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#tagged for blacklisting purposes
drfitzmonster · a month ago
if you don't like the way i relate to a fictional character i strongly identify with and the way i process and explore my own personal experiences through them
then you can move along
i will not defend myself to condescending disingenuous strangers who pop up in my inbox to rudely ask about things that are none of your business
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a-dragons-journal · 2 months ago
hey, quick question? why do you think you're a dragon? they're not real. why are you ruining your psyche like this? i cannot believe that perfectly intelligent people like you think you're things that don't exist. i get being uncomfortable in your own skin, but why are you convincing yourself of delusions?
Hey, anon! First off, I want to say that I appreciate your concern and I do kind of understand where you’re coming from. At a glance, it’s pretty easy to get that sort of impression from the otherkin community.
I’ve talked about my reasons for identifying this way a lot on this blog, since the whole purpose of the blog is journaling about it (particularly in this post, though that’s only a summary-overview so some depth is lost in the interest of breadth), but it sums up to this: I experience a lot of things (shifts, supernumerary phantom limbs, instincts, etc.) that, when taken together, make the most sense when viewed through the lens of a draconic identity.
I would point out that I have never suggested that dragons exist physically on this Earth, nor do I believe that now, so I haven’t contradicted the fact of “they’re not real” in the first place.
But then, ideas like justice, right/wrong, love, and numbers aren’t physically “real” either (show me justice, or two - not a symbol representing “two,” not two objects, but two. You can’t do it; they’re metaphysical concepts), and the vast majority of us accept that those things are pretty real and important. So we could get into the importance of metaphysical concepts and how they can deeply, profoundly impact our lives and senses of self - which is really more applicable to a psychological or archetypal explanation for otherkinity than my past life explanation, but is nonetheless a very interesting conversation!
But... I don’t think it would really answer your concerns adequately, mostly because I somehow doubt that if I happened to be a therian - if I identified as something that is physically real on this earth, like a wolf or a rabbit - you would suddenly think my identity any more real and valid than you currently do. Correct me if I’m wrong, of course! But I doubt it. So that would be a rather pointless conversation.
Instead, I’ll focus on what I think is actually the crux of your argument, judging from the rest of your ask - the idea that identifying as nonhuman is somehow inherently harmful.
To that, I would ask: why? What harm does it cause? How exactly is identifying as a dragon “ruining [my] psyche”? I have almost a 4.0 in a rather intense university program and am currently studying for boards. I have an active and healthy social life both online and IRL (well. as much IRL as anyone has a social life IRL right now, but COVID restrictions aside). I have a happy and healthy family life. I don’t experience significant psychological distress or impairment of any kind from my draconity; the closest I really get is occasional homesickness-longing or the mild annoyance of having to control the inappropriate urge to snap my teeth at someone who’s irritating me. How then is it hurting me?
I’d also like to address this last sentence in two parts:
i get being uncomfortable in your own skin, but why are you convincing yourself of delusions?
First: I am not, in fact, uncomfortable in my own skin. I am typically, with rare exception, very comfortable in my skin; I like my body a great deal and while there are traits I’d love to take from my draconic body if I could, by and large this body is a comfortable home for me too. Many otherkin are, but not all of us.
Even for those who are - the funny thing about dysphoria is that the way you treat it isn’t typically by trying to suppress it and pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s typically by doing things to alleviate that dysphoria (within reason) by getting closer to the desired form - whether that be a binder, different clothes, wearing a tail, makeup, asking people to refer to you differently, etc. Many, many otherkin who do experience species dysphoria have spoken out about their experience with trying to suppress and ignore it and how that did far more harm to them than identifying as nonhuman ever did.
Second: a) otherkinity doesn’t fit the qualifications for a delusion, and b) not all delusions are inherently harmful anyway (nor is trying to argue against an actual delusion helpful, in a lot of cases - posts about that by people who actually do experience delusions here, here, and here).
In the end, I call myself “dragon” because it helps me explain my experiences succinctly, find others like me, and understand myself better. I’ve seen no evidence to suggest it causes me (or the vast majority of otherkin) harm in any way. What it has done is help me find a supportive community and some pretty good friends, encourage self-introspection and attempts to understand my own experiences/thoughts/beliefs/identity, encourage healthy skepticism in that self-questioning process, help me find explanations for my nonhuman experiences and advice on how to deal with the more difficult ones, and reassured me I’m not alone in these experiences.
...That got long, but hopefully that addresses your questions and concerns adequately?
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gayboycastiel · 2 months ago
to the anon who sent me that ask requesting i tag bottom!dean content for unknown reasons a couple weeks ago, i hope you had fun today, or sorry you had to see all that. whatever applies.
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geekgirl101 · 2 months ago
twitter. com/ NiaDaCosta/ status / 1360613978230169600
So fun fact. I had to look at this in incognito mode to see that she had replied to McKelvie’s post. Ya’ll did McKelvie block me or mute me or something? Cause I gotta say if he did, I’m flattered. I have nothing against him as a person, I’m just not a fan of his art.
