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#take me to a forest

ahhh omg thanks so much for the asks babes!! 🥰🖤

26. What are you craving right now?

sex 😩 a pepperoni, ham, and cheese sandwich w mayo and lettuce on italian herbs & cheese bread (lightly toasted) from subway. idk why now, i haven’t had it since high school sksjdks

59. Do you like snow?

i love snow!! truly my favourite weather. it absorbs sound. everything is quiet and soft. it’s soft. delicate. it hugs me, which is nice. makes my hair pretty, like there’s pearls floating in it. except they’re impermanent, kind of like us.

idk i was gonna say something more poetic ab snow but tbh i’m a lil past tipsy now so the words are being stubborn. 😌❄️

expose me maybe?

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Idk how to explain to my family that we need nature but nature does not need us. If we abuse it then we lose it. Leave that shit alone it’s not bothering you

We cut down these animals homes to put our big ass house and car on that land and then have the audacity to get upset when animals are in “our” yard. Asdfghjkl this is there home too!!! You have to share you don’t own any part of nature????!!!

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Haley x Leah 

Haley often went to the forest to perfect her photographing skills. She felt the valley offered little to no new interesting places, but the forest was the best landscape for her photographic endeavors as it changed the most with each season and had many different elements to explore, such as the lake, the river, the cliffs, the flowers, the trees and recently Haley had found herself taking photos of the artist hut near the entrance of the forest. It didn’t look particularly pretty, but it fit in pretty perfectly with the rest of the landscape.

Today she noticed Leah was outside her hut with an easel and canvas. Haley could only see the backside of the canvas and the easel was pointed towards the area where Haley was standing. She could only assume Leah was painting the frame which was she standing in at the moment. At least she kept looking towards Haley and then went back to painting. 

Haley glanced at her surroundings and understood perfectly why Leah wanted to paint this picture. Even though Haley had captured many moments in the forest, each picture was always a little bit different. Today the sky was a bright peach color and the lighting fell perfectly on the autumn trees. She smiled and captured a photo with her camera.

Soon she tired out of photographing her surroundings and decided it was time to head home. As she walked towards her house, she noticed the easel and canvas stood alone. The curious part of her told her to sneak a peek while Leah wasn’t there anyway.

She walked up to the canvas. Leah had made rough paint strokes and she wasn’t detailed in her capture of the forest. But it seemed to be a deliberate choice, to draw the viewer into the center of the painting where a lone figure stood with much more intricate details to it. It wouldn’t be presumptuous for Haley to think it was her, seeing as the figure was clearly holding a camera and wearing the same colored clothes as her. The figure also had her perfectly curly long blonde hair. Haley looked to the top of the painting and noticed the beginning of a small white line. It seemed Leah intended to make it from the perspective of a viewfinder. She was tempted to touch it, but new the paint probably still hadn’t dried and she wasn’t about to ruin Leah’s painting.


Haley jumped at the voice. She almost knocked over the easel but was quick to grab it before it fell down. Her eyes widened when she realized she was holding the sides and had probably smeared the painting. Luckily though it had only stained her hands, but the painting itself was fine. 

She turned around and saw Leah coming towards her with a paint filled palette in one hand and paint brushes in the other hand. She was smiling widely at Haley, clearly happy to see her here and also slightly amused at Haley’s clumsy accident.

“That’s me,” Haley said, brushing off the embarrassment she felt from being caught like that, and pointed towards the figure on the canvas, “right there, that’s me.”

Leah nodded and walked up to the easel. She put down the brushes and palette down next to glass of water on the small table next to the easel. 

“I’ve seen you here many times, taking pictures in different parts of the forest.” Leah said. “when I saw you today I was so inspired to paint you, I couldn’t help myself.”

Haley looked back at the painting. It was beautiful. It would probably be too much to ask if she could have it. After all it seemed like Leah had put a lot of work into it. She wondered though what Leah was planning on doing with it.

“Do you not like it?” Leah asked hesitantly, “I can throw it away if you want me to.”

“No!” She yelled and then caught herself. She felt her cheeks reddening and thanked Yoba it was getting darker outside. She cleared her throat. “I mean it’s fine. You can paint whatever you want.”

She turned around and started to walk towards her home again but stopped when she heard Leah calling after her.

“Uhm since you’re here, I was wondering if it was okay if I maybe painted a portrait of you?”


“I mean not now, of course. I was just wondering if someday I could do it. You would have to model for it, but I promise to be quick about it, as least as fast as I can. I just the outline and then you’re free to move once I have to do the coloring and shading and final details.” Leah said.

“But why?”

Leah straightened her back and her smile grew wider. “because your face is perfect for painting and I have wanted to paint it since I came to town.”

Haley wasn’t sure what modeling entailed for this portrait but she knew she would have to sit still and it would probably take a long time if Leah was going after realism. It didn’t sound too exciting to spend hours sitting still, but at the same time she also wanted to see how Leah would capture her in a painting and there was a part of that was excited at the prospect of watching Leah’s intense expression when she was painting up close.

“Sure. Fine. Whatever. You can paint my portrait some day.”

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okay but if you saw me in the woods with sticks in my hair, barefoot, in a white lacy summer dress, swaying, singing a soft melody, are you telling me you wouldn’t take my offered hand and follow me as i led you deeply into the forest to live a life of mischief, wonder, and sexiness?

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- You dared to come into my forest, threaten my subjects, and attempted to murder my kid… And thought you could get away with it? Bold. But I love being the bearer of bad news. You’ve incurred my wrath, so you’re not leaving alive. Prepare to B U R N!-

Found Family, a family of choice. That said maybe it’s best not to piss off a grumpy soul stealing shadow, for even he will protect the spirits of children and a feral alien girl as his own. Though even if you asked nicely he’d never admit to being a parental figure at all.

I’ll never have enough of Snatcher being a literal dad, so I made some content. Fire colouration inspired by Snatcher’s laser attack. The Dwellers and Subconites came to see an entertaining show of a fool getting destroyed. Purple moto jacket with faux fur cause I felt it suited a noodle. And Hat Kid being smug with a taunt cause she’s Hat Kid. @doodledrawsthings

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You know… The only problem with how productive I’m managing to be at the moment is I have 12 finished drafts… and post at a rate of twice a week…

And trying to decide which order these boys go in is so hard!!

Also, yes - please keep requests coming if you have any! 

You’re also less than 2 weeks away from May and themed request month! 😊

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