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Psspsspssp Netease Wu chang as Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha please

Take big notes

I need S/A tier Sesshōmaru and a biig Dog demon pet

I can’t afford it but yeah

Come on I want to see Sesshōmaru bonk someone with his sword!

Also forest map!

A tier Princess Izayoi Geisha skin

Come on!

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Two (or more) women, who are obviously in love with one another, who spend hours complimenting each other, and whistfully discuss their desire to be in a relationship with “women even half as lovely as you all are” … and then nothing happens for several years because we’re all just a bunch of disasters.

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I’m definitely back ❤️ Today I got these three new tattoos because after these past two weeks I deserved to treat myself 😂 Do you like them? The bokuaka one is super cute tbh 🥺 And then the V is for tae and ‘people’ is because of people by agust d 🎵

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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