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#tag meme

Tagged by @sparkly-angell - thanks! I didn’t know this was a thing.

total written words in 2020: … around 300k-ish altogether?

total words posted to ao3 in 2020: 59,088

top 5 by word count:

  1. The Gifted (23,158)
  2. Hunt Me (5,212)
  3. Survival (3,324)
  4. Break Me Apart (2,825)
  5. The Inaccuracy (2,427)

top 5 by kudos:

  1. Let You In (99 kudos)
  2. Why Are You Leaving? (87 kudos)
  3. No One Will Hurt You Again (71 kudos)
  4. Lies (56 kudos)
  5. For Now (49 kudos)

Overall comments:

My personal fics were written and posted in the first half of the year. There’s a huge difference between posted and written because in the second half I started a collab with @ria-grey and it hasn’t been posted yet (and we are now in part 2).

I do plan on finishing my chaptered fics eventually. Maybe I can start trying to do that again.

Anyways, I’m tagging… anyone and everyone lol.

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Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY 💌😘

Tagged by @phen0l and @storiesthatneedtobewritten

Thank you both for tagging me! 💕

  1. I think I’m good at reading people & have pretty good instincts!
  2. I’m pretty good at socializing; making people feel comfortable and engaging with them even if they’re more introverted. 
  3. Kids like me for some reason and are always drawn to me even though I think I’m quite awkward with them. 
  4. I don’t cook/bake often these days but when I do, my food is actually really good. I’ve been told I should provide catering services and have had people ask for recipes! 
  5. I actually think one of my best traits is how funny I can be. I think it catches people off guard sometimes. 😂

Tagging: @mx-irony @chimera-kraken @elementalistlvx @fires-at-the-yawning-grave @ly-nia @acxciia @xlillilith @fabicchi (no pressure to do this tho!!)

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Why do you hurt

Saw this going around and thought it’d be fun to do!

Rules: Take this quizz for one of your OCs.

Tagging: @rpgwrites @heroofshield @hazelestelle @alyssalenko @stitchzin @randomlygeneratedstring (no obligation as always!)

PF Reyes Vidal


Result: because you cannot hold freedom

the sky is only air. the ocean is only water. the only freedom you will ever have is breathing, drawing this air again & again & again & again. You have to exhale, and it costs you something - you have to quench your thirst and it comes back again - there is nothing solid in being free, it is not a status to be achieved but an action to do. Free is an active status, and you worry you’ll somehow forget. there are people who would control you. there are orders you could obey. you keep coming back to take this next breath, your own part of the forever-freedom of the sky, but sometimes you think to hold your breath. it is deceptively peaceful underwater. you don’t know if you would notice it if you started drowning.

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Tagged by: @the-final-world​ (THANK U BUDDY)

Rules: Answer 30 questions an tag 20 blogs you are contractually obligated to know better. (I suck at tagged people so n o) 

Name: Leon or Lee

Gender: Transmasc ig? Idk lol

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5'7″ (how dare you be taller than me Axel)

Time: rn? it’s 7:02pm 

Birthday: Feb 5 uwu

Favorite bands: I really like uhhh muse and glass animals as well as nsp 

Favorite solo artists: Harry Styles (do not @ me) 

Last movie: Harry Potter, the last one cause I hadn’t seen it x_x 

Last show: I feel like it was the good place

When did I create this blog: I came to this website when I was like 14 and haven’t been able to leave since 

What I post: uhhh stuff that makes me giggle 

Last thing I googled: Dionysus fanart hades (again don’t @ me) 

Other blogs: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no comment 

Do I get asks: not rlly but I’m just here to vibe tbh 

Why I chose my url: it’s a pun on an old rock song 

Following: I dunno

Followers: idk again but my mutuals are the ones that make me laugh the most 

Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 4 to 11 hrs 

Instruments: i used to play bass and I’d love to again someday when I can afford one, but for now I just noodle around on my acoustic guitar

What I’m wearing: a hyperion hoodie cause I’m a slut for handsome jack

Dream job(s): uhhh either an artist, a writer on a show, or a queer youth counselor 

Dream trip: take me to ireland pls, or really anywhere that isn’t Canada, I’m sick of it here 

Favorite food: Fried rice 

nationality: snow bitch (Canadian)

Favorite song: I really like undisclosed desires by muse, or magnum bullets by nightrunner 

Last book: again, it’s the first harry potter book cause I didn’t read them as a kid (I know JK isn’t a good person, I didn’t pay for the copies I’m using)

Top 3 fictional universes: Borderlands obvs, LOTR, and uhhhh Zelda 

Tagging: literally anyone of my mutuals who would like to, you should do this, it’s fun, I swear 

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tagged by the one and only @saiyuri-dahlia

I wrote a ton this year because my life went off the rails and I needed self-therapy or something. But, I got a lot of great comments and praise out of it at least, so thank you everybody who takes the time to read and hopefully enjoy my fics.

