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#take everything I say with a grain of salt

Yeah as for my ears I’ve done half (5) myself if we’re talking about lobe piercings it’s usually an easy process doing it yourself and doesn’t hurt too bad/involve blood. Cartilage is where u get a lot more issues I have black spots all over my ears from mistakes I’ve made and one time I almost like bled out it was really bad! But I have a few that have worked out you kind of just have to get lucky/do it quickly. I can’t stop u if you wanna do it but yeah just be careful sanitize your needles (my first time I used a safety pin but after that I got piercing needles) and be careful. I would strongly advise getting cartilage done by a professional they’re also trained to know the best placement for your ears and it’s just easier. Lobes can hurt a little but they’re the easiest to diy

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hey! ur alright! take your time, and don’t feel pressured to come out at any moment, it’s all on when you’re okay with it. i also totally understand not wanting to put more pressure on ur mom, but since she knows about ur sibling, maybe you could ask them on how to move forward? find some simple things y’all can do, together

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There’s no confirmed source but at one point it was said that kaizo is 9 years older than fang so that’s typically taken as the assumed canon

And from my own experience of kids behaviour, fang seems to be around 3 or 4 but not older than 5 so I tend to place kaizo around 12 or 13 uwu

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Thank you that is so kind (:

As for plotting - I don’t think I’m good at it. Have a vague idea and as you flesh it out try to keep in mind how the various characters will be affected. Try to anticipate any plot holes and always have a rationale for why something is happening. Even if not explicitly stated. There has to be purpose in your actions and it should culminate to affect the end result.

It’s nice to have a skeleton idea of what you want from the story. Like, I really wanted to write the fall of SKB and have the reader thrown into the events that preceded it. So I didn’t know how tf we’d get to that point, but the further I wrote, the clearer the path toward that event got.

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