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Serpent | Serpent Bearer
My Destiny 2 characters
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Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12
Summary: Peter owed you. Peter would owe you for the rest of his natural born life.
If it weren’t for him, trying to make a name for himself under the two men who ran the city, you wouldn’t have been in this position.
‘Keep an eye on Peter’, May told you, ‘make sure he doesn’t get into trouble’
Peter walked right into trouble and he was going to drag you down with him. But he was one of them now, he was the newest members of ‘the guard’.
And you were the little mouthpiece that had gotten under their skin. The moment you opened your mouth and uttered the words ‘funeral directors’ sarcastically, they’d been on you. They liked you, they wanted you.
And you were given no choice in the matter. Not now, not with a diamond ring the side of Manhattan itself on your left hand and the title of ‘Mrs. Barnes-Rogers’ hanging over your head.
They catered to no one, but you. They were soft for no one, but you. They told you as much. You were the only one they allowed to speak to them the way you did and you should’ve felt honoured if you weren’t so horny all the time.
All because of Peter Benjamin Parker. Your younger brother who couldn’t leave well enough alone.
** **
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Taken (Modern AU) - Ch 1
Alcina Dimitrescu x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: mentions of sexual body parts, mentions of death of a character
AN: A new story, the idea just sorta got there and I always wanted write our beautiful lady into our modern day world and see how she and the girls would be as normal human beings. There will be an OC character in this story that isn’t the reader.
One last warning. In this story Alcina has given birth to the girls. And the father is the OC.
Tell me if you want me to do a taglist! Enjoy!
“I wouldn’t mind at all. The world could definitely use a female President to kick the white mens’ asses in that political kindergarten they’re running”, you answered into the phone as you sat on the bench, looking over at the playground.
You noticed your five year old son sitting on top of the slide and slide down. You smiled softly before hearing the voice on the other end answer you.
“Oh I am not opposed to it being Clinton, but could you imagine Michelle Obama coming out and saying she’s running”
You looked down at your nails for a quick moment before looking back up at the playground. Your heart stopped the moment you did. Your son was no were to be seen. “Carrie I gotta go”, you said into the phone and hung up before running over to the playground.
Your son was nowhere to be found and you felt yourself quickly panic.
You desperately looked around the playground for any sign of him but he was gone. You walked over to a another woman and her child by the swings. “Excuse me. Have you a seen a little black boy with black hair and a blue jacket?”
The woman shook her head, her eyes obviously filling with worry. Suddenly you heard it. Your son’s laughter. You turned around and your eyes landed on three girls standing by your son, playing with him by a bench.
You ran over to the bench, and immediately took him into your arms. “Oh my god Eli”, you whispered hugging him tight.
“Mommy, they show me stones!”, he said holding up a stone in his hand and you turned to the three girls, immediately noticing how much they looked alike. Triplets no doubt. Late teens, maybe eighteen. One blonde, one brunette and one redhead.
“Well how nice”, you said with a small voice, still shaken up.
“Girls what did I tell you about walking ahead? One day I won’t be able to keep up”, a voice suddenly said and you felt your heart quicken. You turned and saw a tall woman walking towards you and you felt yourself catching your breath. She was god ass tall. 6 feet at least. You noticed how the three girls immediately squirmed under the woman’s gaze, all three looking at her.
“Yes mother”
“Yes mama”
“Yeah mom”
They all answered at the same time and you turned back to the woman who was now standing behind the girls. “I’m sorry if my daughters bothered you and your son”, she apologized and you felt yourself in trance as you met her eyes with your own for the first time.
Brown eyes with a hint of gold that made you forget how to breathe. The redness on your cheeks could no doubt be seen. Maybe that’s why the redhead was smirking at you.
“It’s uhm… quite alright. I was just… scared. So many kids gets taken from playgrounds”, you said and the woman gave you a sympathetic smile.
“The fear of losing our children is higher than anything. I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I lost my daughters”, she said caressing the red haired girl with her left hand’s fingers on the girl’s cheek.
Despite their late teen years, the girl leaned into her mother’s touch, her smirk immediately disappearing, and you felt a sense of warmth at the sight.
