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For my friend’s One-Take Musical Theatre Challenge! Take a Break, which is from Hamilton. Not sure if doing four different roles in one video violates the spirit of the game, but to be fair these were all done in one take! Practicing wabi sabi, the philosophy of embracing imperfections… you’ll definitely know what I mean by the end of the video 😂😭

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I hope you guys are all talking care of yourselves in these hard times. It can get really stressful at times, so I encourage all of you to take a moment for yourself. Do some self-care, journal your thoughts, call a friend, go for a walk. It’s okay to take a break and rest. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish any goals during this time. It might be a bit overwhelming right now so don’t over-exert yourself.

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38 Poems of Puteri Balqis aka Rocking Balqis

Teringat plk time awal tahun 2020 pasal puteri balqis ni, masalah kehidupan yang menimpa pada dia dgn ibu dia, tapi makin panjang isu tu, makin byk plk bende ntah pape muncul pasal diorang beranak, buku dia so far mmg best, lyn, agak salute dgn ayat2 romantisnya dalam bahasa inggeris dgn usia yang masih muda, aq terpegun masa baca, walhal ada perkataan yang aku kurang faham, tapi cukup menarik hati bila baca, buku ni kira aku support gakk lah puteri balqis ni, for me, nice saja bila baca, aku paling suka baca buku ni time2 malam, yelahh dah penat menghadap gadget dipagi hari, mlm sebelum tido kita tatap dulu buku. Rating for this book 8/10 😉

price: RM35

aku beli kat shoppe jer, sbb time aku nak beli tu, ramai giler orang order dekat ownernya sendiri, so tetibe aku rase nak search kat shoppe, yess mmg ada, so aku beli jerlah disitu.

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While it's true lesbians aren't attracted to biological males no matter what any male identifies as, it's also worth explaining lesbians aren't attracted to femininity. Why would it be about how trans women look? Lesbians are gay. Nobody can identify into anyone else's dating pool. Why are you making all these excuses for homophobic males who fetishize female homosexuality? Lesbianism isn't about feminism. They're just women who like the same sex. It's fine. Die mad.

I see. I am not making excuses for males who fetishize female sexuality. What I’m saying is that some people do the exact same thing including the same people trying to fight for their right to be respected or just left alone and allowed to live. Yes. Some lesbians. Nobody is perfect but it’s still not right, you know? Also I didn’t say that it’s femininity that makes a women or that lesbians are attracted to femininity as a whole. Trans women can be masc or fem just as anyone can. But some people (some totally human people with fogged views) make claims like if it is “just about the feminine” or “just girly”. It’s not. Girls like girls.

Also this isn’t about men, it’s about women. And all I was saying is treat other women like women. That’s all I was saying. Plain. Simple. You get me? Some girls act like driving others girls into the mud will help whatever goal they are going after or make other people not attack them like if deflecting any attention of hateful bigots will stop them from still getting hurt and attacked. My point is it won’t. In fact it only makes the community look bad as a whole as well as even the LGBTQ+ community.

And yeah. Lesbianism is women love women. Girls are girls. Trangirls are girls. Why should a lesbian trans girl be treated as not being able to have a girlfriend? Are some people not deserving of love? Just because she was born any different then another girl?

Also why do you wish death upon me? I don’t want anyone harmed, I just want some fuckers to grow the fuck up. Why do I need to die again?

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31/03/20 - Taking a break 🌷

spent the day gardening with my mum today, I love spending time in nature and feel it does wonders for my mental health !! I knew this morning that I didn’t feel up to studying or working out today and actually a change did me good. pls take time to do stuff that makes you happy, life is short and we have to make the most of it !!

hope u had a great day. if no one has already told you today then you’re doing amazing, take care of yourself and remember we’re all different. try not to compare yourself to others, do whatever is best for you !! we all have days where we aren’t as productive and that’s perfectly okay. good luck to those of you who are studying for exams or completing assignments at the moment, all you can do is your best ✨

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March 31, 2020

The rain really scares people off, so I managed to go for a walk a bit later in the day. We had the trails to ourselves, and I even managed to try and befriend my boyfriends dog a bit. She’s a super energetic creature so the only non blurry photo of her I got was when she was sniffing a log!

It was nice to get outside for a bit and smell the fresh air. After being locked indoors for a week, I was really beginning to feel trapped and restless. It didn’t help that I also took the week to basically tie myself to the desk and work perpetually. I am starting to learn that I need to find more things to fill my time with that are not school related. I have always felt that if I was near my desk then I should be at my desk, but over the past few days I have found that my productivity significantly decreased as did my energy. 

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I know the time has passed so long but still onto this day I still remember how we left each other.
We used to walk together around the town and talked about nonsense, did we? I used to glance at your beautiful blue eyes whenever we stopped at the traffic lights. You saw it but didn’t say anything.
Sometimes I just wondered whether you were in love with me at that time? Did we fell for each other?
The connection was unreal, so it faded. There was no reply, at all, whenever I sneaked outside of the street in the middle of the night, then stood below under your room in that dark corner for hours. Cold, shaking but timid to say anything. I knew you noticed but still, you didn’t say anything.
Your friends hadn’t seen you anywhere during the finals. You considered being missing. You left the place not long after. ’
Was it that hard to leave a person without saying anything to them beforehand? You weren’t that cold, as far as I knew. You used to hug me every time I left the corner, waiting for my footstep to no longer sounded on the floor then got back onto the room.
I thought everything was my fault.
For an instant, I saw you years later. With my bare eyes, I could not hold back my tears. Stormed out of the store, insolently pushing everyone on the sidewalk, so that I could see that smile once again. Who were you with? Who could make you smile that bright when I couldn’t? Who?
In the unconscious, my heart stopped for a few seconds. Who was that girl?
Where have you been after all of these years? I could not love anyone since, for fear that I might break their heart like I once did.
Every piece of myself shattered. I turned back to the store, where I left my consciousness behind.

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Take A Break 70s & 80s Mix
Season 5: Episode 3

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Johnny Kemp - Just Got Paid
The Gap Band - Burn Rubber On Me
Jackson 5 - Shake Your Body Down to the Ground
James Brown - Get Up Off That Thing
Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl
SOS Band - Take Your Time
The Brothers Johnson - Stomp
Chic - Le Freak
Heatwave - Boogie Nights

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