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#taeyeon duo
kaasjee · 4 months ago
Requirements to be Taehoon’s nerds (part 2)
6. Practice a martial art
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7. Experience freedom and happiness for the first time
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
8. Fight delinquents and villains
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
9. Get spinal cord injury
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
10. Die
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ashawol · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
KEY [ Hate that… ] feat TAEYEON
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taemmin · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taeyeon & kibum for amazing saturday ep. 145 preview 
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dandyuism · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
[DANDYUSTAGRAM] 210120 TAEYEON commented on SUNNY post
[CAPTION TRANS] Sunny: (Why do you think) I dyed my roots....?!?!
[TRANS]  TAEYEON’s comment: Because you’re bored 
cr.  @SonexStella
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fmdjiaharchive · 12 months ago
i have two things to talk about today. first is that i was taking a look at our current bee members and the actual groups they are modeled after and can i say i find it amusing that sistar has an average height of 166cm, girls’ day with 167cm, wonder girls 164cm and then you have your favorite girls from bee and they reach the average of 159cm. that’s it, they are tiny, so give them lots of love.
but to the less important part of this post, i will be dropping all my threads on all three of my characters (except for the verification ones because ofc). i’ve reached the conclusion that i’m feeling overwhelmed by past threads and it’s not doing me well when it comes to writing new stuff or even replying to those old ones, so i want to start again with my threads. with that being said, this is kind of a plot call? i’m feeling inspired today for some reason, so if you’re interested, like this post and i will write us a starter? you can comment if you have a duo in specific that you want to write for or leave it to me. i would really appreciate the help to keep muse flowing and make them more active!
Tumblr media
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vinyl-head · 3 months ago
We’re all happy to see Bobby become a dad and husband, to see Joy and Crush start their relationship, to see Hyuna and Dawn going strong for so long and debuting as the first idol couple duo. It’s all nice and great.
But if you were on the Taeyeon/Baekhyun, Jennie/Kai, Krystal/Kai, Momo/Heechul or any other idol couple hate train, you’re still sus in my eyes
(Also adding Chen because, although his wife isn’t an idol, he didn’t deserve the way he was treated)
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juminsmysticmc · 7 months ago
Heyo hope your having a lovely Evening/Afternoon/Morning, I was wondering if you could write RFA+ Saeran and V reacting to there child walking in on them while doing it with Mc. I really do love all your stuff and keep up the amazing work
RFA+ Minor Duo who’s children walk in while they are having sex with Mc ( Smut, NSFW ) 
Mention of Sex, Orgasm, smutty talk 
Hello, that’s pretty nice, ahaha XD thank god it never happened to me, I think I would ever be able to look into my parents eyes but I am curious, did this happen to you guys? Tell me your opinion to this HC, I am interested what you think about it! Have a nice day!!
Tumblr media
The sex between you and Jumin was amazing.
He knew how to make you happy and you, to be honest, knew how to make him feel good too.
Both of you could have an intimate moment anywhere and anytime.
While Jaehee is outside working, while his father is talking to the chef at the restaurant you’re at, well, you both were rather brave.
But something you never tried was having sex during the day while your five years old son was in the room next to you.
,,What if he walks in?’’ you asked Jumin as he kissed your neck and began to massage the skin between your tights, making you moan.
,,He won’t, we will hear him… just don’t be so loud,’’ he whispered with a raspy voice as he now arrived at your panties.
,,Ah~ wait, let’s close the door…’’ you whined, but Jumin didn’t give you a chance.
Your husband lightly pushed you against his desk, making his stuff fall on the floor as he pulled down your clothes.
Your wet pussy was now naked in front of him as he kissed your vulva and stroked your belly.
,,I’m sure he wants a little sibling too…’’ Jumin said and kissed your clit, making you whine a bit louder.
Jumin grabbed your hips and put his nose on your clit as he licked your pussy, putting his tongue into you and feeling your walls.
You whined and moaned even louder, gasping for air.
You could feel him smirk against your lips and felt that you would soon give up below his touch, when suddenly, a voice came out of the direction of the door.
,,WHO IS MAKING MY MOM CRY?!’’ your five years old son screamed, making you shriek and Jumin look up to his son.
His first instinct was to hide your naked skin and so he laid his body on you, making you accidentally moan again.
,,DADDY!!’’ your son began to cry, thinking that his father would squeeze his mother.
He was indeed a mama’s boy.
You quickly pulled up your pants without your son seeing anything and lightly pushed Jumin away, approaching your son.
You took him in your arms as you moved him up and down, patting his back.
,,Mommy was having pains on her knee and so Daddy had to look there. Mommy is just a cry baby, but Daddy wasn’t hurting Mommy, yeah? Don’t cry, my baby, don’t cry…’’ you whispered and exited the room, leaving Jumin back kind of embarrassed and with a boner.
Both of you were kind of horny that night and just couldn’t stop the mood from turning sexy.
,,I haven’t touched that beautiful body of yours in a long time already,’’ Zen whispered as you felt his penis growing.
You put your hand below the blanket and began to stroke him, making him groan.
,,Me neither. I missed you,’’ you confessed, kissing his soft lips.
The romantic kiss turned out to be a kiss filled with lust and after a few moments, your tongues were dancing/ He was sucking at your lips and teasing you, making you moan against his lips.
His penis twitched at your sounds and soon Zen put his hand over yours, rubbing his hard member.
,,Me too....’’ you whined and finally smiled when Zen slipped his hand between your legs, feeling the hot dampness.
,,I love you…’’ he confessed again. He moves his body and positioned himself over you, his legs supporting his body while you still rubbed his member.
He was supporting himself with his left arm and used his free hand to stroke your soft cheek, kissing your nose.
,,Mhhhhmmm…’’ you giggled and opened your mouth slightly, wanting him to insert his tongue again.
Zen kissed you deeply again until he noticed that his chest was brushing against your nipples, making them grow hard.
He smirked as he pulled your shirt up and began to nibble at them.
,,UGH!’’ you groaned and pushed your upper body to him when he lightly bit your erect nipple.
Both of you were enjoying the foreplay when suddenly a little ,,Mommy’’ came from behind the both of you.
Zen immediately let his body fall on his left while you quickly covered up your breasts.
,,Taeyeon is scared,’’ your ten years old daughter said, holding your little daughter by her hand.
,,But you’re… busy. Come with me, Taeyeon~ah,’’ she said, turning around immediately.
,,Ahhh, I wanna have Mommy and Daddy, Unnie!’’ she whined.
Your heart was still racing. You quickly fixed your clothes and jumped up.
,,Ji Woo!’’ you called your older daughter.
,,Mommy and Daddy weren’t busy!’’ you whined and took your daughters hand. 
Zen looked at your back as you walked off and laid back in his bed, putting his hands over his face.
,,Aish…’’ he whined.
,,I don’t know if I’m embarrassed or sad…!’’ he kept whining, waiting for your return.  
,,It’s nap time…’’ you mumbled as you stroked your husband’s chest, making him shiver.
Yoosung looked at you with his cute puppy eyes.
You knew that he was unsure if this would be a good idea.
But there was no going back by now. You were already on his lap and you could feel that Yoosung was horny too. His member was erect and you could feel it.
His hands wandered down to your ass and massaged it as you moaned. Only he could hear you since you tried to keep it low.
,,I missed you,’’ you mumbled as you began to ride him over his pants, making his pre cum get alll over his pants with a wet spot.
You loved to know that Yoosung was horny for you and it made you so proud… so you didn’t stop teasing him.
