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#take care of yourself
the-clumsywitch · 22 hours ago
Our bodies are our most sacred spaces, the altars that we take with us everywhere we go. Even if you don't like it's appearance, treat it no differently than you would any other sacred space.
- Erika, The Clumsy Witch
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Sometimes, the days can get away from us. They can all blend together in a blur and for the ones who have a hard time with taking care of ourselves in the most basic of ways
I understand.
Some days when I finally summon the strength to shower, I end up taking a bath instead. And not the relaxing, bubble filled, candle lit, music going bath that would make sense. Instead, it’s just a sit there, stare at the wall, blindly and unconsciously scrubbing my skin. I put my hair under the water, but I don’t wash it.
I understand.
And when you finally can’t stand how cold the water has gotten, you stand up and wrap your towel around yourself only to see the dead skin and lost hair swirling in the drain. Your fingers and toes are wrinkled beyond comfort.
I truly understand.
I read recently “Depression isn’t a picture of a person in the distance standing alone. Depression can be not showering for 6 days. Then collapsing onto your bed exhausted when you finally do.”
If you ever need someone that checks on you, or makes sure you are eating when you need to and not just when your stomach finally starts growling, or someone to remind you to take your medicine; this is me telling you that. Drink water, do things that keep you at peace when you can, take care of your temple and she will worship you for it.
When you have no one else to talk to, talk to me. I haven’t been through everything, but I know sadness on so many levels. Be nice to yourself today. You’re doing a beautiful job figuring out heavy shit.
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smitethestate · 11 months ago
Remember kids
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absterwrites · 2 months ago
None of us are getting out of here alive. So stop treating yourself like an afterthought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you're carrying in your heart like a hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There's no time for anything else.
 ~Keanu Reeves
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maxsix · 24 days ago
Travis Scott. Astroworld. I hope karma comes and claims you all. Truly and utterly disgusting behaviour by so many involved. 
I’ve watched Chester Bennington and Green Day stop shows to prioritise safety and they are a hell of a lot louder so to the TS stans: the “It’s too noisy” argument is invalid. I’ve seen Dave Grohl and Avenged Sevenfold stop shows and curse dudebros for being idiots because you know, they have the gift of vision. When you’re that high up on the stage, you can definitely see and even if you can’t make out the details, perhaps the red and blue lights of the ambulance parked in the crowd may have alerted you to the fact that something is wrong. Damm.
I have edited this post to reflect the change in news. The cameraman that was initially accused of ignoring those two kids did reportedly call in the medics. It was a guard that told them to get down from the camera tower. I understand everyone must be in shock so not as articulate as they would’ve liked to be when they write their posts. It’s just unfortunate all round.
Ultimately, I feel so devastated for the young kids and adults who died at what should have been a fun concert for them. The entire Astroworld team should face scrutiny and repercussions. They need those sectioned barriers so even if there’s a surge, it’s a controlled amount and not the whole damm crowd all at once.  
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winslowat3am · a month ago
Today is World Mental Health Day! Let's focus on peaceful things. 🕊️🕊️🕊️✨✨✨
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍂Autumn Self Care🍂
Drink your favorite tea, cocoa or coffee ☕
Get cozy & relax with a good book 📖
Bring nature indoors 🌱
Put on warm comfortable clothes 💖
Bake something you love 🥧
Get some exercise, take a walk through nature 🍁
Go apple or pumpkin picking 🍏
Carve pumpkins with family or friends 🎃
Watch your favorite Fall movie ☀️
Take a nap to recharge 💤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Positive Affirmations✨
You deserve happiness, respect, peace & love 💕
You will overcome challenges & obstacles 💫
You are talented, you are strong, you are brave 🌈
Your voice deserves to be heard, you matter 🗣️
You are loved 💛
You are enough 🌟
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drink lots of water, stay hydrated, take breaks 💦
Circumstances you can't control aren't your fault 🍂
It's okay to say "no" ❌
Treat yourself with kindness ☺️
It's okay to reward yourself 🍧
It's okay if you're not where you want to be yet 🛣️
Your illness doesn't define you ☀️
It's okay to take a day of rest & do nothing 🆗
• • •
60 Resources & Hotlines 🌍
Tumblr media
🍂Take care of yourself 🍂
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ladybluebottle · 3 months ago
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You deserve to take care of you.🤍
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