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#takao scenarios

[Midorima x Reader]


Word Count: 8840

Warning: attempted angst, death

Note: This is my first time writing angst, oh dear. Even after years of bawling over other people’s works, I still have no solid idea on how to create heart-wrenching writing. Here goes though.

»»————— ☼ —————««

“I’m really excited!”

“Ne, ne, I honestly can’t wait to bloom…”

“What kind of flowers would my body grow do you think?…”

You only drone out the incessant bustlings of chattering from your classmates as special health education class ended as you sat there patiently waiting for the next teacher to walk into class to start the next period.

Next is… ah, math…

You sigh, heaving out the bulky textbook out of your bag and drop it on the desk with a thump, making a few students flinch at the near proximity. You lay your elbow on the hardcover, allowing your thoughts to drift away as your fingers gently thrum. This teacher, you knew, was the type to start class unceremoniously late.

It was boring. Everyone already knew about the stage of blooming. It had been incanted incessantly to you by adults around you ever since grade school. Yet, Shūtōku high was one of the many high schools that still insisted in “teaching” the basic knowledge of what’s to come soon.

Maybe these classes don’t teach, but rather, serve as a reminder of the inevitable that all growing teenagers will face sooner or later: blooming.

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A/N: Hi, Clover! I love this awwwww lol. I hope you like it:


The GENERATION OF MIRACLES with a S/O who sleeps like they’re on crack ⚠️ 💤😴




Originally posted by daitsuu

  • omg Kuroko is literally the sweetest when you’re starfishing in bed
  • He literally wakes up every single time your hand smacks his ear, or your foot hits his cheek, then places it back next to you…. being sure to kiss your arm, cheek, hand, or shin silently (whatever limb is flailing) 🥺
  • One night he is sleeping on his stomach but wakes up because you are literally sleeping and using his tush 🍑 as your pillow, so Kuroko moves you yet again but kisses your temple this time gently
  • Once he kisses your head your dreams change from nightmares to sweet scenes and you snuggle in close to your ghost boy, starfishing no more



Originally posted by katarinafi

  • let’s be honest, mans would be very worried about his precious s/o if he kept waking up to find you sleeping on the floor
  • He’s so used to everything in his household being prim and proper he literally thinks this is massive
  • He’s afraid you’ll injure yourself one day.
  • So he orders his mansion staff to hire a live-in Sleep Lab Technician to monitor what you do at night and how to fix it
  • When the footage is available, Akashi gets you to sit on his lap as you two watch the footage together and laugh about it!
  • He kisses your cheek and pays for your sleep therapy for months🤣



Originally posted by animescapeart

  • Lmaooo, Aomine starts swearing up a storm when you kick him in the balls during his sleep 🤬
  • You’ve given him a black-eye once when you swung your fist, so now he wears a pillowed helmet with a face mask every time it’s time for bed
  • Although, let it be known that he loves you too much not to kick you out of bed, and he’s too big to fit on the couch or chair :( so he endures it haha
  • Aomine tries to wake you up when you manage to beat him up again but you sleep like the dead so one day he decides to go to the store to buy a dozen pillows, with which he creates a pillow barrier around him for bed-time
  • This works, you beat up the pillows instead of your boyfriend, and everything is well in the world!



Originally posted by elriccs

  • This one might surprise you!
  • Midorima wakes up super early (at like 5am everyday) to check his horoscope at the desk by the bed right…
  • So he is the only member of the GOM to actually witness you in real-time moving around in your sleep like a possessed person
  • His expression is sooooo unimpressed…… but deep down, he finds it so cute and endearing that you do that
  • Midorima would never admit it…. but sometimes when you move to a particularly odd position, he takes a photo of you and stores it, having every secret intention of using it as a pick-me-up before or after his away NBA games when he misses you
  • He asks Takao for help……then he regrets asking Takao for help 😂
  • Your nightly movement is harmless, and he’s out of bed during the hours you start to move the most, so he is okay with it!



Originally posted by daitsuu

  • you warned the man! you warned him twice!
  • he just doesn’t care
  • Like at all……….lmao
  • So that’s why he earned a smack when he still managed to ask you why you didn’t tell him that you move around like that the first time you slept over 🙄
  • Nightly, the purple giant wakes up for midnight snacks.. but for the first time he sees you sleeping with half your body off the bed like a bat
  • He just gets up and puts a pillow under your head so that you’re more comfortable
  • That’s it LOL
  • The next time he wakes up for a midnight snack, you somehow maneuvered overnight so that you were completely on top of him holding his torso like a koala bear holds a tree, disallowing him from going to kitchen to get to his beloved munchies…..
  • If he moves you off him, it would wake you up and he didn’t want that, so….
  • he just sighed and stood up anyway with you still in his arms.. bringing you to the kitchen with him, your body wrapped around him sleeping the entire time
  • You felt like a feather to him
  • Atsushi eats over your shoulder and sits down on the couch nonchalantly just like that with you wrapped around him, as if you were just a t-shirt 💕
  • When Murasakibara realized that you don’t move at all and sleep like a baby in this position, it becomes a permanent way to sleep!

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