Your lips touched his as you went to nibble on his earlobe, making him groan. He was a bit louder than you, which was something that made you laugh.
You were still riding your husband when he managed to get access to your breasts and lick at them, nibbling at your nipples and playing with them.
He inhaled your scent and kissed the same spot he was nibbling just a few seconds ago.
,,You’re so beautiful… I love you so much…’’ he smiled and kissed your lips.
While you were rubbing your panties, he opened his jeans. You were still on his lap, doing movements as if you were riding when he put up his hard member.
Your hand left your wet pussy and started rubbing him, making him cry out as you suddenly touched him.
His member was twitching below your touch.
You smiled, you loved to see it, how it reacted to you.
Yoosung put up your dress and rubbed your clit, slowly fingering you.
Your movements went quicker and your groans were filled with lust.
Yoosung lightly shook his dick a few times against your vulva before he entered your pussy, making you feel full and loved.
,,Ride me, Mc… ride me…’’ he begged you and hugged you tightly.
,,Ohi, ohi, ahh, mhhh…’’ you whined, riding him with all your passion.
,,Oh, I’m so close,’’ you gasped and kissed him, your tongue deep into his.
,,Let’s cum together. I can feel it. It feels so good….’’ he groaned and finally squirted his cum into your cunt, making you full.
His dick twitched a few times while your sex felt like it was pulsing.
However, he was still horny, and you still wanted more.
He slowly put you up, your legs now spread as he kissed your cunt and put a finger into you.
You were just about to put your head on his when suddenly you heard the door.
,,Mommy, Hyung and I are hungry,’’ your younger son said. Yoosung immediately pulled out and before you could think of something else, you let your body fall on his lap.
You looked back and smiled, ,,Mommy will cook in a few seconds. Wait in the kitchen for me,’’ you said, your voice trembling from your last orgasm.
,,Are you playing horse with Daddy?’’ your older son asked you as he also joined.
You nodded. ,,Yes, but now Mommy will cook. Wait in the kitchen for me,’’ you said and slowly went down again as you heard your sons running towards the kitchen.
,,I knew, that this was a bad idea,’’ Yoosung whined as he turned as red as a tomato.
You and Jaehee decided four years ago to adopt a boy and the little boy gave you everything: happiness, love, affection, something to do, and love.
But it also gave you a busy schedule.
Between kindergarten and the coffee shop, both of you had to stay prepared 24/7 for the case that someone would come to check on you guys to see if you were taking good care of your son.
Of course, it was good that they took care of it, but that way having some romantic time between the both of you was impossible.
That’s why both of you decided that tonight would be the day. You and Jaehee had planned everything.
Your son was in his bed, sleeping, and both of you were in your rooms.
The lights were dimmed, the atmosphere was hot, and both of you were wet and filled with passion for each other’s touch.
You stroked her breast and watched her nipples get erect; the little almost pink part of her body.
You smirked when you saw that both nipples were erect and looked up to her.
Jaehee blushed and bit on her lips as she waited for it, but you loved to tease her.
You stroked her vulva and observed her as she opened her mouth in an ,,o’’ and moaned.
,,Don’t tease me…’’ she whined and looked back at you, licking her lips.
You wet your lips and entangled her right nipple with your mouth, licking and flicking it with your tongue inside your mouth.  
Your left hand supported her big tit as your right one played with her body.
,,Ah, oh my God, mhhhmm…’’ Jaehee moaned as you sucked at it a bit stronger, moving her left nipple as if it was a screw.
,,Mc, let me… you too…’’ Jaehee gasped, making you stop. You opened your mouth and laid back, opening your legs for her. ,,Okay, here you are,’’ you smirked.
Jaehee was also excited. Her heart didn’t stop ricing.
With her head, she slowly went down, kissing your vulva and your lips, kissing each before she split them apart with her both fingers in order to see your clit.
,,So wet here,’’ she laughed and put her lips on it, making you go up with your hips.
,,I missed it…’’ she confessed and took a first lick, making you moan and twitch.
Then she began to suck at your clit, her hands were just about to go up when you moaned again.
At that exact moment, the door was opened.
Jaehee jumped up with her head and looked with a horrified look on her face to the door.
You turned your head around. Your cheeks were still red when you saw your son with tears in his eyes.
,,What are you doing? Mommy, are you in pain?’’ he asked you.
,,Mom, will Mommy die…?’’ he asked Jaehee.
You immediately put on your bra and went to him, hugging him in your arms while you tried to calm him.
,,Mommy was in pain but it’s better now. Mom helped me, see? I’m here. I had a… pimple there, you know? But don’t tell anybody, it’s embarrassing,’’ you said.
He nodded and scratched his head.
,,Will you come with me to make me fall asleep again?’’ he asked you.
You nodded and took him, looking back to a deep red Jaehee who also had her clothes on by now.  
,,The girls are at school, Saeran is sleeping in his room, do we have enough time for a quickie?’’ Saeyoung asked you.
You looked to your red haired husband, who like always - was horny as if he never had sex before.
But there was no need to lie. You wanted him just as bad as he wanted to feel you.
,,Let’s go to our room,’’ you said and was about to leave when he held you at your arm.
,,You look sexy while you prepare lunch… I need you here and now,’’ he groaned and kissed you, pushing you on the table.
The table your family used to eat.
His own spot to be honest.
Saeyoung pulled you up and let you sit on the table, his lips never leaving your lips as your tongues were dancing with each other.
You moaned against him, making his body vibrate.
Saeyoung quickly pulled your pants and panties down and slipped his hand between your legs.
You pulled your head back and left a warm spot on his lips as you moaned.
The sudden touch made you high, high for his touch.
He smiled as his fingers made circling movements with your clit.
,,Inside, make me cum on your place…’’ you smiled smuttily.
Saeyoung smirked and didn’t think about it twice before he slipped his hands deeper, entering your pussy.
He made a movement that made you cry out all of a sudden - your G-Spot.
,,Come here, kitty,’’ he laughed and kept making the same movement, his finger rubbing you and making your walls get tighter.
,,Saeyoung, ahhh!’’ you cummed.
Saeyoung smiled as his hard dick was pressing against his pants.
He kissed you one last time before he put his finger in your mouth, opening his jeans with one hand.
However, maybe luckily, he never achieved what he wanted to do.
It took seconds for your oldest twin daughter to open the front door using the Arabic word Saeyoung installed.
With a horrified face, you watched as your girls, both fifteen since they were twins, came in and saw you.
At first they were shocked, but then they suddenly both began to laugh, shaking their heads.
,,I hope we get a new table after that! You look so weird!’’ your youngest said and ran into her room, closing her door behind both of them.
,,I- oh my god,’’ Saeyoung coughed and looked at you.
,,Our room now and later you can get a new table for real!’’ you hissed and went down off the table, cleaning your mess before you entered your room.
Your husband was already embarrassed enough to ask you for sex, so this experience was making everything worse.
You noticed the whole day that something seemed to be wrong and in the evening, you finally made him tell you.
,,I… I… it won’t go away,’’ he whined.
,,What won’t go away?’’ you asked him with a concerned face.
He finally looked up to you, deep into your eyes and opened his mouth. ,,My boner,’’ he whispered and looked down again.
You began to laugh and looked at him. ,,Really? Saeran, you could have just told me!’’ you kept laughing and finally went on your knees.
Slowly, you opened his pants and pulled him down. Your hand was now around his shaft.
You moved your hand up and down as you observed his hard dick.
Poor him, you thought.
He was in pain the whole day…
,,Mhmm….ah..mhm…’’ he gasped.
