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fluff moments w them
Tumblr media
characters: mikey, mitsuya, rindou
summary: randoms comforting moments u spent w these pretty boys <3
genre: fluff!! comforting
Tumblr media
On a rainy day, a strong wind moved the foliages of the trees and the street lights flashed as if they were about to run out, Mikey was heading for your house despite the weather. He had had a sudden need to see you, an unstoppable desire to spend some time with you, but a desire that would never be satisfied by a simple video call. So, without warning, he made his way to your house(he just making sure you were there)
So the doorbell rang and you got up to see who he was.
You never expected to find him, soaked from head to toe, smiling at you while looking at you. Before you told him anything you let him into the house and sent him to the bathroom to take a hot shower before he got seriously ill, then you went to get some clothes for him, luckily you had some of his own that he had left long ago. Finally, you went to the kitchen to put on something hot to drink, and maybe some snacks for him. As soon as he got out of the shower he looked adorable, in his loose white shirt and short black shorts; wet hair and pulled back by (your) headband. The first thing he did was come to you and hug you, he didn't even give you time to ask him why he was there. But in reality, it was not necessary to explain, you held him tightly in that hug and remained like that for many minutes. Until he pulled away, he kissed you on the nose and thanked you.
With Mikey it was not easy to communicate, but those moments just the two of you were something special. He never explained the reason for visiting him, there was no need. You spent the afternoon together trying all kinds of face masks, and you probably fell asleep together after dinner.
Rindou loved those glasses that he wore, rounded, thin, and not very heavy; he always carried them with him, sometimes happens to find him asleep somewhere still wearing them, and you had to take them off and put them in their case. Until, one day, he came in front of your house, without wearing them and with a distinctly stunning attitude. He didn't say a word but pulled his precious glasses out of their case: they were broken, with irreparable damage. Rindou explained that he had only reached your house thanks to his memory and that he sadly had broken the glasses by mistake... At that moment, you noticed that he wasn't looking you in the eyes as usual of him, and immediately you understood that he wasn't seeing anything. You asked him about it, and he nodded almost embarrassed.
Indirectly, he was begging you to accompany him to get some new glasses, as he didn't have any in reserve, not having foreseen that those might break one day. Still surprised about how he got to your house, you agreed to accompany him for a new pair. You took him by the hand, and he hesitantly accepted.
All the way he would complain and at times he would always apologize indirectly to you. After about ten minutes, in which not even for a second he let go of your hand, you arrived at the optician. Several times on the way forward Rindou had slowed his pace, but as soon as he felt that you too were stopping and reassured him that you would not let him crash into something or fall, he would start walking again.
Sometimes he tried to go faster, unconsciously risking being run over, and every time he was pulled by you. He didn't care about the risk, but he liked feeling worried about him. As soon as you arrived, you explained what had happened to the dealer, and in a short time, several glasses arrived for the boy.
They didn't have the calibrated lens yet, so he couldn't know what he looked like with the models, so you chose it for him. Luckily the glasses were ready in time, but Rindou still preferred not to wear them back without explaining why. So you two went back to your house, and he immediately ran to the bathroom to try on the new frame of the glasses. It was very similar to the first one, but with black borders and a slightly squarer frame. Despite the sadness of breaking up the other pair, he smiled as he saw the one you chose for him. He stood like a doting in front of the mirror for some time. And even after years, he blushes and hides his face every time you compliment him on how good they look.
Helping Mitsuya fix the sewing machines and the workshop room was a habit for you now. After your classes, you usually go to help him with the order, to spend some time with him too. That day, however, Takashi told you the course had been canceled and that you could see each other at your house to spend the evening together.
So, you went to your home and decided to cook something for dinner. It was like a tradition for you two, to find yourself and watch a movie together or just to spend the evenings together. As soon as you closed the oven, you heard the bell ring and went to open it. It was him. Perfectly punctual, he was wearing a large purple sweater and white pants that he fitted perfectly into his outfit.
There was something different, besides the small package he was holding in his hands, he had not yet been able to maintain eye contact with you for more than a few seconds. Before you asked for anything, he walked into the house and complimented the good smell coming out of the kitchen. When you entered the kitchen too, he stood in front of you smiling at you; he took a deep breath and handed you the little package he had brought with you.
It was a small bag, not too big, of a pale yellow and a red bow that closed the package. It was so well-packed that you felt guilty about ruining it, but you were too curious. So you opened it: the first thing you pulled out was a pretty necklace. It was embroidered with lace and had a pendant in the center of the color of your eyes; you looked mesmerized at that splendid accessory that no word would ever be able to explain.
It was so lovely, very detailed, but without looking excessive. Mitsuya anticipated your every reaction, and with a simple "may I?" he took it from your hands and, after you nod, he slowly put it on you.
It looked like a scene from a book, you moving your hair, and him putting his hands gently around your neck for you to wear. His hands were cold and slightly angry at the contact; he chuckled and smiled at you. You looked in his eye and then looked for a mirror to see the necklace. He smiled, as he imagined, it suited you just fine. You turned to him and thanked him, you were so happy for that gorgeous necklace. Just as you were about to put the package away, you noticed a second gift. It was in a small box; there was some beautiful bracelet that was always embroidered like the necklace.
Takashi offered to put that on you, at that moment, the atmosphere became even more magical than before. The vision of him putting you on a bracelet he made transported you to a possible future. Neither of you spoke, however, but you both thought about it, visibly blushing. As soon as he finished putting on that second accessory he smiled, and after a quick kiss you sat down at the table to have dinner. Both with a vague hope that those moments will become more than just a tradition <3
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Tumblr media
Toman's twin dragon
Coloring by me!
tap for better quality!
panel credits : @/uwurmy on twitter
(a/n : the recent chapter really hit hard :'l )
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mitsuya takashi x reader
warnings: none just watch out for cringe-y scenes ack
my first fic on this acct huhu pls tell me how i did and what i should do to improve ><
Tumblr media
imagine. it’s your school’s prom night next week and everybody is ecstatic with the upcoming event. while you, simply stood along the sidelines listening to all of their excited plans for the big night.
you excused yourself from your friends and approached your homeroom teacher in front.
