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fireladybuckley · 2 days ago
seven sentence sunday
It’s been weeks since anyone tagged me in this but I’ve FINALLY been writing again a bit, so I’m gonna do it. <3
Tumblr media
        Buck honestly didn’t know how he got down the stairs;  between the smoke inhalation and the pain from his various wounds, he was dazed and nearly hallucinating, coughing so hard he thought his lungs would explode.  He had stopped briefly at one point to give the woman his wet tea towel, and he struggled on as best as he could as the smoke continued to fill his lungs, threatening to overtake him.
        Yet, somehow, he found himself on the ground floor, the woman still in his arms, her wisened hands desperately clinging to his shoulders.   He staggered outside and into the chaos surrounding the building - fellow tenants everywhere, firetrucks and firefighters swarming around them, the flashing lights making him dizzy as they hit his streaming eyes.  Someone - a medic, he assumed - took the old woman from him, and he gulped in as much fresh air as he could, harsh coughs wracking his body as he attempted to psych himself up, fully intending to go back inside despite the presence of at least a dozen fully geared firefighters.
        “Buck?  Buck! Thank god.”
        Buck suddenly became aware that someone was calling his name through the cacophony of other sounds and he looked around blearily, trying to locate the voice.  A firefighter came running up to him, and he shook his head, trying to tell him that he didn’t need help, despite the fact that the opposite was obvious.
Tumblr media
Not sure who’s been writing lately so I’m not sure who to tag, but if you see this and want to do it, consider yourself tagged by me!! <3  I want to see!
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ashstfu · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i was tagged by @softhe4rted to share the books i wish to read this year <3 !
tagging - @lllinens @chandajaan @willemdafoegf @ihateyourmom @jugn00 @spiltlove @morallyambiguous @twitlonger and anyone who wants to do it !
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takatamashi · a month ago
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top 10 kpop releases of the first half of 2022 ✨ click for full resolution
tagged by @dongkwan and @jaehyukkies
honorable mentions: u by treasure // but you by ikon // love theory by taeyong & wonstein // I want you baby by stayc // nanana by got7 // love me like by omega x // creature by e’last
I must be the last person to do this, so I’ll just tag some mutuals so they can see my picks. @alrightyaphroditie @wabisaba @dreamaze @blahblahblahcollapse @slowrabbitpd @kingleedo @hueningkai
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choiyeonjuns · a month ago
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content creator tag game: before vs after colouring. thank you for tagging me val! @jaeyunsim​ i was waiting to be tagged in this.
honestly i bascially use the same pds file for all my gifs but there are many time when i feel like it doesn’t work for some so i kinda have to change it up a bit. for me i try me best to bring back skintones the best i can but sometimes i suck at it but im trying.. i use selective colors, hue/saturation, curves and lately gradient maps. sometimes if the video itself then i just use a basic and quick pds like my base coloring. 
anyways i feel like everyone has done this already so i wont tag anyone
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thompsonstessa-moved · 9 months ago
thank you @dolcesirena for the tag!
NO CHEATING: You’re starring in a movie with the last person saved in your camera roll and the last song you listened to is the title. Who/what is it?
....fuck. Is it a p*rn movie???? xD
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tagging @lividisuigomiti @userjasontodd @thlrlwalls @ilballodellavitaa @oro-e-diamanti @angelisgf @selenophiliaxx @ginny-lily
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subtlybrilliant · 7 months ago
Thank you @fismoll7secinv and @pretty-dianxia for the tag to show something interesting!
I’ve gotten back into knitting over the past two years, and have had a lot of fun trying different patterns and styles.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is a shawl I made for myself before the Summer Soltice! It reminds me simultaneously of sunbeams and phoenix fire. Figured it would be something cool to share now, since the Winter Solstice is almost upon us! ❄️☀️😊
Tagging @jadedzer0 @hannahpear @surethingjellybean @prideofyunmeng and @intentlydivided if y’all would like to! (No pressure ofc- just something fun!)