You smiled as you saw the pre cum and finally put your mouth around his dick.
At first you took only the tip between your lips, your tongue flicked his penis as you slowly put in more and more, going deeper and deeper.
You gagged as a reaction, but began to chuckle right away.
Suddenly Saeran groaned up and came, squirting all his semen into your mouth.
,,Sorry,’’ he gasped when he saw what he did.
,,No problem…’’ you smiled and looked up, wiping off his cum from your mouth.
,,Can you… actually, you made me wet,’’ you chuckled and went up, going three steps back.
,,Y-yes!’’ he answered and bowed over you, kissing you.
Both of you finally went below the blankets and hugged each other before Saeran massaged your insides with his fingers.
,,Ah, mhh…’’ you moaned and kissed him again.
Suddenly you felt his, once again, hard dick against your leg.
He slowly moved his hips up and down and finally entered you, making you hold your breath because of the sudden thick feeling in your pussy.  
Saeran was about to massage your breast when someone called both of you. Of course it was none other than your daughter.
,,Are you cuddling? Can I cuddle too?’’ she mumbled and almost climbed on your shared bed.
,,Wait!’’ you called.
,,I suddenly want hot chocolate! You too?’’ you asked her, making her clap with her hands and run to the kitchen, giving you enough time to put on your clothes again.
Years went by and by now Lucy was 15.
She was a lovely girl and a brave big sister who always defended her 3 year old brother.
As her mother, you were more than proud of her.
The same was for Jihyun. He too was proud of her and happy that both of you adopted her back then.
,,Mommy, I’m going out with Noona!’’ your son said and already left, closing the door.
,,Where are they going?’’ you asked Jihyun who smiled at the now closed door.
While he was thinking about his children, he suddenly felt something on his pants.
Looking at you he noticed that you were slowly blushing.
,,You’re making the first step and are already embarrassed?’’ he asked you and laughed.
His hands softly pushed you down on the couch while he wildly kissed your lips, your hands still between his hands.
Jihyun went with his hands and lips part for part on your body, kissing every inch of skin you had and finally pulling down your underwear.
,,Lick me,’’ you groaned and looked down to him.
He smirked against your entrance and put his tongue in.
When you began to like it, his movements stopped, an action that made you whine as fresh air suddenly hit your pussy.
But Jihyun knew what he was doing and so he turned you around, making you groan as you knew what he was about to do.
His right hand explored your pussy, massaging your lips, stroking your vulva and clit.
He also shortly entered your pussy, your entrance, and made you clench against his touch.
But everything changed when his left hand slowly went to your ass.
First one finger, to make you adjust to this one thing you both did for the first time.
Then he added a second finger, and when you began to just be the moaning mess he wanted you to become he used a third one and his tongue, sending electrical shocks up to you.
,,WE ARE BACK!’’ your son called, making you gasp.
You didn’t dare to look. Not with this flushed face in that position.
Jihyun was also so shocked that his fingers were left in your insides.
,,We-Fuck!’’ Lucy said, opening her eyes widely and turning around.
She quickly got her brother and turned him around, making it impossible for him to understand what exactly his Noona saw.
,,Can’t you guys do these kinds of things at night in your own room? Like normal adults?’’ she asked you, kind of judging you..
,,What were they doing, Noona?’’ the little innocent boy asked her older sister. She looked down at him and smiled kindly, just like always. ,,They were trying to give us a lil sister or a lil brother by hugging each other tightly. Let’s go out again!’’ she said and managed to go out.
,,I hope they give us a sis!’’ your son blabbered.
,,This was- oh my god,’’ you laughed and looked at Jihyun who quickly let go of you.
,,Let’s get changed,’’ he mumbled and disappeared into his room, hoping that he would manage to calm down...
08.05.2021// 00:45 MEST
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kaasjee · 4 months ago
Incorrect How to Fight Quotes
A small gift for dear @drinkforindigestion
Tumblr media
Yeonwoo: You saved me. I owe you my life.
Taehoon: No thanks. I've seen it and I'm not impressed.
Seongjoon: Am I going too far?
244: No, no, no. You went too far about seven hours ago. Now you're going to prison.
Yeonwoo: What's your type?
Taehoon: Anything, honestly, but nerds especially...
Yeonwoo, desperately, as Taehoon bleeds out: YOUR BLOOD TYPE!
Taehoon: Oh! B positive.
Taehoon: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Yeonwoo: Next you're working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn you ex's house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Hobin: There were so many mixed messages in that I can't-
Rumi: I really like this whole ‘good guy, bad guy' thing you guys have going on.
Taehoon: It's not an act. It's just that I'm mean and Yeonwoo isn't. 
Seongjoon: Don’t worry, I have a few knives up my sleeve.
244: I think you mean cards.
Seongjoon, pulling knives out of his sleeves: No, I do not.
Taehoon: *kicks the door down, looking panicked*
Dowoon: What did you do?
Taehoon: Nobody died.
Dowoon: What kind of answer is that?!
Wanguk: Rumi, I'm sad.
Rumi: *holds out arms for a hug* It's going to be okay.
Hobin: Bomi, I'm sad.
Bomi, nodding: Mood. 
Taehoon: *stubs his toes* FUCK!
Yeonwoo: Mind your language!
Taehoon: What else am I supposed to say, “Woe is I"???
Taehoon: You have to accept that swear words are necessary sometimes. 
Taehoon: Self care is actually getting into fights with randoms in dark alleys.
Rumi: No, self care is stuff like taking a bubble bath, or putting on a lot of makeup if you like it, or taking a nice warm nap!
Hobin: Self care is the burning heat when rage washes over you!! Self care is when you feel the bones crack under your powerful fists!! Self care is the fear in your enemies’ eyes!!!
Jiksae: Lmao self care is taking your birthday cake just so I can eat the frosting.
Taehoon: If you touch my birthday cake I'll make you eat your hands.
Taehoon: We need more help. Maybe I should call my friends.
Eul: ... Your what?
Taehoon: My friends.
Hobin: Is he saying “friends"?
Mangi: I think he's being sarcastic.
Jiksae: No, no, no, this is delirium. He's cracked from being awake all night. Hey, Taehoon! All of your friends are in this room.
Taehoon: I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, I made new friends! It was a task. I complete tasks.
Taehoon: Rules are made to be broken.
Yeonwoo: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Jiksae: Uh, piñatas.
Rumi: Glow sticks.
Eul: Karate boards.
Hobin: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Taehoon: Rules.
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nctsjiho · 9 months ago
Relationship with: SM artists
For JiHo’s relationship with NCT check out the pinned post on my blog. By no means are these all SM artists or is this very detailed and my knowledge in some of these groups is also very limited so please bear with me. If I wrongly represent anyone now or in the future feel free to let me know, but keep in mind all of this is purely fictional.