“ms. i’m sorry but i think i wouldn’t be able to attend the prom,” you looked down in shame, your hand gently massages the nape of your neck as you cant maintain eye contact.
“and may i ask for your reason, ms. l/n?” she looked at you through the thick frame of her glasses.
“financial problems, ms. and uhm... i still have nothing to wear,” you gave her a tight lipped smile as she nodded her head and accepted your reason.
this do not only caught the attention of your friends, but everyone in the classroom. including him, takashi mitsuya. his once huge smile from peh-yan’s rants subsiding as he overheard the conversation.
‘she’s not coming?’
“hey,” you heard a voice calling out from behind you as you walk through the empty halls of your school building. you looked back and saw mitsuya running towards you.
“will you be able to come with me for a sec?” he looked up at you from his panting figure. you nodded at him though confusion still laced through your mind.
his thin fingers encircle your wrist as he pulled you towards the direction of what you think is the home economics room.
the first thing you noticed is the mannequin that stood at the center of the room with an elegant silver silk gown hugging its curves but it seems as if it’s unfinished yet, with its waist still not tightened, threads loosened, and rhinestones unattached.
you looked at him confused. “uhm.. well dumb of me to make gowns without knowing the owner’s measurements,” he laughed scratching the back of his head.
you smiled lightly. “sooo?”
“so can i get your measurements?” he looked at you with a boyish grin and you swear you heard your heart skip a beat. you also didn’t fail to realize the sudden heat flushing through your cheeks as well.
“why me though? do i have the same body type as the owner?”
“you’re actually the owner.”
you looked at him in shock, thinking you heard the wrong thing. “come again?”
“i said it’s yours. u-uh i didn’t ask for your preference, i’m sorry. it’s just that, these are the only materials left here and i also dont want you to miss the prom. i-i wanted you to come and-“ he rambled on and on making you laugh as you cut him off.
“i love it. it’s beautiful” you looked at the gown, once again analyzing every detail imprinted on it. he smiled widely at that.
“how long have you been working on it?”
“about two days already?” you nodded as your fingers fiddled with its hem.
you then felt mitsuya’s presence from behind you making you turn to him. his hands now occupied with his measuring tape.
“arms up, please” you giggled as you raised your arms lightly, enough to have space on your waist. mitsuya then encircled it around with the tape.
deciding to be a little playful, he pulled you near him still holding the measuring tape between his fingers making heat once more occupy your face.
“thank you, mitsuya. this is too much but thank you so much,” you thanked him as he was busy adjusting the tape according to your waist line. he stared back at your eyes after, still with his hands lingering longer than needed on your waist with a sincere glint in his eyes.
“give me 3 more days, y/n. i’ll finish you a gown then i’ll dance with you. i promise,” he whispered and smiled lightly as both your nose touches.
“didn’t know you’re this cheesy, mitsuya.”
[got this idea from that one tiktok video hihi]
Tumblr media
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tokyo revengers spoilers !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i love chifuyu but pls, the thousand winters uniform is so embarrassing. and the fact that inupi literally just went and spat on it. also please notice that chifuyu is the only one brave enough to wear it out in the open while hakkai and takemichi hide it ^ - ^
Tumblr media
reblogs are highly appreciated <3
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portfolio-of-dreams · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
like i want you | part three. (3.3k words)
warnings: minors dni!! nsfw 18+ characters aged up, hurt to comfort, soft sex, fingering & oral (f! receiving), light cursing, cum swallowing, crying, cream pie, use of name princess & good girl/pretty girl.
a/n: reminder this is Mitsuya's POV <3
“But if you really love me, say it now. Why is it so hard to figure out? I need you every day, believe me when I say it”
The night was silent, and the roads empty even though it wasn’t that late. The only sound that could be heard was the humming of the motorcycle as it drove. The desolate streets of the city rested in silence as the starry black sky was illuminated by the crescent moon. The dips in the road, some wet from nighttime sprinklers, shimmered against the dim glow of the streetlamps. Above a faded crosswalk, a traffic light blinked in gold hues. Buildings of all shapes and sizes lined the streets and sidewalks, some windows lined in a dim light while others were pitch black.
I glanced up briefly as clouds gathered in stoic groups in fascination with the moon. Wrapping themselves around it in an attempt to suffocate the gleam, but the incandescent burn passed through them, coloring them white from gray. I felt you press your cheek hard into my back as dampness seeped through my clothing. Please don’t cry, I’m right here. We slowly took a turn around a sharp bend in the road, the bike slightly falling to the left as you held on to me tightly. Everything was going to be alright, I have you, you're safe with me. The gentle night rested in an almost lifeless silence as I slowed to stop in front of my house. You stayed there, unmoving, seated on the back of my motorcycle, fingers entwined around my waist and your face pressed into my back. I didn’t move you, I let you stay. I held the bike up with my legs, feet planted on the ground on either side. I put one hand over your two and melted into your touch, sharing your breathing for a few minutes before speaking.
“Do you want me to walk you home or do you wanna stay over for a while? I’m okay with whatever you choose.” I felt your body twitch, maybe in fear of going home, but I awaited your reply.
“I- ‘Suya, please. I don’t wanna go home. I don’t wanna be alone.” You removed your hands from my torso and moved them in front of you, bunching up the back hem of my shirt in your palms.
“You can stay with me princess. It’s okay, I’m here for you.”
I got off the bike and kicked up the kickstand to hold it steady as I picked you up off the seat. I carried you to the front door as I fumbled with the keys that jingled when I pulled them out of my pocket. You giggled, that was the first time I’ve heard you or seen you smile in a few hours. I set you down on the couch and kneeled in front you.
“Do you want me to start a bath for you? Or do you just wanna go lay down?” I watched you as you played with your rings, twirling and spinning them around on your fingers.
“I guess I could go for a bath, I’m a little cold. So, it would help, right?” I smiled at you and stood up, heading for the bathroom.