 Though I will admit, that cover of YAv2 #8 was cool. Just a shame the concept didn’t go anywhere beyond the cover. 
Nia said something akin to “I love this run of Young avengers.” I still largely fail to see anything worth loving in this run. But whatever. 
To which McKelvie added, “For various reasons, it wasn't a particularly good period in our lives, but I am proud of the book we managed to produce anyway.” I’m glad he’s proud of the work he did. I would say about 90% of my issues with this run had nothing to do with the art. Most of them had to do with the general quality of writing and characterization. 
So yeah...this does give me pause. But everything I said in the previous ask stands. We don’t know if Nia’s introducing Teddy. This could mean it does or could just mean she’s planning on introducing Noh-Varr into Captain Marvel 2. 
I think odds are we’ll get Teddy in CM but I don’t see how she can ruin Teddy, considering he was arguably the least OOC out of everyone who was OOC. but still. The run didn’t do anything with his story, other than make him a plot device for Loki and David, and Billy. 
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respectful-ramblings · 6 months ago
It’s Election Day and I’m going to do my best to just... not think about it too much. I already voted a while back so I don’t have to go out and do that, and I’m going to go to bed as early as possible tonight and just deal with whatever happens in the morning.
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papika · 8 months ago
how do u guys feel about monster dicks....
i ask this because later i’m going to clean my toys and i’m tempted to post images of them! bc they’re cute! but i’m not sure whether to post them here or on my nsfw blog. 🤔
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sapphireswimming · 9 months ago
sorry for all of the binge blogging recently but finally got under 20k drafts again haha
will probably be critical role heavy for a bit
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forcedconvalescence · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't ever let anyone tell you you deserve that.
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fatalism-and-villainy · 10 months ago
So I get the sense that it’s a notion in certain parts of fandom that Wei Wuxian going off travelling at the end of the show constitutes an unhappy ending for our main characters, or indicates a failure of communication with each other in their desire to be in a relationship, and that Wei Wuxian needs to just get his shit together and realize he should go back to Lan Wangji. But my impression, even from the first time I watched the show, is that WWX’s need to explore for awhile has very little, if anything, to do with LWJ.
I mean, imagine being in WWX’s position. He died - committed suicide - at the absolute lowest point in his life, having renounced his adoptive family, had his chosen community of people slaughtered, and lost everything he had to live for. He was an extremely unhappy person! And then, he got yanked back into the living world, with no memory or awareness of where he was all those years he spent being dead - already deeply disconcerting - and immediately plunged into an investigation that he doesn’t really have a choice but to devote his entire being to. (CQL’s timeline is a bit murky, but my impression is that the post-resurrection plotline takes at least a few months to resolve.) Like... of course he needs time and space to process everything that’s happened to him! Of course he needs an opportunity to just live and experience the world - a world that he needs to become reacquainted with, after being gone for over a decade.
Especially because WWX is someone who copes with his own issues by throwing himself at other problems that need solving and people who need helping, hence why it’s been pointed out by others that running into Wen Qing during his self-destructive, PTSD-ridden binge drinking period post-Sunshot was what pulled him out of his stupor and gave him a purpose again. So I imagine that having a mystery to occupy himself with immediately upon returning to life was a very efficient distraction from his issues! But afterwards, when everything is cleared up, he’s suddenly left unmoored and vulnerable and without a strong sense of who he even is and how he fits into the world now. And yes, he has LWJ to go back to... but he can’t build his entire sense of identity around LWJ, and that relationship can’t be his only source of happiness and fulfillment. And he genuinely seems to like exploring and having new experiences and meeting new people! It’s a good way for him to get a sense of who he is now.
It’s true that WWX has a lot of insecurity and neurosis re: feeling deserving of care and affection, and I’m not claiming that he’s completely resolved those issues (or any of his issues). But I think there’s a lot more trust between him and LWJ, and that he’s considerably more secure in that relationship, by the end of the show. Post-resurrection there are a lot of scenes where he’s a lot more mature in his interactions with LWJ, a lot more capable of grasping LWJ’s boundaries, and a lot better at tempering his teasing with sincerity. So I don’t take his self-discovery journey as the same sort of destructive impulse towards isolation that he displays after his stint in the Burial Mounds. I think it’s a demonstration, rather, of the trust he’s built in LWJ, and in the fact that he doesn’t need to constantly be demanding attention for LWJ to still wait for him and be there for him when he’s ready to come back. And it’s being able to clearly communicate his needs and intentions in a given moment, rather than just shutting the other person out. 
And from LWJ’s perspective - it’s so important that he’s able to let WWX go! LWJ is also incredibly neurotic and also feels that he’s not deserving of love. And he grows up without any models of what healthy relationships look like - his parents’ relationship is the only framework he has, as evidenced by him taking inspiration from that in wanting to hide WWX at Cloud Recesses. But he quickly realizes that that’s not what he wants, and that he doesn’t want to force WWX to do anything. When WWX comes back to life, he takes care of him and gives him gifts not because he’s expecting anything in return, but because he loves him and wants to make him happy and show him kindness when so few people have. But it’s important, I think, for him to be able to spend time apart from WWX, to give him the space he needs, without seeing that as just another sacrifice that he’s making. When he sees WWX off on his self-discovery journey, he’s in a place where he can start to trust that WWX will come back, and that he has massive significance for WWX even when WWX doesn’t have to depend on him for emotional and material support.   
