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#taiyang xiao long
incorrect-strq-quotes · an hour ago
Qrow: I just don't understand why we got kid's menus.
Taiyang: Does that mean I can have your crayons?
Qrow: No, fuck off.
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naughtyweiss · 11 hours ago
I'm writing a script for a 2-page STRQ comic where Summer keeps the Branwen Twins and Taiyang in check through the power of Chanclas...that are also guns. Would appreciate any suggestions you have.
Qrow: *Out drinking all night*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summer may be the team leader, but she acts more like the team mom.
(Also the Branwen twins have developed PTSD from all the times the got hit by an Aura infused sandal in their bird forms. Its like being hit by a whole ass bullhead! Tai sees Raven and Qrow constantly getting their asses beat and smartly decides to stay on Summer’s good side!)
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drunkscythmaster · 12 hours ago
Year of STRQ: Dilemma
“What’s wrong, Summer?” Qrow asked. She hesitated. “I like both Tai and Raven, but they seem to be into each other. What do I do?” Qrow shrugged. “Choose both?” That… that was an option, wasn’t it? “Do you really think it could work?” He shrugged again. “I think it could.”
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yangscutebutt · 15 hours ago
Taiyang meets Ghira
Taiyang: So looks like our daughters are…
*sheepishly grins, moving his arm up over his shoulder to scratch his head.*
Ghira: Haha! Yea buddy our daughters are!
*with booming pride sends a slap to Taiyangs back that sends him flying into the wall*
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yangscutebutt · 20 hours ago
I just realized that taiyangs semblance hasn’t been given to us yet!
What do you guys think it is? Is it related to yangs or maybe complimented a teammate of his?
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jokerfan99 · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Xiao Long Rose Family Baking Melissa Dono RWBY by canonseeker
There is a criminal lack of Xiao Long Rose Family fanworks..let's change that. Here is a commission I paid Melissa Dono for.…
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drunkscythmaster · a day ago
Year of STRQ: Suspect
“What’s wrong?” Summer asked. Tai was staring at Raven and Qrow. “They’re happy,” he replied. “The edgy, dark twins are happy.” Summer frowned. “Isn’t that a good thing?” “Just think about all of the things that make those two happy,” he replied. “Oh… oh…” “Exactly, something horrible is gonna happen.”
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makiruz · a day ago
This sounds like a shitpost but I mean it:
Is it confirmed that Summer Rose and Taiyang were actually married?
I’m having a conversation with someone who thinks Qrow might be Ruby’s father because they seem to be under the impression that you have to be married to have a baby (and have dated before getting married and wait a certain period of time after marriage to have a baby). So it kinda led me to make the argument that Tai and Summer might not even be married at all, and now I’m taking it more seriously than I should because I’m seriously wondering if they were actually married.
I know Tai and Raven were married (surprisingly), but Summer and Tai? (wouldn’t it be funny if Raven actually married Taiyang, but Summer didn’t?)
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gorillageek27 · a day ago
Yang: its like my dad always says
Jaune: what did he say?
Yang: "YANG! STOP HOGGMING ALL THE HOT WATER!" he said that, but i knew what he really meant
Jaune: hmm
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yangscutebutt · a day ago
Qrow is gay for taiyang.
I have this head cannon about Qrow. Obviously he loved Clover and they had their time but if qrow is gay it’s possible he also liked Taiyang. But we know tai had his eyes on two other targets. So Qrow loved his teammate from afar, and therefore disliking his sister, raven in the process. Especially infuriating Qrow when Raven left Tai and baby Yang. Qrow stepped up for Yang and Ruby as children, not only because tai was an incompetent newly single dad of two, but because he loves him. This also speaks to why Qrow is an alcoholic. To hide from his pain but to also push away the emotions he has for Tai.
Within this same theory, as they were all young teammates, Qrow was gaining feelings for Taiyang. His semblance being bad luck held him and his teammates back. Tai would poke fun at him for it, so Qrow grew to become insecure about himself, holding tai high in his heart.
HC brainstorm help: thank you @witches-and-wyvrens
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hadesisqueer · a day ago
Taiyang: It's 45º out here, why are you wearing black?!
Qrow: People who stop wearing black just because it's hot are weak.
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strqyr · a day ago
i'm probably reading wayyy to much into this, but i'm seriously starting to think that raven left before she knew she was pregnant, or at the very least definitely before yang was born.
and it all comes down to the phrasing of this line:
"[...] and that she'd left me with him right after i was born. no one had seen her since."
i don't know how to really explain it properly, so here's a comparison:
"raven left yang with tai right after yang was born" vs. "raven left right after yang was born".
like, in the former, there's an implication that tai wasn't around when yang was born. that raven had to leave yang with him first.
there's also qrow's "she's not coming, tai" when he's delirious from the poisoning and is being carried by ruby and jaune (who would, in his state, look like summer and tai), which could also relate to this.
if raven came back to leave yang with tai, she could have done so via qrow if she didn't actually want to meet tai at the time. and when qrow brings yang to tai, tai would ask about raven's whereabouts, and qrow would answer with "she's not coming".
again, probably overthinking this, but i can't help it; the phrasing of that line just stands out to me too much.
