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celtadri · 10 months ago
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Get up in the sky and just keep going
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cassava-49 · 7 months ago
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Day 3 of Felinette November: Take Flight!
Who wants a “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Miraculous” crossover?
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applebear-rites · 7 months ago
Felinette November Day 3: Take Flight
(Ao3 link)
Young Marinette makes her first friend in Paris.
Trees swayed in the warm breeze. It was good weather for flying kites and for having picnics by the Seine. The little girl staring at the empty park didn’t know any of that. She had moved to Paris only two weeks ago and this was the first time in all that time that she was able to go out exploring.
She slumped down on the bench, reevaluating her plan. Originally, it had consisted of five excellent points.
Go to the park.
Meet people her age.
Offer them macarons.
Become good friends.
Have them show her around her new hometown.
It was a good plan. An excellent plan. Had she executed it on any other day of the week, she would have succeeded in less than five minutes, including the time it took her to run over from across the street. But out of all days, she had chosen a Saturday.
Her legs started swinging on her own as she contemplated what to do next. When she noticed something golden shimmering in a spot of sunlight from the corner of her eye, she jumped off the bench and tiptoed over. She moved quietly, afraid of alerting the angelic creature to her presence.
“What are you doing?”
Félix’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest at the obnoxiously loud voice coming right behind him.
“Go away,” he sighed, annoyed. “I’m not going to that stupid party. I’m busy.”
Marinette shuffled her feet, unsure what to say or do.
Noticing that the person wasn’t leaving, Félix glanced behind his back, stopping to stare as soon as he realized he was face to face with a stranger.
“You’re not Adrien.”
“Um… I’m Marinette.” She held her hand out shyly, hoping from the bottom of her trembling heart that he’d take it. “I-I’m new here.”
Félix stared at her hand with mild disgust. He’s parents had raised him to be a gentleman so though the idea of all her germs repulsed him, he grabbed it and shook it. Marinette’s hand was hot and sweaty, and she blushed, when they both realized it at the same time.
“Félix,” he introduced himself. “Pleased to meet you.”
Marinette knew from his frown that he didn’t mean it but she beamed at him anyway. She fumbled with her box lid. As soon as it was off, she offered the treats to him. “Would you like one?”
Félix was conflicted. Accepting anything from strangers was something his parents had forbidden quite expressively. He didn’t particularly like macarons either. But the girl's face was hopeful, her eyes sparkled with nervous anticipation, yet even so he could detect a hint of stubbornness in the manner she poised herself, back straight, head high.
"I don't like sweets," he admitted regretfully.
Marinette tilted her head, looking like a praying mantis sneaking up on its prey.
"And my hands are dirty," Félix added quickly, almost apologetically. It hadn't stopped him from shaking her hand, but handling unspoiled food was not the same as touching the fingers that had been all over who knows what.
"There's a fountain over there," she quipped cheerfully. "You can wash your hands there!"
The boy scoffed, turning his attention back to the ground. Marinette squatted down next to him.
“Whatcha doing?” she asked again.
"Studying." was his curt retort.
"On vacation?" she wondered.
"Please be quiet." It had been nice and peaceful before she showed up.
"Sorry!" She lowered her voice to a whisper and blabbered on. "Isn't it vacation? Mom said I can’t go to school for another two weeks..."
“Some of us like educating ourselves.” Félix expected her to scoff and laugh at him for that, and shot her a preemptive glare. She deflected it with a wide smile.
"So — what are you studying?" She whispered, leaning closer to see better. Félix was taken aback by her boldness, yet a smile crossed his face when he explained.
"I found this chrysalis when I got here. And I've been observing it ever since. See, it's transparent. It means it should emerge soon." He pointed at the cocoon. Marinette's cheek bumped against his as she tried to see where he was looking.
"It's pretty," she murmured in awe. Félix bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from agreeing.