I started the water, setting it to a pretty warm setting and found the lavender bubble bath that you always liked to steal when you came over. The scent fit you so well- soft and relaxing, just like your presence. Once the tub filled about halfway, I put in a cup of the light purple soap and walked to get you from the living room. But you weren't on the couch, I checked the kitchen, but you weren't there either. I went back to my room to find you curled up on the bed, shaking and crying through the pillow you buried your face in. I hated seeing you like this; you didn’t deserve to feel this way. I promise I’ll show you how you're supposed to be treated tonight, if you’ll allow me. I walked over to you, gentle steps towards your figure like walking on shards of glass. Ghosted fingertips along your spine, scared to startle you or make you shy away from my touch. I want you to see you, how I do, in a blissful serendipity. Running so gracefully through a field of sunflowers, searching for the perfect one, twenty-six petals all touched by drops of sunlight that gleamed in the presence of you. You are the perfect one, though, I can see it so clearly. I hope one day you will too.
Turning your body and lifting you off the pillow so your face was cupped in my hands, I looked into your eyes, so beautiful, the perfect shade of color even when glossed over and red highlighted the white of your eye. “Your bath is ready, and I put the bubbles in, just the way you like it.” You nodded at me, as if it was the only thing, you had the energy to do.
You carefully stood, stopping at the edge of the bed to balance yourself, and headed to the bathroom. You stopped in the doorway and looked at me, “Can- can you sit with me ‘Suya?” - your face flushed at the comment- “but wait for me to get in! I’ll- call you over soon, okay?”
I felt my cheeks turn hot just at the thought, such an intimate moment with you. Are you sure? Is this okay? We’ve never had a moment like this. A million questions ran through my mind. I softly nodded towards you as you closed the door but didn’t click it shut. After a few minutes, I heard you sigh as you relaxed in the warm water, and you called my name so sweet, like sugar on top of strawberries. I treaded lightly on the floors, subtly knocking on the door before opening it. Your head was resting on your arms, propped up on the side of the tub, as pieces of your hair fell out of your messy bun and framed your face. You looked so sad. I wish I could take away all the hurt in your heart and catapult it into the sun, denigrating it into something non-existent. I sat on the lid of the toilet beside you and brushed the stray hair out of your face. The back of my fingers brushed against your cheek, and you visibly shuddered. This intimate moment with you, this memory, I will cherish as it grows roots into my mind and blooms inside my heart. Your eyes were closed but I knew they were shining once they fluttered open.
“I’ll stay as long as you want and then I’ll set up the bed for you and I’ll sleep on the couch.” Your hand left the water, ripping around the quick movement as small droplets fell from your wrist and onto the floor as you took my hand in yours.
“Can you maybe stay in bed with me? I really don’t want to be alone.” You looked up at me, eyes screaming for help.
I felt goosebumps line my skin and the hairs on my neck stand stark. I tried to be calm as I answered your concern. “If that’s what you want then of course I’ll stay with you y/n. I always will.” I felt you sigh in relief as you brought my hand to your cheek and ran my fingers across your skin.
My imagination ran free, like wild horses running along a deserted beach unknown to the population. I’d give up anything to show you how much you mean to me, to show you your worth, to give you sensual touches that ignite your senses and send shivers down to your toes. To kiss you so passionately that you melt into me. The colors of our love mixing into something so obscene yet bewitching- we’d be made for one another. Dancing and moving in perfect sync to a song only we could hear. Without any warning, you stood up, bubbles falling along your curves- running under the dip in your breasts, sliding and conforming to your waist and hips. The stream slowed and they popped and subsided as my eyes traveled down to your sweet core. My mouth dropped open, and I realized I was staring, quickly averting my eyes and standing to turn around and leave. I heard your sharp inhale as you stumbled out of the tub, grabbing at the hem on my shirt and slightly tugging.
“Takashi, why can’t you see- it's always been you.”
I turned my head just over my shoulder to see you pulling my white t-shirt, head hanging low as water pooled around your feet. Did you just say, it was me? You wanted me, after all this time? I’m so confused but god- it is and always will be you, for me. I didn’t hesitate to turn around, feel your soft skin in my hands, a slow smolder growing into a flame, and I kissed you. Soft and passionate, delicate because you are the most precious thing to me. Hands trailing up your naked figure, stopping to hold your jaw and your hands roamed around my waist, fingertips trailing up my spine and clutching the ends of my hair. My clothes were getting damp against your wet skin. All my thoughts were once black and white, sewing themselves into shades of gray but this feeling of my lips on yours, French lavender filling my senses, creating a world in purples and greens, technicolor like it was never before. I picked you up, swiftly and effortlessly, setting you on the marbled bathroom counter. Separating for a second, only a trail of saliva in the wake of our lips, as I discarded my shirt to the floor.
I feel you melt into the kiss when I place my lips back on yours. Your hands roamed the skin on my back and soothed circles along my spine. If I could, I’d line the bed in rose petals and softly cherish every curve, every dimple, every piece of you. I’d hold you delicately, like you were porcelain, but I couldn’t wait to stretch you open, bloom you like a flower on the first day of Spring, fuck you deep and slow into the soft mattress, whisper in your ear how good it felt to be inside you. I held you close as you wrapped your legs around my torso, and I carried you to the bedroom. Slowly setting you down onto the sheets as I toss the damp towel you used to hold your hair over the chair at my desk.
“God, you’re so beautiful.”
I whispered against the skin in the curve of your neck as steady kisses trailed from your cheek to your collarbone. Your hands found themselves in my hair, pulling the ends just enough to make me groan. You sat up for a second but allowed me to work my lips down. I’ve dreamed of this moment but never thought it would be a reality. I love you. I love you. I can’t tell you yet though. My tongue finds its way to your right nipple, swirling it around, barely applying any pressure at all. The lack of feeling makes you want to squirm underneath me, but I’m biding my time in tasting your perked up nipples, cherishing the way they harden when saliva falls around your breast. I kiss the valley between them and move the left, giving it the same attention as your other. I want to make you feel good, feel loved. I move my hands, admiring the curves on your waist, following them down with ghosted fingertips.
“Can I have you tonight? Is this what you want?” You looked up at me through dark lashes and doe eyes, nodding.