Super Junior:
Oh dear Lord help poor JiHo
She’s the victim of endless teasing from Super Junior
Since JiHo is pretty sociable she got quite comfortable with SuJu
They might not hang out a lot but whenever they see the girl they’ll approach her to at least greet her (and vice versa, of course)
SuJu also love to bring JiHo up during variety shows to tell a funny episode they had with the girl and “expose” her
Eunhyuk is a bit like an older brother to her, during her trainee days she once walked up to him asking him if he could critique her dancing. He was surprised at how bold she was and could only agree with her because she was so intriguing. He thought JiHo was a great dancer and since that time they became really close, even having each other’s phone numbers and JiHo having Eunhyuk on speed dial. When she was still under-age Eunhyuk became her guardian (not legally) since she has no family in Korea
Red Velvet:
They aren’t really close with each other for a few reasons (nothing bad though)
JiHo joined SM just after Red Velvet debuted and since the group was very busy with promotions and practice JiHo rarely got to see them
Though JiHo was very talented she didn’t have that much training and she was still a little too young when SM thought of adding another member into the group, Yeri had joined Red Velvet in march of 2015 which was clearly an amazing choice
SM also thought, pretty early on, that JiHo wouldn’t be a great fit for the group’s concept and overall look so they quickly stopped considering JiHo to become a Red Velvet member
Even after years passed, JiHo didn’t really get much closer to most of the members, but she respects them a lot as artists
Out of the whole group she’s probably closest with Seulgi and Wendy, who kinda see her as a little sister they want to take care of
Wendy checks up on JiHo every once in a while through text or invites her out to have dinner and drags Seulgi along with her
They look out for her and tease her a lot when it comes to being the only female member of NCT
“You need to be surrounded by a bit more oestrogen every once in a while, JiHo.” ^^
They will give her advice or just try to cheer her up when they catch the younger girl looking a bit stressed
JiHo would love to do a dance cover with Seulgi sometime in the future
Honestly who doesn’t love SHINee?!??
I’m not saying JiHo is secretly a Shawol, but I am saying SHINee is one of the groups that introduced her to kpop
She always had (and still has) so much respect for the group and they are probably the reason she accepted the scout’s request to come to Korea to become a trainee at SM
A possibility to debut under the same company as SHINee?? YES MA’AM
She has a very friendly relationship with the boys
Saying hi in passing or making small talk whenever they end up in the same elevator
Maybe even went to get something to eat together in the company cafeteria, but besides that there isn’t very much interaction
Taemin has mentioned her a handful of times after SuperM formed since he’s in the same group of some of JiHo’s members now
It usually about how he thinks JiHo’s really cute definitely during her trainee days when she was a little shy towards SHINee or that she’s a really great dancer/performer
Fans have wanted Key & JiHo or Minho & JiHo interactions for a while now, thinking they would make iconic duos (because chaos-), but some other fans have mentioned how she and Onew would make for a great duo because the girl tends to gravitate to the calmer members in NCT more often as well
Well Kai is her idol so...
A lot of teasing once again
Though funnily enough, some EXO members seem to be intimidated by JiHo or act awkward around her
JiHo has been pretty open about being an EXO-L and so many fans poke fun at EXO about them being awkward around the girl (they have adopted her into the fandom and she’s pretty well received there)
“She just has this aura around her~”
MTL to feel intimidated by/awkward around JiHo:
Most: Sehun, Suho & Kai
Least: Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin (EXO-CBX ^^) & Lay (EXO-M <3, the former Chinese members were also not really awkward around her)
Not at all: Chanyeol & D.O.
JiHo’s fans are sad that her and Kai are so awkward around each other and blame EXO and NCT (mainly those in SuperM) for teasing Kai so much by mentioning JiHo looks up to him, that now he can barely look her in the eyes
People have also pointed out how funny it is that Kai and Sehun are especially intimidated by JiHo, comparing them to big dogs being scared of a little puppy (wait this is cute)
Chanyeol and D.O. get along very well with JiHo, Chanyeol mainly being kind of a big brother for JiHo, but a big brother who likes making fun of her and embarrass her
JiHo mentioned the group a lot in her first year of being an idol, after that she kind of stopped (theory: she got told of by SM for talking about EXO too much after getting a lot of mean comments from antis >﹏<)
Interactions between her and the group have also been insanely spares since mid 2019
(another theory: fans think that JiHo isn’t allowed to talk/interact with EXO anymore)
She has only mentioned EXO members when talking about SuperM, but it was mainly to support the group’s promotions
SNSD/Girl’s Generation:
NCT has teased JiHo before saying that she’s scared of SNSD
She defended herself by telling everyone that it’s because they are her seniors and she really respects them so she tends to get nervous around them 
Some of the members of the girl group have mentioned JiHo before and said they hung out a little
Hyoyeon has been very expressive about her fondness for the girl
She even said that she wanted JiHo to join her when she participated in Hit The Stage
It didn’t end up happening because the kind of dances she did where either “too mature” or “unfortunately we didn’t get permission (from SM) to let Jiho join”
Hyoyeon has posted some pictures with JiHo on instagram, either cheering her on during NCT promotions or just because they were casually hanging out
JiHo also really likes Sunny and Taeyeon and has been invited by the girls to attended their concerts a few times now
On the outside it looks like they have a very strict senior-junior relationship, but every once in a while the group tells them how they are actually closer to JiHo than people think, they just don’t have very many opportunities to show it
They also do NOT tolerate any hate towards JiHo (definitely from those who comment on her not deserving to be in a boy group or her skill as an idol in general) and WILL defend her and shoot down any comments
She trained with a few of the girls for a little while
But when it got announced that JiHo would be joining NCT instead of a girl group, she started training with the boys (NCT and trainees who’d join NCT)
Some fans speculated that JiHo and Aespa weren’t on good terms, but there was no evidence to back up their theories
More so, it was even revealed that JiHo knew the choreography for “Black Mamba” during a V Live
JiHo has openly supported the group by talking about their debut song and stages, but there aren’t really any other interactions between them
A collab between them would be LEGENDARY
When BoA visited NCT during their practise of Black on Black during the filming of Master in The House, she pointed JiHo out and complimented her for being able to be as powerful as the boys
JiHo looks up to BoA very much and during a variety show has revealed that she used to practise a lot of her songs/dances while she was a trainee
It happened a few times that the singer has expressed her faith in the younger girl’s potential and skill and hopes that JiHo will get to show of more of her talent because “Currently, I think she’s not able to show all her skills. She’s a junior I am able to trust to deliver (a great performance) if I asked her to work on a project with or for me.”
BoA’s comments about the younger girl only solidified the theories that SM is suppressing JiHo’s talent
JiHo has spoken out about it very subtly, saying that she’s happy where she is now as long as she gets to keep performing with the boys
In response to an international fan asking if JiHo ever thought about branching out to work on a solo project like a mixtape or even just solo dance videos to show of her choreographing skills:
“It makes me genuinely happy to perform with my friends right now. I think I still have a lot of learning to do. If ever my company reaches out to me to do something like that I will think about it, but I don’t really feel the need for anything like that right now. I’m happy (with the way things are) right now.”
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hello ! i’m lee ♡ i make gifs, grfx, tutorials, edits & wallpapers
this is a blog dedicated to multiple artists of kpop , kr&b , khiphop , kballads
please do not repost my creations ♡
Tumblr media
♡ my main blog is @gyukwans ( seventeen ) ♡ my kbands sideblog is @jaehyunkim ( mainly n.flying & onewe )
Tumblr media
list of groups & soloists i’ll be making content for :
♡ boy groups: seventeen, ateez, btob, monsta x, stray kids, exo, txt, enhypen, bts, the boyz, shinee, astro, sf9, pentagon, nu’est, nct
♡ girl groups: dreamcatcher, everglow, red velvet, twice, weeekly, itzy
♡ soloists + duos: (idols as soloists from each group too), park hyo shin, wonho, crush, taeyeon, iu, dpr live, jay park, akmu, gaho, eric nam, jessi, dean, zico, 10cm, offonoff, jonghyun, leehi, sam kim, aleXa, kang daniel, demian, somi, sunmi, chungha, hyuna
♡ kbands: n.flying, onewe, ftisland, day6, cnblue, lucy, hoppipolla, iz, 2z, bandages
Tumblr media
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dandyuism · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
[DANDYUSTAGRAM] 210302 TAEYEON liked & commented on SUNNY’s post
[TRANS] If it’s to this extent, it’s Sogeumstagram
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dailyhyuna · 2 months ago
Watch: HyunA And DAWN Show Their Chemistry As A Couple And A Musical Duo In “Amazing Saturday” Preview
Tumblr media
Celebrity couple (and new musical duo) HyunA and DAWN will be the next guests on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”!