As if on cue, the chrysalis swayed a little. The two children held their breaths. Marinette leaned forward to see it better. Félix grabbed her by the shoulder to stop her from toppling over.
The firm squeeze snapped Marinette out of her daze. She turned her head just the tiniest bit so she could apologize for causing him trouble.
Her heart wasn’t prepared to see him lost in his own world, cheeks pink and eyes sparkling as he rambled on. It filled her with excitement and she couldn’t keep a grin off her face.
“When the butterfly emerges, its wings are wet and wrinkled,” he told her. “It expands them, so it’s able to fly as soon as they’re dry. The colors and patterns come from layers of tiny scales. Like fish, except the scales are more like hairs on butterflies.”
“That’s so cool,” she whispered, eyes glued to the boy, the butterfly long forgotten.
Félix noticed.
“Come on, you’re missing all the action!” He didn’t mean for it to come out as a whine, but Marinette scrunched up her nose and turned her face towards the chrysalis. The white-winged insect was halfway done with its escape. It clung to the cocoon with his legs, courageously exposing itself to the whole wide world.
Marinette wished she could be as brave as the butterfly.
Félix reached out a hand towards the butterfly and for a moment, Marinette thought he was going to capture it. She opened her mouth to protest, expressing her conviction that all living creatures should be free, but closed it when she realized he was chasing away a small lizard, who was approaching the insect with the clear intention of making a lunch out of it.
“Look, it’s taking flight!” Marinette’s voice got louder with her excitement. Félix’s head snapped back to the butterfly, ready to argue that it was too soon. That they hadn’t even seen the butterfly dispose of meconium. But she was right.
The butterfly’s wings fluttered. It took off, heading straight towards them. Marinette squealed and tried to get out of its way. In her hurry, she dropped the box of macarons. The insect landed on it.
They laughed.
Then Marinette remembered to check the watch on her wrist. It was quarter to four. She’d told her parents she’d be back by three.
“I have to go!” She scrambled to gather her things. “Mom’s going to be so pissed! You can have the macarons!”
Félix picked the box up, watching her run off. He was a little sad to watch her go. It had been nice to spend time with someone who didn’t make fun of his hobbies.
By the time school started, Marinette had made many new friends, but her paths with Félix hadn’t crossed again. For days, she had daydreamed about him coming to the bakery with more interesting facts. She had even used beads and wire to make a small butterfly that she wanted to gift him as a symbol of their new friendship.
She was slowly coming to terms with the idea that perhaps their friendship was as short-lived as a mayfly.
“And this is Adrien,” she heard Alya, her new friend, introduce another one of their classmates. Marinette looked up and her heart picked up the pace before she realized it wasn’t the boy she had been hoping to find. “Be careful you don’t confuse him with his older brother. Félix is a nightmare compared to our sunshine boy. Adrien, this is Marinette.”
“Fé’s not that bad once you get to know him,” Adrien grinned. “The other day, he even came home with a pink box of macarons, saying that a friend gave it to him. And he wouldn’t share. He doesn’t even like sweets, you know!”
Marinette’s heart sparkled. Her brain kickstarted. It was time to make another plan.
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meegan420 · 2 months ago
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🧚🏻‍♀️Fairy Tails🧚🏻‍♀️-take flight gif (my hams)
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lyssaterald · 10 months ago
“Take Flight” Series Intro
Here, we shall explore the meshing of cultures and misunderstandings that come with the accidental abduction of one person from among her family and friends. This is a story of someone finding themselves lost among three different worlds and cultures while she struggles with finding her place in the complex maze of court politics and falling in love. 
This story will follow cannon events while folding in lore and world building from other parts of the fandom and a personal story. My OC will be named Lyssa while I also utilize a gender-neutral MC. Lyssa’s character will be written in first person while MC’s story will follow the second person perspective common with a gender-neutral character. With a lot of the big plot points in the seasons, popular opinion will be asked and folded into the story as we go.