I hunch down to kiss you again, our tongues tango together, twirling in a hurried rhythm as I remove the rest of my clothing and press my growing hard cock against your bare pussy, grinding and tempting you to arch your back to feel more. I hear you whimper under my touch, silently begging. Moving my hands to the insides of your knees, cupping and pushing them to spread your thighs apart. A rush of cool air blows at your naked cunt, making you shrivel in anticipation. Anticipation that’s soon surrendered when I dive into your sweet cunt, giving your slit one long lick that halts right onto your clit. I hear your breath hitch, caught in your throat in pleasure, as I continue to lap at your growing arousal. You plant your elbows onto the bed to watch, as I smirk up at you, tongue out, looking with undeniable mischief. You knot your fingers through my lavender tresses, that are falling low and tickling the inside of your thighs. I see you bite your lower lip while watching me lick softly onto your pussy like the world’s ending and this is our one and only time together like this.
My tongue hit a bundle of nerves; I can tell as you jerk your hips. I grip them, not harsh enough to leave a mark, and push them back down again into the mattress, lapping at that same spot that has your thighs trembling. I move a finger to your core, circling the entrance before slipping inside your hot walls. Moving at a teasingly slow pace, allowing you to grow inpatient at my lack of movement. Your move at my finger as you attempt to quicken the pace.
“Please, y/n. I don’t want to fuck you. I want to make love to you. Show you how long I’ve wanted this. Innocently spread you open like a blooming tulip. I want to cherish you tonight.”
You halt your movements, “I will, I promise. I- I’ve been wanting this too, ya know?”
I stop in amazement. You’ve wanted me too? After a few seconds, I start to move my finger again, adding another into your wetness, slowly and unwavering, as you adjust to the new sensation. I hope I make your mind refuse to think about anything other than this self-gratifying experience, letting your mind grow hazy around the thought of me alone. I pick up the pace slightly, fingers slipping inside and out of you as I lean back down to suck on your now puffy clit. Fuck- you taste so good. I could do this every day if you’d allow me. You moan so beautifully as your thighs begin to tremble and you're pulling my hair a little harder than before. Which makes me shiver and go faster- you’re close.
“Cum for me, pretty girl. Let me taste you completely.” I breathe over your wet pussy as your walls clench around my fingers.
I feel your walls tighten, cum dripping down to my wrist as your climax hits and shakes your body like an earthquake. I don’t stop my fingers for a few more seconds, ensuring you’ve finished. I take my fingers out and lift my head, your arousal coating my chin in a stunning opalescent shine. I used my wet hand to pump my cock a few times, though already dripping with precum. I position myself between your legs, lining myself up with your entrance as I stare into those eyes, glimmering in the most beautiful hue as you nod your head to say that you’re ready.
“Let me know if it hurts, or if it's too much.” I speak as you nod your head again.
I push the tip in, moaning at the sensation of your damp pussy. You gulp a few times, breath heavy. Seeing my length in full display right before your eyes. I would say I’m pretty average, and the girth is more than enough to stuff you full. Veins caressing the underside, from the base to the pink tip, adding to the erotic feeling. I plant my hands on either side of your head, never breaking eye contact with you, as I start to thrust softly. The only sounds echoing through the silent room are our moans, melting into one another, and the squelching of your sex. It feels so good, you feel so good. Your walls adjusting and molding to my length as if I was made for you, and you for I. I feel you reposition yourself under me, signaling that it’s okay. My thrusts gain speed, hips clashing with yours as I lean down to your ear, hot breath fanning out the skin.
“Fuck princess, you feel so good. You’re doing so good for me. Fuck, I love you.”
I try to keep my slower pace but after I realized what I said, you didn’t push me away. You grabbed onto me- hands pulling my face towards yours, planting your lips on mine. Your legs once again wrapping around my torso as I bury my cock deeper inside you, hitting the spot that makes you scream my name. I hope the neighbors hear- it’s me, just me making you feel this way, feel this good. I could listen to your sounds forever, every day and never grow weary of them. Even after memorizing the way you stop your inhale when you moan my name. I am indubitably yours as you consume me in this moment. Warm skin as mine burns for your touch, flushed cheeks as sweat begins to trickle along my forehead, and eyes full of lust only for each other. I feel my head spin and haze over as I grow close to my climax.
“‘S-’Suya, fuck, I’m close again, please, please make me cum.” you could barely utter the words as your voice shook.
I feel my cock tingle and twitch against your walls as I start to slam into you, chasing my high, as well as yours. Mouth hanging open with our chests rising and falling in a frenetic rhythm, ready to explode. I feel the walls of your pretty pussy crush and gush around me as you hit your orgasm. Body shaking, tears of pleasure and lust line your lashes; You look so pretty like that. I surrender my all to you, an earth-shattering orgasm fills you up, painting you in blazing white as it sticks to your cunt. That exact same moment that I’ve heard my name spill like a prayer from your mouth, it feels real. The beating of my heart, synchronizing with yours. I slow my pace to an almost stop, but don’t want to leave you yet, and carefully wipe the tears from your eyes that threaten to spill. I stay there for a moment, feeling your warmth and looking at you so loving- the only way I know how. I plant a soft kiss to your lips before collapsing beside you and pulling your body close. I hope you can feel how much I care for you. How much I love you- are in love with you. Our love story wasn’t supposed to go like this, but I wouldn’t change a thing because I still got you in the end. The outcome I could only fantasize about before now.
“Hey, ‘Suya. I love you too.” You whisper as you bury your face into my chest. All I can do is smile- the words I’ve waited to hear steady my heartbeat and find themselves filling my veins, my bones, my world. You are my world.
Our bodies are flushed against each other, as if to collide anytime. Mind, body, and soul. You are lying next to me, like puzzle pieces entwined in the most perfect fit. My left arm underneath your head and my right hand in the small of your back as you snuggle into me. My thoughts are a jumbled mess, how did we get here? Your eyes are closed and your breathing soft, delicate almost, as your lips are brushing against my shoulder every time you exhale. Your heartbeat is melting into mine- you are my fire in my subzero arctic world. I promise I’ll never let you go, never take you for granted, and always fall in love with you more every day. You are really easy to love.