HyunA and DAWN, who have been dating for over five years, released a duet album “1+1=1” on September 9. They promote their new album by putting on a fiery performance for the cast of “Amazing Saturday” in the preview for next week’s episode. HyunA confesses that she loves the atmosphere of “Amazing Saturday” and throws herself into the mission with 100 percent of her passion. Her cute “couple” moments with DAWN also spark the envy of the single members of the cast.
Meanwhile, some of the cast members say that DAWN looks tired, and ask him if he has anything he wants to get off his chest. After some prodding, he shares that the time that he is most scared is when HyunA calls him by his real name (Hyojong), prompting HyunA to give him a tap to stop talking. (Later in the preview, HyunA actually does call him Kim Hyojong at one point, to the cast’s amusement.) The preview also shows a fierce dance performance/battle with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, SHINee’s Key and HyunA and DAWN.
This episode will air on September 18 at 7:40 p.m. KST. Check out the preview below!
Source: Soompi
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rvmmm21 · 8 months ago
[ V V S her diamonds ] – ch 04.
Tumblr media
[5:45 p.m.] Washed-out rays of sunshine flood the arcade cafe, and Seungwan can’t contain her flourishing smile at the thought of Bae Joohyun visiting her at work. 
. . . . .
Sometimes I wish I could go and live in the clouds of your fantasies.
Being a part-time barista is a safe-haven for all of hers.
The junior buzzes around behind the counter, systematically preparing orders of cakes and coffees on the tiny overhead order slips. A satisfied hum sounds as she finishes prettying the dessert display and slides the glass window closed.
Cake display, check. 
Watermelon lychee-mint crush, coming up.
She dries her hands after spooning the frozen watermelon chunks into the blender, and the crinkle of her leather apron sounds brand new for some reason. Perhaps it’s because she feels brand new. Either way, her customers seem to pick up on her good mood too, and it blows her usually gruelling shift by like a light summer breeze. The hustle of work-pressed university students scrambling for their sugar rushes and extra shots of caffeine dulls in her ears, the memory of the past three weeks sitting at the very forefront of her thoughts. 
The past three weeks of back and forth texting, weekly study dates and a volantly climbing heart rate– wait no, a steadily building friendship.
About halfway through the afternoon, the regular tempo of her shift suddenly interrupts with a swish of silky hair and an award winning smile. 
“Wow, a barista. Cute and talented, I see. Where do I sign up?”
Seungwan adjusts the straps on her apron, blinking. “Taeyeon sunbaenim?”
“Kidding, kidding,” the girl laughs, holding her hand out as if that would somehow quell the bout of unease that had begun to well in the pit of Seungwan’s stomach. 
Remaining professional, she answers with a nervous laugh of her own. “What can I get for you today, sunbaenim?”
Taeyeon hums, tapping a delicate finger to her chin while she stares down at the fancy little menu. A vague smirk graces pink lips as her fingertip traces the bold laminated print. “Hm, what do your pancakes come with?”
Seungwan leans over the cash register to glaze over the small description underneath and then snaps back up, knowing the ingredients by heart already. “Oh! They’re plain buttermilk, but you can choose your topping! Uh… strawberries and ice cream is– it’s a customer favourite, if you’d like.” 
A hum of deliberation. “I see. And do I get special service?”
“S-Sorry?” The suggestion in her tone chokes the girl, unsure of what that means. 
Taeyeon gracefully giggles and leans over the counter to playfully tap Seungwan on the shoulder. “Yah, you’re too funny. I meant an extra scoop of ice cream. Since we know each other, obviously. Why, what were you thinking?”
“Ah! Of course I can do that for you,” she chuckles awkwardly, keying in the order. Seungwan’s fingers flinch around the Amex Black Card when it doesn’t slip out of Taeyeon’s as easily. Chestnut eyes peek up at her, and from the casual smirk on her face, the older girl seems to know what she’s doing.
“Oh yeah,” her expression contorts as though she’s trying to recall why she’s now holding up a small queue of foot-tapping, huffing customers. “How’s your project going?” 
She answers hastily, eyeing the holdup. “It’s great! Joohyun unnie is really helping me with this class.”
Taeyeon raises a brow. “Unnie?”
“Y-Yeah, Joohyun unnie’s great, can– can I take your card, please?” she reiterates.
“Ah,” the other girl finally nods in realisation, “you two are close friends now. That’s great! I’m glad to hear it’s going well.” The grip on the credit card slackens. “Thank you, Seungwan.”
Seungwan purses her lips, stiffly rocking on her heels as they both wait for the card reader to go ‘beep’. Once Taeyeon walks away, her tension dispels with a heavy sigh and she signals for the next customer.
Softy’s Autumn Morning comes on the set playlist shuffle. Pleasant lo-fi beats ripple through the cafe and Seungwan gently bops along as she works, carefully eyeing the bubbling pancake mix to make sure it doesn’t burn. 
Time seems to slow to a glacial pace. That is, until the little bronze bell chimes and a certain someone walks in. Seungwan recognises that vintage Balenciaga Defile Sport hoodie in a heartbeat. Her legs kick into gear and she rushes over to meet her. Joohyun approaches the counter with her signature gaze of boredom, but hides a laugh behind her sweater paw when she sees the barista almost trip over her own sneakers. 
Five minutes later, said barista is hunched over a small cup of latte, hands steadily crafting two pointy milk ears with the help of a toothpick.
As she pops a little bonus on the saucer in replacement of their standard Lotus Biscoff biscuit, Seungwan wonders where Sooyoung and Jennie are, melting a little at how Joohyun looks so small and harmless without the final duo to complete her killer posse. God, when they're all three together, it gets really hard to not believe she'sthe precious daughter of South Korea's most elusive mafia boss. The rumours have to come from somewhere, right? She takes a deep breath to steel her nerves before serving the mafia daughter sitting by the window.
“Enjoy your coffee, unnie!” she chirps, setting the steaming drink down. Service with a complimentary home baked cookie is her way of saying ‘I think you’re super cool’. 
Totally embarrassed at her dumb little gift, the girl slinks back to her station with sizzling ears before her senior can even thank her.
How cute.
Joohyun’s lips curl into a secret smile at the milk foam cat happily greeting her from her latte.
Tumblr media
. . . . .
[7:45 p.m.] Seulgi whines when she goes to get a Cola from the fridge and finds the door wide open with Yerim chugging milk straight from the carton. Her roommate calmly caps the lid, dutifully ignoring her.
. . . . .
Polystyrene containers of spicy tteokbokki, salmon sashimi, crispy pork mandu as well as skewers of various glazed meats glisten deliciously under warm living room lights. It’s the perfect go-to cheat day feast. 
“Unnie, you’re like those tragic lovers in my dramas,” the youngest blurts, chewing on her Yakult straw. “Literally every one of them. Too dumb to confess and then drowns in their tears at night. You gonna break the cycle or what?”
Shock seizes Seungwan’s expression before she shakes her head at the way this heartless dongsaeng just takes her feelings and tosses them around like a salad. Still, she thinks, there’s no harm in being honest.