Total 2020 Word Count:


Top By Word Count:

The Fame (139141 words)

Top By Kudos:

The Fame  Kudos: 103

Outliers (multi-chaptered fic written before and during 2020):

I don’t think I have anything for this category because the two multi-chapter fics were started and/or completed in 2020.  Valley of Thorns (125579 words) is still ongoing.

Top Fic Overall:

That would have to be The Fame, considering it dominates in every category this year:
The Fame (139141 words)Subscriptions: 25 Hits: 3118 Kudos: 103 Comment Threads: 134 Bookmarks: 32  

Tagging: Uh, I have no idea. I never know who to tag. Anybody!

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ThAnKs FoR tHe TaG @ssajelle

T - The Tide by Pale Waves

A - Adore You by Harry Styles

R - Rest To Get Better by Transit

A - Are You Bored Yet? By Wallows ft Clairo

D - Dizzy On The Comedown by Turnover

R - Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen

A - Aforementioned by Bearings

W - Wild Things by Seaway

S - Swim by Valley

Tagging the dash idfc

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Quiz Here

because you have made mistakes you cannot swallow

mistakes come back to you like echoes in an empty cave. you have been trying since you started but does trying count? is trying good enough? every night it visits you, the pain that you have caused with your clumsy hands and venom-tongue. life careens onward, onward, with the moon hung in the sky and the sun the day after, but you walk backwards on this path so you can keep sight of what you did. the destruction still feels fresh. it still feels like fire, where you burned them. fire is supposed to be warm. it burned them, and it will swallow you. blow out the candle. let it rest. some things are better left behind in the dark.

Tagged by: @thegildedgun​ (thank)
Tagging: @rookmoks​(or for any or all of your alts), @erlanis-shadir​ and anyone who may be interested

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tagged by @meichenxi, thank you!! i started this and then promptly left it in my drafts for over a week, so this is! outdated! (but i am loath to change most portions of this)

Rules: tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better! (my anxiety will not allow me to do this and in fact i received a spam email with the subject line: “Do not contact me I am not interested” immediately after i first saved this as a draft which felt like the universe communicating directly with me)

Last Song: 寒鴉少年/Jackdaw Boy, by 华晨宇/Hua Chenyu

Listen, this is an absolute banger of a theme and I watched the entirety of 斗破苍穹/Dou Po Cang Qiong just to figure out when they played it (alright no I also watched it because Xiao Zhan is styled in a waist-length braid and I am w e a k); it’s credited as the OPENING THEME on Wikipedia but it fucking is NOT and in FACT they only used it ONCE during a training montage VERY early on in the show which is WILD. If I were a cdrama, I would NOT shut up about this song.

you can listen to it here! i’m linking a live performance instead of the music video (even though the piano in the studio version is more… aurally satisfying? like when i first heard it and the first notes came in, i sat UP and took notice) because hua chenyu is such an interesting and committed performer, i could never get tired of him. anyway, i can no longer say 走吧 in a normal way, i must simply scream it like in the chorus

Last Movie: Yellow Rose! I have many thoughts on this film that I am still unable to articulate - all I can so far say is that I cried, very hard, and very often. 

Currently Watching: making my way downtown through 有翡/Legend of Fei, which is unfortunately very slow going as I’ve yet to really connect with it. I have maybe been rewatching The Good Place and Galavant instead.

Currently Reading: Tackling three (!) books rn, which I haven’t done since I was a kid and used to leave books like a trail of breadcrumbs all along the house.

1) The first two volumes of David Hawkes’ translation of 紅樓夢/Red Chamber Dream just arrived this week last week. This is out of filial duty (my mom will not stop telling me to read this) but also like a desire to reconnect with my heritage hurghsdf

2) The Discworld books, shoutout to Ash! I am likewise going in publication order and beginning with The Colour of Magic, although a lot of people seem to warn against it (including Neil Gaiman??), but even with the very little progress I’ve made, I know that I will love this. This writing feels like home.

