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chippani · 43 minutes ago
Tagg meme thing since @maya-tl tagged me
rules i think: tag 9 people you wanna get to know/ catch up with (imagine remembering 9 people.)
Three ships: uh... i haven't even been thinking about ships in a minute. i'll just leave it at that.
Last song: Cause for Concern by Lovejoy
Last movie: either The Mitchells vs The Machines or The Land Before Time. i don't remember
Currently watching: Several Things yet also Absolutely Nothing. might watch Invincible later or smth. idk i'm tired.
Currently craving: chocolate. Or caramel latte. maybe matcha. maybe just relief from my allergy induced headache will suffice.
Currently reading: Copious amounts of fanfiction. it's a problem. i have like 12 fics i've subbed to this month and only like three of them have updated. (one of them is almost finished tho)
Tagging: (oh gosh do i even know 9 people?) @lisselvolker @blacklynx14 @ravings1 @colorsinfinitefandoms @moveyourshoe @smolgremlinchild and i guess anyone else since i'm not the most social person.
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the-bi-sokka-club · an hour ago
got a cane! looks like chair might be the best option for me and my body but it is helpful as an interim
i do want to buy some stickers for my cane so now is your chance to shamelessly promote any small sticker businesses!!
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casmick-consequences · an hour ago
my GOD Misha can raw me. Not even joking. Those HANDS that FACE that BODY?!?! I envy Vicki for marrying such a perfect man, I honestly wish that were me. But then again Vicki is awesome and beautiful and gorgeous so I can understand it. so hey micki if y'all read this I'm open for poly applications just hmu ❤️ I'm joking no I'm not I am
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unorcadox · 2 hours ago
hey so since it's been brought up a lot as of late on other blogs in the community, i'm going to be phasing out usage of the traumacore tag and replacing it with vent art going forward. already edited today's post but the backlog will be done overnight tonight. thank you for understanding!
edit: i’m also going to uniform all my trigger warning tags as “tw <thing>” so if you need to update your filters please do so!
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unnamedelement · 3 hours ago
When a consistent reviewer randomly drops a super kind and thoughtful review months after you posted a fic, and then ends it with “And I really hope you are well! Since I didn't see you post for some time now.”
Not “why haven’t you updated;” not “are you ever going to finish XYZ?” but, more or less, “Hey, buddy--you okay?”
my heart. 
I didn’t realize how much I needed that today.
And yes, in the big scheme of this world right now, I am well. But it is nice, sometimes, to be remembered. Especially in fandom where so many people just...disappear.
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fanficmaniatic · 3 hours ago
So... I have been doing Homework
Tumblr media
(High key working on the desing and planning of the Sambucky Home... I like to keep things realistic. )
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flamejob · 3 hours ago
congrats on coming out!!!!! fem nb solidarity
yeah!!! thank you <3
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obliviousmelon · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
help this pinterest board description haunts my dreams
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rslashrats · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
a heem heem...
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hairlice · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got bored n colored some manga panels lol
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sege-h · 5 hours ago
-expresses a like for a ship-
“It’s a ship dude, who cares?”
-expresses a dislike for a ship-
“It’s a ship dude, who cares?”
-expresses my distaste with people’s obsession to view romance in any kind of physical touch-
“It’s a ship dude, who cares?”
Right time to assimilate with fandom and provide only neutral opinions while having none of my own, goodbye everyone, I must go to the place where I care strongly about nothing as a person
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mappinglasirena · 7 hours ago
Intro & Masterpost
Welcome One and All to the Mapping La Sirena Project!
If you are a fan of Star Trek: Picard, and you would like to know more about the show’s most prominent starship, this is the place for you. On this blog, I try to collect and analyse any information about La Sirena I can get my hands on. There are (very occasionally) deep dives into different sections of the ship and I endeavour to answer any questions you might have about our favourite Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter.
Tumblr media
Follow me below the cut for the mission statement of this project and an overview of the content so far.
What Am I Doing Here?
