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healthy-honeybee22 · a day ago
Tumblr media
@socalledmixtapelife tagged me to sds thank you 🙂 what can I say? It's been a day! I had the most amazing day in Manchester.. but equally Joshua dropped off Poppy + Ethan home, which makes me so happy 🥰 but I also have seen my ex fiance so that kinda sucks 💔
Too sleepy to think of names to tag, so anyone who sees this and wants to do a selfie, post away ◇
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soldmysoultobpretty · a day ago
Tumblr media
Not feeling that well so I skipped the gym, instead spent the day laying in bed gathering more meal prep recipes, and realizing just how lonely I am 😂. Like I miss all the innocent shit that comes with a relationship like cooking for one another or lounging around watching shows.
Oh well, tomorrow is chest/back day, at least weights will always be there for me 🥰.
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massappeal-xx121 · a day ago
Tag people you want to catch up with or get to know better.
Tagged for this by @zombearzilla thanks man 🤙.
Last Song:
Last Movie: Malignant.
Currently Watching: Alone.
Currently Reading: The 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading.
Tagging: @deathandhisonlyfriendd @mayfailurebeyournoose @comehitthis @blancaniiiieves @fishtankinsurance @not100purrcentadick @bornvillainous @vulguro @halloween1970 @muddmuttt @puurple-r3ign @deathuc @0fucks2give @a-human-cryptid @spewkyghoul @valley-of-sacrifice @vile-lithium3 @wonderlandstragedy @spacecadetwench @erosredwoods @caseyslappedyouintheface @lothlorien-scum @kokkinokrasi @isolationaroundus @nuclearnocturnal
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zombearzilla · 2 days ago
Tag people you want to catch up with or get to know better!
Thank you so much for thinking of me @ahauntingapparition ☺️
Last Song:
I got recommended Chivalry Is Not Dead by Hiatus Kaiyote by a friend but it's not quite my current vibe. Good though!
Last Movie: I watched Night Watch last night, currently watching Day Watch now.
Currently Watching: I really struggle watching TV series these days, so it's mostly just been old Simpsons with some Archer thrown in atm.
Currently Reading: Mort by Terry Pratchett
I would like to tag @make-a-fist @thatbeardedchef @itstheholls @d-d-zero @happinessflows @liftingweights-and-coffeedates @morbidmacabremin @fictional--character @virtuallyinsane @video-store-clerk @sicksadwap @macabremusings @mad-again @sick-love @sweetlilnectarine @sidewalk-hoochie @lollobendix @raisinbrahms @xlittle-star @splend-42 @bridgesinthesky @spacecadetwench @zombiegg @zombaee @p-o-s-s-e-s-s-e-d-b-y-f-i-r-e @moss-wizard @xfaebae @cosmic-daisy @corkymcdavo @gh-0-st-ly @gift-wrappedsuburbandreams @zestyzombie @zantor @massappeal-xx121 @malevolent-god @ovsilenceandblack @petty-davis @professorbard please!
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holyshit · 8 hours ago
the absolutely lovely @foreverfanficaddict tagged me to do this little louis this-or-that 😳 this is gonna be rough!
Put in bold your preferred song (live version), and then tag 3 people to play!
Best Cover: Through the Dark - Drag Me Down - 7 - Beautiful War - Little Black Dress
i’m just gonna do what others have done and exclude the 1d songs because i don’t truly consider them covers in my heart of hearts, because those would’ve made it impossible, and go with beautiful war! it’s his song now, just beautiful.
Best Acoustic Song: Only The Brave - Perfect Now - Too Young
i love them all, but only the brave is only the brave, what was i supposed to do?
Best Rock Song: Kill My Mind - 7 - Fearless
literally all of them are SO GOOD live so this one’s rough, but kill my mind has a particular energy about it that is unmatched imo. it really is raising our bodies back to life. it’s the perfect encore/closer.
Best Sad Song: Two of Us - Beautiful War - Change
if i saw TOU live i would be openly sobbing. it’s an incredibly beautiful, gut wrenching, special song.
Best "Faith in the Future" Song: We Made It - Just Hold On - Through the Dark - DLIBYH
i love all of these so much, but i have a soft spot for these two.
Best Crowd Interaction: Always You - Defenceless - Fearless - Through the Dark
i agree with others who have said that walls should be an option! but of these, i’m going with AY because of the energy it gives the crowd. such a fun song that i am desperate to jump along to live.
