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geopsych · 16 days ago
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From August 2018.
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tarttats · a month ago
"new gay spider-man" like not all spider-men get a little bicurious when they put on the suit, stfu
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atlas-of-galaxies · a year ago
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the chocolate torte of tragedy ending is haunting me
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hisclockworkservants · 6 months ago
So what DOES web martin bun use all his short little legs for?
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Cuddling, of course!
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idk-bruh-20 · 7 days ago
Irondad fic ideas #40
There are a lot of fics where Peter falls asleep on Tony, and that's so cute, but like, what if it's the other way around? What if Tony falls asleep on Peter? It would be nice to see how Peter would react to that.
Bonus details:
Like, maybe Tony completely wears himself out in his lab for days, not letting himself rest, and Peter comes in and sees how exhausted Tony is. He convinces Tony to get some rest, maybe watch a movie, and somehow he ends up falling asleep on Peter.
It could also be after a very exhausting mission. Like, they're going home after a long mission, Happy's driving them to the tower and Tony's just. Exhausted. Maybe it's not just because of the mission. Maybe he overworked himself so hard before the mission and now he's just feeling completely spent.
He's sitting next to Peter and he's fighting not to fall asleep. But he eventually gives up and does fall asleep anyway. Because it's Peter, he's with Peter. He lets his guard down with him and that's okay. He trusts Peter so much that he doesn't mind being completely vulnerable with him.
Long story short, it would be lovely to see Tony falling asleep on Peter and how Peter handles it. It would be adorable.
This fic idea was submitted by @bayzadas !
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ilnes · 9 months ago
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the-named-anon · 11 months ago
Spider ❤️
It took me a while to figure out how to get my camera to focus but I finally did it!!
Isn’t she beautiful?
@onenicebugperday I think you’d like this spider :)
I think it’s a G. cancriformis, because that’s the only one in America apparently? (Also that’s what multiple sources said when I looked it up)
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gammija · a year ago
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[Image ID: A digital drawing of a six-armed Martin hugging Jon. Martin is a fat white man with brown short hair, a patchy beard, wearing a purple sweater with slightly different colored sleeves for his lower arms. He’s smiling with his eyes closed, and has small chalicerae in the corners of his mouth. Jon is a South Asian man with long, black hair with gray streaks and a short beard, wearing a green jacket over black jeans. He also has his eyes closed and is smiling. Small scars dot his skin, as well as an eye on his hand and an eye on his cheek, both looking fondly at Martin’s face. /End ID]
despite being the biggest web!martin advocate, i dont think ive ever drawn a hug x3? this obviously had to be rectified immediately
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fanficmemes · 4 months ago
If anyone spoils it for me I’ll John wick the place 🔫 but I’ve been listening to the magnus archives and it’s fuckin great
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arcadedecay · 4 months ago
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Maybe kinda late and I'm honestly too high to finish this completely lmao but happy 4/20 here's a Stoney and Pinkie that I drew completely blasted off my ass bc I think they're actually in love and they both have transmasc swag in my brain
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miavkin · a year ago
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Yaknow, ive read all the explanation posts, but you cant convince me this wouldn’t break Jon
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awacatin · 9 months ago
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Hey!!!! Here´s my entry for the @pilesofnonsense bingo I did in collaboration with dearest Teo, Klauz, Damaris and Marla!<3 we decided to set the fears in our own countries! I got the Web for the Bingo
Camilita siempre admiró la habilidad con la que su abuela bordaba. El día que murió, le dejó su vestido favorito: un bordado con patrones de arañas, telarañas y encaje.
A pesar de su intensa aracnofobia, no puede evitar ponérselo y admirar lo bien que le queda. Si cada que usa el vestido tiene sueños vividos donde se encuentra atrapada en una enorme telaraña, a punto de ser devorada, seguro son solo cosas que su cabeza se inventa.
ENG (rough translation)
Camilita always admired the skill with which her grandmother embroidered. The day she died, she left her with her favorite dress: an embroidery with cobwebs, spiders and lace.
Despite her phobia towards spiders, she can´t help but wear it and admire how it fits nicely. If every time she wears the dress she ends up having vivid dreams of being caught in a spiderweb and getting almost eaten, it´s surely just things her head makes up.
I tried mixing the Web and mexican embroidery! Got heavily inspired by Mazateco embroidery patterns and designs!
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hhayfever · 6 months ago
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Shippy type stuff for fun heehoo
Vulture/Harry/MJ and Peter/Dagger are complete crackships but I love them so much.
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saintbleeding · 6 months ago
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[Image Description: Image One is Johannes Vermeer’s 1665 oil painting Girl with a Pearl Earring. It depicts a pale young white woman with no visible body hair and blue eyes looking at the viewer over her left shoulder. She is wearing a light-blue-and-yellow headscarf and a greenish-gold garment with a white collar visible beneath. There is a very large pearl earring hanging from her ear. The background is plain and dark.
Image Two is a digital portrait of Annabelle Cane from The Magnus Archives. She is posed in the same way as the girl in image one. She is a young black woman with dark brown eyes. Her hair is dark and short on the back and sides, and longer and bleached various tones of blonde on top. She is wearing a dark purple dress with a Peter Pan style collar. In her ear are a dangling, stylised spiderweb earring, an ear cuff, and a helix piercing with a purple stud. There is a large, jagged hole in the side of her skull through which solid cobweb can be seen. Two small black spiders sit on her exposed skull. The foreground and background are deep purple with translucent spiderweb designs. End ID.]
listen i’m sure annabelle’s avatar powers mean that she could heal the Grievous Head Wound, i’m just also sure it might be helpful for looking cool as fuck all the time.
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ashes-in-a-jar · a year ago
Web: Okay Anabelle we need you to Lure Jon to the pit so he can see the hole in reality and understand his choices.
Anabelle: Yes, good, I know just the way to do it. Kidnap his boyfriend and fill him with spiders and Jon will have to listen to me.
Web:.... Well, actually we don't think that will work. Their relationship is not built for... Spiders to be included. You're going to have to find another way.
Anabelle:....... Are you sure?
Web: Yes.
Anabelle: Positive?
Web: Yes.
Anabelle: Not even, like, three spiders to put in his eyelids and nose?
Web:... No.
Anabelle: One spider on his head, Ratatouille-style?
Web: No.
Anabelle: Ugh fine. What about webs? Tying him up? Will that be problematic for their stupid relationship? Oh! What about me suddenly transforming into a giant Mr. Spider and dangling him over the edge?
Web:.... You could just talk to them. They will listen.
Anabelle: Giant. SPIDER.
Web: *sigh* Go off I guess.
Anabelle: *huge grin* Perfect ::::)
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rosevoliii · 5 months ago
okokok don't know if anyone remembers buuutt,,, that au i thought up a while ago?? Where in the episode Bug Busters what would happen if Leo didn't come back for his bros and Big Mama gained control of the oozesquitoes and mutated a bunch of humans for her battle nexus?? And she forced Raph Donnie and Mikey to fight for her too,,,, but Raph's big brotherness doesn't want his baby bros to fight in that barbaric place so he takes on all the battles on his own????
Yeah um maybe look out for some more of that 👀 Also it's got a name now,,,,,, Caught in the Spider's Web
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homegrownhubris · a month ago
It's spiders o'clock bitches!!!!!!!
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