This blog has three main modes: Deep Dives into one specific section of La Sirena, general observations and discussions of aspects of the ship that I find interesting or confounding, and answers to questions that people sent in. Below, you can find an overview of the topics I’ve tackled so far, as well as some upcoming deep dives. (I do have a to-do list for which I take suggestions as well.)
Occasionally I’ll reblog some art other people made of Sirena, as well as interesting videos, articles, or general news. Check out the list of tags if you want to have a look at those.
I'm also working on a list of external sources that have proven useful for mapping research and might make for interesting further reading. As soon as that happens, I will link it here.
And now, without further ado: Have fun exploring La Sirena!
Schematics & Floor Plans
Official Set Plans -   Set Plans and Observations from the Ready Room: Away Mission Special -   Stitched Set Plans, Cross Section, and more Designs from the blu-ray featurette Set Me Up
My own attempts at drawing up deck plans and room layouts -   A first attempt at a layout (from before the publication of the official plans) -   Layout of the Captain’s Quarters
Upper Deck
Holodeck -   Where is the Holodeck? -   Why I’m Convinced Picard has Quarters Separate from the Holodeck (I think I mention this in five or six posts but at the end of this one is the clearest version)
Captain’s Quarters -   The Trouble with Locating the Quarters/Ready Room -   A closer Look at the Windows
Lower Deck
Mess Hall Deep Dive
Sickbay Deep Dive -   Pt. 1: Size and Construction -   Pt. 2: Furniture -   Pt. 3: All of the Things (COMING SOON eventually) -   Bothersome Sickbay Support Beams -   A Note on Plants
Stairs to the Bridge
Overall Design and Technological Aspects
A Short Rundown of the Engine Placement and History
The Changing Wing Design and why it Causes Clearance Trouble -   First mentioned here, longer discussion to follow
User Interfaces and Holographic Controls (COMING SOON-ish)
Headcanons and Speculations
What is the Mysterious Space under the Bridge? (second half of the post)
An idea for the unmodified layout of a Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter (submitted by @bellerophonm​)
I insist there must be corridors on the lower deck and one day I’ll get into it but here are some brief mentions
A Couple of Notes
I'm always utterly delighted when someone asks me a question about some aspect of La Sirena, or they send in some interesting observations, theories, or headcanons of their own.
This whole project started because I was looking for a layout or a set of deck plans of the ship to help me figure out the logistics of a story I was writing. I kept rewatching the scenes on Sirena over and over again to find answers to such questions as “Is it possible for a football to roll from the upper deck into the mess hall?” Eventually, I decided it would be a lot easier to just create a collection of screenshots and start drawing up a set of provisional maps myself.
The collection has since grown to just under 1.5k screenshots, an assortment of links to external sources, excerpts from interviews, and one physical model (hooray for Eaglemoss!). I will jump at any excuse to comb through it all to help find answers to whichever question you might have.
And I do mean “whichever question”. There is no such thing as “too pedantic” or “too nit-picky”, or “too obvious” on this blog. Want to know how many steps there are between the mess hall and the bridge? I have the screenshots to figure it out. Wondering where the plants that Agnes waters might be located? I’ve collected evidence and a bunch of headcanons I’d love to share. Feel like there is something eeeeeever so slightly off about the support beams in sickbay? You have a very good eye and I spent an entire weekend obsessing over it. There is no such thing as a stupid or unwelcome question, and if I don’t know the answer, maybe someone else from our little fandom community will be able to jump in and help.
Tv Set vs . Starship
Throughout all of these explorations, it’s important to remember that the set of La Sirena is just that: a tv set. When building a set, there are many constraints of time, budget, and practicality that will force the production team to make decisions that won’t always make sense when mapped onto a “real” starship. Take, for example, the fact that the Captain’s Quarters and the Ready Room were filmed in the same room, just redressed for the occasion.
Whenever these kinds of inconsistencies show up, I have a tendency to look for in-universe explanations first. Speculations and headcanons will always be clearly pointed out and tagged as such, so you know what we can actually tell from canon and can come to your own conclusions.