© please do not post my work anywhere. <3
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poena-et-peccatum · 2 days ago
real life footage of mitsuya takashi eating ur p*ssy /.\ ‼️
Tumblr media
/.\: keisuke, tora, chifuyu, draken
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varietaltiger23 · 2 days ago
Mitsuya is a service dom or soft dom— like full on body worship 🤧 he could probably spend HOURS between you legs and give you head and/or eat you out
Tumblr media
Thought I was dead huh bitchs, nope just got overwhelmed with life. But I'm back and horny as ever.
This contains/talks : mistuya smut, male and female reader but mostly gender neutral, talks about body types such as skinny, chubby, and in between, soft Dom, starts out sweet then you get the smutty parts.
Honestly tho, the last thing on his mind is how he's gonna get off.
Just full out worshipping your body like your a higher being and he's your personal devoted servant.
Makes special clothes and lingerie that everyone wants but he refuses to sell.
Takes his time when he travels south of your mouth, traces his name into your skin.
If ya skinny then he tracing every bone that gently prods at your skin and will comment about how your the perfect opposite to his lean but built frame.
If ya chubby or just on the thicker side then don't worry, man's will trace those little maps to heaven everytime; talks about how he loves watching you do the pants dance just so he can watch that jiggle.
And for my in between/idk where I land, he still mc-loving you down to the ground. If it isn't a problem for you then it's certainly a gateway for him, got a bit of tub the here comes some rubs or ya smooth as a wall then he pulling ya forward.
Now away from the more fluffy bits, time for the down and dirty
He knows your body better than you, knows every zone to get you going, knows just where to massage or touch to have you breathless and floaty.
Makes it his mission to get you to cum fast. He giving head at the fullest, sucking like a lollipop while swirling his tongue like he has a popsicle. And his hands aren't free either. Tweaking with your nipples while the other is busy either fingering you or massaging your balls.
Makes it his mission to get you to cum/squirt fast. French kissing your pussy as if he was leaving to war, pulling his head away so he can suckle on your clit then dives back in. Might have four fingers inside you while the other hand is getting ready to play with your clit or to grope your boobs.
Tell him how good he makes you feel or if you need more, after all he's here for your needs.
Tell him the pace to go at cause if you let him choose then it's slow and deep so he can feel how you clench and try to pull him in.
He will fuck you anywhere on any surface, just ask him. You wanna do it missionary in his home office then let's get to it, wanna try full Nelson in the kitchen welp kitchen it is, wanna 69 at a fashion show that he should be watching better keep quiet.
Doesn't give a flying fuck about Cummings himself cause seeing you blessed out is enough to have him Cummings untouched.
Tease him about it and he'll make sure next time to give all his cum to you since you apparently to not enjoy him wasting it.
Sanzu and mikey dark smut thought be invading like crazy tbh, just something about being in charge of dangerous men who in complete honesty shouldn't let someone weaker be in charge but hey not complaining
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chifuyuangry · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ever wondered what Takashi Mitsuya would look like with a mullet and a beret? Well here you go.
I also noticed that this is the same outfit I wore for new year
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wait where did the rest of you get your bikes from then??? Draken has no parents or older siblings, Mitsuya's family were tight on money, I can't imagine Baji's mother signing off on this, Pah's parents probably would actually and Kazutora's mother doesn't really seem to care. Though I wouldn't be suprised if Kazutora stole his bike, he seems to be experienced enough when trying to steal the one for Mikey.
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sanolin · 2 days ago
✎୭·࣭࣪̇˖💣⭟ Tokyo Revengers: 238
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrecttokyorev · 13 hours ago
Mitsuya: [seeing the Thousand Winters uniform] Do you take requests?
Chifuyu: Sure!
Mitsuya: Please stop.
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cest-la-vie-ma-copine · 6 hours ago
Tokyo Revengers 239 Spoilers!!!
I know everyone's been freaking out over Mitsuya's new look (not like I can blame any of you) but I'm living for the fact you can see Hakkai and Chifuyu in the front audience of the fashion show
Tumblr media
Low quality pictures of high quality boys ❤
Tumblr media
It also speaks to how phenomenal Wakui's character designs are that you can still tell which character is which even in the backgrounds of panels (also the T🐱W gave them away)
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arixsux · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Takashi Mitsuya x Fem!Reader
Content Warning: Fluff, Angst, Cursing, I guess there is Tokyo Revengers Manga spoilers? I'm Not the best at writing angst.
Word Count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
Your and your boyfriend Mitsuya were 15 at the moment, all your friends and the members of Toman know about your relationship but you hid it from your family. Especially your mom, due to her being overprotective of you. You also remember the times she had told you that you cannot get a boyfriend until your a grown adult. So you never told them about your relationship with Mitsuya, they just think you guys were hanging out with other kids as well. You lean on Mitsuya's shoulder and smile while looking at the school garden.
It was peaceful and calming knowing that Mitsuya is by your side "Do you want to hang out with Chifuyu and me at the park later?" Mitsuya asked as he pressed his lips against your forehead, you felt your heart swell up as you blush. "I can't, you know I need to tell mom a week before going anywhere" you pouted "I really wanna though"
Just do it [y/n], you will just get a few yellings" "yea and then I will be grounded" You said in annoyance playing with the grass on the ground. "How about I take you a walk home after schools over?" "sure" you replied. After school you both started walking on your way home. "I felt Today great, I feel like nothing can put me down." I feel the same way everyday [y/n], because I'm with you" "Mitsuya what the fuck? Why are you so sweet?, I swear to god you had a fight with the gangs aga-" "Do you always have to think that I'm a shit head that wants to hurt people? "yes" you answered with a straight face. Mitsuya chuckled before saying "You're fucking stupid eh?" "No, I'm smart" you both argued and laughed.
