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“Huh?” Hawks looked up to see Miruko’s eyes boring into him. 

“Bring your feathers back.”

Hawks chuckled, picking up his fork and taking a bite of his spaghetti. Internally, he scolded himself for concentrating too much on his wings. “What are you talking about? They are.”

“Oh, then I suppose you can explain why an eighty year-old woman is flying?” Rumi pointed out of the window. Three blocks away, there was some commotion, and Hawks’ feathers were zipping through the air.

Hawks cursed. “Right. Your insanely good eyesight.” Miruko allowed herself a smug smile.  “Fine, just let me put her down first.” 

After a couple of seconds, Hawks took another bite, as a dozen of feathers flew through the air vents of the restaurant, to the shock of surrounding patrons and staff, and into his wings. “There, you happy?” He murmured, a note of aggression in his tone. 

Rumi’s smile faded. “You don’t need to always be on duty, Keigo.”

“Yeah, but it was a villain attack.”

“A group of small-timers, and Deku was already kicking their asses and saving the people. You helped just…this much.” She held up a half-bitten meatball. 

“I’m sure Deku appreciates the help,” Hawks said. 

“No. I know Deku wants you to relax instead, especially since you’re still recovering.” She gestured at his wings, which were significantly smaller compared to six months ago. Dabi’s damage had been permanent. 

She continued, “And I’d like it if you focused on our date rather than being a hero.” 

“Seems a bit selfish, doesn’t it?” Keigo said quietly. 

“No, it’s not about me. It’s the fact that you’re not letting go. You’re overworked, Keigo, that’s why I brought you out – to relax.” Rumi reached across the table to hold his hand. Her metallic hand felt cool, but the warmth of the gesture made his heart thump against his chest. 

“I – I can’t.” A lump formed in his throat. “Not now. Not when society’s on the brink of collapse. Look around, Rumi. This nice restaurant – it looks so peaceful, so tranquil. But look again, and…”

His voice lowered. “You’ll see the uneasiness on everyone’s face, the fear in their hearts. They’re wondering when Shigaraki’s reappearing, when things can go back to normal. They want to feel safe. I want them to feel safe.” 

“You did everything you could, Keigo, and more.” Miruko said. “I know what you want, but they want you to be happy too.”

“Do they?” Hawks looked down, his cold spaghetti forgotten. “At the end of the day, they don’t care if it’s the Number 2 or the Number 200 hero saving them, they just want to go about their day with no interruption. I just so happen to be able to do it more efficiently, and I hide all the chaos better so they can be happy.”

“It’s…” Miruko struggled for the words. 

“Fine.” Hawks finished. “You don’t have to argue.”

A silence overwhelmed the table. Hawks muttered, “I’m sorry. I ruined this, didn’t I?”

Miruko let out a humourless chuckle. “No, Keigo, come on. I just wish…I wish you knew that you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your back isn’t big enough, even if you say it is.”

“I never did.”

“Not to the public.” 

Hawks had no reply, so she kept going. “And yeah, you signed up for this when you became a hero. But you don’t owe this world a thing.”

“I do now, after Jakku.” Takami immediately regretted mentioning the event. Her expression mellowed like a tomato under the sun. Her two ears went rigid before flopping down. 

“That was my fault, Keigo.”

“No, no, you…” Hawks caressed her metal arm. “You did everything you could too, and definitely…definitely more than you had to.”

“My life.” Was all she said. “I didn’t give that. Because I was selfish.”

“For wanting to live? Come on, Rumi. Don’t do this.” 

“I was selfish. I didn’t want to die. I –” Her voice broke. “I needed to see you, at least one last time. I didn’t want to go then. And maybe…if I’d given it my all…”

“I wouldn’t be able to handle it,” Keigo said. “I wanted to see you too.”

“Looks like we all want our own things in life.” Rumi pointed out, and Takami slowly smiled. Guess he did. 

“Thanks, I’ll try to remember that. Let’s enjoy the date, okay? No more work talk.” Keigo kissed her hand. 

“I’d love that, “ She said with a wide grin, her ears perking back up. 


Idea’s been sort of on my mind for last couple of weeks when Hori posted that sketch, so here you go. I think I’ve been doing too much hurt/comfort.

Dialogue’s a bit choppy I feel. I like the idea, but not necessarily the execution. Might give it an edit before I upload it to AO3.  

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Not A Kid


part 7 - i ain’t no foreigner



✯ pairing: hawks x reader

✯ genre: enemies-to-lovers au. expect crack

✯ summary: celeste, also known as y/l/n y/n, is the youngest pro hero to be in the top 10, at the young age of 19 she is occupying the #5 spot. she is also known for having a strong dislike for the #2 hero, who responds by irritating her even further, but what even caused her to hate him in the first place?

✯ a/n:everything’s about to get MESSIER and i honestly don’t know how hawks is gonna redeem himself also can u guys start messaging me or going to my inbox to be added to the taglist!! i’m getting confused now 🥺👉👈


@nerdynstoned @aesthcss @myheroheacanons @kpopfan-cpop @breaking-ur-kneecaps @kukiisan @thechloethings @food8me @kittyddandnyla @imuziawi @hawksexual @iwaizumi-chan @procrastinationinawriter @bigatomicenergy @x-a-delama-x @thenerdyrebel @wisteriaa-js @princessmidas @roxybefab @d-2seoks @wasting-away-on-the-internet @mylovelyreblogs @monviemoo @udontneedtokno @thedamjokes @syzygymai @joeigiarts @kageyamauwu1 @importantknightalienneck @last-three-braincells @chaelysian @dumbepiphany @ksyy @chrisrue15 @simixchan @yourlocalkpopandanimenerd @coconutabs @rejectsleep @kuroosleftfoot @fern-writes-ig @icy-hot @adriloen

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