However, this blog is written partially from a production perspective. Sometimes, my answer to “it doesn’t make sense; why is it this way?” will simply be “for production reasons, this choice was made, in-universe it would probably actually look like this...” There can be great joy in trying to find canon-compliant explanations for even the most flagrant incongruities, but my posts are long enough as it is, so I’m probably going to hand off the more involved explanations to the amazing fanfic- and meta-writers in this fandom ;)
Above all, this blog is a love letter to La Sirena, and all the amazing people responsible for her creation: the designers and productions teams, the set decorators and visual effects artists. Even from a cursory glance you can tell just how much thought and care went into building every aspect of this ship. I hope my little project will be a useful source of information, but more importantly a place where we can all geek out together and share our collective love of La Sirena.
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gaiuswrites · 7 hours ago
PW Oberyn
Tumblr media
The sure-cocked, licentious air fucking radiating off him like steam. His tawny hand running over the bars as he saunters towards you, feline and agile, the dull thrum of the metal rungs lilting through the complex. You’re ensnared there, back pressed into the concrete, pinned by his stare— the heavy brown of it, turning you boneless as Oberyn peers down his nose at you, gleaming into the dark.
Shadows toss themselves long across the floor. The heels of his boots thudding slow and hollow on the tile nearly makes you moan.
“I heard you’ve been misbehaving, little one.”
You can only swallow, gulping down the whimpers that threaten to expose the tight coil spooling deep within your cunt. He rakes his gaze up your body, scorching a trail into your skin and lingers on the supple curves of your breasts, pert through your smock. Oberyn’s lips part, his tongue tracing over the plush mound and your breath hitches— heart beating ugly and frantic against your ribs.
Finally, he crawls his eyes up to meet your own. They’ve gone completely black— pupils blown so wide they completely consume the ambered honey of them; there’s only obsidian there now. You tremble, shifting your hips, desperate for the rough fabric of your pants to catch on your aching clit— to provide you some sort of release, some sort of mercy.
He reaches out to you, ghosting a teasing knuckle over your peaked nipple, before curling the digit into a stray lock of your hair and tugging, jutting your chin up.
“What are we to do about that, hm?” Oberyn purrs, before his other hand palms the damp patch hugging your dripping heat. He grinds his fingers against your clothed pussy and your head sinks back, connecting with the cold wall— the first of many of whines spilling free from your pretty mouth.
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nureyevirl · 7 hours ago
i am so picky about who and what i interact with when it comes to the penumbra fandom because there is so much terrible shit surrounding that podcast (writing and politics) which, like any media, garners a fandom of 1. people who interpret the media critically and understand the apparent flaws with it while still enjoying it (me and most people who i am mutuals with) 2. well meaning people who do not do that and end up regurgitating a lot of bad things w/o realizing and BY FAR the worst is 3. people who think that the things presented are GOOD and they STAND BY THEM (get away from me)
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dramatic-dolphin · 7 hours ago
i think we should stop pretending surgeries aren't traumatic. a surgery is deliberately inflicting a major injury on you that can take months to heal. the idea that it being necessary or even life-saving makes it somehow not traumatic is nonsense. our brain and trauma responses don't work like that
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enixamyram · 8 hours ago
I was actually okay with how watered down the Chunin exams were in Boruto. They weren't perfect but I was fine with the fact that the stakes weren't as high as in Naruto (as in, you didn't need to fear death quite as much). My reason being that I figured the Shinobi finally realized how messed up it was having kids fight in such threatening conditions and putting so much pressure on them.
However that reasoning has gone completely out the window if they're wiling to just let anyone (especially young genin) take on B rank missions... I mean, they don't even give a reason as to why these lower ranked kids are getting such a hard mission. Just, yeah, good luck with it, you're gonna be judged if you fail.
It's just a little thing but it is annoying to me. I mean even Naruto didn't pamper it's main character with as much self importance as Boruto is.
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