Then i’m going to continuing fucking you through it, not stopping even when you’re spent. Now spread your legs for me.” 
Thank heavens the surface below you is soft from the mattress, because the way his legs split your thighs open has your knees cramming down into the bed. If it were to be the hardwood flooring, you would end up with some real nasty bruises on your body. 
His touch controls the way your body needs to be placed, cock slipping between your folds once again as he plunges in harshly. With one palm pushing down on the center of your back, he bends you down as he drills his cock into you. 
The pillows muffle your louder moans, nearly choking out to catch your breath. The faster Taehyung goes, the more your noises draw out. Even the headboard above you begins tapping roughly against the wall that stands behind it, knocking in a rhythmic pace. 
His cock grazes over your gspot far too many times in the matter of seconds, edging you closer and closer to that tasteful orgasm. Each time he bottoms out, slapping his hips into your ass and sinking his entire length into your accepting pussy, his sack strikes right onto your clit. The sting pushes your nerves to the extreme. Leaving you a whining mess under him the moment your climax comes crashing into you, shaking your body uncontrollably. 
Your hands had reached back, gripping onto the sides of his thighs as he continued to roll into your cunt. Sobs leave your mouth as your body begs to collapse, to relax, but Taehyung refuses to let you. 
Instead his hand pushes your back down harder, trying to give him the optimal angle to completely obliterate your cunt as he chases his own high. 
“Tae!” you cry out, your nails digging into his sink to soften the blows from behind. It’s far too blissful and you’re not sure if your poor pussy is begging for him to stop or to continue. 
“You like that? Huh?” you hear him over the sounds of him smacking into you. “Love the way you're trying to stop yourself from more pleasure. Love how your cunt is weeping for my cock to fill you.” 
“Oh, God!” you crane your neck. “Yes! Yes, yes!” 
There’s no way to be able to see him from this limited spot, but you watch his shadow on the wall. Even the way the light paints him still makes Taehyung look sexy, the way his lithe body snaps fast and hard into your submissive one. Your back is beginning to pinch uncomfortably as you hold onto Taehyung’s legs for dear life. 
His delicious audible vocals begin to sound rugged, uneven. Before you know it, Taehyung slinks himself out to yank off the condom and begins to ferociously jerk his cock. He rests it on top of your ass as globs of white and hot cum spurt from his tip, landing sporadically across your back. He grunts; it sounds like he’s been suffering for ages to release his load. 
“F-Fuckin’ shit,” he slows the speed of his fist, making sure to milk each drop out on your skin. 
Finally, you’re allowed to let your knees give away from underneath you. Tiredly, with the little strength you have left, you pull away all the pillows from below you. Laying completely flat on your stomach never has felt better than right now. 
Both you and Taehyung’s breaths can be heard, trying to calm down the excitement in each other’s bodies. He moves off of the bed and exits the room with no words, only to come back with a moistened hand towel for you. He plops beside you on the edge of the bed, sighing heavily as his body starts slowing down. 
“You good?” he tilts his head, eyes scanning you. 
You nod as you hum, feeling deflated and tired already from the activities. Even twisting your back to spin around has you wincing with pain. 
“You went kind of harder than usual… my back actually hurts.”
Taehyung lets out a sardonic laugh, not even pitying your state and finding your complaints hilarious. “Yeah? Well you made me bleed.” He points to the outside of his thigh, revealing strong streaks that broke his skin from your nails. Small blotches of dried blood color the small wounds, surely it probably stings him like how a cat’s scratch would. “Take it as a compliment. You have a good pussy and I wanted to fuck you better than I have before. So are you going to say sorry about drawing blood or does that make up for your back hurting?” 
“You’re such an ass sometimes,” you shake your head while you poke fun at him. You’re not mad, he’s just a confident and egotistical male. 
Taehyung drags the hand towel over the pieces of his spilled seed on your back, cleaning up the leaked surprises. He ticks his head as if agreeing with your statement, but no words leave the pout on his mouth. 
“Apology accepted,” you laugh as you hint to his humble aftercare and acceptance of his occasional ‘ass’-self. 
After cleaning your backside up, he searches for his sweats to yank up his lengthy legs. He shuffles through the door, calling out to you over his shoulder, “If you want your ramyeon you can come and get it.” 
Eventually you’ve made your way out of his bed, with struggle of course while properly trying to redress your body with your night outfit. You find Taehyung sitting on a stool with a piece of roasted seaweed between his lips. His eyes scan over his phone, aimlessly browsing over some sort of social media as you walk past him to the cold bowl of ramyeon. A tossup between Twitter, Weverse, or Instagram. 
“You’re not really going to eat that, are you?” He questions from behind you, curiosity spiking his interests. 
“I’ll reheat it in a microwave. I really don’t care, I'm just so hungry.” 
You maneuver around his kitchen area like an expert, as if you’ve been here too many times – wait, you have. Upon turning to ask him if he has some sort of rain reliever medications, you catch his eyes watching your lower half. You squint at him, expecting for him to speak for being caught. 
He hums as if he didn’t hear you say anything when his attention snaps back to your face. Taehyung’s eyebrows raise as he raises a questionable eyebrow. 
“Pain? Medication?” you enunciate. 
Taehyung shrugs in his seat, he leans back while taking a hit from his juul. He exhales the smoke from his nostrils, phone completely abandoned. 
“Did you put your underwear back on?” 
So, he’s allowed to just completely avoid your questions? Some guy. 
You scoff, turning your head back to the microwave that’s counting down the seconds for your food. 
“I’m seriously asking,” he laughs. His hand props his head up, elbow placing on the counter as he leans forward. “They’re probably all disgusting with how dirty they got.” 
“To answer your curiosity, no, I didn’t. They’re still somewhere on the floor in your room.” 
The smug look across your face annoys you. Not fair how he looks so naturally pretty and handsome all at once, even whenever he’s being cheeky you find him quite adorable. You take the first slurp of noodles from your bowl; they aren’t as good as you hope but they’ll do their job with satisfying your hunger. 
“I’m surprised you have your dress on, are you leaving?” 
You pause your actions for a second, contemplating the choices you have.
“Well, I have nothing else to wear. And I'm not walking around naked.” 
“That would have been a nice sight,” he adds. His tongue comes prodding out of his mouth, licking his lips wet. 
“Are you really flirting with me right now? After having just fucked me?” You criticize, dumbfounded at him. 
Taehyung stands up from his seat, paddles his way around to your side of the island to step close to you. You try to not let his close proximity affect your eating, minding him no business and not giving into the attention. 
His knuckle runs along the length of your arm all the way down to your elbow. When you don’t budge, he takes more drastic measures. Taehyung makes comfort behind you, latching his body against you as his chin rests on your shoulder. 
You give him a sound of warning, protesting his sudden movements. 
“What do you think you’re doing?” you grumble with noodles in your mouth. 
Taehyung groans with displeasure, his cheek pressing against yours. “Hurry up, Y/n,” – his hands grip the hem of your dress, raising it up your body – “I want to fuck you again.” 
You argue back as you shove another mouthful of ramyeon in your mouth, “You can wait. Plus the condoms are in your room, so you really need to wait.” 
To spite him, you push yourself back onto him. 
His grip tightens when his hands rest on your waist, controlling your hips as he takes the reins and pulls you back onto him a few times. Replicating the motion of how his body feels when he thrusts into you… minus the presence of his cock inside of you. 
“Then I guess we need to make our way back into my room for round two…” 
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved under @kimtaehyunq​​ - do not copy, repost, modify, edit, or translate any of my work without my direct consent. This tumblr and my ao3 are the ONLY places my fics are posted.
Tumblr media
fantastic moodboard made by @/jeonjcngkook! <3
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suga-kookiemonster · a month ago
Happy Ho-lidays!
Tumblr media
Ho ho ho, could this be true? @floralseokjin @suga-kookiemonster @sugaurora @underthejoon @winetae @btssavedmylifeblr and @kpopfanfictrash with presents for you! Take some time to unwind, and sneak a peek at what's stuffing your stocking 😉
Tumblr media
Winter Solace by @floralseokjin
Pairing⇢ Kim Seokjin x Reader
Summary⇢ After a difficult few months (and years), a fresh start in a new city is both equal parts thrilling and terrifying, but you’re determined to make it work. It’s just you and your dog-sized cat Nox, ready to take on the world. Of course along the way there are ups, and there are downs. The main down being you’re short on cash after the big move, unable to spend Christmas with your family. The main up is your kind and thoughtful neighbour who offers to celebrate the holiday with you, despite not being a fan of it himself…
Tumblr media
This Christmas by @suga-kookiemonster
Pairing⇢ Min Yoongi x Reader
Summary⇢ it's been a while since you've been home for the holidays, but this year, you finally plan on rectifying that. things are going well for you—great job, great friends, and a new boyfriend who you have a pretty great feeling about—and it seems everything in your life is finally slotting into place. but, of course, the past is a relentless specter and the universe always has a way of humbling you. in a ridiculous twist of fate, you soon find yourself stuck in a car with the very reason you have avoided coming back in the first place.
Tumblr media
A Porn Star's Guide to the Holidays by @sugaurora
Pairing⇢ Jung Hoseok x Reader
Summary⇢ Jung Hoseok was your first love, a relationship that ended only because your post-high school dreams led you down two very different paths. Yours brought you to Jeon Jungkook, talent agent for some of the most well-loved adult entertainment actors of the era. And that’s how you became an industry darling, doing just about everything from outdoor gangbangs to golden showers and a long list of kinks in between.
Six years later and you’re ready to find a new path, celebrating your exit from the business with a massive holiday party at your home. Only your new neighbor gets an accidental invite and when he arrives you find yourself standing face-to-face with your high school sweetheart. Suddenly, you’re forced to confront where the years have taken you and feelings that may have never quite gone away.
What’s a former porn star to do?
Tumblr media
All Wrapped Up by @underthejoon
Pairing⇢ Kim Namjoon x Reader
Summary⇢ All is currently Merry and Bright in your very secret, very sexy little bubble with Namjoon. But with the holidays on the horizon and the annual friends trip to his family’s cabin fast approaching, the pressure to DTR is at an all time high. Will you meet Namjoon under the mistletoe and finally out your fling to your friends? Or will your case of cold feet ruin the good thing you’ve got going?
Tumblr media
ANTIFREEZE by @winetae
Pairing⇢ Park Jimin x Reader
Summary⇢ ‘Don’t sleep with your dance partners.’
For three years, Jimin has followed the above rule religiously. Who knew it would take a vengeful ex, a Christmas fundraiser, and a pair of torn tights for his resolve to crumble?
alternatively, Jimin participates in the school’s adaption of The Nutcracker for extra credit but doesn’t expect his new dance partner to a) be this bad at dancing and b) be this fucking cute
Tumblr media
A Christmas Carol in Itaewon by @btssavedmylifeblr
Pairing⇢ Kim Taehyung x Reader
Summary⇢ Finding yourself alone and far from home on Christmas Eve, you are haunted by three spirits. But the real ghost from your past is your childhood sweetheart turned famous actor, Kim Taehyung.
(Ft. Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon as the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future)
Tumblr media
A Holiday Snowdown by @kpopfanfictrash
Pairing⇢ Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Summary⇢ The Inn on the Hill is in trouble. Or that's what your boss, Namjoon, says during the last-minute All Staff holiday meeting he calls. You need money, and you need money fast, or his parents are planning to sell the resort. When no one can think of an easy solution, Namjoon proposes his parents' idea: a weeklong social media blitz with a celebrity guest. The celebrity? None other than Jeon Jungkook himself: two-time Olympic gold medalist, world-class snowboarder and the nation's sweetheart. What's the problem? You happen to have met Jeon Jungkook before, and sincerely hoped you'd never see him again.
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chateautae · 19 days ago
heart of the flame | kth. (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
banner by the lovely ash @jimilter​ <3​
Tumblr media
➵ summary : when fate leads to you to meet sweet and charming firefighter, kim taehyung, you don’t expect him to become the irrevocable love of your life. spending your days with him become just as easy as breathing, and you begin to believe your love is unbreakable. but when fundamental issues begin to tear your relationship apart, you learn that despite heartfelt memories and irreplaceable history, sometimes love that burns too brightly only blazes out faster. you’re both willing to fight tooth and nail to make your love long-lasting however, and discover that maybe, just maybe, love is enough.
OR, stranded and alone, kim taehyung offers the help you exactly need. rooming with him in his apartment seems harmless at first, but as history resurfaces and tensions rise, harmless turns into hazardous, and ensues an intense relationship that plays with the very thing he fights—fire.”
↳ part of the ‘warm this winter’ collaboration!
➵ pairing: firefighter!taehyung x f. librarian!reader
➵ genre: roommates!au, friends absolute idiots to lovers!au, romance, fluff, smut, angst
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 33k
➵ warnings: swearing, mentions of a fire rescue + smoke inhalation, sexual references, mentions of masturbation, mentions of big dicc!tae, sexual tension, alcohol consumption, kissing, some anxiety, argument/conflict
➵ a/n: here’s the first part of my taehyung birthday special everyone!! gosh this fic has been in the works for so long and it makes me so happy to finally let it come to life, i hope you enjoy 🥺💓 thank you eternally to my loves @inkedtae​ and @amourtae​ for beta-ing and encouraging me!! as always, your feedback means the world to me <3
➵ playlist: love me like that by sam kim 
Tumblr media
act I. || act II. || act III. (final) 
Tumblr media
Love is not enough, they say. 
Love is hard; it’s trial and error, it’s trust and vulnerability, it’s opening up your chest to another and praying they won’t crush your heart with one squeeze. But above all, love is warm. 
It’s warm like a flame, whether small and quaint like a candlelight, soft and tender like the blaze of a campfire, or ferociously passionate and powerful like the gusts of an open inferno. 
That’s what you and Taehyung were, passionate and powerful, love that burned brightly and brilliantly. You were magnetic, inseparable, destined for one another. 
Until destiny decided to craft other plans. 
You and Taehyung can only be told through a long, grueling story, one that consumes you and yet leaves you hungry, shatters and yet mends you all the same. 
A story you didn’t know would burn as hot as the heart of a flame. 
It begins on a cold, rainy October afternoon. Working at your local library had not been the headache you believed it to be, and sorting books was not so tedious. It was simple; you minded your own business and nobody bothered you. It grants the perfect time to become lost in your quite entertaining thoughts. 
What should I eat today? 
Okay, maybe not all are entertaining. Though one element of your life you could for sure label as entertaining was your best friend Miso, who quite rambunctiously rambles about her idyllic, crazy life to you over the phone. It was your breaktime, and nothing uplifted you more than busting a gut with her.  
It made the library more bearable. 
“Gosh, I need to fucking ask a sex therapist about this. Am I seriously stupid for not having a foot fetish like Seoyun?” Miso exasperates, causing you to hide your giggle with a hand. 
“Please, you’re totally allowed to not be into the whole foot thing. If Seoyun likes it then that’s a him thing, not a you thing.” You counter. 
“Right? Why am I not allowed to not be into it? If he wants to be a toe guy, he can be a toe guy while I stay a finger gal.” 
“Fucking preach to that.” You lift a hand as a hallelujah, phone squished to your ear by your shoulder as you spoon away at some yogurt. “How did he even get so into feet all of a sudden, anyway? I swear Seoyun’s never been into them for as long as I’ve known him.” 
“I think his goddamn older brother put the idea in his head. Fuck him for that.” You can imagine an angry Miso flipping off said brother on the other end. 
“His older brother…?” That sounds familiar. You knit your eyebrows together trying to comprehend why bells are ringing in your head. 
“Taehyung. Kim Taehyung, remember?” 
Kim Taehyung… fuck. That’s why your bells were going off. 
“Right, right. Tae.” You remember, nodding to yourself. “He um… so he’s into feet?” 
“Yeah, definitely information I did not think I would acquire in life.” 
“Yeah, me neither. It’s only been five fucking years since I’ve seen the guy. Knowing he’s got a foot fetish was not what I needed to know about him.” You pull a face of repulsion, not even knowing how your stand on it. 
“What? Wanted to know how he’s been doing? How much more handsome he is? If he’s dating someone?” Miso asks in a teasing succession. 
“No, Miso! I just meant that it’s been a long time and that’s the first thing I fucking hear about him. Talk about weird.” You play off with a dismissive tone, finishing up your cup of yogurt and tossing it out. 
“Whatever. Do you think I should see a sex therapist?” 
“No! Just because Seoyun’s into something doesn’t mean you need to be into it. And who knows, if you let him try it, maybe you’ll actually end up liking it too.” 
“Is this you trying to tell me you have a foot fetish?” 
“No, oh my fucking God!” You screech, fixing up your office desk and making towards the front. “I’m gonna hang up this phone now. My break is over.” 
“Wait, wait!” Miso suddenly dramatizes. 
“You know, if you wanted to know something real about Tae, he’s actually local to you.” Miso offers, furrowing your brows. 
“Huh? Really?” 
“Yeah, I wanted to give you a head’s up that he actually works in Chicago. Though I’m not going to tell you more, only that who knows, maybe you’ll actually bump into him in the city.” The information leaves you with a myriad of intricate feelings, slowly acknowledging them. 
“I see, maybe I will.” Is all you can answer. “Pretty sure it’ll just be like old times, anyway.” 
“Yeah, probably.” Miso responds plainly, hearing her end fall silent. It’s only until you’ve completely reached the front of the library does she start up again, voice chipper. 
“So, do you think I need to see a sex therapist about being into-” 
“Oh for fuck’s sake, you do not need to see a sex therapist!” After shrieking at her over the phone, you rapidly remove it from your ear and smash down the end call button. Your expression is completely exasperated, tidying your hair and outfit to be presentable. 
Your small vintage library in the city surely wasn’t the most bustling area on the street; there were other libraries, along with the largest one in Chicago, that trumped yours. But the quaint, homey feel to your little setup felt much more intimate, inviting. It wasn’t as modern and innovative as the other libraries, but housed classic literature and even some rare books that granted the space to adopt a much more Victorian, decorous appearance. 
The money was fair, and the library was steady enough that it was never too busy, nor too dead. You searched through a catalog of books for the day, crossing off the carts of returns you finished and indicating which ones were still left. Humming a useless tune, your attention is stolen when the bell at the front door rings, signaling a visitor. 
Flickering towards the sound, your eyes nearly bug out of their sockets. You have just witnessed the most beautiful man to ever exist walk inside the library, and the thing is… you know him. 
Kim Taehyung?
What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?! Your entire headspace falls into a state of panic, never in your entire life did you think for once, what Miso said was fucking right. Goddamn that wench, she probably manifested and prayed for this. 
Swallowing, you catch yourself gawking at him, and just when he begins turning his head in your direction, you refocus on your catalog as smoothly as possible. At least you think. You clear your throat as well, getting a hold of yourself because this is completely okay. It’s not like you and Taehyung have this vastly complex and complicated history, you can handle this. 
Actually, you and Taehyung have little to no history at all in your opinion, nothing to fret about. You have to backtrack for this. 
Highschool, ninth grade. Miso had grievously begged you to accompany her on this study date with a guy named Kim Seoyun. You obviously rolled your eyes, telling her it’s not a big deal if she goes alone. This Seoyun fella asking her to study with him meant he only signed up for her company, not yours. 
“But it’s at his house, Y/N, his house!!” That’s when your jaw dropped, blinking multiple times just to compute the information. Seoyun was your age and Miso’s so he wouldn’t exactly have any ill intent towards your best friend, right? He’s only inviting her over for a study date… alone… at his house…
“Buy me a caramel macchiato and I’ll meet you behind the school.” You didn’t even hesitate. 
Half an hour later, you found yourself at a quaint, though cozy home, welcomed by a slightly surprised Seoyun, who, to your shock, warmly invited you in along with Miso. You obviously didn’t miss the way he kept his kind eyes and attention on her most of the time. It was evident where his feelings lied, and would for the next nine years until present day. 
Seoyun and yourself became well-acquainted. Better than that; actual best friends. You both had the unchanging intention of taking care of Miso and ensuring she was happy, which seemed enough cause to befriend the, at the time, scrawny, humble kid with glasses who was the epitome of gentlemanly. 
His interest in her however, left you painfully alone that day. Miso had surprisingly warmed up to Seoyun and ended up enjoying her time with him, resulting in your satirical identity as the third wheel. Wanting to gain some fresh air from all the sweet flirting, you excused yourself for a water bottle. Seoyun offered to fetch you one but you insisted he stay. 
You weren’t going to be the thorn in the side of a blooming romance. 
You asked him to inform you of where to look. He provided directions for the refrigerator, and so you disappeared from their lovey dovey ‘studying’. 
Sighing, you grasp a water bottle from the open fridge once you’re downstairs, and contemplate how absolutely obviously you were cock-blocking before. Grimacing at the agitating romance movie taking place upstairs, you close the fridge door with a distracted mind. 
Until you have a reason not to be.
 The second it shut, you spotted a 5’10, silver-haired and full-lipped man right before you, gasping at the sight of him. He was staring down at you, hard. 
And you forgot to mention he was also strikingly handsome. Shit. 
“Who are you?” He furrowed his brows and asked, folding his arms. His hands caught your immediate attention, gulping once you witnessed just how much of a masterpiece they were. Large and veiny, slender and long. Not to mention a sexy web of veins that ran down his forearms, which were on display with the white t-shirt and gray sweatpants combination he wore, complementing his hair. He appeared older than you. 
Why is his hair silver? 
He flipped his hair out of his eyes, calling attention towards the single dangly earring he wore. Your breathing hitched, and suddenly the faint mole on the tip of his nose threw you a curveball. Absolutely stunning. 
He cocked his brow questioningly. You scrambled once you realized you didn’t answer him yet. “I’m..um.. Actually, what do you mean who am I? Who are you?” You interrogated with an attitude, clutching your water bottle to your chest. 
The man scoffed through a dry chuckle. “Me? You’re in my house, gorgeous. Who are you?” 
The pet name nearly doubled you over. Swallowing, you realized your fault, clearing your throat to prevent a squeaky voice. “I’m-I’m Y/N. I’m Miso’s best friend.” 
“Ah, the girl Seoyun’s got a crush on, huh?” 
You lit up with excitement, clasping your hands together and leaping for joy as though you were a child. “Oh my God, so he does like Miso!” 
“Pretty obvious, don’t you think? He invited her to our house,” the man then takes a moment to scan you, really scan you, and suddenly your cheeks feel all too warm detecting the not-so-innocent gleam in his coffee irises. “Though I don’t remember him saying she’d bring a cute friend.” 
You choked. Avoiding the marathon your heart runs, you narrowed your eyes at him, lips falling into a pout. “Hey, old man. I’m 14 for your information. Maybe aim for someone your age.” 
“Relax, miss feisty. I’m only 17.” He held up a hand, his tone provocative. 
“Whatever. I came because I didn’t know Seoyun’s intentions with Miso, and I had to protect her.” 
“Wait, you thought… my little brother?” The man actually takes a moment to laugh, clearly he understands what you meant by ‘accompanying Miso for her protection’. It’s not your fault you were being precautionary, you never knew with boys! 
“Yeah, my little bro doesn’t have a single bone in his body to make a move on a girl like that.” The man dismissed, still cracking up. “Damn, that’s the funniest shit I’ve heard all day.” 
Almost defensive of Seoyun, you felt the urge to counter the silver-haired man. Again, you wonder why in the world he’s silver, such an obscure colour to dye your hair…
“Hey, at least Seoyun’s nice. And for your information, he’s making great progress with Miso. She’s totally into him.” 
“Whatever, he has no clue how to bag a girl at all.” 
“And you do?” You quirked a brow, arms crossed and tone riddled with challenge. Seoyun’s older brother harmlessly chuckled, observing you, and you become instantly weak for the sexy show of his teeth when he smirks. Something hot lights up between your legs, and you internally panic.  
What the fuck is that? 
The man’s laughter stops, and before you could even blink, he suddenly leans forward and rests his forearm against the refrigerator, leveling his height with yours. He bores into your eyes, and your heart picks up unimaginable speeds as time seems to slow, and your surroundings disappear. He’s all you see, and you ungraciously hiccup; staring back at him wide-eyed as he tilted his head. 
“I could have you charmed in two seconds, sweetie.” The man’s deep voice resonates within your ears, stealing your breath away. He watched it hitch, cracking an entertained, smug grin. “Make that one second, I guess.” 
Expression morphing into a scowl, you narrow your eyes into slits and shove him back by his chest, watching him falter. “I just met you, weirdo, don’t call me ‘sweetie’.” You lamely countered, but it’s the best you had. “And I’m not charmed, more like disgusted.” 
Seoyun’s older brother laughed at your huffy face, hiding his chuckle behind a fist. “Shit, you really are cute.” 
Narrowing your eyes yet again and at a loss for words, you scrambled for a response. “Wh-whatever, weirdo. Just.. why don’t you actually try helping your brother with my best friend instead of hating on him? Maybe then it would make you less of an asshole.” 
The man opens his mouth to speak, but you dashed by him before he could. He stumbled out of the way as you marched towards the stairs, cursing him in your head. It’s only when you’ve reached the sixth step do you hear him speak again, much more polite and actually… friendly. 
“Taehyung, by the way. My name’s Taehyung.”
Tumblr media
The memory is still fresh in your mind, needing to physically shake your head to escape it. Back then, you had no clue the rest of your days in highschool would be filled with accompanying Miso to her study dates, or, well, actual dates. Parties, birthdays and nights out, you and Miso were inseparable, and so were her and Seoyun.
They began dating just a month or so later, their connection was too magnetic to deny. You always adored the happy couple, they were simply perfect for one another. Seoyun kept Miso’s erratically quirky personality in check with his calm demeanour, and Miso knew exactly how to bring out the fun in Seoyun. 
Part of you always felt as though Seoyun possibly hated your constant tagging along, but that wasn’t always the case, because almost anytime he hung out with your best friend, you got stuck with his older brother. 
Especially during those pesky study dates where Miso went to the Kim house. 
It always ended up with you and Taehyung slow-rolling a movie, hollering at FPS video games together or bickering over useless things while your best friend and his younger brother spent their alone time as lovebirds. 
Most nights resulted in you and him snarkily challenging each other; Taehyung claiming all your high school subjects were easy while you whined for either his help, or for him to shut the fuck up. Debating over whether the chicken or egg came first, Taehyung trying to convince you pineapple on pizza was delicious rather than an abomination or you posing your detailed arguments concerning why New Year’s Eve is a better holiday than Christmas Eve. 
Miso and Seoyun always found your dynamic entertaining. 
Despite her boisterous personality, Miso was actually quite demure with Seoyun, especially when it came to anything regarding sex. She became wary and antsy about the whole thing, the promiscuous high school life having thrown her for a loop. She kept expecting Seoyun to make a move, to suddenly spring intimacy onto her, but you could tell Seoyun wasn’t the type. You’d always assure her that Seoyun would be kind and gentle about it. 
In the end, he waited for Miso to give the greenlight before he did anything. 
‘My little bro doesn’t have a single bone in his body to make a move on a girl like that.’
Fucking Kim Taehyung. You didn’t hear the end of it every time you, Seoyun and Miso went out, and it was always Taehyung that picked the three of you up. 
“So, heard my brother finally grew some and did a man’s deed. I told you he wouldn’t make a move on Miso for years.” Taehyung smugly commented, hand on the steering wheel of his stalled vehicle as he poked the inside of his cheek, leaning back with nonchalance.
Why the fuck does he have to be so jaw-droppingly sexy when he’s being annoying? 
“So what? Most women appreciate when a man takes his time instead of being forced into something they don’t want.”  
Taehyung hissed. “Are you insinuating I’m the type of man that wouldn’t take his time with a woman, gorgeous?” His mystifying eyes set on you, the look in his irises absolutely tempting. You sucked in a breath to remain calm, staring back at him with nothing but pride and prejudice.
“You seem like the type of man that chooses to play games.” You retorted, crossing your arms. 
Taehyung scoffed, wetting his lips as he looked away, before returning to you. He bored into your very soul, leaning over from his driver’s seat as his deep, captivating voice hypnotized you.
“I only play games when I want to fuck.” 
Your breath hitched. Arousal sparked so badly inside you, you gushed in your panties. The way he casually says such a lewd thing leaves your gut twisting, attempting to mask it with disgust. But the implications of his words already leave their mark on you, squirming in your seat. You swallowed, huffing as you break eye contact, and clearly heard an amused chuckle from Taehyung.  
Being stuck in the car with him was always a grueling amount of time to pass; Taehyung drumming his pretty thumbs on the steering wheel as he puffed his cheeks and bobbed his head to the jazz from his speaker. You always internally scoffed; what classy music for an unclassy guy. 
Sometimes, when he wasn’t looking, you would find yourself unintentionally gazing at him. He was just so ineffably beautiful. The mesmerizing chisel of his jawline, the wide fullness of his pretty lips, his adorable puppy, brown eyes, his silky, though ruffled black hair. You’d seen Taehyung change throughout the years, and yet nothing took away from his unchanging beauty. 
He would sometimes catch you staring, needing to rapidly look away and mask your slip up with a cough or sneeze. 
“I know you were looking at me, sweetie.” 
You rolled your eyes. How in God’s name has he become even more obnoxious in the last 2 years you’ve known him? 
“I was trying to figure out how someone can be so ugly, actually.” 
“Ouu, that hurt, Y/N.” He feigned a shot through the heart with a hiss, instantly turning your head for a counter. 
“Good, that was my inten-”
Right then, Taehyung’s hand suddenly landed underneath your chin, making you lock eyes with him. His thumb gently brushed your skin, sucking you into an irreversible trap. Your 16-year old self couldn’t help but feel nerves rush somewhere they shouldn’t, especially in the presence of such a mesmerizing man. 
“It's a shame you find me ugly,” he said, his voice much, much deeper as he breathes. “I find you gorgeous.” 
His words make your heart flutter, cheeks warm. You were left speechless, utterly blindsided by his simple, and yet loud actions. He didn’t just look at you, he gazed, hard enough that it was impossible to not feel an unresolved, unaddressed tension between you two. 
You open your mouth to speak until you’re both interrupted by Miso and Seoyun’g giggles outside, Taehyung rapidly retracting his hand. He coughed to clear the awkwardness as they both fit into the backseat, and you similarly cleared your throat. 
“Ready to go, guys?” Taehyung asked the couple. 
“Yeah, hyung. We’re good.” His brother answered. 
Hitting the road, you couldn’t help but consider every feeling that attacked you whenever you were with Taehyung. His car smelled like him, and you were already addicted to the fresh scent of sandalwood and pine, wondering what it would feel like to smell that from his very skin. You could feel his gaze on you every so often, trying to distract yourself from watching him drive. 
Most times, you failed, peeking over to find your eyes locking with Taehyung, and this time, unable to look away. 
That’s how it had always been with Taehyung. Palpable, riveting, suffocating. Some days you could manage his presence when he was a safe distance of 12 feet away from you. Any closer, and his alpha male, charming aura always ruled over your entire system, unable to shake the feeling of undeniable attraction to him. 
You contemplated it many times, did he ever feel the same attraction? Perhaps, especially with the way he treated you all those years, with friendliness, openness, always doing something that left room for just a little more. Those cheek caresses, those pet names, those casual compliments. It left Taehyung a big, unlabeled box of mystery to you, and yet made him all the more enthralling, made you desire him. 
But his three more years on you always convinced you he would never pursue you nor feel anything more than friendship. You were merely for his teasing and playing games, and that’s as far as your importance went. Taehyung ended up moving out for school after a couple years in college anyway, leaving him absent from your life for the last five years, and deep in the recesses of your mind. 
So seeing him now, you were left completely floored. His body is much, much more bulky, his shoulders, chest and back are broader as he seems to stand taller. Perhaps it was the black sweater underneath his jacket hugging his masculine curves that sexily accentuated his height and build. His jaw was more defined, his features rugged with a sense of maturity, as though he aged like fine wine. Brown hair set impeccably over his forehead, lips still full as the day you met him. 
And when he turned around to walk towards a shelf? God, that ass. His tan khakis did nothing but restrict the plumpness of his backside and show off the model-like length of his legs. 
This is blasphemous, you think. No way are you currently seeing the same Kim Taehyung you knew back then. No way is he even more painstakingly handsome, or that you still openly drool over him. Smug, overly confident and owned-a-show-stopping-smile-that-could-get-any-woman-on-her-knees Kim Taehyung?
Almost as though reverting to your old habits, you stare at him, wide-eyed and stunned like a deer, until he steals a quick glance towards you.
You instantly cough and turn your back on him, pretending to busy yourself with another catalog. Enough time passes as you tunelessly whistle and chew on your pen. You think the coast is clear. Carefully peeking at him again, you find his long pointer finger perusing the many books in the classic literature section until he finally chooses one, opening up the pages. 
You use The Force to telepathically figure out what he’s reading, until Taehyung flickers his eyes up from his book and looks at you again. He has a small crease to his eyebrows that could indicate he’s possibly… recognizing you? You immediately become startled by the idea and end up spilling over some of your pens, scrambling to embarrassingly clean them up. 
Feeling the urge to jump off a cliff, you swear you catch the remnants of a smile on his lips, possibly laughing at you. Releasing a deep breath, you figure this is bad for your health, he’s bad for your health. You’re quite literally the equivalent of an idiot and you’re not sure if you’re mentally prepared to confront him right now. 
Not just ten minutes ago, you heard from Miso he has a foot fetish, and now you’re seeing him before your eyes? 
Fate is evil, you conclude. Quickly stepping away to instruct another employee to man the front, you nearly choke hearing a very deep, very familiar voice call you. Except now, it’s somehow much more rich, and has a rough, mature cadence to it. God-fucking-dammit.
“Excuse me, sorry. I was wondering if I could check this out.” Your heart stops. Your stomach’s bubbling, your nerves ignite and the hair’s on your arms stand up. Scouring whatever bravery there exists on Earth, you swivel around, assembling the best smile you can. 
“O-of course, sir. I’ll help you out.” You swallow, clearing your throat. You peer up at Taehyung briefly as you reach out for the book, and your heart pounds. 
Holy mother of hell, he’s so much broader and bigger now. He meets your gaze, and you feel his aura immediately permeate you, biting your lip to simply grasp the book from him, and nothing more.
You scan over the cover. “Pride and Prejudice, huh?” 
“It’s a classic.” He offers with a casual shrug, and you reply with a kind smile. You look up at him from your eyelashes every so often as you check out the book, finding that he’s intently watching you. Not your hands, but your face. You can sense him beating over all your features, clearly detecting a sort of… familiarity with you. 
His palms come up to grip the edge of the counter, dipping down to almost level his height with yours. You vehemently ignore it, attempting to slow the beating of your heart because fuck, there’s that scent again. Sandalwood and pine needle. He never changed it, huh? 
You can feel his composed gaze on you, staring hard, and it leaves a searing heat to envelop your body. He surprisingly doesn’t indulge in any further conversation, bringing you relief. You end the transaction, gladly presenting him the book after clearing your throat. 
“There you go, all ready.” You smile. 
“Ah, thank you.” Taehyung says politely, and your mind can’t help but drift into observations of him. Overly confident? No. Smug? Not too much anymore. But after he shows his gratitude, he hits you with a side grin that utterly grips you. 
Show-stopping smile that could make any woman get on her knees? Yeah, the bastard still fucking had it. 
You expected him to say more, especially with the way he clasps the Austen classic, and lingers in taking it from you. His long fingers extend far enough to just brush yours, and your entire system goes into a frenzy. 
His hands were always a masterpiece, and you always wondered what they would feel like in other places…
Okay, not going there. His intrigued eyes never left yours, looking so purposefully you were sure he recognized you, certain that he did. Though instead, Taehyung flashes you another stunning smile, saying thank you once again, and he bids you a farewell. He clutches the book under his arm as he makes towards the front door, and exits the library without any further interaction, the sound of the bell chiming his leave. 
You’re finally granted the luxury of breathing, head spinning. You had no clue whatsoever Taehyung could still have that world-altering effect on you, needing to re-evaluate yourself about it. Though most of all, what bothered you was that Taehyung 100% recognized you, and even worse, made his presence very much known to you. So why didn’t he say anything? 
Whatever, you knew this would possibly be the last time you saw him, or at least wouldn’t see him for months with your library’s lax return policy. So you shrug it off, and mark off a copy of Pride and Prejudice as taken. 
Tumblr media
“You look familiar.” 
You nearly choke on your spit, blinking multiple times to simply focus on the task at hand. Taehyung had returned quite literally an exact hour later to return the Pride and Prejudice book he had taken. You sincerely can’t figure him out, was this a joke? 
Nonetheless, you have no time to configure an answer when Taehyung currently eyes you so scrutinizingly, once again, leaning over the counter to carefully observe you. 
“I feel like I know you.” 
You shoot your nervous eyes up from your work. “You may be mistaken, sir. I don’t believe we’ve met.” You play off. “The book’s returned so you’re all good to go, by the way.” 
“Oh, but I want to check out another book.” 
You blink, another book? Why in God’s name did he check out P & P just for an hour only to check out another book? Why didn’t he just check out both at the same time? 
“Of course, I can do that for you. Though I do suggest opening up a card with us to make things a lot smoother.” 
“Great, I’ll open a card right now.” He amiably hits his palm on the counter and leans his forearm against the wood, other hand fitting into his pocket. You send him a polite smile and get to work once again, mentally rolling your eyes. He seems almost adamant about not leaving, or at least figuring out why he seems to know you. 
Whatever conclusion he would come to, it’s not like it would change the course of your life anyway. He’s simply the older brother of your best friend’s long-term boyfriend, now turned fiance, and nothing more. You’re meant to be acquainted with him and have an amicable relationship, so that’s exactly what you'll do once he puts the pieces together. 
You click open the registration tab on your laptop, quickly nabbing your glasses case to prop on your frames. Your fingertips clack against the keyboard and swipe across the mousepad effortlessly, to which you can feel Taehyung’s amused gaze on you. The hair on your body rises. 
“Alright, we’ll get you registered,” you mindlessly instruct. “May I have your first and last name?” 
You expect a completely normal answer, a simple telling of his name that you always found undoubtedly attractive. But another thing you find undoubtedly attractive, is what Taehyung does next. 
“You already know, gorgeous.” He upturns the corner of his lips, chin resting in his palm. “You’ve known for the last nine years.” 
Utterly shocked, you swear time slows down, peering up at Taehyung with the widest eyes ever, all while he sends you a heart-palpitating smirk. 
Tumblr media
You rub your eyes, remain unmoving against your counter as your mind spirals into an interweb of thoughts. It’s been two weeks now, and every single day, who has come and paid you an unwelcomed visit each shift? 
The once silver-haired, arrogant boy you met in a kitchen. 
Everyday since your first ever encounter, Taehyung has never let up the amount that he comes by. You notice it’s always during a certain interval of time, and only for a limit. He often checks out a book at the very beginning of the time slot, only to return it the very same day approximately an hour later, completely perplexing you. 
Another thing that’s perplexing, is the amount of time he spends speaking to you… as though he actually enjoys it. 
“What’s got you here in Chicago?” 
“I never knew you had glasses.” 
“You’ve still got that one narrow-eyed look, huh?” 
Quite frankly, in an alternate dimension where you pondered things logically, you would have avoided indulging in Taehyung’s constant attention and sweet treatment. It was logical because Taehyung was yet again, a mystery to you. He was volatile and uncharted territory, especially after spending five years apart, and you had no clue what you were working with. 
But during these two weeks, you realized that you actually… like Taehyung’s company. Not only was he the same teasing tyrant from your highschool days, but he was now refined into a mature, sweet and utterly charming heartthrob. He was a man you couldn’t help but feel such an immense amount of desire towards but also comfortable with, finding yourself slowly warming up to him. 
“Why do you always check out a book only to return it?” 
“Maybe it’s just to gain an opportunity to talk to you”
“What could you possibly want to talk about with me, Kim?” 
“Getting your number, maybe.”
“If you want one, you have to earn it.” 
“And what could I possibly do to earn it?” 
“I don’t know, Kim Taehyung, but maybe a coffee would do. Almond milk and extra base, please.” 
“You’re still as cheeky as ever, huh?” 
You suppress the urge to smile even wider, limiting yourself by licking your lips. You scribble away at your catalogue while Taehyung can’t help but eye you. He’s leaning over the counter again, forearms resting against the wood, fingers laced together. He’s wearing a beige overcoat today, doing absolutely nothing to hide the attractive breadth of his chest and shoulders. 
How fucking swoon-worthy. 
“So really… what brings you to Chicago?” He queries, finger running over his lips as you melt to the sound of his deep, rich voice. You would never get used to it. 
“Why? Is it odd to see me in the city?” You quirk a brow behind your glasses. 
“Not odd, though I’m wondering how it took me so long to find you.” He can’t seem to keep his eyes off you, that damn smile to die for. The energy he exudes keeps you on the tip of your toes, heart fluttering a mile per second. 
“Were you ever seeking me?” 
“Maybe, I guess you’ll never know.” 
His wit is still as sharp as ever, causing you to abandon your scribbling and set down your pen. You daringly narrow your eyes and lean over the counter to mirror his nonchalant way of standing. You’re close with him now, so close Taehyung raises his brows in slight surprise. 
“Maybe I should pose the question to you, Kim.” You counter. “Why are you in Chicago? Last I heard you were much further away from our hometown.” 
“I’ve been working in the city for almost 4 years now.” Taehyung confidently answers. “Pretty sure I’ve been here much longer than you, no?” 
You pout your lips in defeat, kissing your teeth. “You’re right. I only moved here 6 months ago.” 
“6 months ago?!” Taehyung freaks out. “You went from our crappy hometown to the big city so recently? How are you adjusting?” Taehyung actually becomes endearingly concerned, earning a smile from you. 
“I’m doing okay, Tae.” You answer kindly, though notice you just uttered Taehyung’s nickname. You’re not sure if you’re on that basis still. “Ah, I used your nickname-” 
“It’s okay, it was always better when you said it, anyway.” He charmingly states, slowly wetting his lips as his eyes bore into yours, as though he were attempting to embed himself in the very crevices of your mind. He was always successful at doing that. 
You narrow your eyes. “You never told me what you’re doing in the city.” 
“What I’m doing in the city?” Taehyung chuckles a little, catching your attention. 
“Didn’t you leave town to study… what was it, fire science? Emergency services?” You try to navigate yourself through your obscure collection of memories, pinpointing a certain conversation you and Taehyung had once regarding post-secondary schooling. “Did you pursue those?” 
“I did.” He nods.
“Well… what kind of work do you do?” 
Taehyung’s lips simply curve into a smile, one of amusement and absolute mischief only known to him. “That’s a mystery for now.” He tongues his cheek, causing every nerve within you to combust. “When do you get off your shift?” 
You cock a brow. “And why would you need to know that information?” 
“So that we could grab that coffee with almond milk and extra base.” He imitates your tone from earlier, just to tease. “I’d also like to earn your name.” 
You can’t help but hide a giggle. “But you already know my name, Tae.” 
“Well then, perhaps a phone number for that name.” Taehyung showcases that stunning smile of his, nearly taking your breath away. His bold, and yet effortless way of flirting has a strong hold over you, though is nothing compared to the allure of his caramel-smooth voice. 
He still reels you in like he used to years ago, and you know you’re fucked six ways from Sunday if you allow those feelings to rekindle themselves. 
“I wish, though tonight I’ve gotta head home. I have an early morning tomorrow.” You explain with an apologetic tone. 
“Oh really? What are you up to?” 
“Library meeting. The owner is rarely here and only ever stops by super early in the morning, I can only catch him then.” Taehyung does appear the slightest bit sad about your absence, though quickly dresses it with understanding. 
“Don’t worry at all, Y/N. I completely get it.” 
You contort your lips, impressed. “Wow, you were really understanding about that.” 
“Well of course, I know we can find another day.” He says it so matter-of-factly and with such an infectious grin on his face. He sparks your curiosity. 
“How are you so confident?” You query through a laugh, and Taehyung merely runs his thumb over the plush of his lips, charmingly chuckling. 
“Easy. I know we’ve got time.” 
Tumblr media
3 AM in the morning, cuddled up in your duvet, hugging a plushie of mass sleeping powers. 
And you couldn’t get a wink in. 
It shouldn’t be the prospect of meeting your boss, you’ve built a solid, friendly relationship with him ever since you began working at the library. It’s what caused him to even give you a manager’s position rather than a part-time one, he honestly adored you.
You knew exactly the culprit of your lost sleep, Kim Taehyung. 
Taehyung’s insinuation from earlier had you doing the complete opposite of what you should’ve, sleeping. You toss and turn in a disorderly fashion, sometimes becoming too hot and casting the duvet off you, only to violently tug it back over yourself when it becomes too cold. 
Right now, you run through every scenario that’s thus far occurred between you and Taehyung. Perhaps shockingly, you were right about Taehyung feeling somewhat attracted to you. That’s the only answer, right? His gazes, pet names and casual compliments haven’t changed at all, not to mention he now adds intense flirting and his undivided attention to your encounters that warms your cheeks. He also actively tries to pursue you, not shy about asking for a number. 
But once again, are you just a game to Taehyung? What have you always been to him? You’re not quite sure at all, especially considering the little you know of him. Who knows how much he could’ve changed in the five years you haven’t seen him? You only ever heard of him in passing from Seoyun, asking the courteous ‘is your family well?’ question and receiving the obligatory answer that they are. 
He did return home sometimes, though it was only ever for the holidays without much time spared for visiting anyone else. In his words, he found your hometown crappy anyway. 
Besides, Taehyung’s three years older than you and that will never manage to slip your mind, what goddamn business would he have with his younger brother’s girlfriend’s best friend? 
You kick at your sheets frustratingly, grunting with annoyance at the loss of your sleep and sanity. You had to awake in two hours, and you’d be royally fucked without any sleep considering your shift begins right after your meeting. 
Cursing yourself, you’re turning over in bed for the fifteenth grunt when you begin to smell something funny. You furrow your brows, grimacing as the smell begins to become more pungent, and infiltrates your room. Removing your sheets from your bare legs, you hug yourself in the small, cold apartment as you investigate your kitchen, deeming it void of any working appliances. Is something burning? 
Your stove is off, your coffee maker, even your oven. It’s then you begin to see a slight haze casting over your apartment, eyes widening in horror. With one sharp inhalation, panic floods your lungs the second you discern this isn’t just a scent, it’s smoke. 
Holy shit, a fire? A goddamn fire! 
Right then, your building’s fire alarm begins ear-splittingly blaring throughout every hallway. Soon after it’s met with sounds of clamouring and panic, listening to your entire floor scrambling about and exclaiming in shock. You similarly leap into fight or flight mode, mind a clutter of things you want to take with you. 
All you can think of in your state of hysteria is your phone, rapidly swiping it off your night table. You swing open your closet to nab a sweater, quickly slotting your arms through as your heart races profusely. Scampering across your apartment, the smoke becomes much more apparent, feeling it invade your airway and invite an onset of unpleasant coughing. You begin to damn near hack up your lungs, continuously coughing once the smoke inhalation increases. 
Imminent danger immediately sets into you, realizing that this could mean your death right now. Indescribable panic floods you at just the thought, slipping on your running shoes. You quickly attempt to grab your jacket and open your door, but violent coughing fits attack you. 
Reality becomes far too hazy. The smoke is filling up your lungs with toxic particles and gases and your airway feels smaller, feels as though oxygen is a luxury and you’ll do just about anything for even a second of it. Your vision is now obstructed by clouds of smoke, the room feels like it’s spinning as every step seems to grow heavier. 
Your hand on your lock and doorknob begin to falter, eyes hooding over and completely blanking. You’re giving out, you feel yourself fighting for your life and yet, your body doesn’t grant your mind’s wishes. The world’s disappearing, every inhalation is filled with toxic air, slowly harming you and your body. 
Your hands finally fall. 
You become dizzy, knees buckling to the ground until suddenly, your room is bursted into within a matter of seconds. You tumble back at the force, barely able to make out the figure that now occupies your doorway. They holler something about coming for your rescue, that you would be safe and okay, but you’re missing too much oxygen to even acknowledge the stranger. 
