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Doyoung: Why did you let Baekhyun be Santa for the kids?
Taeyong: Because he's the best man for the job.
Doyoung: He's wearing a sexy Santa costume.
Taeyong: If you must know. That is mine and I gave it to him to wear.
Doyoung: Why do you have a sexy Santa costume?
Taeyong: What me and Yuta, me and Johnny, me and Jaehyun and yes me and Baekhyun do in our private lives is none of your business.
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(in the SM idols group chat)

Chen: Honestly being a parent and an idol at the same time is really hard. I want to take a few weeks off so bad :(

Seulgi: Why don’t you take your daughter to work and show Lee Sooman how adorable she is? Ask him for a few weeks off after that

Kibum: Dude that’s solid do that do that I’m pretty sure he won’t refuse

Chen: Already tried that. Dude didn’t even bat an eyelash you know

Yuri: Sooman doesn’t like babies? Ew what a monster

Leeteuk: Sooman loves babies? I took my niece to work one day a few years ago because my sister was in the hospital and he just told me to go home and take care of her. He even bought her a plushie!

Changmin: Then what’s wrong with him now?

Haechan: guys. GUYS. He’s not Lee Sooman anymore.

Chanyeol: what

Heechul: what

Haechan: So I have this conspiracy theory. Our boss has been dead for years now. He wanted to rule the world even after he was dead, so he created a bunch of evil clones with all of the money he earned from us. Why do you think we get paid so less? We’re gonna have to overthrow the clones together otherwise we will never be freed from this tyranny! Tell me comrades, who’s siding with me?

hyuckieee69 was removed from the group chat by admin yongiebubu

Taeyong: Sorry guys he started using Reddit about a week ago

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reader x taeyong

genre: fluff

warnings: none

You’re having a quiet and peaceful night all by yourself. The rainy weather made it a little gloomy but you have just the thing to keep yourself entertained. After eating dinner, you have decided to treat yourself and finally catch up on that book that you have been reading. You’re currently at your bedroom, laying sideways and covered in a thick, fluffy blanket. The light was dim, just enough for you to read your book clearly, alongside the scented candles that you lit to really set the mood.

A few chapters in, you heard clinking sounds from your front door, which means Taeyong is finally home. It didn’t take long before he found you lying cozily at the bed, totally immersed in whatever you are reading.

He found your look very cute. Hair was tied in a bun and you had the square cut glasses that made you look a bit nerdy.

“How was practice?” You asked him, not lifting your gaze against the yellowish pages of Stephen King’s Rose Madder.

“It was tough. We had to redo the choreo because one of us got injured while practicing.”

He started peeling off layers of clothing that got soaked in the rain outside. He was staring at you as you he did it, a bit upset that you weren’t showering him attention just like everyday whenever he comes to you. This made him pout unconsciously and tried to make as much noise in changing his clothes so you’ll look at him.

However, you remained totally unfazed, unaware of the mini temper tantrum that he’s currently having.

He finally got fed up of this arrangement and lifted the blanket off of you. He crawled his way from your legs and laid his head on the top of your chest. He then wrapped his arms around your waist and immersed himself in your warmth, rubbing his face on the fluffy material of the sweatshirt you are wearing.

You can help but smile at him being like this. He looks and feels like a needy little kid. You placed your book down and finally looked at him. His puppy dog eyes and pouty lips have made you want to melt.

You placed a kiss on his head and raised your book back again to read.

“Hungry?” You asked as you stroke his hair. He nodded as a response.

“Lemme just finish this chapter okay? Then we’ll eat dinner.”

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