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#take a guess

a/n: *sing-songy voice* I’m back~ This is the first teaser for a (hopefully) mini series I’m working on. It is going to be… relatively science heavy. Let us begin.

Pairing: A surprise! Send me an ask with your guess and maybe I’ll give hints.

Genre: Science Fiction, Angst, Fluff, Smut (later… much later)

Summary: Being a Jack was all you had ever wanted. And now you were— one of the youngest Jacks Earth had ever sent out. It was the adventure of a lifetime. But what do you do when you lose sight of the mission: can you remain… objective?


As always, reviews, comments, asks, and tags are always loved! ~UwU

Also, please note that I do NOT do tagging lists. Please see my FAQ for why.


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So, here’s a question:

if the bad guys are always the scumbags, who do you want to be? The world you were dreaming of turned out to be nothing but a cage. Doesn’t it mean that it’s not the dream but the world itself that’s wrong? So what exactly do you need to do?

If the bad guys are the always heroes.

Then, really, the good ones must be–

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I was at a birthday party and I heard these two little girls talking about Jeff the killer, so Ray and I were like “what the fuck creepypasta kids are still coming.”

We were creepypasta kids, we talk shit on our past-selves for it, but one girl goes “when I first saw Jeff I got nightmares.” And I laughed because that’s the complete opposite reaction I had.

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