The deep cadence tells you it’s a man, and within seconds, you feel his arms cradling around your body and practically smothering you close to him. You can feel the touch of clothing that isn’t your ordinary cotton, fluttering your eyes open to see the man wearing an oxygen mask. 
Holy fuck, is this a firefighter? Are you literally being rescued by a firefighter right now?
Springing to life at the realization, you’re surprised by how effortlessly he carries you, unable to see his face right now, but you bet he’s an insanely strong man. Coughs still infest your breaths, and you cling onto the firefighter’s suit. You watch the sights of the building in havoc once he vacates your apartment.
Smoke is everywhere and even if you can’t physically see a fire yet, it does feel hot enough to know it’s near and approaching. 
“Hide your face in my suit!” The firefighter suddenly shouts. “Try not to inhale more smoke, I promise I’ll get you to safety!” You follow his instructions within a heartbeat, immediately shoving your face into his (pretty damn rock hard) chest with nothing but counting down the seconds until you can finally breathe again. 
He bolts at a speed you definitely never could, trying to keep your panicked breathing leveled. He finally stops and you reveal your face to him, and even if much of his own face is hidden by the mask, you’re eternally grateful to whoever this man is. 
“We’re gonna be lifted down from this floor, okay? You have to hold onto me!” The firefighter shifts your body in his arms from a bridal-style position to cradling you like a baby, your face fitting snugly into his collared-neck. Though it’s only once he swings open the building’s window do you begin to understand what’s going to happen. 
You live on the fourteenth-fucking-floor of this building. 
“Wait, wait we’re-we’re gonna be lifted down from here?!” 
“Yes, I need you to hold on tight!” 
“Hold on tight?! AREN’T WE GOING TO DIE?!” 
Despite life and death quite literally hanging in the balance, you swear you see the firefighter smile behind his oxygen mask. 
“We won’t die; I’ve got you.” 
Seconds later, you see an aerial ladder ascending towards you and the firefighter, and all you have the time to do is send the firefighter a look of sheer horror, while he simply clutches you to him for dear life. 
Tumblr media
A traumatizing and near-life-ending experience later, you fasten a hand to your chest as you watch a team of firefighters hose down the ferocious fire combusting out of your twelfth floor, eyes wide with shock. 
After some snooping around, you found out that the fire all began from an utter genius heating up some tin foil in the microwave. He set  the entire thing on fire, only for it to spread throughout the kitchen and soon the apartment. 
Sometimes you lose faith in humanity. 
Nonetheless, you were glad to learn that your floor suffered little fire damage, meaning many of your possessions are still intact. Although, living quite close to the scene leaves it inaccessible for the time being, meaning you are not only homeless, but possession-less, too. 
You didn’t even have time to grab your jacket that would at least shield you from this October chill, clutching a blanket the Chicago fire department offered to everyone safely evacuated. A long, deep sigh escapes you, wondering what you’re meant to do with yourself now.
You could hitch a ride all the way back to your hometown and explain to your store owner that with your sticky situation, you require a temporary absence of leave. But being away from work would prove to be too difficult. No income, no money to spend freely, no way to recover from the losses you just incurred. 
Smacking your forehead, you spot a small group of firefighters bustling around by the firetruck, seeming to be discussing something about the hose or ladder, you had no real clue about anything related to firefighting. With a real hard look, you discern your lifesaver is among them, having kept a close eye on him after he carefully set you on the ground and calmed down your shaking figure. 
You felt the compelling urge to thank him, it’s not everyday someone risks their life just for yours, and at that, does it as a job every single day. Clearing your throat, you spot him even with his oxygen mask still on his face, and carefully step towards him. 
You tap on his shoulder gently, he turns around to peer at you. You become tongue-tied, clearing your throat. 
“H-Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but I just… wanted to say thank you for saving me.” You swallow, clutching the blanket around your shivering frame even harder. “You’re incredibly brave and I really thought I was going to lose my life back there. So truly.. thank you.” 
You can’t tell what the firefighter feels with the lack of seeing his face, though you welcome his response. “It’s a pleasure, ma’am. I’m very glad we got you out safely.” 
You feel a sense of warmth flourish within you, chuckling a little. “I hope this doesn’t sound odd, but is it alright if I thank you without your mask? Anyone would want to see the true identity of their hero.” 
Again, you swear you can see the hint of a smile on the firefighter’s face. “Of course, ma’am.” 
The firefighter grips the nozzle of his oxygen mask and removes it. You instantly, and quite literally feel your jaw drop to the center of the Earth. 
“T-T-Taehyung?!” You gasp as though you’d just witnessed a previously dead character come back to life, eyes wide. No way… no way in goddamn hell the firefighter that just saved you was Kim Taehyung, Kim fucking Taehyung! 
“Hey, gorgeous.” He flashes you that show-stopping grin, and you know for certain it’s your Taehyung. He holds his mask in one hand as the other hangs onto a pocket of his firefighter coat. You’re in utter shock viewing the orange neon strips around his suit, his clunky boats and sweaty skin. He is legit a firefighter. 
“T-Taehyung, how could you… why would you… why didn’t you tell me you were a firefighter?!” 
You find him chuckling, gloved hand doing that cute thing where he hides his laugh behind a fist. “You never asked, Y/N.” 
Goddamn him and his wit. If it weren’t for him just saving your life, you would’ve scolded him into the ground. “So this is what you meant by what you do being a ‘mystery’?” 
“Kind of? I wanted to make the reveal super cool, though I didn’t think I’d end up doing it in the coolest way possible.” Taehyung’s perfect lips curve into a sweet smile, nearly stealing your breath away. 
“Did you just call me nearly dying ‘cool’?” 
Taehyung snorts. “You were never going to die, Y/N. I told you I’ve got you.” 
He’s just too goddamn smug and smiley right now, and you wouldn’t lie, Taehyung looked absolutely delectable in his turnout gear. No wonder he carried you with such ease earlier and seemed bigger and broader to you, he’s a firefighter for Christ’s sake. The same guys that carry pounds and pounds of equipment on them and physically train for years. 
You only wonder what other things he can manhandle with strength like that. 
Clearing your mind, you scowl at him for a second before relaxing, tucking some hair behind your ear. “Well, anyway… thank you for um.. For saving me.” You croak. “I seriously thought that was it for me.” 
Taehyung lightly smiles, his eyes on nothing but you. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that was.” 
A rush of feelings surge through your chest, innocently peering back at him. You suddenly feel a cold breeze sweep by the pair of you, shivering and clutching your blanket tighter. You were only in your sleeping shorts and a measly sweater, after all. 
Focusing on hugging the blanket more firmly, you suddenly find Taehyung approaching you. He sheds off his gigantic beige and neon orange turnout coat and winds it around your smaller figure, enveloping you with it. You feel toasty heat wrap around you, sagging in relief at the sensation of warmth. It’s funny how much you drown in the coat, peering up at Taehyung as the collar hides your cheeks. 
Taehyung laughs fondly, securing it. Removing his coat only left him in a black t-shirt underneath, the suspenders of his pants accentuating just now broad his chest and shoulders are. You try not to drool, he’s still undeniably gorgeous, if not, even more. 
You gently wet your lips, caught in a gaze with him that simply casts a spell on you. This was the thing about Taehyung, now that you think about it. It wasn’t that you were an idiot or impeccably stupid. 
Well, that’s debatable. 
Anyway, he was so alluring and tempting to the point in which you were stupid for not giving in. Perhaps that’s what made you feel this way about him; it’s not that he was just incredibly good-looking or oozed sex appeal any woman would die for, but it’s the fact that he was completely, and utterly undeniable. 
“Hey,” he quietly calls you, holding the jacket over your frame. “Still here?” 
You snap out of your daze, refocusing. “Yeah, yeah… I’m here.” 
“Good,” he gently laughs, his eyes shifting from you towards the fiery inferno gusting out of your apartment building. “So… about that,” 
“Hm?” You glance up at him. You find him pointing towards the fire, scrunching his features with sympathy.  
“Are you going to be okay?” 
You then remember that you’re currently goddamn homeless. Reality sets in, and it’s as though every worry in the world suddenly piles onto your shoulders. “Oh fuck…” You curse. “Shit… I need to-I need to tell Smith at the library and call my parents… and Miso!” 
Immediately, you begin digging for your phone in a panic, fumbling with all the layers over you as your breaths quicken. You start speedily dialing numbers, not even noticing you were uselessly rambling until Taehyung stops you. 
“Woah, hey, hey, Y/N.” He calls you, hands settling on your upper arms. “Breathe a little, alright? You need to get checked out by a paramedic first, okay?” 
“What? No, Tae, I need to-I have people to call and things to do and there’s no time to…” You begin fading, trying to remember what you were saying. Who were you even calling again? Was it Miso or your mom? 
“Y/N, hey. You inhaled smoke and need to get your A.B.C’s checked,” Taehyung urges you, his expression immensely concerned. “Smoke inhalation can affect our mental state and make us confused, okay? You need to be kept under observation and require medical attention.” 
You understand what Taehyung’s saying; you comprehend the importance of medical care, but right now there’s a mountain of stress in your head. 
“I know, but I just… fuck, what am I gonna do, Tae?” Your solemn eyes find him, voice hoarse and breaths quite shorter now that you think about it. “My home, my stuff… I need them.” 
“And I’ll help you get it all back, alright? We’re getting you a paramedic first.” Taehyung wastes no time in wrapping a careful arm around you, hand fitting against your lower back as he guides you towards one of the ambulances. He greets a paramedic scribbling away on a clipboard, and informs them of your condition, thankfully booking you in for a checkup next. 
The kind paramedic instructs you to seat yourself inside the open back of the ambulance. The usually easy task is compromised for you when you sense the onset of a headache, weakening your balance. Taehyung notices you wince and softly secures his hands around your waist, hoisting you up onto the ambulance. 
Fuck, his hands are huge. 
“Alright, Miss Y/L/N, let’s get you checked up, shall we?” You smile in return and just as Taehyung said, you get your A: airways, B: breathing and C: circulation all checked. The paramedic gladly identifies no pressing issues, though does detect after your complaint of shorter breathing that it’s best to have some tests run on you. You also require clean air and oxygen to filter out any remaining smoke. 
“I think it’s best we keep you for overnight observation at a hospital, alright, sweetie?” The paramedic informs. “Just to make sure we get that smoke out of your system and no further issues occur. We may also need blood work done for safety measures.” 
The sudden onslaught of treatment off-puts you, the only thing you can hear blaring in your head is expenses, expenses, expenses! How the fuck are you even going to pay for any of us? A goddamn ride in an ambulance would leave you dinner-less for a night or two, mentally reeling at the thought. 
Your eyes fall to the ground in all your frenzied thinking, ready to give an answer, until one is given for you. 
“Thank you, Nora. I’ll take her to the hospital myself.” Taehyung’s smooth voice suddenly meets your ears. The kind paramedic sends Taehyung a smile, and she leaves you two be. Brows raised, you meet Taehyung’s proud ones. 
“I’m-I’m sorry, did you just… you’re taking me to the hospital?” 
“It’s for your safety, Y/N.” Taehyung reasons. 
“Tae, I don’t have the kind of money for an overnight stay and blood tests just lying around-” 
“Shh,” Taehyung hushes you with a finger to your lips, eyes narrowed in playful scolding. “We can let your family know and I’m sure they’d be willing to help you. I’m also willing as well if it really becomes an issue.” 
You feel warmth spread across your chest, no way could he do something so kind. “Tae, you don’t have to at all.” 
“Are you serious? You need the best treatment, Y/N. Besides, what would my brother and Miso think if I didn’t take care of their gorgeous best friend?” His large palm lands atop your head and cutely ruffles your hair. You giggle a little as your eyes meet. His smile causes you to melt, something about Taehyung is simply too endearing to deny. 
“Okay,” you quietly agree, peering up at him through your lashes. His smile curves his lips a little more, his hand still atop your head. 
“Okay.” Taehyung responds, sending you that one toothy grin he always used to have. You’re glad over the last five years, it never changed. 
Tumblr media
You press hard on the TV remote that seems far too old to even work. Squinting as you view the small screen of the news in the very corner of your hospital room, you lay back with a yawn. It’s currently 10 in the morning, you have awoken from a nap after the multitude of tests and check ups that were performed on you, now waiting for your release at 3 PM. 
It would’ve been a terrible nuisance if you were alone, though thankfully, and to your utmost surprise, Taehyung offered to stay with you no matter how much you tried to ensure you were okay. 
“Are you kidding me? I’m staying with you until I know you’re okay.” 
“Tae, I’m sure I will be. You did an amazing job saving my life.” 
“I should’ve been there sooner, anyway. If I was then you wouldn’t have inhaled as much smoke as you did.” 
“You’re already my hero in my eyes, Tae. Don’t talk shit about my hero.” 
The conversation curves your lips, recalling the heart-warming smile that met Taehyung’s pretty lips when you said that. You also remember him sleeping by your side on your hospital bed, refusing to leave you overnight by yourself. 
He remembered how much you despised hospitals. 
It made your heart glow seeing him rest his head on your bed, appearing like a snoozing angel to you. His chair next to your bed was empty now, though just as you began to wonder of his whereabouts, he graciously entered the room. 
“Oh, you’re awake.” He smiles. 
“Good morning, Kim.” 
“Good morning, Y/L/N.” 
You chuckle, Taehyung presenting two cups of hot liquid, one coffee and the other possibly… tea? “Here,” he says, handing you the coffee. “Almond milk and extra base, right?” 
Your lips fall open in playful shock, melting into a small laugh as you receive the cup from him. “Of course, thank you.” 
“My pleasure, though it seems I’m still missing that number, huh?” 
“I told you, Kim. It’s a matter of earning it.” You cock a brow and challenge him, blowing on your coffee. 
“I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I kinda did save your life.” He emphasizes with an unserious glare as he takes his seat next to your hospital bed, and you nearly reach out to smack at his bicep. He chuckles when you can’t, merely rolling your eyes with a casual lean back and folded arms.
“What ya watching?” He asks, eyes shifting towards the TV. 
“Nothing much. I saw a mention of my building’s fire on the news.”
“Oh shit, you made it on the news?” Taehyung quickly looks up at the screen. 
You giggle. “No, Tae. My building was.” 
“Well, that’s good. Can’t have the world seeing what you look like just rolling out of bed.” You playfully gasp, now reaching out to really hit him. You land a smack and he feigns harm, laughing through it. 
“Ow, I didn’t mean to say you look ugly. I meant to say you look too gorgeous to share!” You were prepped to provide him with another beating until you feel your chest blossom, but at the same time desire to play his game, contorting your lips into a pout. 
“Well, I’m glad you aren’t on TV either. Can’t have the world knowing you’re a hot firefighter.” 
Taehyung cocks a brow. “You think I’m hot?” 
You widen your eyes, caught red-handed. “Objectively, sure.” You immediately avoid his eyes.
You act far too nonchalant that it’s a tell, Taehyung lightly chuckling at your warm cheeks. A beat of silence passes then, both of you sipping away at your drinks. 
“So, how’d your parents take the news?” Taehyung queries. 
“Well, they’re of course very concerned and immediately scrambled to cover any costs. They also did offer me to stay back home now that I have no place to live.” You elaborate, tugging your covers over yourself once goosebumps form on your skin. 
“That’s great news, isn’t it?”
“Not exactly, I don’t know what I’ll tell Smith.” Your expression falls, clutching your bare knees to your chest as you slip into an existential plane of worry. “I know he’s short-handed at the library and I’d just hate to tell him that I need to leave until I can get back on my feet again. And the commute from my parents’ would be over an hour everyday…” You pick at the skin on your lips, a bad habit you developed anytime you were uncomfortable, nervous, but most of all, anxious. 
Taehyung lightly kisses his teeth watching your mind work through such stubborn turmoil, setting aside his tea. He curls his fingers around your hand and stops you  from picking, clutching something underneath your hospital bed. You flicker towards him to find him unfolding an extra blanket. 
Your heart grows fond as he lays it out over you, pulling the end all the way to your chin. “I mean, if I may offer,” he begins, setting the blanket precariously. “You could stay with me.”
You blink, not once, not twice, not even four times. You blink long enough in complete silence until the adorable tilt of Taehyung’s head with his sweet, curious eyes anchors you back to Earth. 
“Are-are you serious?” 
“Well, only if you’re comfortable, of course.” He confirms, both hands leaning onto your bed. “But I’m in the city, and I actually think my apartment is pretty close to your library. “
You want to speak, want to say something but you’re tongue-tied. No way is Kim Taehyung offering you to be his roommate… his housemate. 
“It’d make things much easier for you.” Taehyung adds. The longer you stare at him with those curious, eager eyes of yours, you can see him fighting back a smile on those sexy lips of his. Is he finding you cute right now? “You’d still be in Chicago, and you could easily go to work in order to cover the cost of your recent losses.” 
Taehyung’s just so entirely selfless in his offering that you can physically see the lack of an ulterior motive. He seems to genuinely mean it, coming from the same guy that barged into the scene of a fire to save your life. 
“Oh, god, I would-I-I would never want to intrude on you or anything-” You stutter, expression entirely apologetic but Taehyung merely laughs, the deep, rich sound resonating within you.
“You’re not an intruder, Y/N. You’re a friend.” He softly claims, shifting his eyes from your bedding towards you. 
“A friend?” You question in sincere confusion, until the innate habit of having fun around him manifests itself. It wasn’t your fault he always brought it out of you. “So I wasn’t just Seoyun’s girlfriend’s annoying best friend, huh?” 
“Well, you kinda are.” 
“Asshole!” You extend a hand to whack him, but he swiftly dodges. 
Full on laughing with his head thrown back, you enjoy the beautiful sound of his airy, unburdened amusement. “You were definitely a friend, and still are.” He giggles through the statement, then grows serious, eyes lost in yours and his large hand clasping over your smaller one underneath the covers, gently squeezing. “If you really need some help, I don’t mind lending a hand, gorgeous.” 
You’re still unbelieving of such kindness, gazing back at him with nothing but wonder. “Tae…” 
“It’s the least I could do, really.” 
Sucking it up, you can’t possibly deny him when he looks at you like that. Hopeful, jaw-droppingly dreamy with a hint of pleading. Such a deadly combination. 
“Alright, Tae. Let’s do this,” you grin like a fool, and it’s funny to see Taehyung replicate the same one. 
“Damn, we’re really gonna be living together then, huh?” He remarks, lips contorting in impression. “I really hope you dropped your habit of stealing other people’s food. You know how I feel about that.” Taehyung places his hands on his hips with a light scolding, even wagging his finger. 
“Please, I only ever stole your food back home because Miso and Seoyun would leave us stranded and starving.”
“Thank fuck we at least knew how to make ramen. I would’ve died without that.” Taehyung holds a dramatic hand to his heart. And it’s goddamn stupid you now realize the very thin rings he wears across all four of his fingers. Mesmerizing. 
“Shit, you just reminded me you’re a terrible cook.” You grievously whine. “How do you even live by yourself?” 
“Yah, you’re a terrible cook too. Don’t think I’ll forget about that one time you almost made ramen in the fucking microwave… with the wrapper on.” 
“Okay! We don’t have to talk about that one. Shut it.”  You squint your eyes at him with crossed arms, chin held high. 
“You’re so lucky I’m a firefighter. At least if you burn down my kitchen I can get us to safety.” 
“Wrong. You’re lucky to have me as a guest because I’m going to be the light of your life.” You bat your eyelashes and send him a flower pose, plastering on the loveliest smile you can. 
He snickers, but still looks at you with this sense of fondness you can’t compute. No way is he giving you that look. 
“Yeah, I think you just might be.” 
Tumblr media
“Alright, so: living room, kitchen, my room, your room, bathroom.” Taehyung physically indicates with his hands each room to you, nodding along as though he were your one and only mentor and you’re an eager learner. 
“It’s a simple apartment; we’ve got cable, air con and heating, working appliances. Our landlord’s this sweet old man who refuses to retire and runs the place with his wife.” Taehyung elaborates, appearing to you as a complete stud in his lightly-washed blue jeans with a black t-shirt combination. 
That fucking black shirt always reminds you of the sexy image of him in his firefighter gear. 
He runs a hand through his hair as he wets his lips, continuing his tour. Fucking swoon-worthy. 
“Since you don’t have many possessions right now, I don’t mind at all if you have to use my things.” Taehyung emphasizes, pointing towards the hoodie of his you currently wore. He gifted you it after you had been released from the hospital. You really had no other clothes than the ones covered in dust and soot you escaped your building in. 
“That’s yours from now on. You can honestly steal any other hoodies from my closet, I have, like, fifty.” Taehyung throws it out there as though it isn’t a huge deal, when you’ve been swamped with his sandalwood and pine needle for hours now. You’re washing this hoodie the first chance you get, no way can you survive being able to smell him on your skin. 
“In terms of basics, you can use my shampoo and body wash, even things like toothpaste and moisturizer of course. At least until you can retrieve your own things.” He presents fairly, looking towards you who sits criss-cross applesauce on his couch, practically drowning in his hoodie. “Any questions?” 
“Uhh, I guess the only real one I have is how the hell do you actually live by yourself when you can’t cook? How will we eat?” You genuinely pose the question with a finger to your lip, and Taehyung has to laugh, his palm landing atop your head. 
“I’ve learned how to cook for myself in the last five years, Y/N. I’m kind of an adult.” He ruffles your hair. You scrunch your nose and playfully shove his hand off as he laughs. 
“Whatever. Swear you needed me to do most things for you.” You pout. 
“I also end up at the station a lot. My crew and I whip up something together or order out often.” Taehyung hooks his thumbs into his pockets, appearing delicious as he casually speaks about being a firefighter. 
How incredibly fucking hot, no pun intended. 
“I wanted to ask you, how do your shifts work as a firefighter? Are you ever even home?”
Taehyung endearingly laughs, a light, gentle sound. “Why? Trying to have some friends over for a party while I’m gone?” 
You annoyingly roll your eyes. “Tae, I may be three years younger than you but I’m not a kid. Besides, if I were to have a party I’d make sure you’re invited.” You haughtily proclaim. 
“Alright alright, she’s all grown-up, I get it.” He pacifies, holding up his hands in mock surrender. “But yes, I will be home. My shifts are mainly 24-48, meaning I work 24-hour shifts and get 48 hours off.” 
“Oh, so you work 3 days in a week, and get 4 days off?” 
Taehyung nods. “Essentially. Though sometimes I could do 12-hour or 48-hour shifts. Sometimes I may end up getting called in on days off depending on whether or not the station needs more hands. Huge fires like the one at your building last night required way more of us considering it was a 20-floored building that needed to be evacuated.” 
You nod your head comprehensively, embedding the information into your brain if you’d be living with a firefighter. “Fuck, did you end up coming on an off day?” 
“No, yesterday I was on duty. I’m off today, though there’s probably tons of paperwork we gotta fill out because of yesterday’s scene.” Taehyung wanders off into thinking, folding his arms in the process, and you sincerely hate how much his black shirt emphasizes the size of his biceps and chest. 
This man will be the death of you. How the fuck are you supposed to live in close-quarters with him? 
“Damn, I’m sorry I’m probably interrupting your work-” 
“Ah, don’t worry about it. I told my crew to cover for me beforehand since I wanted to help you.” A soft smile etches onto your lips, gently playing with the sweater paws of his hoodie. 
“So, your home for the next 2 days, huh?” You send him a scheming grin. 
“Why do I sense absolute chaos from you?”
“I’m just saying, for once you’re not exactly alone in this apartment and have a wonderful assistant to help you out in the kitchen.” You sing-song, gesturing towards yourself. 
“Please. With you in the kitchen am I ever really off-duty?” 
You gasp scandalously and nab the nearest couch cushion, whacking him with it as Taehyung defends himself. “Jesus, nice to know you’re still violent.” 
“Nice to know you’re still a smug asshole!” You retort. You believe yourself successful in warding him off until Taehyung suddenly clasps the pillow with those large hands of his. Your eyes widen as Taehyung is able to disarm you and shove back both your wrists against the couch, cushion lamely faltering from your one hand. 
You gulp, eyes round as you stare into Taehyung’s intense ones, his gaze strong enough to completely tame you. The corner of his lips turns upwards as he watches you swallow. 
“May I remind you, Y/N. You’re in my house, meaning you’re following my rules.” His deep, almost authoritative voice lights something wild inside you, taking your breath away. The bass of his tone alone nestles itself between your legs, gently squirming them. “Will you do as I say? Do you understand whose rules you’re following, Y/N?” 
You clear your throat, heart cinching in your chest as you attempt to ignore the hardening of your nipples. He’s just so close to your face and all you can smell is his intoxicating scent. “Y-yours, Tae. Yours.” 
His eyes shift from your eyes to your lips for a brief moment, dangerous in colour. “Mmm,” he hums. “Sounds good.” 
You feel like you can sense a double-meaning there, nerves on high alert until his gaze returns to his softer, more welcoming look. You finally feel like you can fucking breathe. “Looks like we won’t be having any problems then.” 
Whatever spell he had just cast on you dissipates, physically returning to this realm of reality. “Y-yeah, I think we’ll be good.” 
He watches you with a smug look, wetting his lips. “You should probably take a shower, you didn’t have time at the hospital, did you?” 
You sigh as you remember. “Fuck, you’re right. And here I am just in your hoodie. I promise I’ll wash it.” 
“I told you, it’s yours now, Y/N. Anything in this house is yours too until we can get your things back.” Taehyung assures you, lifting off the couch. 
“Do you know how long it’ll take for me to get my things back, by the way? I feel so horrible having to use everything of yours.” 
Taehyung gently smiles. “It’s alright. Most likely a few days or so, the station needs to ensure all paperwork is filled out and the scene is completely cleared. They also need to make sure the building is safe for entry considering your place is up only two floors from the incident, and the fire caused a fair amount of damage.” 
You grunt in frustration, folding your arms and puffing your cheeks. “That’s so shitty. How am I even supposed to go to work if I don’t have anything?” 
“Hey, you’re not going to work for the rest of this week, missy.” He scolds you. 
“Pardon me? Why not?” 
“Because we need to make sure you’re resting and gain enough clean oxygen back to return to full breathing capacity? I can tell by your deeper inhales and exhales you’re still short of breath.” 
That information trips you up, opening your mouth to counter him but ultimately fall silent upon his accuracy. How observant is he to even figure that out? And why do you find it so attractive? 
“Whatever.” You huff, tearing your vision away from him. 
He sighs, gently patting the top of your head. “You can go back next week, gorgeous. For now, take a shower and get some rest. Last night was a lot.” 
You nod with a straight-lined smile, peering up at him. “What about you? You didn’t sleep much last night and did a lot, too. You literally were a superhero!” 
He fondly chuckles, his fingertips scruffing up your hair again. “I’m a firefighter, gorgeous. I’m used to it.” He says, and you develop a heavy sense of sympathy for him. 
Now that he mentions it, those 24-hours shifts sound awful, did he even have the time to sleep? How did he always manage being on the job like that? 
“Go take your shower. I’ll be out in the meantime.” 
You tilt your head. “Where are you going?” 
He mirrors your head tilt, the curve of his pretty lips as sweet as honey. “I now have a guest to take care of, so I’ll need more in my fridge than what I have now.”
Your lips fall into an admiring pout, was Taehyung always this incredibly sweet? Now that you think about it, yes he was, he just always hid it behind his teenage and young adult angst. “Alright, I’ll try to be out before you come home so I can help you with dinner.” 
“I’ll see you then.” He smiles, making sure to remind you. “Remember you can pick anything out of my closet for clothes.” 
“Of course, thank you so much, Tae. I don’t think I can ever repay this kindness.” You genuinely express your gratitude. 
“No need to, Y/N. Repay me by taking care of yourself.” And with a fluttering heart, you nod your head, Taehyung giving you one last ruffle of your strands for good measure. 
Tumblr media
Steam filled the bathroom as you patter out, nostrils filled with Taehyung’s heady scent after using his shampoo and body wash. The thought that you smell like him now leaves you swallowing harshly, locking away any salacious thoughts.
You slather his moisturizer across your body, slicking yourself up. You lightly massaged your sore muscles in the process. Taehyung was right, last night was seriously rough. 
Blowing a raspberry, you wrap a towel over your chest and contemplate what clothes of Taehyung’s to dress in. You feel like it’s such a shameless thing to do, though what choice did you really have other than your pajamas covered in soot or a simple robe leaving you completely naked underneath? 
These are the things that run through your head as you exit his bathroom, and carefully paddle over to Taehyung’s room. You consider you’re simply going to rummage through his closet and quickly choose some sweatpants along with a hoodie. You feel as though you’re also invading his privacy by sneaking a peek at his room, so you rapidly slip in with covered eyes and loosely locate the closet. 
Sliding it open, you’re met with practically an arsenal of hoodies, shirts and t-shirts. Taehyung was not kidding in the slightest when he said he owned fifty hoodies. Ticking your head, you simply reach for a grey one that catches your eye and lightly clutter around for a matching pair of sweatpants, clutching the clothes to your chest. 
The second you do, one very fucking important thing occurs to you. 
You don’t have any underwear. 
No, no way. This can’t be happening. You already strategically placed your previous undergarments in Taehyung’s hamper so that they weren’t out and about and in his face. Now you longed to smack your head against the door. How were you going to wear his clothes without fucking underwear?! 
Swiveling around in a panic, your eyes suddenly meet the last thing you thought to see. You find Taehyung standing in his room, speechless, seconds from pulling a white t-shirt over his currently shirtless body, black shorts hugging his hips. His face is utterly shocked, and it’s very evident that you are too. 
Returning to reality, you begin rapidly scampering. “Oh my God, oh my God, I am so sorry I had no clue you were home-” 
“No, no, I’m sorry.” Taehyung gulps, eyes clearly trying to be respectful but he can’t help his curious glances. Your skin is dewy and shiny from the water and lotion, and you watch him attempt very hard to not stare at your bare legs or shoulders. “I should've said something the second you came in but I just-” 
“No, it’s my fault. I-oh God!” Your towel suddenly unravels from the top of your chest, nearly falling open and exposing you until you quickly catch it. Taehyung immediately averts his vision, physically placing his hand between you and his line of sight. 
“Shit, Y/N. I’m fucking sorry-” 
“Don’t apologize, oh my God I’m the stupid one for this.” You berate yourself, hugging the towel and his clothes to you with all your might. Though it’s then you also realize while he attempts to avoid glimpses at your body, you’re very clearly admiring his. 
You have never really caught sight of Taehyung shirtless, only in passing when you visited his house or anytime he stripped himself of his jersey during high school gym class. Never have you witnessed him shirtless like this, especially with his new and improved body. 
 All that training he must have diligently completed to save lives so effortlessly; it showed deliciously on his thick muscles. 
He wasn’t super bulky with wash-board abs, but had meaty muscles capable of crushing you. He possessed a beautifully framed figure with the right amount of everything you drooled at, nibbling your lip. 
The Statue of David himself would have wept looking at Taehyung. His biceps were juicy enough you knew he could manhandle you, his chest broad enough to surely rest your head upon, his build so large he would envelop you in a bear hug. 
You swallow, cheeks warming up as you peer away from him, shameful thoughts in your mind. “I-I’m so sorry, Tae. You were changing and I just barged in-” 
“It’s alright if you see me shirtless, Y/N.” He quells your worries, chuckling a little. “Honestly, fair warning, I usually walk around my house shirtless anyway.” 
You internally choke, was that information you needed to know? That Taehyung freely walks around his apartment shirtless with loose shorts hugging his hips as a tempting band of Calvin Klein pokes out front his waistband? Consider you dead. 
He clears his throat, trying to disassemble the amount of awkward tension right now. “You should-um, you should probably get those clothes on.” He laughs nervously, eyes flickering towards your body every so often. He fits his t-shirt on and finally drapes his bare skin. Thank fuck. 
“I’ll leave so that you can change, I’ll be outside.” Taehyung quickly facilitates the situation as he makes towards his door, practically speed-walking until you stop him. 
“Wait, Tae..” 
With his palm around the doorknob, he shifts his eyes to you as he actively avoids looking at your body. He continuously clenches and unclenches his free fist. 
“I-um, so I don’t really… exactly… have undergarments… to wear…” You awkwardly tread through the sentence far too shyly, feeling your body heat up with irreversible embarrassment. Taehyung raises his brows as his own jaw tenses, as though asking you to continue. 
“So… until I can get my clothes back I think… I’ll need to wear… your clothes without underwear.” You say the last part so quietly, Taehyung furrows his brows and leans in closer. 
“I… I don’t have any underwear to wear underneath your clothes.” You repeat more clearly. 
He understands then, absorbing the information with an unreadable face before he wets his lips, jaw ticking. “Well… it’s not really your fault. If you have to wear my clothes without anything underneath…” you watch as he clenches his fist really tightly, throat bobbing as he swallows. “Then it’s okay, just remember to put them in the wash.” 
“Of course, of course.” You assure him. “I’ll for sure separate anything I wear from what you do and wash it, I promise.” 
Taehyung gives an assured nod, seeming as though he was fighting himself from allowing his eyes to stray. They end up doing so, anyway, lingering over your bare legs and breasts nearly spilling out of the unravelling towel. You were certain you would grow insecure, but the small fire you see light itself in his eyes leaves you under his trance, almost allowing him to look at you. 
He then meets your eyes, and he doesn’t apologize nor say anything snarky. He simply stares, that locked gaze palpable, as though he were breathing life into you. He flashes one slow, deliberate last look over your body, before his palm turns the doorknob and he vacates the room without a word. 
You use every ounce of your being to understand what the fuck just happened. 
Tumblr media
Five days, and you’ve been attempting to forget that incident. Five days of living with possibly the most stunning man on Earth and trying to control your fiery hormones. Five days you’ve been trying to ignore the lingering stares, the smug taunting, and the almost disgusting amount of domesticity between you two. 
The breakfast he would prepare for you considering he woke up earlier, the times you catch him simply lounging freely in his living room and watching a movie, or scrolling through his phone. And you cannot, will not, shall not even mention whenever he fucking works out. 
The memory of him doing push ups with dumbbells and sickening sweat dripping down the sides of his face pulsed your cunt. Stripping his wet shirt off when he got too hot, running his huge hand through his sweat-slicked hair. 
Absolutely fucking sin.
Who knew living with him would not only reignite what you two had back in high school, but is now entirely amplified with a sense of maturity, tones of flirting and irresistible sex appeal? 
And he was sweet too, oh, so sweet. He always offered to wash the dishes and clean up since he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, movie nights were easy to find yourselves indulging in considering both your bingeing tendencies. Even when Taehyung would leave for his 24-hour shifts, you reckon cooking him a decent homemade meal to take with him. It was the least you could do after he entirely offered everything he had to you. 
“Wait, Tae!” You called him back from stepping out the door at 6 in the morning, barely awake yourself. You wanted to ensure you told him goodbye before he left. 
“Y/N? You’re awake?” He questions you, paused in the door frame until swivelling around. He’s wearing a crisp t-shirt button up with the Chicago fire department patch against his upper arm, his badge attached to his chest. His belt keeps his station pants snug around his thin waist, shirt tucked in. You can’t help but admire how much taller his legs appear in this navy blue wear, his palm carrying a small briefcase-like bag. 
So this is what Taehyung looks like when he goes to work. Swoon. Fucking. Worthy. 
“I… I wanted to give you this.” It’s an impeccably well-put together, wrapped lunch, consisting of anything he would need with various side-dishes. Taehyung always loved them the most. 
His puppy eyes open wide, staring at the package, until his stunned vision returns to you. “This… is for me?” He seems so in shock he can barely understand a thing, lips falling into that endearing pout. 
“Yeah, I figured you’d need it.” You hold it out in your palms. “Besides, it’s the least I could do after you put a roof over my head and let me borrow nearly everything you own.” 
Taehyung observes the package until his lips curve into such a genuine smile, you could’ve sworn he was touched. He clutches the lunch box and tucks it underneath his arm, sending you an appreciative grin, his smile adorably creasing his eyes. “Thank you, Y/N. You didn’t have to at all.” 
“Of course I did, a 24-hour shift doesn’t sound easy.” Taehyung lightly laughs, standing just before the ajar door. 
“You’re too kind.” He smiles. 
“Says you of all people.” You both simply exchange fond looks, Taehyung gently bowing his head like a gentleman. 
“I’ll be back tomorrow morning,” he says, and you excitedly nod, Taehyung making his way out into the hallway. You clutch the door open as you wave him a tentative goodbye, leaning against the door’s edge. 
“Come back safe, Tae.” You remind him. “Have a great shift.” He sends you one last, show-stopping smile before he’s off, dreamily watching his broad back and long legs walk away. 
Fuck, now you can’t get the image of his wideset shoulders in that iron-downed navy blue shirt, his biceps and sexy arm veins on full display, his hands a lethal weapon. It almost shocked you to see how much Taehyung had grown since you last saw him. 
He was merely a teenaged-boy with an almost-there physique. He was leaner, possessed more of a baby-face with the cutest eyes, though nothing defeated his dashing looks. Now, the maturity to his face is utterly gorgeous, the clean-cut edge of his jaw, strong eyebrows and flawless Cupid’s bow. The way he walks with self-assurance, almost a model’s walk. 
He was far too delicious to simply ignore.
Now, as you lay in bed, here comes the goddamn sixth night you haven’t been able to sleep without Taehyung occupying your mind. Every moment feels as though it’s so natural, as though your heart is racing and yet all the same feels this sense of comfort that can never be described. 
And especially now that you’re in this home setting with him, everything feels as though you’re much more than friends, yet only ever remain so. You toss and turn with the frustration of that knowledge, feeling yourself slowly building up something for him, something intense and passionate, though you’re uncertain if you’ll ever be able to contain it once it’s acknowledged. 
You take a deep breath, readjusting your duvet as you turn to your side, hugging Taehyung’s gigantic t-shirt over you as you attempt to not drown in his head-spinning cologne and fabric softener. He smells like a fucking dream, and it feeds you delusional fantasies that he’s somehow here with you, sharing this bed with you. 
Just as you think of him, you swear you hear the low intonation of his voice from the other side of the wall, quirking a brow. You ignore it, deeming it as him possibly snoring. Settling back into bed, you hear the bass of his voice again, now loud enough it actually causes you to turn over and peer at the wall. Are you perhaps going insane? 
Another rumble of his voice later, you kick off the duvet and slowly approach the wall between your two rooms, quite paper-thin now that you think about it. Thinking about this a second time, you listen closely for the other side, ears susceptible to anything
That’s when you hear it, enough to physically gasp and slap a hand over your mouth. It’s not just his voice, Taehyung… Taehyung is goddamn moaning. Oh God, oh fuck, holy shit. Okay, maybe he’s just eating a late night meal that’s really good and he’s moaning over how good it is? 
‘Oh fuck.’ 
Okay, swearing over good food is a completely plausible idea, right? You nod to yourself, hoping that’s the answer. But when you suddenly hear a high-pitched, female moan, that’s when everything hits you like a freight train. 
You falter.. It felt like your entire reality had just shattered, stepping back from the wall as though your worst nightmare was on the other side. 
But hold on, why are you even shattered? When has Taehyung ever indicated you were the only woman in his life? He’s older than you, and is probably interested in women who are older and know what they’re doing, not a young, high school moment in time like you. 
He was always known for being a heartthrob. Getting around to his desire, charming people to their knees, the type of man that went out with tons of girls. But sex, you have to be ding-bat crazy to think he wouldn’t be getting it quite literally everyday. 
He’s hot and has sex appeal for days. No woman would ever pass up a night with him, a charismatic, utterly pussy-palpitating man. He’s now an attractive firefighter too with a body you yearned to climb like a jungle gym, and a face you can’t help but fantasize about riding- 
“Shit, shit, shit!” 
Oh God, this is not what you want to hear. You can’t listen to this, not his deep voice moaning and groaning as he nears his high, as his cum rushes to the tip of his most likely monster cock (you’ve seen the bulge through those sweatpants and shorts before, and he is packing). Sweat beading his skin as he only thrusts faster and faster, until he finally releases his sweet cum inside-
Holy fuck, what are you doing? Are you getting turned on by the idea of him fucking somebody else? No, no, you’re getting turned on by the idea of him possibly fucking you. 
How would Taehyung fuck you? Would he take his time and be sweet like he once told you five years ago? Or would he be rough and kinky about it? You already know he’s into feet, but just how kinky does he get? Does he like it down and dirty? 
God fuck, how badly you would kill to have him buried inside you.
You feel like snaking your hand between your legs, craving to listen to the crescendo of his deep, masculine moans until you’re moaning yourself, releasing with him. But once the idea that he’s currently inside another female trickles in, you lose all motivation. It taints something inside you, disappoints you to the point in which you merely crawl back into bed, and smash your pillow over your ears to drown out the noise. 
But it never does anything to get rid of the upsetting image you could see in your head; Taehyung being intimate with someone else. 
Tumblr media
You shut the refrigerator door quite loudly, nearly startling Taehyung who is quietly whipping himself up a bowl of cereal. He watches you precariously as you march around the kitchen, not having spoken a single word to him since he woke up and waltzed into the living room as though nothing occurred last night. 
You wonder if his little conquest left early in the morning. Not that you cared, anyway. 
Sure, this behaviour was clearly over the top and unnecessary, but the sounds of him moaning and the picture in your head of him shoving his cock in somebody else constantly bothered you. Lewd snapshots  and gut-wrenching thoughts flashed around so vividly, seeing his face alone felt like a stab to your chest, almost like betrayal. 
You should’ve known you were only a puppet in his game. 
Finishing up with your coffee, you merely snatch your yogurt bowl and stomp out of the kitchen, brushing past him. You see him briefly reach out to stop you, but halts his own actions, as though tip-toeing around you. 
It’s only when you’re in front of your bedroom door do you feel his hand curl around your arm. “Y/N, wait.” 
His voice could sincerely cast a spell upon you, fuck, don’t think about that right now. Clearing your throat, you face him, expression dismissive. “What?” 
The tone in your voice catches him off-guard, cocking a brow. “Are you okay?” 
“Me? Oh, I’m peachy. I’m as goddamn peachy as it gets.” 
Taehyung blinks multiple times. “Alright, clearly you’re not okay. Do you wanna talk about it?”
“No, I don’t feel like talking about much of anything.” You counter, attitude written all over your face. “Just next time, remember to put a fucking sock on your door or at least tell me.” 
Taehyung tilts his head in complete cluelessness, gesturing for you to elaborate. You make a disbelieving expression. 
“Hello? Last night?” You snap, and Taehyung’s eyes go wide with shock. 
“Last night?” 
“Yeah. Look, if you’re going to have someone over as in literally fuck them knowing I’m a room over and trying to sleep, the least you can do is put a sock on the door or let me know-” 
“Woah, hold on, hold on.” Taehyung immediately stops you. “You thought I had someone over last night?” 
“Well, clear-fucking-ly!” You dramatize. “I know what I heard. It’s seriously not a big deal if you want to bring girls home and bang them a room over-” 
“Y/N..” He says slowly, his expression nearly white with shock, a deer caught in headlights. “I didn’t have someone over last night…” 
“Then why…” You look at him, and he looks at you. You both stare, Taehyung watching you mentally work through an answer long enough that it gets awkward. And it finally hits you.
“Oh.. oh.” He was… he was masturbating. He was masturbating and here you are not only accusing him of having someone over, but blatantly admitting you heard him. 
You feel like shoving your yogurt in your face, or at least pouring the scalding hot mug of coffee over your head just to escape this horrid situation. 
Clearly, by the look on his face, you were never meant to hear him, and now you feel as though you completely violated his privacy. You fucking admitted to listening to him!
“So, um.. I’m gonna go inside and start my day!” You squeak, scampering towards your room. You twirl around and attempt to transfer your yogurt bowl into your other arm to twist open the doorknob, but are suddenly met by two large, slender hands smacking against the door either side of you. 
You eek, craning your neck upwards to find that you’re completely caged in by Taehyung’s gigantic body, swallowing as you feel the immense heat radiating off him. His aura is impenetrably domineering right now.  
Fuck, Taehyung did say that this is his house, and that you need to follow his rules. What exactly was the punishment if you broke one of those rules? You remember the most important and very first one, privacy. 
“So you heard me, huh?” Shit. His voice is deep, dark, rich with this tone of danger that made you bite your lip and your panties slicken. 
“But I don’t think you just heard me, gorgeous,” his breath tickles you, his lips brushing your ear where you feel every hair raise on your skin, and the bass of his voice travels through your ear canal. 
“I think you listened to me.” You clutch your bowl and mug hard, breaths shallow and heart rate throbbing against your chest as you feel his presence suffuse your body with such a fiery rush of lust, you can’t contain it. 
“Tae…” You lightly moan his name, as though the small centimeters between his chest and your back is driving you insane, as though the sheer heat and size of his frame in comparison to yours was lighting you on fire. 
“Did you like it, gorgeous?” He whispers into your ear, and you physically suck in a breath when he peeks over your shoulder. You can feel his hungry eyes on the lip that you bite, using every ounce of your self control to remain calm. 
Taehyung lightly laughs, the puff of hot air tickling you. “So you did, didn’t you?” 
Your entire system erupts when Taehyung brings his lips to your neck, and skims your skin with such feather-like touches, you feel as hot as the blue part of a flame. 
“Did you touch yourself while listening to me, Y/N?” You gush, you gush so hard sexual frustration attacks you. You feel as though the length you’ve gone without an orgasm is painful. The length you’d endured without him leaves you famished; famished for something riveting. 
Taehyung hisses, stopping you. His lips are too close to kissing your skin, your neck naturally cranes to grant him space. “I don’t think we should lie to each other, should we, Y/N?” The deep timbre of his voice saying your name causes you to gently moan, biting your bottom lip so hard it should begin bleeding. 
“I’m not lying… Tae.” You honestly admit, releasing a breath from your lips when he inches up towards the back of your ear, his scent utterly intoxicating. 
“Even if you didn’t do it, you thought about doing it, didn’t you?” How could he so easily read you? Is it because he knows you? Or his effect on women? Either way, your panties were far more than just soaked at this point. 
You want to answer, you want to say something snarky or counter him about his smugness, but all that comes out is your quiet, shaky voice. “Why… why did I hear a woman?” 
You feel him smirk against you. “It was porn, gorgeous.” He says it so smugly and full of pride, you almost want to shut him up by riding his face. You nearly turn to look at him, until Taehyung suddenly removes a hand from the door, and his fingers meet your sensitive side. 
He gently traces them up your waist, his hot mouth breathing against your neck. You softly sigh as his touch ignites you, and he deals the final blow with a husky whisper. 
“Why the hell would I even think about another woman when you’re the only one on my mind?”
Your system erupts. Everything boils over, you reach  your complete limit when Taehyung’s hand against the door tightens into a fist, and his other cradles your torso. 
You let out a sigh so audible, Taehyung similarly releases a groan. Head spinning with sexual desire, the sexy imagine of his lips buried in your neck, covering your body as he holds you with one hand and leans against the door with the other compels you to scream. Scream so loud it would at least provide relief for this sickening frustration  
But you pull yourself out of this trance, breathing deeply. You swivel around to face him, and your eyes meet for such a long, and yet short period of time. You swallow, controlling every hormone in your body howling at you to leap at him, and composedly speak. 
“We ran out of milk. Make sure to get some today.” You open your bedroom door and shut yourself inside, leaving Taehyung absolutely speechless. 
Tumblr media
“Miso, would you shut up?” 
“Fuck off, no way will I ever let you off the hook for this. You tell me you feel absolutely nothing for Seoyun’s older brother and then end up living with him? And hear him jerking off?!” 
You roll your eyes with frustration, massaging your forehead as you collect the capacity to deal with Miso. You love her, but she can be a handful. “Listen, Mi. Living with him was the only plausible option, and he’s the one that offered. Also, never speak of the jerking off thing again or I’ll murder you. This has nothing to do with feelings, alright?” 
You hear Miso most likely acquiescing on her end. “Fine. I don’t blame you considering you lost your place, and I’m very glad you’re alive and doing well.” You can hear the pout in her voice, lightening you up a little. “But I’m just saying, being roommates with him might just be the key to unlocking all your deepest desires, babes.” 
