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I’m sorry I know I’ve hit y’all with two intense bangers today but can we just take a moment and just cherish this photo that I dropped with WTB7?


Whew this is a good find. LOOK AT THAT FACE SHEESH. And those lips…yeah, yeah he could be lookin at me like that and I’m fallin to my knees instantly… “sorry bb let me make it up to you…”

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A/N: WELP. Here we are y’all: numero siete and I really didn’t have a plan with this chapter. I just knew I wanted more drama…and it’s from young Taika’s POV. I think I wrote in the wrong voice for the reader but idc lol this one got away from me a bit…we see a side of young Taika we’ve never seen before…

Relationship: young!Taika Waititi x black!reader

Warnings: heh well smut, cursing, angry aggressive sex, rough sex, crazy emotional draaaammaaaaaa

Tags: @honorarytenenbaum@profoundunknownmoon@ldnbridge@theidleblog@afriendlyblackhottie@fineassvikings@mrtommyshelby


(heh…can you imagine THAT face lookin at you cuz you’re pissin him off? heh…)

I can breathe again. And the air is cleaner and fresher now. With the hard reset that was our breakup and make up, there’s a newer outlook on our relationship. I’m different. She’s different. But different in the best way I don’t know how to explain it. For days I incessantly apologize and treat her like the queen she is in my universe, waiting on her hand and foot and doting on her any moment she sat beside me minding her business. Maybe it was suffocating but she doesn’t complain or roll her eyes…loves to give me this saucy grin though before saying “thank you babe” and pecking me on the cheek. I’ll take it. Sex is different. Gentler. I worship her more. Connect with her on a deeper intimate level. I tenderly stroke her and call out her name, feel her heavy heartbeat against my calloused hand when she’s close to spilling over. “I love you I love you…” I whisper every single time we cum in unison, soaking all her delicate whimpers with my lips while she comes down. Kissing and nestling the apples her cheeks, her almond eyes so affectionately peer into me, feeding me all her admiration. I hold her while she sleeps, watch her eyebrows twitch and frown from whatever is ailing her in her dreams. Sometimes she’s smiling and laughing, shaking her head and snuggling into my chest. Either way, I think she’s dreaming about me, good or bad. When I ask her about it she shoots me a dramatic side eye and chuckles, “mind your business.” I respect all of her wishes. Back attached at the hips and at the lips she practically moved in with me, spending days inside lounging around in my t-shirts and cooking dinner in her underwear. When I couldn’t handle another second of her standing in my kitchen enticing me with her ass cheeks poking out, stretching her legs on her tippy toes, I’d lurk up behind her and pull her panties down for an appetizer. Our lives treading the line of becoming domestic. I think when she felt like it was too committed, she’d go home for a couple of days but send me nudes and video clips of her in bed. Always feigning for her. Always thinking about her.

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Soooo there’s a With the Band 7…and I didn’t think I’d be here with a chapter 7 but I really really love writing about these two and their young love turmoil. But I meant to have another Taika WIP finished before this one. Hmm…maybe I should drop a Taika double feature this weekend/next week…

Seriously chapter 7 came out of nowhere. Ah welp…maybe it’ll never end…🤪🙃

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