“What’s there to confess? We’re just friends."
Seulgi and Yerim exchange a silent look at the neat pile of tteokbokki on Seungwan’s plate. They remembered only a month ago, their friend seemed to have eyes for nothing else. The dish was so tasty she could marry it, apparently. But its charms seem to have worn off; now overshadowed by Joohyun’s endearingly obnoxious laughter and just about everything about her.
"Plus, you know, I doubt Joohyun unnie sees me that way either."
An epiphany strikes Yerim and she slaps her hand on the table, jabbing a restless finger at her shocked dorm mates. “Zenitsu, Zenitsu! Unnie, you’re Zenitsu, I’ve freaking figured it out.”
Confusion colours Seungwan’s face. “Zenits… who?”
“Zenitsu from Demon Slayer.”
“That mopey kid.”
“Demon Slayer. Yerimie’s bingeing it right now. Anime on Netflix or something,” Seulgi explains through a mouthful of dumpling, “she won’t shut up about it. God help us there’s a movie out already.”
Curiosity soon has the confused girl peering at her screen, determined to find out what she’s being called. Thank god for YouTube. 
The youngest feels the heat as she watches her unnie’s expression become more and more deadpan with every passing video.
“Yerim. What, exactly, do you see of me in this?” Seungwan threateningly questions, holding up a paused clip of a cartoon boy grovelling at the feet of a pretty girl. She wonders if it’s wrong to want Joohyun to actually have mafia connections now… and if she’d be willing to share them with her for… purposes.
She shrugs defensively. “What? Don’t you think he’s cute?”
"Don't worry Wan, I don't see it either," Seulgi jumps in.
‘Cute’ isn’t quite the term. The blonde nonchalantly brings the chopsticks to her mouth and bites down… onto thin air. Much to the amusement of the two across her. “Hey how’s it going with Sooyoung?” she turns her attention to the girl sitting cross-legged opposite.
Seulgi tuts in reply, dangling a salmon slice in front of her unimpressed roomie. “Stop trying to change the subject, Wan. It’s sooo obvious.” After a pregnant pause, she grins like a kid on Christmas morning, spilling her own adventures with her third of the black velvet trio in one breath. “But thank you for asking because we’re going to the cinema this weekend.”
Yerim chopsticks another tteokbokki onto her plate. “Ooh, what movie?”
“Oh, uh…” Seulgi shrugs, “dunno… I think Sooyoung knows more about what’s good, so I’ll–”
“You’re gonna let her decide, is what I’m hearing,” the maknae scoffs with an eye roll.
Seungwan smiles.
“Simps… simps! Help, someone save me, you guys are everywhere!” Yerim pretends to drown on land and her friends resist the urge to jump her on the spot. 
. . . . .
[11:09 a.m.] The raven-haired senior catches her unsuspecting junior on her way through campus gardens the next morning and pries her for answers. 
. . . . . 
“Why a cat?”
Seungwan’s eyes form joyous crescent moons. “Unnie!”
Suddenly, she has to keep her focus from dwindling into how good they’d both look sitting under the shade of that big old oak tree. 
Somewhere through the cottoned clouds of her daydreams, they’re on one of their many picnics. Doughnuts, corn-dogs, toasted sandwiches and bottled juice litter the peach gingham mat they’re sitting on, and Joohyun offers her a corner of her Gilgeori toast. Of course, she cheekily tries her luck, leaving her with just the corner instead. She yelps when Joohyun gives her a shoulder thwack well deserved. 
Clumsy knees knock together as they laugh themselves silly, the powdered sugar on their lips melting into a sweet river every time she connects them with a kiss. 
Seungwan bites her lip, wringing her mind of those thoughts, trying to play down the elation at hearing her senior’s curiosity. “A cat? I-I don’t know, I just think they’re funny and– kinda cute.” Her voice goes squeaky with excitement. “You liked it? Unnie! You should order more coffees with milk in them. I’ll draw you a bunny next time!” 
Joohyun nods, willing to buy the cafe’s entire stock if it meant she got to see Seungwan beam like a praised puppy, all too eager to learn its next trick.
And she might’ve just marched down there right now to do as she’d said… if they weren’t ten minutes late for their class. Suddenly they’re both panickedly clutching at each other, torn between sprinting like they’re being chased by hyenas, turning up fashionably late, or hopping around and freaking out about the fact that they’re already eleven minutes late, now.
Joohyun’s wrist is grabbed just as she’s about to suggest the fashionably late option. Then she’s hurtling forward, struggling to keep her books from falling whilst poorly protesting the early-morning PE session. But Seungwan is too busy shouting nonsense into the skies about how this is the final chance the lightning gods get to strike her down and charge her up.
Which would’ve been convincing had her voice not cracked on every other word.
As the pair clumsily sprint down the path of pastel flower bushes, the older girl can’t remember the last time she’s laughed this freely. She can barely get the words out but she feels like she’d explode if she didn’t. 
“Seungwan-ah! You’re giving me a six pack!”
And when Seungwan turns back to laugh with her, something in Joohyun’s static heart ignites.
. . . . .
Tumblr media
In the diamond, star-dappled sky, Cherub wakes from his silken cloud. Lily-white wings unfurl at the latest calling.
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shemakesmusic-uk · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
K-pop singer Taeyeon has released a colourful music video for her new digital single ‘Weekend’. The clip opens with the singer sitting at an office desk while nodding her head to the new track which plays from a cassette tape. As the music is abruptly cut off, Taeyeon looks up to realise that time has been frozen for everyone else but her. The singer then wakes up in an aeroplane taking her to her weekend getaway. According to Taeyeon’s agency SM Entertainment, per Yonhap News Agency, ‘Weekend’ is a disco-pop track where the idol “raps and sings about hope to break away from everyday boredom and enjoy freedom during the weekend”. “The moment when my eyes reached / The sеason beyond the window / The pouring sunlight knocks on my hеart / Riding on the fresh breeze waving at me / Wanna leave when the weekend comes,” she sings on the chorus. [via NME]
(G)I-DLE member Jeon Soyeon has released the video for ‘BEAM BEAM’, the opening track of her first solo mini-album, Windy. The quirky clip opens with Soyeon playing a disgruntled fast-food worker, who eventually turns the restaurant into her very own performance venue, where she’s backed up by a band dressed up in outlandish burger costumes. “Oh my, welcome to adult world / Take a sip of the iced coffee / Uh-uh, ah-ah / Oh, alright, adult world / Chew and swallow the whole ice cream cone,” she sings on the rock-tinged song. [via NME]
Orla Gartland has released new single 'You're Not Special, Babe' as the latest taster of her debut album Woman on the Internet. Gartland says of the song, "Growing up is weird and my twenties feel like chaos. 'You're Not Special, Babe' is a coming-of-age song written to remind myself that everyone goes through all of it; good times, bad times, strange times, dizzying highs & extreme lows. The title sounds mean but it's really meant to be a comforting message!" She adds, "I wrote and produced this song with my friend and collaborator Tom Stafford at the beginning of 2020. Lyrically it set a tone for the rest of the album tracks to follow; no bullshit - just a messy scrapbook of honest, matter-of-fact thoughts. We demoed the song together in Tom's London studio and then later brought it to Middle Farm Studios in Devon where we set up for 3 weeks - my band playing on this track took it to the next level and gave it the raucous energy it was missing. Sonically 'You're Not Special, Babe' has everything I love - ethereal synths, shimmery guitars, harmonies, tiny drums and big drums. I cannot wait to play this song live." [via Line Of Best Fit]
RHYME SO – a Japanese-Australian experimental dance-pop duo – have released a wildly creative new music video 'POSEABLE' via 88INFINITY. It’s their latest video since 2020’s 'Fashion Blogger', and a taste of what’s to come from one of music’s most fascinating enigmas. The video, which was partly shot in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, pokes fun at society’s compulsive obsession with digital validity, hopping from one Instagram-worthy pose to another. The visual includes a cameo from Mari Natsuki, the beloved Japanese actress known for her maternal roles in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away and the Japanese remake of Bewitched. Assuming the role of the tastemaking grandma, Mari embodies the song’s refrain “or grandma sends you home,” an ode to grandma’s unyielding sense of what’s good and what’s not. “The message of 'POSEABLE' is about going back to the roots and honoring Grandma’s sense and allowing her to be the tastemaker, as she knows what’s up when it comes to quality and the original recipe for success,” RHYME says. [via the 360 Mag]