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antman-56 · a day ago
Taiyang (over a walkie talkie) :How much longer Rae?
Raven: Another minute. And why am I doing this?
Taiyang: We need to delete that photo those photos of us.
Raven (shuddering) : We agreed it never happened!
Taiyang : Look I don’t know how long Qrow can keep Port bus?
Raven : We have Summer still?
Taiyang : No she’s distracting Glynda. So hurry!!
Raven : 20 seconds left.
??? : For what miss Branwen?
Taiyang : RAE! RAE! RAEEEEEE!!!!!
Raven : Barty!! Didn’t expect to see you here?
Oobleck : I live here.
(both stare in akward silence)
Oobleck : Photos of you and Tai at Larping festival and you being a total fan girl. Their under James bed and his password to enter his gallery is 123456.
Raven (confused) : Why are you helping me?
Oobleck (dark and sinister) : He cut off my coffee. (leaves)
Raven (brings walkie talkie to her smiling face) : I got the photos and a potential ally for revenge.
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templeofdepravity · 2 days ago
Any fluff ideas for TaiyangXSummer from RWBY?
Summer had really liked Tai, all the way from the start. But she was also someone who just couldn't spit it out, and unfortunately let Raven get a beat. She didn't stop supporting them because of how important they were to her.
When Raven ended up leaving Tai, before she went back to comfort him Summer went out of her way and beat Raven in combat, in front of all her tribe.
Tai found he was far happier with Summer, and did whatever he could to make her feel like she was loved. He refused to let her feel like she was a second fiddle.
Going off of Temp headcanon's now!
She won't be dead, I like the idea that she was smart enough not to go through with whatever suicide plan on Salem failed. Because of this they got to raise their precious daughters together. Yang doesn't have mommy issues because her real mom was there all along.
Taiyang is actually domestic, he is good at cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids. Summer isn't so much! But she tries her best, she however is a champion sweet maker, something Ruby and Yang pick up from her.
Tai is officially divorced from Raven at this point. Summer is his only wife, and he's genuinely happy to have her by her side.
Qrow isn't allowed to drink, and honestly he's really happy about it. He's shown so much affection from his surrogate family that he doesn't feel like his semblance is as bad as it used to be, if all his hardships lead him here.
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antman-56 · 2 days ago
Cashier (ringing out a nerf gun and bullets) : Little one’s birthday?
Taiyang (remembering seeing Summer, Qrow, and Raven with nerf guns earlier that day, laughing and pretending to shot someone) : Yeah. For the little one.
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gorillageek27 · 2 days ago
A morning in the Xiao Long house.
Tai pouring coffee into a mug. "Yang finish you pancakes. Ruby elbows of your Uncle." Qrow is sprawled over the table in the middle of a hangover. "Hey where's the orange juice?" "Arf (Over there by the crotch)"
Family guy
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ironpines · 3 days ago
Alright but you cant convince me that when Tai sees his kids again he wont rip them a new one. He will give the mother of all lectures. "Oh sure you saved the world in the process of getting how many people killed? You caused fear and panic like cinder did."
god i wish this would happen but knowing mkek & how easy they had qrow bend the knee ... sobs
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drunkscythmaster · 3 days ago
Year of STRQ: Housewife
“Did you track mud across my clean floors?” Tai asked, frowning at Qrow. “I’m not mad, just disappointed.” “Shit, that was almost as good as when Summer does it,” Qrow said. “Practising for when the baby gets here?” He blushed. “Thank you. But seriously, I just cleaned. Get a broom.”
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ironpines · 3 days ago
Tai X Cinder. Cinder's ultimate revenge, rather than killing the girl, she F*&%$ her papa. Ruby can nuke her ass with them eyes as much as she wants afterwords but it will not take that victory away from Cinder. Alternatively Things get a bit too real and plan works a bit too well and she now finds herself getting all domestic with the man and actually enjoying it. This ship ask just became a prompt, sorry. Ruby and Yang are HEATED but dads happy so they can't just roll up and fold Cinder.
omg i am wheezing. this is some sitcom shit & i would adore it in an au, kind of campy / self aware fic lmaooo. cinder literally like i fucked your dad, shit lips.
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antman-56 · 3 days ago
"Y'know you'll look more beautiful if you smiled more."
Summer : *Pulls down hood to hide face*
Raven : And you with a foot in your ass! (flips them off)
Qrow : *Looks kind of confused and bothered*
Taiyang : *Finger guns* Not as beautiful as yours.
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