“I’m sure the fear is much stronger when you have three to look after rather than one”
The woman squeezed the blonde girl on her shoulder with her right hand making the girl step back towards her mother, leaning into the touch as well.
“Some people might agree with you on that”
You honestly didn’t know what to do or say. The woman was absolutely astonishingly beautiful. She was inhumanly tall and you could just see the edge of lines on her face.
“Mommy I want down!”, Elijah suddenly said and you turned to him and put him down. But you immediately took his hand into your own and held him close to you.
“Thank you. And thank you for the stones”, you said and looked down at the stone your son held in his hands, obviously fascinated about it.
“You’re welcome dear. Have a good day”
You felt your heart beat faster at the nick name and found yourself blush furiously. “You too”
You walked away and the woman stood still watching you. The redhead smirked and turned to her sisters who all noticed the smirk. The brunette furrowed her eyebrows at the smirk while the blonde rolled her eyes.
“So… she was cute”, the redhead said and she could immediately feel her mother’s eyes on her.
“Well I’m sure next time you see her, you’ll be able to get a name out of her”, she said and the redhead rolled her eyes.
“I meant for you mom”
The woman rolled her eyes, as well and the redhead definitely saw the resemblance between her blonde sister and her mother.
“Daniela how many times have I told you not to interfere with my romantic life”
“Only once or twice”, she said with a smug on her face and the woman smirked as they walked their way home.
You walked into your apartment and Elijah immediately ran over to his toys, taking out his stuffed animals. “Eli sweetheart you need to take your shoes off”, you said and the boy turned to you. He walked over to you and sat down on his bottom, gently placing his stuffed wolf next to him but opening his shoes.
“Good sweetheart”
Once he was done he stood once again  and ran over to his play corner in the living room. You made yourself some coffee, adding lots of sugar not to mention lots of vanilla.
Vanilla was your absolute favorite. The smell was to die for and the taste was even better.  It was almost better than pussy. But not quite better than pussy.
But it sure had been long since you tasted one. God sometimes you regret not going out more. But you just couldn’t. It was too hard still. Even after five years, it was still hard.
Your wife had been your everything. Dying at childbirth was not how you had seen the outcome. The birth of your son had been long and painful for your wife and the damage was just too severe for her to survive.
You knew you wanted children and you and your wife had discussed the different options, but she insisted on carrying, since she always wanted the experience. You happily agreed and you let her decide the donor since she was carrying.
She had immediately chosen a donor from the south and the two of you had never been more excited.
“Mommy! Look!”
The sound of your son’s voice brought you back from your thoughts and you smiled softly at him as he held up his toy soldiers.
His black-brown eyes shining right through you, his eyes a complete match to your wife’s.
You walked over to him and sat down on the mattress behind him, bringing your arms around him. You held him close as he played, a tear falling down your cheek.
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My amazing little girl bought this outfit just for me and I just couldn’t help but share her little sexy body with everyone after I fucked her so hard In it last night
Tumblr media
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Psalm 31:1 (NIV) - In You, LORD, I have taken refuge;    let me never be put to shame;    deliver me in Your righteousness.
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Back when I worked home home 😜
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Bucky x Female Winter Soldier
Warnings: intense scenes, graphic violence, mention of guns and knives. Hydra torture. Mental instability.
Master List: https://doll1917.tumblr.com/post/656752048672571392/master-list
Ive always been intrigued by this concept that he wasn’t the only one hydra stole. This might be a series, it might not be. My series don’t tend to do as good as my stand alone stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Summary: James Buchanan Barnes wasn’t the only person to lose their life to Hydra. In 1958 (y/n y/l/n) was selected from the KGB to become the female counter part to the already notorious Male Winter Soldier.
(Y/n) was born in 1934 so her body is still in the shape it was when she was chosen in 1958 which makes her 24 years old.
At the beginning they were kept apart, never using both soldiers at the same time but sometimes the mission required two strong assets. This became a frequent thing as their targets became more popular. Through the unlikely pairing came friendship.
Part 2 is up! https://doll1917.tumblr.com/post/658511710157766657/taken-2
“I think my name is Bucky…” he whispered to you, low enough for only you to hear, and in Romanian so if someone heard they wouldn’t understand what he said. Before you could respond the truck came to a halt and you were both escorted to the exam room. That god forsaken chair sitting there waiting to wipe what little remained of who either of you used to be. They placed ‘Bucky’ there first. You stood in your spot, stone faced.