Being able to maintain distance from each other, and maintain their own separate identities and relationship, with each one still having confidence in the strong foundation they’ve built together, is very important to me, and it’s why I’m so defensive of this ending. 
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actuallystimming · a year ago
This is a difficult time. It’s okay to be scared and confused, and it’s okay to be annoyed and frustrated by the disruptions this is causing to your routine. Not being able to do things you always do might feel like a small problem compared to everything else that’s going on, but it’s a real problem that you are experiencing, and can make it much harder to cope with the “bigger” problems. 
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cherryhub · 4 hours ago
hey !! i mean absolutely no harm with this of course and u obvi did not do it on purpose whatsoever. i just wanted to let u know that ur transmisogyny tag is spelt wrong. just trying to make it safer for ppl who blacklist that tag is all and i thought you’d like to as well. have a good day mwah !! 💓💓💓
oh shit i didnt even realize, thank u for letting me know ! i’ll change it
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thejohnlockoutlet · 17 hours ago
Ok, it begins. I’m tired of using my shadowbanned destiel blog. Destiel content incoming to this blog!
It will be tagged #spn and/or #destiel for blacklisting purposes, for my johnlock only babies.
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y0urbestie · a day ago
i. meant to tag that as blood for blacklist purposes but i was right lmao
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ragabond · a day ago
would it be alright to put “religion cw” when we reblog a post of yours about religion? or would you prefer it to be tagged as just “religion” /gq
well i’d prefer if you didn’t blanket tag my posts for blacklist purposes at all, for the reasons stated in prior posts, but if you must tag someone’s post for blacklist just tag them as religion so op doesn’t have to know that yet another person thinks all religions are the same
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ragabond · a day ago
i tag posts about religion not for blacklist but just for categorization purposes (finding it later and etc) is that ok or would you rather i not ? /gq
nah ur fine, it’s the “tw” part that gets me. religion is as i said a vast and varied spectrum but it does of course unite under the umbrella of religion. i’ll expand upon why it’s bad to generalize in the specific instance of trigger warnings in a little bit
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flatstarcarcosa · 2 days ago
quick thing for new followers: i don’t mind minors following me if y’all want but i likely won’t follow back just bc of the age gap. you can still interact and stuff of course! it’s just I’m A Huge Adult And Forget Kids Are Kids Sometimes, so i generally avoid following minors bc of that. on that note, i do have horny posting from time to time but anything turbo horny gets put under a cut and #horney on maine is my tag for it, for your blacklisting purposes. 
secondly, i’m a big ol addict and some of my f/os are too, and i frequently post about that. #drugs tw is the catch all tag for it, and #ask to tag is my catch all for ‘i feel like this might upset people but i don’t know what to tag it with’ type stuff 
but yeah anyway just popping in on my scant hours between shitty work shifts to throw that out there. 
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nilsh13 · 4 days ago
If someone doesn't specifically go through Edelgard's tag they'll find ALL posts that mention her name, positive and negative, since her name is mentioned in the post/tags used (like it'll just pick of the "Edelgard" part of the "Edelgard critical" tag for example, I do believe). So even posts SPECIFICALLY tagged for the purpose of NOT being found by people who'd be put off by it will be found if they hadn't blacklisted the tag specifically (1/2)
In order for an Edelgard post to not pop in the the casual search tag you'd have to censor her name throughout the post to avoid being picked up by the algorhythm (though again, not 100% positive that it also picks up the name in the tags itself, otherwise you'd have to censor her name like Ed*lgard critical as well but don't quote me there). So to answer your question yes Tumblr is that broken lmao. But to be fair, they can just blacklist the tag, Tumblr's been had that feature so yeah (2/2)
That’s all so stupid. Here I thought I was doing my best for my post not to show up for Edelgard fans. I will still use the tag though, then people who do want to see Edelgard critical posts can find me. And as you said if they don’t like it they can blacklist the tag or block me.
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seanotturom · 5 days ago
heads up: there’s some c2e137 stuff in my queue that’ll pop out throughout the week that you might want to blacklist if any of the visuals from last night were uncomfortable for you.
I’ve tagged them all #body horror (and of course they’re also tagged #cr2 spoilers and #c2e137 as is my habit) for filtering purposes!
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blackberreh-art · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
It's a long weekend for me and the wife and I feel like participating in some Discourse™ >:D
so let's fight!
Send me your unpopular opinions - and I’ll tell you if it’s right or not :)
Received asks will be tagged with ‘let’s fight’ for blacklist purposes
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nick-wiseman · 6 days ago
i would like to announce that whenever i tag stuff as marvel dc or star wars i am doing it for blacklist purposes
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