"I heard you made a uniform for takemichi " "yeah" he replied "It looks so good on him he doesn't really deserve it though" He let out a chuckle "You're not wrong though" he replied "You know you should just be a fashion designer in the future" "I was thinking on being one" he replied with a chuckle. After a couple of minutes of walking, Mitsuya broke the silence and said "Hey I want you to introduce me to your family, I don't want to hide it anymore [y/n]. I love you and I know that there is no one else that I love more than you"
His words stunned you "No, we have talked about this. I have told you from the start that I'm not gonna tell my family" "I love you Mitsuya, a lot. And if I told my family then they will me break up with you, don't you get it?" "I understand but we should make them understand, you don't need to hide this" Mitsuya's legs started to twitch impatiently "They could find out accidentally or someone can spill it, I want them to know from us" You got lost in his words until you replied "But not today, when it happens it happens. I just want to enjoy what we have right now" "[y/n] please, it makes me feel like you don't love me or trust me enough to introduce me to your family" Mitsuya looked at you, his eyes pouring his feelings into yours, his vulnerability, his insecurity shown in front of you. "You know that's not ture" you cupped Mitsuya's face lovingly into your hands. You hesitate and paused thinking ".....Alright, you can come over and then I will introduce you properly as my boyfriend".
"Thank you so much, I promise I will behave like a good boy" Mitsuya's smile as wide as when you have told him that you liked him back. You opened the door to your home, your heart pounding hard like it wanted to escape from your chest. "[y/n]' you're back! I have exciting news dear' Your mom exclaimed, running towards you."Ah me too" you awkwardly smiled as you look down to your feet, as if you have just broken a vase and is too afraid to admit it. "You can tell me first" you said while your dear mother hugs you lovingly, "must be good news, I can feel you heart beating fast" "HeH I will tell you soon" you replied.
"Well then I will go first, we're moving to New Zealand! I just got offered an amazing job" "Huh? What?" "Yes, it's a great pay. We have to pack everything, they want me to start working next weeks onwards" "No!" you psuhed your mother off, your eyes started to sting. "Sweetie what's wrong? I though you would be excited, I know how mcuh you love here in Tokyo but this is great for our family" "Why didn't you tell any of this before? What about me? What about my friends??" tears run down your cheeks uncontrollably. "You guys can still keep in touch with them on your phone. I didn't wanted to tell you yet becuase I didn't know that this was gonna happen, please [y/n] this will be great for our family" "No, this will be great for you" you run towards the bedroom and slam the door closed, everything was perfect and now it feels like a huge heavy rock have been placed upon your chest, suffocating you.
You look at your texts from Mitsuya on your phone, he had said that he can't wait for your family to see him as someone worthy of their daughter. You smile weakly, the taste of bitterness from your tears and the sweetness of Mitsuya's message mixed into one. You looked away from your text when your mother had entered your bedroom. Your mother let out a sigh before saying "I know that you were going to be mad, but I didn't know it was gonna effect you this badly dear" "I'm sorry sweetheart, but please this would be really great for us, You're gonna love New Zealand!" 'No! This isn't what I want, I hate moving I hate it! Please mom can we stay?" the unwelcome tears roll down your face again. "I never asked you for anything, but this is the one thing you can do for me" "..I'm sorry [y/n] but we're moving"
"I have a boyfriend" you blunt it out" "It's that boy Mitsuya isn't it?" you looked at her in pure shock. "You...you knew?" "I didn't know that you both are dating, but I do know that you like him" your mother's lips pressed tight together, showing no sign of emotion. "I can't leave him, I love him mom" you beg your mom to stay as if it's the only thing you know how to do. "Stop right now, we are moving. It's going to be fine [y/n], there will be plenty more boys for you to choose from New Zealand" "You don't understand! We love each other"
"It's just Puppy Love [y/n]"
These words from your mother's lips felt like a knife piercing through your heart. It was over, your first relationship, your first love. [ 12 Years passed ] You step on the ground of your adolescent home, it had been ages but everything still looks the same, felt the same. Nothing has changed. You dump your bags at the door, and walked up to your old room. There was something that you wanted to see...of course it was Mitsuya You haven't contacted him in years you asked some of his friends for his address on where he is staying.
You had reached in front of the building where he is currently right now you made your way to the rooftop of the building where his office is. You could feel you heart beating really fast ready jump out of your chest, you took a deep breath before knocking at the door. You knocked on the door knowing if he is present in the room. "Come in" is what you heard you opened the door to find him sketching a gown I guess? He had grown a lot, and looked more matured and more good looking.
"Mitsuya looked up at you only to be stunned by the fact that you were right in front of him. "Hey Mitsuya how have you been?' You look shyly at him. "it's been great, I miss you a lot by the way" he answered with a bright smile on his face, words that warm your heart, heat slowly making their way up your face.
"Yeah hey I'm sorry about what had happened between us. I was hoping that we can put it behind and start-" "It's fine Ah it was long time ago and it was just like....like Puppy Love anyways....." he replied. The moment he finished his sentence you felt a crack inside you.....tears running down your cheeks was all you can do stand there cry and questioning what went wrong between you two.
Tumblr media
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softshiin · 11 hours ago
tr chapter 239 leaks!!
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ganyusecretlover · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
them as b99 quotes !
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# summary: just as the tittle says, tokyo revengers characters as brooklyn nine nine quotes
# warnings: none i think
# author's note: i love b99 so much! please let me know if anyone wants a part two because i would definitely love doing it.
Tumblr media
takemichi: what is it about me that screams loser?
mickey: i grew up forging report cards.
sanzu to ran: actually, someone reported that they couldn't find you head. but we found it, it was up your butt
takemichi laying on the hospital bed: i wasn't hurt that badly. the dotorsaid all my bleeding was internal, that's where the blood's supposed to be
mickey about takemichi: i've only had him for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, i would kill everyone in this room and then myself
kazutora: be myself, what kind of garbage advice is that?
the whole tr fandom to kisaki: okay, no hard feelings, but i hate you. not joking. bye.
nahoya: well, no one asked you. it's a self-evaluation
rindou to ran: i ate one string bean. it tasted like fish vomit. that was it for me
baji: amateur. always say your insults to someone's face. no paper trail.
taiju about to fight: wait, first, let's say a prayer
mitsuya: i worked at a sunglass kiosk at the mall for four years, so not only have i been through hell, i was assistant manager there.
sanzu: if i die, turn my tweets into a book
hanma: you think you can just bully people, but you can't. it's not OK. i'm the bully around here. ask anyone.
sanzu convincing mickey to become his number two: you should make me your campaign manager. i was born for politics. have great hair and love lying.