“The man on the bridge, I-I knew him.” Bucky’s voice broke a little. That was the first real emotion he’d had since 1943. It was the first real emotion you’d ever seen from any human since 1958. Hearing it stirred something inside of you. Anger? Anger for him. Sympathy? Possibly. It wasn’t likely but you felt something like it for Bucky.
Pierce droned on despite Bucky’s slight protest. Then came his screams. The sound of electricity sending shooting pain through Bucky’s whole body. Convulsing on the table as his metal arm electrocuted his shoulder. You stood there passively but the longer you stood the angrier you became on the inside. Bucky’s mind wipe was finished and he was dragged away. You were pushed forward but not without a fight which took everyone by surprise. You had taken out half the men in the room before pierce stabbed you in the back with a tranquilizer strong enough to knock out a super soldier. You fell to the ground with a thud and they strapped you to the chair waiting for you to come to before starting your mind wipe. After that, as per usual, you were ready to comply.
The battle at the triskelion presented its challenges on both sides. The mission was the same except you were now an escort to loyal under cover hydra supporters while Bucky finished the mission. You completed your mission but something didn’t add up. You never seen Bucky after that. At first you weren’t told, you found out while on another mission. He had escaped. He was missing. For some reason you felt a sense of betrayal. He escaped but didn’t come back for you? You could’ve swore the two of you were friends. Then again, what outlines a friendship? You couldn’t remember. You pushed the mind churning thought away and completed your mission. The kill you just achieved caused a huge uproar all over the world. It flagged hydra, lit it up like a god damn Christmas tree. Before you could even get back to base hydra was surrounded by police task force and SHEILD agents. You loomed over head, keeping low but watching the action. Was this your chance to escape?
“I want that second winter soldier and I want her now!”
‘Nick Fury. So he didn’t die, good to know. ‘
You scanned the people coming to and from the building. Natasha Romanoff. Captain America. Sam Wilson. Bucky. You saw them all. All people you had either been sent to kill or someone you had come to vaguely know. Anger welled up inside you again. It was almost uncontrollable. If they wanted you, they could die trying. You took your gun and knife and put them close to your person you descended from your perch and like a ghost you snuck up on the group. Nick Fury had a blind spot so he was the easiest to take out first. You yanked him back and aimed your gun at his head. It made all the others whip around.
“Y/n y/l/n, you don’t want to pull that trigger.” Nick Fury warned. His words took you by surprise. Was he talking to you? Everyone stayed rather still, eyes focused on you but the group didn’t seem keen on stopping you it seemed. Your eyes found the bright blue ones that you were used to seeing. They were big, wide, blue like an ocean, even in the dark of night.
“That’s your name…” his voice was familiar but normally his voice was muddled by a mask. He stepped forward and you instinctively pulled the hammer of the gun back with your thumb and Bucky froze. “Don’t do this…we were going to get you out…” hearing that made you angry. How long had it been since he escaped.
“The year.” You spoke in Romanian, only speaking to Bucky.
“2019.” His voice was cautious. Someone from SHIELD noticed that you had Fury held at gun point and they started shooting at you. Whatever possibly could’ve happened that could’ve turned this situation around for the good fled the moment people shot at you. You pushed Nick Fury to the ground and landed three shots to his body before taking out the SHEILD agent that shot at you. After that it was all a blur. You against four avengers.
“Soldier! Stop! You don’t want to do this…” Natasha warned as the two of you grappled on the pavement. You could tell she was trained in the red room.
“I don’t take orders from ballerina’s.” You hissed aS you landed a blow to her chest, knocking the wind out of Natasha.
A pair of arms caught yours but you were able to wiggle one arm free in enough time to grab your knife, stabbing the thigh of the person holding you. You were let go in mere seconds. “Sam!” Captain America ran to his friends side and that just left Bucky facing you.
“Please…let me help you…hydra is done. You are free, but let me help you. Let us help you.” He tried to reason with you, he was trying to break through the stone thick wall hydra had formed around your mind.
