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This is the first time I’m happy with a tumblr update

Being able to see what someone tagged my posts with right on my activity page??

Hell yes.

love that.

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Meet My OC’s!

Tagged by @nuka-nuke​ - Thank you so much! 💛

I could’ve added more Minutemen, but… eh.

Adam R. Lee - Fallout 4


Age - 41 (251), as of 2287

D.O.B. - June 19th, 2036

From - East Boston, Massachusetts

Height - 5′5″

Family - Edward B. Lee (Father), Daisy E. Lee (Mother), Adrian Lee (Grandfather), Isabelle Lee (Grandmother), Emma Riggs (Aunt), Evelyn Harper (Wife), Archibald Lee (Son) - tragically, they’re all dead

Hair - Bright auburn, graying around the ears. Said to be extremely soft and well kept, if only Adam took his tricorn off more often

Eyes - Steel Blue

Status - General of the Minutemen, and just overall being a kind, helpful soul to the Commonwealth

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17 questions and 17 answers

I was tagged by the bae goddess @lexiespeaks 

Nicknames:Dall-Ace, Pretty Wolf, King Of Aces, Wolf Prince and Tex(only my brother is allowed to call me this and live, ya’ll have been warned)

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5′7

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Last thing I googled: “Kylo Ren in a Slave Boy outfit”. I needed images for… science.

Song stuck in my head: Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus

Number of followers: For whatever reason, 2,189 

Amount of sleep: At least 6-9

Lucky number: 6

Dream job: Historian, Revolutionary or assassin 

Wearing: T shirt and sweat pants :p

Favorite instrument: Drums

Favorite author: Stephen King, George R.R. Martin and Anne Rice

Favorite animal noise: Meow

Random: I have autism and cerebral palsy

Have a recent pic of me:


I tag @laughterovkhaos @branchofcinnamon @yuraimi-lee-bunny @peterdewitt17 @weasley-adoptee @burnt-kloverfield​ @aka-patsy

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twenty questions tag

tagged by: @blackdieldejesus

tagging: @babyyatusabes @cncothoughts

1. what do you prefer being called name-wise?

my name haha. i’m open to nicknames tho

2. when is your birthday?

in january baby #capricorn

3. where do you live?

san diego, ca

4. three things you’re doing right now?

-waiting for the bus

-hoping some weirdo doesn’t try talking to me

-answering these questions

5. four fandoms that have piqued your interest?

recently? none.

6. how has the pandemic been treating you?

2020 as a whole has been real shitty to me tbh

7. a song you can’t stop listening to right now?

Overthinking IT by willow smith

8. recommend a movie?

About Time is a cute movie

9. how old are you?


10. school, university, occupation, other?


11. do you prefer heat or cold?


12. name one fact others may not know about you?

that’s a good question… i’ll have to come back to that

13. are you shy?

nope. sometimes i’m quite but if i am it’s just bc i don’t feel like talking, not because i’m shy

14. preferred pronouns?


15. biggest pet peeve?

when someone isn’t direct (I HATE THAT SO MUCH) or like when they just don’t get to the point fast enough when telling a story/giving directions

16. what is your favorite “dere” type?

don’t know what that is 😬

17. rate your life 1-10, 1 being shitty and 10 being the best it could be:

probs 5/6

18. what’s your main blog?

technically @sihaysol is but i only use it to follow other blogs and like stuff. i don’t post on it

19. list your side blogs and what they’re used for:

this blog which is mostly cnco stuff

@libramoonvibes is an astro focused blog with some aesthetically pleasing posts too

@obsessivenode is just a bunch of memes and spam lol i don’t use it very often but it’s there

20. is there anything people need to know about you before becoming friends?

i’m really bad at texting which is one of the reasons why i’m so bad at maintaining internet friends. also my love is conditional lol so dont be a dick 

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tag nine people you’d like to know better or catch up with

thanks for tagging me @lilwenney @lewisbuchansimp and @behzynga !! yall cuties 

last song i listened to: Flashlight by The Front Bottoms

last movie i watched: Wedding Crashers (im pretty sure)

currently watching: Dark (a german series)

currently reading: (trying to finish it) IT by Stephen King

currently craving: instant noodles

I’m tagging @lil-revenue @inabbs @blueeyedgeorgie @yourlocalaquarius @lewisbuchanisbabienotme @eboys-buchan @damn-behzinga and anyone else who wants to!! 

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