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corrodedcoffln · 5 months ago
you can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. put your favourite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs then tag ten people!!
tagged by @glossedchaos thank you my love 💖
1. 20 dollar nose bleed - fall out boy
2. house by the sea - iron & wine
3. good old-fashioned lover boy - queen
4. talk on the street - greta van fleet
5. burning down the house - talking heads
6. rhiannon - fleetwood mac
7. nobody puts baby in the corner - fall out boy
8. no sleep till brooklyn - beastie boys
9. tears of rain - greta van fleet
10. rack of his - fiona apple
i tag: @golden-van-fleet @alwayzthere @tlexx @blackbeargf @justcora @teddiie @garagebandvanfleet @mamavanheat @fosterkidwiththebrokenjaw @s0livagant
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wiha-jun · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tagged by the amazing @eurodynamic 💕💕💕 
rules: from your creations, choose as many gifs as you’d like and do a before and after to show off your coloring and sharpening skills.
ps: thank you @eurodynamic for being so helpful and nice with this <333
tagging: @anthonysperkins @ssoveia @tennant @jackharkness @sci-fi @rob-pattinson @flexwave and whoever reads this and is a gif maker!
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rebel-just-for-ct-6116 · 10 months ago
"When you receive this, list five things that make you happy and send this to the last ten people in your notifications"
Thanks for the tag, @anakinskywalker66! The post was getting quite long so I figured I'd start fresh.
In no particular order:
I’m too shy to tag the last ten people in my notifs, but I’ll try tagging a couple people this time. (I know, actually tagging people? Who am I and what have I done with Sam??) No pressure, of course! - @omiomicron @peerlesssunshine (Sorry if I’m bothering either of you!)
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softpine · 10 months ago
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yearbook challenge 📸
tagged by @tullipfaerie 💖
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forabeatofadrum · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Thank you @martsonmars and @you-remind-me-of-the-babe for the tag, reminding me it’s Sunday. I am here to make up for last Wednesday, when I had nothing to show. I have three things for you today!
First, six sentences from Time After Time/“damn Baz, you live like this?”. It was pretty hard to pick them, since I don’t want to spoil where the story is heading to, but I think these are vague enough:
I tilt my head and raise an eyebrow, silently asking what is going on.
“I love you,” he blurts out. I can’t help it. I start to smile, even though I notice that he doesn’t smile along. In fact, he looks desperate, as if he needs to me to know that he loves me.
The full chapter will go up tomorrow, because I finished it in time! In fact, I have finished writing the fic! I can’t believe it either, because I’ve been stuck on this fic for over a damn year, but I have @facewithoutheart (and Doctor Who season 9 oop) to thank for shoving me in the right direction. I think I also know what to do with the two endings: both. I added an eleventh chapter called [REDACTED] so that I could still sort of post ending no. 2 as a separate thing from ending no. 1! Excited!
And look who’s back, back again? Klaine! I really want to participate in the Klaine Word Scramble, and a random idea came to me. I haven’t written anything else but these six sentences, so I definitely will not post the story according to the schedule, but that is okay:
Blaine is proud of his position within the community. Everyone loves his homemade scented candles. His stand is a staple in the local farmers market. 
But now a new neighbour has opened his own business. Kurt Hummel sells his handmade soaps and all of Blaine’s clients are flocking his stand. Jealousy does not look good on Blaine, but he can’t help it.
Now I just need to find a damn title.
And lastly, my dude MCD (Matt Christopher Davis) has thoughts on Simon:
I take a look at the Chosen One. He has only been part of the World of Mages for a few months, but he’s already gotten himself in a lot of trouble because of this whole Insidious Humdrum shit. He’s constantly missing classes and Miss Possibelf says he’s on missions for the Mage and the Coven.
But honestly, I don’t care. I mean, I care about the Humdrum, because that thing eats magic, but our Chosen One can be the hero who saves the day. The rest of us just lives here, you know?