“You. You left me.” The anger inside you was boiling. Everyone froze when they heard what you said. “I thought we were friends…” your eyes blinked a few times because for some weird reason they got blurry. Then you felt something hot and wet slide down your face. Your chest heaved at whatever was happening. Your chest felt tight and your arms felt num and your legs felt like they might give out under you. Was this panic? It had to be because rational thought was escaping you completely. You felt something sharp pierce your neck and before you could do anything about it you blacked out.
Bucky stood there completely shocked and even heart broken. You had considered him a friend all this time? He should’ve tried harder to get you. To save you. He had been selfish and only saved himself. He didn’t even look back once he escaped hydra.
You woke slowly, groggy to your surroundings that were immensely out of focus. Things cleared up after a minute and you realized you were in a chair. Arms and legs strapped down completely, you couldn’t even move them. Your eyes scanned what areas of the room you could see. Clearly in a fortified holding cell. Nothing you weren’t already used to. You sat there in silence, your mind recalling the last thing you remembered. Oddly enough you remembered what they had called you. You replayed it over and over in your mind. If that was your name you actually kind of liked it. During your thoughts people came to your cell, they had lab coats and that infuriated you.
‘So much for helping me.’you thought to yourself as the men talked rapidly about you, and thanks to your acute hearing you were able to hear it all.
“She woke rather quickly, she’s only been out a few hours that normally keeps people asleep for a week.” One stated, clearly shocked.
“We could try and get clearance for some tests.” Another said blankly. That made you want to scream.
‘No! N-No! God, please no more tests!’ You screamed in your head. You tried breaking your restraints and the lab coats jumped back.
“Get more of that stuff! I’m not dealing with this crazy freak!” Someone ran and got the stuff you got injected with earlier and you froze. If this was you being free of hydra it just seemed like you were trading one evil for another.
“What the hell are you doing!?” A booming voice echoed from the door. Captain America and Bucky. Bucky looked pissed and Stars and Stripes equally so. “Get out before this freak ends you.” Bucky sneered at them and they quickly left. Bucky crossed the room and pried the cell door open, your long hair flying forward from the gust of air him pulling the door caused. “Y/n?” He stood close but not enough to be felt like he was hovering.
You looked up at him for a moment then looked back down. “So far, I can’t spot the difference between hydra and this place.” Bucky’s heart clenched at those words. He turned to look at Steve, pleading with him to let you out of this damn thing. He nodded and punched in a code. All of a sudden your limbs were released. You slowly moved them, letting the blood flow back to them. “Can I stand or should I not push my luck?”
“Please, do whatever makes you comfortable,” captain America said. “You truly are free, but we do ask that you stay here. For your safety. Until we can get hydra out of your head.” You stood during his speech and slowly took a few steps forward until you were out of the cell. You looked around and hummed.
You counted six security cameras in this room and only one obvious point of entry and exit. Your back was turned to the two men but you slowly turned back to face them. You keep your eyes down casted though, never meeting their gaze. There was something about meeting peoples eyes that made you uncomfortable. Normally when you looked into someone’s eyes you saw pain, and that pain was because of you.
“Hungry? We are having shawarma,” the captain said again. Your brows knit in confusion immediately.
“Shwa- what?” You briefly looked at him and he kind of chuckled at your confused expression.
“Hard to explain, but it’s good. C’mon.” He ushered for you to follow him and you looked over at Bucky first before moving. Bucky gave you a slight nod and you followed the captain.
“Where’s your suit?” You asked the captain after a minute of following him. He turned and looked at you, still amused.
“I only wear it when I have to,” he said. You found that odd. You were always in your suit. Then it hit you, you weren’t in your suit. You halted immediately and froze. You were defenseless and unprotected. Not that your suit offered you much protection but it was better than nothing.
“Y/n?” Both men looked at you slightly confused. “Are you still with us?” Steve got wary, had you flipped back? He couldn’t tell.
“Where is /my/ suit..” you started to back up and Bucky immediately realized what was wrong. You were feeling vulnerable.
“You don’t need it here, y/n…you’re safe.” Bucky said softly. That infuriated you to hear, you swung at Bucky, landing a punch to his cheek. One hit just wasn’t enough you lunged forward and started fighting him, it was rather one sided because you were the only one landing punches.