“And what exactly are my deepest desires, Miso?” You query over the phone as you rummage through some returned books. Thankfully, Smith was incredibly kind about your entire situation, even offering to let you stay with him. That suggestion you found the slightest bit unusual, but you’ll chalk it up to his naturally giving personality. 
“Y/N, everyone knows what you want. You’re the kinda girl that wants a love so passionate that it’ll completely consume you.” Miso begins, confident in her speech. “You want something that’ll ignite your bones, something hot and fiery and exciting that leaves you craving for more even when you think you’ve had your fill. You want love in its rawest form, Y/N. And who knows, maybe Taehyung is it, you never know.” 
You’re quite surprised by her words, returning to your task of organizing. “Even if you’re right about everything, how are you even sure Taehyung could be the answer?” 
Miso lets out a light-hearted sigh, imagining her twirling a piece of hair around her finger. “Dear Y/N, may I remind you that I’ve been dating his younger brother since I was 14? I’ve heard about and met him enough through Seo to know he might be.” You understand her explanation, beginning to say something until she gently cuts you off. 
“Just… keep an open mind, Y/N.” She instructs. “I feel like you think of him as this unattainable, off-limits, mysterious person you were only ever allowed to admire from afar.” 
“Hey, who said I admired him from afar-” 
“Not the point. My point is, whatever you’re feeling, girl, go with it. Maybe it’s because you never let yourself believe you actually have a chance with him that’s never created a chance. Now that you have this roommate situation going on… you can get to know him better.” Why did Miso actually provide such solid advice? You blow a raspberry, emptying the books in your arms onto a shelf and merely staring at them, introspectively analyzing yourself. 
Maybe Miso is right. What’s so scary about possibly pursuing something with Taehyung? Clearly there’s something there, something tangible and evidently hot and passionate enough neither of you can even keep it together for long. You begin biting your lips the second you feel his presence, and you notice Taehyung has the tendency to clench his fists together tightly when tension rises. 
Is that him controlling himself around you? Restraining himself? 
“I’ll try, Miso. You just… know how I feel about life and especially love.” You absent-mindedly fix up the collection of children’s books, in your own head. “What if this just blows up in my face? I’ve let go of so many potential opportunities in my life chasing after this all-consuming, reality-sweetening love. How do I know this isn’t just another hurdle?” 
“Think of it this way,” Miso speaks kindly. “If it’s another hurdle, then you’re one step closer towards the finish line, the love you’ve always wanted. But if it isn’t a hurdle, if it truly is everything you’ve ever wanted. Then this is it.” 
You take a deep breath, nibbling your bottom lip as you consider her advice. Perhaps she’s correct? You’re not suddenly trying to make Taehyung your everything, but you’re simply seeing if he’s worth the try. And maybe you do have a list of cons pursuing him, but in reality, the pros are longer, and could possibly end up becoming longer in the future. 
With a gentle smile, you agree with her. “Yeah, yeah…” 
“You know, speaking of Seoyun and I, are you ever gonna RSVP for our engagement party? I sent the invite to you literally weeks ago.” Miso suddenly complains, and you smack your forehead. Especially with the events of the almost-fatal fire recently, RSVP-ing completely slipped your mind. 
“Oh my God, Miso, I’m so sorry about not sending my reply and not being more active in the party planning-” 
“Bitch, I’m kidding!” Miso cheers, and you feel like whacking her. 
“Miso, what the fuck?!” 
“There’s no way in hell I’m even asking you for an RSVP when you’re literally my best friend, hello? You’re coming. And don’t worry about party-planning at all, you know my mother’s been itching for it ever since the day I told her about Seoyun.” 
You can’t help but heartily laugh, Miso’s mom was always the sweetest. “How is he by the way, Seoyun? Work’s going well for him?” 
“Yes, he’s doing great. He actually wanted me to tell you he’s sorry for his shitty replying, recently they’ve chosen his storyboard for a game his company’s developing so he’s been booked and busy.” Miso informs you with a pout. 
“Please, we’re both shitty repliers and that’s the beauty of us terrible texters, there’s mutual understanding.” You both chuckle together before you let out a deep sigh, finished with your shelving. 
“Alright, I’m gonna go and get some real manager work done. See you this weekend?” 
“See you this weekend, girl. Later! And remember to wear something hot to impress Tae-” You hang up. Immediately. 
You attempt to not dwell on her words from earlier, pushing aside their weight as you make your way towards your front counter. The bell of the door suddenly chimes as you reach the desk, rounding it to lay your eyes on the visitor. 
Speak of the devil, and the most handsome man you know appears. 
“Tae, hi.” You greet him with a wide smile, and Taehyung replicates your grin with his own boxy one. It always manages to make your heart flutter. 
“Hey, literature girl. How’s your first day back going?” Taehyung asks as he settles in front of the counter. But just as you begin detailing, Taehyung hushes you with a finger to his lips, clearly hiding something behind his back. 
“Actually, before you begin, I came with a partial care package.” Taehyung announces as he does something behind his back, and reveals two things that cause you to light up like a Christmas Tree. In one hand, he holds a Starbucks drink with your order of coffee, and in the other he’s clutching a cute brown gift bag. You slap your palms over your mouth. 
“Oh my God, Tae..” You marvel at both things, feeling more than just touched. Your hands press to your heart as your lips pout, eyes sparkling with gratitude. “This is so lovely, Tae. Thank you.” 
“It’s not a problem at all. I noticed you didn’t really eat yesterday or this morning, figured you were nervous about Smith and the library.” You could have cried. How did he observe that and even think this far about your anxiety? Your cheeks can’t help but grow fondly warm, adorably pouting. 
He sends you an attractive curve of his lips before handing over the bag and cup to you, retrieving them. You take a peek at the Starbucks drink, and nearly melt at the name you find scribbled on the cup. 
Your heart feels an immense amount of heat, but not the kind that burns, the kind that feels so comfortingly warm, you ache for nothing else but that same warmth. You pop open the brown gift bag to find a gourmet artisan sandwich, gasping. 
“Wait, how did you know I love this sandwich place?!” 
“Y/N, you literally ordered from this place all the time when we were in high school. And you’d always get devastated when they would turn you down for being too far away for delivery.” You pout your lips at the memory, lightly chuckling as you catch a whiff of all the saucy and cheesy goodness in the sandwich.
“You’re a lifesaver, Tae, thank you!” Excitement fills your body and without a thought, you lean over and throw your arms around him. You hook onto his neck and hug him tightly, while Taehyung hesitates for a second before his palms encircle your waist. 
You then realize your fault and retract quickly, flashing him an awkward smile as he chuckles it away. Hugging him is totally not nerve-wracking after you heard him shoving his cock into his fist a couple nights ago, not nerve-wracking at all. 
You had both mutually never spoke of the little incident ever again. Only after a few dismissive glances and stutters in your speech afterwards did you and Taehyung return to normal, conveniently deciding to transfer the exchange into the recesses of your minds. Fuck you and your dirty mind, though, because how could you ever forget the sound of Taehyung fist-fucking himself a room over? 
A dry cough escapes you considering the thought. You quickly think of another topic to distract from the stalled moment, spotting him in his turnout pants. “So, um, have you had lunch? Aren’t you at the station today?” 
“Yup, it’s actually my lunch break right now.” He informs you, which confuses you when considering the odd time. It’s too early for anyone’s lunch. 
“You’re on lunch right now?” 
“Yeah, firefighters on a 24-hour shift get to choose whatever hour they want for a lunch break. I always choose this time since it’s just before the rush of the usual lunch hour.” And suddenly, it’s as though a light bulb warps itself into reality above your head.
“Oh my God, is that why you always check out and return books within the span of an hour? And always come at the same time?” Your expression is completely dumb-founded. Taehyung drags the tip of his tongue over his teeth with this incredibly sexy laugh you couldn’t help but fall for. 
“Looks like I’m caught. I use my lunch break to quickly come and see you.” Now that’s fucking swoon-worthy, leaving you legitmately speechless. 
“How-why would you… You’re something different, Kim Taehyung.” 
He smiles, the kind that’s faint and yet so powerful, the kind where it starts in his eyes before his lips catch up. “I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else, anyway.” 
You lock gazes, finding yourself falling into his abyss you honestly… see no reason to not fall into. Even if it were dark and scary without knowing where you’ll land, perhaps the bottom is a feather-like cushion that will allow your falling to be worth it. 
“Well, now I feel utterly terrible that you use your lunch breaks to see me. That means you barely get food in that stomach of yours. Share half this sandwich with me right now or I won’t cook anything for a week.” 
Taehyung gasps scandalously, a dramatic hand to his mouth. “No way, you know how I feel about your disgustingly cheesy mac and cheese.” 
You bounce your brows with a smitten, cocky grin. “Exactly, so share or suffer the loss, Kim.” 
Taehyung shakes his head with a fond smile. “You’re still as cheeky as always, aren’t you?” 
“Well, I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else, anyway.” You theatrically mimic him with a flower pose, and Taehyung bites his lip to contain a chuckle, left with his chin resting in his palm, peering at you with nothing but fascination. 
You reach inside the bag to check the contents, finding a long sandwich accompanied by fries and a drink. You gently moan, soon taking a sip of your coffee and transporting to heaven. It’s goddamn perfection. 
“So, I wanted to ask you something.” Taehyung starts as you gather your essentials to pop over to your office. 
“Go on, Tae.” 
“I’m pretty sure you already know but…. you know about Miso and Seoyun’s engagement party, right?” Taehyung queries, and you nod for him. 
“Of course.” 
“Right, well, it’s probably a given you’re going?” You nod again, sipping on your coffee. 
“I just wanted to ask, since we’re both invited and important to both Miso and Seoyun, I was thinking… could we attend together?” 
You freeze, blinking as you try to comprehend his offer. “Together? As in…” 
“Together as friends, I meant to say. You know, share a car ride instead of bringing two cars?” Taehyung quickly clears up.  
For some odd reason, the word friends doesn’t discourage you, but rather makes you smile behind your coffee cup. The way he scrambled to correct himself was uncharacteristically adorable of him. “Of course, yeah. As friends. Save the planet and stuff with carpooling, right?” 
You mirror his manner of speech, and Taehyung pokes the inside of his cheek as he fights off a wide grin, his eyes glistening with this beautiful sparkle in them. Snowflakes stick to his fluffy hair as you find his slightly red nose cute, the rosy colour to his skin making him appear stunning. 
“Agh, you must be cold,” you feel like smacking yourself, forgetting manners. You tidy up your things quicker to show him towards your office. “Come come, let’s get you warm.” 
He chuckles. “I’ll go anywhere you go, gorgeous.” Taehyung unwinds the scarf around his neck, and follows you as you inform a co-worker about taking your lunch early and manning the front. You reach your office and dig your key, fitting it inside the lock as you look over your shoulder. A striking Taehyung waits behind, jerking his brows playfully as you laugh at him. 
Once the door’s unlocked, you filter in and Taehyung’s eyes slowly scan around, even getting a whiff. “Wow, it surprisingly smells like a bakery in here.” He notes. 
“Yeah, I keep vanilla-scented candles around. You know me and my sweets.” 
Taehyung gently laughs. “Of course, how could I forget?” You return his grin and bite your lip, soon registering your earlier thought; manners. 
“Here. Please sit.” You position a chair for him to sit opposite of you, and he thanks you with a grin. You click on the heater and set down your things, approaching him. 
“Here, I’ll take your coat.” 
“Oh, you don’t have to.” He waves off. “I’ll do it myself.” 
“I insist, Tae. You’ve probably had such a long shift until now.” You send him the most preciously sympathetic expression in the world, and Taehyung can’t help but acquiesce. He trudges it off and you fold it over an arm, hanging it on your coat rack in the corner. 
You tuck your plaid skirt underneath as you take your seat. Taehyung actually ends up teasing you about how your fashion sense never endured any altercations since highschool. You chuckle, quipping that all that’s really changed about him is the amount of muscle he’s put on, and he appears more like a grizzly bear rather than a teddy bear. 
Once the sandwich is split and you share the fries with Taehyung, you offer the drink to him, and he gladly accepts it. 
“So, how’s your car doing, by the way?” Taehyung asks as he takes a bite of the sandwich, pairing it with a fry. 
“Ugh, it’s still in the shop. It’s honestly my fault for never getting winter tires and ignoring all the maintenance notifications.” You roll your eyes, recalling the inconveniencing way it suddenly refused to start on your drive home one day, and needed to call a towing service. Taehyung didn’t even hesitate waking up during his usual nap after a 24-hour shift to pick you up. 
“How’d you even get to work, then?” He genuinely becomes concerned. 
“I had to bus it.” 
Taehyung almost chokes on his food. “You-you bussed it in winter.. in Chicago?” 
You tilt your head, giggling a little. “Well, yeah, Tae. I had no other choice.” 
“Okay, so that seals the deal. When I get off tonight I’m picking you up from work.” 
You nearly spit out your coffee, shooting Taehyung a look of sheer surprise. “Tae, what? Aren’t you working today? I can’t ask you to do that-” 
“You’re not asking, Y/N. I’m offering, and I’ve only got a 12-hour shift today. Bussing around Chicago in the winter is brutal, especially when you’re in the city and it’s crawling with weirdos.” Taehyung expresses, taking a sip of his pop. 
“Are you sure it’s not too much after such a long shift, Tae? I want you to go home and rest right away once you’re done at the station.” 
“No way, Y/N. I’ll be fine, I’ve been doing this work for a while now, and I can’t let a pretty girl like you walk around at night in the city by herself.” 
Funny how with a heater on in the cozy office, it’s Taehyung that manages to warm your heart. You shyly smile with a sensation of fluttering butterflies, sighing. “Fine, I guess I can get picked up by my Superman.” You throw out with a playful tone, sipping your coffee with a feigned sigh. 
“I wouldn’t be much of a Superman if I didn’t protect my Lois Lane.” 
You find him with a mischievous grin upon his lips, soon poking the inside of his cheek. You bite your lower lip;. Taehyung stares at you with this twinkle in his eyes you can’t distinguish, but feel as though you’re reciprocating nonetheless. 
For the rest of lunch, that’s all you did, exchange looks with Taehyung that linger for too long. Laughing with him felt just as easy as it did back in your highschool days. 
Minus the constant arguing, but alter it into harmless bickering, condescending teases now morphing into shameless flirting, even touches the felt magnified by undeniable electricity. Time spent with Taehyung was time spent well, and he was nothing short of a dream come true as you felt your chest spark with intense feelings. 
Your smile around him could never be contained. 
So as you both conversed about the dress theme of Miso and Seoyun’s engagement party, you didn’t hold anything back, and surprisingly, ended up being matched with a Taehyung that didn’t either. Especially when you mentioned your choice of outfit for the event was ‘elegant with a dash of maturity’, and you didn’t miss the fire that sparked in his eyes. 
Tumblr media
“P & P, Wuthering Heights, Great Gatsby…” You carefully keep track of all the classic novels in your arsenal, considering a small stand for them to attract more readers in the front. Smith had informed you in the impromptu Facetime meeting today that he desired more of the classics in the front, along with some winter/holiday hallmarks. 
You jot down the books you’re interested in displaying, until you’re interrupted by a sudden knock at the front door. You see a radiant Taehyung acting as though he’s shivering outside, and you laugh gesturing what the hell he’s doing here already. He taps his watch to indicate the time, and you’re stunned. Your shift was already over? 
You swear the time flew by. 
Giggling a little, you waddle over to the front door and unlock it, letting him in. 
“Jheez, it’s getting cold out there.” He rubs his beautiful hands together. 
“It’s almost November, Tae. It’s always freezing around this time.” Taehyung huffs warm air into his palms as he laughs. You notice his fingertips are quite rosy and take them into yours. They feel like the equivalent of Sub-Zero. 
“Shit, Tae. You’re so cold..” You trail, rather occupied with blowing hot air over his hands too. He grins before joining you, rubbing hands to transfer warmth. You both begin a childish match of who can warm up who the most, chuckling about it. 
His pretty lashes blanketed with melting snowflakes draw you to look at him, suddenly lost in the fact that… he’s so close… and you’re both touching each other. Taehyung locks gazes with you then too, and your entire system is overridden with fluttery feelings, breaking eye contact. 
Taehyung does too as you remove your hands, wiping yours over your skirt. 
“S-so, how was the rest of your shift?” You ask nervously, quickly stepping towards the blinds of the library and shutting them. 
“Good. I got some workouts in and trained a bit with a junior of mine.” Taehyung stretches by pulling back his chest muscles, his eyes scanning the library that’s currently a mess. You try not to focus on how wide and broad his back looks, or how much larger he is. 
How does it slip your mind he literally trains to save lives? 
Clearing your throat and mind, you finish off with the blinds and scurry towards your mess of books, collecting them in your arms. 
“Sorry about the mess, I just have these new displays I need to make.” You grasp onto novels as Taehyung removes his coat, revealing himself in his station wear. You didn’t faint this time, progress.  
“Oh, hey. I can help.” Taehyung reaches over to help you balance the weight of the books, but you immediately clutch them to your chest.
“Oh, no way, Taehyung. You just worked a long shift, I’ve got this.” You dismiss him kindly, collecting some more as he spawns a disagreeable pout. 
“Hey, you’ve been working all day, too. If anything, you’re working overtime right now. Let me help.” He reaches out one last time before you threaten to kick at his shin. 
“You, sit.” You glare, to which Taehyung has no choice but to listen to you, plopping down by a reading table with a small pout. You stifle a laugh at the fact that he listened, balancing the books until you’ve reached the front counter. 
“When will you be finished, anyway?” Taehyung asks, turning to him to find his long legs spread out before him as he leans back in his seat, lap on full display. You fight back the urge to have dirty thoughts, acting as though his crotch had a ‘do not touch’ sign upon it. 
‘Do not think about sitting on me’ was the sign it should’ve had. 
“Soon, I promise. I’m sorry for making you wait.” 
“No, not at all. If anything, this is quite nice.” He beats around the quiet, cozy space, grinning. “I like the vibe.” 
Your lips curve as you similarly glance around, completely understanding of the vibe Taehyung’s referencing. You adored how your little library was always made to be quaint, more demure, almost romantic in its appearance. The lights were dimmed low and the beautiful browns of the woods added a sense of earthly tranquility. The multiple shelves littered with bindings of new and old, the smell of freshly-inked pages with a hint of dust and woods. 
“I’m glad.” Your lips adorn a small smile.
Noticing your speakers still producing some light music, you crank it up once you watch Taehyung relax, crossing his arms and leaning back to shut his eyes. It’s only when you volumize the sound of ‘At Last’ does Taehyung crack an eye open, even cocking a brow. 
“Etta James? I didn’t take you for the classical music type.” Taehyung contorted his lips, impressed.
You crack a smile, focused on organizing your books. “I didn’t take you for the firefighting type.” 
Taehyung scoffs, light and playful. He tongues his cheek with a smug grin. “Touché.” 
You return to scribbling down which books you're relocating for the displays with a giggle. Taehyung relaxes with a recline back, scanning over the many titles that litter the reading table he’s occupying. James’ sweet, serenading vocals fill the library, lightly singing along as you work. 
A quietude falls upon the space, Taehyung also lightly singing some of the lyrics in that baritone, smooth voice of his, and it’s so utterly comfortable. There’s silence between you two, but not the kind that’s awkward, more so understanding, mutual. You try to ignore how much her lyrics can resonate with exactly what’s going on between you two. 
‘At last
My love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song’ 
You hear Taehyung’s chair creak as he reaches over and lays his fingers across a book. He pick it up, flipping through the introductory pages as he settles on the first page of Pride & Prejudice. Your heart can’t help but race despite the calmness of this moment, scratching off what you said about if Taehyung’s 12 feet away from you, he can’t affect you. 
You’re wrong, because being alone in the library with him, brimming with the endless possibilities of what this may or may not lead to leaves you restless, something fiery burning inside your chest. 
You peek up from your work, tonguing the inside of your cheek as you unintentionally stare at just how gorgeous he is. Those full lips of his drawn together in concentration, his statuesque side profile all for your viewing, even the way he delicately fluffs his bangs from his eyes leaves you intrinsically swooning. 
Just when your mind begins thinking about that lap of his, his eyes lift from his reading, locking gazes with you. You panic immediately. You avert your eyes and return to working, Taehyung trying to bite away a sheepish grin. 
The smile remains on his face, leaning his elbows on the table and looking into his book. 
“‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.'”
You smile through a laugh, brow furrowing a little as he eloquently projects his deep, rich voice. You feel yourself melt to the idea of Taehyung ever reading to you, and that being your favourite book.
“‘However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighbourhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he…’” 
“‘Is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.’” You join his recitation of P & P, speaking the lines in unison. A smug grin paints itself onto his pretty lips, setting the book down. 
“You really know the book by heart, huh?” 
“Some parts, yes. P & P is my favourite.” You fondly smile, pen to your paper.  
“I think that’s something I’ve always liked about you.” Taehyung so casually utters, while you pause in the middle of writing, meeting his eyes. 
A proud smile creeps up on him, leaning back in his chair as he rests his arm up on the table. “You’re intelligent because you read.” 
“And who says intelligence is only derived from reading?” You counter. 
“It makes a woman have a sexy mind, is what.” You fight back the warmth that itches to flood your cheeks, composing yourself. 
“You think I have a sexy mind?” 
“You always have.” He muses, uselessly flipping through the pages of the Austen classic, wetting his lips. 
“I never took you for the reading type. You always told me I was a nerd for having my nose in a book.” You chuckle as you reminisce, eyeing him straighten up his posture as his cheeks rise. 
“I wasn’t, until you started talking about them all the time.” Your brows slightly raise, watching his thumbs continuously run through the pages. “I’ve had a lot of alone time since I moved out, made me pick up reading and think what the hell you were always talking about.” 
He swallows before meeting your gaze. His captivating look is so unparalleled, you actually felt the wind knocked out of you when he speaks. “I finally get it.” 
You review every one of the books you loved in highschool, setting down your pen. “I mainly read romance novels, though. Did you really read those?” 
“I did.” He admits. 
“I didn’t really take you for the romance type.” You lean forward on your elbows, mischievously smiling because Taehyung always seemed so unromantic. 
“And I…” he trails, sifting through famous titles until he grabs a certain one. He showcases the second version of Lady Chatterley’s Lover ‘John Thomas and Lady Jane’. “Didn’t take you as the erotica type.” 
You instantly gasp, rounding the counter to try and pounce on him, but Taehyung immediately springs up from his seat, giggling. 
“Tae, what the fuck?!” 
“Hey, don’t be ashamed about reading erotica, gorgeous. No wonder you have such a sexy mind.” 
Your features warp into a scowl, puffing your cheeks. “I-I read it for the way it speaks of class, genius. The dialogues are actually engaging.” 
“I actually thought that too when I read it.” He comments, but you only try to reach for the book, grabby hands unable to defeat his deft handling of it. He constantly dodges you and plays around with his height advantage, chuckling at your cute attempts. 
“You read erotica?” You ask with a cocked brow. 
“I found it interesting. A woman’s pleasure is truly fascinating.” He proclaims with a much lower, almost dangerous tone, his eyes intense and inviting. As though he were luring you in like a Siren’s call. 
And it fucking worked, peering up at him as you suck in a breath. His gaze is so searing, you can’t help but be completely charmed. You roll your eyes with annoyance, reaching up on your tippy-toes to retrieve the book, only for Taehyung to hold it higher. 
“Taehyung, hey! You know I’m smaller.” You struggle to grasp the book, stepping closer to him for a grab. He simply laughs as he watches you try.
“Shit, five years later and you’re still cute.” You scrunch your nose at him and use him in order to gain more leverage, hooking onto his shoulder. You laugh incessantly as you grunt and exclaim in trial, fighting him for the book until suddenly, he leans too far back. 
Your weight presses into Taehyung as you lose your balance, Taehyung’s tall frame almost toppling over until he takes a step back, steadying himself. A protective arm of his suddenly wraps around your waist, hand cradling your side as you fall into his chest. 
Innocently, you brace against him, hands flat on his muscly chest, and you gaze up at him in complete wonder. This is probably the closest you’ve ever been to Taehyung in your life, and nothing could help the hammering beating of your heart. 
Taehyung maintains your gaze, slowly lowering the book as his eyes become lost in yours. He spends his time looking at you, really looking. He’s flickering over every feature upon your face. . 
You two are close, so close you could make out the little mole he has along one of his lashlines, so close his warm breath was fanning across your cheek, so close that your chest was pressed up against his. And you could feel his heart beating quickly, too. 
His hand on your waist cups you tighter, Taehyung slowly setting down the copy of the erotica, and freeing his other hand. He brings it towards your face, and cradles your cheek ever so gently, completely mesmerized by him. 
His hand feels calloused, a little rough, but it’s only a sign of how hard-working a man he is. A man that dedicates himself to save others’ lives. A man that pushes himself to become a little better everyday, and that prospect has never left your mind ever since you discovered he’s a firefighter. 
And despite that, despite the horrors he must’ve seen on the job, despite the lack of sleep, immense stress and physically exhausting work, his touch is warm. The kind of warmth that embraces you completely, and makes you feel as though you’re the most protected person in the world. 
His eyes are bewitching, utterly gorgeous. The heat of his stare is enough to keep you locked in, not even noticing that Taehyung has slowly taken steps forward with you, until your ass nudges against the reading table. 
The second you yelp, Taehyung’s energy changes. Your palms fall flat against the desk, peering up at him as though his trance is the only one you’ll ever want to be in. Taehyung’s vision keeps shifting between your eyes, your lips, your body, even your cleavage sometimes, it’s like he has no idea where to look. His frame looms over yours, in a way that leaves you utterly consumed by the idea of what he longs to do to you. 
“Tae…” You call him quietly, softly, and nearly dismantle Taehyung right there. He squeezes his eyes shut tightly and purses his lips, keeping his hands as gentle as possible. 
“Fuck, don’t say it like that…” 
You tilt your head. “Like what?” 
“Like I’m everything you need.” 
A puff of air escapes you, biting your lip as your legs feel jelly-like. You squirm a little and rub your thighs together, feeling your underwear stick to your sodden lips. There hasn’t been a single day since you’ve lived with him and the image of him jerking off hasn't flashed in your mind to suddenly dampen your panties. Goddamn him. 
“Fucking hell, don’t do that either.” 
“Do what, Tae?” You genuinely ask. 
“Bite your lip… and move your legs like that. Do it one more time and see what happens.” 
Suddenly his orders strike an annoyed chord within you, giving him a challenging look. “Says the guy who jacked off in the room beside me and made me think about it.” 
He smirks, proudly. He even leans further down to bring your faces mere inches from each other, switching between your eyes and tempting lips. “Sweetie, I never made you think about anything.” He rasps, eyeing your lips as he speaks. “Don’t make me spell it out for you; I know you can’t get me out of your head, and that’s a ‘you’ problem.” 
Scoffing, you square off with him, rising from the inferior position he had you in and now standing taller, arms crossed. “So what if I can’t? What are you going to do about it?” 
Taehyung lets out a shaky breath, his hand resting either side of you on the table now clenching into tightened fists. His jaw locks as his features completely change in demeanor, eyes domineering. He soons breaks out into a chuckle, eyes shifting between your irises and lips. 
“You have no clue what I’m thinking about doing to you, gorgeous.” 
His eyes are so entrancing, so tempting, you want to plant your lips on his. It’s so fucking magnetic, whatever it is between you two. It’s as though the bond you share is completely pure and unadulterated, something untarnished by the ugliness of humanity. But what you share when you’re in close quarters, nearly tasting the other’s breath, body to body and skin to skin, there’s something utterly ravenous within you two. 
Something scorching hot. 
Taehyung begins inching closer, his hands slowly sliding over yours on the table. You feel your chest and stomach bubble with a rush of adrenaline as he lips descend to yours. Your little breaths are audible as Taehyung closes that pesky space, that searing, electrifying space. 
You’re caught up in it, caught up in him. You’re tied into his delectable ocean your seconds from getting swept up in, nearing his lips too until—
Your phone buzzes. 
You jump, startled by the sudden notification from your phone on the counter. You’re sucked out of whatever alternate dimension you were transported to and return to reality. You send Taehyung a look of guilt, and gently move him to step away. 
He complies and releases you, a small sigh escaping him as he watches you scamper towards the counter. You uncover your phone and find messages from Smith, informing you that he’s aware the library isn’t closed yet due to the lack of the motion sensor being turned on. He’s inquiring what you’re doing. 
“Fuck…” You swear, forgetting about the system.. You swiftly unlock your phone and tap over your keyboard.  
8:46 PM: So sorry, Smith! I promise I’m almost done 
Smith: It’s alright, Y/N. Just be sure to finish up soon
Smith: I wouldn’t want to punish you, haha 
His use of language throws you off, raising a brow. Though you brush past it with a polite message that you’re finishing soon, shutting off your phone. 
“Who’s that?” You find Taehyung with his arms folded over his chest, leaning against the table. You feel something ignite within you when you register the bulge of his biceps flexing, jaw ticked quite tightly. 
You swear it’s not your imagination that he seems a little pissed. 
“My boss,” you wave your phone. “He can tell I haven’t turned on the motion detectors, so he knows I’m still here. He wants me to finish up since we’re well past closing now.” 
Taehyung nods in acknowledgement, shooting looks around the place. “What’s with all the books? Are you reorganizing?” 
“Actually, I need to choose some books for these displays I’m planning. I’ve picked out some but I’ve gotta organize them and cut it down to five for each display.” You explain to Taehyung, already busying yourself with the books on your counter. 
“I can help you out just to make things go faster.” Taehyung suggests, and you place down your novels to argue with him, until he lifts a finger. “Ah, I promise I’ve read enough to have good judgement, and I swear I’m not tired. I only had a 12-hour shift and those are like field days to me.” 
Pursing your lips together in contemplation, you finally give in. “Fine, but that means I’m buying you food tonight.” 
Taehyung’s lips curve into a charming smile, eyes sparking with intrigue. “Deal.” 
So Taehyung swivels around and collects the books for you, spreading across your counter as he helps you discuss your choices for the displays. And the entire time, you attempt to ignore the brush of his arm against yours in small moments, or the searing way he keeps his eyes on you all night. 
But most of all, you try to ignore the fluttering your heart experiences every time he’s in your presence. You sadly find yourself failing often. 
Tumblr media
 “Shit, why am I so terrible at this?” Taehyung watches the bow-tying video for the 67th time, performing the necessary loops and twists, but no matter his efforts, the ends always come out uneven. He grunts one last time before throwing his arms up in frustration, cursing himself. “Goddammit!” 
“Tae, what’s up?” 
Taehyung huffs with annoyance. “Y/N, I can’t get this stupid bowtie on me properly. Do you know how to tie them?” 
Soon, you appear in the doorframe of the bathroom, your eyes wide in questioning but Taehyung’s breath is completely blown away. He watches you in utter awe, never having seen you so… dolled up. Your hair is set in these pretty waves that appear whimsical, your eyes look mesmerizing, and he’s hypnotized by the gorgeous dress clinging to your body. 
“You can’t tie a bowtie, Tae?” You laugh as you enter the small bathroom, finding him completely spaced out. He hasn’t responded to your question, and you step closer. 
“Tae?” He blinks, as though refocusing on reality. 
“Your bowtie? Do you need me to tie it?” 
“Oh… yeah, yeah. I can’t tie the knot. I don’t know why my stupid brother chose bowties as the dress code.” 
You giggle a little, seeing his phone propped up on the vanity with a video playing. You close his phone and fit yourself in front of him, obstructing his view from the mirror. Your hands even out the little bowtie, popping up his collar to gain a better look. 
The image of him in a form-fitting suit with his collar undone nearly made you moan aloud, looking at him with a cocked brow. 
“You clean up nice, Kim.” You compliment, melting at the way his suit accentuates his muscles. What an absolutely scrumptious man. 
He laughs, watching you fix the bow tie, your little fingers getting to work. 
“You look…” he pauses, unable to even find a word to describe you right now. You peer up to find his eyes rather scanning you, lingering on some of the skin you show, the setting of your hair and bold-coloured lips. 
Your heart smiles at his pause, feeling a sense of pride. Were you stealing his breath away just like he steals yours? 
“I look?” 
“You…” he wets his lips, soon clearing his throat after realizing his staring. “Wh-where did you get makeup from? And do your hair?” 
You gently chuckle, fingers looping his bowtie. “Miso let me borrow her makeup since she’s got a professional artist dolling her up, same with her curling iron.” 
“And the dress..?” He eyes you up and down, and just to make his heart hammer, you step closer to him, seemingly focusing on the bowtie. You won’t lie about his reaction igniting your confidence, the dress was surely going to make anyone turn a head.
 It was a black, embellished tulle dress, the threading of pretty flowers against the black fabric was simply stunning. It thinned out into 2-inch straps on your shoulders, and fell into a V-neck that dipped tastefully. You watch him suck in a breath a little, averting his eyes to focus on something else. 
You suppress a laugh. “Miso got it for me.” 
Taehyung clears his throat, a fist hiding his lips. “It-um.. It looks good on you.” He coughs out, and you shift up to find him avoiding glimpses at you, rather focusing on the shower’s outdated tiling. Your chest swells with confidence, watching those fists of his clench again. 
You continue your work on his bowtie, finally tying it perfectly and peeking at it in the mirror with him, evening it out. “There you go.” 
Taehyung joins your smile, impressed with the bowtie in his reflection. “Holy shit, how’d you do that?” 
You slide your hands over his chest and peer up at him with your most innocent eyes, but there’s a seductive spark behind them. “I have my ways, Kim.” 
He nibbles on his bottom lip, chin tipped forward as he stares down at you with those fierce eyes again. Just when Taehyung begins lifting his hands, assumptively to cup your waist, you wince at a stinging on the back of your heel. 
“What’s wrong, gorgeous?” He clasps your arms, searching your features. You attempt to ignore the somersault your heart does hearing his nickname for you. 
“It’s.. it’s just my foot. These shoes keep digging into my heel, especially my left one.” You lift it up to allow yourself some reprieve, Taehyung clicking his tongue. 
“Well I can’t have that.” He declares, suddenly leaning completely into your space, and reaching around your frame to clasp onto a cabinet. The bathroom’s too small for two people, so your head obstructs him from opening up a cabinet. 
His hand curls around the back, gently moving you forward. “Watch your head…” He warns softly, and draws it open. You try not to melt into a pile of goo. His presence permeates your entire body, cheeks warming as you feel his protective hand. 
He reaches for a box of bandages and tugs one out. Before you can ask him what he’s doing, Taehyung all of a sudden kneels down before you, tearing open the bandage. You immediately scramble. 
“T-Tae.. What are you-” Your hands settle on the vanity behind you, Taehyung peeking up from below. You hate how absolutely cunning his eyes look, as though he knows what this angle is making you think. 
He smiles smugly. “Shh, no talking.” 
Nervousness taints your face as you watch Taehyung cradle your leg, and heat up once the side-slit in the skirt bares your skin. He pulls your foot closer, while you attempt pulling yourself together form insanity. He removes the strap digging into the back of your heel, hissing when he does. 
“Ah, Y/N. You would’ve sliced through your skin soon.” He kisses his teeth, placing your heel elsewhere and your foot on his knee. Your cheeks become far too warm, entire body electrified as Taehyung works away on your foot, as though nothing is compromising about this. 
He even dares peek up at you from below, no smile to his lips, but his eyes are dancing, completely amused with the way he causes endorphins to course through your veins. You swallow before he refocuses on your foot, smoothing the bandage over the back of your heel, and fitting your shoe on again. 
He makes sure to run a harmless hand over your shin, and the heat of his touch leaves your throat cinching. 
He collects the wrapper and regains his height, exhaling with satisfaction. “There you go, hopefully that feels better.” 
“Much better,” you assure him, your smile still shaky, but convincing. “Thank you, Tae.” 
He grins with a nod, clasping his hands together after discarding the garbage. “Well, we’ve got a sweet ride also known as my Civic to catch for the party, shall we?” He announces and gestures towards the hallway like a gentleman, and you play along. 
“Why of course, good sir. We must.” You chuckle and purposefully walk your way out all fancy-like, Taehyung also replicating a model’s walk. You both exit his apartment building together, snickering at a joke Taehyung tells about his downstairs neighbours that either drunkenly yell each other, or have really loud sex. 
You snort with him during the car ride asking how he possibly manages it, and he only shrugs telling you either he invests in earplugs, or you know all too well what his other solution is. 
You swallow the second his statement causes tension to fill the air. You can tell this night isn’t just going to be two friends attending a party at all. 
Tumblr media
“Wanna link arms?” Taehyung proposes, his face innocent about it. 
“What if you trip in those heels? I already know they’re bothering you.” Taehyung defends himself, to which you quirk a brow. 
“Suddenly a gentleman?” 
“I’ve always been a gentleman.” You hold back a laugh at his matter-of-fact expression, shaking your head and simply looping your arm with his. You both replicate this sheepish grin, your hand clutching onto his meaty bicep, and you try to ignore the way he flexes it when you do. 
You both enter the small party space Miso and Seoyun chose for their party, impressed by the exorbitant decorations. Miso truly didn’t lie about her mother’s keenness, it showed in her passionate work. 
“Y/N!” You hear a familiar voice cheer, finding a gorgeous Miso quickly stepping over to you, waving her hand. You light up at the sight of her, enveloping her in this instantaneous hug as though it’s been ages since you’ve seen her. Merely a month really, you’re both plagued by busyness.
“Hey, little bro.” Taehyung clasps onto his brother’s outstretched hand, and they both pull each other in for a man’s one-armed, pat on the back hug. 
“What’s up, big bro? Glad you could make it.” Seoyun greets him. 
Taehyung releases him with this slightly off smile, almost forcing himself to do it. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” 
Seoyun also seems to accept Taehyung’s words with relief. You nearly furrow your brows until Seoyun lands on you, face all too excited. 
“Seoyun!” You wrap an arm around him for an amicable hug, Seoyun’s own doing the same. You also see Taehyung and Miso embrace. 
“Nice to see you doing well. Miso and I almost ploughed through Chicago to see you at the hospital.” 
“Oh please,” you wave off. “It was only for a night. And…” You trail, eyes shifting upwards to peer at Taehyung. “I had a good saviour.” 
Miso and Seoyun raise their brows, looking towards Taehyung. “You saved her, Tae?” 
You smile widens while clutching his arm, not even realizing you’re gazing at him like he’s a hotshot movie star. 
“I did. The second I heard the building’s name I put on my turnout gear faster than I could run.” 
The group laughs, Seoyun clasping onto your arm. “We’re seriously glad you’re okay, Y/N.” 
“Thank you, Yun. In all honesty, it’s thanks to your brother, really.” Miso then paints on her mischievous smile, tipping her chin with pride. 
“Whew, how hot of you to be a firefighter and save Y/N, Taehyung?” She pretends to fan herself. “I bet it was scary knowing she could’ve been caught in the fire.” 
Seoyun side-eyes his fiance a little and nudges her, Miso pouting back at him. Taehyung chuckles a little while you freeze, not expecting him to even answer. 
“It really was. I’ll let you guys in on a secret,” he then makes everyone huddle closely, whispering to them. “I went against fire fighting regulations a little and searched for her apartment first.” 
Your eyes become round with surprise, lips pouting as your gaze connects with Taehyung’s. “Tae.. is that true?” 
He smiles charmingly before playfully bouncing your arm, eyes sincere. “Of course, Y/N. I told you I’ve got you.” 
The sentiment warms your heart, feeling the strong urge to engulf him in a hug but nothing ever pushes you far enough to act on it. Taehyung wets his gorgeous lips as your grateful gaze never leaves him, only interrupted by Seoyun clearing his throat. 
“Hey, hyung, did you see mom or dad’s car outside?” 
Taehyung stiffens. His eyes become hard as they glance towards his brother, attempting to iron out his rigid tone, but it’s still tangible. “Mom and dad are here?” 
Seoyun sighs sympathetically. “You know they have to be, hyung.” 
“And who’d they bring?” Taehyung scoffs with bitterness, and you feel the tension tightening in his body. He clearly harbours some form of hardship with his parents; it's enough to change his mood. 
All you remember of the Kim’s was that they were always absent from home. You would usually find the boys living together on their lonesomes. Sometimes their grandmother from down the street would visit to prepare them meals, but other than that, you never even met them. 
Taehyung’s question throws you off, even more so his brother’s response. “Don’t do this here, hyung. You know there’s no use in asking.” 
You and Miso become slightly off-put by the thick energy, your best friend perking up. “Hey, Y/N, how’s the library doing? You told me about those displays, right?” 
You immediately catch on. “Oh, yes! Smith told me he wanted some more attention on our owning of the more rare books, so he wanted me to make some displays of them. The Christmas stuff too, of course.” 
“I remember!” Miso chimes, glad to see that the boys have shifted their attention to your conversation. Taehyung’s fists also unclench, more relaxed. “Though I do remember you telling me your boss said something kind of weird, didn’t he? What was it? A punishment or something…?” 
“Yeah, that was weird.” You emphasize, though laugh it off with her. 
“Something weird…?” Taehyung’s brows furrow with a small tilt of his head, eyes requesting you elaborate. 
“Ah, it was just my boss. He kinda said this weird thing but it’s no big deal-” 
“What weird thing, Y/N?” Taehyung’s tone is more serious, eyes pressing. His irises are painted with this undeniable concern, and he’s soon met with his worried younger brother, as well. 
“What kind of weird, Y/N?” 
“He, um… he kind of said this thing where if I didn’t lock up the library soon, he wouldn’t want to punish me for it.” Seoyun makes a disagreeable face while Taehyung looks completely taken aback, brow irritatedly quirked. 
“Pardon? He said that to you?” Taehyung asks, annoyed; you try to ignore how it adds this sexy bass to his voice. 
“Yes? But it was clearly a joke, guys. It’s not a big deal or anything.” You attempt to calm the brothers, Seoyun kissing his teeth. 
“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Smith’s kind of a weirdo.” Miso gives her signature straight-lined smile and nods along with her man, hands around his torso. 
“I agree. He probably sees a sex therapist.” You fail to stifle your laugh, recalling your last conversation about them with Miso.
“Guys, he’s like, married with a kid. He’s not that weird.” You add.
“He’s married but makes casual comments about punishing other women? Especially one much younger than him?” Taehyung’s not buying your nonchalance about this, his features clearly pissed. His words suddenly make you realize the wrong in Smith’s suggestion, pulling your lips back guiltily. 
“Well, when you put it like that…” 
“Be wary of him, Y/N.” Taehyung’s not being overbearing, but he’s soft about his request, genuine concern shining through the beautiful brown of his irises. It melts you, causes you to realize that Taehyung released his arm from yours at some point and nestled his hand against the small of your back. 
You send him a small, grateful smile. “Don’t worry, Tae. I’ve got it.” You pacify him, to which he hesitates in accepting that, sucking in a small breath to speak, but Seoyun interrupts him. 
“Alright, we’re gonna start playing some games, you two. Bring your A game.” He pumps his fist. 
Miso joins her fiancé, squealing with excitement. “Yes! Y/N, my mom literally came up with some of the best games. You guys are gonna have loads of fun. Let’s set them up!” You’re dragged by Miso towards the set up of unique games, while the Kim brothers lag behind and begin light conversation. 
You watch Taehyung to ensure whatever bitterness you sensed in him earlier is gone, and you’re glad to see him laugh with his brother, dodge a playful punch. You sigh with relief, his eyes bright with a smile before locking with yours. He catches you gazing and you meekly wave a hand, Miso’s instructions drowning out as you become mesmerized by him. 
The way all elements of your reality disappear and all you see is him grips you, knowing you’re completely, and utterly fucked when he waves back with that breath-taking side-grin. 
And your chest ignites within seconds. 
Tumblr media
Turns out, Miso was very much correct about her mother’s choice in games. 
Once the guests started really piling in and dinner had been served, the party kicked up to a much more lively, engaging phase of the night that consisted of games and events all about the husband and wife to be. 
The room clapped and cheered as Miso and Seoyun performed silly charades or hooted and hollered when they partook in games asking this or that questions about the couple. It was even funnier when Miso’s shameless mother had the not-safe–for-work ones rolling in, and you couldn’t help but laugh at Miso’s red cheeks and Seoyun shamefully scrunching his nose every time. 
Now, the bar was bustling with party-goers looking for something to spice up the night. The dance floor was open and the music was heart-pumping, inviting any and everyone for a good time and a half. 
Taehyung sits idly with you by the bar. You loosely circle the rim of your cocktail glass as you giggle at something Taehyung tells you, tipsy as ever. Taehyung keeps a firm grip on his glass of Scotch, knocking back a sip as he covers his mouth with a fist to laugh. 
It’s almost sweltering how close he is to you; you’re sitting while he stands beside you. Your veins coursing with alcohol couldn’t help but feel aroused. His large body completely covers you from anyone else, as though he’s choosing to shield you, protecting you. 
“Who was that guy again? The one Miso said she would never invite?” He coughs out as the alcohol hits the back of his throat, but he’s laughing still, his cheeks slightly flushed. It’s not a mistake to think he’s tipsy too. 
“Oh God,” you draw out with a roll of your eyes and your cadence falling low. Something about the darker, nighttime atmosphere of the party was loosening you up, no longer nervous of your every move. “It was this guy I met in college, at lit class. We were friends through mutuals and Jesus, he gave terrible head.” 
You snicker through your explanation as Taehyung joins you, though you don’t miss the spark you see in his eyes. His gaze suddenly becomes much more wild, cunning, even tilting his head a little. 
“Terrible head, huh?” He smirks. “What’d he do?” 
Usually you would’ve swallowed at the lewdness of the conversation, and nervously avoided him. But the alcohol, fuck, the goddamn alcohol boosts your confidence to unprecedented levels. 
“He did… he did this thing where,” you begin, gesturing for emphasis as incessant giggles spill out of you. Taehyung steps closer to you as he listens, leaning an arm against the bar counter, decreasing all space. Maybe it’s to hear you better or another motive, you don’t know. But it’s immensely sexy feeling his body heat. 
For fuck’s sake, his breath is so hot and smells faintly of mint and alcohol. 
“Basically, he was all mouth and no tongue. He never did anything with my clit.” 
Your own admission of the truth makes you laugh, almost horrified at you even surviving that. “Shit, it was seriously so terrible. I remembered thinking it was not what I would see in porn.” 
Taehyung laughs, but his gaze is dangerous, animal-like. “You’ve been with other guys and you’ve watched porn, huh?” 
Your eyes shift to him, hazy but you can still hold a conversation. Right now he looks delectable, and that force that always compels you to jump him is so loud, but you contain yourself. There’s no room for drunken mistakes here. 
“Well of course, Tae. I told you, I’m not a kid anymore.” 
Taehyung looks at you hard, then looks harder. He deliberately takes his time to scan your figure, lingering over your chest, your shoulders, the warmth to your face. He wets his lips, soon poking his tongue at the inside of his cheek. 
“How could I forget? You’re a woman now.” 
You narrow your eyes at him, even leaning closer just to challenge him. Taehyung peers down at you in that certain way that leaves your lady bits aching, like he’s exercising his alpha male power, as though he desires to tame you and make you his. 
You fucking yearn for it. 
You grow tired of him simply eyeing you, landing a lazy hand against his blazer, tugging him closer by his jacket. 
Taehyung raises his brows, letting himself get pulled. You merely focus on the fabric of his blazer. For some reason, you’re fascinated by it, perhaps it’s the alcohol. 
“Who was that girl Seoyun mentioned?” You recall, now knowing what the two brothers were laughing about earlier. It was a girl, and you hate to admit the way your heart dropped hearing that. 
“The girl he didn’t invite?” Taehyung queries as he watches you boldly touch him, and you nod with a pout. 
He lightly chuckles, letting you play with his blazer. He licks his lower lip with a smug grin. “She was this girl from my firefighter program. Same situation as you, but even worse head. She couldn’t fit me in her mouth.” 
You pull the most disbelieving face in the world, before snorts begin spilling from you, smacking his chest. “What the fuck? You can’t be that big, asshole. Don’t fucking lie.” 
Taehyung furrows his brows, but is fighting back a seductive grin as you knock back some tequila. “And who says I’m lying?” 