Tagging @quizasvivamos @blurglesmurfklaine @coffeegleek @esperantoauthor @otherworldsivelivedin @bookish-bogwitch @caramelcoffeeaddict @sillyunicorn @wellbelesbian @artsyunderstudy @bazzybelle @dragoneggo @captain-aralias @ivelovedhimthroughworse @cutestkilla @raenestee @takitalks @urban-sith (Tumblr tried to make me tag undertale for some reason) @facewithoutheart @tea-brigade @thnxforknowingme​ @confused-bi-queer​ @tectonicduck​ (I don’t know if you write, but you always like my damn Baz stuff, so here ya go!)​
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ashstfu · 6 months ago
hello! i was tagged by @dorianslayyy to share some songs i’ve been listening to on repeat lately
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tagging literally anyone who wishes to do it
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13eyond13 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Picrew tagging @puropoly @eyecicles @translightyagami @dillyfirestarter @queen--of--maggots @ponury-grajek @gutsgf @antiblueraspberry and anybody else who wants to
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wonheons · 7 months ago
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top ten fave kpop songs for the second half of 2021! (first half)
1. kiss or death by monsta x, 2. 24/7 by wonho, 3. bad love by key, 4. crush by seventeen, 5. goosebumps by onf, 6. us by jongup, 7. BEcause by dreamcatcher, 8. traveler by btob, 9. you can't sit with us by sunmi, & 10. ride with u by monsta x
ఇ tagged by @nervousnotion & @wongki  💛 tagging @kyunsies & @korimi4!! 💘
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takatamashi · 7 months ago
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top 10 kpop releases of 2021 (click for full res)
tagged by @dongkwan​ and @jaehyukkies​ 💕
text tutorial here
honorable mentions: stay with me - AB6IX  //  chasing love - a.c.e  //  ice - cix  //  rollercoaster - dkb  //  fever - enhypen  //  cool cool - golden child  //  peaches - kai  //  lovers in the night - seori  //  mirage - to1  //  vibin’ - youngjae
I’m very late to this since it took me so long to narrow down my list so I’m sure most people have already done this but tagging @alrightyaphroditie @blahblahblahcollapse @beomkai @xiaojvn @kingleedo @dreamaze @kimyovngjo @yjunies @cherriki @masturbait
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gayeddie · 3 months ago
seven sentence sunday, tagged by @capseycartwright
Eddie counts the ceiling tiles in his office and waits for something, anything to happen. A confused dad trying to figure out how to install a car seat would be a welcomed phone call right now, though a pile-up on the freeway might be more exciting. He never hopes for fire, but he hopes that if there is a fire, someone will let him know. Eddie hates social media, but a Twitter notification would be welcomed.
Twenty-six tiles, he counts. Twenty-six ceiling tiles. Tiles ten through thirteen are water damaged and there’s a section missing from tile nineteen where cables run from the ceiling to the floor. There should be twenty-seven, but one tile broke and still hasn’t been replaced, and he’s unsure if the hole it left behind should be counted in the tally.
He refreshes Twitter. Still no fire.
No fire, no earthquake, no paper jams or heart attacks. It’s a waiting game. Waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for his computer to beep, waiting for midday to strike so he can wander to the break room to grab for his lunch break. Eddie keeps a radio on his desk and waits for the calls to come. He listens to the jumpers, the rear-ends, and electrocutions, but that’s all he can do. Listen. Listen and wait for his turn to say something useful.
Eddie counts the ceiling tiles in his office and this time there’s twenty seven. 
(Last week the 147 successfully resuscitated two cardiac arrest patients.)
He counts again.
(Last night the 133 staged for six hours outside a hostage situation.)
Twenty six. He counts again. 
(This morning the 118 pulled a surfer out of the ocean.)
Twenty five. He counts again.
“Eddie.” He looks down. May interrupts his counting from the doorway, still standing outside but leaning forward into the room, ear piece still attached. “Sue said she wants to talk to you.”
“Good talk or bad talk?”
She shrugs. “Guess you’re about to find out.”
therapy fic my beloved <3 tagging @tawaifeddiediaz @herodiaz @nymika-arts @paranoidbean @rarakiplin @evanbucxley
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autism69 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was tagged by @bbgirlsteve to list 9 of my favourite mooveys, thank you kata!!
It's so difficult to choose these, to be totally fair some of the better stuff didn't make the final list because these ones are just super rewatchable 2 me and that matters!! (batman forever is here in spirit)
okay I tag @i-eat-vinilinum @disaster-vampire @transsexualbloodlust @astrallouis @fightclubmp4 @incarnadineflesh @robinbucks @icealbionne @404-girl it's always morally correct to ignore a tag game :] (if you already did this one pls tell me & I'll go look bc I'm curious)
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