Arlo Parks has shared a new video for ‘Too Good’. It’s a track taken from her recent debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams, and arrives ahead of her upcoming sets at Latitude, All Points East, End of the Road and more, plus headline tours in both September and November. “I did this one with Paul [Epworth, producer] in one of our first days of sessions,” Arlo says of the track. “I showed him all the music that I was obsessed with at the time, from ’70s Zambian psychedelic rock to MF DOOM and the hip-hop that I love via Tame Impala and big ’90s throwback pop by TLC. From there, it was a whirlwind. Paul started playing this drumbeat, and then I was just running around for ages singing into mics and going off to do stuff on the guitar. I love some of the little details, like the bump on someone’s wrist and getting to name-drop Thom Yorke. It feels truly me.” [via Dork]
The Goon Sax have released their new album Mirror II and the Brisbane trio also dropped a video for latest single, the droning 'Desire.' Here’s what Riley Jones, who sings lead vocals on the track, has to say about it: "When I wrote 'Desire,' I lived with James and Louis in a share house in Paddington, Brisbane called Fantasy Planet. Technically, it was written out like “$ ◇ a Planet.” It was my friend Tim Green’s reference to the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan. In my basic understanding of the way Lacan theorized fantasy, desire is founded upon a lack. The diamond (◇) represents all the ways we relate to a lost object: everything above, below, around, more than, less than, with, without, in spite of, and because of it. The cause of our desire is a gap that we are always trying to fill, even while it constantly evades us. Desire is complex. Unconscious attachments hang on invisible threads. Fantasies and daydreams emerge, dangerous hallucinations cause reckless actions, misremembrance causes total distortion. I think that’s why we have to resort to symbols to express it. This song is my symbol (◇). I wanted it to feel as expansive as a Les Rallizes Dénudés song — to reverberate beneath waters that flood all the crevices of the earth, to leave no gap unfilled and I wanted it to be as universal as one of those crushing Elvis songs — so poignant that its sentiment seems to ring out forever, just like Desire." [via Stereogum]
LA-based dark-synth pop artist, L'FREAQ, shares a music video for her latest single 'Gimmick,' the debut single from the forthcoming release and sophomore EP, Showgirl, due out on August 27 via Position Music. The first visual from the upcoming release is absolutely stacked with metaphor, all-star fashion, witchy vibes and an important message about the role media plays with children -- especially young women. From puppet to powerhouse, L'FREAQ breaks free of the monotony and shreds through the brainwashed stereotypes, as she literally shreds on a guitar. Describing the video, L'FREAQ says, "While the song is about my experience on a singing show and the judge who made me doubt myself, I wanted the video to have a bit of a darker message. My director and I, Shepherd Flashman Lowrey, came up with the idea to have a little girl watching me on a growing TV screen, a symbol for how the media consumes and controls us. I came up with the puppet master idea to go along with it, showing that what we see on our screens is not always what is happening in reality."
Toronto's Bad Waitress are sharing the second taste of their rollicking debut album, No Taste, out September 3 via Royal Mountain Records. 'Delusions of Grandeur' is another rambunctious and energetic track from the young Toronto punks following last month's 'Strawberry Milkshake'. The band explains, "When the wrong people get put into power, songs like this get written. It’s about wanting them to cut their teeth on the ground labourers have laid down for them. It’s an expression of classic working class frustrations; knowing those people, fuelled by their own greed and narcissism, will never see what you see - which we are reminded of daily on the news. We're calling out a broken system with the hope and resilience to try to build something new. It’s a dynamic song that doesn’t go where you expect it to, complete with soaring vocals, bass breakdowns and disarming harmonies."
ameliarose brings you 'GOLIATH'—the first single from her debut EP (due summer 2021). It’s an anthem for overcoming toxic relationships; getting over that feeling of being helplessly stuck in your situation. Through the evolution of the song, ameliarose describes herself as “rotten and sold to who bid the most”, which is a parallel to how she feels her relationships have been on display, publicly, similar to an auction. The multi-octave vocal jumps in the chorus “spewed out of frustration, thinking about who I would’ve become if I hadn’t been surrounded by specific people”, in the artist’s words. GOLIATH is a powerful track with metaphors and deeper meanings littered throughout the single. The song will be one of the leading tracks on her upcoming EP, titled DEAD MOTHS IN MY SUGAR.
mazie just announced her debut EP, the rainbow cassette, out August 25 via Good Boy / Virgin Music. The music mixes modern malaise with vintage psychedelia: nostalgia laced with an impending sense of doom fueled by a world in ever-deepening crisis, as heard on her new single “dumb dumb,' available now. Written the day after the Capitol Insurrection, mazie notes “We had been discussing QAnon, misinformation and how quickly the internet has degraded the concept of ‘fact.’ The lyrics ‘Everyone is dumb’ just felt like a very fitting synopsis of those conversations.” She adds, “Lyrics like ‘I just wanna be the comic relief, making jokes not taking any responsibility’ were heavily referencing the memes from the Insurrection and how content like that so quickly degrades the severity of what was happening.” [via FEMMUSIC]
Nina Nesbitt has returned with 'Summer Fling', which lands as her second new outing of 2021. 'Summer Fling' follows Nesbitt's 'My Way' track that landed in March to coincide with International Women's Day, and is accompanied by a video directed by Wolf James (Bastille, Clean Bandit). Nesbitt says of the new release, which was written and produced by Nesbitt during the lockdown, "'Summer Fling' is inspired by wanting to escape. I always caught myself dreaming of going back to Sweden to spend the summer there, so it’s a fantasy of that world. Where there's no stress." [via Line Of Best Fit]
Dirty HIt's latest signing Viji lends a voice to the milieu of modern life through a steady stream of unfiltered confections, a liminality that continues undiminished with new single 'BFS'. Tying in with the same-day release of five-track offering Suck It, latest single 'BFS' serves as a reminder of Jenner’s knack for capturing the reality of relationships, resisting a drive to sugar-coat through an emphasis on the disillusionment that can entangle enduring bonds. Pivoting from a backbone of slow-moving acoustic and keys, the song’s lyrical message unfolds with a self-effacing charm that finds weight through its coasting vocal delivery - reaching to crossover noughties alt-rock for inspiration. Remaining true to the confessional form of her material to date, the track avoids shying away from the complexities that can undermine close connections. “‘BFS’ (short for ‘best friends’) is another personal one,” Viji explains. “It’s about friendships and growing apart from someone you were close to. I think everyone can relate to this in one way or another. The song isn’t spiteful but faces the reality of not wanting to stay in touch. To add to the melancholy, I decided to make my own stop motion video. Shacked up in my storage room, I made a miniature studio set from which I worked during this last lockdown,” she adds. “It was a big learning process, but somehow I came out the other end with a music video. The main character in the video (‘viji’) sets out on a journey to find a best friend, which turns out not to be too easy either. I even added a dance choreography for the little characters. It means a lot to me, and I hope you like it.” [via Line Of Best Fit]
Dorothy is back with a new single, 'What’s Coming to Me,' and it marks the singer’s first bit of new music since her 2018 studio album, 28 Days in the Valley. The track shows off Dorothy’s penchant for the blues, with strong, soulful vocals and a rock ‘n’ roll character. “[The song] is a story about casting out a demon and getting redeemed — a metaphor for depression or addiction,” said Dorothy in a press release. “I think it’s something we can all relate to. Everyone’s struggling with something.” The music video for 'What’s Coming to Me' was directed by longtime Smashing Pumpkins collaborator and visual artist Linda Strawberry. [via Consequence]
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flooffybits · a year ago
Girls’ Generation reacting to 10th member being friends with Jessica
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As soon as the name slipped out of your mouth, Taeyeon glanced at you in distress. What had happened with Jessica turned into a big mess and no one was ever really able to discuss it to the public because management restricted them from giving out details, so when you mentioned talking to Jessica, still, she was scared of what management might do.
