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Y’all I just realized this whole thing is giving Taika so much more time to be creative and come up with more genius tidbits to put into Thor Four: More Thor and that really boosted my will to live

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If i hear one more critique on jojo rabbit saying “taika waititi’s mother was jewish” or “he’s of jewish heritage” i am going to scream he is jewish, he describes himself as a jew just say that ffs

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Tom Hiddleston’s name has just been added to Thor: Love and Thunder cast list!!!!!


**for those who are skeptical about this, google Thor: Love and Thunder cast list. I’m not sure how reliable they are, but they just added Tom’s name to the list xx

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Originally posted by kiwi-taika

Taika Waititi: Movie time

Taika comes back home and you can’t help but smile when you see him. You run into his arms and hug him tightly. He kisses your forehead and says, “I’ve missed you so much.”

You start to cry and he lifts your face up. He says, “I’ve been waiting to see your beautiful face my love.”

He kisses your lips and you kiss him back. You both pull away softly and smile. Taika says, “We’re going to have a date. Now, you go get dressed and we’ll go.”

You wash up and get dressed. Taika is unpacking and he says, “ I’ve brought a gift for you while filming.”

He takes out a beautiful stone necklace and it shimmers. He walks up to you and puts it on your neck. You smile and he kisses your cheek. “You’re never off of my mind my love.”

You say, “I love you.”

He looks up and says, “Never will stop loving you.”

You both finish getting ready and finally walk out together. He escorts you into the car and you both stop at a movie shop. He opens your door and shields you from paparazzi. The store is empty and he says, “We’re going to choose a movie to watch together tonight. It’s your choice of movie.”

You look in shock and you both run through the store laughing together and finally choose a romantic horror movie after goofing off in the store. You both get home and cook together. After you guys finish cooking and eating you both dance to Coldplay- The Scientist. After finishing dancing together you both just stare at one another. You both smile and settle in to gather snacks in the cabinets.Taika puts in the movie and cuddles next to you on the couch. You both jump at jump scares and look at one another in awe when the characters are romantic towards one another. You are both in depth in the movie and eventually finish it.

You both get up and walk to the bedroom. You guys brush your teeth together and finally settle in bed. Taika puts his arm around you as you lay on your side and kisses your neck. He says, “My love??”

You say, “Yes love??”

He says, “In the movie John protected Lianne with everything in his heart. Don’t ever forget. I would fight to keep you alive and risk myself for you. You’re the love of my life. You make all worth it. You’re my heart and my mind. You deserve any risks.”

You cry and turn around to face him. He says, “I mean it all. You’re my wife and I knew ever since the first day we met that you would be worth it all my life Rose.”

You start to cry and he holds you tight. You eventually fall asleep together and the night sky shines brighter than ever. Taika meant it when he said he was coming back and making sure you remember the day. That’s what love brings, no matter how far love is stronger. Taika is the one.

Requested by: @tebya I hope you enjoy!! ❤️✨

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