“I’m not safe.” You backed away from the men and sprinted off in the other direction.
“Y/n! Y/n!” Bucky’s voice called out after you and you could hear him running to catch up to you. You saw the glass windows up ahead and you didn’t care you’d run through it. The glass shattered all around you as you jumped out of the window. You fell to the ground in a roll but sprung up on your feet quickly. You looked around and you seemed to be in the middle of no where.
“Of course…the middle of fucking no where. Just like hydra.” You had to make a break for it so you ran as fast as you could and luckily for you you saw a car. A fast looking one at that. You broke the window and unlocked it from the inside. Once you were in you hot wired it and you were off in mere seconds. Leaving the compound in your dust.
“Damn it…” Bucky cursed as he ran to his bike to try and catch up.
“Did the female Manchurian candidate just steal my mclaren?!” Tony stood there utterly annoyed as he gazed at the broken glass window on the ground. The rest of the team ignored Tony as they all rushed to go after you.
You had no idea where you were or where you were going but you clocked major speed at almost 180 miles an hour. You checked you rear view mirrors and you seen a motorcycle coming in hot. It looked like Bucky. You groaned and shifted the car into a different gear so you could pick up speed. “Hey! Stealing is illegal. I know your brain got fried but I’m sure you remember stealing is wrong.” An unknown voice came through the car. “Pull over, y/n. Or I’ll make you.” You ignored the voice because he couldn’t make you, he wasn’t even in sight, whoever it was and it didn’t sound like Bucky. All of a sudden the car shut up and you were slowly stopping.
“Fuck!” You opened the door as the car was still going ninety miles an hour and your rolled into the ditch. You hid in the brush of the tall grassy area. You hoped you could remain hidden enough for them to not spot you. The bike came to a screeching halt and you heard Bucky’s thick boots scraping the gravel as he came to half at the side of the road.
“Y/n….I promise you’re safe, what those lab people were doing it won’t happen again…I don’t know how I can show you that you can trust me but I promise I won’t let anything else happen to you.” He was talking to the grass when the rest of the team showed up. For a moment he looked kind of crazy but the soon caught on. “The words…they don’t work on me anymore.” He looked at Natasha. “Nat say them…say them all.”
Your interest was piqued and you listened carefully. Each word was rattled off and at the end she addressed him as soldier. “Soldier?” You heard her voice.
“Fuck off.” He said and you immediately stood up, looking at him in utter shock and awe. The words had no affect on him. You took in how his body was relaxed and not rigid like normal, and how his eyes remained soft and not glazed over with an intimidating glare. You moved closer to him and he stayed completely still as if one move would spook you. You stood before him, now that you were both next to each other like that the height difference was significant. His six foot stature towered over your 5’3 self. “Will you come back? I promise you are not a prisoner…but in order for you to walk free you have to get those words out of your head. Believe me, it’s not fun. It’s a long road from here but in the end…it’s worth it.”
You nodded slightly. If it meant you wouldn’t be controlled anymore you’d do just about anything. “I’ll go.” The verbal confirmation physical calmed everyone’s nerves. They were all rooting for you, you just had to trust them, which was easier said than done.
“Hop on.” Bucky got on his bike and you got on the back. You headed back to the compound but this time because you were willing, not because you were dragged there like you were dragged all over the world.
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every day i see people say that theon was ‘basically a stark’ and an ‘honorary stark’ and ‘hardly a hostage but i’m being so brave about it
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In your soul there are infinitely precious things that can not be taken from you.
Oscar Wilde
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Taken: Part 13
A/N: Mentions of physical violence
Bucky looked over the unfolded paper in his hands with ill-gotten interest that had been straddling the line between complete and total lack of care and oddly centred critique of the man trying to escape the binding of his hands.
With a sigh, he directed his attention back toward the black ink scribbled on the paper, finding no more interest in the paper in his hands than the man tied and bound before him.
“Barnes, Barnes…I’m pleading with you, please-“ Bucky had lowered the paper once more and tilted his head, his blue eyes translating all his emotions in one quick fired and intense loathsome glare, as the man prattled on.
There were beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks from his forehead, and the hair dusting along the nape of his neck was clinging to his sweat-stained collar, the light grey material stained with dark yellow patches.
