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#taiyang xiao long

Ruby: *groaning and sitting down* That’s the last of them…

Qrow: *panting and leaning against his weapon* So… many… grimm…

Jacques: And this is the last of the dust mines I need assistance with.

Ruby: Then that means we can start going-

Jacques: Your team can. I need you to stay here, Miss Rose.

Raven: *glaring* Oh no, we are NOT letting her out of our sight!

Tai: *nodding* She’s our team leader. She gets to come home with us.

Ruby: Jacques, I dont know what exactly it is you want from me, but I’m not interested.

Jacques: *frowning* You cant-

Qrow: Back off bud, she said no.

Jacques: *walking off to the airship* We’ll see about that.

Raven: Let’s find another way back to Beacon. I’m sure another airship will take us around.

Ruby: That’s a good plan.


Summer: *going through a small lockbox* Come on dad… you had to have something…

Yang: *laying back onto her bed* So… you never did tell us about that thing you did.

Summer: *sighing* I said we weren’t-

Blake: You did but… we’re your team. You should be able to trust us. Which reminds me…

Yang: *sitting up as Blake took off her bow* You’re a faunus?

Blake: *nodding* Y-yeah…

Summer: First, I’m offended you’d even hid that from us. And second, why hide that? I know not everywhere is okay with faunus, but you shouldn’t have to hide from us.

Blake: *putting her bow back on* I want people to know me for me. Not because I’m a faunus.

Summer: *pulling an old scroll out of the lock box* I definitely understand that.

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Tai:So…you’re the boy who wants to date my daughter?

Whitley:Yes sir?

Tai:Gotta admit, I never really expected to bring someone home to me. She’s more of a weapons girl, my sweet Ruby.

Whitley:Yeah I’ve noticed. I’m surprised myself. *sweating*

Tai:Hmmm, at least you seem to have humility; but this is my daughter we’re talking about here. What exactly were your expectations on meeting me today?

Whitley:Frankly I’m surprised I’m still on your couch. I really hope you approve of me and like me.

Tai:Give me one good reason why I should consider you part of the family.

Whitley:Well…if I’m being honest….*red* it would mean the world to me. A whole new avenue would open for me. I’d be thrilled. I could finally fill in a part of my life if you accept me.

Tai:All that from having a girlfriend?

Whitley:What? I was talking about having a good father figure.


Whitley:…. you want a hug?

Whitley:*hugs him* Hmmm, this is nice. New even. So this is what that’s like. *sniffling*

Tai:…There there *patting his back*


Ruby:Hey, how was meeting Whitley?

Tai:Wanna help me beat up his dad?


Ruby:Nothing will make me happier.

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This was inspired by a fanmade STRQ picture from RWBY Reddit:


Tai: Ok Team, let’s look good for the photo!

Summer: R-right (Oh my gosh he so close! I can’t believe he is touching me! Did he always looked so well?! Why am I sweating right now? Qrow, Raven help me!)

Raven: I don’t know why, but this camera man irratets me (also why is Tai touching my shoulder, and why does it fell so calming?)

Qrow: (Doesn’t say anything, just wants to look edgy and cool)

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As much as Raven is a shitty mom it would be very kind of her to open a portal to either Qrow/Yang or even Cinder for reinforcements to come help from other parts of the world. If RWBYJNORQP manage to put Amity Tower up and send the message worldwide to let everyone know the showdown in Atlas of course.
We’ve seen her near Tai’s home by the end of V5 so she can cover long distances… Imagine if Tai and Raven had a serious talk during V6 and decided to come help the heroes since Raven’s talk with Yang touched her in some way. Tai could purposely have travelled offscreen to another place (area 1). Raven could then act as a bridge (area 2, with other people too) towards Atlas (area 3). Probably won’t happen but that would be such a nice way to own Salem. “We’re not alone” or something

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i do understand why ruby left, even if it was just the plot being like okay they need to split up so ruby you go now, but the way she left will always leave a sour taste in my mouth. she says nothing to either yang or taiyang, both of which suffer abandonment issues because of past trauma tied to raven & this is legitimately never addressed outside of yang attempting to do the same thing again to tai like. am i meant to be on their side for this? i felt sad for yang when ruby did it to her & then heartbroken for my husband that his ungrateful ass kids just bounced out without a word. smdh.

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“That looks… great…” Tai tried to look encouraging.
“It’s a… good effort…” Summer added, trying not to wince at the mostly charcoal pizza.
“We didn’t set the kitchen on fire this time.” Qrow tried to sound optimistic.
“Really, Qrow and I just shouldn’t cook,” Raven decided, sighing. 

No one disagreed.

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send a rose for a wip excerpt.

we fell in love in october, taiyang & summer w/ ruby centric.

they both knew what was waiting for them in the bathroom, whether summer would come out a ball of pure, exuberant energy or a little more downcast yet saying they could try again. her past few days of vomiting up her breakfast (including once on qrow’s cloak, she’d apologised profusely but the look on his face still said you’re dead to me for all of five minutes) leant towards the first but … well, you never knew.

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Qrow: today we are going to observe some dumbasses in their natural habitat

Taiyang: SON OF A BITCH *camera pans to him*

Qrow: what’s the matter, honey?

Taiyang: See that 8-legged motherfucker there? I went to hit it with my shoe, missed and hit myself on the head.

Qrow: Wild. Let’s go see what the other one’s up to.


Qrow: what’s wrong now, Clover?

Clover: I found a cute cartoon for Zwei and now it’s horrible! The rabbit stuck a fork in a socket and the squirrel blew itself up with a grenade!

Qrow: Clover, that’s Happy Tree Friends. It literally had a warning saying that’s not for children and you’re the biggest kid here. *turns tv off* You’re an adult, it’s not real, who cares?

Yang: MOTHERFUCKING SHITBALLS *camera pans to her*

Qrow: Oh here we go, what’s the matter Yang?

Yang: My pen ran dry so I took the ink tube out and sucked on it now there’s ink in my mouth

Qrow: Yang, you’re 19 years old, why the fuck did you think that was a good idea? Your sister learned that lesson when she was nine!

Yang: *spits blue ink at him*

Qrow: where is Ruby anyway? *hears a crashing sound* oh that’s definitely her fault

Ruby: *camera cuts to her fighting to get out from under the home-made basketball hoop and backboard that has fallen on her* I swear I wasn’t trying to hang off the hoop again!

Qrow: We’ve been over this, that thing is unstable and I told you to get rid of it so I could get you a structurally sound one!

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