3) Finally diving into The Song of Achilles, shoutout to Melissa, because I kept seeing your tags on cql gifsets with tsoa quotes and I knew I had to read it. 

tagging: @deer-earthworks @sandayuoda @benevolent-fairy-queen-squirrel @faeofthewood @ravenstag @clydetheshamelessdiva

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Tagged by @runrundoyourstuff​! Thank you so much, your works are beautiful <3

Name: Jen, ChromaticDreams on AO3. (I have a psued connected to that account that’s just Novantinuum for all my SU specific work.)

Fandoms: The fandoms I have written fic for throughout my life are (in order) Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Trollhunters, and Steven Universe.

Where do you post your fanfiction? AO3, but I crosspost them to tumblr. I am also soon releasing a fanfic within a zine, which is exciting!

By kudos most popular one-shot: Shattering Atlas, with 581 kudos. This is the fic I wrote long before SUF aired exploring the whole corrupted Steven theory concept. It got, uh… pretty angsty, lol. This was mainly just an excuse to write the most angsty piece of fiction I could emotionally handle.

By kudos most popular multichapter: Hollowed Moon, with 2,628 kudos. I have no idea how it is so popular with how short the chapters are, ahah. It’s honestly not a favorite amongst all the things I’ve written… And of course there’s the fact that I’ve discontinued it for personal reasons. XD

Personal favorite: Hmm… Fight the Future. (This is the one exploring what might have happened between Steven shattering Jasper and him carrying her shards to the temple.) Definitely not the most popular of my fics, but I really love a lot of the description I did in this one. It was a fun one to write.

Method for titling fics: Usually I just take a relevant word or phrase from the body of the actual fic and just go with that. Otherwise I will spend eons going through shitty song lyrics until I find something kind of thematically related. Crack the Paragon was a bit of a unique naming process, though. It took a good week for me to come up with a good title for this fic.

Work I am nervous about posting: Probably my zine fic, which might be posted sometime in March, maybe April. I’ve never written a fic for a zine before, so this is all brand new to me. I hope the people who get the zine enjoy it ;w;

Do you outline your works or just wing it? Depends on the fic. Things like Crack the Paragon are highly outlined, but other projects are mostly just… I’ll sketch out some dialogue ideas, and write around those. Contact had a full outline from the beginning, though.

Are you excited about any of your upcoming works? I am so hyped to post the final chapter of Contact, soon. I’m getting quite close to the end. This will be my first completed multichapter SU fic (I don’t count one of my multichaps as such because it’s just two one-shots in a multichapter trench coat XD) so that’s super exciting.

AO3 statistics:

User Subscriptions: 151
Kudos: 10,215
Comment Threads: 1,202     
Bookmarks: 2,058     
Subscriptions: 2,203     
Word Count: 232,361   
Hits: 106,533  

If you wanna be tagged to do this meme, consider yourself tagged. At the moment I’m really lazy and want to run downstairs to the dining hall and get some chicken strips, so I’m not gonna tag anyone specific right now XD

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tagged by @watery-sun to make one of these. i can only assume from context clues that it means favorite albums

in no particular ranking:

  • be the cowboy by mitski
  • sleepyhead by cavetown
  • zeros by declan mckenna 
  • rumours (super deluxe) by fleetwood mac

gonna tag uhhhhhh @elliesjournals​ and @respectablesentiment (if yall haven’t done it and want to!)

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Tagged by @amariemelody

rules: put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping!

  • Three Small Words by Half Past Two, Tahlena
  • Talia by King Princess
  • Cut To The Feeling by Carly Ray Jepsen
  • Lemon Drop by Raynes
  • Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore
  • Sunflower by Post Malone, Swae Lee
  • Lyin’ Eyes by Half Past Two
  • September by Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Who Cares by Carly Bannister, Ben Bannister
  • Feels Like Clarity by Gaudion

Tagging: @jewishsuperfam @luanna801 @lovepuddle @mooitstimdrake @misskirby @nokomiss @papanorth @queseraawesome @rosedaughter @reedroad

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Me and my clumsy fingers.

My friend was like

I have heard only about Hanging Garden of Babylon. Did you get inspiration from that????

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Fic Writer Meme

I was tagged by @natsora and @lostinfantasies38

  1. Name
  2. Fandoms
  3. Most popular oneshot
  4. Most popular multichapter
  5. Actual worst part of writing
  6. How you choose your titles
  7. Do you outline
  8. Ideas I probably won’t get around to, but wouldn’t it be nice?
  9. Callouts @ Me
  10. Best writing traits
  11. Spicy Tangential Opinion

I don’t share my actual name anymore but you may refer to me as [redacted]

So far I have written for Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fallout 4 and Supergirl.