There was no care he had spared when he committed the act he had, and there was no remorse until he was strung up in the room, pleading for his life when he realized that it wasn’t one of their men coming to deal with him, but the two bosses themselves; the two men who had run the whole operation were going to deal with him first hand without hesitation or withholding any of their rages.
“You’re begging me? Interesting.” Bucky chimed monotonously while he started to fold the paper in on itself, meticulously lining up every crease, and then he tossed it onto the plush chaise to his left.
When it landed, Bucky had centred his glare on their captive man and flexed his fingers as he stood from where he was sitting and slowly started to circle the captive man, hearing his pleads and begs as he blubbered the meaningless words.
“You hurt my girl.” Bucky’s cool quip had made the man trapped shudder in response; the shiver that ran down his spine had been telling of his state of anxiousness being alone in Bucky’s presence.
“I didn’t…I didn’t mean to.” He whimpered, watching Bucky move around him in calculated steps until they were standing face to face.
“Don’t worry.” Bucky tapped his cheek twice. “I won’t be doing anything until Stevie gets here. Can’t have all the fun alone, can I?”
Bucky smirked and stepped away from him, leaving his arms bound above his head and his toes scraping the ground beneath him, no natural relief in any measure. Bucky had left him hanging there as he returned to the plush couch and sank on it, and stretched his legs out in front of him.
There was no rush, no urgency as he draped his arms along the back and drummed his fingers on the visible wooden frame. He watched his victim struggle, this man who had accosted you without even laying a finger on you, and it was with great urgency and pleasure that he had watched the bastard drawing himself closer to exhaustion as he tried to escape.
“Please! I’m sorry! Please! I didn’t mean to! I was following orders! I hadn’t-“
“Oh, we know. We both know who’s orders you were following, which will also be dealt with. In the meantime, we can’t just let this slide. Of course, we have to make sure our girl is taken care of.” Bucky turned his head toward the door when it was opened, and Steve walked in with a duffle bag by his side and a pair of knuckle dusters on both his hands.
“Nervous?” Steve chuckled under his breath as he slammed the door behind him and ambled toward the couch set up and Bucky lounging on the plush.
“Rogers, please-“
“I usually love the sound of them begging,” he dropped the bag to the floor with a resounding and eery thud, the clang making the poor little worm whimper again, “but your voice is fucking annoying.”
“I didn’t mean to!”
“You mean you didn’t mean to hurt our sweetheart’s family? But you would’ve beaten her to near death?” Steve’s jaw ticked as he cracked his knuckles, walking around him as Bucky had, analyzing the mess of a man who was still pleading for his life as if he would walk away untouched.
“Our poor little fiancée,” Steve yanked the guy closer by the front of his stained shirt, listening to the pathetic and endless cries that had been so ineffective on the two men, “nearly lost everyone in her life she cares about and you almost ripped another from her.”
“I wasn’t-“
Steve rolled his eyes and swung his right hand into their captive’s abdomen, the sharp and startled cry, the first of many sounds they would pull from him. It was the first of many blows that they would land in their act of getting even for you.
It would be their first of many gifts they would give to you, and this act would double as a message for this little snake’s boss. It would be an informative warning that both Bucky and Steve were coming for him, and you, and your family, were going to be made their family. And anyone who crossed their family would be fucked.
“I think he needs another one, Steve.” Bucky chimed in, his smirk widening as he heard the sickening crunch of bones breaking when another blow was landed to his ribs. “Ooh. That sounded like it hurt.”
Steve stepped back and watched the little prick worm around with his teeth grinding as he felt the aftershock and painful motion of breathing with broken ribs and a battered side.
As Steve turned away to grab something from his bag, their target had gotten a second wind and had started swinging his legs maniacally, clipping Steve’s right shoulder with the heel of his foot.
The force behind the kick hadn’t been enough to knock Steve back or even throw him off balance, and the act itself was laughable. Steve had turned his head, looking at the target starting to lose that momentum, and the exhaustion had begun to settle back into his system, evident by the shaky groan and the way he had hung his head.
“I think you should break his foot,” Bucky suggested while he pushed himself to stand and walked toward Steve. “He thinks he’s smart, doesn’t he?”