Cover/Live Version That Should Get a Studio Version: Beautiful War - Copyx3 - Fearless - Drag Me Down - 7
i mean, i would die for any of these options, but if i don’t get a studio version of copy i will be enraged 🔪🔪🔪
Song That Should Make It Out of the Setlist:
i think all of the songs have a place, there is nothing i would take out! i refuse to choose!
and i’m obviously gonna tag more than 3 people lol. i’m tagging @jalboyhenthusiast, @ok-ak, @larrys-love-child, @dragmedown, @harrylouis, @person-personified, @inapolaroidpicture, @aliensyndrome, @justalarryblog, @finexbright, @ddeerr, @marrltt, @cnedirecticn, @shelovessunflowers, @ialwaysknewyouwerepunk, @rainbowbeanstyles, @peachbootylouis, @sunsmile-lou, @fuckthebrits, @jaanlouis, @aestheticlarrie
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eventually--darling · 5 days ago
men caring about each other in media isnt automatically gay coding shut upppp shutupshutupshutup
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galaxygirlemi420 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was tagged by @crystallizedkiki @starrybong @helianthus-spiritus @yosmokey and @gabbigabriella for a hit! Thanks for the tags, lovelies! 💕
This past week has been extremely rough, money has been tight to save up enough for the fun things I have planned starting next weekend for the next month or so for my baby's birthday so I can't wait 😇
I'm going to tag @og-lucifers-lettuce @jezzyj @dinedwithwolves @crabbybun @uh-hann @fadedxlover @marvelousremorse @rhapsdyy @ounhime @intheirhonor @smokendorf @smokemygames @zymsworld @zen111shark @nova-ofthe-north @notquitelost @notmysecret @video-store-clerk @jackscannabinoidreceptors @the-original-astr0zombies @battyyy @godshideouscreation @moonlitxngel @sailor-emerald @prettyhighfemme @lesbianstonerprincess and anyone else who wants to join! 😘💙
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qui-02 · 8 months ago
Ok everyone!! With this personality test u can see what is your type and what character u have!
Ok so for the Red it’s the actual personality quizz.
For the blue it’s where you place ur personality type and u get all the characters. (In the search bar)
I have ENTP personality type!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Friends it ur turn: @shrxks @blushhhhhhhhhh @sokka-simp @dukinaxael @iwishiwereheather2007 @dukinaxael @violetarks @miioouu @honeycrystals16 @pookiepoodle @kirika16
and anyone else who wants to join!!
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0100 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
New art of Kuroo and Bokuto from the Haikyuu!! Tokyo Exhibition.
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lattesandlearning · 7 months ago
Picrew tag!
Tumblr media
I’d like to thank the lovely @study-van for tagging me in this adorable picrew tag! These are always so much fun and this one was so cute I couldn’t possibly pass it up.
I’d like to tag: @somuchtostudysolittletime @jeonchemstudy @lantern-academia @tiredcafestudies and anyone else who would like to participate. You can find this picrew here!
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fierydiamond · 3 months ago
Saw this on Twitter and thought I’d bring it over here!
Go to Google Images and search “[your name] plushie”
This is mine!
Tumblr media
I tag @noxiousrainbow @jeanscowboyhat-levisteacup @dreamthieves @cafedanslanuit @jaymihawk @lavenderdaisyhoney @killerbananas @shingekinomyfeelings @hazel1618 + anyone who wants to do it!
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havocmarauder · 2 months ago
Thank you for the tag! @parkotedarasuum 💗💖✨
Tumblr media
Tagging: @kalykat @another-xmen-nerd @lirasan @medickixfanpage @fypedropascal @obi-bae-kenobi @local-legend and anyone else who wants to do it :)
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goldpeachy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
So, the always gorgeous @bvrgundybxtch tag me in a selfie challenge 🤳🏻 so i decide to (almost) embody my url.
I tag: @petricoring, @thisismyreality, @elixsg, @bajoelumbral, @briscropio, @adbenturous, @your-demonic-daddy, @axrxid, @sexy-cute-things-prep-fit-pics, @storminaglass, @piinktarantula, @ectoskeletons, @hoeforcalcium, @meerschaumsailor, @f-foryou, @loverboymc and @galacticfrootboy.
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eventually--darling · 2 months ago
People make such high promises for how you will *feel* as a Christian. Like some people go through their entire lives without feeling god's presence. It isn't a guarantee. Focus on the theology and the truth of our faith, please. Comfort and happiness aren't certain.
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moonlight-prose · 4 months ago
rules: your last words before you die are the 3rd line of the last song you listened to. what are you saying? 
This got lost in my notifs, but thank you for tagging me darling @walt-breslin. Morbid and fun. I like it.
As the misty morning rolls away to die
Tagging: @ezrasarm @themarcusmoreno @starryeyedstories @karasong @keeper0fthestars
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galaxygirlemi420 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Got some new fishnets that I adore! ❤
I was tagged by @gabbigabriella @og-lucifers-lettuce @notmysecret @kdrakk @rhapsdyy @prettyhighfemme @notquitelost @jackscannabinoidreceptors @static-cosmos and @theherblifee to take a hit! Thank you so much for all the tags guys! ❤
Been super busy lately with work and figuring some life stuff out, hoping to be more active again on here😊
I'm going to tag @shoobadawoop @mee-o0ww @shrimpnopopoboy2428 @mermaidaliensunflower @pot0hon3y @crabbybun @helianthus-spiritus @nova-ofthe-north @smokemygames @zymsworld @zen111shark @eminemmademedoit @bre-is-stoned @james-bong-im-ona-mission @jezzyj @darius-says-high @lesbianstonerprincess @malevolx @southside-slyther1n @intheirhonor @stonerchick8130 @wanderingnelipot @daddislilstoner @jezzyj @peoplee-suck @cuddlypenguin66 @fadedxlover @marvelousremorse and anyone else who wants to join! 🎀
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