She’s already dealt with the backlash of it and has yet to fully recover, she didn’t want you going through the same. So, after the filming was wrapped up, she had pulled you aside, concern written on her face as she asked you if you intended to reveal such a thing to the public.
Her reaction would depend on your answer. If you tell her that it was intentional, she will relax a bit but if it wasn’t, her worry would increase, tenfold. She’ll try to think of any possible solutions just in case problems arise for you. But one thing was for sure.
She was going to stay close to you.
Tumblr media
Soojung came into her room all of a sudden, brows furrowed and phone in hand when she called for her attention. Before Sooyeon could question her, the sound of your name coming from her sister’s lips had her full attention before she was shown the article with yours and her name written at the headline.
It wasn’t intentional, but apparently, during your visit in Weekly Idol, you were asked to show your recent conversation, and her name happened to be there. The editors have forgotten to blur it out, now many people were questioning whether you two were still friends or not.
As soon as she can, Sooyeon sends you a text, asking if you were alright and if she could call, which you said yes to both. As soon as you pick up, her worried voice greets your ears.
“Are you going to be alright? What happened?”
Tumblr media
The moment the name slipped from your lips, Sunkyu did her best not to seem phased, especially due to the fact that Sooyeon’s departure wasn’t that long ago. It was still a sensitive topic to many but she did admire how you weren’t afraid to speak up when you knew there was nothing wrong.
Everyone knew that you and Sooyeon were closer, especially when the whole fiasco started. You and Sooyeon had your own time together and on screen, you were the best duo there was, which was why a lot of people had noticed how you took it the hardest when she left.
When you finish filming, the older girl is immediately by her side, but she doesn’t say much. Taking your hand in her own, she feels you squeezing it before flashing her a reassuring smile that somewhat eases her, yet it doesn’t diminish her fears of people attacking you.
Tumblr media
The mention of her best friend’s name makes her head instantly snap in your direction, but when she realized her mistake, she pretends to ask Yuri something just so she could play it off, making the latter give her a sympathetic smile and a small nudge just so her tears wouldn’t fall.
Throughout the show, she did her best to plaster a smile on her face just so no one would notice her dampened mood. When the filming ends, she quietly asks to speak with you in private, and when you’re finally alone, she quickly asks. “You have to be careful next time. I don’t want you getting in trouble.”
Though after a few minutes of hesitation, she can’t help but ask. “How is she?”
Tumblr media
The moment you had revealed that you were still communicating with Sooyoen, Hyoyeon had quickly added that it was a friend she met when you both went out together. Due to her quick rescue, it made people think whether you were talking about your former member or not and many rumors are sure to last for days.
But at the end of the day, the dancer wanted you to keep this information to yourself for a while since the wound was still fresh and it would not end too well for either of you if you go around telling people you were still speaking with the other.
“I know that you care about her, but right now, things aren’t too good for us.”
Tumblr media
When you mention Sooyeon’s name, Yuri glances at you from the side of her eyes. it had just slipped because of the hosts asking you how you had spent your holidays and it just so happened that you spent a day or two with the Jung sisters.
It would have been fine, but you quickly paused the moment you realized your mistake. The tanned beauty wrapped an arm around your waist to assure you that it was alright because she knows that most of the girls still had some bitter feelings toward the events.
By the end of it all, no matter what people say, she makes sure to assure you that everything will be fine and you didn’t really do anything wrong.
Tumblr media
It was honestly not your intention to bring up Sooyeon. The hosts looked as though they were hoping to probe each of you about what happened and you just ended up telling them that you were never upset with your former member, even defending her when one of them asked if Sooyeon had done something behind the group’s back.
At that, Sooyoung’s expression soured as she glared at the male in front of her before she was retaliating about probing into their own lives while she grabbed your hand from under the table.
Tumblr media
The actress was considered the closest to Sooyeon before she was kicked out of the group. But when she had been gone, you decided to stay in contact with the older girl because you truly believed that she shouldn’t have had to leave nor was it right to turn your back on her.
While many of the girls had struggles in staying with communicating with the ice princess, Yoona was honestly having mixed feelings when you firmly stated that you always check on your members, clearly including Sooyeon with the way you smiled at the host when he had asked you about your relationship with everyone.
She was happy that her unnie had someone she could still talk to without feeling awkward about it, but at the same time, she envied you for being able to do so while she couldn’t. In the end, she tries to join you when you converse with the older girl to hopefully mend their relationship.
Tumblr media
Joohyun is very good at masking her surprise when you suddenly answer the host’s question. She’s aware that you’re an honest person, so when asked about the person you last spoke to before the interview, you didn’t think twice about saying “Jessica unnie”.
Even the host looked surprised by your answer, but he was quick to proceed with the segment while all of your members did their best to remain as passive as possible even though some had to either look at you or forced a smile.
Joohyun, on the other hand, had remained silent for a good portion of the segment until it was her turn to speak and she went through the show smoothly. When it ends, she’s at your side and linking your hands together without saying a word.
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baek-byunies · 4 months ago
kpop idols with the same _ as me!
rules: name one female and male kpop idol that corresponds with your age, birthday, zodiac, height, and personality type. then tag 5 mutuals to play along!
tagged by: @his-mochi-cheeks thank uuuu beb 💜
age: 26 (95 liner) hwasa & jimin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
birthday: 0423, chaeyoung and jeno
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
zodiac: taurus, baby baek and sunny
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
height: 5’4, jinhwan and ryujin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
personality type: infj, kai and taeyeon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
such interesting duos hehehehe loved this tag!
further tagging @yeoldontknow @and-you-found-me @lukai-m @jenmyeons @j-pping @kyungseokie
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radiatingdyke · 15 days ago
a shawol on twt sent me links to the first 2 eps of taengkey box i am LIVING. i figured out the other reason for taeyeon and key being the sharpay and ryan of kpop besides the whole power duo of female diva and gay younger brother thing and it's because they always end up trying to one up each other even tho they're outwardly not rly competitive people.
like on nolto key usually tried for comedic costumes because it's a variety show until taeyeon showed up in her super pretty and also stylish themed outfits and key decided he had to keep up. and during photoshoots for hate that even their makeup artists started competing over who would look better in each shot and kept touching up their faces even when they didn't need to.
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