“You can still let me go.” He was done pleading and grovelling. He had no other cards to play except emboldened stupidity. “You can let me go, and I can deliver your message in person.”
Bucky and Steve had glanced at each other; the look shared between them was a method of communication that had started back when they were kids running around together, getting into trouble.
All it took was a single look, a pointed glance, for a silent message to be delivered from one man to the other. It was a deep understanding of the other that had made them such a deadly and compelling pair, the two men who had known each other better than anyone else.
“You are as stupid as you look.” Steve scoffed and reached into his duffle bag for a pair of pliers, and after standing up again, he had rolled his shoulders back and swung the pliers in his hand, glancing between the fingers and mouth, trying to decide what to do first.
There was half a beat between Steve deciding and the action being carried out when a knock on the door had interrupted the two of them and had announced the presence of one of their men. Another beat had passed, then the door handle had turned, and access was granted to the room.
“Parker is here,” the man announced, glancing between Bucky and Steve and their punching bag, “Romanoff kept her as busy as she could, but-“
“I know. Little brat can’t be told no.” Bucky’s grin was wide, and his cock twitched in his jeans when he pictured the day you must’ve had with Nat, the hours she would have spent dragging you from one high-end boutique to the next, gathering you an entire walk-in closet worth of clothes and shoes, handbags and jewellery.
“She wants to speak with you.”
“Course she does.” Bucky stole another glance at Steve, their eyes meeting and another sent and received with a single gaze. “Tell her to give me five minutes.”
“Yes, sir.” Their man nodded his head and slipped out as quickly as he had arrived, and the three of them were alone again.
“Luckily for you, we’re being pulled away.” Steve hadn’t dropped the pliers, nor had he moved away from their prey. Instead, he had tapped the edge of the pliers against his fingers nails, still hung above his head, and hummed under his breath. “Which finger, Buck? You choose.”
Bucky inched toward Steve and snaked a hand around his waist, then brushed his lips against the back of Steve’s neck, kissing softly. Steve had pushed back against Bucky, his back against Bucky’s chest and angled his head to give the brunette more access and more room. “May had four fingers broken.”
“Four it is.”
Tumblr media
The steady click of your heels on the tile floor had been one of the only sounds to echo off the walls of the bathroom you were pacing in, the expansive and elegantly designed room larger than your entire apartment.
It is where they had found you, walking back and forth in the bathroom wearing a pair of strappy black Louboutin heels and a sleek off-the-shoulder dress with gold buttons drawing attention to your waist, something that had likely been picked out by Nat, instead of yourself.
Still, you seemed to be easing into the idea of projecting an image to the public, to the media and the paparazzi. You had been making your rounds in public, appearing with people in their social circles, and the rumours had started snowballing.
There was an uptake in your name being mentioned along with the likes of theirs; the knowledge that you were their sweetheart had all but been cemented in the spotlight.
When they arrived in your shared bedroom and entered the bathroom, you had ceased your pacing and turned toward them, your hands resting on your hips. You were beautiful, even without all the high-end clothes and the expensive heels you were breaking in, and it was no more apparent when you fixed your displeased gaze on them and your fingers drummed against the skirt of your dress.
“How was the day, princess? I see you got yourself an entirely new wardrobe.”
“Thanks.” You snipped, not unpleased or ungrateful, but irritated by their attempts to keep you away from the house. “You wanna tell me why you kept me distracted all day?”
You glanced from one to the other; your natural state of being defensive and accusatory hadn’t been lost on them. They had known it would be a process for you to trust them, for you to open yourself up to them and let go.
It would take longer than a few days, than a few weeks or months for you to fully and wholly submit your trust in them. They had made progress, and they had gotten you to let go of your high guard, but there was still so much left to do.
“The fucker that attacked your aunt,” Steve shoved his hand into the pockets of his sweat and looked you up and down, his lips twitching and his eyes flashing with appreciation, “we got him.”
“You got him?” You faltered and glanced between Steve ad Bucky, relief and ease settling over you before a wicked look and a hardness had taken its place.
Gone was their girl who had been made softer in their presence, and its place was a woman who was angry and looking for blood. You had rolled your shoulders back and stood straighter, your hands clenching into your dress as you grit your teeth.
