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#tag yourself meme
bisexualchucky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I made one of these for hot girls who like horror sorry it’s so crowded but also yw❣️ I’m 2e4 or 2e3 I think but idk tell me
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provigilpowered · a month ago
Tumblr media
tag yourself: provie's very specific safe foods edition
also, make your own versions!! I love to see it
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soleilsuhh · 3 months ago
✦ ࣪ . 🖇 (types of people as some of my favorite txt songs) ࣪ა
ghosting: feeling nostalgia as you're living in the moment, climbing on the rooftop to gaze at the moon and the stars, 'look at the sky' type of person, soft voice, soulful eyes that remind you of distant dreams, the gentle knowing smile of a childhood friend that you've known forever, sharing earphones to listen to music together, feather-light touches and subtle gazes.
9 and three quarters (run away): these people will cry with you when you're sad and then make you laugh through tears. wise yet feels a little lost in life sometimes. bullet journals filled with scribbles of thoughts and dreams. an extrovert. rebellious. untied shoe laces. texts you 'let's go on an adventure' at an ungodly hour then takes you to the nearest grocery store.
fairy of shampoo: soft smile and an even softer heart, talking in whispers with a loved one under the blankets in the dead of the night when everyone else is asleep, their hair carries flowers and sweetness in the wind, smiles and blushes at the smallest acts of affection, poetic literature, room that is decorated with fairy lights and comfy cushions on the floor, something about them makes you feel a little more hopeful and a little more in love with the world.
blue hour: their presence reminds you of sunsets, sunny days at the beach under the blue skies and witnessing an even bluer ocean, candid photos of loved ones, engraving your name and theirs on the tree trunk, laughing during awkward moments, "i don't want this moment to end", sentimental, distinct fashion sense, bright eyes filled with almost childlike wonder, to be around these people is to feel excited to be alive.
what if i had been that PUMA: passion that burns as fiercely as the forest fire and heart as warm as a hearth, competitive but then lets you win at the last minute just to fondly watch you rub it in their face, calm chaotic energy, restless, "so many things to do, so little time," exploring new cities with anticipation, makes you question everything in the universe with a most wonderful sense of doubt.
anti-romantic: sarcastic humour and a guarded exterior that masks a hopeless romantic, sudden and intense moments of loneliness at 2 a.m, cold expressions yet melts in your arm when you hold them, oversized sweaters, makes you playlists because they can't find the right words to convey their feelings, staying in a cafe past dark, people watching, rainstorms pounding on the window.
0X1 = LOVESONG (i know i love you): worn-out tees and ripped jeans, messy room, loves too hard and gets hurt in the process but would still do it all over again, wears their heart on their sleeves, unapologetically themselves, a little naive but strong-hearted, protective, nicknames and inside jokes, road-trips with best-friends, lazy laughter and a crooked smile, staying up late talking to someone and realizing it's already morning only when the hazy sunlight peeks through the blinds at dawn.
not exactly my usual kind of content but i couldn’t stop thinking about it so i had to write it :3
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shitty-old-guard-deaths · 6 months ago
In honour of seeing Danny Lavery’s classic Things Women in Literature Have Died From circulating again, please accept these causes of death:
Andy: Pony exhaustion
Quynh: Ship infidelity
Lykon: Flirting headaches
Joe: Beautiful chestnut hair
Nicky: Going outside at night in Italy
Booker: The Unpleasantness
Nile: Night brain
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auti-things · a year ago
Tumblr media
I made a thing
(Feel free to repost to other social media sites/apps. Just leave my credit in the picture. Thx)
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literalliterature · 9 months ago
ok fine I can't resist making a hyperspecific joke DNI post so DNI if you:
actively enjoy zucchini, are or have ever been a horse girl, are bad at using chopsticks, have a hyphenated URL, own or plan to own reptiles, use the yellow heart emoji, have ever made a joke about the Great Schism of 1378, enjoyed any of the books you read in your sophomore year of high school, don't acknowledge out of touch Thursday, have a carrd, have naturally straight hair, say 'tennis shoes' instead of 'sneakers,' have ever drawn warrior cats fanart, voluntarily drink Dr. Pepper, sing along to the chorus of 'Sweet Caroline' but don't know the verses, have more than 6 tabs open on your phone right now, joined tumblr after 2016, have a favorite ice cream flavor other than coffee, own succulents, don't watch Four Weddings, have ever gone to a movie theater by yourself, have a name that starts with a vowel, don't know who Rene Descartes is, hate cold weather, use bitmojis, own a blue shirt, or have ever scrolled past a photo of a frog
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foxshroom · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Which frog are you? I'm Charles and Chad.
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so1987 · 6 months ago
types of girls as: Bath and Body Works scents
warm vanilla sugar: sugar cookies, pearl earrings, barre classes, french manicure, braided hair, light pink sweaters, teddy bears, carrying a blanket around, petting your dog on your lap
sweet pea: overgrown gardens, friend to bugs, sun brewed sweet tea, fresh salad, mint green, shy but confident, summer evenings, ruffled dress, butterfly clips, hair tendrils
watermelon lemonade: pool days, loud music, cool breeze, tanned skin, beach movie nights on a projector screen, neon pink, loom bracelets, the boardwalk, feather accessories, big sunglasses
in the stars: rose gold, glow in the dark ceiling stars, carousel at night, metallic eyeliner, astronomy, baths in showers, writing in a journal
fresh sparkling snow: snow angels, bubble baths, white fuzzy sweaters, makeup glitter, art projects, knitting with shimmer yarn
a thousand wishes: wishing on stars, rose gold, sunsets, butterfly gardens, tulips, gold glitter, infinity, summer days that seem endless, birthday cake
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bitzymouse · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tag yourself, I’m Rookie and Skip
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