Most popular oneshot:
A pwp for Supergirl “You’ll have to remind”

Most popular multichapter:
The Romancing of Cassandra Pentaghast the tiny little monster that just kept growing. 

Actual worst part of writing:
I’ve always found what comes after writing the worst part about writing. The sharing and the hoping for feedback is always the hardest for me, because I share my writing because I want to get better and the only way I can do that is by getting feedback.

How you choose your titles:
Sometimes it’s song lyrics, sometimes it’s a very concise reference to the theme of the fic, sometimes its a few words from the fic. The Romancing of Cassandra Pentaghast was a dumb draft title that ended up sticking. 

Do you outline:
I try. It usually sticks to the plan, but most of the time the girls go on their own tangent and I just go with it and figure out how to weave it in with the outline that’s already there or change the outline to fit the new direction. 

Ideas I probably won’t get around to, but wouldn’t it be nice?:
We all know its the Notting Hill AU and I hate this fact. 

Callouts @ Me:
Uuuuuuuuuuuh I mean I’ve had actual callouts so I’m not really (: with this even in a light hearted way.

Also I don’t know if enough people actually read my stuff to have gripes about the content I consistently write. 

Best writing traits:
Too stupid to quit? I don’t know. 

Spicy Tangential Opinion:
Femslash writers are some of the best in the entire fandom but y’all are sleeping on them. Which is my very polite way of saying a lot of the time it feels like the DA fandom straight up ignores the f/f ships and is just trash to femslash creators. 

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Rules: List seven comfort movies, and tag seven people.

Tagged by @rainbowravioli (thank you!)

The Lion King (1994) - a classic and one of the first Disney movies I’ve ever watched, along with Bambi.

Bambi (1942) - it’s been a while since I last watched this one, but I remember liking it a lot. The animation’s gorgeous.

Anastasia (1997) - the movie is extremely inaccurate when it comes to history, but the animation’s beautiful. And the banter between Anastasia and Dimitri? Comedy gold! Also, Sophie is a life model.

Bolt (2008) - again, been a while since I watched this one. But it’s a good one.

The Cat Returns (2002) - first Ghibli movie I watched as a child, back when I had no idea what anime was. So it’s a special one.

Lobo: The Wolf That Changed America (2008) - really short film. Sad but also inspiring as you watch the main hero, who’s trying to hunt down a famous wolf, that he might be on the wrong side.

The Emperor’s Journey (2005) - again, a rather short and documentary film, same as Lobo. I remember both laughing and crying at this one.

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tagged by @the-kings-of-games

thank you!! there’s nothing I love more than the opportunity to self promote :3c

oh um be sure to read the tags, I’ve only outlined these fics but assume the worst

I tag @entamewitchlulu @seasaltmemories @comeandbyteme @timahina @yozakuun anyone else who wants the opportunity to flex and/or have a humble brag

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Handwriting Tag Game

Tagged by @ninemagicks! Thank you, you’re the coolest!! 💜


  1. Write letters A-Z in upper and lower case and numbers 0-9
  2. Write your URL
  3. Write the sentence “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”
  4. Write a quote or song lyric
  5. Tag some people and write their URLs

Tagging @bi-bliotaph | @moonsappho | @galwaygremlin | @toomanykings if you want to do it! ✨

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I was tagged by my friend @ghostlyfrog​ to post the last four albums I listened to!!

1. Awaken, My Love! - Childish Gambino

2. Ta-Dah - Scissor Sisters

3. Wasteland Baby! - Hozier

4. enigma - Monkey Majik

I tag: @kubophobic@withanina@adharraa@nothin2c@hidetaka-miyazaki​ but no pressure to do it!

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was tagged by @kubophobic (thanks again lis!) 13 songs i’ve been listening to lately🎵 (in no particular order; also i have not been listening to a lot of new stuff lately and it shows LOL):

1. redbone (childish gambino)

2. if these walls could talk (kendrick lamar)

3. almost - sweet music (hozier)

4. eden (monkey majik)

5. waterfalls (tlc)

6. evil eye (franz ferdinand)

7. strobelite (gorillaz)

8. love together (nona reeves)

9. brand new story (generations from exile tribe)

10. 100 years (five for fighting)

11. won’t go home without you (maroon 5)

12. otherside (red hot chili peppers)

13. resistance (muse)

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tagged by @feelsallovertheplace​ to make myself using this picrew which is beautifully done wow


i umbrella tag anyone who wants to do it :)

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