You pin your shot glass down and let the alcohol guide you. Your hand has a mind of its own, and slides up to Taehyung’s chest, mindlessly feeling at how scrumptious he is underneath his dress shirt. He swallows hard, clenching his fist against the bar counter. 
“I am. You can’t be that big. Maybe she’d just never given head, genius. Or she was just terrible.” 
Taehyung scoffs as his eyes shift from you touching him, to your tipsy, proud face. “And you know how to give head that isn’t terrible?” 
“I know how to give head that’s mind-blowing.” You counter, confident as you stare him square in the face. His body stiffens completely, that fist of his clenching harder, but you never remove your hand. 
“You can’t be that good at giving head, gorgeous. You have to be lying.” 
“Who said I was lying?” You mimic his tone from earlier. “I guess you’ll have to see for yourself.” 
Taehyung sucks in a breath, before releasing it with a laugh. You believe yourself to have the upper hand in this conversation, but you’re proven incredibly wrong. Taehyung suddenly encircles you with his arm against the bar counter, other hand grappling onto the back of your chair. He leans down until his lips brush your ear, letting out a light moan when he does. 
“I guess you’ll have to see for yourself how big I am, too.” 
His voice, his deep, rich, low voice leaves you adopting goosebumps all over, shivering. He pulls back to closely watch your face, fascinated by the skittish way you squirm your legs and bite that pesky lip of yours. He flashes down to the skirt of your dress, giving you that look like he knows what you’re doing again. 
This time, he looks as though he could provide you a solution for it, too. 
Just when Taehyung eyes your lips, and your senses go haywire with need, you’re both interrupted by a hammered Miso. 
“Y/N!! Oh my God, there you are. I need you… I need you right now.” Miso suddenly clasps onto your arms and shakes you for your attention, even though she already has it. 
“Miso,” you whine. “What do you want?” 
“My phwone! I left it upst-upstairs. The room makeup… makeup room.” She slurs her speech, barely able to even keep herself upright. You struggle to maintain her weight on you and incessant whining, Taehyung even extending a hand for Miso to grab onto. 
“Taehyung! Your brother… he sucks! He told me no phone for the evening but-but I need photos! I’m not obsessed with Instagram!!” Miso manifests her childlike  tears, and you and Taehyung watch a worried Seoyun weave through the crowd, fixing his glasses as he finally clasps onto his fiancé. 
“For fuck’s sake, Miso, never do that again.” He sounds out of breath. 
“No! I hate you! How could you secretly kweep-keep my phone away from me? You’re such a meanie!” The happy couple begin bickering like always, you and Taehyung snickering together as an innocent Seoyun handles the drunk, rambling love of his life. He nods obediently as he listens to all the unsophisticated, harmless insults she shoots his way. Seoyun clears his throat before whispering to you. 
“Can you please get her phone? It should be in her makeup room upstairs.” 
You shoot up from your seat and send him a drunken thumbs up, saluting him like a soldier. He breaks out into a handsome smile that’s all too similar to his older brother’s. 
You like Taehyung’s smile a teensy bit better. 
Off you march towards the elevator, feeling the music course through your carefree body as you pass the dance floor and blaring speakers. Pressing the button, you waltz in carelessly to ascend to the top floor, but your eyes widen meeting Taehyung who stops the elevator, squeezing himself in. 
Eyesight a little bleary and time slower, you discern his sexy build anywhere, tilting your head. 
“Tae? What are you doing?” 
“You really think I’ll let you go anywhere alone right now, gorgeous?” He speaks so matter-of-factly, your drunkenness causes you to narrow your eyes. 
“Hey, who said I needed saving? I’m an independent woman.” You cross your arms and tip your chin, holding yourself with pride. As the elevator door closes after Taehyung’s push of a button, his eyes meet yours, far too entertained. 
“Of course you are. And I’m an independent man who made the decision to tag along.” He retorts with a saccharine grin, causing you to drunkenly huff as he straightens up his posture, clicking the second floor button. The action calls attention towards his large, bulkier frame, wanting to smash your lips against his once you register you're in an enclosed space with him, alone. 
The elevator ascends. With alcohol pumping through you and Taehyung just an arm’s length away, the decision-making part of your brain short circuits. That suit’s fucking lethal, and the attractive strands of his hair framing his impeccable face are calling you. 
Boldly, you stride over and stand right before him, invading his little bubble of space. You gaze up at him through your eyelashes, batting them, “You came because you don’t like the idea of me being without you, don’t you?” 
Taehyung cocks a brow, blinking a few times before he can answer you. He swallows once he catches a glimpse of your cleavage. “What?” 
“I said,” You step closer, mere inches away from him as you poke his chest. You send him the most docile eyes you can muster. “You came with me because you always want me with you, don’t you? What was it again you said to me? You can’t get me out of your head, and that’s a ‘you’ problem.” 
Taehyung’s lips fall open, fists clenching, but no words leave him. His body is stiff under your touch, and ignites your ego. Even with alcohol in his system, you can tell he’s restraining himself, completely holding back on you. But that hungry, hungry look in his eyes shows you what he’s taming, what he’s keeping under wraps as you test his patience. 
Just to see him snap, you daringly prop your chin on his chest and peer up at him innocently, hands latching onto his fists by his sides. You drunkenly laugh, mind hazy and actions loose-limbed, all devil-may-care. 
“Why so stiff, Kim?” You tease, lacing your fingers with his and gaining the energy to gently hold them back against the wall of the elevator. You giggle against his chest as you stare into his very soul, eyes utterly innocent with a pout. Your breasts are pressed up against his, and it’s proving lethal for him. 
He breathes unevenly, that jaw of his locked so tightly, you see his resolve in his eyes faltering. His pupils were entirely dilated, fiery as he stared back at you, tonguing his cheek. He’s trying to resist you. 
“See something you like?” You tease. 
He scoffs, his eyes sparking with an inferno so hot, it’s within seconds you and Taehyung suddenly switch positions. Your back meets the wall and Taehyung’s fists ensnare your wrists, slamming them criss-cross above your head. You gasp, peering into his fierce eyes with your shocked ones. 
“I see something I want.” He practically growls as he dips close, his grip on you tight, just enough to squirm. He licks his lips as his eyes linger all over you once again, absorbing however much he wants. 
He inches forward, whispering quietly. “Something I really fucking want, but shouldn’t have.” You smell the whiskey on his breath. His proximity’s so intoxicating you forget to register the weight of his words.  
His gigantic, muscly body looms over yours, his eyes piercing through the dark hair that curtains them. You want to reach out, crave him and his gorgeous lips enough it drives you insane, almost giving in. 
Until the elevator door rings. 
You roll your eyes as you drunkenly pout at the doors revealing the upper floor, returning to Taheyung with an annoyed look. “We were interrupted.” 
Taehyung laughs, drawn out and dry. “Trust me, gorgeous. It annoys nobody more than me.” 
You snicker, Taehyung releasing your wrists as you prop off the wall. You meander out the elevator, wobbling a little even, but Taehyung steadies you. You shoot him a tipsy, lop-sided grin, holding onto his strong arms. 
“Wait here for me, big guy.” You pat his chest, and Taehyung’s faint smile never disappears from his mouth. “I’ll be right back.” 
Your hands glide up to his biceps, feeling at the meaty muscles as Taehyung watches you do so with a knowing grin, eyes blanketed with evident lust. “It better be quick, gorgeous.” 
You bite your lip before cupping a hand around Taehyung’s cheek. You drunkenly feel his face before good-naturedly patting him, making your way towards Miso’s makeup room. 
Five minutes later, you return, waving Miso’s phone like a lottery ticket. He props off his leaned back position on the wall, lips curving into a sexy side-grin. “That was quick.” 
“I had to be back, didn’t I?” You flash him suggestive eyes that light something inside hun, doing that obnoxiously hot thing where he wet his lips, but this time slowly, almost pondering everything he in fact wants to do to you. 
“Shall we join the party downstairs?” He acts gentlemanly, holding out his arm for you to loop. 
“We shall,” you respond, confidently latching onto him until you’re both interrupted by giggling, clearly originating from behind you two. The pair of you transfer your eyes from one another towards the sounds, watching a bit of an older couple stalking out of a room together. They seemed intimate, though almost secretive about it, hushed giggles and disheveled hair with jewelry that wasn’t quite right. 
You quirk a brow, confused as all hell until Taehyung’s eyes widen next to you, soon narrowing into a disgusted look. When Taehyung speaks, all your questions are answered. 
“Mom and dad?” 
You freeze. The couple freezes; and their horrified eyes meet their distraught son’s. Taehyung’s dad opens his mouth to speak, but he can’t gather any words. His mother appears extremely guilt-ridden within seconds, her facial features faltering the more time passes. 
Taehyung’s body is completely tense next to you. When you look over with tentative eyes, he’s angry. He’s so angry he’s clenching his fists, and not in the way he does when he’s around you. His eyes are furious, his jaw firmly locked. 
“Son, listen…” 
“What are you two doing?” He questions, eyes almost… in pain. You’ve never seen this expression on Taehyung before, and it startles you to your very core, but also leaves a sense of sadness tainting you. Why did pain on him utterly break your heart? 
“We’re just… going down, Taehyung.” His mother speaks, and you can tell by the slight loosening of his jaw that Taehyung’s seems to have a softer side for his mother. His features are still filled with distaste though, utterly vexed. You muster even the slightest bit of courage despite your drunkenness to pacify this situation, no matter how little you know. 
Tightening your grip on Taehyung, you call him so quietly, it was as though you only wanted him to hear. “Taehyung…” 
His breaths become a little more levelled. The stiffness of his body relaxes. He finally rips his eyes away from his parents. They fall on you, and even though you still see the pain within them, they ultimately soften. The gesture melts you on the inside. 
“Let’s go downstairs.” You tell him, and despite the hesitancy in his speaking, he answers. 
He turns with a hand on the small of your back, leading you into the elevator. His parents warily follow behind, Taehyung squaring his jaw and shoulders to maintain his anger. He tugs you close by your waist as his parents enter, his eyes shooting lasers. Mrs. Kim quickly clicks the button for the first floor, and the tension becomes as dense as a diamond once the doors shut.
The air is immensely suffocating, but you’re more so perplexed. What kind of relationship does Taheyung have with his parents? Why can you sense so much hostility and resentment? It’s odd that as the eldest child, Taehyung’s parents are quaking in their boots in his presence, a sight you’ve never seen before. 
His father suddenly clears his throat, a rather shorter, though fairly handsome man. You can tell where Taehyung inherited his sharp facial structure and impeccable hair from. 
“So, how’s the party going for you, son?” 
His mother, a lean, beautiful woman in a stunning dress adds on. You can tell where Taehyung gets his lovely eyes and full lips from. “We see you brought a date as well.” 
It’s meant to lighten the mood, but Taehyung merely scoffs, his hand gripping your waist tightly. “The party would’ve been great without knowing my parents just screwed each other a floor up.” 
You nearly cover your mouth at Taehyung’s crudeness, his parents shocked. “Son, there is another person here-” 
“And does it look like I care? You really had to do this at Seoyun’s engagement party?” Taehyung snaps. 
“Taehyung, please understand.” His mother implores, and you try to use every problem-solving skill in the book to discern what’s happening right now. 
“I won’t understand because I shouldn’t have to. You shouldn’t be doing this.” 
The elevator suddenly dings, revealing the first floor lobby that leads into the party hall. His exasperated parents can’t believe their son, stepping out into the empty lobby with disappointed faces. 
His father points a stern finger, eyes serious. “I won’t hear such words from you again, Taehyung. Don’t make me do something I’ll regret.” 
Taehyung laughs dryly as he follows his parents out, not letting them rest for a second. His hand only leaves your back to clasp onto your wrist, tugging you out of the elevator as the edge of his tone sharpens. 
“You’re ruining people’s lives, and now’s the time you consider regret?” Taehyung sounds appalled, his mother butting in. 
“Taehyung-ah, this is Seoyun’s party. Don’t start this-” 
“But I will! I fucking will because you two have people at home waiting for you, probably missing you and hoping you’re having a wonderful time but little do they know you’re only screwing each other behind their backs.” His voice nearly shakes, tone rigid and absolutely ice cold. He sounds hurt, so hurt he almost loses strength in his tone, but his anger drives him. 
“Taehyung, there’s no need to bring that up. This is between your mother and I-” 
“Between you two? Only you two? Is that really what you’re going to say to me when all my life I’ve been the one who’s suffered the consequences of your actions?” 
Your mind begins putting pieces together, the picture much clearer. Taehyung’s parents are divorced. They’re divorced and from the sounds of it are bound to other people, legally or not, and yet here they are having clearly just been with each other. 
Once the realization hits you, and you register Taehyung’s words, your chest immediately aches. It hurts you to listen to him, to even consider what he must feel, and you can only shatter seeing it’s agonizing to him. 
“Do not make this something it’s not, Taehyung.” His father angrily argues. “You are to stop speaking and return to this party with a smile on your face. Just because you are my eldest does not mean I want to hear your lectures. I am the parent.” 
Taehyung’s seething now, oh, he’s on fire. He laughs so dryly it almost scares you, but it pains you more to know he’s only reacting like this because it’s his only thread left. 
“You’re the parent, huh? You’re only the parent when it favours you? Not when the real shit happens? Because you get to pick and choose when you have responsibilities and leave it for your fucking child to pick up?” 
Your heart cinches, it cinches because you finally understand. No wonder you never saw the Kim’s around and only ever found Taehyung and Seoyun at home. Taehyung was the one who took care of him and his brother, and his grandmother ensured they at least had food on the table. 
No wonder Taehyung was always angsty and overly confident, smug and reserved back then. He was shouldering mountainous responsibilities he should’ve never had. 
No wonder how even at 17, he seemed much, much older. 
Taehyung’s father loses his composure, voice venomous. “You keep that mouth shut before we make a scene, Taehyung.” 
“Then make a scene, dad. Make a fucking scene so everyone knows you two are the shittiest parents on fucking Earth!” Taehyung yells so loudly, it echoes in the lobby. You’re taken aback by his fury, by this entire situation that leaves you feeling anxious, worry festering within your chest. You’re unsure of what to do, Taehyung’s rageful while his father looks two seconds away from laying his hands on his son, and you know it isn’t your place to intervene. 
With tears collecting in your eyes, the sudden sound of the party hall’s door busting open catches your attention. Miso and Seoyun rush into the scene, finally taking a breath. 
“Mom, dad, what the fuck is going on?” Seoyun steps in between his older brother and parents, holding out his hands to maintain the shortening distance between them. Miso finds you and immediately cradles you in her arms, tightly embracing you. You never even noticed you were shaking, eyes terrified. 
Taehyung flashes you a quick look once Miso begins talking down your anxiety, and he momentarily loses his anger to become concerned. He almost steps towards you before his father speaks up. 
“What happened is that your brother needs to learn respect before he speaks to me.” 
Taehyung immediately grows offended and counters back. “And you need to fucking learn accountability before you start pointing fingers!” 
His father becomes irate, eyes searing with vexation and his jaw locked so hard, he would have broken a tooth. “You dare speak to me like that again? Who do you think you are?!” Taehyung’s father advances dangerously, stepping closer towards his eldest son until he’s stopped by his youngest. 
“Dad, calm down, calm down!” 
“Me? You want to dare me? I don’t give a single fuck what I say to you!” Taehyung yells, and similarly advances on his father, to which Seoyun holds out his other hand and stops his brother by his chest, eyes forebearing. 
“Stop it. Fucking stop, the both of you!” 
Taehyung’s mother quickly steps up and clasps onto her ex-husband’s arm, tugging him back. “Sang-hoon, stop this.” 
You feel the sudden urge to be Taehyung’s support, latching onto his bicep immediately. You want to say something, anything to melt away the rage in his body but nothing comes out. Miso places herself between Seoyun and Taehyung, holding out an arm that protects Taehyung. 
“Everyone needs to stop this.” She emphasizes, and you’re surprised by her words in this exchange right now. Has Miso always known about these issues with the Kim family? 
Seoyun scolds both his brother and parents, eyes angry. “You two did not just start at this at my fucking engagement party.” He scorns his family members. “Now I don’t care what you people need to do, but either you find a way to co-exist, or somebody fucking leaves.” You’ve never heard Seoyun be so forthright and authoritative, only clasping onto Taehyung’s arm tighter, horrified by the scene before you. 
Neither party moves, and everyone’s either hurting or seething. When the room’s only filled with silence, Seoyun sharply demands. “Now!” 
“There’s no way I’m leaving when I didn’t do shit.” Taehyung argues, stepping forward to argue over Miso, and Taehyung’s father does the same with Seoyun. 
“How dare you say that when this all began because of you?!” Thus ensues the beginnings of another screaming match and blame game. Miso grows fed up, looking towards you, eyes serious. 
“Y/N, get Tae out of here. Now.” She instructs, and you meekly nod, remembering to hand over her phone. You swallow as your grasp on Taehyung rather becomes a tug. He ceases his yelling and shoots an angry look at you, but you square your shoulders and speak confidently. 
“We’re going, Taehyung.” He looks like he’s going to open his mouth and argue, but his father’s yelling is off-putting to you, wincing when he raises his voice. Taehyung notices, and you open your eyes to shakily beg him. “Please.” 
Taehyung forces himself to simmer down, slowly nodding. You quickly access your phone to pull up the Uber app, dragging Taehyung away from the unappealing scene. You hear pieces of Miso and Seoyung trying to calm Mr. and Mrs. Kim down, though solely focus on Taehyung and his well-being. 
And the entire time, your heart can’t stop racing. 
Tumblr media
“Where are we?” Taehyung asks, his voice slightly sparse and raw, cadence tired. You’d texted the Uber driver your exact destination before he arrived, having sat Taehyung in the back as he stared out the window with subdued agitation. You didn’t make the effort to touch him in case you could be smothering him, keeping your distance. 
The car pulled up to the exact spot you requested, thanking the driver before you and Taehyung climbed out. It was an empty, well-kept open field. It was separated by a road that was lined with restaurants, fast food chains and other services, limited to one side. On the other, grass covered the ground until it ended by a wired fence, looking out onto a runway. 
“An airport.” 
Taehyung quirks his brow. He’s surprisingly not reluctant in following you, just bummed out in general. “Why are we at an airport?” 
You smile before finding a decent spot with small hill, thanking God it hadn’t snowed yet on this early November night. You tuck the skirt of your overcoat under your backside as you locate a seat on the ground. Taehyung cocks a brow at your actions, unmoving. You pat the spot beside you with a wide, welcoming grin, and with a sigh, Taehyung seats himself beside you. 
His knees come up as he rests his elbows over them, clasping his hands together. You situate yourself with your knees tucked to your chest, clicking your heels together. 
“What are we doing?” Taehyung queries with a disembodied, annoyed tone. Though you can tell it’s from the previous events, not at you. 
“We’re waiting.” 
“Waiting for what?” 
“The planes.” You point at the runway, and Taehyung pulls a small expression of realization. 
“They land here?” 
“And takeoff, watching either is cool.” You tell him, maintaining the smile on your face for his sake. He hasn’t smiled at all ever since you two left, his expression utterly done with today, eyes distant. 
“Wouldn’t it be dangerous when they takeoff?” He asks, voice monotone. 
You tilt your head. “How so?”
“Propellers. They produce a lot of wind, could get something blown at you.” He explains, lips hidden in his arms he leans his chin against. 
“That’s why I usually lay down.” You inform him kindly, before peeking a look at the ground behind you. “We just don’t have anything to lay down on.” 
Taehyung looks over his shoulder at the ground, eyes catching some dirt in the grass that would be unappealing to lay against. His vision flickers over your face, hair and dress then, and you meet his gaze with a rounding of your eyes, curious. 
Without a word, Taehyung peels back the lapels of his jacket, tugging it off his arms. He collects the jacket and spreads it out behind you two, scooching closer. Once he’s set, he leans back against the hill, tucking a hand underneath his head as he nestles into the ground. You look at him with worry, pointing at his jacket. 
“But you’ll get cold-” 
“I’m a firefighter, I don’t get cold.” He remarks sharply, and the rigidness of his tone causes you to shut up. You nod as you follow his actions and lay back, hands clasping over your tummy. 
You lay side by side, utterly silent with him. It’s only slightly awkward, considering you just saw him fight with his parents you finally met for the first time, and it got so out of hand you had to physically remove him from the scene. It wasn’t his fault the alcohol most likely exacerbated so many of his pent up emotions, and even if you didn’t know the situation, you knew Taehyung’s feelings were valid, and he deserved much more in that situation. 
“I’m sorry, by the way.” You shoot a look beside you, finding Taehyuung gazing at the sky above, while you helplessly fall for his impeccable side profile. You feel as though you’re in a dream watching the moonlight bounce off his beautiful cheek. 
“For what?” 
Taehyung scoffs, shaking his head. “You know what.” He states, eyes lost in the faint stars above. “I didn’t mean to get so angry in front of you, and I didn’t know my dad would act like that either.” 
“It’s okay, Tae. You don’t have to say sorry.” 
“But I do,” he argues, gently turning to meet your eyes. “He scared you… I scared you. I should’ve never put you in that position.” 
You send him an understanding smile, sympathizing with him. “Tae, all I felt being in that position was concern for you. You don’t have to apologize for having feelings and voicing them when you were hurt.” 
Taehyung sighs as he leans back, averting his gaze from you. He licks his lips as he works through his inner turmoil, watching his eyes gloss over in the slightest. He rapidly blinks any signs of vulnerability away, locking his jaw. 
You hate that he feels like this, suddenly turning over to lay on your stomach, elbows supporting you. He meets your gaze, and you offer all the support you can. “Do you wanna talk about it?” 
Taehyung sighs again, but this time maintains your look. He searches your irises, as though sifting through them to determine whether or not he could trust you. He looks away again, swallowing. 
“They’re divorced, have been for over 10 years. I was 15 when it happened, Seoyun 12.” You listen to him intently as he nibbles on his bottom lip. It seemed like a vulnerable habit of his. 
“They’ve since moved on and found other people. For fuck’s sake, my dad has a kid with another woman, and he’s married to her. He has this sweet little girl who adores my dad, and knows nothing about us.” Taehyung becomes irritated as he speaks, gritting his teeth. 
“My mom’s engaged, or isn’t, I’m not sure. Anytime her boyfriend even pops the question, my mom finds an excuse to put it off or change the topic.” He recounts with distaste. “And you wanna know why? Because my parents still fucking screw each other behind their partners’ backs, and only Seoyun and I know.” 
Your heart breaks listening to Taehyung, unable to imagine such a skewed version of parenthood. “I’m so sorry, Tae.” 
“Sorry won’t fix anything, Y/N.” Taehyung stated with an agitated tone, but again, not towards you. “They’ve done this since I was 15 fucking years old. All those times I had to find out my parents were cheating on their partners with each other, running around in secret or hiding things. And you would think they’re in love, wouldn’t you? You’d think if they spent all that time together cheating and lying, shouldn’t they rekindle their marriage? Make things work again?” 
You nod along for him, eyes attentively providing him your attention. His own are blanketed with raging emotion, years worth of bottled frustration. “But they never did, or could. They would always end up fighting about the same shit that led to their divorce, and I always had to fucking pick up the pieces. I had to protect Seoyun and make sure he at least didn’t hate the world like I did. That he didn’t see how ugly their marriage was, when I saw the reality in everything.” 
You understand now, the responsibility, the burdens, all the issues Taehyung had to shoulder by himself. No wonder he seemed so mature at his age of almost 26. He grew up far too quickly, and suddenly had to play the role of a parent. 
“You didn’t deserve that, Tae.” 
Taehyung’s struggling eyes meet yours, wetting his lips. He adjusts his head against his hand to look at you better, lips pursed together to contain his anger. “Do you think love is real?” 
You raise your brows at his question, caught off guard. “Do I think love is real?” 
He nods. “I want to hear your opinion.” 
You dwell on the idea for a small while, lips pouting as you think. Your legs come off the ground to sway them back and forth, clicking your heels together again. “I think if you find the right person, love is real.” 
Taehyung tilts his head. “What do you mean?” 
You smile through a laugh. “Well, love is love, of course. It’s this feeling all humans feel from the day we’re born, sure. But once in a while, we meet people that ignite this… fire inside us. They make us feel this sort of love that burns so intensely, it can never be extinguished no matter how hard we try. It gives us life. It makes us better people. It allows us to share our soul with somebody else, and never find shame in that.” 
Taehyung watches you with nothing but unadulterated interest in his eyes, completely absorbed in you. You can feel your eyes twinkling as you continue. “Once you find that person, they make love real. They make you realize life is too short to spend your whole life with mediocre love. You should be able to have that undeniable spark, that hungry fire and passion, the indescribable feeling you get when you realize someone is special to you.” 
Taehyung lays there simply blown away, gently raising his brows. “Wow…” 
You giggle, hiding it behind a hand. “Wow what?” 
“I was right, you have a sexy mind.” You both snicker together recalling the conversation. It makes you feel a thousand times lighter to see the crease in his brows ironed out, the gritting of his teeth gone. Your eyes fall into simply gazing at each other, Taehyung peering up at you as you peer down at him. Just when his eyes shift to your lips, you suddenly hear the roaring of an engine not too far by. 
You spring up to see a plane approaching the runway, lighting up with excitement. “Oh my God, Tae. That plane, it’s gonna land!” You point at it like an elated child, Taehyung rising from his position and settling onto his stomach and elbows like you, eyes on the plane. 
“Holy shit, it’s gigantic.” 
“Right?! It’s gonna go right over our heads, watch.” And Taehyung maintains his vision on the plane closing in, listening to the plane’s engine become almost deafeningly loud, and your eyes widen at the sight. Flying right above your heads, you and Taehyung exclaim in awe as it passes over and leaves behind incredible gusts of wind. 
You both watch the plane slowly lower itself until it touches down on the runway. The pair of you begin clapping with excitement, Taehyung’s expression dumbfounded. 
“Holy fuck, that was so cool!” 
“I know, right?! They literally go right over your head!” You both excitedly speak about the gust of wind you got and how hot it was, amazed by the size of the Boeing and its turbines. You giggle at his fascination before lying back down, Taehyung deciding to remain flat on his stomach. 
You eye him carefully, mesmerized by how stunning he is. “Do you believe love is real?” 
Taehyung contorts his lips in questioning. “Me?” 
You nod, shuffling a little closer to him just to feel his warmth. Taehyung gently laughs, looking away from you and towards the bright street on the other side. 
“Ever since seeing the pathetic shit between my parents for years, not really.” He shrugs, and you become far too invested. Parents’ relationships always shape a child’s perceptions of many things; family, love, marriage. You truly hope Taehyung’s weren’t irreparable, or at least unsalvageable. 
“You’ve never been in love with someone?” You find that hard to believe. No way someone as stunning, charming and down-to-Earth like Taehyung has been single, or at least hasn’t fallen in love. “You’ve never seriously dated?” 
“I mean, I’ve had some relationships that lasted months, sure, but nothing solid. And being in love? Yeah, never.” 
You hate to admit that his response disheartens you, considering that whatever he’s been doing with you then is surely a game. Maybe for sex? Maybe just to shamelessly flirt? You have no clue. Attempting to hide your feelings about his answer, you simply nod. 
Taehyung’s eyes shift down to you now looking away, rather picking at grass in the field. 
“There was this one girl, though.” 
You perk up, providing him your attention again. “Hm?” 
“This one girl. I knew her in high school and throughout some of college. She was… special to me. ” He elaborates, and your mind gets to thinking. Half of you believes he’s speaking of someone else, and if he is, then you’d happily listen to him despite how much it’s going to hurt your heart. 
The other half of you, however, might know where he’s going with this. “Oh, really?” 
“Yeah. I always fucked around with her just to see her reaction, and we had similar interests. I liked being around her.” Your emotions conflict with one another, one trying to listen and find happiness for him while the other disconcertedly questions who he’s talking about. 
“You guys sound like a good match.” 
“I’d like to believe so. I always thought my issues with my parents would make me unworthy of her, though. She didn’t deserve any of that. If anything, I always tried to kinda watch out for her, just to make sure she didn’t see the world the way I see it, either.” 
Your brows quirked, completely sucked into him. “Whatever happened to her?” 
“I had to leave her when I left town. It made me feel like shit, but part of me felt as though she’d be better off, anyway.” He shrugs, looking off into the distance as he speaks. 
“Do you know where she is now? Did you ever meet her again? Maybe you could talk to her.” You suggest, only to find him fighting back a grin. 
“I did meet her again, yeah.” 
Your eyebrows shoot up. “Oh my God, where?” 
Taehyung bites his lower lip to contain this show-stopping smirk, and your heart can’t help but pound against your chest. His kind eyes settle on you, and he gazes as though you’re the only one he sees. 
“I met her again at a library a couple weeks ago.” 
Your heart short circuits, your eyes pop open wide as nothing, and yet everything makes sense. Your shocked face causes Taehyung to laugh, until your lips slowly curve into the happiest grin you’ve ever produced in your life. Your entire system fills with butterflies, the world around you disappears, and all you can see is Taehyung. 
“You.. you don’t-” 
“You know, sometimes I really wonder if she feels the same way. I’ve always wanted to ask but maybe she only sees me as her best friend’s boyfriend’s older brother-” 
Right then and there, you ignore all forms of politeness. With haste, you rise up from your laid back position and cup Taehyung’s face, immediately pressing your lips to his, and it’s as though your reality all of a sudden becomes sweeter. 
You feel Taehyung smile into your kiss, his warm, large hands slowly circling around your waist and reciprocating the press of your mouth. The force of your kiss causes his back to meet the ground, and he tugs you over his bulky chest, mouths working greedily against each other. 
Fireworks explode. Every question has an answer and it’s as though the world is flourishing with rejuvenating flowers. Kissing Taehyung felt like the most thrilling, passionate, rightful thing in the universe, and you couldn’t be happier feeling him kiss you back with the same sentiment. 
His hands glide over your body to press you against his front, tongue swiping across your bottom lip for more.
You break away from him, Taehyung’s eyes and smile radiant, matching your completely foolish one. 
“So… do you need me to say her name or do you know who I was getting at?” Taehyung laughs through his question, and you shake your head with a giddy grin. Your hands rest against his broad chest, happiness too abundant to contain within yourself, and you answer with the utmost pride, lips meeting him for another kiss. 
“Nah, it’s the name you’ve known for the last nine years.” 
Tumblr media
act I. || act II. || act III. (final)
Tumblr media
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kookskingdom · 22 days ago
paris in the rain | kth (m)
Tumblr media
summary: you’re stuck in the city of lights, but your mood is anything but romantic. no, you’re stuck here against your will and nothing (you mean absolutely nothing) is going to distract you from your work and the important art auction that’s happening in two weeks’ time. 
...except maybe the artist that takes you in after you’re denied a hotel room. the same artist who takes you out for sightseeing in the city, has you dancing in the streets of paris, and has you slowly feeling whole again as you fall in love with life and, eventually, him. 
Tumblr media
title: paris in the rain pairing: artist taehyung x museum curator f. reader genre: fluff, romance, angst, smut, strangers to lovers au, “stranded in a foreign country and a handsome person helps you” trope word count: 24367 words (eye am ,, so sorry) warnings: oc misses her flight! and she’s super bitter about it!, a misogynistic hotelier!, running from security (it’s not that serious), cursing, fluff, dates that these two insist aren’t dates but are actually dates, taehyung is smooth and suave and this causes oc to short circuit but tbh me too, (mutual) pining, kissing in the rain, marvel references, sadness, crying, smut, slow and sweet and unlike the past two things i’ve posted LMFAO, making out, this has the slightest bit of soft dom! taehyung and sub oc but it’s rlly just sappy sex, grinding (clothed and unclothed), (f. receiving) hickies, breast and nipple play, (f. receiving) body worship, (f. receiving) oral sex, (m. receiving) hair pulling, (f. receiving) fingering but for like on second LMFAO, (f. receiving) orgasm denial, talk of birth control, unprotected sex, this is rlly tender and tbh i got emo over it, big cock taehyung bc of course he is, cockwarming, (m.receiving and f.receiving) orgasm. cumming together, cumming inside, post-sex crying and emotions, the angst happens post sex so prepare for that, angst angst angst, crying, dumb decisions on behalf of the oc but me too, revelations!!, and a happy ending i promise :D rating: 18+ for smut, language, and the amount of angst i put in here lmfao songs to listen to: playlist linked here! a/n: this fic is ,,,, extremely late ,,,,,, and i wish i could explain myself but the only thing i can really say was that this story has been living in my head for two years and i was so dissatisfied with the first draft and i added so much more and i ended up being so frustrated i took a break from it :’)) i looked back and edited it and while i’m still not completely happy, i can say i’m satisfied :’)) this was my first ever wip (back when i was a tiny reader blog and a beta-reader) and this taehyung has lived in my head rent free since october 2019 so seeing him written? and out in the world is kind of crazy? all i can really say is thank you for sticking around <3 happy holidays from me and this taehyung (as well as his baguette), hoping you stay warm and happy <33 AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAEHYUNG <33 thanks to: LITERALLY THE TWO BEST PEOPLE AND FRENCH TRANSLATORS I KNOW ISI @triviafics and FI @taesinferno i have THE MOST TALENTED FRIENDS EVER PEOPLE!!!!! isi and fi put up with me helped me with all french translations in this fic and isi gave me so many beautiful descriptions of paris, i really could not have done this fic without them. they are pure magic and i am forever indebted to them <33 AND!!!! MISS BELLS @hobisuniverse​ FOR CREATING THIS AMAZING FUCKING BANNER I AM CRYING OVER IT!!! she captures this fic so magnificently and i’m in tears over it. i love you hobi’s wife aka bells <33 and i cannot thank you enough <33 disclaimer: i am not a museum curator!! nor do i live in paris!! some details may be messy or do not make sense, i highly apologize if you find this as such :(( also!! this work is mine, please do not plagiarize. also highly unedited and not beta-read bc i am a clown, will edit soon <33
Tumblr media
Everyone who knows you knows that you’re shrewd, able to conjure up calculations in your head with the blink of an eye.
You pride yourself in being able to analyze situations and predicting all of the possible outcomes that could come out of said situations, creating mental lists that go from best case scenario to worst case scenario.
For example: this trip to London. You’ve created your best and worst scenarios for it, and ninety-nine point nine percent of the time it ends up completely being the best case scenario.
Your best case scenario includes getting there a couple of days early in order to get over your jet lag. You would stay in your hotel room, poring over your notes and making sure you knew which pieces of art you were going to be bidding on- it’s not everyday that you’re going to be bidding for some of the best art the 21st century has seen. This best case scenario ends with you and a bottle of wine in your hotel bedroom, having secured the deal with minimal effort.
You’re so confident in your best case scenario that you don’t even begin to think about what happens in your worst case scenario. And why would you, anyways? Things never go wrong with you- everything always goes perfectly.
Except now, it seems.
You don’t know where it went wrong. You were perfect. One minute you were an hour early to your gate, and the next thing you know you’re standing in front of a very frazzled looking flight attendant who has just called you to the help desk.
“I’m so sorry ma’am, but this flight is overbooked and we can’t seem to find your ticket in the system. As a result, your ticket has been voided. You won’t be able to fly to London-”
You had tuned her voice out after the words “voided” and “won’t be able to fly to London,” because you had heard all you needed to hear.
You may not have thought a lot about the point zero one percent of when everything goes to shit, but you imagine that this is how it goes because this is literally the last situation you want to be in.
“Are you joking?” The words spill out of your mouth, incredulity and frustration tinging your tone as you look at the flight attendant in front of you with disbelief. “What do you mean this flight is overbooked? I have my ticket and receipt right here, executive business class seating-”
“I’m sorry, ma’am.” If the flight attendant didn’t sound so genuinely upset, you would have blown up further in her face. You clench your jaw and fold your arms, though, not wanting to make more of a scene. “There’s been a mistake in the booking and your name doesn’t show up in our system-”
“Well then, put me on the next flight!” Your voice rises harshly at the end of the sentence and the flight attendant flinches back slightly at the loud tone of your voice. You realize now that it’s probably not a good idea to be yelling in public, so you clear your voice and compose yourself. “Please, I need to be on the earliest available flight-”
The flight attendant shakes her head, lips wobbling and filling you with a feeling of dread. “I’m afraid that’s not possible, as all of the flights to London are all filled up due to families returning from holiday and other business executives flying over for the big global business convention there. I can book you for the next flight from Paris to London, but the earliest flight for that will be in about a week and a half’s time-
“-a week and a half?” Your shock colors your voice and you shake your head, laughing in disbelief. “No, you don’t understand, I have an auction and a conference that’s going to be happening by then and I need to be there in advance so what you’re going to do is you’re going to put me on a damn flight-”
“I’m so sorry, ma’am.” The flight attendant cuts you off again and you sigh, closing your eyes and pinching the bridge of your nose in annoyance. “Vacation times are high and there’s really nothing we can do until the next available spot is open. Can we help you find a hotel?”
Tumblr media
You really should start planning for the point zero one percent of when things go to absolute shit.
“-what do you mean all rooms are booked? The airline gave me this address and told me that they would book a room for me here-”
“Mademoiselle, you’ve been mistaken. No one called us and therefore we cannot put you in a room-”
“And I’m telling you I have the voucher and confirmation here-”
“Mademoiselle, that’s enough.” The bickering dies down as an older man comes to stand by the lady at the desk, a mildly perturbed look on his face as he addresses your frazzled self directly. “I have no idea what airline sent you here but it’s some sort of misunderstanding-”
“Look at this!” You reply quickly, shoving the paperwork the airline had given you into his hands. Your eyes look at his nametag, and you breathe out in relief when you see a “Monsieur Toussaint” on the small plate of gold. The man takes your paperwork and you hold your breath as he flicks through the pages, only to feel your heart sink when he looks back at you in disappointment.
“Nope,” Toussaint replies, handing you back your papers. “These are all outdated, we haven’t done a promotion like this since July of 2017.”
“What?!” Your voice is incredulous and incredibly angry as you register his words. So this airline swindled you? What next, will it start raining while you’re in the streets?
Actually, you shouldn’t be saying that. Knowing your current luck and the fact that it’s close to December, it’ll happen when you least expect it.
“There’s nothing much we can do,” Monsieur Toussaint responds, lips turned down in annoyance at the fact you’re still holding up the line. “Move along, missy. This is a busy and distinguished hotel-”
“I- what am I supposed to do now?” You exclaim, tears beginning to brim in your eyes. You really can’t help it- you’re exhausted. This day was supposed to go differently; you were supposed to be in London by now. You never thought your situation could get any worse but here you are, standing at this hotel’s help desk and on the verge of tears from how frustrated you are.
“Have you considered figuring it out yourself?” You don’t miss the sneer in the hotelier's voice and as much as it should have made you angry you’re just more resigned. You’re so tired, you just want to figure this shit out and fast.
“Are you sure you can’t take me in?” You direct your biggest, pleading eyes to Monsieur Toussaint and you watch as his lips curl up slightly, shaking his head mockingly at your distress.
“I’m sorry, Mademoiselle.” If you hadn’t interacted with him earlier, you would have almost assumed he felt sympathy. “We don’t take random women dressed in leggings and a sweater off the street-”
“But what if I’m a museum curator for one of the biggest museums in the world?” You ask, ignoring the slight misogynistic tone in his voice as hope begins to flutter in your chest. You pull out your phone, typing in your name and showing it to the man. Monsieur Toussaint takes one look from it before looking at you up and down, but your hope withers away when he begins to laugh hysterically.
“T-there’s no way this woman is you!” He guffaws, and you feel ire blossom in your bones at his words. Sure, you don’t have a pencil skirt on or a stack of files in your hands, but you’ll be damned before you let a man tell you that you’re not the rightful museum curator for the museum you run and care for back home.
“I assure you, this person is me,” you say, though your voice wavers at the end of your sentence. This sets him off more, and you feel defeat begin to course through your veins as tears burn in your eyes.
“W-would you like me to call your husband, mademoiselle museum curator?” The cruelty in his words doesn’t go unnoticed and you sniffle harshly, trying to will the tears back. You resign yourself to your fate- you’ll be late to this meeting and you’ll lose your hard won position.
Fuck it, you’ll just find your way back to the airport and figure it out. You always do-
You turn around at the new voice and the person behind you has your eyes widening, back straightening up and hands wiping away at your tears as you take in the man that had interrupted you and your current issue at hand.
This man…
This man is a dream.
The first thing you notice is his hair- black and slightly curly, brushing the nape of his neck with messy bangs that fall onto his forehead. The slope of his nose is strong and complements the straight line of his jaw, but these harsh features are juxtaposed by the softness of his cheeks and the delicate slant of his eyelids. His lips are plush pink but you can’t help but shiver as you watch him purse his lips, jawline growing tighter in his annoyance.
Your eyes drift down to what he’s wearing, and it’s clear to you that fashion is important to this man. A brown coat is draped over his arm and he has on a thick, knitted brown sweater and complementary green trousers and black loafers. You can’t help but feel automatically drawn to this man- he just seems so comforting and full of warmth.
“Oui, monsieur?” Toussaint’s voice pulls you out of your stupor, and you find yourself glaring back at the man. Before you can snap at him, however, the stranger behind you sidles up beside you and gently takes your hand in his, lacing your fingers together and making your heart do a flip in your chest.
“I’m hoping you aren’t talking horribly to my dear friend here.” Though the man’s voice has a soft tone, you can hear the undeniable steel edge hidden beneath his words and you watch as Toussaint shivers, immediately standing at attention.
“She was causing trouble, Monsieur-” Toussaint begins, but he’s deftly cut off by the man standing next to you.
“Are you not an esteemed hotelier? Can you not provide this woman a room in your fine establishment?” The man asks patiently, gently rubbing circles into the skin of your hand. Toussaint audibly gulps and you can’t help but laugh internally when you see the sweat begin to form on his brow.
“T-this woman claims she’s-” Toussaint’s words are weak as he begins his excuse and the man scoffs at this, shaking his head in disbelief.
“So not only can you take this trustworthy woman’s word, you clearly don’t have eyes as well.” This time you can’t quite stifle the snicker that escapes your lips. Toussaint whips his head in order to glare at you but the stranger clears his throat, directing the hotelier’s attention back to him. “Well?”
“I- hey, who even are you? I’ll call security on the both of you!” Toussaint tosses the words back at the man next to you and you turn your head over to him, eyes wide with what his next move is. Will he apologize? Grovel at Toussaint’s feet? Redirect the conversation back to the subject matter at hand?
None of those. He instead tightens his grip on your hands, and smirks devilishly at the hotelier that’s fuming behind the help desk.
“T'as pas de couilles.”
Silence settles in between the three of you as you hold your breath, hand tightening on the handle of your luggage as you watch Toussaint’s skin pale. “Sacre bleu.”
You’re not even fluent in French, and you know that those words are never a good sign.
The man leans in close enough to place his lips by your ear, but his words are anything but romantic. “Got a tight grip on your suitcase?”
“Yes.” You squeak back.
“Hold on tight,” he murmurs, his smirk widening with devilish intention as you both observe the hotelier turn an alarming shade of red, eyes slanting in anger.
Oh fuck.
“Sécurité!” Toussaint yells loudly, and you feel yourself begin to sweat as security guards pile out of the doors. Before you can even think, however, the man is pulling on your hand and yanking you away from the help desk.
“Tête de noeud!” The man hollers back, picking up his pace. Your hand tightens its grip on your suitcase as the man pushes various hotel guests out of their way, out into the streets of Paris and underneath the pouring rain.
Fuck, of course it’s raining in this exact moment.
You both hear security yelling and your grip tightens on the man’s hand, squeezing out of pure anxiety. “Trust me!” He calls out to you as he begins tugging you through the thick throng of people at the hotel’s entrance, seamlessly evading various blocks as security continues to chase behind the two of you.
“Where are we going?” You yell as you both continue to break up the crowd of tourists and locals alike. The man doesn’t respond and you purse your lips, deciding to just follow suit. You apologize to any and all people you bump into as the man continues pulling you away. The yells of the security men fade away but you and this mysterious stranger still run as far as you both can manage before stopping at an abandoned street corner and leaning against the wall.
The formerly empty corner is now filled with heavy pants for air as you both fill your greedy lungs, winded from sprinting for as long as the both of you did. “What,” you gasp heavily, leaning onto the wall as you slow your heart rate down. “Did you say to him?”
The man chuckles slightly, pushing his hair back as he looks at you with a small smile. “I may have told him he has no balls.”
“You what?!” Your voice goes higher in pitch and you swallow the panic bubbling into your throat in order to keep your tone level. “Please tell me that telling him he has no balls is the worst thing you said-”
“I called him a dickhead, too.” The man finishes.
“God,” you groan, running your hand over your jaw to rub at it in frustration. “You really go all in, don’t you?”
“Mmm,” the man hums, that infuriatingly handsome smirk still on his lips. “You either piss off the most well known hotelier in all of Paris or not at all.”
The most well known hotelier in all of Paris?
This man did what?
“You pissed off one of the most distinguished hoteliers in the entirety of Paris?” Your voice sounds steady to your ears which pleasantly surprises you, considering you can feel nothing but the pure rage and fear currently ravaging your chest apart.
“Yes.” The man’s voice is amused, and you feel yourself inhale desperately to try and quell the urge to blow up on this man.
“God fuck it,” you mumble under your breath instead, and you reach into your sweater pocket.
Only to panic when you don’t feel your phone in its designated place.
“God, no no no!” You cry out, beginning to pat all over your body as the man watches in slight amusement while you try to find your lifeline in this godforsaken place. You take your backpack off from your shoulders and dump the contents to the ground, breathing in relief when you find your passport and wallet amidst your other possessions but the panic only increases when you can’t find your phone anywhere.
“Empty your pockets!” You demand, looking up at him wildly as you shove everything back into your backpack. “My phone might be with you-”
The man pulls out the lining of his pocket in response to your request, showing you that he is in fact empty handed.
Fucking fuck!
You bite your lip and quell back the tears threatening to spill forth as you try and track back the moment you lost your phone. Running down the streets of Paris with this handsome stranger’s hand in yours as you evade security from the most distinguished hotel in all of Paris…
…oh yeah, you know what’s happened to your phone.
You pout and the man cocks his head at you, giving you a soft look. “Cheer up, mademoiselle. You’re always welcome to room at my apartment while we try to find you a place to sta-”
“Absolutely not,” you interrupt quickly. “I’d rather take my chances trying to find my way back to the airport, thanks though.”
“Are you sure?” He asks, and you nod vehemently in response.
“Positive,” you confirm.
There’s a small part of you that protests against the majority as you deny him, however. He’s a local! He knows his way around! He’s kind! You feel somewhat safe with this man!
Still, you push those thoughts to the back of your head and give him the biggest smile you can muster. “I’ll be on my way now, Sir. Thanks for getting me in hot water with Monsieur Toussaint, though!”
“Mmm.” The man looks at you, a bemused smile on his lips as he gives you a nod in reply. You clutch at your suitcase and take a deep breath, deciding to go down the left street because things just haven’t been going right for you in the last couple hours.
You can feel his eyes on you as you step towards that direction, only to freeze and glare back at him when you hear him chuckle. “What?”
“You’re going the wrong way, mademoiselle.” There’s a slight teasing edge to his tone and you ball your fists so as to not throw a punch at his infuriatingly handsome face.
“Thanks, I knew that.” You grit your teeth as you go towards the opposite direction, only to feel frustration flare when he shakes his head once again. “Can you stop looking infuriatingly handsome and help me?”
“You think I’m handsome?” He replies cheekily, and you groan in frustration.
“That’s besides the point,” you mumble. “I need to be at the airport, can you please just tell me where to go?”
“We’re a little bit of a ways from the international airport,” he says in response, approaching you and attempting to take the handle of your luggage from you. You scowl, pulling your luggage closer to your body.
“So take me to the airport,” you seethe, gripping the handle of your luggage tighter. “Better yet, give me your phone so I can…I don’t know, do something rather than nothing!”
“My phone is at my apartment,” his tone is much more neutral now, though the slight teasing edge returns when he follows with: “And may I remind you that your phone is lost somewhere, probably in a rain puddle.”
“Yeah, no shit,” you snap back, pursing your lips and sighing heavily.