Tumblr media
( credit for the lines go to b99 creators )
reblogs are highly appreciated !
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yuumayn7 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers
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hanmabae · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The fact that all of them grow up and are tall and mikey is still small one😗(like me TT) but still strongest:)
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chifuyu-whisperer · 4 months ago
tokyo rev. boys’ getting caught making out
Tumblr media
ft ;; mikey, chifuyu, mitsuya, takemichi, baji, draken x gn!reader
genre ;; fluff, crack
wc ;; 1.4k
warnings ;; suggestive themes (?) and slight cursing
notes ;; if you saw me post this before no you didn’t it just wasn’t showing up in tags okay 😔 all characters are aged up !!
Tumblr media
:3 MIKEY — pretends he doesn’t care. he’s got you pressed up against his chest, fingers looped through your belt holes, tugging your hips forward, while his ass sits comfortably against the tiny closet wall. “mikey we should probably…” you manage to whisper out before his finger shushes your words. “aye. no. quiet now.” he smoothly mumbles and presses his lips back onto yours. you kiss back in confusion, butterflies shooting up your stomach when you feel mikey’s hand glide down your spine.
“WHAT THE FUCK ?? mikey, man, PLEASE lock the door, holy shit…” draken exclaims in regret, slamming the closet door back shut. mikey looks away for a second, face registering what just happened. he gazes up at your shocked expression. a faint cheeky grin starts to appear on his mouth. “oh 😮 hehe.”
“what do you mean, oh HEHE?!” you sputter out, eyes wide with surprise. “what if he tells the others?!”
mikey shrugs it off like it’s no big deal. once again he pulls you closer, hot breath fanning against your neck. “if he tells anyone, i’ll just make him do my hair every morning.”
“is that your idea of being sexy right now.” you deadpan.
:3 CHIFUYU — is just so eager to touch you. he’s spent the whole day being teased by your innocent cheek pecks and head pats. he can’t resist anymore. as soon as everyone is gone from the room, his arms seem to move of their own. leaping onto your body, he presses his lips onto yours. “you’re eager,” you manage to murmur between gasps of air. pulling back for a split second, he takes in a breath. rubbing the tip of his nose against your neck, he smirks. “you’re cute.” is all he remarks, thumb gently squishing your cheek before he melts back onto your lips. there is it. that feeling of hunger. chifuyu is good at playing cute when he needs something. all you can feel is his breath fanning against your mouth, your fingers tangling in his fluffy locks; a small whimper escaping his mouth when you tug the back of his hair.
“AYY guys, look at chifuyu! he’s got balls!” baji growls a big laughter from the corner of the room. chifuyu immediately stops kissing you; it’s as if his mouth is sinfully detaching from yours. he scrambles to move away, the both of you out of breath with tender swollen lips.
hours later, he’s still not over it. he cannot fathom that his baji-san caught him in such an intimate act 😒 “fuyu, you okay?” brushing away his bangs and placing a hand on his forehead, you check his temperature. “yes, why wouldn’t i be?” he raises a brow in hesitation.
“your face has been beet red for the past few hours.”
:3 MITSUYA — only seems as if he’s prepared. he’s really not. mumbles of confusion and “where are we going?” tumble out your mouth but mitsuya is quick to shut you up with a kiss. “shh i’ve got it all figured out.” with an arm wrapped around your waist, he pulls you closer, shutting the door. as soon as you’re left in quiet, his hands settle on your hips. eyes raking up and down, admiring your figure, he pulls you in for another kiss. all is well while you’re eating each other’s faces like two horny teenagers. all is well until someone busts open the door without knocking.
mitsuya still hasn’t registered the fact that he has to stop kissing you, until you push him away. his mouth instinctively follows yours, aching for more. it’s only when he’s realized that he’s been caught making out with you, that his face goes pink. simply starts coughing. yup. coughing it out boy 🧏
“mitsuya, is there something wrong with your throat?”—“no, why?”—“you won’t stop randomly coughing and scratching your neck so maybe i need to take you to a doctor…?”
nah, he’s fine. he just remembers his desperate lips moving with yours, his body pressed up against your figure, every time he looks at you. lol cute.
:3 TAKEMICHI — really thought his plan was going to work when he politely asked to stuff you in the back of his car and drive somewhere secluded.
“michi, why am in your car trunk again—”
“sHHSHH!!” his wary eyes suspiciously glance at the rear view mirror, face in deep concentration. “i’m taking us someplace where the other gang members won’t find us. y’know, how they’re always with me somehow? it’s like i’m seeing mikey everywhere.” he shivers, goosebumps appearing on his arms. a blank expression takes over your face. “i think you’re the one who can’t stay away from the gang.” you deadpan. he ignores it, of course.
“here! here is perfect!” he exclaims, dragging you with him. as soon as you’re facing each other, sudden realization goes to his head. he tenses up. “can i…” looking down, his cheeks redden. you raise a brow. “kiss me? please kiss me takemichi.” you look up with puppy dog eyes—and he swears he has to stop himself from squealing out from happiness like a little girl. before he can feel himself fainting, he presses his lips onto yours.
right when he’s about to unravel into the mess he’s become, arms around your waist while your fingers rake through his hair, you can sense lights being flashed your way. and that’s when the both of you realize you’ve been caught. takemichi has the option of walking out with your arm on his, a cocky grin on his face or fainting right on the spot. he of course faints right on the spot. (either from being caught MAKING OUT with someone or just simply because he is still a virgin T-T)
:3 BAJI — acts like he’s got himself together. until he doesn’t. “what if someone catches us?” baji quirks his lips at the sight of your furrowed brows. he brings a hand up, using his thumb to sooth your worry lines. “no one.” kiss. “will fucking.” another kiss. “catch us.” one last kiss for good luck. and then he’s off. hand clasped in yours, he drags you to a room. a glint of his fangs pop out when he grins, winking at your flushed face.
and then his lips are suddenly on yours—kissing over and over again, wanting and needing. desiring. his mouth begins moving lower and lower until they’re at your neck, using the tip of his nose to nudge your jaw out of the way. “god, you’re so fucking perf—”
“eek! sorry! i didn’t see shit!” kazutora yelps from not too far, immediately covering his eyes and doing a 180 out of the room. who knew tora could make such a noise? baji blinks a few times, smacking his lips. he laughs it off. “ahahaha. haha. y’know these things happen? haha. so ridiculous. ha.”
