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Bias Tag!

Rules: List 10 biases and then answer the questions below

I was tagged by: @channiesmixtape @squishy-yamdumplings @yangomangos

1. Hyunjin

2. Jisung

3. Chan

4. Felix

5. Mark (GOT7)

6. Baekhyun

7. Ravi

8. Ren (NU’EST)

9. Jaehyo (Block B)

10. Taehyung (V)

Between 1 and 4 who would you rather kiss?

  • Hyunjin💖

Between 2 and 7 who would be your best friend?

  • Jisung! Introverts unite!

Between 5 and 10 who has a better voice?

  • Rude. You’re rude! Taehyung is an angel

Between 1 and 8 who is the funniest?

  • I think they’re both pretty funny. But if I have to choose, then I would say Ren!

Between 6 and 9 who would you date?

  • They’re both my biases, I’d date both! Ughhh Jaehyo. He was my ultimate bias for 4 years straight and then Hyunjin came…

Between 4 and 8 who is the better dancer?

  • Felix!

Between 3 and 5 who would you most likely marry?

  • Y’all is really testing me. Jesus Christ. Chan. I’d marry Chan.

Between 1 and 7 who would you nurse when sick?

  • Ravi! I feel like Hyunjin would be weird about it, trying not to catch my cold and stuff.

Between 6 and 8 who would you vacation with?

  • Baekhyun! I feel like we would have so much fun together.

Tagging: @stay-zen-ni @jisungsjheekies @particularemu @starryseung @lordseochangbin @mrbangchannie

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This is the last line WIP tag thing, and I actually have a WIP that I can do it with!! Thank you to @definitely-not-black-catfor tagging me!!

“Have fun, love.” You felt the bed dip on the opposite side of you as Harrison got up from his side and you turned to face a shirtless Harry, smiling at him.

I tag (If you don’t write, just ignore this. I can’t remember who writes and who doesn’t LMAO) @sebastiansloserclub @sunshine112  @justasmisunderstoodasloki @bisexual-sk8r @devildisguiseasangel​  @bearsbeetsbarnes@justkeepdreaminganddreaming @avenirectioner @writinglionqueen @wheres-mccall  @superrezzy00  @pleasantlyshamelesswizard @parker-holland-osterfield

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i was tagged by @sanderdrisen to post my lockscreen, my main screen, and the last song i’ve listened to - thank uuuu 🥺💛

i’m not tagging anyone because i feel like everyone has done this already fjsjkdkfldl ✌🏻

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Nobody’s tagged me, I’m just very-very bored. :D 

Are you staying home from work/school? Yes, our university closed down in mid-March, so I’ve been doing this online learning thing for 3 weeks now.

If you’re staying home, who’s there with you? My parents.

Do you have pets to keep you company? Sadly, no. Our neighbour has a really sweet puppy tho!

Who do you miss the most? My boyfriend and my flatmates.

When was the last time you left your home? Hah don’t ask me that. Uh… maybe five days ago?

What was the last thing you bought? Food. 

Is quarantine driving you insane or are you finally relaxed? At first it was pretty chill (and it still is), but now it’s getting harder and harder. I mean my motivation is hanging by a thread, and even though I’m an introvert, I’m dying to finally go somewhere, meet someone, do something.

Are you a homebody? Most of the times, yea. I identify as an outgoing introvert tbh.

What movies have you watched recently? Knives Out, Star Wars, Five Feet Apart (this one made my cry tbh)

What shows are you watching? Currently I’m watching Modern Family, Good Girls, Brooklyn 99 and I’m up to date with Westworld, I watch the new episodes religiously every Monday!

An event that you were looking forward to that got cancelled? Our university was supposed to hold az international carnival for us, so there’s that.

What’s the worst thing that you’ve had to cancel? I really wanted to go to Berlin to my cousin in our spring break, but yeah… that never happened.

What’s the best thing you’ve had to cancel? OUR FUCKING POINTLESS PE CLASS!!!! 

Do you have any new hobbies? Not really, I just took up yoga again. But I was just thinking about finding a new hobby. 

What are you out of? Snacks :’( 

What music are you listening to? Glass Animals, twenty-one pilots, some generic tiktok music

What are you reading? Quo Vadis, finally

What are you doing for self-care? I’ve recently developed a more effective skincare routine, so there’s that. I also do yoga once a week.

Are you exercising? Yeah, doing yoga and some fitness blender videos here and there!

How’s your toilet paper supply? Pretty good, my dad keeps everything in check.

Have you made any changes to your hair during quarantine? Oohoho, yes I have. My lovely mother just made ombre hair for me! I was a chicken tho, because I didn’t let her cut it short.

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10 songs i cant stop listening to rn

Thanks for tagging me @ohbabycupcakes!

↠ Crazy — 4Minute

↠ Want You Back — 5 Seconds Of Summer 

↠ Don’t Know What To Do — BLACKPINK 

↠ Where Have You Been (All My Night) — Hey Violet

↠ Where Do I Even Start? — Morgan Taylor Reid

↠ Clarity — Zedd ft. Foxes

↠ Take Me To You  — GOT7 

↠ Love You Like Crazy — Taeyeon 

↠ Airplanes — B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore

↠ Faded —  Alan Walker 

This song list represents my state of mind right now as I’m missing SaifahZon like crazy, when will tomorrow come already so I can watch Why R U Ep11? T_T

l’m tagging: @romanceismycallingcard@kindaanartblog, @wonderfuleternity@i-need-fandoms-in-my-life@meandmystuffs@pfight-s, and everyone else who wants to do it!

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i was tagged by @holytolkien​ <33

the bold ones r the ones i prefer

honey and lemon or milk and sugar | musicals or plays | lemonade or iced tea | strawberries or raspberries | winter or summer | beaches or forests | diners or cafés | unicorns or dragons | gemstones or crystals | hummingbirds or owls | fireworks or sparklers | brunch or happy hour | sweet or sour | rome or amsterdam | classic or modern art | sushi or ramen | sun or moon | polka dots or stripes | macaroons or croissants | glitter or matte | degas or seurat | aquariums or planetariums | road trip or camping trip | colouring books or water color | fairy lights or candles

i tag whoever wants to do it!!

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Name 7 comfort films and tag 7 people!

Thanks for the tag @slavet0thegrind!!

  1. Footloose (The original not the remake!!)
  2. Pure Country
  3. Sweet Home Alabama
  4. Broken Bridges
  5. Walk the Line
  6. Mrs. Doubtfire
  7. Country Strong

I’ll tag: @slashscowboyboots @teller258316 @sinningsixx @eatmyshiftsticky @peter-criss-slut and anyone else who wants to do this!!

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Tag: Music URL

Rules: spell out your URL using song titles then tag others to do the same.

I was tagged by @novemberhush~!

T- The night we met — Lord Huron

H- Hunger of the Pine — alt-J

I- I don’t wanna miss you (Like I do) — Austin Weber

S- So Close — John McLaughlin

I- I say a little prayer — Diana King

S- Shoop — Salt-N-Pepa

N- Never Ever — All Saint

O- Oh no! — Marina and The Diamonds

T- Text Me — DPR live

C- Cavalry — Novo Amor

O- Often — The Weeknd

L- Love and War — Fleurie

E- Einmal um die Welt — Cro

E- Even if it hurts — Sam Tinnesz

N- No Diggity — Blackstreet

Whew, this one was a long one~! Thank you for tagging me✨

I tag @tkandbuck and anyone else who want to do this~! If you don’t want to that’s completely fine✨~!

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