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mankai company: cyberpunk

I never asked for this. But that’s just how ideas work, ain’t it? One minute you’re mindlessly going through the daily grind, and the next moment it hits ya like a sucker punch to the gut. Then your mind’s racing, and you think: Why not? Whaddaya have to lose? You’ve rambled your way through semi-coherent flashes of inspiration before. Why should this one be different?

Note: everyone is aged up, oh, let’s say at least five years. Also, long post is long. I’m not joking. The page break is there for a reason.


Mankai Company is a modest-sized corporation specialising in biotechnology and cybernetics. But operating beneath its public face is a semi-covert band of mercs, private eyes, and fixers called Kaga Solutions, fully-equipped to navigate the mean city streets on command. Their founder and CEO, Yukio Tachibana, has recently disappeared; as per his express wishes, the company leadership is transferred to his estranged daughter, Izumi. 

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damn kakyoin really pushed everyone away, including his parents, all his life because he thought they’d never understand him completely and then when he found his group, a bunch of people who could actually see every part of him, he spent a month with them and then died :-/

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Kei Takahashi

This is my OC, Kei Takahashi. He’s a typical teenage boy in Tokyo who love’s to be active and can’t stand not doing anything and staying still, unless he’s reading, watching shows, or playing a video game. He seems like a loud troublemaker at first, but he’s a really nice guy. I’ll be drawing him along with Aria more soon.

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I think the reason why I’m not scared of anything ever is cause I’m so happy, literally anyone could feel like shit even my family hates how happy I am. A demon could come out of my closet ( I sleep with the closet door half open cuz I have way too many jackets ) and I’d just be happy I have a friend aside from my inanimate objects I talk to

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Kenny moved away, “I’m too poor to have kids.”

He was in Mysterion mode now, analyzing her every movement and preparing for her next.

“Why don’t you leave me the fuck alone? Then you wouldn’t have to put up with me.”

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