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#take care y'all

Take care of your health, worries and problems. We will wait for your return, take care.

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new year, new semester, new chance to change

it’s only been eleven days

blank page, blank slate

‘bout to take myself out at point blank range ‘n spare myself the pain

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anyways the world is crazy rn, so as a quick positivity break who wants to see some hiking pics i took last march the week before lockdown began


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I’m taking a break from social media in order to work on my mental health. Hope everyone has a good start to 2021, I’ll see you on the other side. 🙋‍♂️

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2020 of the Gregorian calendar is coming to an end and uhm… what a year, to say in the least. Although it’s proven to shower us, including me, with challenges, if there is one thing I am most grateful in this (cursed) year for is tumblr! Hence this follow forever, only my second one after my first in…2014. Not only did tumblr show to be an escape full of laughs, but it has been such a safe and supportive space for me throughout this year, either during the highs or the lows of life. I have gotten to really engage and create for this platform while being absolutely amazed at the talent! And I am so lucky to have talked to and meet absolutely lovely and amazing people! I have gotten to become mutuals with people who have blown me away on numerous occasions. Really, tumblr helped me to push through in general and to try new techniques for edits! 2020 was tough but not all of it was bad: I finished the first draft of my novel! I (re)discovered hobbies! I strengthened bonds with my closest friends despite international distance! And I got my (current) Adrian Ivashkov canon url :’) Those are all bonuses to getting through 2020.
To mutuals and followers alike, I wish you all the best for the next year, joy, love, success and health! As the gif portrays, let it be a new pretty sunrise for new beginnings! I couldn’t continue on here without all of you, so thank you for everything and for always being so kind, all of you take extra care 💖 Before I list all the gorgeous people I love on here, there are a few I particularly want to thank (all are incredibly talented!):

  • @daenrystargaryen : Ana, i love you so much! You have revolutionized tumblr for me. You appeared into my life at a time I was thinking of leaving this site and boy, am I glad I stuck around, all thanks to you <3 we have so many common interests and can be so similar, how is it that we weren’t friends before! you are always so sweet and supportive, and you being my Witcher Secret Santa was THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE CAKE. I teared up, I was so happy. YOU’RE DOING AMAZING, SWEETIE, ROCK ON AND KEEP ON GOING LIKE THE QUEEN YOU ARE
  • @keirahknightley : you know when you instantly click with someone? this is exactly what happened with Akrivi. You are a pearl. Look, I want to go to Greece just to meet up with you, and I’ve already been to the country a few times. I love you, and I can’t wait to fangirl with you over our next fixation (how is it that we share so much???)
  • @korra-of-the-watertribe : my diversity queen Shay. I always love discussing with you! Our opinions? One and the same. Seeing you on my dash is always a delight and you’re never afraid to show you’re “out there”. There are few people I trust with the Martells. You? No hesitation whatsoever. “I like his idea of saying ‘You go, girl’ ironically.” You go, girl. (Abed Nadir, 1X13)
  • @theclashofqueens : although we’ve literally just started to talk, I already consider you a close friend. You being my giftee for the WSS was such a pleasure, I was so happy you had no idea! You are absolutely LOVELY and I always look forward to our exchanges! Your first message after the reveal had me in tears and wondering if this was real life. “She’s amazing, we share so many interests, I just hope I can make Julia happy with this gifset” and then you did. I ascended to some heaven, I think.

In no particular order, all these amazing people that have accompanied me on this tumblr journey, some for so long and others just for a few days, but I love you all and admire you all for the royalty you are <3:

@anya-chalotra  @poirot @fairestcharming @leaveatrail @leroichevalier @maesterleia @daenerys-targaryen @lareinedefer @allisonaergents @yenvengerberg @fairytalespond @thetormentita @martellen @marystewart @timothyolyphant @rubyredwisp @visenyatargaryen @princesselaena @princessofpoldark @qveenofwinter @scinnlaece @viisenya @daynes @hharry @madaboutasoiaf @tragicdeadgirl @rhaella @thelegendofclarke @nightllock @iwillneverletgoipromise @sebastianstaan @achilleius @obatlle @facinaoris @yennefervengerbergs @cassatrix @bluetiefling

And last, people I admire from afar:

@lady-arryn @haticesultanas @henricavyll @ladyeowyn @seance @joannalannister @fitswilliamdarcy @lunaathorne @nobodys @zoewashburne

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//Dragon Hazel sneezes in human form and sneezes fire all over everything

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Taking a little break from social media..

Be back soon in sha Allah🌸

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okay friends and lovers, just like last week, i’m gonna get away from Tumblr until I’ve watched the new spn episode on Sunday. see you then <3

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Yo! Due to the awful phenomenon of exams, I’ll be completely absent from the blog till Friday. I’ll answer the asks and IMs only after that.

See on you the other side of the heartbreaking 15.18 with the new chapter of ALLU.