You lean back on the wall behind you as you feel the course of today’s events begin to take a toll on your body and mind, and this time around you can’t even bother to stop the tears that begin to drip down your face. You sniffle pathetically, closing your eyes and rubbing your forehead as you wish desperately that this is a horrible dream and you’re on your flight to London-
“Let me help you, please.”
You open your eyes to take in the man’s soft gaze, eyes holding nothing but sincerity as he approaches you and gently places a hand on your shoulder. The warmth radiating from his palm travels throughout your skin, warming your body which you hadn’t even registered was chilled to the bone.
“You could be an axe murderer for all I know,” you mumble, wiping at the tears that have dripped from your eyes and biting your lip. The man processes your words and laughs when he registers your concern, squeezing your shoulder in comfort.
“Quite the contrary, mademoiselle,” he replies, finally taking hold of your luggage. “I’m just a painter and someone who wants to help a pretty stranger out when she’s in trouble.”
You feel your cheeks warm at the unexpected compliment and he chuckles once again, beginning to pull your luggage along as he beckons you to follow him with a nod of his head.
“Flattery won’t get you anywhere,” you grumble as you follow along, finally accepting the fact that maybe this man can help you out.
And that maybe, just maybe, you can trust him.
“Damn,” he curses slightly, and the sudden word has you giggling at the sheer hilarity in his voice and this entire situation. He looks at you, a puzzled look on his face and your laughter dies down at the intense look in his gaze.
“What?” You ask, feeling bashful under his look. He clears his throat and blinks rapidly, looking back at you with the same blankness as he did before.
You’ll worry about it later.
“What will get me somewhere?” He indulges in your worries once more as you fall in step next to him, allowing you to lead you through the streets of Paris once again.
“Well…I don’t even know your name?” Your voice is feeble as the statement comes out more of a question and the man laughs in response- that same rich, deep sound that has your heart jumping just a little bit.
Though you’ll never admit that to him.
“I’m Kim Taehyung.”
Tumblr media
If he weren’t helping you, you would’ve kicked Kim Taehyung’s tête de noeud by now due to the sheer distance of his place.
And you would’ve just straight up slapped him across the face when he announced that you would have to climb three flights of stairs to make it to the top of his flat.
Scratch that, you definitely would have if he didn’t lug your suitcase up the stairs for you.
You’re both panting from exertion and shivering from the cold by the time you make it to his door, soaked to the bone as he reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a set of keys. His hands are shaking as he selects a key and pushes it into the keyhole, but before you both can tumble inside the door next door to his is opening, and an older woman is stepping out and regarding Taehyung with concern.
“Mon chère,” she tuts as Taehyung gives her a sheepish grin.
“Madame!” He greets jovially in response, flicking his hair away from his eyes and accidentally spraying water on your face. You scowl and brush the droplets from your face, only for your eyes to widen when Taehyung’s neighbor greets you with a smile.
“And who is this?” She asks brightly, eyes sparkling as if she knows some grand secret.
You and Taehyung stand in silence as you both try to figure out your response- taking far too long to formulate an answer.
“I-” You begin, only to be cut off by Taehyung’s voice.
“She-” he says, only to be interrupted by the Madame’s triumphant response.
“You must be Taehyung’s new lover!” she says, a twinkle of mirth in her eyes. It takes a moment to process the words but when you both do, Taehyung’s cheeks redden and you blink rapidly, shaking your head in response.
“Oh, no!” You try to diffuse the situation before this adds on to your already messy and stressful day. “He’s just helping me out. I’m stranded in Paris, that’s all.”
“Mhm,” you can tell his neighbor isn’t convinced with your response, giving Taehyung a smirk as he looks back at her bashfully. “I like this one.”
And before you can even say anything else she’s waving goodbye, turning around and entering her apartment once again.
Leaving you and Taehyung standing outside of his apartment door, shock apparent within the both of you.
“How many lovers have you had?” The crass question is out into the air before you can fully register you’re asking it, and you feel your body heat in embarrassment as Taehyung looks at you in bewilderment.
“What’s it to you, mademoiselle?” He shoots back, making you squeak in embarrassment.
“Nothing!” You clear your throat, clearing your throat of that high pitched tone before gesturing to his door. “Well?”
“Oh, shit,” he exclaims, giving you a nod before pushing the door to his apartment open. “It’s not much but it’s my home so…make yourself comfortable.”
“I appreciate it,” you respond back, stepping through and taking in the sight of his apartment before you.
And his apartment is…something else.
“Wow,” you murmur to yourself as you take in all of the prints, beautiful scenery and snapshots of nature adorning the walls. There’s a small kitchen right by the door and an open living room just beyond, a closed door to the left and a hallway on your right. Just past the big couches and coffee table is a balcony, and you find yourself gravitating to that spot when Taehyung breaks you out of your stupor.
“Mademoiselle,” he says and his voice has you stopping, turning around and cocking an eyebrow at him. He holds out his hand in response, and you feel your heart skip a beat when you see his beautiful iPhone resting in his palm.
“Holy fuck!” You cry as you reach for it, beginning to take it from him with grateful hands when he unlocks the phone and hands it to you.
“Uh-uh.” He holds the phone high above his head and you pout, crossing your arms and furrowing your brows.
“Unfair!” You grumble. Taehyung cocks an eyebrow at you and you roll your eyes as you say, “May I please have the phone?”
He closes his eyes as he ponders your plea, looking back down at you soon after with a sly smile. “Only if you tell me your name.”
“Did I not tell you my name?” You ask, confusion sparking your chest as you wrack your memories. You could’ve sworn you told him…
“Not once,” he says, lips curling up in that same smirk.
“Sorry,” you mumble. “I’m ____.”
“____.” It’s as if he’s tasting your name, turning the syllables around on his tongue before looking at you and nodding his head. “____.”
He gives you his phone after that oddity, walking away into a different room as you stand in shock in the middle of his living room apartment.
What…was that?
Your shock fades as you register that you have a beautiful phone that works in your hands, so you type up the number of the airline and breathe in deeply, prepared to fight for a flight and emerge victorious.
And you do call, but you don’t emerge the victor you thought you would become.
The only flight that was available for you is two weeks away, and it’s cutting extremely close to when the art auction is. It makes you nervous, because what if your flight gets cancelled again? What if things go wrong with your ticket and you’ll be stuck here in Paris for even longer, unable to secure pieces for the museum? What if-
“Any luck?”
“Nope,” you mutter dejectedly as you watch Taehyung emerge from a room, dressed in a simple white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. Fuck, how does he manage to look good in everything? “The closest flight available is two weeks away, and I don’t have a place to stay-”
“Nonsense.” Taehyung cuts you off as he tuts, settling on the couch and spreading his legs wide in a bid to get comfortable. You swallow thickly, avoiding looking at his lower…body as he continues. “You can stay with me. I have a couch for a reason, and blankets. It can be like a mini vacation for you.”
“I don’t do vacations,” you scoff as you move to stand by the kitchen counter, placing his phone on the smooth marble. “I have too much to do and there’s so much that needs to be completed, so I just need to be on a flight to London-”
“But you’re not on your flight, aren’t you?”
His sentence cuts you off, and your eyes widen as you realize what he says. You open your mouth to begin replying back to him in indignation but he holds his hand up, effectively silencing you.
“The point is,” he begins, gesturing to you. “You’re currently soaking wet without a hotel room in Paris. The airline gave you confirmation that you’re scheduled for a flight and that there’s nothing much you can really do- can you?”
“No.” You grumble reluctantly.
You understand his reasoning, though. It was completely out of your control- you literally couldn’t have predicted this one. You’re just so used to having everything under control that now, when things have gone to absolute shit, you don’t quite know how to cope.
Taehyung doesn’t note your tumultuous thoughts, standing up from his place on the couch. “Right, I’ll get you a towel and some blankets. I can take the couch and you can take the bed-”
Hold on, what?
“Who said I was staying at your apartment?” You swiftly cut him off, pursing your lips. Taehyung cocks an eyebrow at you, smirking at you as he looks your entire body over.
“Remember when I pissed off the most distinguished hotelier in all of Paris just a couple of hours ago, mademoiselle ____?” He replies with an easy grin, making you scowl at him.
Shit. You forgot that happened, especially after everything that’s happened.
“Well, thank you for that,” you begin, crossing your arms and glaring at him.”But if I’m going to stay here, I’ll sleep on the couch. Not in your bedroom, monsieur.”
Taehyung’s eyes bug out a little bit with your words, lips pressed thin as he struggles not to laugh at you. “Say that last word again, mademoiselle?”
You roll your eyes as a chuckle slips out of his mouth unwittingly, Taehyung tossing you a wink. “We’ll work on your French while you’re here, mademoiselle. But if you insist, I’ll get you your blankets and a towel.”
Taehyung begins to walk out of the room, and you stick your tongue out at his broad figure as soon as his back is turned. “Ass,” you mumble under your breath.
Taehyung pauses in his stride, and he doesn’t even need to look back for you to know he’s smiling that infuriatingly handsome smile.. “You want your first lesson already? It’s connard in French.”
You feel yourself heat up, and you can practically hear the smirk in his voice as he says, “Connard, got it? Now let me get your stuff for you.”
And then he’s gone to the other rooms in his apartment, leaving you standing by his kitchen island and muttering “connard” under your breath.
Tumblr media
Your head feels fuzzy when you wake up.
You’re swaddled in thick blankets as you blink blearily, trying to get rid of the groggy fog your sleep has put you in as you listen to the sounds of Parisian streets below you. When you first woke up, you had a horrible moment of believing everything was fine and you were on your flight, only to be sorely disappointed when you realized you were still in Paris.
In a handsome stranger’s apartment, on his couch.
Because you had vehemently refused to take his bed, even when he insisted.
You feel a slight ache on your back and you groan, stretching up and cursing the fact that you took his couch when he offered you his bedroom, but there are many rules you will never break- and sleeping in a stranger’s bed in a foreign country is one of those things.
You haven’t fully grasped the reality of the situation yet- that you’re in Paris because of your flight mix up. Everything was going so well for you, your calculations proving to show that nothing would go wrong.
And then everything went to shit.
What fucking luck you have.
You get up from your cocoon of blankets, rubbing at your eyes as you make your way over to the kitchen. You pull open the refrigerator and grab the first water bottle you see, untwisting the cap and drinking greedily as you look over Taehyung’s apartment.
He certainly lives up to the artistic aesthetic. On every surface there’s a sketchbook and a pencil, random art supplies scattered around. There are folded up easels on the corners by the balcony, and there’s a shelf dedicated to stacks of canvases and paint jars above his desk.
The more and more you look at his home, you get that there’s a sense of chaos- but it’s organized and fills you with a sense of warmth.
You hold your water bottle in your grasp as you make your way over to his walk out balcony, untwisting the lock and holding your hand over the ornate handle as you peer at the flashes of Paris through his window. You take a deep breath and push the door open, stepping through the threshold and taking in the sight before you.
Paris is beautiful.
You can see the sun rising on the horizon, casting a bright glow over the landscape as you sip at your water. You can hear the sounds of the city slowly waking up with the rising sun- cars beginning to go to their desired destinations and people filling the streets with chatter. The cityscape comes alive as lights are flickered on and the activity fills you with a strange sense of comfort- life goes on even when things go to absolute shit.
If only you can actually come to terms with that solid truth.
“Pretty, isn’t it?”
You jolt when you hear a low rumble from behind you, and you turn around to see Taehyung with messy hair and a sleepy look in his eyes. He’s in an oversized white tee with the brand “CELINE” emblazoned across the chest and grey sweatpants as he pads out onto the balcony, standing next to you and taking a deep breath in.
“I understand why you live on the top floor now,” you reply as you turn your attention back to the view. The sun’s fully up by now, though you see some clouds in the distance.
“The speedy Wi-Fi’s an added bonus,” he quips, running his fingers through his thick hair and pushing back his bangs. The two of you return your attention back to the view, a peaceful quiet settling in between the two of you as the city fully begins to bustle.
“Big day ahead of us,” Taehyung says as you both observe a young couple holding hands and carrying a thick stack of books. “I’m gonna take you around for some authentic Parisian food, and then we’ll watch people be scammed into an overly expensive tour of the Eiffel Tower. Afterwards we’re going to get fresh pastries, and-”
“Who said anything about going out?” You cut him off as you look at him in disbelief. “Last I remember, I’m stuck here and it wasn’t by choice. I still have work to do!”
Taehyung gives you a half smirk as he regards you coolly, making you shift uncomfortably. Fuck, why does he still look as handsome as he does even though it’s early in the morning?
“You’re acting like you got stuck in the middle of a field, ____.” He says as he turns around, bracing his elbows and back against the railing of the balcony as he cocks his head at you. “You’re in Paris, and I assume whatever call you had after you called the airline was along the lines of ‘Don’t worry about it, enjoy your impromptu layover.’”
Fuck, how does he even know about that?
It’s as if he reads your mind because he’s quick to add, “I heard you speaking to people as I was getting your blankets. You speak quite loudly.”
Oh…well that one’s on you.
“The point is, ____,” he begins as he continues looking at you with that stare that has you shivering internally. “You’re on a layover in Paris and you’re really going to use this opportunity to work? You have the chance to explore one of the most highly rated travel destinations according to Yelp, and you’re really going to hole yourself up in my apartment?”
“Maybe Yelp’s wrong,” you mumble under your breath, and Taehyung exhales in amusement while rolling his eyes.
“You, my friend, are something.” He doesn’t spare you another glance as he begins to talk back into his apartment, silently beckoning you to follow him with a nod of his head. “No buts, ____! We’re going around Paris.”
“But what if I only have my leggings and sweater?” You combat as you follow him in, closing the door from behind you.
“I have more than enough coats,” he replies easily. “You’ll blend right in.”
And true to Taehyung’s words, you do.
You don’t quite know how you got into this situation, standing by his side in a coat that he generously lent you as he takes you along the streets of Paris, but you have to admit to yourself that this is much more fun than whatever it was you were going to do in his apartment. True to his word, he had given you your first croque monsieur and had gleefully smirked at you as your eyes widened at the delicious sandwich before sitting you down by the Eiffel Tower and watching a group of tourists be scammed by a company. You two had even stopped by the Louvre though you decided against looking at the Mona Lisa, instead choosing to wander the halls and look at the other beautiful pieces.
He’s currently leading you into a building, the lines considerably shorter as he tells you about the history of this particular bakery and how they have the best baguettes in all of Paris. You both approach the counter and you look at all of the mouth watering treats, eyes shining as you spot those whipped almond meringues you’ve always been a sucker for.
You listen to Taehyung as he smoothly orders what looks to be a cream puff, dusted with sugar and giving off a delicate vanilla scent. The baker turns to you with a smile and you respond in kind, telling him “One macaroon, please!”
You watch as the baker’s smile quirks up just a little bit more and Taehyung chuckles just a little bit under his breath, causing you to look at him in confusion. “What?”
“Nothing,” he coughs lamely, though the smile remains. He chats with the baker and you feel your eyebrows raise when the baker adds another box to your order, but Taehyung accepts the boxes and gives the man a charming smile before gesturing to you with a wave of his hand to walk out in front of him.
Taehyung leads you to an empty table in front of the bakery and sets the boxes down on the table, both of you sitting down. It’s approaching late afternoon at this point and the effects of jet lag have you yawning, hands covering your mouth as you watch Taehyung open the first box. He pulls out his cream puff before pushing the box in front of you.
“Here,” he says, though there’s something…funny to his smile. “Your macaroon.”
You gleefully take the box from him with a rushed thanks, pushing the flap open and preparing to behold the majesty of your almond meringue cookies…
…only to freeze when you see a blasted pile of coconut in the box.
What the fuck?
You look up in disbelief at Taehyung, who’s trying his best not to laugh at you as devastation begins to fill your being. “This isn't a macaroon.”
“It is!” He insists as the corners of his lips wiggle in an attempt to suppress his laughter. “One macaroon.”
“No,” you begin, swallowing thickly as you try to quell your tears over something this small and trivial. “What I wanted were those almond meringues with cream. This…this is a fucking pile of coconut!”
You see Taehyung’s eyes widen over your glossy tears and small sniffle, and he’s quick to comfort you. “Hey, I’m sorry-”
“This is a fucking pile of coconut with a chocolate drizzle,” you repeat, not quite understanding why you’re so upset. “Fuck- why am I crying-”
“-____, don’t cry!” He’s quick to grab at your hands, rubbing small circles into the skin in the same manner he did when he first met you in that hotel lobby. “I’m sorry, hey-”
“Fuckin’ coconut,” you grumble under your breath, and despite how you’re breaking down over a pastry Taehyung can’t help but laugh at your small curse over this supposed treat you wanted. And despite being upset, you smile at the sound of his deep laughter and this entire situation.
Taehyung moves the box away from in front of you and instead places the other small box in front of you. “What you ordered was a macaroon. This, however…”
You untangle your hands from his, ignoring the flutter in the pit of your stomach when you lose the warmth his hands provided. You lift open the lid on this box, and look at him in awe when you see those almond meringues you so desperately wanted. “Taehyung-”
He scratches his head bashfully, suddenly interested in the metal lattice of the table. “Those are macarons. And I didn’t have the heart to see you with a ‘pile of fuckin coconut,’ so I told the baker to add in a box of these bad boys.”
“Thank you,” you murmur shyly as you pick up a shiny red one filled with white cream. You bite into the dessert delicately and give a hum of happiness when you taste the sweet tartness of raspberry on your tongue. “I love raspberries.”
“Framboise.” Taehyung translates the fruit for you and you give a small nod, continuing to eat the pastry. A waiter stops by your table as you’re both tucking into your desserts, putting plates of what appear to be hot chocolate before going back into the bakery.
You pick up the cup and take a small sip, eyes widening when you taste the thick and velvety drink on your tongue. “This is so much better than instant hot chocolate.”
“Obviously.” Taehyung’s voice is thick with the drink and you giggle slightly at the gravelly intonation in his voice, causing him to smile back teasingly at you. The two of you sit in silence as you finish your drinks, waiting for a conversation to stir.
Something suddenly pops up in your head and you tell him, “You have a lot of sketchbooks in your apartment.”
Taehyung’s eyes widen at the shift, looking back at you. “Why’re you saying that?”
“You just do,” you reply easily, beginning to gather your plates and placing them in the middle of the table so the server has an easier time picking up the dishes. “I’ve always loved art but I could never do it for myself, so seeing all of those materials in one place was kind of awe inspiring. And those prints? They’re stunning.”
“Those prints?” Taehyung’s smile takes on a wistful quality as he stares off into the distance. “My best friends back home in South Korea did those. Namjoon and Jungkook. They run their own photography art business, though the prints you saw on those walls are Namjoon’s. He’s more into nature, Jungkook’s into scenery.”
“Those names sound awfully familiar,” you muse softly.
“A fan of their work?” He asks, and you nod in response.
“I’ve always wanted to buy some of their work,” you say as you pick up your cup to finish the rest of your drink. It suddenly registers to you where you’ve heard them before, and you’re quick to add, “I also bought some of their pieces for an installation. Some of their work is a part of my museum’s permanent collection.”
Taehyung’s eyes bug out as he chokes on his drink, and you look at him in alarm as he hacks up a storm. You’re quick to jump out of your seat and pat firmly on his back, helping him clear his throat as he sputters, “Museum?!”
“I thought you knew? Did Toussaint not expose me?” You ask in bewilderment as his coughing dies down, though he breathes in deeply.
“I didn’t know you worked in a museum!” His voice is tinted with shock and you feel yourself growing embarrassed, fingers beginning to fiddle with the sleeves of his coat.
“Yeah…I’m a museum curator for one of the biggest museums in the world.” You reveal, and his eyes widen even more.
“You what?!”
“Yeah,” you mumble, biting the inside of your cheek. “That’s why I’m so upset about missing my flight to London. There’s a big art conference and auction happening then, and it’s said that vante is going to be unveiling two new pieces there. I wanted to get one piece for the museum.”
You practically get whiplash as the almost awe-inspired look on Taehyung’s face is replaced with one of careful blankness. “Vante?”
“Yeah, do you know them?” You ask, cocking your head at him in curiosity. “Their impressionistic art is a big deal right now, and their stuff is sought after. I’ve wanted one for the collection for a couple of years now, but they’re always swept up. Their art pieces are worth millions.”
Taehyung suddenly stands up, that look of indifference replaced with something more…negative. “No more talk of money and art.” His words are clipped as he pushes you out in front of him, directing you towards a direction. “And we’re done here. We’re going home.”
“No other words.” His words hold no sense of emotion, though you see his eyes flicker with something sad under his messy hair. “Home.”
The walk home is thick with tension, and you find yourself missing the teasing and sweet side of Taehyung who would always regard you with a soft smirk. It’s only when you both are back at his apartment and he rushes himself into his room do you realize what just happened.
Fuck…what did you do?
Tumblr media
You’re starting to wish that Taehyung wasn’t super nice and left you stranded in a Parisian bakery.
Sure, you would’ve been lost in Paris, but that would’ve been miles better than this thick awkwardness in his apartment.
And for what? You telling him that you’re a museum and art curator? And that you buy paintings for a living? And that you wanted a specific art piece? Is that so wrong of you?
It’s been a day and a half since Taehyung’s been ignoring you and you’re currently sitting and twiddling your thumbs while staring at one of the art prints on his wall, deducing how much it would make in an auction if it was being sold. It’s something you do to pass the time and it’s proven to help you in past auctions, knowing when to cap a piece of art’s worth.
You stand up from your shrimp position on the couch, approaching one of the walls and getting a closer look at a photo of a skyline. You recognize the Empire State Building and when you look in the corner, you see Jeon Jungkook’s signature gold star stamped on the print, marking it as authentic.
Despite the gorgeous art in front of you, you feel your mind drift back to your’s and Taehyung’s last conversation as you walk down the hallway and observe the sheer amount of art on his walls. You notice that he has some vantes too, and the impressionistic style has you biting your lip as you feel a sense of dread fill the pit of your stomach.
Fuck…maybe that’s why Taehyung’s so upset? You mentioned you’re buying vante’s art for the museum, and that their price range was expensive but that you’ve been wanting their art for years. Did that make you seem shallow and materialistic?
Your musings are interrupted with the opening of a door, and you barely catch a grip of Taehyung stepping through the steamy bathroom. You note his wet hair, small tendrils sticking to his forehead and curling at the nape of his neck as he rubs at his eyes. It’s clear he’s distracted though- because it’s only when he’s colliding with your body does he realize that you’re standing right in front of him.
“Shit!” You yelp, bracing yourself on the first thing you can reach- which just so happens to be Taehyung’s shoulders. You close your eyes and brace for the fall but it never comes.
Thick arms wrap around your waist and the movement stills, causing you to open your eyes hesitantly.
And the sight has you heating up from an embarrassing mixture of mortification and want.
Taehyung’s wet hair drips onto your forehead and your hands are on his firm shoulders in a bid to steady yourself. You gulp when you feel the muscles ripple underneath your touch, and as your eyes travel further down his body you feel your body heat up much more.
Because this man is only in a white towel, which hangs dangerously low on his hips- oh fuck, is that his bul-
“Your eyes are up there!” You all but blurt to yourself as your gaze snaps up to his sheepish look, practically shoving him away as you look at anywhere but him. “I was, well, I was looking at your art collection because I love art but then you were through a door and next thing I know-”
“You’re fine, ____.”
Taehyung’s smooth, slightly embarrassed voice cuts through your ramblings and you feel your mouth snap shut as you regard him once again. He’s scratching the back of his head, and you feel your mouth dry slightly at the sight of his toned chest and arm muscles flexing slightly.
“I’m sorry.” You feel Taehyung’s surprise as you say it quickly, practically rushing to get away from him. “About everything. Bumping into you just now and what happened at the bakery. What I said was out of hand and rude.”
You can feel the tension dissipate from the room as Taehyung processes your words, taking in the past days’ awkwardness and your reasoning. You bite your lip and prepare to turn back around to begin packing your thing, but his hand on your elbow stops you.
“It’s okay.” He replies, and you can practically feel the stiffness from your shoulders melt away at his acceptance. “And I’m sorry too. I overreacted. H- well, vante’s probably happy that you like their art and that you’re actively supporting them.”
“It’s no problem,” you murmur, turning back to look at him head on and trying your best to ignore his god-like body at the same time.
Silence perseveres before Taehyung speaks again. “Art should be loved and appreciated. I get that it’s your job, believe me. But art holds the artists’ emotions. There’s no price on something like that, it’s invaluable.”
You nod enthusiastically in response. “Absolutely. I totally agree with you, I just…didn’t express it well.”
You watch as Taehyung’s lips lift up in his signature half smirk and you feel your stomach fill with butterflies at the sight. You didn’t realize how much you missed the sight of his smile until you were deprived of it. “We on the same page?”
“Didn’t even go ahead by one word,” you promise, making a move to leave the hallway and preparing to swaddle yourself in your blankets once more.
Taehyung’s voice stops you once again, though. “Get changed. I want to take you somewhere.”
“What does it entail?” You ask back, though you feel your own smile creep up on your face. In the short time you’ve met him, Taehyung’s carved a piece of himself onto your heart- and you know you couldn’t deny him, even if you tried.
You soon get your answer as you’re striding by his side, dressed in another one of his thick coats and holding an umbrella in your hands as he guides you through a thick throng of tourists. You soon get your answer- Taehyung’s pulling out sandwiches and having the both of you settle on a bench in a busy Parisian square. There are gorgeous black street lamps that line the streets and a statue smack dab in the center, a man mounted on a horse being the view as you take in the throng of people posing in front of the statue.
“What are we doing here?” You ask as Taehyung hands you a warm sandwich and unwraps his own. You take a bite and savor the flavours of the tomato and goat cheese as you both observe the crowd of people.
“One of my favorite things to do is people watch.” He replies as he takes a bite of his, chewing thoroughly. “I also like to make up stories about their lives.”
“Is that not invasive?” The question slips out of your tongue as you observe a woman and a man dressed to the nines walking towards the statue. You can tell the man’s nervous as he fiddles with something in his dress pants, and you realize what it is when you see the glimpse of a box in his pocket.
“Not if it's a harmless observation,” he says as you both watch the couple approach the front of the statue. The man hands his phone to another person and the couple begins to pose as Taehyung continues on with his musings. “Life is beautiful and we don’t often see the beauty because we keep our heads down towards the pavement. People watching reminds me that by living truthfully and honestly, everybody’s an artist capable of creating beautiful masterpieces. It makes me appreciate what I do more.”
“That’s beautiful,” you sigh, and you feel your eyes well up at his words. It’s clear this is something Taehyung has thought about a lot and keeps in his heart, so the fact that this is something he’s sharing with you has you melting for him all over again.
Your heads both lift as you hear cheers, taking in the sight of the woman crying as the man pulls out the ring in his pocket and kneels on one knee. You see the woman nod with a happy smile and the man beams, sweeping her up in his arms as the crowd applaud the newly engaged couple.
“You have to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.” You feel his hand brush yours, pinkies hooking slightly before the contact is gone and you gulp, wishing that you had the courage to just reach out and lace your fingers in between his own.
“Look at them,” Taehyung says, nudging your shoulder with his own. You turn your head to his direction and you see a group of teenagers surrounding a flower vendor, thrusting money into the vendor’s face and buying as many bouquets as they can manage. “What are they up to?”
“They’re buying flowers for their mothers,” you reply easily as you take another bite of your sandwich. “It’s ‘Buy Your Mom Flowers Day.’”
“Is it now?” Taehyung looks back at you with a smile. “I should send my mother digital flowers.”
“You should, because it’s ‘Buy Your Mom Flowers Day.’” You both chuckle at your response, finishing your sandwiches and leaning back to observe more people. You both observe a man with his son on his shoulders, spinning the boy around and making him squeal. You both talk about how a group of four girls with their arms linked are probably a part of a secret international spy organization as they pass by your bench, their fashion high-end and serving as a disguise. You barely register that the sun has begun to set over the city because you and Taehyung are in a blissful and warm bubble as you both chat about everything and nothing, and it’s only with an outside interruption do you realize you’re still out in public.
“Pardonnez-moi.” The voice is shy and you see one of the girl’s who bought flowers at the stall holding a single daffodil in her hands. She thrusts the bloom in your direction and murmurs, “Pour le beau couple.”
Your eyes widen as you hear the word couple, feeling yourself heat up. “Oh, we’re not-”
“Merci beaucoup.” Taehyung’s voice is warm and the girl flushes when she hears Taehyung’s deep voice, a giddy smile spreading across her face as he takes the flower. “Elle est belle, non?”
“Oui, monsieur.” You look over at Taehyung curiously as he smiles at the girl, winking at her as he, you presume, thanks her once again before she’s walking away.
“What’d you say?” You ask.
“I called you a grandma,” he replies with ease, laughing when he hears you sputter with indignation.
“Rude,” you mumble, and he chuckles at your pout.
The sky suddenly becomes cloudy and grey, and you look up in alarm as you hear rumbling in the distance. “Tae-”
He’s opening the umbrella in the nick of time, thrusting both the handle of the umbrella and the daffodil in your hands. “Take it,” he says, a soft smile on his face as you look up at him in confusion.
“We can both fit under this umbrella, you dolt.”
“I’m making you hold it while I throw trash away, dummy,” he replies. You roll your eyes teasingly as he gives you a wolfish smirk, picking up your bags and striding over to the nearest trash can.
You stand up too, stretching your limbs and rolling your neck. Your eyes catch sight of the daffodil in your hands and you bend your head down to look at the vivid bloom, standing out against the brown of Taehyung’s coat. You feel a smile spread across your face as you appreciate the flower, relishing in the slight coolness and the sound of the rain underneath the safety of Taehyung’s umbrella.
You tilt your head up and feel yourself heat up under Taehyung’s awe-struck stare, a small smile gracing his lips as he looks at you. There’s something magnetic in this moment- you both can’t look away from each other, even if the both of you tried.
It’s only when you see Taehyung’s wet coat do you snap out of your trance, and you thrust the umbrella up above his head. “What did you say?” You ask bashfully, and he blinks hastily before turning an endearing shade of pink.
“Nothing,” he murmurs softly as he takes the umbrella from your grasp.
And no matter how hard you pester him, he doesn’t bother translating as you both chat and laugh on your way back to his apartment.
And, quite frankly, you’ll take it. You have a feeling your stomach would cause you to float away with the amount of butterflies you get every time you interact with Taehyung.
Tumblr media
“Tell me your dream destination.”
It’s pouring rain once again, but this time it’s so bad that you and Taehyung can’t even go outside. So, you’ve settled on just staying in- eating Korean takeout and asking each other questions in an attempt to get to know each other better and to pass the time.
He learns that you got into art history and museums when you were very young- your parents taking you to as many as they could manage when they could find time off from the hospital. They were supportive of your career, you recount as you both slurped up noodles up from your bowl.
In return, Taehyung tells you how he got into painting. “It was an accident,” he had recounted to you as he introduced you to spicy rice cakes. “My parents wanted me to pursue medicine, but I showed an aptitude for both art and science. And when I stubbornly pursued art, they were supportive in the end.”
“That’s good that they were,” you reply, though the words come out a little choked as you fan your lips. “Fuck, are these rice cakes always this spicy?”
“You’re just weak,” he scoffs, dodging a wrapper that you throw in his direction. “Hey, rude!”
“Said the one who called me weak,” you retort in reply, throwing another wrapper at him. He laughs and allows the wrapper to hit him in penance before lifting the lid. You watch as his eyes widen, making alarm bells ring in your head. “What?”
“I may have given you the extra spicy tteokbokki.” He admits in a quiet, shocked voice.
He gives you a piece of his sweet rice cake and his bottle of strawberry milk though, even adding in a surprise raspberry macaron as an apology. You relish in your small victory, thanking him as he waves you off.
The questions gradually get weirder as you ask him what he would do if he could make a cartoon, to which he describes “Make a heart shaped alien.” The answer is so uniquely Taehyung that you both laugh as you imagine the character, coming up with unique stories and adventures to the cartoon you both dubbed Tata.
“Dream destination?” He asks you again as your stories about Tata die out, both of you itching for a new conversation.
You hum in response to his question, eyes lighting up as you respond, “Italy.”
“Damn, not Paris?” He asks in mock hurt, and you giggle when he clutches the material of his shirt where his heart is.
“Sorry, Tae.” You confirm as you take a sip of strawberry milk. “Italy is the dream.”
“Italy,” he replies, nodding thoughtfully. “It fits you. Art history, architecture, museums-”
“Actually, it’s because of the pasta.” You cut him off and your response has him chuckling.
“The pasta’s good too,” he concedes, biting off another piece of sweet rice cake into his mouth. “Go on, ____. Your turn.”
You sip at your drink as your brain wracks for a potential question, an “a-ha!” flashing behind your eyes when you land on one. “Favorite movie?”
Taehyung’s eyes sparkle as he responds “The entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
Your brow furrows in response, biting your lip as his smile slowly falters from his lips. “____?”
“Are those…the ones with…Iron Man?” Your question has Taehyung reeling, looking at you with an aghast expression on his face.
“Please tell me you’ve seen these movies, ____.” His voice is tinged in shock and you smile sheepishly in response, tucking the hair that’s fallen into your face behind your ear as he groans.
“No?” Your answer comes out as more of a question, and Taehyung looks at you in disbelief as you scramble to defend yourself. “I’ve always wanted to, though!”
“Well now you need to,” he grumbles, and you nod fervently in response.
“I promise I will.”
“Or…” his voice tapers off as he looks at you. “We could watch it together.”
The atmosphere stills as you take in his proposition, and you look at the man you can’t help but feel a soft fondness for. You smile in his direction, nodding your assent. “I would love that.”
Taehyung beams at you and opens his mouth to say something, but the ringing of his phone stops him in his tracks. He looks down at the caller ID and his eyes widen as his head snaps at your direction. He hands the device to you as he says, “It’s the airline.”
You take his phone and smile at him, standing up and making your way to his balcony. You open the doors and step through, shutting the doors behind you as you answer the call.
And the information given to you during the call has your heart dropping to your stomach.
“Hi, ____. We’ve found an earlier flight to London for you, you’ll be leaving in three days. The flight is at 2pm, please don’t be late.”
Tumblr media
You don’t know how you come to the realization. Maybe it’s the way that Taehyung’s sketching on his easel that captivates you the day after you received the call that your flight’s been moved up, a look of concentration on his face as he finishes a line.
Or maybe it’s the way he looks up at you, standing on his balcony with your notebook in your hands as you observe him- and the way he gives you a big smile that causes you to smile back.
It could have been a lot of things or maybe even just one small thing, but you realize as you reach for a raspberry macaron on a plate beside you that you’ve fallen for Taehyung.
And that revelation is as breathtaking as the man that you’re looking at.
Tumblr media
Your second to last day in Paris, and Taehyung doesn’t even know it.
Not that you would want him to know- you don’t want to hurt him with this depressing fact.
Fuck, why are you even sad? This entire trip has been a detriment to your work career anyways, you should be ecstatic that you’ll be on a plane in 48 hours and that you’ll make it in time for your auction and conference.
But even with that thought keeping you going, you can’t help but feel nothing but dread.
And you have an inkling that it has to do with a certain messy haired painter that’s somehow stolen your heart.
Who’s currently trying to convince you to go out when all you want to do is burrow yourself in the thick blankets he’s provided you.
“C’mon, ____,” he whines as you shake your head, wrapping yourself tighter in the fluffy blankets you’ve been sleeping in these past couple days. “One day out.”
“We’ve been going out a lot and I’m probably draining your money, Kim.” Your voice is a deep grumble, though you can’t help but feel touched at the fact that he wants to spend time with you.
“Money’s not an issue,” he dismisses easily as he settles down next to you, placing a large hand on your knee. “And I want to spend time with you, mon cœur.”
Fuck- that’s another thing that’s thrown you off for a loop. He had just started calling you that…nickname recently, and you have no idea what it even means. When you had asked him he winked slyly in response before shaking his head, declaring it a secret and something only he could know.
How annoying, you muse. It probably means idiot.
“What’ll we even do?” You ask in disbelief as he chuckles at your hesitation.
“Trust me, you’ll have a good time.”
And so you let him swoop you away from your warm cocoon and onto the streets of Paris- and you find that you do have a good time. Taehyung takes you on a walk along the River Seine and treats you to authentic Parisian cuisine before taking you to a bookshop called Shakespeare and Company by the Notre Dame Cathedral. You spend the day surrounded by books, picking up various pieces of French literature and presenting them to Taehyung, who then reads a line to you in his mellifluous voice. At one point, you pick up a copy of Le Petit Prince and direct your biggest puppy dog eyes at him, who concedes with a soft chuckle.
“This is a children’s book, you know,” he says as he takes the hardcover from your hands. Your hands muddle for a second and you shiver at the brief contact, brushing off the shakiness and replying back to him.
“You could read me a grocery list and I would be entertained.” You promise, and his laughter almost gets you kicked out of the store.
You find a pair of armchairs in the corner and you sit and listen as he reads you the story in complete French, his quiet voice filling you with a sense of safety. The atmosphere is so peaceful- it’s almost enough to distract you from the fact you’re flying to London in a day and a half.
It’s well into the evening when the bookshop closes, leaving you and Taehyung to walk back to his apartment. He slides his fingers in between your own as he cracks jokes underneath the canopies you walk, making you snort as he grins at you.
All of a sudden he tugs on your hand, attempting to pull you out onto a close to empty square, save for some stalls packing up for the night. “Come and dance with me.”
At first you think it’s a joke. “Tae!” You’re giggling, actually giggling as he takes your hand in his and tries to pull you into the empty space. It’s only when you see the seriousness in his eyes that you pause, shaking your head fervently at the pleading look in his eyes.
“Come on, ____. One dance?” He pouts at you and you feel your heart begin to melt at his plea but you shake your head firmly, not willing to put yourself in a position where people can see you be vulnerable.
“I...can’t dance.” You say quietly, shaking your head once again. “Can’t we just go home? Or at least make up stories about people’s lives like we did that one day?”
Taehyung stops tugging at your hand in order to look at you incredulously, stepping closer to your own figure that’s huddled underneath the canopy. There’s an odd look in his eyes- a mixture of emotions but the most profound emotion of all has you reeling.
It’s how you stared at yourself in the mirror during mornings before you met him. Tired...sad.
His voice draws you out of your startling realization, and you look up at his eyes again to see that the sadness in there has been replaced with a mix of determination and another emotion you can’t quite pinpoint. He squeezes your entwined fingers and brings your hand up to his mouth, brushing the skin ever so delicately with his lips and leaving you reeling.
“Remember what I said when we were people watching?” He asks quietly, and you nod in response.
“You have to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.” You murmur softly, suddenly unable to look into his eyes. He senses your hesitation and gently tucks his hand underneath your chin, tilting your head up and making you look at him.
“You deserve your extraordinary moment.” He says it so confidently that you’re tempted to fight back; to say that you’re undeserving of it because how could you deserve anything good when all you know is work? He must sense your thoughts though, because he gently kisses the top of your forehead, pulling you out of your thoughts and back to the present.
Back to him.
“One dance, and if you hate it I’ll get you a macaroon.” You know he’s teasing you and you scowl at him, shoving playfully at his chest.
“Deux macarons aux framboises, monsieur,” you correct and he rewards you with his signature boxy smile, your heart beating a little bit faster in response.
“Deal,” he responds, before pulling you out into the empty streets.
It feels as though your steps are amplified as he leads you straight into the center, holding your hands up to his face and kissing your knuckles before he can fully stop himself. “Just trust me, ____. I’ll lead you along.”
“Clearly I trust you, we’re in the middle of this square.” You quip back. He places one of his hands on your waist and your breath hitches slightly when he pulls you closer to his warm body, placing one of your hands on his shoulder and giving you a wink.
“Sassy,” he murmurs as he begins to set a pace, your feet beginning to stumble along while he glides smoothly along the pavement. You feel just a little bit buffoonish- counting the steps in your head and trying to keep track of the tune he hums in an attempt to keep up.
“You’re thinking too much.” His lips are right by your ear and you shiver at the sudden proximity, tilting your head back and looking at him in bewilderment. “Just trust your instincts and follow my lead, mon cœur.”
“I can’t help but be stuck in my head,” you confess as he slows to a stop, looking up at him in embarrassment. “I don’t think I’m cut out for this…extraordinary moment stuff.”
“Nonsense,” he retorts. “Do you trust me?”
You blink up at him when he asks that question, wracking your head as you try to find a reason not to- only to come up empty handed. It would have been a different answer if he had asked you a couple of days earlier, but now…
“Yes, I do.”
“Then follow my lead.”
You nod, letting your eyes close as Taehyung picks up another set of steps, guiding you along the streets of Paris with a steady “one, two, three.” The swaying is gentle and you allow yourself to float, even indulging in his desires to twirl you around. You giggle breathlessly then, looking up at his shining eyes as he begins to gently hum a tune.
And his voice blows you away. That deep, velvety voice captures all of your attention, the way his low timbre sings all of the lyrics drawing you in as he continues to gently sway the two of you in the middle of this empty Parisian square. You’re captivated by him- this beautiful man whose arms you’re extremely lucky to be in right now.
The swaying slows to a stop as the song he sings ends, and you find each other gazing into each other’s eyes. Your hands go slack as he looks at you with a curious look, one that stirs a quiet feeling in your chest and leaves you breathless. You faintly register the feeling of water landing on your head, but you can’t find yourself to look away- not now.
“Tae...I felt a raindrop on my head,” you murmur softly, unable to look away from his intense gaze. You feel him scoff, pressing his forehead against yours and pulling your body flush against his as the gentle swaying stops and you bask in each others’ presence- too scared to make a move, too wrapped up in each other to let go.
“I don’t care,” he whispers back. His nose nudges against your own and you gasp shakily, eyes beginning to slip shut as his head ducks down-
-until you feel another droplet on your head, followed by another, and another, until you and Taehyung are standing in the middle of the empty Parisian square with nothing around you except the misty street lamps that illuminate your vision and the torrential downpour that immediately soaks you and him to the skin. Your eyes open back up at the sensation and you stare at him, too shocked to say anything or even move back into the safety of a canopy.
You watch as Taehyung’s eyes widen and his lips quirk up at the corners before he lets out a loud laugh, causing you to laugh alongside him. Because really, who could predict this? Standing in the middle of Paris during heavy rain, wrapped in the arms of someone you’ve only met a week ago yet have fallen in love with?
Your laughter dies down as you come to this realization- you love Taehyung. You love him- you want to scream it on the rooftops of Paris, say it to any local you pass by, climb the Eiffel Tower just to proclaim it with the entirety of France as your witness.
You love Taehyung.
And as you look back up at the man who’s staring down at you with adoration in his eyes, you feel your heart begin to sink because while you love him, you can’t have him.
But you’re too much of a coward to let go.
“Taehyung-” You begin to say, but before you can even finish your thought he’s placing his hands on your hips and lifting you up, twirling you around in the air and making you forget your thoughts as you shriek happily in the rain. You feel his laughter from the way your hands are placed on his chest, and you giggle breathlessly as he places you back down on your feet and wraps you in his embrace once again, that intense look back in his eyes.
“Tae,” you murmur, but he brushes his lips against your nose and you cannot help but smile, basking in his presence.
“____.” You can hear that boxy grin you’ve grown so fond of in his voice as his lips travel up, kissing your eyelids and all of the places he can reach. Your own smile only grows, and when he places his hand underneath your chin you gasp.
“Tu mets tous les étoiles dans le ciel.”
And it isn’t long before he dips down, pressing his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
As it turns out, dancing in the rain can lead to the sniffles.
You had woken up to your blanket tangled around your body, the smell of tea and toast pulling you out of your sleepy haze. You had sat up, only to smile when you saw Taehyung sitting next to you with a plate and a big smile. You had taken the plate and mug from his hands and instead placed it on the table in front of the couch, shuffling closer and tangling your fingers in between his as your faces met-
-until you sneezed, accidentally knocking your forehead into his chin and making him laugh at you.
After the laughter subsided, he had pulled off the hoodie he was wearing and tugged it over your oversized t-shirt, engulfing you in his warmth. He then proceeded to pick you up from the couch and carry you to his bedroom, declaring that today was meant for warm cuddles and the Marvel movie marathon he had been dead set on doing with you before wrapping his arms around your figure and pulling you close.
And that’s where you’ve been since. Wrapped in his arms and your head on his chest as you try desperately not to tear up at Peggy trying her best to come to terms that Steve’s going down with the aircraft and that they won’t get their dance. There are Chinese food containers on the nightstand from when Taehyung ordered takeout halfway through Thor and you consider making a move to get the orange chicken box and drowning your sorrows in the food, but you before you can grab at the box you feel Taehyung’s hand come up to your head. His fingers idly play at the ends of your hair and you look up at him, cocking your head and sniffling slightly.
His eyes widen at your tear stained cheeks before he chuckles softly, brushing the baby hairs off of your face. “They get their dance, you know.”
“Isn’t that a spoiler?” You croak, reaching up to wipe at your eyes but Taehyung beats you to it, taking your face in his hands before gently running his thumbs under your eyes and along your cheeks. You feel his chest vibrate underneath your own body as he hums, trying to decide whether to confirm that it’s a spoiler before he relents, giving you that big boxy smile that makes you melt.
“It’s not a spoiler if I don’t tell you how they get their dance,” he says cryptically. He leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead, letting his lips linger there and you sigh contentedly, sinking deeply back into his embrace.
You try not to think too much about the fact that your flight is tomorrow and that you’ve yet to tell Taehyung. And to be quite honest, you don’t want to go at all. How could you? You don’t want to break this bubble of happiness- not when you’ve never felt like this.
Taehyung must sense your inner turmoil because he moves his hands to settle on your hips and he wiggles his fingers against your sides, grinning triumphantly when you let out a giggle. “Penny for your thoughts, mon cœur?” He asks, pulling your body closer to his. Your hands find purchase on his chest and you tap your fingers rhythmically against his collarbones, tilting your head in thought.
“Just thinking about how hot Chris Hemsworth was in Thor,” you murmur slyly, and Taehyung scoffs playfully.
“Wrong. Chris Evans as Captain America is the best,” he says in response.
“Sure, he’s hot,” you act as if you’re conceding which causes Taehyung to smirk in victory, but before he can declare his triumph you swiftly cut him off. “But there’s no substance to him. Thor’s on the verge of a character arc.”
“The Thor trilogies are the worst,” Taehyung scoffs. You offer him your best pout but he shakes his head, staying true to his beliefs. “Ragnarok redeems it but the second one is just horrible.”
“I’ll have to watch it,” you muse, thoughts drifting to when you would possibly have the time in your schedule to watch.
“We’ll watch together,” Taehyung replies casually, giving your hips a soft squeeze.
The unspoken promises that lays behind that word, and what it means for the both of you.
But what if you can’t be with him?
Taehyung must sense that you’re not fully paying attention to him because he wiggles his fingers against your waist, making you squirm above him. You hear him groan slightly from underneath you as you wiggle around on his lap and you fight the warmth that begins to flood your tummy, biting your lip as you look down at him seriously.
“My flight to London got moved up.” You barely register the words when they spill out of your mouth but when you do your eyes widen, hastily clamping your mouth shut. It’s too late though- he’s heard the words, and you watch as the corners of his lips turn down.
“Oh.” You feel your heart crack at that one syllable, instantly wanting to quell the pain that’s so present in his voice.
But how can you, when you’re the cause of it?
“When are you leaving?” His voice has all of the hope in the world and you turn away, not ready to see the light die in his eyes.
His hold on your hips slackens slightly as he takes in that single word, and the tears you’ve fought to hold back so hard begin to stream down your face as your bottom lip trembles.
You never wanted to break this bubble.
You want to stay here with him and watch all of the Marvel movies with him while eating soft pastries. You want to watch him paint discreetly- that soft pout on his lips as he’s deep in thought before he goes in with bold strokes, his delicate fingers wiping away a splatter, his smile when you hug him from behind.
You want to listen to the rain on his windowsill while soft Korean ballads drift through his apartment. His deep, husky voice joining in on the melody and pulling you in both figuratively and literally into his body as he drags you around to dance.