The look in your eyes was deadly if they had ever seen one, and the aggression that was rolling off of you was both unsettling and deliciously erotic. You had stood before them, thirsting and ready for blood, and if anyone had seen you now if the media had seen you standing in the bathroom with this look of boiling, bubbling rage, they would have no singular doubt that you were not bred and born into this life.
“He’s downstairs-“ Bucky answered you and struck out his arm to stop you from leaving the bathroom when you started stalking toward the door, “-you can’t see him.”
“The hell I can’t.” You countered and grabbed his arm just above his elbow and put as much pressure as you could to break the hold he had on the doorframe. “That little shit attacked my aunt; he put her in the hospital-“
“And I removed four of his fingers.” Steve interrupted you and angled his body toward you, cornering you between himself and Bucky. “Every one of your aunts that he broke will break in his body. Every bruise and every scratch-“
“I want to do it.” You glanced between him and Bucky, that burning rage still vibrant within you.
“No.” Bucky denied you, and Steve agreed. “No, once you go down this path, you can never go back. Steve and I, we are going to handle this.”
“Trust us, baby.” Steve settled his hand on your waist and spun you quickly, your chest flush against his. “You don’t want to do this, and we won’t let you.”
“She is my aunt.”
“She is our family.” Bucky countered, stepping between your back and the frame, keeping you between them. “That’s what this arrangement guarantees. You are our fiancee; Peter and May are our part of our family now too.”
“I’m not your fiancee yet.” You looked from one to the other and then gazed at your hand as it rested against Steve’s chest, your left hand barren.
“You will be. With a few more public appearances, we can make it official.” Bucky mumbled against your neck. “We have a few events we need to attend, put on a good front.”
“You won’t let me see him?” You questioned them both, your fingers gripping the front of Steve’s plain white shirt. “Not once?”
“There was a hit put out on you, darling. He went there for you, not your aunt and going to see him-“
“I just wanna hit him once.” You whined and batted your eyelashes at Steve, crooning softly and adorably. “I just wanna drive my heel through his heart.”
“That’s all,” Bucky mumbled against the back of your neck, and you could feel his lips stretching in a smile as he laughed into the nape of your neck. “You just want to drive your heel through his heart.”
“Just one bitty thing.” You grinned in return, feeling ease surging through you, the kind of ease that had you settling against Steve’s chest.
“Or you could give us an hour, and we can order take out.” Steve slipped his hands away from your hips to the small of your back, keeping you pressed against his chest.
“Is that what you do on your time off? You send your five-star chef away, and order take out? In between murder and money laundering, you have time for takeout?”
“Hissy kitten,” Bucky nipped your flesh, and you inhaled sharply in response, digging your nails into Steve’s chest, “you always have to be a smart ass?”
“It’s one of my charms.” You stifled a laugh and leaned forward, resting your head against Steve’s chest, both tired and eager to have someone pressed against you, “takeout sounds amazing.”
“You get changed, we’ll order.” Steve kissed the top of your head and slowly pulled away, letting his arms fall to his sides. “We have to handle something first.”
“Are you sure I can’t drive my heel into his heart?” You questioned, slipping the left heel off, followed by the right.
“Next time, we’ll consider it.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thefirstknife · a month ago
Tbh this whole anniversary event is perfect for making dumb theories that are like at least 99% definitely not true but ARE really funny.
For example.
The Horse is the original master of The Taken & gave the power to Oryx. Evidence;
• the first enemies when u enter the activity are Taken.
• the Horse’s treasurer is a Taken.
• the lightning round is composed of Taken.
There’s no reason Xivu Arath or Savathun would enter the taken into Dares of Eternity. Conclusion? The Horse controls the Taken
I can't confirm this, but I also cannot dispute it.
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❎ Single
❎ Taken
✅ Mentally dating .......
Rules put in the tags who you are mentally dating
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💋🖤Juicy all around🖤 💋
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I see you.
Rent Asunder.
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r e a c h o u t a n d t o u c h f a i t h
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h-2-h0eee · 4 months ago
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I’m a very lucky girl 💕my baby bought me clothes today and treated me like a princess 👑
Probably because he caused me to die in Battlefield and lose out on three extra kills 👀
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