Ciao 😙

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hi y’all, it’s me, ya girl. i know i haven’t been consistently active in a while and although i feel somewhat bad about it, i think it’s something that i needed.

instead of delving into the details of my personal life like i would normally do, i’m just gonna jump right in – tumblr’s not the same. it hasn’t been for a long time. i know that’s been said by pretty much everyone on here, but that doesn’t make it any less true. as i was looking back at my blogroll, i noticed that it was (roughly) a year ago today that i posted my first actual fic. it made me remember that at one point i not only wanted to be on here all the time, i actually looked forward to it, to the extent where i was putting my studies aside to do so. was that the right decision? no it very much wasn’t, but at least i was happy.

as the months went on, i found myself enjoying tumblr less and less. writer’s block and personal issues kept me from putting out content, and soon enough it filled me with dread to even look at the mobile app on my phone. the only thing holding me back from just deactivating and moving on with my life were the amazing people i got to know on here. it was through here that i met people who i now consider some of my closest friends, and the thought of never having the chance to speak to them again scared me. i’m incredible lucky to have had the opportunity to make friends here, but it’s just not enough to make me stay any longer. even though i have so many wonderful mutuals that i haven’t talked to in ages (i’m so sorry pls know i love y’all so much do NOT forget that), i think it’s time i leave my tumblr days behind. 

i thought a few months back that maybe i’ll like tumblr again after forcing myself to write “my hero” and “duvet days”, but the urge to leave only got worse once i saw how poorly those two fics were doing. i’m not sure if things have changed in the time that i’ve been gone, but i damn well hope that y’all are giving writers the love and support they deserve. we don’t do this shit just to get 1 reblog, 2874983257478 likes and 0 feedback. don’t even waste your time by sending me hate about this because i won’t bother to read it.

anyway… i don’t know why this turned into a whole MLA formatted essay with a thesis statement and all that shit because quite frankly i don’t really owe anybody an explanation but yeah. if we’re mutuals here and you want to keep in touch with me, please feel free to dm me so i can add you on my socials because chances are i still want to hear from you. i’ll be leaving my fics up for those who still enjoy them and who knows, maybe i’ll pop back in from time to time to check in and then go back to my swirling pit of college despair.

it’s been a wild ride, my friends. i love y’all and hope you’re staying safe and healthy.

-dana 💖

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things are going down over on the rooster teeth side of the internet and I saw this on their reddit and thought it would a good reminder for everyone tbh so posting it here

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So, because I have an exam tomorrow (and it’s late right now) I will be going to bed now. I will also go dark most of the day tomorrow to focus on last minute studying, so don’t be worried if I disappear for a while :D

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Take care. Wash your hands and drink water uwu

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I was tagged by @rpgwarrior4824 – thanks so much!!

I’ll tag (with no obligation as always) @ooachilliaoo, @bronzeagelove, @1esk19, @renwritesstuff, @themightyflynn08, @shalibrations​​, and @wildcardhoney​​.

Favorite comfort food: So in like third or fourth grade I really liked reading Garfield, and that led me to lasagna.  I might have stopped reading Garfield, but lasagna’s still my go-to.  Aside from that, I’d say a pint of Ben and Jerry’s karamel sutra ice cream will do it (already got one waiting in the freezer for my birthday this week).

Favorite drink: I’m gonna go with two answers here.  Despite getting more sleep during the quarantine, I drink more coffee, ‘cause it’s my favorite comfort drink.  But my overall favorite drink hands-down is a martini.  I’m reeeaally particular too – I’ve never had a martini at a restaurant that I liked more than what I make at home.

Favorite relaxing activity: Writing fic or watching a movie.  I also used to sing a lot in the car too…working from home has cut down on those opportunities a helluva lot.

Favorite fluffy/feel good fic: I don’t read too many fluffy fics, though I’ve written a few.  I tend to gravitate towards reading anything angsty and edgy.  If I had to pick general favorites, I always love any fluffy Mass Effect fics set during Citadel shore leave (which is already a DLC with fluff) or just Shepard and their SO being domestic af.

Favorite calming scent: Can’t say I have a specific scent that I like more than another.  We like to buy a few different scents of incense at a time, so I guess I enjoy a little variety.

Favorite white noise: Rain on the window/roof or ocean waves.

Favorite relaxing (or uplifting) song: I think right now it’s Blinding Lights by the Weeknd, for no other reason than damn that song makes me want to get up and dance, and if that’s not uplifting I don’t know what is.

Favorite book to get lost in: I don’t have any specific books right now, but any story that keeps me guessing will suck me in.

Favorite TV show to chill-out: I could re-watch M*A*S*H forever. For a show I haven’t seen all of yet, it’d be Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The best advice you’ve ever had: Not sure this is the best I’ve heard, but one I’ve definitely repeated to others is, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”  Granted, I first heard that in the context of working at a nuclear power plant…where you could work most of your career and still not know everything there is to know about the plant or the job.  But I think I’ve taken that advice well beyond that, not just in respecting things unfamiliar, but more broadly in how I try to approach everything with an open mind.  There’s always more we can learn.

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