You want to love him, you want to love Taehyung.
This is hell.
His fingers finding your own pull you out of your head and you look down to his face. You can feel the pain in his stare even when he lifts your hand up to his lips, gently placing kisses along the tips of your fingers before moving his mouth against your open palm, letting his lips linger along the skin.
His hand then moves your entwined fingers up to your own face and he cups your cheek, gently running his thumb along the skin underneath your eyes as he wipes away the tears that run down your cheeks. Even when you’re the cause of his pain he’s the one comforting you, making you feel all the more shitty as you begin to sob against his chest.
“Hey, it’s okay,” he soothes softly, though you can hear the tremble in his own voice. “We have one more night, mon cœur.”
“One more night,” you whisper back hoarsely, lifting your head up from his chest and looking at his own glossy eyes. “One more night.”
His grip on your face tightens slightly as his long fingers slide into your hair, rubbing at your scalp and making you shiver. His eyes slowly grow darker as he gently pulls you closer and closer, until you bridge the miniscule gap and press your lips against his own.
The first thing you notice is that this kiss tastes like tears, and that in itself makes you sob harder against his mouth.
“It’s okay,” he murmurs, lips pressed against your own. “We’re here now.”
You sniffle in response before pulling him closer to your lips, winding your arms around his neck and tightening your legs around his waist in a bid to get him as close as you can so that you never have to let go of him. He responds in kind, pressing your chests tightly together and hands sliding down your hips before they settle lightly on your behind- but even then it’s so not as to be lewd, but to hold you as close as he can.
The kiss slows down into something languid and easy, you and Taehyung basking in each others’ presence as you clutch at each other. The tears have long dried by now, but there’s still a heavy undercurrent of sadness as you pull away and look down at him.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur. His eyes widen and he shakes his head in disbelief.
“No,” he responds firmly, placing another kiss on your lips. “It’s life.”
You press another soft kiss against his lips, though your bottom lip trembles. “Our time’s been cut short, though.”
“That’s okay,” Taehyung reassures you, and he’s gently moving the both of you so that you’re now laying on your back as he hovers above you. “We just have to cherish the dwindling time we have together.”
The implication behind his words are thick and you swallow in response, feeling fire fill the pit of your tummy as you look up at him with big doe eyes. “And how do you propose we do that?”
Taehyung looks at you with an indescribably soft look, reaching down to brush the hairs off of your forehead before cupping your cheek lightly. “Do you trust me?”
Your own hand cups Taehyung’s, and you move his palm so that you can place a kiss against the flesh. “Yes.”
“Okay,” he exhales, before leaning back down and kissing you once again. You gasp at the contact and wind your arms around his neck, wrapping your legs around his waist in a bid to get him to press his body against yours.
The kiss is filled with heat and longing, his curious hands wandering along the planes of your body as his lips slowly fall to your chin. He begins to kiss along the skin of your jawline, making you whine and slide your fingers into his hair as he moves his lips down to your neck.
“Taehyung,” you gasp. His lips skim along the skin of your throat and you tangle your fingers into his messy locks, tugging lightly and whining when his tongue grazes a sensitive spot that has you seeing stars.
You feel his lips curve up against your neck and before you’re really registering what’s happening, he’s taking the delicate skin of your throat and sucking harshly. You moan breathlessly in response, bucking your hips against his own and making him groan in response.
“Tae, baby-” Your eyelids flutter shut as he continues licking and sucking until your throat is covered in dark splotches, his own version of art on your body as his fingers tug at the sweater and oversized tee you’re wearing.
“Off,” he softly commands. You oblige by lifting your arms above your head and he pulls the pieces of clothing off of you, leaving you in your simple bralette and matching panties, cheeks filling with heat as you squirm under his intense gaze.
“Merveilleuse,” he breathes in wonder, curious hands reaching down to brush along the curves of your body.
“I knew that word doesn’t mean grandma,” you gasp breathlessly, hips bucking when his fingers dance along your ribs. He laughs and shakes his head, having been caught by you.
“It means wonderful,” he admits as his thumbs brush the undersides of your breasts. The warmth of his rough fingertips has you shivering and you look up at him with a pout, tugging on his own shirt.
He chuckles at your silent plea, nodding in response before pulling his own shirt over his head. You bite your lip as you see Taehyung’s naked chest, that needy warmth returning with retribution as you take in his figure.
“Handsome,” you murmur as your eyes rove along his body in awe. You take your time admiring him this time around- not letting nervousness cloud your vision. It’s as if his body was sculpted from the finest clay- the gentle curves of his shoulders contrasting the hard planes of his pecs and the definition of his abs. You note how big his arms look and you feel yourself flutter as you continue to rove your eyes down his body. His grey sweatpants hang low on his hips and you notice the thin trail of hairs that start below his belly button, traveling underneath the waistband of his sweats and bringing your attention to the…bulge between his legs.
You whimper when you see how big he is through his pants, feeling your body squirm as your eyes snap back up to his face. His own curious eyes are examining your body, but at the movement of your hips his eyes meet yours. You bite your lip in response, looking up at him through the thickness of your eyelashes and he groans, settling his body in between your open legs and letting his bulge rub against your wet heat.
“Fuck,” he curses. You whine when he gives one experimental roll of his hips, tossing your head back and making him groan once again. “Don’t look at me like that.”
“Like what?” You gasp when he rolls his hips harder against your heat, voice cutting off in a moan when you feel him hit the spot that has you seeing stars.
“You know exactly how,” he mumbles. His hands move to behind your back and his fingers fiddle with the clasp of your bralette, making you raise your back as he fights to take the scrap of lace off of your body. “Big doe eyes, pretty lips. Makes me go fucking crazy.”
“I’ve no idea what you mean-” You begin, only to gasp once again when Taehyung finally pulls the bralette off of your body. He groans when he sees your breasts move slightly, and his large hands reach down to cover the flesh, making you whine and arch your back.
“Taehyung!” You moan, your hands reaching down to cup his own as he continues to massage and knead the soft flesh beneath his palms. The roughness of his fingertips has you keening, tossing your head back and moaning shamelessly. “Baby, I-”
“You’re so beautiful,” he groans in response as he takes your nipples in his hands, tweaking the buds and making you cry out into the air of his bedroom. “So pretty, mon cœur.”
His rough fingertips feel like heaven against your sensitive nipples, making you mewl and gasp as you buck your hips against his thick bulge. Your body begins to warm under his ministrations and you open your mouth to beg for him to just take off his pants, but the protest dies on your throat when he places his tongue on your sensitive skin and laves at the tip, making you cry out.
“Taehyung!” You cry out as his tongue and fingers work in tandem, tugging and nipping at your breasts until you’re breathing harshly and you can feel your panties beginning to soak through. “Please-”
“Patience, mon cœur,” he murmurs as his lips begin to travel down to your stomach. He leaves kisses everywhere he strays, covering you in his warmth and making you whine- needy and wanting more of him.
“Will you ever tell me what mon cœur means?” You whine, making him pause on his journey of pressing kisses on every inch of your skin. You feel him chuckle against your ribs as he lifts his head in order to shake his head “no” before continuing his journey to press kisses down your body, making you gasp.
“That’s unfair,” you mumble, back arching when he nips at the skin of your hip bone.
“You know what patience is though, don’t you?” He asks rhetorically, gentle fingers running along the fabric of your panties. He smiles when you nod, rubbing a circle onto your mound through the fabric. “So be patient.”
“What if I don’t have any more patience?” You ask breathlessly as his fingers slide around the waistband of your panties, beginning to pull the fabric down your legs. “What if I want to be reckless-”
Your musings are cut short when he pulls off the last piece of fabric that covers you from him, tossing the article of clothing away before spreading your legs to the point where you feel an ache in your thighs. “Taehyung-” you whine, your head tilting back into his pillow as you feel the temperature of his bedroom rise. “Please, baby-”
Your pleas are answered when you feel him press a kiss on your pubic mound, making you squirm. He whispers something in a different language and you vaguely hear the word “areum,” making you pause.
“What did you say, Tae?” You ask curiously, feeling your eyes flutter shut when he nips a small mark onto the skin of your inner thigh, making you whine. The curls of his hair brush up against your sensitive sex and you shiver at the feeling, needing more from him.
“I said ‘beautiful’ in Korean,” Taehyung replies as his lips travel up your thigh, dangerously close to the place where you need him most. “Pronounced ‘areumdaun.’”
“Why?” The word slips out before you even notice it, a feeling of self consciousness fighting your fiery desire as you grapple with the fact that the literal masterpiece in between your legs called you beautiful.
You feel him exhale in amusement against your heat, making you whine. “Because you’re beautiful, and your beauty transcends all of the languages I know.”
“And how many is that?” You ask breathlessly, moaning shamelessly when you feel his tongue finally slide along your pussy, the tip of his tongue gently teasing your clit.
He pulls away slightly and you whine, gripping his thick hair and making him chuckle against your slit. “Just let me please you, baby.”
“Please,” you beg, and he complies with your wishes- sliding his tongue back into your pussy and making you gasp. His hands grip your hips and pin you down as he laves your body in his attention, making you shiver and tremble under his ministrations.
“Tae-” you whine, tugging on his hair and making him groan. You whimper when you feel the vibrations reverberate throughout your entire body and you tug on his thick hair once again, urging him to continue on. “You f-feel so good-”
His tongue speeds up at your approval, laving your clit with kitten licks and making you buck your hips up against his face. The pleasure is dizzying and your body rapidly heats up- signalling the beginning of your end.
You feel the knot in your stomach begin to unravel as his lips continue their movements, body seizing up as you whine “Tae, I’m gonna cum-”
“Are you now?” He murmurs as he gently slides a finger inside of your slick hole, making you cry out. He crooks his finger as he slowly slides out, making you feel every ridge and causing your head to spin with maddening pleasure.
“Yes!” You sob. “Tae, p-please-”
Only for him to rob you of your heaven when he stops.
“No-!” You gasp, tears beginning to fill your eyes as you look down at him pleadingly. He kisses up your body as you whine, wiggling under his touch as you beg. “Taehyung, please-”
“I’ve got you, baby,” he murmurs, leaning down to kiss you on your lips. You whine when you taste yourself, hips bucking up against the bulge in his pants and making him groan. “Gonna make you feel so good- fuck, wait, are you on birth control? Do I need a condom?”
You bite your lip as you look at him, shaking your head and nodding in the direction of your arm. “Implant. In my arm- want to feel you.”
“Are you sure?” he asks as he begins to slide down his sweatpants, bunching up the fabric once it's off his legs and tossing them in a corner of his room. “I want you to be sure-”
“I want to feel you,” you reply confidently. His hips settle against yours and you rut your heat against his cock, twin moans escaping your lips when you feel each other with no barriers. “I want it, I promise.”
“Fuck, baby-” He groans as he places his hands on your hips, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he guides the tip of his cock to your slick hole. “Okay, we’ll go slow.”
With his promises he sinks into your wet heat, strangled gasps filling the air as he fills you up slowly. You dig your fingers into his shoulders, crying out slightly when the head of his cock pops into your aching pussy. “Tae-”
“I’ve got you, mon cœur.” He’s gentle as he thrusts up into you, bottoming you out and leaving you unbelievably full. You hadn’t seen his cock out of his pants but you can feel how big he is now that he’s inside of you, every ridge and vein throbbing deliciously as you both relish in that first contact.
He’s patient as he lets you get used to his size, waiting until the stinging subsides and you’re left with only the feeling of being deliciously full from his thick cock. “Are you okay?” He murmurs, pressing a sweet kiss on your lips. You nod, squeezing his shoulder in response.
“Yeah,” you whisper back. “I just want to feel you. Stay in this moment.”
He chuckles, though you can see the tell-tale gloss of tears in his eyes. “It’s just you and me, mon cœur.”
“Me and you,” you mumble in response. You pull him down for another kiss- lazy and slow as you both relish in the feel of each other, the moment sweet and quiet as you soak each other in.
The need for movement soon overtakes your being, though, and you whine as you squeeze around his cock. You hear him choke as he places a warning hand on your hip, saying “____, be careful-”
“I want you to move,” you whine as you give a small buck of your hip, making the both of you moan.
“Are you sure?” He asks, biting his lip and closing his eyes as his head tilts back. You can tell he’s holding back for you and that warm, loving feeling returns as you press a kiss on his chest- right where his heart beats.
“Yes,” you murmur in confirmation.
“Okay.” He presses a kiss to your forehead and slowly slides out, making you gasp and spasm around his cock. He chokes as he nearly pulls himself all the way out- only to slam himself back into your soaking heat.
“Fuck!” You squeak, back arching. “A-again, Tae-”
“Thank fuck,” he groans as he thrusts up, rolling his hips in a way that has you seeing stars. “You feel so good, baby-”
“Shit!” You cry in response, fingernails beginning to scratch down his back as the feeling of him thrusting in and out of you fills your senses- filling you with a dizzying pleasure as you try to catch your breath. “T-Tae-”
The pace is slow, hips joining together and your wetness soaking his cock as he continues to move in and out of you. Your hips move down to meet his thrusts and he groans out, slowly speeding up as he whispers, “Mon cœur.”
“Please-!” You cry out in response, your mind beginning to go foggy with pleasure as the speed picks up. You both begin to grind against each other- desperately chasing your highs as you both begin to unravel.
Taehyung’s fingers wrap around your wrist and he pulls one of your hands off of his shoulders, entwining around the digits and squeezing your hand. “Come undone with me,” he murmurs, leaning down and kissing the tips of your fingers. His fingers squeezing your own draws your eyes up to his face- noting the way his handsome brow is scrunched in pleasure and the way his eyes shine with something gentle and unknown.
Maybe it’s the way he’s looking at you- you don’t exactly know. But you feel your climax wash over your body as you gasp, a loud whine tearing itself from your throat as your back arches. Taehyung groans when he feels your pussy spasm around his cock, and one last plunge into your wet heat triggers his own end as he cums deep inside of you, bathing your walls white and leaving you content and warm.
He pulls out and flops onto his back, only to look at you in alarm. “Why are you crying, mon cœur?”
Fuck, have you been crying this entire time? You didn’t even realize until he pointed it out.
But now that he’s pointed it out, you know why.
“I don’t want to go.”
Your voice trembles and Taehyung swallows thickly, the post orgasmic haze both of you are under not enough to get rid of the crushing realization that you wouldn’t be here tomorrow.
His hands reach out to your shaky figure and he wraps himself around you, pulling you close so that your sweaty skin is pressed together. He runs his fingers up and down your bare back, shushing you softly though you can feel his chest shake with his own sobs from underneath your body.
“It’s okay,” he whispers shakily as you clutch at his broad shoulders. “You’ll be here tomorrow. I’ll hold you in my arms and all will be well, and we’ll get your raspberry macaroons.”
You let out a watery chuckle at his words and he smiles weakly in response, pulling your forehead against his lips and smothering you with as many kisses as he can.
“My time here felt like a dream,” you whisper brokenly as he pulls away, peering down at you with red rimmed eyes. “Like…I conjured up all of this in my head and that you’re not real.”
“It’s real,” he murmurs back, a tear escaping the corner of one of his eyes as he reaches for your hand, pulling on your wrist so that your palm rests against his chest- directly on the spot where his heart beats steadily. “I’m real. What happened is real- this isn’t a dream.”
Your face crumples as you begin to sob once again, shaking your head. “This is too good to be true, you’re not real-”
“____-” Taehyung’s voice breaks as he chokes on a cry, pulling you close. “Hey, c’mere-”
His arm tightens around your hips, pulling you further into his chest until your bodies are pressed against each other and all you can smell is the sweat and the sex and that warm cologne that makes Taehyung Taehyung. Your hands make their way up to his face and you cup at his cheeks, wiping away at his tears while your own slide along the slope of your nose as the both of you cry in each others’ arms.
“None of this is a dream,” he promises, though his voice shakes. “You’ll be here when I wake up.” He reaches up to push your hair off of your forehead before running his lips along the sweaty skin, peppering soft kisses along the delicate skin of your face as you sob quietly.
“And if it was a dream?” You ask, and Taehyung’s devastated look has your heart collapsing in your chest.
“Je ne veux pas que ce rêve se termine.” The words are shaky and you don’t quite understand, but you can piece together what it means from the shakiness of his hands.
“I’ll be here when I wake up, I promise.” You murmur your vow shakily as his lips finally reach your own, and you reciprocate kiss after kiss until all you can breathe is him.
You don’t know how you fall asleep that night, but the last thing you register is Taehyung’s wobbly voice as he whispers something to you in different languages, each punctuated with a soft kiss to your closed eyelids before one last peck on your nose.
Tumblr media
Your eyes hurt when you wake up.
You groan slightly and rub at your cheeks, slowly sitting up and turning to peer at the alarm clock on Taehyung’s bedside table. You purse your lips when you see that the time is ten am, but your eyes widen when you suddenly register the time.
You have to be at the airport in about two hours.
You bunch up the blankets against your chest and look over at Taehyung’s sleeping figure next to you, eyelashes brushing the apples of his cheeks and brow furrowed in thought as he dreams in his slumber. You reach your hand out hesitantly and gently brush his sweat-matted hair away from his eyes as he mumbles something in his sleep, shuffling closer to your figure.
“____,” he murmurs, a soft smile spreading across his lips.
You don’t know why, but there are sudden alarm bells ringing in your ears and you have the sudden urge to turn and run.
You can’t let him see you leave- it’ll break you.
So you do the only logical thing that comes to your head: you leave the warm bed and the quiet room, picking up your clothes and slowly closing the door before picking out new clothes from your suitcase and making your way to his bathroom.
You drown out all of the voices telling you to stay as you take a scorching hot shower and dry yourself off, swiftly dressing yourself in your change of clothes. You try not to think too deeply, forcing yourself to only take things one step at a time because if you think too far ahead you’ll unravel and all of your plans will be ruined.
The apartment is still quiet as you finish zipping up your suitcase, having used Taehyung’s phone to call a cabbie before deleting said number from his phone. You look over the place you’ve stayed over this unplanned layover, tears beginning to blur your vision as your resolve nearly crumbles from within you.
Fuck, you need to leave and you need to leave now.
So you turn and leave without sparing another glance, closing the door shut from you.
The cab driver is waiting by the entrance when you finish lugging your suitcase down the stairs, panting slightly as he flicks an eyebrow at your figure. “Mademoiselle ____?”
“Oui,” you murmur, handing him a bit of cash. He looks over the amount and nods, packing up your bags as you slide into the backseat and bid goodbye to the apartment you stayed at and the person who holds your heart.
The ride is quiet as the cab speeds down the dull streets of Paris as you look out the window. You frown when you notice this detail- Paris was so vibrant and full of life to you, so this sudden lack of vibrancy has you startling.
Why does it suddenly seem so…empty and grey?
You can’t quite put your finger on it, pursing your lips as you wrack your brain for a possible answer.
It must be because it’s raining- nothing more.
…no, that answer doesn’t feel right. It’s been raining almost the entire time you’ve been here, and even when it rained the streets didn’t look as sad as they do now.
Even when it was raining, you didn’t feel as sad then as you do now.
It’s only when you pass by a familiar shop do you understand.
Not just any shop, however- the shop that he took you to that first day you were in Paris, a box of raspberry macarons in his hand as he teased you over your pronunciation of macaron.
You scramble to straighten your posture as you continue to observe the scenery passing by, and you practically feel the memory of Taehyung taking you around these streets fill you with warmth as moments flash in front of your eyes. The street with small boutiques where you both took a walk. The cafe where he treated you to authentic bouillabaisse.
The bench where you both sat in the rain, observing people and making foolish stories about their lives and laughed until your stomachs hurt.
The square where he convinced you to dance with him, and where you two shared your first kiss.
You suddenly realize that it’s not the streets that have been dull- by denying yourself the presence of the one man who’s made you smile and laugh more ever since you’ve started your job, you’ve robbed yourself of that happy glow.
And you now know what you have to do.
“Arrêtez-vous!” Your voice startles the cab driver and he brakes too fast, throwing you against your seatbelt. You cannot find it in you to care, however- you’re unbuckling the safety device and pushing yourself out of the car, running and pushing past the crowd of people that goes against you.
Your business meeting can wait...scratch that, everything can wait. You’ve just found the love of your life and there’s no way you’re going to let him go when he’s within your fingertips.
You have to go back to him.
It’s the only thing that’s on your mind as you run on the rain-soaked tiles that are oh so familiar to you, racing down the street where Taehyung held you close and kissed you for the first time. You don’t feel the rain soaking your clothes and chilling you to the bone nor the aching of your lungs as you continue to run as fast as you can manage- you can only think of Taehyung’s smile as he wiped crumbs off of your face with a teasing smirk and the warmth in which he says your name.
It’s not long before you’re standing at the door that leads to his apartment and you brace yourself, running up the stairs and ignoring the burning of your calves as you race time in order to get to him as fast as you can manage. You soon make it to the top and you swallow thickly, wrapping one of your arms tightly around your body as you knock loudly on the door.
“Taehyung!” You call, biting your lip when you hear no response. It’s only been about an hour since you’ve left and he didn’t wake up early so he must still be at home...right?
“Taehyung, please.” You hear your voice crack hideously and you clear your throat, blinking away the tears that have begun to form on your waterline. “I...I’m sorry I left before you woke up, even when I promised I wouldn’t.”
You hear nothing from the door and you inhale deeply, raising your fist and knocking on the door once more with a little bit more force.
“Taehyung I…I’m gonna cancel my flight. I can schedule another day and find other flights to London- fuck, even different auctions can happen. I just- I’m gonna stay here. With you. I want to stay here with you, a-and, watch all of the Marvel m-movies-”
Nothing, no response.
“Taehyung.” You can’t hide how your voice is falling apart as the tears you fought so valiantly to hold back begin to drip down your cheeks. “Please- I...I’m here. Please, answer the door.”
Silence. The only thing you can hear is the rush of blood to your ears and your rapidly shattering heart.
“I love you, Taehyung,” you croak as you rest your forehead against the door. “I love you, please please please.”
Your prayers go unanswered, and something within you snaps at this profound silence.
“I’m so sorry, please Taehyung.” You raise your fists and begin to bang on the door, pleading to the high heavens for him to just answer the fucking door. “I’m so sorry I left, p-please-”
You’re fully sobbing now and you collapse on the door in front of you, pressing your forehead against the cool wood as you weep openly. Your fists don’t stop their movements on the door and you feel the rawness on your hands as you continue to beg and plead with the door- hoping that this is just some horrible dream you’ve conjured up in your head and you’ll wake up in his arms.
The pain in your hands is too real, though. You know that despite your foolish wishes, you’re living in a waking nightmare.
“Mademoiselle ____?”
The voice from beside you startles you from your stupor and you look up, only to see Taehyung’s neighbor who lives next door looking at you in pity. She closes the door to her own apartment behind her as she waddles to where you kneel, only to squat beside you and cradle your face gently in her hands.
“Madame,” you whimper. You feel the tiniest bit of hope flare in your chest- maybe she knows where he is?
“Where is Taehyung?”
Madame’s face turns down and she purses her lips, looking away from your face. “You won’t like my answer, mon chère.”
“Please, Madame.” You hear the desperation in your voice but you cannot bring yourself to care. “Where is he?”
You see the pity in her eyes before she says softly, “He left, miss.”
Your heart stops.
Taehyung’s neighbor continues, lips turned down as she tells what she saw, oblivious to how you’ve gone frozen in her arms. “I walked out of my apartment this morning and he was at his door with luggage in his hand. Didn’t tell me anything else, just told me to take care of myself and that he would be away for a little bit. Asked me to collect his mail for him as well.”
You barely register those words, a bitter taste filling your mouth as you fight to keep your last bits of composure.
He left.
Taehyung’s gone.
You should be happy- it makes moving on from him much easier.
So why does it feel like you’re drowning?
You grasp tightly at her arms, looking at her with desperation. “Please tell me that’s not real, Madame. He can’t have gone, he’s just getting baked goods. Right? Please tell me that he’ll be back.”
Her face is pitying, and she gently brushes the tears from your face as she murmurs “Je suis navrée.”
Your face crumples and your breath hitches as you begin to sob once again, but before you can fully break you both hear thundering steps from behind you.
Your heart leaps in your chest with hope, only for it to deflate rapidly.
You turn around to see the cab driver who was driving you to the airport, breathing heavily to catch his breath and red in the face from anger and exertion. “Run and no pay, missy?”
“I’m sorry,” you croak, and the man opens his mouth to retort angrily, only to be stopped by the woman who’s holding you gently.
“Monsieur.” Madame stands up from beside you and approaches the man. “Take her to her destination.”
The man rolls his eyes, shaking his head. “She doesn’t pay, she doesn’t go.”
You watch as Madame pulls a wad of cash out of her coat, slapping the stack against his hand with a firm nod. “Take her to the airport, Monsieur.”
The man scowls, crossing his arms before nodding his assent. “Fine. But if she leaves my cab again I’m not taking her back.”
You don’t register much after that. Not the cabbie escorting you down to the car or the drive over to the airport. Not the cabbie shoving your luggage in front of your still frame, or the walk to your gate. Not even the flight attendants scanning your ticket and getting you on your flight.
It’s only when you’re seated in your premium business class seat does the gravity of the situation hit you, but by then your plane has taken off and is flying you over to London- away from your heart and your love.
So you bow your head down on your mini table and cry, hoping that the thundering of the plane’s engine drowns out your sobs and the shattering of your broken heart.
Tumblr media
The plane attendant gives you a croissant and a cup of hot chocolate, a soft and pitying frown on her face as you turn down the food and look out at the clouds surrounding you.
Airplane food sucks in the first place, but you can’t handle the sight of Parisian food after what’s happened.
Tumblr media
A couple of days later you’re standing in front of a mirror, taking in your appearance.
Here it is, your big conference and auction- what you’ve been working and dreaming about ever since this year has started.
You’re taking in your cleanly pressed dress and fiddling methodically with your earrings, wincing when the earring back stabs your finger. Your new iPhone is on the table by the entryway and your luggage is back in your swanky hotel room at The Ritz, stacks of papers and files waiting for you to be carried on the desk in the middle of the room.
And yet, you feel anything but prepared and whole. Quite the opposite, actually.
If your fellow curators looked closely, they would see the tiredness hidden underneath careful concealer swipes, the redness of your nose artfully blurred away with your foundation. You hold your shoulders back with confidence, but if their eyes darted down to note your hands all they would see is the shakiness from the coffee you’ve downed in an attempt to keep yourself awake.
And you hope that they don’t look too close into your eyes, because if they do they’ll only see the red-rimmed sadness that comes as a result of you crying yourself to sleep these past couple of nights.
You should have stayed in his bed that day, tucked yourself into his side and kissed him awake. You would have lost this opportunity to network and secure new pieces for your upcoming exhibit, but you could have always found a new opportunity.
The love and the time you experienced with Taehyung? That was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
But you let it slip from your hands.
You can’t afford to think about it now, though. You have new art pieces to bid on.
Right as you’re finishing your touch ups, you hear someone knock on the door. A young assistant pokes her head through, and smiles at you cordially. “Ms. ____? The auction is about to start.”
“Right.” You clear your throat and gather your files in your arms, picking up your phone on the way out and nodding to her. “Lead me to the room.”
The walk is relatively boring, though you note some of the pieces hanging on the walls as you pass by. You recognize a Monet and a Van Gogh laying on one of the tables to undergo cleaning, protected by a sheet. You recognize more pieces as you continue on, but they aren’t sparking the same joy in you as they once did, not striking you as beautiful and revered masterpieces.
And you find it odd, to be quite honest. You used to dream of seeing these pieces in person, but now that you are you feel…nothing.
You haven’t felt anything in a good while.
Mainly because nothing looks beautiful to you nowadays.
Focus, ____. Focus.
“Here you are, Ms. ____,” the assistant announces after another minute, holding on to a door handle and pulling it open. “This is the conference room.”
“Thank you,” you reply softly, giving her a smile and making your way into the room.
The conference room is packed, pieces hanging on easels and covered by cloth as they wait to be presented to curators all around the world. You’re among one of the youngest curators in this room, and you feel everyone’s eyes follow you as you find your seat, snide murmurs of your skill and youth following you to your chair as they attempt to make you uncomfortable. You don’t hear anything, however- merely choosing to shut off your brain as you think of nothing and everything.
You settle down on the hard plastic, flipping through your notes with every intent to review your budget but you can’t seem to keep flipping. Your hands stop as you feel your bottom lip tremble, exhaustion and sadness threatening to overtake your entire body but you grit your teeth and examine your final budget, noting the price and nodding your head to yourself.
Everyone perks up when the head auctioneer comes up on the stage, numbers at the ready as he greets the audience and reminds them of the bidding rules. You pull out your notebook and your files as he continues on with his drone, noting down all of the pieces of art that would do well in the permanent exhibit as well as the backup pieces you could buy if things get too competitive.
“Starting with the first piece…”
The going is slow as pieces are introduced one by one, and you’re able to secure some pieces with ease. Others you have to give up and your lips purse as you cross those off of your list, noting that you got your priority pieces and ready to sit in silence for the rest of the auction.
“Now, for one of our final pieces- a set of paintings from one of the most coveted artists of the 21st century. These were shipped to us just yesterday and the artist is currently in London-”
You zone out as the auctioneer drones on and on, barely paying attention to the chatting in the background and the assistants moving up the cloth covered easels hiding the art underneath. You start to feel your mind wander to places where it shouldn’t go and you quickly shut that line of thinking down.
Regret will get you nowhere, the only thing you can do now is suffer in silence.
“As we unveil the pieces, we’ll name each of the pieces and then what the artist has named the set as a whole. These are unique because they seem to be telling a story: rain and street lamps, two figures in a bed, and a woman with what appears to be macaroons.”
Your heart skips a beat as you look up at the art, watching as the masterpieces are slowly unveiled.
“The first piece, titled ‘Rainy Day', translated from a Korean phrase.” You hold your breath as the assistant lifts the cloth from the painting, only to feel your heart stop.
You recognize that view from anywhere.
That’s the street Taehyung took you to after you two started talking once again- the same streetlamps and the bench where you two sat on to watch and make up ridiculous stories of the people traveling by.
Tears begin to blur your vision as the next painting is unveiled- you and him swaddled in his tangled blankets, faces covered by messy hair and his arms around your figure. You barely hear the auctioneer title the piece “Deux Amants” over the beating of your own heart as the assistants pull the cloth covering the final piece.
And the masterpiece that greets you causes your breath to hitch in your throat.
Because it’s you standing outside on Taehyung’s balcony in his sweater from that one day, your plate of raspberry macarons on the table beside you as you observe the Parisian skyline and the rain in front of you.
It’s clear to you what this trio of paintings is- these masterpieces are all by Taehyung, about you and the time you spent together in Paris.
You choke back your tears as you turn back to the auctioneer who’s continuing on with the art Taehyung’s painted. “This piece depicts a woman standing out on a balcony with a plate of macaroons.” You can barely contain the teary chuckle as you hear the announcer pronounce ‘macaron’ wrong.
You hold your breath as the announcer looks over his card, nodding to himself. “This last piece is titled ‘Mon Cœur,’ which is translated as ‘my heart’ in English.”
Mon cœur means…my heart?
Fuck. Never has your heart rate jumped up higher as it simultaneously drops to the pit of your stomach.
Taehyung called you his heart this whole time and you didn’t get to find out the true meaning until your art auction in London.
Is it just you, or is this room suddenly blurry and too hot?
You make a move to stand up and leave the room for some fresh air, but before you can you hear the auctioneer start talking again.
“This trio of pieces is titled ‘Paris in the Rain’ and is painted by world renowned artist Kim Taehyung, commonly known as vante.”
Vante? Fuck, you should have seen this one coming.
Of course he’s vante. How could you not see it? The caution in his eyes when you told him you were an art curator, him hiding his easels and sketchbooks from your prying eyes when you tried to look. He knew what your occupation was, and he was trying to hide his true identity from you so as to not cause bias. You numbly look up as you finish processing this information, returning your attention back to the announcer as he finishes his information before setting a price.
“Oddly enough, he used his real name for these pieces and not his artistic name, but these are still by the famous Korean artist. Bidding starts at five hundred thousand British pounds, do I hear five hundred and one?”
Numbers shoot up as everyone murmurs excitedly amongst themselves, wanting to collect these one of a kind pieces from the world’s most sought after artist. You sit still, however- unable to fully process the information that’s been given to you.
Taehyung’s actually the famous artist vante. He used his real name instead of his artistic name to present the story of your time together in Paris. He changed his impressionistic art style to a more semi-realistic, ethereal style in order to paint you and your time together.
The pet name he so vehemently refused to translate for you meant my heart.
You look up at the stage once again, feeling the care, tenderness, love in each paint stroke you see. The careful details in each of the three paintings have you tearing up, overwhelmed with love and yearning for what happened and what could have been.
You can’t control your sobs anymore as the price rises up to one million British pounds, collectors and curators alike vying for the trio of masterpieces on stage. You don’t know why you’re crying- maybe it’s because you finally realize what Taehyung’s been trying to tell you all this time, or maybe it’s the ridiculous price that his art has gone up to.
One thing is for certain, though- you love Taehyung, and you lost him before he could admit to you that he loves you too.
There’s only one thing you can think to do. Price doesn’t matter to you, and you can’t bear the thought of being separated from the last symbol of Taehyung’s love for you.
So you raise your number high in the air as the announcer drolls out “One million and one- you, Ms. ____?”
“Two million British pounds.”
Tumblr media
These macarons are not as good as the ones you’ve had in Paris, but you’ll make do.
You’re sat inside of a Paris style cafe in London a couple of days after the auction, scrolling through your phone and ignoring your half eaten macaron as you text your boss and let them know that the pieces have been secured and you’ll be home by the upcoming evening to oversee the installation of the masterpieces in their respective galleries. You’ll have to shift some collections around in order to make room for every piece, but you’re confident that you’ll be able to make every piece fit.
The conversation ends and you sigh, flipping your phone over so you don’t see the screen. You pick up your cup of hot chocolate and observe the outside- rain pouring onto the bustling streets of London as people bustle to and fro in order to get their holiday shopping done. You hadn’t even realized that it was the holiday season, too caught up in the past couple of weeks’ events that you have no more time to think about this festive time of the year.
And quite frankly, you don’t care.
You don’t care about a lot of things recently, actually.
You've shut down almost completely- a shell of what you were before…well, your unplanned time in Paris. Because how can you go back to how you used to be once you’ve experienced what you could have been?
How can you go back to a dull, loveless life when you had your grand whirlwind romance with the man who you still love with your whole heart?
There’s no use in dwelling in the “what-ifs” and “could have beens,” though. What happened happened and as much as you would love to fix your shattered heart as it sits in your chest, you have a job to do and a flight to catch.
And you’re not going to miss your flight home.
You stand up from your table, making sure to slide your phone into your pocket before picking up your lukewarm hot chocolate and frowning at the raspberry macaron. You pick up the leftovers and shrug, carefully wrapping the remains in the tissue and shoving the bundle in your pocket for later snacking.
You keep your head down as you make your way out of the cafe, only paying attention to your feet as you attempt to exit the bustling cafe into the even busier streets of London.
Attempt, because you bump into a solid figure.
There’s a sense of deja vu but you shake your head from the memory, the person gasping as their hands reach out to steady you.
“Shoot!” You exclaim as you accidentally grip the person’s arm in order to steady yourself. You begin to tilt your head up as your apology continues: “I am so sorry, I’m in a little bit of a ru-”
Only to freeze, stopping your sentence in your tracks.
Taehyung looks back down at you with the same wide eyes you probably have on, shock and disbelief evident in his stare as you look up at the man who’s haunted your dreams for the past couple of nights now. You gulp thickly and hesitantly squeeze the flesh underneath your fingertips, shivering when you feel the muscles underneath your hand.
A beat passes.
“...because of my flight!” You practically word vomit the phrase as you push yourself away from him, hands shaking and unable to register that he’s so fucking close to you after the sleepless nights and endless tears due to being away from him. “Yes, I have a flight and I need to go because I can’t miss it and I really have to get going and oh, did I mention that I’m in love you? Because I do- fuck, I have to go.”
And before he can say anything else, you’re maneuvering your body past his and practically sprinting out the cafe, into the bustling streets of London.
You’re too much of a coward to face him. Not after how you left him.
You’re panting as you continue to run, not paying attention to the streets or the crowds around you as you let your feet direct you. You somehow make it into the middle of Piccadilly Circus, stopping to gasp in deep lungfuls of air as you process the events that have just transpired.
You ate a shitty raspberry macaron in a French-inspired cafe, and you somehow got to see the love of your life Kim Taehyung again before making a fool of yourself and running away from him…again.
God, you’re such an idiot.
You feel tears burn at your eyes again, ready to curse your nervousness and your stupidity. Really, ___. The universe gave you a second chance at the greatest love you’ll ever have, and this is what you do with it? You’re so fucking-
You turn around and see Taehyung panting behind you with his hands on his knees as he also catches his breath, presumably due to the fact he chased you down.
“What- what are you doing?!” You gasp, eyes widening. “You ran all the way after me-”
“Because I’m not letting you leave me alone again without an explanation, idiot!” The words seemingly burst from his chest and his own stare widens as you huff, crossing your arms.
“I know I’m an idiot, but you didn’t need to say it like that,” you pout.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” he explains lamely, cheeks pinkening as he approaches you. “I just…seeing you again, after everything? I couldn’t let you leave again.”
“Right,” you murmur, kicking your feet.
Silence fills the air between the two of you as people continue to push and shove, trying to get to their destinations as quickly as possible. It’s only after a couple of moments do you gather your thoughts, and you whisper, “I went back, you know.”
Taehyung’s lips open slightly in shock, staring at you in disbelief. “You did?”
“Mhm.” Your eyes begin to brim with tears once again as you recall that painful day. “Stopped the cabbie and ran all the way down those streets, even sprinting up the staircase. I realized that I lo- couldn’t leave you so I went back. You were gone though, so I left.”
“Oh.” This entire situation feels like deja vu, like the night before your flight when he held you close and you both cried. You hate that it feels like you’re reliving it again, so you purse your lips and prepare to leave, but he cuts you off.
“Two point five million British pounds?” It takes you a moment to process what he said before you remember, nodding bashfully under his intense stare.
“When I saw those pieces at the conference…” Your voice wavers hideously as your tears catch up to you but you swallow the lump in your throat thickly and direct your stare to the mole on the tip of Taehyung’s nose, avoiding his eyes directly. “Those beautiful masterpieces…I couldn’t leave without them. No price was too expensive because they’re invaluable to me.”
You hear him exhale shakily and you shake your head at your foolishness in admitting this to him, not stopping your tears as you croak out, “It felt like the only piece of you left so I had to get them.”
You wrap your arms around your figure as the tears begin to shake your body, not able to look up at him. It pains you so much that he’s right in front of you and you can’t even bear to look into his eyes and tell him that you love him- that you never want to go a day without him again, because it would be too painful to see his rejection.
Moments pass as the streets gradually clear but you don’t notice, too wrapped up in staring at your shoes as tears continue to slide down your face. The silence suddenly sounds too loud- you have to leave while you can still keep some semblance of your dignity.
“I should go,” you murmur, sniffling harshly to contain the rest of your tears. “I have a flight home and…if there’s nothing else here, I just want to say thank you. For everything. In Paris and here too.”
You turn to leave, lifting your head and looking at the various street directions Piccadilly Circus has to offer in an attempt to find your way back to The Ritz. You make your way down one street but you feel his gaze on the back of your head, making you squirm slightly in your steps.
“Wrong way.” His voice is clear and you whip your head to look back at him, looking at him quizzically.
“There’s an information booth there,” you point out, but he shakes his head.
“Wrong direction,” he replies, folding his arms and directing his burning stare onto you.
You purse your lips and play his game, wiping your eyes of your tears. You step towards the left and he shakes his head, making you scowl and shift directions to the right.
“This is ridiculous,” you grumble as he shakes his head again, and you stumble slightly in his direction.
“Correct,” he says, and you freeze.
You look up and you see his eyes shining slightly underneath the lights of Piccadilly Circus, making you take another step towards him.
Another nod from him.
You begin to walk over to him, stopping until you’re standing directly in front of him. “What does this mean?”
“You never gave me the chance to talk,” he replies.
“It seemed as though everything that needed to be said was not left unturned.” You say softly.
You see him shake his head again, lips pursing slightly. “Do you know why I named it ‘Paris in the Rain?’”
You wrack your brain, trying to find an answer only to shake your head. “Because it…rained a lot when we were there?”
Taehyung chuckles slightly as he approaches you once more, hesitantly reaching his hands out in question. When you nod your assent he places his palms on your waist, pulling you close to his chest and wrapping your figure in his arms.
In this closer proximity you’re surrounded by him, but in an attempt to not stare directly into his eyes you focus your attention on his scarf. You can feel your heart beating wildly against your chest to be back within his embrace- but if you stopped to feel, you would feel his heart beating in tandem with yours.
“I hated the rain. I used to dread when the weather forecasts would predict rain and storms.” Taehyung begins his explanation as he begins to sway you around in a circle.
“Back when we first met, I was going through a severe art block because of it. Everything was dull, blues and greys not at all what I wanted when I went to paint my canvases,” he continues on. He tucks a hand underneath your chin, making you look up at his soft gaze. “And then I met you.”
“Me?” You ask, feeling that telltale sting in your eyes again.
Taehyung nods and a smile curls onto his lips as he gently places a hand on your cheek, swiping away the moisture that falls onto the skin under your eyes. “You were complaining to Toussaint as I was passing by and you were so…vibrant. And then when we were on that street corner after running away from security, all I could see was the glow you cast on the once dull pavement of Paris.”
Your breath hitches in your throat and you place your hands on Taehyung’s shoulders, squeezing at the flesh as he continues on. “You made everything bright again, ____. The light and the beauty within you…I started to love the rain because I associated rain with the most beautiful person I’d ever met- you. I first saw you when it was raining. I took you around Paris in the torrential downpour. The first time I kissed you was during a storm.”
His grip on your hip tightens as he confesses, “I realized I loved you when I held you after that night together, after you had fallen asleep. It was raining hard but all I could feel was peace as I was holding you in my arms.”
Tears begin to slide down Taehyung’s face and you sniffle, reaching up and brushing the tears away. He chuckles at your movement, taking the opportunity to press his forehead against yours. “That trio is called ‘Paris in the Rain’ because it’s how I saw Paris when I was with you…bright. Beautiful, even with the torrential downpours. I painted what I saw, and suddenly the place that was so grey was filled with so much love. I painted my love for you, ____.”
“Taehyung,” you gasp, shivering when he brushes his nose against yours. His breath washes over your face and you relish in that feeling- eyes slipping shut as you bask in his warmth and presence.
“I took a chance when submitting those pieces,” he admits, voice now a whisper. “I didn’t know if you would even be at that specific auction or if you had even attended at all, but I needed to take that chance. Even if you ended up not seeing it, or if you ended up not being able to buy it. I just needed you to see them.”
“And I did,” you whisper back, a watery smile on your face as you sniffle. “I saw them, Taehyung- I understand.”
“And that’s all I want,” he replies, his own smile on his face. He wraps his arms around your waist tighter and you respond by hugging his neck tighter, allowing him to lift you up as he holds you close with no intention of letting you go.
“It was hell waking up and seeing you gone, ____.” He murmurs in your ear as you cry into his neck. “I thought it was all a dream and you were just a figment of my imagination.”
“I’m sorry,” you sob, and he holds you tighter.
“No apologies,” he shushes you firmly, reaching up to stroke the ends of your hair. “You’re here now, and I’ve never been happier in my life.”
You pull back from his neck and look up at him, brushing your nose against his and closing your eyes when he presses a kiss against your forehead. “Taehyung-”
“____,” he murmurs, and you can feel his lips lightly travel across your face, breath fanning across your cheeks. You hold your breath when you feel his lips brush against yours ever so slightly, bracing yourself for that moment-
-only for a splatter of water to splash onto your noses, making you both look up wildly.
The sky above London is cloudy, and you both look at each other in disbelief. “There’s no way-” you begin, only to be silenced by a rumble in the distance.
You and Taehyung look at each other in shock as rain begins to fall all around you, and the sheer ridiculousness of the situation has you both laughing- clutching tightly at each other as you both relish in the downpour.
“It’s a sign,” he says teasingly, the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face making you return a big, goofy smile.
Your heart beats wildly in your chest as you look up at the man who’s stolen your heart ever since he sat you down on a bench underneath his umbrella, making you see beauty in art and the world again. The words are on the tip of your tongue as you both get soaked to the bone with the rain, and you decide then and there that your flight home doesn’t matter, because home is wherever Taehyung is.
Now or never, ____.
“I love you,” you suddenly say, and his eyes widen at your declaration. “I started loving you after you somehow convinced me to dance in the middle of an empty Parisian square and I’ll never stop loving you, so long as it rains every winter in Paris.”
Taehyung’s eyes twinkle with mirth but his smile is wide and giddy as he says, “Be careful there, ____. Sometimes it only snows.”
“The point stands!” You say indignantly and he laughs at your bashful look, tucking the wet strands of your hair that have plastered onto your forehead behind your ear. “I just love you so much, and I need you to know that.”
Taehyung looks at you then, that intense, deep stare boring into your own eyes as he says, “Where’s your flight home? I’ll book a ticket and I’ll meet you there.”
You blink at him, processing his words. “I- I can cancel that and move it around. Home is wherever you are.”
His eyes widen once again, and his bottom lip trembles. “____-”
“Taehyung,” you cut him off, smiling up at him as you both begin to shiver because of the torrential rain. “Work can wait, I want to be with you.”
You watch as his lips spread into a smile that rivals the sun itself, giddy laughter spilling from both of your lips at your declaration.
Life can wait, your love with him starts now.
“I love you,” he repeats back, smiling down at you as the sky thunders from above the both of you. “My heart, my light, my love.”
And it isn’t long before he’s dipping down, finally placing his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
a/n #2: first installment of the “i met you when i was 18″ series done!! pls let me know what you think <3 thank you for sticking around <3
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v-hope · 2 months ago
Pairings: Artist!Kim Taehyung x Heiress!Reader
Genre: Fluff, smut, slight angst, arranged marriage AU, runaway bride AU, make up, established relationship
Word Count: 10.7k
Summary: Running away from your arranged wedding and into the arms of the man you loved seemed like nothing but a beautiful dream. Until you did it.
Warnings: Marking, slight fingering, slight handjob, Taehyung turns out to be really into white stockings, teasing, bickering, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (be safe you guys!), creampie, lotssss and lots of kissing
A/N: She’s here! This is part 47 of my Belong Social Media AU, but it can be read as a stand alone one shot. It took me so long to write and then it just kept longer and longer, to the point i tried my best to edit it but if you find a typo or something no you did not<3. Anyway, this is the last written part for the series, so I hope you guys enjoy!
I’m bolding the first and last sentence of the smut scene so you guys can skip it if you don’t want to read it.
Tumblr media
“We’re here” Jimin said softly, looking at you through his car’s mirror after realising you did not seem to be running towards Taehyung’s doorstep.
You nervously fidgeted with the white fabric of your dress. “I know…”
“So…” he turned around to look at your anxious figure on the backseat. “Why aren’t you moving?”
“I just… am nervous, I guess”.
Taking a deep, shaky breath in, you focused once more in the house on the countryside you had only visited once before, when everything was perfect between you and Taehyung. Back then, you didn’t think you would find yourself being in this situation — coming back to him, after having escaped your parents’ mansion before your arranged wedding with Sungjin could take place.
Oddly enough, physically getting out of there had been easier than the whole odyssey your mind had been through just so you could make that decision.
With your parents conveniently being at the venue where the wedding would take place, Jimin and Jin had escorted you to the garage, where your friend’s Ferrari was parked. Although you had ran into one of your parents’ assistants in the hallway, you had managed to convince them that you were just in desperate need of getting some air.
And then, once on the backseat of Jimin’s car, waiting for your brother to get in the passenger seat, the three of you were caught off guard by his phone ringing — your parents letting him know they were on their way back to the mansion, to make sure everything was ready before you headed out to the venue and went through with the marriage they were forcing you into.