“babe, you sound like you’re trying to convince yourself.” a big frown appears on his face, cheeks reddening. “noimnotwhywouldyousaythat ☹️”
:3 DRAKEN — pretends he does not see 👍 if he doesn’t look the person who caught you two in the eye, then they simply do not exist. it all began when you dragged him into a room (he’s confused, but he just accepts it with no resistance at this point). it’s not until you climb onto his lap and kiss his jaw that he fully understands what’s about to happen. he smirks, hands settling on your hips. “couldn’t wait till we got home, could ya?”
pressing your lips onto his, you smile into the kiss. everything’s going well until you hear someone click open the door. regret fills your stomach when you realize you’re the one who forgot to lock it. mikey, who still hasn’t closed the door he opened, stares back with a nonchalant expression on his face.
you quickly scramble to shove draken’s hood over his head, wrapping both arms around his neck so that he can’t open his eyes. a confused startle leaves his lips. “ay, what’s going on?! y/n?!”
“don’t look!” you squeal. glancing back at mikey, you shake your head. “draken says if you pretend something isn’t there, it’s not real! so don’t look!”
draken mutters groans out loud. “what the—y/n, i only said that applies when it comes to mikey!”
you slump back down, arms releasing draken’s neck so he can pull down the hood and open his eyes. you form an “oh 😮” with your mouth, meanwhile draken pinches the space between his forehead. “are you mad at me?” you look up with slight worry, biting your lip. he gulps, throat feeling dry.
“no…actually…that was cute.” he kisses your cheek. “fuck.” he frowns. “you’re so cute.”
Tumblr media
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ghostierwho · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tokyo revengers manga icon recolor by me ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Like or reblog if u save
I’m joelmustdie on redbubble if u wanna support my art, would you be interested in some stickers with this icons??💕
also I'm opening manga icons recolor and layout requests !!
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oworiio · 5 months ago
men who eat pussy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: draken/ken ryuguji, hanma shuji, takashi mitsuya.
CONTENT WARNINGS: oral sex, praise kink, daddy kink, rim jobs.
NOTE: yes. this is a call out post on how i want draken to eat me from the back.
Tumblr media
Eating you out is foreplay to him, making you cum at least once before his cock is inside you is always the plan.
But you're always so fucked up after, but that's just the way he likes you before, having you all for himself to enjoy.
He doesn't even jerk himself off when he's doing it— attention completely on you and your body.
He's loud, slurping and suckling on your clit, lapping on your folds and kissing all over and around your cunt.
Hates when you try to run away from him, large hands forcefully cracking open your thighs and holding you down so he can service you correctly
"Cmon, won't you be a good girl for daddy?"
Praises you when he does it, loves it when you're vocal for him.
And he knows every move to give him the perfect squeals, moans, and mewls that he wants outta you.
"Gonna cum? Do it, cum for me."
Even after you finish all over him, his mouth is still latched onto you, overstimulating you.
Oh and don't get be started when Draken is desperate, he gets filthy.
Eating you out from the back and not leaving anything unlicked.
And I mean everything. He isn't mean, he'll give your ass attention too.
He loves it, absolutely adores eating you out. Not even for you, but for him.
Making a girl go crazy for him just from his mouth makes him feel so powerful.
He'll even eat you out in his shop, just ask and flash him with your panties.
Tumblr media
Oh he's such a tease, lives off of teasing you to death.
He knows what you want. He's an expert at making you squirt all over him, but is he so willing to give it to you? Nah.
You want to cum? Give him a reason to make you.
It's all games to him, tongue circling and flicking between your clit and folds while giggling to your pathetic moans.
He even slides a finger or two inside of you, curling inside of you while he slurps up your juices.
He'll give you the best head ever, he knows when you're about to cum. That's when all of his movements stop and his finger leaves your cunt begging.
You're whining and sobbing, pleading to him to let you cum at least once.
"Fuck- Please, please, please Shu?" "Ah, uh-uh. Not til' I'm done."
He'll do it once maybe twice (if he's feeling extra mean) before giving the release you desperately wanted.
It's so amazing, worth all of the teasing and edging he puts you through.
Leaves your legs quivering and shivering after, juices trickling down all over your thighs and ass with a clear drenched puddle beneath you.
"See? I'm not that mean, am I?"
"Ass up. Time for me to have my fun."
Tumblr media
Mitsuya is a service dom, no question about it.
Loves to give his woman pleasure, you're just so pretty for him— he wants nothing else but to give you love and everything you deserve.
He shows his appreciation from eating you out.
Sees you stressed out from a day at work? Your pussy is getting eaten. Looking pretty in this new dress he made just for you? Your pussy is getting eaten. Have you been a good lil' wife/girlfriend for him? YOUR PUSSY IS GETTING EATEN.
He's messy and doesn't care, pull those panties to the side and let him in.
He finishes his meal as if he's been fasting for days, finally being able to eat again. But you and your cunt is his food.
Physically eats you out on top of the table, in the dining room/kitchen.
"You look so pretty, Don't you care that anyone could see me feasting on you?"
Even if people actually do stare, he doesn't care. You're the only thing he's focusing on.
Sit on his face, please. Just suffocate him with your pussy and thighs, he'll moan while eating you out— gripping your ass and moving you all over his tongue.
And if you squirt, that man is drinking all of it up.
Tumblr media
+ honorable mentions: takemichi, taiju & kakucho.
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