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dis-you · 7 months ago
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bearlyepic · 6 months ago
I'm manifesting it besties new chapter of Take Flight should be ready by mid December!
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consciousnessblog · 8 months ago
From the distance.
I can see you.
Flying free.
Can you see me?
Let us melt.
Into each other.
As two stars.
Lost in space.
Let me feel.
Your energy.
So we can share.
The same frequency.
Let us dive.
Into the future.
Without preparing.
And just be free.
And me.
And I would love you.
For an eternity.
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jabberingdragon · a year ago
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A little something else I did for my college art classes. We were supposed to design a CD cover for a band of our choicecentered around a promotional phrase, Take Flight. So, here it is. We had to do a Gig Poster, Banner, and CD cover. This is the CD Cover. I am not too keen on how the Banner and Poster turned out, so I think I will fix those two up before I post those. In case anyone is curious to know, the band whom I chose to make gig stuff on this project for, was Owl City. I love his music so so so sooooooooooo much! And Take Flight couldn’t have fit better for him, considering a lot of his songs are centered around flight and birds.
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redeemingmys3lf · 9 months ago
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Time to fly.
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takeflight-hermitcraftau · a year ago
AO3 link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23525842/chapters/61527460
Tango and Impulse didn’t get a moment to even think about what Grian just said before four other hermits flew into the room. Mumbo, Iskall, Stress, and Scar. Mumbo looked worried as he rushed over to Grian, and Iskall walked over to Tango and Impulse. “How’s he doing?” Iskall asked, and Tango started to walk away from Grian. Impulse and Iskall followed. “I dunno man. We just noticed that the hives on his back looked really specific, and he said it looks like a Watcher symbol.” Tango said, and Impulse nodded.
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calmwaterdesigns · 3 months ago
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New works: Flight Response; Suncatchers; Amethyst Dragonfly & Peaceful Sunset by Stephanie Young of Calmwater Designs.
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sphaeraa · 11 months ago
Lindsey Stirling - Take Flight
Tumblr media
HEADCANON [ IN DEVELOPMENT ] : When infiltrating a new soul, the Hōgyoku must succumb to the natural laws within the realm of that individual person’s innerworld. Only after facing down, submitting and perceiving the world around it, will the Hōgyoku be able to get beneath it’s foundation to elevate not only itself, but bolster the world it comes to perceive above it. Until then, though, he is playing by the rules of any Zanpakutō, and must form an ebb and flow if he is to harness the entirety of one’s transcendence.
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dearjewels22 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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meegan420 · 4 months ago
Fairy Tails 2 the short cartoon (to Peter Murphy’s Strange Kind of Love song 🎵 the beginning)
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mixedmomma · 9 months ago
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she is I and I am her.
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silkwovenwords · a year ago
Take flight
There was excitement and outrage in the air 
The sun dance and the lakes swam teaming with life 
Swerves of dolphins rode into the water
The sand, glistened with fire burning through each grain
The scorpions crouched down pulled away their deathly tails
Walking with fire in his eyes, leaving prints with each foot
‘Listen’ he said
He swerved into motion like fire through cracked ice 
He was the galaxy, the hero, the unsung song swept into the night 
He came into the world 
After the burst of a thousand blood moons
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wavyscottie · a year ago
Starting my own business and pouring my all into it. No more being a slave for other people’s dreams, it’s time I fully invest into my own. I’ve given my all to others for years, while half-assing my own aspirations. Now I’m at a place in life where I deserve to give that same energy to myself, my dreams, and my purpose in life. I took the name “Mad Hatter” for a reason, it’s my time and will forever be my season.
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pinkpolishdesign · a year ago
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Unfurled, Too often we hide what makes us special. It’s time to shine, friends. I’ll try to be brave and bold if you will. ❤️
@higginsinks Eternal Ink & @sakuraofamerica Microns on @kohinoorusa smooth bristol.
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