That’s why Seokjin decided to stay behind and face them with Miyoung and Sungjin, keeping your phone with him just in case your parents tried to track it down once they found out you were gone, and giving you a tight hug before you lied down on the backseat —not to be seen by the paps waiting outside the mansion— and Jimin drove off, taking you to the address he had managed to get from Taehyung before he left that morning.
So, here you were now, nearly an hour later — praying that your brother, sister in law and ex fiancé were not getting murdered by your parents as they gave them the news, and a hundred scenarios running through your mind over what Taehyung’s reaction would possibly be the moment he saw you.
Eyes softening at the sight of you and how small you looked right then, Jimin caught your attention by getting out of his car, going around it and opening the door for you. Without another word and giving you a reassuring smile, he held your trembling hands in his and helped you out of it as well — making sure you wouldn’t step on the dress that made you feel like the princess you never wanted to be, and then not letting go of your hand as he walked you over to the front door.
Once in front of it, your hold on his hand tightened, letting him know just how nervous you truly were.
“Do you think he’ll be happy to see me?” you whispered, unconsciously taking a step back — not really second guessing your actions, but being too anxious over his possible reaction.
Catching up on that, Jimin pulled you back towards him, now placing a comforting hand on your upper arm to both keep you in place and help you feel at ease.
“He literally called you last night asking you not to go through with the wedding,” he amusedly pointed out. “Trust me, he’ll be the happiest”.
You nodded your head, once more taking a deep breath as you tried to compose yourself.
And then, after Jimin knocked on the door, it was only a matter of waiting.
Only that said waiting took way longer than you had expected, and with that your anxiety could only grow stronger.
Letting out a sigh, Jimin knocked a few times more, harder, so that there was no way Taehyung would not hear.
“Yah, Kim Taehyung!” he called out. “I know you’re in there”.
“Don’t feel like getting up” your ex boyfriend’s voice was heard from afar.
It sounded deeper than usual, hoarse, and you couldn’t tell if it was because he had been sleeping or crying. You truly hoped it wasn’t the latter.
Jimin let out a tired sigh. He really had to go and befriend the two most dramatic people on Earth, and, on top of that, conveniently get them to date each other.
“I brought you something” he tried to persuade him, receiving an offended nudge from you over being called ‘something’ instead of ‘someone’. But hey, it was supposed to be a surprise after all — at least so he had decided.
“If you didn’t bring Y/N with you, then I truly could not care less”.
Jimin smiled, eyes excitedly going to your face — bliss written all over it, as you had just confirmed that Taehyung did indeed want you there. Unbelievable that you even doubted it.
That was all you needed to earn up enough confidence to finally speak up.
“What are you waiting for to open the door then?”
Jimin was the one to nudge you this time, for you had just ruined the surprise. But you couldn’t care any less — not when the whole place went silent for two or three seconds before a loud thump was heard, being followed by heavy, quick steps coming towards the door.
And then, after over a month, the two of you were face to face.
He looked the same, yet not quite. His hair was longer, and its messiness matched his slightly wrinkled grey t-shirt and black sweatpants, after having been lying down on the couch for so long. His nose was slightly red, matching his puffy eyes, yet they still somehow held that same warmth in them that you loved so much. And his lips… his plump, pink lips, were trembling, letting you know the mess that was going inside his head right then.
“You…” he let out a shaky breath. “You’re really here?”
“Why don’t you give her a hug so you can confirm whether I brought you a hologram or not?”
Jimin’s words earned a breathy laugh from both of you, yet they were the little push Taehyung needed to pull you into his embrace — arms gently going around your body, tightening around you when he felt your arms on his back as well, and hiding his face in the crook of your neck as you did the same on his.
“You’re here…” his voice broke.
You sniffled, voice hardly coming out in a whisper. “I’m here…”
Nothing else needed to be said. You were there. With him.
So, staying there in each other’s arms, the two of you said nothing, and allowed yourselves to finally break down instead.
“Yah, princess,” he sniffled, pulling away and cupping your face in his warm hands so he could wipe the tears that kept rolling down your cheeks. “Don’t cry”.
“You’re crying, too” you laughed lightly, gently wiping his tears as well.
“I know, I just, I can’t believe you’re—fuck, I love you” he breathed out, pulling you into his arms again. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you”.
“I love you, too” you managed to choke out as he kept on whispering those three words over and over. “And I missed you so much”.
A blissful laugh escaped his mouth. “I missed you more”.
On the other side, Jimin cleared his throat, in a poor attempt of catching your attention. “Well, my job here is done and you guys clearly have a lot to catch up on, so I’m leaving now”.
Still not letting go of Taehyung, you looked at Jimin, smiling thankfully at him before you held your arm out to him — with that single act of yours, letting him know you wanted him to join the hug.
He didn’t even give it a second thought, joining the both of you and letting you wrap your arm around him. Taehyung chuckled once he realised what was going on, letting go of you with the arm that had ended up stuck between your body and Jimin’s, and using it to fully include your mutual best friend in the hug.
“Thank you” you mumbled.
“Yah, don’t make me cry now” Jimin recriminated, pulling away from the two of you. “Just make me the best man at your wedding and I’m alright”.
“What about Jin-ie?” you teased him, earning a quiet laugh from Taehyung.
“I drove you all the way here” he fought back.
“But he helped me get out of there, too”.
“In that case Sungjin would have to be included, too”.
“Sungjin?” Taehyung asked with furrowed eyebrows.
You nodded. “He helped as well, I’ll explain everything later”.
“Anyway,” Jimin caught your attention. “Jin hyung will probably be the one to walk you down the aisle, don’t make me fight you”.
“You’ll be the best man, don’t worry” Taehyung reassured him, mindlessly tightening his hold on you and resting his chin on the top of your head.
“I knew I could count on you” your friend pretended to wipe a fake tear, causing you to roll your eyes. “I can leave now”.
Taehyung nodded, somehow managing to pull you closer to him. At that, you could only hold him tighter, burying your face in his chest, as you did not seem to get enough of that scent of his you had missed so much.
“I am clearly third wheeling here”.
“You signed up for it the moment you drove me over here” you stuck your tongue out at him.
“Yeah, yeah” he lamented, turning around so he could make his way back to Seoul for once and for all. “I’ll let you know how things go with your parents”.
“Don’t forget that I don’t have my phone with me” you reminded him as he started to make his way back to his car.
“I’m texting Taehyung!” he let you know from afar.
“Don’t expect an instant reply!” Taehyung amusedly warned him, receiving a thumbs up from Jimin as he finally reached his car and got inside.
Watching your friend drive away giving you a last wave of hands, Tae pressed a kiss to the crown of your head, securely holding you in his arms for another minute before he could find enough will to pull slightly away from you.
“Shall we go inside?”
You quietly nodded, accepting the hand he was offering you before the two of you could make your way inside.
Everything looked the same as it did when you had first and last visited — the only difference being the messiness. The bag lying on the hallway let you know he had not made it to his room yet, and the ramyeon packs next to an unattended pot filled with cold water made a good point at showing how he had given up on making lunch for himself hours ago.
Then, your eyes focused on the broken lamp lying on the floor next to the sofa.
Taehyung cleared his throat, knowing all too well what you would say next. “I heard your voice and I just ran, can’t blame me”.
So that was what the loud thump had been.
“Excited much?” you teased him.
Taehyung rolled his eyes, taking a dangerous step towards you and pulling you closer by your waist. “I thought you were getting married to someone else, you have no idea how fucking ecstatic and stunned altogether I was when I heard your voice” a light laugh abandoned his lips. “This is gonna sound so cheesy, but I thought I was dreaming”.
Feeling your cheeks heat up, you made sure to look into his eyes as you spoke. “I told you I didn’t want to go through with it when you called me last night”.
“Doesn’t mean you weren’t still considering it. You are wearing a wedding dress after all” he shook his head, hurt being clear in his voice.
You nervously bit your bottom lip. “I didn’t know how to get out of there…”
“I can imagine,” he understood. “What was that about Sungjin helping, by the way?”
“Oh, yes” you remembered. “He was okay with me leaving, said that he only wanted to marry me because we were supposedly in the same situation, you know, with no one else in our lives back then… but now that I have you, everything changed”.
“So he even helped you get out of there?”
You nodded. “Well, to be fair, Jimin and Jin-ie helped me get out of there. Sungjin and Miyoung-ie helped me by staying there and giving my parents the news. They must be experiencing their rage by now”.
Taehyung nodded, and you couldn’t tell whether he was okay with what you had just told him or not. “I guess I’ll have to thank him, then?”
“If you want to” you chuckled, burying your face in his chest. “Although I’m not sure if we’ll ever see him again, now that I’m no longer a part of the elite”.
That had seemed to snap something inside him. It was only now that he realised the cost you were paying for being there with him right then.
Yes, he knew that you would be disowned if you decided to stay with him, you had told him a long time ago. Nevertheless, having you actually there with him, knowing what would happen next… he didn’t know if he should be happy, or concerned for you.
Regardless of everything your parents had put you through and how much they hurt you, you loved them — that, and the fact that you were scared of them, had been what kept you from cutting ties with them before. Up until then, you had tried your best to please everyone, so you wouldn’t have to completely lose them and never hear from them again.
Seemed like you had given up on that for once and for all. For him.
“Are you okay?” he asked, tenderly cupping your face.
“Mhm…” you nodded with a small smile. “I am”.
“If you want to talk about it or…”
“It’s okay, really” you reassured. “It might hit me hard at night or something, and even then, I don’t regret my decision. I’m happy to be here with you”.
He let out a relieved sigh, pressing his lips to your forehead in a loving kiss. “I’m here to hold you if you want to cry at some point” his words comforted you. “I’m just happy that you are here with me now”.
“Even if I’m in a wedding dress?” you teased.
“Even then” he nodded, resting his forehead on yours. “Can we take it off, though?”
Tilting your head back in surprise, you raised an eyebrow at his bold words.
“No ulterior motives intended, I promise” he was quick to clarify. “You look beautiful as hell, but I don’t want to be reminded of the fact that you were marrying another guy”.
That sounded fair enough.
“I didn’t bring any clothes with me, though” you only then seemed to notice. “I didn’t think this through”.
Taehyung chuckled, giving your hips a little pinch. “Don’t act like you’ve never stolen my clothes before”.
“Borrowed them” you corrected.
He rolled his eyes, not being able to hold back a boxy smile as he grabbed your hand and guided you over to his room. Fuck, did he miss your constant bickering.
Sitting on the edge of his bed once inside his bedroom, you stayed still as he gently wiped the make up from off your face — later watching him throw the used wipes in the small bin by the entrance, before he rummaged through the few clothes he kept on the wardrobe.
You didn’t know if you were amused or sad when, placing a grey t-shirt and black shorts of his on the bed for you to change into, he hesitated. Up until a month ago, he would’ve not missed a second to get rid of the clothes on your body and change you into new ones. However, things had changed now, for you could not overlook the fact that you had broken up for a while.
You were together again, no words were needed for the two of you to know that — you running away from your wedding and going back to him said it all. But were you taking things off where you left them? Were you starting all over again?
Did you have to go slow? Or could you just act like nothing happened and be as comfortable around each other as you used to be?
“You can just… go outside if you want” you let him know, and although almost invisible, you caught on the way his shoulders had seemed to sink down. “Or you can help me change”.
That second proposition of yours, had managed to cheer him up all over again. It was reassuring, how things did not really need to change from the way they were before.
“I can?” he tried to confirm with a smile.
You nodded, and he laughed under his breath. Turning around, you let him comb your hair and place it over your chest, giving him the perfect view of the back of your long dress and the zip he would have to pull down on to take it off — goosebumps showing on your skin when a soft, lingering kiss was placed to the back of your shoulder, right before he started to unzip the white piece of clothing.
Letting it fall down to the floor, you found yourself having to actually take a step out and away from it, kicking off your high heels along the way and finding support in the hand Taehyung was offering you.
“Hopefully, the next time I do that will be at our wedding night”.
Your eyes went up to meet his, both of you laughing blissfully as your foreheads rested together. Feeling him so close to you, hot air hitting your face with every breath he took, you felt safe. You were home. And you wished you could stay like this forever.
Eyelids closing and smile still curved up the corners of your lips, you felt his nose gently bump yours, contentedly taking in his familiar scent before his cloudlike lips were pressing on yours.
It didn’t last long, roughly three seconds — just a taste of your lips being all it took for his mouth to resemble the smile that was plastered on yours.
Placing his hands on your naked waist, he pressed another kiss to your lips. “I love you”.
You let out a shaky breath, being now you the one to plant a small peck to his mouth. “I love you, too”.
Chuckling, feeling like everything in his life made sense again, he kissed you again. And again. Longing lips peppering delicate kisses all the way down to the crook of your neck.
You tilted your head to the side, breathing turning heavier at the way his lips on your skin made you feel. Before you could get too caught up, though, his mouth was back on yours — long fingers entangling in the hair at the back of your head, keeping you steady as he intensified the way his lips danced with yours and his tongue massaged your receptive one.
“I missed you so much” your voice sounded like sweet honey to him.
Pulling away just enough, lips still faintly brushing yours, he lovingly bumped your noses together. “I missed you, too. So, so much”.
The wholehearted giggle that had just abandoned your mouth, had him locking his starving lips with yours once more. When that didn’t seem like enough, he moved his mouth down to your bare shoulder. Although his intention had been to pull the strap of your bra down as his kisses trailed back to your neck, he ended up stopping right after pulling the white strap down your shoulder.
Eyes no longer closed, but staring down at what you had been wearing under your dress all along. That being a white set made out of lace, with a pair of matching stockings that covered all the way from your feet to your thighs.
Even though a lustful smile had curved up his lips at the sight of you, it was soon erased at the realisation of the circumstances you had been wearing those specific clothes under. You were wearing that under a wedding dress — for a wedding that was taking place with a man that wasn’t him.
“What’s wrong?” you wondered at the clear change in his mood.
Taehyung bit his tongue for a moment, considering whether he should ask you what he was dying to or not.
“Can I ask you something?” his voice came out uncertain.
“What is it?” you tilted your head.
“And please don’t be mad,” his request had you cocking an eyebrow. “It’s just… I know it probably doesn’t matter, but it’s been killing me ever since you left and—”
He took a deep breath. “Did you… and Sungjin… you know…”
Your eyebrows knitted together. “Did we… what?”
“Don’t make me say it…” he pleaded.
“I need to know what you mean, though”.
He sighed, running a hand down his face as he tried to compose himself. “Did you and him… sleep together? Like, have sex?”
“No” you shook your head immediately.
As soon as you had answered, he seemed to be able to breathe, mindlessly fidgeting with the strap he had pulled down your shoulder a minute ago.
“Did you kiss him?” his voice was almost inaudible, not being sure he even wanted to know the answer to that.
You bit your bottom lip, and that was all he needed to know you had done one of the things he feared the most.
He most definitely did not want to know the answer to that.
“How many times?”
But he needed to know.
“Two…” you quietly gave him the answer he was seeking.
His head was lowered, not being able to hide the sharp pain he was feeling in his chest. “When?”
“I’m not mad… I know we were not together anymore” he bitterly pointed out.
“It’s clearly hurting you, though…” you reached for his hand, softly rubbing your thumb on it.
“Please, I just,” he sighed. “I need to know”.
You nodded, taking a shaky breath before you went on. “The first time was on the day I saw you in my parents’ office. It was nothing special, we had a photoshoot for the wedding and the photographer told us to kiss”.
He nodded, bracing himself for what was to come. “And the second one?”
You hesitated, lowering your head after he nodded for you to tell him. “Yesterday”.
That hurt. It hurt a lot.
Still, he couldn’t find it in him to stop asking questions.
“When he posted that picture of you straddling his lap in bed?”
You were not able to meet his eyes. The way he had described that picture… It let you know how it had been burned in the back of his head. You had hoped he hadn’t seen it.
Nevertheless, you nodded. “It meant nothing, I promise, and it was obviously before you called me” your words managed to give him some peace of mind. “As far as I knew, we were never getting back together and I was marrying him today, so…” you shrugged. “I needed to get used to it. You know, to move on”.
Moving on. He had heard you say that more than once now, especially last night when he had called you, in hopes of stopping you from getting married to Sungjin.
He knew you would have to move on eventually if things didn’t work out between the two of you. Regardless, he hated it. Call him selfish, but he could not imagine you with anyone who wasn’t him — just like he could not imagine himself with anyone who wasn’t you.
He was thankful you had not actually moved past what the two of you had.
He was thankful you were there with him instead.
“No need to move on,” he smiled, pulling you towards him by your waist.
With your chest colliding with his, he leaned in enough for your lips to brush together, allowing you to feel his hot breath becoming heavier by the tension.
“You’re mine,” he groaned, trapping your bottom lip in his mouth and pulling at it with a seductive bite. “So you better have worn this for me today”.
You smiled, pulling slightly away from the hungry kiss he had just started. “I put it on thinking of you”.
“He could’ve seen it” Taehyung pointed out, not pleased at all.
“But he didn’t,” you argued back, closing the space between your mouths in a lingering kiss. “I came back to you, and you’re the one who got to see it”.
That got a smirk from him, not wasting another second before his lips were back on yours, hungrily savoring every bit of your mouth.
Goosebumps showed up on your skin as his fingers traced their way down on your naked back, teasingly stopping at the top of your panties, before his hands were firmly placed on your ass, feeling you gasp against his lips when he lifted you up — just enough for you to straddle his lap when he sat down on the edge of the bed.
“I thought I heard you say you had no ulterior motives?” you teased him.
“There is no way I see you in lace and stockings and not fuck you like I used to”.
His words had you squeezing your inner thighs. “How did you use to fuck me?” you purred on his lips.
“Do I have to remind you, princess?” he stole another kiss from you. “How loud and needy you used to be for my cock?” his lips grazed their way down to your neck, where they placed a wet kiss as his hands pulled your hips down against his already hardening member. “How you would moan my name over and over when I took you on every corner of our place?”
“Yes…” you managed to breathe out, tilting your body faintly back as his mouth reached the valley of your breasts.
“Yes, what?” he teased, pulling the right cup of your lace bra down, and smirking at the sound of the moan that abandoned your mouth when his own wrapped around your perked up nipple.
“Taehyung…” you pleaded.
“I’m waiting, baby”.
“I want you to remind me,” you begged, breathing hitching when his left hand pulled the remaining cup of your bra down as well and pinched your until then unattended bud. “Please, I want you to fuck me”.
“Is that so?” he smirked, going back up to your mouth.
You nodded, breathlessly reaching down to his sweatpants — internally thanking the fact that you did not have to deal with a zipper right then, as your shaky, desperate hand pulled his hardened member out of them.
“Fuck,” Taehyung breathed out, letting his forehead fall to your shoulder at the familiar feel of your hand tightly wrapped around his cock. “So no love making today?” he chuckled breathily.
You chuckled as well, feeling the heat reach your face when you shook your head no.
You needed him. And you needed him now.
You would have a lifetime together to have slow, loving sex. But, right then, you needed to feel him inside you. Rough, loud, messy, like he would fuck you whenever your bickering went too far and the tension between the two of you was unbearable — feeling every single inch of him inside you, managing to touch and reach all the right places he already knew like the back of his hand.
“I need you,” you confessed the obvious.
Taehyung smiled, panting as he tried to divert his attention from the way your hand moved up and down on his cock. “You have no idea how fucking much I need you”.
A gasp escaped your lips when he palmed your core over your wet panties, having to bite down on your bottom lip to hold back a moan the moment he made them to the side, so he could run a finger through your dripping folds and then push it into your warm walls.
“Don’t,” he warned you, freeing your lip from your teeth with his free hand. “I want to hear your pretty moans. Been deprived of them long enough”.
You shyly looked down, only to have the same hand that had just kept you from biting your lip, now going to your nape and pulling you into an intoxicating kiss. Heavy breathings mixing together and muffled moans filling the room, as two of his fingers were now curling inside your walls, and your hand moving up and down his cock made him as hard as you needed him to.
Tightly wrapping your arms around his neck when his fingers pulled out of you and your hand on his member was replaced with his, you let him align it with your entrance, gripping onto your hip as he looked into your eyes for you to go down whenever you wanted.
Resting your forehead on his, you sunk down on his cock — moans coming out of your mouths as you took him all in. He had always let you take him at your own pace given his size, and you would usually take a good couple of seconds. That was not the case today.
Bottoming out, finding the sudden stretch to feel so damn delicious, you didn’t even need time to adjust before you rolled your hips, stealing a loud moan from him, now both his hands roughly grabbing on your hips.
“Fuck,” you breathed out when he pulled them towards him.
Taehyung smiled. Fuck, he loved it when you cursed. And he loved even more that he was the only one who got to hear it, for the only times you did it were the ones like this, when it was only the two of you and he was making you feel this good.
“Fuck, you feel so good” he whined, swollen lips sucking on your neck as he kept guiding the pace on your hips — just like you had wanted, roughly. “Missed your little pussy taking my cock so well”.
“Mm…” you moaned, tilting your head to the side as you let him mark you. “Missed you… missed you stretching me out so good”.
A smug smile curved up the corners of his mouth, pressing one last kiss to your neck before his lips were back on yours.
Thrusting his hips up to reach deeper into you, he managed to get a whimper out of your mouth — one that was soothed by a sloppy, wet kiss, before his lips travelled down to your breasts, burying his face in them and letting out a frustrated groan when the lace of your bra came in between him and properly cupping them in his needy hands.
“Let’s take this off” his voice came out muffled, hands looking for the hook and easily undoing it before the white piece of lace was aimlessly thrown anywhere in the room.
“I thought you had liked the white lace?” you teased.
“I did,” he replied in a heartbeat, tongue swirling around your bud. “But I enjoy way more the bare sight and touch of my gorgeous girlfriend”.
If it wasn’t for the way he thrusted his cock deeper into you, reaching that sensitive spot where you needed him the most, you were sure you would’ve teared up.
Never would you ever have thought that being called his ‘girlfriend’ would mean this much to you. You found peace over how everything seemed to be in its place again.
“The stockings are staying on, though”.
“Only the stockings?” you grinned.
Taehyung nodded. Letting go of your nipple, he turned you around — your back hitting the mattress as he slipped out of you.
“Taehyung” you whined, hating the sudden emptiness you were left with.
You heard him chuckle, planting a soft kiss to your pouty lips before he pulled his t-shirt over his head, throwing it to the floor as well as the rest of his clothes. And then, when you thought he would slide back into you, he pulled your panties down your legs.
Just like he had claimed, the only piece of clothing left on your body, being the white stockings that were driving him crazy.
“I should wear these more often” you chuckled, letting out a shaky breath when he entered you again in one go.
“I will look like a horny teenager following you around whenever you do” he hovered over you.
You smiled amusedly, reaching up to remove a long strand of hair that had gotten stuck to his sweaty forehead as he thrusted into you. “Just like you did now?”
Taehyung let out a scoff, burying his face in the crook of your neck and pulling one of your thighs down on your chest. “Fuck off”.
You writhed underneath him at this new angle, which allowed him to fuck you deeper with each thrust of his.
“Oh, f-fuck, right there” your back arched.
“Mm?” he hummed. “You like it there?” his cock hit once more that one spot.
“Do you deserve it after being a brat?”
“I wasn’t” you choked out when he pulled out once more, desperately trying to push your hips against his throbbing member.
Taehyung chuckled, pressing a hand down on your ribcage, painfully close to the curve of your breast, so he could lean down to temptingly bite your earlobe. “You just called me a horny teenager”.
“Taehyung, please” you begged him.
He bit his bottom lip, enjoying the sight of your trembling body aching for release. He had missed this, having you at his mercy.
Running his tongue on the spot behind your ear, he slowly ran the head of his cock up and down your folds. “Say you’re sorry”.
“I’m sorry” you choked out embarrassingly fast.
He slapped his hardened length against your core. “Say you’re mine”.
“Taehyung, pl—”
“Say it”.
“I’m yours” you cried.
He smiled, hot mouth pressing on the dark marks that were already showing on your neck. “All mine?”
“All yours” you rasped.
“Only mine?”
“Only yours. I’m yours, only yours”.
“Good girl” his low voice sent shivers down your spine.
“Fuck,” you rolled your eyes out of pleasure when his cock was fully inside you, like you so badly needed it to. “I’m cumming”.
Taehyung smiled, burying his face in your neck once more. “You won’t wait for me?”
“I c-can’t…” you whimpered.
You felt him chuckle against your skin, where he one second later placed a kiss to. “Let go, baby”.
You didn’t need to hear it twice, being all too far gone to even try and hold back anymore. With his name coming out as a moan one last time, you gave in to your high.
“Fu-uck,” a raspy moan escaped his mouth when your walls tightened around him and small whimpers escaped your mouth. “You’re so hot”.
Smiling at his praising, you let your eyes close, enjoying the waves of pleasure running through your body, which were only intensified as Taehyung thrusted into you over and over, using you to get off as well.
Still not feeling like opening your eyes, you ran your hands down his damp back — fingertips causing goosebumps to appear on his skin as they traced, if not scratched, all their way down his spine, until your hands were cupping his ass, pushing him closer to your core.
“Are you sleeping right now?” he rasped.
You chuckled, opening your eyes for once and for all to meet his dark ones. “I wouldn’t be touching you like this if I was”.
“Wouldn’t put it past you”.
Letting your jaw fall in both offense and playfulness, you shoved him to the side, not giving him time to question what you were doing before you were back to straddling his lap and taking his cock inside you.
“Fuck,” his head was thrown back in sheer pleasure. “You can’t just do that”.
His hands on your hips, fingers digging on their hot flesh while they helped you ride him harder, however, let you know he was enjoying it one hell of a lot.
“I think I just did” your teasing tone drove him wild.
Pulling you down into a kiss, you felt your walls squeeze his cock when he let out a raspy moan against your mouth. “Have you got any idea of how you make me feel?”
“I’m guessing quite good?” you purred on his mouth, not being able to hold back a moan of your own when he thrusted his cock into you.
“So fucking good” he growled, swiftly managing to comb your hair in his hand.
“Fuck” you gasped once he pulled at your hair, forcing you to go back to your previous position sitting up on top of him.
Being unable to move given the hold he had on you, you found yourself letting him lead the pace — small whimpers escaping your mouth and raspy moans leaving his, as his other hand held down on your hip and helped you ride him while he enjoyed the view.
“Oh, f—I’m cumming” he rasped.
“Me too” you breathed out.
Feeling him let go of your hair, you were soon slumping back down on the mattress with him grinding on top of you, taking his entire length a couple more times before he stopped.
“Do you want me to…”
You shook your head no before he could finish his sentence, wrapping your legs around his waist for him not to pull out. “You said you’d fuck me like you used to,” your breathy words got a smirk from him. “Cum in me”.
Pushing a few strands of hair from off your face, he leaned down to look for your mouth as he kept thrusting into you. “If that’s what my princess wants”.
All you could do by then was nod, trapping his bottom lip in yours when you felt your second orgasm about to hit. “Cum for me” you begged, intentionally squeezing your walls around his cock to drive him over the edge. “Taehyung…”
“Fuck, Y/N” he gasped, burying his face in your neck. “I’m gon…”
His words vanished in the air, turning into a whiny moan as he finally reached his climax — thrusts becoming sloppy, making sure his warm release filled you up, he managed to make you come undone a second time.
Trying to catch your breath, you wrapped your arms around him when he let his body fall on yours, both of you closing your eyes and enjoying the silence that was now only disturbed by your heavy breathings as you came down from your highs.
A tired smile curved up your lips when Taehyung pressed a few small kisses to your skin.
“You’re amazing,” he mumbled, with a swift movement pulling out of you and hugging you tight, turning you around so now half your body was resting on top of his. “Thank you for coming back to me”.
That, along with the overwhelming ecstasy you were still experiencing, had seemed to move you, for, next thing you new, you were burying your face in his chest as your tears fell on his hot skin and a sniffle reached his ears.
“Are you crying?” he worriedly pushed your chin up with his long fingers, making you look at him.
You sniffled, watching the corners of his mouth begin to curve up. “Don’t laugh”.
“I’m not,” he denied, not finding it in him to stop smiling as he tenderly wiped your tears. “Was I that bad, though?”
“Yah!” you smacked his chest, earning a loud laugh from him, grabbing your hand on his bare skin so you wouldn’t be able to hit him again. “You’re an idiot”.
“So I’ve been told” Taehyung chuckled, pulling you up on the mattress so he could face you — chocolate eyes lovingly staring at you as he caressed your wet cheek. “What is it, then?”
You shrugged, eyes focusing on his naked chest before you could answer. “I just missed this,” you murmured. “I missed you, and I thought I would never be like this with you again, so… I guess I’m a bit emotional, sorry”.
Hearing Taehyung’s giggle as a response was something you were surely not expecting. Nevertheless, the utter sound of it was enough to make you happier than you already were — if that was even possible.
His arms wrapped tightly around you, pulling you towards his body and burying his face in your naked chest. “Are you truly apologizing for crying?” the sound of a chuckle of his resonated through your chest. “Fuck, if I hadn’t cried my eyes out already I would be crying too”.
A light laugh escaped your lips, mindlessly playing with his hair as he looked up to you, puckering his lips for you to close the space between his mouth and yours. When you did, he let out a contented hum, cupping your cheek with one hand so he could press a second kiss to your mouth.
“I missed you so, so much” he kissed you once more. “You have no idea how over the moon I am right now”.
“I’m so happy” you hummed, lips tenderly pressing to his forehead. “I don’t want today to end anymore…”
“Even when it ends, we’ll have a lifetime to go together” he smiled. “It doesn’t matter if time goes by anymore”.
He was right, and you couldn’t help but find it a bit strange… how suddenly you did not have to worry about time passing by anymore.
You had spent the past one year feeling anxious, worrying about time slipping through your fingers and not being able to achieve everything you wanted to achieve, everything you needed to achieve.
You had spent the past one year fearing that you would end up having to go back to your parents’, and that fear did only grow stronger once you got together with Taehyung, for you feared the possibility of the last day of the year arriving and having to leave him.
And then, when you found yourself indeed going back to your parents’ and no longer having Taehyung with you, you feared the day of the wedding. Although you had come to terms with it, it was still something that you were counting and dreading the days for, because the moment you pronounced the words ‘I do’, you would be deprived of all freedom.
Most importantly, you would be deprived of the man you loved, for the rest of your life.
But, right now, none of it mattered anymore.
For once, in what felt like your whole life, you could breathe.
You could breathe, because you had finally found your place, right next to him — no longer having to prove your worth, and no longer having to do what others wanted you to.
You could just be yourself.
You could be happy with him.
Letting out a contented sigh, and kissing your lips one last time, he got off the bed, receiving a whine from you as soon as you missed his touch.
“Where are you going?” you pouted, quietly watching him as he put his sweatpants back on.
“Nowhere” he simply said, throwing his t-shirt on as well and leaning down to pick up the clothes he had chosen for you and placed on the bed earlier, which were now lying on the floor after the mess you made. “I just think we should have a proper talk and I’m still craving you so bad right now that if you don’t cover up I will end up getting distracted all over again”.
You couldn’t help the laugh that came out of your mouth, feeling your face heat up at his bold words.
Following his every move, you smiled when he crawled back next to you — the bed dipping down where his knees were lying, as he fixed in his hands the t-shirt he had chosen for you to wear.
“I want the one you’re wearing” you said before he could pull the hole in the middle of the cotton fabric down your head.
“It’s pretty much the same” Taehyung pointed out, hinting at both tops being a slightly different shade of grey.
“This one doesn’t smell like you” your lower lip stuck out in a pout.
Taehyung rolled his eyes, a small smirk curving up his lips as he leaned down enough for his lips to trap your bottom one in them. “Such a brat”.
You laughed, pulling him to your mouth once more before you let go of him, contentedly watching him give in to your wishes and taking off the t-shirt he was currently wearing. Without putting the new one on just yet, he decided to cover your naked body first.
With the fabric of his thin piece of clothing covering only a little under your thighs after you sat up, he looked around for your panties — the floor not really being the best place for them to be lying on, yet that being the place he had thrown them to in his urge to get rid of them earlier that day. Letting out a sigh, he picked them up, going back to you and sliding them up your legs.
“Okay,” he cleared his throat, thumbs gently rubbing your hips under his top. “We can talk now”.
“After you put on your t-shirt as well” you reminded him, picking up said piece of clothing and helping him put it on. “I can easily get distracted by you, too”.
Taehyung chuckled, fixing the fabric down his torso before he leaned in to steal a lingering kiss from you. Being a distraction to you sounded quite good, if he was honest.
“What did you want to talk about?” you mumbled against his mouth when he was about to press it on yours once more.
“About where we’re going from here”.
Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What do you mean?”
“You know…” he breathed in, softly playing with your fingers as his back rested against the headboard. “So your parents don’t find us, or even if they do, so they don’t separate us. Not like I’m letting them take you away from me, but…”
“I know…” you smiled weakly, interlocking your fingers with his. “Maybe we could… go abroad for a while?” your words sounded uncertain, remembering what he had proposed last night in a desperate attempt to make you go back to him. “I mean, if it’s still a possibility”.
“Of course,” he was quick to nod his head. “The last position I got offered abroad was at an art gallery in Rome. They said to give them a call if I ever changed my mind, so I’ll do just that and if everything goes well then we can move”.
That sounded so surreal.
Taehyung was quick to catch up on your expression — knowing you all too well to realise you were indeed excited, but a part of you was still hesitant.
“Hey…” he softly called you, sitting up next to you and giving you a small smile when your eyes were on him. “Don’t feel pressured to go away, we can always just stay here and figure something else out”.
“No, it’s okay, I just…” you sighed. “We would come back at some point, right? I would really like us to settle down here…”
“Of course we’d come back” he reassured you. “Our kids would be the happiest growing up here”.
Your heart fluttered. “That’s what I believe, too”.
Taehyung smiled wholeheartedly, taking your hands in his and bringing them up to press his lips on them. He could neither get used to nor grow tired of being reminded that you, too, pictured your future with him.
“So… we’re leaving?”
“Mhm…” you nodded. “I think it’s the best choice, that way we’d make sure my parents left us alone and you wouldn’t have to… you know…”
“I wouldn’t have to… what?” his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.
“Don’t make me say it” you weakly pleaded.
“I have no clue what you’re hinting at, though…”
“You won’t have to marry me anymore” you explained, not meeting his eyes. “Not in a rush, at least”.
“I won’t have to marry you?” he slowly repeated.
Your answer was a small nod, and he was not having it. Pulling you to him, you placed your palms on his chest so as not to fall flat on it, still not bringing yourself to meet his eyes and missing the way they looked at you like you held all the stars in the sky.
“Hey, princess. Look at me” he cupped your face so you had no choice but to do as told. “What did I say over the phone last night?”
You avoided his eyes.
“Y/N, what did I tell you?” he pushed it.
“That you were asking me because you love me…”
“Exactly. I love you” Taehyung reassured. “I fucking love you so much and I want to marry you. We can get married tomorrow for all I care and I will be the happiest man on Earth” he confessed with a shaky, breathy laugh. “I know you don’t have the best of experiences with marriages, but trust me when I say that neither am I being forced into this nor do I feel pressured to do this. I love you and that’s it”.
“You promise?”
“I pinky promise” he stuck out his pinky, earning a laugh from you at how he had picked up on your antics.
“Pinky promise, then” you interlocked your pinky with his.
“Unless you don’t want to marry me, of course” he raised one of his eyebrows.
“Oh, I’m just waiting for the ring” you joked.
“I already have the ring,” his lighthearted words had you jolting up. “It’s the proposal what’s missing”.
After the first sentence, though, you had seemed to stop listening altogether — not at all caring about a proper proposal anymore.
“You… have the ring?” you carefully asked, almost afraid you had misheard it.
“Mhm…” he nodded.
“Is it here? I want to see it”.
“Showing it to you just like that would take all the romance away, though”.
“I don’t care,” you shook your head, gently reaching for his hand. “Taehyung, show it to me”.
Staring at you for a couple of seconds to make sure this was 100% what you wanted, he ended up giving in — your eyes following his every move as he walked over to his wardrobe, watching him push a few clothes aside before he seemed to find what he was looking for.
Next thing you knew, he was walking back to you with a ring in between his fingers. There was no box, only a ring. Yet you could feel just as nervous as if you were getting proposed to right there and then.
Stopping in his tracks right as he reached your side by the bed, he nervously fidgeted with it, not letting you properly see it.
“Okay, so, um…” he cleared his throat. “This is more of a family antique. It last belonged to my grandmother and she passed it down to me, so if it’s not your style or you just don’t like it, please let me know and I—”
“Handsome,” you soothed him, gently holding his free hand. “Show me”.
Biting down on his lip, he took a seat beside you, trying his best to stop his hand from shaking when he finally let you take a look at the ring — a beautiful Victorian one, made out of white gold, with a diamond in its base.
Eyes going up to him, you didn’t even have to speak to let him know how much you loved it, even at first sight. That had seemed to calm his trembling hand a tiny bit.
“Can I try it on?” you hopefully asked.
Taehyung jolted up, as if you had just snapped him out of his running thoughts.
“Uh, y-yeah” he stuttered, struggling to hold your hand and managing to align the ring in front of your index finger, yet stopping before he could slide it on. “I think it’s your size, but I’m not sure, so if you feel it a bit loose or—”
“Yah,” you called him out with a giggle, letting your forehead fall to his shoulder as you tightly wrapped your arms around him. “Why are you so nervous?”
“How are you not?” he bit back.
“I am, trust me” you confessed. “But I guess I’m just way too happy to let it take over”.
“I’m happy, too” he pouted, resting his head on yours. “You’re just not the one proposing”.
“I just asked to try it on, though” your lips pressed lightly to his chest. “Not for you to propose”.
“Still feels the same”.
Because, either way, he wanted it to be perfect. After all you had been through to be with him, he believed you deserved that much.
Before you could keep on bickering, though, and before he could allow his nervousness take over completely, he grabbed your hand, holding it right in front of where your heads rested together, and slid the ring on your index finger like he had tried to do one minute ago — catching his breath the moment he realised it fit perfectly.
You smiled brightly, blissfully.
Sitting up straight, you crossed your legs as you admired the way the ring looked on your hand. You had never thought you would love the way an engagement ring looked on it so much.
For an entire year, you had refused to wear the one Sungjin had given you. You hated the way it looked on you. You hated wearing it, for whenever your eyes laid on it, you were reminded of the fate that you were possibly facing in a matter of months. Wearing it felt like a burden. Therefore, you did not.
Taehyung’s, on the other hand, felt like hope. It felt like pure happiness, and looking at it right then, you could only think of the future that awaited for the two of you. Together.
You felt like never ever taking it off.
“I love it” you confidently confessed, eyes still fixed on the diamond shining in front of you, missing the way Taehyung’s boxy smile had parted his lips. “I love it. It’s so gorgeous, it’s… perfect”.
“You think so?” he whispered.
You nodded, finally meeting his hopeful eyes. “You’re kidding? I feel so honored you chose me to give it to”.
“Who else would I have given it to?” he amusedly tilted his head. “You’re the only person I’ve ever had a relationship with”.
“Still could’ve chosen someone else”.
“Not a chance” he mumbled against your lips, not missing a second to taste them for what could easily be the hundredth time that day. “I only want you”.
“I’ll have you know I am never taking it off” you proudly looked at it on your finger once more, this time noticing the way he smiled at you. “What?”
“I really fucking love you” he breathed out, lightly pecking your lips when he noticed the heat reach your cheeks. “But I’m afraid you will have to take it off now and wait until the actual proposal”.
“I don’t care about a proposal” you let him know with a pout, pulling your hand away from his when he tried to reach for it.
“Y/N, I didn’t even get a box for it”.
“I don’t care”.
“I promised I’d go down on one knee and give one of those cheesy speeches that leaves you crying”.
“I don’t want to cry anymore,” you stated. “I’m the happiest right now. This is all I want”.
“You deserve better than being proposed to in bed right after fucking”.
“Sounds pretty intimate to me” you shrugged, holding back the urge to laugh when he threw you a glare for an answer. “Unless you don’t want to propose to me, of course”.
“Yah,” he tackled you down on the mattress, joining in your laughter as he hovered you. “You don’t get to say that whilst wearing the engagement ring I just gave you”.
You cupped his cheek with one hand, gently caressing his soft skin with your thumb as your confident eyes locked with his. “Ask me then”.
With you lying underneath him, looking at him with those eyes he loved so much and wearing his ring on your finger, there was only so much he could take.
So, leaning in until his lips were faintly touching yours, he gave in.
“Kim Y/N,” he began, eyes travelling from your mouth to your expectant eyes. “Marry me”.
“What?” you played dumb. “I don’t think I could hear you”.
“Marry me,” he repeated, gently pulling the fabric of your t-shirt over your hips for his long fingers to caress your skin. “Let’s get married and never again be away from each other. Let’s go to Europe and forget about everything that hurt us over here. Let’s come back in a few years and settle down in this house. Let’s have a bunch of kids and happily raise them here. Let’s grow old together and bicker until the end of our days” his thumb caught a tear that had just rolled down your eye, even after you had claimed you didn’t want to cry anymore. “Let’s be happy”.
You were at loss of words — teary, elated eyes, along with the way you had just begun to effusively nod your head up and down, being the only form of answer you could give him.
“I’m gonna need actual words here, princess” he softly teased, wiping another tear from your face. “Will you marry me?”
“Of course I will marry you, you idiot” you sniffled, pressing your smiling lips to his matching ones and then pulling him down to your chest. “I was literally begging you to ask me like one minute ago”.
Feeling his chest tremble on top of yours as he hugged you tightly and buried his face in the crook of your neck, you couldn’t tell whether he was crying or laughing. The sniffle that has just been followed by a chuckle of his, however, let you know he was indeed doing both.
“I thought you had no tears left to cry?” you teased him, tangling your fingers in his hair.
“Shut up” he blurted out, nuzzling your neck. “I can’t believe you just called me an idiot after my sweet, oh so sweet proposal”.
You rolled your eyes at his dramatic words. “It was with love, you know that”.
Shaking his head, he let go of his comfortable place on your chest, going back to your eye level. “Say that you’ll marry me again. But this time do it sweetly”.
“Now why would I do that?” you taunted.
“There is no way we’re telling our kids you called me an idiot when I proposed,” he pointed out. “We need to set a good example”.
At that, you couldn’t help but throw your head back — a loud, throaty laugh escaping your mouth. “And what kind of good example would it be telling them that you asked me to marry you in bed right after we f—”
“Don’t” he warned you.
“Am I wrong, though?” you laughed, then letting down a dreamy sigh as you made yourself more comfortable in bed. “God, I never thought I would be proposed to in bed right after having sex, with my neck full of hickeys, hair all messy and wearing only a t-shirt and panties”.
“Yah! You said it was okay” Taehyung called you out, sounding way whinier than he had intended to.
“And it was!” you reassured him with a giggle, resting an arm over his chest and a leg over his bottom body after he had slumped down on his back next to you. “But it’s still not the best of sights”.
“It’s my favourite look on you so far” Taehyung argued, fixing a strand of your hair away from your face. “Hot as hell”.
“Definitely not a story to tell our kids, though” you amusedly shook your head. “Or our friends”.
Laughing along, he leaned in until his lips were temptingly brushing yours. “We can always sugarcoat it”.
“We’ll make up a story for them” you agreed with a chuckle, merrily kissing him back when he closed the painful gap between your mouths.
“That we can” he agreed, hovering your body as he pulled you back down on the mattress. “On the topic of kids, though, we could start practicing for when we try for a baby in the future”
“Eager much?” you teased, allowing him to use his knee to pull your legs apart.
“I’m just thinking about the sake of our family”.
Family. How could that one word go back to meaning the world to you after having it be nothing but a burden for so many years.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we have to” you pecked his lips.
Taehyung pouted. “But practicing a little bit doesn’t hurt”.
“Just say you want to fuck me and go”.
A chuckle abandoned his lips at that, teeth lightly grazing the marks on your neck. “You’re saying I don’t need an excuse?”
“As if you’ve ever needed one” your words got a prideful smile from him, planting a small kiss to the same spot he had been teasing all day. “Stop it with the hickeys”.
“Nope” he simply replied. You weren’t leaving the house anytime soon anyway.
Nevertheless, his mouth pressed one last time to your neck before he pulled away.
“Wait,” you blurted out when he went back to your mouth. “So I have the ring and the hickeys you gave me on me right now…”
He smiled. “So?”
“So… You’ve marked me as yours twice” you pointed out, receiving a rather smug expression from him. “It’s only fair I get to leave a bunch of hickeys on you as well”.
“Come anywhere near my neck and be ready for a round two and maybe even a round three” he threatened you.
You smiled teasingly, pushing him down on the mattress and straddling his lap — hand pressing down on his chest as you nuzzled his neck.
“Y/N, I’m warning you”.
“You’re acting as if I don’t enjoy having you fuck me stupid,” you went back to his eye level, the tone in your voice and determination in your eyes, being enough to turn him on all over again. “Plus, didn’t you want to practice for when we try for a baby in the future?” 
“Fuck, you’re the love of my life” he pulled you to his lips. “Will you marry me?”
“Of course I will marry you, my love” you sweetly answered against his mouth, then letting a smirk take over your face. “Was that the oh so sweet answer you wanted?”
He smiled, satisfied. “Definitely”.
“Good,” you chuckled, lips travelling down to his neck. “Now stay still so I can make sure everyone knows you’re mine, too”.
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jjungkookislife · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ღ pairing: best friend!tae x f. human!reader
ღ genre: f2l, wolf!au, smut [18+]
ღ summary: The full moon means one thing and one thing only to your best friend, Kim Taehyung. It’s the the one time a month he turns into a wolf and frolics in the moon light. However, on his 25th Hallows’ Eve, his wolf is calling out for his mate.
ღ wc: 5.8k
ღ warnings: cursing, long curly-haired tae, tae calls reader a brat, pining, alcohol consumption/mention, jealousy, mention of pregnancy/pregnant reader, breeding kink, marking (biting, scratching, hickeys), BD Tae, mention of f. masturbation, oral sex (f. giving and receiving), hair pulling, cock slapping, fingering (f. receiving), unprotected sex, belly bulge, spanking, creampie, cockwarming
ღ a/n: the final installment of Halloween Nights! Thank you to everyone who read all seven fics (or any of them), I hope you’ve enjoyed them all! :)
ღ date: November 16, 2021
Tumblr media
Taehyung was sat on your couch with his legs spread so far apart, you were crowded into the arm with your legs pulled into your chest. His long hair was tied up in a half ponytail, a few strands framing his face and some of his hair touched the collar of his black shirt that he’d tucked into his black pants and cinched with a belt. You had found it hard to keep your eyes off of him lately, he’d been working out more and growing buffer. It made your secret crush—okay, you loved him—harder. You were head over heels in love with your best friend and you wanted to hold his hand but also fuck him into next week, and the tight shirt he was wearing at the moment wasn’t helping at all.
“This is so dumb,” he says as he holds a glittery styrofoam pumpkin in his large hands. He turns it one way and the other, studying it before his dark eyes meet your gaze. You’re breathless, caught in a trance by his beauty, and it’s not until he raises a brow that you look away from him and reach to take the pumpkin from him. When your fingers brush his, your heart races in your chest and there’s no way your wolf friend hasn’t heard the sudden spike.
“Give me that,” you grumble instead, plucking the decoration from his hands to place back on the center of your coffee table.
Taehyung chuckles as you drop to your knees to rearrange your coffee table after he’s messed with every decoration set on it. He watches you with a certain warmth in his eyes that you miss as you pick up a small skeleton to put in its rightful place. His heart thunders in his chest and he’s grateful you don’t have enhanced hearing like he does, if you did, you’d know how he felt about you. How you were all he thought about. How he always needed to be near you, see you, touch you, and someday kiss you. But he couldn’t allow himself the pleasure, not when the full moon was a night away and he was bound to be mated.
Years and years Taehyung had hoped you’d be his mate, and into adulthood, he wished it more when he thought about forming a family and having kids. It was always you that he pictured at his side growing his seed and nurturing it after. The thought has his cheeks flushing with heat as he tears his eyes away from you before rising from the couch.
You notice his movement, your eyes automatically on his frame as his fingertips reach out to touch a cloth web in the corner of the room where you’ve placed more decorations for Halloween night. Your pantry was stuffed with bags and bags of candies, a list of movies to watch pinned to your fridge with magnets, and all sorts of snacks and drinks filled your fridge in preparation for your night with your friends’ marathoning horror movies all night once the trick-or-treaters were gone.
“Don’t talk shit about my decorations, Tae. Be happy I didn’t put up the wolf decal,” you grumble as you walk over to him, your arms wrapped around his waist, your face buried in his back. You inhale deeply, the sweet scent of his detergent filling your nose, coupled with his scent. You wondered if he could feel the clamminess of your palms through the cotton material.
Taehyung’s large hands cover yours, his fingers twining with yours as he holds you in place. “I’m the only wolf you need anyway.”
“Oh, is that so?” You smirk, making him roll his eyes. A low growl rumbles through his chest, and you giggle as he turns around, hands laced as he looks at you with his dark eyes.
“You’re such a brat,” he huffs, lowering his face to nip at your neck. You lean to the side, exposing more of your neck for him, body flushing with heat. Taehyung can feel the spike in your pulse as his tongue laves over the tiny bite mark. He chuckles, breath fanning against your skin before he’s pulling away.
“We s-should finish decorating,” you stutter as you turn away from him, fanning yourself as you walk away, hearing him chuckle as you sprint to the kitchen. When Taehyung walks in shortly after, you’re rubbing an ice cube on your neck in a poor attempt to cool down.
Taehyung leans against the counter, arms crossed over his chiseled chest. A smirk appears on his lips as he watches your eyes grow wide when you spot him. You have no words, tossing the melting ice cube into the sink before walking back into the living room, pointedly ignoring your best friend. Why were you the one embarrassed when it had been his wolfish actions that had caused you to overheat and pool with arousal?
When would you get over your crush on him? Wasn’t it bad enough you had to sit on the sidelines because of his predestined mate? Some stranger he hasn’t even met? Would you become second best? Or be long forgotten when this stranger took him from you? The thought sours your mood but you do your best to keep a smile on your face while Taehyung is in your apartment.
Tumblr media
Music blared from Yoongi’s speakers as your apartment became filled with your friends. You were currently sitting on your kitchen counter with your ghoul friend, Wooyoung, between your thighs as he tilted the bottle of tequila to pour some into your awaiting mouth. You open wide, thighs squeezing either side of his as your wrist wraps around his to make him stop.
Wooyoung chuckles as he steps back, moving on to someone else as you swallow and grin. You wipe any droplets with the back of your hand as Taehyung walks into the kitchen, he eyes Wooyoung darkly before standing at your side.
“Starting on a high note, I see.”
“Tae,” You greet him, pulling him into a hug. “I didn’t think you’d come until later?”
“I wanted to stop by for a minute to say hi,” Taehyung shrugs, his hands gripping your thighs. His fingers grip the hem of your dress, liking the silk material. He rests his forehead against yours as you wrap your arms around his neck.
“Are you worried?” you ask softly, ignoring the sound of all your friends talking and laughing in the background.
“A little bit,” your best friend admits. He sighs, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he laces his fingers with yours, squeezing them. “You know this won’t change anything between us, right? You’ll always be my girl.”
“Tae,” you start to protest but he hushes you with his finger pressed to your lips.
“Sh. You’re my girl,” Taehyung whispers. “Wooyoung can’t have you.”
“Taehyung,” you start but he shakes his head, his chocolate brown curls drawing your attention. What you wouldn’t do to have his head in your lap, gently carding your fingers through his locks until he’s sleeping peacefully. Was this the last night you’d have him be yours? He was making promises he knew he couldn’t keep. You knew what finding his mate would do, and it was only a matter of time until you were replaced by someone else. You frown at the thought, but Taehyung notes it.
“Hey,” Taehyung says your name and it pulls at your heartstrings. You wish you didn’t feel this way about him. Ever since you first laid eyes on him, you were pulled to him like a magnet. You never stood a chance, did you? You were always meant to be at his side as his friend and nothing more, and you knew he had no control over his situation, and all you could do was hope that whoever his mate was, loved him as deeply as you did. So with every ounce of strength in you, you muster up a smile.
“You should get going before the moon rises,” you state, eyes roving over to the wall clock on the opposite wall. Taehyung sinks his teeth into his bottom lip, nodding.
“You’re right, like always,” he tries to smile but it hurts. He grimaces as he lets you go, why was this so painful? “I’ll see you when I get back, love.”
“You will?” you ask, hopeful.
“I promise,” Taehyung says, pressing a kiss to your cheek that tingles long after he’s gone.
Tumblr media
Taehyung runs straight into the woods, stripping as he goes. A howl ruptures from deep in his chest as the moon shines bright in the night sky. A few labored breaths leave him as he morphs into his wolf form, running deeper into the woods, away from any creatures he could possibly harm.
The night chill doesn’t affect him any as he sprints, teeth bared as he goes. The moon guides him, his heavy paws crunching the leaves and twigs beneath him, as he goes further and further into the woods until he’s treading up a mountain.
Taehyung is quick, falling into the shadows as his black fur makes him part of the night. He wonders if other wolves will be called out tonight, all in search of mates and eternal love. The thought sours his mood as he continues, mind whirring with thoughts of you. Your smile, your laugh, the way you’ve always loved him so effortlessly. It had always been you and him, and as he runs up the mountain, he wonders what cruel, cruel fate he’s been cursed with. What was a life without you as his mate? Would his mate even compare to you? Would they hold a candle to you? Taehyung didn’t think so.
Arriving at a ravine, Taehyung stops as the reflection of the moon reflects brighter than he’s ever seen.
Curiously, Taehyung approaches the water, snout on the ground as he sniffs around. He’d heard various tales from his elders on how they found their mates guided by the moon. Each story is unique in its own way, too unique for Taehyung to be certain. He grows nervous, lying on the damp forest ground as he looks at the water, listening intently for any change.
Maybe if he wills it enough, he can somehow change fate to have you as his mate. Maybe then he’d be eternally happy...
When the moon hits its apex, Taehyung’s eyes roam to the ravine, heart beating frantically in his chest as a name is reflected in the water. Upon seeing the name, Taehyung’s brows furrow before he’s taking off into the darkness of the woods.
Tumblr media
Hours had passed since Taehyung left, and after a movie marathon, all your friends had left and you were left alone to clean up. You didn’t care to clean up, Taehyung’s friend, Jungkook, had offered to stop by tomorrow to help but he had to get back to his coffin before daybreak.
The front door opens and shuts, startling you. You drop the trash bag you held in your hands before you walk to the living room. Taehyung stands there, heaving as he looks at you with a ravenous gaze.
“Sh. Don’t say anything,” he instructs as he crosses the distance between you. Confused, you nod as he places his hands on your cheeks, his eyes studying your own. “I always knew it would be you.”
Tears pool in the corners of your eyes. “Tae, what are you talking about?”
Taehyung chuckles. “You know what I’m talking about, baby. You know exactly  what I’m talking about.”
Your eyes meet his, searching for any sign of a lie, but there is none. A sob escapes you, legs weak as you start to fall but Taehyung catches you in his arms, easily carrying you to your bed.
“You’re mine,” he nearly snarls, as he gently cups your face. You melt beneath his touch, heart thundering in your chest as it beats frantically out of nervousness and excitement. Yours, yours, yours.
“Kiss me,” you urge him, your hands clasping his shirt in your fists to pull him close. When his lips meet yours, a euphoria fills you.
Taehyung doesn’t miss a beat, his hands cupping your face to deepen the kiss as you moan softly against his lips. “Fuck.”
Able to catch your breath, you look deep into your best friend’s eyes, brows furrowed in confusion and lips burning from his kiss. “Tae, I-I don’t understand.”
Taehyung smiles brightly. “It was your name! Your name was shown to me in the water when the moon reached its apex. You’re my mate and I am yours.”
You can’t believe what you’re hearing, gasping as Taehyung laces your hands together. “But how?”
Taehyung chuckles, “I don’t know but I always hoped it would be you.”
“You did?” you ask with shining hopeful eyes. Taehyung caresses your cheek with a knuckle, “Of course I did. You couldn’t tell I was in love with you?”
“I was too busy hiding my love for you,” you admit sheepishly with a giggle. Taehyung can’t help but grin at the sound as he straddles your hips, leaning in to kiss you.
“You never have to hide your love for me ever again, baby. You are mine until the end of time,” Taehyung professes, fingers lacing with yours as he pressed his lips to yours, drinking you in. You kiss him back just as enthusiastically, soft moans escaping you when his teeth gently tug on your bottom lip, body arching into his.
“So beautiful,” he murmurs as he kisses the corner of your mouth, the starts of his descent toward your neck. “All mine.”
“Tae,” you breathe his name, fingers lacing in his curly hair as he marks the column of your neck, nipping and sucking on his way to his favorite spot. Your pulse races, making him chuckle before his tongue is licking your neck, lips pressed against the skin before he’s leaving a deep mark where he’ll bit you later.
Taehyung sits up, parting your legs to slot himself between them, his hands on your thighs the moment your dress falls to your hips. You make a poor attempt to push it back down, but Taehyung’s gentle hands overlap yours.
“There’s no need to hide from me, baby. I love you just the way you are,” his gaze doesn’t falter from yours, and any worries you had no longer matter as he kisses you again, hand cradling your face.
There’s no rush in your kiss, no hurry in his hands as he undresses you slowly, enjoying every new inch of your body that is revealed to him and only him. He takes his time caressing and kissing every bit of you, skillful fingers undoing your bra. You arch, allowing him to pull the straps down your arms and his eyes never leave your face as your breasts are revealed.
You’re left in just your panties, your hands reaching to pull his shirt off his broad body. Taehyung is gentle when he pulls your panties down your thighs before he’s taking off his pants, allowing both to pool on your bedroom floor.
With a mind of their own, your hands feel every inch of his muscular body. You memorize every ridge, every curve, and dip of his torso before moving down to trace the outline of his erection over his boxers.
“Fuck,” Taehyung chuckles, his head thrown back as he inhales and grins. Your name passes his lip softly, his hand cupping your face as he kisses you once again. “I’ve been waiting years to touch you like this.”
Taehyung’s hands grip your waist, lips moving in sync with yours as he cups your breasts. Thumbs brush your nipples, hardening instantly. Your hand cups his erection, squeezing gently before slipping your hand into his boxers, biting your lip when he gasps.
He’s so big. Much bigger than you ever imagine, ever dreamed of those nights where you laid in bed, hand between your thighs when his scent lingered in your bedsheets. “Tae,” you breathe, earning his attention as you have him lie on the bed so you can climb over him. His large hands grip your waist, thumbs rubbing circles into your heated skin as your lips press kisses onto his chest on your way down.
Taehyung eyes you curiously, a hand fisted into the sheets beneath him as you grab the waistband of his boxers, tugging them down his supple thighs to discard on the floor. Your mouth waters at the sight of his thick hard cock leaking precum. You’re overwhelmed immediately, skin flushed with heat as you look up to meet Taehyung’s cocky grin.
His pretty, pretty hands cup your face. A lone finger bops the tip of your nose. “Show me what that pretty mouth of yours can do, love.”
You nod, swallowing audibly as your hand wraps around his cock, your finger never meeting. Taehyung laughs at your surprise when you realize you’ll have to use both hands to stroke him, your thumb collecting his precum to swirl around the head.
You wonder how it’ll fit…
“It’ll fit,” Taehyung says with an amused smile. Shit, you must have said it aloud.
With a tentative lick, you look up at Tae for guidance. He smiles lovingly at you, hand on your cheek, “take your time, baby. I’ll love whatever you do.”
You’re nervous, never having such a big cock in your mouth before and you’re positive you won’t be able to fit it all, so you do your best, using Tae’s moans for guidance as you wrap your lips around the head. You tongue the slit, making Tae grab your hair as one of your hand moves down to the base while you bob up and down. Your saliva runs down his length to pool at his pelvis and it’s messy as you suck and slurp him down, widening your mouth as much as possible.
Taehyung doesn’t try to fuck your mouth, just guides you gently while tugging your hair when you start choking around him in your overeagerness to please him.
“Fuck,” you drool as you take a breather. Your lips, cheeks, and chin are covered in spit and precum but your hands continue to stroke Tae. He groans, you look like absolute sin.
Taehyung takes his cock in his hand, stroking it as he watches the way your eyes are glued to him. You’re nearly panting, drooling over yourself as you watch him with a hungry look in your eyes, ready to devour him whole.
Chuckling, he takes his cock and gently smacks it on your cheek. You respond by sticking your tongue out and he taps the head of his cock on your tongue. You moan, looking up at him to meet his hooded gaze, the weight of his cock heavy on your tongue as you wrap your lips around him.
It lasts a mere minute before Taehyung is easing you off his cock with a smirk. “So eager to choke on my cock, baby?”
You nod, and he’s gripping your hair to pull you into a kiss that has your toes curling as your hands grip his shoulders tightly.
“Fuck,” Taehyung pants, licking his lips as he cards a beautiful vascular hand through his curly locks. His eyes are dark and hooded, glittering with love, adoration, and lust as he sinks his teeth into the plushness of his bottom lip. “This curse had me waiting 25 years for you when I could have had you sooner.”
Your hand rests on his cheek, thumb rubbing circles into his skin. “At least you know now, baby.”
Taehyung smirks, leaning down to capture your lips, kissing you slowly until your fingers are threaded in his hair, gently tugging at the roots to make him moan. Your tongue easily slips past his lips, deepening the kiss as his hands grip your hips tightly, cock hard against your thigh.
Breaking the kiss, he grins, “could have been doing that sooner too.”
“Hmm,” you muse with twinkling eyes and a certain sereness that has Tae falling for you all over again as he pecks your lips before he kisses his way down your body. Kiss after kiss, you melt further underneath him, mind foggy with lust as his fiery touch seems to sear your skin until he’s gripping your thighs in each of his large hands.
“Could have tasted you sooner,” Taehyung says softly, his tongue dipping between your legs, stealing your breath. You moan his name, biting your lip after in a poor attempt to muffle your moans as your fingers lace in his hair.
Taehyung nips at your inner thigh, causing you to curse and arch your back as your hips wiggle in search of his lips.
“Let me hear you, baby. I’ve waited too long for my mate, to not hear them come apart for me,” He states, his hands running up and down your thighs.
His mate.
You were his mate, and he wanted to hear every lustful cry from your lovely lips. Who were you to deny him? You were his as he is yours and you want nothing more than to please him when he had been doing just that between your legs.
You nod, “I’ll be good.”
“My good girl,” Taehyung smirks. It’s only a moment before his hot tongue is back in action, hands filled with your thighs as he pulls you closer. Your legs drape over his shoulders, hands in his hair as you fuck his face greedily. Taehyung loves it, loves listening to you cry out in pleasure, moaning his name when he does something you like. He wants to learn how to please you, how to make your thighs tremble, how to make you come until you physically can’t.
His cock throbs at the thought. He couldn’t wait to be inside you, to fill you completely, and finally sink his teeth into your neck like he’s always wanted to.
“Tae!” you exclaim when his lips wrap around your clit, his fingers curling inside you as he fucks you with them. Your body feels like it’s on fire, ready to combust at any moment and Taehyung is well aware of the fact.
“Come on, baby. Don’t you want to come all over me?” Taehyung smirks, the low timbre of his voice makes your eyes flutter shut. You whine, nodding. You want to please him, want to be a good mate for him. He feels the way you clench around his fingers, and a guttural groan escapes him unexpectedly knowing you’d be so tight around his cock, so warm and wet.
Taehyung’s panting, fingers fucking you faster as his lips wrap around your clit. Your legs quiver, a symphony of moans spilling from your lips as you grip the sheets, thighs clamping Tae’s head in between as you feel your orgasm hit fast and hard.
“Taehyung, fuck.”
“That’s it, love. Show me how you’re gonna cream my cock,” Taehyung licks his lips when he meets your gaze, his name escaping you as he helps you ride out your orgasm.
Weakly, you’re pushing his hand away. Taehyung smiles proudly as he slips his fingers into his mouth to suck them dry. His lips are on yours a second after, tongue twined with yours to allow you a taste of yourself.
Heated touches and heady cries, minds consumed by each other as his lips find their home in the crook of your neck. Taehyung’s fiery touch lights you ablaze, nails digging into his broad muscular back as you arch into him. Your thighs tighten around his hips, pulling him close and earning a guttural groan from the man above you. His eyes are lust-filled, wanton, and yearning to capture the sweet moment in which you become his.
Breathlessly, you grip the hair at the nape of his neck when his sharp teeth scrape the sensitive skin of your neck. His tongue soothes the light sting as he teases you with a wolfish grin. He likes to feel you trembling beneath him, wants you to beg him to claim you, to make you his for all eternity.
“Taehyung!” You exclaim, eyes wide and mouth agape as he takes your hand in his to pin on the pillow beneath your head. His cock throbs when you say his name again, his fingers squeezing yours.
“I love you,” he states, cheeks dusted pink as his heart pounds ridiculously in his chest. You smile warmly, “I love you too, Tae.”
“Be mine?” He asks urgently, unable to control the urge to sink his teeth into your neck. His cock teases your opening, making you pull him closer.
“Yes. Yes, Tae. Yours now and forever,” you promise, tugging on his curly locks. Taehyung groans, a growl building in his chest. He turns to face you, inhaling deeply. Your scent overwhelms him in the best possible way. You smell so good, so delectable and breedable. Fuck, the thought of breeding you, seeing you grow round with his seed, nearly makes him delirious.
Tae’s nose is pressed against yours, his eyes conveying his emotions clearly as you lightly scratch his head. He whines, “not a pup.”
“You’re my big bad wolf, aren’t you?” you tease and he nips your wrist.
“Only want to be yours,” he says your name softly.
Taehyung doesn’t wait for a response, stealing a kiss from your lips instead as his cock pushes forward.
“Tae!” you gasp, hands gripping his arms.
“Fuck, yes! Oh, fuck, baby.” Taehyung growls, body tight as he tries to control himself but you feel so fucking good wrapped around him, tight and dripping wet. Fuck, he’d gladly spend the rest of his life buried inside you. His teeth graze your skin, his mouth watering as he sinks his teeth into the column of your throat. You instinctively turn your head to the side, allowing him more access as he marks you as his.
It hurts, but his slow thrusts distract you from the bite as his tongue laves over the wound. His sweet words and gentle tone have you melting, holding him close.
“Such a good mate for me. Made just for me,” Taehyung is lust-drunk, overcome with the euphoria of finally finding his mate and marking them. Taehyung laces your hands together, steadying himself as he looks down at you, the mark on your neck displayed proudly and it makes his dick harder.
“I love you. I love you. I love you,” you moan, feeling the thickness of his cock and feeling so utterly full .
Taehyung swallows thickly, his hands cupping your breasts, rolling the pert buds between his fingers. He meets your gaze and he bites his lip, “can you take more of my cock, love?”
“M-more?” you stutter with wide eyes. Taehyung blushed as he looked between your bodies, where half his cock was still waiting to be sheathed in your wet cunt.
“Yes?” Sheepishly he looks at you as you nod, kissing him as your legs wrap around his hips to pull him in. He hisses, groaning when he finally bottoms out, leaving you breathless. If you thought you were full before, this was on a whole other level.
You could feel him in your stomach and you were sure if you looked down at your abdomen, there’d be a bulge there. The thought has you clenching around him, making him groan and kiss you, all teeth and tongue as he sets a slow pace. He’d love to fuck you ruthlessly, bend you over every surface of your home, cum inside you over and over until you were pregnant with his seed but this was your first time with him and he couldn’t let his instincts run wild.
Slowly, Taehyung makes love to you. Gentle touches and caresses, deep passionate kisses, and your sweet dulcet cries fill the bedroom as he fucks you. You whisper promises of forever, I love yous and build your future together in between kisses.
It’s not until your third orgasm that you’re begging Taehyung to fuck you harder, promising him you can take it. He’s hesitant at first but with the way you grind your hips against him, he can’t resist for too long.
On your hands and knees is how he takes you this time around. His hands grabbing generous handfuls of your ass. Smacks on your ass resound in the room as you cry out for more and he’s all too happy to oblige.
Taehyung fixes your arch, a growl reverberating in his chest. He wants to howl with how perfect you look, eagerly awaiting to be fucked. “So submissive and breedable.”
His words have you clenching around nothing, cunt dripping wet and creamy from previous orgasms. Taehyung curses, eyes nearly rolling to the back of his head.
Taehyung runs the thick head of his cock over your folds, wetting it before sliding home. Your walls hug him tightly, your head falling forward into the pillows as his hands grip your hips.
“Gonna be a good mate and let me breed you, love?” Taehyung asks with a wolfish grin going off the reaction to his earlier words.
Your response is muffled by the pillow you’ve sunk your teeth into as Tae rocks in and out of you, filling you to the brim and making all your words incoherent.
“I need to hear you say it, babe. Can’t breed you if you don’t ask me for it,” He reminds you, wanting your consent.
“Yes, Tae. Want you to fill me up, want to have your babies. Oh, fuck,” a rather hard thrust steals your breath away. Tae’s not faring any better, his deep moans sending tingles down your spine as he continues to fuck you hard and deep.
The thought of you pregnant fills his mind. So round and perfect carrying his seed. He doesn’t think he’d be able to keep his hands off you or his cock in his pants. He’d fuck you every which way, always mindful of your stomach. He’d cover every inch of your belly with kisses, fuck you gently while caressing your bump. Hell, he’d even cum on your stomach just to watch it drip down the sides before fucking you all over again.
“You make it hard to resist the urge to fuck you until you’re pregnant, babe,” Taehyung grunts, his hands gripping yours to move them behind your back. You grunt as you try to keep your face out of the pillows, feeling him so deep inside you.
“Do it,” you goad him, moaning as your cunt tightens around him, body burning from arousal. Taehyung saying he wants to knock you up just sends you into overdrive, your orgasm nearing faster than you expected.
Taehyung scoffs, calling your bluff. “You don’t know what you’re asking for, love.”
“I do,” you insist, cursing as his thrusts speed up only to slow so he can grind into you. He pulls you up so your back is pressed to his chest. He moves your hair out of the side with one hand, while the other holds your wrists behind your back.
Taehyung’s noses his way up the length of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent. You smell of him, more so where he’s bitten you and he presses a kiss to the mark. His dark eyes meet yours, looking for any sign of hesitance but there’s none. Achingly slow, his tongue laves over the mark as his hand moves to wrap around your throat. Your head falls back onto his shoulder as he moves his hands to your breasts, feeling them and cupping them for a moment as his lips kiss your sensitive neck and shoulders.
“As you wish, my love,” he whispers as his fingertips brush your clit. You moan wantonly and he kisses you deeply, tugging on your bottom lip as he rubs your clit and you shake in his arms.
“I’ve got you,” he assures you as he kisses every inch of skin within reach. He fucks you slow and deep, driving you mad with his cock and fingers. He’s so fucking deep, you feel him everywhere and his hand moves over your stomach where it bulges from his cock. His forehead meets your shoulder as he loses himself in you, drinking in your saccharine cries as you orgasm weakly. Trembling thighs and staggered breaths are the only signs of your orgasm but it’s enough for Tae as he lies you on the bed on your side. He lifts your legs over his and fucks you until his abdomen tightens and his face is buried in your neck, tongue licking at your mark as he cums inside you.
There’s so much cum. So fucking much it spills out of you and coats your thighs but Taehyung doesn’t care. He holds you close, your back to his chest as he kisses you with your fingers laced and the sound of your heartbeat filling his ears.
You’re everything he’s ever wanted, and he’s finally able to call you his. He’s loved you for so long and fate had finally brought you together and to know you felt the same for him all those years was perfection. It was never one-sided, and now you lay in his arms in hopes of conceiving his child.
“Tae,” you murmur, trying to turn to face him.
Taehyung groans, “no, not yet.”
You look at him over your shoulder and he nuzzles into you further. His hand rubs your hip, “don’t wanna let my cum spill completely. Need you to keep it all inside.”
“Is that some wolf thing?” you ask him.
“No, just wanna make sure it takes. Although I’ve heard propping your hips up with pillows might work too.” Taehyung goes to move and you stop him.
“We have plenty of time to try again,” you giggle at his enthusiasm. He pouts adorably and your heart skips a beat.
“Do you want to go again? Give me thirty seconds,” Taehyung smirks, his cock already starting to harden. You laugh, shaking your head. “I need to recover first. How about we sleep for a bit and then go again?”
“Sure, baby. Whatever you want,” Taehyung hugs you to him, kissing your cheek repeatedly and holding you in his arms. There’s no greater bliss, he thinks.
You fight off sleep in favor of listening to him retell his encounter in the mountains and how your name appeared in the water, but eventually sleep overtakes you.
As you lay sleeping in Taehyung’s arms, he can’t contain the smile that appears on his lips, his heart beating in tandem with yours. His fingers gently brush back your hair from your face, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead as he holds you tight. You fit perfectly in his arms, the missing puzzle piece of his soul. With one last kiss pressed to your lips, Taehyung is finally able to sleep.
Tumblr media
© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms, this includes Youtube.
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Tumblr media
the eros pact | kth | part six
Tumblr media
◦ pairing :: kim taehyung x female reader
◦ rating :: 18+
◦ genre :: mature content, angst, smut, roommate!au
◦ word count :: 1.8k
◦ chapter warnings :: fluff, some major realizations, baby bit of pleasure dom!taehyung, unprotected sex ( alternative bc ), slight edging, dirty talking, nipple sucking, creampie, hickies, scratching, fingering, overstimulation
◦ tags :: @yoontaethings​ @pixievelour​ @jeonpendejo​ @sxtaep​ @enchantaeduniverse​
↠ next :: previous :: chapter index ↞
Tumblr media
Passersby could hear the chorus of giggles and playful screams as they walked past your apartment door. All joyful noises in hopes to evade a soaking wet Taehyung, who insisted he get his hugs despite his current state.
“Stay away from me!” You laughed as you ran around the kitchen island. But he was hot on your tail, the fabric of your shirt just barely slipping out of his fingertips.
“What? I thought you loved my hugs!” He teased.
“Not when you’re wet!”
You squealed as you evaded his grasp once again. The last three weeks have flown by for you, and you have been happier than ever. Peaches became a daily thing, you calling it more often than him. Your Seokjin fantasies were running rampant, yearning for his touch at any given second. You didn’t know what came over you, but you were glad Taehyung didn’t deny once. He was the best best friend anyone could ask for.
You didn’t expect him to hop over the coffee table and tackle you onto the couch. All you could do was gasp as you accepted defeat. With his arms wrapped around you tightly, you fell onto the couch. Giggles escaped from both of you as you wiggled in his grasp. His arms locked you in place, reminding you that he was serious when he said he was going to the gym. You could already feel your clothing growing damp because of him.
You groaned playfully as you tried to push him away. “Taehyung!” You whined.
“Hush, accept your fate,” he mumbled into your shoulder.
His grip loosened, and you thought for a moment that you were going to be free. Until you felt his devilish fingers on your waist where he began to tickle you. You squealed again, laughter filling you as you tried to squirm away from him. His hands kept you in place, hovering over you as he watched you crumble into a fit of the cutest giggles ever.
There was something different about you, and he couldn’t put his finger on it. Was it how your eyes shut so tightly that crinkles formed? Or how your lips pulled into a smile so wide he knew your cheeks were going to hurt. Or was it your laugh? When did it sound so..., beautiful?
His fingers finally stopped, and your laughter slowly died down, but his eyes lingered on you. He watched your smile fade to only a fraction of what it was. And when your eyes opened to glance up at him, his heart skipped a beat.
He stared down at you silently, suddenly noticing little details about you that he easily overlooked before. Your brows furrowed a little, your lips tugging into half a smile as you looked up at the man.
Goosebumps easily raised over his skin, and not because he was finally feeling the cold clothing sticking to him. Before he knew it, he was leaning in, filling the gap between you two.
When his lips finally pressed against yours, you returned the kiss timidly. You were confused, peaches wasn’t called, and you couldn’t even think such an innocent interaction could get him going. The kiss was achingly slow. So different than what you’ve grown used to. His tongue slid past your lower lip, asking for permission before you allow your lips to part. As his tongue grazed past yours, there was no rush, no dire need to feel bare skin pressed against your own. You had the sudden urge to take your time. To really feel him.
Your hands found the hem of his shirt, the kiss breaking momentarily to pull it off of his body. He did the same to yours, both of the pieces of clothing finding their way to the floor. Your hands glided along his arms, feeling the definition of his muscles as he placed gentle kisses going down your chest. He stopped at your breast, taking them into his hands before he latched his mouth onto your nipple.
He sucked slowly, causing your back to arch in his mouth as his tongue circled around the stiffening peak. Breathy moans filled his ears as he made sure to give each mound the attention they deserved. Your fingers tangled in his damp locks, tugging on it slightly when the throbbing of your clitoris became too prominent to ignore.
A low chuckle left his lips as he continued the path down your naval. Your breathing quickened as you watched him reach the waistband on your shorts. He pulled them off, taking your panties along with them. As he leaned back, he took in your naked frame. It was the first time he saw you in all of your glory. Every freckle formed on your skin, every curve that drove him wild. You were a sight to see, and he was drinking you in.
You flushed at his longing gaze, seeing the want swirling in his dark eyes. Your breathing hitched when you felt his fingers gliding over your folds, gathering your slick on his fingertips. He worked circles into your throbbing bud, making sure to pay extra attention to how you squirmed and arched at the various speeds. He knew each of your spots so well that he made you cum with ease. He loved seeing you become so desperate and so overstimulated that you couldn’t even keep your eyes open. He loved that you did that only for him.
You reached down to grab at his wrist as your hips bucked upwards and legs trembled for the third time in a row. It was a blessing and a curse that he was so talented with his fingers alone. You looked down at the tent in his trousers, aching to have him inside you. He patted at his damp pockets before standing up. You grabbed at his wrist again, stopping him from even thinking of taking a step away from you.
He glanced down at you, your legs already spread wide and tempting him to come closer. Your eyes met, silently having a conversation before you nodded. He didn’t overthink your approval, eagerly unbuttoning his pants and leaving them on the floor with his boxers. He found his place in between your legs again, the bare tip of his cock pressing lightly against your lips.
He reached in between you, aligning himself before pushing forward. You both let out a long moan as your walls accommodated him. There was no need for you to get adjusted anymore. You became very used to the girth Taehyung provided. You looked up at him, eyes locked on his as he slowly thrust into you. The feeling without a piece of latex in between you was something unbeatable.
His eyes watched as your mouth hung open slightly. Each stroke was deep and sensual, making sure he bottomed out in you and pressed his tip against your cervix before pulling his hips back. He appreciated the unique feeling of your walls, trying to commit every dimple and wave to memory. Your hands cupped the side of his face, pulling him down into a kiss as his hand gripped your thigh. He broke the kiss, making sure to watch your face contour with pleasure as the pace of his hips increased.
He loved how your brows furrowed upwards. One hand gripped his shoulder while the other wrapped around his forearm. Beautiful notes filled the room as his hips grew erratic. The hand that gripped your thigh moved your leg forward a little so it could rest along his shoulder. The new angle allowed his hips to go deeper. You felt the familiar knot start to build up in your lower abdomen.
“Are you making that pretty face for me?” He said lowly.
Your eyes widen, butterflies suddenly erupted in your stomach. How could you have not noticed how nice his voice was before? You couldn’t even form words, his hips only allowing sounds of pleasure to part from your throat. A smirk played on his lips when he realized you couldn’t answer.
He decided to switch up the pace, slowing his hips down to delay his enviable orgasm. It pushed back your own as well. You thought you were safe until he leaned down and decided to latch his lips onto your weak spot, knowing where it was by heart now. He rolled his hips deep inside of you as he sucked diligently, barely pulling out of you.
He stopped to glance down at the deep purplish bruise forming over your skin. Then he left a trail of small kisses going up to your earlobe. “You’re so gorgeous right now.”
You never would’ve thought Taehyung was so vocal. You slept with this man countless times, and never did he say a word to you. When he pulled back to gaze at you again, his hips resumed the reckless thrusting from before. You gasped loudly, your moans rising in volume as you pressed the back of your head into the couch. Your back arched, unintentionally angling your hips so he hit your g-spot repeatedly.
“You like when I fuck you like this, huh?”
Such simple words shouldn’t have driven you this close to the edge. You didn’t even know you were a fan of dirty talking until he opened his mouth. Fingernails dug into his skin, leaving your own mark on his arm, as you whimpered out a yes. Several yes’s left your lips after as your body gave into the building orgasm.
It was the strongest one you’ve had yet, your legs quivering violently under him as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You pulled him down, his chest pressing against yours, acting as if he was an anchor. He hid his face in your neck as his hips continued. He pushed through your spasming walls as his low moans filled your ears. The feeling was growing too intense. His pumping hips grew sloppy as he moaned out your name, leaving one final push inside.
You felt him throbbing inside of you, growing warm as he filled you with his seed. A moan slips past your lips. You discovered so many things you liked during this one session.
A panting Taehyung slowly raises himself over you once again, only leaning down to peck your lips before you feel him pull out of you. He marvels at the sight of your pussy leaking the mixture of your cum and his onto the couch. Swollen and glistening because of him. He leaves for a moment to return with a towel and a clean t-shirt. He carefully cleans you up, noticing the slight hitch in your breath when he brushes past your lips.
You sit up and pull his shirt over your head. You’re left dazed, the sounds around you muffled as he picks up your clothing. He presses a kiss to your head, mentioning something about starting laundry before walking off.
As you sit on the couch, wrapped in the unique scent of laundry detergent and him, it dawns on you.
You didn’t think about Seokjin once.
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Bad Word
Farmer Boy, I Love You
Have Faith In Me
A Natural
The Check Up
Ego: Hoe Chronicles
After Midnight
Wolf Hybrid
A Bit Of Brattiness
Fish Are Friends
Carnal Cupidity
Circular Glasses
Moon Breaker
I Choose You
Little Dove
Your Brand
Mating Season
Honey And Milk
Painting Idyll
Marshmallows And Report Cards
Business Attire
Orange Blossom
Of Lace And Lust
Bunny Love
Imitation Of Art
Rich Kid Kim
Northdows Forest
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triads and tribulations (m)
Tumblr media
+ featuring . . . jimin x reader x taehyung
+ summary . . . if your best friend asks you to fuck his boyfriend, who are you to say no?
+ genre . . . pwp, smut
+ wordcount . . . 8.4k
+ warnings . . . rough sex, sub!reader, a lot dirty talk, heavy degradation (use of ‘slut’, 'whore', etc.), dumbification, breeding kink, impreg kink, use of toys, cumplay, cum swallowing (!!!), spit play, reader gets tied up
Tumblr media
When your best friend, Park Jimin, arrives at your doorstep rain-soaked, you’re only half-surprised when he asks you to fuck his boyfriend. Not that he’d ever made the request before (theirs being a monogamous, loving relationship), but Jimin was always doing out of pocket shit. You shouldn’t have been even the half-surprised that you were, to be honest.
“And why would I do that?” you replied, voice as dry as the argyle carpet had been before Jimin’s Chelsea boots stepped on it.
“Because you’re the bestest friend a dude could have and you love me?” He hugged your arm to his chest, tugging you back-and-forth. The rain droplets that shifted to your skin were glacial. “Also, I paid for dinner last week.”
You jostled him away before your pajamas dampened any further. “That was ten dollars.”
“You’re pimping me out to Taehyung for ten dollars.”
“I’m not pimping you out,” he said. “Because I’d be there too.”
You scoffed. Jimin’s plans were always one of two options: laughable or inconceivably ridiculous. “Excuse me?”
Jimin walked to the drawers where you kept your towels with the ease of one who’d made a home in a place not their own. He threw himself on the couch without a care that the red turned dark with moisture, feet on the glass coffee table, flipping through your mail with vague interest –‘We forgot to pay this’, he would say, as if your bills were his business. Not that he would ever pay—rent or dinner plans—without expecting something in return. In the past, that had been accompanying him to his dance recitals as his personal photographer, or (pre-Taehyung era) being his wingwoman and inciting jealousy to bitter exes. Clearly, the extent to which you’d go as his best friend had evolved in his mind since.
“Okay, let me explain,” he pouted, patting the cushion beside him. Reluctantly, you sat. “You remember how Taehyung lost his virginity to me ages ago?” ‘Ages ago’ meaning ‘two years’ in Jimin-speak. “Well, he’s been curious about what it’d be like to sleep with a woman because he never has, and well… you’re a woman.”
“Wow, I’m so thankful that I was the first coochie-owner to come to mind.”
“Actually, the first was Seulgi but-” You smacked his arm. “Kidding!”
“Does your proposition not sound like the most awkward fucking thing ever?”
“He has a big dick, I’m just saying.” Jimin dodged your next attack. “Also, he’s always thought you were really cute.”
“Do you not hear the words coming out of your mouth, right now? That’s your boyfriend.”
“A boyfriend who mentioned that he wanted to fuck you.”
It was easy to surmise that Jimin was lying. One, you’d be lying if you were to say that Jimin didn’t have a slight proclivity for falsifying truth to get what he wanted like a petulant child, and two, Taehyung had never shown signs of ever having been attracted to you.
You groaned, sinking further into the cushions. “And what about you? Does that not bother you?”
He hummed. “I actually think it would be kinda hot.”
Your back straightened as you turned to him, aghast. Your friendship had never been permeated with ‘what-ifs’ or any sort of tension. You’d even say he was like a brother to you if you hadn’t made out with him at Kim Seokjin’s party in freshman year. Drunken mistakes were drunken mistakes… surely, he didn’t remember it.
But the way he glanced at your lips as you struggled to respond made you think otherwise.
“No pressure,” Jimin smiled. “I know you find Taehyung attractive, I’m not blind.”
“I never said…”
He leaned in, close enough that his breath tickled your skin. “I know you find me attractive, too.” You pushed at his shoulder half-heartedly. He didn’t budge. “So, what’d you say? You in?”
“You’re being way too casual about all of this.” Because if you didn’t fight back then you’d have to admit to yourself that a part of you had thought of Jimin during lone nights, fingers between your legs and guilt in the back of your mind.
“Because it’s just sex,” he said. And when he stated it like that it didn’t sound like a big deal. Because it was just sex. Or, rather, sex-based curiosity on Taehyung’s part. Sex that Jimin would just happen to watch.
Your thighs rubbed together as you squirmed in your seat. It was despicable how easily persuadable you were as someone who’d been on a four-month dry spell.
You let Jimin stir in waiting for a few moments before grumbling your answer: “Fine.”
“I didn’t hear you,” he teased. He threw a leg over your lap, playfully leaning in. “Can you repeat that?”
You shoved him off as he laughed. “I said ‘fine’, but if it becomes awkward, I’m dipping.”
“Oh, thank god, because I might have told him that you already agreed, and he might already be on his way here.”
“Might?!” You grabbed the throw pillow and smacked him with it until his forearms lifted to shield his oh, so precious face. “And what if I said no?”
“Then we’d have a very lovely, very platonic dinner.”
Park Jimin was a handful, and you wondered why you went with all of his dumb plans. Maybe, you thought, because they always end up working out.
You weren’t sure if this one would.
Twenty minutes of ‘Desperate Housewives’ later, the buzzer sounded. You’d never seen Jimin more excited to open the door in your life, metaphorical tail wagging as he bounced off the couch and jumped over the coffee table in his rush to answer it.
From where you sat, Taehyung’s baritone voice echoed in the hallway. The sentences were difficult to decipher, but you vaguely heard: ‘yeah, I brought it’.
As dizzy as you were with nerves, the hint of excitement that rose to the surface was undeniable.
You stood as they approached. To sit felt vulnerable, letting their tall figures hover over you with the promise of what you were about to do hanging in the air. Instead, you gestured to the kitchen. “Anyone want wine?”
Taehyung chuckled, scratching his nape.
You were reminded of his attractiveness with the new development, having viewed him as an unattainable figure during the length of his relationship with Jimin. His hair fell down his chiseled features in damp curls, likely having just showered after the gym – evident by the sports bag in his right fist. The kind of appearance that would cause anyone to stop and stare regardless of what they were doing.
His eyes darted around your living room as if it were his first time there. It wasn’t. You were as close to him as one would expect: one-on-one conversations only revolving around Jimin. You knew more about him through second-hand information rather than from the man himself. Like how he was a business major who liked art and lived alone with a Pomeranian named ‘Yeontan’.
“We’re good,” Jimin declined, grinning in a way that sent signals to your synapses warning: ‘DANGER!’
You knew he had something up his sleeve (for when did he not?) So it shouldn’t have come as a shock when he sat you down between the two of them and pressed play on the remote, continuing where you left off on the episode you had been watching prior to Taehyung’s arrival.
Your brows furrowed.
Jimin ignored your attempts to garner his attention, focused on the pixelated catfight unfolding on screen.
Pressed to your left, Taehyung readjusted every few moments. Unlike his boyfriend, he didn’t look so invested in the show, but neither was he invested in you, the person he had supposedly come here to fuck.
“C’mon, isn’t this fun?” Jimin pouted, throwing an arm around your waist and snuggling into your neck. He peppered small kisses against the skin as if it were normal behaviour, as if this was what he always did when you two cuddled. It wasn’t. “I missed hanging out with my boyfriend and best friend together.”
The hand on your waist slowly slipped underneath your shirt and stayed there. Jimin’s fingers were soft against you, pressing circles against your ribs. He would just barely graze against the bottom of your chest, pushing the weight upward, before sliding back down to your stomach.
Your nipples ached, your lower stomach tensed, and your core throbbed.
Besides the accidental graze, Jimin had only ever touched you once in such a manner. It was foreign. He felt foreign. Unlike the man you’d grown up with. The familiar teasing glint in his gaze didn’t do much to dispel the permeating darkness. This was the Jimin you imagined Taehyung was all too familiar with; the Jimin you imagined when you pressed desperate circles into your clit late at night. You never thought you’d meet him.
Encouraged by Jimin’s movement, Taehyung placed his arm around your shoulder. From the window behind the couch, the setting sun painted the living room in apricot shades. Mood lighting.
Taehyung met your eyes to ask a silent question.
You nodded.
The hand resting on your shoulder inched down to your chest, ever so slightly pressing on its softness. You adjusted upwards until Taehyung’s fingers reached your nipples, the above-fabric touch doing nothing to quell your addled mind.
You bit your lip when he began to tweak the hardening bud, barely able to suppress your moans. Your cheeks heated. It was humiliating to be affected by a touch so juvenile, and yet there you were, thighs rubbing against one another desperate for a source of friction.
“Is something wrong?” Jimin taunted, as if his eyes hadn’t been glued to his boyfriend’s hand on your tit for the past minute.
You glared at him, whispering: “You guys have done this before, haven’t you?” ‘This’ being the addition of another party in their sexual ventures. Despite Taehyung’s hesitant advances, Jimin’s nymph-like teasing affirmed your assumption.
“Maybe,” he hummed. “But we’ve never fucked a woman together before. And we’ve definitely never fucked someone we’re close to.”
“Am I supposed to feel special?”
“You’re supposed to feel a lot of things.”
Jimin retreated to allow Taehyung more space to explore your body. He was most enamored by your tits. He lifted the soft flesh, tugging it by the nipple as high as he could, before dropping it in a jiggle.
Contrarily, Jimin went back to pretending that what the three of you were doing was nothing more than an innocent boyfriend-bestfriend bonding activity, offering offhand comments and quips of what was going on on screen.
As Jimin began his third (fourth?) rant about how the TV show should have progressed, Taehyung left wet kisses on your neck, breathing heavily into your skin. His grip on you tightened.
“I’m so hard right now,” he whimpered into your ear as if it were a confession. “You’re too pretty. Everything about you is so pretty. Your cute face trying to hide that I’m affecting you, your nipples poking through your shirt, your soft thighs. I don’t know how Jimin can handle being around you all the time without bending you over and fucking you until you can’t walk.”
You stifled your gasp by biting your palm. The deep timber of his voice rattled your bones beneath your goosebumped skin. This was the most you’d ever heard Taehyung speak to you in a single go and it just had to be this.
“Be quiet, we don’t want to bother Jimin.” Taehyung grinned, winking.
You were certain it was killing Jimin to act so nonchalant. If there was one thing he whined about the most it was this: being left out.
The notion of him sulking lifted the corners of your lips. “Oh, we definitely wouldn’t want that.”
With the previously apprehensive air dissipated, you stretched your neck to give more space to Taehyung’s nibbling. In a manner most teasing, he dipped his hand between your inner thighs but backed away before you got any sort of pleasure. He avoided your nipples as well, tracing along the circumference of it but never going past.
“You’re breathing so heavily,” Taehyung noted, focused on the way your chest expanded and deflated. “Jimin didn’t warn me that you were greedy. Thought you’d be desperate for any kind of touch. This isn’t enough for you?” His fingers barely brushed against the bud before retreating to the same circular motion outside of it.
You cursed your best friend internally. Leave it to him to make you out to be some kind of sex-deprived lunatic. “Aren’t you supposed to be the desperate one here?”
His brow raised. “Is that what you want?”
Before you could blink, he went back to being the shyer boy you’d first met. Only his words were anything but.
“Can I please suck your tits? Please? Need them in my mouth so bad.”
He twisted so that he could hump his crotch against your hip, panting and licking at your ear like a dog in heat.
So, this was the duality Jimin had told you about. Fucking hell.
Dumbfounded, you could only look at him.
“Y/N’s so mean, you don’t even know how fucking difficult it is for us to stop staring at your tits,” he pouted. “I’ve wanted you in my mouth since the first day I met you. I used to feel so guilty about it, like I was cheating on Jimin, until I caught him staring at you the same way he stares at me when he wants me on my knees.”
How romantic, you thought.
Taehyung’s incessant circles against your chest distracted you from further rumination. He was relentless waves against the shore of your body. Pushing and pulling, back and forth. You likened Jimin to the moon that controlled the tide, far away and untouching yet desideratum to the movement.
Jimin’s eyes rolled skywards, as if he were asking heaven for the strength to get through this without interjecting himself into the situation.
The next five minutes passed similarly. Taehyung continued to touch you, teasing just enough to keep you in a constant state of unsatiated lust. His whispers grew dirtier, your underwear dampened further. Still, he avoided your cunt.
When the ending credits rolled, you could no longer take it.
Taehyung startled out of his nymphic act when you grabbed the front of his shirt. Your brow raised. “You wanted to fuck me, right?”
“I- um-” He gulped, panicked eyes hinting at his boyfriend for help. Jimin only chuckled, familiar with your abrasive attitude. It wasn’t a question of if you’d crack, but when.
“Yes,” Jimin intervened. “He does.”
“Then, touch me,” you said. “Properly.”
The silence hung heavy as if it were a string pulled taut. The playful teasing had been one thing, but fucking you was another. And you were past the point of denying how desperately you needed him to. So much so that you could barely give thought as to how it would happen, as long as it did; regardless of whether Jimin stood on the sidelines or not.
Taehyung’s hand went to rest on your cheek. Soft. Delicate. Like you were a porcelain vase he feared fracturing. His thoughtfulness would have been saccharine in any other circumstance – circumstances which didn’t include him having purred in your ear all the nasty shit he’d been dreaming of for the past half-hour. Instead, it was cruel. The prolonging of torture you thought you’d been done with the moment the screen turned black.
You pushed forward before hesitation struck.
His lips were plush against yours, betraying his grip on your thigh. It was as if he were concentrating all his strength into that one area so that your kisses could remain chaste, not wanting to overwhelm you.
But Jimin knew that that was exactly what you wanted.
“She needs it rougher than that, Tae.”
You broke apart, spit dangling between your cherry-blushed lips.
Taehyung leaned back. “Do you want to show me how?”
Jimin turned your head, caressing the plum marks dotting your neck. “Only if you’re okay with it.”
“This wouldn’t be our first time,” you replied.
With Taehyung’s hands still resting on your inner thighs, Jimin’s wrapped around your waist, tugging you closer against his figure.
The familiarity